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March 9, 2024
Windows | MacOS

fixed crash on smartphone media with non-standard FPS values
added workaround for Premiere bug – in some cases incorrect FPS values in FCP XML 7
fixed incorrect display of RED cameras as recorders
improved handling of some activation problems

December 5, 2023
Windows | MacOS

fixed inability to send a problem report due to server changes
added a warning about out-of-sync in some cases when a timeline from DaVinci Resolve has a different FPS than the FPS of the media files
implemented a fix for incorrect FPS values in XML from DaVinci Resolve
other fixes

November 3, 2023
Windows | MacOS

added support for BRAW format recorded by cameras: Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K OLPF, Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K, Panasonic LUMIX S5II / S5IIX , Panasonic LUMIX GH6, Fujifilm X-S20 and GFX100 II
updated third-party modules to support the latest codecs and formats
canceled repeated warnings about no internet connection (for licenses that do not require internet)
fixed program crash when loading XML FCP 7 with linked clips of different files – non-native links will be removed
other fixes

September 23, 2023
Windows | MacOS

significantly accelerated reading of files with multiple audio streams
improved accuracy of audio stream mixing before synchronization
improved file reading progress for files with multiple streams and in other cases
fixed possible program crash when reading MP3 Joint Stereo format
fixed error opening fcpxmld on case-sensitive file systems
other fixes

August 28, 2023
Windows | MacOS

implemented immediate start and stop of synchronization without waiting for finishing of current file reading and with saving of intermediate results
implemented workaround for Premiere XML bug – incorrect values for non-standard FPS, resulting in possible synchronization issues
added warning on file access errors
fixed overlapping of clips when there are images in a sequence
fixed some other potential issues

July 26, 2023
Windows | MacOS

fixed crash if there are incorrect modification dates before 1970
fixed FCPX crash when there are images in sequence
fixed broken volume setting

April 03, 2023
Windows | MacOS

added recording/modification date to tooltip when hovering over clip
fixed: on macOS, file modification date metadata could not be read in some cases; also fixed potential crash related to this
fixed missing audio in multi-stream clips on the first track in DaVinci Resolve
fixed: import errors for format Rec. 601 in Final Cut
fixed: caches and corresponding audio waveforms could disappear if XML was reloaded after disabling and enabling caches
fixed incorrect encoding of secondary languages when sending a bug report
fixed some interface issues

February 25, 2023
Windows | MacOS

implemented a workaround for DaVinci Resolve bug – possible incorrect timecode values in imported XML, leading to following media import errors or duplicates
implemented a workaround for DaVinci Resolve bug – missing all channels except the first one in multi-stream audio in imported FCP XML X
fixed: possible incorrect timecode values in synchronized XML that could lead to media import errors or duplicates in video editing software
fixed: missing audio and other issues with imported R3D files after synchronization
fixed one second off-sync for BRAW and R3D files
fixed incorrect duration of some clips in Adobe Premiere after synchronization
fixed: XML X file would not open in Vegas, if file paths were fixed in Syncaila
fixed possible fragments of clips after synchronization
fixed sometimes wrong channel order in multi-stream clips in FCP XML 7

February 09, 2023
Windows | MacOS

fixed missing audio track for multi-streamed clips after synchronization in FCP XML X format
fixed missing audio in some cases for clips with zero timecode
fixed crash when loading XML X from Vegas
fixed unstable sync quality in some cases
fixed premature deletion of program logs

January 11, 2023
Windows | MacOS

fixed bugs of version 2.6
potential crashes when checking files
incorrect detection of some clips as duplicates and related problems
import errors after syncing audio files that contain an image
issue with overlapping of synchronised groups of clips in the order as in XML
potential crashes when fixing file paths
implemented removal of duplicate media files during XML import
including workaround of Resolve bug – duplicate files on multi-channel clips
improved reading of media formats in FCP XML X
improved positioning of synchronised groups of clips relative to each other
fixed an issue causing files to disappear or duplicate clips in Resolve
fixed rare problem with AAC format reading

