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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for chapterEditor

added &
fixed *
improved #
changed %

rev1.29 2021-06-04
// chapterEditor
* Matroska Parser + Matroska Chapter-XML Parser
The default value for the "ChapLanguage Element" is now "eng" and no longer "und"
// Time adjustments
& Frames as input (move and cut)
- add an "f" to the end of the frame number
- the source FPS from the FPS section is used
- Source and Target FPS should be the same (but do not have to be)
- the FPS must be set before entering the frame number,
otherwise the entries in the edit fields must be renewed
// DVD2mkv
& added opening/editing of external subtitles

rev1.28 2021-05-02
// Chapter naming
& New Display (only for Matroska)
- a new chapter display is inserted
- the name list can be used
- Languages and countries are also taken into account
- Right-click for the checkbox as a "backward"-click
- Checkbox gray state: If names from the name list match the chapter name,
no new Display is inserted. Only new language and country codes are added
% All chapter names change regardless of their language
- The names from the list are now used for all chapter names (if available)
% Radio buttons removed - Name first and Name last
- a new checkbox - Name first
// Matroska menu
* "Medium-Linking Simple" stopped working and cE crashed

rev1.27 2021-02-24
// chapterEditor
& Deletion of chapters with identical time stamps (not for the Converter)
- adjustable time tolerance (settings -> chapter editors)
- Time tolerance = 0: only chapters with identical times are deleted
- Time tolerance > 0: the following chapters are deleted
- Time tolerance < 0: the previous chapters are deleted
- Matroska: applicable to one or all editions
- applicable to all tabs at once
// Chapter naming
& keep existing chapter names
- an existing chapter name can be expanded with a chapter number
* the name list did not work for multiAVCHD editor
// Chapter database
# Upload: When checking the title name (whether it already exists) the episode text is also checked
- simplifies the uploading of a series

rev1.26 2021-01-03
// chapterEditor
& Support for ffprobe XML and JSON files

& Support for MediaInfo Text files

& Load chapters from the clipboard (not for the Converter)
- for the time being only for the MediaInfo format
- TreeView Hotkeys: with CTRL + V the chapters are inserted/appended, with CTRL + SHIFT + V a new tab is created

// Matroska Chapters
* when attaching invalid XML or Matroska files, the tab is no longer deleted

// DVD2mkv
& Multi-MKV-Mode: ignore the last VobID of attached versions if the playing time is too short
- Minimum playing time adjustable, a value of 0 deactivates the function

* the value for "Minimum free space" could not be changed (settings)

* Applying Title Profiles had a bug

* Multi-MKV-Mode: the profile selection did not open when a track is selected

rev 1.25 2020-10-04
// chapterEditor
& MKVToolNix (MTX): --disable-language-ietf (settings: external programs)
- MTX will no longer automatically generate IETF language elements

// Chapter database
# Chapters and Tags files compressed
- Older cE versions can no longer access the database

# When changing film information, the title name check is no longer carried out because it is unnecessary

rev1.24 2020-07-11
// chapterEditor
* double quotes have not been removed from file names, only Windows
// Chapter naming
# Chapter names in the combo box now begin with capital letters
// Disc2mkv
& Automatically delete temp folder (settings)
- MKV file must not be created in the temp folder
- if there were errors when muxing, the temp folder is not deleted
- Gray state of the checkbox: the temp folder is only deleted if there was no warning
* Illegal characters in file names have not been removed
// DVD2mkv
* mkv file could not be created if no audio track was selected
* mtxcfg file
- was not always created in the temp folder
- MKV paths were not correct for menu titles

rev1.23 2020-05-13
// chapterEditor
& Support for BSPlayer .chf files
# OGG/OGM.txt files from ChapterDB Webside
- "Next line" is only displayed with one character
// Matroska Chapters
* Missing translation for "Edition entry"
- when loading simple chapter files
- new Disc2mkv chapters
- Multi chapters
// Multi chapters
* insert chapters after the selected chapter does not work if there is no next chapter (only Matroska)
// Chapter database
* Uploading chapters no longer worked

rev1.22 2020-04-08
// chapterEditor
& Automatically adjust chapter times when deleting chapters for Matroska, OGG/OGM and multiAVCHD chapter editors
- ordered Editions(Matroska chapters) are excluded
- can be de-/activated in the settings -> Chapter editors
* an incorrect playing time was determined for VLC playlist files *.m3u and *.m3u8
# VLC playlist files parser extended for times with milliseconds
// BD2mkv
* eac3to: PIDs for E-AC3 secondary audio tracks were not determined

rev1.21 2020-02-29
// chapterEditor
* Linux: adjusted a few components in the settings because they were too small and the numbers were not visible

# Split chapters - new special tool for Matroska, OGG/OGM and multiAVCHD chapter editors
- Action range for all tabs
- Load split chapters in the editor
- Save split chapters: only works for files
- 3 split options: After X chapters; individual; by parts
- Edition number: 0 means split all editions (only for Matroska)
- New file name
- a counter and an underscore are used for the split files. File_1; File_2 etc.
- ShortCut init: STRG+4 (settings)
- new item in the chapter-TreeView popup

// CLI
& Split chapters
- Syntax: -S SplitMode split-values [--edition-nr edition number] [--new-name "new file name"] [-i] "file.1" ["file.2" "..."]
- -S: initializes the chapter split
- SplitMode: x-chapters, individual, by-parts
- Split value > x-chapters: a number greater than 1;
- Split value > individual: an array with comma-separated numbers greater than 1 (5,9,15)
- Split value > by-parts: an array with comma-separated number pairs(start-end) end=0/or omit means last chapter (1-5,7-12,13-0,20-)
- --edition-nr: split all chapters of this edition; a value of 0 means split all editions; Default = 1
- --new-name: new file name without file extension; illegal file characters are automatically removed
- -i: an input parameter that must be used if several files are to be split, otherwise only the last file is used
- only Matroska, OGG/OGM and multiAVCHD chapter files can be used
- Examples:
- Matroska.xml of all 6 chapters: -S x-chapters 6 "Path/Matroska.xml"
- Matroska.xml of all 6 chapters from the 2nd edition: -S x-chapters 6 --edition-nr 2 "Path/Matroska.xml"
- Matroska.xml of all 6 chapters with a new file name: -S x-chapters 6 --new-name "Matroska Split" "Path/Matroska.xml"
- Matroska.xml individual all editions: -S individual 6,10,15 --edition-nr 0 "Path/Matroska.xml"
- several files by parts: -S by-parts 1-6,7-10,11-0,7-,3-7 -i "Path/Matroska.xml" "Path/OGG-OGM.txt" "Path/multiAVCHD.txt"

// Chapter Converter
* ShortCut for chapter naming did not work

// Disc2mkv
* mtxcfg file was not created correctly when using file attachments

// BD2mkv
* Ignore last chapter: increased chapter time from 2 seconds to 2.26 seconds
- Shameless Blu-ray: last chapter has a duration of 2.01 seconds and was not ignored

& Cover files
- Use Blu-ray cover files as attachments (settings)
- a list of all covers -> all can be used
- Move covers
- Open cover files -> double click or ENTER key
- Change "Use cover" also by right-clicking or space bar
- The original file name is used as the attachment description
- The largest file is used automatically and positioned in the first place

rev1.20 2019-12-12
// chapterEditor
# mpls parser: tnmt_xxx_yyyyy.xml chapter names are now parsed
- BD2mkv, all chapter editors
- Conversion of terminology codes into bibliographic codes (deu-> ger)
// Text-Favorites
& Chapter name with language and country code
Separator: "||" everything before is used as the chapter name
- Syntax: "Chapter Name"||lng[,cy]
- Country code: is optional, must be separated with a ","
- Example: Chapter 1||ger,de
// Chapter naming
& Support for tnmt_xxx_yyyyy.xml file for name list
- The language is determined and activated if it is available in the combo box
& automatically set language and country, from chapter names from the Text-Favorites
- only for Matroksa Chapters
- Language/Country is activated if available in the combo box

rev1.19 2019-09-15
// chapterEditor
& Start chapterEditor only once (settings)
- Parameters of further instances are sent to the 1st instance
- cE is placed in the foreground

// Chapternaming
& Change all and exit (Matroska Chapters only)
- change name + languages + countries

* Success messages were not displayed correctly in the status bar

% Captions of two buttons have changed

rev1.18 2019-07-21
// chapterEditor
# Tabname as default filename for "Save as" dialog
- Illegal file characters are removed

// Chapter Database
& Download files to folder (XML chapters only)
- predefined folder in the settings
- Tags file will be downloaded if the appropriate option is enabled
- the filename is the title and the episode name(if available) -> "Title - Episode.xml" or "Title - Episode_Tags.xml"
- it can be checked if the chapter file already exists (tags file is always overwritten)

& a kind of "Sort" -> sorting when searching for specific columns
- Columns: Duration, Chapters, FPS, Downloads -> click on the column header starts the search
- Left-click sorted ascended
- all other mouse clicks and / or in combination with keyboard keys sorted descending

// Matroska Tags
& automatically enable Tags Profiles (settings)

rev1.17 2019-06-10
// chapterEditor
& Save in the new webm formats (missing)
- .webma, .webmv (Chapters and Tags)

& Tabname as the default filename for the "Save as" dialog
- Chapters: Matroska, OGG/OGM, multiAVCHD
- Matroska Tags

// Matroska Chapters
& Copy all chapters names of a tab
- TreeView popup menu
- Copy button in the Control Bar: Left(copy) or Right(Paste) Click + ALT

// Chapter Database
* Switch to the corresponding tab after... did not work anymore

rev1.16 2019-05-11
// chapterEditor
& Support for new formats
- .webma, .webmv (Chapters and Tags)
- .mp4, .m4a, .m4v (Chapters) MKVToolNix is required

