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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Streamlink

Streamlink 5.0.1

Patch release:

Fixed: truncation of relative paths in progress output on Windows (#4830)
Fixed: mitele plugin's validation schema (#4839)
Fixed: infinite loop in rtve plugin (#4840)

Streamlink 5.0.0

Breaking changes:

BREAKING: removed avconv (libav) from FFmpeg fallback list (#4826)
BREAKING/API: removed Plugin.bind() and changed the signature of the Plugin class constructor (#4768)
A compatibility wrapper for these interface changes has temporarily been added in order to keep third-party plugin implementations working.
Please see the deprecation docs for more details.
BREAKING/API: changed the return value of Session.resolve_url() (#4768)
Please see the deprecation docs for more details.
BREAKING/API: removed HTTPSession.parse_*() methods (#4803)
Release highlights:

Added: official support for Python 3.11 (#4806)
Added: --player-external-http-continuous (#4739)
Added: file path to progress output (--output, --record, etc.) (#4764)
Added: warning message when FFmpeg is not available and muxing is unsupported (#4781)
Changed: logging channel of deprecation messages to "warning" (#4785)
Disabled: --twitch-disable-hosting and removed its logic (#4805)
Fixed: memory leak when initializing the Streamlink session (#4768)
Fixed: cbsnews plugin (#4743)
Fixed: steam plugin authentication (#4745)
Fixed: ustreamtv plugin (#4761)
Fixed: huya plugin (#4763)
Fixed: atresplayer, mitele and rtve plugins (#4759, #4760, #4766)
Fixed: albavision, hiplayer and htv plugins (#4770)
Fixed: OKru plugin with support for the mobile page (#4780)
Fixed: trovo plugin VODs (#4812)
API: added Streamlink and HTTPSession typing informations to Plugin and Stream (including its various subclasses) (#4802, #4814)
API: added pluginargument decorator (#4747)
Docs: updated pluginmatcher and pluginargument documentation (#4771)

Streamlink 4.3.0

Release highlights:

Improved: CLI download progress output (#4656)
Fixed: consecutive FFmpeg executable lookups not being cached (#4660)
Fixed: --ffmpeg-verbose-path not expanding ~ to the user's home directory (#4688)
Fixed: deprecated stdlib API calls in the upcoming Python 3.11 release (#4651, #4654)
Fixed: huya plugin (#4685)
Fixed: livestream plugin (#4679)
Fixed: picarto plugin (#4729)
Fixed: nbcnews plugin (#4668)
Fixed: deutschewelle plugin (#4725)
Added plugins: atpchallenger (#4700)
Removed plugins: nbc + nbcsports + theplatform (#4731), common_jwplayer (#4733)
Docs: various CLI related improvements (#4659)
Docs: removed OpenBSD and Ubuntu from install docs (#4681)
Plugin API: added new validation schemas and updated validators (#4691, #4709, #4732)

Streamlink 4.2.0

Release highlights:

Added: new Windows portable builds (#4581)
Added: more dependency versions to debug log header (#4575)
Added: parsed multivariant playlist reference to HLSStream and MuxedHLSStream (#4568)
Fixed: unnecessary delay when closing DASHStreams (#4630)
Fixed: FFmpegMuxer not closing sub-streams concurrently (#4634)
Fixed: threading issue when closing WebsocketClient connections (#4608)
Fixed: handling of PluginErrors when outputting JSON data via --json (#4590)
Fixed: broken YouTube plugin when setting custom authentication headers (#4576)
Fixed: "source" Twitch VODs not being considered "best" (#4625)
Fixed: and rewritten FilmOn plugin (#4573)
Fixed: websocket issue in Twitcasting plugin (#4608, #4628)
Fixed: VK plugin (#4613, #4638)
Fixed: various other plugin issues (see full changelog)
New plugins: Aloula (#4572)
Removed plugins: Eltrecetv (#4593)
Docs: added openSUSE (#4596) and Scoop (#4600) packages
Docs: improved some links in CLI docs (#4623)
Docs: upgraded furo theme to 2022.06.04.1, require sphinx >=4, and replace recommonmark with myst-parser (#4610)
Build: fixed outdated python_requires value in setup.cfg (#4580)
Build: upgraded versioningit build dependency to >=2.0.0 <3 (#4597)

Streamlink 4.2.0

Release highlights:

Added: new Windows portable builds (#4581)
Added: more dependency versions to debug log header (#4575)
Added: parsed multivariant playlist reference to HLSStream and MuxedHLSStream (#4568)
Fixed: unnecessary delay when closing DASHStreams (#4630)
Fixed: FFmpegMuxer not closing sub-streams concurrently (#4634)
Fixed: threading issue when closing WebsocketClient connections (#4608)
Fixed: handling of PluginErrors when outputting JSON data via --json (#4590)
Fixed: broken YouTube plugin when setting custom authentication headers (#4576)
Fixed: "source" Twitch VODs not being considered "best" (#4625)
Fixed: and rewritten FilmOn plugin (#4573)
Fixed: websocket issue in Twitcasting plugin (#4608, #4628)
Fixed: VK plugin (#4613, #4638)
Fixed: various other plugin issues (see full changelog)
New plugins: Aloula (#4572)
Removed plugins: Eltrecetv (#4593)
Docs: added openSUSE (#4596) and Scoop (#4600) packages
Docs: improved some links in CLI docs (#4623)
Docs: upgraded furo theme to 2022.06.04.1, require sphinx >=4, and replace recommonmark with myst-parser (#4610)
Build: fixed outdated python_requires value in setup.cfg (#4580)
Build: upgraded versioningit build dependency to >=2.0.0 <3 (#4597)

Full changelog

Ben Greiner <> (1):
build: fix python_requires (#4580)

Ian Cameron <> (6):
plugins.aloula: new plugin
plugins.aloula: update login required message
plugins.pandalive: update/fix
plugins.vk: fix
plugins.trovo: update URL matching, tests
plugins.vk: add support for WAF cookie

Mozi <> (3):
docs: change "defaults" to "default" to apply bold style
docs: use full-length parameters to create links
docs: make cross-link to "metadata variables" in cli docs

back-to <> (5):
plugins.rtpa: fix 401 error, added self.title
plugins.mediavitrina: fix invalid url_json
plugins.idf1: fix plugin
plugins.eltrecetv: removed
plugins.telefe: fix livestream (#4592)

bastimeyer <> (34):
plugins.tvtoya: rewrite plugin
stream.hls: cache parsed multivariant playlist
stream.hls: add methods for fetching playlists
plugins.filmon: rewrite plugin
cli: list all dependencies in debug output fix InitialPlayerResponse regex
docs: update windows binaries section
cli: fix pluginerror in handle_url if json is True
ci: update deploy-docs script
plugin.api: add update-user-agents script
ci: add useragents workflow
docs: remove windows portable maintainer note
docs: add openSUSE package
build: upgrade versioningit to >=2.0.0, <3
docs: fix versioningit version
docs: add scoop package
plugin.api.websocket: don't join current thread
plugin.api.websocket: fix typing, export opcodes
plugins.twitcasting: fix websocket stream data
docs: bump furo theme version to 2022.06.04.1
docs: replace recommonmark with myst-parser
docs: update homebrew package link
ci: lint sphinx extensions and
plugins.twitch: fix stream weight
plugins.twitcasting: discard text frames
plugins.rtve: rewrite plugin
stream.ffmpegmux: close sub-streams concurrently
stream.segmented: add AwaitableMixin
tests: refactor DashStreamWorker tests
stream.dash: update DASHStreamWorker.iter_segments
stream.dash: update DASHStreamWriter.fetch
plugins.vidio: rewrite plugin
stream.hls: turn url_master into property
release: 4.2.0

streamlinkbot <> (1):
plugin.api: update useragents

Streamlink 4.1.0

Release highlights:

Improved: decryption of HLS streams (#4533)
Improved: HLS playlist parsing (#4540, #4552)
Improved: string representations of Stream implementations (#4521)
Fixed: new YouTube consent dialog (#4515)
Fixed: crunchyroll plugin (#4510)
Fixed: nicolive email logins (#4553)
Fixed: threading issue when closing segmented streams (#4517)
Removed: suppression of InsecureRequestWarning (#4525)
New plugins: blazetv (#4548), hiplayer (#4507), useetv (#4536)
Removed plugins: rotana (#4512)
&#9881;&#65039; Installation and configuration
Please see the detailed installation instructions and CLI guide on Streamlink's website.

&#9888;&#65039; PLEASE NOTE &#9888;&#65039;
Streamlink's Windows installers have been moved to streamlink/windows-installer.

&#10084;&#65039; Support
If you think that Streamlink is useful and if you want to keep the project alive, then please consider supporting its maintainers by sending a small and optionally recurring tip via the available options.
Your support is very much appreciated, thank you!

