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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for VCDEasy

The changes between the versions 3.1.0 and 3.0.1 are:

* New: The MPEG Stills encoder can now auto-rotate images according to the "Orientation" EXIF information (you can turn ON/OFF this option in the "General" settings page)
* Updated: The "Supported CD writers" list has been updated (84 CD writers added)
* Improved: Better support of the MPEG audio files
* Improved: Double clicking the MPEG files list now opens the Add Files dialog
* Improved: There are now two separate multiple select buttons for the timeout in the "Interactivity" page: one for the timeout duration and one for the timeout file. Before that, it was not possible to change the duration for several items in one step without overwriting the timeout file at the same time...
* Improved: The default timeout duration in the "Interactivity" page is a preference in the "Options" page.
* Improved: Some compliance tests for the MPEG files have been added.
* Fixed: The Access violation at address 0226246D has been fixed (this happened for a few users having "Stadocks Object Desktop")
* Fixed: Other minor problems have also been fixed.

The changes between the versions 3.0.2 and 3.0.1 are:

* The built-in list of supported CD writers has been updated (14 CD writers added).
* A few minor tweaks.

The changes between the versions 3.0.1 and 3.0.0 are:

* Bug fix: "CDR Devices Scanning" did not stop on some computers.
* The built-in list of supported CD writers has been updated (41 CD writers added).
* The reliability of the burning engine has been improved (including a better detection of the kind of disc inserted in the CD device).
* The bad display (for some languages: Chinese, Russian, ...) of the dialogs and the group boxes has been fixed.
* Added: a refresh caption button in the MPEG stills page (to refresh the picture, you can also hit RETURN while entering a caption).
* Bug fix: using "Disassemble a (S)VCD disc" it was not possible to have a "." (other than for the extension) in the filename of the BIN file.
* 2 new themes added.

2005-03-20 - VCDEasy v3.0.0

* ISO9660 Level 2 support added: VCDEasy now supports long filenames and lower cases in the data part of the VideoCD. This applies to the files added by the user, not for the ones which belong to the (S)VCD specifications.
* Ability to set a background color for the caption of the MPEG stills (thus making the caption easier to read in some cases)
* Ability to have the caption not overlap with the image (there is now a checkbox "overlap caption with image" in the MPEG stills creation page)
* VCDEasy now supports 104 exif tags (see the file "exif.txt" in the folder of VCDEasy for the list of them)
* A bug in the window size and position saving has been fixed (when the window was saved as maximized)
* The built-in list of supported CD writers has been updated (about 170 CD writers added!)
* The underlying configuration engine has been improved (performances).
* "Burn a CUE or TOC CD Image" is now allowed in the trial version (thus even the trial version can now be used as BIN/CUE or BIN/TOC burning tool)
* New version (1.2) of the VCDEasy project file format (previous versions of VCDEasy won't be able to read the new project files, but new versions of VCDEasy can read the old project files)
* Some compliance tests for the MPEG files have been added.
* New version of the installer
* A few minor tweaks.

2004-10-08 - VCDEasy v2.1.1

* Bug fix: some warnings were reported/interpreted as errors during the creation process (bug introduced in VCDEasy 2.1.0). Thanks to Bert for this bug report.
* Bug fix: it was not possible to create toc/img and Toast CD images files (bug introduced in VCDEasy 2.1.0).
* Bug fix: in the case of toc/img CD images files, some temporary files were not deleted.
* Minor tweaks.

2004-09-29 - VCDEasy v2.1.0

* The underlying VideoCD creation engine has changed (... good/bad feedbacks are welcome!)
* Requested by many users: the specials characters (&,,,...) are now allowed in file/folder names (i.e 8bits ASCII characters support)
* New version of the VCDEasy project file format (previous versions of VCDEasy won't be able to read the new project files, but new versions of VCDEasy can read the old project files)
* VCDEasy now checks the project file format version
* Improvements of the character sets conversion routines (for example: the character "" is no more mapped to "_", but to "E" now)
* A color related bug (under Windows 9x/Me only) has been fixed
* The built-in list of supported CD writers has been updated (about 40 CD writers added!)

2004-09-05 - VCDEasy v2.0.3

The Access Violation 006f96c1 of VCDEasy 2.0.2 has been fixed (this happened on some Windows only)

The built-in list of supported CD writers has been updated (about 140 CD writers added!)

