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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for TS-Doctor

4.0.28 - Make sure that the window with the title "Open recording" is not outside the visible area
- Memory leaks fixed
- Support for DLNA PLAYSINGLE - Urls via File/Open

4.0.27 - Hotfix for Teleboy MP4 file import
- Hotfix for OCR of DVB subtitles

4.0.26 - When opening directories, very large zip files could be troublesome
- Import of Teleboy MP4 files improved
- Swipe function for tablets for IPTV channellist in TS-Player
- Mistakes in TS-Player fixed
- Import of Sony Camcorder recordings with PCM audio
- Import of AVI and WTV (MPEG2, H264)

4.0.25 - When loading files via tsdcuts cutlists, the teletext subtitles were ignored
- Copying multiple files via UPnP now works again
- Adjustment in video analysis for changed logo at Tele5

4.0.24 - Some graphical improvements
- Cancelation of AC3 scan accelerated
- "Close file" had no function

4.0.23 - Some graphical improvements
- Dialog for "Open splitted files" did not open
- Removal of spaces at the beginning and end of program titles

4.0.22 - Improved display under Windows 7 with Windows theme disabled
- Fixed network error when closing the application under Windows 11
- Fixed .eit editor for some OpenATV recordings
- Currently selected editing area is also highlighted in the timeline
- Some file dialogs updated
- Problem with missing program info for muli channel recordings fixed
- Detecting of MPEG-4 Visual video streams

4.0.21 - Fixed MP4 import bug
- Copy memory blocks accelerated

4.0.20 - Recognition of color for individual words in OCR improved
- Changes in the date of a show were not applied
- GUI peoblems in TS Remuxer fixed
- Fix for processing m2ts files with invalid copy_control_indicator

4.0.19 - Filtering out small segments when cutting via Enigma .cuts improved
- Scaling problem with batch list window fixed
- Fixed bug in H265 parser when reading video parameter set (UXN, South Korea)
- Bug in Enigma .eit editor fixed

4.0.18 - Bug fixed when cutting via EPG
- Filtering out too small segments when cutting via Enigma .cuts
- Enigma .cuts can now also be executed manually via the menu for Enigma recordings
- Some errors in installer fixed

4.0.17 - Fixed problem when reopening thumbnail view
- Fix for audio scan error for recordings shorter than 3 minutes
- With auto-cut disabled, all detection types for advertising are now hidden
- Import of MP4 files improved

4.0.16 - Fix for audio scan error for recordings longer than 5 hours

4.0.15 - Fixed PCR problem when importing MP4 files.
- Scan width shortened to detect audio channel changes during analysis
- No video analysis for Sky Premiere and Sky Premiere +24 because no channel logo present

4.0.14 - Adjustment of video analysis for new darker logo of SRF zwei
- Rights in the ProgramData directory adjusted so that changes to the language files can be saved
- When importing Mediathekview recordings, the broadcast info will be applied if available
- AC3 mode preference restored
- Improved contrast of some icons in bright theme
- Problems with radio recordings via WinTV 10 fixed
- Probleme with the trial version solved

4.0.13 - Fixed startup problems under Wine (Linux)
- Fixed problems downloading tools under Wine (Linux)

4.0.12 - Fixed an error during the installation of the 32bit version

4.0.11 - Input for "Open trimmed" improved
- Download of some tools during setup was done in 32bit instead of 64bit

4.0.10 - Fix for wrong scaling of the timeline

4.0.9 - Fixed problem with installation on Mac M1 with Parallels and Windows 11.
- Installed versions of TS-Doctor 4.0 were not displayed in the application report
- Cut window adapts better to multi-monitor systems with different DPIs
- tsmuxer updated
- Fix for "Open trimmed"

4.0.8 - Fixed bug in file merger
- Skin selection disabled if Windows themes are disabled (Windows 7)
- Work-around for SVG icons if Windows themes are disabled (Windows 7)
- Audio language is now displayed in English, German or French

4.0.7 - OCR to SRT conversion was missing in 64bit version
- Control-A im program guide is working again

4.0.6 - When downloading filters it could happen that 32bit and 64bit versions were mixed up
- Minor bug fixes
- Cypheros audio decoder for MP2 audio was not loaded
- Cypheros video decoder for MP2 video was not loaded

4.0.5 - Registering transport stream file extensions is selectable in setup

4.0.4 - Several minor bug fixes
- Input of the target filename in the file-merger improved

4.0.3 - Remnants of the following shipment were not removed
- Several minor bug fixes

4.0.2 - 32-bit and 64-bit version
- Switch from proprietary skin engine to Windows Uxtheme API
- Removed support for Windows XP
- Unified file dialogs for opening and saving files
- Use of vector graphics for better scaling on high resolution monitors (High DPI)
- New installer
- Unified multilingual installer file for 32 and 64 bit
- M2TS detection improved for recordings that are more than 50% damaged/encrypted
- Improved I-frame detection in the cutting window (Australian channels)
- Thumbnail view improved
- New ad detection via audio analysis
- Language selection for audio and text tracks improved
- Program startup accelerated
- Memeory leaks removed
- Cypheros audio decoder improved
- Channel list updated

3.2.33 - Hotfix: In the preview, cut point images were no longer shown

3.2.32 - Improved teletext subtitle creation with support for "typewriter" subtitles.
- Improved detection of PGS subtitles when DataAlignmentIndicator = 0

3.2.31 - Fixed incorrect removal of a part after the main show.
- Open file dialog remembers the last selected file type
- Fix for Hauppauge AC3 decoder (WinTV) in connection with EAC3 (NRJ12, TF1, 6ter, etc.)

3.2.30 - Reading XML recording information for NextPVR recordings
- In the settings the offset for DVB subtitles had no effect
- Fix for Enigma meta files with wrong broadcast information during batch processing

3.2.29 - Improved assignment of program information
- TV Guide (EPG) for IPTV in TS Player
- Improved display of Technisat Isio S2 folders
- Updated tsMuxeR version to import MKVs and other formats

3.2.28 - Improved assignment of program information
- TV Guide (EPG) for IPTV in TS Player

3.2.27 - Hotfix for incorrect assignment of shipment information when automatic cut is skipped

3.2.26 - Time lapse interval instead of minutes, now in seconds (15 to 300 seconds)
- Fixed bug in EPG Quick-Scan with missing running status
- Video analysis can now use the TV guide of the teletext in addition to EIT data to separate shows
- Assignment of the correct program to public broadcaster improved when only one cut area is available (e.g. ARD: Tatort)
- TV-Guide data is now also used for AC3 commercial detection to separate broadcasts that are aired without interruption
- Warning if TV-Guide data is used, that it may be inaccurate
- Fixed a video analysis bug that could cause the last cut range to be ignored
- "Open file trimmed" remembers the last opened file name and the last used limit values until a restart of the application

3.2.25 - Ukrainian IPTV channels
- Fix for TS player problems when window is always in foreground

3.2.24 - Cosmetic improvements to better conform to different skins and resolutions
- TS-Player can now be set to stay in the foreground
- Bug fixed when loading EPG data in TS-Player
- Multithreading problems in TS-Player with IPTV channels from ZDF fixed

3.2.23 - Number of temporary files at TS Player reduced
- Database of TS-Player now supports links up to 800 characters
- Problems with changing servers at PlutoTV in TS-Player fixed
- List of recordings with certain Technisat receivers corrected
- Sound disturbances in TS-Player with some IPTV stations fixed

3.2.22 - In TS Player it is now possible to specify URLs longer than 256 characters
- Hotfix for error message with some IPTV channels
- Improved handling of HTTP redirections in TS-Player
- Support of more IPTV channels in TS-Player

3.2.21 - Faster termination of IPTV playback
- Better handling with multiple simultaneous instances of the TS player
- Display of broadcast title for German IPTV channels

3.2.20 - TS-Player now also recognizes IPTV streams with MP3 and AAC LC SBR audio track
- TS-Player aborts IPTV streams prematurely if playback is not possible due to geoblocking
- Problems with wrong code table for Russian teletext subtitles fixed
- Added some IPTV channels
- Marking IPTV channels that perform geoblocking or temporary geoblocking
- Improved playback of IPTV streams on TS player and made playback more stable, especially on slow Internet connections

3.2.19 - Fix for ECconvertError on Enigma recordings with corrupt .meta files
- Fix for InitializeSRWLock error message at startup on Windows XP
- Preset individual choice of correct ad recognition even if dialog is disabled
- TS-Player now also compatible with older video renderer
- When creating own IPTV channels in TS-Player there was an error message if no channel logo was assigned

3.2.18 - Fix for ad detection using video analysis on Kabel 1.
- Polish, Czech and Spanish translation of the user manual
- TS Demuxer: changed file extension for DVB subtitles from .sup to .dvbsub and avoid confusion with other formats
- TS Demuxer: DVB subtitles are now saved as PES because the elementary stream is missing important timer information
- TS Demuxer: To distinguish between ES and PES data streams, the file name is appended to the file name
- Fixed a bug in the TS player that prevented the Cypheros MPEG2 filter from being loaded

3.2.17 - Multithreading disabled when converting DVB subtitles to SRT, as this negatively affects recognition quality

3.2.16 - DVB subtitles were not converted to SRT, if the recording was in M2TS format (192 byte packets)
- When recording with several programs in a row, it could happen that some new files were only one KB in size
- Enigma file update for recordings with more than 2 broadcasts in a row improved

3.2.15 - Hotfix for reduced writing speed

3.2.14 - TS Player improved
- Fix for high error rate when OCRing the second subtitle line
- Fix for certain .eit files that were no longer readable with edEIT
- PCR continuity check can be disabled under correction behaviour

3.2.13 - Problems with playback of TS Player fixed, if the audio is in AAC-LATM format
- Application report supplemented by the log of the TS Player
- Hotfix for recordings from Topfield receivers with file extension .rec

3.2.12 - Hotfix for problems with the processing of .eit files from certain channels
- .eit editor improved
- Fix for the selection of prefered streams

3.2.11 - Problems with the installer for the TS player fixed.
- ap and sc files can be created also for non Enigma recordings
- Some characters like question marks were not filtered, for Windows UPnP links

3.2.10 - Fixed several errors reading data from Enigma .eit files
- Enigma .eit editor

3.2.9 - TS Packet Filter improved. Sorting by PID and extended to display language for audio and subtitles.
- TS Player for MacOS and Crossover improved
- In TS Packet Viewer the PIDs are now displayed and sorted decimally
- Creation of Enigma files also for recordings with multiple shows in row
- Automatic adjustment of Enimga .meta files
- Automatic adjustment of Enimga .eit files
- More detailed settings for processing Enigma files
- Enigma .meta editor

3.2.8 - PCR discontinuities are displayed as errors
- Volume can be changed in the TS-Player with the scroll wheel
- Dedicated demuxer for playback in TS-Player

3.2.7 - Fix for problems with ZDF channels for IPTV in TS Player
- Hotkey "i" for IPTV-List in TS-Player
- Via command line option channel="TV Channelname" an IPTV channel can be started automatically in the TS-Player.
- Bitrate display for IPTV in TS Player
- Memory-Leak in TS-Player fixed

3.2.6 - Fix for problems with the skin engine
- Internal demuxer for IPTV with setting for preferred bitrate (if supported by broadcaster)

3.2.5 - In TS-Player you can create and edit your own IPTV channels

3.2.4 - Fix for copying files with "dlna-playsingle:" URI
- TS-Player with shortcut to jump from 1 second, 10 seconds and one minute (s z m)
- TS-Player remembers the last screen position

3.2.3 - Buffer overflow when searching for the first I-frame for UHD recordings, fixed.
- Fix for recordings from DVB viewer when the beginning of the file is encrypted
- Fix for fullscreen switching under Windows 7
- TS-Player disables screen saver when playback is running
- Problem with the combobox for language selection fixed

3.2.2 - Play button is displayed in the close dialog only if a new file has been created
- Enigma cuts removed from dialog settings
- Enigma Cuts now adjustable under Auto Cut
- Potential problem with teletext scan of short recordings fixed
- Fixed problem with OCR with empty DVB subtitles
- IPTV function added to TS-Player

3.2.1 - Windows 11 compatibility
- Moving start and end of crop areas in the Timeline improved.
- Language settings are preserved when settings are reset
- Handling of TV series improved if EPG data is available
- XP file dialogs improved at higher DPIs
- Fullscreen playback in the Timeline is performed on the current monitor
- TS-Player for playing and previewing TS files (ts,mts,m2ts,ts4,dvr,..)
- Cypheros Audio Filter extended by the open formats Opus and Flac
- Skin engine updated
- OCR engine updated
- Improved subtitle conversion by inserting additional space between two lines
- OCR functions for validating and repairing words improved
- Enimga cut list added to ad detection dialog
- MPEG2 video decoder filter improved

3.1.13 - Split section area via t-key now also works without a marker
- Accidental deletion of a larger area via the t-key is prevented
- Manual identification of channels via SID, TID and video PID, for individual settings in ad detection
- Support for multi-part recordings with the file extension .tsv where the other files are named *_001.tsv, *_002.tsv
- Open split files did not create _check.log file when "Check only" was executed

3.1.12 - Sorting of drives in the recording window improved
- In the recording window, directories or drive can now be hidden if desired
- Search for valid stream start extended from 10000 to 100000 packets (Technisat DVB-T2 Receivers)
- Invalid data at the end of the recording could cause hangs in the TS Packet Viewer
- In the Timeline the cut list can now be inverted by pressing the r key
- In the cut window the cut area at the marker can now be divided via the t key

3.1.11 - Respecting of daylight saving time when interpreting Enigma .eit files
- Potential problems with ending the task for checking for updates fixed
- IFrame detection for MP2 videos improved (ITV problems)

3.1.10 - Adaptation of channel logos for Kabelio channels
- More flexible evaluation of teletext time for Polish channels (TVP1)
- Better merging of teletext and EPG data when TOT data (actual time) is missing
- Scaling problem in the Timeline fixed when scaling is changed at runtime
- Automatic time correction of the recording start read from the .meta for Enigma recordings

3.1.9 - Fix for missing show info via teletext at Kabel 1 Doku
- Correct file extension was not always preselected in TS Format Converter
- Fixed incorrect entries in the codetable for Polish teletext subtitles

3.1.8 - Bug in new M2TS remuxer of TS Format Converter fixed
- Fix for ARTE French teletext subtitles

3.1.7 - In radio mode (audio only) the cuts were not transferred to the batch list
- Fix for too large icons in some dialogs
- Drawing of window contents with activated skin and deactivated window animation improved
- Fixed bug when overwriting already existing files
- TS Format Converter now uses its own remuxer for M2TS, which copies all streams, including teletext and subtitles

3.1.6 - Basic settings window hangs at first startup

3.1.5 - Fix for delayed opening of the cut window
- Shortkeys for cut window are passed on from the time lapse view

3.1.4 - Fix for error when reading XML dockuments
- Test fix for delayed opening of the cut window

3.1.3 - File Merger improved
- Display of the current directory at startup
- Display of the number of currently read files
- Merge recordings of the JVC LCD TV LT-32E54B

3.1.2 - Better handling of multi-part Technisat recordings
- File dialog could not be scaled
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash with very badly damaged recordings
- New trial period
- Using OmniXMLDom instead of MsXMLDom to read XML files also on PlayOnMac/PlayOnLinux

3.1.1 - Icons for moving the sections enlarged
- Adjustments to be able to start TS-Doctor via PlayOnMac or Crossover on MacOS Catalina and Big Sur
- Update to the latest compiler version 10.4.1
- OCR engine updated to the latest Tesseract version 5.0 for better subtitle conversion
- Skin engine updated to the latest version 15.22
- FFMPEG libraries updated to 3.4.8
- UPnP client no longer crashes the application if network bindings fail
- Improved UPnP client now also works under Crossover
- The image area in which the logo is searched for during video analysis can be predefined for each channel

3.0.30 - Fallback to LAV Light if LAV filters do not work in the video analysis
- Fix for missing special characters in Polish teletext (TVP1)
- Fixed problem with importing MKV files with SRT subtitles

3.0.29 - Commandline with wildcard, now searches in the found subdirectories if no file is found in the source directory
- Commandline now considers default file extension (.ts or .m2ts) for the target file
- Video analysis improved for channel Welt
- Application report extended with additional information

3.0.28 - Numbers at the beginning of a movie title were not included in the file name
- Positive delay (PTS to PCR) is considered invalid, since the delay should always be negative
- Invalid delay leads to further tests at different positions
- Cutting of data streams without valid PTS (often teletext, DVB subtitles) now more precise
- UPnP support for recordings from Technisat Digit Isio STC

3.0.27 - Improved ad recognition via video analysis for RTL
- Improved debug analysis for problems with UPnP
- Video analysis sometimes missed a commercial break when switching quickly between commercials and broadcasts
- Extended search radius for correct cutting points for DVB subtitles (Czech station CT :D/art)
- Active cutting area in the cutting window now more obvious

3.0.26 - Teletext recognition for Kabel 1 Doku HD
- Improved repair after cutting IPTV recordings or reencodes in H.264 that do not have the corresponding PPS and PLC for each I-frame
- Dialog "PCR problems detected. Should the application try to fix the problems ?" can be disabled
- Improved import of MKVs

3.0.25 - Fix for missing image content in preview

3.0.24 - Preselected file extension .ts or .m2ts is now respected during manual editing
- Faster analysis of recordings for fast computers and drives
- Problems with the Teletext commercial detection for ORF 1 fixed
- New tsMuxer version 2.6.16
- PCR problems with channel JOJ fixed

3.0.23 - Preselected file extension .ts or .m2ts is now respected during automatic cutting
- If a file needs to be repaired first because of PCR problems, _fixed is automatically appended to the file name
- Optimization of memory management
- Optimization for fast computers and drives
- File and area are now showing in the progress window
- More precise cut with HEVC/H.265

3.0.22 - Fix for SHA1 certificate problem for Windows 7
- Video track was not shown in TS-Remuxer for MPEG2

3.0.21 - Problem with resetting the settings fixed in the trial version
- Video analysis for recognition of the new small RTL logo improved
- Reading of EPG data from Enigma .eit files for polish channels improved

3.0.20 - Error message with deactivated UPnP fixed
- Sporadic problems with the FrameType-Detector fixed

3.0.19 - No longer trying to render the unused subtitle pin in the preview
- Fixed problem with selected LAV Light Splitter if it is no longer present
- Problem with the fast sample grabber under Windows 10 19041 when using the "Enhanced Video Renderer" fixed
- Information about UPnP Devices is displayed when they are clicked in the UPnP dialog
- Evaluation of broadcast information for TRP recordings (STElectronics)

3.0.18 - If a program switching occures with very different audio and video formats, the suggested methode to fix that, will be to delete the front or rear area
- The file extension .mpeg caused problems when opening (EOSError: System error. Code: 3)
- Better processing of recordings with encrypted areas
- Unicode and UTF8 settings are now also respected for the application report
- Problem solved for recordings with PGS subtitles (Panasonic camera V777)
- Fix for command-line option "CROP=X"
- Fixed potential multi-threading problems of the internal UPnP client

3.0.17 - File extensions are now properly considered when copying UPnP links
- Fix for Error "Privileged Instruction"

3.0.16 - Improved positioning of the cutting overview
- After processing the last used file was not always selected again in the file dialog
- Log file for copy function

3.0.15 - Fixed handling of duplicate filenames with UPnP
- During UPnP download, files without file extension automatically get the extension .ts
- Cut overview button with percentage of commercials that will be cutted out

