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WACUP (Winamp Community Update Project) is an audio player based on Winamp. WACUP (which can be pronounced as wakeup or wac-up or however you prefer it in your native tongue) is designed to work only with the patched Winamp 5.666 release to provide bug fixes, updates of existing features and most importantly new features with the goal to eventually become it's own highly Winamp compatible media player. WACUP makes use of the benefits of Winamp being heavily based on a plug-in system so new plug-ins can add additional features as well as allowing replacements to be created which provide better implementations over the plug-ins natively included with Winamp. If none of that makes sense, a good way to think about WACUP is that it is like a video game mod where you initially use the original game but then files related to it are added to or edited in-order to provide a better experience.

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Latest version Preview (October 14, 2019)


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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Preview Version:
Released: 14 October 2019

Changed the version check to be run the next time WACUP is started after a crash occurred to make it more obvious if a newer version is available (this is based of the automatic crash report submissions where people are still using older builds despite a newer build with appropriate fixes having been out for more than a week which just causes more work than needed)

Fixed the cause of the Winamp Classic Modern (WCM) based modern skins throwing a divide by zero error for some installs (this was not easy to track down & fixes something that's been going on for months - but its fixed now!)
Fixed an occasional crash when trying to determine the input plug-in to be used for some actions (this also possible helps get the old mp3pro input plug-in working)
Fixed WMA & WMV files not having their metadata read when the DirectShow input plug-in is handling playback for them (more work needs to be done but this is a start)
Fixed a delay loading dll issue crash related to loading of the main playlist (still not sure why despite the appropriate handling in WACUP that these issues occur for some but not all)
Fixed a delay loading dll issue crash related to starting WAV file playback
Fixed the likely cause of MP4 based playback not completing the stop action
Fixed opening the preferences from the replacement local library plug-in crashing (not entirely sure how this happened but that's what the crash report showed)
Fixed a crash on loading when trying to load a playlist file & the playlist manager service has failed to be initialised at the time
Fixed category not being correctly read from ID3v2.x tags for MP3 files (changes in build #4334 introduced this change whilst fixing other crashing issues)
Fixed some metadata fields for WMA based tags not mapping to the expected Winamp/WACUP values
Fixed the likely cause of the podcasts library view sometimes locking up & causing a crash when the subscribed podcast feeds are being updated

Updated libopenmpt (in_mod.dll) to (2 Oct 2019)

Preview Version:
Released: 8 October 2019

Fixed the likely reason behind the Winamp Classic Modern & Big Bento Modern skins randomly crashing when loading them (thanks Victhor)
Fixed the crash reporter hanging sometimes when attempting to run the Info Tool to create a report due to the OS refusing to run the tool
Fixed the Big Clock time remaining mode not always showing the expected time for some files
Fixed the colour theme sub-menu not always responding correctly to selecting a new colour theme
Fixed some crashes related to a corrupted playing file string that could break some plug-ins
Fixed a possible issue that can cause trying to load a wav file to fail when checking for it being an MP3 file in disguise
Fixed a potential cause of playing youtube videos via the MP4 demuxer plug-in (in_mp4.dll) not always handling stop correctly
Fixed a crash on the File Associations diagnostics preference page due to buffer handling mismatch
Fixed a crash when trying to enable / disable the agent notification area icon
Fixed a crash when loading MP4 based files that require the AAC decoder service to be loaded
Fixed a crash when clicking 'OK' on the MP4 Demuxer input plug-in (in_mp4.dll) configuration dialog
Fixed changing the location of the Play Tracking log folder not storing the correct folder path
Fixed a first run crash on some installs when the local library plug-in (ml_local.dll) is not able to successfully create its default smartviews (instead of relying on the plug-in to create the files needed there are now pre-generated files provided which is safer & also makes the first run load a bit quicker)
Fixed the incorrect handling of some dll delay loading failures where it was not attempted to manually load the requested dll (this seems to mainly have been happening with the loading of libcurl.dll & libsndfile.dll from requests via input plug-ins to the WACUP core)
Fixed possible causes of the settings cache crashing when handling settings files being externally modified and additional internal scenarios
Fixed a possible cause of some installs failing to run due to the OS api used to determine the settings folder WACUP should use failing (this now applies a specific check for the default configuration to attempt to avoid the OS api that is triggering the issue)
Fixed some of the metadata entries shown in the Raw Metadata tab of the File Info / Alt+3 dialog not using the expected Winamp/WACUP naming (e.g. label vs publisher)
Fixed the ID3v2.x rating not being shown in the Raw Metadata tab of the File Info / Alt+3 dialog if its present
Fixed the local MP3 file metadata reading related crashes by replacing the metadata related calls to the MP3 decoder plug-in (in_mp3.dll) to instead use the metadata based taglib service with WACUP (this is not the final fix but it should do enough to resolve the majority of the crashes related to the plug-in from 5.666 until it is replaced with a WACUP build)

Beta Version:
Released: 3 October 2019

Added support to attempt to automatically upload crash reports instead of relying upon an installed email client along with some additional options on the Error Reporting preferences page (by default emailing will still be attempted as this is helpful to be able to respond to crash reports which is not possible with the automatically uploaded submissions)
Added a compatibility option on the modern skin font rendering peferences page to use the older font handling method which may help on some setups where skin provided fonts may not be used
Added support for a main playlist window no-selection specific menu (e.g. allowing access to the undo options menu items when clicking on the dead area in the playlist editor window)

Changed the Playlist Separator extras menu options to be moved up into the main separator menu instead of being a sub-menu to ease quick / repeated access to those separator menu options
Changed the Playlist Separator menus to hide the "Insert separator between folders" option if the auto-insert option is enabled via the preferences page (is redundant to leave an option present which is automatically be run under that scenario)
Changed the media library plug-ins preference page to not show the Portables (ml_pmp.dll) plug-in as a critical failure if there are no portable plug-ins (pmp_*.dll) loaded & instead as 'INACTIVE' to better reflect that plug-in doing just that
Changed the separator colouring options to allow for just setting the text colour without forcing the background colour to be the current selected playlist item colouring
Changed the Audio Capture plug-in to be fully portable mode compatible (if you've already been using this plug-in then I'm sorry but you'll need to re-enter your capture presets, etc - dr. flay made me do it)
Changed some of the wording of the playlist related menus to be more consistently phrased
Changed what happens if the default paths.ini file is not present to now act like it does as if the default paths.ini file was present with respect to the settings folder that will be attempted to be used (e.g. %appdata%WACUP) instead of trying to use the folder that WACUP is running from (this change is to better deal with loss / corruption of the paths.ini file whilst providing better compatibility with how & where settings can be saved on the versions of Windows as supported by WACUP)
Changed how the podcast plug-in determines some of the file information when downloading & updating it's cached information to attempt to resolve the lock-up that occurs for some (this is the start of moving more towards metadata retrieval that will work better in asynchronous situations as podcast handling generally involves)

Fixed freetype.wac not loading correctly on different installs due to some odd dependency issues (this may also improve the reliability of the color editor component loading)
Fixed some of the live patching not being correctly applied which led to some crash issues re-appearing (e.g. odd in_mp3.dll metadata reading issues should be fixed again)
Fixed some loading related issues that could affect some installs (caused by unexpected delay loading failures & recursive patching quirks due to A/V software screwing up things)
Fixed the Portable plug-ins preference page showing a could not be loaded error as a side-effect of some of the preference window handling changes in the prior build (most won't have noticed as the plug-in is turned off by default due to portable devices not being all that commonly used afaict)
Fixed drag + dropping file(s) onto the main playlist above the current playlist item causing the current item to change to be the last item in the playlist
Fixed some typos in the installer
Fixed some preference changes not being saved if closing the preferences window instead of moving to another preference page (this was sadly introduced in the last build when taking over more of the handling of the preferences window, oops)
Fixed saving issues with unicode based separator configuration / preset strings causing them to be corrupted when re-read on the next loading
Fixed excluded playlist items having a drawing issue on non-selected playlist items
Fixed the paths.ini file editor not showing the selected folder to load / save
Fixed where possible the reported settings cache related crash issues received
Fixed the Not So YASAPI output plug-in not always initialising everything it needs which could cause crashes when going to it's preferences or when trying to start playback with it as the active output plug-in
Fixed the Not So ASIO output plug-in not always initialising everything it needs which could cause crashes when going to it's preferences or when trying to start playback with it as the active output plug-in
Fixed the Not So ASIO output plug-in not behaving correctly when the gapless option was disabled (ASIO drivers are buggy as hell so hopefully this hasn't broken anything that was ok previously)

