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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for SmartDVB

0.5.3 x64/x86 portable versions are now available. The build includes many fixes and the following improvements:

Added support for external splitters, including LAV Splitter support. Please note that LAV Splitter support is experimental and initial connection is slow compared to the default splitter (SmartAVSrc). So if you care most about tuning speed, and not so much about picture quality, do not use the LAV Splitter.
Added windowed EPG viewer
Better support for 4:2:2 4k and 8k
Added EVR-CP (Custom Presenter) video renderer, with support for HDR and external shaders. Including support for rendered subtitles (DVB/Teletext Subtitles)
improved 4:2:2 support (LAV Splitter in combination with the LAV Video Decoder plays 4:2:2 quite well)
improved 4k and 8k support
MDAPI improvements/enhancements (including x64 build fixes)
Extended zooming support dialog. Zoom settings can be saved per channel.
Improved MadVR support (also works well with the LAV Splitter)
Support for external multiplexers (including Microsoft MPEG2 demux, Elecard demux, Mainconcept demux etc)
Graph performance settings (experimental, leave the default settings if you don't really know what you're doing here) improvements/fixes, added device settings to set the defualt tuning method.
Initial (experimental) CAM Menu support for TBS CI CAM devices only. Please report if you have issues with this feature as it has not been tested extensively.
Improvements to DVB Transport Stream file play mode video quality/stability, play HEVC DVB File option added. Please do not use transport stream recordings of sizes lower than about 100Mb as otherwise transport stream playback can be somehwat unstable.
Improvements to SmartOSD default scaling

0.5.1 x64 beta test portable version now available.

The first x64 beta build of SmartDVB is now available for download. The build includes an initial port of channel listing and epg to unicode. The epg database smarteit.db has been modified to allow for full UNICODE EPG/EIT support. Other than that the x64 build uses the same baseline code as the 32 bit version and hence the feature set for both versions should be about the same. Care has been taken to support most of the legacy application functionality, including blindscan and plugins.
This version also improves video quality and error recovery, including better 4:2:2 handling/processing.

The build is not provided as an install but as a portable .zip archive. The installation process is simple.
-Just extract the archive and register the included filters
-Run filtersregisterfilters.bat with administrator priveleges (for example by right clicking on the registerfilters.bat and selecting 'run as administrator' with the file explorer) After which the 64 bit version should be runnable.

It is not required to install the 32 bit version alongside the x64 version, the two versions should run independent of one another.

Please note device support for the x64 build is limited for some devices, not all (legacy) device manufacturers have x64 bit sdk's available. is is not available so technisat skystar devices will not be fully functional. Tevii devices will also only, possibly, work with the tevii (bda) device type, the tevii.dll required for the sdk is also not available as a x64 dll.

0.5.1 win32 portable release is now available for download.

This 32 bit portable update should have all the recent 0.5.1 x64 build changes, such as unicode support, and (additional) fixes. Some added features or improvements include:

- better zoom capabilities through a zoom dialog. You can save zoom settings on a per channel basis.

- Somewhat better H.264 4:2:2 support, but your mileage may still vary depending on the used codecs, as usual LAV is recommended.

- XMLTV EPG/EIT importing (experimental for now, if you find issues here please report them).

fixed: improved 4:2:2 H.264 support, especially when using the LAV filters.
added: zoom dialog now allows more fine grained zoom control per channel.
fixed: elecard decoder was not working properly.
added: swap option to frequency lists (allowing you to quickly swap selected devices for specific configures frequency lists)
added: initial XMLTV EPG import dialog
added: retune on failed MIS tune general option added. This will try to re-tune failed MIS tuning. This option is perhaps useful and required atm when tuning MIS frequencies with some TBS device (5520SE/5580 usb) where MIS tuning can sometimes
require multiple tunes or eventually fail tuning some MIS frequencies.
added: 'prefer video quality over tuning speed' settings to 'graph/performance settings'. When using this some initial tuning delay can occur in favor of video quality. Disable this if you prefer fastest tuning speeds and are ok with perhaps somewhat lower video quality
sometimes (perhaps most notably with 4:2:2 connections and resulting video quality keeping this option enabled is adviced).

fixed: some EPG display/cosmetic issues fixed. (Freeview EPG should also work again).
modified: SmartOSD cosmetic changes. infobar/skin.ini added for positional infobar skinning.
/changed: MIS tuning could work better now for, might require retunes with the module, CrazyCat's streamreader.dll ( module) should tune MIS better
so prefer if MIS tuning is important to you.
fixed: general changes to SmartOSD workings (fullscreen mode etc). Scaling added for infobar osd.
fixed: fixes.

modified: improvements in 4:2:2 processing
added: general channel list status sort/grouping.
added: unicode support (channel names/providers, EPG etc) Please report any unicode conversion problems you still encounter within the app.
modified: legacy recording removed as default, now started recordings are always background recordings.
added: x64 tbsciapi.dll to support TBS CI on 64 bit build.

modified: changes to graph synchronization. Added menu to select different graph timing clocks.
fixed: various fixes.
added: madpihost.exe allows running of mdapi plugins outside of the main process.
added: blindscan.exe to allow blincscan functions with the x64 bit build.

added: x64 version initial tests
added: channellist/epg unicode support. you need to rescan channels and remove any previous smarteit.db to let the epg repopulate.

v0.5.0.60 Release
fixed: freeze checking setting would not be saved correctly

added: t2-mi satellite support.
fixed: PLP support fixes to scanner and channellist.
changed: new channellist iconset.
added: possibility to save snapshots to jpg/png (settable through directshow settings)
fixed: various fixes.

fixed: some fixes to the scanner tp sorting/adding.
fixes: various fixes.
added: initial PLP support for DVB-T2 devices.
fixed: ability to add a new channel at the channel properties.
fixed: better lav audio compatibility.

v0.5.0.37 Release
fixed: mis fixes for tbs devices.
modified: normal scanner dialog tune button did not take diseqc into account correctly all the time.

v0.5.0.36 RC2
changed: some improvements to dvb file play mode.
changed: HEVC improvements, lentoid should now also work

changed: tuning now uses blscan2 if setup with the blindscanner.

fixed: some fixes to favorites remote numbers handling
fixed: some fixes to DVB file play mode
changed: some internal changes to improve HEVC handling.
changed: some graph handling changes.
changed: blinscan dev tuning mode

improved: more aac decoders could possibly work with hevc channels.

added: favorite remote selection.
improved: http streaming additions (stripped PMT etc) to allow optimization for specific clients and stability improvements. Additional buffer settings also added.

fixed : scheduler would not start multiple recordings scheduled at the same time.
changed: scheduler modifications to prevent scheduling wrong channels.
changed: dvb subtitles decoupled from smartosd and fixes/changes to dvb subtitle handling. You need to rescan channels with dvb subtitles for correct operation.
fixed: madvr fixes for newer versions.
added: madvr support for legacy osd. Legacy VMR osd also reworked a bit.
fixed: recording free disk space checking was not stopping recordings all the time and not updating the interface correctly.

fixed: TbsCIapi.dll updated to v0.5.0.11.
fixed: HTTP progressive streaming client type selection to HTTP settings dialog. Some HTTP clients were failing considered a fix.
changed: DVB file play mode changes which could lead to erroneous behaviour especially with small sized transport stream files.

fixed: some http m3u fixes, also some changes to HTTP streaming error handling.
fixed: current scheduled task priority check when starting a scheduled task. This will override the 'ask before stopping existing recording' schedule setting, if set.

fixed: some http streaming bugfixes
fixed: some redraw issues when switching from fullscreen/windowed to main mode.
fixed: EVR fullscreen/main switch problems.
fixed: some bda graph issues which could occur probably on win8/win10 depending on bda driver implementations.
fixed: renderless mode when starting with /renderless from command line wasn't working

v0.5.0.2 Release
fixed: exit would give exception when scanning and exiting the app without tuning any channel previously.
fixed: some evr changes.

changed: Some changes to fullscreen/main/windows switch handling, perhaps works better on win8 plus now, if you need previous functionality please enable the windows 8 compatibility option (tools > settings > directshow)

modified: some changes to main window redraw on fullscreen exit (seems some have some redraw issues here occasionally).
fixed: exception which could occur on exit when an ATSC device was selected on windows 10.
fixed: some m3u HTTP streaming channels would not work with VLC.

v0.5.0.1 RC
fixed: polsat epg was broken.
fixed: blue epg would fail when moving page up etc.
fixed: scheduler display bug which would sometimes show some garbled epg text in the list.
added: epg title search/imdb search and clipboard text copy to main epg pane and epg search dialog. the imdb search string is configurable through the settings.ini (in case the imdb search string would change you should be able to change the default search string here).

modified: scheduler now shows actual scheduled times in larger red font.
added: program guide search toolbar button.
fixed: schedule add task dialog cosmetic issues fixes.
fixed: issues when using scheduler timeout messages which could result in erratic behaviour.
fixed: command bar position saving was broken (while at it added main window epg/record column size saving to settings).
added: epg search dialog toolbar button.
added: date entry for recordings to the record context menu.
added: scheduler conflict management (required almost a total rewrite of the scheduler)(requires lots of testing). This needs to be tested and can optionally be enabled through the scheduler settings.

added: import pre 0.4.5 scheduler tasks to scheduler settings.
modified: internal changes to signal handling to try to improve app responsiveness. If you have app stability issues related to signal handling please let me know.
fixed: PIP stay on top was not working correctly
fixed: m3u list channel change would fail when multiple devices are used. (untested bugfix)
added: A/B audio channel selection to application status bar (only graphical status bar). Audio processing filter needs to be enabled (settings > connection)
fixed: some signal monitor/analyzer cosmetic graph update issues
modified: some changes/fixes to mdapi unloading, let me know if this causes issues/exception when exiting the app or switching devices etc.

fixed: normal (tbs only) pls tuning seemed broken due to some debug code leftovers.
added: option to scheduler settings to enable scheduler conflict resolving.
fixed: signal constellation would not be repainted on window resize.
modified: moved signalanalyzer string to resources.
fixed: issue with scrollwheel and volume when app started without tune.
modified: streamreader.dll updated to version
fixed: some changes to signalanalyzer signal monitoring which seemed erratic here and there.
fixed: added a/b selection was not working properly
modified: Germany.Unitymedia NRW transponder .ini updated.
modified: some internal changes
modified: updated to latest streamreader sdk.
fixed: some small fixes to graphical channel list (dragging in single channel selection mode should work better now).
fixed: fixes
modified: some changes to scanner channels process/update logic.
modified: added support for MainConcept HEVC decoder you need to manually add "video9=MainConcept HEVC Video Decoder,{A8AD11CE-3CBD-4E8E-9786-6029F372A5D0},HEVC,Video" to your filters.ini (or clean setup)