&#128591; Contributors
45: @bastimeyer
7: @mkbloke
1: @amurzeau
1: @gravyboat
1: @sknebel
1: @yhhsin
&#128466;&#65039; Full changelog
Alexis Murzeau <> (1):
tests: mock user euid to be able to run tests as root

Forrest <> (1):
docs: clean up gravyboat donation links (#4534)

Ian Cameron <> (7):
plugins.rotana: plugin removal
plugins.hiplayer: new plugin
plugins.crunchyroll: update/fix
plugins.mildom: fix/update
plugins.useetv: new plugin
plugins.blazetv: new plugin
plugin.api: update useragents

Sebastian Meyer <> (1):
plugins.useetv: geo+subscription error messages (#4550)

Sven <> (1):
docs: fix broken relative link

bastimeyer <> (43):
docs: update dependencies section in install docs
docs: use cross-reference instead of direct link fix consent dialog
changelog: remove git shortlogs
script: rewrite github release script
script: rename github release script
ci: use GITHUB_TOKEN for deploying to GitHub
plugin.api.validate: refactor all + any
plugin.api.validate: refactor get
plugin.api.validate: refactor callable
plugin.api.validate: fix xml_element
plugin.api.validate: refactor Schema class
plugin.api.validate: turn module into package
plugin.api.validate: implement ValidationError
plugin.api.validate: truncate error messages
plugin.api.validate: rewrite tests
tests: move FileStream tests
http_session: don't disable InsecureRequestWarning
session: fix deprecated imports
plugin.api.http_session: add prepare_new_request
stream: refactor to_url and string representation
stream.hls: simplify discard logic in writer
docs: rewrite API guide
stream.hls: refactor segment decryption
stream.hls_playlist: refactor M3U8Parser
plugin.api: fix typing issues
utils: fix typing issues
session: fix typing issues
options: fix typing issues
logger: fix typing issues
stream.dash: fix typing issues
stream.hls: fix typing issues
plugins: fix typing issues
cli: fix typing issues
tests: fix typing issues
docs: temporarily disable intersphinx
docs: enable intersphinx again
chore: fix import typing issues
tools: add mypy config
ci: new linting config
tests: fix typing issue in HLSStreamReadThread
stream.hls: parse M3U8 from Response obj directly
plugins.nicolive: fix email logins

yhhsin <> (1):
stream.segmented: join worker+writer on close (#4517)

Streamlink 4.0.1

Fixed: missing source-dist tarballs on GitHub release page (#4503)

Streamlink 4.0.0

Breaking changes:

BREAKING: dropped support for Python 3.6 (#4442)
BREAKING/API: removed streamlink.plugin.api.utils module (#4467)
BREAKING/setup: switched to PEP 518 build system declaration and replaced versioneer in favor of versioningit (#4440)
BREAKING/packaging: replaced Windows installers with new ones built at streamlink/windows-installer (#4405)
Added: new embedded Python builds for 3.8 and 3.10, both x86 and x86_64
Updated: embedded FFmpeg to 5.0
Release highlights:

Added: support for --record=-, for writing data to stdout while watching at the same time (#4462)
Added: plugin variable for --title, --output, --record and --record-and-pipe (#4437)
Added: missing CLI protocol parameter support for DASH streams (#4434)
Updated: CLI and API documentation (#4415, #4424, #4430)
Updated: plugin description documentation (#4391)
Fixed: nicolive email logins (#4380)
Fixed: various other plugin issues (see the changelog down below)
New plugins: cmmedia (#4416), htv (#4431), mdstrm (#4395), trovo (#4471)
Removed plugins: abweb (#4270), garena (#4460), senategov (#4458), teamliquid (#4393), tlctr (#4432), vrtbe (#4459)

Streamlink 3.2.0

Release highlights:

Added: log message for the resolved path when writing output to file (#4336)
Added: new plugins for (#4344) and (#4364)
Changed: metadata requirements for built-in plugins (#4374)
Improved: plugins documentation (#4374)
Fixed: filmon plugin, requires at least OpenSSL 1.1.0 (#4335, #4345)
Fixed: mildom plugin (#4375)
Fixed: nicolive email logins with confirmation codes (#4380)
Fixed: various other plugin issues, see the changelog down below
Upgraded: Windows installer's Python and dependency versions (#4330, #4347)

Streamlink 3.1.1

Patch release:

Fixed: broken streamlink.exe/streamlinkw.exe executables in Windows installer (#4308)

Streamlink 3.1.0

Release highlights:

Changed: file overwrite prompt to wait for user input before opening streams (#4252)
Fixed: log messages appearing in --json output (#4258)
Fixed: keep-alive TCP connections when filtering out HLS segments (#4229)
Fixed: sort order of DASH streams with the same video resolution (#4220)
Fixed: HLS segment byterange offsets (#4301, #4302)
Fixed: YouTube /live URLs (#4222)
Fixed: UStream websocket address (#4238)
Fixed: Pluto desync issues by filtering out bumper segments (#4255)
Fixed: various plugin issues - please see the changelog down below
Removed plugins: abweb (#4270), latina (#4269), live_russia_tv (#4263), liveme (#4264)

Streamlink 3.0.3

Patch release:

Fixed: broken output of the --help CLI argument (#4213)
Fixed: parsing of invalid HTML5 documents (#4210)

Streamlink 3.0.2

Patch release:

Added: support for the id plugin metadata property (#4203)
Updated: Twitch access token request parameter regarding embedded ads (#4194)
Fixed: early SIGINT/SIGTERM signal handling (#4190)
Fixed: broken character set decoding when parsing HTML documents (#4201)
Fixed: missing home directory expansion (tilde character) in file output paths (#4204)
New plugin: tviplayer (#4199)

Streamlink 3.0.1

Patch release:

Fixed: broken pycountry import in Windows installer's Python environment (#4180)

Streamlink 3.0.0

Breaking changes:

BREAKING: dropped support for RTMP, HDS and AkamaiHD streams (#4169, #4168)
removed the rtmp://, hds:// and akamaihd:// protocol plugins
removed all Flash related code
upgraded all plugins using these old streaming protocols
dropped RTMPDump dependency
BREAKING: removed the following CLI arguments (and respective session options): (#4169, #4168)
--rtmp-rtmpdump, --rtmpdump, --rtmp-proxy, --rtmp-timeout
Users of Streamlink's Windows installer will need to update their config file.
--subprocess-cmdline, --subprocess-errorlog, --subprocess-errorlog-path
--hds-live-edge, --hds-segment-attempts, --hds-segment-threads, --hds-segment-timeout, --hds-timeout
BREAKING: switched from HTTP to HTTPS for all kinds of scheme-less input URLs. If a site or http-proxy doesn't support HTTPS, then HTTP needs to be set explicitly. (#4068, #4053)
BREAKING/API: changed Session.resolve_url() and Session.resolve_url_no_redirect() to return a tuple of a plugin class and the resolved URL instead of an initialized plugin class instance. This fixes the availability of plugin options in a plugin's constructor. (#4163)
BREAKING/requirements: dropped alternative dependency pycrypto and removed the STREAMLINK_USE_PYCRYPTO env var switch (#4174)
BREAKING/requirements: switched from iso-639+iso3166 to pycountry and removed the STREAMLINK_USE_PYCOUNTRY env var switch (#4175)
BREAKING/setup: disabled unsupported Python versions, disabled the deprecated test setuptools command, removed the NO_DEPS env var, and switched to declarative package data via setup.cfg (#4079, #4107, #4115 #4113)
Release highlights:

Deprecated: --https-proxy in favor of a single --http-proxy CLI argument (and respective session option). Both now set the same proxy for all HTTPS/HTTP requests and websocket connections. --https-proxy will be removed in a future release. (#4120)
Added: official support for Python 3.10 (#4144)
Added: --twitch-api-header for only setting API requests headers (for authentication, etc.) as an alternative to --http-header (#4156)
Added: BASH and ZSH completions to sdist tarball and wheels. (#4048, #4178)
Added: support for creating parent directories via metadata variables in file output paths (#4085)
Added: new WebsocketClient implementation (#4153)
Updated: plugins using websocket connections - nicolive, ustreamtv, twitcasting (#4155, #4164, #4154)
Updated: circumvention for YouTube's age verification (#4058)
Updated: and fixed lots of other plugins, see the detailed changelog below
Reverted: HLS segment downloads always being streamed, and added back --hls-segment-stream-data to prevent connection issues (#4159)
Fixed: URL percent-encoding for sites which require the lowercase format (#4003)
Fixed: XML parsing issues (#4075)
Fixed: broken method parameter when using the httpstream:// protocol plugin (#4171)
Fixed: test failures when the brotli package is installed (#4022)
Requirements: bumped lxml to >4.6.4,<5.0 and websocket-client to >=1.2.1,<2.0 (#4143, #4153)
Windows installer: upgraded Python to 3.9.8 and FFmpeg to n4.4.1 (#4176, #4124)
Documentation: upgraded to first stable version of the Furo theme (#4000)
New plugins: pandalive (#4064)
Removed plugins: tga (#4129), viasat (#4087), viutv (#4018), webcast_india_gov (#4024)

Streamlink 2.4.0

Release highlights:

Deprecated: stream-type specific stream transport options in favor of generic options (#3893)

use --stream-segment-attempts instead of --{dash,hds,hls}-segment-attempts
use --stream-segment-threads instead of --{dash,hds,hls}-segment-threads
use --stream-segment-timeout instead of --{dash,hds,hls}-segment-timeout
use --stream-timeout instead of --{dash,hds,hls,rtmp,http-stream}-timeout
See the documentation's deprecations page for more information.

Deprecated: --hls-segment-stream-data option and made it always stream segment data (#3894)

Updated: Python version of the Windows installer from 3.8 to 3.9 and dropped support for Windows 7 due to Python incompatibilities (#3918)
See the documentation's install page for alternative installation methods on Windows 7.

Updated: FFmpeg in the Windows Installer from 4.2 (Zeranoe) to 4.4 (streamlink/FFmpeg-Builds) (#3981)

Added: {author}, {category}/{game}, {title} and {url} variables to --output, --record and --record-and-play (#3962)

Added: {time}/{time:custom-format} variable to --title, --output, --record and --record-and-play (#3993)

Added: --fs-safe-rules for changing character replacement rules in file outputs (#3962)

Added: plugin metadata to --json stream data output (#3987)

Fixed: named pipes not being cleaned up by FFMPEGMuxer (#3992)

Fixed: KeyError on invalid variables in --player-args (#3988)

Fixed: tests failing in certain cases when run in different order (#3920)

Fixed: initial HLS playlist parsing issues (#3903, #3910)

Fixed: various plugin issues. Please see the changelog down below.

Dependencies: added lxml>=4.6.3 (#3952)

Dependencies: switched back to requests>=2.26.0 on Windows (#3930)

Removed plugins: animeworld (#3951), gardenersworld (#3966), huomao (#3932)

Streamlink 2.3.0

Release highlights:

Implemented: new plugin URL matching API (#3814, #3821)
Third-party plugins which use the old API will still be resolved, but those plugins will have to upgrade in the future. See the documentation's deprecations page for more information.
Implemented: HLS media initialization section (fragmented MPEG-4 streams) (#3828)
Upgraded: requests to >=2.26.0,<3 and set it to ==2.25.1 on Windows (#3864, #3880)
Fixed: YouTube channel URLs, premiering live streams, added API fallback (#3847, #3873, #3809)
Removed plugins: canalplus (#3841), dommune (#3818), liveedu (#3845), periscope (#3813), powerapp (#3816), rtlxl (#3842), streamingvideoprovider (#3843), teleclubzoom (#3817), tigerdile (#3819)
See the detailed installation instructions on Streamlink's website.