Updated unrar (unrar.dll) to 5.80.2 (26 Sep 2019)

Preview Version:
Released: 24 September 2019

Changed how opening of the preferences window is handled to remove a lot of duplicate processing that was going on such as having it achieve the better sectioning of preference options (this was needed for the preference related fixes noted below & turned into an optimisation exercise)
Changed all of the visualisation preference page handling to now be WACUP managed (needed to be done related to the running visualisation related crash issue fixed below)
Changed the global hotkeys preference page to prompt if the user wants to reset the custom hotkeys back to their defaults (also tweaked the page layout to better split the two modes of hotkeys based on feedback received)
Changed how the loading of the BogProg LiveWire DSP is done to limit WACUP's hooking of the DSP (as it does to all loaded plug-ins) to resolve some stability issues with this DSP
Changed the FLAC input plug-in to be built with VS2017 (more plug-ins will be moved over to the newer compiler over the coming builds - will hold off on VS2019 for the time being before anyone asks, heh)
Changed the Milkdrop2 plug-in to ignore X3025 shader compiler errors as the shader is still compiling ok from tests & is causing user confusion
Changed the in_vgmstream input plug-in to not attempt to take the .vgm file extension as this breaks the in_vgm input plug-in which has a legitimate need to handle .vgm files
Changed the Discord & Twitter preference nodes to no longer break accessibility via the keyboard navigation as well as changing where the options tab are in relation to the modes

Fixed a conflict between the normal handling of multimedia hotkeys via the Global Hotkeys plug-in & the SMTC / Win10Shell integration (this should now resolve the main issues reported e.g. stop not working)
Fixed trying to run the config action of visualisation plug-ins either not working or crashing (a certain developer hadn't finished replacing all of the handling needed - silly dev)
Fixed a running visualisation or DSP plug-in possibly crashing when using the uninstall option if they're running at the time of the uninstall attempt (5.666 doesn't seem to do this)
Fixed the FLAC input plug-in potentially leaking a small amount of memory on each file played
Fixed a localisation crash when trying to add a password protected RAR archive into a playlist
Fixed some issues with trying to select the Windows Classic Modern (WCM) skin during new WACUP installs
Fixed some MP4 based files failing to end playback when reaching the end of the file either under normal playback (this was due to incorrect header information) or if doing fast seeking through the file
Fixed opening the preferences window sometimes causing WACUP to lock-up due to a processing issue
Fixed opening the preferences window not assigning items correctly to the parent nodes if the preferences window was opened whilst plug-ins were still being loaded
Fixed the active Streaming Source preferences window now always being set as fully visible due to some loading order quirks
Fixed the Stream Source Server config action not working as expected
Fixed some of the flickering seen when using the skinned preferences mode (on opening & changing to some of the preference pages)
Fixed the prompt to restart WACUP when disabling the skinned preferences option not being shown
Fixed playing a separator double-jumping over the playlist entry after it

Other related code changes to achieve more WACUP provided handling of the preferences window & associated code removal due to less handling being needed

Updated libflac to version from the latest github commit (15 Sep 2019)
Updated libopenmpt (in_mod.dll) to (23 Sep 2019)
Updated zlib-ng (zlib.dll) to latest re-based update (18 Sep 2019)

Beta Version: 4234
Released: 16 September 2019

Changed the default custom global hotkeys list to no longer include multimedia keys (the default handling options of the global hotkeys plug-in along with the addition of the win10shell plug-in can otherwise conflict e.g. stop or play/pause doesn't appear to do anything as the two plug-ins can counteract each other)
Changed the Library History plug-in to not try to update main playlist items as this is causing issues with the Yule Log plug-in (will provide a better solution to achieve the desired aim at a later time)
Changed the new to build 4220 failed memory allocation handler to allow a workaround for in_mp3 tag related issues to keep working instead of it triggering the crash reporter (in_mp3 is a plug-in that badly needs to be replaced but it's somewhat important to normal playback, etc)

Fixed syntax errors in some ATF formatting strings causing a crash due to a localisation error
Fixed trying to turn off custom hotkeys not working correctly (build 4220 specific issue)
Fixed HTTP POST actions via Yule Log not working due to a libcurl behavioural change (specifically it needed CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE setting to zero for CURLOPT_POST actions ven though there was no body data being sent in our mrthod of usage along with a decision to make it work in HTTP/1.1 mode instead of also attempting to use a HTTP/2 mode)
Fixed the Undo plug-in crashing due to an annoyingly old bug (which pre-dates WACUP) when loading the prior undo list information as a request of an integrity check failing if square brackets were found elsewhere in the file (that'll teach past me to optimise loading an ini-style file)
Fixed titles not being correctly shown when starting playback of supported files from an archive
Fixed RAR playback not working correctly (there's still issues with this that will be resolved later)
Fixed a hang or crash on close (varies by setup) when having played supported files from an archive

Other small adjustments based on some of the quirks seen from the crash reports received & how those crashes could interact with other parts of the code

Updated cacert.pem to latest (28 Aug 2019)
Updated libexpat (xml.w5s) to 2.2.8 (13 Sep 2019)
Updated OpenSSL (libcurl.dll) to 1.1.1d (10 Sep 2019)
Updated pugixml to 1.10 (15 Sep 2019)

Beta Version:
Released: 13 September 2019

Added the Winamp Classic Modern (WCM) v1.0.3 skin for your enjoyment - a massive thank you goes to Victhor for all of the work gone into making another skin (see also the Big Bento Modern (BBM) skins) with its focus on improved usability on higher resolution screens whilst keeping a feel of the 2.x classic skin aesthetic <3
Added a @WACUP@ custom variable for modern skins to be able to use to detect if running under a WACUP install or not to help make it easier to offer any visual customisation as required (this is converted to a 1 when passed into scripts as a parameter value under wacup & will be 0 or an empty string under a non-WACUP install)
Added a 'wacupscreenshot' entry for modern skins to be able to provide a WACUP specific screenshot when the skin is built to work with both WACUP or Winamp
Added an initial plug-in (gen_win10shell.dll) which for the moment just provides System Media Transport Control (SMTC) support on Windows 10 Release 1607 & newer so its now possible for WACUP to provide some information about what is playing for when the volume / playback state is changed & an OS provided window appears to show the status changing (note: the SMTC support is based upon code from a prior OSS C++/C# plug-in - see the about dialog for more information)
Added support when looking for artwork to now additionally use the filename + image extension as a means to try to increase the chance of finding available artwork
Added option on the Global Hotkey preferences page to ignore volume controls when the WM_APPCOMMAND (aka Windows Media Player / multimedia keys support) which is enabled by default (this is useful if wanting to control WACUP via the other multimedia keys but want to use the volume controls for the machine as a whole without also changing WACUP's volume level)

Changed the default loading behaviour of some of the supporting component dlls to better match the disabled input plug-ins which rely upon them
Changed the handling of plug-in loading to remove some unintentional duplicate processing which provides a small reduction in loading times (this applies more to the loading of the w5s component dlls to refine the overall handling of them under WACUP)
Changed the right-click menu in the Library Playlists root list to also have the import menu items on that menu in addition to the button at the bottom of the view (when the view is smaller that button isn't always visible so this can help to ensure imports are seen as possible to do)
Changed the handling of trying to delete a skin via the skin preferences page to better deal with deletion failures (this also involved taken on more of the handling of the preferences page from the Winamp core to resolve it not bothering to check the success / failure of the attempt)
Changed how crashes are dealt with to better leverage Windows Error Reporting (WER) to try to make sure some form of crash dump can be generated if the built-in WACUP crash reportor is unable to catch the error directly & instead is able to in-directly obtain it in combination with WER
Changed the installer wait time if a running WACUP instance is found & needs to be closed to account for the modern skin engine slow closing fixes (this had been increased to deal with files being reported as still in usage but this should hopefully not happen now due to everything taking less time to complete closing when using a modern skin)
Changed the settings cache to attempt to automatically deal with external modifications of ini based settings files which may have been cached (e.g. milk2_msg.ini)
Changed (again) how the Undo plug-in works to try to resolve some of the stability issues it has been causing (see the Explorer related fixes below)
Changed the Library History plug-in to indicate a title update of the playing item in the main playlist editor might be needed (e.g. if the playcount is set to be shown)

