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TMPGEnc Plus


TMPGEnc Plus is a high quality MPEG-1/2 encoder that can be used by both beginners and professional users. With TMPGEnc Plus you can convert your AVI files to DVD, Super Video CD (MPEG-2) and VideoCD (MPEG-1) format. It also has basic joining, splitting and multiplex, demultiplex features.

Trialware $37
OS: Win
File size: 8.4MB
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Latest version

2.524 (December 17, 2004)


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Download TMPGEnc Plus 2.524  8.4MB  Win

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Shareware (Free download but time limited software. Full version from $37)

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More information and other downloads

Download free TMPGEnc here, free MPEG1/VCD encoding.

Download TMPGEnc MPEG2 Plugin, open MPEG2 files directly in TMPGEnc.

Download TMPGEnc Batch list creator, it lets you open several video clips at once in TMPGEnc.

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

TMPGEnc Plus 2.524 (2.524.63.181) December 16 2004
Specification Changes
[1] The formats for the project file and the template file have been changed. Therefore, project created with the new version cannot be used with older versions.
[2] [Project wizard (Step 4/5)]: in the media pull-down selection, DVD 8.5 GB (Double Layer) has been added, for the bitrate setting and size graph.
[3] In the MPEG system multiplexer, the max. bitrate is written instead of the average bitrate for the multiplexing rate. It shortens the outputting process.
[4] [MPEG Setting - GOP structure]: Even if Closed GOP is not selected, the GOP structure is now compliant with the MPEG standard.
[5] Created MPEG-2: the sequence display extension value in the header is now DVD compliant.
Image Quality
[1] Image quality for MPEG-1 with long-GOP, has been improved.
[2] Encoding of scenes using still-image, has been improved.
[1] Decoding process of MPEG-video is faster.
[2] CRI Sofdec MPEG Decoder can read WAVE files (48 / 96 khz, 16 / 20 bit, 1 / 2 ch).
[1] Errors related with encoding using multi-thread.
[2] The encoding of MPEGs with GOP structure using only I and B pictures, has been improved.
[3] [MPEG Setting - Video]: The Aspect ratio 2.21:1 for MPEG-2, was set to 2.11:1 .
[4] [Output to file - AVI file / WAVE file]: when clicking the Cancel button in the [Sound Selection] dialog, the dialog was shown again.
[5] [MPEG Setting - Quantize matrix]: if saving an existing template under a new name, it could not be deleted.
[6] [MPEG Setting - Quantize matrix]: if saving a template under no name, memory access violations occurred.
[7] When reading empty files (zero data), it could take a very long time to show the error message.
[8] MPEG source files with invalid data could sometime, make the encoding process freeze.
[9] AVI files created with TMPGEnc, when played with Windows Media Player could stop in the middle, with the message "Invalid file".

TMPGEnc Plus 2.521 (2.521.58.169) September 26 2003
[1] The new version of "CRI sofdec MPEG decoder" is included. Now, it is possible to open a maximum of 20 sequences instead of 8.
[2] In the project wizard, for the setting concerning the bitrate, the file size in MB will be shown instead of the duration for "CD-R 74min (VCD/SVCD)" and for"CD-R 80min (VCD/SVCD)".
[3] When error occurs during "Prefetch Video", the details will be shown.
[4] When using "DirectShow Multimedia Reader", from now on only Linear PCM, 8/16 bit, 1/2 will be accepted for the audio input.
[1] When "CRI sofdec MPEG decoder" was chosen in the VFAPI plugin, errors could occur to open sequence files via "DirectShow Multimedia File Reader"
[2] Problem occuring when using an external MP2/MP3 encoder. For certain settings, the CRC value or the error protection could be changed .
[3] When the audio was re-sampled in high quality mode, if the input was monoral, errors could occur.
[4] During the encoding, some "Drag and drop" files could be accepted from the Explorer.

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.520 (2.520.54.163) July 17 2003
Includes the MPEG decoder CRI Sofdec. Now, input of MPEG-2 files is a standard feature. Plus, the picture quality (brightness, color) shown on your pc display will be close to the one on your TV. So the editing will be easier.
*when using CRI sofdec:
remove the check on [ Output YUV data as Basic YCbCr not CCIR601 ]
[ Setting ] => [ Quantize matrix ] => [Output YUV data as...]
*when using CRI sofdec, you can open a maximum of 8 sequence files as a movie.
Made minor corrections.