Supporting Streamlink
If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating via the Open collective. Not only becoming a backer, but also a sponsor for the (open source) project.

Hakkin Lain <> (1):
stream.hls: set fallback playlist reload time to 6 seconds (#3887)

back-to <> (16): added API fallback
plugins.rtvs: fixed livestream
plugins.nos: Fixed Livestream and VOD
plugins.vlive: fixed livestream (#3820)
plugins.Tigerdile: removed
plugins.Dommune: removed
plugins.PowerApp: removed
plugins.TeleclubZoom: removed (#3817)
plugins.cdnbg: Fix regex and referer issues
plugins.rtlxl: removed
plugins.CanalPlus: removed
plugins.liveedu: removed
plugins.Streamingvideoprovider: removed
plugin.api: update useragents detect Livestreams with 'isLive'
plugins.nimotv: use 'mStreamPkg'

bastimeyer <> (30): translate embed_live URLs
plugins.periscope: remove plugin
plugins.mediaklikk: rewrite plugin
stream.hls: add type hints and refactor
stream.hls: implement media initialization section
plugin: new matchers API
plugins: update protocol plugins
plugins: update basic plugins
plugins: update plugins with URL capture groups
plugins: update plugins with spec. can_handle_url
plugins: update plugins with multiple URL matchers
plugins: update plugins with URL translations
session: resolve deprecated plugins
plugins.zdf_mediathek: refactor plugin, drop HDS
docs: add deprecations page
plugins.tv8: remove API, find HLS via simple regex find videoId on channel pages
chore: replace issue templates with forms
chore: fix issue forms checklist
tests: remove mock from dev dependencies
vendor: set requests to >=2.26.0,<3
tests: temporarily skip broken tests on win32
tests: fix unnecessary hostname lookup in cli_main
docs: fix headline anchors on deprecations page
vendor: downgrade requests to 2.25.1 on Windows
tests: refactor TestMixinStreamHLS
streams.segmented: refactor worker and writer
streams.segmented: refactor reader
streams.hls: refactor worker
streams.hls: fix playlist_reload_time

gustaf <> (1):
plugins.tv4play: fix plugin URL regex

vinyl-umbrella <> (1):
plugins.openrectv: update HLS URLs (#3850)

Streamlink 2.2.0

Release highlights:

Changed: default config file path on macOS and Windows (#3766)

macOS: ${HOME}/Library/Application Support/streamlink/config
Windows: %APPDATA%streamlinkconfig
Changed: default custom plugins directory path on macOS and Linux/BSD (#3766)

macOS: ${HOME}/Library/Application Support/streamlink/plugins
Linux/BSD: ${XDG_DATA_HOME:-${HOME}/.local/share}/streamlink/plugins
Deprecated: old config file paths and old custom plugins directory paths (#3784)

Support for these old paths will be dropped in the future.
See the CLI documentation for all the details regarding these changes.

Implemented: --logfile CLI argument (#3753)

Fixed: Youtube 404 errors by dropping private API calls (plugin rewrite) (#3797)

Fixed: Twitch clips (#3762, #3775) and hosted channel redirection (#3776)

Fixed: Olympicchannel plugin (#3760)

Fixed: various Zattoo plugin issues (#3773, #3780)

Fixed: HTTP responses with truncated body and mismatching content-length header (#3768)

Fixed: scheme-less URLs with address:port for --http-proxy, etc. (#3765)

Fixed: rendered man page path on Sphinx 4 (#3750)

Added plugins: (#3584), (#3585), (#3743)

Removed plugins: (#3781), (#3798)

Streamlink 2.1.2

Patch release:

Fixed: youtube 404 errors (#3732), consent dialog (#3672) and added short URLs (#3677)
Fixed: picarto plugin (#3661)
Fixed: euronews plugin (#3698)
Fixed: bbciplayer plugin (#3725)
Fixed: missing removed-plugins-file in build (#3653)
Changed: HLS streams to use rounded bandwidth names (#3721)
Removed: plugin for / (#3686), (#3673)

Streamlink 2.1.1

Patch release:

Fixed: test failure due to missing removed plugins file in sdist tarball (#3644).

Streamlink 2.1.0

Release highlights:

Added: --interface, -4 / --ipv4 and -6 / --ipv6 (#3483)
Added: --niconico-purge-credentials (#3434)
Added: --twitcasting-password (#3505)
Added: Linux AppImages (#3611)
Added: pre-built man page to bdist wheels and sdist tarballs (#3459, #3510)
Added: plugin for and (#3484), (#3508)
Fixed: --player-http / --player-continuous-http HTTP server being bound to all interfaces (#3450)
Fixed: handling of languages without alpha_2 code when using pycountry (#3518)
Fixed: memory leak when calling streamlink.streams() (#3486)
Fixed: race condition in HLS related tests (#3454)
Fixed: --player-fifo issues on Windows with VLC or MPV (#3619)
Fixed: various plugins issues (see detailed changelog down below)
Removed: Windows portable (RosadinTV) (#3535)
Removed: plugin for (#3457), (#3485), btsports (#3636)
Dependencies: set websocket-client to >=0.58.0 (#3634)

Streamlink 2.0.0

Release highlights:

BREAKING: dropped support for Python 2 and Python 3.5 (#3232, #3269)
BREAKING: updated the Python version of the Windows installer to 3.8 (#3330)
Users of Windows 7 will need their system to be fully upgraded.
BREAKING: removed all deprecated CLI arguments (#3277, #3349)
--http-cookies, --http-headers, --http-query-params
--cmdline, -c
--errorlog, -e
--btv-username, --btv-password
--pixiv-username, --pixiv-password
--twitch-oauth-authenticate, --twitch-oauth-token, --twitch-cookie
BREAKING: replaced various subtitle muxing CLI arguments with --mux-subtitles (#3324)
BREAKING: sideloading faulty plugins will now raise an Exception (#3366)
BREAKING: changed trace logging timestamp format (#3273)
BREAKING/API: removed deprecated Session compat options (#3349)
BREAKING/API: removed deprecated custom Logger and LogRecord (#3273)
BREAKING/API: removed deprecated parameters from HLSStream.parse_variant_playlist (#3347)
BREAKING/API: removed plugin.api.support_plugin (#3398)
Added: new plugin for (#3363)
Added: support for HLS master playlist URLs to --stream-url / --json (#3300)
Added: --ffmpeg-fout for changing the output format of muxed streams (#2892)
Added: --ffmpeg-copyts and --ffmpeg-start-at-zero (#3404, #3413)
Added: --streann-url for iframe referencing (#3356)
Added: --niconico-timeshift-offset (#3425)
Fixed: duplicate stream names in DASH inputs (#3410)
Fixed: youtube live playback (#3268, #3372, #3428)
Fixed: --twitch-disable-reruns (#3375)
Fixed: various plugins issues (see detailed changelog down below)
Changed: {filename} variable in --player-args / -a to {playerinput} and made both optional (#3313)
Changed: and fixed streamlinkrc config file in the Windows installer (#3350)
Changed: MPV's automated --title argument to --force-media-title (#3405)
Changed: HTML documentation theme to furo (#3335)
Removed: plugins for skai, kingkong, ellobo, trt/trtspor, tamago, streamme, metube, cubetv, willax

Streamlink 1.7.0

Release highlights:

Added: new plugins for, and
Added: new embedded ad detection for Twitch streams (#3213)
Fixed: a few broken plugins and minor plugin issues (see changelog down below)
Fixed: arguments in config files were read too late before taking effect (#3255)
Fixed: Arte plugin returning too many streams and overriding primary ones (#3228)
Fixed: Twitch plugin error when stream metadata API response is empty (#3223)
Fixed: Zattoo login issues (#3202)
Changed: plugin request and submission guidelines (#3244)
Changed: refactored and cleaned up Twitch plugin (#3227)
Removed: platform=_ stream token request parameter from Twitch plugin (again) (#3220)
Removed: plugins for itvplayer, aljazeeraen, srgssr and dingittv

Streamlink 1.6.0

Release highlights:

Fixed: lots of broken plugins and minor plugin issues (see changelog down below)
Fixed: embedded ads on Twitch with an ads workaround, removing pre-roll and mid-stream ads (#3173)
Fixed: read timeout error when filtering out HLS segments (#3187)
Fixed: twitch plugin logging incorrect low-latency status when pre-roll ads exist (#3169)
Fixed: crunchyroll auth logic (#3150)
Added: the --hls-playlist-reload-time parameter for customizing HLS playlist reload times (#2925)
Added: python -m streamlink invocation style support (#3174)
Added: plugin for (#3097)
Changed: yupptv plugin and replaced email+pass with id+token authentication (#3116)
Removed: plugins for vaughnlive, pandatv, douyutv, cybergame, europaplus and startv

Streamlink 1.5.0

A minor release with fixes for pycountry==20.7.3 (#3057) and a few plugin additions and removals.

And of course the usual plugin fixes and upgrades, which you can see in the git shortlog down below. Thank you to everyone involved!

Support for Python2 has not been dropped yet (contrary to the comment in the last changelog), but will be in the near future.

Streamlink 1.4.0

This will be the last release with support for Python 2, as it has finally reached its EOL at the beginning of this year.

Streamlink 1.4.0 comes with lots of plugin fixes/improvements, as well as some new features and plugins, and also a few plugin removals.

Notable changes:

New: low latency streaming on Twitch via --twitch-low-latency (#2513)
New: output HLS segment data immediately via --hls-segment-stream-data (#2513)
New: always show download progress via --force-progress (#2438)
New: URL template support for --hls-segment-key-uri (#2821)
Removed: Twitch auth logic, --twitch-oauth-token, --twitch-oauth-authenticate, --twitch-cookie (#2846)
Fixed: Youtube plugin (#2858)
Fixed: Crunchyroll plugin (#2788)
Fixed: Pixiv plugin (#2840)
Fixed: TVplayer plugin (#2802)
Fixed: Zattoo plugin (#2887)
Changed: set Firefox User-Agent HTTP header by default (#2795)
Changed: upgraded bundled FFmpeg to 4.2.2 in Windows installer (#2916)

Streamlink 1.3.1

A small patch release that addresses the removal of MPV's legacy option syntax, also with fixes of several plugins, the addition of the --twitch-disable-reruns parameter and dropped support for Python 3.4.