Fixed a key performance issue behind modern skins being much slower to load & close on Windows 10 compared to an equivalent setup on other versions of Windows (how much of a reduction in loading & closing times will vary depending on the selected modern skin, hardware & OS install used but a 2 second reduction has been seen on a number of test installs across recent hardware)
Fixed a number of plug-in related issues causing crashes to occur when trying to load files via Explorer (including potential fixes for the Play & Play All media actions that has been an issue for a while though it seems like this may still not be a complete fix until proper file association handling is implemented)
Fixed a slew of issues related to elevation (UAC) handling from correctly ensuring the WACUP implementation is used to better dealing with access failures
Fixed the Playlist Undo plug-in conflicting with some actions (e.g. the previous button on the basic OS taskbar preview)
Fixed the menu on the close button of the preferences window not showing the correct text due to a localistion issue
Fixed the Notification Area preferences page & possibly some other places showing the incorrect text on dynamically loaded content
Fixed the stop global hotkey not always working (e.g. when using the Ctrl+Alt+End hotkey) if the Next On Stop plug-in was present & enabled (the plug-in was incorrectly treating that as a request to toggle the on/off mode of the NOS plug-in instead of the intended stop playback action)
Fixed some random crashes seen when manipulating the Library Playlists due to a loading optimisation gone awry in the playlists core service
Fixed a crash (or hang) on close if the old in_mp3hd.dll plug-in is present in an install due to it being an evil plug-in which unloads the MP3 input plug-in (in_mp3.dll) itself instead of leaving it to the input plug-in handling (just please don't use this plug-in unless you really must)
Fixed a crash when using the 'explore item folder' right-click menu action on the skins preferences page list
Fixed some issues seen with zip based archives not being released in all cases (e.g. skins ending in a .zip extension could not be deleted if the Skin Manager plug-in was enabled)
Fixed the crash reporter failing to start for some installs (not that you should be seeing this appear that often nowadays anyway)
Fixed a number of compatibility related crashes with the sqrsoft output & general purpose controller plug-ins (would be nice to get them updated to support more recent wacup/winamp releases but that is probably a lost cause based on prior attempts)
Fixed the updater loading some of the supporting dlls when not needed
Fixed the crash reporter not always including the Info Tool report due to a conflict with the settings cache not seeing the Info Tool having updated its settings file on report completion
Fixed embedded artwork in MP4 based files not always being displayed (build issue & implementation problems were causing this)
Fixed resizing issues of irregular artwork in the Classic Artwork plug-in causing images to be incorrectly scaled as a square
Fixed resizing issues of irregular artwork in the Taskbar preview when its configured to show now playing information
Fixed image files placed into the main playlist editor not being displayed in the Classic Artwork plug-in window & other compatible parts of the skin being used
Fixed the artwork tab on the Alt+3 file information dialog not always showing the correct helper information (coding is messy at times you know)
Fixed a crash when unloading the LoudMax DSP plug-in either via the preferences or on closing (the fixed crash reporter caught this happening & have reached out to the plug-in author to see if a proper fix can be provided)
Fixed a FLAC playback issue causing static to be output for some or all of a file when the bitrate or samplerate for consecutive FLAC files changes
Fixed adding some iTunes podcast urls causing a crash due to incomplete data in the response provided
Fixed a crash when attempting to play video only MP4 files with the Waveform Seeker plug-in & its legacy handling mode also enabled (this should have been automatically skipped but was missed when moving from the 5.666 in_mp4.dll to the replacement provided by WACUP)
Fixed the decoder name string not being correctly shown under modern skins due to the recent plug-in implementation changes (at times I have to hate myself for changes I made officially years back that then need to be re-patched to then correct handle what's wanted for the future)
Fixed drag+drop of a folder onto the main window not working as it would just clear the playlist instead of processing the folder for files
Fixed some conflicts experienced by the WACUP loader when multiple instances are being started in quick succession (e.g. external request to play files) that could incorrectly prevent the instance from being started normally

Other misc updates with trying to reduce loading & closing times further as well as an updated milk2_msg.ini

Updated libcurl (libcurl.dll) to 7.66.0 (11 Sep 2019)
Updated libogg (libvorbis.dll) to 1.3.4 (30 Aug 2019)
Updated Monkey's Audio (in_ape.dll) to 4.92(26 Aug 2019)
Updated mpg123 (mpg123.dll) to 1.25.12 (24 Aug 2019)
Updated unrar (unrar.dll) to 5.80.1 (30 Aug 2019)
Updated vgmstream (in_vgmstream.dll) to the latest Git commit from 8 Sep 2019

Preview Version:
Released: 23 August 2019

Added a replacement MP4 demuxer plug-in (in_mp4.dll) which is the start of replacing the remaining core playback plug-ins along with it allowing us to access YouTube streams again (which changed over to HTTPS at the start of 2019 & the original plug-in from 5.666 couldn't cope with it) as well as allowing you to only play the audio even if a video track is found without having to disable video support completely
Added a replacement Waveform Decoder plug-in which is still based on libsndfile like the plug-in it replaces but resolves a slew of issues (including seeking in multi-GB 32-bit floating point WAV files) to improving metadata support (with more to hopefully follow on that) & Winamp integration (e.g. using the unified Alt+3 dialog instead of a generic messagebox)
Added Ko-fi ( as another means to help financially support the development of WACUP during installation & within the WACUP preferences
Added double-size classic playlist editor support & all of the changes needed to fool the classic skin engine to cope with this (whoever thought it a good idea to not do this natively years back when the main window & equaliser windows got it needs a friendly slap)
Added Discord & Twitter preference shortcuts to make it easier to find & setup these now playing update modes (a dedicated quick access preference page is planned once we work out what should go on it & how it should be displayed - please let us know about settings you commonly want to change & struggle to remember where to find them)
Added ability (subject to skin support) via the Modern Skin general preferences tab to control whether the Web Browser features are enabled or not (this is mainly for those who don't like the feature or view it as a security issue as the browser element has negligable impact on loading times)
Added an updated Monkey's Audio input plug-in (in_ape.dll) based off Monkey's Audio v4.71 (unicode support, improved tagging support including using the unified alt+3 dialog & editing of tags!, initial albumart handling & some WACUP integration tweaks come with this over the Winamp 2.x target of original source code)
Added an updated WavPack input plug-in (in_ape.dll) based off WavPack v5.1.0 (not much changed as it was already in a good position from having been part of the Winamp Essentials Pack - a shame that died but WACUP is so much better :) )
Added an initial asynchronous implementation albumart service (albumart.w5s) to get album artwork from files so other plug-ins can then not lock-up the ui (at least as not much as it's been doing in some instances)
Added profiling options to the Advanced preferences page to aid in seeing how long it takes for the loading (via init) and closing (via quit) of the general purpose, input, output & dsp plug-ins as well as the w5s components (this is aimed as a debugging feature but may be useful for some with slow loading / closing when looking at the init & quit methods of the plug-ins)
Added a basic 'Components' plug-in preference page to see those that are installed & what Wasabi services they might be providing (this helped with debugging during taking over the w5s component handling from the native Winamp code)
Added an option to automatically load the current visualisation plug-in on loading instead of waiting for playback to be started (this is useful in some layouts to avoid it looking odd if not immediately starting playback as well as whilst debugging taking over the visualisation plug-in handling)
Added initial support to live load disabled input, general & library (if the replacement media library core plug-in is being used) plug-ins
Added better handling for incomplete & failed podcast downloads so it's a bit easier to see if something potentially went wrong & a retry is needed
Added an option to the Playback preferences page that keeps Windows in an on state so when for example using the speakers on an HDMI monitor it will not turn the display off or enter sleep mode & stop playback
Added initial right-click menu support on the replacement local library plug-in nodes in the navigation tree as well as starting to make the root local library node more like a normal customisable view (e.g. it now has play/enqueue/enqueue & play/send-to menu actions)
Added a /UPDATE command-line option to the WACUP loader which may be helpful for a few recent scenarios that have occurred
Added the expected LAN server address of the streaming server to the information shown on the Streaming Server preferences page
Added buttons on the modern skin colour theme preferences tab to go to the previous & next colour themes in the list (user request)
Added an initial add / edit smart view dialog to the replacement local library plug-in (needs more work but this is a good step forward!)
Added option to the replacement local library plug-in to allow for searching within the comment field for general view searches (this is an opt-in setting due to it potentially making things noticeably slower to generate the results)
Added expected icons for the default smart views of the replacement local library plug-in
Added a new revision of the input plug-in api (WACUP specific to provide a better native experience) which saves the plug-ins now built to use it from having to do some commonly used aspects on loading & closing along with a change to support providing the file types they support as unicode (this change might break plug-ins that do things directly against the In_Module structure but does not prevent compliant older plug-ins from still being loaded - this change is no different than the Winamp 5.64+ & 5.66x related changes)
Added a new revision of the general purpose plug-in api (WACUP specific to provide a better native experience) which saves the plug-ins now built to use it from having to do some commonly used aspects on loading & closing
Added option to the video preferences page to disable the ability to click to pause / resume playback