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.513 (2.513.53.162) June 12 2003
Fixed In the MPEG Setting dialogue under the GOP tab, even if the "Force picture type setting" was not enabled you could click the "setting" button.
Fixed Reading an animation using DirectShow, could result in incorrect audio or a memory access violation error.

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.512 (2.512.52.161) May 20 2003
Fixed When selecting an MPEG file in MPEG Tools, Multiplex, a message saying "does not support multiplexing a DVD Sub-Picture stream to a system stream" was displayed.
Fixed In an environment where multi-thread was enabled, choosing "Highest Quality" as Motion Search Precision would cause the encoding to stop halfway with an error saying Memory access violation error.

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.511 (2.511.51.160) April 28 2003
Fixed Adding too many chained files, would cause the program to close.
Fixed On systems where Windows Media Player 9 is installed, reading MS MPEG-4 AVI
files via the "DirectShow Multimedia File Reader" would cause an error to occur.
Fixed Multiplexing MPEG-Video stream without a sequence end-code would cause the PTS time stamp of the picture included in the last GOP, to be invalid.
Fixed Choosing "File" => "Exit" during encoding would not close the program.
Improved Improved the processing of the file so that, if possible, securing and releasing the memory of a huge block is not repeated.
Fixed Made minor adjustments to the size of each window.

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.510 (2.510.49.157) January 18 2003
Fixed In the Environmental settings dialog window, General tab, checking "Enable multiplex with..." and choosing audio file other than mp1, mp2 or mp3 format would raise an error when starting to encode.
Fixed In the MPEG settings dialog window, GOP structure tab, when "Detect Scene Change" and "Force picture type" settings were both selected, closing the dialog window and reopening it would clear the "Force picture type" checkmark.
Fixed In the MPEG settings dialog window, System tab, choosing "MPEG-1 Video-CD (non-standard)" would in fact select the "MPEG-1 Video-CD" setting.

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.59 ( November 14 2002
New TMPGEnc Plus now takes full advantage of the Intel® Pentium 4® Hyper Threading technology.
New All the image filters can now be seen in the preview screen except the 24fps filter. Preview can be keyboard-started by pressing the space bar. The slide bar must be enabled to access this function.
New Chained files can be managed as one animation. This function can be enabled in the Environmental settings window, General tab, "Open sequence files as a movie".
New High Quality sampling frequency converter. Since this is very time consuming, High quality is not the default setting.
New Error message displayed in case of unsupported audio file.
Improved The templates in the Project Wizard have been improved. Basically, in the new template system, templates can be chosen by a combination of CBR/VBR and audio format.
Improved In the MPEG settings dialog window, GOP structure tab, "Set up forced picture type" and "Detect scene change" can be enabled together.
Improved When saving the batch list or Environmental settings, for example at the end of a batch encoding, the last settings are saved.
Improved In the Enviromental settings dialog window, General tab, selecting "Interpolate YUV data from 4:1:1 to 4:4:4" automatically enables "Set equation for color space".
Changed "External tool" tab in the Environmental settings dialog window is changed to "Audio engine" tab.
Changed When setting an elementary stream audio output type to "Linear PCM" in the MPEG settings dialog window, Audio tab, the output file is in WAV format.
Fixed In the status bar of the batch encode main window, the number of remaining projects include the current project.
Fixed In the MPEG settings dialog window, Audio tab, Audio Edit, Audio effect window, a memory leak would occur if the slide bar was moved or the stop button pressed just after pressing the play button,.
Fixed The VFAPI plug-in TMPGEnc.vfp would not take the main application settings into account.
Fixed Broken index would occur when outputting a high data-rate (for example high-resolution or uncompressed AVI file larger than 4GB).