fixed: audio a/b statusbar selection would not correctly play both channels.
fixed: null (client) device wasn't working properly for other device types.
fixed: blindscanner in blscan2 max ranges mode would scan some frequencies too much, this could make this scan with channels faster if your device supports blscan2.
fixed: fixes.
fixed: dvb file play bug which would cause buffer overruns there.
modified: some changes to EVR handling.
fixed: dvb file play mode loop setting (directshow) was not being retained at the next startup.
fixed: fixes/changes to exit process since there are occacional crashes here. Please let us know if you still have this issue.
modified: some changes to osd epg, always enforced non transparency etc previously it would take too much memory and could create problems with the renderer (delays).
fixed: PIP main tab window clicks were crashing due to recent changes to the single click drag and drop.
fixed: PIP main tab channel switches had issues with mdapi.
modified: version bump to 0.5.0, improved stability warrants this.
fixed: some more exit modifications and fixes to direct mode.
fixed: some more stability changes.
fixed: m3u http exception when favorites contained channels from multiple devices.
fixed: device switch initiated from .m3u playlist calls could fail sometimes.
fixed: ATSC bda bug fix which could result in device stop/exit exceptin
v0.4.5.0 beta1 version
fixed: dvb subtitles changes some subtitles weren't being shown correctly.
fixed: some addon fixes, internal counter wasn't being updated so only one addon would be seen in the addon menu.
fixed: ms diseqc commited diseqc did not work properly.
fixed: madvr issue where video would be hidden after showing normal (not sosd) epg (ctrl-e)
fixed: mkv ffmpeg transcoded recordings were sometimes failing, default transcode.ini settings changes ('-fflags genpts' added thanks to sinancetinkaya for figuring this out please remove the previous mkv record entries to use this new internal default)
from the ini to use the new defaults if so desired)
fixed: remote ok/enter now expands/collapses a category when using the graphical list. This should allow better nagivation per remote.
fixed: now should also work with/tune dvb-t/c.
fixed: various blindscanner cosmetic and user interface inconsistencies. Added frequency list and ability to start tranport stream
analyser on selected frequency.
added: blscan2 support to the blindscanner.
added: ability to do an rfscan from the blindscanner when selecting a tree frequency (it will also try to tune the frequency to
ensure we're on the sat).
added: ability to get m3u list from the current satellite (for now only general and favorites can be retrieved). Http streaming
needs to be enabled. http://x.x.x.x:x/server?command=.m3u (or main.m3u) retrieves all channels for the currently
selected satellite. http://x.x.x.x:x/server?command=fav.m3u retrieves all favorites, http://x.x.x.x:x/server?command=fta.m3u all fta stations for the current freq list). Tested with vlc on windows. Also works with android with iptv tools that are able to load .m3u urls.
modified: some changes to http processing to improve error handling etc when requesting lots of http streams.
fixed: cosmetic bug with graphical status bar which sometimes would paint status messages with the wrong colours.
modified: various internal changes to try to improve stability with various devices.
fixed: some possible remote handling issues regarding tbs devices and driver versions.
modified: some changes to the old legacy vmr osd handling to try to improve repsponsiveness there, also some legacy memory leaks fixed there :-)
added: integrated tune and manual scan to normal scanner.
added: mpeg 2 chroma (4:2:2) detection, only tested with transport stream recordings.
fixed: some changes to try to handle scheduling with multiple instances correctly.
fixed: changes to stream analyser due to crash reports.
added: option to settings to disable tbs remote processing. If you have stability issues with your tbs device which
supports a remote try to enable this settings to see if it improves stability. Restart sdvb to be sure after setting this
fixed: some issue when switching devices concerning retaining correct settings per device (could be especially problematic
when switching devices these would not retain correct device type settings for diseqc etc).
modified: some more scheduler bugfixes.
added: pid recording to transport stream analyzer, 'analyzer.ts' will be created in the record folder.
modified: some changes to the diseqc console regarding stability there. Signal status added and retune button.
added: basic signal search/constellation to blindscanner (context menu options). Note this only works with streamreader.dll supported
devices (same as the blindscanner) so keep that in mind.
fixed: some cosmetic fixes to the normal scanner.
fixed: additional (extra) recordings were not being stopped due to disk space restrictions.
fixed: issue with where prefer capture and alternative signal detection were being saved incorrectly.
fixed: bug in streamanalyzer which would not stop recording when closing analyzer without stopping the recording.
added: option to streamanalyzer to record 184 bytes due to special request (was quite easy enough to do:) )
fixed: calling rfscanner from blindscanner did not check if diseqc/positioner was necesarry.
modified: made default rfscan window size somewhat larger (depending on your desktop size).
added: save diagram option to constellation view.
added: signal constellation/analyzer is now shown on the rfscanner double click instead of the previous scan information popup.
fixed: some fixes to the diseqc console (or motor positioner). When called from the blindscanner it will try to tune the last blindscanned frequency.
Otherwise it tries to tune the last normally tuned frequency from the app or scanner.
added: settings record option to record all dvb subtitles
added: Options to main tools menu to also show signal analyzer directly from the app (it automatically switches to, if you don't want that make sure
you also use to tune).
added: option to record context menu to add some time to the end of record (5,10,15,30 or 60 minutes)
modified: some small changes to transponder ini parsing to allow for updates from,
added: device id is also added after caption tuner name (by request). This (including the tuner name) can be disabled by selecting 'tools > settings > general > do not show device name after application name'
modified: issue with the epg search dialog which would sometimes take too long to reload when switching from the dates to stations view.
modified: versioning of device modules is now taken from the file version instead of the previous internal version (and yes indeed file versions were from from the start, i won't lower them since this could cause install problems otherwise).
modified: added some checks to blindscanner/signal analyzer/rfscanner for specific streamreader.dll support (blscan/blscan2/rfscan etc).
modified: some more changes to the diseqc console at the blindscanner dialog for blscan2 compatibility (it was freezing when blscan2 was in use).
modified: Blindscan 2 handling modified due to reported freezes when us blscan2.
added: initial signal monitoring setup to signal analyzer, integrated with the search/constellation dialog
fixed: schedule task dialog now retains some modified settings (at start action, at end action, wakeup, renderless, timeout). Also renderless
mode should be indicated by the ui now also.
fixed: some inconsistencies with processing and saving mis/pls in normal scanner which at some places was still using MIS:[PLS0:1] for example. PLS string
is removed also to be consistent with blindscanner/signal analyzer etc.
modified: and smartdvb now use the latest current streamreader.dll and headers with preber modification to SEARCH_RESULT (version
added: secondary blindscan2 mode (minimal ranges mode gives beter UI response but the blindscan might be slower)
fixed: rfscanner had some pesky introduced bug in latest test version
modified: replaced satellite transponder .ini files with more current ones.
modified: transponder.ini satellites entries updated and now all .ini's should be installed from an installer exe which should not create a registry entry for each install.

v0.4.0 Release
fixed: Scanner update would mark MIS entries with other ID incorrectly lost.
fixed: RF scan would not take into account other defined LNB's for the current satellite and incorrect LNB limits might be set also when blindscanning.
fixed: some more RF scan fixes/cosmetic issues.
fixed: tray icon record state would not always correctly indicate recording on/off.
fixed: issue where channel icons would not be shown correctly when SID's were shown in the channellist (only for service name based icons).
modified: some modifications to tbs and autodetection code, might detect specific tbs devices (also tbs 6983) better now (thanks to steven).
fixed: some more fixes to scanner MIS parsing (thanks to alexi).
fixed: RF Scanner resource strings added (for translations).
fixed: MIS scan scanner ( bug which could select the wrong mis when scanning (thanks once more to alexi).
fixed: sometimes a scheduled record would use the wrong EIT entry.
fixed: some cosmetic changes to record name defaults.
fixed: updated streamreader.dll to
fixed: some minor fixes to the SmartOSD timeshift button toggles (remote now also should toggle between play/pause).

v0.4.0 rc
added: timeout message for scheduled action start (30 seconds default value) added to schedule settings dialog.
modified: record all audio PID's for transport stream recordings moved to record settings dialog and should now also be used for normal manual recordings (previously it only worked for scheduled recordings).
added: chroma subsampling (4:2:0, 4:2:2 etc) to the additional video status, needs testing.
modified: pressing the 'play'/'pause' keys now toggles play/paused state, previously it would remain at the chosen state.
fixed: timeshift pause did not work correctly (introduced bug). Some modifcations to timeshift code with regards to this.
modified: some addons interface calls modified (DoDiseqc doesn't require the full channel data but instead uses the transponder and satellite structures, which is more appropriate not all channel data is needed by this call, this might break existing addons, but since there aren't many yet i figured it wouldn't be much of a problem.
If you have build an addon you'll need to rebuild with the current addon example headers to be sure)
modified: some setup changes. If you had undefined problems with upgrades previously please try again.
improved: osd timeshift button states (ff/play/pause didn't always update button state correctly).
added: end time to add schedule task dialog (by requests).
improved: smartosd transparency slider settings is more verbose now (seemed unclear to some)
added: EIT event description on the main epg pane is now also shown in the edit field.
modified: by default dvb-t offset settings are not used (too many users seem to have issues with this). Added an option to the scanner dialog to specifically enable offset addition to the currently scanned dvb-t frequency.
improved: EPG ampersand "&" would be incorrectly translated to underscore at some places.
added: blindscanner option to disable retries when no data is received.
added: option to diseqc settings to not show 'positioner moving ...' message when moving a positioner/rotor.
fixed: scanner bugfix where MIS values would not be shown correctly with a sort selected/active.
improved: some modifications to to enable it to tune dvb-t/c (dvb-t tested).
fixed: bug which could occasionally cause a crash when using the diseqc console.
added: basic RF scanner. Only works with streamreader.dll supported devices so don't try this otherwise won't work.
Might be removed for final version if it causes too many issues. Added for testing/feedback.
updated: streamreader.dll to current version.

v0.4.0 beta 2a
fixed: hotfix release for serious bug that would make the app crash when parsing multiple EIT languages on various transponder frequencies.

v0.4.0 beta 2 test
added: smartexec /channel option saves currently selected channel (satid,nid,tid,sid) to channel.dat in the settings folder.
fixed: lag issue which could occur with skystar devices (
fixed: crash which could occur when switching to/from direct tune mode.
fixed: skystar HD Express should now also work with skystar WDM device (, should be a better option for owners of such devices compared to the buggy
bda implementation technisat provides.
fixed: transcode parameters were not saved correct/used at the transcode settings dialog.
fixed: video status bar would not update EPG progress/textual data correctly at all times, should work better now.
fixed: signal stats were not being shown correct (quality/level were shown as being the same).
fixed: edit filter should be maintained between channel tab switches.
added: HTTP stream option to stream radio station with MP3. (TV stations should also send the audio only through this http url).
added: basic transcode profile settings to allow for easier change/selected of different streaming/recording parameter sets. Seemed like a necessity to add
this to the current external ffmpeg transcode setup. Profiles are saved to settings/transcode.ini
fixed: scan update dialog lost channels are now sorted by frequency.
fixed: some issues with transport stream transcoded recordings (mp4/mkv).
added: remote ch# selection should also move epg to the selected remote tab channel.
fixed: channel list tv filter would not be retained across application instances.
fixed: adding a blindscan range now uses correct c-band defaults
fixed: client mode now also takes extra buffering into account when receiving streams (if set it's used for client side receive buffering).
fixed: some transcode profile interface inconsistencies.
added: ability to hide video status (main menu > view)
added: optional extra video status line showing video/audio type and simple record progress.
added: video process to connection settings dialog. This allows you to enter a filter like for example 'ffdshow raw filter' to process video.
added: alternate video decoder, based on name selection for now, if you have other suggestions please let me know. You can use this to for example select
a different decoder for HD compared to H.264 (by entering a name like ' HD' or alike).
added: seperate h.264 ffmpeg record transcode command lines. So you're able to differentiate between then when recording, on slower systems you H264 transcoding
speed is increased by using preset -superfast where possible. This might decrease recording quality in such cases though, remove it again if you don't have
issues with the efficiency of these transcoding on your system. Please note that slower systems might simply have problems automagically transcoding some
recording types, if you're system simply isn't efficient enough for ffmpeg to transcode in real-time this might be unsolvable besides a quicker cpu.
fixed: HTTP streaming seemed to fail on some XP systems, added HTTP option to optimize http streaming which might allow such XP systems to stream correctly when enabled.
modified: HTTP internal caching reworked somewhat to try to make it more stable under various network conditions.
added: renderless video renderer.
modified: some changes to due to reports, some people seem to have some weird exceptions there sometimes. If you experience worse/sluggish video or lockups at exit please let me know, i might need to revert these changes if it's not for the better.
added: option to schedule task exit to close the dvb device (experimental might be unstable, /STOPDEV parameter added to smartexec.exe for this purpose).
fixed: some problems with audio process filter being added twice under some settings situations.
fixed: some additional bug report fixes/modifications.
added: basic initial HEVC support. Current known codecs which support HEVC are lentoid/LAV/latest cyberlink. Please note that some of these codecs are still quite
unstable and could result in application exceptions related to these codecs. HEVC is not implemented for PIP atm (seemed like overkill with just 2-4
available and unstable satellite HEVC streams)
fixed: main app status bar did not remain hidden if so requested on restart.

v0.4.0 beta 1
fixed: occasional crash when stopping mpeg records (heap related).
fixed: major interface problem which would make the blindscanner unresponsive (introduced issue).
fixed: Cinergy S2 CI should now also work (twinhan mode).
fixed: video freeze problem which sometimes could occur with timeshift enabled.
fixed: various lastminute bugfixes.
fixed: crash which could occur when disabling/enabling audio spectrum.

v0.4.0 beta 1 test (version bumped up to 0.4.0)
added: sound feedback to scanner dialog. Might be useful to adjust satellites.
fixed: issue with hidden dishnet scan which would not show correct signal stats in the transponder listview.
modified: by default smartosd is not enabled now with new installs (it possibly leads to slower performance issues on slower systems, so to enable users to first just view tv without other interference). Thanks for those tips, you know who you are.
modified: audio a/b select filter is now also used for ac3/aac if selected/enabled.
added: parental lock (child lock) options to channels menu.
added: flv/ts HTTP transport streaming for better integration with the web interface.
added: tooltip feedback to settings (leaves more space for actual options where needed and allows for more help feedback).
added: smartexec/smartdvb command line options '/birate kbps', eg '/bitrate 1000' sets the max streaming transcode bitrate to 1000 kbps.
and '/res 544x576' to set a specific transcode resolution. 'standard' sets the original video resolution, '/res standard'. 'SD'
sets the default SD resolution, '/res sd' (which is 544x576 atm).
These options are mainly added for the webinterface integration, use it when viewing specific stations via command line to request
a specific transcode bitrate/resolution for the tune.
fixed: issue with pip resize from bottom-left corner.
added: UDP multicast setting to http streaming settings dialog. Untested.
added: http streaming registers all local interfaces IP addresses option. This is useful if you have multiple interfaces you wish to have http access to.
modified: some underlying modifications to the graph building/rebuilding. Some people reported memory issues there. Please let me know if everything is still the same concerning graph rebuilding/renderer usage etc if possible.
improved: some smartexec modifications to differentiate correctly between multiple instances of smartdvb (scheduled recordings for multiple instances would fail or not work correct, requires testing).

