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Screamer Radio is a freeware Internet Radio player for Microsoft Windows. There is little reason to listen to commercial FM radio anymore, it is an old medium that provides little choice of music and is saturated with ads. For the last couple of years there has been an alternative, streaming internet radio. An alternative that has been somewhat complicated to use. Screamer Radio attempts to remedy this problem by bringing most of the required steps into a single, easy to use, freeware program. Requires.NET Framework 4.5 which is available for Windows Vista SP2 and up.

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Latest version

2018-09-23 / 2019-10-07 Preview (October 7, 2019)


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Download Screamer Radio 2018-09-23  3MB  Win

Download Beta, Portable and other versions

Download Screamer Radio 2018-09-23 Portable  3MB  Win  Portable

Download Screamer Radio 2019-10-07 Preview  3MB  Win

Download Screamer Radio 2019-10-07 Preview Portable  3MB  Win  Portable

Download Screamer 0.44 Classic [Win]

Download Screamer 0.44 Classic Portable [Win] [Portable]

Download old versions

Download Screamer Radio old versions

Software License

Freeware (Free download!)

Supported operating systems


Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Preview 2019-10-07
Bug fixes:

Fixed an issue that could cause the program to crash when clicking the tabs

Preview 2019-10-06
New features:

Added always on top toggle to view menu
Added output device selection to audio menu
Added visualization frequency setting, can now also be turned off
Prevent computer from sleeping while playing (can be changed in settings)

Better grouping of settings in settings tab
Moved settings to view menu
Moved view menu next to help menu

Improved scroll bars, they now behave like normal scroll bars
Level visualization rewritten from scratch, should use much less processing power
Better looking drop down boxes

Removed 32-bit restriction, will run as a 64-bit process on 64-bit systems
Some minor performance improvements

Preview 2019-02-04
New features

Add "Center window" menu option to system tray menu
Automatically center the window if it starts up off screen

Change of output device no longer requires stopping playback
Default output device will automatically switch when the system device setting changes
Window centering should now work on high DPI screens
Improve how browsers are launched when clicking links
Bug fixes:

Fix race condition when closing
Fix internal exception when reading stream metadata
Fix crash bug in about tab

Upgrade BASS to version 2.4.14

Preview 2018-10-01
Minor tweaks:

Restore volume on restart even if the last played station can not be loaded
More detailed error messages when sound subsystem fails

Internal component updates and code improvements

Stable 2018-09-23
Bug fixes:

Fixed a few internal bugs caused by race conditions
Playback was not stopped when desktop was locked
Connect to random crashed when station list was empty
Fixed issue when loading history on startup
Fixed startup deadlock issue

Refactored file I/O with improved locking mechanism
Some other internal refactorings
Removed some legacy ClickOnce code
Remove .NET assembly signing, code signing is enough
Upgraded dependencies
Will no longer wait forever to read/write files

Preview 2018-09-21
Bug fixes:

Fixed issue when loading history on startup
Probable fix for startup deadlock issue

Will no longer wait forever to read/write files

Preview 2018-09-01
Bug fixes:

Fixed a few internal bugs caused by race conditions
Playback was not stopped when desktop was locked
Connect to random crashed when station list was empty

Refactored file I/O with improved locking mechanism
Some other internal refactorings
Removed some legacy ClickOnce code
Remove .NET assembly signing, code signing is enough
Upgraded dependencies

Stable 2018-08-26
Changes since stable 2018-05-29

New features:

New setting to allow only one running instance
Output device selection
Stereo separation filter (can do mono)
Ctrl + scroll to adjust volume in smaller steps
Minor tweaks:

Add close current tab to menu
Add link to release notes in about menu and in update notification
Moved audio filters to menu instead of in options
Compressor and stereo separation filter should fade in
Bug fixes:

Could crash on certain streams
Fixed a heap corruption crash that could occur in certain situations
Fixed a few bugs in station export/import
Stations opened via "Open URL" was not always restored on restart
Fixed some internal resource leaks

Screamer now parses MPEG and Ogg streams to extract metadata like bitrate and frequency, this was done in preparation to be able to implement recording
Upgrade BASS to latest version which is now using WASAPI instead of DirectSound
The manual NSIS installer is now also digitally signed
Performance improvements in UI
More exception handling in sensitive places
Massive internal refactorings to make the code more maintainable

Version 2018-05-26

New version released with improved startup performance, better privacy controls and a few bug fixes.

Version 1.0

New installer
Until now, Screamer Radio has been installed and updated with a technology from Microsoft called ClickOnce. It has many issues, is overly complicated and has no way for the app itself to know if it is being updated. For these reasons I'm switching to a newer, simpler, and better installer called Squirrel that is being developed by GitHub.

This means you will have to reinstall Screamer Radio to continue to receive new updates.

