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Shutter Encoder is a free encoding software for converting images, videos, and audio files, allowing you to choose from a large number of functions. Encode your files, replace audio, burn to DVD, analyze audio Loudness, download web videos, makeyour own timelapse etc ... The most simply and efficiently possible.

OS: Win Mac
File size: 162MB
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Latest version

13.2 (December 2, 2019)


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Download Shutter Encoder 13.2 Windows 64-bit  161MB  Win64

Download Shutter Encoder 13.2 Mac 64-bit  213MB  Mac64

Download Portable and other versions

Download Shutter Encoder 13.2 Portable Windows 64-bit  229MB  Win64  Portable

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Software License

Freeware (Free download!)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Version 13.2 - 02/12/2019

- Added hardware acceleration for the "WebM" function on Windows
- Add the box "Disable updates" in the settings icon
- Internal timecode display for "View on BlackMagic"
- Fixed bug timecode functions "XDCAM HD422", "XAVC" and "AVC-Intra 100"
- Fixed bug function "Subtitling"
- Fixed bugs Video player
- Various improvements
- Update drivers

Version 13.1 - 07/11/2019

- Added buttons "G" and "I" for the box "Add subtitles"
- Addition of the "Colorimetry" part for the "Image" function
- Added the "Dark" theme in the settings icon
- Added codec "XAVC"
- Fixed bug timecode with mounting codecs thanks @Chris Clough
- Bug fixes Video player
- Various bug fixes

Version 13.0 - 16/10/2019

- Addition of the box "Generate in AS-10 / AS-11 format" for codecs "XDCAM HD422" and "AVC-Intra 100"
- Add metadata "tape" for OP-Atom file generation thanks @Roee Bezalel
- Added buttons "<" and ">" for "Visualize on BlackMagic"
- Possibility to standardize the A3 & A4 tracks for the "Audio Normalization" function
- Fixed bug dragged-deposited on OSX thanks @ Frédéric Dokhan
- Bug Fixes "Render Queue"
- Fixed bug startup on Windows
- Fixed bug case "Crop image"
- Various bug fixes
- Various corrections
- Update of java in version 13
- Mac OSX 10.15 Compatible Thanks to the testers @Omer Sipahi @ Jean-Louis Bollotte @Alain Beaujean @Martin M.

Version 12.9 - 27/08/2019

- Addition of the box "Force setting in:" for the functions "H.264" and "H.265"
- Ability to choose from "Replace audio" to "shorter" / "longer"
- Improved "Show timecode" box in 24h format thanks @Fred Doc
- Improved access to the "Render Queue"
- Various improvements
- Fixed bug case "Force resolution in:" with the option "Crop" on Mac
- Fixed various bugs
- Update drivers
- Update of java in version 11

Version 12.8 - 01/08/2019

- Complete reprogramming of the recording and loading for "My functions ..."
- Added the function "FLAC"
- Added "Colorimetry" part for output codecs
- Added the "Keep folder hierarchy" box in the "Advanced features" section
- Added the box "Conform by:" in the section "Advanced Features"
- Added option "x2" for the box "Force deinterlacing"
- Added the option "Crop" for the box "Force resolution in:"
- Added UHD and 4K resolution for the box "Force resolution in:"
- Addition of the meter for the "Preview" box with the video player
- Added waveforms for the video player
- Added VBR / CBR option for "H.264" and "H.265" functions
- Tool "Filter:" only drag-and-drop -> allows to use it several times
- Improvement and correction bug box "Enable the audio frame by frame" for the video player
- Improved waveform display with video player
- Removed the box "Crop 4K in UHD"
- Removed the box "Limit the output in 16-235"
- Fixed bug box "Show timecode / file name" thanks @Yann The Cam
- Bug fix part "Overlay" on Mac OSX
- Fixed bug function "Image" on Mac OSX thanks @Sulian Buineau
- Fixed bug function "AVC-Intra 100"
- Fixed various bugs
- Special thanks @Scott Napier

Version 12.7 - 02/07/2019

- Added "Audio Settings" for "Uncompressed Cut", "DVD", "Blu-ray" and Output Codecs
- Added "Image Sequence" for "HAP", "XDCAM HD422", "FFV1" and "AVC-Intra 100" functions
- Added the box "Edit the list of files in Butt" in the settings icon
- Added "Show Timecode / File Name" checkbox for editing codecs
- Addition of the box "Force the inversion of the frames" for the codecs of assembly
- Added the "Offset:" box for the "Replace audio" function
- Added type "444" and "4444 XQ" for the function "Apple ProRes"
- Added the function "MPEG" thanks @Benjamin Florent
- Ability to set the default destination of each output in the settings icon
- Ability to analyze A3 & A4 tracks for "Loudness & True Peak" function
- Ability to set the language in the settings icon
- Automatic deinterlacing for "DNxHR" function
- Improvement tool "Add a watermark" with a video stream
- Improved rendering quality for the box "Fit cadence to:"
- Interlacing the 60p in 60i with the box "Force the interlacing"
- Fixed bug case "Add a watermark" with 4K resolution and UHD
- Fixed bug checkbox "Force interlacing" for videos in 4: 2: 0 and 4: 2: 2 thanks @Maxence Rime
- Fixed audio quantization bug with mounting codecs thanks @Fred Doc
- Fix bug timecode "Visualize on BlackMagic"
- Fixed bug timecode with mounting codecs
- Fixed bug box "Mirror"
- Fixed various bugs
- Update drivers

Version 12.6 - 25/04/2019

- Addition of the box "Define the function Bout à Bout in Open-GOP" in the settings icon
- Ability to set the video rate with the box "Create a sequence of images from a video"
- Ability to select multiple subtitles for the function "Subtitling"
- Possibility to make a return before with the function "Subtitling"
- Possibility to lock the weight for output codecs
- Corrections bugs case "Add subtitles" thanks to Sulian Buineau
- Fixed bug "Replace audio" function with "No audio" option
- Bug fix "Render Queue" and multi-destinations
- Fixed bug case "Add a watermark"
- Bug fixes function "Subtitling"
- Fixed bug function "DNxHD" on Mac
- Fixed bug function "Butt"
- "Subtitling" function enhancements
- Various improvements

