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VideoPad makes editing your video easy. This full featured video editor lets you create professional looking videos with transitions, music and narration in just minutes. VideoPad is also one of the fastest video stream processors on the market today. Pro version costs $70.

Trialware $40
OS: Win Mac
File size: 2.7MB
Version history
12 votes
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VideoPad Video Editor screenshot
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Latest version

8.10 (February 24, 2020)


Visit developer's site

Download VideoPad Video Editor 8.10 Windows  2.7MB  Win

Download VideoPad Video Editor 8.02 Mac  ca 2.7MB  Mac

Software License

Shareware (Free download but time limited software. Full version from $40)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Version 8.10
Windows Release
Uploaded 2020-02-25

Version 8.09
Windows Release
Smarter snapping
Timeline clip linking
Uploaded 2020-02-20

Version 8.06
Windows Release
Uploaded 2020-02-12

Version 8.04
Windows Release
Uploaded 2020-02-04

Version 8.00
Windows Release
Uploaded 2020-01-09

Version 7.51
Windows Release
Uploaded 2019-12-01

Version 7.50
Windows Release
more functions to right click menu of wave form.
Uploaded 2019-11-26

Version 7.39
Windows Release
Normalization should be done with the sound cache analyzer based normalization system
transition needs to support variable frame rate
Uploaded 2019-11-06

Version 7.34
Windows Release
Fix "View" options for clip preview
Pan & Zoom presets
Uploaded 2019-10-16

Version 7.32
Windows Release
Add unit test for exporting dialogues
Uploaded 2019-09-28

Version 7.30
Windows Release
Cache File Deletion
Change the cache cleanup to use Ben' new LSoundCacheCleanup
Uploaded 2019-08-31

Version 7.25
Windows Release
integrate cut list add an attribute to any audio clip of its type into videopad.
Allow change of preview playback speed
Show bpm in wave form
SIMD implementation for alpha blending
Remove dependency of ffmpeg: Writing our own scale function
Find and remove redundant UI update
Fix effect source taking in output resolution
Uploaded 2019-08-09

Version 7.24
Windows Release
Uploaded 2019-07-19

Version 7.23
Windows Release
integrate cut list speech to text overlay into videopad.
integrate cut list BPM and beat detection into videopad.
Fix and Simplify ExpressAnimate integration
Uploaded 2019-07-17

Version 7.22
Windows Release
Update VPClip, move attributes to effect and video source.
change the audio cache to use the cut list cache.
GUI - Add auto detect audio.
remove the 'display' aspect ratio from the video sources entirely and in videopad, add code to simply convert all content to square on opening the video source.
Uploaded 2019-07-12

Version 7.21
Windows Release
Video and Audio clip looping
Add a sequence output option to aspect ratio changing effects
Uploaded 2019-07-02

Version 7.11
Windows Release
Add clever logic to insert the fixed frame rate source in any clip to minimize processing
Zoom and crop at original resolution
[Effect] Trapezoidal & Free Form Video Crop
Uploaded 2019-05-03

Version 7.10
Windows Release
Speed up MJPEG decode
Green Screen Improvements
Uploaded 2019-04-15

Version 7.05
Windows Release
Uploaded 2019-04-03

Version 7.04
Windows Release
Add a new level caching
Aspect ratio option missing for export
VPClip architecture
Save export codec settings to project
Uploaded 2019-03-27

Version 7.03
Windows Release
caching with speed change.
Uploaded 2019-02-26

Version 7.02
Windows Release
Multi-threading preview (separate thread for each track)
Add unit testing for effect.
Save open project as template menu dropdown option for Templates button
Uploaded 2019-02-18

Version 7.01
Windows Release
Lossless now support export to different format
[TEMPLATE] Merge template with current project
Review Auto-detect function
Uploaded 2019-02-08

Version 7.00
Windows Release
Uploaded 2019-01-03

Version 6.32
Windows Release
Uploaded 2018-12-14

Version 6.31
Windows Release
Decouple from FFMPEG
Video effect: Noise Reduction
Uploaded 2018-12-11