// Matroska Chapters
* After moving or deleting a chapter trackUID, cE crashed

// OGG/OGM + multiAVCHD editor
& Append chapters from Matroska files

# Reload of Matroska files with multiple editions
- only worked for .xml and .mkv files

// Chapter naming
& load XML Matroska Chapters file as name list

// Chapter Database
& Download chapter file: for OGG/OGM Editor

rev1.15 2019-04-14
// chapterEditor
& CLI support

* from rev.1.13 the loading of the last editor did not work properly for some editors (because of Lazarus update)

# Load last editor: some editors have previously loaded another editor

// CLI
& Loading files
- 1. parameter: -l (small L)
- 2. parameter: cE Editor [ceMatroska, ceOGG, ceAVCHD, ceConverter, ceMTTags]
- further parameters: Input -> File, Folder, several files separated with a | ("File1.mkv|One more file.mkv|Last file.mkv")
- only Input Parameters: files are loaded into last used editor (only Chapters and Tags)

// Chapter Database
& Search immediately
- Disabled: The title search only starts when confirming with the enter key

// Disc2mkv
& Create Matroska file in temp folder (settings)
- Disabled: The Matroska file is created in the parent folder

// Matroska Tags
* Tags Profiles: Apply* (right-click)
- Options list was not displayed correctly on Linux

rev1.14 2019-03-03
// chapterEditor
& Whether the cE-form was "normal" is now stored in the ini-file

// Matroska Tags
& Tags Profiles
- Apply: more options(button right click) for using specific Tag values
- Append: Append profile to existing Tags/tabs
- Profiles folder: the default folder is located in the cE.Data sub-folders, changeable in the settings
- the profile name is also the file name and must be unique
- Action range: Profiles can be applied to all tabs
- Double-click to apply a profile
- adjustable hotkeys for the Treeview and the edit field(name)

& new Hotkeys for Tags Treeview (settings)
- Open profiles (CTRL + Y)
- Apply last used profile (Y)
- Append last used profile (SHIFT + Y)

& Action range for all Targets values
- applicable to all tabs
- also for target-UIDs (add, edit, delete, clear)

& Action range for Tags
- for now only one option: All Tags
- applicable to all tabs

& Consolidate all SimpleTag in the first Tag
- Tag count, limits the number of used Tag's, "0" means all Tag's
- Hotkey for the TreeView init: SHIFT + C

& the value for TargetTypeValue is displayed in the treeview (if used)

* TagUID type was initiated incorrectly
- if the type was not changed, TagTrackUID was always used

* In very rare cases cE crashed at the tab change

* The settings for an XML element were not loaded after pasting a copied/cut element into another tab/treeview

# Change the value for TargetTypeValue: in the editor and in the settings
- the value for TargetType is no longer changed if "are not using" is selected

% rearranged a few components

rev1.13 2019-01-27
// chapterEditor -> Tab-Header popup menu
& new item: play/open file
- only for Matroska Chapters and Tags
- Play Matroska files or open XML files

// Chapter Database
& before the upload is checked if the title(name) already exists
- Titles that already exist should be edited
- You can still upload several titles of the same name (differences like FPS or disc type)
- a warning is displayed with the option to switch to "Edit" or still upload

// Matroska Chapters editor
# Play-File button: XML files are now also opened

// Matroska Tags editor
& Play-File button for Matroska files and open XML files
- Hotkey in TreeView init "P" (Settings)

* If a group separator is selected in the Combobox TagName, the tag editor was not working properly

* it was possible to change the value String-or-Binary for official Tag names, which leads to incorrect xml files

# Action range: now for all SimpleTag values - previously only for the language
- applicable to all tabs

# Help texts adapted for the file bar buttons - Append files and folders

% "Change languages for other SimpleTag's too" changed to Action range

rev1.12 2019-01-17
// chapterEditor
& 2 new main menu items: for the chapter editors(except converter) and Matroka Tags
- Append file(s): global ShortCut init: CTRL + I
- Append disc or folder: global ShortCut init: CTRL + ALT + I

// Disc2mkv editors
& Disc Title Profiles
- Track name and language for all track types, for audio still the delay, for subtitles all 3 flags
- only active tracks are used
- Open with the button: Left-click = open only; Right-click = Add new profile; Medium click = Apply last used profile
- Open with Hotkeys (VST): CTRL + Q = open only; ALT + Q = Add new profile; Q = Apply last used profile (Settings)
- Change profile name: with the button or in the edit field with the hotkey Enter (Settings)
- Tracks information: easy overview for the track names and flags
- Apply profile: double-click or right-click or hotkey ENTER (settings)
- Delete profile: middle-click or hotkey DEL (settings)
- Move profile
- Automatic profile comparison: Current profile is compared with the existing profiles. Number and order of active tracks
- Profile differences are displayed by percentage pictures

& Empty subtitle file
- Path in the settings
- Insert with the subtitle button: right-click
- Insert with Hotkey (VST): init SHIFT + S
- File is inserted as first subtitle track
- Track name "empty" is set

// Matroska Tags
* last used folder/disc was not set in the folder dialog

rev1.11 2018-12-27
// chapterEditor
& Tab management
- for the chapter editors(except Converter) and the Matroska Tags editor
- simple tab overview in a list

& New items in tab header popup menu
- Clear tab
- Tab management
- Tabs: dynamic items and sub-items. Current tab is checked. Quick selection of another tab
- Close all left tabs
- Close all right tabs
- Close all tabs

& New main menu Item: Tab management
- global cE ShortCut init: ALT + T (Settings)

// Tab management
& for chapter editors: Display the number of chapters and editions(Matroska Chapters only)

& Language and Country codes from Chapter 1 (Matroska Chapters only)

& Multi tab selection

& Popup menu (right-click in the VST)
- Delete tab(s)
- Compare tabs

& Compare Tabs (chapter editors)
- Number of editions(Matroska) and chapters are compared
- Names are compared; Matroska: number of names; multiAVCHD: all 4 names
- Languages and countries (only Matroska); Number and order is compared
- The active tab is always the reference tab
- If only one tab is selected then it will be compared to all other tabs
- Icons for the compared tabs based on the differences
- Reference Tab has its own icon
- Difference code is inserted at the beginning of the tab name: 0 = no difference
- Matroska difference code: <0,0,0,0,0> <editions,chapters,names,languages,countries>
- OGG/OGM and multiAVCHD difference code: <0,0> <chapters,name(s)>
- Hotkey init: "c" (Settings)

& Move multiple tabs

& Delete Tabs
- Hotkey init: DEL key (Settings)

& Mouse middle-click ends tab management (actions will be executed before)

& Form2 width can be changed and the form button "Maximize" exists

// Chapter naming
& Open tab management after an action (except Converter)
- Hold down the Shift key while mouse-click

// BD2mkv
# Single processing mode: multiple start of the mux process was possible

// Matroska Tags

rev1.10 2018-11-27
// chapterEditor
& Save files in all tabs (Chapters: Matroska, OGG/OGM, multiAVCHD; Matroska Tags)
- Middleclick for the "Save" button in the file bars
- new item in the main menu
- global cE ShortCut, init: Shift + Ctrl + S

// Chapter naming
& "Stop": to use the name list when there are no names left
- the chapter naming process then stops

& Apply settings for all tabs (not for the Converter)
- also for languages and countries (only Matroska)

& Global name list (not for the Converter)
- the names in the list can be used for all chapters in all tabs

& Direct Save
- by right-click
- Change names
- Change languages/countries (only for Matroska)
- All tabs or only for the current tab

# Help texts for all components of the group "Name list"
- Number of existing names is displayed

rev1.09 2018-11-20
// chapterEditor
& Support for WebM files (.webm)

// Matroska Chapter editor
& Save in WebM files

# Play Matroska file: also for WebM files

# Remove chapters from Matroska files: also for WebM files

// Matroska Tags editor
& Support for .mks and .webm files

& Load Matroska/WebM files without Tags
- an empty tab is created
- Not for appending in tabs - Error: no Tags

* Insert TagName with Text-Favorites did not work anymore

# Remove Tags and Statistics Tags and insert Statistics Tags: also for WebM files

rev1.08 2018-11-11
// chapterEditor
# internal Matroska parser: the second SeekHead(if any) is now parsed as well

// Disc2mkv
* Multi-editions chapter structure not created correctly
- if there are less than 2 chapters in an edition

// BD2mkv
* Multi-Angle Blu-ray support still had a little bug under Windows

* eac3to:
- Audio channels label was missing if "(strange setup)" is included
- Language code was missing when extracting an audio file
- if no disc structure was found, chapterEditor crashed

# Edit subtitles: now also for external and forced subtitles

# tsMuxeR: for extracting audio and subtitle tracks, the language code is added at the front

// Matroska Menu
& Save the menu structure
- Settings file (.mmmcfg)
- as a file attachment in the main MKV file

& Restore the menu structure
- Settings file (.mmmcfg) or the main MKv file

* Medium-Linking Menu: Automatic Tasks "Create a menu edition with all files"
- In certain cases, edition 1 was always selected if the standard edition is not to be used

rev1.07 2018-10-11
// Matroska chapter
# Chapters can now be removed from multiple files

// Disc2mkv
& Subtitle flag: Forced track

// BD2mkv
* Multi-Angle Blu-rays could not be processed

// Matroska Tags
& Remove track Statistics Tags from Matroska files (main menu item)
- Global cE-ShortCut (Settings init: Shift + Alt + S)

& Add track Statistics Tags to Matroska files (main menu item)
- Global cE-ShortCut (Settings init: Shift + Alt + A)