Version 12.5 - 23/02/2019

- Integration of VLC directly in Shutter Encoder
- Added video codecs "HAP", "AVC-Intra 100" and "FFV1"
- Added part "Timecode" for editing codecs
- Addition of the "Message" part for the "WeTransfer" window
- Added "Audio Settings" section for "XDCAM HD422" function
- Addition of the box "Automatic incrementation" in the part "Timecode"
- Added the "Quick start" box in the "Advanced features" section
- Added options "resolution: auto" and "auto: resolution" for the function "Image"
- Added "Force resolution in:" and "Crop 4K in UHD" boxes for "XDCAM HD422" function
- Improved preview icon for output codecs -> supports all parameters
- Ability to close Shutter encoder after encoding via the settings button
- Ability to shift all subtitles precisely with the function "Subtitling"
- Ability to set the maximum width of subtitles in the window "Add subtitles"
- Ability to set the exact position for timecode and / or file name overlay
- Support for Open-GOP files for the "Butt" function thanks to Mickael Lavignac
- Supports all image formats for "Show Timecode", "Add Subtitles" and "Add Watermark" checkboxes
- Fix bugs of display boxes "Add subtitles", "Add a watermark" and "Crop image"
- WeTransfer bug fix with the box "WeTransfer Plus account" thanks to Yann Le Cam
- Bug fix "Render Queue" with the box "View"
- Fixed bug option "Adapter" with output codecs
- Fix bugs feature "Web Video"
- Various corrections
- Various improvements

Version 12.4 - 22/01/2019

- Addition of the box "Disable the end sound" and "Switch off after encoding" in the settings icon
- Addition of the box "Add a watermark" for editing codecs, "DVD" and "Blu-ray"
- Added tabs "WeTransfer", "FTP" and "E-mail" in the part "Destination"
- Added "high10" profile for "H.264" and "H.265" function
- The "Display" part becomes "Inlay"
- Ability to set the "Y Position" with the "Add subtitles" box
- Improved default picture quality for "H.265" function
- Improvements function "Subtitling"
- Various improvements
- Fixed bug case "Crop image"
- Bug fixes feature "Subtitling"
- Fixed bug box "Trimming ..." with output codecs
- Fixes bugs part "Display" with output codecs
- Fixed bug case "Add watermark" with output codecs
- Fixed bug box "Add subtitles" with window "Render Queue"
- Fixed bug function "Video inserts" -> Stable function - possibility to integrate any type of file including timecode

Version 12.3 - 29/12/2018

- Complete reprogramming of the "Subtitling" function
- Added parameter icon accessible at the top left
- Added the "Audio settings" section for editing codecs
- Added the box "Color space:" in the Colorimetry section thanks to Jonathan DeNicholas
- Added the "Anti-flicker" box in the "Corrections" section
- Redesign and improvement of the "Add subtitles" window
- Ability to select the audio channels in the "Audio settings" section
- Possibility to have the time elapsed by clicking on the remaining time
- "Visualize" box accessible for the "Video inserts" function
- Fixed bug function "Loudness & True Peak"
- Fixed bug function "Audio Normalization"
- Bug fix stream of subtitles thanks to Daniel Chane
- Fixed various bugs
- Automatic update of youtube-dl

Version 12.2 - 26/10/2018

- Implementation of MKVMERGE -> Addition of the "Conform" function
- Implementation of XPDF -> Support of pdf files for the "Image" function
- Added the function "Uncompressed YUV"
- Added the box "Limit the output in 16-235" in the "Corrections" section
- Added the visualization icon for the "Colorimetry" part
- Sort the list of files with the box "Activate the sequence of images to:"
- Ability to automatically adjust the resolution with black bands for editing codecs
- Ability to choose text on 'Background' or 'Contour' with the box "Add subtitles"
- Ability to display the timecode / file name on the top or bottom of the image
- Possibility to use the box "Trimming ..." with the resolution on 'Adapt'
- Ability to select "Source" audio for "XDCAM HD422" function
- Possibility to choose the audio frequency in the "Audio settings" section
- Supports formats smaller than 16/9 for the "Add a logo" and "Add subtitles" box
- Support for network paths on Windows
- Improved timecode display
- Improved interface
- Various improvements
- Fixed bug function "Blu-ray"
- Fixes bugs function "XDCAM HD422"
- Fixed bug function "Audio Normalization"
- Bug fix tool "Create a ZIP archive"
- Fix rendering queue bug and multi-destinations
- Fix rendering queue bug and image cropping
- Fixed bug case "Display a timecode" with the different frame rates, thanks to Bertrand de Saint Seine
- Various corrections
- Change of mail sending server
- Update drivers -> Better flow control for the "Apple ProRes" function

Version 12.1 - 02/09/2018

- Implementation of EXIFTOOL -> Addition of the "Filter" part for the "Image" function
- Deletion of the function "RAW to JPEG" -> Conversion of RAW files possible directly from the image function
- Added "Audio Settings" section for "Audio Normalization" function
- Addition of the box "Mix of images" in the part "Sequence of images"
- Added the "Add motion blur" box in the "Sequence of images" section
- Addition of the "Display" part for the "Image" function
- Added functions "AC3" and "OGG"
- Improved file scanning process
- Improved "Auto Crop" function at chosen resolution
- Improved function "Image" ability to set the resolution after the box "Crop image"
- Improvement of the tool "Rename file (s)" display of the currently renamed file
- Possibility to use the box "Activate the sequence of images to:" for the blue icons of preview
- Ability to automatically adjust the resolution with black bands for output codecs
- Automatic chapitrage every 5 minutes for the "DVD" function thanks to Roee Bezalel
- Fixed bug function "Cut detection" and "Cancel" button thanks to Vivien Heraut
- Fixed bug function "Audio Normalization"
- Various corrections
- The "Timecode" part becomes "Display"

