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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for SichboPVR (2021-06-08)
Fixed a problem for New Zealand.
Miscellaneous refinements.

DVB-HB / SAT>IP support.
Linux/GCC support.

After Beta release:
Web front end for mobiles/browsers.
Video editing.
ATSC 3.0. (2021-05-31)
This is the first Alpha release of SichboPVR version 4.
Pre-alpha testers are now on a stable Alpha release branch. For those wanting to try unstable test builds, you can opt-in by selecting "Check for testing builds" under Setup > Update and you'll get them as they become available.
Added a system tray icon and option to start the UI/client with the OS in a minimised state, as well as an option to minimise to the tray when you click the close button, so it keeps running. You can also right-click the tray to see running tasks or cancel them without opening the UI.
Added an option to show the taskbar when the UI is maximised, rather than always going to a fullscreen state.

There might be a alpha update later this week if teething issues are identified.

DVB-HB / SAT>IP support.
Linux/GCC support.

After Beta release:
Web front end for mobiles/browsers.
Video editing.
ATSC 3.0 (2021-05-22)
Refinements to the Library screen.
Collections can now group things by sub-folder, and you can also customise their sorting.
Any imported recordings will now automatically group shows by title when there's more than one episode captured.
Made some improvements to the audio pipeline, particularly around bitstreaming.
Right-click in the guide no longer toggles columnar/row modes but instead reverts back to the original "go to Series Options" behaviour as in previous builds. Just use the TV main menu to change orientation instead.
There's a new option under Setup > UI to "show passed time" in the guide for those who prefer to see more of the names of shows that are basically finished.
Added some fun background effects. These aren't included in the setup file, since they're about 5MB each, but will download "on demand" if selected. Colour scheme defaults now also have varying default background FX and opacity levels.
Menu background colours can now be customised.
Video aspect has an on-screen option under the levels mixer. In past builds you needed to hit the appropriate key on your MCE remote or map a shortcut to cycle it.
The in progress tasks indicator has been moved from the bottom of the guide area to the title bar.
The location/tv server switcher is now a menu flyout similar to the tasks and mixer.
Added the ability to specify "Any day or time" on a particular channel, or "Any time" for a particular day and channel. (2021-04-30)
Refinements for the #69 update
North Americans without in-band EPG can now set an XMLTV URL/Folder/File under the channels > server > location group, and it'll attempt to map channel IDs and import new/changed files as part of the usual OTA EPG update routine.

The v4 roadmap is fluid, based on whimsy/demand. Currently:

Refinements to the Library screen (and custom sorting/grouping for collections.)

After Alpha (4.0.1) release:
DVB-HB / SAT>IP support.
Linux/GCC build.

After Beta (4.0.2) release:
Web front end for mobiles/browsers.
Video editing.
ASTC 3.0 (2021-04-20)
My intended EPG is finally in.
Ctrl + Wheel (or pinch) to zoom in/out like a map.
"Grab and throw" using a mouse or finger (or spin your mouse wheel) to get around quickly with inertia.
Right-clicking the main guide area toggles between column/row viewing modes.
Left-click channel logos to see a station's weekly lineup.
Right-clicking channel logos (or remote Green button) now toggles Picture in Picture.
Channel list changing/editing has been moved to a more streamlined "TV" dropdown hover menu at the top (or Blue button on your remote.)
The channel list editor has also changed to a two-column format.
Set list sort mode to "none" for arbitrary ordering of channels by drag & drop.
Added Chinese Traditional glyph rendering support (requires the Windows default msyh.ttc and msyhbd.ttc fonts installed.)
Have started a database of buggy graphics cards/drivers which need to take different optimisation paths.

The v4 roadmap is fluid, based on whimsy/demand. Currently:

XMLTV support.
Refinements to Library Collections (custom sorting/grouping.)

After Alpha (4.0.1) release:
DVB-HB / SAT>IP support.
Linux/GCC build.

