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6.1.12 (2021-12-13)

Improved: Added %_filedate_iso% and %_filedate_create_iso% placeholders to make possible to sort filelist correctly independent of system regional settings
Improved: Preview mode in Generate tab now sort columns according your scheme
Improved: Ability to quick select/unselect all imported fields in web options
Fixed: Reading of UTF-8 encoded files on generate tag from file
Updated MP4 support
Unified separators for multiple values fields
Program are now check on exit if main config file is read only

6.1.11 (2021-12-12)

Improved: Added %_filedate_iso% and %_filedate_create_iso% placeholders to make possible to sort filelist correctly independent of system regional settings
Improved: Preview mode in Generate tab now sort columns according your scheme
Improved: Ability to quick select/unselect all imported fields in web options
Fixed: Reading of UTF-8 encoded files on generate tag from file
Updated MP4 support
Unified separators for multiple values fields
Program are now check on exit if main config file is read only

6.1.10 (2021-09-08)

New: Now you can save your filtering patterns for list of files
New: Special placeholder for parsing time information %_SCAN_TIME% to find potential problems with files reading
Improved: Processing of field names contained hyphens
Changed: Progam now reset file selection after playback stop
Changed: Play button now start playback of first selected file instead first listed
Updated playback engine
Translation: Latvian

6.1.9 (2021-06-03)

Improve visual appearance on systems with 200% and higher scaling
Additional detection and indication of non-native tag formats for FLAC, MP4 and WMA files
Fixed: Covers didn't resized to selected format while used Import covers wizard
Fixed: Size of covers didn't changed for WebP
Fixed: Work with WAV and AIFF files larger than 2GB
Changed: Filenames no longer affected by Transformations rules on Tag generation from filename module
Updated MP4 support

6.1.8 (2021-04-21)

New: Support WebP image format for covers
New: Scripting function $insert(a,b,n), $getpart(x,n,c)
Fixed: Incorrect codepage error on some AIFF files
Updated some examples in help
Translation: Finnish

6.1.7 (2021-01-12)

New: Special placeholders for extended technical info from FLAC: %_flac_md5% and MPEG: %_mpeg_copyright%, %_mpeg_protectection%, %_mpeg_original%, %_mpeg_private%, %_mpeg_emphasis%
Improved: Speed up reading of tags from huge files
Improved: Importing of titles for each media from Musicbrainz releases
Changed: Scripting functions $greater and $longer no longer return true for equal values
Fixed: Reading of ID3 chunks situated in the end of some lossless files larger than 4GB
Fixed: Wrong selection of now played file when remove some files from list

6.1.6 (2020-10-01)

Freedb lookups switched to by default
Improved: Reading of rating atom [rate] from mpe4 metadata
Improved: Now you can sort replacement rules automatically with Transformations editor
Improved: Added more choices for JPEG files types when inserting covers
Fixed: New fields didn't added to Vorbis tag in some cases since 6.1.0
Fixed: User fields order change in tag editor
List of available fields was expanded
Updated WavPack support

6.1.5 (2020-07-01)

Improved: MusicBrainz lookups now import full set of MBIDs to better integration with media managers and also have more relevant results
Fixed: Renaming of files with patterns with leading backslash
Fixed: %_bitspersample% placeholder not filled correctly in Export scripts
Fixed: Filtering didn't work in some cases
Fixed: Errors on creating user field containing spaces
Fixed: Filelist not updated correctly on undoing of renaming
Changed: Publisher's catalog number from web results now saved to CATALOGNUMBER field instead ISRC
Updated Export scripts to avoid possible problems with non-latin texts outside placeholders
Translation: Turkish, Bulgarian

6.1.4 (2020-04-17)

Improved: Now you can use up to 10 nested scripting functions
Fixed: In some cases program removes trailing dots from filenames
Fixed: Rare problems with scripting engine and values contained $ symbol
Changed: Disc number no longer setted up to 1 for Discogs releases without separated medias
Improved navigation with keyboard in some parts of interface
Translation: Bulgarian

6.1.3 (2020-03-05)

New: Number of elements in each group now displayed on group's title bar
New: Scripting function $substr(x,a,b)
Improved: Internal player now considers if the file list is filtered
Improved: Editor now preserve fields values while toggling Transformations
Improved: Additional checks on corrupted FLAC files to prevent hanging
Changed: ALBUMARTIST placeholder no longer use ARTIST value if own value is empty
Updated export scripts
Updated playback engine
Translation: German, Italian

6.1.2 (2019-11-12)

New: $padleft(x,y) and $padright(x,y) functions
Improved: 64-bit installer now auto-backup scripts from 32-bit installation before upgrade
Improved: Interface now looks and feel more accurate on 175% and higher scaling
Changed: After refactoring of scripting engine to speed up processing was reverted back PCRE based regular expression engine to take access to full power of string processing
Fixed: Can't update tag while file playing
Fixed: Tracks numbering from Musibrainz lookups
Fixed: Processing of export scripts with html tags
Fixed: In some cases program maked copy of file instead renaming
Translation: Portuguese (Brazil), Italian

6.1.1 (2019-10-24)

Fixed: 64-bit version didn't launch on systems with increased dpi
Fixed: Hanging of 64-bit version while playback music
Fixed: Some visual issues in advanced editor
Fixed: Access violation error on export in some cases
Translation: Portuguese (Portugal)

6.1.0 (2019-10-22)

New: Dark mode
New: 64-bit version
New: Customizable list of extended fields in editor
New: Predefined folder for covers
New: Ability to get params for web requests automatically
New: Now you can see total number of tracks in release for online lookups
Improved: Format value command nows has own button on main toolbar and works from any modes
Improved: Import lyrics wizard nows remember options
Improved: Ability to use own musicbrainz server
Improved: New hotkey Ctrl+W to send web search request
Improved: Scalable interface of Transformations editor
Improved: Vorbis comments compatibility with JRiver
Improved: Switched to new fast internal RegEx engine
Fixed: Access violation error on multilevel transformations with nulled fields
Fixed: Processing of track numbers for vinyl releases from Discogs

6.1.0 beta 1

New: Dark mode
New: Customizable list of extended fields
New: Predefined folder for covers
New: Ability to get params for web requests automatically
Improved: Format value command nows has own button on main toolbar and works from any modes
Improved: Import lyrics wizard nows remember options
Improved: Ability to use own musicbrainz server
Improved: New hotkey Ctrl+W to send web search request
Improved: Scalable interface of Transformations editor
Improved: Vorbis comments compatibility with JRiver
Improved: Switched to new fast internal RegEx engine
Fixed: Access violation error on multilevel transformations with nulled fields

6.0.35 (2019-05-24)

Improved layout of some interface elements for hiDpi modes
Fixed: Memory leak while tagging OGG files
Fixed: Support for WMA files
Updated OpenSSL libs
Translation: German

6.0.34 (2019-03-20)

Improved: 'Remixed by' internal field are now may be mapped to REMIXEDBY or MIXARTIST (Traktor Pro) tag field
Improved: 'Open file location' command works more clearly and don't create additional explorer.exe instances
Fixed: Calculation of duration for files with several ID3v2 tags
Fixed: Not all placeholders available in Export scripts
Fixed: Case change feature fail

6.0.33 (2019-02-06)

Improved: Autonumbering wizard are now saves settings
Improved: MEDIATYPE field now imported from online services
Improved: All previews are now updated in real time on Transformations selection
Fixed: Memory leak in scripting engine cause "Out of memory" error
Starting work to make program more friendly for screen readers
Updated playbak engine
Translation: Japanese, Bulgarian, German, Norwegian, Czech

6.0.32 (2018-11-14)

Transformation with Format value now may be used to generate fields with predefined value
New function: ansi(x) returns X with all characters normalized with system codepage
Removed service import - because it's not work anymore
Added (Video Games Music Database) to list of servers for FreeDB/CDDB technology
Updated support for DSDIFF format
Translation: Chinese Simplified

6.0.31 (2018-09-25)

Additional tweaks for Discogs service
Added incremental search by all tag fields on main list and list of transformations
Default ID3v1 genres list expanded by almost 50 new genres
Improved: Reading of WAV files with ID3v2 chunk identifier in upper case
Translation: Chinese Traditional

6.0.30 (2018-07-19)