Version 12.0 - 01/08/2018

- Complete reprogramming of the algorithm of the function "Inserts video" faster and more reliable
- Added the "Delete special characters" box with the "Rename file (s)" tool
- Added "Audio Settings" section for "Rewrite" and "Replace Audio" function
- Ability to add the folder path in the ftp address with the "Send to FTP Server" tool
- Ability to choose the audio codec "AC3" with the functions "H.264" and "H.265"
- Ability to define multiple destinations
- Improved "Subtitling" function
- Improved "Scan File" tool
- Improved error display
- Fixed bug function "Subtitling"
- Fixed bug tool "Copy a tree"
- Fixed bug function "Audio Normalization"
- Bug fix "My Functions ..." and ".enc" files
- Fix bug "Turn off after encoding" tool on Mac OSX
- Fixed bug button "Pause" and box "Calculations during inactivity" on Windows
- Various corrections and improvements
- Update drivers

Version 11.9 - 04/06/2018

- Shutter encoder becomes only 64Bits compatible
- Added graphical acceleration for compatible AMD cards
- Added graphical acceleration for Mac OSX
- Added the function "Reencapsulation"
- Added the ".dpx" extension for the "Image" function
- Added the Sequence of images part for the output codecs
- Added the box "Convert from: 'fps' to: 'fps'" in the section Audio settings for WAV and AIFF
- Ability to turn off the computer automatically after encoding (right-click part progression)
- Rename the box "Crop 4K in:" to "Crop 4K in UHD"
- Added help bubbles for the boxes "Force resolution in:" and "Crop 4K in UHD"
- Changing the WMV video codec to WMV8
- Improved use of the "Scan folder" tool
- Enhanced "Render Queue" window double-click for fullscreen
- Improvement of the box "Activate the sequence of images to:" duration defined on the number of files
- Fixed rendering queue bug with the "Enable image sequence to:" checkbox
- Fixed bug "Cut Detection" function with export
- Fixed hardware acceleration bug Nvidia cards
- Fixed bug case "Apply a LUT:"
- Fixed bug email encoding completed
- Fixed bug Blu-ray function
- Bug fix case visualize
- Various corrections
- Update drivers

Version 11.8 - 25/01/2018

- Added "Corrections" and "Advanced Features" section for "XDCAM HD422" function
- Improved "Replace Audio" function
- Improved "Apple ProRes" feature thanks to Florian Diego
- Various corrections
- Update drivers
- Update of the help

Version 11.7 - 21/09/2017

- Addition of the "Timecode" part for the "XDCAM HD422" function
- Added the "Corrections" part in the function parameters
- Addition of the box "Smoothing of exposure" in the part "Corrections"
- Added the box "Rotation" and "Mirror" for the part "Sequence of images"
- Added the "Login" and "Password" box for the "Web Video" function
- Improved interlace detection
- Improvement of the box "Stabilization of the plan" compatible any video codec
- Improved "Web Video" function faster
- Fixed bug function "Web Video" under windows
- Bug fix tool "GOP Structure" on mac
- Various corrections
- Update drivers

Version 11.6 - 22/08/2017

- Addition of the box "Crop image" in the part "Sequence of images"
- Addition of the box "Force the profile in:" for the function "H.264"
- Added the box "Password" for the function "Web video"
- Added the box "Force interlacing" for "Visualize on BlackMagic"
- Added rates 23.976, 29.97 and 59.94 for the box "Conform frame rate to"
- Addition of the "Timecode" part for the "Uncompressed cutting" function
- Improved file renaming with the "Render Queue"
- Improvement of incrementation with the box "Generate files in OP-Atom format"
- Automatic playback of files for "Visualize on BlackMagic"
- Fix bug of "Scan folder" tool with editing codecs
- Bug fix progress bar with the function "Video inserts"
- Fixed decklink card detection bug
- Fixed launch bug on windows
- Various corrections
- Update drivers
- Update of the help

Version 11.5 - 26/07/2017

- Available in English / French version available
- Compatible High-DPI screens
- Added part "Colorimetry" for editing codecs
- Addition of the box "Add subtitles" in advanced features
- Addition of the box "Show the name of the video" in the part "Timecode"
- Added function "MJPEG"
- Added the function "Xvid"
- Added the "Convert to uppercase" and "Convert to lowercase" checkboxes for the rename tool
- Correction Decklink card drivers
- Update drivers
- Update of the help
- Various improvements

Version 11.4 - 04/06/2017

- Added "Scan" from a BlackMagic map, accessible via a right-click on the empty file list
- Added boxes "Rotation" and "Mirror" for the function "Image"
- Addition of the box "Separate the audio tracks in:" with the functions "WAV" and "AIFF"
- Added button "FAQ / Tips" accessible via the help button "?"
- Automatic frame invertion for "Apple ProRes" and "QT Animation" functions
- Modification of the box "Force in 25 fps" which becomes "Conform the rate of images to:"
- Ability to "Conform image rate" by deleting or mixing images
- Ability to "Force interlacing for" H.264 "," H.265 "," Apple ProRes "and" QT Animation "functions
- Possibility of "Force in progressive" for the functions "Apple ProRes" and "QT Animation"
- Ability to "Add a silent audio track" with the function "Replace audio" by right-clicking on the list
- Fixed bug with the box "Activate the sequence of images to:"
- Fixed bug with "Details:" and "Noise suppression:" checkboxes for output codecs
- Updated help bubbles for advanced features
- Update of the help
- Update drivers
- Various improvements

Version 11.3 - 30/04/2017

- Addition of DNxHR HQX and 444
- Added hardware acceleration for H.264 and H.265 on Windows
- Addition of the box "Slow motion by interpolation of images" in advanced functions for editing codecs
- Autodetection of the format for "Visualize on BlackMagic"
- Stereo analysis of multitrack files with "Loudness & True Peak" and "Audio Normalization" functions
- Automatic frame invertion for "DNxHD" and "DNxHR" functions
- Interleaving the 50p in 50i with the "Force interlacing" box in the advanced functions
- Display progress for images with editing codecs
- Possibility to crop in 4/3 format with the box "Trimming ..."
- Possibility to disable the end sound via a right-click on the progression
- Possibility to add several audio sources for the function "Replace audio"
- Automatic conversion of the 1440x1080 format to 1920x1080 for the "DNxHD" function
- Fixed bug incrementing box "Generate files in OP-Atom format"
- Fix video analysis bug DMC-GH5
- Fixed bug detection of audio channels
- Fixed bug sound file and video player
- Fixed bug checkbox "Source in OP-Atom format"
- Fixed bug "Type:" with function "DNxHD"
- Fixed bug extension and scan folder tool
- Various improvements
- Update drivers
- Update of the help