December 16, 2022
Windows | MacOS

added native support for Apple processors
added adaptivity depending on the editing program with auto-detection by XML
added corresponding combo box with manual selection and auto option
improved interaction with Premiere
fixed incorrect clip synchronization when audio stream is shifted relative to video stream
fixed: RED files could not be imported correctly after sync
implemented preservation of colour labels specified in Premiere
improved interaction with Final Cut
added setting to export all tracks as secondary storylines, which improves vertical order of clips
fixed incorrect clip synchronization when audio stream is shifted relative to video stream
fixed audio recorder track order in multicam
added preservation of colour space and HDR
improved interaction with Resolve
fixed incorrect clip synchronization when audio stream is shifted relative to video stream
added ability to avoid mixing of tracks after import to Resolve in FCP XML X format through the use of secondary storylines and unlinking clips
fixed: Resolve could not detect files if sequence frame rate was different than file frame rate
improved interaction with Vegas
XML format 7
implemented Vegas import error workarounds
popup warnings about incorrect Audio Pan filter values
clips with the same name but different file names refer to the same file
reversed order of audio tracks
improved workaround of Vegas export bug – incorrect duration of clips
added possibility to save fixed relative file paths
XML X format
fixed the issue when importing clips with video filters
improved auto-fix path feature for invalid paths
added import settings window
added option to label clips by disabling unsynchronized clips in sequence
added option to save fixed file paths in imported XML
implemented preliminary accelerated file verifying, which improves stability and speed of synchronization
improved interface of sequence window
track order now matches edit program track order
added file path hint on hover clip name
separator between cameras and recorders is highlighted
improved parsing of file names with random component, which in some cases improves speed and quality of synchronization
implemented preservation of audio configuration set in video-editing program
fixed: XML would not open when dragged on dock icon on macOS
fixed issues while opening other sequences in the same project
fixed: in some cases, inaccurate duration of media files after sync
fixed: in some cases, incorrect positioning of unsynced clips on top of synced ones
fixed: wrong automatic naming of fcpxml file on export if import format was fcpxml 1.10
fixed: fcpxml 1.10 format was not loading by drag and drop
other numerous bug fixes, library updates and cosmetic fixes that improve stability and interface

December 05, 2021
Windows | MacOS

fixed: program crash when clips are less than or equal to one second
fixed: issue of reading and synchronization of 32-bit audio
fixed: issues when reading r3d and braw files without audio track (or corrupted)
fixed: possible lack of clips at the end of sequence after exporting in *.fcpxml format
fixed: not working minimize button on macOS

November 04, 2021
Windows | MacOS

supported: version 1.10 of FCP XML X format
improved: quality of FCP XML X format import and export
improved: accuracy of clip positions
fixed: black frames at the starts of clips in some cases after synchronization
fixed: invisibility of new file paths after path fixing in Syncaila
fixed: improperly positioned clips and extra tracks in some cases after import to Syncaila
fixed: Vegas was requesting file paths when importing XML
fixed: crash if there are several empty audio streams in a file
fixed: disabled Activate button if license expired
other fixes

October 19, 2021
Windows | MacOS

added new sync settings
separate enabling and disabling synchronization by waveform and by recording time
match quality threshold
setting for each camera and recorder that determines if the timestamp corresponds to the start or stop of recording
added setting for scaling the program on High DPI displays for Windows. Changed the default scaling behavior.
implemented color highlighting of additional tracks
fixed the problem of non-stopping synchronization on large projects with a lot of similar sound fragments
fixed the problem with reading some specific audio formats
fixed: caches not saving after clean installation (since v2.3)
other multiple fixes and improvements

September 11, 2021
Windows | MacOS

significantly accelerated reading of audio from BRAW files
fixed issue of reading some non-standard multichannel audio configurations
implemented mixing of multiple audio streams before synchronization (In previous versions, only a first audio stream was used.)
general improvement of stability and quality of operation with multiple codecs and formats

Jule 26, 2021
Windows | MacOS

added option to mark synchronised and unsynchronised clips by audio role for FCPX
added a separate synchronization settings window before the Synchronize button
simplified toolbar
reduced minimum possible window size for compatibility with compact notebook screens
fixed missing audio tracks after sync if there are multiple audio streams in a file
fixed missing clips in FCPX multicam after sync if there are still images or clips without audio
fixed disappeared Update menu option
fixed memory leaks