3.0.14 - Date evaluation for teletext improved for Tele5 and ONE
- Swedish and Czech translation of the GUI improved
- Fixed an error when changing the language for subtitles in batch processing
- After processing a file, the last used file is selected again in the file dialog

3.0.13 - Import of Enigma cut marks (.ts.cuts) improved
- In TS Format Converter you can now set automatic chapters for Bluray and AVCHD
- Changes to the language descriptors are now also applied to the batch list
- TS-Doctor remembers the last used directory even if the recording was opened by Drag&Drop

3.0.12 - Hotfix for TS Remuxer hangers
- The TS-Doctor now remembers the source directory of the TS Remuxer
- TS Format Converter tries to import existing .tsdcuts files as chapters for Bluray and AVCHD

3.0.11 - Support for newer TSMuxeR version 2.6.15 with HEVC support
- Creation of Bluray ISOs via the TS Format Converter
- GUI of the TS Format Converter revised

3.0.10 - Checkbox for batch processing was ignored
- Improved directory selection for recordings with multiple stations
- When opening the TS-Doctor the file overview is filled faster
- Problem with Technisat recordings fixed (PMT incorrect)
- Avoiding duplicate episode information in the title

3.0.9 - Fix for sporadically missing DVB subtitles on Finnish channels
- Fix for SWR RP program change detection
- Since Microsoft sporadically write protect our license files for incomprehensible reasons, the registration of the license file is changed from the normal API to IFileOperation
- Problems with the trial version under Windows XP fixed (Error F006)
- Database engine updated
- Fix for "Could not load cAudioDecoder.dll"
- Fix for "Could not load cMPV.dll"

3.0.8 - Support for Japanese ISDB-T
- Arib B24 Decoder for Japanese characters
- Setting for text encoding for log files is now taken into account
- Assigned encoding for info files is now Unicode for better support of international users
- The current program guide and MediaInfos data are now available in the menu under details
- Directory update via F5 key improved
- After a new file has been created, the file list of the current directory is always refreshed

3.0.7 - Last position of the main window was not saved
- Fixed potential problems when exiting the application
- Support for MKVToolnix 42.0

3.0.6 - Minor user interface bugs fixed
- Warning if Haali-Splitter TS-Demuxing is deactivated
- Improved navigation in cutting window, when there are many cut areas

3.0.5 - Fixed incorrect display in the "Result of the process" dialog
- Progress display extended by additional information
- Disk-Tool optimized for very fast M.2 drives
- Enigma additional files are only created if "Enigma .ap & .sc creation" is enabled
- In the trial version the download of multiple files via UPnP is limited to 500MB per file
- Font of analysis points are now clearer to read
- Arrangement of menu items for automatic cut changed
- Progress bar was not displayed for VPS ad recognition
- progress bar was not displayed when searching for encrypted areas
- Season and episode detections improved for non-German channels
- Solved displaying problem for "dialog settings"
- Fixed scaling problem with font size 200% and more when displaying video analysis
- New function to repair recordings without cropping the recording or removing streams
- Improved EPG analysis
- Fix for faulty EPG on some Sky channels (TNT)
- Consideration of missing advertising at night on German stations and recordings lasting several hours
- Switching the timeline in the main window from time to zero-based
- Teletext subtitles for Australian channels improved
- Progress display improved with error location display
- Improved calculation of defect locations
- Skin engine updated
- Better detection and removal of defects
- Overview of the time history for video PCR and video PTS under Expert Tools
- Season and episode, if recognized, are inserted into the file name. Example: Friends S11E14
- Better filtering of teletext broadcast information
- Download of recordings of MagentaTV receivers of model MR400 via UPnP possible
- Marking of encrypted recordings with MagentaTV receiver model MR400
- Problem with PCR scan of very short images fixed
- Copying several recordings in the background, for example from the receiver to the local hard drive
- Fix for Austrian EPG data (ATV2) that use n for the line skip
- Fix for teletext evaluation with ATV, ATV2, SRF, ORF
- Teletext support for VOX up
- Removed question if repaired recording should be reopened
- Option to open the timeline automatically after analysis

2.2.24 - Hotfix for Windows 10 19383, compatibility mode
- Improved Teletext analysis

2.2.23 - Fixed video analysis for new smaller logo at Tele 5
- Incorrect PTS values in teletext of Yle no longer flood the log
- Adjustment for changed Teletext for Tele5, Sat1, Pro7, Kabel1

2.2.22 - Fix for spanish subtitles with DVB Language-Descriptor ESP
- Recording start time for Enigma recordings is now read from the .meta, if available
- Display of satellite position for Enigma recordings
- Improved detection and correction of PCR errors in Panasonic recordings cutted with the receiver

2.2.21 - Support for ADS information of NextPVR recordings
- AC3 audio tracks were not detected if the AC3_Discriptor was missing in the PMT (Chinese channel)
- Potential delay of program start fixed by certificate check

2.2.20 - Hotfix for AC3 buffer overflow at certain channels

2.2.19 - Changes of the number of audio channels was not displayed in the log
- File Merger now accepts slightly larger time differences in files

2.2.18 - Detection of the PGS subtitle format
- PGS subtitles can be removed or included
- Update of the OCR engine for subtitles
- Detection of the Dolby Vision descriptor in the PMT
- Advanced stream analysis to Detect DTS audio parameters
- Fix for "No cutting area assigned " entries in the log at certain settings
- Displays audio language for bluray m2ts files
- Uniform display of PID, audio codec, channels and language for the sound track selection in the Cut window

2.2.15 - Problems for show informations via Teletext about Midnight fixed
- Problems for show informations via Teletext for Pro7 fixed
- Save the most recently used directory fixed for splitted files
- Number of supported subtitle tracks increased from 4 to 8
- Timer jumps were sometimes not fixed correctly

2.2.14 - Hotfix for recordings that could not be saved without cutting

2.2.13 - If the PTS is out of standards for teletext (e.g.: RAI), the PCR is used instead
- Improved error handling in case of problems with the Cypheros MPEG2 video decoder filter
- Improved teletext TV guide for longer titles for RAI
- OCR engine updated for subtitles
- Certain faulty files could not be opened and showed the error message "File position:-4 "
- EPG scan can now be canceled if needed

2.2.12 - Workaround for erroneous EPG data at Sky
- Sat channel list updated
- Commercial detection via video analysis can now also be executed for individual shows

2.2.11 - Faster finding of channel logos for video analysis
- Special treatment of station logos that also include the broadcasting title (US TV)
- Improved video analysis for Australian broadcaster ABC
- When opening recordings cutted, the file name was not included in the save file dialog

2.2.10 - Fixed a problem in the UPnP dialog with changed Windows date settings
- Adjusting the mouse position in the cut window when changing the scale of the timeline
- Error message if the batch list could not be loaded

2.2.9 - For longer recordings (3 hours and more), PIDs are now searched at additional places (extended PID scan)
- For recordings of several shows in a row, the video is analysed for each show individually
- Better result of the commercials detection via video analysis
- Fix for some bugs in the video analysis procedure

2.2.8 - Update of the digital certificate for offline systems
- Cutting import list remembers if "import only cuts" has been selected

2.2.7 - When using the internal MPEG2 video decoder filter, the image was displayed the wrong way in the video analysis
- List of most recently opened files has not been sufficiently shortened
- Improvements in advertising detection via video analysis

2.2.6 - Fixed: Internal video and audio decoder could not be used in the trial version

2.2.5 - Improved frame accurate jumping in internal MPEG2 video decoder
- Fixed an error in the selection of sound and subtitle tracks in the cutting window
- Fixed a potential problem when closing the application
- In addition to MP2, the internal audio decoder now supports AC3

2.2.4 - Issues with H265 parser fixed (problems with Canal+ UHD)
- If using the Cypheros MPEG2 video decoder filter along with the Cypheros Video Renderer, the image was mirrored
- Improved import of MKV files
- Fix for "narrated" audio stream also if Haali splitter is used

2.2.3 - Fixed AR problems with Cypheros MPEG 2 video decoder filter
- New MPEG2 video decoder filter was ignored whis setting "AUTOMATIC"
- Sporadic index error message for disabling cutting images

2.2.2 - In the Timeline panel, some English channels no longer play the "narrated" audio stream first
- Timeline in timeline can now be scaled

2.2.1 - Own MPEG2 video decoder filter
- Improved omport of MP4/MOV files from movie libraries
- Fixed audio problems in the cut window for movie library files with AAC sound
- Automatically cleaning up the temporary Firebird directory
- "Check only" stores the log file in the TS-Doctors "ProgramData" directory when the target folder is not writable

2.1.47 - Some recordings were not recognized as Enigma recordings, if just the .ts.ap or the file is missing.
- New MediaInfo function
- DVB subtitles have been sporadically cut off for some Danish channels
- Log for PCR rebuild
- Fix for recordings from media libraries, having only one PPS and one SPS

2.1.46 - Enigma recording time is now read from the file name if possible and no other info is available

2.1.45 - Order of EPG info changed if ShortEventDescriptor and ExtendedEventDescriptor are present
- Fixed bugs in the directory list of some Technisat receivers
- Sporadic bug fixed in file date list
- Improved detection of the recording date for Enigma2 recordings

2.1.44 - Improvements in the user interface when the skin is disabled
- Show details of DVBViewer recordings are better evaluated
- Fix for missing EPG data on some channels
- Language selection for multilingual EPG data
- Support for ISO 10646-1 EPG data (e.g. China)
- Selectable text encoding (ANSI, UTF8, Unicode) for movie info file

2.1.43 - Fix for sporadically EOSError
- No channel and Sat detection via transponder database for remuxed files

2.1.42 - Versions number corrected

2.1.41 - Fixed problem opening files through UPnP dialog
- Fixed new bright user interface problem
- Workaround for the EPG on Chinese channels (fallback to English)

2.1.40 - Detection of MPEG program stream files and automatic import
- Better detection of some TECHNISAT formats
- New optional Bright user interface
- Enigma index creator fixed

2.1.39 - Fixed bug in Teletext TV Guide that resulted in missing show info
- Fixed problems with PCR wraps in bandwidth viewer

2.1.38 - AAC audio mode sporadically incorrectly displayed for ARTEUHD2
- IFrame detection for HEVC (H. 265)
- New trial period

2.1.37 - Downloads from SSL-encrypted sites on Windows XP/Vista via OpenSSL as fallback

2.1.36 - Workaround for video analysis via LAV filter for DVB-T2 and UHD Recordings
- Fix for commercials detection with rotating logo of Sat. 1
- Fixed problems with date detection via Teletext for Sixx

2.1.35 - Improved fixing of OCR engine detection errors for DVB subtitles
- Using different colors to highlight possible recognition errors of the OCR engine for DVB subtitles
- Additional dictionaries to improve OCR quality
- In case of missing start PCR a recreation of all PCRs is offered, now

2.1.34 - Updates OCR engine
- Support for Romanian DVB subtitles
- Dictionaries to improve the OCR engine for DVB subtitles (dan,deu,eng,fin,fra,hrv,spa,swe)
- Creation of own dictionaries possible to improve the OCR engine for DVB subtitles

2.1.33 - Hotfix for editing OCR results

2.1.32 - Fix for batch files that cannot be opened after update
- Fixed problems with OCR in Croatian, Serbian and Arabic DVB subtitles
- Loading an external cutting list did not always update all cutting images
- Support for the italic attribute when exporting DVB subtitles
- Quality of the recognition of DVB subtitles improved
- OCR result can be checked and corrected

2.1.31 - Fixed a problem with the appearance of some windows when the skin for the window border was turned off
- Fixed sporadic problem with batch List
- Fix for missing sound in the timeline at 4Fun.TV, 4Fun Gold Hits, 4Fun Dance
- Fixed error deleting batch list entries

2.1.30 - Hotfix for multithreading problem of new OCR engine

2.1.29 - OCR-Engine for DVB subtitles updated
- Skin engine updated
- Record date has not been copied to the batch list in certain cases
- Deadlock im MP2 audio parser fixed

2.1.28 - Remove incomplete shows, if the sender has no commercial interruptions, even if the EPG is missing (Sky, One, etc.)
- OCR-Engine for DVB subtitles updated
- Stream-type 135 was not correctly identified as an E-AC3 audio stream in the PMT (4Fun.TV,4Fun Gold Hits, 4Fun Dance)

2.1.27 - Teletext subtitles were not extracted in batch mode
- Fix for fullscreen playback in cutting window when using the enhanced video renderer
- Fixed problem with VPS of channel Phoenix
- Remove short commercial breaks between broadcasts using VPS ad detection
- Loading of cutting list, from other recordings

2.1.26 - Fixed error message after searching for encrypted areas
- Increase in search range for TOT and TDT time (Australian channels)
- Fallback for missing TOT start time to TDT start time (Australian channels)
- MP2 audio packets with DataAlignment = 0 were counted as faulty (Australian channels)
- Batch processing without editing, no longer removes frames before the first I-frame
- Researching for updates now works without having to restart the TS-Doctor

2.1.25 - Fix for missing show info, if no EPG is available and Teletext analysis is disabled
- Fix for "Argument out of range" after ad detection of recordings without show details
- Fix for underscores in channel name when recording via TV-Browser/WinTVCap_GU-Scheduler2

2.1.24 - Display of the found system tables
- Fix for missing show info for start via commandline
- ALI3 recordings of some DVB-T2 receivers were not recognized correctly
- Fix for teletext processing of older Arte Recordings
- Improvements in the evaluation of the running status in the EIT data
- For channels without commercial interruptions (Arte, 3sat, One,...), EPG-cut is preferred to VA-Cut
- Settings for screenshots are now saved as a preset
- Direct screenshot without dialog via [Shift][Alt]+[i]

2.1.23 - Detection of the channel via SDT was partially ignored for ALI3 recordings
- Version of MKVToolnix was not always detected correctly
- Added bouquet Teletext database
- The channel name and bouquet are now copied from the Teletext database, if the channel has not been detected by other means
- Fix for Teletext analysis for ARTE

2.1.22 - Inverting the cutting areas in the timeline could cause error messages after processing
- Fixed bug in searching for encrypted areas
- Improved integration of SDT data to detect channel and bouquet
- Recording details are now displayed during the analysis

2.1.21 - Removing incomplete shows at the beginning and the end improved for the EPG cut
- Improved recognition of the main film of the recording if no automatic cut is used
- Removal of incomplete shows revised. A parameter can now be used to determine which programmes are considered incomplete.
- Fixed problems with saving shipment details for multible target files
- Show details from batch list were ignored during processing
- Accelerated analysis of batch list processing

2.1.20 - Manual changes to the show details have not been applied
- When recordings were split into multiple files, sometimes only the first detail info file was created
- If "automatic split to multiple files" was disabled, the first movie title found was used as the filename. Now the title of the programme with the longest duration is used.
- Dead lock in MP2 audio parser fixed¨

2.1.19 - File splitting can also be changed by right-clicking on the section area
- Custom settings for channel specific ad detection improved
- Removal of incomplete shows at the beginning improved
- Improved teletext TV Guide

2.1.18 - Fixed problem with split on several files when option "automatic split to multiple files" is disabled
- Error message if a file name is already in the batch list, now contains the file name
- Some dialogs were not skipped in batch mode
- Correcting the picture aspect ratio for screenshots
- Improvements in advertising detection of Dutch broadcasters (SBS,Film1,NPO1-3)

2.1.17 - Improved dialog for saving multiples files
- Fix for file splitting via .tsdcuts files
- Fix for using the "Erase all" icon in the timeline

2.1.16 - Fix for ' argument out of range exception ' after closing the timeline when ' automatic split to multiple files ' is disabled

2.1.15 - For missing file assignment, only the first area has been applied
- Automatic file assignment sometimes did not work if "automatic splitting to multiple files" was disabled
- Fixed problems with manual cut
- Bug in batch processing fixed

2.1.14 - Hotfix for "Argument out of range exception"

2.1.13 - Areas were not mapped correctly to a file if file name processing was set to "keep original file name"
- The EPG TV Guide now filters out entries that are not in chronological order (Australian TV)
- Progress indicator for adjusting the cutting points
- Manual cutting was not considered in the file mapping under certain circumstances
- Additional option to keep original file names when saving and to append "_fixed"

2.1.12 - Detection of the channel bouquet
- Channel specific advertising recognition
- Faster video analysis
- Use of the Windows 10 H.265 MFC filter, if installed
- Sporadically incorrect detection of the VPS signal fixed
- Fix in the H.265 parser at ScalingListData in the PictureParameterSet for UHD-BluRay
- Display of the Colorimetry and the HDR standard
- Restart of the application on Windows 10 fixed
- Reset of all settings improved
- Fixed problem in the timeline with wine and crossover under MacOS/Linux
- GUI support for Slovak language
- Improved time line
- If the start time of the recording is detected, the time line in the main window displays the time
- Simplified distribution of multiple shows to different files
- Recreation of Enigma index files AP and SC for H.265 recordings (DVB-T2)
- AC3 advertising recognition could not be started manually for recording with EAC3 sound
- Fixed AC3 advertising detection error where AC3 advertising recognition was not preferred under certain conditions
- Fixed problems with the directory tree when USB drives were connected or removed
- Folder refresh with "F5"
- Detects transstream files even if they are wrongly named as .mpg
- Double file naming warning
- Configurable screenshot scaling
- GUI improved for disabled skin
- Number of supported audio streams increased from 4 to 10
- Various GUI enhancements
- Support for MKVToolnix > = version 20.0
- Fixed an error in the video analysis (RTL2 logo was partially not recognized)
- File splitting improved
- New cutting list file ".tsdcuts" in XML format
- CRC check for MPEG1/Layer2 streams

2.0.105 - UPnP client improved
- Automatic numbering for identical titles via UPnP (Panasonic)
- Dialog "Use last used cutting points?" can be configured in the settings, now

2.0.104 - Addition fix for memory leak in video analysis
- Better scaling of channel logos
- Support for LAV Light Filters
- Because of problems with currently used Memory-Manager, back to original memory manager
- New copy routine for the license file because the Windows API sporadically generated defective license files

2.0.103 - Video analysis now works for splitted recordings even without Pat/PMT such as Strong SRT 8540
- Fix for reading the EIT data on Enigma recordings of the channel ZeeOne
- When the timeline was in full-screen mode, the frame control via cursor keys was blocked in special situations

2.0.102 - Hotfix for sporadically application hang

2.0.101 - Fix for installation problems for the license file (Drag&Drop onto the desktop icon)
- Fix for "Could not add TS-Doctor source filter to graph" at the video analysis

2.0.99 - Improved video analysis for Channel 5 and ITV
- Log for video analysis
- Sporadic error "Could not add TS Doctor source filter to graph" fixed
- Added teletext analysis from several Italian RAI channels
- Memory leaks in video analysis fixed

2.0.98 - Adapting to teletext changes of "Das Erste"
- Fix for error at address 0x00000080 when closing the cutting windows for some customers

2.0.97 - Improved video filtern for the video analysis
- Compatibility issues with some video filters during video analysis solved (ffdshow, MainConcept, etc.)

2.0.96 - Improved detection of channel logos during video analysis
- EIT data are used in the commercials detection via video analysis to detect the start of the programme for broadcasters that do not interrupt the advertising between the programmes (e.g. Tele 5, RTL, etc.)
- Fixed error saving in M2TS format on Windows XP
- Video analysis accelerated
- TS-Doctor could not open any more files after a file has been started and processed by drag & drop
- hrv for Croatian and srp for Serbian added to the ISO639 list
- The removal of previously marked streams was not always performed in batch mode

2.0.95 - Support of NV12 video format for video analysis and TS-Doctor video renderer
- Preparing to support the Windows 10 HEVC MFC wrapper
- Fix for Strong SRT 8540 recordings (*.ts, *.ts.0001, etc.)

