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avi.NET allows you to convert a DVD movie, MPEG-1 (VCD) or MPEG-2 (DVD, HDTV, SVCD) media file to an AVI movie file. For their size, AVI files can be excellent quality and you can fit between three and six good quality movies on a single dvdr disk. avi.NET also allows you to select different audio tracks if you require and even choose subtitles to encode into the AVI file. avi.NET allows you to encode an AVI using the latest versions of either the DivX codec or XviD codec. Requires .net framework.

OS: Win
File size: 10MB
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Latest version (September 13, 2011)


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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog


* Re-wrote codec routines.
* Support for Xvid v1.2.2.
* Prevention of MCI errors


* Re-wrote codec routines.
* Support for Xvid v1.3.1/2.


* Fixed GUI 'screen-cut' error.
* Added individual cut controls.
* Added power save prevention.


* Added individual cut controls.
* Added power save prevention.


* Fixed permission errors.
* Changed the locations of log, list, and temporary files.
* Couple of GUI/Dialog changes.
* index.NET updated to reflect similar changes.


This is more of a fix version which I should have released long ago, sorry for the delay.

* Fixed some subtitle selection problems.
* Removed LOG FILE.
* Altered windows shutdown code.
* Amended some 'Form' code.


Although I never keep track of every change/fix/update when I should, these are some of the ones I have noted:

* Added direct '*.TS" support as an input file (kind of experimental).
* Added closed caption support (will read in closed caption files created by index.NET).
* Added some further options via right-click on preview namely: 'Force 4:3 input to 16:9','Force 16:9 input to 4:3', and three audio volume options (setting remembered between loads): MAX, LOW, MUTE.
* Updated 'index.NET' which like before it with avi.NET, it has been completely re-written.
* In doing the above, new code in index.NET has given rise to new code in avi.NET.
* Altered feedback information and text of display window and tooltips to a more understandable and neater format.
* Tweaked the subtitle and audio routines.
* Fixed a couple of spelling mistakes.
* Altered various 'check' and 'feedback' dialog routines.
* Changed over to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 RC.
* Various other little code clean-ups and changes.


Most changes/updates in this version are based around a complete re-write and general tidy up of most the code. After many updates and changes e.t.c. it can all start to get a bit messy, there are times when a spring clean and clear out are in order. So much has changed (mostly internally). Although I never keep track of every change/fix/update when I should, these are some of the ones I have noted:

* Internal VIDEO|AUDIO|SUBTITLE routines re-written, now cleaner, logical, better parsing and storing of information, construction and implementation of thread routines improved (includes 'indexing' and subtitle extraction).
* Changed the conversion mode dialogs - now more logical than before. Each conversion mode (SIZE|BITRATE|QUANT) has its own 'combobox' to select preset sizes/values (custom values also allowed) which are also now easier to input.
* More audio options available, you can now choose some different bitrates when encoding to MP3.
* Subtitles automatically extract if the relevant IFO is present after indexing.
* VOB/IFO combinations renamed by pgc.NET to include PGC number now detected properly again.
* Changed the way some files are de-interlaced.
* Apart from the changes in dialogs and re-arrangement of controls other slight visual changes present.
* Updated all the error and notification dialogs.
* Error checks extended and improved.
* Altered the way option values are stored and related routines, more options saved between loads.
* Delete .TEMP files and SHUTDOWN options are now available during encode so can be enabled/disabled whenever.
* Windows shutdown should work again now, the old one didn't work on my Windows 7.
* Tooltips when over jobs list altered/fixed.
* Fix some serious program issues that would occur on non English based systems (brought on by earlier beta changes/rewrites) - the dreaded "." "," decimal seperator problem!
* Added some DPI and x64 checks/dialogs.
* External application threads and their feedback routines re-written/changed.
* Some huge memory management improvements.
* Internally, avi.NET is a completely different program.


Slight changes to the GUI and various 'Dialogs'.
Progress now displayed during initial input file 'Indexing'.

Huge amounts of code shifting, tidying, and re-writing.
Input file routines completely re-written.
Routines dealing with amendments to scripts and preview updates re-written.
Code based around subtitle routines re-written.
Autocrop threshold will now remember its current setting between program startups/shutdown.
Initial file indexing can now be cancelled if required.
...and no doubt more stuff that I've probably forgot

Updated index.NET
Updated DGIndex
updated Lame


Slight changes to the GUI.
Changed the form style back to a more 'normal' look.
Changed some of the output information in the preview/encode window during encoding.
Changed some of the dialogs that get display.
Added/changed the progress dialog during encode.
Changed the program icon.