Changed how the general purpose, input, output, visualisation & dsp plug-ins as well as the w5s components are loaded/unloaded to now be done via WACUP code instead of Winamp's native code (this improves the ability of WACUP to prevent certain plug-ins from being loaded to help avoid dll dependency loading issues that can otherwise occur through to enabling a more complete profiling of the plug-ins during init & quit)
Changed the playlist editor when using a modern skin compatible with the v1.3 or newer skin specification to use a freeform styled scrollbar for improved usability and consistency within the look for the skin (using something that's a hacked up classic skin just doesn't cut it!)
Changed where the Milkdrop presets are stored and accessed by default to be in the settings folder instead of the main install folder (this is the easiest way to resolve ratings not being saved without having to run as an administrator & no one should need to run WACUP in that manner!)
Changed the 'Titles | ATF' preferences page to have a larger input field for the ATF string along with a working preview of the output
Changed the default action on the 'Titles | ATF' preferences page to prompt for confirmation before resetting the ATF string to default
Changed the Discord preferences page to have a link to the forum thread which details how to setup WACUP to work with Discord & other information
Changed how curated Milkdrop presets are handled during install to download them only if needed instead of being always included in the installer
Changed the MP3 encoder preset handling to simplify things vs the common usage vs trying to maintain compatibility with existing 5.666 installs
Changed the Skin Manager plug-in to show a folder icon next to pre-extracted folders to make it easier to differentiate them (e.g. if extracted to work on vs also having an original copy of the skin as a wsz/wal/zip)
Changed some of the skin image loading to reduce duplication of images to better ensure only a single image copy is loaded & used for classic skins
Changed the time elapsed indicator on the classic playlist editor window to try to show a h:mm:ss formatted time (if the main option is enabled) to better match other WACUP related changes for time display (for time remaining it will keep using the -mm:ss formatting style due to space restrictions)
Changed the windowshaded playlist editor window to show (if applicable) the queued item position (via the 'q' action) for better consistency
Changed the windowshaded playlist editor real font handling to better fit within the area used with a skinned font to break less skins when that option is enabled via the classic skins preferences page (e.g. removing odd colour matching and overwriting expected borders of the area)
Changed the Waveform Seeker plug-in to fill in the currently played area (if applicable) under the generic waveform for applicable playlist items that cannot be processed to generate a waveform (this should help with usability & interaction with the plug-in for most use cases)
Changed the extraction of skins to be done by WACUP instead of the native handling where possible to help resolve some loading issues with sub-folders within the skin archives & to experiment with a few other things for later WACUP development :)
Changed the in-skin browser handling for the Bento & cPro skins (possibly other modern skins as well) to remove broken urls & use valid landing pages (this should help remove recent issues due to expired domains, etc)
Changed the Big Bento & Bento skins to support the new @HAVE_BROWSER@ value along with -nobrowser versions of the skin xml files (e.g. player-normal-sui.xml vs player-normal-sui-nobrowser.xml) to be able to follow the Web Browser on/off feature control
Changed the Internet Radio plug-in to better ensure there is no duplicated genres shown for the station listing (this is an age old issue with the poor data that stations provide to listing directories - sadly they don't care about such attention to detail which means I have to instead)
Changed how the WACUP build of libcurl is built to resolve dependency loading issues under WINE
Changed how the plug-ins directly using libcurl will now cope without libcurl.dll being able to be loaded (this is related to the above change)
Changed the error handling related to dll loading issues (whether they're missing or having dependency related loading issues) to show more appropriate information as well as now trying to generate a crash report if the problem is non-continuable (i.e. the code will crash anyway)
Changed the ASIO output plug-in to not create its background thread until it is being used for output to save some resources on loading
Changed the saving of the main winamp playlist (winamp.m3u8 in the settings folder) to be WACUP handled which now provides a secondary backup of the file on closing & removes the automatic generation of the legacy winamp.m3u (some old plug-ins look for this which can be re-enabled via the Advanced preferences page if needed)
Changed the layout of the Advanced preferences page to better accommodate new options
Changed some of the internals of the WACUP core to reduce memory usage for shared data between the WACUP plug-ins
Changed some of the previously JTFE provided apis to now be provided via the WACUP core (makes things cleaner)
Changed the podcast plug-in to only load it's feed cache when needed (depending on setup & usage of this feature, this can delay lots of memory being allocated when it's not going to be made use of as well as providing a loading time reduction if updating on start-up is not enabled)
Changed the SID Player (in_sidious.dll) plug-in to delay when it initialises itself to give an approximate 10MB saving of memory if the plug-in is being loaded but never actively used (this also provides a small loading optimisation)
Changed clicking 'config' for the Modern Skin engine (gen_ff.dll) plug-in to go to the preferences node instead of showing a basic or fancy about message
Changed the Album Art (gen_classicart.dll) plug-in to make use of the newly added asynchronous mode for getting the image data to show
Changed the Album Art (gen_classicart.dll) plug-in to limit the image copy it works with to 600x600px which in combination with the asynchronous mode for getting the image data better prevents the plug-in locking up the UI whilst it's trying to render the artwork
Changed the artwork loading on the File Info (Alt+3) dialog to make use of the newly added asynchronous mode for getting the image data to show (there were also some other changes that in general reduce the loading time of the dialog compared to the prior implementation)
Changed the loading of the output plug-ins to (hopefully) only happen when playback is actually needed (this is testing out a loading optimisation so may be reverted if this is found to cause issues)
Changed the priority of output plug-ins attempting to be used if one is not specified or the prior one has been removed (this relates to taking over the handling of output plug-in management so we can be more flexible in how things work going forward)
Changed the Waveform Wrapper (in_wav.dll) to better prevent the original plug-in it wraps from re-saving unchanged values on closing (this was found with the new profiling where this was the worst offending plug-in from just loading & then closing the WACUP instance when nothing would have been done)
Changed some aspects of the loading & closing of the plug-ins to reduce the time taken based on the added profiling feature
Changed the settings cache to prime its copies of the winamp.ini & gen_ml.ini files with all sections instead of doing it on a per section basis as requested to help reduce loading times
Changed the tooltip handling on the plug-in preference pages to show the clipped text (if applicable) & then our information about the plug-in
Changed the IPC_GET_EMBEDIF handling to automatically register the created window into the classic skin's Ctrl+Tab window handling to save having to remember doing it on a per plug-in basis
Changed the IPC_GET_EXTLISTW & IPC_GET_EXTLIST apis to be handled by WACUP which allows known plug-ins with lots of extensions to be suppressed from being shown in the filter list (wparam == 1) response so that when using in the open/save file dialogs it is less likely to break (i.e. potential crash or showing all files despite a filter being selected)
Changed the right-click menu on the podcast 'Downloads' node to show the option to update all of the podcasts if its parented to the podcasts node (I keep clicking on the wrong item so this is to keep me happy : )
Changed the Big Clock plug-in visualisation modes to hopefully look better compared to the prior version due to using a poor upscaling method (as the plug-in has used for ~14 years) which makes it better fit in with the look of other aspects of Winamp/WACUP
Changed now the NDE database files are loaded to remove doing a large memory copy between buffers for a small reduction in loading times
Changed the NDE database loading to be smarter about when its trying to remove whitespace from strings which can make a noticeable reduction in the time to load the related view & query results
Changed the /RESETOUT command-line option to also reset the audio device of the known plug-ins (this is to make it easier to deal with some Windows 10 updates causing the output device id to change & making the DirectSound output plug-in freak out & block loading)
Changed the classic skin smooth window resizing option for the resizeable skinned windows to dock the edge of the window to the screen & other skinned windows so its easier to make a layout that better suits your needs (am debating enabling the smooth window resizing option by default now that we've got consistent snapping of the windows between the two available window sizing modes for classic skins)
Changed the main playlist editor drawing under modern skins to remove an undesirable 2 pixel border from the left edge & to ensure the scrollbar is correctly aligned to the right edge of the window which was wasting 8 pixels of screen space
Changed the handling of the IPC_GETHTTPGETTERW & IPC_GETHTTPGETTER API messages so HTTPS urls should now be correctly handled along with some othe related changes to improve the reliability of handling the download (still more HTTPS related work to go on in other parts of the player)
Changed how podcasts are handled to reduce the complexity in the checking down which could either cause occassional crashes or leave podcasts that had failed still being marked as successfully completed (this also led to the removal of the export -> podcast downloads option from the exporter plug-in as the handling is no longer trying to maintain compatibility with how the original podcasts plug-in worked)
Changed some of the plug-ins to use a new callback method that removes the need to subclass &/or handle some of the main playlist editor menu & WM_COMMAND handling to detect actions in the window (this reduces some of the overhead of the plug-ins & what goes on within the window)
Changed how existing podcasts are (re-)added into the local library database when using the replacement ml_ll to reduce the time taken (more needs to be done to deal with this process causing the ui to lock-up e.g. when re-adding existing podcast feeds to a new WACUP install)
Changed the main window song ticker area when using a non-skinned font under classic skins to better match how the playlist editor handling now works to remove the blurry text under double-size mode & making the non-skinned font better match the look of the skin overall
Changed the sizing increments used when resizing the playlist editor in double-size mode to match the generic skinned window sizing increments (this might make some classic skins look a bit odd for a small panel section but a skin update would be the only potential fix for this quirk)
Changed the default render processing priority of the Waveform Seeker plug-in back to high & added an option to use a lower priority if needed
Changed the handling of the modern skin menus options along with adding some options on the Modern Skins -> Current Skin preferences tab to enable or disable whether those options are displayed in some of the menus (this might help workaround some reports of stability issues)
Changed the artwork handling to start using our own handler for aquiring the image data from the required file to primarily work around some issues with the MP3 decoder (in_mp3) plug-in (this will gracefully fallback to the appropriate input plug-in if the request fails)
Changed the loading of the artwork tab of the File Info (Alt+3) dialog to do one less artwork related query on loading to improve loading times
Changed the replacement local library plug-in to allow for more of it's specific metadata to be ATF accessible (done based on an issue via reddit so that %lastplayed%, %lastupdated%, %filetime%, %filesize%, %dateadded%, %ispodcast%, %podcastchannel%, %podcastpubdate% & anything else I've forgotten of the local library specific metadata can be accessed if the plug-in is present - this may need some further tweaking fyi)
Changed how the image resources of the WACUP provided library plug-ins are handled as part of some internal re-working for possibilities later on
Changed how the installer detects SSE2 CPU support to improve successful detection
Changed the location of the MP4 Demuxer plug-in configuration on new / unmodified installs to provide a small reduction in loading time
Changed the Streaming Source plug-in to provide up to 2 stream outputs (this may require some minor reconfiguration of existing setups & only the first stream can be configured to automatically connect to the WACUP provided streaming server for the moment)
Changed how some of the supporting library dlls are loaded to reduce some of the bigger ones being loaded if not immediately needed
Changed when the win7shell plug-in initialises gdiplus to only happen when its needed which provides a relatively good closing time reduction (when compared to other plug-ins) if a taskbar preview was never drawn
Changed the crash reporter to now be fully implemented as part of the WACUP core instead of making use of a plug-in (see fixes) which resolves some stability & integration issues experienced when trying to keep it working as a plug-in compatible with how the Winamp core wants to work
Changed the default undo limit on new installs to be 10 instead of 50 which depending on the machine & settings configuration lessen some ui hangs / slowness seen when an action causing a new undo event to be stored is happening (later on the way this is all done will change to remove the need for the plug-in & hopefully remove most of the ui delay which can occur)
Changed the default loading state for some of the plug-ins with windows on new installs to lessen how many appear by default - too many is too much it seems :)
Changed the default loading state of the Audio CD playback, NSV Decoder & Portable Device Support plug-ins to be off on new installs if selected to be installed (this is done as an optimisation due to a lot of installs not needing them & requires enabling them manually via the appropriate plug-in management preferences page)
Changed to use Eridyne mode by default on new installs (this favours using the DirectShow input plug-in for video playback which is more reliable than the native input plug-ins which 5.666 provided)
Changed to use the Microsoft Detours library to massively improve the reliability of the WACUP core to be able to to do its hooking & live patching (this should now resolve the remaining quirks with patched functionality not working as well as some of the silent loading crashes)