May 4, 2021
Windows | MacOS

fixed crash during synchronization due to logging error
fixed incorrect writing of program log
fixed interface freezing during synchronization
optimized synchronization of clips without audio

April 7, 2021
Windows | MacOS

fixed program crash when importing FCP XML X from Vegas
fixed program crash when changing settings before importing XML
added the possibility of new license type, limited by expiration date
added new items to the license info table
fixed non-working horizontal scrolling by trackpad in some cases

March 13, 2021
Windows | MacOS

improved sync quality: up to 20% more synced clips
also decreased minimal clip / fragment duration that can be synchronized to 2 seconds
also fixed: in some cases, incorrect synchronization of clips with non-standard frame rates
reduced process time: up to 50% faster at the stage of file analysis (when using an SSD) and at the stage of searching for matches (especially for long clips)
improved chronological order of clips
also improved: overlapping synchronized groups of clips will not be split in violation of chronology (for most cases)
added: reading and saving audio roles in FCP XML X format
also fixed: sequence could be imported with lost tracks if clips were assigned different audio roles
improved caching subsystem
matches are now stored for each of the quality levels
changing caching settings before syncing now immediately overloads caches
fixed: file reading did not start automatically after resetting synchronization with disabled caching
added: ability to horizontally scroll the sequence using trackpad
also increased the maximum possible scale of the sequence viewer
added sound notification volume setting
fixed graphical issues
the bug during synchronization leading to program crash
progress bar of reading files did not work after fixing file paths
many other optimizations and fixes

February 07, 2021
Windows | MacOS

Fixed: clips could not be synchronized with non-standard number of audio channels
Fixed: incorrect reading of file recording date after modification of metadata in video editing programs
Fixed problem with non-unique computer ID that could lead to activation errors
Activation stability to hardware or system changes was added
Other minor fixes

January 04, 2021
Windows | MacOS

increased the number of media formats from which the program is able to read the recording timestamps. This can significantly improve synchronization results in some cases.
fixed: incorrect synchronization at the approximate level (by date and time only) if the synchronization process was started before all files were processed
fixed: Adobe Premiere duplicated all files when importing a synchronized sequence (bug of Syncaila 2.2)
fixed: broken webpage links
other minor fixes

December 28, 2020
Windows | MacOS

added Chinese localization. English and Russian improved.
added new features to the Export settings
symbolic labeling to differentiate synchronized clips from unsynchronized ones
Export to multicam-clip for FCP X format
Reset button
sync quality setting redesigned and simplified to 5 levels
redesigned licensing and activation subsystem
license key files have been revoked. Registration and activation are now based on a string key.
a new unique computer identifier has been implemented, more resistant to system changes.
added manual activation and deactivation of a computer
added license key hiding feature
added license key removal feature
added license key retrieval feature
added information about a number of activated computers
redesigned the notification subsystem
added the ability to receive news from the Syncaila server
improved notification of new version release
added required confirmation of the license agreement terms at the first launch of the program
improved accuracy of the file reading progress bar
fixed: files with non-standard audio channel system may not be readable
fixed some issues with loading and saving caches after enabling / disabling media caching in the settings
multiple interface fixes and improvements

November 15, 2020
Windows | MacOS

supported macOS Big Sur
added functionality to open xml file by dragging and dropping onto Syncaila window
added functionality to open xml file by dragging and dropping onto Syncaila icon in the macOS dock
fixed FCPXML import error in DaVinci Resolve after the sequence was truncated under a free license
fixed wrong numbering of cameras and recorders in the empty sequence window

September 18, 2020
Windows | MacOS

synchronized sequence and multicam-clip are now imported into the same Event in FCP X.
volume of notifications about synchronization completion is decreased.
fixed crash of the program after importing XML on macOS High Sierra (bug of 2.1.5 version)
fixed problems with file selection in the Path Fixer window when there are spaces in file names
other fixes

September 05, 2020
Windows | MacOS

FCPXML X 1.9 is supported
fixed crash when clicking on Import XML or Install license key if the user name on the Windows contained non-Latin characters
fixed: writing invalid arguments in FCPXML X format
other minor fixes