* TagName was not changed when pasted with the Text Favorites

# Tags can now be removed from multiple files

rev1.06 2018-10-01
// chapterEditor
& Support for timecode lists (text file .txt) in HH:MM:SS:ff format

// Matroska Chapters + Matroska Tags
& Keep XML file when saving in Matroska files (Settings)
- a custom XML file name can be assigned
- for the file bars (Save (as)) and a right click the function is always active

// Disc2mkv
& Always bring MKVToolNix Log tab in front (Settings)

& Always jump to the last line in the log (Settings)

& Preselection: Standard track flag (Settings)

& Preselection: Compression track flag (settings)

& Warning if an edition was not named (only Multi-Edition-MKV mode)
- Cancel, or use default name

& Help texts for some components

& too little space Warning (Settings)
- A warning appears in the status bar, abort of the editor
- Init values: BD2mkv 30Gb; DVD2mkv 8Gb
- the value 0 deactivates the function

& Attachments
- QP file (x264)

& check if the target folder still exists
- before creating the MKV file
- Prepare Multi-Editions (an attempt is made to rebuild the folder)

# adapted a few translations

% the Tags file is only created when the MKV is to be created
- Edition names can be changed at any time

// Multi-MKV
# English translations were missing

rev1.05 2018-09-19
# Adjusted standard colors for the XBars for Windows with activated Themes
- at the very first start if there is no ini file
- Reset the colors in the settings

// Disc2mkv
& Insert edition with Segment information (settings)
- only for Multi-edition MKV mode

If the target folder does not exist, it will try to create it
- Cancel only if the target folder can not be created

* In very rare cases, a chapter with a duration of 0 seconds has been added to the Multi-edition chapter structure

// BD2mkv
* Source components were not "hidden" under Windows 10

// Matroska Multi-MKV
Split & Multi-MKV

& Split options
- Extract version (s)
- Extract segments (but no double)
- Always extract all segments

& for extracting segments, the split files are renamed to the segment number

& Manually splitting and muxing (Settings)

rev1.04 2018-08-21
// Matroska Multi-MKV
& Join Matroska files
- Automatic chapters per file are set by MKVToolNix
- there is a chapters.xml / .txt in the folder, these chapters are used
- the path to the new Matroska file is transferred to the edit field
- Matroska file is automatically played after successful create

* End time from last chapter was sometimes not calculated correctly

# External chapters: Chapters are ignored if start time greater than edition's playing time

// Matroska Tags editor
* Tags were no longer saved correctly in Matroska files

rev1.03 2018-07-24
// All Chapter editors
& Support for 2 new chapter formats
- GrassValley Edius Format Version 2
- GrassValley Edius Format Version 3

* Source FPS files:
- "Remove files after loading" is deactivated and the file is used several times
then the chapters doubled

* File filtering in the Open dialog for "All supported files" did not work anymore

// Matroska Chapters editor
# Time adjustments for the chapter end times for non-ordered editions
- FPS conversion and chapter time cutting

// Chapter Converter
& 2 new output formats
- GrassValley Edius V2 (csv)
- GrassValley Edius V3 (csv)

// Time adjustments
& Offset time for FPS conversion
- Offset time should not be less than the smallest chapter time
- "0" or "empty" deactivates the function
- wrong time input sets the offset time to 0

// Matroska Tags Editor
& Preserve MKVToolNix Statistics Tags when saving in Matroska files(Preferences)
- for newly created or loaded XML files

rev1.02 2018-06-26
// chapterEditor
& Multi-MKV Editor

// Matroska Tags Editor
* TagUID type was not set correctly when a target node was selected

// Matroska Menu Editor
# Medium-Linking Menu: In the VST (menu editions) the files were not reselected after the move

// Multi-MKV Editor
& Edit last end time stamp

& Chapter options
- No/invisible chapters
- One chapter per segment
- Take over external chapters (Matroska Chapters in XML format)

& predefined language for the chapters and tags (settings)

& Load chapters and tags in the editors (settings)

& Drag and drop for loading files

& Internal drag and drop for adding and moving

& Restore original state of Matroska file

& Play Matroska file

rev1.01 2018-05-29
// Matroska Menu Editor
& Hard-Linking options
- full Hard-Linking
- only with NextUID
- only with PrevUID
- Series: episodes with intro
- Series: episodes with credits
- Series: episodes with intro and credits

* small error when disabling the source components

# Hard-Linking: unused UIDs are removed from the mkv files

rev1.00 2018-05-09
// Settings
& XBar: Restore default colors

& Drag&Drop for the external programs
- Drop on an edit box or button
- global drop: external programs are sought

& Linux: default path for MKVToolNix(/usr/bin) is used if no other path has been specified

// Chapter Converter
& Chapter naming for all output formats that have chapter names

& Ignore the first chapter in the FPS change

// Chapter database
& 1292 more films from the ChapterGrabber database transferred

* available Matroska chapter tabs were not loaded at login

// Disc2mkv editors
* Multi-Edition/Angle MKV
- Chapter end times disagreed in rare cases for "invisible" m2ts / VobID segments

rev1.00(RC 6) 2018-05-01
// chapterEditor
& Support for new file formats
- Premiere (csv)
- CCE (csv)
- Scenarist SD (csv)
- Scenarist BD (tsv)
- DGIndexNV HEVC (dgi)

// Matroska Chapters Editor
& Native Matroska menu command(s) (Chapter processes)
- GotoAndPlay(ChapterUID);

// Chapter Converter
& New output formats
- CCE (csv)
- Scenarist BD (tsv)
- Scenarist SD (csv)
- OGG/OGM (txt)

& Source FPS
- FPS is adopted from FPS-based file formats
- non FPS-based files do not change the source FPS

rev1.00(RC 5) 2018-04-21
// chapterEditor
& A check if the last used folder exists
- for all open/save dialogs (file/folder/disc)
- if the folder does not exist, the parent folder is checked
- it is searched until a valid folder was found

* internal Matroska Parser
- reading the segment duration with more than 4 bytes did not work

// All Chapter editors
# The last used folder is now also refreshed when loading files

// Matroska Chapters editor
& Hotkey for edit field Chapter name: New chapter name (settings)

& When selecting an ordered chapter, its endtime is checked
- no endtime: error color for the edit field
- too small endtime: warning color for the edit field

* Move chapter names and chapter tracks(UIDs)
- the moved node has not been refocused
- wrong data was displayed

rev1.00(RC 4) 2018-03-21
// chapterEditor
& DGIndexNV - external Tool (settings)

# Loading an AVC.dgi file adapted from DGIndexNV version 2053

# lots of source code optimizations and small improvements

// Matroska Chapters Editor
& Load Matroska files without chapters
- an empty tab is created
- Matroska Tags are still loaded if available and the option is active
- not for "appending" in tabs, error message-> no chapters

& Clear endtime of all chapters
- individually or for all editions
- Editions flag "ordered" is automatically deactivated

* The SegmentEditionUID was also saved as ChapterUID

# Chapter Segment-Linking now also uses the internal Matroska parser

# determine track-UIDs, now also uses the internal Matroska Parser

// Chapter Database
& takeover 1030 new movies from the ChapterGrabber database

// Disc2mkv editors (BD+DVD)
& Automatic track name for the standard subtitle track (settings)
- no name deactivates the function
- the name is only used if the subtitle track has no name yet

& Remove dialog normalization from specific audio tracks (settings)
- from MKVToolNix version 22

& Cutting and join
- Create dgi file with DGIndexNV (.dgi file is automatically loaded)
- Load keyframes from an existing .dgi file
- Insert timestamp by right-click directly as cutting time

# Edit subtitle files
- the forced subtitle track is automatically inserted in front of the original track

# when exiting the chapterEditor, all running external programs are now also terminated

// BD2mkv Editor
# Edit subtitle files
- when opening the BDSUP2Sub Java version, the correct target FPS is now preset
- the language for the forced subtitles will now be set correctly

# Convert audio tracks
- a new track is immediately added to the list
- new track is selected
- the conversion can be aborted
- no duplicate track, if a second time is converted

rev1.00(RC 3) 2018-03-02
// Matroska Chapters Editor
* Removing all chapters from a Matroska file did not work anymore

* More than 9 digits for the nanoseconds at the chapter end time generated invalid XML files

* Last chapters end time as edition playtime did not work for "XML files only"

// Matroska Menu Editor
& Medium-Linking: Menu
- Add a menu-edition
- Add a file to a menu-edition
- Internal Drag&Drop

& Automatic tasks
- Create a menu-edition with all files
- Create for each file a menu-edition
- Create for each file a menu-edition with all file-editions
- Preselection of a file-edition
- Use standard file-edition automatically
- Insert file-editions in descending order
- All files or from the selected file

& Display of titles for file-editions
- if there is no title, the EditionUID is used

& Mass change of file-editions
- All files of a menu-edition or from the selected file

& several adjustable hotkeys

& Load Chapters and Tags files in the editors (settings)

* Too many SimpleTags were created (Medium: Simple)

* Error messages when creating the main play file were not displayed

rev1.00(RC 2) 2018-02-01
// Matroska Menu Editor
& Medium-Linking: Simple

& 4 chapters options

& Manually create main play file

& Language for chapters and SimpleTags (settings)

& Main Play File Name settings (settings)
- Options for the name
- Series prefix -> Prefix-Mask

& Determine video start and end time (settings)
- with Statistics Tags
- with Matroska Clusters

& Chapter structure options (settings)
- Top-Level chapters only
- Nested chapters: LAV-Splitter

* Drag&Drop had a little mistake

rev1.00(RC 1) 2018-01-12
// chapterEditor
& Matroska Menu Editor

# Many "times" switched from float to Int64 (nanoseconds)

// Matroska Chapters Editor
* Languages that are not included in the "Often used languages"
were entered under certain conditions again and again in the ComboBox