v0.3.6 test 3
modified: clean installs should default to EVR renderer (win7+).
fixed: some scan bugs related to newly added multiple lnb support.
fixed: epg search should now also work for hebrew/perhaps other codepages, please report if you still have issues doing correct searches.
added: new animation setup for smartosd (directx 9 required).
improved: now tries to save/restore device selection settings per device instead of global.
added: epg search option to main epg context menu.
added: new video header which uses images akin to SmartOSD.
improved: some fixes/modifications to snap to other windows, window dragging.
fixed: issue with old legacy treeview station list showing duplicate favorite categories.
fixed: issue with station properties dialog selecting wrong ECM value when double-clicking ca listview.
added: http stream option. Tested with VLC. It might be needed to start the application with administrative privileges to register a specific
set http url. This is required by MS api calls which don't allow http server urls to be registered without administrative privileges, such
is only required a single time after that you don't need to run the app with admin privileges, just needed for url registration. For me
this actually works quite well with VLC, also with station switches.
added: MadVR renderer support. Please note that this third party renderer requires game like gpu performance and uses lots of memory/resources/tweaks, which could lead to
exceptions during my tests, might still need work, so not intended for the slower systems. You'll need to install madvr for it to be enabled (renderer selection).
fixed: smartexec.exe should accept lower case too.
added: keyboard mute should also mute PIP windows.
added: first basic setup of client/server modes. Enable specific client/server settings to setup a client/server. UDP/HTTP streaming to a client is available atm.
At this moment only UDP unicast is supported and a single client can receive the stream (also for HTTP). Only limited testing done by myself locally.
Besides installing smartdvb at the client side and setting the client checkbox to enable client mode you should also copy the smartdvb.db database
to the client for now (i'll see to add some smartdvb.db copy option for the client lateron). Only a single client can connect to the HTTP streamer or
UDP unicast stream at this moment.
added: ability to transcode streaming (UDP/HTTP) with ffmpeg for lower bandwidth requirements over the internet (experimental, use at your peril). Note that ffmpeg needs to
be able to transcode in realtime, if you have a somewhat slower system and transcoding seems to fail consistently, resulting in corrupted recordings or other problems,
your system might simply not be fast enough for real time transcoding.
added: vlc HTTP password to UDP settings (seems this is required for new VLC releases).
added: EPG option to not show content icons (only shows content category text strings then).
added: client/server: client now also retrieves signal statistics.
fixed: added fix for garbled freeview HD epg (unverified).
fixed: some custom list issues when viewing the list with the legacy treeview (empty categories would not be shown correct, some other bugs).
added: option to transcoder to transcode TS recordings with ffmpeg to other formats (mp4,wmv,avi,mkv,mpg). You need to have transport stream recordings enabled at the
record settings for this to work.
fixed: longstanding issue which caused keyboard shortcuts or remote to not react sporadically.
added: option to client/server settings dialog to set remote transcode bitrate, useful to adjust such parameter from the client.
fixed: audio pid synchronization for client/server (sometimes wrong audio would be sent resulting in frozen video at the client).
added: client mode now also processes EPG content from server (should also work with transcode enabled, needs to be tested).
fixed: reported scheduler issue when scheduling multiple sequential schedules for the same station the record task would be skipped if a recording already was busy,
now the previous scheduled task should be stopped and the new one continued.

v0.3.6 pre beta test 2
improved: volume logic should be better now.
fixed: polish terrestrial EPG should work (broken with 0.3.5).
fixed: polish sat epg should not skip first 2 characters.
added: audio selection to video context menu.
added: provider-id, ident to ca settings/mdapi (still might need work).
added: basic transport stream analyzer.
improved: Scan update dialog updated, uses tabs, shows more data, allows you to see differences when station parameters are modified. Also you should be able to select which lost stations should not be removed.
fixed: EPG Search didn't use correct default interval at startup.
fixed: EPG Search station tune (context menu) sometimes tuned the wrong station.
fixed: Record names should show leading zero now for minutes/seconds/hours.
improved: Scan dialog now also supports transponder list sorts (freq/pol/symb etc). Also now support multiple selection. Plus other minor improvements/additions to the scanner dialog.
added: audio renderer selection to video popup.
added: providerid to station properties CA dialog (edit/add).
added: MIS/PLS settings to scanner manual/add/edit frequency dialog.
added: possibility to define more LNB's at the satellite settings dialog (you should be able to define frequency ranges which
should allow the app to select the correct LNB based on such given frequencies when tuning/scanning etc). Note that some modifications were required to diseqc handing und such for this to work correct, so please report if your switches/rotors
still work well/worse with this build compared to previous builds (0.3.5).
added: fine tune steps to positioner/usals settings (satellite settings dialog). Note such settings only used when using the
positioner together with the 'delay tune after positioner move' settings (tools > diseqc).
added: swap main/pip option to PIP context menu
added: PIP mute/pip unmute but mute all others option to pip context menu.
improved: New blue EPG navigation buttons.
added: blue guide (epg) height configuration.
added: PIP snap to other PIP windows.
added: Rebar state should be saved/restored now.
improved: EPG duplicate removal (could cost CPU please report if you're troubled by higher cpu usage).
improved: EPG nagivation buttons plus navigation should retain half hour boundries (for better usability).
fixed: several blue EPG bugs/inconsistencies.
improved: Transport Stream analyzer improvements (ability to sort by header etc).
added: graphical station list should refresh (about every 60 seconds) to update epg data.
added: (blue) epg option to not show content categories (useful when using lower item heights to still show data).
fixed: some resize issues with PIP resize and windowed mode (windows were sometimes also moved etc).
improved: audio select filter should work better.
improved: some modifications to to try to improve TBS remote freeze issues (needs tsts, might also improve stability issues with tbs devices).
added: audio/sound spectrums(includes 44 bar left/right or single power bar spectrum).
fixed: bug with pip usage which could block main video (when PIP timeshift ff (fastforward) used).
added: satellite name to station list when grouping by sat.
fixed: procamp for vmr9 didn't work correct.
improved: added some proper procamp (video color) defaults. Also fixed some bugs.
added: aac filter indicator to status (still missing)

v0.3.5 Release
fixed: smartosd channel list (floating/fullscreen) seemed broken.
fixed: ms dtv-dvd video should connect better now (some other codecs like ffdshow might have less issues with no connection error
messages sometimes too).

v0.3.5 Release test
fixed: transport stream file play didn't work correctly with timeshift disabled.
added: option to scan dialog to delete stations for the current frequency. Useful to remove dead stations before a re-scan (note you'll loose all favorites/remote/custom link entries).
added: optional favorite filter to epg search (might not be very efficient atm).
modified: udp stream now restarted after making sure video headers etc have been received (could improve webinterface integration at some situations).
added: possibility to group general station list based on CAID added due to popular
demand(channel list group properties).
fixed: side by side windows event error log should be removed now.
modified: some minor cosmetic modifications to the epg search results.
added: compact list view mode to epg search.
fixed: some freesat epg process issues, freesat epg should be better now, please report remaining issues.
added: some modulation options to scanner/select menu.
added: remove dead station option to main 'channels' menu.
fixed: moved missing epg content description strings to resources.
fixed: station search with custom lists did not work.
fixed: some polsat epg issues/exceptions.
fixed: attempt to remove occasional main window tab epg duplicates.
modified: some aac modifications to, should/could now connect better with codecs like ffdshow/lav/divx aac, please report issues.
added: aac filter option to station list properties (you need to rescan for this to work properly).
fixed: possible issues with HD PIP stations.

v0.3.5 beta 3
fixed: Allsats.txt satellite name length increased, should be possible up to 128 ch now.
fixed: pip tab totals current pip header did not always update correct.
added: station list option to fullscreen popup.
fixed: sometimes smart filter > video decoder PIP connection issues with some codecs (ffdshow/ms dtv). Still needs to be tested well.
fixed: some recursive exception error reporting situations (i hope).
added: splitter for main epg/description.
added: media settings menu option to allow media splitter configuration (default/haali or lav). Please note lav splitter seems to create crashes with wmv etc (for me).
added: search list station images/icons.
modified: graphical list total images, some other graphical list icons modifications to make hd/enc more visible.
modified: some modifications to transport stream file play, mostly stability.
fixed: udp station change with VLC might operate better now.
added: exterimental vlc http stream start/stop option to udp settings (you need to start vlc with "--extraintf=http" or "-I http" (latter if you don't require normal vlc gui interface). This allows correct udp station changes with vlc when using UDP unicast.Do not enable this option if not needed (or disable it when VLC usage is not needed/required), it might slow down application startup otherwise. This could be a solution for the problem with changing stations with vlc udp streams, so if you previously had issues with that (vlc didn't change station correct after initial udp station try this).
These modifications also allow for better integration with the smartdvb web interface.
fixed: Scheduler issue with multiple recordings.
added: dvbsky/benustar diseqc support to
fixed: pressing alt-f4 at fullscreen/windowed mode didn't show main interface (it had to be killed with the task manager).
added: transport stream file play now tries to automatically find/select station, should also work better now offline.
added: transport stream file play dialog to select station if more then 1 station is found.
modified: some epg iso processing issues (polish stations).
added: media mode icon to smart osd.
added: transport stream mode icon to smart osd.
added: some missing addon calls i realised were missing. Setmodulation and settransponderinfo to addons. Use setmodulation to set the modulation required before settransponder. SetTransponderInfo is needed before setdiseqc sometimes (with some device types) for correct operation of switches, needs to be set before calling setdiseqc/senddiseqc. Existing addons might need to be recompiled (not many there yet so instead of adding new interface for this call existing one's been modified, they're essential missing calls anyhow so they should be included).
added: some messageboxes after pressing esc when exiting media mode/transport stream mode file play, otherwise the user might press esc (remote too) and not realise the current media might be stopped.
added: options to media mode settings to play transport stream files/mpeg ps files forcibly with the ms demultiplexer, experimental needs tests. Some systems seem to have problems to play such files. Best option is to install a known demux/splitter like haali media splitter or LAV splitter for such files, which should then run ok with default options.
added: pip close/start remote/keyboard/winlirc commands.
modified: more hardcoded program strings moved to resources for translations. Please report still missing strings.
fixed: PIP bug when modifying video renderer followed with pip reload with existing pip window would result in crash (renderer switch would not be taken into account then).
modified: some blue epg paint/redraw issues (header data would not get updated correctly all the time). Tried to fix some apparent freezes seen from reports, cannot recreate these issues myself so unsure if it's better/corrected now.
fixed: schedule station from pip exception.
fixed: some dvb subs exceptions (from reports, untested).
fixed: some teletext exceptions due to recent arabic modifications.
added: tray icon minimize now shows different color tray icon and different tray message (indicating a recoding is busy) when recording.
added: CTRL key at application startup shows device selection dialog and skips initial device load (useful when having device startup problems/issues).
fixed: some problems with pls/mis when using and tbs6925, should work now (tested).
added: option to device settings to enable pls/mis, by default PLS/MIS is disabled for tbs devices. Only the tbs new interfaces support pls/mis so make sure you select those for your TBS device which supports PLS/MIS.
added: basic help file, needs more work (volunteers?).
added: netup diseqc interfaces (untested).
fixes: some modifications to auto detect code, hope it now detects ms interfaces correct, please test if not broken/still ok.
added: filter indications to station list status bar. If stations are invisible they're shown after an invisible icon (hidden eye). If specific other filters like ac3/hd/dvb/ttx are set icons are shown to indicate that. Lots of users made the mistake of settings such filters and not realising they were set, this might make that more visible to them.
modified: some modifications to SmartOSD modules, should/could be more stable now, needs tests.
fixed: some more fixes to transport stream file mode stability/workings.
added: option to assign SID numbers to current remote station numbers (useful when actual provider SID values correspond with remote numbers so you don't
need to manually set each station CH# at the station properties).
added: graphical station general list icon to indicate whether station is a current favorite.
fixed: some issues when recording with timeshift disabled.

v0.3.5 beta 2
fixed: some issues with collapsed graphical list total (were not being calculated correct at some situations).
added: PIP select tab menu.
added: MIS/PLS support to (TBS only for now, tested with tbs 5925). The scanner only recognizes .BS tables with MIS/PLS definitions for now (created by blindscanner).
added: expand/collapse station list to station popup menu.
added: OSD EPG popup menu with exit/font settings, font should update direct when modified now too.
fixed: MS DTV should operate better with PIP now (i hope, might still sometimes give codec connect issues).
fixed: some issues with new float station list (for pip/floating window mode).
fixed: pip/floating window resize to aspect ratio didn't resize correct when resizing from top/bottom of window.
added: pip mute options (main/pip) to pip settings (not everyone appreciated that feature).
fixed: some corrections/bugs to blindscanner (introduced by mis modifications).
fixed: station list didn't update on blindscan exit.
added: close all pips option.
fixed: OSD epg didn't show some (end of timeline etc) events correct.
fixed: some teletext modifications for persian lng (arabic codepage selection).
added: ms diseqc interfaces to (seems to operate better/ok for skystar express hd devices).
added: tbs ci support (tested with tbs 5980 ci)
fixed: drag/drop images modified to show correct drop location (below drag destination).
added: freesat epg support (untested).
fixed: some blindscan dialog modifications (dialog wouldn't show correct with different os font sometimes).
fixed: cmd line parameters for smartdvb.exe should operate once more (operated only with smartexec.exe before).
fixed: moved some missing application strings to resources (includes some directshow graph error messages)

v0.3.5 Beta 1
fixed: scheduler didn't exit/shutdown app correct after recent (mux records) modifications.
fixed: resize issues with epg search at smartosd mode.
added: PLS support to blindscanner/app. PLS mode/codes saved to .bs files, eg: 12538,H,27500,23,8PSK,MIS:1[0:8] (tested with tbs 6925/5925).
fixed: lnb power off at app exit did not operate well (tbs devices).
added: schedule option to station menu.
added: pip record option to pip menu.

