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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for VirtualDub2

Version 20:

update 19 (build 44282)

fixed bug in resize filter (wrong chroma cropping)
auto-size option in filter preview
display selection duration in statusbar
non-standard AVI option (#310)
other fixes

update 18 (build 44237)

fixed memory leak in caching input driver (#294)
fixed File Open dialog for raw video (#297)
updated curves GUI

update 18 (build 44233)

fixed memory leak in caching input driver (#294)
fixed File Open dialog for raw video (#297)
updated curves GUI

update 18 (build 44220)

fixed memory leak in caching input driver (#294)
fixed File Open dialog for raw video (#297)
* updated curves GUI

update 17 (build 44065)

fixed invalid AVI when using "save segmented"
fixed [#293] (crash in capture)
fixed [#292] (avoid AddRange script)
draw text/draw time filters: font was scaled by system DPI

update 16 (build 44013)

fixed [#186] (display bug in capture)
fixed some errors in "master blend" plugin

update 15 (build 43919)

added internal filter "draw time"
fixed #277 (job reload error)
added command line options
added filter command "Duplicate Filter"

update 14 (build 43803)

fixed #256
enabled FITS format decoding

update 13 (build 43786)

fixed #246 (frame rate option)
added b48r format support
filter levels: fixed some errors, added full range support
added f32 (rgba) support to filters: levels, resize, gamma, fill, 6-axis
other fixes

update 12 (build 43702)

cleanup in File menu, moved some items to other menus
remember recently captured files
fixed bugs in "Open video" dialog
fixed: audio truncated when using offset
other fixes

update 11 (build 43602)

new filter: "canvas size"
changed filter "fill": new "letterbox" option
polishing in hotkey editor
polishing in "save image" procedure
added gray TGA support
other fixes

update 10 (build 43385)

fixed #224 (broken dib export)

update 9 (build 43382)

updated x264 encoder (libx264 157)
added x264 grayscale option
added/fixed support for some uncompressed formats in mov,mp4,mkv,nut

update 8 (build 43364)

updated preferences: some items deleted or moved to better place
added main : Remember autosize and zoom
added timeline : time format
added timeline : buttons scale etc
updated timeline control
added support to read/write planar rgb formats (works with AviSynth+, MagicYUV)
enabled writing uncompressed video in NUT container
added gray formats to codec: FFV1, FFVHUFF
added mp4 faststart option
fixed bug reading VirtualDub.ini (corrupt unicode characters)
fixed #214, #216, #217

update 7 (build 43073)

fixed image sequence opened as single image
autosave before running jobs
minor polishing

update 6 (build 43048)

improved audio display
fixed some file dialogs
fixed #202, #196, #201, other bugs

update 5 (build 42711)

previous build crashed in "save video" dialog

update 4 (build 42699)

updated "save image sequence" function
updated auxsetup.exe
fixed some bugs

update 3 (build 42671)

added audio compression: flac, alac, opus, vorbis
added File->Save audio: wav, mka, m4a, aiff
fixed bugs with audio interleaving, encoder delay etc.

update 2 (build 42475)

updated grayscale filter
some optimizations
fixed another possible deadlock in processing
fixed bug: #179

added internal formats: planar rgb/rgba (8bit, 16bit, float)
improved gray/gray16 support: added to tiff, external encoder config
updated "go to frame" dialog
remember panes zoom
added preferences: render options, timeline options, avi options
override preferences from script
other small fixes
cineform: experimental raw bayer import/export, see wiki/cineform
x265 encoder: added tune options