* last chapter end time as edition playing time had a small error

// Matroska Menu Editor
& Mode: Hard-Linking (set up or delete)

& Folders or files also via drag&drop

& Change the order of Matroska files via drag&drop in the VST

rev1.00(Beta 7) 2017-12-27
// chapterEditor
# new mkvextract mode (from version 17) will be used from now on

// All Chapter editors
& Ignore m2ts files (only for mpls files)
- first and last m2ts file
- minimum duration adjustable

// Disc2mkv (BD+DVD)
& Subtitle editing
- Automatic extract and load newly set forced subtitles

# Check subtitles for forced subtitles is faster now

// BD2mkv
* Forced subtitle checking did not work for tsMuxeR

rev1.00(Beta 6) 2017-12-14
// chapterEditor
* Chapter times were not properly rounded

// Chapter database
# If a chapter has several names, all chapter names are now displayed in the VST

// Disc2mkv
& Create QP file
- additional MeGUI QPF file

// BD2mkv
& Hotkeys for some components

* Multi-Edition mode: Create MKV error in rev1.00Beta5

# some components have not been disabled / enabled accordingly

// DVD2mkv
# Added hotkeys for the VST
- open Cutting
- Play/Open files

rev1.00(Beta 5) 2017-12-09
// OGG/OGM Chapters
& OGG/OGM-Chapter number starts at 1 (settings)

// Disc2mkv (BD+DVD)
& Cutting and Join: only for Single- and Batch mode
- 2 mkvmerge cutting methods
- Join directly (only for "By parts")
- automatic join
- manual "join" with a BAT / Bash file

* BAT file for manual MKV muxing did not always work (Windows)

// BD2mkv
& Multi-Edition-MKV Modus
- Multi-Edition Bluray
- Multi-Angle Bluray

& eac3to(from 3.33): Playing time limits (settings)
- two new parameters -min/-max PlayListRuntime
- version 3.34 does not work, because a bug is included

& Play/Open files
- mpls files
- external tracks

* Extract selected tracks
- "Embedded" tracks were NOT ignored

* Convert audio(eac3to)
- File name sometimes contained invalid characters
- more than one parameter did not work

// DVD2mkv
& Play/Open files

* VOB2VOB-Demux
- automatic default track for audios did not work

# Batch processing will not stop when a title / menu error occurs

# some components have not been disabled / enabled accordingly

rev1.00(Beta 4) 2017-11-19
// Disc2mkv (BD+DVD settings)
& Tracks preselection (Audio + Subtitle)
- language dependent
- sort preselected tracks

// BD2mkv
* Checking if original tracks are used did not work

* "No chapters" for mp4 or m4a files did not work

* mpls playing time is not always right
- if NO m2ts files have been removed,
nevertheless a recalculation was carried out -> wrong playing time

* When exiting the BD2mkv editor not all threads were stopped

# Language code added in the filename for converted audios

// DVD2mkv
* PgcDemuxMod version not worked in cE-1.00Beta3

rev1.00(Beta 3) 2017-11-14
// chapterEditor
* internal Matroska parser had an error reading 64bit numbers

// Chapter database
- Column notes could not be enlarged enough
- ID representation for user's movies adapted

// BD2mkv
& Single and Batch processing mode

& Audio editing
- eac3to: free parameters input
- tsMuxeR: Core extraction

& Extract track(s)
- individually or all selected at once

& extract only checked subtitles

& Drag&Drop
- Folders, drives, mpls files
- external subtitles

rev1.00(Beta 2) 2017-10-14
// chapterEditor
& BD2mkv

* MKVToolNix(MTX): - completely new interface
- Each function in program now has its own process for the MTX exe's

* Multi-threading did not work on Linux

// Chapter database
* English translation missing

// Matroska Chapters
* Saving to Matroska files did not work on Linux

// BD2mkv
& 1-Click mode

& ignore m2ts files and remove duplicates
- Minimum duration for first and last m2ts (settings)

& Scan all mpls files immediately (settings)

& use only eac3to mpls files (settings)

// DVD2mkv
& Minimum number of chapters (settings)
- Titles with fewer chapters than the minimum are ignored

// Matroska Tags
* Save (more than one Tags in the tab)
- XML comment contained XML syntax marks, making the XML file invalid

rev1.00(Beta-1) 2017-09-10
// chapterEditor
& Chapter database

& Language: Standard Moroccan Tamazight (zgh)

# GUI: Windows and Linux
- Elements overlapped in some places
- Menu icons were not displayed correctly
- Statusbar: Help texts have not always been displayed

// Matroska Chapters Editor
# Default Edition Flag
- "only one default edition" (settings)

// Chapter database
& about 60000 more movies from the ChapterGrabber database transferred

& only show movies with "proper" chapter names

& Matroska Tags files

& append chapters

& FPS selection

& 2 new Disc types
- UHD-Bluray
- CD

& full Matroska support for Chapters and Tags files

& Show all movies of a user

# All languages available

// DVD2mkv Editor
* Standard track flag for audio tracks is set incorrectly

* Linux: could not load VIDEO_TS folder

# mkvmerge Exit code was not evaluated correctly
- an incorrect error message was displayed

rev1.00(Alpha 7) 2017-08-11
// Matroska Chapter Editor
& Play files - new special tool
- Loaded Matroska files can be started directly
- VST Hotkey(P) added, changeable in the settings

& Last chapter end time as playing time of the edition (settings)
- for XML and Matroska files

# End times calculation for ordered chapters
- if deactivated, the start times are only accepted for "empty" end times
- if an end time exists, it is checked whether it is smaller than the start time

// DVD2mkv
& Hotkeys: for several components

& Double click on a track opens the corresponding Text-Favorites

// chapterEditor
* mtxcfg file: "destinationAuto" path should be different to "destination" path

// Multi Editions Editor(BD2mkv)
* BD-demux "selectablly"
- mtxcfg: "type" value are missing for .h264 files
- file extension not always match (.mks was used)

rev1.00(Alpha 6) 2017-07-13
// chapterEditor
* Time floats did not work in any Windows

# Matroska Parser
- Duration and SegmentUID are now also parsed

// OGG/OGM Chapter Editor
& Chapter Split

* TabSheet for the chapter settings was no longer displayed
If Multi-Chapters was closed and there was no chapter tab

* Chapter time saving adapted
- immediate save when changing if the time format is correct
- Display in VST now correct again
- Chapter times could be stored incorrectly in the file

// DVD2mkv
& Drag&Drop
- Global drop to the form for folders: automatic assignment
a VIDEO_TS folder or a folder with a VIDEO_TS subfolder
are loaded into the source edit field all others in the target edit field
- a folder can be dropped directly to an edit field or button
- IFO files and external subtitles can be dropped globally

& change the title and menu checkboxes also with left-click

rev1.00(Alpha 5) 2017-07-04
// chapterEditor
* Language: Norwegian did not work

// Settings
& Disc2mkv: Predefinable language
- is used for chapters, SimpleTags and some external subtitles

& DVD2mkv: Select subtitle dummy file with file dialog

// Matroska Chapters
* Flag "Standard" for editions had 2 errors
- Copy/duplicate or delete a Standard edition

// Time adjustments
* Negative time shift did not work

* cutting:
- Start time at 0 did not work
- Start time greater than or equal to End time is now ignored

// DVD2mkv
& Add subtitle files
- Support for most MTX subtitle formats

& Text Favorites
- Tags: Editionname
- Track name: Video, Audio, Subtitle

rev1.00(Alpha 4) 2017-06-25
// DVD2mkv
& Multi-Edition-MKV mode

& MKV file titel

& MKV Tags (only for Multi-Edition-MKV)

& Load Tags in the editor (settings)

& VOB to VOB demux
- Audio synchronicity is better because MTX can read the time stamps from the VOBs

& Track delay adjustable for all VobIDs

* Ignore last chapter did not work properly

rev1.00(Alpha 3) 2017-05-27
// DVD2mkv
& Single and Batch process mode

& Track selection

& change track order

& adjustable track properties

& BDSup2Sub Log

* Extracting forced subtitles did not work properly

# PgcDemux for the DVD menus

rev1.00(Alpha 2) 2017-05-07
// chapterEditor

& DVD2mkv Editor (test phase)

* Language code IDs don't match for all languages
- wrong language names were displayed

* Edit fields completely select (after hotkey)

* Some settings were not loaded correctly on Linux

# ini file adapted

// Settings
& Disc2mkv
- Minimum duration
- Load chapter file in the editor

& DVD2mkv
- Use PgcDemux audio delays

# External programs
- PgcDemuxMod
- BDSup2Sub (java and windows version)
- java

// DVD2mkv Editor
& DVD editing mode
- 1-Click
- Single and batch processing
- Multi-Edition-MKV

& Use menus

& Use filename as subfolders

rev1.00(Alpha) 2017-03-23
// chapterEditor

& Matroska Parser
- only Chapters and Tags for now

& Shortcuts and Hotkeys
- globale program Shortcuts
- Hotkeys for important components
- all Shortcuts and Hotkeys individually adjustable (Settings)

& Text Favorites
- Text, which must be entered again and again, can be saved.
- Texts are divided into topics: Chapter names; TagName; Album title, etc.
- Text favorites are found in many places in the program
- Texts can be added, edited, moved or deleted
- Texts can be attached to existing texts (in the edit fields)

& Autofocus for input fields
- automatically focus important input fields
- with a globle Shortcut toggle(on/off)

// chapterEditor
* IFO parser determined false chapter times for multi-angle DVD's