Streamlink 1.3.0

A new release with plugin updates and fixes, including (see #2680), which had to be delayd due to back and forth API changes.

The workarounds mentioned in #2680 don't have to be applied anymore, but authenticating via --twitch-oauth-token has been disabled, regardless of the origin of the OAuth token (via --twitch-oauth-authenticate or the Twitch website). In order to not introduce breaking changes, both parameters have been kept in this release and the user name will still be logged when using an OAuth token, but receiving item drops or accessing restricted streams is not possible anymore.

Plugins for the following sites have also been added:


Streamlink 1.2.0

Here are the changes for this month's release

Multiple plugin fixes
Fixed single hyphen params at the beginning of --player-args (#2333)
--http-proxy will set the default value of --https-proxy to same as --http-proxy. (#2536)
DASH Streams will handle headers correctly (#2545)
the timestamp for FFMPEGMuxer streams will start with zero (#2559)
See the detailed installation instructions on Streamlink's website.

Supporting Streamlink
If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating via the Open collective. Not only becoming a backer, but also a sponsor for the (open source) project.

Davi Guimarães <> (1):
plugins.cubetv: base url changes (#2430)

Forrest <> (1):
Add a sponsor button (#2478)

Jiting <> (1): bug fix for YouTube live streams check

Juan Ramirez <> (2):
Invalid use of console.logger in CLI
Too many arguments for logging format string

Mohamed El Morabity <> (9):
plugins.vimeo: new plugin for Vimeo streams
plugins.vimeo: add subtitle support for vimeo plugin
plugins.vimeo: fix alphabetical order in plugin matrix
Use class parameter instead of class name in class method
[plugins.bfmtv] Fix player regex
[plugins.idf1] Update for new website layout
plugins.gulli: enable HTTPS support
plugins.gulli: fix live stream fetching
plugins.tvrplus: fix for new website layout

Mohamed El Morabity <> (1):
plugins.clubbingtv: new plugin for Clubbing TV website (#2569)

Viktor Kálmán <> (1):
plugins.mediaklikk: update broken plugin (#2401)

Vladimir Stavrinov <> (2):
plugins.live_russia_tv: adjust to site changes (#2523)
plugins.oneplusone: fix site changes (#2425)

YuuichiMizuoka <> (1):
add login posibility for pixiv using sessionid and devicetoken

aqxa1 <> (1):
Handle keyboard interrupts in can_handle_url checks (#2318)

back-to <> (12):
cli.argparser: Fix single hyphen params at the beginning of --player-args
plugins.reuters: New Plugin
plugins: Removed rte and tvcatchup
utils.__init__: remove cElementTree, it's just an alias for ElementTree
plugins.teamliquid: New domain, fix stream_weight
plugins.vimeo: Fixed DASH Livestreams
plugin.api.useragents: update CHROME and FIREFOX User-Agent
ffmpegmux: use -start_at_zero with -copyts fixed reason msg, updated _url_re
plugins.TV1Channel: Fixed new livestream iframe
plugins.npo: removed due to DRM
plugins.lrt: fixed livestreams

bastimeyer <> (1):
plugins.welt: fix plugin

beardypig <> (13):
plugins.bbciplayer: small change to where the VPID is extracted from (#2376)
plugins.goodgame: fix for debug logging error
plugins.cdnbg: fix for bstv url
plugins.ustvnow: updated to handle new auth, and site design
plugin.schoolism: bug fix for videos with subtitles (#2524)
stream.dash: use the stream args in the writer and worker
session: default https-proxy to the same as http-proxy, can be overridden
plugins.beattv: partial fix for the streams
tests: test the behaviour of setting http-proxy and https-proxy
plugins.twitch: support for different clips URL
plugins.wwenetwork: support for new site
plugins.ustreamtv: add support for proxying WebSocket connections
plugins.wwenetwork: update for small page/api change

skulblakka <> (1):
plugins.DLive: New Plugin for (#2419)

ssaqua <> (1):
plugins.linelive: new plugin for LINE LIVE ( (#2574)

Streamlink 1.1.1

This is just a small patch release which fixes a build/deploy issue with the new special wheels for Windows on PyPI. (#2392)

Streamlink 1.1.0

These are the highlights of Streamlink's first minor release after the 1.0.0 milestone:

several plugin fixes, improvements and new plugin implementations
addition of the --twitch-disable-ads parameter for filtering out advertisement segments from streams (#2372)
DASH stream improvements (#2285)
documentation enhancements (#2292, #2293)
addition of the {url} player title variable (#2232)
default player title config for PotPlayer (#2224)
new streamlinkw executable on Windows (wheels + installer) (#2326)
Github release assets simplification (#2360)

Streamlink 1.0.0

The celebratory release of Streamlink 1.0.0!

A lot of hard work has gone into getting Streamlink to where it is. Not only is Streamlink used across multiple applications and platforms, but companies as well.

Streamlink started from the inaugural fork of Livestreamer on September 17th, 2016.

Since then, We've hit multiple milestones:

Over 886 PRs
Hit 3,000 commits in Streamlink
Obtaining our first sponsors as well as backers of the project
The creation of our own logo (#1123)
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to Streamlink (and our backers)! Without you, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Without further ado, here are the changes in release 1.0.0:

We have a new icon / logo for Streamlink! (#2165)
Updated dependencies (#2230)
A ton of plugin updates. Have a look at this search query for all the recent updates.
You can now provide a custom key URI to override HLS streams (#2139). For example: --hls-segment-key-uri <URI>
User agents for API communication have been updated (#2194)
Special synonyms have been added to sort "best" and "worst" streams (#2127). For example: streamlink --stream-sorting-excludes '>=480p' URL best,best-unfiltered
Process output will no longer show if tty is unavailable (#2090)
We've removed BountySource in favour of our OpenCollective page. If you have any features you'd like to request, please open up an issue with the request and possibly consider backing us!
Improved terminal progress display for wide characters (#2032)
Fixed a bug with dynamic playlists on playback (#2096)
Fixed (#2098)
Old Livestreamer deprecations and API references were removed (#1987)
Dependencies have been updated for Python (#1975)
Newer and more common User-Agents are now used (#1974)
DASH stream bitrates now round-up to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, etc. (#1995)
Updated documentation on issue templates (#1996)
URL have been added for better processing of HTML tags (#1675)
Fixed sort and prog issue (#1964)
Reformatted issue templates (#1966)
Fixed crashing bug with player-continuous-http option (#2234)
Make sure all dev dependencies (#2235)
-r parameter has been replaced for --rtmp-rtmpdump (#2152)
Breaking changes:

A large number of unmaintained or NSFW plugins have been removed. You can find the PR that implemented that change here: #2003 . See our documentation for plugin policy.

Streamlink 0.14.2

Just a few small fixes in this release.

Fixed Twitch OAuth request flow (#1856)
Fix the tv3cat and vk plugins (#1851, #1874)
VOD supported added to atresplayer plugin (#1852, #1853)
Removed tv8cati and nineanime plugins (#1860, #1863)
Added plugin (#1857)

Streamlink 0.14.0

Here are the changes to this months release!

Multiple plugin fixes
Bug fixes for DASH streams (#1846)
Updated API call for api.utils hours_minutes_seconds (#1804)
Updated documentation (#1826)
Dict structures fix (#1792)
Reformated help menu (#1754)
Logger fix (#1773)

Streamlink 0.13.0

Massive release this month!

Here are the changes:

Initial MPEG DASH support has been added! (#1637) Many thanks to @beardypig
As always, a ton of plugin updates
Updates to our documentation (#1673)
Updates to our logging (#1752) as well as log --quiet options (#1744) (#1720)
Our release script has been updated (#1711)
Support for livestreams when using the --hls-duration option (#1710)
Allow streamlink to exit faster when using Ctrl+C (#1658)
Added an OpenCV Face Detection example (#1689)

Streamlink 0.12.1

Small release to fix a Pip / Windows .exe generation bug! Download the new release below.

Streamlink 0.12.0

New updates:

A ton of plugin updates (like always! see below for a list of updates)
Ignoring a bunch of useless files when developing (
A new option to limit the number of fetch retries (
YouTube has been updated to not use MuxedStream for livestreams (
Bug fix with ffmpegmux (
Removed dead plugins and deprecated options (

Streamlink 0.11.0

Here's what's new:

Fixed documentation (#1467 and #1468)
Current versions of the OS, Python, Streamlink and Requests are now shown with -l debug (#1374) plugin added (#1451)
New option --hls-segment-ignore-names (#1432)
AfreecaTV plugin updates (#1390)
Added support for zattoo recordings (#1480)
Bigo plugin updates (#1474)
Neulion plugin removed due to DMCA notice (#1497)
And many more updates to numerous other plugins!
If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating via the Open collective. Not only becoming a backer, but also a sponsor for the (open source) project.


Alexis Murzeau <> (3):
Remove Debian directory
docs/install: use sudo for Ubuntu and Solus
docs/install: add Debian instructions (#1455)

Anton Tykhyy <> (1):
Add plugin

BZHDeveloper <> (1):
[TF1] Fix plugin (#1457)

Bruno Ribeiro <> (1):
added cd streamlink

Drew J. Sonne <> (1):
[bbciplayer] Fix authentication failures (#1411)

Hannes Pétur Eggertsson <> (1):
Ruv plugin updated. Fixes #643. (#1486)

Mohamed El Morabity <> (1):
Add support for IDF1

back-to <> (10):
[cli-debug] Show current installed versions with -l debug
[hls] New option --hls-segment-ignore-names
[cli-debug] Renamed method and small template update
[afreeca] Plugin update. - Login for +19 streams --afreeca-username --afreeca-password - Removed 15 sec countdown - Added some error messages - Removed old Global AfreecaTV plugin - Added url tests
[zattoo] Added support for zattoo recordings
[tests] Fixed metaclass on python 3
[periscope] Fix for variant HLS streams
[facebook] mark as broken, they use dash now.
Removed furstream: dead website and file was wrong formated UTF8-BOM
[codecov] use pytest and upload all data

bastimeyer <> (2):
docs: fix table layout on the install page
[neulion] Remove plugin. See #1493

beardypig <> (2):
plugins.kanal7: fix for new streaming iframe
plugins.foxtr: update regex to match new site layout

leshka <> (1):
[goodgame] Fixed url regexp for handling miscellaneous symbols in username.

schrobby <> (1):
update from github comments

sqrt2 <> (1):
[orf_tvthek] Work around broken HTTP connection persistence (#1420)

unnutricious <> (1):
[bigo] update video regex to match current website (#1412)

Streamlink 0.10.0

There's been a lot of activity since our November release.