Version 6.30
Windows Release
Use Speech to Text to generate subtitles
Uploaded 2018-11-13

Version 6.29
Windows Release
Uploaded 2018-10-31

Version 6.28
Windows Release
Extract scale function in FFMPEG into cpp file without dependencies
Make it easier to export vertical videos
Normalise track volume
Support more formats for lossless export
Uploaded 2018-10-29

Version 6.24
Windows Release
Improve DVD Menu Creation
Uploaded 2018-10-06

Version 6.23
Windows Release
Export Dialog Tidy
Add tool tips to all controls on Export Dialog
Uploaded 2018-09-26

Version 6.22
Windows Release
DVD - create a menu list with the chapters,
Uploaded 2018-09-12

Version 6.20
Windows Release
Uploaded 2018-09-01

Version 6.10
Windows Release
Uploaded 2018-05-12

Version 6.03
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2018-04-13

Version 6.02
iOS Release
[360 video] "View in 360" effect
Add new transitions that are available in Desktop version.
Add new effects that are available in Desktop version.
Position and animate audio clips and tracks in surround sound space
link subtitles to the clip and position
Uploaded 2018-04-12

Version 6.01
Windows Release
Align audio to the first frame of the video
Revise text clip widgets and make them work with 360 preview mode
Uploaded 2018-02-28

Version 6.00
Windows Release
[SVAR] Adding Video Tutorials are a third tab on the preview window
Uploaded 2018-01-13

Version 5.32
Windows Release
Uploaded 2017-12-18

Version 5.31
Windows Release
Uploaded 2017-12-13

Version 5.30

Windows Release
VST plugins
Uploaded 2017-11-18

Version 5.30

Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2017-11-17

Version 5.21

Mac OS X Release
H.265 support improvements
[Audio][Effect] Noise removal
[Audio][Effect] Normalize
Uploaded 2017-10-25

Version 5.20

Windows Release
Add 360 preview aspect ratio to the preview resolution presets list and use in 360 mode unless customer choose other resolution to prevent the checkerboard patterns on top and bottom due to wrong
Support encoding for more portable devices
Do not restart building preview from scratch when changing in|out position.
Fix sequence clips are not cached
Uploaded 2017-10-16

Version 5.12

Mac OS X Release
Add playback only volume control
[SVAR] Add option to place clips on timeline automatically
Uploaded 2017-09-01

Version 5.11

Windows Release
Add iphone 7, 7plus and SE to the supported list while exporting
SVAR - on export tell user that they are using a trial version that will expire
[360 view] Add 'Recenter' feature
Improve pan and zoom usability by giving more prompts
When user click on Sequence->clip->FX, please open the Effects preview at the time matching to the time on sequence. If the time on sequence out of clips range, set the time in FX Previ
Solution for the Memory fragmentation issue during export
Make speed change more precisely
Add "Multi-Split Selected Clips" function
Add description to transition tool tips
Audio effect: Equaliser
Uploaded 2017-08-23
Version 5.10

Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2017-08-07

Version 5.04
Windows Release
Better expose non destructive(lossless) editing
Support APNG
[Social Media] Upload to youtube as 360 video
Title and Credits templates
Uploaded 2017-07-14

Version 5.03
Windows Release
Uploaded 2017-04-18

Version 5.02
Windows Release
[360 Video] Add Scale parameter to Spherical Inverse(360 overlay) effect
Add Effect letting put 2d video or picture into 360 compilation
[360 video] Add toggle buttons on preview control panel to switch between normal and 360 preview mode
Add description for individual effect to effect tool tips
[360 Video] Add 360 video resolutions into the presets while exporting and 360 preset.
[360 Video] Add widgets for editing Place in 360 effect
Uploaded 2017-04-13

Version 5.01
Windows Release
[Effect] Add Censor Effect
Uploaded 2017-02-17

Version 5.00
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2017-02-01

Version 4.58
Windows Release
Add Right click context menu on the rich edit control for text clips
Uploaded 2016-12-14

