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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for TSSplitter

================================== v1.2 ========================================

- added new preallocation mechanism to better reduce file fragmentation
- changed file position control to remove 128GB limit
- fixed a 64bit issue

================================== v1.0 ========================================

- added "Sort" button to join window, allowing "intuitive" file sorting
- added "Save As" on part file context menu to directly save single part files
- Windows "Open With" will now work with TSSplitter
- custom part file naming scheme is now saved

================================== v0.9 ========================================

- optimized split point calculations for fixed TS packet size of 188 bytes
- pre-allocation of disk space, reduces file fragmentation to almost zero
- fixed: selected file naming scheme was not saved on exit
- removed auto-open of last file on startup
- some minor changes

================================== v0.8 ========================================

- file joining from disk implemented
- changed default naming scheme to ".TSSplit.<item>-<count>"
- > easier to see that partial files can be joined back with TSSplitter
- added more controls to the normal file joining dialog
- fixed a bug when using a custom naming scheme
- some minor changes

================================== v0.7 ========================================

- file joining implemented
- changed "disc" to "disk" for part file naming

================================== v0.6 ========================================

- source file duration is retrieved (if valid TS file)
- part files get estimated video position from source duration
- performs free-space check before splitting (not on network drives)
- changed storage location of previews to one file in local TSSplitter startup folder avoiding overwrite warnings
- deletes preview file on exit
- preview file size can be adjusted (16MB, 32MB, 64MB)
- now has a version number

================================== v0.5 ========================================

- no more error message on large files (thanks for the info!)
- buttons get disabled now while splitting
- splitting can be aborted (with warning dialog, can be used as "pause" too)
- progress percentage is shown in title bar
- drag+drop added (just drag in a source file)
- now using extra large cache when splitting to the same harddisc, resulting in longer sequential read/write cycles which greatly improves performance
- some minor fixes

================================== v0.4 ========================================

- initial release

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