2.0.94 - Improved commercial detection for recordings with static, light background and small logo (e.g. RTL)
- Skin engine reverted to older version because there were problems with some windows when the skinning of the frames was disabled
- Support for splitted Strong SRT 8540 recordings (*.ts.0001, *.ts.0002, etc.)

2.0.93 - Improved using of audio filters in the preview window
- MPEG1 layer 2 audio filter
- Improvements to the skin engine
- Support for Topfield TTS files

2.0.92 - Hotfix f0r "Access violation at address 0040AD50" for some users
- Memory leaks in video analysis fixed
- Video analysis no longer blocks the source file

2.0.91 - Hotfix for access violation at address 0000200 for some users

2.0.90 - Video analysis improved
- Additional video analysis mode for dark channel logos (Disney Junior)
- Detection of vertical logos (ARTE)

2.0.89 - Search grid for stream identification extended
- Fix for problems when starting the application
- The last used UTC offset is now saved, so that the selection dialog does not appear every time

2.0.88 - Fixed hangers for some users when starting the program
- Extended application report

2.0.87 - Improved automatic sorting in FileMerger
- Exception fixed when removing filters from filter database
- Support for teletext data from channel Bayrischen Rundfunk

2.0.86 - Problem with save file dialog fixed

2.0.86 - Problem with save file dialog fixed

2.0.85 - Support for recordings that contain a tot with several regions (Australia)
- Problem with the temporal assignment of start and end time could lead to missing show informations
- Saving the registry setting now possible on Windows XP
- Save in M2TS format on Windows XP has been ignored
- The TS-Doctor can also read the time from the TDT. The TOT is preferred, as it is protected by CRC
- Calculation of the required free space on the target drive improved
- Automatic correction of EPG show information if no TOT/TDT time information is available
- If the start time of the recording cannot be found otherwise, information from the or will be used, if available

2.0.84 - Fixed problem when starting Setup from another file manager than Explorer
- Fixed "Check only" function
- Even if the analysis is aborted, the log is saved

2.0.83 - Update problem fixed

2.0.82 - Registrykey "UTCTimeBias" was not implemented correctly
- Qualified error message if the destination file cannot be created
- Scaling of the Setup window improved

2.0.81 - The registry key "UTCTimeBias" can be used to determine the time offset to UTC for EPG information
- Extended error message on write errors

2.0.80 - Fix for faulty display of download via UPnP - Russian translation improved (thanks to Aleksei) - Missing translation possibility of some texts fixed - Focus change between cutting windows and thumbnail view with tab key - Control of the thumbnail view via cursor keys

2.0.79 - Sort order in the file list was restored incorrectly after restart
- Fix for double teletext subtitle lines on Australian channel ABC2
- On the first installation the language of the application will automatically select, based on the Windows language
- Rare problem with verification of the software certificate fixed

2.0.78 - TS-Doctor is automatically closed again in commandline mode - AAC support for TS Remuxer now also for TS and M2TS - Dialog "PES length specification found..." no longer interrupts batch mode - Fixed display problems in cutting window for certain DPI resolutions - No more logging of Teletext PES errors when Teletext is deleted

2.0.77 - Fix for invalid filenames for UPnP downloads (Panasonic 55AS750 series)
- Option for DVB conform repetition of PAT and PMT
- Fix detection of current DirectX version for Windows 10
- Option to start with an empty cutting list
- Sorting the file list is now restored correctly after a restart
- View in Packet Viewer improved for M2TS recording
- Fix for subtitle language of Finnish channel YLE
- Missing OCR training files can now be downloaded automatically
- OCR training files now under "C:ProgramDataCypherosTsDoctor2OCR"
- Support for recordings with PCM audio
- Conversion of internal databases to FireDAC
- Improved OCR engine for DVB subtitles
- Fixed problem with color detection for DVB subtitles
- Maximum text display time for DVB subtitle exporting is now dynamically adjusting
- Windows 10 notifications
- Transition to a new version of the compiler
- Cut list was not deleted from EDL file when a new file is opened
- Enhanced DPI adjustment
- Message for unsupported video formats in the TS Format Converter
- Support for MKVToolnix 11.0
- H.265 support for MKV in TS Remuxer
- OCR data to improve the detection of DVB subtitles for German, English, French and Spanish
- Multithreaded OCR for DVB subtitles
- High-precision OCR mode with up to 50% less errors (very CPU-intensive)

2.0.71 - Fix for restore window position for UPnP dialog
- System error message now with the file name of the affected file
- Additional system parameters in the application report
- Import MP4 files, which so far have not worked
- Fix for recordings of regional TV programs that have two program switch positions

2.0.70 - Fix for UPnP dialog under Windows 10 (argument out of range)
- Video analysis is terminated when no advertising is found with a descriptive message
- Note I0008 if TS-Doctor trial version is installed under a different user account
- Fix for wrong timers at teletext subtitle export

2.0.69 - Missing file date in UPnP directories will be displayed as an empty entry in the UPnP dialog
- If all the files in a directory have no date (UPnP dialog), it is sorted by the file order of the receiver
- Improved logic for the automatic cut on public service broadcasters
- Blank cutting list possible
- Cancellation and error message during the video analysis if no pictures are supplied because of faulty recording
- Improved manual allocation of cutting areas

2.0.68 - Fix for error message "Incomplete installation of the trial version" for some users
- Removal of incomplete shows at the beginning and the end of TV recordings improved
- Defects are detected faster and skipped
- Revised selection dialog for automatic cutting
- ComSkip integrated in selection dialog for automatic cutting
- AC3 mode will no longer be prioritized if not at least two changes are detected

2.0.67 - Workaround for jumps and preview images with LAVFilter video decoder and H.265 recordings (DVB-T2)
- Fix for missing Italian language file

2.0.66 - With the "n" key, you can jump to the next cutting point in the cutting windows
- Support for recordings with file extension .tsv (receivers with SUNPLUS chipset)
- Fix for Ctrl-C in the cutting window
- TS-Doctor supports now Italian
- Advertisement detection via video analysis improved

2.0.64 - Better handling of recordings with regional switching (ARD,WDR,MDR,etc.)

2.0.63 - If despite existing Teletext the channel is not detected, fall back to the satellite database
- Batch list now takes disabled subtitle tracks into account
- If the batch list is finished, the batch list window now remains in the foreground
- Import and merge multiple files, e.g. from a DVD (VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, ...)
- Fix for missing recordings in the UPnP directory for Humax iCord HD+
- Drag&Drop support for file import (MOV,MKV,MP4,VOB)
- Improved handling of the UPnP device cache

2.0.62 - Resync improves for faulty recordings
- Teletext decoding of Czech channels improved
- Czech translation of the GUI improved
- Transmitter database for ASTRA 23.5 °E and 19.2°E updated

2.0.61 - Improved automatic mapping of new cutting areas in the cutting window

2.0.60 - Fallback to alternate broadcast info for deactivated Sky Germany Teletext
- Fix for Tele5 Teletext
- Cutting via Enigma cutting list (.ts.cuts) improved
- Improved removal of incomplete shows at the beginning and the end of the recordings
- Fixed problem with missing cut areas in batch processing
- Im Schnittfenster redundante Nachfrage ob Schnittbereich hinzugefügt werden soll, entfernt
- Removed redundant confirmation dialog if a cutting area should be added in the cutting window

2.0.59 - Image distorsions in "fast SampleGrabber" for SD recodings in 4/3 fixed

2.0.58 - Image distorsions in SD recordings and video acceleration enabled in the LAVFilter fixed
- Optimization of multithreading in the "fast SampleGrabber" and TS-Doctor video renderer

2.0.57 - Hotfix for a bug in the "fast SampleGrabber", introduced in version 2.0.56

2.0.56 - Fixed crash when moving the cutting window on a second screen
- Improved support for multiple screen systems
- If "Only one instance" option is enabled, the primary instance will come to the foreground at the start of another instance

2.0.55 - Fix for double appending of _fixed if source and target directory are the same
- Incomplete reading of EPG data from Enigma EIT files for BBC channels fixed
- Option that only one instance of the application can be started
- M2TS format on saving is supported under Windows XP, too
- Increases the priority of LAVFilter in automatic video filter selection
- Fixed problem with importing, if the path to the tsMuxeR is not found
- Fix for trial versions under VM and Wine (incomplete installation)

2.0.54 - Fix for the update of trial versions (incomplete installation)

2.0.53 - Fix for installation on computers with obsolete certificate database
- New trial time
- TS Packet Viewer improved
- Timeout for the time-lapse view, if there are problems with creating an image
- New option to save in the directory of the source file by default

2.0.52 - Application report for easier troubleshooting and faster customer support
- The wrong broadcast information to the recording was sporadically saved in batch mode
- Changed the optional "_problem.txt" log file format to avoid compatibility issues with VLC Player
- Fix for Pulse 4 teletext broadcast information

2.0.51 - Fehler in H.265 parser fixed
- Delayed showing of the help information when rest the mouse cursor over an element
- Advanced information on installation issues are now added to the Windows event list
- PES length in the video stream was sporadically detected even if not present
- When optionaly inserting 5.1 AC3 frames, the timer of the frames have not been patched correctly under any circumstances
- Correct build number for Windows 10 in the log
- "File CRC" compares file CRC with CRC from the log, is a log exists

2.0.50 - Fix for a bug in batch mode, where not all old PAT packets were filtered out

2.0.49 - Waiting for the frame update after the jump can now be disabled
- During playback no waiting for frame update on jumps
- UPnP protocol problem for Loewe TVs and Awox Media Server fixed
- More details in error log for UPnP
- Cutting images were not correct for MPEG2 videos with enabled "fast Samplegrabbing"
- In the cutting windows the jump buttons now have autorepeat
- After using one of the jump buttons, TS-Doctor waits till the new video frame is shown

2.0.44 - Adaptive detection of GOP size
- Update of channel database

2.0.43 - Shortcuts disabled if window for the assignment of cutting areas is open
- Episode titles were ignored for Enigma recordings for some channels

2.0.42 - Shortcut "o" for OK button in cutting window
- Shortcut "c" for cutting preview in cutting window
- Current sorting in the new file dialog will be saved
- Fix for EIT data of some British channels like CBBC, where the broadcast details were not correctly analyzed for Enigma recordings
- Ignore duplicate neutrino recording broadcast information
- Fixed scaling of cutting images in the timeline panel for high-DPI monitors
- No longer adding '_fixed' if AutoCheck commandline call
- Speedup for video analysis (multithreading)

2.0.41 - Teletext infos for ServusTV fixed
- Fixed a sporadic problem with advertising detection via Teletext
- Correct Displays the files for Panasonic TV VTW60 series
- Bit rate of each stream was sometimes missing in the log
- Broadcast information were sometimes wrongly applied in batch mode
- Dialog answer for the use of the Enigma .cuts files is now properly saved

2.0.38 - UPnP problems while accessing Panasonic TV VTW60 series fixed
- UPNP debug level with more information can be selected in the UPnP settings now
- During setup a backup of the Setup file will be created in the installation directory
- Problems in the detection of Enigma- and Neutrino- recordings over network shares
- Encrypted recordings can be displayed despite the missing sync bytes with the TS Packet-Viewer
- Channel database expanded to over 7,000 channels
- Fix for Polsat from release 2.0.31 removed, as the better Haali Splitter was no longer used for some German channels
- Automatic fallback to LAV splitter, if the Haali splitter doesn't work (E.g. Polsat)
- Alphanumeric sorting of directories in the new file dialog
- Detection of new drives in the new file dialog
- Cut list defined in Enigma receivers (. ts.cuts) can be imported by TS-Doctor and executed
- Marker of the new Enigma advertising recognition (VTI 9.0.3) can be used by TS-Doctor for automatic cutting
- Function "iframe back" button improved, because there was a problem for recordings with large distances between the iframes
- Display of the average video bitrate in the summary after processing
- Scaling of the ES bitrate display is adapting to the video format SD (10MBit), HD(20MBit) and UHD(40MBit)
- Analysis and display of h.265 (HEVC) video parameters
- Missing broadcast description is complemented by recording description (Neutrino, Enigma, DVB Viewer)

2.0.31 - Fix for "Error while setting path: rfNetwork"
- Skin engine updated
- Playback problems of some Polish broadcasters (Polsat) in H.264 fixed
- Fixed a problem with broadcast name from Teletext on "Kabel Eins"
- Transmitter database with more than 5,000 channels
- Improved channel name detection
- Display the satellite the recording comes from, if the channel is found in the database
- Reading of the Enigma EIT and meta files
- Minimum and maximum bitrate added to TS Bandwidth-Meter

2.0.29 - Improved GUI for disabled skin
- Main form is not refreshed correctly with some graphic cards if UPnP dialog is disabled

2.0.28 - Hotfix for error message with disabled skin

2.0.27 - Improved startup on Windows 10
- The abort of UPnP downloads on Windows 10 fixed (OLE error 80270000)
- Faster program start since UPnP device scan now multithreaded

2.0.26 - Priority of commercials detection on Teletext improved (VPS, text, gap)
- Improved scaling at high DPI resolution
- Issues with "Extended PCR-scan" and "PCR scan factor" fixed

2.0.25 - Fixed problem with missing Teletext subtitles (page 888) on UK BBC channels
- Detection of H.265 streams
- Missing system tables PAT/PMT are now create also for H.265 recordings (Proton T265)
- Fixed problems while opening Ali recordings (

2.0.24 - Removal of disturbing Teletext subtitles passages on British SKY channels
- PID-details are now opened and closed for all streams at the same time
- Improved teletext processing for multiple channels (RTL, RTL2, VOX, BVN, NPO1, usw.)
- Advanced Teletext advertising recognition for British Sky channels and others
- Improved checking for encrypted PES streams
- Improved Teletext analysis for some Czech channels
- Default destination file name can be chosen now with various options
- Deleting entries from the batch list now possible without error message
- Delete entries from the batch list using the "Del" key
- Prompt for confirmation when deleting entries from the batch list
- To add to the batch list now as checkbox instead of a button

2.0.21 - Missing initialization of some parameters using the new UPnP dialog could cause problems when during opening recordings
- Direct saving in M2TS format available
- Some cosmetic adjustments
- Application hints can be disabled

2.0.18 - Improved selection of the audio and subtitle tracks in the cutting window
- UPnP access for Panasonic receiver via internal UPnP browser fixed
- UPnP access for DVB-Viewer media server via internal UPnP browser fixed
- Better filtering of files that have no TS format, in internal UPnP browser
- Caching of UPnP devices, so that the devices are found faster and more reliable
- Width of the columns in the UPnP dialog are now stored

2.0.17 - Batch processing saves the selected PMT tag recordings
- Support for AC3Filter and Windows 10 H.265 codec
- Batch processing of images that are distributed across multiple files
- Fixed compatibility issues with Windows Vista (SHA256 certificates are not validated under Vista)
- Accepted now recordings with up to 100 streams
- Identification of professional H.264 profiles (High 10, High 4:2:2, High 4:4:4, etc.)
- In batch mode, the stored cut list is no longer overridden by an existing ComSkip EDL file
- Adjustable minimum duration of interruption, that will be recognized as commercials
- Sporadic crash during video analysis fixed if no commercials are found
- Support for Haali Video Renderer

2.0.16 - Problems with SHA256 certificate check on Windows XP and Wine/Crossover fixed

2.0.15 - Teletext channel detection reacts more flexibly to the changes broadcasters doing from time to time
- DVB-subtitle extraction takes into account the selected languages
- Reduced memory requirements if system has less than 2 GByte memory (E.g.: Windows 10 tablets)
- Better detection of PES_packet_length > 0
- Use of new SHA256 certificate for code signing

2.0.14 - Minor improvement for the TS Packetviewer
- DVR files were not displayed in the new file browser
- Supported file formats are reported to the operating system
- Adaptive adjustment of the length of the PCR list for small files (> 100MB) to avoid error message (encrypted)
- In the new file browser the creation date was displayed, not the date of last modification
- Several hours taking recordings could cause duplicate entries in the EPG TV Guide
- Problem while removing PCR drift fixed
- Export of registry settings

2.0.12 - Fixed a bug in the graphical representation of the removed data
- Better high DPI adjustment of the video analysis window
- Fix 1,SRF 2, SRF info, RTS UN, RTS deux, RSI LA 1 and RSI LA 2 teletext data after another change at SRG
- Fix for not working automatic updates of cutting images in some configurations
- Missing E-AC3 audio tracks are added correctly to the PMT, now

2.0.11 - Bug in the video analysis function fixed that could cause a crash
- Support for teletext broadcast information of the Czech TV station Prima and Nova
- Fixed problems with the keys Home and End in the cutting window
- Improved video analysis cutting
- Improved of removing of scrambled areas
- Adaptation to the DPI setting (High DPI Awareness)
- Inaccuracy in the graphical display of the removed data fixed
- Update of the cutting list pictures via popup menu

2.0.10 - Fixed problem with the input of numbers for timer in the cutting window
- Support for more recent versions of MKVToolnix
- Improved speed of video analysis
- Display of the language-specific manual (English, German, French) when pressing the F1 key
- Support for multiple file recodings with file extensions .mts, .mts1, .mts2, ...

New in Version 2.0

Advertising recognition via video analysis

The newly developed video analysis function finds adverts even in difficult circumstances where the previously available recognition software were unable to provide useful results.

Advertising recognition via Teletext analysis

Users in Switzerland and Austria now have access to an enhanced teletext analysis that enables advertising to be found on SRF and ORF channels via Teletext.

Conversion of DVB subtitles into SRT text format

New features include the conversion of DVB subtitles into the more widely-used SRT text format. This makes TS Doctor one of the few programs that can convert DVB subtitles, including the colour information, into a text format.

UPNP support

Another new feature is the direct network access to UPnP devices, such as the currently available Technisat receivers. The recordings can be downloaded and processed.

Improved user interface

The newly enhanced intuitive interface makes working with TS Doctor even easier and faster.