Ability to abandon the addition of files in the ISO filesystem part of the VideoCD when there are some special characters not allowed (this will help some users who sometimes had to click many many time on the "ok" button...)

SPTI is now the default CD access method on Windows NT4/2000/XP.

Ability to drag'n drop ChapterXtractor and SmartRipper "chapters information" files directly onto the chapters list in the "Chapters" page (Requested by Sefy Levy).

Startup messages can now be translated.

A bug has been fixed: the addition of huge files in the ISO filesystem part of the VideoCD could lead to an inconsistent filesystem, and sometimes to an "Integer Overflow" runtime error too.

Minor tweaks.

2004-04-30 - VCDEasy v2.0.2

The user settings file (VCDEasy.ini) has been moved to the "User Application Data" folder (this is useful for the users wanting to run VCDEasy with no administrator rights)

The built-in list of supported CD writers has been updated (about 40 CD writers added!)

The creation of MPEG stills did not work on some computers, this has been fixed

Some compliance tests for the MPEG files have been added.

Minor tweaks.

You can create (and so test) some VideoCDs with VCDEasy 2.0.2 trial version, as its limitations are:
You can save projects but not reload them.
No more than 5 MPEG picture/audio files and 2 MPEG video files (instead of up to 1980 MPEG picture/audio files and 98 Video Max).
No files bigger than 200 MB.
No "Execute an (S)VCD XML file" in the tools.
No "Burn a CUE or TOC CD Image" in the tools.
All MPEG Stills have '' as watermark
Project files and MPEG analyzes cache files are not in the clear.
You can not disable the "Check for new version once per day" feature.

2004-02-18 - VCDEasy v2.0.1

New version of the installer
Minor tweaks.

2004-02-15 - VCDEasy v2.0.0

Major improvement: in order to burn, an ASPI layer is no more needed on Windows NT/2000/XP !!! The (Windows NT/2000/XP built-in) CD access layer called "SPTI" is now used.
Major improvement: when the CD access method "SPTI" is used (on Windows NT/2000/XP), VCDEasy now locks the access to the CD writer! This prevents another application from interfering with VCDEasy while burning
Ability to choose the number of copies to burn
The built-in list of supported CD writers has been updated (many CD writers added!)
Some picture file formats have been added: JPEG 2000, TDU Hips, Sun raster image, ...
Some performance improvements around the MPEG files analyses have been made
VCDImager 0.7.12 back as default instead of VCDImager 0.7.14 because VCDxRip 0.7.14 has a bug (bad references in the XML file)
If you associate (yourself) the .cue and/or the .toc files to VCDEasy, then double clicking on these files (if VCDEasy is not yet running) will open VCDEasy and bring you the CD Tools page where the location of the CD image file to burn will be already filled in
A bug related to size of the preview window (when no picture has been loaded yet) in the MPEG Stills page has been fixed
A bug related to the "Too High Svcd BitRate" warning has been fixed
The toolbar is hidden by default is the screen size is 800x600 or lower
The language files have been moved to the "Lng" subfolder of VCDEasy's installation folder
The SpinEdit component has been improved (XP themes support added)
Bug fixed: access violation error when adding a too big MPEG file in the trial version of VCDEasy
A memory leak (in the batch mode of the MPEG stills creation) has been fixed
The engine for queued commands has been improved.
Most digital cameras now put "hidden" data in their pictures as EXIF information (see VCDEasy can now use this information for the automatic caption generation during MPEG stills encoding.
VCDEasy project files are now associated with VCDEasy (when VCDEasy is not already launched, double clicking on a project file will open VCDEasy and load the project)
Each generated CUE file now contains the corresponding BIN file name in the long filename format without the directory information, allowing you to move the BIN/CUE CD image files if needed (as long as both, the CUE and the BIN file remain in the same folder).
A toolbar has been added. Ability to not display it at statup in the settings page.
Themes support added (in addition to the regular XP themes). See in the settings pages.
The tasks executions reports have been simplified
The logic behind Graphical Interfaces components has been changed/improved at many places.
Many changes in the source code structure in order to ease the integration of new feature in the future (in trying at the same time to not change too much the graphical interface).
New option: Ability to not show the warning before erasing a non empty CD-RW
The reliability related to the output locations has been improved
The temporary CD image files are "hidden" when the "Expert Mode" is not activated
The XML Viewer page is no more visible when the "Expert Mode" is not activated
Simulate and Burn are now exclusive when the "Expert Mode" is not activated (this is to avoid potential problem when CD auto-insert notification is ON)
The bad display on the small icons under Win9x/Me have been fixed
Some cosmetic bugs have been fixed