v0.3.5 pre Beta 1 test 3
fixed: added some drag/drop images which were missing from the setup (wouldn't allow correct drag/drop at favs/custom lists)
added: possible to add stations to custom list category like favorites (not only drag/drop).
fixed: view status options didn't operate correct every time with addition of the new graphical status bar.
added: PIP connection dialog to settings for seperate directshow PIP codecs/renderers. Make sure you select 'directsound' audio renderers for main/pip to ensure correct audio with pip usage!.
modified: some pip modifications due to vmr9 incompatibilities/errors.
modified: some MIS (multiple input streams) errors/bugs (only for note: when blinscan finds MIS streams these are saved to the .bs frequency list (MIS:1) after the modulation field eg: It's then also possible to scan these .bs with the normal scan (only with

fixed: setup error where w7/8 install at 'program files' didn't run smartdvb.exe elevated (admin).
modified: default graphical app status graphics (less obtrusive).

v0.3.5 pre Beta 1 test 2
fixed: some issues with s2-qpsk modulation addition which broke some s2-qpsk modulation tune with some devices.
fixed: issue which didn't allow scanned stations to be added (MIS related)
fixed: video color settings didn't operate with vmr9/pip.

v0.3.5 pre Beta 1 test
notes: scheduler modifications (NID add) breaks previous scheduled jobs (remove previous scheduled jobs or clean install) also please delete smarteit.db due to EIT database modifications too. PIP's only been tested with win7 so xp/win8 reports with respect to this r needed. this versions's got quite a lot of low level modifications, due to pip etc, so please report issues with video different to previous version (0.3.0). << send your future mail messages to, the old jackjavo hotmail account is no longer valid.

added: mdapi 188 packet size requests should be honoured now.
added: audio station a/b filter. If the filter does not connect please select other audio decoder (non ac3).
added: directshow video connection now allows for seperate ac3/audio decoder.
added: video color settings (procamp, vmr9/EVR).
added: epg search dialog now uses a list, provides better filters.
added: specific s2-qpsk for better import/process of actual qpsk s2 modulation. Needs to be looked at if nothing broken (scanner, syncs etc).
modified: some modification to level/signal processing.
corrected: epg auto delete could be unstable, moved more to idle time now if possbile.
added: main/smartosd epg progress auto update now, should not remain static no more.
corrected: some failure with cyberlink audio decoder (possibly other audio codecs should operate better now or at least connect).
added: scheduler now also initiates record like extra mux record if possible (if scheduled record is for same current recorded mux).
corrected: better guide name check/retrieve with scheduler.
added: epg button to smartosd options menu (next to epg search).
added: guide/epg data to schedule dialog (new dialog).
added: MIS (multiple input streams) support to blinscanner/app (also scanner with .BS tables should process MIS streams). Only would function with (not Untested. Possible to set specific mis id's at station properties.
added: Audio a/b selection to station properties. Only used when the audio select filter is used which should be only for 16 bit stereo audio, not ac3 etc (at such situations the audio filter should not be inserted). For some audio codecs you might need to ensure audio output is set to 16 bit otherwise sound might sound odd.
added: Epg search list to smartosd options menu.
added: Keyboard for remote input (search epg edit etc).
added: renderless schedule task option.
added: scheduler (exit/shutdown etc) timeout option.
added: custom station list progress color configurable with skinconfig.ini at skin folder.
added: orders for favorites/categories. Favorites now added with specific database order at end of categories.
added: basic drag/drop for favorites order. Also for single categories order (only possible after one selects single favorite category). Drag/drop only for custom list (not legacy treeview).
added: basic simple cut/paste for favorites order.
added: possible to view/see stations at epg search list (dialog/osd).
added: definable custom lists, with (sub) categories /drag drop, also includes category collapsed state save. Now you should be able to create whatever type of list you need/require. Drag drop should be supported (for categories only a single selected cat could be dropped elsewhere).
corrected: some corrections to scheduler which could fail if a job got initiated while other job already initiated. Now the scheduler should try to create extra frequency/mux records so you should still be able to scheduleview/record other same mux stations. The NID now's also used for schedule jobs, you'll have to remove/recreate current scheduled jobs coz these might fail now.
modified: some libraries updated, might improve compatibility with w8 (untested).
added: float window resize mode (free or resize window with aspect ratio resize constraints).
added: small toolbar icons option to main view menu (request).
added: window station list to windowed video mode.
added: process priority to tools menu.
added: rebuild graph when buffer overflow occurs (directshow settings).
added: PIP. MDAPI supported up to 64 stations (coupled to records mdapi, PIP itself isn't limited) (like with multi records same plugins0-64 folders r used)
added: record option to record encrypted stations too (only stream records comply, not mpg).
fixed: issue which made tbs 5925 remote not function correct (could correct other tbs usb remote issues too).
added: auto PIP mode (automatic show x pip stations at station modification)
added: pip timeshift options (seperate pip timeshift buffer files created at defined pip folder (timeshift1/2/3.ts etc) .
added: graphical (skin) status bar for main app (old status bar still accessible through view menu).
modified: deletion of old/obsolete epg entries now moved to application exit (current delete during app idle time could lead to too much issues this might be a better solution). Epg options added to disable/delete/defragment epg database (defragment the epg database to improve epg performance periodical).
added: scheduler option to record every transport stream PID.
modified: signal/quality retrieval logic's been modified somewhat, might improve for devices which showed 100/0 stats/qual before.

v0.3.0 Release
corrected: some graph timeshift issues.
corrected: some issues with smartosd up/down remote/kb keys which did not navigate station list. Also 'ok' should now tune current selected station at those station lists.
corrected: scanner sync update from satfeeds failed.

v0.3.0 Pre Release
corrected: volume float exception which occurred sometimes.
corrected: station update with blindscanner now's done per satellite (could cause heap problems sometimes).
corrected: header didn't show correct with blindscanner also some memory leaks there.
corrected: windows 8 compatibility issue when switched to fullscreen mode with quick ratio alteration.
corrected: non-transparent logo's were not shown correct.
corrected: mpeg record audio sync/distortion issues were reported.
added: tab bitmap graphics (graphics with possible skin like smartosd, same 'images' folder method).
corrected: more dvb title process errors at some stations, let me know if you still encounter errors with stations with this Respect.
revised: Exception process, now some report requests when caught exceptions occur (without app exit, before these exceptions could get unnoticed but might cause difficult to locate issues later)
revised: some more corrections to mpeg recs.

v0.3.0 Release Candidate
corrected: issue with open db's at appdata folder path.
corrected: scan issue when update stations.
corrected: skystar issue with appdata path once more.
corrected: some issue with wrong processed dvb subtitles at some stations.
corrected: epg issue with north america (windowed epg would not show correct all the time). also left/right with smartosd station data now also moves through simple epg/stations, to preview mini osd station epg without tune with remote (enter should then tune station if so required etc).
add: NA modulations (DSS QPSK)
(Digicipher II Combo)
(Digicipher II Split (I))
(Digicipher II Split (Q))
(Digicipher II Offset QPSK) to app, implementation (should operate with genpix bda devices untested).
add: persian iso support to epg (not tested)
corrected: BDA_MOD_32APSK modulation issue which probably didn't process this modulation correct (untested)
add: website hyperlink to about dialog.
corrected: some exceptions/problems corrections.
add: above mentioned NA modulations to blindscanner/ (untested).
corrected: fastsatfinder syncs did not show 8psk modulations correct.
corrected: possible issue with diseqc rotor console step east/west at seconds mode.
corrected: again more corrected exceptions/issues due to reports i hope.
done: some general app robustization.
corrected: mpeg radio/audio records seemed broken, should operate again.
done: upgraded report module to current one.
add: keep display on to general settings (should override power save options which might turn display off while video available).
corrected: dcII muxes process correction (video/radio PID's did not get detected correct like video/radio stations). No dss streams processing this might be enabled somehow at future. Note for now does not operate with dcII modulations, please use (florian) which requires the genpix bda driver to be installed.
add: new tsb interfaces to (Florian). Tested with tbs5925 seems auto-detect code did not operate correct for this tbs device (please let me know if new tbs interfaces r ok for ur tbs device too only tested with tbs 5925 and commited switch).
corrected: most new strings moved to resources to allow for translations. If you attempt a translation but still miss some localized strings please let me know.
add: smartosd option to disable transparency, if you have cpu/video issues (especially with smartosd epg) try this option (at future release this might be made configurable per osd element).
add: SmartOSD program nfo now also shown when main windowed epg clicked. Also click at screen/image while p/i visible should hide p/i.
add: visibility option to smartosd settings to allow for hide/show of main/windowed popup osd elements.
altered: send diseqc at each frequency alteration's now enabled by default.
altered: module at new install now selects direct tune mode for prof7301, seems for some users default bda tune does not operate correct with this device, direct mode seems to operate better.
add: simple anti-repeat to remote options.
corrected: no-signal process should operate better now.

v0.3.0 beta 3 bugfix
corrected: enigma style logo's were not shown correct everywhere (remote etc).
corrected: some update station logic.
add: addon section filter addition/fixes.
add: positioner move osd msg.
corrected: timeshift ff/rw/movement altered, might be slower now but should b more compatible with more codecs (LAV? needs tb looked at).
add: windows lock detect (Win Key + L)
add: option to station list settings to left align station names (instead of default center)
corrected: bugfixes.
corrected: again some issues, hope now ss module's ok again.
corrected: graphical timeshift OSD didn't operate correctly above 4gb timeshift size.
corrected: scheduler exception.
add: updated blindscan to current streamreader.dll release.
corrected: more bugfixes
corrected: udp multicast alteration to use real multicast (local) addresses (eg., at VLC you should receive udp stream like udp://@ where 8888 is the chosen port, not tested).
add: time to live (ttl) to udp multicast dialog.
corrected: dish hidden stations scan seemed to be broken, should operate again.
add: lnb power off force method which might operate for some devices with no direct lnb power off method (technotrend etc, untested, please let me know if lnb power off operates correct/falsely with u)
add: menu options 'tools > send application report' also possible to use CTRL-ALT-R to create application report to send directly to smartdvb author. Useful for debug methods or automatic send of logs etc.
corrected: statup up/down keyboard/remote shortcuts operated odd when smartosd epg enabled, should be somewhat better now (legacy nd custom list).
corrected: NIT scan got broken, should operate again.
add: site fastsatfinder to scanner sync options.
altered: some alterations to which might improve compatibility, if you had issues before with prof 7301 please try again.

v0.3.0 beta 2 bugfix
fix: some iso bug fix wrt return being shown like '?'.
fix: alteration wrt windows 8 window mode switch (fullscreen/main/windowed).
fix: some altertions to try to get polish codepages to operate ok by default.
fix: custom station list icons r not scaled now but drawn to actual bitmap sizes so you r able replace them with smaller/larger ones.
fix: custom station list fixes wrt small fonts which were not shown correct.
corrected: logos able to be transparent now.
add: epg item font select to epg options.
add: select of specific device per frequency list (switch for now). This allows selection of different device per frequency list (useful for sat mainly).
corrected: various bufixes (skystar2 device seemed to fail sometimes, probably related to some data trying to be written at local/appdata so if people experience skystar2 issues still, try to install app at 'program files' for now)
cor: various bugfixes.
add: double-click to select station with new custom list should operate now.
add: basic skin option wrt to osd/custom list images to smartosd options (needs to be extended at future but for now only images). Settings/skins.ini is used to configure skin name/folder (sub folder of images) 'nd author.
add: support for picon style enigma icons included transparency (place the icons at logos subfolder with sat id, eg logos192, logos130)
corrected: some corrections to report processing (not everything seemed processed correctly, more logs added).
corrected: acamd exception should b corrected now.
add: section filter to addons.
corrected: timeshift path option did not operate correct (no update).
corrected: dish scan did not operate (not tested).
add: max logo height for custom station list to station list properties.
corrected: some alterations to setup wrt upgrades.

v0.3.0 build 14
fx: various install/setup alterations. Request for backup if previous version detected etc.
add: SmartOSD slide effect (for only for options nd timeshift). Possible to turn off at smartosd options.
add: option to start app renderless to general options.
Alt: removed auto detect ms interfaces from coz didn't seem to operate reliable.
Add: custom messagebox (not used everywhere yet) to also allow remote usage where needed.

