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Release 0.3.35 (revision 2828)
* Improved (video) track positioning. (r2823)
* Video track resizing now done by dragging divider at bottom of track, similar to audio tracks. (r2823)
* Added [#288]: Vertical scrolling now excludes the timescale. (r2821)
* Improved thumbnail generation performance. (r2820)
* Added [#368]: Link to Basic Video Editing video tutorial. (r2816)
* When selecting audio/video stream, language information (if available) is shown. (r2813)
* Added [#363]: Length buttons customizable. (r2812)
* Fixed [#365]: No indication of missing audio file. (r2811)
* Fixed crash when having image with keyframes with different scaling. (r2810)
* Fixed: After splitting subset of tracks ('A'), wrong clips selected. (r2809)
* Added option to deselect all clips (CTRL-D). (r2808)
* Added menu options to (de)select all clips. (r2808)
* Fixed crash caused by audio positioning algorithm. (r2807)

Release 0.3.34 (revision 2801)
* Added Spanish translation. (r2800)

Release 0.3.33 (revision 2799)
* Added option to export current video frame to file. (r2794)
* Added option to freeze video at one specific frame (via popup menu). (r2793)
* Added menu option to add audio crossfades between all audio clips to main menu. (r2791)
* Fixed: No progress shown when exporting to an audio-only or a video-only format. (r2790)
* Fixed: No progress shown in Windows task bar. (r2789)
* Fixed crash when opening popup menu and a video clip is completely covered by a transition. (r2787)
* Fixed: Crash when selecting zero files in the 'add files' dialog (for instance, by cancelling). (r2786)

Release 0.3.32 (revision 2785)
* Fixed [#362]: Audio peaks updating performance improved. (r2780)
* Fixed [#364]: Length buttons now also enabled if the button length can be set without shifting all clips in all other tracks. (r2779)
* Fixed: One extra black frame was exported at end of movie. (r2776)
* Improved exporting speed. (r2775)
* Unlinking clips now possible for multiple clips at once. (r2775)
* Added [#284]: Keyboard shortcuts to enlarge/reduce clips. (r2771)
* Added kerning option to titles. (r2767)
* Added line spacing option to titles. (r2767)
* Added underline option to titles. (r2766)
* Improved [#361]: Better title font with border. (r2765)
* Renamed "Render" to "Export" and created separate menu. (r2762)
* Fixed: No filename shown in details view for images. (r2749)
* [Linux] Added support for dropping files from the file system directly. (r2748)
* Added menu option to directly add clips to end of timeline. (r2725)
* Added popup menu option to add clips inside timeline. (r2725)
* Fixed undo bug: Crash after undo, close timeline, open timeline, undo again. (r2725)
* Removed project view. (r2725)
* Improved preview performance. (r2717)
* Added popup menu option to add crossfades between all clips in an audio track. (r2715)
* Added auto save option. (r2713)
* Fixed crash when loading old project file containing timelines with image(s). (r2712)
* When editing titles the resulting style is used as default for newly added titles. (r2711)
* Fixed: Undo/redo of editing title style not working. (r2710)
* Added H265 and MJPEG codecs. (r2706)
* Fixed crash when creating new video track directly after removing empty tracks. (r2705)

Release 0.3.31 (revision 2703)
* Added [#359]: Added yes/no dialog when canceling rendering to avoid accidental aborting. (r2702)
* Fixed: Save dialog not shown when editing the same property twice and saving between edits. (r2698)
* Added subtitle creation. (r2689)
* Fixed: No audio at all if input file starts with corrupt packets. (r2611)
* Fixed: Crash when changing used audio/video stream of input file. (r2609)
* (r2609)
* Fixed: losing previous selection when changing audio/video stream. (r2609)
* Fixed: No audio and/or video shown if input file reports duration '0' incorrectly. (r2608)
* Fixed crash if dropped folder contains '$'. (r2594)
* Added 15fps frame rate. (r2593)
* Better playback for higher resolution videos. (r2590)
* (r2590)
* Show icon in preview window if video playback can't keep up with audio. (r2590)

Release 0.3.30 (revision 2581)
* Fixed: Wrong length calculated for some input files. (r2578)
* (r2578)
* Fixed: Rendering generates one (possibly black) frame more than provided by the input. (r2578)
* Increased maximum volume to 1000% (r2577)
* Improved playback responsiveness. (r2573)

Release 0.3.29 (revision 2572)
* Enabled zooming via keyboard during drag operations. (r2571)
* Fixed crash when opening popup menu after reading a saved project. (r2570)
* Fixed crash when opening save file created with old version. (r2569)

RRelease 0.3.28 (revision 2568)
* Added support for multiple audio/video streams (via popup menu). (r2563)
* Default render settings no longer stored 'per project' but used for all new sequences. (r2550)
* Fixed positioning/length errors when using 'adjust frame rate'. (r2548)
* Improved editing responsiveness. (r2545)
* Trimming a clip no longer can cause the removal of a transition. (r2542)
* Thumbnails and audio peaks shown again during dragging. (r2541)
* Added View menu option to maximize video track height in timeline. (r2540)
* Enabled 'split clip at cursor and trim until end' during playback. (r2539)
* Fixed: Playback directly after edits (cuts) shows black video. (r2537)
* Fixed timeline redrawing issue in case the last clip of a track is a transition. (r2535)
* Fixed crash during drag and drop operation. (r2534)
* Zoom keys now also work during playback. (r2532)
* Fixed: Width of 'change frame rate' dialog too small in Dutch. (r2531)
* Fixed [#357]: Crash when changing frame rate of clips to almost (but not completely) the same frame rate. (r2530)