// Multi Editions Editor
* mpls parser had a small bug

# Ignore first and last m2ts
- the checkboxes are now checked automatically if the playing time is too small

// Multi Chapters
* for XML Format: insert chapters
- when functions (like FPS, chapter naming, etc.) were activated, chapterEditor crashes

// settings
* mkv -> Chapter and Tags file
- "create new" and "don't override" can no longer be checked together

// XML Format
# deprecated country code "gb - Großbritannien (UK)" removed

# deprecated country codes "gb" and "tp" are automatically converted (uk, tl)

// Multi Edition Editor
* for audio tracks with PCM format was no "type" value generated
- MTX-GUI reported an error in the mtxcfg

// XML Format
# Load XML files
- simplified XML-Validation (ChapterGrabber Matroska.xml)
- automatic UID's (if absent) for editions and chapters
- Load XML files with only one edition but without chapters
(MkvToolNix: Chapter.xml)

// DVD2mkv
* the file path for forced subtitles was incorrectly generated
- the normal subtitle loaded twice in the MTX-GUI

// OGG Format
* when loading of XML files 3 spaces were added to the chapters name

// Multi Editions Editor
& eac3to: support for EAC-3 tracks

// chapterEditor
# adapted mkvtoolnix features for the new version 9.0.0
- mkvinfo.exe now needs the "--no-gui" parameter

// Matroska Menu
* missing translation of the "Hauptmenü Video" button

// chapterEditor
# DVD Maestro format: support for files of ChapterXtractor
(includes an extra blank line)

// Settings
& XML: Matroska files drag&drop With a selected chapter
- always ask me
- use chapter segment linking
- load new chapters from the file

* XML: Matroska file drag&drop with selected edition
- load new chapters from the file -> setting is set incorrectly

// XML Format
& chapter segment linking With a selected chapter and an ordered edition)
- Start time is set to 00:00:00.000000000
- End Time gets the playing time of the Matroska file
- SegementUID is entered automatically

* load of Matroska files when an edition is selected in the tree view
- load new chapters from the file don't work
(whether default or as a selection)

// Multi Edition Editor
# eac3to: 3D-Bluray support
- the H.264/MVC (right eye) track will not be processed because
it is not supported in the MKVToolNixGUI

// Converter
& 2 new output formats
- Celltimes
- Timecodes

& Output format selection

& FPS selection - for Celltimes output format
- 1.Combobox: an integer or float can be used
- Float decimal is "," but you can also have a "." enter
- Auto recalculate timecodes/frames

& Save direct
- it is immediately converted and saved the source file
- for Drag&Drop and Load-button
- all preferences are taken into account

& Save the settings in the converter automatically
- Save direct
- Matroska Checkboxes
- Output format

// chapterEditor
& Converter

// Converter
& Cue Sheet output format
- load a .wav file
- album title
- performer - applicable for all tracks
- Pregap - also for all tracks
- comments: Genre und date
- track title and track performer editable

& Input: XML chapters and Matroska files (xml,mka,mkv,mk3d)
- selection before loading a file:
- use nested chapters
- use hidden chapters
- use disabled chapters
- options after loading a file:
- all editions selectablly in the combobox
- use the start time or end time (if the edition is ordered)

& drag&drop - for the input files and wav files

// Matroska Menü
# Nested chapters adapted so LAV Splitter can properly handle

// chapterEditor
# dgi file - adapted to read out FPS (strange FPS specification: 120000 / 5005)

// Matroska Tags
& Hotkeys:
- TreeView
- ENTER > UID edit field or String/Binary edit field get the focus
(if a Target or Simple node is selected)
- ESCAPE > reset
- a > save as
- e > settings
- l > load
- s > save
- F3 > new TAG
- F4 > delete TAG
- F5 > new Simple TAG
- F6 > delete Simple TAG

- UID edit field
- ENTER > add UID
- ESCAPE > delete all UID's
- arrow key up > in TreeView one node up
- arrow key down > in TreeView one node down
- F1 > in ListView one UID up
- F2 > in ListView one UID down
- F3 > edit UID
- F4 > delete UID
- F5 > in combobox UID-type one up
- F6 > in combobox UID-type one down
- F7 > in combobox TargetTypeValue one up
- F8 > in combobox TargetTypeValue one down
- F9 > in combobox TargetType one up
- F10 > in combobox TargetType one down
- F12 > TreeView get the focus

- String/Binary edit field
- arrow key up > in TreeView one node up
- arrow key down > in TreeView one node down
- F2 > in combobox name one up
- F3 > in combobox name one down
- F4 > change between String and Binary (if both enabled)
- F5 > in combobox Language one up
- F6 > in combobox Language one down
- F7 > checkbox "default language" on/out
- F8 > checkbox "Language for all ..." on/out
- F9 > combobox name get the focus
- F12 > TreeView get the focus

- combobox name
- ENTER > String/Binary edit field get the focus
- arrow key up > in TreeView one node up
- arrow key down > in TreeView one node down
- F12 > TreeView get the focus

// Multi Editions Editor
& load dgi file per drag&drop (if the cutting panel is visible)

* for audio tracks in BDs with multiple m2ts files, the value for "defaultTrackFlag"
was incorrectly set

* mtxcfg:
- TrueHD (thd+ac3) Codec and Type was missing
- E-AC-3/AC-3 Codec adapted

# dgi file is loaded with the new loading system thus is the choice which keyframes to appear
(only AVC-material) available

// Matroska Menu
& Main Menu Video
- after a folder is selected, you can choose from that a file
and a main menu video (very short) will be created automatically
- starts the selected video with SxxExx (x = a digit 0-9), then the main menu video
named as follows: SxxE00 - main menu.mkv
Otherwise, only the prefix "00_" to the selected file name is set

& repeat main menu: 1. file only once
- the first file in the main menu edition should be the main menu video
- When in the main menu edition more than just that main menu video is used (more than 1 repeat)
this function should be used.

& repeat main menu: 1. file hidden
- the main menu video (created by the chapterEditor) is very short and
only serves as a space for the chapter and tags XML
- so you should hide this file (an ordered chapter on the total playing time)

& nested chapters for menu editions
- there are several files in one edition, then nested chapters for each file are generated
(chapter selection menu is clearly arranged)
- for the "main chapter", the file name is used as the chapter name

& menu edition name changeable

& copy track UID's to the clipboard:
- If the checkbox is checked, then the track UID is in the selection
automatically copied to the clipboard

& add files with a button
- as an alternative to double click in the ListView

% "as menu" will change to "as main menu"

% "menu repeat" will change to "main menu repeat"

// DVD2mkv
& load dgi file per drag&drop (if the cutting panel is visible)

# dgi file is loaded with the new loading system thus is the choice which keyframes to appear
(only AVC-material) available

// chapterEditor
& support for VLC bookmark files xspf,m3u,m3u8 (OGG,XML,TTXT,multiAVCHD)

# load all file formats for editors OGG, XML, TTXT, multiAVCHD completely new
- plenty removes obsolete procedures
- Sonic Scenarist CSV File: the FPS is preset
* Source FPS: there was an error when "Exit" was not activated

# the color of the statusbar's should now always be displayed

// settings
& mkv: qp file for Multi Edition Editor and DVD2mkv - is needed for encoding the video
- 2 I-frames per chapter
(The frame number is very often rounded.
There is then insert a frame number for rounding down and one for rounding up.)
- qpf MeGui file (instead of qp_x264)

// Matroska Tags
* UTF8 converting for the "String" node missing

// OGG Format
* the chapter-time check was incorrectly evaluated

// XML Format
# append files for all formats if the root node is selected in the TreeView
- the new "loading system" now allows all file formats append to existing XML structures

* internal drag & drop in TreeView - left mouse button
- if a chapter has been moved to a different edition, incorrect chapter indexes were created

// 3GPP TTXT Format
* when you save the TTXT incorrect values were generated when certain styles are enabled

// Multi Edition Editor
& output a qp_x264 or qpf_MeGUI file
- all chapter marks (even invisible)
- cutting marks are also included

& Subtitles demux: Checkbox "grayed" status - only ticked subtitles are extracted

// DVD2mkv
& output a qp_x264 or qpf_MeGUI Datei

* mtxcfg: MPEG2(m2v) "type propertie" was incorrect

// chapterEditor
# several source code optimization

// Matroska Tags
# adapted tab ordering

// settings
& XML: append XML
- selection is what will happen with the new XML file

# XML - automatic chapter name:
- minimum number of digits for the chapter number

// XML Format
& append XML files if the root node is selected
- When the TreeView is already have an edition, another XML file can be appended.

& Chapter naming: minimum number of digits for the chapter number
- only for "numbered", the chapter numbers are padded with zeros in front
- a value of 1 disables this feature

& Chapter naming: execute "OK button" with ENTER

& Chapter naming EXIT: if the checkbox "Exit" is ticked, the function automatically ended

# Matroska Tags Editor is used as standard with ENTER when prompted for the Tag editor is to be used
- the form will be displayed modal, so that no more bugs can be provoked

// Multi Editions Editor
& HotKeys:
- ListView(available titles)
m -> "show only multi editons" change
e,f -> ignore first m2ts (if checkbox enabled)
l -> ignore last m2ts (if checkbox enabled)
d -> remove duplicate m2ts (if checkbox enabled)
SPACE -> finished selecting the title-> "edition name" edit field gets FOCUS
for more HotKeys.