v0.3.0 build 13
fx: mdapi multi rcrds (encrypted) should operate better now.
fx: various bugfixes, also xp should operate better now.
fx: dvb subtitles fixes + codepage fixes (polish/central european).
fx: play media file now resets dvb volume (begin & end).
fx: splash font fx, set to system font now.
add: osd message status (to be used like status, might need to be made configurable etc).

v0.3.0 build 12
alt: more mdapi alterations wrt mutli rcrds (stable related)..
crctd: EPG iso alterations, also wrg to default iso codepages used. Station properties now allows default codepage to be set (useful for stations which don't indicate which codepage to use at system. At situation where codepage's given by stream that shall have precedence at all times before that option). Also other iso codepages should be supported better now i hope (needs test).
crctd: teletext sb title pages now settable through station properties (ES) correctly.
crctd: various bug fixes (also wrt state etc).
Add: multi language EPG support. Main screen epg window now allow's selection of other default language's (if/when available) through combobox (needs to be looked at), this setting's based per station.
crctd: Teletext sb titles would only display single line, seems to operate btter for me now. Also should be more efficient now (noticed lag at hd/fullscreen mode here).
crctd: some install issues.

v0.3.0 test 11
Corrected: some mdapi related issues (acamd exception?), some compile options altered coz of that.
Add: ttx sbtitles page # to station properties.
Add: GetDeviceSettings to AddOn Interface
Corrected: Lots OSD EPG alterations/corrections. Now some icons r shown for content type. Also for schedule/records. Also possible to initialize multiple records from epg. New graphics.
Alt: sqlite update to current build. Also some alteration wrt the delete of old epg entries which would sometimes slow down app (especially at init) when EPG db grew. Needs tb looked at.
Add: Auto aspect ratio adjust (to 'set aspect ratio from source' general settings). Also video AR menu now contains 'auto adapt 4/3 or 16/9 from source' to turn conversion off/on.
Alt: some mdapi multi records alterations wrt stable operation.
Add: ttx page save to txt to ttx popup menu (saved at record folder).

v0.3.0 test 9
Fix: ttx titles corrected wrt refresh (could improve quick move title pages).

v0.3.0 test 8
Fix: C stationlist remote shortcut would show old obsolete vmr station list (btw only operates with old treeview station list)
Fx : sosd ttx now accepts default 0-9 ciphers (beside remote options).
Add: left/right/u/d mouse gestures at osd ttx wrt prv/nxt/page ttx page.
Add: ttx lnks fix (zdf/german/other stations).

v0.3.0 test 7
Alt: Ttx codepage bug nd more bugs.
Fix: small blindscn log bug.

v0.3.0 test 7
Alt: SOSD titles were not correct at windowed mode.

v0.3.0 test 6
Alt: ar fix.
Alt: ttx alterations.
Alt: s*btitle (SmartOSD) fixes/alterations.
Add: ttx s*b pages
Add: ttx links...
Add: red/green/yellow/blue remote kb ttx lnks.

v0.3.0 test 5
Fix: Num-lck at ttx fix.
Fix: ttx bugs.
Fix: SmartOSD sb-title at other then main mode (ttx/dvb titles).
Fix: bugfixes.
Fix: Show station at execute with custom station list collapsed.

v0.3.0 test 4
Add: TTX page select + fixes.
Add: num-lck detect at kb.
Add: ttx subtitles with new SmartOSD shud operate now.
Fix: bugfixes.
Fix: more ttx alterations.
Fix: more ttx alterations.

v0.3.0 test 3
Add: Toggle Ratio select to smrtosd options (dbl-clk).
Fix: b*gfxs (initial strt with new custom list).
Ch*nged: SmartOSD ttx default at 4/3 Ratio now.
Fix: rcrd timer fix's.
Fix: more new custom chlist fix (non-expnd initial issues)
Fix: more rcrd clock fix's

v0.3.0 test 2
Fixed: Smrt teletext ws broken at test1.
Fixed: smrt epg search fixes.
Add: epg search common dialog.
Fixed: issue with main sat cb.
Add: timeshift osd key shrtcut.
Add: clk at nfo screen (OK current/next) now shows 'program info'
Add: Ts file play (tst). U need to tune to spefic chn at chnlst to see image (also scn ts dump possible, while PID's r there).
Add: Smrt OSD nfo timeout options (dbl clk fr dlg).
Add: simple media file ply (fr nw just wndow).
Fix: some issue new custom chn lst wrt speed.
Add: possible to seek media file with smr timeshft nd side by side view/hide show media file wndow.
Fix: fix fr tr*nsport strm run.
Add: epg bold fnt possibility

v0.3.0 test 1
Added : splash at startup for new SmartOSD.
Added : option to show channel list on the right.
Added : initial graphical timeshift interface for new osd (unfinished yet)
Added : initial graphical channel info (OK button) interface for new osd. Osd settings etc still need to be worked out.
Fixed : some codepage handling changes concerning EPG also concerning iso 6937 (untested). This might fix for example polish diacritic character handling.
Added : initial graphical options interface for new osd. OSD settings etc still need to be worked out.
Fixed: little bugfix when entering channels a syntax error could arise.
Fixed: going back in history didn't work well for favorites, should be fixed.
Fixed: Zooming wasn't working correctly on the vertical axis when using the EVR renderer.
Added: initial unfinished SmartOSD options which will be used for selecting and showing information on aspect/zoom etc.
Added: teletext filter to channel properties (shows only channels which have teletext subtitles). Also added indication to show the teletext subtitle page number to the channel properties (ES).
Added: new osd volume indicator.
Added: new osd record indicator.
Added: remote re-indexing (this will recreate the remote list based on current channel numbers, CH# in the channel properties.
Added: remote clear option (this will clear all current set chn entries (CH# in channel properties).
Added: teletext option for new osd.
Added: processing of program content information to eit parser.
Added: country/town selection for usals settings (diseqc settings).
Added: initial subtitle handling for new smart osd.
Added: initial program information for new smart osd.
Added: Usals country/town selection option.
Added: channel list option (for new SmartOSD) for floating/fullscreen mode (list pops up when moving to left side of video)
Added: support for ms diseqc interfaces to (florian) with auto detect (untested).
Added: content description to main epg.
Changed: various changes to get teletext etc to work with float/fullscreen mode (still not perfect).
Fixed: problem with connection dialog (directshow options) width (with larger fonts for example).
Added: first setup for automatic aspect ratio updates (not tested, just looked if video still runs).
Changed: some teletext fixes, font didn't always show correct at all ttx sizes.
Added: hex values selection to the chn properties dialog.
Fixed: small fix for transponder edit dialog (when manual scanning defaults r used)
Added: provider data to CA (chn properties). "caproviders.txt" is read for that. It uses the following format "<beginrange><tab><endrange><tab><[catype]><provider name>", where the range format is like 0x04f0 for example (make sure it's 4 hex digits).
Added: record name expressions to record options (make sure to keep using date (year/month/day hour/mins/secs) to ensure file uniqueness.
Added: timeshift path to timeshift options.
Added: telext popup menu for font and exit (in case of smartosd ttx).
Fixed: small chnge to hide video window on radio chn.
Added: first setup for smrtosd epg.
Changed: some eit db fixes. Please remove old smarteit.db (it populates auto again) to be on safe side.
Added: more changes to SmrtOSD EPG.
Added: frst stup for addons
chgd: some internal changes to scanner for (let's hope) better stability
Added: endtime to eit db for better search options.
Added: basic epg search functionality (only for SmartOSD EPG)
Added: count status to chnlist
Changed: first workaround to fix administrator rights needed on win7 upwards. Installer does now try to install at local data folder what is needed. You might need to copy plugins from previous install (although installer tries to copy them also atm) at ur program files SmartDVB folder). Settings should be retained from previous installs (copy). Needs tests ofcourse. Installer also gives the possibility to still install all files at the same folder (which on win7/win8 still requires admin privileges then ('program files')). Also you should be able to remove all files installed at the 'local user data' folder (copying them to the smartdvb.exe directory) and smartdvb should still pick them up (or just remove/rename settings.ini coz a simple check is done on that at startup) (but the local user data folder always has priority 'nd is used if there).
Changed: Some changes to EPG parser, languages r now also parsed to allow for multiple language support lateron. Also some bugs/memory leaks etc. Interested to know if everything still runs ok (also north american d*sh processing etc).
Added: Hibernate option to scheduler tsk (oversight).
Added: exception report option (still needs wrk). Upload of reprts is possible.
Fixed: scnner bugfx.
Added: Option to show logo's for epg (put ur logo's at 'logos' folder, jpg/gif or png).
Added: new custom chnnl list (still needs wrk)
Fixed: mpg audio records now seem to wrk.
Fixed: mpg records, ac3 should wrk now too (also audio), needs tests (does probably not work atm for chnls without pcr).
Added: mpg now also records h264 (h264 with ps container is not real stndrd needs test, but seems to wrk with players i tested).
Fixed: more fixes for mpeg recordings (among others huge memory leak with mpeg records).
Added: multiple transponder records, record drop down lists possible records. There's code there to run multiple mdapi's (create plugings0 - plugins63 at mdapi plugins directory) but have not been able to truly test this. Max 64 concurrent records (+1 main rcrd) should be possible also for mpeg recordings.
Added: new custom chnnel list (selectable at'view -> tree channel list'). Logo's go at logos folder (based on service name).
Chnged: Mpeg record updates. H264 had sync issues with me. Also fixes for multi mdapi support.
Added: Recrd progress menu (also for multi rec).
Added: rcrd to vid (fullscreen/floating) popup.
Chnged: some rewrk of record stop etc (also related to multi-rec additions), needs tests to see if scheduler still is ok etc (concerning recrd stops).
Add: messagebox before stopping current rcrd on scheduled tsk option (to recrd/schedule options).
Added: some wrk to addons. Following methods r available (there r more defined but those not mentioned here r not implemented yet, not all r tested, DoDVBCmd is there but untested coz no key addons r there yet ofcourse, nd don't have the time to make one myself atm, the register funcs register addon events requested by addon builders. I'll try to put up a test sample c project when i have time): Interface methods: AddFilter(UINT uiAddOnId, UINT pid, DeviceSettings *pDev=NULL) RemoveFilter(UINT uiAddOnId, UINT pid, DeviceSettings *pDev=NULL) GetChannel(UINT uiAddOnId, CHANNEL *chn, DeviceSettings *pDev=NULL); GetTransponder(UINT uiAddOnId, SATELLITE *sat, TRANSPONDER *t, DeviceSettings *pDev=NULL) SetTransponder(UINT uiAddOnId, SATELLITE sat, TRANSPONDER t, DeviceSettings *pDev=NULL) ChangeChannel(UINT uiAddOnId, CHANNEL &chn, DeviceSettings *pDev) RegisterMenuEvents(UINT iAddOnId, IAddOnMenuEvents *pEvents) RegisterChnEvents(UINT iAddOnId, IAddOnChnEvents *pEvents) DoDVBCmd(UINT iAddOnId, BYTE pCmd, UINT uiLen, DeviceSettings *pDev) DoDiseqc(CHANNEL &chn, DeviceSettings *pDev) RecordBusy(BOOL *bBusy, DeviceSettings *pDev) Possible events: OnClick(OSDWindowInfo &info, int x, int y) OnBeforeChangeChannel(CHANNEL &chn, DeviceSettings *pDev=NULL) OnAfterChangeChannel(CHANNEL &chn, DeviceSettings *pDev=NULL) OnFilter(UINT PID, BYTE *pPacket, WORD wSize, DeviceSettings *pDev=NULL) OnMenuClick(UINT uiId)
Add: Item height option fr new custom chnnl lst.
Chng: Some chnges to (florian) signal processing (interested to know if all devices still work ok with respect to quality/level detect). Also options to to relax signal processing (might be useful for devices with very bad signals to still be able to try).
Add: Scan dlg at install is now shown after add frequency dlg.

