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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for abcAVI Tag Editor

abcAVI Tag Editor 1.8.1
9 April 2005
(-) Some inaccuracy in the tag comparison table and the description of INFO tags were corrected (information at the abcavi site).
(-) AVI files with several video streams were displayed incorrectly (DivX files with built-in subtitles, for example). Now abcAVI shows the information on the first stream not the last.
(-) Bug in abcAVI.dll was fixed - renaming of AVI files in Explorer resulted in long delays when abcAVI Info Tips had been installed.
(-) Layout of Russian help and manual was fixed - some cirylic characters were replaced by black squares.
(*) The creation of messages for IMDb was improved to avoid spam filters.
(*) Query sending was optimized - now abcAVI sends only one message with the cumulative query instead of multiple messages (one per query).
(*) The algorithm of file analysis in abcAVI.dll was improved. The files with *.avi extension but truly not AVI files are processed much more faster now.
(*) abcAVI writes only one instance of its signature into JUNK section of AVI file. Earlier versions wrote their signature repeating every 256 byte.
(*) Defined more exactly 1 video FourCC and 18 audio TwoCC descriptions (thanks to
(*) Codecs definitions were moved from language.ini into separate file codec.ini. It make sure that there is no out of date codec definition. Otherwise qualified codec definition was overlaped by it's old translation from current language ini (when abcAVI work with other then English interface).
(+) Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher was included into the installation pack. It forces Windows Media Player 7 and newer to show INFO tags.
(+) New export templates was added:
The Core Media Player play list (NPL)Player
Export technicals to Excel (DIF)
(+) New options were added to Internet connection settings
Server timeout
Delete "orphan messages" from IMDb
Clear the report at the connection centre automatically
(+) The authentication "POP before SMTP" was introduced
(+) The authentication SMTP (RFC 2554) was added
(+) Added 70 new video FourCC descriptions (thanks to KMStudio and
1978 - A.M.Paredes predictor (LossLess)
AHDV - CineForm 10-bit Visually Perfect HD (Wavelet)
AJPG - 22fps JPEG-based codec for digital cameras
ATM4 - Ahead Nero Digital MPEG-4 Codec
AV1X - Avid 1:1x (Quick Time)
AVC1 - AVC1 codec (supported by ffdshow)
AVD1 - Avid DV (Quick Time)
AVDN - Avid DNxHD (Quick Time)
AVIS - Wrapper for AviSynth (Dummy codec)
AVMP - Avid IMX (Quick Time)
AVUP - Avid 10bit Packed (Quick Time)
AYUV - 4:4:4 YUV (AYUV)
BLOX - Jan Jezabek BLOX MPEG Codec
BW00 - BergWave (Wavelet)
CDV5 - Canopus SD50/DVHD
CDVH - Canopus SD50/DVHD
CFHD - CineForm 10-bit Visually Perfect HD (Wavelet)
CLLC - Canopus LossLess
CTRX - Citrix Scalable Video Codec
CUVC - Canopus HQ
DAVC - Dicas MPEGable H.264/MPEG-4 AVC base profile codec
DCL1 - Data Connection Conferencing Codec
DCT0 - WniWni Codec
DMK2 - ViewSonic V36 PDA Video
DXSB - DivX Subtitles Codec
DXGM - Electronic Arts Game Video codec
DXTN - Microsoft DirectX Compressed Texture (DXTn)
FLV1 - FLV1 codec (supported by ffdshow)
FMJP - D-Vision fieldbased ISO MJPEG
GJPG - Grand Tech GT891x Codec
JPG - JPEG compressed
LAGS - Lagarith LossLess
LBYR - Creative WebCam codec
LCW2 - LEADTools MCMW 9Motion Wavelet)
LJ2K - LEADTools JPEG2000
LSCR - LEAD Screen Capture
M4CC - ESS MPEG4 Divio codec
MHFY - A.M.Paredes mhuffyYUV (LossLess)
MJPX - Pegasus PICVideo Motion JPEG
MNVD - MindBend MindVid LossLess
MSUC - MSU LossLess
MV12 - Motion Pixels Codec (old)
NDIG - Ahead Nero Digital MPEG-4 Codec
PXLT - Apple Pixlet (Wavelet)
Q1.1 - Q-Team's QPEG 1.1 (
R210 - BlackMagic YUV (Quick Time)
RL4 - RLE 4bpp RGB
RL8 - RLE 8bpp RGB
S263 - S263 codec (supported by ffdshow)
SEDG - Samsung MPEG-4 codec
SNOW - SNOW codec (supported by ffdshow)
SP40 - SunPlus YUV
TRLE - Akula Alpha Pro Custom AVI (LossLess)
UUVQC1 - Vector-quantised codec 1 (high compression)
VQC2 - Vector-quantised codec 2 (high robustness against channel errors)
VR21 - BlackMagic YUV (Quick Time)
VSSW - Vanguard VSS H.264
WMVA - WMVA codec (supported by ffdshow)
WNIX - WniWni Codec
WV1F - WV1F codec (supported by ffdshow)
WVP2 - WVP2 codec (supported by ffdshow)
X264 - XiWave GNU GPL x264 MPEG-4 Codec
XYZP - Extended PAL format XYZ palette (
Y444 - IYU2 (iRez Stealth Fire camera)
YV16 - Elecard YUV 4:2:2 Planar
YV92 - Intel's Smart Video Recorder YVU9
Y216 - Pinnacle TARGA CineWave YUV (Quick Time)
(+) Added 20 new audio TwoCC descriptions (thanks to and
0x0045 - ITU-T G.726 ADPCM
0x00FF - AAC
0x0102 - IBM A-law
0x0103 - IBM AVC ADPCM
0x0162 - Windows Media Audio Professional V9
0x0163 - Windows Media Audio Lossless V9
0x08AE - ClearJump LiteWave
0x2001 - Dolby DTS (Digital Theater System)
0x2002 - RealAudio 1 / 2 14.4
0x2003 - RealAudio 1 / 2 28.8
0x2004 - RealAudio G2 / 8 Cook (low bitrate)
0x2005 - RealAudio 3 / 4 / 5 Music (DNET)
0x2006 - RealAudio 10 AAC (RAAC)
0x2007 - RealAudio 10 AAC+ (RACP)
0x4143 - Divio MPEG-4 AAC audio
0x434C - LEAD Speech
0x564C - LEAD Vorbis
0x7A21 - GSM-AMR (CBR, no SID)
0x7A22 - GSM-AMR (VBR, including SID)
0xF1AC - Free Lossless Audio Codec FLAC
abcAVI Tag Editor 1.8
25 march 2004
(-) Bug fixed: button "Save All" process all files including read-only.
(-) Interface bug fixed: Improved accuracy of status bar indicator.
(-) Interface bug fixed: when open file wrong file name was shown.
(-) Bug fixed: range check error when try to open non-existent file.
(-) Bug fixed: range check error when try to open broken file.
(-) Import bug fixed: All 8bit ASCII characters where truncated to 7bit when sending to IMDb.
(-) Import bug fixed: Button "Start" in Connection Centre was always disabled until first message exchange.
(-) Export bug fixed: error when creating directory with '\' in path. Now all these chars automatically replaced with '\'.
(*) Page "Import" became active after creating new query only if it's in visible state.
(*) Safety improvement: Button "Start Connetion Session" is disabled when on opening new files.