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.58 ( September 03 2002
Added "ES (Video+Audio)" has been added to stream type in the main window. This mode outputs separate video / audio stream.
Changed "System (Audio only)" has been deleted from the list of stream type in the main window. This feature can be done with "simple de-mulitplex" under MPEG Tools.
Added Video and Audio stream can be outputted separately if the user selects DVD template in the Project Wizard.
New TMPGEnc now has a priority of MPEG-2 decoders in the VFAPI plug-in priority setting. The priority is fixed (1:Sony 2:Ligos 3:CyberLink) and cannot be changed by the user.
Fixed "Prefetch Video" error occurred if Prefetch Video was enabled at Multi-thread setting
Changed In 1st pass of 2 pass VBR, the character "analyzing" is no longer an option (since it does not mean anything).
Fixed In MPEG Tools, Merge & Cut, TMPGEnc did not treat MPEG-2 files whose colour_description is "0". (FYI, any version of TMPGEnc produces MPEG-2 file whose colour_description is "1".)
Fixed "Stream read error" occurred when encoding to SVCD format.
Fixed Ghost filter produced noise in the right and left edge of the movie.
Improved Improved bitrate allocation in 2pass VBR. (This has not been applied to the old 2pass mode).

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.57 ( July 19 2002
Changed Stopped reading the MPEG-file with the "DirectShow Multimedia File Reader", one of the VFAPI Plug-in included in the program. <Clik here for more info>
Added New dedicated VFAPI Plug-in to read MPEG-1 files included. This operates decoder made by MICROSOFT through DirectShow. <Clik here for more info>
Added New dedicated VFAPI Plug-in to read MPEG-2 files included. This operates decoder through DirectShow if one of the following MPEG-2 decoder is installed. <Clik here for more info>
* CyberLink
* Ligos
* Sony
Added In the"VFAPI Plug-in" in the Environmental setting, "Reset to recommended setting" option added.
Improved MPEG setting can be displayed to check even while encoding.
Added In 2 pass VBR encode mode, it displays"Analyzing" during 1st pass (50%).
Fixed Could not read TMPGEnc project file as DirectShow source through TMPGEnc.vfp plug-in.
Fixed Fixed the "playback time" when reading MPEG-2 files through Ligos MPEG-2 decoder, which is included in DVDit 2.3.
Fixed Fixed the noise on the right and left top corner of screen that occurred when using Ghost filter.
Fixed Audio part may have disappeared if dealing with more than 3 hours movie.
Changed In Project Wizard, if the source file is DV format, it is always treated as "Bottom field first" without judging the field order.
Changed Improved bitrate allocation of 2-passVBR mode (the old 2pass mode is the same as before.)

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.56 ( June 24 2002
Changed In Project Wizard, if the source file is in DV format, the "bottom field first" is always applied, and the field order detection is no longer applied.
New Supports reading more TGA formats: "No compression 8/16/32bit", "RLE compression 8/16/24/32bit" (The previous versions only supported "No compression 24bit".)
Fixed When choosing AVI file output, sometimes a frame was outputted as a key frame even though it was not.
Fixed An AVI file outputted by TMPGEnc Plus, was sometimes unable to be played in WMP properly ("Invalid file" error).
Added When choosing AVI file output, the progress bar can be displayed properly even if interleave is "0".

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.55 ( June 11 2002
Added Outputs as OpenDML format for AVI file output. The first 2GB part of such file can be recognized by conventional VFW application.
Improved In Project Wizard, "Bit range settings page", any part exceeding 100% of the bar turns up red.
Fixed In Source range, the mouse wheel would stop working after the frame number had exceeded 32767.
Fixed In Preview of clip, Frame settings, if output horizontal resolution is larger than 480, it is no longer always resized with interlace .
Improved Improved seek speed when loading AVI file
Fixed When choosing Cut editing in Source range settings, the actual amount of audio gap correction was doubled.
Changed In MPEG settings, the aspect ratio of video stream was not converted correctly if the system stream format was changed.

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.54a ( May 1 2002
Fixed Could not read the audio properly if a specific external VFAPI plug-in was used.

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.54 ( Apr. 30 2002
Added English HTML help file has been included.
New The analyzing result of Multi-pass VBR can be stored onto HDD cache to boost encoding speed. This can be specified in "Environmental settings".
Added New "Cut Editing" feature has been added.
Added In the Source range window, the "[" key can be used for "Set start frame", and the "]" key can be used for the"Set end frame" command.
Added Vertical line Ghost can be reduced with the new Ghost filter.
Changed In the MPEG settings dialog window, several settings can be locked/unlocked.
Improved Improved bitrate calculation: Better results can be expected even if the number of frames in last GOP is lower than usual.
Fixed Invalid MPEG-2 file was created if vertical resolution was not multiple of 32 (which is not within MPEG-2 standard).
Fixed Under Windows XP, closing "Merge & Cut" window caused memory access error.