Version 11.2 - 13/03/2017

- Added the function "DNxHR"
- Added the function "Blu-ray"
- Addition of the function "AIFF"
- Added the function "XDCAM HD422"
- Added the function "OGV"
- Added visualization with the "QT Animation" function
- Addition of the "Add logo" check box for "H.264", "H.265", "WMV" and "WebM" functions
- Added the choice of the quantization for the function "WAV"
- "DVD" function 2 automatic passages (for a flow <or = at 6000k)
- "DVD" auto-debit function for a 4.7GB DVD
- Ability to create an image sequence from a video with the function "Image"
- Possibility of mixing several audio files with "WAV" and "AIFF" functions
- Ability to view multiple videos at the same time
- Changing the file replacement option, "No" increments, "Cancel" goes to the next file
- Change the "image capture" button output on the player by "Preview"
- Incrementation of the automatic folder with the Generate files in OP-Atom format box
- Improved DVD function quality
- Improved remaining time for the function "Video inserts"
- Improved accuracy of video player and image capture buttons
- Enhancements of "Butt" and "Video Inserts"
- Resizable rendering queue enhancement
- H.264 codec enhancement (tune movie)
- Various improvements
- Better compression for the "Image" function
- Double-clicking on a file starts playback
- Update of the help
- Fixed bug file that does not get deleted with encoding visualization
- Bug fixes with "Audio Normalization" function
- Bug fixes with the function "Cut detection"
- Fixed bug function "Audio normalization" and codec aac
- Fix bug stabilization and function "DNxHD"
- Fixed bug video player and total duration
- Bug Fixes Render Queue
- Bug correction box View
- Fixed various bugs
- Fitness of the code

Version 11.1 - 19/02/2017

- Addition of the box "Visualize" on the progression
- "View" box compatible with "DNxHD", "Apple ProRes" and "DV PAL" functions
- Visualization of files during encoding faster and better quality
- Ability to View on multiple instances of Shutter Encoder
- Visualize more reliable more efficient
- Added the "Noise Suppression" checkbox for output codecs
- Incrementing files for the render queue
- The "Audio Normalization" function is compatible with H.264
- Multi-selection improvement of files by long press
- Improved button "Image Capture" from the video player
- Update the youtube-dl driver
- Fixed black level detection with the Apple ProRes codec
- Fixed many H.264, H.265, WMV, WebM, DVD bugs
- Fixed bug queue with the box "Visualize"
- Fixed bug function "My functions ..."
- Various bug fixes
- Various improvements

Version 11.0 - 13/02/2017

- Added function "Video inserts"
- Added visualization of video file on BlackMagic card by right-clicking on the file list
- The "View" button accessible via a right-click on the list displays the video with its audio channels in the form of a meter
- Added "Image Sequence" option for editing codecs
- Complete reprogramming of the "DVD RIP" function
- Side-by-side playback of advanced options for details and noise suppression
- 4/3 format is retained for the DNxHD function
- Freeze frame of a 10 second automatic image with mounting codecs
- Added calculation of the approximate weight of DNxHD and Apple ProRes, accessible via a right-click on the list
- Possibility to preview compression with H.264, H.265, WebM and WMV functions
- Ability to view the current compression for H.264, H.265, WebM and WMV functions by right-clicking on the progress
- Automatic file name increment for the "Uncompressed cut" and "Image" functions
- Ability to display the internal timecode of the video with the tool for changing point of entry and exit
- Improved accuracy of remaining time
- Improvement of the "Video Cropping" tool
- Improved search in the list of functions
- Progress display for "end-to-end" and "DVD RIP" functions
- Display of the remaining time "Butt" function
- Improvement of the console
- Added 64kbit / s bitrate for audio
- Help key "?" becomes blue
- Update drivers
- Update of the help
- Various optimization
- Various improvements
- Fixed bug "Do you want to replace the file?"
- Various bug fixes

Version 10.9 - 24/01/2017

- Added the function "WMV"
- Added the function "WebM"
- Added function "Black detection"
- Added the option "Copy a tree" accessible via a right-click on the file list
- Added the option "Rename the file (s)" accessible via a right-click on the file list
- Added the box "Crop 4K in:"
- Added box "Stabilization of the plan" for editing codecs
- Added the box "Details:"
- Addition of the box "Suppression of the noise:"
- Added Short-term Max and Momentary Max with their TCs for the function "Loudness & True Peak" and all Short-term values &#8203;&#8203;above -16 LUFS
- Added ".flv", ".f4v", ".mpg", ".ts" and ".m2ts" extension for "H.264" and "H.265" functions
- Complete reprogramming of the box "Crop image ..." for function "Image"
- Display of the image of the entry point with the box "Crop image ..." for the function "Image"
- Added ".png", ".tif", ".tga" and ".bmp" extension for "Image" function
- Modification of the window accessible via the "?" -> Help on the functioning of the functions
- Change the type of launch of the application on Mac
- Improved visualization screens
- Stereo mono audio streams for "MP3" and "WAV" functions
- Possibility to access the right-click during a rendering
- Possibility to edit the commands of the queue
- The group "H.264 / H.265 Parameters" becomes "Flow rate adjustment"
- Fixed bug DVD and Timecode
- Fixed bug DVD and box "Force in progressive"
- Fix bug "Mac" butt function
- Correction bug audio box image by image
- Fix bug "Convert to:" with the functions "H.264" and "H.265"
- Fixed various bugs
- Various improvements