Version 19:

update 11 (build 42154)

fixed #163 (crash in filters preview)
fixed #159 (broken export of gif, apng, png, bmp, tga)
fixed bugs: #158, #161, other
experimental raw bayer import/export with CineForm

update 10 (build 42087)

added cpu usage graph to realtime profiler
capture: show overall cpu usage, small improvements in GDI screen capture
fix #156
fix frameserver output

update 9 (build 41980)

fix #135 (external encoders process hanging)
fix crash when decoding audio in some cases

update 8 (build 41976)

allow any uncompressed format in capture
fix #137 (output conversion bug)
fix #136

update 7 (build 41882)

conversion errors in capture mode

update 6 (build 41867)

fixed ambiguity in pixel format dialogs
decoding: apply new format immediately to see if it really works
output: show actual format applied to vfw codecs
show related formats (input, filters)

update 5 (build 41768)

fixed many internal format conversion inconsistencies (offset CbCr etc.)
added YCbCr+Alpha support: resize, DrawText
other small fixes
FFV1: added new formats (GBRAP16,...)
HEVC: added lossless
added simple VP9 export (8/10/12-bit)

update 4 (build 41585)

sort filters by author, module
fix missing dot (#106)

update 3 (build 41552)

export with external encoder:
show command line in log
set current directory (fix for %(outputname), #107)
added to Batch Wizard

added options to Batch Wizard (add/delete files)
replaced directory selection dialogs on Win7 and above
fixed bug in capture menu

update 2 (build 41493)

fixed bugs:

AVI DV issues (#98)
GammaCorrect loading (#100)
full screen switching (#99)

added YUV+Alpha formats
enabled in video compression: Huffyuv, FFV1, Prores

improved performance with CineForm (using 16-bit yuv option)
improved/added format support:
Y416 (enabled alpha)
b64a (works in MOV)

added option: "Go->Zoom selection"
improved input/output panes:
borderless when possible
Full screen option
Pan & zoom alignment option

new navigation keys: fast forward/backward
selectable start-end range for video filter
updated internal filters: Gamma correct, Invert

Version 18:

update 6 (build 41106)

fixed possible crash with capture (#86)

update 5 (build 41093)

Small usability fixes:
display option "free adjust" changes scale
navigating slow source with mouse improved

Script editor (scripted.vdplugin):
removed loading avisynth.dll at startup
changed "insert trim" etc commands
added "wrap lines" option

update 4 (build 40898)

fixed crash with images
cosmetic changes in fflayer filter
more fixes

update 3 (build 40881)

fixed crash with images
cosmetic changes in fflayer filter

update 2 (build 40879)

Capture mode changes:

list more audio devices (helps with Magewell)
fixed P210 support

polished support for formats: P010, P210, P016, P216 (input/output)

fixed multiple format conversion issues
updated alias format filter (added alpha options)

other fixes:

garbage in external encoder mode
crash in fast recompress

update 1 (build 40716)

Capture mode changes:
can select any video codec / any output format
audio can have up to 8 channels
"channel mask" option for audio
panel shows important processing in effect
cleaned some menus
option to boost power scheme

more details about capture mode

Improved video compression dialog
Added builtin DebugMode FrameServer decoder (video, DFSC)
Deleted VDXA option. It was little advantage + lots of trouble. RIP.

Version 17:

update 8 (build 40639)

fixed various colorspace issues
updated "convert format" filter
enabled Active Metadata in CineForm
fixed #71, #69, #68

update 7 (build 40579)

replaced MPEG-2 plugin with v4.5 (thank isidroco for noticing)
fixed possible deadlock when stopping preview
fixed errors with some odd image sizes
improved realtime profiler

update 6 (build 40538)

added builtin CineForm support see notes
fixed crash in resize filter

update 5 (build 40501)

fixed #66 (crash with CFHD)
minor fixes

vupdate 4 (build 40463)

updated x264 encoder (libx264 152)
added "ignore index" AVI option
minor fixes

updates 2..3 (build 40412)

fixed capture emulation
improved realtime profiler

caching input driver:

added options to FFV1 encoder
fixed DPX sequence bug
fixed other bugs

update 1 (build 40301)

new supported formats: P010, P016 (input only)
new supported formats: v410, Y410, r210, R10k (input/output)
new internal filter: DrawText
updated tools->test video
fixed preview inaccuracy
fixed livelock bug

FFMPEG updated to 2017-08-27.