Re-write of the audio track detection, parsing, and display routines.
Removed 'registry' access and routines for program options.
Changed some error routines.
Updated .NET requirement (v3.5).

Updated index.NET
Updated DGIndex
Updated NicAudio
Changed the installer/setup package.

avi.NET v2.5.8.5 - released 15th Mar 09
1. Added support for the latest DIVX 7 (v6.8.5 codec) and multithread XVID 1.2.1.
2. Altered the codec routines and settings.

avi.NET v2.5.8.0 (1.6MB) - released 29th February 2008
1. Slightly altered some settings concerned with the deinterlace availabililty.
2. Altered internal video playback routines.
3. Advanced encoding mode option now saved between program loads.

avi.NET v2.5.7.0 (1.9MB) - released 12th January 2008
1. Slightly altered amount of samples used for screen ratio calculation.
2. Switched the screen-crop routines around so based on what edges are being cut not their relationship to each other.
3. Changed lots of routines around.
4. Updated DGIndex.

avi.NET v2.5.6.0 (1.80MB) - released 14th September 2007
1. More amendments to error handling routines.
2. Slight aesthetic changes.
3. Slight context menu changes.
4. Deleting of TEMP folder when inputs are identical now bypassed.
5. Fixed a couple of warning dialog issues.
6. Fixed a subtitle load error.
7. Mobile profiles will now be used when 320 width selected.
8. Altered FORCE_FILM thresholds.
9. Slight changes to information displayed at start of encode.
10. In & Out file dialog paths remembered seperately, even during program re-loads.

avi.NET v2.5.5.0 (1.77MB) - released 2nd September 2007
1. Fixed an XVID codec setting that may have affected SAP compatibility.
2. Changed smooth/sharp settings from checkbox to slider.
3. Changed autocrop setting from checkbox to slider.
4. Altered text displayed during playback/preview.
5. Amended many error handling routines.
6. Upgraded to latest DGIndex (v1.5.0b1)
7. Removed time jump input boxes and added slidebar instead.
8. Slight alterations to font and slight textual display changes.
9. Many more little internal changes.

avi.NET v2.5.1.0 (1.76MB) - released 24th February 2007
1. Slight alteration to some codec settings
2. Altered resizing filters, Bicubic when output width less than input, Lanczos when more.
3. Videosize boxes were enabled when loading a file whilst quant pass was selected - fixed.
4. Play/Pause button behaviour was incorrect when options were chosen during pause - fixed.
5. Added more information to encoding display window.
6. DivX HQ mode multi-core aware.

avi.NET v2.5.0.0
No changelog

avi.NET v2.2.2.0 - released 5th January 2007 - NEW
Update: Fixed: When converting an HDTV source using ONE PASS, wrong script file was chosen, resulting in text overlay being converted.
avi.NET now includes:
index.NET which will batch load/save jobs to automate the process on indexing.

avi.NET v2.2.1.0 - released 21st December 2006 - NEW
Update:Updated the code to work with the latest XviD codec v1.1.2.
Removed the 'RemoveGrain' from the script due to too many people getting problems.
avi.NET now includes:
index.NET which will batch load/save jobs to automate the process on indexing.

avi.NET v2.2.0.0 - released 18th September 2006 - NEW
Added an 'Advanced Analysis' mode which when selected will do a compression test.
In this mode higher codec settings are used and picture quality should be greatly enhanced.
Far too many individual internal changes to list.
avi.NET now includes:
mobile.NET which is a stripped down version of avi.NET for PPC's and Smartphones (320x240).
index.NET which will batch load/save jobs to automate the process on indexing.

avi.NET v2.1.8.4 - released 2nd September 2006 - NEW
1. Fixed/Altered the HDTV routines and fixed a potential problem.
2. If/When the PID dialog is shown, the AV PID selection is now seperate for audio & video.
3. Fixed possibility of incorectly displayed information in Audio list.
4. Minor bits and bobs.

avi.NET v2.1.8.2 - released 29th August 2006 - NEW
1. Fixed bug with SHUTDOWN countdown timer.
2. Fixed bug with batch load/save parameters when using HDTV content.

