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2018/11/14 SubRip 1.57.1 (c) Roy Damman

- fixed: processing of some files aborted immediately after Start (VobSub; New Character(s) Window doesn't pop up)
- added Traditional Chinese translation from Lee Shin Chun (for SubRip 1.17)

2018/07/19 SubRip 1.57.0 BETA (c) Roy Damman

- Conversion to Delphi XE2, Removal dependency on TntWare Delphi Unicode Controls and conversion to native Delphi Unicode, Installation chapter manual, DirectShowSource script question for AVI with hardcoded subtitles
- fixed a problem after closing the video viewer of hardsubbed video files

2015/10/13 SubRip 1.56.1 (c) Bloody

* (Small bugfix release)

- Fixed a bug that caused some matrix glyphs to be accidently marked as 'temporary junk' after a FindMatrix operation (in GUI mode only).

2015/09/07 SubRip 1.56.0 (c) Bloody

+ FindMatrix options: added an option to check the last 'good' matrix from a prior search first before searching through other matrix files. This helps speeding up batch processing if the current subtitle was created using the same font as the previous subtitle.

Also added Option --first-matrix to the /FINDMATRIX CLI cmd which can be utilized by shell scripts for the same purpose (saving some processing time).

- Post-OCR I/l correction: enhanced/added filters for cases where a Space is followed by "ll", handling many more possible combinations correctly.

* Updated a few matrix files.

2015/08/20 SubRip 1.55.2 (c) Bloody

* (Small bugfix release)

- OCR engine: added '/' (slash) and 'ˇ' (Spanish inverted exclamation mark) to the set of glyphs requiring extra-strong (temporary) char-diff-sensibility, to reduce possible confusion between slash (/) and italics-'l', and between 'i' and 'ˇ' glyphs.

- Post-OCR I/l correction: added another filter for lower-case chars followed by an 'I'.

- Preview Options: removed .jpg file extension from the background image file requester (unsupported), avoiding further error messages down the road.

- Matrix files: removed all 'weak' colon (:) glyphs (with only the upper dot in the glyph image) from matrix # 4, 8, 11, 24, 25, 28, 29, 34, 38, 41, 42, 47, 50, 51, 60, 65, 66, 68, 73, 80, 88, 91 and 93, as they might be confused with the left (incomplete) part of a French 'ď' (an 'i' with diaeresis). Thanks to Sven Bent for finding such a case.
Joined matrix #67 into #8.
Added 5 new matrix files and updated a few others.

2015/08/01 SubRip 1.55.1 (c) Bloody

* (Small bugfix release)

- Post-OCR I/l Correction: fixed a few cases where an 'I' follows a hyphen (-) and is followed by certain other chars (affecting Czech, English, German, Polish and Spanish subtitles).

- Updated several matrix files, including:

- matrix #041: fixed two mistaken glyphs (a lower-case 'i' mistaken for a
Spanish inverted exclamation mark and another one with a wrong accent).

- joined 5 redundant matrix files and added 2 new ones.

I recommend to replace the entire collection, as some of the matrix numbers have changed to fill the gaps.

2015/07/09 SubRip 1.55.0 (c) Bloody

+ Added /JOINMATRIX and /MATRIXINFO CLI commands. Together with /FINDMATRIX, these cmds can be used to maintain a matrix collection, i.e., clean out 'double' matrix files.

- FindMatrix: lowered the default MatchSet threshold from 45 to 40 glyphs and also allowing matches for "take with next" glyphs now, slightly raising the chance for inspected matrix files to be considered 'good' ones, i.e., lowering the chance to create 'double' matrix files.

- /FINDMATRIX CLI cmd: updated example script #1 to extract some of the more relevant output.

- /SORTMATRIX CLI cmd: fixed a few occasions where GUI dialogs might have popped up when they shouldn't.

+ Added a bunch of character matrix files from my collection, for people who don't have many matrix files yet, or for those who might consider switching from a large matrix to multiple smaller ones.

2015/06/22 SubRip 1.54.0 (c) Bloody

- Fixed a bug which caused the Post-OCR punctuation filter to hang if a text line begins with a dot (.) character. Thanks to Sven Bent for pinpointing.

+ Post-OCR correction: added an option to strip redundant text style tags with a scope across text lines, like:

<b><i>Text line 1...</i></b>
<b><i>Text line 2...</i></b>
<b><i>Text line 1...
Text line 2...</i></b>

This will create smaller output files which are also a bit easier to edit.