(*) Safety improvement: If some errors were happened when reading options (usually on low memory), then options wouldn't be saved on exit program.
(*) The name of query includes creation date of the movie.
(*) Some improvement in email creation algorithm (to avoid qualify as a spam).
(*) Corrected export keywords. Now they mean what they should mean - numeral value:
$(hourlength) - file duration, hours
$(minlength) - file duration, minutes
$(seclength) - file duration, seconds
(+) Added Windows info tips shell extension for AVI files
(+) Created detailed Russian manual and context help.
(+) Added calculation of frame proportion and aspect ratio.
(+) Added calculation of maximum bitrate.
(+) Added information with file date/timestamps
(+) New keywords were added:
$(hmsz_length) - file duration, h+m+s+ms
$(msz_length) - file duration, m+s+ms
$(sz_length) - file duration, s+ms
$(frame_proportion) - frame proportion
$(aspect_ratio) - aspect ratio
$(crd_year) - creation date, YYYY
$(all_genres) - all genres
(+) Every language of interface has it's help files
(+) It's possible to adjust precision of audio and video bitates on export.
(+) Added new export templates:
DIF Excel
XML Ant Movie Catalog
ASX Windows Media Player
(+) Added replacements table in export template - it's possible to define up to 5 substitutions of illegal characters and consecutions.
(+) IDivX tags are saved in RIFF container "IDVX" - more compatible with AVI definition.
(+) Added 28 new video FourCC descriptions (thanks to KMStudio)
ASLC - AlparySoft Lossless Codec
DC25 - MainConcept ProDV Codec
FFDS - FFDShow supported
FFV1 - FFDShow supported
IDM0 - IDM Motion Wavelets 2.0
FRLE - SoftLab-NSK Y16 + Alpha RLE
MDVF - Pinnacle DV/DV50/DVHD100
MVI1 - Motion Pixels MVI
MVI2 - Motion Pixels MVI
MYUV - Media-100 844/X Uncompressed
NO16 - Theory None16 64bit uncompressed RAW
PNG1 - CorePNG Codec
SHR0 - BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)
SHR1 - BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)
SHR2 - BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)
SHR3 - BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)
SHR4 - BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)
SHR5 - BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)
SHR6 - BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)
SHR7 - BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)
SL50 - SoftLab-NSK DVCPRO50
SLIF - SoftLab-NSK MPEG2 I-frames
SLMJ - SoftLab-NSK Forward MJPEG
VP61 - On2 TrueCast VP6.1
VP62 - On2 TrueCast VP6.2
VSSH - Vanguard VSS H.264
YMPG - YMPEG Alpha (dummy for MPEG-2 compressor)
(+) Added 2 new audio TwoCC descriptions (thanks to KMStudio)
0x0700 - YMPEG Alpha (dummy for MPEG-2 compressor)
0x3313 - makeAVIS (ffvfw fake AVI sound from AviSynth scripts)
abcAVI Tag Editor 1.7.2
25 october 2003
(-) Bug on opening huge file (more then 2 Gb) was fixed. abcAVI ignores such files without freezing.
(-) Bug in "Paste tags" procedure was fixed. Fields "Music By" and "Costume Designer" should be processed correctly.
(-) Parsing of IMDb query was corrected - Additional Info tag could have stuck together words.
(*) Page with error report became active if any errors had been detected. You may switch it off by hiding "Total AVI Structure" page (Options/View/Pages...)
(*) Defined more exactly 1 video FourCC and 1 audio TwoCC descriptions (thanks to KMStudio)
(+) Fully redesigned Installer of abcAVI. Now it uses all the power of Inno Setup Wizard.
(+) There are list of servers to search the movie in the Internet - around 20 URLs (thanks to Ant Movie Catalog by Antoine Potten from BuyPin Software).
(+) Added 20 new video FourCC descriptions (thanks to KMStudio)
CSCD - CamStudio lossless codec
DFSC - DebugMode FrameServer VFW Codec
DV10 - BlueFish444 (lossless RGBA, YUV 10-bit)
DVAN - Pinnacle miroVideo DV300 SW only codec
DVH1 - Pinnacle DVHD100
DVOR - BlueFish444 (lossless RGBA, YUV 10-bit)
DVR1 - TARGA2000 Codec
EKQ0 - Elsa graphics card quick codec
HD10 - BlueFish444 (lossless RGBA, YUV 10-bit)
LOCO - LOCO Lossless Codec
NTN2 - Nogatech Video Compression 2 (GrabBee hardware coder)
THEO - FFVFW Supported Codec
VBLE - MarcFD VBLE Lossless Codec
VIDM - DivX 5.0 Pro Supported Codec
VP60 - On2 TrueCast VP6
WMVP - Windows Media Video V9
WRLE - Apple QuickTime BMP Codec
WVLT - IllusionHope Wavelet 9/7
YU12 - ATI YV12 4:2:0 Planar
YU92 - Intel - YUV
(+) Added 8 new audio TwoCC descriptions (thanks to KMStudio and to Ant Movie Catalog)
0x0009 - Microsoft DRM
0x0173 - UNISYS NAP 16K
0x0215 - Ulead DV ACM
0x0241 - ESST AC3
0xDFAC - DebugMode SonicFoundry Vegas FrameServer ACM Codec
abcAVI Tag Editor 1.7.1
2 jule 2003
(-) Export bug fixed: date and time of creation and change of file are exported properly now
(-) Import bug fixed: AKA titles are processed properly
(-) Interface bug fixed: lots of dialog windows didn't react to change font/charset settings
(*) Dead-letters from are erased automatically (lot of unclaimed mails can arise if user resends query several times).
(*) Import page became active right away creation of new query
(+) abcAVI can parse e-mails from IMDb (it's possible to save intercepted by e-mail programme such Outlook or The Bat mail in text file and parse it in abcAVI)
(+) abcAVI can parse reports of AMDbFront - SQL based local version of Internet Movie Database
(+) It's possible to save header of AVI file in external file
abcAVI Tag Editor 1.7
20 june 2003
(-) Save bug fixed: abcAVI now saves only changed files on exit program (not every file).
(-) Interface bug fixed: some dialogs were showed incorrectly in chinese and japanese languages.
(*) Changed algorithm of compiling tags (aligning bytes are not used) - brings compatibility with software that has uncompleted RIFF format realization.
(*) Defined more exactly 20 video FourCC and 1 audio TwoCC descriptions (thanks to KMStudio)
(*) Defined more exactly the algorithm of fast video bitrate calculation (based on the information from AVI header only)
(*) Detailed descriptions of AVI structure errors had been included into Failure report
(*) "Video compression" characteristic in short AVI information box had been changed to "Video quality"
(*) Alert on decrease in the size of AVI files may be switched off (Options/Tag Reading & Writing).
(*) You can choose from standart and extended sets of RIFF INFO tags.
(*) Exact version of abcAVI had been included into About information.