avi.NET v2.1.8.0 - released 28th August 2006 - NEW
1. Added support for HDTV MPEG files.
2. Added support for Transport Streams (.ts). Must contain both Audio/Video.
(Audio is intentially disabled during preview of above files.)
(Preview of these massive HDTV files is impaired due to their size.)
3. Removed VirtualDubMod and switched to DivXMux. (permission sought & granted by DivXNetworks)
4. Tied up AVISynth scripting routines.

v2.1.7.0 - released 15th August 2006 - NEW
1. Changed upper file size limit down to 2032MB to prevent a 'Multipart OpenDML AVI' when using XviD.
2. Added checks to prevent the loading of an input file straight from DVD, doh!
3. Added checks to prevent the same AVI filename and path being used in batch (job) list.
4. Re-wrote code that deals with running processes and process threads.
5. Re-wrote code that dealt with the video size, bitrate, time jump selection text boxes.
6. As in-line with the video size, bitrate input now requires RETURN/ENTER key to be pressed.
7. Fixed bitrate amendment problem during bitrate/one-pass mode during AC3 and codec selection.
8. Fixed some code during load when forced subtitles had previously been set.
9. Changed some 'click' events.
10. Altered the way the video/audio/subtitle combo boxes function (internally).
11. Altered some XviD codec settings.
12. Lowered the alignment of subtitles, the default settings was slightly too high.

v2.1.6.0 - released 7th August 2006 - NEW
1. Altered bitrate algorithms for both DivX and XviD codecs.
2. The four filter selections are now remembered and honoured for all loads in current session.
3. Added a little CPU info to display/logs.
4. Added and amended some checking routines.
5. Reset screen size on 'Add Job'.
6. Altered a timer and removed 2 obsolete timers.
7. Re-added Start and End times to display.
8. Fixed a slight niggle if output avi filename contained a full spot (period).
9. More stuff I can't remember, been amending, changing, testing code for two weeks solid.

# Re-enable the subtitles.

# Added more quant options.
# Added a 'Shutdown PC' option..
# Minimise now enabled from start .
# Changed and re-coded all the dialog routines.
# Fixed a couple of routines that weren't quite right.

# Added Load/Save job list.
# Added subtitle info to logs e.t.c.
# Added lots of checking of file and error routines.
# Tidied up some codec settings.

v2.0.0.0 - released 1st January 2006 - NEW
* A predifined set size will now be selected upon loading in your movies.
* A real big code clean up and check. Should be very stable now.
* Altered pause button and changed minimise selection, now a button.
* Any active screensaver will be disabled whilst avi.NET is running.

1.9.5 27 December 2005
# Changed XVID settings to take account of 'Smooth Filter', when used.
# Also changed some more codec settings to be more robust.
# All Audio & Video routines placed in externals threads.
# Slightly changed 'Conversion Information Panel' output.
# Cleaned up a lot of code.

1.9 22 December 2005
* The keeping/copying of the AC3 audio track now does so in a seperate thread.
* Fixed the 'Object not set to an instance of an object' error - there since v1.6 (sorry)

1.7 21 December 2005
* Fixed silly error concerning registry key and XviD introduced in v1.6 (sorry)
* Added option to allow 'Grain Removal'
* Updated internal program (DGIndex)

1.6 19 December 2005
Redone program from scratch under VB.NET 2005 (.NET FRAMEWORK v2.0) (avi.NET v1.5)
* Rewrote lots of the 'codec' routines (avi.NET v1.6)
* Removed DivX 5 support
* Minimum codec requirement now: XviD v1.1 (or above) DivX v6.0.3 (or above)

1.5 18 December 2005
No changelog

1.4 31. October 2005
avi.NET updated to v1.4 - Changed: 1. RemoveGrain as it was causing too many 'issues' 2. Some sizing parameters 3. AutoCrop parameters 4. A few little bits of code

1.3 29. October 2005
Just a little update to v1.3: Altered code to work with latest version of DivX v6.0.3 - also DivX HE-3 Codec.

1.2 24. October 2005
Updated avi.NET to v1.2: Updated internal programs to latest versions. Reintroduced the 160 MP3 option if needed. Fixed a possible bug with the 'removegrain' filter. Few code changes.

1.1 9. September 2005
Updated avi.NET to v1.1: Updated the included DGIndex & VirtualDubMod to latest versions. Added a couple of code changes.

avi.NET is now out of release candidate status and is now a proper v1.0 release.