Since there is no official .srt file format specification which explicitly forbids this, and because common media players have no problem with cross-line style scopes, this new option is enabled by default.

Also added --ocrfix-strip-cross-line-styles option to the /AUTOTEXT CLI cmd.

+ /AUTOTEXT CLI cmd: added --wake-me-up option to enable/disable beeping / flashing after some idle time in the "Add new character" window.

- /AUTOTEXT CLI cmd: option --warn-overlap now also includes warnings about negative timings.

- /FINDMATRIX CLI cmd: fixed --search-order option to work again after being bugged since v1.52.0.

- /FINDMATRIX CLI cmd output: printing "+-+" now instead of "-+-" if the number of 'hits' is > MatchSet/2. This helps locating 'double' matrix files.

* 7-Zip is now used for the binary release archive as well.

2015/02/02 SubRip 1.53.0 (c) Bloody

+ /AUTOTEXT CLI cmd: added --sortmatrix option to specify if and how to sort the matrix file before saving, if changed.

+ Added /SORTMATRIX CLI cmd for [batch-]sorting existing/imported matrix files.

- CLI.txt: /FINDMATRIX: added --sortmatrix option to example script #2 and also fixed the script to correctly handle spaces within subtitle filenames.

- "Open VOB" window: fixed a minor bug where the FindMatrix status wasn't properly cleared after unsuccessfully trying to run a FindMatrix search with no .vob/.sub file(s) selected.

- "About" window: fixed a few layout issues. Used to look fine on WindowsXP as well as Wine but rather strange on Windows7 with certain settings/themes. Hopefully looking better now...

2015/01/19 SubRip 1.52.0 (c) Bloody

+ "Open VOB" window: added FindMatrix support, as already avaliable in CLI mode via /FINDMATRIX cmd. Essentially, this allows to use multiple small Matrix files (one Matrix per font), as an alternative to a large all-in-one Matrix.

+ "Options" menu: added "FindMatrix Options" window.

+ "Global Options" window: added an option to automatically save the character matrix after saving a subtitle, saving another mouse click.

+ Added a few Help buttons here and there.

- punct.dic: fixed an issue where spaces after an opening parenthesis or bracket weren't filtered anymore (since 1.50b7). Oops..

- /FINDMATRIX: fixed a path problem for cases where <matrix-dir> was specified exactly as "..", where the result filename(s) were missing the leading Windows drive letter (although they did contain a fully resolved root path).

- SortMatrix: fixed a minor bug where deleted characters were showing up in the listview again after sorting (although they were still marked as deleted and were therefor still excluded from saving).

- "View/Edit Matrix" window: strongly raised the font size for the text edit widget, so one can actually recognize the typed character(s) a little better.

2014/12/16 SubRip 1.51.1 (c) Bloody

- "Save As": fixed a bug where the Unicode output settings weren't always recognized correctly, which could also cause the "AutoSave after Post-OCR" function to hang (and other side effects).

2014/12/15 SubRip 1.51.0 (c) Bloody

+ Text output files are now saved in UTF-8 format by default, which can be configured in the "Global Options" window, under "Text Output Options".
This was already the default for the /AUTOTEXT CLI command; now the GUI interface is doing the same.

+ "Subtitles" window: added support for loading UTF-8 encoded subtitles. The program will also no longer ask for a post-load conversion if the input file was encoded as UTF-16LE (or UTF-8 with BOM, for that matter).

+ "Global Options" window: added options to specify which output directory to use and how to proceed after saving (to save a couple of mouse clicks).
Note that these options must be manually enabled because having them enabled by default might confuse some people.

+ "Fast LoadMatrix" is now the general standard for CLI and GUI mode. The point is that as long as you don't need to view/edit the matrix, building the glyph list can be avoided/postponed until the "View/Edit Matrix" window is opened.

+ "View/Edit Matrix" window: added support for Matrix Sorting, used to optimize a matrix for higher subtitle conversion speeds, especially if the matrix is very large. For example, converting a subtitle with a matrix of 15000 glyphs can get twice as fast on average after sorting.
When conducting speed tests, see that the text auto-scrolldown checkbox in the Subtitles window is unchecked (generally faster if disabled).
Note: matrix sorting is focusing primarily on Latin characters (7-bit ASCII). For other languages (like Arabic, Chinese, Russian etc.), the speed gain is either little, none or even negative, depending on things like if the matrix also contains many italic-style glyphs, multi-char glyphs etc.