After Beta (4.0.2) release:
Web front end for mobiles/browsers.
Video editing.
ASTC 3.0 (2021-03-19)
Adds Turksat support.
Some driver bug workarounds were applied when they needn't be. (2021-03-17)
Whoops :) I broke the series editor in test #66. (2021-03-15)
Addresses a couple of glitches in pre-alpha test #64. (2021-03-05)
Added Dolby Digital bitstreaming support.
Video rendering refinements.
Mouse wheel with your cursor on the title bar or mute button now adjusts the volume, even with the default OSD channel up/down behaviour enabled.
Improved performance for down-level hardware (some hardware still can't play HD interlaced content however.)
Channel switching is now quicker in most cases.
Navigation refinements. (2021-02-19)
More refinements for the #60 update. (2021-02-18)
More refinements for the #60 update.
Also adds initial draft localisation for Finnish, Swedish, Spanish and Polish.
Mouse wheel on video now brings up the mini channel menu like v3. You can still configure it to adjust volume if you prefer under Setup > UI.
You can now have a vibrant accent color + different background, along with some new colour presets. (2021-02-8)
Refinements for the #60 update. (2021-02-04)
There's a new code signing certificate which might raise smartscreen warnings. Please just choose "run anyway".
Added a new GPU video processing pipeline which solves inconsistent deinterlacing and picture quality across various display drivers.
Added a new Video Levels mixer.
Redesigned the Audio Mixer.
Moved audio stream selection into its own tab on the mixer.
Added Freesat support.
Added a workaround for avcodec ts muxer bugs. Fixes DVB subtitles and AAC audio on 3rd party players.
Added ANSI/SCTE 57 CQAM support.
Improved scroll bar feedback.
Added a new "Transponder Dump" feature to the Signal Test screen.
Added workarounds for a couple of display driver bugs.
Improved GPU rendering performance.
Added a search feature to the Library.
Timeshift can now zoom out to display multiple past shows. (2021-01-01)
Added shell integration so you can "Play with SichboPVR" from Windows Explorer.
Fixed audio drop during screen reset.
The service now checks for multiple partially recorded segments each hour and merges them in the background if the files are not in use.
The audio mixer now ramps in volume on channel startup or discontinuities.
Added a tweak for "Play my last TV channel when opening on the guide".
Added content rating/parental enforcement on shows/recordings having rating data.
Added support for ISO/IEC 8859-1,2,3,4 DVB text encodings.
Improved how clients deal with server task progress.
Improved storage of show info and sync with clients.
Added better recording state markers.
Added on-screen feedback for commands when pressing play/pause/record/etc.
Added gradient random noise filter so it's a bit "softer".
Switched to UTF8 internal/RAM string representations everywhere away from wchar_t.
Refined the quick-search/full-search experience.
Added numberings on EPG search results so it's easier to see the list end.
Improved show title canonical forms for episode matching.
Refined the show airings screen layout.
Improved text-to-speech sync during setup/scanning. (It's still not perfect and never can be because the number on screen can change quite quickly compared to the spoken sentence audio render.)
You can now Shift + Click to more easily play channels or library content in a new window. (2020-11-26)
Pre-alpha testing release.
Added Setup > UI > Show subtitles on mute.
Added Setup > UI > Let master volume/mute control OS levels which makes master volume/mute buttons control physical audio hardware.
Added Setup > UI > Skip back/forward interval.
Added Setup > Server > Library > Timeshift buffer duration.
Added Setup > Server > Library > Recording file name template.
Added Setup > Hotkeys > 'Jump to now playing' for the TV Guide.
Added ATSC parental rating support.
Added MPEG4 Part 2 library support.
You can now set up a custom series that doesn't exist in guide data under Library > Create recording > Create a series.
You can now record duplicates, ignoring episode details.
Improved UI rendering smoothness/video presentation intervals.
Improved corrupt signal error handling.
Improved server-side channel view task handling.
Fixed AltGr keyboard input for Italian et al keyboard layouts. (2020-11-17)
Pre-alpha testing release.
Media pipeline refinements.
More than one background service instance should no longer be able to run concurrently.
Improved seek accuracy during library "resume".
Extended library support to include AVI and FLV containers (H264/AAC only)
Mouse wheel on guide preview window adjusts volume.
List scrolling refinements.
Touch input refinements.
Show Now/Next on channel search up/down box.
Fixed a problem with some network information being slow to parse.
Fixed a problem when altering show channel/time preferences on already scheduled recordings.
Added a few other record scheduling tweaks.
Misc font sizing tweaks.

3.1.105 2021-02-04
Preparations for the first v4 alpha release.
New code signing certificate not yet trusted by Microsoft/SmartScreen. You may need to 'keep' after download and then 'run anyway' when asked.