- edit field edition name
ENTER -> "OK" is executed and you get to the tracks
ESCAPE -> deletes the selected edition in the ListBox
Pfeiltasten hoch/runter -> auswahl der Version in der ListBox
F2 -> checkBox "all edititons" change
F3 -> language in the combo box up
F4 -> language in the combo box down

& generate mtxcfg automatically after all audios have been converted
- previously you could only cancel

* superfluous error message removed when audio tracks yet to be converted and
you try to create a mtxcfg file

* mtxcfg: missing "properties" supplemented
- "type" for MPEG2
- "pixel_dimensions"

// DVD2mkv
& mtxcfg file as output for MKVToolNiX-GUI

// Multi Editions Editor
& HotKeys for the ListView(available titles)
- arrow keys (up, down) to select the title in the ListView
- "ENTER" adds the title to the "title used" added

& Start button: ENTER key is as "standard" defined
- is the Start button enabled, can be started from anywhere with the ENTER key

* mtxcfg: more than one converted audio track and / or an external subtitle
generated a corrupt file

# mtxcfg: adapted to MKVToolnix 8.4.0

// settings
& mkv:
- mmg create (mmg is deprecated and will no longer creates normal)
- chapter and tag files:
- new or overwrite
- use files in mtxcfg/mkv

// Multi Editions Editor
& mtxcfg file: instead of the old mmg will be the new mtxcfg file created
- Audio conversion is monitored and analyzed at the end with mkvmerge
- create mtxcfg file only works if all the audio conversions were quit
- for the separate mux is a CMD file created instead of mtxcfg

& check whether chapters and tags xml files exist
- if so, predefined options can be used in settings

& Track name edit box HotKeys
- Arrow keys (up, down) to select the tracks in the ListView
- "ENTER" - opens the personal favorites

& but do not use converted audio files
- if one had converted a wrong track, had to reverse to some
and start from scratch

* "mmg / mtxcfg automatically open" has not been properly deactivated (mmg / mtxcfg launched always)

# mmg file for MKVToolnix 8.3.0 adapted - last adjustment!

# The help extended and adapted

// multi chapters
& for chapter in XML format, the default settings "automatic chapter name" can be used

// Matroska Tags
& change language for all the following and selected Simple Tag

& supports Tags contain no Targets Node (Haali's TRACKSETEX)

% a button inserted, with which one directly enters settings for the Matroska Tags

// settings
& Matroska Tags

& XML:
- Tags Editor choice
- Matroska Tags
- simple Editor

- automatic chapter name
- numbered or indexed
- without level (nested chapter); only the simple chapter number is used
- name first / as last (chapter 1 or 1. chapter)
- Language and Country

// XML Format
* internal drag&drop: creates wrong chapter number when you move (left mouse button)
a chapter (except nested chapters) on their own edition

# when adding a new edition a first chapter is automatically inserted

# create a new chapter file now always adds a 1st edition and a 1st chapter

# add chapter name
- automatic chapter name can be used

# Chapter naming
- without level(nested chapters)
- name first / as last
- indexed did not work correctly for nested chapters
- adjusted hidden / disabled chapter of the display pattern for LAV Splitter

# UID check now allows the full 64bit size (18446744073709551615)

# UID generation:
- full 64bit size
- happen to be a 19- or 20-digit UID

# the Help extends

// OGG, 3GPP TTXT, multiAVCHD - Format
# create a new chapter file now always inserts a 1st chapter

// chapterEditor
& Matroska Tags

% menu item "Matroska Tags" insert

// Matroska Tags
& Drag&Drop
- Tags.xml
- Matroska files (mka,mkv,mk3d)

& save the Tags directly in Matroska files (mka,mkv,mk3d)

// Multi Editions Editor
& support for DTS Express

* BDSup2Sub.jar changed the FPS of forced subtitle during extracting

// chapterEditor
& The window position is now also stored and loaded at startup

// settings
& mkv -> Multi Editions Editor
- playtime(in second) for the first and last m2ts adjustable

// XML Format
# The help improved somewhat

// Multi Editions Editor
& Support for "embedded" AC3 in TrueHD audio tracks
- mmg adjusted

& ignore first m2ts file
- a workaround for mpls files that play first a m2ts which
has other track parameters. (mmg breaks the mux-operation with an
error message)
- the chapters are automatically adjusted

* Drag & Drop for "source" did not work at BD-structures that are on
the hard disk

// chapterEditor
# mmg file adjusted for MKVToolNix 7.8.0
- reduce_to_core

// settings
& mkv: - settings for the Multi Editions and DVD2mkv Editor
- target folder as the file name
- automatically open mmg

// Multi Editions Editor
& subtitles load by drag-and-drop

# Drag and drop adapted for input and output now

// DVD2mkv
& load external subtitle
- VobSub idx/sub and SubRip Text srt files
- subtitles load by drag-and-drop

* "XML to Editor" did not always work correctly

% insert "subtitle load" button

// chapterEditor
& support for dgi file (OGG,XML,TTXT,mAVCHD)

// settings
& Tools->DGIndexNV: dgi file
- Selection for the keyframes at AVC material(DGAVCIndex)

* XML: English translation missing

// XML Format
# There can be only one edition of default.
- the default is set for an edition of the default is at
repealed other editions automatically

// 3GPP TTXT Format
* FPS conversion did not work for chapter times in seconds
are indicated.

// Multi Editions Editor
# the video track will get from now on English as the default

// chapterEditor
& Hot Keys: OGG, XML, TTXT, multiAVCHD
- Entf > delete chapter (edition)
- q, 8(num) > chapter up
- w, 2(num) > chapter down
- n > new, all clear
- k > add chapter
- c > copy edition
- v > add new edition
- t > open Tags editor
- h > change hidden
- e > change enabled/default
- o > change ordered
- c > copy chapter
- c > copy chapter
- t > open Thumbnail Positions Generator

// multi chapters
& palytime for XML:
- Become multi chapters created for the XML format, then the specified
playing time is used for the edition.

// settings
& Tools: - (Java) BDSup2Sub.jar (5.1.2)
Paths: - Java
BDSup2Sub: - Choice between the two versions

& XML - Matroska drag&drop with a selected edition

// XML Format
& playing time for an edition:
- is an edition selected, you can assign a playing time
- When you drag&drop Matroska files, the playing time may be used
- the playing time of mpls and IFO (title) files will automatically be used

# Matroska parsing:
- playing time is determined and used for all editions in XML

# End time calculation for "ordered chapters"
- If an edition has a playing time and this is greater than the start time of the
last chapter, it will be used.

# ChapterGrabber chapters file:
- the playing time is used for the edition

// 3GPP TTXT Format
# chapter time can also be specified with milli seconds now
- 1.234
- 1,234

// Multi Editions Editor
& demux subtitles:
- It will automatically check for forced subtitles and these are then extracted.

// DVD2mkv
* "XML to Editor" not working

// chapterEditor
& DVD2mkv Editor

* 2 small errors in the INI file

* BluRay Parser:
- If there are multiple PlayItems and they have different byte lengths,
wrong times were determined

// settings
& Tools - settings for the external tools
- paths - general for all external tools
- DGIndexNV - parameter
- PgcDemuxMod - parameter

& drag&drop support (Matroska files + Tags.xml)

* Error analysis showed false messages when invalid files have been loaded

// XML Format
* the root node in the TreeView is now selected if no other node was selected
- thus there is no longer crashes for some functions
- source code slightly adjusted and improved

# XML Parser: if the language tag (ChapterLanguage) is present but empty,
then "Undetermined" is used as default

// Multi Editions Editor
& eac3to: PCM/WAV Audio support

* adjusted maximum cutting time for the two cut methods

* eac3to track number was not correct, if there is no chapter in the mpls

# cutting times, mux-parts and mux-playing-time are specified with nanosecond
- "cutting and muxing together" works then 100% exactly
for automatic recalculation of chapter marks in the mmg

# DGIndexNV - DGI file:
- The .dgi file is loaded automatically after it is created.
- The keyframe time stamps are output with nanosecond

# Chapter.xml: hidden chapters get now also a language

% Cutting: DGIndexNV folder selection removed

// DVD2mkv
- required:
PgcDemuxMod(from version 2)
BDSup2Sub++1.0.2_win32 (initially only the Windows version)
- optional: DGIndexNV (for the keyframes)
- load a dvd drive, a folder with IFO files or IFO itself
- listing available IFO's / titles and tracks information
- tracks can be edit: language, compression, default track, track name
- track order can also be moved by drag and drop again
- cutting and muxing with the 2 mmg cut methods
- easy and fast converting DVD-sup's into idx / sub format
when activating the checkbox
- automatic search for "forced" subtitles
- drag&drop: Before you have pressed "Start" is dropped to the input,
then to the output.
- personal favorites for the track name: Double-clicking on a track or
a click on the lable "track name"
- cutting - DGIndexNV - .dgi file is loaded automatically

// chapterEditor

% inserted small icons in some places

& Matroska Support: direct load and save Trackset's

& Track number instead of UID
- for video, audio and subtitles
- it is easier to work with track numbers

& Track number starts at 1 instead of 0
- the track number is an index, which usually starts at 0
- when ticking, the track numbers (#) are increased in all Trackset's by 1

& TRACKSETEX for XML-, Multi-Editions- and Matroska Menu Editor
- open TRACKSETEX from the respective editor
- the UID's of all existing editions are transmitted
- first apply, and then in respective editor save the Trackset's in a Tags or Matroska file
- additional storage for each editor separately adjustable
- "Exit" disables additional storage for the appropriate editor
- TRACKSETEX close with the "small x-button" don't changes the additional storing

& TrackSet's can be moved by drag and drop.

// XML Format
* delete chapters or editions did not work correctly if 10 editions or more exists
- completely new and faster procedure
- editions are renumbered

// Multi Editions Editor
* cutting and muxing together:
- maximum cutting time adjusted (total playing time)
- adjusted error message
- Was there only one start time, was missing in the cutting code the end time
(total playing time).