Enhanced Speed

Further optimisation has resulted in significantly faster processing speeds, especially for modern PCs with fast SSD drives. More than twice the speeds can

1.2.184 - Fix for argument out of bounds

1.2.183 - Show details were incorrectly assigned when the file separation dialog was invoked
- If option "appending '_fixed' and the file name when saving" is selected, the source file name is proposed as the destination file name. If this option is disabled or for multiple target files, the TS-doctor tries to use the file name from the TV Guide.
- Working again under Linux/OSX via Wine or Crossover

1.2.182 - Restore priority of AC3 commerials detection
- Taking into account the low bit rate for Sky SD channels (H. 264) for partially encrypted recordings

1.2.181 - Hotfix for problems when you open the file dialog on Windows 10
- While assign areas to multiple file, the list was not displayed correctly when called multiple times

1.2.180 - "Just check" now also brings a list of errors
- Fixed display errors in the batch list
- Increased number of buffers for H264 Picture Parameter Set
- Improved drawing the bit rate
- GUI problems fixed for Eastern European special characters
- Fixed potential problems opening and saving files
- Skin error for Comboboxes fixed
- Problem with channel logos fixed
- Display of Windows version expanded with build number
- Catching a potential error when opening a directory
- Support of Swedish language in the GUI
- Support of Czech language in the GUI (thanks to Mila Vavruska)
- Compiler update to Delphi 10 Seattle
- Fixed potential display problems under Windows 10
- Display of errors and warnings in the progress window
- In batch or commandline mode, the TS-doctor no longer stops with the error message "Recording is encrypted. Can't continue!"
- Fixed problems with reading the date of Teletext at Pro7 MAXX
- Now recordings are also accepted, where are the distances of the PCR values far outside the norm (30ms)
- Repair of recordings where the timer will be reset every few minutes (Korean UMAX UHD TV)
- Improved recognition of program switching
- Display the corrected time of PCR for jumps
- Adjusted the formatting of the displayed file sizes in the log (KB)
- Added Teletext subtitle statistic to the log
- Index bug-after loading a cut list in the cutting window
- Fixed problems when demuxing recordings with incorrect PMT
- Channel logos are no longer stored individually, but as a single ZIP
- Channel logos can be downloaded during Setup

1.2.171 - Processing of non-compliant DVB PES packets for Teletext (Finnish YLE)
- TV-Guide (Teletext) for some Finnish channels (yle TV1, TV2, Teema)
- Updated skin engine
- Fixed display problem on Windows Vista that was caused by Windows Update KB3057839 (09.06.2015)
- Extra files are copied too, if file needs repair of PCR problems first
- Improved PCR scan during analysis
- PCR scan factor can now be adjusted under "Correction behavior" to find smaller PCR jumps
- Removed false log entries "Filler data not followed by PayloadStart" for H264
- Support for Teletext processing of Czech channel TV Barrandov
- Removing MPEG2 video padding data (Zero Byte Stuffing)
- In the Remuxer log the PTS values checked to strict and unnecessary warnings were written in the log
- The stream processing was aborted if too much errors occured. Errors are listed more compact, now
- Improved display of position of the error in the error list, particularly for wrong PCR/PTS values because of encrypted packets
- Fallback to the Teletext TV Guide, if the EIT data are faulty or insufficient
- Fixed potential problem when cutting recordings with PCR wrap (audio data not written)
- Improved identification of the language of Teletext subtitles (canal digital)
- Warning is the temp directory of TS-doctor is changed to a directory that contains files

1.2.166 - Volume in the cutting windows was not changable

1.2.165 - Error in the dialog "Open splitted files" fixed and added support for 64-bit values for the SpinEdit components
- Fixed problems when accessing no longer existing network directories
- Timeout of 5 seconds to check whether directory can be accessed or not
- Error in TS Packet Editor fixed, which could result in unintentionally changed packets
- Display of Arrival_Time_Stamp for M2TS files in TS Packet Editor
- In the cutting window now an area can added by pressing then Ins. button, if no markers are visible
- Fixed problem with the reset of the cut list in the cutting window
- Fixed wrong colors for errors and warnings in the progress window
- Fixed problem with special characters for teletext subtitles in the demuxer
- Reset problem with Enigma AP/SC-indexer fixed when several recordings were processed sequentially
- For TechniSat recording it could occur sporadically, that the last 30 seconds of the recording could not be edited
- Optional "extended PID scan" where larger parts are scanned
- Automatic removal of subtitles fixed (inverted)
- Support for Russian language

1.2.161 - Undo function in the cutting window (CTRL + Z)
- Enigma-AP/SC-indexer processed also TS files that were created with Videoredo
- Hotkey function of the delete key is now switched off when changing to the file separation dialog
- Workaround for "Previous I-frame" in the timeline panel when using LAVFilters
- Fixed problem with sporadic not working "Previous I-frame" when using Haali-Splitter
- Fixed bug in the SampleGrabber which could lead to hang of the playback graph in certain configurations
- Enigma AP/SC indexer improved
- Removing marked section via the delete key, if a marker is enabled in the cutting window
- Removing cutting areas via the delete key, if no marker is enabled in the cutting window
- Fallback for cutting images, when problems with fast Samplegrabbing
- Inaccuracies cutting images with the help of the fast SampleGrabbings in the cutting window
- "AAC small PTS delta"- problem fixed in TS Remuxer logfile
- Double rows of Teletext subtitles (Polish HBO) will be merged now
- Increased buffer for EmulationPrevetions (ORF Sport + HD)
- Fallback if Teletext time format has changed
- Adjusted changed Teletext time format for ARD-Alpha

1.2.154 - Filters out of PID 17 (SDT,BAT,ST) during playback in the cutting window, otherwise HaaliSplitter hangs
- Insert of AC3 silence in TS Remuxer updated
- When Teletext X26 characters used the color attributes are respected
- Support for FreeSat(UK) EPG compression
- Missing or only partially existing stream resulted in a long delay when creating a new file
- Adjustment for changed Teletext of SIXX
- Fixed problems with the date format for DVBViewer EPG data
- Problems with French teletext subtitles on Arte channel fixed
- Catching fails to connect the audio components in the cutting window (under MacOS/Wine)
- Entry for English-based (other) in ISO639 list moved to the correct position
- Priority changed while selecting character set in the Teletext improved (especially for Russian television)
- Fixed flickering of progress bar when skin is disabled
- Fix for incorrectly displayed MPEG audio parameters caused by defective audio packages

1.2.148 - Support for Teletext with cyrillic and greek character sets
- Improved detection of 192 byte TS packets
- Shows MPEG audio details

1.2.147 - Problem with download of additional tools under Linux fixed
- "Default Language Descriptor" was ignored for recreated PMTs
- No unwanted file separation while automatically remove encrypted areas
- tsMuxeR not correctly detected during installation
- Support for ADS info from the "DVB recording service"
- After the repair of a timer jump or removing encrypted areas the programme guide was no longer fully scanned
- Improved Teletext TV Guide
- Support for taking over Fortis FTRI packets, so that the recordings remain playable on Fortis receivers
- Faster CRC32 check (8x faster routine)

1.2.144 - Fixed a restart problem of the trial version
- Download option of additional tools during Setup
- Commandline parameter for the target directory now also works for single files

1.2.143 - Improved Teletext processing
- Additional channels included in the Teletext processing
- Fixed problems with SIXX-Teletext
- Disabled audio tracks and subtitles have been incorrectly applied to the batch list

1.2.142 - Hotfix for problems with the file dialogs (program termination without error message)
- In radio mode the LAVSplitter is prefered, because the Haali splitter produces no audio for recordings without video stream
- Support for recording of TechniSat ISIO S receivers
- File Merger now supports the merging of overlapping recordings
- Incomplete audio streams will now be ignored in preview to circumvent problems with Haali Splitter

1.2.141 - Teletext TV guide for German Sky channels improved
- EIT can be ignored via advanced options in the file open dialog
- Various graphic elements made independent of the skin engine
- Fixed error message "No mapping for Unicode characters in the multibyte target code page exists" when opening older recordings
- Fixed incorrect duration displayed for recordings with PCR-wrap
- Teletext processing improved for swiss channels
- Fixed problems with certain special characters for teletext channels in Czech
- Adopted various Czech stations for teletext analysis
- VPS auto cutting for Czech TV channels CT1, CT2 and Nova
- Flickering in progress window fixed, if skin is disabled
- Installation scripts completely rewritten
- More detailed search for teletext subtitles
- Problems fixed in TS Remuxer and TS Demuxer for ATSC recordings, where audio and video PIDs are below 32
- Fix for Trial under VM and Wine
- Show title recognition via Teletext improved (NDR problem)
- Possibility to enter compatible filters by registry entry
- Support for PowerDVD 14 video filters
- Skin surface made can be switched off (for wine/crossover - compatibility)
- Timeline now accessable even without skin engine
- Skin surface under wine/crossover switched off by default, to prevent hangin in the cutting window
- Time values now correctly for created SRT subtitles, even if Teletext PTS is missing or incorrect
- Compiler update
- Update of skin engine
- New trial time
- Choice for H265 video filter in the settings
- For H265 recordings the LAV splitter is selected, because Haali splitter does not support H265
- Trial of the TS doctors under VM possible but with 500MB-Limit for the output file
- Detection of H265/HEVC video streams
- Detection of DolbyE video streams
- H265/HEVC cutting (PES)

1.2.134 - Hotfix for not fully activated preview when using the Microsoft audio filter under Windows 7
- When inverting the cut list the cutting images are now updated accordingly

1.2.133 - I-frame detection is working now for LAVSplitters too
- More improvements for American cable TV
- Evaluation of all EPG data in ATSC recordings
- Improved adaptation of the aspect ratio of screen shots in the cutting window
- Fixed problem with manual detection of advertising in multi-part recordings
- Detection of EIA-608 data in MPEG2 streams
- Use of P-frames for the CutOuts in H264 can be turned off to avoid video artifacts
- Play button only active after creating the cutting images
- Improved handling of recordings from the United States (ATSC)
- Improved recognition of ATSC recordings
- Evaluation of the VirtualChannelTable and the SystemTimeTable for ATSC recordings
- Anamorphic adaptation of screenshots in the timeline panel
- Fixed potential deadlock in H264 processing
- Screenshot in cutting window via shortcut "[Alt] i"
- Teletext analysis for Italian channels added (Rai1,Rai2,Rai3,Canale5,Italia1,TGCom24)
- Better detection of the recording start via Teletext even for unknown channels
- Detection of recordings of Dutch TV stations NED1, NED2 and NED3 via cable
- Sporadic problems with Kathrein UFS912 recordings fixed
- Working progress in garbage scan
- File position error for recordings with less than 10% usable data fixed
- More than 20% fill data (garbage at the beginning and end), garbage-scan box remains yellow as a warning
- Detection of private streams like Kronehits
- PES demuxing of private streams
- The CRC of newly created files will be found in the log now
- The CRC of any files can now be calculated in the menu under Tools

1.2.128 - Display of the station name for recordings of an entire transponder with all PIDs
- No longer functioning SRT Time Changer fixed
- Better support for transponder recordings with many encrypted stream
- Now also PCR jumps at the end of recordings are detected correctly
- Very short cutting areas (less than 500ms) are filtered for the automatic cut to avoid cutting problems
- Evaluation of the Service_Descriptor_Table if found, to get the channel name
- Interpolation of the recording start time if no time information via Teletext or TOT is present
- If a file needs to be repaired first all streams remain in the fixed file
- Screenshot available even during playback in the cutting window now, playback is temporarily paused
- In the cutting window the cursor no longer moves to the end, when jumping backwards via -1m, -10s or -1s button
- Better support for splitted files of Kathrein UFS 903
- Fixed drag&drop of multiple files on the main window
- Support for channel logos (channelname.png)
- Uses automatically existing channel logos of DVBViewer
- VDR channel logo pack from 3PO can be downloaded
- Extracting recording infos from TechniSat REC files
- Teletext analysis improved for some channels and some channels added
- Year indication in the teletext analysis improved

1.2.125 - Fixed problems with sporadic inexact first cutting point (since Beta 1.2.120)

1.2.124 - Hotfix for version info of TSMuxer 2.0.8(b)

1.2.123 - DVD-Maker problem for recordings with a & in the file name fixed
- In the cutting form a jump will lead to an update of the selected cutting area
- Fixed problem that the first I-frame was not considered for the initial cut
- Better consideration of the PCR/PTS delay in determining the cutting point
- Code optimization for faster program start
- Own and faster detection routine of the DirectX version on DLL version instead of DXDiag
- Drag&Drop of files updated
- Ignore transport_scrambling_control for detection of the stream start
- Lesebuffer optimized for analysis
- Raw cutter updated
- Automatic stream selection for subtitles and audio streams based on language and format
- New version control for "supported tools"
- Teletext utilization for several Belgian channels added
- "Devision by zero" bug for radio recordings fixed
- Removing areas while creating cutting point images blocked
- Removal of incomplete shows is performed for commercials detection via the menu, too
- Potential problems while removing areas at the end of a recording fixed

1.2.116 - Fix for problems with thumbnails and single frame view

1.2.115 - Fixed problem with delayed subtitles of Finnish channels
- Current selected section is now adjusted according to the cut
- Improved support for multiple concurrent instances of the TS-Doctor
- TS-Doctor renderer optimized and support for YUY2 format and VideoInfoHeader2
- No more illegal timer jump detected for ordinary PCR wraps
- Problem "no audio data written" for recordings with PCR wrap fixed
- Updated Teletext TV guide for SWR channel because of changes

1.2.114 - Improved detection and removal of PCR jumps on BBC channels
- Improved automatic removal of encrypted areas
- Fixed sporadic wrong detection of PCR drift for recordings of BBC channels
- Download of tools and updates changed to WinINet API
- Checking for Internet connection before attempting to download something
- Windows XP x64 was incorrectly compatibility mode detected even though this was not active
- Support for downloading tools and updates via SSL
- Improved installation of tools
- Support for version 0.61.0 of LAVFilters
- Repair of recordings where the PCR value drifts (Haupauge HD PVR2 problem)
- Revised overwrite warning for saving of cutting lists
- TV guide via teletext for Pro7 FUN, ProSieben MAXX, VIVA Germany, Disney Channel
- Error message for files with file size zero
- <info1> Data from the xml file of neutrino recordings is inserted in the description
- Improved extraction of movie infos from the teletext
- Broadcast standard was disregarded in some cases for ATSC recordings
- Fixed several potential problems with the editing of recordings with PCR-wrap
- Warning shots, where the PCR value drifts
- Compatible to Haali-Splitter from K-Lite Codec Pack
- Problem with volume setting in error preview window fixed
- Sporadic problem fixed "no audio data is written" for recordings with PCR-wrap
- Fixed a problem with the close button in the dialogs
- Support for the new tsMuxeR version 2.6.11 including tsMuxerGUI
- Support for current versions of ComSkip (free & donator)
- If a recording has to be repaired first, teletext and subtitles are no longer removed unintentionally
- Overwrite warning for saving of cutting lists
- Fixed a potential problem with UTC time correction in the EPG TV Guide

1.2.108 - If bad EPG data is detected, the EPG will be ignored (occurred more frequently at ORF)
- Bad EPG data no longer lead to hang the EPG-evaluation
- Visualized creation of the EPG TV guide
- Improved resolution of TV guide
- Advanced options on opening a file (force new PAT/PMT)
- If incorrect EPG found the TV guide is generated via teletext
- Maximized State of the cutting window is stored now in addition to the screen position
- Sporadic problems for very short TechniSat recordings fixed (less than 100 MB)
- Warning when attempting to run the TS-Doctor in Windows compatibility mode, as this can cause problems
- Improved support of Swiss television channels SRF 1, SRF zwei, SRF info, RSI LA 1, RSI LA 2
- Improved automatic cutting for SRF 1, SRF zwei, SRF info, RSI LA 1, RSI LA 2
- Automatic detect and remove commercials for SRF 1, SRF zwei, SRF info, RSI LA 1, RSI LA 2 in EPG/VPS cutting mode (as far as possible)
- Fixed various issues with the EPG cutting
- Incorrect EPG status no longer hang the application
- "Fix incorrect TechniSat cuts" in the settings fixed
- Audio errors were shown only if file was cutted
- Fix for sporadic still wrong film details after working with Sky recordings
- Default file name for screenshot (recording file name + [time])
- Fixed a bug when detecting the sound format of ORF3
- Sporadic problems with cleaning of the song titles for "Deluxe Music" and EPG cutting fixed
- VPS cutting was offered for ZDFinfo although the Teletext does not belong to ZDFinfo
- Fixed issue with the internal TV Guide for sky recordings, when the recording occurred shortly after midnight
- Fixed a bug in the single frame display
- Sporadic wrong film details in additional file of Sky recordings

1.2.104 - Sporadic error fixed "No audio data has been written"
- Improved handling of music recordings
- Automatic removal of advertising blocks for "Deluxe Music" via EPG-cut
- Automatic cleaning of song titles for recordings from "Deluxe music" with EPG-cut
- Timeline is drawn much faster
- Significantly reduces CPU load in the preview window
- Packages without payload are no longer listed in the log but as the sum at the end of the log
- Fixed sporadic signed bug when removing the PCR jumps
- Fixed sporadic faulty PCR display in the progress window
- AC3 format changes were shown in the log even though they were outside of the cutting areas
- Fixed sporadic hanger for audio format change (BBC THREE)
- Fixed a bug in the Skinengine
- Brazilian ISDB-TB standard can be selected as broadcast standard
- Wrong PMT entries for certain audio tracks can be fixed (Brazilian TV)
- Fixing of problematic TechniSat cuts can be deactivated in the settings
- For some Danish channels, the AAC track was not recognized
- Revised detection of audio formats for improved detection of MPEG1 audio

1.2.100 - Improved AAC parser
- On saving a file, spaces are removed from the beginning and end of the file name
- Fix for install in another directory as the default directory
- The I-frame detection is enabled by default on the wine/crossover
- Support for ATI MPEG2 Decoder Filter
- Support for AMD Video Decoder Filter (MPEG2)
- For setting "AUTOMATIC" the "enhanced video renderer" is now used in Windows Vista/7/8 as "Default Video Renderer"
- Workaround for sporadic missing audio in the timeline when you use the Microsoft DTV-DVD audio decoder
- Color information of Teletext subtitles can be applied in the SRT export
- Wine/Crossover compatible video renderer
- Improved search for time jumps within the recording
- Fixed a potential problem at startup (14%)
- After repair of recordings with time jumps, opening of the repaired recording is offered now
- PMT problem with processing of VLC recordings fixed

1.2.96 - Fix for automatic update of trial versions

1.2.95 - Trial reset, new version can be tested 30 days again
- Installation in multi user enviroment improved
- Improved error handling during automatic update and tool installation
- Fixed a potential problem with the re-creation of a PMT for defective or missing PMT
- Improves troubleshooting of TechniSat recordings with timer problems, because by cut function in the receiver
- Improved Teletext programme guide
- Support of Dutch Teletext(Nos) (NED1, NED2, NED3) for program overview
- Selection of the correct PMT improved, if there are multiple PMTs
- Working with the TS Haupauge HD PVR recordings, finally
- Identify and correct timing errors for TechniSat recordings that were cut with the receiver
- Memory usage of the application is displayed in the log
- ATSC to DVB conversion improved for AC-3 entries in the PMT
- If the cut list was inverted, the cuts were not saved correctly for the reopening
- FAT/FAT32 file system warning for files that are larger than 4 GB, can be disabled in the preferences
- The scrambled flag will be ignored by default and no dialog box opens
- Sporadic errors in the result dialog fixed
- New display of error distribution in the result dialog
- Improved recognition of stream types by searching at 3 different stream positions
- Improved recognition of regional programme switching
- French program translation improved (Thanks Phil)

1.2.90 - Fixed display of the cut list if cutting images are disabled
- Option to turn off parity-check on Teletext subtitles (necessary for British channels "Watch.")
- Double click was necessary in the cut list to jump to the beginning or end of a cutting range
- Teletext program overviews for German Sky channels improved
- In the timeline panel, the playback speed is no longer changed when jumping in the timeline
- Fixed bug in patching the AC3 tracks in the PMT

1.2.89 - Automatic update respects now the previously chosen installation folder
- First entry in the Batchliste was displayed incorrectly
- Design of the cutting list improved