January 20, 2020
Windows | MacOS

fixed wrong track order before and after synchronization in some cases (except when the track order is incorrectly interpreted by an editing program)
fixed empty import of *.fcpxml if it contained titles or generated media. Now Syncaila automatically deletes them.
fixed: clips had invalid positions in the sequence preview if *.fcpxml had secondary storylines
fixed file import errors with file paths contained special characters $&+,/;=?@'”<>#%{}|^~[]`
other improvements of parsing XML files that increase compatibility with different software

January 10, 2020
Windows | MacOS

introduced the unlimited upgrade to all versions of Syncaila for all license keys. License keys for Syncaila 1.x are also suitable for version 2.1.3 and higher. Paid upgrade to all new major versions is canceled.
improved autoscaling logic on high DPI displays on Windows. Removed the corresponding checkbox from the settings.
fixed crash at the start of synchronization if file modification dates were earlier than 1970
fixed: DaVinci Resolve did not import a synchronized *.fcpxml file if images were present in the sequence
fixed the import errors when there are special characters in the file paths: $ & +, /; =? @ ‘”<> #% {} | ^ ~ []`

October 19, 2019
Windows | MacOS

support for macOS Catalina
fixed: on macOS, in rare cases, there could be file reading errors, which led to poor-quality synchronization or crash of the program
fixed: on macOS, Syncaila did not start the first time, if it had previously crashed
for both macOS and Windows versions, shared libraries were updated to improve compatibility with new operating systems, codecs and formats; macOS El Capitan support was discontinued

October 12, 2019
Windows | MacOS

support for the R3D format (for synchronizing of footage from RED cameras)
fixed rare but critical error causing completely incorrect synchronization results
fixed the import errors when there are special characters in the file paths: $ & +, /; =? @ ‘”<> #% {} | ^ ~ []`
fixed: Reset button after XML export did not completely restore sequence to initial state
fixed: program crash when there are embedded sequence(s) in XML
other fixes

September 11, 2019
Windows | MacOS

redesigned and improved Path Fixer tool
added saving of file path redirections for completely automatic path fixing in other projects
added Path Redirections tab to view path redirections and reset the selected
added ability to select a single, a few or all files to reset fixes
supported Unicode characters in file paths (it is now possible to use languages that are not local in the system)
fixed: if XML from Adobe Premiere and there is a pound (#) symbol in file paths, files could not be imported
increased file reading speed in some cases
fixed crash when saving XML from Vegas 15 and earlier
other improvements and bugfixes

August 30, 2019
Windows | MacOS

fixed: no audio in clips in FCPX in some cases after synchronization of multichannel audio
fixed other possible issues after synchronization of multichannel audio
improved visibility of the sequence in viewing area during the synchronization process
removed / reduced first empty gap
fixed: sequence out of viewing area
reduced track minimum height
fixed crash in rare cases when clicking the Synchronize button

July 31, 2019
Windows | MacOS

Fixed possible crash of the program when exporting in FCP XML X format
Fixed the interface issue: when using the vertical scroll bar, the tracks shifted relative to the track headers
Other fixes that improve program stability

July 14, 2019
Windows | MacOS

Fixed issue of 2.0.1: possible crashes while exporting XML

2.0.1 changes:

Fixed problems when synchronizing multi-channel audio
Fixed: audio clips with different roles in FCPX incorrectly moved to single track when imported to Syncaila
Fixed: Vegas requested to specify file paths when importing XML from Syncaila
Fixed: rare errors and warnings when importing synchronized XML to Final Cut Pro X
Improved reading and synchronization of files with the incorrect audio length parameter
Fixed: unable to find the program window when running after multi-monitor configuration
Fixed: embedded sequences caused program crashes
Fixed: out of sync if audio was delayed relative to video in a media file
Added warning about the possibility of incorrect synchronization when importing files directly from “BDMV/STREAM/” directories
The synchronization log now also shows which duplicates have been deleted, if there are any
For the first time completed app notarization procedure for macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and above under Apple’s new rules
Many other fixes and optimizations