2003-11-11 - VCDEasy v1.1.7.2

GNU VCDImager v0.7.14 support added
The way VCDEasy is dealing with CD drivers has been improved (and changed, so check your CD writer/reader settings in "Files"/"Settings"/"CD Writer/Reader" the first time you launch this version of VCDEasy).
In the MPEG stills page, ability to use information from the picture for an automatic generation of the caption. For example: "%n(%e) - %d @ %t" -> "picture(.jpg) - 07/09/2003 @ 11:16:32"
Small usage improvements...:
Popup menu added to the MPEG files list in the Main page, with a "Move To" function
In the Chapters page, a "+" button (add chapter) has been added to the buttons bar under the player
In the Chapters page, the newly chapter point added is highlighted in the chapters list
Mouse wheel support added to the numeric spin edit component
Mouse wheel support added to the chapter entry points list component
In the Chapter page, double-clicking on a chapter point plays the video from that chapter point (if the video is loaded into the player).
In the Chapter page, the hint of the chapter points list box is no more be displayed when a video is loaded into the player.
Ability to paste chapter points from Vegas (00:00:00.000 format)
If you really do not want to run VCDEasy with administrator rigths, use "-NoAdmin" as command line argument (edit your VCDEasy shortcut). Note that in this case you may have troubles: CD devices detection problem, unable to run correctly VCDEasy on Windows XP if you installed it in "C:Program FilesVCDEasy" because of no write rights there for VCDEasy.ini, ...
If you want to force VCDEasy to read your manually modified project files, then use "-NoCRC" as command line argument (edit your VCDEasy shortcut)... "at your own risk"!
Regression bug fixed: bad detection of Windows Media Player on some Windows 9x/Me

2003-08-25 - VCDEasy v1.1.7

VCDEasy now computes the exact total size a VideoCD will have (as well has the exact size of its ISO filesystem part). So, a CD size bar and lots of useful improvements have been made thanks to this information now available.
You can create up to 6 hours CD quality AudioVCD, as the ability to use MPEG Audio only files has been added (lots of work behind this addition, lots of deep code has to be modified...). I think I will soon include a tool to generate such Audio only MPEG files. For the moment, I will write a guide on how to create some with TMPGEnc and Philips VCDMux. Note that a MPEG Still (picture) played before an audio only MPEG file should stay on the screen, so this is a way to make a high quality pictures slideshow with audio comments for each picture. :-) AudioVCD is also useful if your DVD Player does not read MP3 discs!
If you moved some files specified in a project file, VCDEasy will now ask you in order to find them. Nothing that clever here, this is just a start. The ultimate goal there is to have easy to use "project templates".
The option "Do not show a compliance warning when adding a compliant MPEG file" has been added.
The ability to add Caption Text on MPEG Stills has been added.
A "Most Recently Used" list has been added for project files.
MPEG files with the extension .mmd are now accepted (from Philips VCDMux).
Lots of small improvements at many different places have been made.
VCDEasy should be more robust at startup.
Files with invalid "last modified date" (may occur with MPEG and .DAT files copied from a VideoCD to a NTFS hard disk) could create troubles, it should be fixed now.
The bad display of the Numeric Keys Grid's pick list when VCDEasy is mazimized has been fixed.
The Numeric Keys Grid's pick list now supports Copy/Paste... It will save time to some users!
Better use of information like OS, Administrator or not (in VCDEasy and in its setup exe) in order to give some warnings and avoid some troubles. For example, you must have Administrator rights to run VCDEasy on Windows XP while it is not necessary (even if recommended) to run it on Windows 2000.
A bug preventing some complex project files to be loaded has been fixed.
The bug related to the ability to make VideoCDs on 99min CD-Rs has been fixed.