Multiple plugin updates (too many to list, see below for the plugin changes!)
HLS seeking support (#1303)
Changes to the Windows binary (docs: #1408 minor changes to install directory: #1407)

Alexis Murzeau <> (3):
docs: remove flattr-badge.png image
Fix various typos in comments and documentation
Implement PKCS#7 padding decoding with AES-128 HLS

BZHDeveloper <> (1):
[canalplus] Update plugin according to website changes (#1378)

Mohamed El Morabity <> (1):
[pluzz] Fix video ID regex for France 3 Régions streams

RosadinTV <> (1):
Welcome 2018 (#1410)

Sean Greenslade <> (4):
Reworked plugin to deal with website changes. (#1359)
Tweaked tigerdile URL regex to allow missing trailing slash.
Added tigerdile HLS support and proper API poll for offline streams.
Added basic URL tests for tigerdile.

back-to <> (5):
[zdf] apiToken update
[camsoda] Fixed broken plugin
[mixer] moved to file requires two commits, for a proper commit history
[mixer] replaced with
[docs] Removed MPlayer2 - Domain expired - Not maintained anymore

back-to <> (13):
[BTV] Fixed login return message
[qq] New Plugin for
[mlgtv] Fixed broken Plugin streamlink/streamlink#1362
[viasat] Added support for urls without a stream_id - removed dead domains from _url_re - added a error message for geo blocking - new regex for stream_id from image url - Removed old embed plugin - try to find an iframe if no stream_id was found. - added tests
[streann] Added headers for post request
[Dailymotion] Fixed livestream id from channelpage
[neulion] renamed to
[neulion] Updated the ufctv plugin to make it useable for other domains
[youtube] added Audio m4a itag 256 and 258
[hls] Don't try to skip a stream if the offset is 0, don't raise KeyError if the m3u8 file is empty this allows the file to reload.
[zengatv] New Plugin for
[mitele] Update for different api response - fallback if not hls_url was found, just the suffix. - added url tests
[youtube] New params for get_video_info (#1423)

bastimeyer <> (2):
nsis: restore old install dir, keep multiuser
docs: rewrite Windows binaries install section

beardypig <> (12):
plugins.vaughnlive: try to guess the stream ID from the channel name
plugins.vaughnlive: updated rtmp server map
Update server map
stream.hls: add options to skip some time at the start/end of VOD streams
stream.hls: add option to restart live stream, if possible
stream.hls: remove the end offset and replace with duration
hls: add absolute start offset and duration options to the HLStream API
duratio bug
Fix bug with hls start offset = 0
EOL Python 3.3
plugins.kanal7: update to stream player URL config
plugins.huya: fix stream URL scheme prefix

fozzy <> (1):
fix plugin for bilibili to adapt the new API

hicrop <> (1):
PEP8 (#1427)

steven7851 <> (1):
[Douyutv] fix API

xela722 <> (1):
Add plugin for (#1353)

Streamlink 0.9.0

This release is mostly code refactoring as well as module inclusion.


Updates to multiple plugins (electrecetv, tvplayer, Teve2, cnnturk, kanald)
SOCKS module being included in the Streamlink installer (PySocks)
Many thanks to those who've contributed in this release!

If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating via the Open collective. Not only becoming a backer, but also a sponsor for the (open source) project.


Alexis Murzeau <> (2):
docs: add new line before codeblock to fix them
Fix sphinx warning on Directive class

Charlie Drage <> (1):
Update the release script

Emrah Er <> (1):
plugins.canlitv: fix URLs (#1281)

Jake Robertson <> (3):
exit with code 130 after a KeyboardInterrupt
refactor error code determination
unify sys.exit() calls

RosadinTV <> (5):
Update plugin_matrix.rst

back-to <> (3):
[zattoo] It won't work with None in Python 3.6, set always a default date instead of None.
[liveme] API update (#1298)
Ignore WinError 10053 / WSAECONNABORTED

beardypig <> (10):
plugins.tvplayer: extract the channel id when logged in as a subscriber
installer: include the socks proxy modules
plugins.kanal7: update for page layout change and referrer check
plugins.turkuvaz: fix some turkuvaz sites and add support for anews
plugins.cinergroup: support for different showtv url
plugins.dogus/startv: fix dogus sites
plugins.dogan: fix for teve2 and cnnturk
plugins.dogan: fix for kanald
plugins.tvcatchup: HLS source extraction update
setup: fix PySocks module dependency

ficofabrid <> (1):
Add a single newline at the end of the file. (#1235)

fozzy <> (1):
fix plugin

steven7851 <> (1):
plugins.pandatv: fix APIv3 (#1286)

wlerin <> (1):
plugin.showroom: update to new api (#1311)

Streamlink 0.8.1

0.8.1 of Streamlink!

97 commits have occured since the last release, including a large majority of plugin changes.

Here's the outline of what's new:

Multiple plugin fixes (twitch, vaughlive, hitbox, etc.)
Donations! We've gone ahead and joined the Open Collective at
Multiple doc updates
Support for SOCKS proxies
Code refactoring
Many thanks to those who've contributed in this release!

If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating via the Open collective. Not only becoming a backer, but also a sponsor for the (open source) project.


Benedikt Gollatz <> (1):
Fix player URL extraction in bloomberg plugin

Forrest <> (1):
Update donation docs to note open collective (#1105)

Journey <> (2):
Update Arconaitv to new url
fix arconai test plugin

Pascal Romahn <> (1):
The site always contains the text "does not exist". This should resolve issue

RosadinTV <> (2):
Update Windows portable version documentation
Fix documentation font-size

Sad Paladin <> (1):
plugins.vk: add support for vod/livestreams

Xavier Damman <> (1):
Added backers and sponsors on the README

back-to <> (5):
[zattoo] New plugin for / / (#1039)
[vidio] Fixed Plugin, new Regex for HLS URL
[arconai] Fixed plugin for new website
[npo] Update for new website layout, Added HTTPStream support
[liveme] url regex update

bastimeyer <> (3):
docs: add a third party applications list
docs: add an official streamlink applications list

beardypig <> (17):
plugins.brittv: support for live streams on
plugins.hitbox: fix bug when checking for hosted channels
plugins.tvplayer: small update to channel id extraction
plugins.vaughnlive: support for the new vaughnlive website layout
plugins.vaughnlive: work around for a ssl websocket issue
plugins.vaughnlive: drop HLS stream support for vaughnlive
plugins.twitch: enable certificate verification for twitch api
Resolve InsecurePlatformWarnings for older Python2.7 versions
cli: remove the deprecation warnings for some of the http options
plugins.vaughnlive: set a user agent for the initial page request
plugins.adultswim: fix for some live streams
plugins: separated the built-in plugins in to separate plugins
cli: support for SOCKS proxies
plugins.bbciplayer: fix for page formatting changes and login
plugins.cdnbg: support for updated layout and extra channels
plugins: add priority ordering to plugins
plugins.bbciplayer: support for older VOD streams

fozzy <> (10):
remove unused code
fix douyutv plugin by using new API
update to support multiple rates by steven7851
update HLS Stream name to 'live'
update weights for streams
fix stream name
update stream name, middle and middle2 are of different quality
Add support for
add eol
remove unused importing

jgilf <> (2):

sdfwv <> (1):
[bongacams] replace RTMP with HLS Fixed streamlink/streamlink#1074

steven7851 <> (8):
plugins.douyutv: update post data
plugins.app17: fix HLS url
plugins.app17: RTMPStream is no longer used
plugins.app17: return RTMPStream back
plugins.douyutv: use douyu open API
plugins.app17: new layout
plugins.app17: use https
plugins.app17: fix wansu cdn url

supergonkas <> (1):
Add support for RTP Play (#1051)

unnutricious <> (2):
bigo: add support for hls streams
bigo: improve plugin url regex

Streamlink 0.7.0
@cdrage cdrage released this Jun 30, 2017

0.7.0 of Streamlink!

Since our May release, we've incorporated quite a few changes!

Outlined are the major features in this month's release:

Stream types will now be sorted accordingly in terms of quality Plugin added
Numerous plugin & bug fixes
Updated HomeBrew package
Improved CLI documentation
Many thanks to those who've contributed in this release!

If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating.


Alex Shafer <> (1):
Return sorted list of streams. (#731)

Alexandre Hitchcox <> (1):
Allow live channel links without '/c/' prefix

Alexis Murzeau <> (1):
docs: fix typo: specifiying, neverthless

CatKasha <> (1):
Add MPC-HC x64 in streamlinkrc

Forrest <> (1):
Add a few more examples to the player option (#896)

Jacob Malmberg <> (3):
Here's the plugin I wrote for (w/ some help from
Tests for teamliquid plugin
Now with RE!