1.2.88 - Support for R5000-HD DVR recordings
- Processing of recordings where a non-DVB compliant stream type is used for MPEG2 in the PMT (Canadian satellite Anik F1)
- Detection and display of encrypted channels for transponder recordings
- Taking into account padding data in stream type detection (French DVB-T)
- Fix for non DVB/ATSC-compliant PMT entries of AC3 audio streams (playback problems of neutrino recordings on Kathrein UFS 913 receivers)
- Selectable stream compatibility between ATSC(USA,Canada,Mexico) and DVB(Europa,Russland,China,Afrika,usw.)
- Fixed problem with PMT less ServusTV recordings (Technisat receivers)
- Installing licensed version on Linux via wine 1.6 rc4 possible (trial version not available and video preview is not working correctly)
- Installing licensed version on MACOSX(Lion) via Crossover 12 possible (trial version not available and video preview is not working correctly)
- Warning info when installing under VMs, that trial is not available
- It could occur, during very short shots (less than 5 minutes), that the first I-frame on a cut could to be skipped
- Unintended lock of the target drive fixed, not allowing to eject (hang out) external drive, as long as the TS-doctor runs
- Additional PID scan at the end of the recording to better detect program switching (ServusTV)
- Detection of program switching is performed now for PAT/PMT less recordings (e.g. TechniSat receivers)
- Improved fix of program switching. Now the timer will be corected automatically if needed (ServusTV)
- Skin-Engine updated
- Default Language_Descriptor for PMT entries without Language_Descriptor
- Error with adding Language_Descriptors fixed
- Improved detection of encrypted areas (ORF HD)
- Read buffer to accelerate the TS File Merger in "TS Paket Mode"
- Option to remove annoying start packets without payload (ORF HD)
- Older AAC formats are now also properly recognized by Remuxer
- Fix: For modified Windows 7 theme (Windows Classic) and 150% system font size the buttons could be not be clicked in the Setup
- Fixed problem when changing the file name in the dialog for saving a new file
- Improved treatment of Sky Select HD recordings
- Fixed virtual cut for multi-file recording
- Improved error handling for AAC audio tracks
- Incorrect PTS DVB subtitles were not fixed when no cut was done
- Support for Estonian language (incomplete)
- French texts in GUI improved (thanks to Phil)
- New version of the Haali splitter
- Potential issues after changes of multi screen settings fixed
- Fixed crash on the remuxing of certain footage from Danish HDTV (TV2 HD)
- EArgumentOutOfRangeException (package 0) fixed when creating a new file
- Evaluation and display of parameters of AAC audio tracks
- Optional remuxing from AAC(LATM) to AAC(ADTs) in the Demuxer and Remuxer (can be activated in the settings)
- Remuxer now supports the generation of MKVs with AAC audio tracks about MKVToolnix

1.2.82 - Hotfix for burning DVDs using DVD Maker, if there is only one audio track

1.2.81 - Problems with cutting of radio recordings fixed
- Fixed loading of the most recently used list of cutting
- Remove blank lines in the Teletext subtitles
- Future updates of the TS-doctor without unnecessary dialogs
- Under certain circumstances, no PCR fix was offered (Viva recordings with TechniSat receivers)
- Create video DVD using Windows DVD Maker (Vista Home Premium/Ultimate, Windows 7 Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate)
- Reload of the recently used cutting list is now controlled via dialog
- If possible, prioritize the AC3 mode for automatic cutting
- Changes for processing of batch lists
- Improved evaluation of the DVB Viewer (ADS) recording time with daylight saving time correction
- If possible, data from additional files (dvr,xml,epg,ADS) are used if there is no Teletext or deactivated Teletext processing
- Patch for incorrectly coded EPG of FOX HD, TNT Serie HD, etc.

1.2.78 - For recordings without PCR, the PCR can be rebuilt now
- Support for recordings of regional programmes, where the video codec is changing (H264<>MPEG2)
- Fixed problem with daylight saving time in EPG scan
- Improved automatic cutting
- Improvements in Teletext processing for Eastern European characters
- Support of all common EPG character code tables (IS

1.2.76 - Fixed Windows 8 menu problem
- Fixed special characters with Hungarian subtitles (SRT-export)
- Support for international character tables for EPG infos
- Improved display and editing of the recording details
- Automatic file splitting maps right the filename now also for single broadcasts
- Fixed a problem with crash of analysis for specific PCR errors
- Support for splitted recordings of DREAMLINK HD receivers
- Missing ". ts"-extension is automatically added when splitting into multiple files
- Fixed problems with the VPS cutting for recordings that have a PCR-wrap
- EPG data take precedence before Teletext program data
- Message and abort is recording has too many missing PCR informations
- Automatic separation of cutting areas to multiple files
- Fix for sporadically not executed "PES length for the video stream to a safe value patching"
- Support for split files of receivers with TitanNit operating system
- Import of the recording details from the EPG file of TitanNit receivers
- Teletext evaluation improves and bescheunigt
- no Teletext evaluation of recording details for ZDF-Kultur and ZDF-Info, as they have not their own Teletext
- Recording details with Teletext evaluation for German Sky channels
- Fixed incorrect detection of the last PCR value for merging of recordings with 192 byte packets (Xoro HRS8500/8520)
- Problems with resynchronizing the TS packet structure in defective recording with 192-byte packet size
- Detection and troubleshooting program switching
- Detect and resolve PCR jumps
- TechniSat recordings can be opened now also via the .rec file
- No more separate handling of recordings with and without cutting
- Fixed a problem with PCR-wraps that resulted in a situation were the PCR wrap sporadically was not removed

1.2.71 - Haali splitter is installed only if not already present in the system
- Display of the programmes detected by EPG or Teletext in the timeline
- Teletext was not always parsed at the end of the recording
- Radio recordings can be cutted
- Fixed potential issues in the analysis of the Teletext
- In the timeline panel, the editing cursor will respond in a larger area of the timeline
- The correct cutting images now also be generated when the markers are moved
- Automatic cutting with EPG data (EIT on PID 18)
- In batch mode, the cut list was ignored when the "auto cut" no dialogue has been selected
- Fix for missing REC file for TechniSat recordings, which led to problems for certain recordings
- For the cutting preview the start and end playback time is configurable in the settings
- The selection in the dialog box "Auto cut" the TS-Doctor can be stored
- Fixed a problem with different CharaterSets for Teletext subtitles (ARD page 150,799)
- Cut preview
- Advertising recognition is renamed in "Auto cut", as this is much more accurate
- Automatic automatic cutting is better configurable in the preferences
- If the option "Test/repair startup" is selected in the file merger, the fixed file is created in the destination folder, too
- Removal of incomplete shows at the beginning and end of a recording with automatic cutting
- Quick scan for automatic cutting in VPS mode (much faster)
- Improved accuracy of the automatic cutting in VPS mode
- Fixed problem with missing progress in AR mode
- Problem with not functioning preview solved with TechniSat recordings with malformed packets (Garbage) at the beginning of the file

1.2.66 - Better scaling of the time bar in the timeline panel
- Thumbnail window can be docked to the left side of the timeline
- Info about the used features in the commercial detection dialog
- Workaround for missing last image of recordings in the timeline
- In the timeline jumping to the markers is available ( Y and Shift-Y)
- Fixed a problem with the thumbnail view using the "enhanced video renderer"
- Teletext missing in the PMT and subtitles can be added now properly (E.g. Neutrino recordings)
- New tool to manipulate the timer in SRT files (SRT time changer)
- Commercial detection extended with VPS data
- The cut in the timeline accelerated by more intelligent handling of the cutting images
- Improved quality of the cutting images
- Cutting images now in the correct aspect ratio
- Improved quality of thumbnail images
- Thumbnail images now in the correct aspect ratio
- Aspect ratio for H264 recording (720 x 576 with AR 16/9) corrected in the preview
- Workaround for flickering in preview if Enhanced Video Renderer is used
- Improved flow of advertising recognition
- Fixed problems with the demuxing of radio broadcasts
- Fixed bug at startup if there were files in the temporary directory and the dialog was closed too late
- Fix recordings of certain receivers still encountered "file buffer error"
- Sporadic for splitted recordings with many errors a timer discrepancy was detected incorrectly
- Showing start PCR and end PCR of the individual parts in the merge log
- Fix for splitted recordings that contain certain special characters (Unicode) in the file name and as a result, no preview was possible
- Support for splitted recordings with format "00.000.Recording.ts"
- Fix for splitted recordings with many encrypted packages at the beginning that resulted in the error message "Sourcefilter could not connect to demuxer" in the preview
- Different PMTs with same PID are now ignored
- Encrypted audio streams are automatically removed (Samsung TV)
- Fix for Newline HD 49 receiver so that the file format is correctly recognized as ALI DVR
- Display of TS special formats (Enigma, Neutrino, Technisat and DVR) under Stream details
- When calling via command line (AutoFix) and necessary PCR fix, a temporary file is automatically generates in the temporary directory and deleted afterwards
- For command line option AUTOCHECK no advertising detection will occur, even if it is enabled in the dialog settings

1.2.61 - Hotfix for sporadic "File buffer error" during analysis
- Hotfix for PCR out of range" for Technisat recordings
- Unnecessary messages about "encrypted areas" removed
- Skin engine updated

1.2.60 - New trial periode
- Version info in setup window
- Removed problematic option "Force AC3 consistency"
- Fixed crash when processing recordings of the Danish channel TCM
- No unnecessary cutting areas produce, if cutting at the beginning and at the end of an existing section range
- Now it's possible to cut between the first marker and the current cursor position
- Clicking on a marker let the cursor jump to the marker point
- Fix for sporadic problems with the bit rate indicator
- Fixed crash in the Teletext analysis of Danish TCM
- Fixed hangs for recordings of Panasonic DMR-BST700
- Use the recording details of Neutrino XML files, if found
- Fixed problem with SRT creation for split recordings with cutting areas

1.2.57 - Improved search and execution of program updates
- Revised GUI for distribution to multiple files
- The buttons and the timeline are blocked during the creation of the cut point pictures
- Sporadic problems with remembering the directory for "File open" fixed
- Automatic append of "_fixed" to the file name can be disabled in the settings
- Warning if target and source file name are the same
- Fixed problems with French subtitles
- Special Danish national characters support via G2 supplementary set
- Skin engine updated
- Fixed problems with Danish subtitles from TV1000
- Encrypted recordings will now stop at an earlier stage to avoid an application hang
- Removed distinction between subtitle and Teletext via the DataUnitID to work around problems with SIXX Teletext
- Support for Teletext analysis of SIXX
- Language finnish added (Thanks to Ropsi)
- Ansi/Unicode/UTF-8 support for MKVs in TS-Remuxer

1.2.52 - Splitting a recording into multiple files, the subtitles are divided accordingly
- Fix for recordings with PCR-wrap where the audio tracks get lost
- Fixed various minor problems with PCR-wraps
- In cutting window the first cutting area will be selected on opening
- Detecting missing/disabled MPEG2 video filters in Windows 8 without Pro Pack
- Window hierarchy revised to allow the application to work in the background
- Adjustments to the batch processing
- Taskbar button now appears correctly in Windows Vista, 7, and 8 on Windows
- Added ThumbnailTooltip for Windows Vista, 7 and 8
- If teletext PTS is corrupted, PCR is used for export of teletext subtitles (Polish HBO and CYFRA +)
- Supporting addition international character sets for teletext (Poland, Estonia, Turkey, Romania, Lithuania)
- Subtitle detection now also via control bit C6 to fixed the sporadic unrecognized subtitles at ARD and ZDF
- SRT export supports UTF8 and Unicode format now
- Memory-Leak in result dialog fixed
- Program update is ignored if a recording file is already opened
- Problem mit deaktiviertem OK-Button im File-Merger gefixt
- Improved concept for subtitle detection at ARD and ZDF
- Revised result dialog
- Display the duration of the deleted advertising breaks in the result dialog
- Potential errors in the "file open" dialog are now caught
- Audio, video and teletext details be sought only in the usable part of the recording
- Drag&Drop of multiple files improved
- Error in Teletext bring mixed up no longer subtitle detection (ZDF page 777)
- Increased number of search points for Teletext subtitles, if the recording is shorter than 60 minutes
- Subtitle lines with "KEINE UT" are now removed
- Number of files in the file merger increased to 1000
- Hotkeys in the timeline for +10sec.[z] und -10sec.[shift z]
- Hotkeys in the timeline for cutting area start[Home] und cutting area end[End]
- In the file merger files that do not consider the package borders, are now better recognized
- Avoiding deadlocks in the Teletext analysis
- Fixed problem with DBox recordings that have set the scrambled flag on all transport stream packets
- Stream processing accelerated

1.2.45 - Wildcard support for command line option "AUTODEMUX"
- Search accelerated for Teletext subtitles
- No warning message any longer on files that are larger than 4 GB on exFAT file systems
- No search for Teletext subtitles if the Teletext is disabled in the settings
- Program information from ADS info of the DVB viewer be applied if no program information can be found
- Improved handling of TechniSat recording format (TS4) if the files have been copied directly from the receiver (.ts4, .mks, .rec)
- Incorrect PTS timer for DVB subtitles at RTL are now detected and fixed
- Progress window should no longer force itself into the foreground
- For the AC3 advertising recognition, short AC3 changes are ignored, increased timeout from 1 second to 10 seconds. (ARD,ZDF,etc.)
- Fixed potential issues when opening files caused by file-locking
- Recordings that are fully encrypted, are canceled with appropriate error message
- The new AC3 advertising recognition process the last AC3 change correctly now
- Support for negative timer offsets in SRT export
- AC3 advertising detection completely rebuild to work correctly even with difficult AC3 streams of ARD and ZDF
- Intermittent long wait fixed when creating a new file with recordings of german broadcasters (ARD, ZDF, etc.) solved
- When cutting using PTS is impossible (sporadically for subtitles), then fallback to cut using PCR
- Teletext scan can no longer fail because of VPS data
- Short recordings (smaler then 140 MB) with activated option "Enhanced PCR check" has been sporadically to much cutted
- AC3-advertising detection more resistent against short-time changes within 1000ms (e.g. with ARD, ORF)
- Problem with automatic search for updates fixed
- Improved detection of beginning and end of movies for ARD, ORF using AC3 advertising recognition
- Progress bar for the Teletext analysis
- Teletext analysis can be disabled
- Support for Medion multifile recordings (Rec.ts, Rec.01, Rec.02, ...)
- Fix for recording details overview, where the list contains only one repeating entry
- Possible errors during creation of the DirectShow filter list fixed
- Fix for sporadically missing recording details in recordings of Arte
- Improved formatting of recording details
- Recording details with multiple pages are merged
- Recording details via Teletext for many additional channels (3sat,SWR,N24,MDR,RBB,NDR,EinsPlus,etc.)

1.2.37 - Faster application start
- Fixed potential problems at startup
- If the TS-Doctor works in slow idle mode, this is now displayed in the log together with the working speed
- Parsing improved for EDL files to avoid import failed
- Scrolling enabled in error overview
- Multimedia file detection of TechniSat HD-K2/S2 recordings
- Multimedia file detection of TechniSat HD8 recordings
- Accepted now drag and drop multiple files that belong together (splitted files)
- Support for Microsoft DTV/DVD audio decoder removed due to sound problems and unclear license questions
- Settings for separating to multiple files will no longer be lost if the cutting areas are changed

1.2.34 - Hotfix for "Resource 1012 not found" error message

1.2.33 - Shortcuts in the main window (O=Open, M=Open multiple files, T=Open trimmed, B=Open Batch)
- Shortcuts in the main window (F2=Preserve streams, F3=Prepare patching, F4=Prepare cutting, F5=Only checking, F6=Save new file)
- Fixed a problem with negative values in the dialog for "Open trimmed"
- Problem mit negativen Werten im Dialog für "gekürztes Öffnen" behoben
- Automatic installation of the TS-doctor license file, when it is in the same directory as the installation file
- Wild card in command line mode works again
- When multiple files are processed in wild card processing mode, the entire operation can be canceled by press "Cancel"
- Improved dialogue for separating to multiple files
- Warning before overwriting files in RawCutter
- Remuxer uses the specified output path now
- Detection of Teletext subtitles not marked as subtitles (ZDF page 777)
- Teletext subtitle search speeds up (only 10 areas instead of 18)
- For application priority "IDLE" additional wait cycles are used to reduce the system load by disk I/O
- Improved support for images in the ATSC standard
- Fix for accurate identification of from Taiwanese recordings
- Fix for camcorder recordings in MTS format, where "h264 picture parameter buffer overflow" shows up in the log
- The PCR list is canceled if no new PCR value is found within of 1000000 packages
- Creation of the video list of PTS is canceled if no new PTS value is found within of 1000000 packages
- Optional cutting of the recording at the point where the video PTS ends
- Easier installation of LAVFilters
- With DWord registry key "MaxWriteBufferSize" under HKEY_Current_User/.../Settings the size of the write buffer can be reduced to avoid write errors in a VirtualBox VM

1.2.29 - Fixed several minor issues with CLI
- Command line parameters are written in the _fixed.log
- Using the language of the Teletext subtitles listed in the PMT
- Fix for cutting recordings from the Smart MX 44 (Sourcefilter could not be connected)
- If automatic search for updates is disabled, the manual search was not working
- Program termination fixed in commandline mode, if extended PCR check finds problems
- Changed auto-closing of the application in the command line mode
- Multi file dialog redesigned and equipped with "Remember answer" checkbox
- SRT subtitles fixed
- Bug report for write errors (out of disk space error) with more detail in the log
- Fixed some French translation mistakes
- Revised closing of the program in batch mode
- Add external SRT subtitle files remuxing MKVs
- Now the editable title from the TS Remuxer is used for SRT subtitles in MKVs
- The attempt to identify stream types will be done in the middle of the file, too
- Detection of additional audio and text streams that aren't listed in the PMT (e.g. switching regional channels)
- Optional insert of the additional audio and text streams in the PMT
- Detection and display of audio and text streams that are not present in the entire recording
- Repeated entries in the PMT are cleaned up now (ORF1/ORF2 via DVB-T)
- For SRT files the time codes now correctly written with a comma instead of a period
- Fixed EDL files generated by the TS doctor (AUTOEDL)
- LAVFilters can be now downloaded and installed via settings / supported tools
- Support for teletext streams without PTS (Sky IT)
- Processing of DVB-Viewer file infos (ADS)
- Transfer of ADS data from source file to new file
- Multi file support for Technisat Skysat S2
- New commandline option "AUTOEDL" creates only a cutting list in EDL format

1.2.22 - Improved support of ComSkip
- Number of threads for ComSkip can be modified (donator edition only)
- Easy installation of the donator Edition of ComSkip in the settings
- FileSource in preview revised, should better cope with faulty recordings
- Bad packets are no longer skipped in the preview but replaced by empty packets
- Error in the preview fixed, for the calculation of the maximum file position in recordings with 192 byte packets
- Teletext processing can be disabled
- Fixed sporadic hang while closing the preview window
- Inverting the cutting list fixed (redundant entry was not removed)
- Option to use ComSkip for h264 if a h264-enabled version of ComSkip is installed
- Detection of file extensions of split 4TheRecord recordings
- If ComSkip was called on the menu, the new cutting points were not loaded after the recognition
- Option to to suppress the removal of B-frames at file start for recordings from Das Erste HD, ZDF HD, Arte HD, since some decoders otherwise produce artifacts at the beginning of the file
- WDR HD Teletext subtitles fixed
- Rows with Paritycheck errors in the Teletext subtitles are now ignored
- TS-Remuxer GUI completely revised
- Teletext subtitle support for MKVs
- Default audio stream and default text stream selectable for MKVs
- Track titel for MKVs can be changed
- Language code for the audio and text stream can be changed in TS-Remuxer
- Demuxing of Teletext subtitles into SRT format
- Added a full stop to the file extension for SRT files (movie.[888].srt instead of movie[888].srt)
- TS-Doctor attempts to automatically detect the language of the Teletext subtitles (ger,eng,fre,dut,spa,cze,dan,pol,ita,swe)
- File extension for SRT files now available in the format ".[PageNumber].srt" or ""
- Time in the Teletext subtitle are fixed correctly now when cutting
- For the DivX H.264 decoder the "fast SampleGrabbing" is now automatically disabled, as it's incompatible with this mode
- If in the commandline the source folder and the destination folder are identically, "_fixed" is added to the file name
- Extraction of teletext subtitles into srt format
- File extension for H264 elementary streams in demuxer changed from .h264 to .264