Updated support for Discogs to reflect latest changes in API for multiple artists tracks
Updated support for MusicBrainz to work with updated search engine
Additional protection logic for fragmented mpeg4 files
Program no longer test on Windows XP/2003, but should work on these systems
Translation: Portuguese (Brazil)

6.0.29 (2018-06-20)

New placeholders: %_cover_size% , %_cover_width% , %_cover_height%
New function: if2(x1,x2,x3,...) returns first non-empty argument
Improved: Bypass of malformed WAV files
Improved: Additional information for classical music from Discogs
Improved: Adittional processing of subtracks from Discogs
Additional checks for names conflict on folder renaming

6.0.28 (2018-04-28)

Updated support for Discogs service
New: Format value feature are now available in transformations
New: Now you can automatically override any embedded cover with your file
New functions: $min(x,y), $max(x,y), $round(x)
Improved: Very long file paths support for tag editing
Improved: Picture column now shows filename of external cover (if available) if embedded cover is empty
Changed: Metadata inside WAV LIST INFO chunks now saved with Windows default (ANSI) encoding
Translation: Bulgarian

6.0.27 (2018-03-06)

Updated support for CoverArtArchive base which used by Musicbrainz service
New function: $in(x,y) returns true, if X contains Y
Fixed: Unable to clear Album Artist field inside Vorbis in some cases
Changed: $strpos function now case insensitive
Updated playback engine

6.0.26 (2018-01-11)

Improved: Dramatically decreased memory consumption for undo changes feature
Improved: Player are now may switch output device on-the-fly
Fixed: Can't undoing cover resizing
Fixed: Manual sorting of text replacement rules
Fixed: Paste tag into multiple files
Updated support for MPEG to improve detection of Lame encoded files
Translation: Japanese, Bulgarian

6.0.25 (2017-11-17)

New: Online results window are now shows track length if available
Improved: Stability while saving tags into multiple huge files
Improved: Now you can paste single tag from buffer to all selected files
Improved: Playback loop control
Improved: Fast forward and rewind while playing
Improved: Program are now import genre info from Discogs to CONTENTGROUP field
Improved: Additional logic on parsing Vorbis comments fields from foobar2000
Updated MP4 metadata support
Changed: Program now use 'xxx' language marker for ID3v2 frame USLT to prevent problems with reading lyrics in some players
Translation: Bulgarian, Serbian (Latin)

6.0.24 (2017-11-16)

New: Online results window are now shows track length if available
Improved: Stability while saving tags into multiple huge files
Improved: Now you can paste single tag from buffer to all selected files
Improved: Playback loop control
Improved: Fast forward and rewind while playing
Improved: Program are now import genre info from Discogs to CONTENTGROUP field
Improved: Additional logic on parsing Vorbis comments fields from foobar2000
Updated MP4 metadata support
Changed: Program now use 'xxx' language marker for ID3v2 frame USLT to prevent problems with reading lyrics in some players
Translation: Bulgarian, Serbian (Latin)

6.0.23 (2017-09-14)

New keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+R and toolbar button for Rename folder by tag wizard
New ability to load and save user-defined gernes from external files
Support for reading of ID3v2 UFID frame
Progam now are remember last used playlist name
Most of buttons on toolbars now may change their state depending on selection
Fixed: Can't remove metadata from DFF files
Fixed: Program crashes if files structure change outside interface
Fixed: Saving of some ID3v2 frames with incorrect encoding
Translation: Portuguese (Brazil), Persian, Chinese Simplified

6.0.22 (2017-07-13)

Amazon removed from list of supported web services after Amazon canceled project's accounts
Now all lists with user-defined templates can store up to 50 values
Updated support for OPUS
Translation: Bulgarian, German

6.0.21 (2017-05-11)

New: Support for DSDIFF files (.DFF)
New: Support for new ID3v2 and MP4 tag fields from iTunes
New scripting function isnumber(x)
Ability to rename field in advanced tag editor
Fixed possible FLAC files corruption for files without padding blocks
Temporary disabled lookups on non-US Amazon sites
Translation: Japanese, Italian, Finnish, Catalan

6.0.20 (2017-03-09)

New: Feature to quick formatting of field value in Editor
New: Now you can exclude field from processing using a minus sign before the name
Improved: Regular Expressions now works with multiline fields
Updated support for FLAC and OPUS
Translation: Bulgarian
6.0.19 (2017-01-18)

New functions: $swapprefix, $stripprefix
Improved: Recognition of APE tags
Fixed: Handling of templates for Rename folder by tag feature
Fixed: Incorrect sorting of filelist by user-defined columns
Changed: APEv2 tag now default for TTA-files
Changed: Now when you run the program it opens file from passed arguments, rather than scans folder in which it placed
Updated support for WavPack 5.0 format
Translation: Turkish
6.0.18 (2016-12-05)

Improved: Handling of non-unique named text frames from ID3v2 tags (more compatible)
Improved: Accelerated handling of covers for OGG and OPUS files
New placeholder %_bitrate_type% for VBR or CBR indication (if available)
Fixed: Work with pictures descriptions in editor
Changed: Old СOVERART fields from Vorbis Comments will be converted to the new METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE field while saving
Changed: ENCODER field from Vorbis Comments no longer mapped to ENCODEDBY to prevent possible problems with MQA encoded files
6.0.17 (2016-11-07)

Fixed: Scaling on hiDPI modes since 6.0.16
Updated MPEG4 support
Improved Discogs service support
New function $char(x) to get unicode character by its code
6.0.16 (2016-10-20)

Improved: Program now handles malformed FLAC files and tries to fix their while saving
Improved: Placeholders and functions are now may be used for filtering
Improved: Autonumbering wizard automatically recognize scheme of formatting from start value
Arithmetic functions: $add(x,y) $sub(x,y) $div(x,y) $mod(x,y) $mul(x,y)
Boolean functions: $greater(x,y) $longer(x,y)
Fixed: Initialization of predefined genres list in portable version
Translation: Catalan, Greek
6.0.15 (2016-09-12)

New: Autonumbering of discs based on groups
New scripting function $cutmix(x) to remove mix/cover part in parentheses from string
Improved behavior of Rename folder by tag function
Improved interaction with MusicBrainz service
Improved: Editor now remembers state of folded blocks
Fixed: Initialization of proxy options
Fixed: Reading of export scripts in some cases
Switch for Track counter in editor reverted back (it was useful in some cases)
Translation: Chinese Simplified
6.0.14 (2016-07-14)

Find duplicates function returns with new features
Now you can customize list of pre-defined genres
Support of Replacement Text Case Conversion in Regular expressions
New indication for file access problems
Updated some default options
Translation: Japanese, Turkish, Spanish
6.0.12 (2016-06-15)

New: Filelist filtering feature are now allows to make searching with exact case, whole words and regular expressions
Improved: User-defined columns now have text alignment property and may be deleted separately
Improved: Regular expressions now tested for errors to avoid program hang
Fixed: ID3v2 TDAT frame didn't removed on save
Fixed: Covers removed from OGG files after running some tag changing functions
Transformations configurator was simplified
More smooth work on hiDPI modes
Cleaned up content of translation files
Translation: French, Czech
6.0.11 (2016-06-01)

New : Ability to use own patterns in filelist columns
Improved: Convert codeapge feature now have option to change entirely tag
Fixed: Error on Copy/Paste tag data in advanced tag editor
Fixed: Processing of empty values with scripting functions
Changed: ID3v2.3 TYER/TDAT frames now merged into one YEAR field formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
Translation: Spanish
6.0.10 (2016-05-22)

Updated support for ALAC format
Fixed: Escaping of some chars in scripting functions
Fixed: Removing of tag fields with Advanced tag editor
Fixed: Proxy options saving
Fixed: Unicode options processing for ID3v2 tags
Changed logic of WMA tags reading/saving
Translation: Polish, Greek, Japanese, Swedish
6.0.8 (2016-04-26)

New: Wizard to mass import of lyrics from files
Fixed: Album title trimming from FreeDB
Updated Discogs cleanup script
6.0.7 (2016-04-19)

New: Placeholder %_filedate_create% returns the specified file creation date
Improved: Handling of corrupted FLAC files
Fixed: Support of FreeDB service since 6th version
6.0.6 (2016-03-24)