// Matroska Menu
& automated tasks
- 1. for each Matroska file create an edition
- 2. create an edition with all Matroska files
- there is no special menu created edition (which you should do first manually)
- if no source file is selected, all files are used
- is a source file is selected it and all subsequent files will be used

* when a menu edition is deleted, the latest standard edition has not been removed

// XML Format
* The new calculation for the end times at ordered chapters
now no longer executed when switching between an edition with or without
ordered chapters.
- last end time is no longer overwritten

// Multi Editions Editor
& Predefined track names and eac3to options
- personal favorites
- saves me the continual enter of the selfsame designations
- Open it: Double-click on a track or a click
on the lable - track name or eac3to option
- Selection: click on a designation

& cutting and muxing together: new cutting mode
- only one direct remux (Bluray) required
- the cutting times are then alternating between start time and
end time specified
- last end time can be omitted. The duration of the file
is then used as the last end time.

& edition ordered
- if there is only one edition, this can be with or without ordered chapters
be created
- when duplicate m2ts were removed, thus an appropriate
chapters.xml created

# use m2ts once:
- adjusted for mpls files which use several different m2ts
- all duplicate m2ts files are only used once

% "cutting"- checkbox replaced by a combobox

% added a checkbox "edition ordered"

// chapterEditor
& Matroska Menu Editor

// chapter database
# The database is now always open and switches before to the XML Editor

// XML Format
* XML-Parser: If comment lines are included between editions,
- the editions were not processed correctly
- XML validation not working

* the function check boxes have been moved wrong in widening
the chapterEditor when another format-editor was active

// Multi Editions Editor
& mpls support (only drag & drop)
- mpls files from eac3to (Blu-Ray structure) are not recognized,
can thus nevertheless be processed

& a setting for mpls files using a m2ts multiple times
- use m2ts once

* The path to a PLAYLIST folder could crash the editor

* Tags.xml: edition names appear incorrectly (UTF8)

* no ":" more in the converted audio file name

# Audio files keep in their re-converting track order
- mmg is incorrectly constructed when before re-converting an external subtitle
was loaded

# Default Track switch (mmg) for audio and video is now set automatically

% checkbox: "use m2ts once" insert

// Matroska Menu Editor
& input - left
- select source folder and run, collect information
- select a file shows the information
- double-click on a file adds them to a selected menu edition
is no menu editiion selected, a new menu edition is created

& prefer insert further editions
- a menu edition that is added (double-click) is not selected,
thus more rapidly menu editions can be inserted

& Matroska Menu (editions) - middle
- is not an edition name is specified, the file name is used instead
- each menu edition is later seen in the player as shown in the ListView
- add as menu: a special menu edition which can be repeated
- with several menu editions you may opt for a default edition
- the menu editions can be moved by drag & drop

& Matroska files (editions and chapters) - right
- Is the special menu edition selected, you can set how many times they repeated to
- selection of a Matroska file: the checkbox is ticked, the available editions
of the file is loaded (default edition is selected) and uses the chapters.
- files can be moved by drag & drop

// chapterEditor
* Bluray Parser: Could float-value calculations for very small "in-time" times
identify an incorrect start time for the first chapter.
The BD-clock time is used directly from now.

// Multi Chapters
& Drag&Drop support for Matroska files:
- the playing time is then entered automatically

// XML Format
* Tagsinfo.xml save in Matroska files not working

# XML-Parser: 3 chapter-elements were missing
(ChapterPhysicalEquiv and ChapterTrack+ChapterTrackNumber)

// multiAVCHD
& Thumbnail Position Generator: this is open, you can drag&drop
Matroska files load and the playing time is automatically entered

// Multi Editions Editor
* no output of a "mmg-mux" file more when "cutting" has been disabled

# Naming audio formats
- DTS: it lacked the kbps and kHz designation
- DTS Master Audio: "(strange setup)" in special 7.1 channels (DTS-ES Core)

// chapterEditor
& Matroska file support (not for the multi editions editor)
- mkvextract.exe is required
- mka
- mks
- mkv
- mk3d

& menu: settings
- Path settings to the required external tools
- Folder can be loaded via drag&drop (no matter where you drop down) and
these are automatically detected and assigned to the correct tool
- MKVToolNix, there is checked on the mkvextract and mkvpropedit exe

* load of too large files let crash the Editor

// OGG Format
& Matroska file support (save as)
- mkvpropedit.exe is required
- mka
- mkv
- mk3d

// XML Format
& Matroska file support (save as)
- mkvpropedit.exe is required
- mka
- mkv
- mk3d
- in Taginfo.xml Editor Tags can be stored in Matroska files

// chapterEditor
* DVD parser did not work correctly

// chapterEditor
& support for ChapterGrabber.chapters file

* Drag&Drop not support folders led to the crash of the editor

// XML Format
& Online chapter database
- XML Format (ordered chapters, multi editions and "hidden" features)
- multilingual
- individual chapter management (upload and edit)
- rating system
- statistics
- save the login data and automatically login
- new chapter files generated directly out of the database
- chapter names replace at present chapters (improved chapter naming)
- an edition can be optionally added to existing editions
- simple search using four selection criteria

* "chapter cutting" working on a edition with
ordered chapters not always right

# End times produce revised for ordered chapters
- End times are now always recalculated when activate
- End times can not be more smaller than the start time

// Multi Editions Editor
& "new playtime" - calculation for the selected mux parts.

* DGIndexNV: - UTF8 folder name did not work
- renamed 2 DGINDEX labels in DGIndexNV

* Standard track button "All" was not properly enabled / disabled

* "XML to editor" did not work if one of the XML Editor function
Checkboxes are enabled.

// chapterEditor
* UTF-8 file and folder names and files with / without BOM are now
processed correctly

// multiAVCHD Format
* Sonic Cinevision CSV File and Sonic Scenarist CSV File could not
be loaded correctly

// Multi Versionen Editor
& DGIndexNV
- create a dgi file with DGIndexNV
- load dgi file
- wherein said timecode to find an I-frame are listed
(except the first and last timecode)
- left-click on a timecode transmits it to the cutting time field
- Double-click on a timecode adds it to the cutting times
- DGIndexNV folder is automatically saved

% two new buttons: "DGIndexNV" and "dgi file"

% inserted a ListView for the timecodes

// XML Format
* Change the start and end times in the TreeView had a small error
(a crash could be provoked)

// Multi Editions Editor
& cutting: cut mkv files by time codes
- Time codes are sorted
- Time codes are checked to ensure that no duplicate will be created
- a limit for the maximum time code depending on the playing time

& muxing: joining the cut part-mkv'S
- select the items in the ListView
- automatic creation of a separate mmg mux file

* ignore last m2ts
- an error occurred when selecting an edition when the last m2ts was not ignored
- chapter file was created incorrectly (wrong duration)

* external subtitles which was not associated with language produced an error in the mmg
-"Undetermined" is now used as the default language

# adapt the generated mmg files to mkvMergeGUI-7.0.0(needed from now)

# Track order: the drag track is now selected after the drop operation

% a button "cutting" insert

% inserted a panel with the cutting and muxing options

// chapterEditor
* Time-edit fields: it was possible to minutes and seconds greater than 59 to enter

// XML Format
# the times for the start and end of change right now in Treeview

// Multi Editions Editor
& Ignore last m2ts file: a workaround for Blurays the last one m2ts
but which have "apparently" different track parameters than the other m2ts files
(e.g. Star Trek Enterprise Season 3)
- an exact test does not take place, it is only after the playing time of the last
looked m2ts file
- is the playing time of less than 2 seconds, you can ignore the file (or not)

* Number of m2ts files could be determined incorrectly in non-multi editions

* demux an audio track with no multi editions did not work properly
- eac3to_log file is now also created

* if an audio track is the second time converted, it is now updated in the Track list
and no longer added as a second converted audio track

# the edit field "track name" gets the focus after a track is selected

# the Start button is disabled by pressing and press the
from the reset button re-enabled
- thus can not be read twice a Bluray

% a checkbox "Ignore last m2ts ..." inserted

// chapterEditor
& qpf file format (MeGUI)

# Source code cleaned up: a few things twice removed

// OGG Format
* ifo files could not be loaded

// multiAVCHD
* ifo files could not be loaded

// Multi Versionen Editor
& BD demux -> selectablly: there are only the active tracks demuxed
- a video track can be optionally stored as mkv,
and it can be assigned a language

- the track order can also be changed (imagine saves the clicks in mmg)

- Subtitle functions as standard track or compression are also available

* mmg "container" setting for converted audio tracks was not considered

# File name as a prefix to the type plus the eac3to track number ("[s11]")
- so you can find the demuxed track faster in the eac3to-log

# Subtitle: the standard track can be "no" for ALL to

% a button "all" is inserted

% inserted a checkbox "selectablly"

// Multi Editions Editor
& chapters.xml can be automatically loaded in XML Format Editor

% inserted a checkbox "XML to Editor"

// XML Format Editor
# Chapter naming: - hidden chapters will be ignored from now
- (important for the correct chapter number)
- the source code is rewritten so that the procedure is faster

// Multi Editions Editor
* move (track order) of external subtitles not working properly

* demux individual subtitles, subtitle-log file was not created in the output folder

// Multi Editions Editor
* File names are now generated without "/"

// Multi Editions Editor
& a checkbox, to generate eac3to log files

& a button for demuxing the whole BD (all m2ts in the appropriate order)

* if there is only one edition, a wrong track number was forwarded to eac3to

* last chapter will only be ignored if it is less than 2 seconds

* last m2ts file was sometimes ignored

// chapterEditor
& multi edition editor

# Bluray Parser: chapter which are hidden to the user are ignored from now

// OGG Format
* MPLS files could not be loaded

// XML Format
* copy an "ordered" edition did not work

// multiAVCHD Format
* MPLS files could not be loaded

// multi edition editor
- Blurays with multiple editions mux to mkv using eac3to and mmg
- create with just a single mux process and additional settings,
- simply multi editions mkv's