Mohamed El Morabity <> (9):
Update for live API changes
Add unit tests for Euronews plugin
Drop pcyourfreetv plugin
Add support for regional France 3 streams
Add support for TV5Monde
Add support for VOD/audio streams
Add support for
Ignore unreliable stream status returned by

Sebastian Meyer <> (1):
Homebrew package (#929)

back-to <> (2):
[dailymotion] fix for broken .f4m file that is a .m3u8 file (only livestreams)
[arte] vod api url update & add new/missing languages

bastimeyer <> (2):
docs: fix parameters being linked in code blocks
Improve CLI documentation

beardypig <> (1):
plugins.hitbox: add support for

beardypig <> (21):
plugins.bbciplayer: update to reflect slight site layout change
plugins.bbciplayer: add option to login to a bbc account
http_server: handle socket closed exception for Python 2.7
docs: update Sphinx config to fix the rendering of --
docs: pin sphinx to 1.6.+ so that no future changes affect the docs
plugins.tvplayer: fix bug with some channels not loading
plugins.hitbox: fix new VOD urls, and add support for hosted streams
plugins.tvplayer: fix bug with some channels when not authenticated
setup: exclude requests version 2.16 through 2.17.1
win32: fix missing modules when using windows installer
bbciplayer: fix for api changes to iplayer
tvplayer: updated to match change token parameter name
plugins.looch: support for live and vod streams on
plugins.webtv: decrypt the stream URL when applicable
plugins.dogan: small api change for
plugins.kanal7: fix for nested iframes
win32: update the dependencies for the windows installer
plugins.canlitv: simplified and fixed the m3u8 regex
plugins.picarto: support for VOD
plugins.ine: update to extract the relocated jwplayer config
plugin.ufctv: support for free and premium vod/live streams

cirrus <> (3):
Rename to
Create plugin_matrix.rst

steven7851 <> (4):
plugins.app17: fix hls url and support UID page
little change
plugins.app17: change ROOM_URL
[douyu] temporary fix by revert to previously commit (#1015)

whizzoo <> (2):
Restore support for RTL XL
plugin.rtlxl: Remove spaces from line 14

yhel <> (1):
Don't return an error when the stream is offline

yhel <> (1):
Add capability of extracting current sport.francetv stream

Streamlink 0.6.0
@cdrage cdrage released this 16 days ago · 31 commits to master since this release

Another release of Streamlink!

We've updated more plugins, improved documentation, and moved out nightly builds to Bintray (S3 was costing wayyyy too much).

Again, many thanks for those who've contributed!

If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating.

Thank you very much!


Daniel Draper <> (1):
Will exit with exit code 1 if stream cannot be opened. (#785)

Forrest Alvarez <> (3):
Update readme so users are aware using Streamlink bypasses ads
Forgot a )
Make notice more agnostic

Mohamed El Morabity <> (18):
Disable HDS streams which are no more available
Add support for
Add support for BFMTV
Add support for Cam4
Disable HDS streams for live videos
Add support for Bloomberg
Add support for Bloomberg Radio live stream
Add support for
Fix unit tests for canalplus plugin
Add authentication token to http queries
Add support
Add support for HLS streams
Update for new page layout
Update for new new page layout
Fix for new layout
Pluzz platform replaced by new website
Update documentation
Always use token generator for streams from

Mohamed El Morabity <> (1):
plugins.brightcove: support for HLS stream URLs with query strings + RTMPE stream URLs (#790)

RosadinTV <> (5):
Update plugin_matrix.rst
Add support for ElTreceTV (VOD & Live) (#816)

Sebastian Meyer <> (1):
Improve contribution guidelines (#772)

back-to <> (9):
[chaturbate] New API for HLS url
[chaturbate] Fixed python 3.5 bug and added regex tests
[VRTbe] new plugin for
[oldlivestream] New regex for cdn subdomains and embeded streams
[] New Plugin for embeded streams on
[cyro] New plugin for embeded streams from
[Facebook] Added unittests
[ArteTV] new regex, removed rtmp and better result for available streams
[NRK.NO] fixed regex for _api_baseurl_re

beardypig <> (15):
travis: use pytest to run the tests for coverage
Revert "stream.hds: ensure the live edge does not go past the latest fragment"
plugins.azubutv: plugin removed
plugins.ustreamtv: log timeout errors and adjust retries for polling
appveyor: update config to fix builds on Python 3.3
plugin.tvplayer: update to support new site layout
plugin.tvplayer: update tests to match new plugin
plugins.tvplayer: allow https stream URLs
plugins.tvnbg: add support for live streams on
plugins.apac: add ustream apac wrapper
Deploy nightly builds to Bintray instead of S3
plugins.streann: support for
utils.crypto: fix openssl_decrypt for py27
build: update the bintray release notes for nightlies
plugins.streamable: support for videos on

beardypig <> (20):
plugins.ustreamtv: support for the new API
plugins.ustreamtv: add suppot for redirectLocked embedded streams
plugins.livecodingtv: renamed to livedu, and updated for new site
plugins.ustreamtv: continue to poll the ustream API when streaming
plugins.ustreamtv: rename the plugin class back to UStreamTV
docs: remove references to python-librtmp
plugins.ustream: add some comments
plugins.ustreamtv: support for password protected streams
plugins.nbc: support vod from
plugins.nbcsports: add support for via theplatform
stream.hds: ensure the live edge does not go past the latest fragment
Dailymotion feature video and backup stream fallback (#773)
plugin.gardenersworld: support for VOD on
plugins.twitch: support for pop-out player URLS and fixed clips
tests: cmdline tests can fail if there are some config options set
plugins.ustreamtv: fix moduleInfo retry loop
cli: add --url option that can be used in config files to set a URL
cli: clarification of the --url option
cli: add wildcard to --stream-types option
plugins.rtve: stop IOError bubbling up on 404 errors

wlerin <> (2):
Send Referer and UserAgent headers
Fix method decorator <> (1):
New plugin for Facebook 360p streams

Streamlink 0.5.0

Streamlink 0.5.0!

Lot's of contributions since the last release. As always, lot's of updating to plugins!

One of the new features is the addition of Google Drive / Google Docs, you can now stream videos stored on Google Docs.

We've also gone ahead and removed dead plugins (sites which have gone down) as well as added pycrypto as a dependency for future plugins.

Again, many thanks for those who have contributed!

If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating.

Thank you very much!


CallMeJuf <> (2):
Aliez plugin now accepts any TLD (#696)
New Periscope URL #748

Daniel Draper <> (2):
More robust url regex for bigo plugin.
More robust url regex for bigo plugin, added unittest

Josip Ponjavic <> (4):
fix vaugnlive info_url
Update archlinux installation instructions and maintainer info
setup: choose pycrypto as a dependency using an environment variable
Add info about pycrypto and pycountry variables to install doc

Mohamed El Morabity <> (1):
plugins.pluzz: fix SWF player URL search to bring back HDS stream support (#679)

back-to <> (5):
plugins.camsoda Added support for
plugins.canlitv - Added new plugin canlitv
Removed dead plugins (#702)
plugins.camsoda - Added tests and small update for the plugin
plugins.garena - Added new plugin garena

beardypig <> (11):
plugins.bbciplayer: add support for BBC iPlayer live and VOD
plugins.vaughnlive: updated player version and info URL
plugins.vaughnlive: search for player version, etc in the swf file
plugins.beam: add support for VOD and HLS streams for live (#694)
plugins.bbciplayer: add support for HLS streams
utils.l10n: use default locale if the system returns an invalid locale
plugins.dailymotion: play the featured video from channel pages
plugins.rtve: support for avi/mov VOD streams
plugins.googledocs: plugin to support playing videos stored on google docs
plugins.googledocs: updated the url regex and added a status check
plugins.googledrive: add googledrive support

steven7851 <> (3):
plugins.17media: Add support for HTTP stream
plugins.17media: fix rtmp stream
plugins.douyutv: support vod (#706)

Streamlink 0.4.0

0.4.0 of Streamlink!

114 commits since the last release and a lot has changed.

In general, we've added some localization as well as an assortment of new plugins.

We've also introduced a change for Streamlink to not check for new updates each time Streamlink starts. We found this feature annoying as well as delaying the initial start of the stream. This feature can be re-enabled by the command line.

The major features of this release are:

New plugins added
Ongoing support to current plugins via bug fixes
Ensure retries to HLS streams
Disable update check

Streamlink 0.3.2

0.3.2 release of Streamlink!

A minor bug release of 0.3.2 to fix a few issues with stream providers.

Thanks to all whom have contributed to this (tiny) release!


Charlie Drage <> (3):
Update release script again to include sdist
Fix underlining issue
Fix the CHANGELOG.rst

Sven <> (1):
Adding Huomao plugin with possibility for different stream qualities.

beardypig <> (7):
Ensure retries with HLS Streams (#522)
utils.l10n: add Country/Language classes, use pycountry is the iso modules are not available
plugins.crunchyroll: added option to set the session id to a specific value
CI: add pycountry for testing
plugins.openrectv: add source quality for openrectv
utils.l10n: default to en_US when an invalid locale is set
stream.hls: pick a better default stream language

intact <> (1):
Add Plugin

streamlink 0.3.1 (2017-02-03)

0.3.1 release of Streamlink

A minor release, we update our source code upload to not include the ffmpeg.exe binary as well as update a multitude of plugins.

Thanks again for all the contributions as well as updates!

Charlie Drage <> (1):
Updating the release script.

Forrest <> (1):
Update license and debian copyright (#515)

Forrest Alvarez <> (1):
Update license and debian copyright

John Smith <> (1):
plugins.bongacams: a few small changes (#429)

Mohamed El Morabity <> (1):
Check whether videos are DRM-protected Add log messages when no stream is available

Mohamed El Morabity <> (1):
Add support for (#468)

beardypig <> (20):
plugins.schoolism: add support for
stream.hls_playlist: invalid durations in EXTINF lines are ignored
plugins.livecoding: update to support the new domain:
plugins.srgssr: fix playlist reload auth issue
Play twitch VOD stream from the beginning even if is still being recorded
cli: wait for process to exit, not exit with non-0 error code
Fix bug in customized Windows install
add a general locale setting which can be used by plugins
stream.hls: support external audio tracks
plugins.turkuvaz: add referer to the secure token request
localization: search for language codes in part2t+part2b+part3
localization: invalid language/country codes are always inequivalent
stream.hls: only support external audio tracks if ffmpeg is available
installer: include the missing pkg_resources package
Rewritten StreamProcess class (#441)
plugins.dogus: fix for ntv streams not being found
plugins.dogus: add support for eurostartv live stream
plugins.twitch: update public API calls to use v5 API (#484)
plugins.filmon: support for new site layout (#508)
Support for Ceskatelevize streams (#520)

fozzy <> (1):
Add support for in issue #425 (#465)

steven7851 <> (1):
plugins.douyutv: fix room id regex (#514)

streamlink 0.3.0 (2017-01-24)
Release 0.3.0 of Streamlink!