New: Helper panel with list of available placeholders in dialogs
New: Logic functions $not, $and, $or
Improved: Handling of M4A tag “Conductor”
Fixed: Usage of patterns in export/import covers dialogs
Changed: Unknown metadata blocks inside MP4 files are now preserved
Placeholders reorganized
Updated some icons for hiDPI modes
Updated sound engine and plugins
Translation: Chinese Simplified, Persian
6.0.5 (2016-03-10)

Improved: More smooth work with groups in filelist
Improved: Draging files to Log window
Improved: Support for latest changes in iTunes
Improved: Ability to sort user-defined genres
Fixed: Mouse scrolling in any part of interface on windows10
Fixed: Forming of LIST INFO chunk in WAV files
Translation: Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese Simplified
6.0.4 (2016-02-23)

New: Picture column now shows size of data in addition to image dimensions
Improved: Recovering metadata from corrupted AIFF files writed by iTunes
Fixed: Updating of generators configuration while migrating from 5.1 to 6
Fixed: Filtering of fields from online import
Fixed: FLAC, WAV, MP4 support since 6.0.3
Updated internal scripting engine
Updated support for OPUS
Changed: Covers resize function does not enlarge small images anymore
Changed: Transform scripting files are now updated on disc as needed
Translation: Portuguese (Portugal)
6.0.3 (2016-02-10)

New network core with secure connections support. Required for upcoming changes on Discogs
New option for padding zone reduction inside FLAC files
New: Ability to drag and drop covers from Firefox and Google Chrome
Fixed: Scripting functions didn't worked in some cases
Fixed: Removing covers from FLAC
Changed: Custom fields names case now preserved for ID3v2 tags
Changed: ID3v1 tag saving into mp3 files now depend on special option
Updated Apple Lossless format support
Translation: Ukrainian, Greek, Slovak, Dutch, French
6.0.1 (2016-01-20)

Improved: More accurate sorting by picture dimensions
Fixed: Program hang on file list shuffle
Fixed: Program hang on paths managment
Fixed: Custom tag fields removed while saving with standard tag editor
Reverted back loading of user templates for foldernames
Updated support for AAC
Reorganize files feature again handles folders
6.0.0 (2016-01-15)

New: Fresh hiDPI friendly interface
New: AIFF and WAV tagging support
New: Scripting functions
New: Ability to load scripts from external files
New: Reorganize feature now has two modes Move and Copy
New: Placeholder %_bitspersample% for bit depth information (if available)
New: Placeholder %_tool% for information about encoding tool (if available)
New: Now you can save id3v2.4 tags (2.3 by default)
New: Advanced features for sorting and grouping of files including selection of several fields
New: Ability to use user-defined columns in list
New: Ability to filter filelist by certain fields
New: Dialog for tags removing with advanced options
New: Advanced mode of tag editor with access to all possible fields and easy creation of user-defined fields
New: Dialogs for import/export covers with special features
New: Now you can select which fields need to import from online
New: Support for Socks proxy
New: Support for lookups on (India)
New: All program modules reorganized to make program more friendly to new users
New: Dialog for autonumbering with advanced options
New: Dialog for renaming of folders
New: Hotkeys for Copy/Paste tags
New: One log for all operations
New: Command in filelist menu - Copy filenames
Improved: Additional filtering of results from Discogs
Improved: Export operation now logs names of created files
Improved: Import cover feature now allow not only jpeg files in auto-mode
Improved: Autocomplete feature for long dropdown lists
Improved: Moving several files at once with arrows or hotkeys
Improved: Processing of ID3v2 list frames like TIPL
Improved: Processing of iTunes (MP4) mediatype atom
Changed: Sorting and grouping now are independent, you can use Auto-grouping mode to get old behavior
Changed: Convert codepage function moved from scripts to command in main menu and works more accurate
Changed: APEv2 tags now ignored for mp3 files if ID3v2 exist
Changed: Tag reading and saving options rethought.
Changed: Program switches to the Log window only on Preview operation
Changed: Log window now show only affected fields
Changed: "Move The" function revised due to recent changes on Discogs
Fixed: Reading of ID3v2 tags from files larger than 2GB
Optimized memory usage during intensive work
Updated support for MusicBrainz
Translations: Greek, Polish, Japanese, German, Swedish
5.1.668 (2015-06-15)

Improved: Reading of ID3v2.3 tags contained frames marked as version 2.2
Fixed: Sometimes program can't delete empty folder after finishing of restructure function
Support for Windows 10
5.1.667 (2015-03-31)

Improved navigation with keyboard
Fixed playlists saving
Optimize memory consumption for undo operation
Translations: Chinese Simplified
5.1.665 (2015-02-24)

Updated Discogs support
Improved Discogs cleanup script
Fixed problem with locking of taskbar in fullscreen mode
Fixed transform sripts changing
Translations: Turkish, Japanese
5.1.663 (2015-02-17)

New option to preserve file selection after tag saving
Increased startup speed with initial folder scanning
Fixed some visual issues with old Windows themes
Program now remember state of Restructure feature
Ability to create list of predefined paths for Restructure feature
All dropdown lists now works as conceived by the system
5.1.661 (2015-01-20)

Improved: Imprort information about subtracks from Discogs
New placeholder %_paramstr% for startup options
Simplify updates installation
5.1.660 (2014-12-22)

New: Work with Initial Key field requested by DJs and classic music lovers
Now you can click on disc title in web results to select/deselect tracks from current disc
Support for Snap feature on latest Windows
Fixed rare problem with using of conditinal sections on strings with spanish punctuation
Updated Flac support
Added ability to playback of Direct Stream Digital format
5.1.657 (2014-11-09)

New: Support for tagging of Direct Stream Digital format
Fixed: Some input fields was locked since last update
More accurate processing of multi-artist releases from Discogs
Program now use new select folder dialog for Vista above
5.1.655 (2014-10-27)

Updated Discogs support
Fixed: extracting of large covers
Fixed: reading of some sorts of ID3v2 unsynced lyrics
Translations: Ukrainian, French (new)
5.1.652 (2014-09-02)

Fixed reading of transform scripts
Fixed saving of some sorts of WMA metadata
Improved work of new refresh list function
Translations: German (updated)
5.1.651 (2014-08-27)

Implemented support of authorized requests for Discogs
Improved: Additional processing of compilations from Amazon lookups
Improved: Now the regular expressions searching for all matches (don't stop on first match)
New hotkeys: [Ctrl+F5] for rescan current folder and [F5] for refresh on screen data
New column in the list of files with information about covers
Updated playback engine
Translations: Czech (updated), Vietnamese (new)
5.1.649 (2014-05-07)

Updated Discogs support
Improved reading of corrupted ID3v2.4 tags
Translations: Ukrainian
5.1.648 (2014-03-11)

Optimized work with online services
New: Filter for release format on Discogs
Translations: Catalan, Slovak, Spain
5.1.647 (2014-02-07)

Updated support for Discogs service
Fixed: Sometimes program didn't delete tmp-files after tag removing
Changed: Tag CUT feature now remove all possible formats of metadata inspite of tags saving options
Translations: Finnish, Portuguese (Portugal)
5.1.645 (2013-12-17)

Removed support for Beatport lookups due to incompatibility with the new licensing policy
Improved work with large FLAC files
Fixed: Tags not saved if file is played with embedded player
Translations: Latvian (new), Chinese Traditional, Ukrainian, Polish, Chinese Simplified
5.1.643 (2013-11-07)

New: Now you can download additional images from web sources
Improved: Now program shows country of release where possible for web results
Improved: Increased tag saving speed on network drives
Fixed saving of scripts containing restricted characters in their names
Fixed some files sharing issues on multi-user systems
Translations: Turkish
5.1.641 (2013-10-13)

Rollback changes which hide files from indexing service after tags saving
5.1.640 (2013-10-09)

Updated support for Beatport service
Improved: Case change function now works with multiline fields
Improved: Date of release from web sources now can be saved in full format
Increased tag saving speed for most systems
Fixed some stability issues on Windows8
5.1.638 (2013-08-22)

Improved: Intellectual sorting by Track Number, BPM and Cover size
Improved: Autocorrection of filenames for exported covers
Reverted back Genre displaying for FreeDB services
Possible fix for sharing violation problem on Win8
Translations: Dutch, Ukrainian, Chinese Simplified
5.1.637 (2013-06-04)

