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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for VEMoDe

v1.2b 01/21/2008
- Added iPhone and iPod Touch support
- Added Audio Sync adjustments
- Added Progress display of Recording Speed and Elapsed Time
- Added AVC / H.264 video codec support
- Improved support for multiple audio streams in DVD and videos
- Improved support for a few input codecs
- Fixed iPod Video skipping issues
- Fixed issue with some Input File Names
- Fixed detection of some input video codecs
- Fixed some UI bugs
- Fixed issues on Windows 95/98

v1.1b 06/25/2006

- Moved default output path (C:VEMODE_VIDEOS) to "vemode.cfg" for user modification
- Improved error messages to help debug
- Improved support for MOV files
- Added debug mode setting in "vemode.cfg"
- Fixed "can not enumerate files in directory" error
- Fixed TiVo audio sync issues by forcing the start frame at 5 seconds
- Fixed some issues with memory leaks, hopefully this will alleviate the errors when starting the program
- Fixed DVD audio stream mapping error when alternate languages were used
- Fixed issue with external subtitles not showing up in the encoded video
- Fixed scripting error when DVD IFO file is missing
- Fixed asking for subtitle use more than once.

- Batch Processing
- DVD Subtitles support
- Added support for several Palm devices (Treo 650, Zire, E2)
- Enhanced DVD support (also converts all VOBs to a single video)
- Improved support for Windows Media Videos (WMV / ASF)
- Support external subtitles/captions in SMI/SRT/SUB format (Must be same file name as input, but with smi/srt/sub extension)
- Option to adjust sync of DVD subtitles
- Added DIVX codec support
- Added "Reset to Default Settings" option
- Remembers the last mode used (easy vs. advanced)
- Fixed Output Path when changing Input Files
- Fixed instructions when encoding multiple files
- Fixed display of Input Duration

- Added GP2X device support
- Added Easy / Advanced modes
- Added usage instructions for Easy mode
- Added Video Installation instructions
- Changed default output folder
- Modified Installation to preserve saved settings when upgrading
- Fixed codec conflict with some TiVo files

- Added "Split by Size" feature to make movies fit on smaller memory cards
- Improved audio sync for TiVo files
- Fixed audio sync issue for PSP by forcing 29.97 fps in the configuration
- Fixed support of Media Player versions prior to 9.0
- Fixed input file properties for WMV files
- Fixed a/v stream mapping
- Fixed progress meter for multi-part / split encoding

- Added TiVo support
- Added iPod support (untested)
- Easier interface for Cropping
- Improved speed of encoding
- Updated version of FFmpeg
- Added "Recording Time" description and warning about audio sync
- Added "Crop" description
- Remembers the last device used
- Fixed bug with naming of PSP files from multi-part DVD VOBs.
- Fixed title for multi-part VOBs
- Fixed file extensions based on format

- Added "Encoding By Size" feature
- Fixed issue with missing "xvidcore.dll"
- Potential fix for issue with invalid "Gif89.dll"
- Added display of Output Duration

- Added PSP thumbnail
- Fixed volume setting support
- Fixed screen size for users with "Large Size" DPI screen settings
- Fixed issue when clicking on "Save Settings" before loading a file
- Added FAQ
- Code Cleanup

- Initial Beta Release

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