Fixed a memory leak when checking if a file is supported by the current input plug-ins
Fixed the trim ATF method not correctly removing trailing space characters
Fixed the custom fallback artwork handling not live updating correctly due to invalid cache invalidation (needed a restart to be applied)
Fixed the classic albumart plug-in crashing when it gets some unexpected metadata
Fixed the classic albumart plug-in updating to show the wrong item when some of the options were changed & the current selection is meant to be showing rather than the currently playing item
Fixed the classic albumart plug-in not updating as expected when the custom fallback artwork handling is changed via the Artwork preferences page
Fixed the Discord updates being incorrectly limited on the number of characters allowed when using the multi-line support
Fixed the Discord & other ATF based aspects not dealing with emoji type characters correctly (thank you kobochat for reporting)
Fixed the line input plug-in crashing in some setups when attempting to start playback
Fixed some issues with the IPC_SET_PE_WIDTHHEIGHT handling not correctly validating input which could cause some odd sizing of the playlist editor when switching between modern skins back to classic skins (madness I tell thee, madness!)
Fixed some column text alignments in the Audio CD views to better match the rest of the library
Fixed a random crash on close if the Audio CD view was open and a metadata query was in progress
Fixed queued items (via the 'q' action in the main playlist editor, etc) not showing the queued item position if there was no length (this has been a limitation for far too many years & replacing all of the main playlist editor drawing routines for my own now allows this to work right!)
Fixed flickering of highlighted queued or missing file playlist items when doing fast scrolling downwards in the main playlist editor (finally due to the joys of double-buffered painting!)
Fixed beta build download links incorrectly being handled by the in-skin browser which was causing it to fail (and changed the other links on that preferences page to load in the default browser)
Fixed the expansion of @HAVE_LIBRARY@ in modern skins to work with additional parameters following (this helps to also get @HAVE_BROWSER@ working)
Fixed some podcast feeds incorrectly being handled when trying to make a HTTP/2 connection to the feed server so they will now gracefully revert back to a HTTP/1 connection automatically
Fixed all of the reproducible crashes related to the Internet Radio plug-in (e.g. when updating the cache & doing a search at the same time)
Fixed the Internet Radio view incorrectly running a double-search on loading
Fixed the Internet Radio plug-in not always animating the node icon when updating the stations cache
Fixed the Taskbar preview when set to show the current albumart using excessive CPU if the artwork image is high resolution (generally above 600x600px) due to not caching the artwork correctly & needing to re-process the image on every update of the Taskbar preview
Fixed the module plug-in not returning a valid 'family' metadata string
Fixed a shared file metadata failure between TagLib (and potentially other in-WACUP aspects) and reading of the metadata on Monkey's Audio files
Fixed tag.dll (TagLib) not having a version resource to match all other WACUP provided dlls
Fixed some of the plug-ins not updating correctly when artwork for the currently viewed file is deleted
Fixed files supported by the vgmstream input plug-in not generating a waveform via the Waveform Seeker plug-in
Fixed the the Waveform Seeker plug-in acting oddly with the background colour going white briefly when refreshing or changing to the base classic skin due to incorrectly handling the background colour brush used
Fixed the incorrect re-saving of the main winamp playlist (winamp.m3u8 in the settings folder) on closing when no changes had occurred
Fixed some of the media library plug-ins crashing when opened & there was nothing present in the main playlist editor (related to highlighting the currently playing item in the library views)
Fixed the podcast view updating the information pane more often than needed when changing the selection in the view
Fixed a number of crashes when abusing the loading order of the plug-ins from the normally expected loading order
Fixed some random crashes when plug-ins checking information relating to modern skins get incomplete due to the modern skin engine only having been partially loaded (classic skins ftw!)
Fixed the Album Art (gen_classicart.dll) plug-in corrupting the artwork cache (this was much more of an issue with massive artwork e.g. 12600x12600px where it crashes)
Fixed the Album Art (gen_classicart.dll) plug-in not drawing anything within the window or leaving a gap for the artwork in details view mode when no artwork is able to be obtained
Fixed loading issues if youtube-dl & supporting dlls are incomplete due to a crash on loading
Fixed removing a single selection from the excluded file list window not always ensuring the change was correctly saved for the next session
Fixed the embedded windows to correctly maintain minimum dimensions when invalid sizes are applied to the window on loading / programmatic setting
Fixed the occassional corruption of aspects of the skinned windows under classic skins (e.g. the window title)
Fixed the contents of skinned windows sometimes not updating skin change / refresh
Fixed some of the command-line options being massively slow to respond (especially if a ui needed to be displayed)
Fixed the crash reporter not always including the generated Info Tool report
Fixed a crash seen when trying to retrieve CD information when some of the expected information in the Musicbrainz response is not provided
Fixed the installer incorrectly removing the legacy font rendering engine within freetype.wac on subsequent updates (this relates to older modern skins not designed for the Winamp 5.5+ updates)
Fixed some installs not being able to load modern skins if freetype.wac was present the settings cache was enabled (as odd combination of issues working against each other that luckily was able to be patched out this time around)
Fixed some display issues when smooth resizing is enabled in relation to the way the main playlist editor scrollbar is drawn to prevent some odd scaling related artifacts
Fixed not being able to add Apple podcasts the podcasts subdomain instead of the (seemingly now deprecated) itunes subdomain url
Fixed registering global hotkeys not always working causing some to randomly fail or for the configuration to become corrupted
Fixed a sporadic crash on loading by the Winamp core related to the delayed loading of the nsutil.dll supporting library
Fixed the Winamp core not being able to handle the downloading of HTTPS based playlist urls & other associated files
Fixed a crash when allowing any currently downloading podcasts to be cancelled on exit
Fixed the podcast downloads view status column not sorting as expected for items not in the process of being downloaded
Fixed the archive playback plug-in trying to use other input plug-ins which have been intentionally disabled via the preferences
Fixed a crash when loading or viewing the metadata on some corrupted FLAC files
Fixed a crash on loading the global hotkeys plug-in (found whilst abusing plug-in loading)
Fixed incorrect usage of an OS api used to help make some internal strings case-consistent
Fixed some of the custom added tabs on the Unified Alt+3 dialog showing a generic string
Fixed a crash in the Yule Log plug-in related to a CRT mis-match between it & the WACUP core
Fixed some of the scaling differences seen with modern skin beat visualisation vs Winamp 5.666 (may not be 100% but it's closer now)
Fixed some setups not allowing modern skins to run their beat visualisation modes without forcing a settings toggle
Fixed the classic skin generic windows loading into window shaded mode when enabled & using the fixed resizing mode for such windows
Fixed the contents of the Waveform Seeker plug-in not being drawn correctly if some of the window client area is off-screen
Fixed the time display of the Big Clock plug-in not being drawn correctly if some of the window client area is off-screen
Fixed the main playlist editor items not being drawn correctly (e.g. partially drawn) when OS text scaling is enabled or with larger fonts where some of the characters would be clipped