Fixed a problem with some shows not displaying their record queue state.
Fixed an AC3 issue.

3.1.101 2020-09-6
Supporter + Test + Free Branch release roll-up :)
Fixed an issue with manually configured record times popping up after you cancel a recording.
Canonical series name tweak for France where the episode name can appear in quotes in the show title.
Fixed a problem with "resume" starting a minute early on recordings.
Changed key shortcuts to respond to key down rather than key up as an experiment for a FLIRC receiver.
It turns out "file created" date/time is lost when moving recordings to a new drive, so media indexing now uses "last write time", which is persisted so you can keep your recordings organised by date.
Fixed a problem with mini mode guide not always refreshing

3.1.88 2020-02-14
Fixed a thumbnailing issue with radio recordings.
Concurrent tuning improvements.

3.1.86 2020-02-12
Supporter + Test + Free Branch release roll-up :)
Added a new Tweakage option "Change channel immediately upon up/down".
Added a new Setup > 'Tuner Name' > Advanced option "This device is slow to lock, allow more time".
Added a link for modifying decoder properties underneath Setup > Advanced > Decoders for filters that allow you to configure things.
Improved indexing of recorded shows.
Fixed an instance of Chinese Traditional encoding not working.
Fixed a problem with some subtitle cycling getting stuck.

Fixed a rendering glitch that appeared in the pre-release test builds 81->82.
Record scheduling is now more aggressive about removing garbage/ad text in between brackets of show titles. Thanks to David for the sample.
Fixed a problem with Taiwan text decoding. Thanks to Jian-Jia for the sample.
Fixed a problem with the Web UI search on android browsers. Thanks to Simone for debugging.
Added an option to "Ignore in-band data on XMLTV channels" as an experiment.
Fixed an issue with time stamp re-clocking. Thanks to MJ for a sample having rouge intermittent PCR timestamps in the broadcast.
Fixed an incorrect H.264 chroma flag in the DXVA2 decoder. Thanks to Ian for a sample producing the problem.
The OSD now stays up if you have your cursor hovering over on OSD navigation buttons.
Seek buttons no longer appear when you have time shifting disabled.
Partially encrypted channels having clear AC3 audio can now be listened to without a picture.
TV > Explorer now shows stream info on the channel buttons.
Right-click TV > Explorer channel boxes can now also "Play in a new window" for supporters.
A "Described Audio" toggle has been assigned to the F3 key. For broadcaster-mixed described audio it replaces the main channel. For unmixed described audio, it will play in addition to the primary selected audio channel.

3.1.77 2019-11-12
Fixed a problem with disabled timeshifting using more CPU than it should.
Fixed a problem with Czech H265 video in my DXVA2 decoder - thanks to Milan and Jiř for samples!
You can now enter an arbitrary "# Minutes" for recording time padding underneath Setup > Advanced, in case 10 minutes is not enough.
Many thanks to Bruno for isolating the cause of a problem in Microsoft's DTV-DVD Video Decoder which would inexplicably stop after a day or more of continuous playback. A workaround is now being field-tested.
Added a full-range colour fix for some display drivers which don't behave correctly.
Added a workaround for Microsoft's psisdecd.dll creating threads over time.
XMLTV now also fetches .png logos if your xml file has an icon element in its channel information.

Added a Skip Back OSD button.
Added tweakage options for hiding the Skip Forward/Back buttons as well as FF/RW, so that the screen doesn't have to be too busy.
Improved the new "playback recordings in progress" seek bar support so that it handles stopped recordings gracefully.
Fixed a problem with mpeg1 audio.

3.1.60 2019-09-28

Added channel/show search to the HTTP/Web UI. Start typing on the web page to quickly jump to a channel (similar to the guide in the main app) or use the search field at the top to find shows.
When a re-scan yields no results, it no longer deletes the old channel set, as the outcome might be temporary/hardware-related and you don't want to lose your old channel lists.
Fixed a problem where the OSD remains for a long time.
Added a workaround for subtitle streams having unexpected timestamps which can affect video playback.