Version 4.56
Mac OS X Release
Roll edit: Dragging In/Out point of sequence clip moves In/Out point of neighbouring clip
[Minimize Memory Usage] Stop thumbnail thread while exporting
[Minimize Memory Usage] Minimize threads for encoder according to resolution
[Minimize Memory Usage] Keep track of encoder and decoder usage
Add support for Mac Photos app drag and drop
Automatic default export settings
Uploaded 2016-12-08

Version 4.54
iOS Release
Make creating overlapping area for transitions easier
Uploaded 2016-08-22

Version 4.53
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2016-08-16

Version 4.52
iOS Release
Uploaded 2016-08-02

Version 4.49
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2016-07-19

Version 4.48
Windows Release
Right click on a key frame popup context menu instead of delete the keyframe
Uploaded 2016-07-05

Version 4.46
Mac OS X Release
Add 'Unlink Video and Audio' to the Clip menu and Clip/Sequence toolbars
The option to Show background image while adjusting an effect.
Uploaded 2016-06-08

Version 4.45
Windows Release
Add prompt to vote on greenlight if user has steam installed and selects "I love it" when asked to rate it.
Video effect: Vintage Movie
Make blur effect resolution independent
Uploaded 2016-05-26

Version 4.44
Windows Release
Improve mask effect
Ken Burns effect (pan & zoom)
Uploaded 2016-05-19

Version 4.43
Android Release
Add effect parameter labels in animation editor
Uploaded 2016-04-27

Version 4.41
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2016-03-21

Version 4.40
Windows Release
Uploaded 2016-03-17

Version 4.39
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2016-03-11

Version 4.38
iOS Release
Effect chain presets
Uploaded 2016-03-05

Version 4.37
iOS Release
Uploaded 2016-03-04

Version 4.36
iOS Release
Uploaded 2016-03-04

Version 4.35
iOS Release
Rate It
Uploaded 2016-03-02

Version 4.34
Android Release
Add ability to open files from shared sources.
Uploaded 2016-02-26

Version 4.33
Windows Release
Uploaded 2016-02-23

Version 4.32
iOS Release
Uploaded 2016-02-19

Version 4.31
Windows Release
Improve effect keyframe editing
Drag to rearrange effects
Modeless effects dialog
Generate effect and transition icons at install time instead of bundling resources
Effect chain presets
If user just clicked on a text clip and trying to modify font properties, such as B/U/I, size, color, apply those to the whole text instead of to the future typed text
Allow user to edit effects before apply them to multiple clips
Svariant substantive export limit
Uploaded 2016-02-17

Version 4.30
Windows Release
Uploaded 2015-12-31

Version 4.23
Mac OS X Release
Video transition: More 3D transitions
[App Store] Reduce free version features
[mac] Automatically adjust bitrate of QuickTime H264 encoder based on output resolution and framerate
Implement Stabilise
Uploaded 2015-12-26

Version 4.22
Windows Release
Split screen tools
Video effect: Shake
Allow constant FPS output
Portable project file
Antialiasing on rotated videos
Uploaded 2015-11-14

Version 4.21
Windows Release
"Place Clip on Sequence": Use split button instead of dialog to choose method
Uploaded 2015-10-26

Version 4.14
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2015-10-05

Version 4.13
Mac OS X Release
Use multiple processor cores to render built-in effects and transition
Improve preview dialog
Video transition: More 3D transitions (e.g., Cube Spin)
Improve shadow effect
Port live effect and transition previews
Uploaded 2015-09-19

Version 4.12
iOS Release
Live effect and transition previews
Uploaded 2015-09-01

Version 4.11
Windows Release
Make scrobbling optional.
Save Project and Save must both allow both vpj and video outputs
Add Zoom effect (from PhotoStage)
On the Welcome screen the way to load selected project is not obvious.
Uploaded 2015-08-27