+ "Add new character(s)" window: added a checkbox for tagging certain glyphs as temporary 'junk' chars. This helps when sometimes only a part/fragment of a character is recognized, where "extend-right" sometimes won't solve the problem. Marking a character as temporary 'junk' allows to proceed as usual with that 'thing' to complete the subtitle, while also keeping such chars from 'contaminating' the matrix file when it is eventually saved to disk.

+ "Add new character(s)" window: added a 'quick' Paste button to insert text from the clipboard, making things a little easier when running SubRip together with an external Unicode character utility (like e.g. BabelMap, gucharmap, KCharSelect etc.). A checkbox near the Paste button can be used to enable Auto-OK after paste, saving another mouse click.
The Paste button will also filter the inserted text by removing all codes <=31 and 127 (stuff like Tabs, line breaks, Backspaces etc.) as well as any leading/trailing Spaces.

+ "Post-OCR Correction" window: added a checkbox to auto-open the Post-OCR window after subtitle conversion so it can't be forgotten, eliminating a nasty source of human error. Also saves another mouse click.
Also added a checkbox to proceed directly to the "Save As.." dialog after Post-OCR Correction, saving another mouse click.

+ /FINDMATRIX CLI command: added --tiny-match-percent option for dealing with very short subtitles, e.g. from short 'bonus' clips or tiny 'Forced' subtitles. This means that your scripts can now be simplified as they won't need to check for exit code 2 anymore (only used by older (beta) versions). This new option now takes care of such cases.

+ CLI.txt: /FINDMATRIX: enhanced example script 2 and added a few more comments regarding huge matrix files.

* Application version scheme changed to "SubRip-<Major>.<Minor>.<Revision>".

2014/05/12 SubRip 1.50 beta 7 (c) Bloody

- Fixed a bug where sometimes output files could not be saved (where the "save as" button did nothing in that case).

- "View/Edit Matrix" window: fixed background colors for panels on the right side so they won't be influenced by certain Windows themes anymore.

- "Save as Unicode": when using the GUI, the output filename in the file requester will now be pre-built in the same way as in the 'regular' requester ("Save as ANSI"). Avoids a bit of filename typing there.

- Post-OCR I/l Correction: fixed a few more cases, like a lone I/l followed by a hyphen '-' or any I/l after a left parenthesis '(' or a left bracket '[' in certain cases.

- punct.dic: added more fixes for the percent (%) character issue, for combinations of Slash/Degree chars where one of the two is marked as italic while the other is not, according to matching entries in the current character matrix.

- CLI.txt: added a better usage example for finding 'double' matrix files using the /FINDMATRIX command, for people who prefer to go directly to the "Examples:" section without further reading about the available options.

- "Wake me up": raised the timer interval from 10/10 to 15/20 seconds.

2014/28/11 SubRip 1.50 beta 6 (c) Bloody

* This version is based on v1.50b5 by darkfrogger at:
..which is based on v1.50b4 by the original author(s) at:

* Install/update: note that the Dict/ folder now contains subdirs for internal and user-side .dic files, simply to draw a distinction between those two.

+ Added /AUTOTEXT command for auto-conversion from .bup|.idx|.ifo|.sub|.vob to .srt|.ssa|.ttxt without user interaction other than adding new glyphs to the character matrix.
For a quick usage example, see also: CLI.txt (under "Examples:").

+ Added /FINDMATRIX command for using/maintaining multiple matrix files.
For more information, see also: CLI.txt (under "/FINDMATRIX").

- Improved Post-OCR Correction speed.

- Fixed several issues with the Post-OCR I/l Correction. Although i had to tighten a few of these filters to eliminate certain false positives, the overall results have mostly improved.

- Post-OCR Punctuation Correction: fixed an issue with mistakenly removed spaces before a dot (.) character that actually belongs to a numeric expression, like "A.30 calibre gun" or "only.5 millimeters".

- punct.dic: added fixes for the Percent (%) character issue. Just enter what you see (Degree|Slash|Degree) and the punctuation filter will do the rest. If asked about a 2/3 part of a Percent char (Degree+Slash or Slash+Degree), then simply enter a % char.

- Moved the orthography Post-OCR fix to the very end of the chain (this has nothing to do with "punct.dic" which is always executed during punctuation correction). The external (user-defined) dict filter should be the last resort if all other corrections didn't fix the problem. It also makes sense to apply fixes like "Format Whole Words Only" before applying the external dict, otherwise it might fail to recognize words that require fixing.