Fixed plug-ins showing as not loaded when some 3rd party plug-ins force loading of them before the WACUP plug-in loader has completed loading
Fixed streams ending with .audio so it looks like a file extension being handled by the wrong input plug-in
Fixed the skin provided font not being used when the preferences option was enabled to make use of the font
Fixed Milkdrop not being able to locate some of the texture files after changing the default preset location
Fixed the autoplay plug-in incorrectly causing a volume change on loading when the autoplay setting is off
Fixed the loading of items into the main playlist not attempting to get the metadata when that option is set in the preferences (this isn't the default setting for handling items nowadays - reading in the background is - but some may still use it so it needed to be fixed)
Fixed the Edit Item Metadata in the main playlist editor not allowing the podcast attributes to be changed
Fixed downloaded podcasts not always being correctly added to the local library database due to a loading time quirk the caused the podcast plug-in to not always know that it had access to the local library database tagging service
Fixed an accessibility issue on the 'About | Updates' preferences page where tabbing through the window would not select the tab at the top
Fixed the Playback preferences dialog not correctly initialising things on loading (issue caused by a change in the previous build)
Fixing a regression with $abbr() ATF method related to an emoji handling fix
Fixed the playlist editor menus incorrectly appearing when using a classic skin & windowshaded mode is enabled
Fixed the updater not handling non-beta builds correctly (a server-side fix is also in-place now to help fix this for all existing builds)
Fixed changing the streaming server password not always being applied without a restart of the player to ensure its applied
Fixed the streaming server port & password configuration options being left enabled when the server is running
Fixed a compatibility issue with the streaming source plug-in when trying to connect to some servers
Fixed issues with the streaming source plug-in not always remembering the encoder settings correctly
Fixed some of the plug-ins (usually if loaded by another plug-in) not being handled via the settings cache as expected (also helps with above)
Fixed a delay loading failure causing a crash in some setups when trying to play MP4 based files
Fixed a crash when skinned preferences is loaded (related to a fix applied in the prior beta build)
Fixed the milkdrop visualisation window sometimes moving out of the expected position (more of an issue when double-size mode is enabled and the plug-in window is docked or close to the edge of the usable screen area)
Fixed non-embedded artwork not being displayed in the File Info / Alt+3 dialog (this has been broken in the last few beta builds)
Fixed a crash when scrolling through the playlist editor in classic skin windowshaded mode & accessing a wav file (other file formats were potentially affected so additional changes have been made to avoid the issue which caused this)
Fixed a crash seen when enabling the agent (but not directly related to it) as a side-effect of a change in the build 3996 for hooking more of the plug-ins
Fixed the wrong IP address being shown in some configurations on the Streaming Server preferences page when using a wireless connection (still needs some refinement)
Fixed the podcast view not always updating as expected on skin related changes
Fixed the menu on the Modern Skins -> Current Skin preferences tab being skinned when the preferences window is not set to be skinned
Fixed some files not being processed correctly with the ReplayGain plug-in due to an issue passing around data internally for the file
Fixed a crash when viewing some urls in the main playlist editor & artwork is set to be shown for the currently selected item in the artwork window
Fixed YouTube playback not working due to issues playing HTTPS based streams with the original MP4 demuxer plug-in from the 5.666 install
Fixed some MP4 based files not being processed via the Waveform Seeker plug-in
Fixed double-clicking in the main playlist editor not always working depending on the visible height of the window
Fixed the current modern skin colour theme preferences tab not using the expected colouring for the selection when skinned preferences is enabled
Fixed drag+dropping urls onto the main playlist editor not being added in the expected location especially under double-size mode
Fixed a crash with the new MP4 Demuxer (in_mp4.dll) plug-in when ReplayGain is enabled & appropriate information was found (related to a mis-match between different runtime libraries which saw some other plug-ins updated to avoid this issue when they're moved to be built with a different compiler)
Fixed the header information on the artwork tab of the File Info (Alt+3) dialog not updating correctly when no valid artwork can be found
Fixed some JPEG files (seem to be Abobe generated ones) not able to be loaded
Fixed a delay loading failure causing a crash in some setups when trying to play H264 encoded video files or ALAC encoded audio files
Fixed a crash issue with the undo plug-in being passed invalid data from a Winamp provided api
Fixed the corruption issue that caused the nde.dll to have to be reverted back to the one from build 3276
Fixed a crash when trying to update the metadata of MP4 based files
Fixed the installer not ensuring libmp4v2.dll is installed for all of the components that might try to load it
Fixed an issue causing the data sent to the visualisation plug-ins to miss the first few seconds of data subject to the output plug-in buffer size due to a patched method not working correctly in all scenarios
Fixed the skinned Components preferences page incorrectly being drawn with the checkbox it doesn't use
Fixed a crash when using the remove duplicate items option in the main playlist editor
Fixed an issue that could cause the visualisation plug-in to stop receiving data to render
Fixed a crash when inserting a separator due to some of the recent changes in how menus & playback is done
Fixed the sprite loading from milk2_img.ini not working correctly due to the move to the file in the user settings folder & it looking in he wrong sub-folder for the image files
Fixed in_zip not providing a "family" atf string
Fixed the replacement local library plug-in not always showing all of the required information in the view (this may cause the queries to run slower than before depending on how the view is configured due to it pulling down all of the information that is needed which will be slower)
Fixed a crash related to starting playback under a modern skin that has been plaguing some since build 3958
Fixed some of the rate of streaming issues with the Streaming Source plug-in when playback is paused / stopped (there is now a rough KB/s output provided to see if the output is racing ahead - more work will be done but this quick fix balances things out better than how they have been)
Fixed the albumart plug-in sometimes updating itself with the current artwork image multiple times on initial loading which could appear as flickering of the window contents
Fixed some of the generically skinned windows not being drawn as expected during initial loading & typically appearing as a white area (colour might vary depending on the Windows theming) before then appearing as expected
Fixed some issues with the profiling mode due to inconsistency in plug-in loading
Fixed some inconsistency seen in the loading of the w5s system component files
Fixed a random crash on loading related to how the Winamp core would load the crash reporter plug-in which could conflict at times (see changes)
Fixed the default location of some of the windows on first run with a classic skin (will look into modern skin default locations later on)
Fixed a number of issues causing Vorbis file tag editing to not work as expected or to crash in some scenarios (the fun of text conversions)
Fixed twitter authentication not working correctly due to a logic check breaking the persistence of the connection
Fixed the Streaming Url Processor plug-in preventing urls it supports from playing (especially if autoplay on start-up is enabled) if the url is already deemed valid to play and so does not require youtube-dl to be run beforehand to get an updated working url to play
Fixed the ability to click to pause / resume playback in the video window not working (really not sure when this broke but it now works again)