& show multi editions only
- this will ensure that you can not mux wrong streams together
- off: all editions are visible

& used titles / editions can be named, and a language can be assigned
- these data are stored in tags.xml and later from the player appears

& demux option for video, audio, subtitles
- video: here a language can also be assigned

- audio: it might as well be converted to another format
- at the "eac3to option" can any valid eac3to command, or more to be entered
- org audio: selects whether the original audio stream in the mkv should be included or not
- to mmg: the converted stream will be used in mmg and included in mkv

- subtitles: it can be all or any individually demuxed
- after the demux you get a eac3to-log-file where you can look
if there are "forced subs"
- loading of external subtitles (BD_SUP, SRT), these can then use other options
be edited, just like the original subtitles (default trag flag, compression)

- a name for each track can also be assigned (track name)

& setting track order
- move the tracks to the desired position by drag & drop
(a move later in mmg is almost impossible)

& eac3to Test Button, it is an info display what you have installed all of usable codecs

// chapterEditor
& function: multi chapter
- insert of several chapters
- different settings for the chapter number and the chapter interval
- in XML format, the chapters can be optionally added to a new edition

% new menu item called multi chapter

// chapterEditor
& internal drag & drop for Chapters

// XML Format
# internal drag & drop for Chapters (various drag & drop options)
> left mouse button
- normal drag & drop within an edition or chapter (same level)
- Move chapters of various levels (nested chapters)
(It is possible to "resolve" the nested-chapter structure)
- Drop to an edition: The chapter moves to the end of the edition
> right mouse button
- Drop to a chapter: Here, the chapter moves as nested chapter
(Thus, it is possible to "build" new nested-chapter structures)
Drop to an edition: The chapter moves to the first position

// 3GPP TTXT Format
* if you abort the loading process of a text description an error message appeared

// multiAVCHD Format
* the chapters names were not immediately changed in the listbox when
"thumbnail position in line" was disabled

# Thumbnail position generator
- Duration optional
- automatic Duration generation (except Bluray-DVD)
- restore the duration if you have deleted them

rev 0.11
// XML Format
* Delete chapters should now work properly

// multiAVCHD Format
# The thumbnail position for the last chapter can be accurately calculated if
specifying a duration.

# The playing time of a clip (mpls / ifo title) is automatically adopted

% added an edit box in the thumbnail position generator

// chapterEditor
* at all time-edit fields, it was possible to enter negative times (00:-3:00.000)

* in all FPS combo boxes it is no longer possible to enter negative numbers

# OGG Format Editor completely new

# The languages completely converted to the new system.
the lng files are no longer used

// OGG Format
& support for all chapter formats (from 3GPP TTXT up to x264 qp text file)

// XML FOrmat
* delete chapters did not work correctly.

// chapterEditor
& multiAVCHD format editor

# A "Help" for the XML format editor

// OGG Format
* a warning was displayed twice if you wanted to load an unsupported format

// XML Format
& support for multiAVCHD format

* "copy edition" worked incorrect after chapter have been moved
- the code was slightly rewritten and made ??at the same time faster. To copy a version
with more than 500 chapter now goes very quickly.

* 3GPP TTXT files can now be opened using the "File ..." button

* Drag & Drop folders or drives read the chapter editor crash when functions (FPS,
Chapter name or chapter move/ cut) are enabled.

// 3GPP TTXT Format
& support for multiAVCHD format

* In the process of chapter files (stored in / with frames) crashed from the Editor
if "Exit" (window: Source FPS) has not been activated and you twice (another FPS), the file upload

* The buttons "Edit" and "Delete" in the Karaoke Range were not activated when you load a
TTXT (if these functions has Karaoke Range).

* The font looks like Bold, Italic, Underlined, or their combinations was not exactly
processed. (a blank space at the end can / or must (?): which is now being considered)

* Drag & Drop folders or drives was not correctly processed when functions (FPS,
Chapter name or chapter move/ cut) are enabled.

* when changing the text descriptions, the edit fields were incorrectly colored white,
although the "style" or the "text box" is disabled.(Occurs only when two successive
following text descriptions have disabled the style and / or the text box)

* a superfluous warning was displayed in the status bar when you clicked on the "new TTXT" button

# a safety query inserted: if you press the "new TTXT" button and chapter and / or
Text descriptions are available, so you accidentally delete anything.

% Memos inserted to display the color.

// multiAVCHD Format
& FPS Conversion

& Move or cut Chapter

& Chapter Designation (name(s), number, thumbnail position)

& thumbnail positions generator

& Support for all formats Chapter (from 3GPP TTXT up to x264 qp text file)

& Drag&drop : all formats , folders(Bluray + DVD) and drives(Bluray + DVD)

rev 0.08
// chapterEditor
& 3GPP TTXT Format Editor

& A "help" (Display of help text in the status bar) (not yet complete)

# The languages ??are no longer stored in the future in a lng file
- I use from now on a somewhat simpler system whereby it will be easier
integrate new languages ??(conversion takes place gradually , we will as long as the
lng files still in use )

# The format editor last appears when you start

% A status bar inserted for the display of information (program functions and help)

% Reduced The window height to 680 pixels (previously 714)

// XML format
& 3GPP TTXT format support

* Chapter element: Chapter Process (with all sub-elements) did not work correctly for
mkv-dvd-menu.xml files.

* Hybrid (Selur) chapter queue CHP file can also be opened using the File button now

# "Ordered chapters" The endtimes are now automatically set to the starttime
of the next chapter.
The last chapter receives its own starttime as endtime.

# Drag and Drop
- Invite a drive (Bluray or DVD) now possible

% The buttons reduced by 2 pixels and moved together everything so
that the programm height could be reduced.

// 3GPP format TTXT
& FPS conversion

& Chapter Designation (name and number)

& Move or cut Chapter

& Save and load a "Text Description" (basic settings in the TTXT )

& Support for all formats Chapter (from 3GPP TTXT up to x264 qp text file)

& Drag&drop : all formats , folders(Bluray + DVD) and drives(Bluray + DVD)

rev 0.07

// XML format
# DVD_ifo support
- Ifos be loaded from now with its own ifo_Parser . ChapterXtractor is no longer used .
- Invite multiple ifos drag and drop is also possible.

# Drag & Drop: it can be loaded directly from the folder now .
- BDMV folder
- PLAYLIST folder
- VIDEO_TS folder

* English update

rev 0.06

// XML format
& Bluray / mpls support

& Support for two new chapter formats
- Hybrid (Selur) chapter queue CHP File
- Hybrid (Selur) mkvchapter CHP File

* Chapter in formats that are saved with/in frames , while loading was not the time
calculated exactly .

% When loading a Bluray/mpls opens a new window with some settings

% When loading from Chapter formats saved with/in frames will open a new window . There you can
change the source FPS.

rev 0.05

// XML format
* If there are several versions and one is "ordered " and another does not,
- that the end times have been deleted, they switched between these different versions.
- error occurred on if you wanted to assign chapter names.

* The end times are now saved correctly if you accidentally "ordered " is deselected
had , so not everything has to be re-entered.

* The button "new chapter file" did not clean the dvd-ifo-box .

* The fps checkbox did not work properly (after activate treeview was still usable)

# The code for the checkboxes : hidden, Standard / activated ordered
and adjusted for the treeview_view. thus will be no more useless code

// OGG format
% everything arranged the font-style and size changed new

rev 0.04

// XML format
& DVD IFO support ( External Tool: ChapterXtractor )
{ the Ifo must be the VTS_xx_0.IFO , where the individual items are stored.
VIDEO_TS.IFO is not supported and also not in use. }

* When loading files using drag and drop in an enabled checkbox (eg " Chapter move or cut ")
an error has occurred .

* Update english

* Error -message boxes were not displayed if invalid files were loaded

% a combobox (dvd ifo) added to select the track

rev 0.03

// XML format
* When deleting chapters there was an error when more than 10 chapters were present.
the editorthen crashed from .

* Edit Fields chapter name, chapter - language and country ( combo boxes ) are not disabled
if no name is available. Thus, you could bring the program to crash .

# 3 more englishe translations

// OGG format
* The "open" button showed a superfluous messagebox on when you pressed cancel .

rev 0.02

// XML format
* When load a xml the "Save" button is not activated properly

* When load a xml without "ordered chapters " there was a small display problem

* an English translation was missing

# The query whether a valid xml chapter entries has been improved

rev 0.01

// chapterEditor
& XML Format Editor: chapters in xml format , so you can make any more quantitative than with normal
chapter files. with nested chapters , and ordered chapters so you can
multi- versions of a film , song, or generate all in a single mkv file .

& Language: english

// XML format
& Taginfo xml editor: With this editor you can provide its (multi) versions with name , saying ,
which then also in the player can be played back.

& Support for the following chapter formats : CCE SP Text File
Cell Text Times
---------------------------------- I DVD Author Text File
The chapter formats come all I HC Enc text file
of ChapterGen , an editor I Muxman
from the Engl. Doom9 forum. I OGG Chapter Text File
Sonic Cinevision CSV File
Sonic Scenarist CSV File
Spruce DVD Maestro CHP File
Timecode text file
tsMuxer Meta File
x264 qp textfile

// OGG format
* If "chapter cut" was enabled, and then disabled it was not finished properly and still had influential
on convert.

* Can combo boxes FPS are not fed with wrong data (there is still the possible input of any fps)

# FPS: each 2. combobox ( the distributor ) now automatically sets itself to "1001" when in the first box
a 5-digit number has been entered. if no 5-digit number was entered is set to " 1". (facilitatesset )

% I have made buttons for "open" and "save"-menu functions.

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