A lot of updates to each plugin (thank you @beardypig !), automated Windows releases, PEP8 formatting throughout Streamlink are some of the few updates to this release as we near a stable 1.0.0 release.

Main features are:
Lot’s of maintaining / updates to plugins
General bug and doc fixes
Major improvements to development (github issue templates, automatically created releases)
Agustín Carrasco <> (1):
Links on crunchy's rss no longer contain the show name in the url (#379)

Brainzyy <> (1):
Add basic tests for plugin (#391)

Javier Cantero <> (2):
plugins/twitch: use version v3 of the API
plugins/twitch: use kraken URL

John Smith <> (3):
Added support for streams (#329)
streamlink_cli.main: close stream_fd on exit (#427)
streamlink_cli.utils.progress: write new line at finish (#442)

Max Riegler <> (1):
plugins.chaturbate: new regex (#457)

Michiel Sikma <> (1):
Update PLAYER_VERSION, as old one does not return data. Add ability to use streams with /embed/video in the URL, from embedded players. (#311)

Mohamed El Morabity <> (6):
Add support for (#343)
Fix ArteTV plugin (#385)
Add support for Canal+ TV group channels (#416)
Update installation instructions for Fedora (#443)
Add support for Play TV (#439)
Use token generator for HLS streams, as for HDS ones (#466)

RosadinTV <> (1):
--can-handle-url-no-redirect parameter added (#333)

Stefan Hanreich <> (1):
added chocolatey to the documentation (#380)

bastimeyer <> (3):
Automatically create Github releases
Set changelog in automated github releases
Add a github issue template

beardypig <> (55):
plugins.tvcatchup: site layout changed, updated the stream regex to accommodate the change (#338)
plugins.streamlive: have added some extra protection to their streams which currently prevents us from capturing them (#339)
cli: add command line option to specific logging path for subprocess errorlog
plugins.trtspor: added support for (#349)
plugins.kanal7: fixed page change in kanal7 live stream (#348)
plugins.picarto: Remove the unreliable rtmp stream (#353)
packaging: removed the built in backports infavour of including them as dependencies when required (#355)
Boost the test coverage a bit (#362)
plugins: all regex string should be raw (#361)
ci: build and test on Python 3.6 (+3.7 on travis, with allowed failure) (#360)
packages.flashmedia: fix bug in AMFMessage (#359)
tests: use mock from unittest when available otherwise fallback to mock (#358)
stream.hls: try to retry stream segments (#357)
tests: add codecov config file (#363)
plugins.picarto: updated plugin to use tech_switch divs to find the stream parameters
plugins.mitele: support for live streams on
docs: add a note about python-devel needing to be installed in some cases
docs/release: generate the changelog as rst instead of md
plugins.adultswim: support https urls
use iso 8601 date format for the changelog
plugins.tf1: added plugin to support and
plugins.raiplay: added plugin to support
plugins.vaughnlive: updated player version and info URL (#383)
plugins.tv8cat: added support for live stream (#390)
Fix plugin (#389) fix a default scheme handling for urls
Add support for some Bulgarian live streams (#392)
rtmp: fix bug in redirect for rtmp streams
plugins.sportal: added support for the live stream on
plugins.bnt: update the user agent string for the http requests
plugins.ssh101: update to support new site layout
Optionally use FFMPEG to mux separate video and audio streams (#224)
Support for 4K videos in YouTube (#225)
windows-installer: add the version info to the installer file
include CHANGELOG.rst instead of .md in the egg
stream.hls: output duplicate streams for HLS when multiple streams of the same quality are available
stream.ffmpegmux: fix support for avconv, avconv will be used if ffmpeg is not found
Adultswin VOD support (#406)
Move streamlink_cli.utils.named_pipe in to streamlink.utils
plugins.rtve: update plugin to support new streaming method
stream.hds: omit HDS streams that are protected by DRM
Adultswin VOD fix for live show replays (#418)
plugins.rtve: add support for legacy stream URLs
installer: remove the streamlink bin dir from %PATH% before installing
plugins.twitch: only check hosted channels when playing a live stream
docs: tweaks to docs and docs build process
Fix iframe detection for BTN/ streams (#437)
fix some regex that give deprecation warnings in python 3.6
plugins.adultswim: correct behaviour for archived streams
plugins.nineanime: add scheme to grabber api url if not present
session: add an option to disable Diffie Hellman key exchange
plugins.srgssr: added support for srg ssr sites: srf, rts and rsi
plugins.srgssr: fixed bug in api URL and fixed akamai urls with authparams
cli: try to terminate the player process before killing it (if terminate takes too long)
plugins.swisstxt: add support for the SRG SSR sites sports sections

fozzy <> (1):
Add plugin for and (#334)

sqrt2 <> (1):
Fix swf_url in plugin (#428)

stepshal <> (1):
Remove trailing.

stepshal <> (2):
Add blank line after class or function definition (#408)
PEP8 (#414)

streamlink 0.2.0 (2016-12-16)
Release 0.2.0 of Streamlink!

We’ve done numerous changes to plugins as well as fixed quite a few which were originally failing. Among these changes are updated docs as well as general UI/UX cleaning with console output.

The main features are: - Additional plugins added - Plugin fixes - Cleaned up console output - Additional documentation (contribution, installation instructions)

Again, thank you everyone whom contributed to this release! :D

Beardypig <> (6):
Turkish Streams Part III (#292)
coverage: include streamlink_cli in the coverage, but exclude the vendored packages (#302)
Windows command line parsing fix (#300)
plugins.atresplayer: add support for live streams on (#303)
Turkish Streams IV (#305)
Support for local files (#304)

Charlie Drage <> (2):
Spelling error in release script
Fix issue with building installer

Fishscene <> (3):
Updated homepage
Fixed type in

Forrest <> (3):
Modify the browser redirect (#191)
Update client ID (#241)
Update requests version after bug fix (#239)

Josip Ponjavic <> (1):
Add NixOS install instructions

Simon Bernier St-Pierre <> (1):
add contributing guidelines

bastimeyer <> (1):
Add metadata to Windows installer

beardypig <> (25):
plugins.nhkworld: update the plugin to use the new HLS streams
plugins.picarto: updated the plugin to use the new javascript and support HLS streams
add pycryptodome==3.4.3 to the dependencies
plugins.nineanime: added a plugin to support
plugins.nineanime: update the plugin matrix in the docs
plugins.atv: add support for the live stream on
include omxplayer in the list of players in the documentation
update the player docs with findings from @Junior1544 and @stevekmcc
plugins.bigo: support for
docs: move pycryptodome to the list of automatically installed libraries in the docs
plugins.dingittv: add support for
plugins.crunchyroll: support ultra quality for subscribers
update URL for docs to point to the page
stream.hls: stream the HLS segments out to the player as they are downloaded, decrypting on the fly
installer: install the required MS VC++ runtime files beside the python installation (see takluyver/pynsist/pull/87)
plugins.bigo: FlashVars regex updated due to site change
add some license notices for the bundled libraries support additional live urls
add support for a few Turkish live streams
plugins.foxtr: add support for turkish fox live streams
plugins.kralmuzik: basic support for the HLS stream only
stream.hds: added option to force akamai authentication plugins.startv: refactored in to a base class, to be used in other plugins that use the same hosting as StarTV plugins.kralmuzik: refactored to use StarTVBase plugins.ntv: added NTV support
plugins.atv: add support for a2tv which is very similar to atv
plugins.dogan: support for teve2, kanald, dreamtv, and ccnturk via the same plugin
plugins.trt: added support for the live channels on

che <> (1):
plugins.twitch: support for clips added

ioblank <> (1):
Use ConsoleOutput for run-as-root warning

mmetak <> (3):
Update install instruction (#257)
Add links for windows portable version. (#299)
Add package maintainers to docs. (#301)

thatlinuxfur <> (1):
Added support. (#221)

streamlink 0.1.0 (2016-11-21)
A major update to Streamlink.

With this release, we include a Windows binary as well as numerous plugin changes and fixes.

The main features are:

Windows binary (and generation!) thanks to the fabulous work by @beardypig
Multiple plugin fixes
Remove unneeded run-as-root (no more warning you when you run as root, we trust that you know what you’re doing)
Fix stream quality naming issue
Beardypig <> (13):
fix stream quality naming issue with py2 vs. py3, fixing #89 (#96)
updated connectcast plugin to support the new rtmp streams; fixes #93 (#95)
Fix for erroneous escape coding the livecoding plugin. Fixes #106 (#121) fix for 400 error, correctly set the platform parameter (#123)
Added a method to automatically determine the encoding when parsing JSON, if no encoding is provided. (#122)
when retry-streams and twitch-disable-hosting arguments are used the stream is retried until a non-hosted stream is found (#125)
plugins.goodgame: Update for API change (#130)
plugins.adultswim: added a new plugin (#139)
plugins.goodgame: restored DDOS protection cookie support (#136)
plugins.younow: update API url (#135)
plugins.euronew: update to support the new site (#141)
plugins.webtv: added a new plugin to support (#144)
plugins.connectcast: fix regex issue with python 3 (#152)

Brainzyy <> (1):
Add plugin (courtesy of @intact) (#114)

Charlie Drage <> (1):
Update release scripts

Erk- <> (1):
Changed the twitch plugin to use https instead of http as discussed in #103 (#104)

Forrest <> (2):
Modify the changelog link (#107)
Update cli to note a few windows issues (#108)

Simon Bernier St-Pierre <> (1):
change icon

Simon Bernier St-Pierre <> (1):
finish the installer (#98)

Stefan <> (1):
Debian packaging base (#80)

Stefan <> (1):
remove run-as-root option, reworded warning #85 (#109)

Weslly <> (1):
Fixed url matching (#90)

bastimeyer <> (2):
Improve NSIS installer script
Remove shortcut from previous releases on Windows

beardypig <> (8):
plugins.cybergame: update to support changes to the live streams on the website
Use pycryptodome inplace of pyCrypto
Automated build of the Windows NSIS installer
support for relative paths for rtmpdump
makeinstaller: install the streamlinkrc file in to the users %APPDATA% directory
remove references to livestreamer in the win32 config template
stream.rtmpdump: fixed the rtmpdump path issue, introduced in 6bf7fd7
pin requests to <2.12.0 to avoid the strict IDNA2008 validation

ethanhlc <> (1):
fixed instance of livestreamer (#99)

intact <> (1):
plugins.livestream: Support old player urls

mmetak <> (2):
fix info_url (#88)
fix info_url (yet again...) (#143)

skulblakka <> (1):
Overworked Plugin for ZDF Mediathek (#154)

sqrt2 <> (1):
Fix ORF TVthek plugin (#113)

tam1m <> (1):
Fix zdf_mediathek TypeError (#156)

streamlink 0.0.2 (2016-10-12)
The second ever release of Streamlink!