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.53 ( Feb. 27 2002
Added Progress bar has been added to MPEG tools.
Improved Improved equation for number of frames in DirectShow Multimedia Reader
Improved Improved gap between audio and video in DirectShow Multimedia Reader
Changed Elapsed time includes encoding MP2/MP3 audio with External encoder from this version.
Fixed Fewer problems can be expected when multiplexing MPEG-Video Stream lacking pictures.

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.52 ( Feb. 15 2002
Optimized Optimized for Pentium 3 / Athlon
Improved Improved loading audio with DirectShow Multimedia Reader
Fixed It was not able to recognize the length of AVI2(OpenDML) file.
Added At max number of frame of GOP, TMPGEnc now take the following into consideration.
"3:2 pulldown when playing", "Opposite 3:2 pulldown"
Improved Improved frame rate display in MPEG settings dialog wnidow when "3:2 pulldown" setting is chosen.
Fixed When choosing Merge & Cut in MPEG tools, a detailed error description is shown in case of an error.
Added If an MPEG-2 file is selected in Project Wizard, it obtains field order info from the header of the file.
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19 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Can't stay away from this critter. OK, so it's 2004. That's old? I'll bet your spouse is older than that -- ready to trade THAT in? Gets really clean SD encodes at medium to high bitrates. Wouldn't recommend for those 2K bitrate encode (I wouldn't recommend 2K for anything, period). The best part is its image mod and histogram features, and one of the best edge ghost filters anywhere. Can take in/put out many SD formats, does pulldown, etc. Also lets you tweak an image and save it as AVI. Overall, far better than TMPGenc's newer MPEG encoders. And no argument with the price.

Review by sanlyn on Jun 27, 2013 Version: 2.524.63.581 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

Great tool! Bought it a year ago, but have not been informed of updates!! Am I entitled

Review by avz10 on Jun 23, 2007 Version: 2.5 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 6/10 Value for money: 9/10 Overall: 9/10

This tool keeps working fine after upgrade to Vista.

Review by ofbarea on Feb 25, 2007 Version: 2.524.63.181 OS: Vista Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 9/10 Overall: 8/10

It took a bit of experimentation to get TMPGEnc Plus to work for me the way I want it to. First off, the only way I can get it to encode without freezing is to frameserve from VirtualDub. Raw AVI and frameserve with Avisynth don't work for me.

I've been capping with VirtualVCR and VirtualDub using either HUffyUV or Lagarith compression. Since VirtualVCR has a good rep for keeping audio sync, I thought it would work best - but instead I found the encoded mpg to always have a 150-200ms offset. VirtualDub had no such issues when using Lagarith
(need to try it with HuffyUV).

Pretty much all of the other video software I use is freeware and troublefree so I'm surprised that TMPGEnc Plus, which I paid for, is easily the most fussy software I'm currently using.

I will say that the resulting encoded files look good so obviously I'm getting value out of the tool. Like others, I'm disappointed by the long encode time. I will probably be giving CCE Basic a try.

A small point to add: whenever I go into the Settings under the advanced tab, the program is often resetting the Source Aspect Ratio to "4:3 525 line (NTSC,704x480)", even when I try setting it to something else. I don't think this will actually affect my encode since I am in fact encoding to NTSC 4:3, but from a software programming standpoint it really irks me to have paid for a poorly coded/tested tool. Again, I'm a bit surprised at this bit of shoddiness in a tool I'm paying for.

Review by abcedem on Apr 19, 2006 Version: 2.524.63.181 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 6/10 Functionality: 6/10 Value for money: 9/10 Overall: 6/10

I tried to use TMPG Tools for my ReplayTV Mpeg2 files
conversions to VOBs, - tool doesn't recognize format.
Other tools like Pinnacle do.
.avi and other formats simless..

Review by dushman on Mar 15, 2005 Version: 2.6 OS: Win2K Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 6/10 Value for money: 6/10 Overall: 7/10

19 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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