Improved: Now you can resize action panels
Improved: Now you can apply one text transformation for several fields at once
Improved: Interface of freedb-like services reworked and now can show several results at once
Changed behavior of some dialogs
Fixed: Resource leak and random crashes after long work
5.1.635 (2013-04-23)

New: Support for regular expressions in Text transform
Improved: Optimization of lookups on Discogs and Beatport
Improved: Ability to get album covers from MusicBrainz's related
Fixed some stability issues on Windows8
Translations: Polish, Ukrainian, Japanese
5.1.631 (2013-03-15)

New: Support for lookups on and
Optimized memory consumption for undo
Updated playback engine
5.1.630 (2013-01-16)

Improved: Processing of compound fields from MusicBrainz
Improved: Support for non-rgb pictures for embedded covers
Fixed: Changing of filename in export interface didn't work
Fixed: Renaming of files directly in filelist
Translations: German
5.1.625 (2012-11-14)

New: Support for Opus Codec - stream info and metadata reading/saving (Vorbis Comments)
Improved relevance of lookups on Discogs and MusicBrainz
Improved: Reading of unsynchronized ID3v2.3 tags
Improved: Reading of codec information from MP4 movies
Improved: Reading of multi-artist fields from MusicBrainz
Internal player now support multimedia features of keyboards
Program now tested on Windows 8
5.1.622 (2012-10-17)

Improved: Autovalidation of path to folder inserted from clipboard
Improved: Tags version indication in filelist
Fixed: Processing of tag fields which contain %
Fixed: Reading of some types of comments from ID3v2 tags
Translations: Dutch
5.1.621 (2012-09-06)

New keyboard shortcut to select next file in list CTRL+N
Fixed: Sometimes rating information may disappear from Id3v2 tag after saving in Tag editor
Fixed: Tagging problems with very short OGG-vorbis files
Translations: Chinese Traditional
5.1.620 (2012-07-11)

New: Support for largest music store for DJs with ability to get full info about releases and download high quality covers
Changed: TOTALTRACKS and TOTALDISCS values now saved in individual fields for Vorbis Comments
Fixed rare problem with reading of ID3v2 tags with exteneded header
Updated Discogs service support
Translations: Estonian, Chinese Simplified
5.1.612 (2012-05-23)

New: Ability to shuffle list of files
Updated sorting logic for some columns of filelist
Fixed behaviour of some file dialogs on WinXP
Fixed problems with false error indication while saving ID3v1 tags
Updated playback engine
5.1.611 (2012-03-22)

More accurate calculation of bitrate for FLAC-files
Workarounds to work with files locked by other programs like Winamp, iTunes etc.
Fixed: File operations on the filtered list of files
Fixed: Positioning on multi-monitor systems
Translations: Greek
5.1.610 (2012-02-15)

Improved Discogs service support for old releases
Improved context menu for list of files
Changed: The program now preserve order of files when opening playlists
Fixed some stability issues in Tag processor
Updated list of available placeholders
Retuned Vorbis comments support
Translations: Swedish
5.1.608 (2012-01-24)

Updated support for WavPack format
Unification of the options for processing of existing values in Tag processor
Fixed: Work with cover art pasted from clipboard
Fixed: Log displaing while renaming files
Fixed: Program can't read Album Artist field from ID3v2.2 tag
5.1.607 (2012-01-12)

Updated Discogs service support
Updated TrackType service support
Improved: On Music renamer tab transform scripts now can be applied not only to filenames, but to placeholders
Changed: Program now saves ID3v2 tags into AAC-files by default
Fixed: Reading of ID3v2 comments with additional description
Fixed: Sometimes ID3v2 tag can't be removed on some systems
Translations: Japanese, Ukrainian, Turkish
5.1.605 (2011-12-01)

New: Volume control for built-in player
New: Placeholder %_filedate_rfc% for date and time of file in internet (rfc822) format
Improved: Quick preview of full-sized album covers in tag editor
Improved: Placeholders are reorganized
Fixed: Processing of conditional sections
Fixed: Processing of mixed-case strings with non-latin chars in transform scripts and filter
Some parts of interface have become more friendly to systems with increased DPI
Updated sound engine, fixed problems with running on remote desktop
Reverted back internal rules for transform scripts to prior 5.1.602 state
Translations: Chinese Simplified, Polish
5.1.602 (2011-11-04)

New: Transferred to new version of Amazon Product Advertising API
Fixed and reconfigured some templates and export scripts
Translations: Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Ukrainian
5.1.601 (2011-10-27)

Improved: Speedup filtration of filelist
Improved: Ability to get release info directly from MusicBrainz for known PUID
Improved: Parsing of some Musicbrainz releases with lack of data
Improved: Slightly increased tag writing speed for some systems
Fixed: Thumbnails of album covers from Amazon displayed in reverse order
Fixed: Processing of several conditional sections in one template
Retuned autocorrection function for filenames
More friendly autosuggest feature for web requests
Translations: German, Ukrainian
5.1.600 (2011-09-15)

New: MusicBrainz albums database support with ability to download cover art from sites related to release
New: Transferred to new Discogs API v2.0, old version will be shut down 15.12.2011
Improved: Correct displaying of multiline fields in tags created on Mac OS
Changed: The program now checks write permissions for temporary files to avoid problems with network folders
Changed: The program now trying to download previews of disc covers before the data about all albums loaded
Changed: The program now load only one folder instead top level path when you use console params
Fixed: Processing of tag data for multiple selected files with empty fields values
Fixed: Rarely authorization problems for some type of requests on Amazon
Translations: Serbian (Latin)
5.1.598 (2011-07-22)

New: placeholder %_nl% for new line symbol
Improved: Processing of bugged Discogs releases with empty list of tracks
Portable version now comes without initial config file to prevent of erasing your settings
Translations: Czech, Portuguese (Portugal)
5.1.597 (2011-04-14)

Improved: Special indication of spaces and empty values in transform scripts editor
Fixed: Rename folder by TAG feature on network drives
Fixed: Processing of %foldername% placeholder for network drives
Updated Discogs support
Program no longer tested on Windows2000
Translations: Portuguese (Brazil), German
5.1.596 (2011-02-10)

Improved: Export function now can keep current order of files with special placeholder %_index%. Default scripts for html and csv updated.
Improved: Automatic validation of output filename for Export function
Changed: Mapping VERSION -> REMIXEDBY for Vorbis comments
Changed: Processing of cue-files containing multiple PERFORMERs
Changed: Program now use path to first dropped file as %workpath%
Fixed: Processing of patterns with conditional sections
Pressing the tab key in edit mode inside filelist now advances to the same field of next file, just like the Windows 7 Explorer does it
Compatibility fixes for some ID3v2 frames
Translations: Bulgarian, Italian
5.1.595 (2011-01-26)

Improved: Now you can add files to current list if hold down Ctrl button while drag'&'drop files from Windows explorer
Improved: Reading of separated fields TOTALDISCS and TOTALTRACKS used in some software
Improved: New placeholders %foldername2% for name of folder on two levels up and %foldername3% for name of folder on three levels up
Improved: Recovering of ID3v2 tags with empty headers and frames
Changed: Non-portable version of TagScanner now store all settings and scripts in current user profile folder %appdata%TagScanner. All old settings from VirtualStore of Windows Vista and above will be moved to new location.
Fixed: Processing of %hascover% placeholder
Fixed: Possible 'Out Of Resource' error on multi-monitor systems
Now program interface always scaled according to Windows settings
Updated sound engine
5.1.594 (2010-11-18)

Some tweaks in Discogs and Amazon import
Updated WMA support
Fixed: Access violation error with some actions
Fixed: Tag saving problems on mapped network drives
5.1.593 (2010-11-09)