Version 10.8 - 30/12/2016

- Implementation of BMXTRANSWRAP -> Added the "Generate files in OP-Atom format" box for the DNxHD function (Allows native use on Avid without import)
- Added rendering queue accessible via the "<" button
- Added advanced options for "DVD" function
- Stereo mono audio streams for "DVD", "H.264" and "H.265" functions
- Update of the youtube-dl software
- Improved "DVD" function
- Improvement of "My functions ..."
- Video player enhancement
- Improved number of processors used for each function
- Autodetection and conservation of 24bit for audio
- Preservation of all audio channels for the function "Cut without compression"
- Preservation of the source extension for the function "Cut without compression"
- The button "Total duration of the files" becomes precise with the image
- Fixed bug with the "Image" function and the "Image capture" buttons on the video player
- Fixed bug display software on High-DPI screen for windows
- Fixed bug box "Show timecode" with the function "DVD"
- Fix bug "Butt" function and sound files
- Fixed bug creation with the function "DVD"
- Fixed bug box calculations during inactivity
- Fixed bug box "Trimming ..."
- Bug fix request of Java 7
- Bug fix H265
- Bug fixes window reduced
- Bug fixes and various improvements

Version 10.7 - 23/11/2016

- Improved software interface
- Improved calculation accuracy for the button "Total file duration"
- Improved video player accuracy
- Added function "Cut detection"
- Added the discount button for the "Information" window
- Added information for the boxes "Force in 25 fps" and "Convert to:"
- Shutter Encoder is reduced to the window where it is located
- The "LossLess" box of H.264 / H.265 parameters becomes "Max Quality".
- "Replace Audio", "H.264", "DV PAL", "Butt" and "AAC" functions become multitrack audio compatible
- The box "RAW" is renamed "QT Anim" in the parameters of the function "Timelapse"
- Fixed bug and improvement of the update window
- Fixed format bug for the box "Crop image ..."
- Bug fixes and various improvements

Version 10.6 - 25/10/2016

- Shutter Encoder no longer requires Java, it is contained in the software
- Two different versions for windows (64 and 32bits)
- The drivers are contained in the software
- FFMPEG updated
- Added the "Source in OP-Atom format" box in advanced functions to recover audio files separated from the video
- Complete reprogramming of the tool "Crop image ..."
- Automatic detection of the audio and video file with the function "Replace audio"
- Improved writing in shutter boxes, no need to erase before writing
- Improved performance of the video player with the exit point
- Using the cursor with an audio file in the video player
- The question mark at the top right opens the tips window
- Display of the download title for the "Web Video" function
- Audio format for editing codecs must be converted to PCM
- Remove the box "Convert audio to PCM"
- Encoding does not start when the output file is equal to that of the source
- Bug fix "Butt" function
- Fixed bug window "My functions ..."
- Fixed different bugs function "DNxHD"
- Fixed problem updating with Windows
- Fixed bug reduction with video player
- Correction and improvement of error detection
- Bug fix when sending email after encoding
- Fix bug of download for the function "Web video"
- Bug fix with "Audio Normalization" function on Mac
- Fixed bug button "Image capture" in the video player
- Fixed display of the scrollbar for the console
- Fixed time display bug in H.264 / H.265 settings
- Fix bug editing codecs when the file does not contain sound
- Fixed video player display with formats greater than 1.77
- Fixed various bugs

Version 10.5 - 07/09/2016

- Added the function "Subtitling"
- Add Ctrl + click on Mac
- El Capitan compatible video player and higher
- Video player adapted to the image ratio
- Video Player Volume Control with + and -
- Added waveform visualization for audio files in Video Player
- Addition of the box "Activate audio image by image" for the video player
- Remove "OK" button for H.264 settings
- Access to the changelog by clicking on the version number
- "Start encoding" becomes "Start function"
- Fixed bug button "Total file duration"
- Fixed bug entry point and unchecked exit
- Bug correction manual entry point entry and exit
- Fix bug Timecode display with entry and exit point
- Fixed bug box "Force the exit in: 0-255"
- Fixed various bugs

Version 10.4 - 05/08/2016

- Added Apple ProRes LT codec
- Added button "Total duration of files" accessible via a right click on the list
- Added function "My functions ..."
- Audio channels retained for editing codecs -> adding the "Convert audio to PCM" checkbox in advanced functions
- Position of the reduced window kept
- Fixed encoding bug with the list of codecs
- Fixed various bugs

Version 10.3 - 02/08/2016

- Complete list of sites available for the "Web Video" function accessible via the "?"
- Fixed bug button "Visualize" on Mac
- Fixed bug for displaying advanced functions
- Fixed bug with the "Unzip archive" button
- Fixed bug with the box "Force deinterlacing"
- H.264 bug fix
- Fixed time display bug for H.264 / H.265 settings

Version 10.2 - 10/07/2016

- Added the boot tips window
- Improved advanced features
- Addition of the box "Force the resolution in:" in the part "Advanced functions"
- Possibility to display the GOP type by right clicking on a video file in the list
- Automatic update of the time in the part "H.264 / h.265 Parameters" with change of entry point and exit
- Fix bug of download with the function "Web video" -> Download drivers (automatic)
- Fixed bug "Calculations during inactivity"

Version 10.1 - 27/06/2016

- Added flow rates for the DNxHD: 75, 240, 365, 365 X, 80, 115, 175, 175 X
- Added the selection of resolutions 4096x2160 and 3840x2160
- Added the possibility to change the speed of the MP3 function
- Added AAC function
- Improved precision control of video player images
- Fixed Timecode display problem on Windows
- Fix window placement on Windows
- Fixed information window bugs
- Corrections other bugs

Version 10.0 - 09/06/2016

- Complete reprogramming of Shutter Encoder, faster and more intuitive
- Mac & PC compatible
- Beta version

Version 9.9 - 25/04/2016

- Improved video cropping tool
- Lighter drivers, faster download
- Complete redesign of "Loudness & True Peak" function faster, more detailed with progress bar

Version 9.8 - 17/01/2016

- Added the box "Crop image ..." in the settings of the function "Image"
- Update tips at the start of the software
- Ability to choose the video position in the window "Video Cropping"
- Various fixes and enhancements window "Video Cropping" and "Playlist Mode"
- Fix timecode bug