v0.2.5 Release
changed: small change to show signal also when not able to decode a channel.
fixed: starting udp streaming from the new tools menu option wasn't working correctly, also the menu checkbox was not always updated correctly.
changed: TS recording is now default on new installations (as mpeg does not yet work correctly for ac3).
changed: some changes to shutdown code as some were having problems there it seems, untested yet as for me it worked without hickups before already.
changed: mousewheel/middle mouse button now switches between floating and main when set in settings.
fixed: latitude for newly added satellite was wrongly set to DVB-S instead of the degree value due to recent changes (and me not testing adding new sats ofcourse).
fixed: small fix when exiting app with recording on and cancelling the exit the video would become unstable.
fixed: some fixes to the scheduling functionality. There was a crash when adding a schedule action from the epg's. Also now the now event scheduling will try to change the starting time so the event actually runs (before it wouldn't as the start time was in the past and the ms scheduler in such case ignores such an event.)
fixed: blindscanner would sometimes not pick up frequencies correctly at the end of the frequency range. min/max sr processing was not working correctly in blindscanner. Also some fix to try to also blindscan correctly at the end of a range (sometimes a last valid frequency was missed it seems).
fixed: some fixes to no signal processing in scanner, let me know if you still encounter problems here.
fixed: gotosat functionality in add frequencies dialog in my case was not always operational, hopefully fixed.
updated: blindscanner strings moved to resources to make translations possible (and other recently added strings, let me know if you're still missing something during translations).
fixed: Some fixes to the sync dialog. Some fecs were being wrongly imported in the sync dialog (91 to smart should be 910) and modulation changes are now also reflected in color changes.
fixed: Numeric keypad should now work again on keyboard input selection (hard to find little bug).
fixed: more udp fixes as in some cases buffer overruns could be wrongly generated due to misconfiguration.
changed: setup filter.ini updated to reflect current codec use better (LAV/MS DTV etc).
changed: updated crazycat streamreader.dll installed to latest one.
fixed: some more fixes to no-signal processing.
fixed: some fixes to switch handling in blindscanner (thanks to moonchild once again for testing this).
updated: transponder lists updated (sats only).
updated: small changes to old stream processing (analog to my recent changes in should make this also more stable with stream, but still use for now (in future i might revise and update as this module probably will work better for things like multiple devices, more modular built). Also the filter used by this was not correctly rebuilt before (still used some older directshow sdk, so maybe this was the reason didn't work that well for some).
fixed: handling of bandstacked lnb's (dbs/fss) as polarization was not always set correctly here (untested).
fixed: small fix which might affect application stability when tuning lots of no-signal or bad signal channels in one go.
fixed: small fix in channel processing which could result in some wrongly lost channels.
fixed: various small fixes in install process (in some cases if things didn't go the default way let's say smart needed to be restarted for the video to work correctly (eg. when failing to start the initial device and needing to select another one).
fixed: some changes to bandstacked dishpro handling which were not working correctly (untested yet).
fixed: some little timing changes to (for better stability hopefully).
fixed: atsc was broken due to recent clear-qam support changes (clear-qam still untested, atsc should work again).
fixed: more changes to band-stacked lnb handling in and
fixed: some changes after rebuild long recordings failed after some hours in the taskbar, oddly enough i'm sure this didn't happen before the new system rebuild with the same compiler (so there are subtle differences even if the same settings, i'll have to test this some more i'm afraid).
fixed: some changes to concerning clear-qam (atsc digital cable) handling as this wasn't working yet (tuning space addition/changes, untested).
fixed: some more bugfixes and fixes to among others again concerning band-stacked lnb's.
fixed: bug in which would show zero level in some situations while there actually was level detected.
fixed: still video filter wasn't working with audio channels.Seems to work again, not tested much.
added: alternative signal detection to (under device settings).
fixed: some window showing problems when moving from floating to main etc under certain conditions the main window would be hidden instead of shown.
fixed: usals changes were not enabling apply button.
changed: updated american transponder list files (thanks to ger).
fixed: issue with history 'nd busy records.

v0.2.5 rc1 (versioning changed from 0.2.1 to 0.2.5 as there were so many changes that i think it merits a higher version nr change and as i got busy with the interface again i decided to continue adding simple much-requested options i never got around to in the past as i was more busy with the core).
fixed: memory leak in streamreader.
changed: some small changes to (better codec compatibility especially ffdshow/lav i hope).
fixed: some small fixes (float on top was not ok all the time, volume at install is not set to 0 anymore, but 30).
fixed: tuning process was in some situations not stopping graph when so indicated with EVR. With this working correctly and turned off (do not stop evr graph quick connect settings) codecs like ffdshow and lav seem to work more stable although not perfect (safest option especially for ffdshow it seems, as lav seems to run more stable, is to turn both quick connect options off (will result in slower channel changes but safer with these codecs).
fixed: after recent changes fullscreen at startup was not working (again).
fixed: scrolling the channel treeview with the mouse-wheel was not working anymore when mouse-wheel volume changing was enabled. While i was at it also made other scrollable components in the main interface scrollable in such cases (satellite combobox and EPG listview).
fixed: scanner was showing odd 0 characters sometimes.
fixed: moving the mouse (pressed) in fullscreen mode was changing window size (bug related to recent snap-to-edges changes).
changed: some optimizations to to try to make ts processing somewhat faster (not sure if it makes a difference, if you notice lower/higher cpu with sd/hd in same config as before please let me know. Should not affect stream quality.
fixed: tab order in scanner/sat settings dialog (and some more).
changed: some changes to channel update processing (frequency offset to try to prevent double channels and some changes to sr handling to also try to prevent unnecessary duplicates, especially handy when blindscanning and frequencies can change a lot). Also added frequency offset to scanner settings, these will be used when processing the channels.
changed: all crc checking is enabled by default now on new installations.
Added: basic BlindScan interface for CrazyCat streamreader.dll. Make sure to select the crazycat module as device interface ( It's not totally functional yet, only included it for testing now (maybe i'll remove it for release depends also on input if it works a bit). Only one sat scanning has been tested somewhat by me and channel updating might be buggy so make sure you make a copy of your smartdvb.db before testing this. Streamreader.dll must be in the main smartdvb install directory (installed by installer, but you can always replace this with newer versions hopefully).
Changed: Settings dialog layout/style.
Added: Some more changes to channel update processing to try to prevent duplicates i was seeing after some weeks of use. Let me know if you feel you're loosing channels, in any case if you want no extra processing set the frequency offset in scanner settings to 0.
Added: EVR delay to directshow settings. In some cases this might help prevent freezes with some codecs during my tests. Note i've tested ffdshow/lav in win7 and they seem to run with me now for lav to not freeze sometimes it's best to stop the evr graph (so turn the 'do not stop EVR graph..." OFF if you have lav issues and also in my tests it was best to not use the high quality settings in the LAV decoder and to use hardware decoding (CUDA LAV acceleration) to make sure you don't have audio/video sync issues, ffdshow at least with me has less problems it seems with fast EVR switching. Other codecs like coreavc also seem to work better.
Added: reload video on freeze option to directshow settings. Not been able to test this much yet.
Added: internal test only for disk-fullness on records (1 gb check now, untested, will make this configurable for release)
Changed: new icon set with 24bit (old ones were from xp times 256 colors).
Added: option to osd vmr/evr to remove recording osd indicator or volume indicators.
Added: Record icon to status bar on main window.
Fixed: QAM256 modulations were not working correctly with (Florian)
Changed: some changes to scanner, no signal saving/selecting among others.
Changed: main window epg look.
Added: always auto-expand channel list option (much-requested).
Fixed: some bugfixes and additions to blindscanner.
Changed: some settings dialogs layout changes.
fixed: some fixes to tbs (, 5925 devices were not being auto-detected correctly (should be QBOX diseqc settings).
fixed: dvbworld uncommited diseqc was not working properly, should be fixed now.
fixed: fixes to blindscanner and some changes/additions like level/quality etc, also concerning blindscan logic, many thanks to Enosat for suggestions and testing on this.Needs testing if it gets all frequencies, but it should be faster now..
fixed: small bugfix to the reloading of channels, sometimes the video-renderer was not re-created and the graph could remain unstable on reload if the renderer had problems.
added: floating window selection with scrollwheel click to general settings.
added: blindscanner will now automatically start the correct module when selected.
fixed: scheduler editing of the days of weekly recordings wasn't saving the changes in selected days properly.
fixed: small bugfix to scanner channel processing (sometimes it was possible favorites were removed when updating channels, now favorites should always be retained)
fixed: technotrend ci should now work better (maybe also other ci card types), still needs testing.
fixed: mpeg recording was broken
added: lnb power off on startup setting to general settings.
fixed: returning from integraged EPG to main window using overlay renderer would hang application, should be fixed now (other renderers should run more stable in such case also).

v0.2.1 beta 5
Fixed: was having some issues with older 2.3 cards.
Fixed: null filter changes had broken radio channels when not using that filter, sorry.
Fixed: teletext subtitle pages parsing was not detecting pages correctly. Also by default the detected subtitle page will be shown in the select subpage dialog.
Fixed: some changes to discontinuity handling. Looks to improve playing low quality streams with at least the cyberlink codecs for me, let me know your findings if you can.
Fixed: some EPG handling fixes.
Fixed: Some more scheduling fixes to prevent failed (small file size) records.
Fixed: some changes to stream state handling, might prevent freezes when graph is in transitive state when changing monitors etc.
Fixed: Updated tbs cards support to include latest cards, tested (on xp) with a TBS 6922 DVB-S2 PCI-E blindscan card and seems to work fine. If you have a tbs card that doesn't work correctly let me know. Some blindscan support will probably be added in upcoming versions, didnīt want to do it yet as i want to get this version out asap.
Added: Support for anysee devices to, untested.
Added: Channel reload option to video popup menu.
Changed: Reworked the scanner dialog again a bit to show more channels/messages.
Fixed: mouse hiding in evr fullscreen mode was not working all the time.
Fixed: putting main window on top at startup was not working correctly.
Fixed: Fullscreen mode at startup was not working correctly in combination with the multimon code. Tried to fix this, needs testing.
Fixed: Many changes to the multimon code, also needed to rework the fullscreen/floating code. Looked almost ready in beta 4 but proved to be a real problem as stress-testing it (multiple mon changes) always resulted in an unstable renderer (and thus smartdvb) and i simply could not find this issue.This is still the main reason why this beta 5 is there so if you could test this and report problems i'll try to get the final 0.2.1 out asap and move on to other things.
Added: Support for textual dvbsubtitles. Untested.
Fixed: window maximize button was not working anymore.
Changed: updated allsats.txt and european satellite transponder lists (.ini) thanks to cjcr.
Added: new transponder sync option in scanner dialog using This will synchronize with blindscanned transponder lists supplied by cjcr.
Added: option for extra transport stream buffering in general options.
Fixed: a bug when minimizing the app to the taskbar (not tray) and closing it from there, correct window positions were not saved in such situation (thanks to cjcr for finding this).
Fixed: The goto sat button in the add frequencies dialog was not working correclty anymore due to recent diseqc changes.
Changed: some changes to to make cards like tbs6925 work (scan on these cards was producing a hang). Many thanks to mr orbita for his help and information on this.
Changed: added sat name to properties dialog caption so when on favs you also know what sat the channel is on (thanks to cjcr for pointing this out).
Fixed: Added some extra H264 checks mainly to fix BBC HD channels aspect ratio's, maybe this also works for other HD channels with broken start aspect?. Not sure if the sequence parameter set etc parsing is entirely correct here as i seem to see strange values (like PicWidthInMbs of 1 etc, and also no VUI parameters, can't find that described in standards, so i hacked a bit around it? only for the HD high profile though have never seen low res h264 streams here)
Added: Added snap to edges for main/floating as i find that handy and it also had been requested quite a bit.
Added: A version number to settings.ini to check for specific upgrade actions in future. Due to multimon changes the logic in the windows coordinates could fail when installing from 0.2.1 beta 5 onwards over previous versions. This is not a bug but the window is simply hidden using wrong coordinates. If you still have this after install remove the window coordinates from settings.ini (in settings directory), These are the values to remove : [Startup] windowx=86 windowy=62 windowwidth=1428 windowheight=929 And the app should startup with some default windows coordinates that are visible. Don't remove the '[startup]' btw :), and neither the version number anytime.
Changed: Some changes to (codecs like LAV now work reasonable (sometimes video freezes with EVR quick connect options turned on, nothing that a reload doesn't solve, for me also in sync).
Added: Added 'show satellite name before favorite name' option to the channel list properties dialog (useful if All sats are selected).
Changed: Some more safeguards built in just in case the problems with tbs cards could cause problems for other cards.
Changed: layout of some dialogs.
Added: the main window can now be moved on other surfaces besides the window caption.
Fixed: bug when selecting none as group and provider as sort in channel list properties (thanks to a user whose nick i don't know who reported this :)
Changed: scanner has problems with some users sometimes, might be timing problems on fast scanning/tuning in a row so quite some changes there to try to make it more robust. It might be prudent to add a configurable delay before tuning the next transponder to the scanner so users can finetune this.
Fixed: mouse hiding wasn't working correctly anymore on other renderers (i test mainly on EVR nowadays, tested on vmr9 now too).
Fixed: parsing of some transponder .ini files failed on 16apsk/32apsk modulations.
Changed: some changes in as some video problems may stem from there. Remade the sync code in as it was somewhat different than for example has and for me seemed to produce more stable picture as that also works better with my prof7500.
Changed: now modulation is also shown in the frequency list sync dialog.
Fixed: again some mouse problems (mouse dissapearing and such) when using vmr9 renderer.
Changed: some more work on continuity of stream in smartdvb and to try to make the video run smoother with some codecs on broken streams.
Changed: some more changes, hopefully tbs cards still work okay now as i reverted some of the changes there as some delays were maybe causing glitches even on fta channels with which smart never had much problems lately.
Changed: vmr osd showing is now delayed until some video is in (before it could dissapear too quickly if no video was received for a while after the tune).
changed: some more changes to multimon especially for vmr9. One tester experiences error messages (decidebuffer) on xp using vmr9. So if you experience that too please report this as then i'll make this a priority.
changed: some general robustisation, or at least i hope in the long run, also in the tuning process and more changes.
changed: removed the installation of the vs2010 redistributable package from the setup as installing the msi should be enough.
Added: lav decoder to filters.ini for setup.