Other misc code clean-up, associated bug fixes during development & all the other developer fun that goes on

Removed the cPro skin update system due to the demise of the skinconsortium website (as WACUP is bundling a modified maintained copy of cPro there's no need to have it checking for updates along with removing the potential security issue with accessing an unmanaged domain)

Updated cacert.pem to latest (15 May 2019)
Updated the Big Bento Modern skins to 1.1.4 (14 Feb 2019)
Updated the cPro (ClassicPro) engine to 2.04 (16 Apr 2019)
Updated expat (xml.w5s) to 2.2.7 (19 Jun 2019)
Updated LAME (lame_enc.dll) to (23 Jul 2019) for stability fixes
Updated libcurl (libcurl.dll) to 7.65.2 (17 July 2019)
Updated libebur128 (ml_rg.dll) to the latest github commit (17 May 2019)
Updated libFLAC (libFLAC.dll) to 1.3.3 (4 Aug 2019)
Updated libjpeg-turbo (image.w5s) to 2.0.2 (14 Feb 2019)
Updated libnghttp2 (libcurl.dll) to 1.39.2 (19 Aug 2019)
Updated libopenmpt (in_mod.dll) to (10 Aug 2019)
Updated libopus (libopus.dll) to 1.3.1 (12 Apr 2019)
Updated libpng (image.w5s) to 1.6.37 (14 Apr 2019)
Updated libsndfile to the latest github commit (2 Apr 2019)
Updated openssl (libcurl.dll) to 1.1.1c (28 May 2019)
Updated lzma (lzma.dll) to 19.00 (21 Feb 2019)
Updated minizip (zlib.dll) to 2.8.9 (4 Jul 2019)
Updated Monkey's Audio (in_ape.dll) to 4.84 (10 Aug 2019)
Updated taglib (tag.dll) to the latest Git commit from 24 Jul 2019
Updated unrar (unrar.dll) to 5.71.1 (2 Apr 2019)
Updated vgmstream (in_vgmstream.dll) to the latest Git commit from 4 Aug 2019

Preview Version:
Released: 28 January 2019

Added an initial Streaming Source plug-in (aka replacement Source DSP) to help validate it's usage for personal streaming in combination with the WACUP provided Streaming Server (if also installed)
Added some additional internal handling & hooks for the Streaming Source plug-in (aka replacement Source DSP) to simplify how it can get now playing information from the Winamp core without hooks & subclassing as DSP often require (not what we want to be doing to keep things cleaner)
Added initial support to allow the shuffle table to persist between sessions to help resolve one of the big complaints related to shuffle (this means it won't try to play files that have already been played as often - this is experimental so it may need some edge cases to be fixed)
Added a 'shuffle' diagnostics preference page (under the 'advanced' preferences group) to help visually inspect the in-memory shuffle table
Added initial support to deal with enter & double-click actions in the main playlist editor not updating the shuffle table to prevent playing the played file again (reported by a beta tester & confirmed with the shuffle table inspector above :) )
Added initial 'Raw Metadata' tab implemenatation to the File Info (Alt + 3) dialog to aid in testing the taglib integration (this is the start of potentially moving away from the input plug-ins handling most of the common tag formats to instead be done more consistently as a core service)
Added an ASIO output plug-in based on the source code by Otachan which makes it portable install compatible & adds an experimental volume control option (this works on the global master volume if enabled) & some other minor clean-up to work better within the needs of a WACUP install
Added the ability to single-click in the video window to pause/un-pause the currently playing item (this matches expected control methods for video playback though there is a bit of a lag due to having to determine if its a single or double-click from how Windows provides such events)
Added initial support to specify proxy connection modes (e.g. SOCKS4, SOCKS5) on the General preferences page (not all plug-ins & features use this which will be improved over time as more of the original Winamp plug-ins & features are replaced with WACUP versions)
Added logging now playing only to a specified file via the Yule Log plug-in (see the Play Tracking -> Now Playing preferences tab) which might be useful for streamers using the likes of OBS / SLOBS as it doesn't keep all of the playing history in the log file as the original handling does
Added new Mikdrop presets by En D from the 'MD Episode 1 - New Millenium' & 'MD Episode 2 - Out of Da Club into Da Head' packs (more visual goodness for you to enjoy)
Added new Milkdrop presets by Fumbling_Foo (more visual goodness for you to enjoy)