Release 0.3.27 (revision 2529)
* Fixed erratic clips (short flashback) after transition. (r2528)
* Fixed changing speed of video clips. (r2528)
* Fixed: Sequence menu options not properly enabled when opening a save file with intervals. (r2523)
* Fixed: Length in player not updated when editing. (r2522)
* Fixed crash when zooming in maximally on a five hour audio file and enlarging the audio peaks height. (r2521)
* Key bindings for timeline actions are now customizable. (r2515)
* Fixed ridiculously wide file open dialog on Linux. (r2509)
* Added option to remove blank area left by dragging clips. (r2507)
* Fixed [#352]: 'Start empty project' chosen when dropping a file from explorer. (r2492)
* Fixed [#355]: Changing language does not work anymore. (r2491)
* Added option to set default shifting behavior when trimming. (r2487)
* Fixed [#353]: Drag only one clip of the two clips involved in a transition. Abort drag. Transition is lost. (r2484)
* Added option to toggle default shifting behavior for drag and drop operations. (r2483)
* Added keyboard shortcuts ('l' and 'u') for linking and unlinking clips. (r2482)
* Keys for changing mouse operation behavior (E.g. shift for drag-and-drop and/or trimming) do not have to be held anymore. Pressing once toggles the associated behavior. (r2471)
* Fixed crash when rendering selected intervals for an empty timeline. (r2465)

Release 0.3.26 (revision 2464)
* Fixed: crash when video file is removed from disk. (r2460)
* Fixed crash when generating (image) video data can't keep up with frame rate. (r2458)
* Created Snap for installing on Linux (r2436)

Release 0.3.25 (revision 2428)
* Fixed [#350]: Still images with keyframes are positioned wrong. (r2424)
* Fixed: When changing speed between 0.5 and 2.0, audio pitch is maintained. (r2415)
* Add option (Change FrameRate) to adjust frame rate interpolation. (r2412)
* Fixed [#349]: Crash when first/last clip in track is a fade-in/fade-out, and then dragging the transition and the faded clip. (r2408)

Release 0.3.24 (revision 2399)
* Added Italian translation. (r2394)
* Fixed crash when scaling of a clip is set to a small value. (r2392)
* Fixed [#346]: Crash when deleting two non-adjacent images (without filled audio tracks). (r2391)
* Fixed crash if memory allocation fails during video generation. (r2385)
* 64-bit Windows version. (r2383)
* Fixed crash when starting a drag with fade-in or fade-out selected, but leaving the faded clip unselected. (r2379)
* Zooming is centered around the cursor. (r2378)
* Added option to inhibit (optionally) system sleep during rendering. (r2377)
* Added option to shutdown the system after rendering. (r2377)
* Added [#313]: Add support for animated gif/png WITH transparency. (r2376)
* Fixed [#341]: Progress bar not shown in title bar icon (Windows 10). (r2374)

Release 0.3.23 (revision 2372)
* Added option to generate only part of the timeline (marked regions). (r2368)
* Fixed: Audio peaks updated when editing audio details. (r2364)
* Fixed: When generating transitions, the key frame settings for the adjacent clips is sometimes lost. (r2363)
* Added option to change audio balance of clips. (r2362)
* Fixed: Project properties shows wrong number of audio channels. (r2361)
* Fixed [#329]: When closing then reopening the timeline, the interval is in the undo history. (r2359)

Release 0.3.22 (revision 2358)
Fixed crash when using 'split selected clip at cursor position (a)' and there's no clip at the cursor position. (r2356)

Release 0.3.21 (revision 2355)
Fixed [#328]: Audio peaks are not stored in save files. (r2352)
Fixed [#331]: Zooming in completely with very large clips (>10 minutes) causes artifacts in the timeline. (r2349)
Added [#301]: Add support for audio-only/video-only output. (r2337)
Added VP9 output codec support. (r2336)
Fixed animation when shift-deleting clips/deleting intervals. (r2335)
Added [#296]: When shift-deleting ensure that cursor and preview remain at same frame. (r2335)
Added [#250]: Added Menu option to link unlinked clips. (r2334)
Added German help texts (with help from Google translate ;-) (r2333)
Added [#324]: Cut at cursor position for selected clip only (via 'a') (r2332)
Added auto-updating on Windows. (r2331)