2003-04-04 - VCDEasy v1.1.5

Wanted by many many users since a long time... load/save projects !
Ability to save and reuse the MPEG Analyze information (this will speed-up the reload of MPEG files, and so the reload of projects).
Anti Flickering option added to the MPEG Stills page
Picture viewer added to the MPEG Stills page (easier to understand the impact of each image transformation option)
Mjpeg Tools v1.6.1 support added
Use of the "CD Image File Recorder" concept
Some compliance tests have been added.
You can now work with network shares ("servershare..." ).
Again, in the spirit of making things easier to use, an expert mode have been added. The non-expert mode should be ok for most of the users. Some messages maybe be different and some options may be shown or not whether you are in expert mode or not.
Project options have been reorganized on the Graphical Interface.
Most of the settings not directly related to a VideoCD project have been moved to a settings dialog.
In order to reduce the number of use troubles, and to reduce the complexity of the source code, I made a few changes:
GNU VCDImager is no more an optional component.
The location of the command line tools (GNU VCDImager, CDRDAO, MjpegTools) can no more be user defined.
MPEG analysis is now mandatory for each MPEG file added to the project (I know it is not a good news for a few users, but it will reduce highly the number of troubles... [chapter entry points check, padding problems detection, making sure that no user will try to make chapters to a MPEG still,...]).
No more "VCDEasy minimal distribution".
Catalan Translation by Xavier (Thanks!)
Traditional Chinese Translation by Koko (Thanks!)

2003-01-21 - VCDEasy v1.1.4

Better recognition of the Adaptec ASPI version if any

VCDEasy can now use Nero's ASPI layer if there ("WnAspi32.Dll" in the folder of Nero [and also "NeroApix.vxd" in "WindowsSystemIOSUBSYS" on Win9x/Me])

If you know what you are doing... you can force the use of a specific ASPI layer in putting the corresponding "WnAspi32.Dll" file in the CDRDAO folder. Note that an ASPI layer may be more than just one file, so be careful to have all of them installed...

Several bugs/improvements related to the Media Player box (in the chapters page) has been fixed/made. It should be more robust now. In theory, VCDEasy should be able to read what the Windows Media Player 6.4 (located at: "C:Program FilesWindows Media Playermplayer2.exe") can read... But, according to some users, it is not always the case... It depends in fact on the codecs (DirectShow filters in fact) your Media Player is using. Also, note that if your Windows Media Player is unable to resize a video under their original size (because of the codecs), then you may have sound but no video in the VCDEasy's Media Player.

A bug fixed in the display when Windows large fonts (yet another one...)

I removed the About, History and Credits pages, and replaced them by dialog windows accessible via the "Help" menu.

The history is now displayed as RTF document.

The version of each language file is now displayed.

Fixed bad display of small icons when the user is not an Administrator on WinNT/2k/XP.

Put "NoAutopaddingWarning=1" in the VCDEasy.ini file to not have the warning for MPEG files which require autopadding

Put "NoBadPacketsWarning=1" in the VCDEasy.ini file to not have the warning for MPEG files which have bad packets

The "Approximate CD size" computation has been (again...) improved.

VCDEasy is now more robust to errors in the language files (VCDEasy 1.1.3 was not usable with the Czech language file)

Bug fix when adding a file with bad "Last Modified" information

Bug fix related to some CD writer speed selections

Russian Translation by Vladislav Kugelevich (Thanks!)

Turkish Translation by Solid Development (Thanks!)

2002-11-29 - VCDEasy v1.1.3

Ability to capture in one step the pictures for all your chapters

Ability to capture a picture from the Media Player box

Media Player box integration into the chapter page, to ease the choice of chapters, as a start. The player plays what your regular Windows Media Player can play. If you can not play a file... it can be for example because this file is bad, or because you do not have on your Windows the required CODEC (for example, a MPEG2 codec is required to play MPEG2 files... and there is no MPEG2 codec coming with Windows).