Changed the WACUP provided library plug-ins to hide the clear search button if there is no search & to use an 'X' instead of 'clear search' to give more space & a slightly less cluttered library view (more to come when other things related to skinning are finally replaced)
Changed mpg123 to now be a shared dll (mpg123.dll) instead of just used by the OpenMPT (in_mod.dll) based input plug-in (this relates to the vgmstream change where supporting dlls were not being installed)
Changed vgmstream (in_vgmstream.dll) to be built with VS2017 instead of VS2008 to resolve some playback handling issues with the older compiler
Changed the installer to default to a more appropriate folder when selecting the portable install mode (setting a custom path via the command-line should still be honoured for those doing such things)
Changed how the new default mode to use the spacebar to play/pause the currently playing item in the main playlist editor incorrectly blocking a number of actions that would otherwise scroll the currently playing item into view (a bit of a compromise but it should be less jarring in usage)
Changed the skin preferences page when using the Skin Manager plug-in to make the skin information area more prominent & show more at once
Changed the naming of the Yule Log preference tabs to better fit with the additional logging mode added into this build
Changed the installer to wait a bit longer if it needs to close an already running WACUP instance to better avoid an installer error
Changed the default setting for WM_APPCOMMAND hotkey handling (aka default multimedia key handling) for new / un-modified installs to now be enabled
Changed the Internet Radio plug-in & the new Streaming Source plug-in to make use of a shared genre list to reduce duplication
Changed some of the internals & build system for how beta vs preview/final builds are built to make the overall process quicker
Changed the installer to preserve AVS (vis_avs.dll) if present (e.g. when updating over an existing install - which still is not recommended)

Fixed most of the supporting dlls vgmstream requires not being correctly installed (this is now handled via a download during install if required)
Fixed loading of the FFmpeg supporting dlls from the vgmstream_dlls folder due to a quirk of delay loading and sub-dependency resolution
Fixed the installer incorrectly removing the Pluginsvgmstream_dlls folder when it didn't need to (found with the changes above causing downloads to occur when they should not have been happening)
Fixed the modern skin engine not correctly showing the time remaining for hh:mm:ss formatted time display strings (the minus sign would only show for times under an hour for some odd reason which broke the expected longer time remaining display so that check was thankfully able to be patched out)
Fixed the clear button not always working in the Internet Radio library view
Fixed opening the notification area preferences tab breaking using the keyboard to move up/down in the preferences tree
Fixed clipping of the skin name from modern skins on the skin preferences page information area
Fixed the send-to menus not working in the original local library plug-in (ml_local.dll) due to enforced enqueue & play menu items which do not work (prior changes removed the hackish work arounds to try to get that support working - this is why we have a replacement plug-in to do it cleanly!)
Fixed the splash screen window not being cancelled when clicking on it (as the native version would do)
Fixed the play & enqueue+play actions not working correctly in the podcast items list
Fixed the currently playing item not being correctly updated in the podcast download views when new podcasts are added with the list open
Fixed the failure to load of some WACUP & 3rd party plug-ins related to a change in how dll dependencies are loaded to fix other loading failures
Fixed slow column sorting issues with the filename related values in the replacement Local Library plug-in views (more so with decreasing sorts)
Fixed some multi-line comment tags not being correctly displayed on the File Info (Alt + 3) dialog
Fixed the preferences window being on top of all windows even when WACUP was not the active program
Fixed the preferences window now being re-sized to the skinned frame (if that mode is enabled) to deal with OS text scaling quirks
Fixed a crash when trying to use the 'Remove Duplicates' main playlist editor action (a JTFE bug)
Fixed restoring the shuffle table sometimes causing a crash on load
Fixed the shuffle table being incorrectly re-read on closing which could lead to potential corruption of the file (found whilst fixing above)
Fixed slow loading of the shuffle diagnostics preferences page
Fixed some possible causes of the crashes seen in the NDE database (this seems to affect more the Internet Radio view)
Fixed trying to drag & drop items on the naviagtion causing a crash if the replacement library bookmarks plug-in was enabled
Fixed dropping an item on a library bookmarks category node not having the newly added item assigned to that category
Fixed some stability issues found working on the replacement Media Library Core plug-in (gen_ml) with the existing library plug-ins if features are not present &/or working as expected (this shouldn't be needed when things are feature complete but it's better to prevent against crashes, etc)
Fixed some occassional text corruption issues on the 'basic info' tab of the File Info dialog

Updated cacert.pem to latest (23 Jan 2019)
Updated libnghttp2 (libcurl.dll) to 1.36.0 (18 Jan 2019)
Updated libopenmpt (in_mod.dll) to (22 Jan 2019)
Updated minizip to 2.8.3 (27 Jan 2019)
Updated vgmstream (in_vgmstream.dll) to the latest Git commit from 28 Jan 2019 (first re-sync in over 5 months, oops)

Build #3174 Changes:

Added initial support to indicate missing files in library playlists to complement the option for the main playlist editor (this will just show a cross before the playlist item number / title depending on settings instead of changing the background colour at this time)
Added support for Discord now playing to use the state value to provide a second line of text if set in the preferences
Added a 'change origin playlist' option to the library playlist root menu for external playlists to make it easier to update the reference if it has been moved (e.g. to another drive) without having to remove the playlist reference first
Added an 'edit playcount' option to the library history view to act as a starting point to deal with moving files & needing to maintain playcounts
Added a confirmation prompt before allowing all of the preference pages to be hidden from the extended control menu
Added support to convert public Acast podcast pages into the RSS feed url so it can then be managed by WACUP
Added a small 'beta tester' section on the about preferences page for anyone interested in becoming a beta tester if they're only using a preview / final build

Changed from the long standing 0.9.9.xxxx version numbers to now start incrementing up from 1.0.0.xxxx with the shift to public preview builds
Changed the replacement Local Library plug-in to set 'last updated' to be the last modified time from file when adding new files to the database
Changed the playlist option to prevent pressing space scrolling the currently playing item into view to now support (by default if not already changed) using play / pause to toggle the playback state (see the options on the 'general' preferences page to control this when it's enabled)
Changed the installer to improve the handling of the 5.666 EN-US redux installer to better ensure a corrupted copy will not be used
Changed the 'Eridyne' mode on the Advanced preferences page to also handle WMA & WMV as we do not install the WMA playback plug-in & DirectShow can play most of those files
Changed the installer to better prompt if trying to install over an existing Winamp install as well as preventing installing over incompatible versions (i.e. anything that isn't 5.66/5.666)

Fixed the browse button not appearing on the edit playlist entry dialog in the library playlists view
Fixed the library playlist root view not appearing correctly with a missing playlist item selected
Fixed some quirks with the library playlist status message when information is missing
Fixed a text alignment issue of the playlist item time in the main playlist editor when the missing files highlighting mode is enabled
Fixed some SSL related issues with the jnetlib implementation but more needs to be done to allow for example working HTTPS based MP3 streams
Fixed the custom splash.bmp/splash.png support not correctly centering the image when it's shown on screen
Fixed the splash screen not showing on the same monitor as the classic main window (this fixes a Winamp bug)
Fixed the Playlist Undo plug-in crashing in rare cases (based on crash reports received from beta testers)
Fixed an occassional crash in the Waveform Seeker plug-in after completing file processing or when file processing is active when closing
Fixed the installer not correctly checking the Big Bento Modern skin versions when needing to updating existing installs
Fixed the podcast plug-in not correctly adding multiple selections to the main playlist editor
Fixed a double-border drawing issue on the podcast subscription node listviews
Fixed (hopefully) the playlist preferences node not maintaining its expanded state
Fixed moving items in the queue manager views not always keeping the selection on the moved items
Fixed header text being clipped on the Discord now playing preferences page

Other misc code clean-up & build process organisation in preparation for a public preview build (finally!)

Updated appropriate copyright dates to 2019
Updated libsndfile (libsndfile.dll) to latest code release (1 Jan 2019) to resolves a number of vulnerability issues
Updated lzma (lzma.dll) to 18.06 (30 Dec 2018)
Updated the Big Bento Modern skins to v1.1.3 (30 Dec 2018)
Updated the Milkdrop2 presets by Fumbling_Foo for your visual enjoyment
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Hi. I just found out about this great project. You are doing a great job guys. One thing I noticed was the double size in classic skin mode. The resizable windows should not be double sized just like in winamp classic. It's unnecessary and it's causing weird behavior (windows not docking properly, disappearing borders, items on playlist not loading titles, etc.). For example in the playlist, I usually just resize it and increase the font size.
I only use classic mode though.

Anyway, keep it up and thank you!

Review by ken zi on Oct 8, 2019 Version: 1.0.4264 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

1 reviews, Showing 1 to 1 reviews

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