- SubRip.ini: added missing item for Post-OCR: "Format Whole Words Only".

- Fixed crashes caused by the Char Matrix Debugger and also disabled Post-OCR Correction if Char Matrix Debugging is enabled (makes no sense in that case). The output text file can still be saved in order to search for problems using a text editor.

+ Added all recent language files/updates posted on between 2006/11/07 and 2014/03/10.

* Changed the main window timer interval from 0.5 to 0.05 seconds. This reduces the start/end delay for CLI processing as well as the delay between switching VOB files.

+ /AUTOTEXT: added debug options for some Post-OCR Correction filters.

- "New Character(s)" window: fixed a few layout issues.

- About: fixed mailto: syntax for mouse clicks on email links to correctly add the subject & body strings.

+ Added a *nix Makefile and a Make-Release script for building & packaging SubRip on Linux under Wine.

* Moved Doc/gpl.txt to License.txt which is now part of both binary and src distributions.

2011/25/04 SubRip 1.50 beta 5 (c) Darkfrogger
+ Added Character Matrix Debuging Option (check box before OCR to use)

2006/11/07 SubRip 1.50 Beta 4 available.
Bugfix release only (crash when editing a Character Matrix file).

2006/06/01 SubRip 1.50 Beta 3a incl. sources available. LRN of TeMa=) team added experimental 3GPP Timed Text (*.ttxt) support (, without color support though.

SubRip 1.50 Beta 3 is up.
- Fixed saving bug for split subtitles
- Fixed video no longer working bug
- Added a progress bar for loading char matrices
- Updated ortography dictionaries to UniCode

SubRip 1.50 Beta 2 is up
Fixed the detached chars problem.
Fixed UniCode support to preview CodePage changes.
Other bugfixes.
Some changes in the video GUI.
Reverted to Delphi 7.

SubRip 1.50 Beta 1 is up.
Added whole words formatting (in the corrections window): if more than half the letters of a word are formatted (italic, bold, underline), the entire word is formatted.
Added support for text formatting in subtitle window: .srt subtitles can now be visualized with formatting (italic, bold, underline, and color).
Lots of other GUI changes: a progress bar for loading char matrices, etc.
Moved to Delphi 2005 (but Delphi 7 is still supported).
Speedup in processing videos when the frames are empty (as in, no white parts).
Experimental Spanish language correction for I vs. l: need help checking if it works correctly.
Updated Swedish language (1.40 Beta 3) by Masken.

SubRip 1.40 Beta 3 is now up.
Added support for negative timestamps. It'll show a warning that some delay needs to be added to synchronize, and start with 00:00:00,000 as the first subtitle timestamp.
Added support for using the file offsets from .idx files. It does not seem to help with badly-formed subtitles and screws up some good ones, as the file offsets seem to be bogus, so it's not on by default.
Fixed a few bugs.

SubRip 1.40 Beta 2 is now up on the home site.
- Fixed a few bugs.
- Added an option to automatically fill the best guess (look in the global options window for how to turn it on).
- Updated Portuguese language by Vítor Vieira

Changes in 1.40:
Beta 1: large GUI overhaul and bugfixes; changed the format of the language and char map files to UniCode; filling a char matrix with UniCode ranges; opening bitmap sequences that DVDSupDecode outputs from converting DVB-T broadcasts saved as .sup by ProjectX

SubRip 1.30 Beta 11 is up.
fixed some GUI bugs, including the ones mentioned in the recent posts; new French language (thanks to Kurtnoise).

SubRip 1.30 Beta 10 is up.
- added a Font button in the subtitle window
- fixed several bugs in hard-subbed video ripping

SubRip 1.30 Beta 9 is up.
- fixed video not showing bug (thanks drProzac for help)
- added UniCode font support: by default, Arial Unicode MS is used, if available (it's installed with MS Office, and it supports about every character under the Sun)
- fixed several other bugs

SubRip 1.30 Beta 8 is up.
- improved the detection algorithm: now the frame times should be correct in all but the most difficult cases, and it errs on the plus side (in these rare cases subtitles may appear a few frames earlier than in the movie, which is not that big an inconvenient for later removal)
- fixed a bug in the disjoint characters routine (thanks to other1010 for reporting)
- fixed DVD Maestro saving bug (thanks to Petr22 for reporting)