1. Updated DGIndex to v1.4.0
2. Changed DLL calling convention to be more .NET fiendly (DllImport - .InteropServices)
3. Slightly changed the Audio functions
4. Slight feedback changes
5. Loads of little cleanup bits and bobs

1. Had to change the way the 'Aspect Ratio' was calculated.
2. There was a little bug which turned the DIVX6 option off if 'Force Bitrate' was enabled then disabled.
3. Had to fix a problem that arose if the filename had just one letter.

1. Added a routine to display the correct (avi header) ISFT information.
2. Changed the behaviour of a check box.

1. Added a 'MP3 [HQ]' option which will use 160k for mp3 audio instead of the default 128k (as requested).
2. Slight changes to 'Display Window'.
3. Added an automatic Quality Factor/Size detection on movie load.
4. Quick instructions and above new option is explained in the included 'RTFM.txt' (please read).

1. Fixed problem where certain temp files were left behind because I'd left some debug code in.
2. Now you can select DIVX codec directly without having to select BITRATE.
3. Added some codec checks.
4. Return/Enter doesn't need to be pressed when selecting BITRATE.
5. Got rid of the Size Amendment when using 'External' subtitles because basically IDX/SUB are far too big. Can still use external and convert to a nice small SRT file yourself.
6. Slight display changes.
7. Changed the 'Navipanes' so they move/resize if the screen goes too small.

1. Fixed a bug that would only be apparent if you tried to chop/cut movie when that movie had no audio.
2. Fixed a bug where subtitle used would always be 'Index: 00' (bug was only in last beta version as I accidently left some test code in).
3. Fixed a bug with subtitle code where wrong subtitle would be used if the same movie was in the list twice or more but different subtitles where being used.

1. Fixed a bug with DivX encodes where proper bitrate wasn't being taken into account when more than one conversion in the batch/job list.
2. Changed Interleave Settings.
3. Changed the log/display slightly during encoding.
4. Changed/Altered these calculations: 'BITRATE | AVI OVERHEAD | AVI AUDIO INTERLEAVE OVERHEAD'.
5. Changed certain XVID codec properties.

Had to change a couple of things I'd forgot to do in last version concerning naming and loading in of audio tracks.

Altered program to work with latest DGIndex (RC4).
(The "[" and "]" symbols can now be used in filenames/paths)
Done some extensive code checking and cleared up some potential problems/bugs, mainly concerning the time input boxes and fixed a potential bug with loading in another file after doing one where forced subtitles where used.
Fixed a bug that would cause an error when pressing STOP during audio encoding (my fault, I accidently caused the problem in version 0.3 beta 4 or 5)
And as always other stuff I've forgot....

Amended program to take account of the size of the external subtitles when used.
Fixed a bug with the BITRATE input box
Added a QUALITY FACTOR check when adding to batch

Added an option to not force the SUBS into the AVI but to just copy them to IDX/SUB files [EXTERNAL]

Brief Information now available by clicking an item in the 'Job/Batch' window.
Slight amendments to DIVX6 bitrate calculations.
Fixed/tidied up a couple of things.
Added some more error checking.

Fixed a couple of bugs with the batch UP/DOWN/DELETE buttons.

Added BATCH mode, now all conversions must be added to BATCH before conversion 'Add Job'.

1. Re-wrote lots of code to allow for the introduction of the upcoming batch-mode.
2. Other little things that I always forget.

I'd introduced a bug in the last beta that caused an error when the STOP button was pressed, this is now fixed.

-Added a 'Quality Factor' (b/p) algoritm to bottom information window.
Quality Factor same as that used in GSpot and will change as you:
1. Change Desired Conversion Size
2. Bitrate
3. Screen Size
QF is handy in determining quality of finished conversion.
Try to keep to values between 0.15 - 0.25
-Added a bit more information to log window
-Fixed a couple of issues with the subtitle display box
-Added more error traps
-Tidied up more code and algorithms
-And other stuff that I've forgot over the past week...

BETA 10:
Completely re-wrote the MCI module, now 100% .NET | Added an addition to the log window | Fixed a couple of checkbox enabling/disabling issues.

Added support to keep the AC3 stream without converting to MP3
Fix somes issues with the subtitle lists
Added the option to remove the .TEMP folder when finished converting
Lots of internal code changes

Fixed the 'I'm a stupid programmer bug'...... wink.gif
Now 'Double-Clicking' the display (log window) whilst encoding will minimize the program down to the 'notify' (clock) area. Double-Click to restore.

