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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Xreveal

Version 2.5.2 2023-09-22
Fixed installer won't work on Windows x86 and Windows ARM64
Fixed failed to get RDK when LibreDrive is enabled

Version 2.5.1 2023-09-20
Fixed failed to read VID of HD-DVD
Added keydb.cfg setting for HD-DVD
Added context help in the Settings dialog
Added more logs when failing to do AACS-Auth
Added Enabled LibreDrive for UHD
Improved detection of whether PowerDVD is installed
Improved exit UDF parser quickly when ejecting disc
Changed FUT file search order: bd+.dll, MK.bin, MK_VolumeLabel.bin, MK_*.bin

Version 2.5.0 2023-09-15
Improved support for reading EVO from HD DVD
Improved move BEC to "Drive information"
Improved remove Java protections
Changed rename /AACS dir to /XRVL
Changed rename /BDSVM dir to /XRSVM
Fixed four crashes from the user report
Added make separate installer for x64/x86/ARM64, only 0.5MB
Added reset player region for TotalMedia Theatre 6
Added reset player region for WinDVD 11
Added reset player region for WinDVD 12
Added more parameter validity checks in the kernel driver
Updated kernel driver to v2520

Version 2.4.9 2023-09-05
Fixed crash introduced in 2.4.8
Added remove first play title from HD DVD
Added remove UOPS (User Operation Prohibitions) from HD DVD
Added remove parental restrictions from HD DVD

Version 2.4.8 2023-09-03
Improved remove BD+ protection with the help of third party BD+.dll plugin
Added initial implementation to remove HD DVD AACS protection
Fixed a crash when parsing UDF file system
Improved if Xreveal is running, open the settings when double-click the xreveal shortcut
Improve opening of UHD discs

Version 2.4.7 2023-08-25
Added support for non-friendly drives with the help of MakeMKV LibreDrive
Added display LibreDrive information in status window
Added display MKB version in status window
Added display read data key (RDK) in status window
Added decrypt protected ISO (need mount to virtual drive first)
Fixed open drive failed in kernel mode issue
Updated kernel driver to v2500

Version 2.4.6 2023-08-02
Added tray icon turns red when opening of a disc fails
Fixed crash caused by not calling CoInitializeEx
Changed FUT file name format "[MediaKey]_[VolumeLabel].bin", no longer supported SHA format
Removed "Rip to Hard Disk"/"Rip to Image" dialog's topmost flag

Version 2.4.5 2023-06-25
Added DPI awareness to manifest

Version 2.4.4 2023-05-15
Added register App Paths for Xreveal
Added display authoring tool in Status page
Redrew icon with Adobe Illustrator to remove the aliasing

Version 2.4.3 2023-05-10
Added more info in Status page
Added some icons to tray menu
Fixed program exit when closing the update dialog box
Fixed crash when rip to image
Renamed Drives page to Exclusions page
Updated language files

Version 2.4.2 2023-05-03
Fixed crash when open Blu-ray (bug introduced in 2.4.1)
Added option of list drives in system tray menu

Version 2.4.1 2023-05-01
Added hotkeys to quickly access some Xreveal functions
Fixed volume label is not updated when ejecting disc
Update language files

Version 2.4.0 2023-04-29
Added disable AutoRun and AutoPlay
Fixed cancel dialog issue when the "rip to image" completes
Improved Blu-ray players region reset
Update language files

Version 2.3.5 2023-02-21
Update language files

Version 2.3.4 2022-11-20
Added Japanese translation

Version 2.3.3 2022-11-10
Added Blu-ray player region reset
Added DVD subtitle transparency
Fixed crash when rip image

Version 2.3.2 2022-10-06
Added ask region code before opening DVD
Improved use the VLC-compatible BD+ table file directly
Update language files

Version 2.3.1 2022-10-01
Added command line -disable/-enable
Added native support for Windows on ARM64
Fixed failed to install when memory integrity is enable
Update language files

Version 2.3.0 2022-09-30
Added native support for Windows on ARM64
Fixed failed to install when memory integrity is enable

Version 2.2.9 2022-07-19
Fixed rip to hard disk does not work
Fixed failed to open unprotected Audio CD
Added automatically close Blu-ray region code dialog after 60 seconds
Added context help for Blu-ray region code dialog

Version 2.2.8 2022-07-08
Added rip to hard disk
Added keep protection (Blu-ray)
Added French translation
Added German translation
Fixed crash if DVD disc has a empty .BUP file
Fixed wrong installer PE checksum
Added installer with version info
Some minor changes

Version 2.2.7 2022-06-30
-Added Arabic translation
-Added Spanish translation
-Fixed settings dialog is not updated when switching languages

Version 2.2.6 2022-06-26
- Added Korean language file
- Exclude the virtual drives(ImgDrive/Virtual CloneDrive/) from scan by default
- Added rip to image feature
- New settings UI
- Some minor changes

Version 2.2.5 2022-06-19
- Added specify DVD region code
- Fixed failed to open some DVD

Version 2.2.4 2022-05-24
- Fixed crash when open some Blu-ray discs
- Fixed Blu-ray region code settings are not saved

Version 2.2.3 2022-05-06
- Add italian language
- Add finnish language
- Use None instead of empty line in country code drop down list

Version 2.2.2 2022-05-01
- Update languages
- Some minor improvements

Version 2.2.0 2022-04-22
- Add MUI translations

Version 2.1.0 2022-02-24
- Update host certificate
- Remove Blu-ray country code protection
- Add an option to turn off "Remove BD+ protection"

Version 2.0.0 2020-03-03
- Fix crash in some cases

Version 1.9.0 2020-02-28
- Support UHD BD
- Support BD+ discs

Version 1.8.0 2019-12-17
- Support read DK(Device Keys) in KEYDB.cfg

Version 1.7.0 2019-09-18
- Fixed bus encryption issue

Version 1.5.0 2019-01-07
- Support read UnitKeys(U) in KEYDB.cfg
- Some minor changes

Version 1.4.0 2018-09-29
- Remove old version timebomb

Version 1.3.0 2018-08-03
- Some minor changes

Version 1.2.0 2018-03-16
- Some minor changes

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