Windows XP
Support for Windows XP is being dropped mainly because more and more components I want to use, including the Squirrel-installer, simply will not run on XP and it is holding the project back. Not to mention the hundreds of hours of work fixing issues on XP that could have been better spent on new features instead.

To add to that, Microsoft dropped support for Windows XP itself nearly 2 years ago, which means you really should not be using XP anyway since you do not get security updates any more.

Export favorite radio stations
A new feature that you should have received will let you export your list of favorite stations to a file that can be used to restore your favorites when you have installed the new version. You will find it in the file menu.

Version 0.4.4, released 2010-11-20

* Updated lame_enc.dll

-- Version 0.4.4 beta 2010-09-28

* A check that the url field is actually a URL
+ When playing presets, clicking the station link will take you to the
preset page on, this indicated by a red link color
* Fixed version number in resource file

* Fixed paged menus, now counting from 1-50, 51-100 instead of 0-50 ..
* Fixed crash bug for stations that embed XML in the stream title field

-- Version 0.4.4 beta 2010-09-24

* Fixed meta parsing crash bug
* Menu fix to be compatible with screen readers
* Upgraded BASS to
* Upgraded BASSWMA to
* Upgraded BASS_AAC to
* Enabled BASS playlist parsing as fallback
* Turned on DisablePopups option as default

* Fixed typo in configuration dialog

* Fixed bug that could cause random crashes on menu select

* Win98 version would not start because of new Vista compatible features

* Certain null streams caused stop callbacks before connection was even finished, could cause a deadlock situation

-- Version 0.4.3, released 2008-10-11

* Another menu tweak, last one I can think of
* Fixed bug causing screamer to overwrite old recorded files in some cases
* Screamer could warn you that it was recording on exit even when stopped
* UNICODE version (Win2k/XP/Vista) now installs in localappdata by default
* Installer now only requires normal user privileges in Windows Vista
* Now using Music folder as default recording target folder

-- Version 0.4.2, released 2008-10-01

* Another menu related fix, hopefully it will work slightly better now
* Fixed a deadlock bug
* Fixed bug causing stop button to be ineffective against connect attempts
+ Implemented automatic version update notifier

* Fixed bug in log window causing it to display wrong title in some cases
* Fixed one bug that would cause message "Connect error: No error"
* ICY tags sent via HTTP wasn't parsed
* ICY tags sent on AAC streams wasn't parsed
* Refactored and cleaned up some code
* Updated BASS to

* Missed that BASS 2.4 handles OGG metadata differently, now fixed

-- Version 0.4.1, released 2008-08-20

* Fixed menu bug affecting Windows 9x and WINE
* Fixed timer bug affecting Windows 9x and WINE

-- Version 0.4.0, released 2008-08-18

* Upgraded BASS to
* Upgraded BASSWMA to
+ Added a lot of language files and converted all of them to UTF-8
* Refactored a bunch of code
* Fixed UTF-8 bug on non UNICODE-build
* Peakmeter didn't update properly, required a restart to turn on or off
* Statusbar only updated when switching languages if you were currently playing
* Merged changelogs, now there is only one

* Resolved long path bug when recording
* Updated manifest file with Vista privilege properties
* Tray icon now recreated on explorer restart
* Tray icon now indicates if you are recording (when custom icon is off)
* Tray icon menu now has a quicker option to enable/disable recording
* Preset menus now split into columns of 35 items each

* Upgraded BASS to
* Upgraded BASSWMA to
* Upgraded BASS_AAC to
* Added manifest file and adjusted GUI a little, slightly prettier dialog

* Fixed internal string bug

+ Screamer now fades out on stop
* Windows Desktop Heap bug adressed, but not fixed.. will require new way to
select radio stations, preset menu is simply too large

-- Version 0.3.9, beta (never released as stable)

* Solved the lockup bug, FINALLY managed to painfully replicate the problem

* Removed an unneccessary callback from BASS and improved recorder semaphore
protection hopefully eliniating any potential deadlock bugs therein
+ Preset update notification added on manual update (silent on automatic)
+ Implemented basic proxy auth support

* Reverted window resize code to that of beta 060524
* Presets are now downloaded from a separate cache server to reduce
load on the main website

* Now using CreateTimerQueue-timers instead, should work in win2k
* Upgraded BASS to

* Improved proxy settings, they should now work much better
+ Added warning on exit when recording
+ Now recognizes icyx://
* Updated license agreement, Screamer Radio may no longer be modified
without restrictions for commercial applications

* The menu option Log Window is now straight under the help menu

* Moved Window menu, it is now a sub menu of the Help menu
* Right aligned the Help menu

* Implemented UTF-8 support for favorites and settings, forgot about those
* Now linking to UTF-8 version of Expat, UTF-16 was too messy
- Dropped charset.dll, don't need it any more