v0.2.1 beta 4 (beta version bumped up because internal build was mistakenly released as beta3).
Fixed: issue where when selecting another device the initial reloading of the channel didn't work correct the first time.
Added: Simple support for device auto-detect and switching on channel changes (single dvb-s/c/t atsc device auto switch supported). Only tested switching dvb-s and dvb-t devices.
Fixed: scheduler records were failing if guide event name was used as filename and a channel change was required.
Added: DVB subtitles support, needs testing please report any issues (only visible with vmr/evr osd/renderers). You'll need to rescan for dvb subs to show up.
Added: Some interface changes as it's not necessary anymore to maintain compatibility with pre xp systems.
Fixed: more scheduler fixes, when restarting application through scheduler correct channel was not always selected.
Fixed: some optimizations to the channel list handling which should speed up the loading of expanded channel lists.
Fixed: an mdapi issue with mdplug not working correctly (maybe will also allow more plugins to run better).
Fixed: some robustness changes.
Added: some twinhan/azureware specific settings for tuning and diseqc to (Florian) if you find your card works with other settings than the default please be so kind to let me know which settings worked for you so i can update the auto-tuning code and in such case also send me your bda.log (in the devices directory) so i can see the excact name of your card.
Added: fullscreen option on startup (actually after the first successful tune this will be done).
Fixed: crc check retries when scanning. This might help when scanning low signal transponders.
Added: additional time in minutes (under record options) for scheduled tasks. These will be automatically added/substracted when adding a task through epg.
Added: username/password schedule option. Although for now it seems you should always schedule your tasks with win7 as the admin account as smart still needs to be run as administrator. For scheduling to work for any user under win7 using the ms task scheduler i will have to update the app to run under any user in the future or create my own task scheduler.
Fixed: problem with large sized timeshift buffers.
Added: basic UDP streaming to vlc and maybe other players that support this. Only tested with vlc please let me know your findings with this if you try it.
Fixed: Language handling changed to allow usage of translation of older versions. If resources in the used language dll are out of date the app will default to the .exe resources. Not 100% sure i've got everything covered here so let me know if you encounter problems.
Fixed: some changes to epg handling. Including some more iso processing for among others turkish /arabic/hebrew/greek and some more.
Fixed: Signal measuring in changed somewhat and some fixes to the direct tuning.
Added: ffdecsa internal decoding now, no more need for ffdecsa.dll. Still need to fine-tune this. If you can please report if this is still as efficient as previous versions concerning cpu usage etc. Decided to do this as ffdecsa.dll was causing problems on win 7 system as it sometimes did not load for unknown reasons.
Added: multi monitor support (for main, floating and fullscreen mode), needs testing.
Added: force lnb power on/off on device startup/close, useful at least for prof cards, only implemented in (Florian).
Fixed: some more fixes to epg iso handling.
Fixed: bugfix in diseqc handling with commited/uncommited switches.
Added: app can now be started with scheduler command line parameters (see task info for scheduler task for command possibilities)
Fixed: some fixes to dvb subtitles handling for polish streams.
Fixed: some issues with vplug not working properly in some cases.
Fixed: some changes to commited diseqc handling. Diseqc option 'send diseqc on each channel change' has been changed to 'send diseqc on each transponder change'. If you use commited switches and have problems switching during scanning please turn this option on and see if things work better. Many thanks to moonchild for his help during testing.
Fixed: moving timeshift buffer and starting mpg recording was broken, hopefully fixed now.
Changed: diseqc handling on add sat dialog when seleting the goto sat option has been changed to also reflect any settings correctly.
Added: tevii implementation using the tevii sdk to, including remote. This will be used for standard as well as direct tuning as it should be the fastest with tevii cards anyway.
Fixed: some longstanding issues with inserting the null filter (for osd viewing when no channel is able to be loaded) no header found messages.Let me know your findings with this.
Fixed: some changes to the old osd filter and also some 'no header' messages which could result from using this. Decided to look at this old filter i made as it perhaps can be used for 3d support (although it will produce high cpu in such case as no dxva support for h264 is there yet).
Added: if null filter configured smart will try to show it also on radio channels now so the song name and signal can be seen and osd operations can be done.
Changed: some changes to ts recording including stripping the saved PAT (previously the entire original PAT was saved, this might make the ts records more compatible with more players, hopefully this doesn't break anything).
Changed: tried to remove all dependencies to older visual studio libraries. Just in case the setup.exe installs the vs 2010 runtime libraries, but i hope this will not be needed and you simply can install the .msi
Fixed: Some more fixes to multimon support due to user reports.

v0.2.1 small bugfix release beta 2.
Fixed: installer issues when installing vs2005 redistributable sp1, reverted to the plain non sp1 version as this seemed to cause some issues. Also should include a check now if the redistributable is already installed.Just to prevent any issues remove the previously installed redist if installed with 0.2.1 beta 1.
Fixed: scheduling through the epg failed for some users, hopefully fixed.

v0.2.1 small bugfix release beta 1.
Fixed: Scheduler wasn't working correctly anymore due to some com changes
Fixed: device settings dialog was not working (crashing) on windows xp.
Fixed: some changes to as some devices like Tevii were not working properly
Fixed: evr fullscreen freeze was still happening for some users on win7, please report if you still have problems with this.
Fixed: Tevii cards were not being initialized correctly with
Fixed: some small changes/fixes to, also concerning autodetect.
Added: option to general settings to force re-tune even if on same transponder.
fixed: some changes to the setup process, vs 2005 redistrubutable is installed if needed through setup.exe.

v0.2.0 Fixed: 22 khz tone wasn't passed correctly in scanner.
Fixed: ctrl-click wasn't correctly selecting channels under windows 7.
Fixed: some changes to scheduler handling when restarting smartdvb through scheduler
Fixed: scheduler 'exit' option at end could also do a mistaken shutdown, fixed.
Added: diseqc delay and repeat options can be configured now through satellite settings dialog
Fixed: bug which could cause a crash in the connection dialog from the video popup menu.
Fixed: Restarting smartdvb from scheduler was not working all the time.
Added: added 16apsk/32apsk modulation support.
Added: New beta BDA driver supplied by user Florian and adapted by me. This will be the main driver in the future so prefer using this driver before using the old Many thanks to him for his work. Please report any problems or success stories to me so we can improve this driver. There should be support in the driver for the following cards (many of which are untested so please report if you have a card working or not)
Twinhan/Azurewave - tested including ci
Hauppauge - unconfirmed
Technotrend - tested including ci
TeVii - unconfirmed
Prof cards - tested with some prof cards, includes support for latest advancetune cards (untested)
TBS - untested
Comppro - unconfirmed
Conexant - unconfirmed
FireDTV - unconfirmed
Omnicom - unconfirmed
DVBWorld - unconfirmed
Genpix - confirmed, should also work with
QBOX - unconfimed
Added: visual studio 2010 is now used this means that older operating systems like windows2000, me, 98 will not work anymore from this version onwards
Fixed: Fullscreen freeze on windows 7 when using EVR should be fixed now.
Fixed: Snapshots were not working correctly with all renderers, should be fixed now.
Added: basic CI support, will only work with new device. Technotrend/twinhan tested, firedtv untested.
Added: Automatic device restart to device dialog, so no need anymore to restart application when selecting another device.
Added: rolloff/pilot settings to new
Fixed: crash which could sometimes happen in codec add dialog
Added: Initial atsc support to parser (only tested for atsc 8vsb terrestrial for now (many thanks to majortom for helping me on this)
Added: DVB-T transponder lists for various countries including offset support from the ini lists. To accomodate for more dvb-t lists in the future ranges 10000-20000 are added and reserved for dvb-t lists.
Added: DVB-C transponder lists for various countries.
Added: ATSC QAM cable lists, QAM functionality untested for now.
Added: Basic ATSC eit (guide) processing.
Added: Many internal changes to speed up tuning, including quick directshow connect option which should not clear the screen anymore.
Added: Some EVR optimizations on the graphs, when selecting 'do not stop directshow graph with EVR' no more black screens on EVR win7. Experimental so if you experience any channel image problems or program freezes while this is on turn it of and see if it works again. Please report any problems you encounter with this setting on EVR (and also other renderers). I've encountered some issues in testing this mode with various codecs which become unstable in this mode (coreavc h264, divx h264, nvidia mpeg2 in some cases, please report any issues with codecs or otherwise you encounter in this mode.
Fixed: Main satellites combobox was not showing scrollbar with more than about 30 satellites added.
Added: tune repeat option to device settings. This seems to work better for SkyStar USB 2 HD. Also 8psk modulation was not accepted by the driver so the skystar usb card woult not tune 8psk, fixed now.
Fixed: some changes to timeshift handling in hopes of making it more stable.
Fixed: general changes to make application quitting more robust.
Fixed: changes to main panel epg handling to prevent deadlocks.
Fixed: Changes to mdapi filter handling to prevent removing filters accidentally.
Added: Option to save records as guide name (if available).
Fixed: Some fixes to the sat ini import routines to support changed formats (dvb-s and such).
Fixed: Some changes to the smartav source filter to make graph stopping more robust.

v0.1.5Fixed: ALT keyboard shortcuts (like for example ALT+ENTER) were not working correctly.
Fixed: dvb-t/c were broken in last version.
Fixed: Scheduler was broken in last version.
Added: aspect ratio settings now work with more codecs for vmr7/9 and overlay mixing renderer.
Fixed: Small problem with epg not showing the entire short event descriptors for some providers.
Fixed: plugins now accept mousewheel messages
Added: prof-tuners diseqc support.
Fixed: updated sqlite to the latest version online.
Added: Prof-tuners remote control support to bda device.
Added: connection settings to the video window popup menu.
Added: Channel list settings to the channel window popup menu.
Added: Scrollwheel volume changing is now optional (settings > general).
Added: Record timer to toolbar.
Fixed: Diseqc console made modeless so you can move and tune at the same time.
Fixed: Channel list context menu now allows channel properties to be changed without the need to switch the current channel.
Fixed: Channel list font change now also includes codepage.
Added: Cyrillic support to channel list and epg (should also support arabic text now, for the blue epg screen set the font to a cyrillic one), untested. Other languages can be added if you want one implemented please let me know.
Added: turbo-8psk/qpsk modulations and some fec values needed for future support of these modulations.
Fixed: nasty bug which could cause memory leakage and crashes in epg.
Fixed: some bugs when viewing epg in evr/vmr mode which sometimes messed up the video.
Added: Default ts PAT/PMT/ECM recording options, which will also be used on scheduled ts records by default.
Added: czech and slovenian (iso 6937) support to the epg.
Added: v0.0.2 for genpix devices support for N.A, many thanks to genpix for developing this.
Fixed: epg on main screen now should show current event better (not only if available as present event).
Fixed: aspect ratio for dishnet hd channels was not shown correctly.
Added: customize for N.A. option in the scanner for correct dishnet name scanning.
Fixed: mouse hiding in evr fullscreen under win7 was not working correctly.

v0.1.4 Added: Technotrend devices native remote support to bda device.
Added: Channel list osd works differently now. Pressing the channel list button on remote moves from category to channels to selection. Exit/back button returns in the menu and exits.
Added: North american D*sh/Bev epg support to the epg parser. Many thanks to dohdohdoh for testing this on d*sh, bev is untested.
Fixed: bug which was causing the mouse not to be hidden in fullscreen on my system.
!!Changed: Epg handling has been changed, now internally nid's are used instead of satidīs before. Please remove your current smarteit.db and rescan channels again for epg to work again correctly (new scanning is needed to store nid values).
Added: Epg sid option which shows sid in channel names on epg.
Added: Epg na option and buffer which will use special parsing options and buffering for north american epg (na epg needs much more buffering based on the huge epg data it gives)
Fixed: Optimizations to handling of epg data when lots of data is stored (faster startup).
Fixed: bda driver wasn't correctly propagating lof/switch changes and thus circular lnb and such didn't work correctly anymore, hopefully this is fixed now.
Fixed: Application wasn't working on windows 2000, changed some controls so that it now at least does run.
Added: Floating window and aspect ratio shortcuts to keyboard and remote settings.
Added: Record time/size indication to osd record message.
Fixed: Channel properties update was not always working correctly.
Added: Some information in the default readme.txt for north american users on what to do for correct na operation.
Fixed: Previous channel didn't show correct channel name in status bar, thanks to the-smb for reporting this.
Added: Tab order to the main screen (if tab is not defined as a shortcut) to make the main screen more accessible.
Added: hidden d*shnet scanning option to the scanner. This will try to find some hidden channels thanks to dohdohdoh for the info on this. See readme for more info.
Note from dohdohdoh, if you scan 77w with this option you'll have to change the video pid type from 2 (mpeg2) to 27 (h.264).
Fixed: c-band handling for bda module now should also accept lofs other than 9750000. Also c-band handling for skystar2 should be better now, untested.
Added: Force 18v option to diseqc settings, this is needed for some cards like skystar2 for the diseqc console to actually move a rotor.