Version 9.7 - 08/01/2016

- Add a window summarizing the progress located at the bottom right when the software is reduced
- The box "Format 2.39" in the h.264 function parameters becomes "Trimming" to define its own format
- Added function "Scan folder" accessible via a right-click on the empty list, allowing a continuous scan of a folder to perform encodings
- Fixed some bugs

Version 9.6 - 03/01/2016

- Update of internal drivers due to the change of year
- Fixed bugs of "Playlist Mode"
- Added a playbar in "Playlist Mode"
- Added shortcuts in "Playlist Mode" (keys: space, input, + and -)

Version 9.5 - 30/12/2015

- Complete overhaul of the interface
- Added parameter "Advanced functions"
- Possibility to enlarge the window of the video player
- Possibility to enlarge the information window
- Optimization of the information window
- Added detection of luminance levels in the "information" window
- Added "GOP Structure" accessible on a single file from the list
- Auto-detection of luminance level for H.264 and H.265 functions
- Fixed the display of the 2nd Visualizer in the video player
- Calculation of the flow rate according to the directly displayed size for the H.264 function
- Remove predefined H.264 functions
- Added help bubble display
- Drivers updated
- Automatic update of the drivers
- Various corrections and improvements

Version 9.4 - 12/06/2015

- "Tips" window when starting the software with automatic download of new tips
- Addition of the box "Conversion cadence" which makes it possible to modify your rate of image (ex: 24-> 25)
- Complete redesign of the "Scene Detection" function possibility to record in EDL format
- Various corrections

Version 9.3 - 31/05/2015

- Shutter Encoder becomes 32bits compatible
- Update of the internal software FFMPEG
- Added function "DNxHD 185"
- Added "Email Encoding Complete" accessible via a right click on the destination
- Change the box "Integrate" in the part Timecode by "Display the internal timecode of the video" (only 25i / s)
- Highly optimized entry and exit point
- Ability to make an image capture on the video player
- Possibility of duplicating the reader on a 2nd Visualizer
- Ability to create a proxy file when the file is not directly readable
- Ability to open the folder of the selected file in the list with a right click
- Correction "Calculation and flow" error in "Manual" mode in "point of entry and exit"
- Fix error "DNxHD .." functions with resolutions below 1920x1080 and sampling
- Storyboard function renamed to "Scene Detection"
- Deleting the function "Waveform video"
- Deletion of the function "Video histogram"

Version 9.2 - 12/02/2015

- Removing function "AC3 to PCM"
- Automatic deinterlacing for "QT Animation" function
- Improved "Butt" function and bug fixes
- Added the function "Cut without compression"
- Fixed bug in "Auto" mode with Timelapse function
- Correction of the display of the download of the drivers
- Shutter Encoder only in 64bit version
- Various corrections

Version 9.1 - 12/01/2015

- Simplified and faster download of drivers
- No more PayPal donation request when closing the software
- Separation between H.264 and H.265 functions
- Filtering of files possible at any time with the drop-down list "Filter:"
- slight bug fixes

Version 9.0 - 12/11/2014

- Improved video quality of H.264
- Improved H.264 audio quality and compatibility
- Added the "H.265 parameterizable" function
- Added function "Waveform video"
- Added function "Video histogram"
- Ability to save a function with its parameters via Ctrl + S (creation of file in ".enc" format)
- Ability to disable the sound with the "H.264 parameterizable" function with the value "0" in the box "Audio bit rate"
- Direct command by entering "ffplay" followed by your command lines, using the files from the list and the extension part
- Display errors when it is impossible to read a file in visualization

Version 8.9 - 02/11/2014

- Improved Jpeg image quality with "Image" function
- Choice of the name of the file Bout à Bout
- Added function "QT Animation"
- Correction for the replacement of the existing file
- Ability to select the title number for the "DVD RIP" function
- Lightened Software
- Fixed Visualization problem with "Open in Shutter Encoder"
- Fixed bug incrementation of completed files

Version 8.8 - 07/10/2014

- Playlist mode available by right-clicking on the file list
- Display of download error with "Web Video" function
- Fixed bug "2 passages" with windows 7 and 8
- Adding the "View" button by right-clicking on the selected file (s)
- Visualization of a file by double click possible
- Added the function "Audio Normalization"
- Added the function "Bout à bout"
- Various corrections

Version 8.7 - 14/06/2014

- No more administrator problem for installing drivers
- Added the launch of Shutter Encoder to the contextual menu with the possibility to directly open a folder or file
- Pause the operation when clicking on the "Cancel" button
- Change of the codec of the box "RAW" for the function "Timelapse" in Quicktime Animation
- Access to the "Resolution" parameter for the "RAW" box with the "Timelapse" function
- "Calculations during inactivity" checkbox is available for all functions
- Various corrections

Version 8.6 - 26/05/2014

- Download only missing drivers during an update
- Viewing unprocessed files at the end of the operation
- When the file already exists it is now possible to pass it and continue the current operation or cancel the entire operation
- Retrieving the parent folder when dragging and dropping a file on the destination
- Automatic unchecking of the box "Show the output folder" when changing destination
- Fixed bug from 1000 files completed
- Fixed bug when installing drivers
- Fixed filter display
- Various corrections

Version 8.5 - 21/05/2014

- Added the resolution viewer, accessible next to the choice of the resolution via a blue icon
- Deleting possible items with the delete key. or delete
- Fixed administrator rights
- Various corrections

Version 8.4 - 20/05/2014

- Bug fixes for the tool "Calculation of flow and size"
- Multiple error correction on "Entry and exit point"
- Automatic deinterlacing for the "Image" function

Version 8.3 - 05/05/2014

- Change the sound once the operation is complete
- Reduction of the window "Point of entry and exit" possible
- Corrections bugs of the video player
- Change image by image of the reader possible with the arrows of the keyboard
- No more waiting when changing entry point
- Launching the software in administrator mode, avoids errors