(+) Import function (IMDb to AVI) includes now:
Creation search query
Sending queries to IMDb mail server
Receiving answers from IMDb mail server
Specifying search queries and creating data queries
Customizable parsing of data queries
Basic query management (sorting and deleting)
Applying finished queries to AVI files
(+) New 9 INFO tags have been added:
ICNM - Cinematographer
IMIT - Additional Information (More Info Text)
IMIU - URL to more information (More Info URL)
ILIU - Logo Icon URL
IWMU - Watermark URL
IMBI - More Info Banner Image URL
IMBU - More Info Banner URL
All the tags except first were included for compatibility with Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher
(+) New keywords had been added into the export template:
Video quality - $(videoquality)
Combined report on video compression - $(videocompress_ext)
Compression of video, % - $(videocompress_pers)
(+) It's possible now to replace end-of-line symbols in multiline tags by other characters (for example by "<br>" or ";")
(+) Added ability to view the structure of movi section (if you want to see real interleave of the streams)
(+) Added window with detailed information on video compression
(+) Precise calculations of video and audio bitrates had been added (based on the information from index section of AVI)
(+) Multiple modes of paste operations had been included - ordinary insertion, source tags priority and target tags priority. (See Options/Tag Reading & Writing)
(+) User can resize the main window
(+) Added 45 new video FourCC descriptions (thanks to KMStudio)
2VUY - Optibase VideoPump 8-bit 4:2:2 Component Y'CbCr
8BPS - Apple QuickTime Planar RGB with Alpha-channel
ACTL - Streambox ACT-L2
AEIK - Intel Indeo Video 3.2 (Vector Quantization)
AP42 - AngelPotion Definitive (hack MS MP43)
AVID - Avid Motion JPEG
AVR - Avid ABVB/NuVista MJPEG with Alpha-channel
AVUI - Avid Meridien Uncompressed with Alpha-channel
AZRP - Quicktime Apple Video
BHIV - BeHere iVideo
BXY2 - BOXX 10-bit YUV
DM4V - Dicas MPEGable MPEG-4
DTMT - Media-100 Codec
DTNT - Media-100 Codec
DVIS - VSYNC DualMoon Iris DV codec
DVL - Radius SoftDV 16:9 NTSC
DVLP - Radius SoftDV 16:9 PAL
DVPN - Apple QuickTime DV (DV NTSC)
DVPP - Apple QuickTime DV (DV PAL)
DVRS - VSYNC DualMoon Iris DV codec
GLCC - GigaLink AV Capture codec
IMJG - Accom SphereOUS MJPEG with Alpha-channel
IPJ2 - Image Power JPEG2000
KPCD - Kodak Photo CD
MCZM - Theory MicroCosm 64bit RGB with Alpha-channel
PNG - Apple PNG
PVWV - Pegasus Imaging Wavelet 2000
QDGX - Apple QuickDraw GX
R411 - Radius DV NTSC YUV
R420 - Radius DV PAL YUV
RAVI - GroupTRON ReferenceAVI codec (dummy for MPEG compressor)
RAV_ - GroupTRON ReferenceAVI codec (dummy for MPEG compressor)
SJPG - CUseeMe Networks Codec
SLDV - SoftLab-NSK Forward DV Draw codec
SPRK - Sorenson Spark
TGA - Apple TGA (with Alpha-channel)
TIFF - Apple TIFF (with Alpha-channel)
UYVU - SoftLab-NSK Forward YUV codec
V210 - Optibase VideoPump 10-bit 4:2:2 Component Y'CbCr
VP40 - On2 TrueCast VP4
VP50 - On2 TrueCast VP5
YUV2 - Apple Component Video (YUV 4:2:2)
(+) Added 5 new audio TwoCC descriptions (thanks to KMStudio)
0x0402 - Ligos Indeo Audio
0x181E - Lucent elemedia AX24000P Music codec
0x1C07 - Lucent SX8300P speech codec
0x1C0C - Lucent SX5363S G.723 compliant codec
0x1F03 - CUseeMe DigiTalk (ex-Rocwell)
abcAVI Tag Editor 1.6.1
9 february 2003
(-) Export bug fixed: export to clipboard could failed and empty files with name "clipboard" had been created
(-) Options bug fixed: Decimal separator and separator for thousands had been saved incorrectly
(*) It's possible to choose in Options how the information on audio/video formats will be shown (with or without FourCC and TwoCC)
(*) It's possible to choose from all the existing fonts, not only MS Sans Serif and Arial
(*) Some improvements of the Options page were made
(+) It's possible to switch off useless pages of abcAVI Tag Editor
(+) Language files contain preferred charset, font name and character size
abcAVI Tag Editor 1.6
21 january 2003
(-) Export bug fixed: keywords $(fcchandler), $(namehandler), $(fcccodec) and $(namecodec) are processed correctly now
(-) Export bug fixed: empty lines and lines with tabs are saved correctly now
(-) Bug fixed: file names with character "&" are displayed correctly in the list of opened files.
(-) Writing bug fixed: JUNK section could replace 8 bytes of movi section.
(-) Corrected FourCC of DV compressed in SD (SDL) from "DVS1" to "DVSL"
(*) Impovement of export algorithm were made (creating of all needed directories, checking for file existance and so on)
(*) Export page: Keywords have different icons (easier navigation).
(*) Export page: All the keywords of header and footer are accessible in body of template too.
(*) Some interface improvements at Hacks & Tweaks page
(*) Button "Start Export" was moved to main menu. It has now hot key Ctrl+E.
(*) It's possible now to view whole list of translators of abcAVI Tag Editor, not only the author of last changes
(*) By default only the critical confirmations and messages are turned on
(*) Audio and video formats fileds contain information about FourCC and TwoCC
(*) 46 video and 3 audio codecs definitions were defined more exactly
(+) Export page: New special keywords were introduced (ask user for...)
(+) Export page: Target file name can contain keywords.
(+) Export template has "Template Description"
(+) Added a lot of new keywords at Export Template page
(+) Added buttons "Save Temlape As", "Save Template" and "Delete Template"
(+) List of avaible export templates was added (quick load template).
(+) Added short time format HH:MM:SS
(+) Comparison table of different tag's formats (description of Extended INFO tags) was compiled
(+) Added 95 new video codec definitions:
3IVD - FFmpeg DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3)
AAS4 - Autodesk Animator codec (RLE)
ADV1 - Loronix WaveCodec (used in various CCTV products)
ADVJ - Avid M-JPEG Avid Technology Also known as AVRn
AVI1 - MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec
AVI2 - MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec
BGR - Uncompressed BGR32 8:8:8:8
BGR(#15) - Uncompressed BGR15 5:5:5
BGR(#16) - Uncompressed BGR16 5:6:5
BGR(#24) - Uncompressed BGR24 8:8:8
BITM - Microsoft H.261
BLZ0 - FFmpeg MPEG-4
CLPL - Format similar to YV12 but including a level of indirection.