3.1.51 2019-09-05

UPnP/DLNA device detection is now disabled by default since not many people are using it and it avoids a firewall dialog on first startup. UPnP can still be enabled under Setup > Network if people really want it.
Adds basic support for ISDB-T Subtitles (ARIB STD-B24) for South American regions. Japanese code pages are not yet supported as I don't have samples.
Additional CEA608, CEA708 and EBU subtitle rendering refinements.
Fixed a problem where coming out of full screen grows the regular window height slightly.
Background media thumbnailing now prioritises recordings and no longer indexes removed Folder Channels.
Minor UI refinements.
Fixed an ATSC EPG issue where incorrect shows would record if the broadcaster re-used event identifiers over a short period.
External window Picture-in-Picture is now Shift + click, and Ctrl + click is now internal-window so that it's consistent with other desktop applications such as web browsers.
Ctrl + click Picture-in-Picture now remembers previous locations.

3.1.46 2019-08-15

Minor UI refinements for when the window is made quite small.
Adds a couple of tweaks for better resilience against low-quality channel signals.
Adds 4K and 10bit HEVC to the DXVA2 decoder on display drivers that can support it.
Adds support for a previously unrecognised XMLTV schema.

3.1.44 2019-08-06

Fixes a couple of issues people are seeing when rendering videos.
Added more graceful handling of 10 Bit HEVC which isn't currently supported in my DXVA2 decoder (will add shortly.)
Added a 4K HEVC warning under the F1 > Video for drivers that can't handle it. It turns out that a lot of graphics cards "implement" HEVC DXVA2 but will actually choke on anything higher than 1080p.
Reworked the "first run" setup experience so that most people don't have to do anything other than select their broadcast location.
Fixed an intermittent issue where it sometimes wouldn't re-paint the UI.
Renamed the TV > Explorer > "Sources" vernacular to "Frequency Sets" to make it a bit less confusing.

3.1.42 2019-08-01

Adds a workaround for 69xxx series Hauppauge devices which can't run DVBT and DVBS at the same time.
Adds tool tips to more of the on-screen-display buttons.
Added a prompt to more easily configure the app for background recording if the user schedules a future recording and closes the app.
Added smarter diagnostics and guidance for troubleshooting video playback issues.
Added automatic cleanup of one-time events in TV > Recordings > Schedule.
Frequency lists now download using compression to speed things up a bit.
Improved guidance when no channels are found after scanning.
TV Frequency Tables TV Tuner Devices

3.1.38 2019-07-23

This is a maintenance release to address a couple of teething issues with the new Sichbo Supporter bits. Thank you to Robin!
Have also added a workaround for some Windows XP and 7 installations which will have stopped working when Tls 1.0 was deprecated, as well as a ".NET framework 4.0 Client Profile" RSA/SHA256 validation issue on those same older operating systems.
Nailed down a long standing intermittent issue with AAC audio channels sometimes saying that there was "a problem rendering the stream". Thanks Bruno!

3.1.37 2019-07-22

This is a maintenance release to address a couple of teething issues with the new Sichbo Supporter bits. Thank you to Robin!
Have also added a workaround for some Windows XP and 7 installations which will have stopped working when Tls 1.0 was deprecated, as well as a ".NET framework 4.0 Client Profile" RSA/SHA256 validation issue on those same older operating systems.

3.1.36 2019-07-22

This is a maintenance release to address a couple of teething issues with the new Sichbo Supporter bits. Thank you to Robin

3.1.34 2019-07-20

Device driver version should now refresh any time you go in to view its settings.
Fixes a bug where removed devices were not always saved in settings.
Fixes an audio drop-out issue for Peter.
Thanks to Bruno for recording channel change bug.


Addresses an nvidia glitch
F12 now includes some codec info for the currently playing channel


H265 seeking improvements.
AAC fix for a couple of Czech frequencies.
Simpler LNB Tone on/off for DVBS.
LCN changes by the broadcaster should now work, provided you haven't fiddled with the channel number explicitly.


Adds an H.265 decoder tweak for NVidia's decoder.
Adds a background EPG update "disable" option.
Shortcut tweaks:
- F9 now toggles Subtitles/CC.
- Added -/= keys for volume in addition to keypad -/+
- Ctrl+M for Mute
Also includes workarounds for a few oddball crashes.


Adds an option to "Use EPG from" another channel (see the channel properties fly-out at the bottom.)
Addresses an issue with recordings on channels that have video/audio feeds dropping in and out.
Weird setting issue persists for some installations. Looks like setting files are full of zeros with no discernible cause. Build 13 is now taking a stab in the dark at catching/avoiding the condition before anything hits the disk in order to rule out Microsoft's dodgy DataContractJsonSerializer as the cause.