Improved: Greatly increased writing speed with network and external drives
Improved: Error protection on corrupted covers from tags, also now you can delete such covers
Improved: %_counter% placeholder now use formatting settings in same way as %track%
Improved: Image quality for resized and recompressed covers
Improved: Support for Vietnamese encoding in converters
Improved: Autocorrection of foldernames with spaces at the beginning and end
Changed: Program now ignore ID3v2 tags in FLAC files with proper Vorbis tags
Changed: Mapping GROUPING -> CONTENTGROUP for Vorbis comments
Fixed: Memory leaks in ID3v2 support
Fixed: Some errors in WMA support
Some fixes in ALAC support for files created with old versions of iTunes
Find and Find duplicates functions slightly retuned
Changed some groups in filelist
Program window now rearranged on startup if its borders out of screen
Translations: Czech, German, Ukrainian
5.1.592 (2010-09-24)

New tag engine
New placeholder %_counter%
Improved: Reading of CUE files for various artists compilation
Improved: Repairing of some sort of corrupted ID3v2 tags
Improved: Compatibility with iTunes10
Improved: Program now remember settings for 'Restructure files' feature
Changed: Disabled joint reading of ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
Changed: Mapping DESCRIPTION -> COMMENT for Vorbis comments
Changed: Mapping ORGANIZATION -> PUBLISHER for Vorbis comments
Fixed: Generating of tag data with empty user blocks in Filename-to-Tag generator
Fixed: Problems with slash symbol in Music renamer for some Windows7 systems
Updated Discogs support
On Windows Vista and above program now trying to use new system fonts
All translation files now utf-8 encoded
Transferred to new compiler
Translations: Polish, Czech, Chinese Traditional, Slovak, Korean
5.1.571 (2010-07-02)

New: Now you can automatically change dimension and compression level of embedded cover art
New: Autonumbering function now has an option to reset counter on next group of flles
Improved: Transform scripts now applied for live preview in renamer
Improved: Processing of multiple user-defined <text blocks> in Filename-to-Tag generator
Changed: Transform scripts now applied only for engaged part of filename instead of full path for Filename-to-Tag generator
Changed: Program now change case of file extension only to all upper or all lower
Fixed: Tag processor ignore numeric values for some placeholders
Fixed: Program no longer prevent of actions on auto-hided taskbar
Rewritten network code to avoid problems with unstable connections (no need to restart program)
Changed interface scaling method
Translations: Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, German
5.1.563 (2010-05-12)

Updated rules for words capitalization
Retuned autocorrection function for filenames
Retuned Import data from CUE function
A smoother migration from version 5.0 to 5.1
Translations: Portuguese - European, Croatian (alternative)
5.1.562 (2010-04-29)

New: Ability to search info in Amazon Mp3Downloads section
Improved: Program now can automatically save downloaded covers into album folder
Improved: Program now remember last working module
Improved: Program now can indicate about problems with access to the file
Improved: Import of additional info about track featured artists from Discogs
Improved: Now you can use full range of metadata placeholders for List maker and Tag Processor
Improved: Interface for web services reorganized
Improved: Autocorrection of foldernames with dots at the beginning and end
Fixed: Last line from text file sometimes ignored when you try to generate tag data from
Fixed: Incorrect work of trim filename function
Fixed: Preserve file modification time when removing tags if option enabled
Fixed: Reading of Genre field containing brackets
Translations: Belarusian, Hebrew (new), Croatian (new), Japanese
5.1.559 (2010-03-16)

Improved: Program now use Windows interface scaling option
Improved: Trim filename function now also affect on created folders
Improved: Reading and mapping of Album Artist field for better compatibility with other software
Improved: New placeholder %foldername% for name of folder which contain current file
Improved: Processing of multi-artist releases from Discogs
Changed: Program help now opened in default browser
Changed: Remapped key shortcuts to fix problems with typing of some national symbols
Changed: iTunes service comments in ID3v2 tags now always saved in ISO-8859-1 encoding
Fixed: Error on removing files from list
Fixed: Saving of playlists in PLS format
Fixed: Reading data from CUE-files
Fixed: Next file in list was read twice after saving
Improved interface usability for some modules
Translations: French (2 versions), Danish (new), Slovak, German, Dutch
5.1.555 (2009-12-17)

New: Ability to edit tag fields directly in list of files
Improved: Tag Processor now highlights changed fields
Improved: Now you can use Transform scripts to replace field value with static text
Improved: Fast processing of very large or corrupt text fields inside ID3v2 tags
Improved: Export scripts is now updated in real time, if changed outside
Improved: Folding sections in tag editor
Changed: 'Rename folder by tag' now can work with all selected files instead of focused
Changed: Now the program in AUTO mode saves only APEv2 tag in ape,wv,mpc-files if they don't contain ID3v1 tag
Fixed: Handling restrictions on 99 tracks in album for freedb and tracktype services
Fixed: Problems with selection of last file in list on Win7
New keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+P - options, Ctrl+Shift++/Ctrl+Shift+- - expand/collapse groups, Ctrl+Shift+O - open playlist, Esc - cancel any long-running operation
Compatibility fixes for some ID3v2 frames
Translations: Hungarian
5.1.553 (2009-10-08)

Improved: Increased speed of muliselection processing in the list of files
Improved: Changed logic of the Html filter for export operations
Improved: Reading of unsynchronized ID3v2 tags
Fixed: Reading of ID3v2.4 tags with utf-8 encoded description inside APIC frames
Fixed: Change case in multiline fields
Fixed: Publisher was mapped to Album Artist in Filename/Text file to Tag modules
Fixed: Incorrect calculation of MP4 tag size that prevent saving changes
Updated export scripts
Translations: German, Portuguese (Brazil)
5.1.551 (2009-08-27)

Improved: Now you can remove files from main list of files
Fixed: 'List index out of bounds' error when using scripts with the clearing of fields values
Fixed: Working of Autonumbering function outside Tag editor tab
Fixed: Last selected file inserted twice into playlist
Program once again show data offset for mp3 files
Translations: Greek
5.1.550 (2009-08-04)

Removed: Tag processor module: Copy tag
Removed: Standalone playlists editor (now integrated into main list of files)
New: Tag Processor module: Tag fields mixer - format, extract and move any tag fields data to other fields
New: Tag Processor module: Import tag data from text files
New: Special field SOURCESTRING in text transform script editor for source strings in new processor modules
New: Filtering in list of files
New: Change codepage function (from selected codepage to unicode) in text transform scripts
New: Ability to create playlist from selected files
New: Natural sorting algorithm for list of files (on by default for WinXP and later)
New: 'Export list' module with scripting support, included scripts for xml, csv and html
New: Reader for Mpeg based files with detection of encoder type and accurate calculation of length and bitrate
New: Find duplicates function for list of files (by Title, Size and Length)
New: Conditional sections [...] in output strings
New: Support of new official OGG Vorbis field designed for embedded cover art (METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE)
New: Functions to import/export covers for multiple files at once
Improved: Now you can copy/paste TAG information between different media formats(Vorbis to ID3, APE to MP4 etc.)
Improved: In Filename-to-TAG generator you can now append text to extracted parts directly in formatting string
Improved: User defined templates for quick renaming of folders from menu
Improved: User defined genres for Tag Editor
Improved: 'Open file location' operation now highlight selected file in explorer
Improved: In list of files now you can see columns for all available for editing fields
Improved: Import additional information from a Amazon and Discogs (Composer, Conductor, Remixed by etc.)
Improved: Option for Discogs - Move "The" at the beginning in artist names
Improved: Ability to Copy/Paste covers from clipboard
Improved: Ability to sort list of files on presence of embedded pictures
Improved: Ability to create copy of whole text transform script
Improved: Transition to the new Amazon access protocol
Improved: Keeping aspect ratio of covers when displaying in the tag editor
Improved: Updated support for MusePack and WavePack formats
Improved: Multi-monitor support
Improved: Check for updates on program startup
Changed: 'Undo' operation now restore original encoding of tag
Changed: 'Export list' function now work for selected files
Changed: In Tag Editor, all fields on the screen except locked are cleaned up when you click Remove tag button
Changed: To improve compatibility with other software the program now use first occurrence of frame instead the last one for ID3v2 tag
Changed: Program now updates tag information instead complete overwrite when you get data from web
Fixed: Reading of ID3v2 tags with GEOB frames
Fixed: Saving of ID3v2 tags APIC descriptions
Fixed: Reading of ID3v2 tags with utf-16 BigEndian encoded frames
Fixed: Saving of cover art from web into OGG
Fixed: Unicode paths usage in some dialogs
Fixed: Reading of text files with BOM
Fixed: Incorrect processing of files dragged from explorer
Fixed: Reading of some MP4 with very long custom tag fields
Fixed: Memory leaks in interface render
New internal tag storage and processing engine
Most of program dialogs was rearranged
Updated help files, added examples of usage for all modules
Updated playback engine
Translations: Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Polish, Spanish
5.0 build 532 (05/06/2009)