Release 0.3.20 (revision 2330)
* Added setting of meta data tags to generated output. (r2308)
* Fixed [#260]: When adjusting properties with cursor on last frame of clip no
preview is shown. (r2307)
* Fixed [#309]: Create still image in timeline of 2 frames. Cannot enlarge.
* Increased maximum zoom level to facilitate editing . (r2305)
* Fixed crash when dragging a clip of a length of 1/2 frames into the timeline.
* Added render output type compatible with Android. (r2303)
* Fixed [#298]: Select new folder page in new project wizard doesn't show
selected folder. (r2302)
* Fixed [#316]: Render second timeline does not work. (r2301)
* Fixed [#320]: Video exported from is black. (r2300)
* Fixed [#306]: No bounding box shown if current frame is completely empty.
* Fixed [#327]: Crash when using 'save as' to overwrite a .vid file that cannot
be written. (r2298)
* Fixed [#325]: Improved (background) colours of tracks. (r2297)
* Fixed view updating during shift trimming (the entire left side of the view is
now moved) (r2297)
* Fixed crash when using 'separate at cuts' when rendering a project with
multiple tracks of different lengths. (r2296)
* Added support for horizontally flipping of video (via button alongside
rotation tools). (r2295)
* Fixed [#326]: Cannot handle files for which the path contains $ directly after
the path separator. (r2294)
* Fixed crash when image file cannot be read. (r2293)
* Fixed cropping/alignment bug for some images. (r2292)
* Fixed bug causing rightmost pixels of entire video to be read 'black'. (r2292)
* Fixed crash when adding a clip with video AND audio with a video length of 1
frame. (r2291)
* Fixed [#330]: Prevent overwriting of an input file (do not allow as output
file). (r2290)
* Fixed crash when updating audio peaks. (r2287)
* Fixed crash during Revert. (r2284)
* Updated ffmpeg version to 3.2.4. (r2252)
* Fixed: Linux install now works on Ubuntu 17.04. (r2243)
* Fixed [#322]: Crash when no project is open: drop a file for which the length
must be read by scanning through all frames (can't read length from file meta
data). (r2239)

Release 0.3.19 (revision 2238)
* Show time estimate when rendering. (r2235)
* Fixed [#290]: No feedback when creating initial long project. (r2229)
* Fixed [#277]: Long delay during 'create new project'. (r2229)
* Fixed [#312]: Render dialog does not show file extension if output filename is
very long. (r2228)
* Enabled shifting clips to make room when pasting (shift-paste). (r2227)
* Cropping fixed for scaled video. (r2225)
* Alignment fixed for rotated video with custom alignment, when cropping.
* Fixed [#259]: Keyframe indicators are not shown during drag and drop. (r2224)
* Fixed [#275]: 'Fit all' and 'alignment left center' doesn't work properly for
portait shot video. (r2223)
* Automated scaling (Fit all and fit to fill) and alignment fixed in case
rotation is applied to the video. (r2223)
* When two adjacent keyframes use the same automated scaling and/or positioning,
all frames inbetween will also use that same automated scaling and/or
positioning. (r2223)
* Note: To avoid changing the output of existing save files, the automated
scaling and/or alignment for those files are changed to 'custom'. (r2223)
* Fixed [#287]: After spliting a video-only the wrong clip is selected in the
audio track. (r2222)
* Added buttons for (-)90 degrees rotation. (r2221)
* Default playback speed can be set via options dialog. (r2220)
* Default height of new tracks can be changed. (r2219)
* Save files are compressed (zipped). (r2218)
* Changed default folder of output file in case a new project is created 'from a
folder'. (r2210)
* Fixed crash when triggering Undo after closing Timeline. (r2183)
* Undo history is now 'per timeline'. (r2183)
* Fixed crash caused by upscaling to a very large image (memory issues) -
Example: cropping a lot in combination with 'fit to fill'. (r2175)
* Fixed crash when selecting unsupported output format extension in render
dialog. (r2173)
* Added support for mpeg 1 output. (r2173)
* When changing track heights, moving the mouse 'outside' the timeline does not
cause a 'revert' back to the original height. (r2172)

Release 0.3.18 (revision 2170)
* Fixed [#280]: View menu not updated when loading a workspace layout. (r2166)
* Fixed [#281]: Crash when adding file with loud audio (maximum) to timeline.

Release 0.3.17 (revision 2164)
* Added cropping controls. (r2157)
* Improved audio peaks. (r2153)
* Added support for changing speed of audio clips. (r2147)
* Fixed [#274]: Crash after opening unreadable project. (r2145)
* Fixed error causing the wrong thumbnail to be shown. (r2141)
* Fixed crash for files with audio files with varying channel layouts. (r2140)
* Avoid opening file streams with codecs not supported by avcodec (avoid crash
on non-implemented decoder). (r2139)
* Fixed crash when clicking on a media file in the project view and pressing
Right Arrow key. (r2135)
* Fixed crashes occurring after dragging clips from file system or project view
into timeline with multiple tracks with selected clips. (r2134)
* Fixed: If lengthy video file (more than twice the visible timeline length) is
dragged from project view or from file explorer, the dragged file is not
visible. (r2132)
* Fixed crashes when triggering Undo/Redo during DND and Trim operations.
* Fixed crash during trimming (audio peaks preview issue) (r2126)
* Fixed crash during rendering (avcodec locking issue). (r2126)
* Added Help menu option for submitting bug report/feature request. (r2124)
* Added 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 default scaling methods. (r2123)
* Added alignment options for Top left, Top Center, Top Right, etc. positions.
* Fixed: When project was closed, and then application was closed 'load last
project on startup' caused the project to be opened again upon startup. (r2122)