Version 4.10
Windows Release
Audio scrubbing
Make it easier to select blank clip colours (move it from the popup window to the clip preview control panel)
Use rich text for text rendering
Use native clipboard for file copy/paste in/out
Uploaded 2015-07-15

Version 4.09
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2015-06-20

Version 4.08
Windows Release
Uploaded 2015-06-18

Version 4.07
Mac OS X Release
Simplify export dialog
Improve font select drop down
Uploaded 2015-06-06

Version 4.05
Windows Release
Batch editing
Add feature to retry uploading to social media site servers
Uploaded 2015-05-14

Version 4.04
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2015-04-08

Version 4.03
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2015-03-27

Version 4.00
Windows Release
Uploaded 2015-03-13

Version 3.91
iOS Release
Mask video to oval, rectangle, star, etc., with optional feathering (soft / smooth edges)
Uploaded 2015-02-20

Version 3.90
Mac OS X Release
Port H.264 lossless video export
Uploaded 2015-02-07

Version 3.89
Windows Release
Apply effects to multiple selected clips
Uploaded 2015-02-05

Version 3.86
Windows Release
Move green screen effect to the effects dialogue
Allow recording video in 16:9 or any other resolution
Uploaded 2015-01-29

Version 3.86
Windows Release
Move green screen effect to the effects dialogue
Allow recording video in 16:9 or any other resolution
Uploaded 2015-01-29

Version 3.85
Windows Release
Make it easier to rotate video by 90 degrees
Uploaded 2015-01-11

Version 3.84
Android Release
Uploaded 2015-01-08

Version 3.83
Mac OS X Release
Video effect: Motion Blur
Uploaded 2015-01-07

Version 3.82
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2014-12-23

Version 3.81
Windows Release
Uploaded 2014-12-16

Version 3.80
Android Release
Lossless editing (no transcoding)
Video effect: Colour Balance (a.k.a. Colour Correction)
Uploaded 2014-12-12

Version 3.79
Windows Release
Remove Clip preview window
Should be able to add new video file to sequence sooner
Sound speed change effect with pitch change
Uploaded 2014-11-29

Version 3.78
Android Release
Uploaded 2014-11-02

Version 3.77
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2014-10-28

Version 3.76
Android Release
Uploaded 2014-10-17

Version 3.74
Windows Release
Uploaded 2014-10-14

Version 3.73
Windows Release
Uploaded 2014-10-10

Version 3.72
Windows Release
Uploaded 2014-10-02

Version 3.71
Mac OS X Release
[Mac App Store] Change paid features appearance
Uploaded 2014-09-30

Version 3.70
Windows Release
Make it easier to add clips to the sequence one by one
Uploaded 2014-09-19

Version 3.61
Windows Release
Bluray burning
Share / Export tab
Optimise toolbar
Uploaded 2014-08-23

Version 3.60
Windows Release
Uploaded 2014-08-08

Version 3.58
Windows Release
Uploaded 2014-08-01

Version 3.57
Windows Release
Uploaded 2014-07-26

Version 3.55
Windows Release
Mask-based transitions look crap in HD
Uploaded 2014-07-20

Version 3.54
Windows Release
Uploaded 2014-07-08

Version 3.53
Windows Release
Uploaded 2014-07-02

Version 3.52
Android Release
Speed effect.
Allow the user to re-join (un-split) track clips
Non-destructive effects and subtitles dialogues
Support multiple-monitor desktops
Allow blank clips to have gradients
Show dB meter on previews
Uploaded 2014-07-01

Version 3.51
Windows Release
Fullscreen clip preview quality is too low
Support .srt subtitles
Uploaded 2014-06-04

Version 3.50
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2014-05-30

Version 3.47
Windows Release
Uploaded 2014-05-23

Version 3.45
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2014-05-20

Version 3.43
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2014-05-15

Version 3.43
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2014-05-15

Version 3.42
Mac OS X Release
Clean up effect UI control and window code
Video effect: Tiles (a.k.a. Bricks)
Threshold: Add colour parameters and rename effect to "Two-Tone"
Ability to see clip or sequence preview in "Video Effects" dialog
Widgets on preview for changing effect parameters
Ending of video on a still frame
Video effect: Cartoon
Uploaded 2014-05-13