VCDEasy now uses the file "cdrdao-drivers.txt" in the VCDEasy folder to ease the CDRDAO "Force Driver" choice.
VCDEasy still does not accept network files "servershare..." (limitation from CygWin, the UNIX emulator), but now works with mapped network drive (for example "Z:Videos" which is in fact "servershareVideos")

When you let VCDEasy analyze the MPEG files, an "Autopadding required" warning is shown if the MPEG file will be padded on the fly (this padding may result to a bad display)

When you let VCDEasy analyze the MPEG files, an "Bad packets" warning is shown if the MPEG file contains some bad packets (this may result to a bad display)

Lots of work around guides for the VCDEasy web site... (a few important guides remain to be done...)

"Tips of the Day" feature added

CUE files for CDRDAO v1.1.7 can now have the BIN filename in the long filename format (The CDRDAO CUE parsing bug has been fixed)... but CDRDAO still does not use this BIN filename in the CUE file! So the CUE and BIN file still must be in the same folder with the same filename...

If you will not use CDRDAO v1.1.5 anymore, you can put "Expert_LongBinNameOnly=1" in the VCDEasy.ini file to have the BIN file name in the long filename format (without the directory information) in the generated CUE files. This can be useful if you use another burning application, and it works with CDRDAO v1.1.7

CDRDAO v1.1.7 support

Ability to disable "Reload the disc if necessary for writing". NB: With some CD Writers, CDRDAO needs to eject/reload the disk (thus refreshing the status of the inserted disk) for simulation or burn. This reload may cause problems when used with applications like UDF packet writing software

"Do you want to add this non-compliant file anyway ?" added when compliance check failed.

Ability to disable the BURN Proof feature when the CDRDAO driver is generic-mmc or generic-mmc-raw.

Bug fixed: DEL key deleted two chapter entries in the Chapters page (Thanks to Robert).

Bug fixed in the XML viewer (Thanks to Bryan).

Romanian Translation by Virgil Mocanu (Thanks!)

2002-09-04 - VCDEasy v1.1.2

Ability to play sounds, based on events.
An "Out of ressources" (but not related to the amount of memory on the PC) bug fixed when having a big number of MPEG Stills, and in some conditions.
Improvements of the Interactivity page to have easier choices propagation. See the "..." buttons.
One compliance check added: the duration of a non MPEG still must be more than 4 seconds.
The way you can move files in the MPEG files list has been rewritten, it should be better now.
The "Approximate CD size" computation has been improved (was really bad when there were lots of stills).
MPEG Stills creation improvements (it should now be more practical to create stills...):
Better quality of the MPEG Stills!
No more stop on errors but ask if you want to continue with the next picture file
New option: Silently continue on errors
Progress information when several pictures
Select Files and Folder buttons added (same behaviour as the existing Drag'n Drop)
Creations summary in the log page
"Mpeg Size (Quality)" set to max by default now
"Resize Filter" choice is now saved
"ItSelf" choice added in the Interactivity page.
At several places, some "Do you want to continue ?" has been added... instead of brutal stop.
At several places, progress information like [item number / total item number] has been added
A menu bar has been added in order to start freeing some places in the tabbed pages. I will add more menu items later.
Ability to choose the location of the Mjpeg Tools
The "file does not exist" bug in Cdxa2mpeg has been fixed
"RPC server error" (when print spooler disabled) bug fixed. Thanks to Keith
Some logos have been added to the tools pages
Option "Set newly added file as MPEG still, by default" when you do not let VCDEasy analyze the files
"Delete Selected" added in the chapters list's popup menu
The "Add Files" button of the MPEG files list now systematically sort the files before adding them at the end of the list
Ability to disable Window Size and Position saving
A few new hints have been added
A few bugs fixed in Display related to Windows Desktop/Font sizes
Portuguese (Europe) Translation by Ant󮩯 Eduardo Marques (Thanks!)
Norwegian Translation by Geir Egil Hansen (Thanks!)
Swedish Translation by Fredric Bl娯ltz (Thanks!)

20-05-2002 - VCDEasy v1.1.1 [HOT FIX]

Bug fix: No more instant crash when VCDEasy starts and when there is no default printer currently selected in "Control Panel/Printers". Thanks to "Ro Wiijkejak", who found the reason of this crash.