Release 0.3.16 (revision 2121)
* Added image gradient transition. (r2116)
* Control-A selects all clips. (r2111)
* Fixed reading video files for which not all frames contain pts data. (r2107)
* Fixed audio decoding bug causing noise (if decoding does not start at the
first packet of the file). (r2106)
* Fixed audio-video synchronization for files in which the audio and video
streams have different start positions. (r2092)
* Fixed audio-video synchronization for playback from a non zero position for
files for which the default seeking algorithm results in the wrong position
(always beginning of audio stream). (r2092)
* Properly set output file name and path when creating a project with only one
media file (by drag and drop or via the wizard). (r2091)
* Added support for media files for which the length can only be determined by
reading through the entire file. (r2081)
* Fixed bug causing the last video frame of some media files to be discarded.
* Fixed crash for audio files requiring multiple buffer sizes. (r2066)
* Fixed audio repositioning problem (playback starts at wrong position) in case
audio codec uses non zero start timestamp. (r2065)
* Updated ffmpeg to avcodec version 57 (20160301-git-1c7e2cf). (r2062)
* Fixed playback error for audio files with missing position data. (r2061)
* Fixed crash with some media files (containing planar audio data with
occasional missing data). (r2060)
* Fixed crash caused by decoding certain video files (video decode result
smaller than to be decoded packet size). (r2053)

Release 0.3.15 (revision 2052)
* Fixed [#269]: Length in details view not adjusted when changing speed. (r2044)
* Fixed [#268]: Select file dialog only shows audio file types by default. (r2043)
* Fixed crash on decoding .ts file (error in logging) (r2038)
* Fixed crash on decoding ssif file (video stream width and/or height 0). (r2038)
* Fixed crash when triggering 'undo' and/or 'redo' while playback is active. (r2029)
* Fixed crash when moving mouse pointer outside timeline during trimming. (r2026)
* Added Barn Doors transition. (r2025)
* Added Push transition. (r2024)
* Added Slide transition. (r2024)
* Fixed bug in video scaling that sometimes resulted in one or two black lines besides a video clip. (r2024)
* Added Wipe Image transition. (r2014)
* Removed menu items for creating transitions other than crossfade. (r2013)
* Transition type can be changed directly after creating. (r2013)
* Transition is selected directly after creation to facilitate changing the type. (r2009)
* Preview of transition can be shown during editing. (r2006)
* Fixed crash when using Fade to color transition. (r2003)
* Added Straight Wipe transition. (r2002)
* Added Arc Wipe transition. (r2002)
* Added Circle Wipe transition. (r2002)
* Added Clock Wipe Transition. (r2002)
* Added Double Clock Wipe transition. (r2002)
* NOTE: Any 'Bands' transitions in saved projects are replaced with Straight Wipe transitions with the default parameters (1 band). (r2002)
* After pressing 's' to split clips, the clip parts directly before the split are selected. (r1998)
* Fixed [#264]: History list often contains non existent projects. Non-existent files are now removed from the history upon startup. (r1997)
* Added [#263]: Add reset button (to normal speed) to playback speed slider popup window. (r1996)
* Fixed hangup in generating debug/crash report. (r1994)

Release 0.3.14 (revision 1990)
* Fixed crash on systems with specific 'decimal separator' setting. (r1984)
* Fixed crash when rendering empty sequence. (r1981)
* Added support for audio key frames. (r1978)
* Project pane titles are now also properly translated. (r1967)
* Changing a program option that requires a restart results in a dialog that enables automatically doing so. (r1966)
* Added Russian translation. (r1965)
* Fixed crash due to inaccessible file properties (leading to invalid time assert) (r1964)
* Fixed crash after reporting failure to initialize audio playback. (r1963)
* Added support for video key frames. (r1940)
* Fixed [#253]: When the clips used for a transition are selected (but the transition is not), cut/copy/paste now include the transition as well. (r1910)
* Fixed [#251]: 's' (split at cursor) does not work during playback. (r1909)
* Fixed [#252]: Details not updated after moving a clip. (r1908)
* Fixed [#242]: Crash during DND. (r1907)
* Fised [#256]: Automatically added tracks (during dragging) are not removed when moving the mouse pointer outside the timeline. (r1906)
* Fixed redrawing issue when aborting a drag operation. (r1906)
* Fixed [#255]: When dragging video-only/audio-only and moving the cursor below all audio tracks/above all video an additional audio track is created. (r1905)
* Added support for reading of files with more than 2 audio channels (note: output still limited to at most two channels) (r1903)
* Fixed crash when resizing window during playback. (r1902)
* Fixed crash after seeking fails. (r1901)
* Fixed crash when selecting Delete without any selection in the Project View. (r1900)
* Include (stripped) PDB with binaries for stack traces. (r1899)
* Fixed crash in decoding of audio data. (r1898)

Release 0.3.13 (revision 1897)
* German translation (well... done by a Dutch guy....) (r1891)
* Dutch translation (r1890)
* After using b/e to trim the trimmed clip is selected. (r1889)
* Added menu option for reverting back to last saved state. (r1886)
* Added support for translations. (r1882)
* Fixed [#243]: Crash when closing multiple Vidiot windows simultaneously. (r1872)
* Fixed [#246]: Automated scrolling during playback only works for a short time. (r1871)
* 'v' key (reposition cursor) works during playback. (r1871)
* Fixed [#249]: Crash when rendering AAC. (r1870)

Release 0.3.12 (revision 1865)
* Added option to enable/disable automatic track creation during drag and drop. (r1855)
* Added [#221]: Change speed of video clips. (r1854)
* Fixed [#240]: Preview not updated when undoing/?redoing. (r1852)
* Fixed: After trimming the preview is not replaced with the view of the timeline at the cursor position. (r1852)
* Fixed [#241]: When closing a pane, the view menu is not updated accordingly. (r1850)
* Fixed [#238]: Crash when reducing the timeline size to zero. (r1849)
* Improved Undo handling for editing clip details. (r1848)
* Fixed bug where no scrollbar is generated when adding an audio track. (r1845)
* Clip length change in Details View can also be triggered with keys '1' - '9' when editing in the timeline. (r1841)
* Clip lengths in Details View customizable. (r1841)
* Added [#235]: Trimming of only the audio (or video) part of a clip is now possible (by pressing 'u' during the trim operation). (r1840)