1.2.16 - Problems with teletext language descriptors in the PMT fixed (multilanguage teletext)
- Support for DivX H264 Decoder for preview
- For MPEG2 recordings, active "fast SampleGrabbing" and Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder no sound problem fixed
- Optional insert of AC3 5.1 frames at the beginning so that AC3 sound recognized as 5.1 even there are some AC3 2.0 frame at the beginning (experimental!)
- Filling packets at the beginning of Kathrein UFS 923 - recordings are now skipped and no longer create problems in the preview
- Dialog settings for "Scrambled stream areas detected"

1.2.15 - Problems with teletext language descriptors in the PMT fixed (multilanguage teletext)
- Support for DivX H264 Decoder for preview
- For MPEG2 recordings, active "fast SampleGrabbing" and Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder no sound problem fixed
- Optional insert of AC3 5.1 frames at the beginning so that AC3 sound recognized as 5.1 even there are some AC3 2.0 frame at the beginning (experimental!)
- Filling packets at the beginning of Kathrein UFS 923 - recordings are now skipped and no longer create problems in the preview
- Dialog settings for "Scrambled stream areas detected"

1.2.14 - Correct aspect ratio in MPEG2 recordings is used in the timeline even if "fast Samplegrabbing" is disabled
- Audio quality of the TS-doctor audio messages improved and slightly reduces volume
- Own sounds (.wav) can be used as audio messages
- Intense search for encrypted areas can now be started manually from the menu
- In the Remuxer the audio track are imported in the same order as listet in the PMT (for MKV, TS, m2ts)
- A list with the time stamp of the intersections in the log
- Fixed a sporadic problem in manual "search for updates"
- Optional patch of the recording to fix WindowsMediaPlayer 12 "no audio" problems
- Improved column labels for separate to multiple files dialog
- Potential crashes when parsing broken sequence parameter sets fixed
- Displays a diagnostic code in the DirectX log if TS-Doctor FileSource could not be loaded
- More accurate error message if there are problems loading the recording in the timeline
- Aspect ratio for h264 recording (Danish DR2) with 704 x 576 is now correctly displayed
- The order of the audio streams in the PMT can be changed now
- Fixed problems with enabling and disabling subtitles and teletext
- Better detection of changes of the AC3 mode
- Support for Topfield *.rec/*.001/... multi file recordings
- Precision when inserting silent AC3 frames in the muxer/Remuxer on +-improved 16ms
- Potential problems with lip sync in the Muxer/Remuxer for AC3/EAC3 fixed
- Additional check on encrypted areas
- Encrypted areas can be cutted out automatically
- Commercial detection can be started now manually from the menu (Edit/Detect commercials)
- Automatic commercial detection can be disabled
- Disabled ffdfshow filters are ignored for graph creation
- Calculation of h264 frame order values fixed
- For H264-interlaced recordings the second half frame (P-frame) at the cutting point is taken into account now to avoid flicker
- Cutting window revised
- In the cutting window the selection of the audio track is possible with a new combobox
- Fixed problems in the analysis of pure audio recordings (radio)
- Fixed problems when playing pure audio recordings (radio)
- Broken advertising recognition (AC mode), the cut is closed automatically
- Improved handling of delays for AC3 sound in the muxer/remuxer
- Missing AC3 frames at the beginning are filled with silent frames in the muxer/remuxer
- The sound remains lip-sync now also if errors occure in EAC3 streams for the muxer/remuxer
- The remaining delay is specified in the log for the muxer/remuxer
- The remaining delays are used for the remuxing via TSMuxer or MKVToolnix and should be give synched audio/video
- MouseWheel support for the list of "recognized streams" on the main form
- Fixed a bug in the TS-Doctor Filesource that sporadically resulted in crashes in the cutting window
- Support for LAV Splitter
- Existing .edl cut files are now correctly imported with the necessary adjustment of the cutting points
- In the cutting window the keyboard shortcut "P" can be used for play and pause
- File extensions name.ts, name.ts1, name.ts2 are sorted correctly again
- Multiple files with the extension. ts,. ts1,. ts2, etc. are automatically recognized as splitted file
- Number of frames to be scanned for the first GOP doubled (FOX HD)
- Annoying B-frames are removed correctly now at FOX HD
- Fixed a problem in the calculation of the h264 aspect ratio
- Automatic detection of advertising is the aspect ratio changes (4/3 <> 16/9)

1.2.5 - Hotfix for splitted files named data0001.ts, data0002.ts, ...

1.2.4 - Default value for AC3 scans advertising recognition doubled
- Error message after cancelling the AC3-advertising detection fixed
- Workaround for jumps to the next Iframe, where some Iframes were ignored
- Prevents the overlapping section when start and end on the buttons next to the designation number be changed
- More elegant solution for editing the start and end times of a section range without additional window
- New command line parameter AUTOBATCH automatically starts the internal Batchliste
- New command line parameter: AUTODEMUX
- Added support for the LAVFilters (audio, video)
- ComSkip-advertising detection can be canceled
- File name appears in the header of the cutting window
- Cursor keys left and right can be used now in the cutting form to do frame jumps forward and backward
- Edit of the start and the end times of a cutting area in a separate edit window
- In the selection of the cutting area, just one click with the left mouse button is enough to jump to the beginning or the end of the cutting area
- Design improved in the cutting form
- Some default values adjusted
- Reset button for all settings
- Alternative calculation of video PTS to PCR ratio, if PCR is not on the video stream PID
- Completely offset PCR values are now detected and can be adjusted if wanted (Astra.HD.H264.1080i.Astra.1D.23.5E.10jul.2007.ts)
- Improved sorting of split recordings
- Loading of splitted recordings a part was ignored if file name ended with a Zero (for example: 00000.ts)
- Fixed problem of patching PTS values (delay to PCR)
- Teletext is retained after the cut even if the PTS value of Teletext is outside the tolerance limit
- AC3-advertising detection can be canceled
- Teletext PTS is now automatically fixed for incorrect PTS time base without an error message (ARD HD/ZDF HD - problem)
- Support for the PowerDVD 11 - audio decoder removed, because this filter will no longer allow connection to other filters
- Problematic TS files that were generated with XMediaRecode can now be opened despite "PCR discontinuity > 1000ms"
- Instead of a confusing simple error list, a list of problem areas appears now after the repair
- Support for M2TS export in TS Remuxer
- Packet filters of the cutting engine revised for improved accuracy
- Fixed/minimized artifact problems at cut area for HDTV recordings
- Fixed bug when writing packets in the Packet Editor
- Probleme fixed with IFrame detection for interlaced sources
- Improved creation of the cut images when using CoreAVC- or Mainconcept h264 filter
- Fixed bug when cutting between markers, was introduced in the last version
- Cut keys are now updated when the markers are visually moved
- Cut across several cut areas
- Joining together across several cut areas
- Adjusted entries for the timeline popup menu in the cutting form
- Fixed problems opening of m2ts (192) files
- Support for the CyberLink demuxer removed, because it's incompatible to the I-Frame detection filter
- In the cutting form the key "x" can be used now to set a marker
- In the cutting form the key "Del" can be used now to delete the area between the markers
- In the cutting form the key "Ins" can be used now to add/join the area between the markers
- In the cutting form the button "i" can be used to jump one I-Frame forward and shift & "i" to jump backward
- In the cutting form the button "f" can be used to jump one frame forward and shift & "f" to jump backward
- In the cutting form the button "s" can be used to jump one second forward and shift & "s" to jump backward
- In the cutting form the button "m" can be used to jump one minute forward and shift & "m" to jump backward
- Possibility to use a marker to divide an area into two areas
- Markers are now rounded to the frame interval time
- Check added for "PCR discontinuity" in log
- Improved detection of first I-Frame in MPEG2
- I-Frame detection for MPEG2 with CyberLink PowerDVD 11 filters now working
- I-Frame navigation completed
- I-Frame detection for BBC HD fixed (slice_type > 4)
- Correct cut now also possible for BBC HD - recording
- Fallback function if the first I-Frame isn't found
- Acceptable delay between video and other streams increased to 10 seconds
- Corrected reading of value for "CROP =" in the commandline
- AAC audio stream from BBC HD is recognized correctly as AAC track if there is no PMT
- Fix for sporadically problem where after cutting the stream duration was 00:00:00.000
- Commercial detection is more accurately regarding the positions of cutting
- MP4 output for TS-Remuxer (H264,MPEG-Audio,AC3)
- Correct display of PTS timers in the log above 23:59:59.999
- Significantly improved cutting accuracy in MPEG2 and h264
- Fixed a bug when closing the thumbnail view
- New commandline option LOG writes a short log of the processed files
- Check for the destination filename in the batch list, so no destination file name can be used that already exists in the list
- Revised section distribution to multiple files, file names can be changed
- Display of the aspect ratio (16:9 or 4:3)
- Fixed a sporadic error in the garbage-scan
- Search for the last usable TS packet in the stream improved
- When a cutting point is set the image no longer jumping around some frames when using certain video filters
- Not ISO639/2 compliant language codes are no longer ignored and can be overridden
- If there is no language code for an AC3 stream, the language information can now be added to the PMT
- Improved Graphbuilding process
- Improved compatibility to MainConcept and CyberLink h264 filters
- Precaution against possible hang (deadlock) when releasing the decoder filters after previewing
- I-Frame display in the preview window for Mpeg2 and H264 recordings
- Problems with Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder fixed
- In the cutting form a jump to the next I-frame is supported
- Additional warning text when deleting the complete batch list and a icon was placed on the button
- Correction of the frame rate in the preview window when the muxer returns an incorrect value
- Batch processing now shows "Finished" on the progress bar when the processing is done
- Detecting a still encrypted stream start and ability to cut the encrypted area
- Support of the Lithuanian language (thanks to Andrius)
- Fix for incorrect Teletext error messages on some recordings [PESLENGTH]
- Error detection of Polish teletext page number
- New trial period for version showing "trial period expired"
- Sporadic frame type detection problem fixed
- Start of the TS-Doctor trial version with FreeCommander no longer makes it necessary to reinstall the TS-Doctor
- Read TS packages optimized (10-15% faster)
- Fixed bug in directory selection in the TS demux
- Progress bar when the recording format of Minerva repairing TV sets
- In the timeline problem fixed that could cause that jumping with "jump backwards" leads to a jump prior the zero point
- Teletext_Descriptor is now correctly evaluated and properly display the language for the Teletext
- Teletext_Descriptor is evaluated in the log
- Patching the Teletext pages in the PMT is possible now (858-> 888 subtitles)
- Mpeg1 audio streams with 320KBit of radio recordings are now properly detected and also the demuxing works with this streams now
- Extended progress bar when opened in TS demuxer
- In the mode "Only checking" now always the correct source file is played
- In the mode "Only checking" now all cutting and patch procedures are skipped
- Missing LanguageDescriptor will be inserted if needed
- Tools menu reorganized
- Disk tool to determine the real read and write speed of storage media
- [Alt]+[Enter] for switching between fullscreen and normal fixed
- Failure during reinstall of TSMuxers fixed
- Adjusting the frame rate for interlaced(PBAFF) H264 recordings with MKVToolnix
- Warning if file already exists in TS Remuxer
- Error preview without "Fast sample grabbing"

1.1.46 - Screenshots with fast sample-grabbing fixed
- TS-Doctor Filesource integrated into the application
- Registration of TS-doctor Filesource-filter no longer necessary (should fix some installation problems with restricted user rights)
- Fixed memory leaks
- Improved behavior of the progress window
- No individual entries for deleted AC3 packages in the log, but a summary at the end
- Improves accuracy of single frame view (ffdshow, CoreAVC, Mainconcept, Cyberlink)
- Workaround for inaccurate seeking with ffdshow by using "fast Samplegrabbing" (can be activated under settings/preview)
- In line with wild card, "AUTOFIX" is now the default function (for example: tsdoctor.exe C:tmp*.ts Cfertig)
- Fix for: "fast Samplegrabbing" can't be activated
- New command line parameter for RawCutting at the beginning and end of a file "CROP=XX" where XX is the size in MByte (for example: tsdoctor.exe C:tmp*.ts CROP=10 C:fixed)
- Message that VMs is not supported in the trial version will now produce a button to register a license file
- Batch processing of problematic recordins with preliminary cut
- More simple Muxer selection in the Remuxer
- Cursor now changes in the timeline according to the function
- For enabled quick Samplegrabbing in MPEG recordings the aspect ratio displays correctly again in the cutting window
- TS format converter now sets the output file name automatically
- Doubled the number of buffered frames in thumbnail view
- Possible errors when closing the editing window are better caught
- I0006 error fixed for Windows 7 systems with multiple users
- Opening of problematic recordings with raw cut at the beginning and at the end
- Annoying timer locking function removed
- Now marked areas can be added in the timeline, too
- Update of the cutting images improved after the cut
- Editing in the editing forma has a better response time
- Problems with blocked preview if the file and the old cutting list is loaded again
- The newly open files with PCR reset bug fixed
- Extended PCR check adjustable
- Groupboxes more clearly structured in preferences
- Eliminates accidental start of playback when maximizing/normalization of the cutting window
- Fixed problems with the buttons in the resizing of the editing window
- When you close the cutting window the window position and size is only stored if window is not maximized
- Fixed a bug in the PCR index list
- Fixed problems when shooting with padding data
- Detecting and repairing of recordings with PCR reset (Unitymedia cable)
- Fix for the AC3 advertising detection
- Support for new Gabest MPEG splitter to fix playback of TV1000HD
- Details on the occurrence of AC3 channel changes
- AC3 advertising detection works well for recordings with PCR wrap, now
- For the AC3 advertising detection the recognized channel-count of the main movie is taken into account now
- The TS format converter now remembers the last set format
- Correction of the stream ID handling is now selectable under "Diaglog settings"

1.1.35 - Import of Ali format type 1 (Xoro HRT 5000)
- Separate treatment of Ali format type 1 to 3 when opening
- Intelligent detection of file overlapping for Ali format type 1
- Log entry for filechange on Ali formatted files
- Support for Mainconcept demuxer if "fast sample grabbing" is deactivated
- Discontinuety error now with concrete time
- For recordings without PMT and with two video tracks (Triax receiver) the video track with the highest stream share is prioritized
- Buffer for MPEG2 video stream increases to avoid problems with HDTV in MPEG2
- Display problem in the progress window of the *.sc and *.ap index creation fixed
- Link to support forum added
- Problems with deactivated border decoration fixed
- If no video track in preview then no frame grabbing
- Language modul and translations improved
- Problems with Enimga *.sc and *.ap index creation fixed
- Enimga index creation can be permanently activated in Settings/Correction Behavior

1.1.29 - Thumbnail view for the cutting preview
- Single image view with buffered images in reduced quality
- Fast cutting screenshots can be activated under Settings/Preview "Use fast sample grabbing methode"
- Volume in error preview is now correctly set
- If no supported video decoders are found, the "fast frame grabbing" is disabled by default
- If "fast frame grabbing" deactivated, "Microsoft DTV/DVD Video Decoder" ist supported under Windows Vista/7
- Fix for error when using the "classic Windows theme" under Win7 and "special window border" is disabled
- Update of the progress bar at the demuxing/remuxing fixed
- The file merger will no longer be confuse by PCR values on PID $1FFF
- Detection of split recordings of Xoro HRS 8520 and Xoro HRS 8600
- Detection of timer problems during the opening of split recordings
- Fix for MPEG audio streams in MKVToolnix remuxer
- LanguageDescriptor for MKVs with MKVToolnix is now taken from the TS file
- Tooltip animation is switched off now if option "Disable Windows animation" is active
- Support of Drag&Drop for splitted files
- Description of the audio tracks in the timeline improved, PID now hexadecimal
- Better support for systems with multiple user accounts
- Check for sufficient disk space for the remuxing
- Note and abort when the first PCR value cannot be found
- Search depth first PCR and first PTS value doubled
- Message in the Remuxer if no muxers (tsMuxer or MKVToolnix) is installed
- recognition problem by Eastern European channels fixed
- tsMuxeR control fixed, which caused that tsMuxeR hangs when converting to BluRay, AVCHD
- Automatic creation of Dreambox (Enigma) .ap and .sc files (for make forward and rewind work on the boxes)
- Manual creation of the index of the Dreambox (Enigma) .ap and .sc Dateien via Tools/TS Index Creator
- Detection and elimination of AC3 gaps in TS-Demuxer
- Detection and elimination of straying video frames in TS-Demuxer
- Code for Language_Descriptor improved for missing PMT
- TS-Remuxer with lip sync fix for AC3 streams with errors and gaps
- MKVToolnix download under "Supported Tools"
- MKVToolnix can be used as muxer in TS-Remuxer
- Header compression disabled by default when MKVToolnix (WDTV compatible)
- If you open the preview a warning is displayed now, if not directly supported video filters are found
- Fixed problems with the beginning of the Stream, sporadically led to missing sound in certain media players or video tools
- Credits for used libraries
- Improved language support
- French language support (thanks to Phil)
- French manual (again thanks to Phil)
- Problem in RawCutter for file splitting fixed
- Now the output path is observed in commandline AutoCheck
- Wildcard support for commandline (for example: tsdoctor.exe C:tmp*.ts AUTOFIX C:finish)
- ComSkip is not called in batch mode again
- Fixed problems after deleting an entry of the cutting list
- Delete entry added in the cutting Preview popup menu
- Added popup menu for the most important functions in the timeline
- Removing of the cut list is now setting the cut list completely to the initial state
- TSDoctorFileSource is now allways used as a filesource
- Garbest splitter is no longer supported because the combination of TSDoctorFileSource and Haali splitter is better
- Filters are now previously checked whether the necessary file is available
- DirectShow filter info revised
- Registering and unregistering of DirectShow filters
- Remove from filter registrations also for filters that no longer exists (administrator privileges required)
- Automatic mode for the playback filter (TS-doctor selects the best filter that is found in the system)
- Sampling quality of 720p footage in thumbnail view doubled
- Frame style of the single frame view adapted to the style of the thumbnail view
- Fixed hangs when cut on preview when editing cursor was on the right
- Support for PowerDVD 11 playback filter
- Support for Elecard AVC playback filter
- No longer supports Microsoft-DTV filter due to incompatibilities regarding new features and common playback problems
- Auto-registration of compatible filters (Magix Video deluxe 17, Cyberlink PowerDVD 11)
- Revised display of compatible DirectShow filter
- While opening a file the menu is disabled
- Automatic detection of TRP-multimedia file recordings (Vantage, Technomate, etc.) and opening of all associated files
- Wait during position change removed to have faster jumping again
- Display of the update status during frame grabbing
- Permanent grabbing during playback disabled
- Cutting screenshot no longer hangs if the sectional view can not be created
- Short audio noise fixed after construction of the graph in the cutting preview

1.1.15 - More bugs during the build of the graph are now caught and displayed
- Displays "Audio mode" in the video preview if there is no video track
- Warning HaaliSplitter option "H264 custom type" (leading to not functioning playback with ffdshow)
- Problematic PES header in RTL9(F) not leads on average more to incorrect PTS/DTS timer to
- Fix for missing cutting image at the end of the stream
- Number of the scan positions for AC3 mode change detection now adjustable
- Takes over automatically existing ComSkip EDL cutting lists
- Single image view with buffered images in reduced quality (attention! Still very buggy!)
- Short audio noise fixed after construction of the graph in the cutting preview

- Fast cutting screenshots can be activated under Settings/Preview "Use fast sample grabbing methode"

- More bugs during the build of the graph are now caught and displayed
- Displays "Audio mode" in the video preview if there is no video track
- Warning HaaliSplitter option "H264 custom type" (leading to not functioning playback with ffdshow)
- Problematic PES header in RTL9(F) not leads on average more to incorrect PTS/DTS timer to
- Fix for missing cutting image at the end of the stream
- Number of the scan positions for AC3 mode change detection now adjustable
- Takes over automatically existing ComSkip EDL cutting lists

1.1.14 - Revised log formatting
- Graphical representation of the playback graph
- Support for ComSkip (Mpeg commercials detection)
- GUI routinen updated
- H264 cut revised. Should deliver now much more accurate results without artifacts at the cutting areas
- Errors and warnings are displayed in the progress window as lines
- Batch checkbox disabled when divided among several output files
- Cut regions can now be distributed to different files.
- Number of menu entries for "Last open" can be set.
- Number of menu entries for "Last created" can be set.