Version 8.2 - 05/05/2014

- Change the video player, Quicktime player much more accurate and fast
- Lightened Software
- Added the box "Calculations during inactivity" which allows to continue working during the encoding of a file
- Addition for the function "Image" division of the resolution by 2, 4 or your value of the type "x: 1" in the parameter "Image"

Version 8.1 - 19/04/2014

- Fix bug updates due to a server change
- Fixed bug of "DVD" function
- adding the Apple ProRes Proxy function

Version 8.0 - 21/03/2014

- Added the "StoryBoard" function
- Added function "RAW to JPEG"
- Integration of 7zip accessible via a right click on the file (s) of the list, to compress and uncompress files

Version 7.3 - 06/01/2014

- Fixed recovery for "DVD RIP" function
- Direct command by entering "ffmpeg" followed by your command lines, using the files from the list and the extension part
- Improvement of the calculation of the part "Calculation and flow"
- Added filter ".mxf" and extension ".mkv"
- Replacement of the 4: 2: 2 option for the Lossless option on the H.264
- Added timecode integration with incrementation with all the videos in the list
- Added "Source" for the codec "Video Image"
- "Resolution" parameter for the QT JPEG function and the H.264 function (configurable)
- Various corrections

Version 7.2

- Automatic update of Shutter Encoder (only for GUI version)
- Ability to display the output folder with the functions "CD RIP" and "Web Video"
- Add "Show folder" by right-clicking on the destination
- Correction of the offset with the point of entry and exit with the function "DVD RIP"
- Optimization of reader detection, for burning and recovering CDs
- Complete reprogramming of the "CD RIP" function
- Fixed slight bugs reader
- Dual screen display for the exit point
- Technical document available

Version 7.1

- Fixed bugs check box feature "Timelapse"
- Correction of various errors and syntax correction

- Redirection of engraving errors with the "DVD" function
- Possibility to display the output folder with the change of destination

Version 7

- Error checking of all functions, Shutter Encoder is now a stable first release

- Add "Send to FTP server", accessible via a right click on the destination or on a selected file
- Added the function "CD RIP"
- Added True Peak in "Loudness & True Peak" function
- Added help button for downloading web video
- Add countdown on entry point and exit message

- Choice of DVPAL format (16/9 or 4/3)

- Force frame rate at 25 fps available for Apple ProRes and H.264

- Upscale different resolutions of 1920x1080 or 1280x720 for DNxHD codecs, which makes encoding functional for videos at lower resolutions

- QTJEG very clear video quality improvement
- Improvement of the engraving function
- Improved filter function and bug fixes
- Clarification of the choice of functions

- Error redirection on FFMPEG
- Redirection of all other errors on my email address

- Reprogramming the DPI display

- No more file of 0 ko!
- Fix H.264 Resolution Error
- Fixed errors when closing the software
- Correction Calculation and visible throughput with H264
- Fixed the display of parameters
- Fix window loudness display error
- Fixed "Web Video" Function Fault Correction
- Bug fix toggles predefined h.264 settings
- Fixed Batch Errors with Interlaced and Progressive Videos
- QTJPEG resolution fix error
- Correction of various errors ...

Version 6.1

- Mandatory uninstallation of old version due to program name change

- Change the name of the software and the icon

- Added the 16/9 format for the "Timelapse" function
- Added choice of duration in manual mode (entry and exit point)
- Added ".mov" or ".mp4" extension choice for h.264 codecs
- Added codecs in the installer (optional)

- Reprogramming the Timelapse feature

- "Ext." renamed to "filter"
- Changing the volume of the player with a trackbar

- Timelapse error fix in Auto
- Fixed TC write error for the output point
- Fixed "settings" button for predefined h.264 and Timelapse
- Multiple corrections on the point of entry and exit
- Fixed error on automatic destination
- Fix remaining time display for "DVD RIP" and "Web Video" function
- Fixed 2.39 format which now correctly centers the video
- Fixed 2 passages h264 on the function "Timelapse"
- Fix batch file problem if "cancel" button was used before
- Fixes errors on the function "DVD RIP" (Must work perfectly)
- Batch error corrections with interlaced and progressive videos

Version 6

- VERSION 32bits and 64bits in one executable -> Uninstallation of the old version Required

- Added DVD burning with "DVD" encoding
- Added direct burning VIDEO_TS folder
- Added timecode for the encoder "DVD"
- Added the function "DVD RIP"
- Added encoder "Web video" (youtube and other videos)
- Added klite codec installer, allowing to read DNxHD files (and other) on the player
- Added progress bar in the icon (windows 7)
- Added sub-folders in drag-and-drop
- Added extension filter

- True manual mode on the choice of entry point

- Internal software update (FFMPEG)

- Correction of messages displayed by clicking on the "cancel" button
- Fix the process stop
- correction of 2 passages in h.264 which did not work in some cases
- Correction of various errors

Version 5

- Integration of Mediainfo by right-clicking on the selected file
- Added encoding in MP3
- Percentage display
- Encoding start with enter key, multiple selection possible
- possibility to delete several selected files

- Bug fixes Timelapse
- Fixed DNxHD 36 bugs with interlaced videos

Version 4.8

- Autodetection interleaving frame and deinterlacing h.264
- Ability to launch multiple instances of ffmpeg encoder
- Reprogramming the Loudness
- Direct display of the loudness result

- addition of 2 H.264 pass compatible with Timecode
- adding the QT JPEG codec

- bug fix show drag-and-drop folder of destination folder
- Timecode correction in 2.39 format
- The reappearance of the Timelapse

Version 4.4

- adding the drag-and-drop folder
- adding the drag-and-drop on the destination
- added function dragged-dropped video player
- adding the remaining time
- addition of the entry and exit point for all compatible codecs
- automatic addition of file time for the "flow calculation" function
- Total reprogramming for 2.39 format (crop)

- lightened and modified interface
- change of ffmpeg display activated via a button at the bottom of the application
- simplification of the choice of parameters
- the name "thumbnails" becomes "Video Image"

- correction of the progression for the point of entry and exit
- bug player bug correction back
- correction of the timecode offset in in out
- bug fix: volume player
- h.264 codec fix with avid and quicktime codecs
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All features

Complete settings for the most advanced

Shutter Encoder has a panel containing a large number of settings, in order to define your own choices based on your files and perfect your video or audio output.
Well-thought-out settings, with parameters predefined to create files quickly and easily.