Release 0.3.11 (revision 1839)
* Selecting clips with Alt pressed now selects clips in all tracks. (r1838)
* Fixed crash after left-clicking on an empty region and then pressing a button in the details view. (r1837)
* Fixed crash when using copy/paste in the Project View. (r1836)
* Added [#228]: When dragging clips, a new track is created (if required) during dragging. (r1834)
* Upgraded ffmpeg libraries to version 2015-08-20 git-db91e0e. (r1833)
* Fixed crash for determining timestamps for certain (video) file types. (r1833)
* Fixed [#233]: Autofolders don't work after opening a project. (r1831)
* Fixed [#234]: Crash when starting a drag with a first motion that is 'outside' any track. (r1830)
* Fixed crash when generating debug report (causing Vidiot to disappear without debug report or causing the debug report generation to hang). (r1829)

Release 0.3.10 (revision 1828)
* Timeline popup not shown when no menu entries are enabled. (r1827)
* Fixed [#229]: Can't set video bit rate beyond 10000000. (r1826)
* Improved decoding for initial video frames for files where video codec has a delay (typically, h264). (r1825)
* Improved audio-video-sync for files where video codec has a delay (typically, h264). (r1825)
* Update wxWidgets version to Git (10-8-2015) (r1824)
* Added [#225]: CTRL-W closes project. (r1823)
* Fixed crash when dropping a very large video file into the timeline (from the project view or directly from the os). (r1822)
* Fixed crash during editing (0-sized bitmap was created). (r1822)

Release 0.3.9 (revision 1821)
* Fixed [#218]: Crash when opening certain .mpg files. (r1821)
* Added "ogv" to list of known file extensions. (r1821)

Release 0.3.8 (revision 1820)
* Fixed crash for files in which the audio data is slightly shorter than the video data. (r1819)

Release 0.3.7 (revision 1818)
* When a debug report is generated, email client is opened for sending the report. (r1813)
* Fixed crash when using mp3 files containing cover image(s). (r1812)
* Fixed crash when using mp3 files with an incomplete last packet. (r1812)
* Added [#216]: Feature request: Fade to white. (r1805)
* Fixed crash when dropping file(s) onto window without opened project. (r1803)
* Fixed [#194]: [Linux] Timeline time scale drawn without white background and dividers only drawn partially when zooming in fully. (r1802)
* Fixed [#212]: Bottom timeline part not properly redrawn. (r1800)
* Fixed [#210]:Crash when changing clip volume during playback. (r1799)
* Fixed [#209]: Crash when enlarging unlinked audio clip beyond the file length. (r1798)
* Fixed [#211]: No vertical timeline scrollbar when audio-video divider has been moved down. (r1797)
* Added [#198]: Show audio peaks in timeline. (r1787)
* Fixed [#208]: Wrong feedback during trimming when trim is started on a audioclip. (r1787)
* Added keyboard shortcut 'c' for removing empty space under mouse pointer. (r1777)
* Fixed [#203]: m2v video files are not opened. (r1775)
* Fixed [#206]: [Linux] Move unused video files to recycle bin does not work. (r1774)

Release 0.3.6 (revision 1773)
* [Windows] Render progress is shown in the task bar button. (r1768)
* Fixed [#196]: [Linux] When timeline is opened it does not have the keyboard focus. (r1767)
* Fixed [#181]: [Linux] Scrub and playback responsiveness is too low. (r1765)
* Make portable versions (not requiring install) (r1764)
* Right mouse button scrolling also works vertically. (r1759)
* Fixed [#195]: When scrolling vertically the timescale is not redrawn properly. (r1758)
* Fixed [#183]: [Linux] Crash when starting drag of clip. (r1752)
* Dropping a project file from the file system now opens that Project. (r1749)
* Fixed [#193]: Crash when modifying project tree via drag and drop. (r1749)
* Playback speed is stored in saved project. (r1748)
* Fixed [#174]: Faster playback with correct audio pitch does not work. (r1747)
* Fixed [#186]: [Linux] Crash when adding large directory tree. (r1746)
* Fixed [#166]: First playback after trim (or shift-delete) shows only black video sometimes. (r1743)
* Fixed [#188]: [Linux] Crash when opening project with folder that has been removed from disk. (r1741)
* Fixed [#182]: Editing via 'b' shows flickering ui. (r1740)
* Pressing 'v' positions the scrollbars such that the cursor is at 1/4th of the timeline (was: centered). (r1734)
* Fixed [#180]: [Linux] Ctrl-S does not work when the focus is on the timeline. (r1734)
* Fixed [#191]: [Linux] No feedback on begin trim. (r1733)