v0.1.3 Fixed: Usals problem which could cause wrong movement fixed.
Fixed: Some bugs in positioner console.
Added: Commited (range) diseqc mode to bda device for those cards that use the put_Range method for commited diseqc.
Added: Major overhaul of the scanner interface. Many thanks to cjcr for giving me ideas on this.
Added: Window caption now also shows selected tuner/device.
Added: Bottom statusbar now shows freq/etc of channel being viewed.
Added: Double clicking on top half of video window goes fullscreen, bottom half floating window.
Fixed: epg arabic language now fixed and tested by frozen-figo and the-smb, thanks to them.
Fixed: bug in mdapi handling fixed thanks to the-smb for reporting this.
Fixed: floating window would not always set the correct current aspect ratio.
Added: signal existence check for positioner moves to settings > diseqc. This can be useful if your motor successfully moves but no correct tune is achieved on the sat moved to
(because perhaps a lock is detected on sats inbetween, if your card has this this can solve that, it will recheck for a signal after an interval and if not found re-tune).
Fixed: issue with mouse pointer sometimes dissapearing in full screen mode when calling up a menu like the TS record menu. Thanks to frozen-figo.
Fixed: issue which could cause a crash on ts record start.
Added: Option 'try to synchronize recordings with timeshift' to settings > timeshift. This will do some extra buffering in timeshift mode to try to force accurate recordings from the timeshift,
without this this can have an offset of some seconds). Experimental, if this causes video/audio problems please disable it.
Added: Native remote support to the device and smartdvb. TeVii remotes are supported, others can be added in the future, thanks to cjcr fot testing this.
Fixed: Fullscreen on current window hopefully should be working now (again untested)
Added: Option to bda device settings for a different bda graph, if you have tuning problems you could try this experimental option.
Fixed: technotrend raw diseqc wasn't working correctly for tt usb cards, thanks to romkrom for testing this for me.

v0.1.2 Fixed: OSD font change wasn't being saved correctly.
Added: Preliminary DVB-C support to the app and bda driver, tested by silencer thanks to him.
Added: HD channels correct aspect ratio detection.
Fixed: tried to remove the flickering that was happening in the status bar under certain circumstances, if you still experience this let me know please.
Added: 'main window on top' will keep the main smartdvb window always on top. Request by frozen-figo.
Added: option to channel list options to show the SID (channel number) in the channel list and favorites. Also added a SID channel list sort option.
Fixed: simple change to history addition to not allow the same channel to be pushed onto the list eternally.
Fixed: simple change to hopefully show fullscreen window on current display smartdvb is on, untested as i have only one monitor here, thanks to moonchild for reporting this.
Added: polarisation selection option in the scanner dialog.
Added: scan current transponder menu option.
Added: toolbar button for floating window.
Added: renderless mode in toolbar and menu. This will stop rendering video/audio but most other functions will remain intact.
Added: changed epg screen handling to show arabic text correctly hopefully.
Fixed: some issues with an exception on application exit.
Added: Elementary stream edit/add/delete options to channel properties dialog.
Added: Conditional access edit/add/delete options to channel properties dialog.
Added: Transport stream PID record menu which is optionally shown before recording. This allows recording of multiple audio tracks etc, only for ts recordings.
Added: preferred languages to scanner options. This will auto select preferred languages when scanning.
Fixed: changed c-band handling due to some testing from pedrinho, many thanks to him. This is working for him now if you also use c-band successfully (or not) please inform me.
Added: diseqc console for various motor (diseqc 1.2) commands.
Added: added raw diseqc support for technotrend cards to the bda module. Had to use ttBdaDrvApi_Dll.dll for this as i wasn't able to get the bda sdk from the company yet, if anyone knows or can supply me this sdk i'd appreciate it.
Added: crc check settings for si tables to the scanner options.
Added: lock check option to bda device settings, might not work on all cards but if it does can speed up scanning.

v0.1.1 Fixed a crash when stopping mpeg record.
Changed some minor delay problems with VMR (or non EVR) renderers.
Fixed some issues which might have caused problems with audio decoders connecting (nvidia for example) and not producing sound consistently.
Moved AVC1 mediatype handling in the add filter dialog to the H264 decoder where it belongs instead of with normal video. Use this for cyberlink h264 decoders for example.
Added processing of correct AC3 PMT type for north american AC3 streams, untested.
Fixed mousewheel issue which moved the channel list and changed volume at the same time.
Added N3xT support thanks to n3xt for his help.
Fixed: hopefully the EVR backbuffer problem which would cause flickering etc should not happen anymore, tested on vista and xp.
Fixed: changed some things in graph processing (stopping) for better windows 7 compatibility.
Added: Directshow option 'use alternative graph stop method', if you have any problems with channels connect or delays or lockups when changing channels try this option.
Fixed: bug where floating window size would not be saved when switching from floating to fullscreen mode.
Added: Channel properties dialog now allows ordering of CA items and selecting ecm by double-clicking.
Added: option to scanner dialog to replace existing names with the ones found by the scanner if only the names are changed, before if only names were changed changes would not be commited, useful in some cases.
Fixed: record path wasn't being saved correctly.
Mousewheel now changes volume.
Added some more windows to the view menu, they're also remembered now.
Fixed some audio connection errors i was having when using the legacy overlay mixer (this still gives the lowest cpu btw)
Fixed a bug where transponder modulation .ini entry was not read correctly if fec was empty
Added null filter to be able to show the VMR/EVR osd when no video is detected. You can turn this on under settings > OSD. If you notice stability issues turn this off please this is very experimental.
Added positioner support (raw, diseqc position and usals), untested for now, if you can test this let me know.
Added channel tune delay option after changing satellite with the positioner. This might help some users having problems with their rotors moving reliably.
Fixed the problem where the VMR osd would get garbled and stay onscreen, hopefully this won't happen anymore, if you still encounter this let me know (mention which video decoder and renderer you use).
Added a check for not yet updated scanned channels when pressing ok in the scan dialog.

Added preliminary DVB-T support to the bda device. Tested on my system with a pinnacle pctv stick and a european frequency list. You can add frequency lists in the transponders directory in the range 5000/5999.ini for this (ascending). If you successfully test other country ini files please let me know and i'll try to add them to the distribution.
Added preliminary ATSC support to the bda device. Totally untested as i don't have atsc access. Frequency lists for this should be in the 4000/4999.ini range (ascending).
If you can test atsc support please contact me and we'll try to work things out.
Added preliminary AAC sound track support. Does not seem to work reliably on my system yet. Some codecs like Mainconcept AAC seem to work though.
Fixed a bug which would show teletext subtitles too fast.
Added a menu to add decoder filters under tools > settings > connection.
Added a menu to delete decoder filters under tools > settings > connection.
Added a number of modulation types which are propagated down to the bda driver. Also added modulation selection to dvb-t/atsc just in case.
Added sdt table 0x46 scanning to the scanner, under tools > settings > scanner. This might be useful for some transponders like on american dish, only tested with some dish dumps for now so be careful, if the scanning does not work correctly or gets unstable turn this off.
Added transponder synchronization dialog to the scanner dialog. Right now updates are possible from kingofsat/joshyfun other types might be added in the future.
Added NIT scanning to the scanner menu, under the same synchronization menu mentioned above.
Added buttons to delete/add transponders in the scanner dialog.
Added a number of embedded (16:9 image in 4:3 aspect window and vice versa) aspect ratios (zoom 16:9 embedded in 4:3,stretch 16:9 embedded in 4:3,zoom 4:3 embedded in 16:9 and stretch 4:3 embedded in 16:9)
Changed VMR9 handling so that zooming now works correctly (CTRL-NUMPAD+/-, SHIFT-NUMPAD+/-) (wasn't working with vmr9 on my system).
Added update button to the channel properties dialog, this will rescan for the channel information and update the dialog accordingly.
Added zoom 16:9 and zoom 4:3 aspect ratios, these will zoom to fill the screen without aspect loss but with some cropping. Make sure your video decoder does not perform it's own aspect ratio handling (anamorphic output for example with nvida)
Added some code to the bda twinhan diseqc handling to handle toneburst (simple diseqc), untested.
Added 22khz tone switch settings on/off for lnb types (other than universal lnb's ofcourse which handle 22khz switching by frequency switch), drivers updated accordingly. Untested, if you use this especially with the bda driver and it works let me know please.
Added a number of lnb types and fixed some issues with lnb selection. Not sure if i've handled bandstacking lnb's correctly couldn't find much info on this and i cannot test being in europe, if you test this let me know.
Changed the audio decoder connection mediatype somewhat to try to be compatible with more audio decoders, if you cannot connect to your audio decoder anymore let me know.
Fixed irritating bug where keypresses on plugins would propagate to the app too.
Changed renderer handling somewhat in hopes of making vmr9 more stable (noticed some stability issues with vmr9 after lots of channel changes)
Fixed a bug when adding a remote item which could cause a crash. Also now when pressing a digit to goto a channel the correct remote channel will be selected.
Added instance check, you can still start two smartdvb instances from different directories.
Various bugfixes.

v0.0.8 Added immediate sound track selection option to the lower status bar (also through shortcut defined as S)
Channel list and epg list sizes and aspect ratio are now remembered.
Channel list font selection including font size (under tools > settings > channel list).
Added commited diseqc support for Technotrend bda cards.
Added mute on minimize to tray option (tools > settings > general).
Made show last selected channel an option (tools > settings > general)
Added shutdown option at the end of a scheduled task.
Channel list grouping by transponders now also uses other parameters to group like polarity, symbolrate.
Added manual scan to the scan satellite menu.
Using the F key in epg mode now toggles between the channel lists (main/favorites/remote)
Added cpu usage indicator.
Added simple OSD channel list (default C shows the list, define channellist/exitback/right/left/up/down/ok/red/green/yellow keyboard shortcuts in the settings for list menu movement, also for winlirc if you use that)
Enter key in channel list now also tunes the channel.
Added bda TeVii diseqc support (untested)

v0.0.7 Some misc bugfixes.
Added floating window mode.
Added diseqc option for sending diseqc on each channel change (or not).
Added volume remember option at application startup.
Added font/codepage option for epg screen in settings.
Added volume indicator for vmr/evr osd.
Added winlirc remote keys support under settings/input/winlirc.
Added keyboard shortcuts configuration option under settings/input/keyboard.
Added bda twinhan raw diseqc support (untested, if you use this successfully to move a motor or something please let me know).
Added servicetype sort option under settings/channel list/sort by (sorts channels on tv (fta/ca), radio (fta/ca)
Added basic language support through resources, no translations yet though if you're interested in doing one please contact me.
Added debug option to record full ts (under record dir/debug.ts).
Added number entry (including osd and winlirc) to select channel number (see channel properties to set a specific #).

v0.0.6 Fixed bda bug where it would not select correctly if multiple devices were found, if you had multiple devices found before and failure please retest :-).
Added uncommited diseqc support to the skystar2 wdm driver, had missed this, untested.
Some EVR mode fixes (doubleclick in fullscreen, context menu and mouse hiding now works)
Fixed EVR mode showing of EPG which didn't work correctly.
Added preliminary bda s2 hauppauge support, s2 8psk works and diseqc is added, tested on a nova-hd-s2 and a a hvr4000 (many thanks to sebastiii4 for testing this).
Change s2 modulation and diseqc mode in the bda device settings accordingly. On my card pilot also needs to be set to on.
For s2 qpsk hauppauge use NBC-QPSK as modulation (added edit button for this in the scan dialog), unsure if this will work for all qpsk transponders, tested on astra, if you encounter transponder that won't work please let me know.
Added a set aspect ratio from source option to enable you to keep aspect ratio across channel changes.
v0.0.5 Changed bda tuning to use tunerequest as default instead of the direct tuning as i got to many reports of failure with direct tuning. It's still configurable through the
bda device settings menu, so if the last version worked better for you change the tuning method back to direct.
Added 8PSK modulation option to the bda device menu (for now you can choose between standard bda 8PSK or 8VSB which skystar hd2 and others use).
Pressing SHIFT at application startup now skips the channel loading, this will be helpfull in case you have a hanging directshow graph for some reason so you can
still bootup the application and change settings.
Found a longstanding problem i had with cyberlink H264 decoders. Added an AVC1 option to the filters.ini for H264 decoders, for cyberlink H264 v8 this has been tested
to work and lipsync is now perfect on my system with the lowest CPU usage so far. See the readme for more info.
v0.0.4 changed the device to iterate all satellite tuners instead of trying to determine if it's a ss2 device, as this might not work with all ss2's.
various changes in the bda device driver, thanks to Antarktis for testing this on his skystar hd2, verified to work there now. Hopefully this will work on more cards now
commited diseqc support for twinhan bda diseqc added, untested so if you can verify the workings of this please report this to me
v0.0.3 inital alpha release

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