1.1.7 - Fixed refresh of the display of the playing time after the cut
- Tasklist progress bar in Windows 7
- Improved alignment of the text of the Streaminfos
- Warnings and errors were swapped in the stream overview
- Discontinuety warnings are now associated with the individual streams
- Button to save the DirectX log to disk

1.1.6 - Compiler update
- Unicode for better language support
- GUI design changed
- Better support for Windows 7
- Application and setup are digital signed now with Microsoft Authenticode
- Support of ISO639 language descriptors for audio and text streams
- Enhanced video bitrate chart
- Enhanced result dialog after repair/cut
- Progress bar integrated into main form
- Display of stream details after analysis
- Source and destination folders for FileMerger will now be stored
- Easier batch processing
- Haali Video Renderer no longer supportet because of big problems with Windows 7
- New Haali Media Splitter from 03/03/2011
- During program start ffdshow filters will be checked for being active
- If Mpeg splitter setting on default and TS-Doctor Filesource active, Haali Muxer is forced, if available
- History for last opened files
- History for last created files
- Delete button for batch list
- Warnings and hint for crypted (scrambled) PES packets
- Better message for PMT problems
- Video bit rate will be displayed with average value now
- Video bit rate calculation speedup
- Use in multi user environment should be possible now
- Extended protection against modification of the installation files
- Fixed bug in the Setup partially prevented the installation of updates
- Individual batch entries can be deleted
- Fixed incorrect disk space warning on network drives (UNC)
- When you cancel due to limited space on the destination disk, the loaded recording is maintained
- Additional rewind buttons for 1 minute in the timeline
- Sizes of the stream components are now displayed in the log

1.0.89 - Support for Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 H264 filter and demuxer
- Emulation prevention buffer size enlarged
- Fixed large number of warnings after "Check only", although no corresponding entries in the log
- Problem with files fixed introduced in Beta 1.0.84
- Saving of last used path can be deactivates under preferences now
- Fixed sporadic error while creating a new PAT for PAT-less recordings
- PAT was not rebuilt if old PAT was corrupted (BBC radio)
- Problems solved if a faulty TS package is located directly in front of the PMT
- Support for the DVICO PVR format (*.tp)
- Fix: Enhanced stream type detection of PMT less recordings (Living HD)
- Problem solved for Czech DVR recordings, where no PIDs are found
- List of file names for multi file recordings (splitted file) in log
- Stream type detection for files that have no PMT are no longer scanned at the beginning of the file to not get "PMT not valid" for files with "bad" beginning
- The last used path for saving is now correctly set

1.0.83 - "Adding to batch processing" - checkbox position fixed for resolutions, more than 96 DPI
- Occurrence of multiple PMTs with same PID, selects the PMT containing the most active streams
- Batch run checkbox to processing keeps track of the last State
- Support for Vantage VT-1 (TRP) for stream that could not processed correctly up to now
- If no PAT but a PMT found, only the PAT is rebuilded and the available PMT is used
- The TS-Doctor remembers now the last used directories for the open and save dialogs
- Stream type detection improved and accelerated
- PID filter for PCR values
- Error message when TS files are blocked by another process
- Fixed problems to detect more than 128 installed DirectShow filters
- Improved detection of the audio delay based on the PTS values
- Improved installation routines to have no problems anymore for downgrade to older versions in the future
- Setup now remembers the directory where the application was installed last
- Insufficient disk space warning
- Warning if source file > 4 GB but the destination disk file system is not NTFS
- Abort if data could not be written (full disk)
- Processing not DVB/ATSC compliant streams enhanced
- Noncompliant PES structure appears no longer as an error but as a warning
- Note on video PES length specification that can cause problems while processing
- Possibility to set the video PES length to a safe value
- Memory usage optimized, TS doctor consumed now less than half of memory when starts
- Demux with fix broken AC3 and EAC3 packages
- Filename in the status bar is displayed now abbreviated and possible with path
- Filename in the status bar of the package Editor appears also abbreviated and possible with path
- File name in the TS format converter appears abbreviated, hint with the full path
- Dialogue setting for "Correct PCR problem at the end of the stream?"
- Dialogue setting for "Correct Video_full_range_flag?"
- Fix for wrong stream duration for Kathrein UFS 821, UFS 822 and UFC 861
- Volume setting preview will now be saved
- Double click on an image in the cutting list the preview will jump to the appropriate position
- Fixed crash when processing some ArteHD recordings
- Cutting problems at ArteHD resolved where the resulting file has only a few kilobytes
- Support for recording a whole transponder with multiple program streams
- Can turn off the computer automatically after batch processing finished

1.0.75 - New Haali Splitter version from 11/21/2010
- if a new license file can not be installed, now it opens the file explorer to delete the old license
- Inverting of the editing list
- Problems because of new multi language modul with German dialogs fixed
- Check for correct installation
- Polish translation (test version)
- Setup enhanced
- New trial time (30 days) even for expired trials
- Defaults for new installations changed (Haali, TS-Doctor Filesource, Remove Filler Data)
- Fix: Comag SL100HD produces no timestamps which not always correctly recognizes the existence of files
- Updated memory manager
- Fix: If a new entry was created after deleting editing list entries, the delete button remained inactive
- Info.DVR in Czech DVR recordings identified incorrectly as ALI DVR recordings
- Automatic program restart after you install of a license
- Automatic program restart after changing the language
- Error in null packets (PID $1FFF) are no longer evaluated
- First version with experimental multilanguage support (incomplete)
- Spanish language support (experimental and inaccurate)
- Teletext timer will be fixed even for PES alignment (Mpeg2 video) or if no cutting
- Last packet in the packet editor is now displayed even if the package is incomplete
- FileMerger now also handle files, which were divided in the middle of ts packet (eg recordings of Comag SL40HD or Xoro HRS8500)
- Opening of files splitted in the middle of a ts packet for multi-file without error at the junction points (SL40HD, Xoro HRS8500)
- File splitting of TS and M2TS files integrated into the RawCutter (1, 2 und 4 GByte)
- Infos for MultiFile recodings will now be added to the log
- Support for Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 audio and video decoder
- Waiting time for PES or I/P frame cutting point adjustment after the cut, extended to 100 ms
- Error message in the log if during the PES cutting point adjustment occured a bug
- Error in identifying the file size in batch mode
- Empty string as default when saving multi-file files fixed
- Acoustic feedback in a batch operation is no longer for each individual step, but only once at the end
- Existing destination files are deleted first now and then re-created to fix various problems
- Overview of processing results with indication of the source file size, destination file size, errors and warnings
- Sporadic error "List index exceeds maximum" after clearing the cut list fixed

1.0.70 - Problems with AC3 error messages for MPG-2 audio fixed
- Error in dialog settings for finding of commercials fixed
- For licensing concerns the direct download link to the ffdshow replaced through the Cypheros download page
- Presets of various dialogs for batch operation
- Opening of any multi file recordings (splitted files)
- Canceling of the filemerger dialog led sometimes to an error message
- Licensed versions should run under VM
- Made compatible to Wine 1.3 (only licensed versions)
- Batch processing available(Checkbox in save dialog)
- More than 500 warnings about "Packet Discontinuity" is no longer written to the log(otherwise needs for totally broken recordings several hours )
- Drag&Drop is working also for mts,tp0,trp files now
- Better detection of DVR splitted streams
- More detailed error message if no PIDs are found
- UK Sky Box (*.str) as format typ added
- At automatic commercial detection the last part of the movie was not detected if the files ended with AC3 5.1
- New setting of preferred method for determining the ac-3 mode for channel changes
- Dialog option for commerials detection
- Special characters in or, led to invalid files names, are now filtered out
- DVB/ATSC unconform PES format (wrong ControlBits at French HD broadcasts) no longer leads to thousands of entries in the log
- Size of buttons in the cutting window adapt to the size of the window
- Easier cutting through marker function: Two markers can be set and everything between the markers can be deleted by pressing a single button

1.0.67 - Automatic detection of commercial breaks and creation of a cutting list (for AC3 2.0 <> 5.1)
- If in fullscreen mode the end of the stream is reached the video mode will be switched back
- Preview also for PAT/PMT less files
- Button animation in cutting window deactivated
- Reopening of and
- Timing problems fixed, where fast repeated pressing on the foreward or backward button leads to an exception
- Fix: Cutting point where not be prepared correctly if a file was reopened
- Nicer ES bitrate display
- Potentially buffer overflow bug in H264 parser fixed
- Support for recordings from Comag receivers and clones
- Complete read buffer procedures revised and enlarged, because of this it should runs faster for Multi Core systems
- Opening and cutting of multi part recordings without previous merging (for the beginning only for comag recordings [,])
- Fullscreen mode for the preview in the cutting window (under Popup menu or Alt+Enter)
- Error in FileMerger window fixed, where the destination filename could not be entered manually
- A warning in the FileMerger was launched if the destination file was larger than 4 GB. From now on this will happen only for non NTFS filesystems
- Bug in DirectShow code fixed, that prevents the stream from further processing after opening the cutting window
- DirectShow code replaced in many places, improved and made more stable
- If stream can not be rendered, the TS-Dcotor tries out alternative filters
- New own DirectShow filter ( that can filter out invalid or wrong packets for the preview (TRP files and other should be playable/cuttable without previous repair)
- The TS-Doctor DirectShow filter can be activated over Settings/Preview "Use TS-Doctor Filesource"
- Many Code optimizations
- Bug in Mpeg2 video parser fixed
- Long pathes are not displayed fully in file merger, now the window can sized and the full destination filename as hint
- Bug during finding of "garbage data" at the end of a stream fixed, that sometimes caused a infinite loop
- Bug during resynchronization of M2TS files fixed
- Access violation fixed, that happend because of incomplete H264 frames at the end of PES packets
- Buttons in cutting window staying active during playback
- If during playback in the timeline, the cursor is moved then after releasing the mouse the playback continues
- Check for updates now in a separate thread so that the start of TS-Doctor will not hang in the absence of internet connection
- Log window will no longer be updated constantly, thus faster processing
- Start of the TS-Doctor accelerated by placing the detection of the directx version into a separate thread
- Analysis of streams accelerated
- Menu entry for the RawCutter remained disabled after editing a stream
- Quick selection of stream parts created for the RawCutter
- Improved handling of the timeline, drawing no longer depends on the y-axis
- When changing a cutting area, this area is highlighted

1.0.58 - Loading the filters for the preview improved and made more reliable
- Support for "Microsoft DVT-DVD Video Decoder (Mpeg2/H264)" (included in Windows 7)
- Support for "Microsoft DVT-DVD Audio Decoder" (included in Windows 7)
- Possible sporadic error in the preview window fixed that prevent the playback on some Window7/x64 systems
- Sporadic "range error" in preview window fixed
- Support of newer NAL_unit_types for H264
- Support of H264 video profile "Stereo High" (3D-Movies)
- Errors in the calculation of the audio / video delays fixed
- Patch to detect DirectX 11 (bug in DirectX 11 DXDiag API)
- Deactivated ffdshow filter are now detected automatically and over a dialog it can be activated
- DirectX log extended by a few points
- Option "Treat no PIDs as reserved" does allow it to process non DVB/ATSC compliant ts streams (e.g. Nova (Cable TV))
- Automatic patching of non-compliant pids
- Problems with Italian time format fixed
- New time edits in cutting window
- For the new time edits copy/paste works now (format is hour,minut,second,milli second [HH:MM:SS.MMM] and the separators are ignored)
- Setup can now be continued without administrator rights if you have a license file and you don't need the 30 days trial period
- Setup without trial period can be forced by parameter "NoTrial" e.g. "TSDoctor_eng.exe/notrial"
- Auto screenshot setting will now be considered for opening the cutting window

1.0.53 - In the PID liste of the log file is now recorded when the PES packets contain a length info [PESLength]
- Adjustable handling for "Skip scrambled packets"
- Jpg quality for screenshoots now adjustable
- graphic cutting area in Raw-Cutter
- In the cutting window the clearing of the complete cut list is working now even while activated screen shoots
- An empty cutting list will no longer cause error messages
- Automatically create/update of the cutting point screenshots can now be disabled via a checkbox
- With a new button in the cutting window now all cutting point screenshot will be updated
- If option "No cutting point screen shoots" is activated then even if a new cutting area is added no screenshoots will be created
- Saving of screenshoots (png,jpg,bmp)
- Closing of the cutting window changed to fix sporadically hangs while closing the cutting window
- ffdshow can now be downloaded and installed/updated easily with a single button in the settings
- H264 and MPEG2 codecs of the ffdshow pack can now be activated or deactivated in the settings of the TS-Doctor
- Improved single frame stepping in cutting window
- Maus wheel support (scroll wheel) in cutting window (step: single frame, with shift 1 second, with ctrl 1 minute)
- First version (Alpha!!!) of the cutting point screenshoots in cutting window (if problems occure it can be disabled in the preferences)
- Option for MP4 export to export more than one audio stream (pay attention to compatibility problems with some players)
- Directx interface routines updated to avoid potential problems closing the video preview
- In the file merger the ok button is now disabled until at least one file is selected for merging
- User interface routines updated
- Log file can be disabled
- Optional pids 16-31 the reserved status can be disabled (some atsc stations obviously don't respect this rule)
- General improvement of the compatibility of the directshow filters
- Pressing the right mouse button on the video window no longer leads to hanging in the preview window
- Foreward and backward buttons are disabled during playback
- Enhanced support for the CoreAVC video decoder
- In the TS-Format-Converter for mp4 files are all audio streams disabled except the selected one as mp4 supports only one audio stream
- Folder stucture for AVCHD adapted to the standards
- Fix: The last audio stream was ignored in TS-Format-Converter for M2TS, Bluray und AVCHD - Export
- Log for TsMuxeR connection extended
- File splitting for AVCHD export set to 4GB
- Error with timer readjustment in file merger fixed (especially for camcorder recordings)
- File extension for destination file in file merger set to .ts as default
- Mpeg1 audio stream type of euro sport is now recognized correctly for streams without PMT (Technisat TS4)
- TS-Format-Converter improved and additional dialogs and warnings implemented for errors and problems found in the stream
- Haali Muxer interface (MKV,MP4) improved, progress bar should now work properly and not remain at the end of several minutes, at 100%
- MKV and MP4 should have the language of the audio streams included if specified in the stream
- MKV stream titel now incorporate the stream type (AC3,DTS,etc.)
- The audio stream that is selected in the format converter, will be marked in MKVs now as the default audio stream
- Newest version of the HaaliSplitter (05/20/2010)
- It will not be tried any longer to delete AC3 2.0 packages before cut in
- It will now be made a check for valid TS structure when opening a file and a warning displayed if necessary
- The incompatible format of Minerva devices can now be corrected
- If a stream in the incompatible minerva format is detected, a fix will be offered automatically
- No longer discontinuity_counter warning messages for PIDs, that will be deleted anyway (e.g. PID $1FFF)

1.0.45 - Files in the temp folder will now be deleted only after inquiry
- This version no longer appears as a beta version

1.0.44 - Support for streams with only one single PID (Radio streams)
- Support for Mpeg1/Layer2 audio streams, like the one used by Antenne Bayern
- Problem fixed with incorrect identification of resolution for h264 camcorder recordings, using a scaling matrix
- Question about 192 bytes m2ts mode removed, because it's unnecessary
- M2TS- or TS mode will now be displayed under Stream details
- Dialog about invalid start byte removed, because it's unnecessary. Start offset will now be displayed under Garbage Scan.
- Error window updated once again. Now the timing coincide with the time of the error in the error list
- Error time now marked in error preview
- Error preview shows only the important 4 seconds of the error area
- Bug fixed, which led to errors in the pes headers were not displayed
- Time of errors in the error window corrected
- Improved update function with automatic download and setup
- ControlBits in PES header will now be ignored during the analysis, thus streams outside of the dvb standards can be processed (ARTE HD France)
- Warning: "Starting correction of TS packet ContinuityCounter" removed, because at this point it's unnecessary and confusing
- Reserved PIDs (1 to 31) are now identified and no longer consider for PMT and PES informations detection
- Buttons in main form revised to better make clear the function
- Audio confirmation for completion of a conversion in TS format converter
- Option to force AC3 type consistence(e.g. delete AC3 2.0 parts during commercial breaks of a movie with AC3 5.1 )
- In cutting window the playpack positioning cursor graphically integrated into the timeline
- Support for Cypherlink H264-Decoder (PDVD8 OEM)
- Maximize/Restore in cutting window updated (sometime not the full window was painted)
- Timer-Locking in cutting window can be deactivated in the settings
- Preview for stream errors updated
- Newest Haali-Mediasplitter (03/27/2010)
- During the definition of the cutting areas the current cutting list is saved periodically
- If the same file is reopend, the last cutting list is loaded automatically
- Added a new button to the cutting window for clearing the whole cutting list
- Added hints for the buttons in the cutting window
- By using the right mouse button on the cutting list, a jump to the begin or the end of the current entry can be done
- Hint of the "Cut"-Button corrected
- Reload perviuos file" - function implemented into the main menu
- Hints are longer shown now (up to 8 seconds)
- In TS-Format converter distinction between directory and file selection
- The TS-Doctor supports the SmartLabs tsMuxeR now
- Automatic download and installation of tsmuxer with the new tool SetupPlugins
- Transportstream converting (with tsMuxeR) to m2ts
- Transportstream converting (with tsMuxeR) to AVCHD
- Transportstream converting (with tsMuxeR) to Bluray
- "Audio Only Mode" for radio streams
- Offset for PCR wrap increased, because it could occur sporadically, that the first PCRs were not adjusted correctly
- Diagram to show the video bandwidth
- Eliminated sporadic Date problems despite license file
- Export into the new ALI Digital TS format (INFO3.DVR)
- Export into the old ALI Digital TS format (INFO.DVR)
- No longer "PTS time base" error messages for ARD HD and ZDF HD if option "No Teletext" is active
- Number of packets increased for searching of "PTS time base" problems
- Visual components updated
- Improved compatibility with Windows 7 Aero
- Wrong detection of a mpeg audio stream as ac3 in transport stream converter fixed