COL0 - FFmpeg DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3)
COL1 - FFmpeg DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3)
DCAP - Pinnacle DV25 Codec
DP02 - DynaPel MPEG-4
DRWX - Pinnacle DV25 Codec
DVCS - MainConcept DV Codec
FLIC - Autodesk FLI/FLC Animation
GEPJ - White Pine (ex Paradigm Matrix) Motion JPEG Codec
GPJM - Pinnacle ReelTime MJPEG Codec
GREY - Apparently a duplicate of Y800
IF09 - Microsoft H.261
IMC1 - As YV12 except the U and V planes each have the same stride as the Y plane
IMC2 - Similar to IMC1 except that the U and V lines are interleaved at half stride boundaries
IMC3 - As IMC1 except that U and V are swapped
IMC4 - As IMC2 except that U and V are swapped
JBYR - Kensington Video Codec
JFIF - Motion JPEG (FFmpeg)
L261 - Lead Technologies H.261
L263 - Lead Technologies H.263
LCMW - Lead Technologies Motion CMW Codec
LGRY - Lead Technologies Grayscale Image
LZO1 - LZO compressed (lossless codec)
MC24 - MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec
MP2A - Media Excel MPEG-2 Audio
MP2T - Media Excel MPEG-2 Transport Stream
MP2V - Media Excel MPEG-2 Video
MP41 - Microsoft MPEG-4 V1 (enhansed H263)
MP4A - Media Excel MPEG-4 Audio
MP4T - Media Excel MPEG-4 Transport Stream
MP4V - Media Excel MPEG-4 Video
MSS2 - Windows Media 9
MTGA - Motion TGA images (24, 32 bpp)
NHVU - NVidia Texture Format (GEForce 3)
NV12 - 8-bit Y plane followed by an interleaved U/V plane with 2x2 subsampling
NV21 - As NV12 with U and V reversed in the interleaved plane
NVDS - NVidia Texture Format
NVHS - NVidia Texture Format (GEForce 3)
PIXL - MiroVideo XL (Motion JPEG)
RGB(#15) - Uncompressed RGB15 5:5:5
RGB(#16) - Uncompressed RGB16 5:6:5
RGB(#24) - Uncompressed RGB24 8:8:8
RGB1 - Uncompressed RGB332 3:3:2
RGBO - Uncompressed RGB555 5:5:5
RGBP - Uncompressed RGB565 5:6:5
RGBQ - Uncompressed RGB555X 5:5:5 BE
RGBR - Uncompressed RGB565X 5:6:5 BE
ROQV - Id RoQ File Video Decoder
RTV0 - NewTek VideoToaster (uncompressed)
RV40 - RealVideo 9
SAN3 - MPEG-4 codec (direct copy of DivX 3.11a)
SP44 - SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec
SP53 - SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec
SP54 - SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec
SP55 - SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec
SP56 - SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec
SP57 - SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec
SP58 - SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec
SWC1 - MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec
TIM2 - Pinnacle RAL DVI
TVJP - TrueVision Field Encoded Motion JPEG (Targa emulation)
UMP4 - UB Video MPEG 4
VDST - VirtualDub remote frameclient ICM driver
VSSV - Vanguard Software Solutions Video Codec
VTLP - Alaris VideoGramPixel Codec
VYU9 - ATI Technologies YUV
VYUY - ATI Packed YUV Data
WMV3 - Windows Media 9
WNVA - Winnov hw compress
WRPR - VideoTools VideoServer Client Codec (wrapper for AviSynth)
XVIX - Based on XviD MPEG-4 codec
XWV0 - XiWave Video Codec
XWV1 - XiWave Video Codec
XWV2 - XiWave Video Codec
XWV3 - XiWave Video Codec (Xi-3 Video)
XWV4 - XiWave Video Codec
XWV5 - XiWave Video Codec
XWV6 - XiWave Video Codec
XWV7 - XiWave Video Codec
XWV8 - XiWave Video Codec
XWV9 - XiWave Video Codec
XXAN - Origin Video Codec (used in Wing Commander 3 and 4)
ZYGO - ZyGo Video Codec
(+) Added 1 new audio codec definition:
0x0216 - Ulead DV ACM
abcAVI Tag Editor 1.5.1
27 november 2002
(-) Opening bug fixed: files with semicolon symbol ";" are processed successfully.
(*) Some improvements in dialogs routine (all the dialogs could be localized entirely, user can instant switch off the dialogs).
(*) DV type 1 files is now recognized as non VfW compatibile (there is single iavs stream instead of two vids&auds streams)
(+) Added the identification of Virtual Dub versions from it's build information.
(+) Added support of INFO tags of Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher:
IAS1 - The language of the audio stream number 1
IAS2 - The language of the audio stream number 2
IAS3 - The language of the audio stream number 3
IAS4 - The language of the audio stream number 4
IAS5 - The language of the audio stream number 5
IAS6 - The language of the audio stream number 6
IAS7 - The language of the audio stream number 7
IAS8 - The language of the audio stream number 8
IAS9 - The language of the audio stream number 9
ICAS - Identifies the common audio stream (1-9)
abcAVI Tag Editor 1.5
18 october 2002
(-) Writing bug fixed: file structure had been damaged on changing AVI with huge headers (more then 65536 bytes).
(-) Interface bug fixed: subject of mail in "About..." window was "Avitags 1.1".
(-) Open files bug fixed: exceptions had been generated if user try to change some options while files opening.
(-) Template bug fixed: the unnecessary end-of-line symbols were generated on saving template.
(*) All the modal dialogs are aligned at center of main form.
(*) Find by the extensions action processes *.avi and *.divx files.
(*) If user choose some directories in "Open AVI file" dialog, files in subdirectories will be searched.
(*) The state "collapsed/expanded" for structure's tree is saved
(*) Algorithm of embeding abcAVI item into Windows shell's context menus was improved.
(*) Installation script was improved (added creation of shortcuts in Start menu and other).
(*) Statistics on opened files is updated while opening new files.
(+) User can view length of every stream in AVI file, not only total length.
(+) Added flags of corresponding countries into the list of available languages of interface .
(+) User can open directory or drive with video files ("Open directory" button).
(+) Passing parameters between copy of abcAVI Tag Editor was coded.
(+) Three new languages were added: Spanish, Polish and Czech
(+) Dinamic Link Library for reading/writing tags was created. Installation pack consists of DLL, help system and sample of use in Delphi.
(+) A lot of customizable confirmations and messages (24 dialogs) were added.
(+) Popup menus with keywords were added on export template page
(+) Added ability of saving tree structure of current AVI file (executed from popup menu)
(+) Added button "View information from"
(+) abcAVI has following command line parameters:
-r - register abcAVI Tag Editor in Explorer's context menus of *.avi, *.divx, Directory and Drive (used in installation script).
-u - delete abcAVI Tag Editor from Explorer's context menus of *.avi, *.divx, Directory and Drive (used in uninstallation script).
-q - close abcAVI Tag Editor (used in uninstallation script)
(+) User can change decimal and thousand separators in Options.
(+) Added ability to cancel file opening (press Esc key on file loading)
abcAVI Tag Editor 1.4
16 jule 2002
(-) Corrected video bitrate calculation, the error is less then 0,5%
audio_size:=(strf_auds.nAvgBytesPerSec*strh_auds.dwLength*strh_auds.dwScale/strh_auds.dwRate) + (strh_auds.dwLength*v_framespersec*8*strh_auds.dwScale/strh_auds.dwRate);
The other way is to read whall AVI, summarize total frame size and divide by video length, but it's too slow on big files.