caching input driver:

added options to control memory use
fixed caching strategy, needs less memory now
added simple x265 encoder
added simple VP8 encoder
updated prores encoder

updated "master blend" filter

Version 16:

update 6 (build 40121)

fixed 'swap panes' behavior
caching input driver:
fixed seeking with image sequence

fflayer filter:
fixed alpha to alpha compositing

update 5 (build 40087)

caching input driver:
recognize 'drop frames' in AVI
more robust direct stream copy for various intra etc formats:
lagarith, ffv1, canopus, dv, ...
fixed several audio bugs
fixed 'frame not found' after saving

update 4 (build 40087)

fixes in command line behavior: #57
caching input driver:
fixed segment handling in direct copy mode

update 3 (build 40035)

fixed navigation during preview (was not complete in previous update) #49
apply audio conversion #52
fixed opening avs #50, #54
fixed opening asf

update 2 (build 39859)

fixed navigation during preview
new commands supported during preview (via hotkey):
goto prev/next range
goto time/frame

caching input driver:
fixed slow seeking with some files

update 1 (build 39758)

changed keyboard seeking behavior, now controlled by menu option (Drop frames when seeking)
changes in Open Video dialog
changes in filters list dialog
fixed Append Video
fixed copy to clipboard
fixed bug #46 (timeline corruption)
caching input driver:
known file extensions now grouped as video, audio, and images
improved memory handling
fixed audio seeking error
fixed handling of GBRP14 pixel format
other fixes

Version 15:

update 6 (build 39460)

fixed various issues with output formats x264 encoded in mp4/mkv should be compatible with more programs now
fixed opening multiple video segments and saving as job or project
fixed bug: copy frame to clipboard (or save to file) sometimes unavailable
improved "save image" and "save project" dialogs
fixed #42 (output to alternate format not working with jobs)

update 5 (build 39240)

x264 encoder now writes correct timestamps to mp4,mov,mkv,...
messages from x264 encoder are displayed in main log (F8)
fixed various bugs

update 4 (build 39148)

updated cropping/blending dialogs, #30
added MPEG-2 plugin, disabled internal MPEG-1 decoder
caching input driver (part of avlib-1.vdplugin):
fixed performance: frame threading was not enabled in many cases
fixed more timing issues, #35

update 3 (build 39005)

fixed View->Maximize (odd behavior in some cases)
fixed scene navigation (ignored threshold settings)
added external encoder formats: yuv 16-bit
added lagarith encoder
caching input driver (part of avlib-1.vdplugin):
fixed #29 (direct stream copy issue)

update 2 (build 38919)

added View->Maximize (compact title & status bars)
fixed memory leaks in some internal filters
fixed crash and wrong format in normal recompress (#27)
fixed seeking error sometimes with h264,h265 (#27)
fixed preview when audio fails (#24)
supply default layout for surround audio from AviSynth
support IEEE float audio from AviSynth

update 1 (build 38834)

improved audio
multichannel and float pcm works for some operations
audio display is more reliable now and can show multichannel and float formats

caching input driver (part of avlib-1.vdplugin):
now decodes audio to multichannel and float formats (use audio->conversion to downmix)
fixed various bugs

preview was not possible in fast recompress
display panes did not update on single-step
display panes did not update after "dubbing operation"
.vdproject was not supported on drag-n-drop

Version 14:

See updated page deep color and alpha

update 3 (build 38543)

fixed broken Pixel Format in scripts (#20)
fixed choppy/freezing preview in certain conditions
improved automatic format detection for VFW decoder
update 2 (build 38494)

Optimized YUV conversions from/to 8-bit
Added Tools->Benchmark analyze pass
Small ui fixes
Fixed bug: fast recompress swapping UV planes
Fixed bug: video codec settings not saved
Fixed bug: cannot encode with yuv420-709 and similar
Fixed YUV-to-YUV color space conversions with 16-bit formats
Added Y416 input support
Fixed crash with P210,P216

update 1 (build 38276)

Support input in YUV formats: 444, 422, 420 up to 16 bits per component.
Possible sources:
ffmpeg (caching input driver): direct support of compatible formats, also allowed conversion to YUV-444-P16 by request.
vfw/avi (v210, P210, P216, ffmpeg fourccs of 422P10, 422P16).
also possible to use Cineform vfw codec with caching input driver in v210 mode.

