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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for TyTool

10r4 Highlights of the Fixes and Features in this Release:

737- Looked at the bad stream I got from forum member rbreding. Had some odd issues at the very start. It was nothing but audio for the first several chunks. And I mean nothing which is odd. Normally there are CC and other formatting and spacing entries. It was throwing the detection routines off. This has been fixed and while this stream works now it is just 1 more potential issue down.

738- Added support for the jump option to the MUX-on-Download feature. There are times when jumping in just a bit is really what is needed. So now it does that even on download when trying to directly produce a playable file.

739- Fixed the problem with the HD MUX-on-download that KMT and other users were experiencing.

747- Added the Strip RIFF code back into TyTool. This feature was present but got lost in the recent disk problems. The entry shows up in the menus below the Split File(s) option. What it is used for is to strip the CDXA RIFF formatting information from an SVCD mpeg file. I have found a few things from various sources that were sent to me as an SVCD CD. I wanted to put them onto DVD with menus etc... So I wrote this handy dandy little option. It pulls everything from the file that isn't data. The resulting file as an MPEG-2 PS that can then be processed with TyTool to cut the start and end if needed, and then be turned into a VOB so that it can be used as the source for the creation of a DVD. Using the Attach VOB feature you can turn multiple disks into 1 "show" on a DVD. Usefull in certain circumstance.

748- Fixed the "0 cut point" problem that FredThompson reported. The problem was entering the FAE window and then exiting using the ESC key rather than the close button. The actual check for it was turned on in 10r3 so that if it was being done before it was OK. Now you can't generated the bad cut point in the first place.

Version 10 is a major upgrade from the earlier 9 series of TyTool. It adds Closed Captioning, a preference wizard, a host of bug fixes, better audio transcoding support, ever improving HD support, etc... etc... etc...

Please check the included docs for information about what has changed and why. The release notes for 10r1/2/3 augment the 9r series of docs. Read those as well if you are new to the tool. Also look at the lrhorer documentation for TyTool it is an incredible resource. And last but not least look in the help menu in TyTool itself for the QuickStart, FAQ, etc...

Highlights of the Fixes and Features in this Release:

725- Fixed the jerking/skipping DVD playback that so many have now experienced. The problem was internal alignment issues. I had been playing with MPEG-2 buffer management ideas way back when and parts of these were left in the code as a result. Sorry this one was just more of the same recovery issues.

726- Fixed the “new LII audio bug” that has plagued 10r1. Once again this one had been fixed but had been lost and what not. It has now been fixed for both the LII and Dolby audio streams. There should be no more endless repeating reports of this one. You still may seem it on the odd occasion, as there is a real bug it is trapping and trying to recover from.

727- Fixed the GUI resize bug. It was just a stupid, stupid mistake on my part. I used what seemed a perfectly good command to restore the window to its pre-minimize size and position when needed. But it was messing up the resize pretty darn solidly. Funny I never tried it the way some others here do so I never noticed… J At least this one was, at long last, just a “new” bug…

Highlights of the Fixes and Features in this Release:

408- In GopEditor added a double-click within the cuts listbox "on the side of the cut list" to jump right to it and re-enter the edit. Meaning just double click the start portion of a cut to go right to it and be ready to re-edit or do so on the end cut text.

409- Altered the Frame window to have the re-edit of the FAE portion jump to the field we already set to editing on.

412- Add the saving/setting/using of the quality settings for mpeg2enc to TyTool.

420- Added a total Frames display to GopEditor Frame window. (4, 4.5, 5, etc...)

426- Fixed the troubled DTV HDTivo streams I had.

428- Added a few new keyboard short cuts. The 9 key now jumps to the start of the current cut, and 0 jump to the end of the current unset cut values.

429- Added menu items for 9 & 0 to keep those users happy.

433- Fixed the chaptering mechanism. It was missing some of the cut points.

434- Added a menu option to make the DOS processing window popup, rather than stay hidden.

435- Added a pause feature to processing things to free up the CPU etc...

440- Added in the scaling code to the display of GopEditor so that we can see everything in HD.

442- AT LONG LAST I have fixed the button for the DVD output dir to reset the internal stored values.

444- Added in HDTivo FAE editing. (Still no TMF files)

448- Fixed the telnet server (tserver) window positioning.

458- Fixed the minimize of the main window to also minimize the telnet window as well.

459- Fixed the menu option for add cut.

460- Fixed a couple of major buffer size issues on non-perfect streams.

462- Cleaned up and get GopEditor ready to release. There was a ton of HiDef debugging code and other things.

464- Added in the full menu creation populate menu option to TyTool. It is found in the EDIT menu as "Auto Assign Names" It works like the copy up button but does each VOB 1 at a time in order. So the first VOB in the list becomes menu element #1 and so on.

465- Now saves the rendering options to the GopEditor INI file..

466- Added various rendering options to the GopEditor menu. You can now resize to ½ or ¼ in the main and Frame display windows. This resizing is necessary to edit HiDef on many machines.

467- Added loading/saving the resize values to the INI file. Got tired of setting it every time. So now it needs to be set only once.

468- Must set the current resize setting in the menu when loading it from the file.

469- Fix the F1 preview playback to actually work when using HiDef streams.

470- Carefully checked over the Frame edit window to make sure it still works for all of the stream types.

471- Checked over the saveBitmap code with the new 24bit changes.

472- More work on the scaling code. It is still just to slow!!!

473- Altered the FAE window to use the same resize code as the main window. It was opening full size and that is just as useless as full size was in the main window.

474- Fixed the FAE loading of OTA HiDef data.