2002-05-18 - VCDEasy v1.1.0

No more long (sometimes very long...) delays when authoring with lots of file. This was caused by color rendering in the XML viewer. Thanks to "Baldrick" (
Ability to save the colored XML as RTF file (from the XML viewer page)
Ability to print the content of the XML viewer
The "Import Chapter" dialog has been slightly improved (Selecting an item "before" fills "Start Offset", this can help you set the "First Chapter starts at"). Thanks to "gonz0"
New VCDEasy license... more explicit.
Addition of "reset actions to defaults" in the Interactivity page
MPEG Stills generation via Drag'n Drop improved (Thanks to "Guido Ledermann")
New option: "Insert Comments into the generated XML files"
Remember the main window position and size (easy and quick to do)
The CD-ROM volume label now is restricted up to 32 d-characters (instead of 20 previously). "Thanks to Matthew Kanar"
Bug fixed: bad naming of the remaining chapters after one or more chapters deletion... there since 1.0.6... nobody reported...
Bug fixed related to numeric Key assignment. Thanks to "VicBond007" and "gonz0"
Italian Translation by Claudio Trevisi (Thanks!)
Danish Translation by J? Pr泴 (Thanks!)

2002-03-21 - VCDEasy v1.0.9

MPEG Stills support in the (S)VCD authoring
Some checks about some (S)VCD limitations have been added
"Always on Top" added to the System Menu (Upper Left Icon) and to the Taskbar menu
The queued commands manager has been improved to deal with skipped commands based on context. The first consequence of this is that VCDEasy will now propose to erase a non empty CD-RW during authoring
I put the default burn speed at 4x instead of MAX, as using MAX speed may sometimes cause jurky audio/video
Previously used CUE files (detailed CUE files) may cause CD writing problems with some CD writers while it works fine with simplified CUE files ("For_Fireburner"). So I introduce a new CD Image type option to let you choose which cue file type to choose. Thanks to "Bondiablo" for his investigations.
New option: SVCD "Hacked" in the MPEG Still creation page (required for many DVD/SVCD players).
New option: Show the "Update scan data offsets" warning even when this update option is activated
Global code/events architecture re-designed
The "Approximate CD size" computation has been improved.
Display Improvements related to Windows Desktop/Font sizes
ListViews and TreeView Improvements
Spanish Translation by Algernon and F鬩x Argila Garc (Thanks!)
Croatian Translation by Raven (Thanks!)
Polish Translation by Michal Cichocki (Thanks!)
Bug fixed in the XML generation, "Reactivity" was always set to "Immediate"
Bug fixed in the MPEG Stills creation when single quote in filenames. Thanks to "Por Que"
Bug fixed in the XML generation (occurred rarely). Thanks to "Magnus Johansson" and "Por Que"

2002-02-17 - VCDEasy v1.0.8

New page added in the tools section: "Mpeg Stills Creation"...
The CD-i support is no more set by default as it seems that some PC DVD/CD readers cannot read the disc because of CD-i files
The display under XP has been improved
VCDEasy now correctly supports Windows font sizes other than "Small Fonts" (I hope this will help low vision persons)
A bug in reporting the execution results has been fixed
The "Log" and the "Xml Viewer" pages can be undocked
".dat" file renamed to ".mpg" file detection (when analyze ON)
GNU VCDImager's Cdxa2mpeg added in the "Tools" page, so no more GNU VCDImager v0.7.11 support
"Reset Authoring" and "Clear all MPEG files" buttons added
"Xml Viewer" page added (currently only displays the last successfully generated XML code)
"Advance Mode" Checkbox removed (now always in "Advance Mode")
Greek Translation by Vagos (Thanks!)

2002-01-10 - VCDEasy v1.0.7

Bug fix: Invalid numeric keys values were generated in the XML file (Thanks to "Kaba")
Bug fix: APS information was lost after a "Clear All" under Chapters (Thanks to "M. Johansson")
Bug fix: No more "Division by Zero" when trying to make a chapter every 0 seconds...
I started to make some MPEG compliance checks when you let VCDEasy analyze the files

NB: Following a question from some users, yes you can create new chapters or add new sequences even if you already started playing with the Interactivity page, things should continue to be automatically updated except for the changes you made yourself.