* Refurbished configuration dialog
+ Added browse button to editor setting

* Updated some confusing menu entries

* Last category in preset menu failed sometimes (ex: when playing Blue Mars)
+ Reinstated some old window resizing code.. looks okay with larger fonts now?
+ Now using libiconv for character code conversions (much more stable!)
+ Thanks to libiconv I now have a UNICODE build of Screamer Radio
* Clipboard routines didn't work with UNICODE, fixed

* Fixed some preset/favorites parsing bugs
* Improved playlist parsing (won't open html-files or open browser links now)
* Tray icon is now triggered on mouseup, not mousedown (proper behaviour)

* Upgraded BASS to
* Upgraded BASSWMA to
* Upgraded BASS_AAC to 2.3
* Screamer Radio now reports it's own user agent (thanks to BASS 2.3)
* Improved proxy support by BASS?

* Tray icon routines could cause startup crash
* Log window would always show up on start in some circumstances
+ Added and updated a few language files

* Now saving history and config to disk at every successful connect

+ Last used preset category now ends up at the bottom of the presets menu
+ Log window now snaps to main window
+ Log window now is shown/hidden along with main window if snapped
* Upgraded to Expat 2.0.0
* Will now play streams beginning with icy://

+ Winamp DSP plugin support, put plugins in a subfolder called plugins

* Improved threading code
* Fixed a 20 byte memory leak that's been haunting me for a week
* Now using windows multimedia timers instead of message loop dependent ones

+ UI now completely separated from core, console demo version available..
* Updated allocation strategy for buffers, should use less CPU now
+ Command line support, example: "screamer.exe"

* Massive internal restructuring, moving towards better OOP-design..
* Finally seem to be able to display correct mpeg type and bitrate
* Upgraded BASS to
* Upgraded BASSWMA to
* Fixed potential socket crash bug in playlist downloader
* Eliminated an unnecessary thread (thanks to better OOP design)
* AAC bitrate calc (ADTS parser) could end up in an infinite loop

* New metadata routines didn't always clear title and track
* Device enumerator now skips emulated devices (as well as bluetooth)

* Improved stream bitrate calculation and metadata callbacks
* Ogg streams could potentially crash Screamer (in some VERY rare cases)
* Oops, managed to mess up the log, now working again..

* Fixed favorites saving, again.. for real this time
+ Added menu option "Web Directory" to presets

* COM is now initialized for every thread, hopefully this will fix WMA problems
+ Now displaying why the last source failed in the error popup
* WMA metadata now working again (broken since update to BASSWMA
* Error message when failing a WMA-stream was sometimes "No error"
+ Can now display bitrate on AAC streams as well (parsing ADTS frames)

* Open Recording Folder didn't always behave properly, should work now
+ Screamer Radio now asks if it should autoupdate presets at every startup
* Presets are now updated silently, no annoying messagebox at startup
+ Add favorite now has a dialog window
* It's now possible to record AAC-streams too (reencoded with Lame like WMA)
+ Upon first startup, Screamer now asks what language to use
* Log window now centered on first startup

* The user favorites wasn't saved properly using XML codewords (& -> &)
* Updated German language file
* Add to Favorites is now translatable (forgot about that one)

-- Version 0.3.8, released 2006-02-06

* Fixed a memory allocation bug that could induce crashes, thanks jolle

* Much improved ASX playlist parser
* Slightly better playlist type detection
+ Support for MSN Messenger "What I'm Listening To"
+ Users may now FINALLY Add Favorites from within Screamer Radio

* The playlist downloader can now handle HTTP/1.1 302 redirects
* Some internal restructuring
* Upgraded BASS to
* Upgraded BASSWMA to
+ Introducing BASS_AAC version 2.2, basic support for AAC, aacPlus and MP4

* Ampersands in the track title would be displayed wrong
* Changed "Single Song Mode" to "Single Track Mode"

* Some UNICODE playlists weren't parsed correctly

-- Version 0.3.7, released 2005-05-31

+ Single song recording mode, enable it in the recording menu

+ Balloon popups in tray
+ Now using zlib to download deflated (gzipped) presets,
this will save me (and you) a little bandwith
+ Added .wax as possible playlist extension
* Upgraded BASSWMA to, fixing a server playlist bug, thanks Ian!
+ Somewhat more sophisticated parsing of asx-playlists
* Window in build 050226 would steal focus
* Screamer Radio wouldn't start minimized even if a Windows shortcut said so
* Upgraded BASS to
* Upgraded BASSWMA to
* Balloon popups now only updated when necessary, silly code :)
* Screamer Radio no longer remembers recording state between sessions
* Audio is now unmuted on connect
+ New copy to clipboard option, copy the playlist URL
* Renamed 'lang.default.xml' to 'lang.english.xml'
+ It's now easier to select language file, Settings -> Language
* Log window would steal focus sometimes