478- Fixed the FAE loading of HiDef data. It was loading not but detecting type correctly everytime. This stupid OTA stuff is going to be the death of me.

480- Wrote a new high quality decimation based down-sizer and tested the speed. It is FAST FAST FAST.

481- Fixed an aidio bug in the case of a serious error. It was stitching things together in such a way that it was killing things and crashing.

482- Added a print of "finished" after a download, It used to just show ?0:00 remaining? as the signal it was done.

483- Altered the auto-assign option to be in the menu of the dialog. It was taking too much room as a button.

484- Added in a menu option to be used as a way to hide the VOB paths...

486- Altered the size in the listbox back to always being meg just wider (5 characters wide rather than 4).

487- Fixed the MuxMenu and bmp2y4m programs for PAL video resolutions.

42- Added the Delete code into TyTool for cleaning up an existing DVD filesets.

164- Fix the start & end cut points to check to make sure the end is "after" the start. Just a simple fix to try and keep the editing working more smoothly.

206- Make the attach vob use a new dialog with a listbox, so we can have more than 1 at a time.

235- Force a check to make sure that none of the chapters are within a section where a cut has occured. Again just try to make editing a bit more smoothly.

281- Add a help popup to GopEditor for what keys do what. Just trying to make it easier for new users.

282- Added an about with a copyright notice to TyTool. An attempt to stop people from selling it on EBay etc...

283- Add a simple help page to TyTool. (Getting started info.) Not a network-based FAQ but something local.

285- Check the font setting in the template loading code. Some where having problems. Could not reduplicate any errors.

287- Fix the "missing" entries in NowShowing. We need to get good data so that people sorting and using a way out of date NowShowing.tcl will not get crashes etc...

298- Put in a check to see if there is something in the DVD output directory. Warn/erase if there is.

308- Make a simple network test and let's see if we can drive 2 sockets faster than one... Amazingly enough no. Just trying to use the networking with no extraction and we get exactly 1/2 of full speed on each one.

316- Add an overlap detector and don't allow it. Yet another editing check to make sure that 2 cuts can't overlap.

317- Added a jpeg decoder. You can now use BMPs or JPGs as the background image for the menu. Sadly the it adds 30k to the size of TyTool but it was something that many wanted so there you go.

319- Tested the Image quality of the JPGs. Looks great. Well probably good enough for everyone but FredThompson.

324- Fix the rendering of the GopEditor when the size is really really off. Forgot to put a few things into the resize code. So they never moved.

325- Tried to fix the "locked" dir when TyTool is making an IFO. Couldn't find anything that was being left locked. So for now considering it fixed...

330- Added the multiple attach vob feature to the menu dialog. Changed the old process. You now get a new window where you can add, remove, and order the vobs.

331- Finish adding the JPEG support to loading of menu images. Oooppps. Major memory leak going on there. Fixed and running smoothly now.

335- Added the Free Space/Total Space Used display to TyTool for the local dir in use to the main TyTool interface window.

336- Add a "total size" for the VOB-list in the picker for Making an IFO. Shows how big the selected VOB files are to be able to more easily guage how much will fit. For those using dvdshrink or rejig or whatever you are on your own to figure out what boundaries are best for you.

337- Threaded the download of the NowShowing data so that it does not lock the main TyTool GUI any longer.

338- Put in an "only for so long" wait in the tserver start code. This way it will time out and not lock forever waiting for the telnet prompt...

345- Fixed the label on the call for making the DVD. It said VOB-Mux.

346- Fixed the "multiple VOBs" chaptering issues. You now get a completely seperate chapter list "-c" statment for each VOB in the final output.

347- Added the "a DVD exists here" MessageBox to the menu generation code. You can now stop the process at that point or delete and just keep right on going.

349- Fix the bytes vs. kbytes issue in the NowShowing download report. This was just a bad label but it has still been fixed.

350- Put a text element on the TyTool GUI for the free drive space. Used to be a menu option, but now it is on the GUI all the time.

357- Fix the cleanup delete code to only delete certain files not wildcard everything "just in case". Really did not want to wipe out files that were wanted.

1- Added an option to choose the extension for the audio files when splitting. Long ago people asked for being able to name them .mpa rather than .m2a so that it would be easier to find with another tool. I was making such changes so I put it in today.

2- Added an About popup to the help menu. Shows the copyright and other information.

3- Added 2 new menu items to the help menu. The first option will take you to the homepage. The second will take you straight to the FAQ. It will use whatever is the defauilt web browser on your machine, which for most is MS IE.

4- Added the start/stop tserver functionality from the menu of TyTool. Becareful with it as it can cause you some serious problems if you don't use it correctly.

The set/clear script will set it to the standard string initially which is:

/var/hack/tserver_mfs7 -s /var/hack/NowShowing.tcl

If you have installed it elsewhere change the string to reflect what is right. I.e. possibly something like:

/var/tytool/tserver_mfs7 -s /var/tytool/NowShowing.tcl

DO NOT USE THE & character at the end of the string as most do if running it within the startup rc script files.

If you do anything wrong, you can watch the resizable popup window and look for the error there. The FULL OUTPUT of the entire telnet session is added and stored in that window. So if you have the wrong case, or the wrong directory, you will see it reflected there. You must still use the "Stop" server option even if tserver did not run as the telnet session remains open.

You can use the standard close options to close the telnet output window and the session stays open. You can then make it visible again use the new Menu -> Server -> Show tserver option.

5- Added 2 new options to GopEditor. 7 == Jump to the start of a cut. 8 == Jump to the end of a cut. It is found the menu as well.

6- Fixed a few other small issues that I found as I was working things over. So minor I had never seen them reported by anyone.

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