Added partial DivX 5 support (when using forced bitrate)
Pause/Frame button wasn't enabling/disabling when intended
H.263/MPEG Quant wasn't switching to correct one when it should have been

Other little bits and bobs

Added Subtitle (and forced subtitle) support.
- The VOB files corrosponding IFO file is needed for subtitle support. Try to choose an option to name your VOB file (when ripping) to name VOB file according to PGC, this will allow correct operation of subtitles. Example: VTS_01_PGC_1_1.VOB e.t.c.

I found 2 bugs with the 'PAUSE' and 'FRAMES' buttons. They would be not in view after loading in a SVCD file. Also they would not be re-enabled if movie paused whilst loading in another movie. Needless to say, this has now been fixed.
Also added some information files concerning used 3rd party applications, filters and the GPL.

Lots of little internal code fixes, changes and some asthetic changes, it will now auto-increment load a groups of VOB's too.

Changed the VideoSize option to something a bit more friendly and understandable.
I updated the above instructions too, please re-read.

Fix a bug with the decimal point for non English systems.
Added 'Time Taken' to log window.
Log window saves itself to a log file.
Hide changelog

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55 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

I needed this to convert a ripped DVD folder for non techie friends to xvid using their XP pc and it did a great job. I would have used AutoGK, but for some odd reason it failed to convert that specific dvd.

One think I didn't rate on AviNET was its deinterlacing option for another DVD(NTSC) which sucked quite a bit(however AutoGK solved this quite masterfully), but on progressive DVD sources AviNET excelled. Thanks.

Review by Robby on Nov 12, 2018 Version: OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

This is nice software. I use it very rarely for avi, but it is quick and easy. If the developer ever decides to put a new build out( his web site is closed so probably not!)future recommendations would be a better deinterlacer as the one used in AviNet does not work on pure interlaced sources and leaves duplicate frames and terrible out of synch audio. Use of abr mp3 instead of constant and update the xvid codec to 1.3.5. Also a light denoiser like vague denoiser would be useful to reduce the mosquito noise incurred by using the mp4 matrix which is evident even after a high bit rate. A program with some potential.

Review by Cary on Dec 23, 2017 Version: OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

I needed to make an avi for friends who play only xvid on their DVD player, so used this. The result was quite good. I was used to AutoGK, but had heard good reviews about this. Xvid is dated now, but still has its place. AviNet or this version only uses xvid 1.2.2 without vaq, whether the vaq would have made a difference for my encoding I'm not sure. The program only uses constant mp3, vbr gives better quality, the mpeg matrix was used in my encoding, but had loads of noise. This version has no remove grain like older versions of avinet and is removed for some reason. Why?

The quality of my encode was not as good as AutoGK visually which I decided go use in the end. I also tested an interlaced DVD with avinet choosing deinterlace the video came out with repeated scenes, with AutoGK the video was detected as a hybrid and came out perfect. Avinet is great for progressive DVD sources only. Maybe the author could have released the last version he had build which he talked about on his site as I remember, but unfortunately the site is now down for good. I will continue using AutoGK for the odd xvid as it is more configurable and you can use agkpal to run avisynth scripts too.

Review by Stu on Jun 25, 2017 Version: OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 7/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 8/10

I don't get it where it says in its change log that it works with xvid 1.3.1 or 1.3.2 because in XP it the program throws up wrong build/incompatibility warnings so you have to use the Koepi vaq free 1.22 build which is inferior to these aforementioned builds and jawormat's excellent 1.22 vaw build. Dated program like AutoGK but still useful for that occasionally requested Xvid. I found AviNet to produce artifacts/mosquito noise in 700mb encodings and the video image was very soft( resizer issues )that said at higher bitrates 900 plus the image output was much better. Don't understand why the audio is so fixed at 128/160 etc and not flexible with vbr? The site says that AviNet is its most downloaded program,I can see whysince it has a great sleek GUI and easy for noobies. Has great potential if it worked with Xvid 1.3.4(great codec) allowed better resizing, incorporated a mild denoiser as default eg remove grain mode 5 or undot, allowed abr/vbr mp3 and allow the user to slow i down mors for a 2 pass. I thought this was a major factor in its artifacting.

Review by azmoth on Dec 1, 2015 Version: OS: WinXP Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 8/10

Works fantastic, have been using to re-encode all my old mpg files as well as re-encoding my dvds that were previously done to mp4 format. only down side is its not an all in one program. at a bit rate of 850 to 1024 cant tell the difference from the output to the source.

Review by knelson on Nov 23, 2012 Version: OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

55 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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