(-) Writing bug fixed: some tag's value grows by two #0 every writing
(*) Interface changes - AVI tags were took places in three subpages "Primary Tags", "Movie Credits" and "Additional Tags"
(*) Added icons to the first level pages
(*) Defined more exactly 9 video FourCC descriptions
(*) Defined more exactly 32 audio TwoCC descriptions (thanks to
(+) Added 8 new AVI tags (for compatibility with
IMUS - composer
ICDS - costume designer
ICNT - country
IDST - distributor
IEDT - editor
ISGN - alternate genre
IPRO - producer
IPDS - production designer
(+) File preview function (Ctrl+P)
(+) Added languages - French, Hungarian, xEnglish, xRomanian
(+) Multiple audio streams support
(+) Added 26 new video FourCC descriptions (thanks to
AVDJ - Avid Motion JPEG
AZPR - Quicktime Apple Video
DIV1 - FFmpeg-4 V1 (hacked MS MPEG-4 V1)
DIV2 - FFmpeg-4 V2 (hacked MS MPEG-4 V2)
DVC - MainConcept DV Codec
DVCP - Sony Digital Video (DV)
M4S2 - Microsoft MPEG-4 (hacked MS MPEG-4)
MJPB - Motion JPEG codec
MPG1 - FFmpeg-1
MPG2 - FFmpeg-1
MPNG - Motion PNG codec
MSS1 - Windows Screen Video
NUV1 - NuppelVideo
Q1.0 - Q-Team QPEG 1.0
Q1.0 - Q-Team QPEG 1.1
RMP4 - REALmagic MPEG-4 Video Codec
RUD0 - Rududu video codec
RV10 - RealVideo codec
RV13 - RealVideo codec
SMC - Apple Graphics (SMC) codec (256 color)
SVQ3 - Sorenson Video 3 (Apple Quicktime 5)
TM2A - Duck TrueMotion Archiver 2.0
VIV1 - Vivo H.263
VIV2 - Vivo H.263
WMV1 - Windows Media Video 7
WMV2 - Windows Media Video 8
(+) Added 30 new audio TwoCC descriptions (thanks to
0x0008 - Microsoft DTS
0x0093 - MediaSonic G.723
0x0094 - Aculab 8KBPS
0x00A0 - Malden Electronics PHONYTALK
0x0125 - Sanyo ADPCM
0x0131 - Sipro Lab Telecom ACELP.4800
0x0132 - Sipro Lab Telecom ACELP.8V3
0x0133 - Sipro Lab Telecom ACELP.G.729
0x0134 - Sipro Lab Telecom ACELP.G.729A
0x0135 - Sipro Lab Telecom ACELP.KELVIN
0x0140 - Dictaphone G.726 ADPCM
0x0150 - Qualcomm PUREVOICE
0x0151 - Qualcomm HALFRATE
0x0155 - Ring Zero Systems TUBGSM
0x0210 - UHER informatic GmbH ADPCM
0x0230 - I-link Worldwide ILINK VC
0x0240 - Aureal Semiconductor RAW SPORT
0x0250 - Interactive Products HSX
0x0251 - Interactive Products RPELP
0x0260 - Consistent Software CS2
0x0270 - Sony ATRAC3
0x0681 - AT&T Labs TPC
0x0401 - Intel Music Coder (IMC)
0x1101 - Lernout & Hauspie CELP codec
0x1102 - Lernout & Hauspie SBC codec
0x1103 - Lernout & Hauspie SBC codec
0x1104 - Lernout & Hauspie SBC codec
0x181C - VoxWare RT24 speech codec
0x1FC4 - ALF2
0xFFFE - Extensible wave format
abcAVI Tag Editor 1.3
25 june 2002
(-) Reading bug fixed: recognition of the space containing FourCC i.e. "RLE ", "DIB " etc.
(-) Reading bug fixed: wrong representation idx1 tag information.
(-) Reading bug fixed: skiping huge AVI header. Now huge tags only but not huge lists are skiped (except list "movi").
(-) Writing bug fixed: erasing AVI header while writing info in file without "idx1" chunk.
(-) Writing bug fixed: file without tags has empty "LIST INFO" and "LIST MID".
(-) Setup bug fixed: old versions registry and files were not deleted
(-) Reading bug fixed: read only files (for example on CD) couldn't be read in WinXP
(-) Writing bug fixed: abcAVI occupy files after writing tags
(-) Reading bug fixed: different files with the same short names can't be opened simultaneously.
(*) Faster file loading (swoping TreeView by DCTree lead to more then 10 speed growing)
(*) An installer made, added uninstall confirmation
(*) Saving options in ini-file (window positon, option page, export template, working directories)
(*) abcAVI has it's directory in Program Files
(*) The interface optimisation, status bar shows files statistics
(*) Buttons activation had been tuned
(*) Defined more exactly 50 video FourCC descriptions (thanks to KMStudio)
(+) Added 28 new video FourCC descriptions (thanks to KMStudio)
3IVX - MPEG4-based codec 3ivx
AVRN - Avid Motion JPEG
BTVC - Conexant Composite Video
DPS0 - DPS Reality Motion JPEG
DSVD - Microsoft DirectShow DV
DV25 - Matrox DVCPRO codec
DV50 - Matrox DVCPRO50 codec
DVMA - Darim Vision DVMPEG
DX50 - DivX 5.0 codec
EM2V - Etymonix MPEG-2 I-frame
FRWT - Darim Vision Forward Motion JPEG
FRWU - Darim Vision Forward Uncompressed
FVFW - ff MPEG-4 based on XviD codec
IYUV - Intel Indeo iYUV 4:2:0
LSVM - Vianet Lighting Strike Vmail (Streaming)
MJ2C - Morgan Multimedia JPEG2000 Compression
MJPA - Pinnacle Motion JPEG with Alpha-channel
MMES - Matrox MPEG-2 I-frame
MSZH - Lossless codec (ZIP compression)
NAVI - nAVI video codec (hacked MS MPEG-4)
NT00 - NewTek LigtWave HDTV YUV with Alpha-channel
RPZA - Apple Video 16 bit
SJPG - White Pine (ex Paradigm Matrix) Motion JPEG
T420 - Toshiba YUV 4:2:0
TVMJ - Field Encoded Motion JPEG (Targa emulation)
U263 - UB Video StreamForce H.263
XVID - XviD MPEG-4 codec
(+) Added 8 new audio TwoCC descriptions
0x0043 - IBM AVC ADPCM
0x674f - Ogg Vorbis (mode 1)
0x676f - Ogg Vorbis (mode 1+)
0x6750 - Ogg Vorbis (mode 2)
0x6770 - Ogg Vorbis (mode 2+)
0x6751 - Ogg Vorbis (mode 3)
0x6771 - Ogg Vorbis (mode 3+)
0xFFFF - In Development / Unregistered
(+) Disallow tag editing on read only files
(+) Reading and writing export templates
(+) Added export list (sorting, drag & drop, flags checking)
(+) Added report creation
(+) Bilevel keywords menu in template editor
(+) Multilanguage interface, changing language "on the fly" (English, Russian, Romanian, German, Chinese, Chinese Taiwan )
(+) Added options "Find in subdirectories", "Ignore AVI header errors"
(+) Added font size and name options
(+) Russian version
(+) Size show format may be "bytes", "KB" or "MB"
(+) Time show format may be "XX h XX min XX.XX s", "XX min XX.XX s" or "XX.XX "
abcAVI Tag Editor 1.2
17 may 2002
(-) Open files bug fixed: programme was frozen on loading files
(-) Bug fixed: codes for "multilanguage" and "silent movie" overlaped codes for other languages.
(-) Calculation bug fixed: 1 kilobit = 1000 bit, not 1024 bit
(-) Tag saving bug fixed: MovieID tags should be saved after idx1 section
(-) FourCC Corrected: Vivo G.723 is 0x0111
(-) Open files bug fixed: active file after opening is first new file
(-) Open files bug fixed: files opened from command line parameters have correct long names.