Optimized conversion of 16-bit YUV to 16-bit RGB.
Added support for 16-bit formats to internal Resize filter.
Fixed incorrect dual pane resizing (#19).
Fixed incompatible format selection when exporting images.
Enabled alpha in png export.

FFMPEG updated to 2016-12-27.

caching input driver:

optimized YUV input (see above)
fixed handling of some image sequence formats
added static configure dialog (see options->plugins...)
added decoding of Adobe Photoshop (psd) images

Huffyuv and FFV1 encoders:
added YUV options: bit depth 9..16

Version 13:

Major changes in this version:
Added integrated encoders for H264, Huffyuv, FFV1.
Enabled direct copy and smart rendering modes with caching input driver (see note).
Improved and added new UI for dialogs: Save AVI, compression, filter cropping, filter blending.
Filter effect can be restricted to rectangle (useful for comparing).

update 9 (build 38098)
polishing to Export->Stream Copy: show progress, activate by hotkey, fix timestamp bias

update 8 (build 38043)
bugfix (#17, errors with input display pane)
added alpha support for MagicYUV codec

update 7 (build 38012)
bugfix (#15)
added command "Edit->Markers from keys"

update 6 (2016-10-14)
bugfix (input driver #13, #14)

update 5 (build 38004)

update 4 (build 37988)

updated FFMPEG to 2016-09-22
added rgb 16 bit to FFV1
fixed compatibility with MPEG2 input driver
caching input driver:
added support for direct copy and smart rendering (limited to I-frame formats)
improved performance with rgb formats

update 3 (build 37959)

added FFV1 encoder (yuv 8, rgb 8-14)
added Huffyuv encoder (yuv 8, rgb 8-14)
added UI to check and change compression before saving avi
fixed garbage alpha when writing rgba
other fixes
caching input driver:
added GoPro info

update 2 (build 37812)

fixed bug #8
fixed Filter View command
fixed many other issues
cropping dialog moved to generic preview
added crop filter to replace null transform for cropping
fill filter moved to generic preview and repaired
added blending dialog
update 1 (build 37579)

added support for encoder plugin
changed compression ui
caching input driver:
Fixed conversion to rgb
Fixed other small bugs

Version 12:

merged apng support (thanks to Max Stepin)
added file->info dialogs for image formats
added alpha display options in panes
added "zip" tiff compression
fixed disappearing File->Export
fixed memory leak
fixed bug #7
fixed dx9 display bug
fixed VDXA (was broken since version 7)
caching input driver:
Added file extensions
Fixed XP compatibility

Version 11:

added script editor

Version 10:

Improve display pane resizing (allows zooming and panning)
Fix color picker readout with yuv formats
Add preview button to null transform filter
Cancel self capturing when screen capturing
Support b64a uncompressed AVI

Version 9:

Improved timeline control
other fixes
plugin changes

caching input driver:
Added export->Stream copy utility
Enabled audio stream selection
Fixed bug: pcm audio in avi gets corrupted

Version 8:

Enable UtVideo Pro RGB 10bit (UQRG/UQRA)
More info in color picker
plugin changes

Updated FFMPEG to 2016-04-28
added fflayer
added 6-axis color correction
caching input driver:
Enabled internal cineform decoder (use "all formats" dropdown)

master blend:
added rgb waveform display (click on histogram)
other small ui fixes

Version 7:

Fixed crop dialog (was broken in version 6)
Optimized yuv->rgb conversion (8 bit, FR mode)
Updated rgb64->rgb32 conversion
Format conversion filter can run on multiple threads
Repaired builtin Profiler

Version 6:

Added Export single image
Improved jpeg export
Added Filter View
Improved Filters dialog
Filter windows respond to new hotkeys
Improved v210 pixel format support
Fixed stuck UI during playback
Fixed some glitches with preview windows
more details

plugin changes

caching input driver: fix flipped image when decoding CFHD to rgb32

Version 5:

updated export using external encoder

Version 4:


Version 3:

added Save/Load Project commands
added x64 build

Version 2:

support RGB64
support alpha
new fixes to VirtualDub, input driver, master blend

Build 36062:

fixed crash with filters, thanks to hugcoder who reported it

Version 1:

First release

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