March 26, 2019
Windows | MacOS

Completely redesigned sync engine with new settings
Drastically improved the synchronization of projects with non-original sources (proxy, recoded, modified, downloaded via the Internet)
Improved automatic order of clips after synchronization. Now the files with the modified dates are sorted in alphabetical order, which eliminates the earlier disorder on the tracks in such cases
Minimized the number of additional tracks added in complex projects
Improved synchronization quality by 5-10% for projects with original sources. In projects with non-original sources, on average, 10% fewer files are synchronized due to the lack of metadata
Improved sync accuracy
Increased sync speed
Reworked and improved quality-speed levels of synchronization. Now there are 7 of them: Approximate, Very Fast, Fast, Advanced, Optimal, Thorough, Utmost
Added mode of instant approximate synchronization by recording date and time stamps with an accuracy of 0-1 seconds
Added a level of thorough synchronization, when the program does not stop the synchronization until each file has been compared with all remaining files
Added setting to keep the chronology of clips: automatic, by date and time, by name and “as is in the XML”
Added the possibility to set color labels for synchronized and non-synchronized clips
Added the possibility to change the name of the sequence when exporting
Added reading of the recording date saved in the metadata by some cameras. In some cases, this further improves the quality of synchronization
Muted audio or missing audio are now immediately blocked before synchronization. This accelerates the sync process
Report the problem tool. Now, if you are not satisfied with the synchronization results, you can send a report directly from the software to the server. Syncaila will automatically send all the necessary data. This will allow to solve problems and improve the quality of synchronization much faster.
Redesigned sync toolbar and the rest of the Syncaila interface

January 6, 2019
Windows | MacOS

Fixed: program crash when XML FCP X contains non-standard frame rate files or Slow Motion
Added information in the sync log about the presence of unsupported characters in the file paths
Fixed a rare issue of import errors of all files when Adobe Premiere writes the wrong domain name in XML
Fixed a rare issue of the program crash on the finish of synchronization

December 14, 2018
Windows | MacOS

Fixed: mono instead stereo after syncing *.fcpxml from DaVinci Resolve
Fixed: when importing in FCP XML 7 format from some editing programs, if the file frame rate did not match the project frame rate, Syncaila could incorrectly interpret the file duration
Fixed: incorrect behavior of the program on case-sensitive file systems
Fixed: sound notifications did not play after synchronization sometimes
Fixed: false reports about the software inauthenticity

October 19, 2018
Windows | MacOS

Added an automatic 1-day prolongation of the trial period when installing each new Syncaila update
Support for Vegas 16 (Unlike previous versions, Vegas 16 saves the full file paths to the XML. It is recommended to export to *.fcpxml format to avoid problems with duplicate file names)
Fixed: errors of importing audio files from synchronized XML to Edius (occurred when the file frame rate did not match the project frame rate)
Improved: from now clips are not trimmed by one frame at the end after exporting from Syncaila
Fixed: when there were images or media files without audio in a sequence, errors occurred while importing into some editing programs

August 13, 2018
Windows | MacOS

Fixed: some tracks were not exported to the multicam-clip in *.fcpxml format if there were additional tracks
Fixed program crash while exporting an empty sequence
Improved quality of icons on HighDPI and Retina displays
Fixed: intermittent playback of sound alerts in some versions of MacOS
Fixed: the Minimize button did not work in MacOS High Sierra

Jule 27, 2018
Windows | MacOS

Fixed: missing clips during the synchronization process. It could occur on large projects with files of long duration and insufficient processor power.
Added: automatic missing file search in the folder with XML (useful for exporting from Sony Vegas, was removed in version 1.3 with the introduction of semi-automatic path fixer)
Improved: automatic scaling of the sequence viewport
Fixed: various problems with visual updates during synchronization

June 12, 2018
Windows | MacOS

Added the path fixer, a tool for a semi-automatic fixing of invalid file paths
Improved support for Sony Vegas. Now you do not need to wait for all the media files to be copied during the export from Sony Vegas. Correction of file paths in Syncaila will take about a minute
Added ability to change the size of the window
Added support for High DPI displays. Added appropriate item in the settings
Added detailed license information in the license window
Improved: videos without audio track are no longer transferred to a separate track
Improved: drawing of audio waves
Fixed: invalid resolution and scale after export from Syncaila in XML format, if a sequence has the anamorphic format
Fixed: program crashes while truncating the tracks for the limited license usage
Other interface improvements
Other fixes and optimizations that increase the stability of the program
Added a more pleasant way to install Syncaila on MacOS

