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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for VSFilter / DirectVobSub

##### 2008-11-29 (SVN revision 87) #####

* VSFilter: Fixed buffer overrun in RealText subtitle parser

##### 2008-08-28 (SVN revision 78) #####

* VSFilter: Improved performance with handling the be tag.
* VSFilter: Fixed freeze that occurred with the combination MPC + VSFilter + Haali Video Renderer.

##### 2008-07-28 (SVN revision 72) #####

* VSFilter: Added RealText support
* VSFilter: PAR correction option (for anamorphic video)
* VSFilter: Fix rare seeking issue with VobSubs
* VSFilter: Add CSRI API to VSFilter.
* VSFilter: Fix potential jitter issues with pos overrides in VSFilter.
* VSFilter: Really fix two subtitle rasterisation bugs: Go back to old pixmix/pixmix2 architecture originally used in Subtitler and early versions of VSFilter, implement an SSE2 version of pixmix2 and ensure (widened-region minus fill) math doesn't underflow. Completely fixes "be1 stray dots" and "vector clip kills alpha" bugs.
Also add several comments explaining the rasterisation code.
* VSFilter: Add support for variable strength and animated be, and implement gaussian blur as an alternative. (blur also does edge blur like be but in a nicer way.)
* VSFilter: Add new override tags xbord ybord xshad yshad to control border and shadow size separately in X and Y directions.
* VSFilter: Add "inverse clip" tag iclip to specify what to hide rather than what to show.
* VSFilter: Partial workaround for problem where border colour shows through fill colour during fad and fade fades. This workaround potentially causes small seams to be visible during the fade, unfortunately this is the price to pay for getting correct fades.

No changelog

- The virtualdub and avisynth plugin can auto-reload subtitle files now, just like dvobsub has been able to already. Watch out for this during the encoding.
- The lockup with dvbosub 2.34/2.35 and the overlay mixer is hopefully fixed.

- subtitle inputs can do dynamic format change now
- aspect ratio in VIH2 corrected with padding/cropping turned on

- alpha blending of multiple shapes on top of eachother fixed
- added Haali's matroska splitter and the dsm splitter to the list of allowed filters to connect to dvobsub.
- dvobsub no longer tries to dynamically reconnect the upstream to match downstream's color space, instead it just color converts, however when the format change is initiated from upstream it tries to reconnect the output, which means now it should work in dvd graphs where the resolution may change.

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