(*) Procedures of saving and recognition tags had been optimized.
(*) Maximum tag size was increased from 32000 up to 65536 bytes
(*) Some improvements in the program interface was made
(*) The tree of AVI structure has an icons now
(*) Tag Editor has new name since this moment - now it's called abcAVI Tag Editor ("abc" is "Add, Browse & Change AVI tags")
(+) 3 new video Four Character Codes were added
MDVD - Alex MicroDVD Video
MPG3 - Same as Low motion DivX MPEG-4
VIFP - Virtual Frame API codec (VFAPI)
(+) 3 new audio Two Character Codes were added
0x0130 - Sipro Lab Telecom audio codec
0x0160 - Windows Media Audio V1
0x0161 - Windows Media Audio V2 (Alex AC3 Audio Decoder)
(*) Four new genres were added:
scifi action
psychological thriller
(+) Added recognition of Virtual Dub's information (JUNK chunk has build number inside)
(+) Added calculation info about video compression
(+) Inner tags clipboard is transparently translated to the Windows text clipboard
(+) Added "Hacks & Tweaks" page - posibility to change video decoder FCC, frame rate and frame size.
(+) Added subdirectory processing (search files in subdirectories)
(+) Included option of cutting off MovieID and IDivX tags (smaller file size)
(+) Added detection of the running copy of programme (only one instance allowed)
(+) "File list" menu item created - user can quick jump to desired file
(+) Added saving coordinates of tools panels on programme close
(+) Home page of abcAVI Tag Editor - (English version) was opened
Total AVI Tags Editor 1.1
12 february 2002
(+) Graphic user interface
(+) Editor supports three tag formats: RIFF INFO, MovieID and IDivX
(+) Block of short information contains following items: file name, file length, file size, audio format and video format.
(+) Page "Total Information" contains full information on AVI structure in tree form.
(+) Page "Primary Tags" contains following items: Title, Director, Script Writer, Subject, Production, Starring, Product, Creation Date, Genre, Rated, Copyright, Language, Keywords, Part, Total Number of Parts and Comments.
(+) Page "Additional Tags" contains following items: Software, Encoded by, Digitization Date, Internet Address, Source Form, Medium, Source, Location, Commissioned by, Engeener and other.
(+) Tags Editor is able to open several files at the same time, there is file navigation panel.
(+) User can clone tag between all opened files by one click.
(+) Some fields have lists of predefined values (Product, Genre, Rating, Language, Source Form and Medium).
(+) User can copy all tags of current file into clipboard and paste to another file or to all the files by one click.
(+) It's possible to clear all the tags of one file (or all files).
(+) There are Undo and Global Undo functions
(+) Editor supports Drag & Drop files and loading through command line parameters.
(+) Database of FourCC codes consists of 276 video formats descriptions (thanks to
3IV0 - MPEG4-based codec 3ivx
3IV1 - MPEG4-based codec 3ivx
3IV2 - MPEG4-based codec 3ivx
AASC - Autodesk Animator codec
ABYR - Kensington codec
AEMI - Array VideoONE MPEG1-I Capture
AFLC - Autodesk Animator FLC (256 color)
AFLI - Autodesk Animator FLI (256 color)
AMPG - Array VideoONE MPEG
ANIM - Intel RDX
AP41 - AngelPotion Definitive (hack MS MP43)
ASV1 - Asus Video V1
ASV2 - Asus Video V2
ASVX - Asus Video 2.0
AUR2 - Aura 2 Codec - YUV 422
AURA - Aura 1 Codec - YUV 411
BINK - Bink Video (RAD Game Tools) (256 color)
BT20 - Conexant (ex Brooktree) ProSummer MediaStream
BTCV - Conexant Composite Video
BW10 - Data Translation Broadway MPEG Capture/Compression
CC12 - Intel YUV12 Codec
CDVC - Canopus DV Codec
CFCC - Conkrete DPS Perception Motion JPEG
CGDI - Camcorder Video (MS Office 97)
CHAM - WinNow Caviara Champagne
CJPG - Creative Video Blaster Webcam Go JPEG
CLJR - Cirrus Logic YUV 4:1:1
CMYK - Common Data Format in Printing
CPLA - Weitek YUV 4:2:0 Planar
CRAM - Microsoft Video 1
CVID - Cinepak by Radius YUV 4:2:2
CWLT - Microsoft Color WLT DIB
CYUV - Creative Labs YUV 4:2:2
CYUY - ATI Technologies YUV
D261 - H.261
D263 - H.263
DIB - Full Frames (Uncompressed)
DIV3 - Low motion DivX MPEG-4
DIV4 - Fast motion DivX MPEG-4
DIV5 - DivX MPEG-4
DIV6 - DivX MPEG-4
DIVX - OpenDivX (DivX 4.0 and later)
DMB1 - Matrox Rainbow Runner hardware compression (Motion JPEG)
DMB2 - Motion JPEG codec used by Paradigm
DUCK - True Motion 1.0
DVE2 - DVE-2 Videoconferencing Codec
DVHD - DV 1125 lines at 30.00 Hz or 1250 lines at 25.00 Hz
DVS1 - DV compressed in SD (SDL)
DVSD - Sony Digital Video (DV) 525 lines at 29.97 Hz or 625 lines at 25.00 Hz
DVX1 - DVX1000SP Video Decoder
DVX2 - DVX2000S Video Decoder
DVX3 - DVX3000S Video Decoder
DXT1 - DirectX Compressed Texture
DXT2 - DirectX Compressed Texture
DXT3 - DirectX Compressed Texture
DXT4 - DirectX Compressed Texture
DXT5 - DirectX Compressed Texture
DXTC - DirectX Texture Compression
EKQ0 - Else graphics card codec
ELK0 - Else graphics card codec
ESCP - Eidos Technologies Escape codec
ETV1 - eTreppid Video Codec
ETV2 - eTreppid Video Codec
ETVC - eTreppid Video Codec
FLJP - Field Encoded Motion JPEG (Targa emulation)
FRWA - Darim Vision Forward Motion JPEG with Alpha-channel
FRWD - Darim Vision Forward Motion JPEG
FVF1 - Fractal Video Frame
GLZW - Motion LZW by
GPEG - Motion JPEG by (with floating point)
GWLT - Microsoft Greyscale WLT DIB
H260 - H.260
H261 - H.261
H262 - H.262
H263 - Intel ITU H.263
H264 - H.264
H265 - H.265
H266 - H.266
H267 - H.267
H268 - H.268
H269 - H.263 for POTS-based videoconferencing
HFYU - Huffman Lossless Codec YUV and RGB formats (with Alpha-channel)
HMCR - Rendition Motion Compensation Format
HMRR - Rendition Motion Compensation Format
I263 - Intel ITU H.263
I420 - Intel Indeo 4 H.263
IAN - Indeo 4 (RDX) Codec
IAVS - interleaved audio and video stream
ICLB - CellB Videoconferencing Codec
IGOR - Power DVD
IJPG - Intergraph JPEG
ILVC - Intel Layered Video
ILVR - ITU H.263+ Codec
IPDV - Giga AVI DV Codec
IR21 - Intel Indeo 2.1
IRAW - Intel YUV Uncompressed
IUYV - Interlaced version of UYVY (line order 0, 2, 4,....,1, 3, 5....)