In this release we’ve not only set the stepping stone for the further development of Streamlink (documentation site updated, CI builds working) but we’re already fixing bugs and implementing features past the initial fork of livestreamer.

The main features of this release are: - New windows build available and generated via pyinstaller - Multiple provider bug fixes (twitch, picarto, itvplayer, crunchyroll, periscope, douyutv) - Updated and reformed documentation which also includes our site

As always, below is a git shortlog of all changes from the previous release of Streamlink (0.0.1) to now (0.0.2).

Brainzyy <> (1):
add to the docs

Charlie Drage <> (9):
Add script to generate authors list / update authors
Add release script
Get ready for a release.
Revert "Latest fix to plugin from livestreamer"
0.0.1 Release
Update the README with installation notes
Update copyright author
Update plugin description on README
It's now 2016

Forrest <> (1):
Add a coverage file (#54)

Forrest Alvarez <> (4):
Modify release for streamlink
Remove faraday from travis run
Remove tox
Add the code coverage badge

Latent Logic <> (1):
Picarto plugin: multistream workaround (fixes #50)

Maschmi <> (1):
added travis build status badge fixes #74 (#76)

Randy Taylor <> (1):
Fix typo in issues docs and improve wording (#61)

Simon Bernier St-Pierre <> (8):
add script to build & copy the docs
move to script/
Automated docs updates via travis-ci
prevent the build from hanging
fix automated commit message
add streamboat to the docs
disable docs on pull requests add option to disable hosting

Simon Bernier St-Pierre <> (2):
Don't delete everything if docs build fail (#62)
Create install script for pynsist (#27)

beardypig <> (3):
TVPlayer plugin supports the latest version of the website
crunchyroll: decide if to parse the stream links as HLS variant playlist or plain old HLS stream (fixes #70)
itvplayer: updated the productionId extraction method

boda2004 <> (1):
fixed periscope live streaming and allowed url re (#79)

ethanhlc <> (1):
fixed instances of chrippa/streamlink to streamlink/streamlink

scottbernstein <> (1):
Latest fix to plugin from livestreamer

steven7851 <> (1):
Update plugin.douyutv

streamlink 0.0.1 (2016-09-23)
The first release of Streamlink!

This is the first release from the initial fork of Livestreamer. We aim to have a concise, fast review process and progress in terms of development and future releases.

Below is a git shortlog of all commits since the last change within Livestream (hash ab80dbd6560f6f9835865b2fc9f9c6015aee5658). This will serve as a base-point as we continue development of “Streamlink”.

New releases will include a list of changes as we add new features / code refactors to the existing code-base.

Agustin Carrasco <> (2):
plugins.crunchyroll: added support for locale selection
plugins.crunchyroll: use locale parameter on the header's user-agent as well

Alan Love <> (3):
added support for
removed printing
updated plugin matrix

Alexander <> (1):
channel info url change in afreeca plugin

Andreas Streichardt <> (1):
Add Sportschau

Anton <> (2):
goodgame ddos validation
add stream_id with words

Benedikt Gollatz <> (1):
Add support for ORF TVthek livestreams and VOD segments

Benoit Dien <> (1):
Meerkat plugin

Brainzyy <> (1):
fix plugin

Charlie Drage <> (9):
Update the README
Fix travis
Rename instances of "livestreamer" to "streamlink"
Fix travis
Add script to generate authors list / update authors
Get ready for a release.
Add release script
Revert "Latest fix to plugin from livestreamer"
0.0.0 Release

Charmander <> (1):
plugins.picarto: Update for API and URL change

Chris-Werner Reimer <> (1):
fix vaughnlive plugin #897

Christopher Rosell <> (7):
plugins.twitch: Handle subdomains with dash in them, e.g. en-gb.
cli: Close output on exit.
Show a brief usage when no option is specified.
cli: Fix typo.
travis: Use new artifacts tool.
docs: Fix readthedocs build.
travis: Build installer exe aswell.

Daniel Meißner <> (2):
plugin: added media_ccc_de api and protocol changes
docs/plugin_matrix: removed needless characters

Dominik Sokal <> (1):
plugins.afreeca: fix stream

Ed Holohan <> (1):
Quick hack to handle Picarto changes

Emil Stahl <> (1):
Add support for

Erik G <> (7):
Added plugin for Dplay.
Added plugin for Dplay and removed sbsdiscovery plugin.
Add HLS support, adjust API schema, no SSL verify
Add pvswf parameter to HDS stream parser
Fix Video ID matching, add .no & .dk support, add error handling
Match new URL, add HDS support, handle incorrect geolocation
Add API support

Fat Deer <> (1):

Forrest Alvarez <> (3):
Add some python releases
Add coveralls to after_success
Remove artifacts

Guillaume Depardon <> (1):
Now catching socket errors on send

Javier Cantero <> (1):
Add new parameter to Twitch usher URL

Jeremy Symon <> (2):
Sort list of streams by quality
Avoid sorting streams twice

Jon Bergli Heier <> (2):
plugins.nrk: Updated for webpage changes.
plugins.nrk: Fixed _id_re regex not matching series URLs.

Kari Hänninen <> (7):
Use client ID for API calls
Revert "update INFO_URL for VaughnLive"
Remove spurious print statement that made the plugin incompatible with python 3. fix breakage ("TypeError: cannot use a string pattern on a bytes-like object")
sportschau: Fix breakage ("TypeError: a bytes-like object is required, not 'str'"). Also remove debug output.
Update the plugin matrix
Bump version to 1.14.0-rc1

Marcus Soll <> (2):
Added plugin for VOD
Updated plugin

Mateusz Starzak <> (1):

Michael Copland <> (1):
Fixed weighting of Twitch stream names

Michael Hoang <> (1):
Add plugin and chmod 2 files

Michiel <> (1):
Support for Tour de France stream

Paul LaMendola <> (2):
Maybe fixed ustream validation failure.
More strict test for weird stream.

Pavlos Touboulidis <> (2):
Add plugin
Update plugin matrix for antenna

Robin Schroer <> (1):
azubutv: set video_player to None if stream is offline

Seth Creech <> (1):
Added logic to support host mode

Simon Bernier St-Pierre <> (5):
update the plugin
support virtualenv
update references to livestreamer
add plugin
add streamboat plugin

Summon528 <> (1):
add support to

Swirt <> (2):
Picarto plugin: update RTMPStream-settings
Picarto plugin: update RTMPStream-settings

Tang <> (1):
New provider:

Warnar Boekkooi <> (1):
NPO token fix

WeinerRinkler <> (2):
First version
Error fixed when streamer offline or invalid

blxd <> (5):
fixed plugin, the website layout changed and the method to find the stream URLs needed to be updated.
tvcatchup now returns a variant playlist only works with a browser user agent
not all channels return hlsvariant playlists
add user agent header to the tvcatchup plugin

chvrn <> (4):
added expressen plugin
added expressen plugin
update() => assign with subscript
added entry for expressen

e00E <> (1):
Fix Twitch plugin not working because bandwith was parsed as an int when it is really a float

fat deer <> (1):
Add Plugin.

fcicq <> (1):
add support

hannespetur <> (8):
plugin for Ruv - the Icelandic national television - was added
removed print statements and started to use quality key as audio if the url extensions is mp3
the plugin added to the plugin matrix
removed unused import
alphabetical order is hard
removed redundant assignments of best/worst quality
HLS support added for the Ruv plugin
Ruv plugin: returning generators instead of a dict

int3l <> (1):
Refactoring and update for the VOD support

intact <> (21):
plugins.artetv: Update json regex
Updated plugin
Added plugin for
plugins.streamupcom: Check live status
plugins.streamupcom: Update for API change
plugins.streamupcom: Update for API change
plugins.dailymotion: Add HLS streams support
plugins.npo: Fix Python 3 compatibility
plugins.livestream: Prefer standard SWF players
plugins.tga: Support more streams
plugins.tga: Fix offline streams
plugins.vaughnlive: Fix INFO_URL
Added plugin for
plugins.vaughnlive: Update for API change
plugins.vaughnlive: Fix app for some ingest servers
plugins.vaughnlive: Remove debug print
plugins.vaughnlive: Lowercase channel name
plugins.vaughnlive: Update for API change
plugins.vaughnlive: Update for API change
plugins.livestream: Tolerate missing swf player URL
plugins.livestream: Fix player URL

jkieberk <> (1):
Change Fedora Package Manager from Yum to Dnf

kviktor <> (2):
plugins: stream and video support
update mediaklikk plugin

livescope <> (1):
Add VOD/replay support for

liz1rgin <> (2):
Fix goodgame find Streame

maop <> (1):
Add plugin.

mindhalt <> (1):
Update redirect URI after successful twitch auth

neutric <> (1):
Update issues.rst

nitpicker <daniel@localhost> (2):
I doesn't sign the term of services, so I doesnt violate!
update INFO_URL for VaughnLive

oyvindln <> (1):
Allow https urls for

ph0o <> (1):

pulviscriptor <> (1):
GoodGame URL parse fix

scottbernstein <> (1):
Latest fix to plugin from livestreamer

steven7851 <> (16):
plugins.douyutv: Use new api.
update douyu
fix cdn..
fix for Python 3.x..
use mobile api for reducing code
fix for non number channel
add middle and low quality
fix quality
fix room id regex
make did by UUID module
fix channel on event
more retries for redirection
remove useless lib
try to support event page
use https protocol
Update plugin.douyutv

trocknet <trocknet@github> (1):
plugins.afreeca: Fix HLS stream.

whizzoo <> (2):
Add RTLXL plugin
Add RTLXL plugin

wolftankk <> (3):
get azubu live status from api
use new api get stream info
fix video_player error

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