Adds an option to "Use EPG from" another channel (see the channel properties fly-out at the bottom.)
Addresses an issue with recordings on channels that have video/audio feeds dropping in and out.
Weird setting text encoding issue persists for some installations. Extended logging added.


Adds an option to "Use EPG from" another channel (see the channel properties fly-out at the bottom.)
Addresses an issue with recordings on channels that have video/audio feeds dropping in and out.
Weird setting text encoding issue persists for some installations. Extended logging added.


During this update, don't bother using the handy "reload now" button if you're on build 3.1.0 - turns out I'm an idiot so it'll just crash :) Just reload manually when the update's downloaded. Fixed for next time.
3.1.7 just addresses an error with some settings due to text encodings, as well as a problem with my MP4 demuxer.


Now runs as 64bit when applicable and installs into Program Files. Also has a more flexible updating system than ClickOnce and can install more easily offline.
New code signing certificate. Early adopters are probably going to get a security warning/prompt from Windows SmartScreen since my new private key needs to re-establish a reputation.
New setting storage system. Not backward compatible with build 166 but it solves Windows 'system restore' issues causing random setting corruption. Settings should automatically migrate upon first run.
Settings are now in %ProgramData%SichboPVR.
New hardware de-interlace mode selection under Setup > Advanced for each decoder type.
Video processing controls under F1 > Video. Not all display drivers support this.
Renamed and re-purposed the "Disable the bokeh background" option to "disable continuous animations". Should save a bunch of power/battery on tablets and stuff.
Undo/redo support in the video editor.
Mouse wheel left/right clicker on guide screen will scroll the timeline.
EPG Content Reference ID (CRID) support for more reliable duplicate episode filtering.
ATSC and Taiwan DVB text encoding fixes.
Support for ATSC channel numbering over DLNA.
Improved folder indexing to support sub-folders. Option to disable recorded show indexing.
You can now delete channels in the channel properties fly-out, and re-scans will auto-remove obsolete channels when SichboPVR reckons it's safe to do so.


Fixes a problem with some channels in Germany. Thank you to Jochen for his help!
Addresses a few other odd-ball issues collected over the last few months.


Sorry, one more intermittent issue with H.264 playback. Also a weird channel detection thing for Albania.


Fixes a slow memory leak and a couple of odd-ball errors. This is hopefully the last update for a while.


Addresses more issues collected over the last couple of weeks. Shout out to Steve, Valentin, Kay and Jack for testing.


Addresses a couple of minor issues collected for build 160.

Refined OSD.
15 second skip.
Click + drag the play button to adjust speed.
Basic video editor added for slicing/trimming TS recordings.
Re-clocking of recordings added for improved playout support in some 3rd party software.
New "zoom" F2 stretch mode.
Show Info > Record Series now brings up a configurable list of channels/times.
New Setup > Advanced > Customise timeshift buffer size.
New Setup > Advanced > Disable Now/Next graphics.
New Setup > Advanced > Disable menu on full screen video.
Improved slaved tuner behaviour for DLNA clients.

Fixes a few occasional errors collected over the past month.
Internal tidy up, courtesy of the folks over at PVS-Studio. Seems like a really decent static code analyser.

Thanks once again to Steve for testing everything in this release and providing lots of helpful feature suggestions. Thanks as well go out to Kay for debugging SAT>IP and getting it working on actual hardware.
Addresses a couple of build 156 issues collected throughout the week. This will be the last release for a while.

Thanks once again to Steve for testing everything in this release and providing lots of helpful feature suggestions. Thanks as well go out to Kay for debugging SAT>IP and getting it working on actual hardware.