IV30 - Intel Indeo Video 3
IV31 - Intel Indeo Video 3.1
IV32 - Intel Indeo Video 3.2
IV33 - Intel Indeo Video 3.3
IV34 - Intel Indeo Video 3.4
IV35 - Intel Indeo Video 3.5
IV36 - Intel Indeo Video 3.6
IV37 - Intel Indeo Video 3.7
IV38 - Intel Indeo Video 3.8
IV39 - Intel Indeo Video 3.9
IV40 - Intel Indeo Video 4.0
IV41 - Intel Indeo Video 4.1
IV42 - Intel Indeo Video 4.2
IV43 - Intel Indeo Video 4.3
IV44 - Intel Indeo Video 4.4
IV45 - Intel Indeo Video 4.5
IV46 - Intel Indeo Video 4.6
IV47 - Intel Indeo Video 4.7
IV48 - Intel Indeo Video 4.8
IV49 - Intel Indeo Video 4.9
IV50 - Intel Indeo Video 5.0 Wavelet
IY41 - Interlaced version of Y41P (line order 0, 2, 4,....,1, 3, 5....)
IYU1 - 12 bit format used in mode 2 of the IEEE 1394 Digital Camera 1.04 spec
IYU2 - 24 bit format used in mode 2 of the IEEE 1394 Digital Camera 1.04 spec
JPEG - Still Image JPEG DIB
JPGL - DIVIO JPEG Light for WebCams
KMVC - Karl Morton Video Codec
LEAD - LEAD Video Codec
LJPG - LEAD Motion JPEG Codec
M261 - Microsoft H.261
M263 - Microsoft H.263
MC12 - ATI Motion Compensation Format
MCAM - ATI Motion Compensation Format
MJPG - IBM Motion JPEG including Huffman Tables
MP42 - Microsoft MPEG-4 V2
MP43 - Microsoft MPEG-4 V3
MP4S - Microsoft MPEG-4 (hacked MS MPEG-4)
MP4V - Microsoft MPEG-4 (hacked MS MPEG-4)
MPEG - Chromatic MPEG 1 Video I Frame
MPG4 - Microsoft MPEG-4 V1
MPGI - Sigma Design MPEG-1 I-frame
MRCA - FAST Multimedia MR Codec
MRLE - Microsoft Run Length Encoding
MSVC - Microsoft Video 1
MSVC - Microsoft Video 1
MTX1 - Matrox codec
MTX2 - Matrox codec
MTX3 - Matrox codec
MTX4 - Matrox codec
MTX5 - Matrox codec
MTX6 - Matrox codec
MTX7 - Matrox codec
MTX8 - Matrox codec
MTX9 - Matrox codec
MWV1 - Aware Motion Wavelets
NTN1 - Nogatech Video Compression 1
NVS0 - Nvidia texture compression format
NVS1 - Nvidia texture compression format
NVS2 - Nvidia texture compression format
NVS3 - Nvidia texture compression format
NVS4 - Nvidia texture compression format
NVS5 - Nvidia texture compression format
NVT0 - Nvidia texture compression format
NVT1 - Nvidia texture compression format
NVT2 - Nvidia texture compression format
NVT3 - Nvidia texture compression format
NVT4 - Nvidia texture compression format
NVT5 - Nvidia texture compression format
PDVC - Panasonic DV codec
PGVV - Radius Video Vision Telecast (adaptive JPEG)
PHMO - Photomotion
PIM1 - Pegasus Imaging codec
PIM2 - Pegasus Imaging codec
PIMJ - Pegasus Imaging PICvideo Lossless JPEG
PVEZ - Horizons Technology PowerEZ codec
PVMM - PacketVideo Corporation MPEG-4
PVW2 - Pegasus Imaging Wavelet 2000
QPEG - Q-Team QPEG 1.1
QPEQ - Q-Team QPEG 1.1
RAW - Full Frames (Uncompressed)
RGB - Full Frames (Uncompressed)
RGBA - Raw RGB with alpha
RGBT - Uncompressed RGB with transparency
RLE - Raw RGB with arbitrary sample packing within a pixel
RLE4 - Run length encoded 4bpp RGB image
RLE8 - Run length encoded 8bpp RGB image
RT21 - Intel Real Time Video 2.1
RV20 - RealVideo G2
RV30 - RealVideo 8
RVX - Intel RDX
S422 - VideoCap C210 YUV Codec
SDCC - Sun Digital Camera Codec
SFMC - Crystal Net SFM Codec
SMSC - Radius proprietary codec
SMSD - Radius proprietary codec
SMSV - WorldConnect Wavelet Streaming Video
SPIG - Radius Spigot
SPLC - Splash Studios ACM Audio Codec
SQZ2 - Microsoft VXTreme Video Codec V2
STVA - ST CMOS Imager Data (Bayer)
STVB - ST CMOS Imager Data (Nudged Bayer)
STVC - ST CMOS Imager Data (Bunched)
STVX - ST CMOS Imager Data (Extended)
STVY - ST CMOS Imager Data (Extended with Correction Data)
SV10 - Sorenson Media Video R1
SVQ1 - Sorenson Video (Apple Quicktime 3)
TLMS - TeraLogic Motion Infraframe Codec A
TLST - TeraLogic Motion Infraframe Codec B
TM20 - Duck TrueMotion 2.0
TM2X - Duck TrueMotion 2X
TMIC - TeraLogic Motion Intraframe Codec 2
TMOT - TrueMotion Video Compression
TR20 - Duck TrueMotion RT 2.0
TSCC - TechSmith Screen Capture Codec
TV10 - Tecomac Low-Bit Rate Codec
TY0N - Trident Decompression Driver
TY2C - Trident Decompression Driver
TY2N - Trident Decompression Driver
UCOD - ClearVideo (fractal compression-based codec)
ULTI - IBM Corp. Ultimotion
UYNV - A direct copy of UYVY registered by NVidia to work around problems in some old codecs which did not like hardware which offered more than 2 UYVY surfaces
UYVP - YCbCr 4:2:2 extended precision 10-bits per component in U0Y0V0Y1 order
UYVY - YUV 4:2:2 (Y sample at every pixel, U and V sampled at every second pixel horizontally on each line)
V261 - Lucent VX2000S
V422 - Vitec Multimedia YUV 4:2:2 as for UYVY but with different component ordering within the u_int32 macropixel
V655 - Vitec Multimedia 16 bit YUV 4:2:2 (6:5:5) format
VCR1 - ATI VCR 1.0
VCR2 - ATI VCR 2.0 (MPEG YV12)
VCR3 - ATI VCR 3.0
VCR4 - ATI VCR 4.0
VCR5 - ATI VCR 5.0
VCR6 - ATI VCR 6.0
VCR7 - ATI VCR 7.0
VCR8 - ATI VCR 8.0
VCR9 - ATI VCR 9.0
VDCT - Video Maker Pro DIB
VDOW - VDOLive (H.263)
VDTZ - Darim Vision VideoTizer YUV
VGPX - Alaris VGPixel Codec
VIDS - Vitec Multimedia YUV 4:2:2 codec
VIVO - Vivo H.263
VIXL - miroVideo XL
VLV1 - VideoLogic codec
VP30 - On2 (ex Duck TrueMotion) VP3
VP31 - On2 (ex Duck TrueMotion) VP3
VX1K - Lucent VX1000S Video Codec
VX2K - Lucent VX2000S Video Codec
VXSP - Lucent VX1000SP Video Codec