Choose your start and end

With the parameter "Input and output point" you can choose a portion of a video or audio file to extract and use only what you need. You can choose your input and output point by writing your own timecode, or via the frame-by-frame button. You will have displayed in two separate screens the start and the end of your file.

Calculation of bitrate and size

You do not know what video bitrate to choose? You have a size not to exceed ? You can use the bitrate calculation tool to see the size of your final file that is defines on the duration of your video file.

Quickly crop your images

By using the "Image" function you will have the possibility to quickly and easily crop your images as well as your videos. You can define your frame precisely by writing directly your values in pixels.

A real video cropping

Much better than simple black bars, this tool available with the H.264, H.265, WebM, OGV and WMV functions allows you to to crop your videos to the format you want. Whether by pre-setting or manually, you will find the right ratio.

Add a logo easily and accurately

With the "Add a logo" checkbox accessible for H.264, H.265, WebM, OGV and WMV functions you can choose your logo or image to add to your video. Several settings allow you to perfectly adjust its position, size and opacity.

Download what you want

With the "Web Video" function download your videos or music by recovering the web link and paste it into that window. You have the possibility to choose from the different formats available.

Automatically detect your cuts

You need to recover the cuts from a video file, that you no longer have the editing ? Use the "Cut detection" function that will do it for you, recover an ".edl" file to integrate it into your software or to export the cuts without performing compression.

The simple and powerful renaming

When you need to rename a large number of files it can be very long. By right-clicking on the selected files, you can rename as easily as quickly a very large number of files.

Create subtitles simply and efficiently

The "Subtitling" function offers you the possibility to create your subtitles easily from any video. Use shortcuts to maximize your closed caption speed.

Burn your subtitles to your format

You can add .srt subtitles format with ease in multiples video formats. With a simple and clear overview you can define font, color and size.

A render queue to stop waiting

There will come a time when we want to release different formats with different files. This queue accessible from the "<" next to the "Start function" button will make your happiness.

Record, create, share your settings

When you are satisfied with a setting, save it with the keys "Ctrl + S" to PC or "Cmd + S" to MAC, you can reuse your settings by selecting it. You can contact me if you are missing a video or audio codec, i will provide the file to drag in this window.

Send your files to ftp server

By right-clicking on a file in the Shutter Encoder list, you can send your files to a remote ftp server. If you enter the ftp parameters before a conversion, once your file converts it will be sent to the server. You can choose to receive a confirmation e-mail if you wish.

Check your file information

By right-clicking on one or more files, you will have access to all informations about your files and you can easily compare them.

Essential parameters

Because post-production is a very demanding domain, I propose different parameters to answer the best to the requirements of your workflow.

Automatic Updates

The Shutter Encoder software checks each time if a new version is available. You will be able to install it once the download is complete and take advantage of new features and settings.

List of functions

- Without conversion :

Cut without compression, Rewrap, Video inserts, End to end, Replace audio, Subtitling

- Sound conversions :


- Editing codecs :

DNxHD, DNxHR, Apple ProRes, QT Animation, Uncompressed YUV

- Output codecs :

H.264, DV PAL, XDCAM HD422, H.265, WebM, OGV, MJPEG, Xvid, WMV

- Images creation :


- Burn & Rip :

DVD, Blu-ray, DVD RIP

- Images creation :


- Analysis :

Loudness & True Peak, Audio normalization, Cut detection, Black detection

- Download :

Web video

Sections/Browse similar tools

Alternative to Shutter Encoder

XMedia Recode

Guides and How to's

Download Shutter Encoder Portable download from the Download links under Download and Download other versions!

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16 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

No comments. Rating it only.

Review by Lazlow on Dec 5, 2019 Version: 13.2 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

@breezy100 did you try to start function while keeping in/out window open ?

Anyway, great software to have !

Review by anima46 on Sep 18, 2019 Version: 12.9 OS: MacOSX Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

This All in one video program has great potential, and is one of the most creative programs have come across online, for ones like me, that like to do the quick online video downloading, & quick video Audio filter clean up, trim & crop, then save to MP4 HD Output.
I know it is ongoing developement, but after several more months and version updates, 12.9 Version, tried a few times contacting developer, but emails are always returned, due to their server issues.
***Still cannot get the shutterencoder Lossless Video trimmer to work at all on any youtube, Dailymotion, or others etc online videos, output file is no where to be found, opens up a blank folder, without any lossless trims done.
Output video error:
After previewing & selecting my input and output cuts, . Then I keep
> trying to save trimmed & cropped video in 1 full ( TRIED SAVING IN
> CODECS H.264 & .264) MP4 HD output file.
***I Select input and output, and preview, but no other option even avail to proceed, if close box, then nothing
Is trimmed in file loaded. Or will say: Please choose input /output again, which have already done a few times.
Why shutter encoder option to simply (CUT WITHOUT RE-ENCODING) a simple video , does not work at all?
I really wanted to give Shutter encoder all great online reviews, again a program with great potential, but
Just too unstable never works correctly for me.
Also Hard to edit & scroll thru videos in Tiny window & Preview screen, no option could find to maximize.
Really was hoping with this program, would be able to quickly select multi spots of videos or audio, to quickly remove & cut Undesired parts, then quickly Crop, & enhance video & audio quickly , then simply output to MP4.
Again, great concept, just still ongoing kinks & bugs, hope they can finally work out. (Rated 2.9 out of 5 stars). For now.

Review by breezy100 on Sep 17, 2019 Version: 12.9 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 4/10 Functionality: 4/10 Value for money: 4/10 Overall: 4/10

No comments. Rating it only.

Review by David Acelof on Sep 16, 2019 Version: 12,9 OS: Win95 Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

No comments. Rating it only.

Review by Michea on Sep 11, 2019 Version: 12.9 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 6/10 Functionality: 4/10 Value for money: 4/10 Overall: 3/10

16 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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