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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Visual DV Time Stamp

New in version 2.1.1
* New feature: automatically restore the settings used in the previous session. The project files can still be used to save multiple project settings.

New in version 2.1.0
* New feature: optionally rename the stamped file.
* New feature: pause while stamp is in process.
* Additional languages support: Albanian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Icelandic, Slovak, and Turkish.
* New behavior: preview the first selected file automatically.

New in version 2.0.0

* New feature: multiple project (config) file support. Added to the File menu: New, Open, Save, Save as, and Most Recent Project list.

New for version 1.80

* New feature: stamp text alignment (horizontally: left, center, and right; vertically: top and bottom).
* New feature: stop-watch duration mode can use those time formats that contain frame numbers.
* New feature: custom format allows multiple lines. See Help file for details.
* Change: custom format string length is increased from 20 to 100.
* Change: combined the font and brightness dialogs into a new font attribute dialog. Uppercase check box is moved to font attribute dialog as well.

New for version 1.70

* New feature: time adjustment can now adjust years and months.
* New feature: scene detection mode now supports a threshold value: a scene change occurs only when the discontinuity is larger than the threshold.
* New feature: preview area now supports 16 bit color display mode.
* Change: stamp custom format %p (am/pm) in lower case by default.

New for version 1.63

* Bug fix: in a rare case, when the stamp string is disjoint vertically, vDTS would stamp the top half only.
* Change: the y coordinates now define the baselines of the stamp strings, so that the date and time stamps can be better aligned.
* New: time adjustment now applies to the tape TCB code as well.

New for version 1.62

* Bug fix: date stamp may stale in some duration modes.

New for version 1.61

* New feature: display percentage values for the font/outline brightness and transparency.
* Bug fix: the File->Preference->Language pull-down list does not work correctly in Windows 2000 environment.
* Bug fix: an index chunk embedded in the video stream would cause vDTS to skip stamping a frame.

New for version 1.60

* New feature: Individual control on font, brightness, and duration for date and time stamp.
* New feature: Delay the stamp of date and/or time for a user specified amount of time for some duration modes. This could be used to stamp date and time alternately (see Help for detail).

New in Version 1.50

* New feature: TCB stamp using tape count if available, otherwise use vDTS generated timecode (existing feature).

New in Version 1.40

* New feature: 720x405 (16:9 aspect ratio) preview size for video shot in 16:9 mode.
* New feature: stamp transparency adjustment.
* Bug fix: if the DV AVI file has invalid date code, then the TCB time format won't stamp, even though preview works correctly.

New in Version 1.31

* New feature: shutdown computer automatically up on completion of stamping all files.
* New feature: save the log file for the latest session up on exiting vDTS.
* New feature: press and hold a stamp movement button (date/time up/down/left/right) cause accelerated stamp movement

New in Version 1.30

Added Hungarian language support.

Added 3 new duration stamping modes (see Help for details):
Mark stamping: stamp will be on for a user-specified amount of time at every user specified mark.
Range stamping: stamp will be on starting from every user specified In-mark to the following Out-mark.
Stop-watch stamping: same as Range stamping, but time is reset at every In-mark. Could be used to time a sport event.

Added a predefined time format that is similar to time code burn format, except this one has no frame number.

New in Version 1.20

Added the feature of changing preview area size. The preview area size could be set to Native (720x480 for NTSC, 720x576 for PAL), 720x540 (4:3 aspect ratio), or 640x480 (4:3 aspect ratio).

New in Version 1.10

User interface enhancement: press and hold the left mouse button on any of these control buttons will repeat the button action: date/stamp movement buttons (<, >, ^, v), and preview control buttons (<<<, <<, <, >, >>, >>>).

Added the option of displaying safe area rectangles: safe area for TV viewing and safe area for stamps.

Added more predefined time formats: 2 formats that display the frame number in millisecond (hh:mm:ss.fff and h:mm:ss.fff), 1 format to display the time code burn (hh:mm:ss:ff, starting from 00:00:00:00 regardless of the time code of the DV AVI file).

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