SubRip 1.30 Beta 7
- large overhaul of the video GUI (now tolerances are per channel)
- changed the detection algorithm some (let me know if it works better)
- added text fattening to help with irregular characters

SubRip 1.30 Beta 6
- fixed a bug when saving subtitles as UniCode instead of ANSI for some languages
- GUI improvement when processing videos: show last frame of the subtitle when doing OCR, instead of the current frame

SubRip 1.30 Beta 5
- fixed "black on black" bug
- added experimental support for delays in .idx files; multiple delays are compounded

SubRip 1.30 Beta 4
Changes: fixed old character matrix format import routine: when an old ANSI character matrix is opened, the current CharSet/CodePage is applied to convert the characters from ANSI to UniCode.

Fixed in 1.30 beta 3. Apparently AviSynth does not support UniCode file names inside .avs scripts .
I use OpenDMLSource for .avi files that can't be opened in native mode and DirectShowSource for others (mpeg, ogm).

SubRip 1.30 Beta 2 available on the official website. I fixed the bug reported above, plus many similar ones I could find.
Please keep the bug reports coming.

SubRip 1.30 Beta 2 and sources available. Introduced experimental UniCode support.

SubRip 1.20 Final and sources available.
New features:
* support for extracting subtitles from video files
* support for saving recognized subtitles as bitmaps for later removal
* "extend left and right" for disjoint characters
* "best guess so far" functionality
* fill character matrix from a manually matched font
* Zuggy has solved the P4 crash problem.

2005/05/14 SubRip 1.2 Beta 14
- GUI improvements
- support for saving bitmaps for later subtitle removal (sequential bitmaps and a file with rows of the format below)

2005/05/13 SubRip 1.2 Beta 14
- GUI improvements and changes in the video routine
- added AviSynth support for files other than regular AVIs

2005/05/10 SubRip 1.2 Beta 13
- Minor improvement when filling "open areas", new areas are filled when drawing the lines in the spaces between subtitles.
Since nobody seems to find any serious bugs, chances are this will be declared 1.2 Final.

2005/05/10 SubRip 1.2 Beta 12
- Introduced the "extend right and left" feature, which allows you to take disjoint characters as one. Technical details follow . It only lets you do it once, so you can't get more than 2 disjoint parts together. Don't abuse it, once you designate a character as part of such a pair, it will always be considered as such, and all subsequent pairs which contain it will need to be typed in manually. For example, if you set "in" as a group of letters, any time "i" shows up, SubRip will ask you for the pair of characters that "i" is part of, like "it", "im" and so on. This behavior is flipped if the first part of a pair ("i") is encountered at the end of a line, at which point it is overwritten as a single char, and all subsequent pairs will not be recognized until another flip is performed by setting it again as part of a pair.
- Improved the video recognizing routine, and added an option to draw lines between the text lines, to erase stray points. Its parameters are set manually, but if applied, it greatly improves the accuracy of the results. It pretty much solved the problems I had before, but it's still best to use just plain characters, instead of trying to use italics and other styles.

2005/05/06 SubRip 1.2 Beta 11
Tons of bugfixes and improvements

2005/05/06 SubRip 1.2 Beta 10
- speedup in avi files (but still a lot to do)
- moved all avi stuff to a new window, changed some things in the GUI
- added Ctrl-Enter for using best guess in OCR
- added Pause/Abort button in color change dialog
- possibly solved the duplicate subs problem (can't test, someone mail me some problem subs @gmail)

2005/04/23 SubRip 1.2 (c) ai4spam
+ AVI file support
+ fill char matrix from matched font

2003/06/29 SubRip 1.17.1 (c) T.V. Zuggy, mrSHADOW & Yakov
+ What to do, Subtitles window: drag & drop file accepted
+ SSA export: font character set support {coded by Adrian 'mrSHADOW' Stachowiak [mrshadow|at|]}
- mistake space added under some circumstances {coded by yacov 'Yakov' azulay [y_azulay|at|]}
* etceteras {3x Alex Volok, ArtComp, Mike Quinn [mike|at|], ...}
* "Greek.dic" updated by HackerWerger [HackerWerger|at|] NEW "Russian.lng" by BRATiK [bratok_|at|] (1.17)
* "Polski.lng" updated by ArtComp [artcomp|at|] (1.17)
* "Slovak.lng" updated by Berry (1.17)
* "Dansk.lng" updated & strongly corrected by Traemanden [trae_mand|at|] (0.96b - 1.17)

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