Release 0.3.5 (revision 1723)
* Fixed [#184]: Crash when rendering h264 video. (r1718)
* Fixed [#173]: When shift-begin trimming, clips 'shifted in' are 'empty'. (r1716)
* Fixed [#175]: When dragging transitions, the area under the transitions is black. (r1715)
* Fixed [#177]: Can't extend clip via trimming if both the clip and its link have a fade out or fade in transition. (r1714)
* Fixed [#176]: Crossfade to next/from previous enabled in popup menu but not possible. (r1713)
* Fixed [#164]: Clip with transitions snaps incorrectly during trimming. (r1712)
* Fixed [#165]: Last clip trims awkwardly at end (only with shift seems possible) (r1711)
* Removed command line /e switch (filename is now enough) (r1708)
* Fixed [#170]: When indexing folder/files the text line indicating how much was found is not wrapped around when too long. (r1707)
* First installable Linux version (Ubuntu 14.04.1) (r1698)

Release 0.3.4 (revision 1682)
* Added rendering support for H265 (r1678)
* Upgrade ffmpeg to 20141228-git-750b10f version. (r1677)
* Fixed playback for video files starting with a 'partial/incorrect' frame. (r1677)
* Fixed [#160]: Sometimes small audio 'pop' after a audio transition. (r1676)
* Improved audio seeking to seek to accurate sample when making cuts/transitions/etc. (r1676)

Release 0.3.3 (revision 1674)
* Fixed [#157]: Select two clips, deselect one, no details view shown. (r1673)
* Fixed [#161]: Crash when opening project for which a png/tiff image (in timeline) has been removed from disk. (r1672)
* Fixed [#162]: Last progress in status bar not removed after folder indexing done. (r1671)

Release 0.3.2 (revision 1670)
* Fixed [#159]: Audio-?Video sync lost after rendering. (r1651)
* Fixed [#158]: Playback of last clip in timeline stutters. (r1648)

Release 0.3.1 (revision 1647)
* Fixed [#155]: Crash caused by creating audio cross fade at end of clip for which the file meta data has not yet been read. (r1647)
* Added "Cut", "Copy", and "Paste here" options to the timeline popup menu. (r1645)
* Fixed [152]: Position offset used for centering rotated image is not saved. (r1639)
* Fixed [32]: Make it possible to duplicate a clip in the timeline. (r1639)
* Added support for Cut, Copy, and Paste into the timeline. (r1639)
* Added support for pasting files from the filesystem directly into the timeline. (r1639)
* Added support for pasting files copied from the project view directly into the timeline. (r1639)
* Added [#150]: Allow dropping files from the file system directly into the timeline. (r1637)
* Enable Cut, Copy, and Paste main menu options when the Project View has focus. (r1637)
* Allow pasting files selected in the file explorer directly into the project view. (r1637)
* Added [#138]: Pressing 'c' centers timeline on cursor pointer. (r1630)
* Fixed crash when pressing 'c' (create transition) with the mouse on an empty area. (r1629)
* Fixed crash when pressing 'c' on a clip adjacent to an empty area. (r1629)
* Removed 'c' key option (replaced with 'p' and 'n') for creating transitions. (r1629)
* Fixed [#148]: Crash when importing very small image/?video. (r1628)
* Fixed [#151]: Crash when dropping file that is longer than the timeline. (r1627)
* Fixed [#149]: Holding mouse down on a selected clip deselects the clip. That makes dragging the current selection difficult. (r1626)
* Made starting a drag with multiple selected clips easier. (r1626)
* When trimming a clip selection changes to only that clip. (r1626)
* Updated icons in Project View and Options Dialog (r1625)
* Added [#145]: Alpha channel support for images (facilitate titles) (r1623)
* Fixed [#147]: When dragging video-only or audio-only clip to timeline, the missing data is replaced with empty clip (which obscures clips in the other tracks). (r1622)
* Fixed [#144]: Title not reset when closing project. (r1621)
* Compile with Visual Studio 2013 (r1614)
* Updated wxWidgets to revision 77985 (r1614)
* Updated Boost to 1.56.0 (r1614)
* Updated Portaudio to revision 1933 (r1614)
* Updated Soundtouch to revision 201 (r1614)

Release 0.2.10 (revision 1613)
* Fixed [#141]: Crash after creating audio cross fade (with unlinked video clip in video track) (r1612)
* Fixed [#142]: Crash after shift-trimming clip (for which audio video lengths are different) (r1612)
* Fixed [#143]: Crash when creating cross fade via 'c' for a clip that already has a transition. (r1611)
* Fixed [#139]: Crash when changing clip length via length button, if audio clip has two adjacent crossfades. (r1610)
* Fixed [#137]: Changing volume slider has no effect when changing the volume for a second clip. (r1609)

Release 0.2.9 (revision 1608)
* Added [#127]: Make menu option to directly open media file from the Project menu. (r1606)
* Fixed [#136]: Crash after adding folder on disk which is a drive root (C:, D;, etc.). (r1605)
* Removed recursion for updating folders sync with disk. (r1605)
* Added wizard for creating new project. (r1603)
* Fixed [#125]: If a .vid file is dropped onto the Vidiot window it is opened as media, not as project. (r1603)
* Fixed crash during playback of file with mp2 audio. (r1593)
* File paths in the project are now stored relative to the project's save folder. Moving project and files together now possible. (r1591)
* Added [#131]: In the player show the total length of the sequence also. (r1590)
* Fixed [#126]: Crash when dropping clip at the beginning of the timeline (when cursor is positioned near the end of the drop) (r1589)
* Fixed [#133]: Crash when trimming near transition which is completely on one side of the cut between two clips. (r1588)
* Fixed [#132]: Crash when deleting and trimming clips. (r1584)