2002-01-08 - VCDEasy v1.0.6

GNU VCDImager v0.7.11 and v0.7.12 support (Full Setup Package with v0.7.12)
VCDEasy now allows the user to change the PlayBack Control information (Interactivity page when PBC is ON). So you can change the default chapters behavior, but you can now also put and customize motion menus (in changing the PBC information of a sequence without chapter). A future version will contain a "menu" page that will help the user. NB: All the code related to PBC information has been rewritten... so be careful, there may be some bugs...
When you let VCDEasy analyze the MPEG files, VCDEasy now uses the APS (relaxed or not) information at chapters design time. This allows to know at design time what will be the exact entry points. NB: If you do not let VCDEasy analyze the MPEG files, the chapter entry points you will enter will be changed at Image CD generation time (VCDxBuild), so you won't be able to know at chapters design time what will be the exact entry points (even if you relaxed the APS constraints... see the FAQ)
The "Relax APS constraint" option has been moved to the "(S)VCD Player" settings page
When PBC is ON, and for each sequence, you can choose at which numeric keys corresponds the first chapter (Beginning of the sequence), so it is now easier to keep the same numbering as the DVD when wanted
When PBC is ON, when pressing PREV during first chapter of sequence N, you now go to the beginning of the sequence N-1 by default, instead of going to the last chapter of sequence N-1
GNU VCDImager known bug: Filenames that will be in a XML file must not contains special characters (non 7bits ASCII characters). So VCDEasy now checks for this.
Bug fixed in potential duplicated chapters check (Thanks to "Marcio Marchini")
Defaults Gaps and Margins button is back...
VCDEasy now detects ASPI layer update and automatically re-activates CDRDAO if ASPI seems now ok)
VCDEasy logo from an initial idea by Cyril Duboc (Many Thanks to all of you who sent to me some logos)
Portuguese (Brazilian) Translation by Luis Eugenio M. dos Santos (Thanks!)
Hungarian Translation by "csi" (Thanks!)
Dutch Translation by "Oermens" (Thanks!)
Czech Translation by Jan Kocir (Thanks!)
Thanks to "Por Que" and "Kaba" for bugs found in the private beta version

2001-12-05 - VCDEasy v1.0.5

I am still working on PBC interactivity, menu support, integration...
Distribution package using the freeware "Inno Setup"
Import chapters list from SmartRipper via Paste (..._INFO.txt) (See chapters list's popup menu)
Ability to receive/display information messages and URLs when manual web version check
Miscellaneous things:
Volume and Album names can be automatically filled in (based on the first sequence's name)
Some message box have now a "Do not show again" checkbox
option "delete the XML file when real burn successful"
A (rare) registry access exception has been fixed (thanks to "Pat Martin")
CdrDao now disabled by default but can be enabled in "settings", as "cdrdao.exe scanbus" on his own can crash windows on some machines (disabled by default... except if the ASPI drivers are up to date)

2001-11-18 - VCDEasy v1.0.4

PBC interactivity by user started... menu support is not far now...
Check for potential duplicated chapters because of ASP constraints not relaxed
Options reorganization to have "Options related to a project"/"Options related to the (S)VCD Player"
ASPI Tools are now available only when ASPI drivers are up to date (v4.60)... to avoid crash...
Thanks to all the persons ("Duncan Schilling", "Mike Bowen", "Alex Henriksen", ...) who help me find that VCDEasy crashed on some computers because of the ASPI drivers (and my ASPI tools)
Use system language to set VCDEasy default language (when possible)
"next-volume-use-sequence2"/"next-volume-use-lid2" bug in XML generation fixed (Thanks to "M.W.I. Prod.")
Bug when dealing with chapters in milliseconds fixed (Thanks to "dEpeChe")
Checkbox "Customize Gaps and Margins" added

2001-11-05 - VCDEasy v1.0.3

German Translation by Cosmotic (Thanks!)
A bug related to the Tree View refresh has been fixed
Option "... key 0 instead of key 1" removed as "bsn" must be in [1..99] (thanks to "Chris Bensch")

2001-11-01 - VCDEasy v1.0.2

Chapters support improvements:
numeric keys to navigate chapters
Copy/Paste chapters list(See chapters list's popup menu)
import chapters list from ChapterXtractor via Paste (See chapters list's popup menu)
ChapterXtractor's chapters list computation with begin/end offsets
GNU VCDImager v0.7.11 support: Deprecated "leadout pause" option removed, new "leadout pregap" option added
Ability to save the log file
"Restriction", "next-volume-use-sequence2", "next-volume-use-lid2" VCD options added
"--force" option has been added for "CdrDao write"
Addition of the following tools: Eject/Load/RotateStart/RotateStop/Unlock/Lock
CdrDao integration has been improve at the user interaction level
You can now select Simulate and (then) Burn (if simulation was ok)
I moved from Delphi 5 to Delphi 6... in hoping having not too many bad surprises...
I changed my application's name from "VCDImager Easy" to "VCDEasy"