Improved: Added placeholder for Composer field in all modules
Fixed: Processing of temporary data while searching on Amazon
Fixed: Creating of new tag within MP4 files without section for user data
Fixed: Creating of new tag within FLAC files created by older versions of the codecs
Updated playback plugin for ALAC format
Updated Discogs support
Translations: Portuguese (Iberian), Romanian, Ukrainian
5.0 build 531 (03/26/2009)

Changed: Now for the Filename-to-tag processor used the same logic as for the Tag editor when reads data from multi-tagged files
Fixed: Case change operation from scripts for templates containing backslashes
Fixed: Tag-to-Tag processor errors
Fixed: Export to html
Translations: Korean
5.0 build 530 (03/08/2009)

New: Completely redesigned Filename-to-TAG processor
Updated: Discogs support
Improved: Work with BPM field in all modules
Improved: Tag processing from Kenwood Lossless format *.kls
Improved: Ability to quick check/unchek tracks from web results
Improved: Processing speed of multi-tagged files
Improved: Additional fields in Listmakers export dialog
Changed: Now the program in AUTO mode saves APEv2 tag in mp3-files if they already contain APE tag
Fix: Calculation of the duration of very long mp3 tracks
Fix: Blocking of the folder after you add an image
Fix: Cover art were not saved into APEv2 when importing data from web
Fix: Reading of BPM data with non-integer values
Fix: Proxy password saving
Translations: Greek, Italian
5.0 build 525 (08/22/2008)

Changed logic for reading from multi-tagged files that contain APE tags with only replay_gain info
Improved: Optimized network code to became more friendly for slow connection
Improved: Decreased program startup and shutdown time
Fix: Transform scripts could not apply to values from multiselection in tag editor
Small improvements and fixes in several modules
Translations: German, Dutch, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish
5.0 build 524 (06/27/2008)

Improved: Reworked Filename -> Tag converter interface
Improved: Greatly increased speed of processing in Tag editor when you change number of selected files
Fix: 'Invalid Floating Point Operation' error on several operations
Fix: Embedded artwork from id3v2.2 could not be read (very old bug)
Translations: German, Chinese Simplified, Portuguese (Brazil)
5.0 build 523 (06/12/2008)

New: Now you can undo last operation
New: Ability to use transform scripts with individual fields
Improved: Correct work with several unofficial frames from MP4 and ID3v2 tags
Improved: Now you can drag'&'drop playlists into program window to scan their
Improved: Mapping settings for Album Artist from Vorbis comments (ALBUMARTIST or BAND)
Improved: Slightly increased speed of reading from ID3v2 tags with embedded cover art
Improved: Now restructure function can move included subfolders in addition to files
Improved: Check for updates function
Fix: Unicode chars not showing in renamers live preview
Fix: Transform scripts are not used for filenames
Fix: APEv2 Discnumber value could not be read after saving in editor
Updated help
Translations: Japanese, Polish, Spanish
5.0 build 522 (05/24/2008)

New: Foobar-like formatting placeholders
Improved: Now you can select only desired tracks when importing data from Web
Improved: Live preview in music renamer
Improved: Now you can drag'&'drop folders into program window to scan their
Improved: Ability to copy transform params in script editor
Improved: Extraction of track and disc info from Vinyl releases from Discogs
Improved: Additional columns in playlist and playlist export settings
Improved: Now you can set autosize option for columns in playlist and filelist
Fix: Tab navigation in some windows
Fix: Sometimes ID3v2 tags can't be read in software based on id3lib after saving in build > 520
Fix: Data reading speed from ID3v2 tags with big padding zone
Reworked localization engine to become more friendly for translators
5.0 build 521 (05/09/2008)

Changed license. Now the program became a free for commercial use in addition to private use
Improved: Now you can use 'Search all' searching method with Discogs
Improved: Settings for 'Disc' field format
Improved: New column in filelist - Modified time
Improved: Now the replacement scripts can be applied to filename before processing in Filename -> Tag converter
Improved: Resizable main window
Fix: Reading of ID3v2 frames with incorrect size in header
Fix: Processing of placeholders for non-text fields in Music renamer
5.0 build 520 (04/16/2008)

New: Now you may get album info and cover art from database of music information Discogs
Improved: Now you can drag'&'drop files into program window to scan their
Improved: Now you can add cover art via drag'&'drop into picture window
Improved: Ability to search with national characters from
Improved: Support for new native search from FreeDB
Improved: Settings for 'Track' field format
Improved: Changed cover art saving in ID3v2 for compatibility with some cell phones players
Improved: Changed cover art saving in FLAC for compatibility with some software
Improved: The file with insufficient tag information are not affected by renamer anymore
Fix: File size increased twice if metadata in MP4 located at the end of file
Fix: Track value from Amazon results are not saved into ID3v1
Fix: Proxy authorization
Reworked network support
Updated playback engine and all formats plugins
Translations: Chinese Simplified
5.0 build 518 (02/15/2008)

New: Support for embedded cover art from APE tags (binary)
Improved: Autodetect picture format from ID3v2 for incorrect frames
Improved: Now you can automatically get info from selected files for web-search request
Improved: Now you can save covert art into tag without changing text data for web-search results
5.0 build 517 (01/24/2008)

New: Now you may get album info and cover art from Amazon online shop catalog
New: Work with tag field: Publisher
New: Indication in filelist of presence at a file of cover art
Improved: Support for OGA and OGV -files (new Ogg profiles)
Fix: Renaming of support files (i.e. karaoke cdg)
Fix: Incorrect applying of transformations scripts for filenames
Fix: Picture extraction from OGG files
Fix: OGG files corruption after changing of embedded art
Translations: Japanese, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish
5.0 build 516 (12/21/2007)

Improved: Usability of online search
Improved: Increased text transformations processing speed
Fix: Picture extraction from flac files
Small fixes and improvements
Translations: Belarusian, Portuguese (Iberian), Greek
5.0 build 515 (09/15/2007)

Improved: Support for unsynchronised ID3v2 frames
Fix: Errors when try to save changes in some MP4 files
Fix: Newly created text transformations script are not worked correctly in some cases
Fix: ID3v2 POPULARIMETER frame handling
Updated some player plugins
Translations: Bulgarian
5.0 build 514 (06/14/2007)

Improved: Program now keep save extended iTunes comment frames from ID3v2
Fix: Newly created text transformations script are not saved correctly in some cases
Fix: ID3v2 Comment frame are not created after update to build 512
Fix: Filename -> TAG: Incorrect processing of unicode strings on some systems
Fix: 'Track number' value for WindowsMedia files can't be cleared
Translations: French, German
5.0 build 512 (05/31/2007)

Improved: Now you can apply text transformations for tag information and filenames separately
Improved: Files can be reordered now by hotkeys Alt+Up/Alt+Down
Improved: Support for embedded cover art from OGG files (base64 encoded)
Improved: Support for embedded cover art from FLAC files (metadata block)
Improved: Last codepage used for freedb result is applied for all results received in one request
Improved: m3u8 playlists support
Improved: New engine for Vorbis comments
Improved: Updated OGG files parser
Improved: Updated FLAC files parser
Improved: Filelist now are transferred to the auto-playlist instantly
Improved: Text transformations now are stored in separate files
Improved: Program now autoselet source tag version in filename to tag generator if current tag doesn’t exists
Fix: Text transformations settings saved incorrectly if they contained spaces
Fix: Tab order navigation in tag editor
Fix: Incorrect encoding of genre data from freedb
Fix: Ignored 'Genre' field for WindowsMedia files
Fix: Memory leak on MP4 saving
Fixed some stability issues
Translations: Portuguese (Brazil)
5.0 build 511 (04/25/2007)

Fix: On Vista files are not renamed if operations is made not inside of one folder
New smart 'Rescan/Cancel' button next Path-bar in Vista style
Improved: Now you can interrupt almost all long operations with 'Cancel' button
Improved: More informative conclusion of reports on renaming
ID3v2 UTF-16 encoded text frames are written now without terminating 00
Translations: Belarusian, Polish
5.0 build 510 (04/08/2007)