WBVC - Winbond W9960 codec
WHAM - Microsoft Video 1
WINX - Winnov Software Compression
WJPG - Winbond JPEG
WNV1 - WinNow Videum Hardware Compression
X263 - Xirlink H.263
XLV0 - NetXL Inc. XL Video Decoder
XMPG - XING MPEG (I frame only)
Y211 - Packed YUV format with Y sampled at every second pixel across each line and U and V sampled at every fourth pixel
Y411 - YUV 4:1:1 Packed
Y41B - YUV 4:1:1 Planar
Y41P - Conexant (ex Brooktree) YUV 4:1:1 Raw
Y41T - Format as for Y41P but the lsb of each Y component is used to signal pixel transparency
Y422 - Direct copy of UYVY as used by ADS Technologies Pyro WebCam firewire camera
Y42B - YUV 4:2:2 Planar
Y42T - Format as for UYVY but the lsb of each Y component is used to signal pixel transparency
Y8 - Simple grayscale video
Y800 - Simple grayscale video
YC12 - Intel YUV12 Codec
YUNV - A direct copy of YUY2 registered by NVidia to work around problems in some old codecs which did not like hardware which offered more than 2 YUY2 surfaces
YUV8 - Winnov Caviar YUV8
YUV9 - Intel YUV9
YUVP - YCbCr 4:2:2 extended precision 10-bits per component in Y0U0Y1V0 order
YUY2 - YUV 4:2:2 as for UYVY but with different component ordering within the u_int32 macropixel
YUYV - Canopus YUV format
YV12 - ATI YVU12 4:2:0 Planar
YVU9 - Brooktree YVU9 Raw (YVU9 Planar)
YVYU - YUV 4:2:2 as for UYVY but with different component ordering within the u_int32 macropixel
ZLIB - Lossless codec (ZIP compression)
ZPEG - Metheus Video Zipper
(+) Database of TwoCC codes consists of 105 audio formats descriptions (thanks to
0x0000 - Microsoft Unknown Wave Format
0x0001 - Microsoft PCM Format
0x0002 - Microsoft ADPCM Format
0x0003 - IEEE Float
0x0004 - Compaq Computer VSELP (codec for Windows CE 2.0 devices)
0x0005 - IBM CVSD
0x0006 - Microsoft ALAW (CCITT A-Law)
0x0007 - Microsoft MULAW (CCITT u-Law)
0x0010 - OKI ADPCM
0x0011 - Intel DVI ADPCM (IMA ADPCM)
0x0012 - Videologic MediaSpace ADPCM
0x0013 - Sierra Semiconductor ADPCM
0x0014 - Antex Electronics G.723 ADPCM
0x0015 - DSP Solutions DIGISTD
0x0016 - DSP Solutions DIGIFIX
0x0017 - Dialogic OKI ADPCM
0x0018 - MediaVision ADPCM
0x0019 - HP CU codec
0x0020 - Yamaha ADPCM
0x0021 - Speech Compression SONARC
0x0022 - DSP Group True Speech
0x0023 - Echo Speech EchoSC1
0x0024 - Audiofile AF36
0x0025 - APTX
0x0026 - AudioFile AF10
0x0027 - Prosody 1612 codec for CTI Speech Card
0x0028 - Merging Technologies S.A. LRC
0x0030 - Dolby Labs AC2
0x0031 - Microsoft GSM 6.10
0x0032 - MSNAudio
0x0033 - Antex Electronics ADPCME
0x0034 - Control Resources VQLPC
0x0035 - DSP Solutions Digireal
0x0036 - DSP Solutions DigiADPCM
0x0037 - Control Resources Ltd CR10
0x0038 - Natural MicroSystems VBXADPCM
0x0039 - Roland RDAC (Crystal Semiconductor IMA ADPCM)
0x003A - Echo Speech EchoSC3
0x003B - Rockwell ADPCM
0x003C - Rockwell Digit LK
0x003D - Xebec Multimedia Solutions
0x0040 - Antex Electronics G.721 ADPCM
0x0041 - Antex Electronics G.728 CELP
0x0042 - Microsoft MSG723
0x0050 - Microsoft MPEG1 layer 1,2
0x0052 - InSoft RT24 (ACM codec is an alternative codec)
0x0053 - InSoft PAC
0x0055 - MPEG1 Layer 3 (MP3)
0x0059 - Lucent G.723
0x0060 - Cirrus Logic
0x0061 - ESS Technology ESPCM / Duck DK4 ADPCM
0x0062 - Voxware file-mode codec / Duck DK3 ADPCM
0x0063 - Canopus Atrac
0x0064 - APICOM G.726 ADPCM
0x0065 - APICOM G.722 ADPCM
0x0066 - Microsoft DSAT
0x0067 - Microsoft DSAT Display
0x0069 - Voxware Byte Aligned (bitstream-mode codec)
0x0070 - Voxware AC8 (Lernout & Hauspie CELP 4.8 kbps)
0x0071 - Voxware AC10 (Lernout & Hauspie CBS 8kbps)
0x0072 - Voxware AC16 (Lernout & Hauspie CBS 12kbps)
0x0073 - Voxware AC20 (Lernout & Hauspie CBS 16kbps)
0x0074 - Voxware MetaVoice (file and stream oriented)
0x0075 - Voxware MetaSound (file and stream oriented)
0x0076 - Voxware RT29HW
0x0077 - Voxware VR12
0x0078 - Voxware VR18
0x0079 - Voxware TQ40
0x0080 - Softsound
0x0081 - Voxware TQ60
0x0082 - Microsoft MSRT24 (ACM codec is an alternative codec)
0x0083 - AT&T Labs G.729A
0x0084 - Motion Pixels MVI MV12
0x0085 - DataFusion Systems G.726
0x0086 - DataFusion Systems GSM610
0x0088 - Iterated Systems ISIAudio
0x0089 - Onlive
0x0091 - Siemens Business Communications SBC24
0x0092 - Sonic Foundry Dolby AC3 SPDIF
0x0097 - ZyXEL ADPCM
0x0098 - Philips LPCBB
0x0099 - Studer Professional Audio AG Packed
0x0100 - Rhetorex ADPCM
0x0101 - BeCubed Software IRAT
0x0111 - Vivo G.723
0x0112 - Vivo Siren
0x0123 - Digital G.723
0x0200 - Creative Labs ADPCM
0x0202 - Creative Labs FastSpeech8
0x0203 - Creative Labs FastSpeech10
0x0220 - Quarterdeck
0x0300 - Fujitsu TOWNS SND
0x0400 - BTV Digital (Brooktree digital audio format)
0x0450 - QDesign Music
0x0680 - AT&T Labs VME VMPCM
0x1000 - Olivetti GSM
0x1001 - Olivetti ADPCM
0x1002 - Olivetti CELP
0x1003 - Olivetti SBC
0x1004 - Olivetti OPR
0x1100 - Lernout & Hauspie codec
0x1400 - Norris Communication
0x1401 - ISIAudio
0x1500 - AT&T Labs Soundspace Music Compression
0x2000 - FAST Multimedia AG DVM (Dolby AC3)
AVI tags 1.0
14 january 2002
(+) Console programme
(+) Reading and writing RIFF INFO tags
(+) Building AVI info tree structure
(+) Writing new tags info in place of JUNK chunks (JUNK chunk compression)

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