May 8, 2018
Windows | MacOS

Fixed: various possible errors of XML file export
Tested: support for DaVinci Resolve 15 and Sony Vegas 15

April 27, 2018
Windows | MacOS

Added: MultiCam clip to the export to FCPXML X
Supported: old Final Cut Pro X versions down to 10.0, and old FCPXML X versions down to 1.0
Supported: old MacOS X versions down to “Mountain Lion”
Fixed: freezings at the beginning of synchronization. Occurred when running the program on dual-core or single-core processors, and with the same file names
Fixed: unlinked clips after synchronization
Fixed: export of the first sequence instead of the other one selected (FCPXML X format)

February 18, 2018
Windows | MacOS

Support for LightWorks (Use versions below 14 for auto-sync with Syncaila as newer versions are unstable in terms of XML import)
Support for DaVinci Resolve
Support for Final Cut Pro 7
Fixed the problem with downloading files from the network environment
Other improvements in reading and saving XML and FCPXML formats
Other fixes

December 25, 2017
Windows | MacOS

Fixed the “black clips problem” when importing a synchronized project to Final Cut Pro
Support for Final Cut Pro 10.4 and XML format X 1.7

December 10, 2017
Windows | MacOS

Fixed the incorrect export to XML (X version) of NTSC projects and projects with fps of media different than the project’s fps.
Fixed crash while syncing very big projects
Modified the behavior of default synchronizing mode (speed-quality shifter = 4). Now the program does not interrupt synchronization in this mode if the result is incomplete (may occur in very complex projects before).

December 1, 2017
Windows | MacOS

The first Mac OS X release
Support for Final Cut Pro X
Support for Final Cut Pro XML X (*.fcpxml)
Quickstart! Automatic background media reading right after the XML import
Fixed the sync problems when a video stream has a delay relative to an audio stream in the media
Added hibernation blocking when the synchronization is on
Other multiple improvements, fixes, and optimizations

October 26, 2017

Preliminary support for Sony Vegas (version 12+) through import-export of Final Cut Pro 7 XML (it is necessary to leave the Include Media option enabled when exporting from Sony Vegas)
Improved quality of synchronization algorithms. Fixed problems with synchronization of the projects with non-original media files (for example, downloaded, re-encoded, created on the computer or copied with the loss of original metadata)
Fixed the warning alert when opening or saving XML, showing the message that this program cannot open this location. Occurred in some Windows releases
Fixed various problems related to the caching subsystem
Other minor changes and improvements

October 14, 2017

Fixed the problem of converting stereo to mono when importing the synchronized XML in Adobe Premiere 2017.1
Fixed interface problems with styling under the classic Windows theme, and some others UI-problems
Fixed errors of opening files, with non-Latin characters in its paths
Links to the site now lead to local pages, depending on the language specified in the software

September 30, 2017

Fixed rare bug with seldom incomplete synchronization of random clips in version 1.1
Fixed rare bug with seldom incorrect synchronization after switching the Speed-Quality mode
Fixed missing alerts related to the new Syncaila version releases
Fixed the rare conflict of libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll libraries when the software is launched

September 26, 2017

Improved synchronization accuracy!
Completely revised all the comparing algorithms in order to maximize the accuracy of the synchronization and to eliminate the cases of one frame inaccuracy rarely occurred before. Increased the total number of synchronized clips
Improved the synchronization technology allowing to reduce the minimum duration of the clip, suitable for sync
User interface improvements. Added a reminder when the synchronization is completed, added a button to minimize the window, additional icons on the toolbar created. In addition, the language by default (from the list of available languages) is automatically detected and installed, and the name of the exported sequence is automatically generated.
Fixed the problem when the application freezes in the process of synchronizing extremely long files. Besides the synchronization speed has been increased.
Fixed the problem of duplicate files when importing synchronized XML to Adobe Premiere.
Fixed the errors when importing audio files in synchronized XML to Edius.
Added a feature of saving video and audio filters/effects when exporting from Syncaila (if they are written in XML).
Corrected the export of sequences with non-square pixel aspect ratio (for example, HD 1440×1080 anamorphic 1.33).
Improved the algorithm of automatic sequence truncation in a free license.

September 14, 2017

The first Syncaila release for Windows

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