1.0.33 - Most current version of the Haali Matroska splitter (
- Conversion into the dvr format improved, file over 1 GB should work now
- DirectX header upgraded to newer version
- Potential problems in graph builder engine fixed
- Support of the new "Enhanced Video Renderer"
- Under settings is a new option where you can choose to be informed about Beta updates
- Update window revised
- License option for date limited trial license files
- DirectShow graphbuilder completely rebuild and now hopefully more robust
- Support of more filters (Cyberlink, MainConcept, etc.)
- Support of VideoRenderers
- Better compatibility to Windows 7
- Form border can now be disabled for better Aero experience (Vista/Windows 7)
- Skining can now be disabled (Error in range checking during start under Win7 x64 and TuneUp Styler) with RegKey: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareCypherosTSDoctorSettingsDisableFormSkin (REG_DWORD = 1)
- Problems with false "H264 video resolution info changed" messages fixed
- Now, in FileMerger, if files are lager than 4 GB the filesystem of the destination drive is checked and a warning appears is it's not NTFS
- False detection of the audio stream type for TV1000 streams fixed (if PAT/PMT are missing)
- In FileMerger inproved sorting if a bunch of files are added (Fix for Vantage *.trp problem)
- The moving of file in the FileMerger leeds to false "Timer Gap Detection" and resulting in timer errors in the final stream
- Colorimetry will now be shown in the log if "H264 video resolution info changed" event occures
- Window animations/blending effects can be disabled (faster workflow)
- Cutting window maximizable
- Additional button in the head of the cutting window to make the cutting list disapear
- In the cutting window Play and Pause button melted into one button
- DirectShow filter information with details of the found DirectShow filters (Version,CLSID,Filename,Merit) in the settings window
- Filter selection under settings changed

1.0.28 - Problem solved with dialog "Trial time is over" even the 30 days are not over yet
- Possibility to install the license file in the "Trial time is over" dialog

1.0.27 - Separation between release version and beta version
- Detection and display of stream delays releative to the video stream
- Better detection of the delta between video PCR and video PTS (more precisely cutting)
- Cutting will now be synchronized with the new stream delay values (more precisely)
- Detection and correction of displaced PTS timers (Teletext ARD HD/ZDF HD), now the teletext should be preserved
- No longer a correcting dialog for: Audio stream: Patch StreamID from $FFFFFFFF to $BD for not detected stream types
- Some unnecessary parameter removed from log
- Fix for screen resolutions > 96 DPI

1.0.26 - StackOverflow with RawCutter fixed
- Command line parameter for destination file was ignored
- Hotfix for Sky streams where the duration was detected wrong

1.0.25 - Hotfix for crash with activated H264 option "Remove filler data"
- No longer for videotext streams that will be deleted
- Output folder for MKV export was not used

1.0.24 - Hotfix for sporadically licence problems for french Windows
- Enhanced error display for startup problems
- FAQ created and added a link to the menu
- Simple command line function for automatic checking and fixing of files (see FAQ for details)
- Total-Commander and similar tools should work now with registered version
- Manual updated

1.0.23 - Registration of license files with help of a menu entry
- In the cutting window a double click on a cutting area leads to a jump to the beginning of the cutting area
- During graphically adding of a cutting area the video cursor will follow the selected area

1.0.22 - Fix for "Trial expired" [F004] problems
- Cutting window redone and cutting list added

1.0.20 - Workaround for "Trial expired" problem with optional Trial license file
- Displaying date on "Trial expired"
- Main window and cutting window are storing last position and size

1.0.19 - Display of duration during MKV converting should match better now
- Enhanced DVR export
- Different small changes

1.0.18 - Time in progress form is working again
- TS converter to convert TS files into MKV format (Haali splitter/muxer has to be installed)
- TS converter to convert TS files into ALI digital Format(*.dvr) (used by Comag, CMX, etc.)
- Detection and correction of timer discrepancies while merging in the FileMerger

1.0.17 - Problems with timer correction option "patch always" fixed
- Files with PCR wrap can now be cutted correctly
- Shows the NALU type 12 "Filler Data" ratio for H264 streams
- Wrong error messages, that PCR/PTS/DTS Timer are not patchable for "Check" mode disabled
- Error "Invalid handle" in cutting window fixed
- NEW and very much experimental: Remove of "Filler Data" from H264 streams.
For some HDTV recordings a file size reduction of up to 50% is possible without quality lost and without recoding.

1.0.16 - Hotfix for Windows 7 x64 (access rights problem fixed)
- Problem with missing text streams after processing solved (number of possible PMT entries increased from 5 to 9)

1.0.14 - Error in H264 parser fixed, which could caused aborts especially with camcorder recordings
- Potential probleme while setting cutting marks fixed
- Double click on start or end mark will set the preview to that point
- Lock funktion for start and end marks. When lock is active than you can use -10,-1,+1,+10 buttons to move marks
- In cutting window you can insert a cutting area by pressing the left mouse button and move at any part of the timeline
- Delete of cutting areas
- Some errors in the timeline were fixed
- Additional PID scan in the middle of the file (to fix rare videotext detection problems)

1.0.13 - Hotfix for files with more than 2 cutting areas

1.0.12 - Error for cutting of files fixed, where streams have no PTS like a separate PCR stream for example
- Numbering of the cutting areas
- Visual insert of new cutting areas with left mouse button in the timeline
- In the cutting window the keys "+" and "-" are assigned now for one frame forward and one frame backward

1.0.11 - Sporadic problems with "Beta version trial time (2009) expired" fixed
- Infomessage after closing the cutting window when the cutting positions will be aligned
- If no better cuttiong point found fallback to the last positions
- For the cut out frames are prefered that are before the cutting point (disengageable)
- Search for better cutting point have now a doubled time frame size
- Sporadic error during search for better cutting points fixed, what could lead to ignore some cutting areas
- "List index overflowing maximum" fixed when open cutting lists

1.0.10 - Error message during program start fixed, no longer an empty window
- Some translation errors fixed
- Hotfix for the cutting (Duration: 00:00:00.000)

1.0.9 - Fully new PTS cutting engine
- Multiple cutting areas with correction of timers (PCR/PTS/DTS)
- For H264 streams I-frame or I/P-frame based cutting. Less precisely but free of artefacts (disengageable)
- Loading and saving of cut lists

1.0.8 - Analysis of the slice headers for H264 video streams (I-Slice/P-Slice/B-Slice)
- Sporadic hangs during PID/PAD/PMT scan fixed
- Better finding of a valid stream start
- Handling of Comag files improved
- Problems with missing parts in file merger fixed (Division/zero problem)
- Search for updates integrated into the menu
- Free beta test phase extended till 2/28/2010

1.0.7 - Offset for invalid stream start will now be taken into account for all following steps
- Sporadic hangs during start/end check fixed

1.0.6 - PMT and PAT parsing complete redone
- Support for PointerFields in PATs and PMTs
- Support of big PATs (more than one packet)
- Display in the main form if PAT or PMT has to be created new
- Faster read/write procedures
- Two modi "Check" and "Fix"
- For PCR tolerance check the correction facility removed, because of too many problems caused by this
- Warning for overwriting of files

1.0.5 - PAT and PMT parsing improved (f.e. for ArteHD)
- Positioning of stream data in in main form improved
- Support for radio streams
- Support for screen resolutions greater than 96 dpi for FileMerger and RawCutter improved
- The PacketEditor will try to identify the paket type and display it
- In PacketEditor CopyToClipboard funktion integrated

1.0.4 - Hotfix for M2TS(192 byte) files from iCord, which wouldn't work since 1.0.3
- Fix for Kathrein TRP files while detecting the last PCR timer

1.0.3 - Garbage scan improved for receivers like the Homecast HT-8000
- Improved detection of stream duration for Kathrein TRP recordings
- AAC support improved (Arte)
- Improved support for screen resolutions greater than 96 dpi
- Drag&Drop of files in file merger
- Automaticly opening / fixing after file merging
- PES error before start cutting point or behind end cutting point are nor longer shown
- Possibly visible errors are displayed in a list at the end, preview is possible at the problematic point
- Audio stream selection for the cutting preview
- Popup menu in cutting preview improved
- Fix for XP64
- Beta test extended till end of january 2010

1.0.2 - Version numbering changed
- Wrong PID for selfmade PMTs of PAT/PMT less streams fixed
- Problem with activation/deactivation of teletext/subtitles fixed, if a second stream is opened
- Support for MainConcept MPEG demultiplexer for preview, one of the few that can open PAT/PMT less streams
- Hint for PAT/PMT less streams regarding preview problems, because most filters can't playback such streams
- The setup is setting the language now correctly

1.00 - Search function for next sync byte in packet editor
- Hex mode for the packet number field in packet editor
- Resync of streams with more than one problem region fixed
- Better scaling of the main form
- Direct support of teletext and subtitles
- More meaningful error message for missing PCR
- Packet filter now with stream type description
- Pure PCR streams are now shown as special stream types
- For streams whitout PMT now also teletext and subtitle stream are supported
- Some changes of the design
- Enhanced help function in the main form
- Display of the full language name
- Default settings for the removing of teletext and subtitles

0.99 - Audio messages for completion of the processing
- Correct detection of AC3 5.1 recordings even if the stream beginns with AC3 2.0
- Graphic timeline in cutting preview
- Better finding of a valid stream start for spcial M2TS (192 Byte) files (Topfield SRP-2100)
- Support for Topfield REC recordings
- Division by zero problem solved in cutting window, if cutting is done without preview (turned off or codec problems)
- Current version of the Haali Media Splitter optional installable
- Single file installation (Exe file)

0.98 - Full support for E-AC3 including elementary stream CRC
- Better differentiation between MPEG, AC3, EAC3, DTS and AAC
- Support for recordings without PAT/PMT but with EAC3 audio streams
- Bitrate will be displayed for AC3 and EAC3 streams
- Better finding of valid packets at the beginning of the stream (could happen that 188 byte streams are identified as 192 byte streams)
- Separate thread for stream writing
- Around 20% speed acceleration for multi core systems

0.97 - Size and errors for every stream where not be updated correctly
- Processing speed of MPEG2 video files with assembler routines accelerated (doubled)
- Display of the video profile and interlace or progressiv for MPEG2 video
- Error while adding a single file in the FileMerger fixed
- Possible error sources in the cutting window fixed
- Broad speedup with new BufferedStreamReader
- AC3 buffer overflows will be intercepted now
- Crash while processing transport streams from BluRays fixed
- Details on colorimetry for H264 streams (BT.601/BT.709)

0.96 - File dropping on main window
- Comag can now be opened over the main windows and the file merger is activated automatically
- Files can now be opened over "Open with" selecting TS-Doctor.
- Error in search for duplicate packets in PES-Stream solved, generating sporadic protection faults
- Search for duplicate packets in PES streams optional now
- Options windows overworked and new page for corecting behavior added.
- Sporadic protection fault while merging files fixed
- video_full_range_flag wird nun korrekt erkannt auch wenn verschiedene Files hintereinander bearbeitet werden (erst ITV und dann BBD HD)
- Cutting point are now reseted correctly if opening a new file
- Timer control (PCR) for the cutting function overworked because of PCR wrap problems
- GUI radically overworked

0.95 - Remove of duplicate packets within PES packets
- Remove of overlapping in FileMerger for Comag SL 100 HD recordings implemented!
- PacketEditor enhanced
- RawCutter enhanced with offset
- H264 SequenceParameter parsing enhanced with nal_hrd_parameters and vcl_hrd_parameters
- No more warnungs for SequenceParameterChange, only for resolution, profil, level or frame rate changes (Eins-Festival)
- File Merger now reads of Comag SL 100 HD recordings

0.94 - Problems with the cutting of files with PCR wrap solved
- Packet editor enhanced with adaptation field infos and PES timer (PTS/DTS/ESCR)
- Crash because of EmulationPreventionBuffer overflow fixed
- EmulationPreventionBuffer size enlarged
- Paket editor now jumps to the first valid paket
- Support for Comag SL 100 HD DVR format
- The file merger now detects paket size and cut the parts appropriately
- Error in PCR correcting function solved (PCR_Extension was wrongly ignored)
- For files with PCR wrap the wrap can be removed now. All timers PCR/PTS/DTS/ESCR will be corrected

0.93 - Quickfix for bugging update message

0.92 - Memory consumption reduced with dynamic memory allocation
- AAC detection for streams without PAT/PMT
- Tolerance for PCR errors increased
- Processing speed accelerated because of new assembler procedures in H264 parser (nearly 3 times)
- Used stack size halved
- Check for updates
- Improved building of DirectShow graphs for video preview (TRP with Gabest Splitter: OK)

0.91 - DirectShow-Unit complete redone
- Preview in separate task
- Preferred splitter, video and audio filter for Preview
- Priority setting
- Problem solved, where the cutting point are ignored sporadicly
- DirectShow:MediaSeeking was not released correctly
- Detailed error messages for DirectShow
- Volume adjustable in preview
- Playback speed 0,25x / 0,5x / 1x / 1,5x / 2x in Preview
- Used filter in preview window no longer over special button but with right mouse button
- TS packet filter improved and accelerated
- Detection of Mpeg audio streams with 64kBit for streams without Pat/PMT
0.90 - NEW: Packet editor
- NEW: Packet filter
- Channel ITVHD fix
- "PMT invalid" problem solved, if PAT was found but no fitting PMT

0.89 - Cutting function fully new
- Better detection of AC3 (stream type $BD) for streams without PAT/PMT
- Installation with official MSI installer
- Manual
- No longer working under Linux/Wine since version 0.88

0.88 - Fix of not ETSI conform StreamIDs (AC3 should be $BD)
- Error parsing PMTs with SectionLength between 181 and 187 fixed
- Writing of big PMTs (up to 8 pakets) now supported (BBC HD streams)
- PMT packet numbers are displayed correctly now
- If a file has more than one valid PMT no longer the first one will be used but the last one
- Experimental patch function for program number(SID) and PIDs (especially for Dreambox users)

0.87 - Problem with Trial timout fixed
- For DX problem diagnose DirectXdebug.log under: C:Dokumente und EinstellungenAll UsersAnwendungsdatenCypherosTsDoctor
- Trying to continue video playback even if getting correct video size failed

0.86 - Problem with long PMTs (BBC HD) fixed
- Display of DirectShow filters used for rendering in preview form

0.85 - PMT PID no longer in list of streams to prevent from deletion
- Abort and error message for PMTs that would become too large
- Version and TransportStreamID in PAT are preserved if possible

0.84 - Duration calculation of the stream based on PCR timers now
- ProgramNumber (SID) will be preserved (Dreambox fix)
- Streams excluded from trash, holding their PMT entry
- Detection of more stream typs (DVB subtitles and PMTs)
- Potential errors during parsing of PMTs fixed
- During scan, after 40 errors the log will be skipped (faster scan of badly damaged streams)

0.83 - Hotfix für "No cutting at the end needed" problem

0.82 - Problems with PCR wrap solved
- More detailed description of the cutting points in the log
- End cutting points no longer too soon
- Cutting more precise

0.81 - Problem solved after opening of a TS4 file (PAT/PMT less)
- Prevent selected streams (Teletext f.e.) from being deleted
- PCR based cutting points should make the cutting more precise
- More detailed error messages for DirectX problems in the preview window
- Video preview can be disabled
- Check of the Adaptation_Field_Length for overflow
- For Adaptation_Field_Length = 0 the PCR was corrected nonetheless (corruption of the stream)
- Dialog before automatic correction of the PCRs (correction can be disabled)
- Better appearance of the timeline and added buttons

0.80 - Support of streams without PAT and PMT
- Support of Technisat TS4 files format

0.79 - New and better detection of PES paket errors
- Experimental check of PCR timings and automatic correction
- No longer aborting the processing because of PES paket header errors
- Consistent display of errors categorized in TS, PES, ES types
- RawCutter enhanced and M2TS compatible now

0.78 - Detection of scrambled pakets
- Scrambled pakets can be skipped or treated as unscrambled
- PES header errors of the video stream correctly incrementing the error counter

0.77 - PES stream buffer size doubled and checking for buffer overflow implemented
- Better handling of program errors and display of the stream position of the error
- File-Merger enhanced and sort function for the insert of multible files
- File-Merger can now be aborted during the merging process
- Rudimentäry support Sony M2TS format (for iCord recordings)
- Log window can now be switched on and off with the menu
- If wrong video_full_range_flag is ignored by user decition no further warnings will be displayed
0.76 - Ignoring of defective packets during preparation scans
- More intensive check for PCR problems
- Detection and correction of invalid PCR PID entries in the PMT
- Packet discontinuity only as a warning now, because it will be corrected later
- Abort of preparation scans if there are more than 1000 errors
- Better error and warnings counter

0.75 - Detection and resync of stream for defective/incomplete TS packets

0.74 - PTS wrap detection
- Enhanced PAT error detection
- Better detection of stream duration

0.73 - Fix for large PMTs like the once from KiKa
- ES stream bitrate display for video and audio streams
- Removed writing of "changed video_full_range_flag" events to log

0.72 - Video preview now sizeable with correct aspect ratio
- Fix for Vista (half visible buttons)
- Some minor GUI enhancements

0.71 - Video preview for selecting cutting points
- Detection of Wine under Linux with GUI fix
- Parameter option for filename to open in TS-Doctor

0.70 - Language_Descriptor in PMT can be changed for audio streams

0.69 - More intense checking of TS packets for errors
- Emulation prevention buffer size doubled
- Error message for overflow of emulation prevention buffer

0.68 - Bug in Raw-Cutter fixed
- For long PMTs the SectionLength was not correctly calculated

0.67 - Long PMT problem fixed

0.66 - Scan for beginning of stream bug fixed
- RawCutter fuction now useable without opening stream first
- FileMerger function integrated (for Kathrein user for example)

0.65 - More complex scan for stream beginning
- Ignoring invalid PMTs
- Translation fixed
- Stream Type 17 is now recognized as audio (AAC+)
- Added info about which layers are checked

0.64 - PMT failure from the last release fixed

0.63 - Better PMT parsing
- Support for longer PMTs consist of more than one packet

0.62 - PID statistics in Log
- If no video stream is found in PMT the software tries to detect
in raw stream and patch the PMT (ITV: incompliant stream type)

0.61 - Read buffer
- Problem with EOF solved where last packet was not processed
- Speed enhanced

0.60 - If cutting was used wrong error messages were produced
- Abort at reaching garbage packets (TRP files)
- Not all SequenceParameterSets were corrected at the right place !!!
- Fixing of single video_full_range_flag changing events
- Warnings and error counter in log file
- Processing speed in log file

0.58 - Reset of video_full_range_flag (H264)
- NAL Unit Type Statistic (H264)
- New more precise H264 parsing unit

0.57 - Automatic correction of TS packet ContinuetyCount during write
- TS packet ContinuetyCount errors are now listed in log
- Better handling of PES packets
- Checking of PES packet length against length in PES packet header
- Program stops with multible PMTs in stream solved
- Fix for streams not starting with a valid start byte
- Fix for very short streams
- Better parsing of H264 streams

0.56 - Show no errors beyond cutting points
- Correct display of audio PIDs on erros
- Different display of warnings and errors
- Warning for changes of sequence parameter set
- For some streams not all unneeded PIDs were deleted
- Raw Cutter function (1:1 copy of a stream part)
- Writing buffer implemented, now 10% to 20% faster then before

0.55 - Support of TRP streams (Kathrein UFS910, etc.)
- Some GUI fixes and updated skin engine
- User can select audio streams he wants to remove

0.53 - nal_unit_type 39 for sequence_parameter_set (ANIXE HD)
- nal_unit_type 40 for picture_parameter_set (ANIXE HD)
- Added idc level for H264

0.52 - Changes history
- PAT details in log
- PMT details in log
- 30 days trial limit removed
- Minor GUI changes
- Log window is now docked to main window

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