New: Work with tag field: Album Artist
Improved: Changes in (former support
Fix: Some random errors on file selection
Translations: Slovak, Finnish
5.0 build 509 (02/18/2007)

Fix: FreeDB text transcoding feature for some locales
Improved: More safe files moving with restructure feature
Improved: Text replacement for long strings
Updated playback engine
Translations: Korean, Bulgarian, Romanian
5.0 build 508 (11/12/2006)

Improved : Now base used for manual search of album info
Improved : Now you can use as web source (see options)
Fix: Some graphic problems
Translations: Dutch
5.0 build 507 (10/05/2006)

Improved: ID3v2 embedded artwork processing for multi-tagged files
Improved: Embedded artwork decoding speed increased for PNG
Fix: Flac format support for some files
Fix: Some translations problems
Fix: Some tags are not saved from freedb request
5.0 build 506 (08/29/2006)

Improved: MP4 'gnre' atom support
Improved: Freedb: Impoved usability of change encoding function
Improved: Changed look of renaming report
Improved: Remember window state on exit
Fix: ID3v2: Embedded artwork removed after updating tag info for multiple files
Fix: Incorrect sorting in main filelist
Translations: Turkish, Japanese
5.0 build 505 (08/05/2006)

Interface redesigned
New: Grouping in filelist
New: One filelist for most operations
New: Now user can perform per file operation instead of whole filelist
New: Text processing module: text replacement, case change etc.
New: Open files parent folder from context menu
New: Option for scan last active folder on startup
New: Option for preserve file modification time when saving tags
New: Get tags from cue-files
New: Renamer : Powerful module for restructure files on disk based on tag information
New: Renamer : Now you can autorename support files with same names ( *.cdg, *.txt default)
New mediaformat: WindowsMedia (asf,wma) - stream info and metadata reading/saving
New mediaformat: Mpeg4 (m4a,mp4 etc) - stream info and metadata reading/saving (iTunes format)
Improved: Filelist: Additional columns
Improved: Filelist: Changed logic for some sorting
Improved: Showing filesize in KB, MB and so on
Improved: Completely rewritten Vorbis tagging module
Improved: Completely rewritten APE tagging module
Improved: Special settings for writing ID3v2 tags in unicode format
Improved: Editor : ID3V2 unicode flag indication
Improved: Editor : Now can decode and show embedded PNG artwork
Improved: Editor : New tag fields - BPM, Disk Number, Content Group Description, Part of Compilation (ID3v2, MP4 only)
Improved: Listmaker: HTML-export: now save files in UTF8 encoding
Improved: Listmaker: HTML-export: now use field names from language files
Improved: Freedb: Updated search engine
Improved: Freedb: Reworked UTF8 support
Improved: Freedb: Codepage conversion for non-unicode results
Improved: Renamer: Now you can set variable length of filename
Improved: Renamer: Additional visualizations
Improved: Renamer: New placeholder %8 for Disk number
Improved: Slightly increased scan speed for non-mpeg based formats
Improved: Removed some redundant scans
Improved: Now you can cancel some longtime operations
Improved: Player now supports Musepack, Mpeg4, Monkey's Audio, FLAC, AAC, ALAC(Apple Lossless), OptimFROG, SPEEX, WavePack, TrueAudio files (Windows Media Format modules v9 or above are required for playback)
Fix: Incorrect displaying and saving custom genres in unicode
Fix: Sometimes tags are not saved for FLAC files
Fix: Incorrect ID3v2.4 tag reading in some cases
Fix: ID3v2.2 Album and Artist misplaced
Fix: Incorrect text transcoding in non-affected frames from ID3v2
Fix: Can't remove vorbis tag from flac files larger than 2GB
Fix: Tags was read twice then you navigate in filelist with keyboard
Fix: Program can't delete temporary file after creation of new ID3v2 tag for unicode-named files
Fix: Player time displaying for long songs
Fix: Ignored unicode paths as startup parameter string
Fix: Filename -> TAG: Incorrect processing of unicode strings
Fix: Filename -> TAG: Up one level folder name processing
Fix: Filename -> TAG: Incorrect parsing of foldernames in some cases
Fix: Listmaker: pls format export
Fix: Trim filenames for *.wv files
Updated support for some audioformats
Optimized structure of language files
Discontinued support for win9x family
Revisited help
Updated translations: Polish, Greek, Spanish, Turkish, Russian
A lot of minor changes and fixes
4.9 build 497b (04/18/2005)

Fix: pictures removed from ID3v2 in some cases
Fix: sometimes Year field not recognized from ID3v2.4
Translation: Chinese Simplified
4.9 build 497a (04/09/2005)

Fix: ID3v2 incorrect work with TXXX frames
Fix: Program freez on some mp3-files with APE-tags
Fix: APEv2 tag incorrect saved in some cases
Fix: Again! Preserve replaygain information in MP3 files
Multichannel files recognition: WavPack, OGG
Improved support for ID3v2 tags created by iTunes
4.9 build 496 (03/28/2005)

Support for extended Vorbis-comments fields
Fix: Preserve replaygain information in OGG files
Fix: Preserve replaygain information in MP3 files
Fix: Pictures not saved to ID3v2 tags
Fix: removed debug file creation on FLAC reading
Fix: WavPack 4 support, now based on official specifications
4.9 build 495a (03/12/2005)

Fixed: East Asian languages support
Fix: APEtag in some cases detected as ID3v1
Processor: Fixed case conversions
Freedb settings moved to general settings window
Added option for Id3v2 unicode mode (off by default)
Some interface changes
4.9 build 494 (03/06/2005)

New ID3v2 core library
Improved handling of incorrect ID3v2 frames
Now supports ID3v2.2
Fixed reading of UTF8 encoded APE tags
Fixed unicode filenames processing
Now you can view/edit unicode tags
Freedb protocol version 6 support (UTF8)
New language: Korean
Program no longer work on Win95
Improved stability
4.9 build 493 (02/05/2005)

Translations: Finnish, Swedish
Now you can close program during scan procedure
TagEditor: Some corrections in remove multiple tags procedure
Greatly increased afterscan operations speed, upto 10 time faster
Fixed memory leaks on scan
Some corrections in OGG support
Lot of minor changes/fixes!
4.9 build 492 (01/08/2005)

NEW format: WavPack version 4, also added encoder mode detection
NEW format: TrueAudio (TTA) - ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2 tags (id3v1+v2 in Auto mode)
Translations: Belarussian, Hungarian, Dutch, Serbian
Freedb: Fixed "Access violation" on file selection
TagEditor: Some corrections in save multiple tags procedure
Fixed: In some cases program can't remove ID3v2 comment
Now program select up one level folder if current path not exists
Updated sound engine
Lot of minor changes/fixes!
4.9 build 490 (10/24/2004)

