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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for SubExtractor
Feature: Option on OCR dialog to wait for Enter key before taking manually typed OCR matches (to allow multi-key character entry)
Feature: Option on Options dialog to not automatically remove spaces before ?!;: characters (French keeps such spaces, English does not)
Fix: Added several Greek characters to the "do not split automatically" lists because of found OCR errors

2 unfinished features: a simple install program and large-font version (for high PPI monitors) are in the source code now but not active yet.
Feature: Added option to make i and characters movie-specific for improved OCR on Spanish subs (Special Characters tab in Options)
Feature: Allow switch to Word Spacing dialog directly from Spell Check dialog
Fix: Added more default word spacings for accented characters
Fix: Changed Word Spacing dialog to show all OCR'd characters in current sub
Fix: Removed application focus grab during OCR
Fix: Tightened HD subs fuzzy logic to reduce false matches in small characters
Fix: Improved Arrow key selection during OCR
Fix: handle padding bytes in IDX files
Feature: added "last character matched" feedback after making OCR matches
Feature: added support for Thai language accents and punctuation
Feature: added left/right/up/down key functions during OCR matching to allow selection of nearby fragments (dots, accents) without using the mouse
Feature: changed the OCR Match Review dialog to have less annoying list scrolling and selection behavior
Fix: out-of-memory exception when reading DVDs with very large (over 1GB) cells
Fix: AltGr key toggling Italics during OCR
Feature: use centered alignment SSA tag for centered text in the upper part of the frame
Feature: increased number of subtitle tracks visible in Choose Subtitles step listbox
Feature: allow change of palette for entire movie
Fix: multi-colored bluray subs will no longer result in black blob for OCR
Fix: dvds with no language specified will not cause exception in name creation of subtitle files
Fix: Root directory Dvds will use volume label as their directory name
Feature: Improved Create Subtitle File page usability
Feature: Added option to keep the original line breaks (but not positions) of the source subtitles
Fix: Restored a forced space between italic and non-italic alphabetic characters
Feature: Added tooltips to most controls
Fix: icon always visible
Fix: for default palette choice on some DVDs
Fix: IDX/SUB file colors due to bad RGB2YUV conversion
Fix: hyphens at start of line now will always have a space after them, double hyphens and em dash will not
Fix: correctly reading Idx/Sub files with multiple tracks where packets are interleaved
Fix: removal of automatic space character added between italic and non-italic characters
Fix: combine duplicate SRT subtitles
Feature: Insert non-italic spaces between letters unless both the letters before and after are italic
Feature: Shortened track info added to srt and ass file names
Fix: for resizing OCR window
Fix: ':' and ';' characters made up from pieces on multiple lines would over-ride correct OCR matches
Feature: New fuzzy logic OCR reduces manual matches required by 50-90% (for High Def (BluRay) subtitle files only)
Feature: Improved user interface for manually entering OCR matches (just hit the character)
Feature: Backspace key now acts as Undo during OCR
Feature: Space key now toggles Italics on/off
Feature: OCR window now with highlight border when Italics on
Fix: Improved the left kerning adjustment on left italic double quote characters
Fix: Improved auto-split when 1 letter is an 'r'
Fix: Restored "Restart OCR from beginning" functions, but now on the OCR Review dialog instead of the main window
Fix: OCR Review dialog now sorted by height for improved visual pattern matching
Feature: Allow OcrMap.bin file to be placed in same directory as EXE
Feature: Choose Subtitle dialog directory remembered while app is up
Feature: Allow Save As when creating Subtitle files (initial directory is remembered)
Feature: Allow resizing of all main window dialogs
Fix: Issue Id #682 (Dynamically generating the expected baseline and top offsets for characters. This fixes the problem of manually entered characters not in character selector incorrectly being put on a different line or marked as baseline incorrect. )
Fix: Another SDH removal fix pass
Feature: "baseline double quotes" character to selector box
Feature: option to save SRT files as ANSI
Feature: made "Save Sup files to Source directory" apply to both Sup and Idx files.
Fix: removed SDH text (...) or ... that is split over 2 lines
Fix: better decision-making for when to prefix a line with a '-' because SDH was removed
Fix: manual entry remembers if last character was italic
Fix: idx file parsing error
Feature: Better focus control for OCR manual entry
Fix: DVD subtitle durations were too short in some cases due to sub format parsing error
Feature: During manual entry of OCR matches, set the Default button (which is activated by the Enter key) to either Normal or Italic buttons based on which was used most recently
Feature: added option to display subtitle scaled to video in Choose Subtitle step
Feature: increased size of OCR step and Word Spacing step windows
Feature: added version to titlebar
Fix: SDH text removal now understands a change of speaker has occurred when 1 line has a - and the other has SDH text at the start
Fix: rounding of timestamps to nearest millisecond now improved
Fix: spell checking of words beginning with ' character improved
Feature: Left-align instead of Center-align positioned text when creating ASS files because it looks better, especially if some characters are removed by SDH Removal option
Feature: Allow multi-selection of sup and idx files on Choose Subtitles step to allow easier batch processing of multiple source files. "OCR Next Encoded Title" button on Create Subtitle File step moves to next file automatically.
Fix: SDH removal fixed so that lines from different speakers (as indicated by SDH) will be indicated by hyphen - character after SDH is removed
Feature: Added SDH Removal to ASS file type output
Feature: Added option to store .sup file results in same directory as source
Feature: Added "em dash" and several Greek characters to character selector
Feature: Added optional "SDH Removal" to remove hearing-impaired specific text. (feature supported for SRT files only this release)
Fix: Some corrections for separating default (centered, bottom screen) text and positioned text
Fix: Removed unnecessary suffix to file names for .sup file sources
Fix: Improved the algorithm to find spaces between words
Fix: Adding a character manually which is not in the character ocr selection box would silently throw an exception and stop forward progress.
Fix: Error in Sup file parsing lead to several missed subtitles. Errors found in samples from Xmen First Class (forced) and Monsters Inc.
Fix: Sup file parsing when first subtitle is empty would throw exception (Monsters Inc. sample)
Feature: Added ability to enter matching OCR character manually
Fix: Ass style format lines were being written incorrectly when the user's regional settings had a comma for the decimal place separator. Ass file format requires using . separator for floating point numbers even in places (Europe, etc) where comma is the norm.
Feature: Italics are now marked in srt file output using <i> and </i> tags
Changes the default output directory to user's "My Videos" instead of the hard-to-find App Data
Release adds a warning if the DGIndex application is not configured in Options when you enter the RunExtractor page.

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