Version 3.40
iOS Release
Uploaded 2014-04-25

Version 3.38
iOS Release
Uploaded 2014-04-15

Version 3.36
Android Release
Limit effects and transitions in free version
Clip Art
Uploaded 2014-04-10

Version 3.34
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2014-04-05

Version 3.32
Windows Release
Investigate usage of LMutex/LLockObject
Uploaded 2014-04-03

Version 3.31
iOS Release
"Clip Properties" should show frame rate, codec, etc.
Should be able to select and preview clips on locked tracks
Animate audio effect parameters over time using keyframes
The [Effect Presets] feature for audio effects.
#ifdef more LLib code to reduce dependencies and shrink executable size
Early-out before calling DoesImageHaveConstantAlpha()
Substantive use check should be on export, not project save
Uploaded 2014-03-29

Version 3.30
Android Release
Add background colour controls to subtitles dialogue
Allow to drag and drop files from overlay track to main sequence and vise versa.
Cut/Copy/Paste items between Bins and Folders
Ability to configure preview aspect ratio
Add 'solo' button to tracks
Allow to load image sequence as video
Add split clip button to the clip preview controls
Implement audio effect: Pan
Uploaded 2014-02-20

Version 3.29
Windows Release
Save / load preset parameter values for a single effect
Uploaded 2014-01-24

Version 3.28
Windows Release
Facebook upload interface needs to be improved
Some suggestions to The Clip List area
Original media preview on full screen mode
Research non-destructive editing for timeline mode (roll, ripple, etc.)
Videopad uses one core while exporting
Add preview for the effects
Effects dialog preview should have same controls as main window clip/sequence previews
Save and load entire effect chain
Threshold effect
Add background colour property to text clip
Uploaded 2014-01-14

Version 3.27
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2013-12-28

Version 3.24
Android Release
Uploaded 2013-12-20

Version 3.22
Windows Release
Uploaded 2013-12-13

Version 3.21
Android Release
Please re-compile ffmpeg and x246x5 to use all cores
Clip Preview - Thumbnails reloading if set in/out point
When adding a clip to sequence from list of clips, Please copy thumbnails from cache instead of rendering them again
Better layout for Options tabs / controls
Change wording of 'Resolve Missing Files' dialog
Rename "Chroma Key" to "Green Screen"
Clip list should sort numbered clips numerically, not alphabetically
Please add [Open Project...] and [Save Project...] btns on toolbar.
Add right-click cut/copy/paste items
Don't show LInfoBar advertisements for products after purchase
YouTube upload should support HD resolutions
Improve thumbnail generating algorithm
4K resolution export (Super / Ultra HD)
Sequence control should not query data shared with background thread for sequence state
Uploaded 2013-12-12

Version 3.20
Android Release
Uploaded 2013-09-25

Version 3.19
Android Release
Uploaded 2013-09-23

Version 3.18
Android Release
Make VPCacheManager use an RBTree instead of LList
Uploaded 2013-09-21

Version 3.17
Android Release
Uploaded 2013-09-18

Version 3.16
Android Release
Splitting a clip takes time to re-creating all clip's thumbnails instead of split thumbnails
Too much time spent caching
Uploaded 2013-09-17

Version 3.14
Android Release
Uploaded 2013-09-14

Version 3.13
Android Release
Uploaded 2013-09-11

Version 3.12
Windows Release
Uploaded 2013-08-27

Version 3.11
Windows Release
Apply transitions to multiple selected clips
Uploaded 2013-08-23

Version 3.10
Windows Release
Please add effect rotate on custom angle
Insert instead of overwrite when a clip is dragged from the clip bin to the sequence
Uploaded 2013-07-29

Version 3.05
Mac OS X Release
Ticket id - 300703 Wrong aspect ratio after crop effect
Uploaded 2013-07-19

