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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for YAMB

Changes for the beta 2 release (2009/06/29)

- TS/M2TS Extraction is now managed by EAC3to.
- QuickTime compatibility for AVC streams containing B-Frames.
- appleTV compliancy (not tested on such device though...).
- Windows Seven support.

- Better Internal Files detection.
- Better AC3-in-MP4 files creation.
- Better MKVExtract detection.
- Few tunings in the NSIS script.

- MediaInfo library (0.7.17)
- MP4Box (0.4.6-dev_20090629)
- MKVExtract (2.9.5)
- EAC3to (3.16)

- Disable temporarily the ASS/SSA Converter. Need to find a better algorithm...

- Fix splitting command lines errors.
- Fix Matroska tasks convertion.
- Fix mkvtoolnix libs missing from the installer.
- Several other fixes.

Changes for the release (2008/12/xx)

- AC3 support for the mux & demux.
- ASS/SSA converter.
- Matroska File support for MP4 File Creation.
- German & Russian languages.

- MediaInfo library (
- MP4Box for the installer (0.4.5-dev_20081101)

- Some here and there.

Changes for the release (2007/09/14)

- Castellano language.

- MediaInfo library (
- MP4Box for the installer (0.4.5-dev_20070914).

- Some layouts broken the GUI.


- Castellano language.

- MediaInfo library (
- MP4Box for the installer (0.4.5-dev_20070914).

- Some layouts broken the GUI.


Bye-Bye 1.6...Welcome to the 2.0. Yes, finally I'm proud to announce the release. What's new in this version : new input files support (NHNT,NHNM, jpg, jpeg, MPEG-TS; Multilanguage support (English/French/...more welcome); a new feature to save infos as template (either Yamb way or MP4Box's one) from the creation list (right click on the list to enable it); a feature to view directly the yamb log when process is finished (right click on the list to enable it); a new feature to select directly the previous/next track checked in the list (available in Properties window); The choice of the font name & the font size concerning subtitles text streams (i.e srt, ttxt...); More brand names; an Option dedicated to the streaming; an Option for compliance (Standard/iPhone/iPod/ISMA/PSP); an Option to extract all streams from your input file at once; an Option to specify the temp directory for running processes; an Option to enable the verbose Mode for MP4Box; an Option to enable or not Modern Style for the lists used in this application; Introducing Vista support and many more... So, download this last release and enjoy the weekend.

2.0 preview
* This GUI is able to mux a lot of Audio (aac, mp4, mp3, vorbis...) & Video Files (3gp, mp4, mpeg, vob, ogg, avi...) with subtitles and chapters support.
* able to Split/Join mp4/mov/3gp files.
* able to extract some tracks from AVI files or raw/mp4/3gp streams, subtitles and chapters.
* Have some infos about your files.
* able to tag mp4/3gp files.
* Full Unicode support.

- Abort/Cancel process in the log tab.
- Priorities for the command tasks.
- New tab dedicated to files tagging (enable it in Options).
- Negative values for A/V delays.
- Timecode for split part supports milliseconds (i.e hh:mm:ss.ccc)
- Chapters viewer/editor.

- Options tab has been completely revisited.
- Command for import settings has slightly changed. That's why a fresh MP4Box is required [].
- Import errors detection.
- Color themes tweaking.

- Import settings for aac and mp3 files have been updated.
- MediaInfo.dll updated.
- Update some languages entries.

- "Remove" function for Audio & Video files in mux tab has been corrected.
- fix a typo for concatenation.
- fix a small thing for tracknames.

- Support for cuesheet files concerning splitting part. 2 features available for this: split by tracks and split all tracks. (see pictures for preview)
- Support for AtomicParsley (an other mp4 tagger dedicated to iTunes features).
- copyright command in MP4Box Import Settings.
- A new form (hh:mm:ss) for time splitting.
- MOV container support for muxing/splitting/joining/extracting.
- TrackName and small other internal tunings.
- for Import section: PAR Item Index.
- for Splitting section: Files Size value > 1Go.

1.4 :
- Replace tg tagging stuff by mp4tags from the mpeg4ip tools.
- Fix an internal error concerning tracks parsing.

1.3.3 :
- Tracks delay for concatenation.
- a Warning for tagging.
- Size max equals to filesize for splitting.
- OnClose Query
- Chapters extraction.
- Official Website.
- internal tunings.

- TrackName import settings.
- Subtitles conversion broken.

1.3.2 :

- Pixels Aspect Ratio, TrackName, Interleaving for Import Settings.
- Tags support*.
- New function for the output file renaming.

- Some hints here and there.
- Copy/Execute command lines options which were disabled (right click on the MP4Box Command Line Form).

- Some access violations for extracting part.
- Subtitles remaining.
- few others.

1.3.1 :

Update :
- ID flags for extracting options.
- Yamb log saving.

Bugfixes :
- Extract raw/mp4 conversion.
- Command Line remaining.
- Some Access Violations during opening.

Changes from version 1.2.1 to 1.3 :

- Languages Flag, Media Delays, Force FPS and other Imports useful Settings.
- Unicode Support.
- Global Info & Infos by Tracks.
- Extract subtitles option.
- Yamb borders are resizable.
- Options Settings are reminded automatically.
- Possibility to copy the command line to the ClipBoard or anything else.
- Multiple Selections Files for A/V Input files concerning Joining Parts.

- List Menu Entries.
- Merge Audio & Video Input Files for the Mux Part.
- Log tab.

- Movie Info Box color for non XP machines.
- Import Settings.
- Output File Extensions.
- Update Extract A/V Track from AVI file option.

- output file extension for muxing.
- some warnings weren't updated.
- import audio options partially debugged.
- mp4box stout redirected in log tab.
- extract A/V from AVI file.
- extract A/V in raw format.
- extract A/V in new mp4 file.
- Movie Info box to help you to find the right track for extracting.
- Subtitles Conversion.
- keep all MPEG-4 system info option.
- Edit manually the command line.
- Overwrite an existing output file option.

- Added some import functions for Audio & Video parts as recommended by Bond. (right click on the box to enable the button).
- Several changes concerning drop-down lists for Mux Tab.
- Added "split start:end" option.
- Added "extract raw A/V files from AVI" feature.

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