2001-09-28 - VCDImager Easy v1.0.1

Direct (S)VCD rip from CD reader
Improvement of features enabling/disabling based on choices
New Tools: Blank CD, CD Info, Unlock CD, Burn Cue/Toc, Create BIN CD Image
Ability to choose the location of the console applications
CD Writer/reader and Language settings have been moved to the global "Settings" pages
Global Settings Pages added
Some "Non Trivial" hints have been added
Hints tweaked to have longer timeout
Implementation of a workaround when creating a cue file to avoid CdrDao "no space" limitation
Eject option fixed (thanks to "Lars-Goeran Thieme")

2001-09-17 - VCDImager Easy v1.0.0

You can now burn! CDRDAO v1.1.5 is now integrated (with all write options)
"CDRDAO Toc" and "Toast (Mac)" CD image file format added
New (S)VCD options: "Leadout Pause", "Track Pre Gap", "Track Front/Rear Margins"
Icons in the main log have now a good display under Win98
NB: The two missing buttons are back...

2001-09-09 - VCDImager Easy v0.9.9 [HOT FIX]

Sorry... Hot Fix... I have just discovered that the "Check for new version" worked only in my (private) debugging mode. It should not anymore says "No new version available" if there is one...

2001-09-09 - VCDImager Easy v0.9.8

CDRDAO integration started...
GNU VcdImager v0.7.10 support (with its GUI related features) so now the progress bar is back and the log integration is better
VcdImager v0.7.10 CUE file format changed and is no more compliant with FireBurner I kept Fireburner compatibility in creating "..._for_fireburner.cue" files
Parses now entirely the MPEG scan information
VCDxRip added in the "Tools" page
Outlook Bar like added
Improvement of the main log component for better readability
"&" is now forbidden in filenames because it is an XML escape character (thanks to "Beretta")
"publisher-id" "fails A-character constraint warning" fixed

2001-08-31 - VCDImager Easy v0.9.7

Chapters creation - "Relax APS" and "Wait Time" options added
MPEG Files can now be analyzed (but no compliance warning yet)
Options are now saved, via INI file
"Tools" page added (currently with "Scan MPEG File" and "Execute an (S)VCD XML File")
Dynamic Language selection
Check for available update
The GUI text for non compliant DVD players option (when Svcd) is now fixed
Some Hints are now used to simply the GUI
Improve MPEG files list performance when dealing with large numbers of files
Improve the information display when selecting a file in the Iso CD Tree
Maximum of MPEG files fixed from 10 to 99 (Regression bug, thanks to "Chi ming Poon")
NB: GNU VCDImager v0.6.x support is now abandoned... This allowed me to stop disabling lots of functionalities in the GUI

2001-08-10 - VCDImager Easy v0.9.6

Internationalization support (and French language file available)
When v0.7.x, VCDImager Easy no more uses "vcdimager.exe" and "vcdxgen.exe", but generates itself the XML file and now uses "vcdxbuild.exe" to generates the bin/cue files. NB: "vcdimager.exe" is still used when GNU VCDImager is v0.6.x
VCDImager Easy can now be launched without Gun VCDImager. In this case, it generates only the GNU VCDImager v0.7.x compliant XML file which describes the VideoCd
"Add empty SEGMENT dir" option added (required by some players), when v0.7.x
Around 40% of the code have been rewritten, I may have introduced regression bugs

2001-07-23 - VCDImager Easy v0.9.4

When SVCD, CD-i files no more added to the ISO file system (thanks to "Cor Speelman")
XML generation now fixed when using with GNU VCDImager 0.7.x (thanks to "Cor Speelman")

2001-07-20 - VCDImager Easy v0.9.2

First Public Version (All "vcdimager.exe" v0.6.x options are supported, "vcdxgen.exe" is used)

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