Release 0.2.8 (revision 1583)
* Fixed [#128]: ProjectView icon for sequences equals the icon for media files. (r1581)
* Fixed [#129]: When dropping only one file from the file system, no timeline is created. (r1579)
* Fixed [#120]: Improve frame interpolation (when adjusting video frame rate). (r1575)
* Fixed [#78]: Audio-Video sync sometimes slightly off. (r1575)
* Fixed [#122]: Bypass Soundtouch if not required. (r1574)
* Fixed crash (incorrect assert) for MSMPEG4-2 avi file. (r1558)
* Fixed [#124]: Hangup when clicking on an external URL in the about box. (r1557)

Release 0.2.7 (revision 1556)
* Fixed playback issue for preview window. (r1555)
* Fixed [#118]: Shift drag does not work when drag originates from project view. (r1460)
* Fixed [#119]: View not updated correctly when shift dragging beyond the length of the timeline. (r1459)
* Fixed [#113]: Initial project start should be easier. (r1458)
* Added support for drag and drop from the file system. (r1458)
* Fixed [#117]: Avoid creating project with wrong default framerate (project properties opened immediately after project creation) (r1456)
* Added dialog for changing project properties. (r1455)

Release 0.2.6 (revision 1453)
* Changed default framerate to 24p (r1451)
* Fixed crash when simultaneously zooming/scrolling and opening the popup Menu (r1449)
* Fixed [#107]: Thumbnails not always drawn (r1449)
* Fixed [#115]: Make right-mouse scrolling as fast as using the scrollbar. (r1448)
* Right mouse scrolling works always, even when dragging/changing dividers/etc. (r1448)
* Added [#106]: Right mouse button scrolling works during playback. (r1447)
* When creating crossfades avoid trimming clips if there's not enough room on only one side. (r1446)
* Fixed [#116]: Crossfade becomes fade-in/fade-out when trimming on one edge to the minimum size. (r1445)
* Fixed [#109]: Make length buttons work also when the clip is part of a transition (r1445)
* Added [103]: Add 1/?4s to fixed lengths (for transitions) and make more length buttons enabled by allowing a dual trim (both left side and right side) upon press of the button. (r1444)
* Added [#104]: Add 2/1 zoom level (add one zoom level) (r1443)
* Fixed [#110]: When shift-trimming a lot of clips are selected (r1442)
* Added [#101]: Create keyboard shortcut ('V') to center the cursor. (r1441)
* Fixed [#100]: Hint text for length buttons wrong (r1440)
* Fixed [105]: Crash during playback with multiple audio tracks. (r1439)
* Fixed [#116] : Popup menu in Project view shows illegal items if a sequence is selected. Selecting these items results in crash. (r1438)
* Improved responsiveness of drawing thumbnails (rendered in separate thread) (r1432)
* Fixed crash when changing zoom while dragging clips (r1430)
* Fixed [#7]: Thumbnails not updated when zoooming in/out. (r1421)
* Fixed [#92]: Crash when pressing space. (r1421)
* Initial loading time of project improved. (r1421)
* Fixed [#91]: Playback directly after end trim (via 'e') gives black video (r1417)
* Fixed [#90]: Black flash (in timeline) when using 'b' to begin trim (r1416)

Release 0.2.5 (revision 1415)
* Fixed crash when adding a non-existent file (again) via Undo/Redo. (r1409)
* Fixed crash when rendering sequence with empty video (r1408)
* Fixed [#75]: Busy loop after pressing space. (r1407)
* When video preview can't keep up with audio, video no longer stops updating; frames are skipped. (r1407)
* Added menu options for showing/hiding panes (Project/Details/Preview/Timelines). (r1407)
* Upgrade ffmpeg libraries version to 20140105-git-70937d9 (r1404)
* Improved seeking in H.264 files (r1404)
* Fixed [#85]: Crash when dragging a file from an autofolder into another (non-auto) folder (r1400)
* Added [#62]: Add support for rotating video in composition. (r1394)
* When changing 'show bounding box' the preview is updated immediately. (r1391)
* Bounding box shown during trim operation. (r1389)
* Fixed [#61]: Proper alpha support for scaled clips (better transitioning/multi layering) (r1388)
* Added [#80]: Add mechanism to change audio clip volume (r1383)
* Fixed [#83]: Crash during playback of h.264 28fps mp4 file (r1381)
* Fixed [#74]: Hangup when repositioning cursor in large file (r1381)
* Changed time calculations to using 64 bit integers (some - h.264 - files cause integer overflows resulting in crashes when opening) (r1379)
* Added [#76]: 'b' and 's' work during playback (r1378)
* Fixed [#79]: Crash when dropping clip adjacent to a transition. (r1377)
* Fixed [#82]: Shift End Trim not allowed when a clip in another track is touching the end point. (r1376)
* Fixed [#77]: Wrong cursor during playback (r1372)
* Fixed [#81]: Crash when scrubbing over a bands transitions for which all the underlying video files are unavailable. (r1371)
* Fixed crash during animated delete (shift delete press) when system is slow. (r1346)