UPDATE: Turns out I forgot to test XP. 157 fixes 156 from yesterday. Sorry about that.
New PiP capability -- Ctrl + Click in guide to play multiple channels in new windows without affecting the main player, if you have enough tuners or all of the channels are on the same transponder. Live playout only for now.
New Color Scheme Designer under Setup > Advanced.
New SAT>IP option under Setup > Network. It treats servers like a normal tuner and controls front-ends explicitly. Each enabled virtual tuner will show up as a discrete device under Setup > TV Sources, available for the usual channel scanning, slave configuration etc.
You can now search by channel name in the guide (start typing letters.) This meant that a few shortcuts had to change to free up all letter keys for normal typing. See F1 for latest shortcuts.
Keypad +/- for volume.
I'm now collecting more information about tuner drivers for better reporting on the homepage (driver name, manufacturer, version and date.) Will revisit the "supported devices" report once a reasonable amount of new data has accumulated.
Multi-tuner refinements -- if a device fails to open or lock the signal during recording, it'll try use slaves instead. EPG scanning now happens in the background on a slave tuner when available.
Fixed external monitor issue when the primary screen is on the right.
UI tweaks.
Clicking on the time will directly open the recording schedule.
New 'Show windows taskbar during fullscreen' option under Setup > Advanced.

Many thanks once again go to Steve for thoroughly testing. This should be the last update for a little while.
Adds Galician language option.
A couple of minor fixes.

Many thanks once again to Steve for thoroughly debugging 153.
Addresses a few issues collected over the last two weeks.

Cleaned up TV > Recordings layout.
Channel headings can now be selected in the guide, which displays the full lineup for that channel.
New option under Setup > Advanced to use *.sichbo-pvr file extensions instead of *.ts for recordings. Some Windows 10 installations struggle to thumbnail mpeg2 *.ts files and lock up Windows Explorer in the process -- so this is one work-around.
New start up options to play, open guide, or do nothing.
Update EPG button in Explorer.
MPEG2 DXVA1 support for Windows XP.
Fixes a few errors collected over the past few months.

Addresses a few bugs collected over the last couple of weeks (EBU subtitles, occasional crashes.)

Fixes a couple of minor teething issues that were in build 147 (gimpy DXVA2 IDCT decoding on some NVidia cards, 'start minimised' restoration glitch, playback error when encountering some subtitle streams.)

Support for some DXVA2 IDCT modes
Deleted the avcodec dependency that was being used for generating thumbnails.
Fix for playback of in-progress recordings.
Deprecated "Minimise to tray" and replaced with a "Minimise to tray instead of exiting" option. So from now on, just hit the close/x button instead of minimise. To actually shut off the program, use the system tray icon > exit option.
F1 tab persistence.
Transponder dump context menu now shows up even if there's no channel boxen in the list.
Fixed broken left/right time navigation for epg.
Playback will no longer automatically start when a scheduled record begins, and live TV is off. Some people were leaving the app open but in a stopped state.
Fix for Windows shortcuts that are configured to "Run: Maximised".
I've split up the record queue/history in the series editor.
More accurate/streamlined frequency sharing and telemetry.
Added a confirmation/prompt for series deletions.
Setup > Advanced > XMLTV support. Just select your data folder, then tick whichever sources need it XMLTV. The xml schema's channel-ids should auto resolve based on channel number/callsign, or you can specify them manually in individual channel settings. XMLTV folder is checked for new data every time regular background EPG scanning occurs or when you "scan now" under F1 > Status.
MCE remote improvements (Windows/guide/recordings button should open the app from system tray now under Win 10.)
Missing channels fix for some users.
Manifest updated for correct Win 10 OSVersion detection.
The time field is now optional when scheduling "Specific dates and times", so you can catch a particular day, but for any time slot.
Added some extra keyboard shortcuts.
Auto-backup/restore in the event of corrupted settings after a system restore or crash.
Couple of subtitle fixes.
Added a work-around for some drivers that weren't pumping data. Thanks to Fred over at Hauppauge for his help on that one.
- F1 -> Status now has an immediate EPG scan button.
- Couple of minor tweaks for the DLNA server and DXVA2 decoder.
- Basic record/queue scheduling added to mobile/web interface
- Setup > Advanced > Tweakage > Let the display shut off during playback option
- F1 help screen cleaned up a bit
- DXVA2 decoder improvements
- Numerous performance improvements, code cleanups and fixes.
- New customisable background EPG update interval under setup > advanced.
- Automatically expunges recording history entries after 14 days, also does some housekeeping on the series list under recordings.
- Improvements to sleep handling with a workaround for drivers that don't handle sleep gracefully. Under the Setup > Device Name > Advanced you can now untick "Close this device when not in use".
- Record > Schedule > Series editor refinements.
- New "Add SichboPVR to the Windows start-up folder" option under Setup > Advanced
- Minor fixes
- Setup > Advanced > Pad recordings option
- Setup > Advanced > Minimize to tray option
- Fix for some DVBS cards not switching diseqc port.
- Setup > Advanced > Wake the computer for recordings. You need to configure Control Panel > Power Options > Sleep > Allow wake timers for it to work though.
- DLNA/UPnP Server + Client
- Minor refinements