New TAGformat > APE 1.0 and 2.0 Tags : Basic fields + Copyright,Composer,WWWUSER,EncodedBY,OrigArtist, UnsyncedLyrics
New audioformat > SPEEX : streaminfo, vorbis comments
New audioformat > FLAC : streaminfo, vorbis comments (supports padding)
New audioformat > WavePack : streaminfo, all tags support
New audioformat > OptimFROG(DualStream) : streaminfo, all tags support
New audioformat > MonkeyAudio : streaminfo, all tags support
New audioformat > AAC : streaminfo, all tags support
Multilanguage interface: Czech, Galician, Norwegian, Portuguese (Iberian),Bulgarian, Thai, Italian, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Polish, French, Russian, English
Support for Unicode filenames!
Resizeble inteface
Separate settings for TAG reading/saving
Renamer: Fixed parsing of renaming format string
Renamer: Some corrections in Translit operation
Editor: New interface!
Editor: Multiple files tag editor!
Editor: Track field as any string
Editor: Now show version of output tag
Editor: Functions for files (from context menu)
Editor: Track autonumbering (from context menu)
Editor: Now can Cut/Copy/Paste TAGs from/to multiple files
Editor: Fixed error with lock Picture field
Editor: Some correction on folder renaming from menu
Editor: Now you can open file in associated application from context menu
Editor: Now you can rename file directly in filelist (context menu or F2)
Editor: Player now recheck played file on list resort
Editor: Empty string for ID3v1.track instead 0
Editor: Reset checked fields on rescan
Editor: Now can delete corrupted ID3v2 tags
Processor: Fixed parsing of input fields formatstring on tag generation
Processor: Generator > Some corrections in foldername parsing
Processor: Generator > Parse foldername as well as filename
Processor: now can generate different Tags at once
Processor: Generator > Reset field values function
Processor: FIX: ogg-comments not removed in Tag Processor
Freedb: http access and improved speed
Freedb: proxy support
Freedb: Search in online database
Freedb: Manual query for albums info
Freedb: FIX: Program don't write Vorbis comments
Freedb: ability to manual set order of tracks after getting info from database
Freedb: getting active servers list in settings
Freedb: support for multistring titles
Listmaker: Corrected export settings saving
Listmaker: new list
Updated case change procedures: [Every First Up] and [Only first up]
New search and scan procedures (speedup!)
Improved TAB navigation
New engine for Vorbis comments processing
Now you can delete formats/paths from stored list
Pathfield now reread only after click Rescan button(or Enter key) (like explorer address bar)
Some corrections in Musepack/MPC support
Renamed genre AlternRock to Alt. Rock
Corrected some visual appearances
New installer
Updated help file
A lot of minor changes and fixes
4.8 build 481 (12/03/2003)

Store path from pathbox for browsing dialog
Bugfix: program don't show numbers in ID3v2 genres
Bugfix: Access violation then tag removed
More stable work with corrupted files
Updated sound engine
4.8 build 480 (10/27/2003)

Get album info from internet database
Program now not buzz on win98/ME when you try to choice Genre from list
Bugfix: ID3v2 Comment not changed after save
Corrected bug with ID3v2 when Comment field displayed incorrectly in other programs
Program now use new style browse for folder dialog on win2k/XP
Renamer: CD ISO/Joilet filenames length control
Renamer: Now show extended info on Preview
Listmaker: Export > Ability to change column order
Listmaker: Export > Counter
Support for windows2003
Some other changes
4.7 build 472 (08/03/2003)

Improved interface render speed on WinXP
Now files not rescaned on Preview operations
More accurate ID3v2 and OGG-info tags reading
Improved OGG-info tag reading/writing speed
A lot of minor changes and fixes
4.7 build 471 (01/08/2003)

Fixed interface bugs on WinXP
Fixed interface problems when StyleXP installed
Improved OGG writing speed
A lot of minor changes and fixes
4.7 build 470 (29.12.2002)

New tag reading engine
New scanning algorithm
Removed 'TAG preview', now program always scan files for TAG
New sound engine: excelent OGG and MP3 playback
Support for OGG files (Vorbis tag and stream info)
Support for MpegPlus files (added stream info)
Fixed some resource leaks
Fixed ID3v2 Comment reading for some MP3s (e.g. created with CDex)
Fixed #Track writing
Reanmer: New options for 'spaces'
Renamer: Improved Rename folder by TAG
Editor: Added new fields in ID3v2 mode
Editor: Ability to read/write total album tracks (e.g. 01/12)
Listmaker: Export > Preinstalled Excel it is not necessary any more
Listmaker: Export > Changed #Track writing
Listmaker: Export > Some changes in HTML links
Listmaker: Work with OGG and MPC files
Hint for player now show track time and song info
Returned incremental search in lists
Greatly improved Unicode support in ID3v2
4.5 build 456 (20.08.2002)

Program now support MPEGplus files (Only ID3v1 and ID3v2 TAGs, no stream info)
Added support for graphics inside ID3v2 (JPEG,GIF,BMP)
Renamer: Subfolders creation by ID3
Editor: Correct lyrics writing/reading
Editor: New listfile sorting order (Artist - Title)
Editor: Ability to save/load lyrics to/from external file
Editor: Some functions for fields
TAGer: New special delimiter '_-_'
Listmaker: Some correction in Excel export
Listmaker: Comment and Track field in export settings
Listmaker: HTML export: active links to files
Listmaker: Added sort by Genre ability
Corrected genre - Trash metal to Thrash metal
Improved non-English TAGs support
Updated help files
4.5 build 454 (16.04.2002)

TAG Generator replaced with Batch TAGer for better mass TAG processing
TAGer features: Generate TAGs by filename/foldername or mass change any TAG fields
TAGer features: Copying TAGs between versions
TAGer features: Remove TAGs by version
TAGer: TAG fields capitalization
TAGer: Track value correction if not integer
TAGer: ID3v1: fixed bug with spaces in some fields after first time creation
Editor: Added support for Unsynchronised Lyrics
Editor: Save or Remove both TAG versions simultaneously
Editor: Improved tag switching operation
Editor: Little improved ID3v2 write speed
Listmaker: added export settings
Listmaker: added export to CSV (Comma Separated Values) format for databases
Listmaker: corrected track in album
Listmaker: files moving in list
Added support for ID3v2 compressed Tags
Better exceptions processing
Some language corrections
Ability to rescan folder
Fix to ID3v2 Unicode support
Fixed the resource leaks in scan operations
Fixed bug with reading some national characters (255ascii symbol)
Fixed bug with processing after moving or deleting files
Help file
4.5 build 452 (22.01.2002)

Support for ID3v2: version 2.3 / 2.4
Added 2 ID3 modes: ID3v1 - old mode / ID3v2 - combined (see Using)
Speedup all basic functions
Improvements in searching and scanning
Some interface improvements
For longtime operation added progress indicator in status bar
Editor: Rename file folders by ID3 (RightClick in filelist)
Editor: Operations with files (RightClick in filelist: Copy/Move/Delete)
Editor: Highlight now playing track
Editor: Some list sorting ability
Generator: Ability to Preview results
Generator: Changed 'Update' mode - now not empty fields has changed
Listmaker: HTML export: optimising by size
Listmaker: HTML export: CSS in HTML header
Listmaker: Excel export: columns headers
Listmaker: Ability to create playlists from any number of CD's
Listmaker: M3U playlist space bug
Listmaker: New sorting order: Track in Album
Renamer: New %N worksheet for old fileName
Browse dialog now store last folder
Command line parametr (use Foldername or Filename)
Work on CD-RW UDF disks (ability to saving)
Support for WinXP
Mpeg stream information fix
Correct processing files with ReadOnly attribute where possible(bug: Can't open file)
Correct translit (bug with 'a')
Correct Genres
Correct Genre generating
Correct time displaying
Correct size displaying
A lot of minor changes and fixes
4.3 build 437 (10.06.2001)

More stability on Windows2000
Bug fix: Double serching on click to [Recurse subdirectories]
Bug fix: Ctrl+R not work properly
Song information on mouse move on player
List maker: export to Excel (required installed Excel)
MP3 renamer: Genre on end of filename bug fix
MP3 renamer: 'division by zero' on some nonstandard MP3s
TAG editor: settings for quick tag preview in filelist

Added TAG generator (Filename --> ID3 Tag)!!!
Added Hotkeys
Improved player
MP3 renamer: added new worksheets
MP3 renamer: worksheets store
MP3 renamer: changed algorithm
TAG editor: quick tag view in filelist
A few other fixes I forgot to log
4.0 beta2

Added very quality player
Added test mode
MP3 renamer: translit for Cyrillic
MP3 renamer: added track number (%7)
List maker: right VBR detection
TAG editor: added more genres
TAG editor: added autosaving
TAG editor: fixed wrong sorting
Fixed a few small bugs

Added ability for work with subdirectories
MP3 renamer: fixed a bug with deleting some files
MP3 renamer: maximized rename speed
TAG editor: added output of extended information
List maker: added ability for write extended playlist to HTML
List maker: added ability for write extended playlists
List maker: maximized speed of scan/read/write
Fixed a few small bugs

Interface changed
MP3 renamer: added formating output
MP3 renamer: added spaces replacing
TAG editor: added simple surfing
TAG editor: added possibility for hold TAG editor positions
Added playlist editor (List maker)(undertesting)

Interface changed
Fixed progress indicator bug
Added TAG editor

Changed TAG scan algorithm
Fixed some stupid bugs
1.0 (09/10/1999)

First release

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