Release 0.2.4 (revision 1340)
* Fixed [#53]: Hangup (busy looping caused by too large allocation for EmptyChunk) when repositioning cursor (r1338)
* Added [#67]: Add keyboard shortcuts ('b' and 'e') for trimming the clip under the cursor between the begin/end and the cursor position (r1337)
* Fixed [#71]: Crash when changing clip via length button. (r1336)
* After pressing a length button in the details view, focus is given back to the timeline such that subsequent keypresses work without having to click on the timeline first. (r1335)
* Fixed [#66]: Add option to separate clips in a 'generated sequence' when the file name prefix (r1333)
* Fixed [#65]: Clip details only shows length for the selected clip, not for the link. (r1332)
* Fixed [#60]: Crash when closing project while folder indexing still running in the background (r1331)
* Fixed [#73]: Text in status bar wrong when saving project with a different name (r1330)
* Fixed [#58]: Shift delete of a 'unlinked' video/audio clip causes video-audio mismatch (r1329)
* Fixed [#57]: After doing a shift begin trim, the cursor is moved to another position. (r1327)
* Fixed [#51]: Project is not modified (save option enabled) when the audio video track divider is moved (r1325)

Release 0.2.3 (revision 1322)
* Add [#56]: Add project name to title bar (r1320)
* Fixed stack overflow error when (r1315)
* saving/loading a large project (r1315)

Release 0.2.2 (revision 1313)
* Number of backed up save files can be limited (default: 10). Oldest backup files are moved to the recycle bin. (r1312)
* Before overwriting an existing save file, this file is backed up first. This avoids unrecoverable files when saving fails. (r1311)

Release 0.2.1 (revision 1310)
* Changed default project size to 1280x720 (r1308)
* Added [#36]: Store cursor position and scroll position when saving (r1304)
* Upgraded to use Visual Studio 2012, wxWidgets 3.0.0/r74976, Boost 1.54.0, Portaudio v19/r1910, and Soundtouch 1.7.1/r173 (r1300)
* Changed save/load format to xml (not compatible with previous save files) (r1297)
* Added [#24]: Make sliding bands transition (r1291)
* Fixed [#33]: Drag and drop between tracks of different height looks awkward (r1284)
* Fixed [#44]: Crash if a project is opened for which a file is missing that is part of a transition (r1283)
* Fixed [#46]: Can't change video bitrate beyond 4000000 (r1281)
* Fixed [#45]: Project is not modified (save option enabled) when render settings change (r1280)
* Added option to move unused (in the project) video files to the recycle bin (r1279)
* Fixed [#43]: Crash during Drag and drop of clip over a transition (r1278)
* Added [#39]: Make fixed lengths buttons (details view) work for transitions also (r1277)
* Added [#37]: Make keyboard shortcut for (temporarily) disabling snapping (during drag and drop and trimming) (r1276)
* Added [#31]: Make unlink audio and video popup menu option (r1275)
* Fixed [#34]: When shift trimming, the cursor is moved 'along' when moving the mouse. That makes 'snap to cursor' useless. (r1274)
* Fixed [#42]: Delete and trim selected can mess up timeline (r1273)
* Fixed [#38]: Cross fade to next menu option visible when the 'next' clip cannot be extended at the beginning (r1272)
* Fixed crash when trimming a clip that is directly adjacent to a clip with length 0 (part of a transition) (r1271)
* Fixed [#41]: Right click directly below a transition: the transition becomes selected, not the 'logical clip' (r1270)
* Fixed [#35]: Crash when opening popup menu by right clicking 'below' a transition. (r1269)
* Fixed [#40]: Crash during playback/rendering of a sequence with many cross-fades (r1268)

Release 0.1.3 (revision 1267)
* Fixed [#20]: Playback does not work properly (hick-ups) (r1267)
* Added Delete and Trim popup menu option (r1264)
* Fixed [#30}: crash during rendering (too many threads) (r1263)
* Fixed [#14]: Shift begin trim moves awkward (r1262)
* Fixed [#22]: When the sequence length increases, the timeline (scroll pane) doesn't increase also (r1257)
* Added [#17]: When cursor is outside visible region (after cursor move), move scrollbars to show the cursor again. During playback also scroll such that the cursor remains visible. (r1256)
* Added [#15]: In details view show length of clip (r1255)
* Added [#19]: Add delete option to popup menu for clips (shift press shifts also) (r1254)
* Fixed [#23]: When zooming in/?out the current cursor position is lost. Timeline center position is now kept aligned. (r1253)
* Fixed [#27]: Give feedback when project is saved (r1251)
* Fixed [#29]: Can't stop playback after pressed shift to start a region (r1250)
* Fixed [#28]: Crash when pressing 's' during playback (r1249)
* Fixed [#16]: Crash during playback of audio crossfade (r1248)
* Fixed [#18]: Playback of empty audio clips is wrong (r1247)

Release 0.1.2 (revision 1246)
* Fixed [#13]: Crash in audio handling when playing 24p video on a 24p project (r1242)
* Fixed [#12]: Default framerate not saved after changing in options dialog (r1239)
* Fixed [#11]: Shift trim at begin of clip 'aligns' in the wrong direction (r1238)
* Fixed [#2]: When doing a drag operation, the thumbnail of the dragged clip 'strays' behind. (r1237)

Release 0.1.1 (revision 1235)
* Fixed [#6]: Audio and video clip lengths now 64 bits (r1231)
* Fixed [#9]: Creating a sequence for a 'auto' folder a second time creates a sequence with exactly the same name (r1230)
* Thumbnails corrected for clips that do not start at a file's beginning. (r1228)

Release 0.1.0 (revision 1223)
* Initial version* Fixed [#4]: UI Hangup during playback (r1222)

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