Version 3.04
Windows Release
Process of 'Generation of thumbnail images' should be optimized or reconsidered
Show tooltips on track clip buttons (Effects, Transition, etc.)
Undo [xyz], Redo [xyz] : To see what I 'Undo' or 'Redo'
Undo should only reload thumbnails for affected clip(s)
Implement priority in generation thumbnail and building cache
Don't cache entire duration of static clip if applied effects aren't animated
Add Suite tab to tabbed tool-bar
Uploaded 2013-06-04

Version 3.03
Mac OS X Release
Uploaded 2013-03-23

Version 3.02
Windows Release
Uploaded 2013-03-14

Version 3.01
Windows Release
Uploaded 2013-02-17

Version 3.00
Windows Release
Tint effect
There is no possibility to edit/define audio effects for video clip placed in the bin and having a sound track
Add support for mkv file format as output file format
Uploaded 2012-10-16
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All features

Stunning Transition Effects

* Choose from a range of fade transitions to give
your movie that professional touch.
* Preview the effects in real time.
* Customize the duration of the effect.

Try the easy-to-use transition effects

Amazing Audio Tools

* Import and mix music tracks like a pro.
* Make your own custom movie soundtrack.
* Record your own narrations with the click of a button.
* Import pre-recorded narrations, sound effects or music.

Mix a soundtrack to your movie

Complete Video Optimization

* Fine tune brightness, saturation and color for your video.
* Add photos and digital images with a click of a button.
* Apply effects like black & white, sepia tone and negative.
* Add text captions to your movie.

Optimize your media

Share With Your Family and Friends

* Burn to DVD and watch in your living room on your TV.
* Save for Youtube and share online with friends.
* Save to PSP, iPod, iPhone or 3GP mobile phone.
* Save to your PC as a high-quality digital movie.

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Adobe Premiere Elements

Magix Movie Edit Pro

Pinnacle Studio

Vegas Movie Studio

VideoStudio Pro

VSDC Free Video Editor

Windows Movie Maker

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VideoPad, NCH VideoPad Editor

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12 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

No comments. Rating it only.

Review by Marc on Apr 4, 2019 Version: 7.04 OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease of use: 6/10 Functionality: 7/10 Value for money: 3/10 Overall: 5/10

No comments. Rating it only.

Review by john on Dec 28, 2018 Version: 6.32 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

I did not have a good time with videopad. number one, it refused to render my file when I was done. Repeated message that it was processing audio file for hours. Number two, There are four windows where you see your work, the sequence window, the clip window, the large window where you see what you have done and the window where it has been exported to VLC or whatever. Each of these windows shows different color balance. Not good. Number three, somehow consecutive clips get overlapped on the timeline and the one underneath peeks out in odd places. What good are the positive qualities of this program if you can't render it? I tried everything. No response from the e-mail I sent and I was not using the freeware, I paid for this. I switched to VSDC freeware and although it was tough to learn, it did the trick. better color, consistent color, no gaps you couldn't locate and fix, average rendering speed but it did the job. Yrs, Wilder

Review by wilder on Jul 21, 2017 Version: 5.04 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 6/10 Functionality: 7/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

First sorry for my English.Second this is not a freeware.After using several days,The popup window says that this software is due to expire in the next few days.When the time's up,You can't output any video with this sofeware.What's the difference with the trialware?

Review by Tze Tsan on Feb 15, 2017 Version: videopad OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 6/10 Value for money: 5/10 Overall: 3/10

This software was fairly easy to use after practicing for several hours. After I got pretty good with it, I was really happy bc I thought I'd use it for all my old vhs movies. Unfortunately, after the trial period os over, you get a message thanking the user for using the product and then it cuts you off....I was unable to download it again even though I used Revo Uninstaller to get rid of it. I have now switched to Solveig Trimmer which is very similar in use. I hope the same thing doesn't happen.

Review by AbbieS. on Dec 17, 2016 Version: 4.48 OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 8/10 Overall: 8/10

12 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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