Note that mileage in terms of timeshift seeking on dlna players will vary. My Samsung bluray won't seek at all, neither will XBMC or Windows Media Player, but a relatively modern (2013) Sony Bravia TV media player supports it OK-ish, even though it doesn't really implement the DLNA spec "sliding window" correctly. At bare minimum, most players should be able to at least watch live tv and pause/resume. UPnP EPG containers are implemented but the only client I'm aware of that supports UPnP EPG is SichboPVR itself. Evidently you can now run SichboPVR as a background server and then configure thin clients on your home network to sync with it. DLNA Recording Service is disabled for time being though.

There's also an "Add firewall rule" under Setup > Network so it can automatically fix the windows firewall rule with each new version update.
- Updated expiring code signing certificate.
- Tvheadend support (EPG/play/timeshift only for now.) Massive thanks to mpmc for helping me get linux/tvheadend set up and for all of his tireless testing. Also perexg for some useful insights into tvheadend.
- Channel Logos (automatically searches the library, please contribute to their great little project if you can.) If you don't like logos you can disable them under Setup > Advanced. See for more details.
- Other little fixes and refinements.
- Workaround for Windows installations that are missing ISO 8859-14 Celtic code page data (which is all of them as far as I can see.)
- Text decoding support for
ISO/IEC 8859-10 (Nordic)
ISO/IEC 8859-11 (Thai)
ISO/IEC 8859-14 (Celtic)
KSX1001-2004 (S Korean)
... that should be all of them now.
- New Setup > Advanced > "Use Broadcaster's Clock" feature. This allows for accurate EPG sync for recordings. The time shown inside the app becomes the exact time as reported by the broadcaster.
- New Setup > Advanced > "Force manual on/off recording" feature. For countries having hopelessly unreliable EPG scheduling.
- New ability to define multiple "Folder Channels" and a new related "TV > Folders" area.
- Perpetual background video indexing.
- Cleaned up "TV > Recordings" area.
- Cleaned up fly-out panes such as the channel editor, show info, etc.
- ATSC users can now override the atsc-style decimal channel numbering if desired.
- Made the database engine a little bit more resilient against write-through failures.
- Other minor fixes.
- Guide text decoding fix
- Support for manual ad-hoc recording when no show data is available (click to start, again to stop.)
- Right-click channels in TV > Explorer to quickly add/remove from lists or take a Transponder Dump.
- EBU Teletext fix for a particular channel in Australia.
- Thinned out the app a little bit. Removed the experimental "F3" server and the superfluous Setup > Advanced console (use TV > Explorer for same frequency testing/TS dump functions.)
- Device handling tweaks
- Other minor refinements and fixes
- New "Audio & TV Guide Data" language preference under Setup > Advanced. This is now used for selecting the audio channel and epg data selection.
- Closed Captions for some regions. A "CC" button will appear if supported. Click to cycle. Modes for which I had samples were DVB ETSI 300 743 (UK DVB-T2, bitmap mode only), EBU Teletext (Australia, et al), CEA 608 and 708 (US/Canada.) If anybody spots something gimpy or CCs undetected, feel free to send me transponder dumps.

- Timeshift can be toggled on/off using a new button on the control bar.
- DXVA2 fixes for some sources
- Addressed a couple of UX issues
- Performance improvements.
- Prevent Windows from starting background Automatic Maintenance due to "idle" CPU during playback.
- Energy efficiency improvements
- Davix's "jump" fix (I hope.)
- New "reset settings" option under advanced.
- F1/help shows video card DXVA2 info, more shortcut keys.
- Other minor refinements.
- H265/HEVC DXVA2 refinement
- Text encoding fix
- Another de-interlace fix
- Tuning fix
- Timeshift fixes
- Mpeg2 deinterlace fix
- Win 8.0 fix
- Field testing 4k H.265/HEVC DXVA2 (Currently only latest generation Intel HD drivers support DXVA_ModeHEVC_VLD_Main, although it seems to be CPU-bound on a HD 4400 at present. Possibly a future driver update from Intel might move more of the work onto the GPU. Must select "(DXVA2 Video Decoder)" under advanced H265Video.)
- Better per-monitor high dpi support for win 8.1
- Background epg update refinement
- Minor fixes
Apologies there is a fair bit of largely untested stuff here. While I'm able to get some guide data on 97w, I don't actually have a clear signal to record/test. I will try and address any errors over the next week.

- New System tray icon.
Right click to "Run in background". It should be reasonably good about keeping tuners powered-down/off and CPU low unless it's actually recording or doing something. It will also fire up any connected tuners and try locking a known working E/EPG transponder every hour or so.

- New TV > Recordings > Schedule area.
Define weekday/time/channel rules for a series, or just give it a bunch of different shows with a "recording priority" and let it go to town selecting the best from each timeslot from any old channel. The default setting is to not record any duplicate episode descriptions, but you can override for lazy broadcasters who always put in the same generic description.

You can also click "Create a series or show manually" if no EPG data exists and use the "Specific channel(s) and time(s)" option and un-tick "Only record if guide data matches dates/times".

- New Setup > Advanced > Start in background setting. Double click the tray to open.

- New Setup > Advanced > Independent volume control.

- Various other fixes and tweaks.
- Minor fixes
- Windows XP fix
- DVBC fix for win7. Thanks to John and Eric @ astrometa for testing.
- Field testing some sdk bits (hi-DPI support on beefy video cards, native dxva2, et al.)
- Removed directx runtime dependency
- Couple more fixes
- Minor fixes
- Improved timeshifting
- Setup > Channels filter
- UI tweaks
- Audio channel toggling
- Volume control
- Interaction improvements
- Video engine enhancements
- Build 101 "data workaround" rollback
- Show day names on EPG
- Guide data workaround for some odd-ball cable provider
- EPG missing data fix
- Timeshift folder option
- Lock fix for advanced console
- Device experiment
- Minor fix for Mini Mode
- Minor direct3d performance fixes and enhancements
- Thanks to for helping fix a problem with the TERRATEC T-Stick PLUS Filter.
- New tuner compatibility experiments
- Forced to always use Turbosight's custom diseqc interface for Prof/TBS tuners, even when BDA_DiseqCommand is advertised within the topology (their implementation doesn't appear to actually work.)
- Double-click anywhere to toggle Full-Screen
- Middle-click anywhere to toggle Mini-Mode
- Introduced a longer delay prior to signal lock testing and removed signal quality > 0 restraint on channel scans
- Mini Mode no longer hides OSD until mouse out of the entire application window
- Linked-tuner refinements
- Tuner linking support
See Setup > device > "Link to device" to make it act as a slave for another tuner's configuration for multi-channel recording etc.

- Option to disable unified tuning model
See Setup > device > Advanced console.

- Mini-mode now requires click to activate OSD
- Guide fixed for some users
- Some layout tweaks for languages having longer text
- RC interaction improvements
- Shift Key to batch highlight/tick rows in channel picker
- Auto select transponder channels having the stronger OTA signal level for duplicate ServiceIDs (attempt at correcting DVB-T transmission cell overlaps.)
- Misc UI related tweaks
- DVB-T2 support
- ISO 13818-3/AMD-1 Audio fix (MPEG-4 LATM AAC Audio, actually needs an "AAC (LAOS)" media type to work with the Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio decoder.)
- Thanks to Mark for the DVB-T2 sample!
- Delayed recording fix

- EPG performance improvement

- Sources.xml automatically updates via www based on live NIT data from other users
- UI tweaks

- F5 to toggle desktop "mini mode"
- Better use of space on the guide channel names

- Fix for some hardware drivers that may encounter "glitches" or "skipping" due to slow behaving signal statistic updates.
- ATSC PSI fixes
- Fix for REALTEK DVBT devices

- Reinstated GoToN feature w/ controller
- ATSC fix
- Scanning tweaks

- Localisation bug fix
- Touch input refinement

v3.0.0.23 Release Notes (first general public preview release)
- F1 to bring up advanced options.
- Haven't been able to find anyone to test DVB-T/C/ATSC yet. Maybe someone can give it a crack and let me know if it works.
- Customisable colour schemes are planned.

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