* Screamer wouldn't play WMA streams over HTTP if URL didn't have .wma or .asf
* Recording bitrate could be wrong sometimes

-- Version 0.3.6

* Title and URL info would be wrong during connect from drag&drop,
clipboard and open url
* Now it won't try to play html, gif, jpg, php and asp files anymore :P
* Some code cleanup..
* When reconnecting, mute status would be lost (it woke me up once, hehe)
* Next and prev buttons could make interface lock when downloading playlist
* Modified connection procedure, should work better (e.g. http://foo/bar.wma)
* Forgot the fact that OGG metadata was UTF-8
+ OGG Vorbis Recording! Went through hell and back again to get this to work
* Fixed memory leak when reloading or updating presets and favorites
* Now fetching presets from new domain
* Apparently WMA metadata is also UTF-8 in BASSWMA2.1, never noticed until now
* Fixed more UTF-8 troubles when loading special characters from xml-file
* Metadata now centralized throghout the whole program
+ Warning message (popup) for new users when trying to play nothing
+ Transparent stream save buffering, this makes it possible to save the entire
track even if you press record in the middle of the track (if the buffer
is large enough)
+ Now reading nominal OGG bitrate straight from stream (BASS not involved)
+ Added version information to resource
+ Added support for rtsp:// streams (NOT Real Audio)
* Much improved connection/reconnection routines + new settings
+ Now reading MPEG bitrate and type straight from stream (BASS not involved)
* Changed some compiler settings and optimized compressor,
I now get "0%" cpu usage on my system even with compressor on :)
+ History of radio stations in file menu for easy access
+ Customizable "IRC string"
+ Added clipboard menu to traymenu
* Fixed some problems with menu hotkeys
+ File editor now customizable
+ Some more recording options (%time%, %date%, %unix%)
* Small change in how presets are downloaded
* Made the window a couple of pixels smaller ;)
* Fixed some weird bug in configuration dialog
+ Localization support!
* Worked a bit on the installer and uninstaller
* '&' would underline text in some instances in the program
+ WMA Recording! Requires lame_enc.dll and will encode to mp3-format, you may
also encode OGG Streams to mp3 if you wish
+ Recording menu with some options
* Improved worker thread wait behaviour (now using WaitForSingleObject())
* Optimized startup and improved stability, it starts really fast now! BLAM!
+ Now possible to save log window contents to file
+ The window is now resized with respect to the menu height
* Changed version string "0.3 beta 6" -> "0.3.6"
* Upgraded BASS to version 2.1(.0.4)
* The url in the window now has limits to how long it can be ;)

-- Version 0.3 beta 5

* Screamer wouldn't load presets and favorites if autoplay failed
* Volume control now works properly
* Presets downloaded in a separate thread
* Displayed Title and URL when connecting was wrong
* Eliminated a memory leak, forgot to free a SCEW tree
* Internal restructuring, begun transformation to my new design
* Default settings was disappearing (oops)
+ Proxy support added (edit screamer.xml for now)
* Some timers wasn't properly disabled =/
* MASSIVE rework in the core of Screamer,
most things are now eventbased and multithreaded :)
+ Popups may now be disabled in configuration
+ Added proxy settings to configuration
* Presets wouldn't automatically be updated sometimes
(always terminate strings with null! :P)

-- Version 0.3 beta 4.1

* Due to popular demand, now linking MFC7.1 statically again!

-- Version 0.3 beta 4

* Upgraded BASS to version
* Upgraded BASSWMA to version
* Rewrote the handling of audio devices, they are now no longer released
every time you press stop
* Implemented better UNICODE detection
* More internal restructuring.. damn, I suck :p
* Song Title would say not playing when buffering
+ Implemented recording, currently only available for MP3 (SHOUTcast/ODDSOCK)
* Reworked shutdown procedure, there was some funky stuff going on
* Path parsing now use Shell Lightweight Utility Functions (shlwapi.lib)
+ Added an option in the help menu to restore the tray icon
* Converted the Screamer project from VS6.0 to Visual Studio .NET
* Statically linking MFC7.1 to keep backwards compability (60 kbyte overhead)
* Started transition from CMarkup Lite to PugXML (another 20 kbyte extra)
* Child windows in settings dialog didn't set the parent window properly
* Messed around with the statusbar a bit
* Upgraded BASS to version 2.1
* Upgraded BASSWMA to version 2.1
* Automatically download updated presets on startup
* Reads Station URLs from file if possible (as requested)
* Added a record button (as requested)
* Window position no longer forced to be on screen because this wouldn't work
properly on multi monitor desktops (thanks Ingulf)
* Rebuilt the systray menu somewhat (added options for mute and recording)
* screamer.xml now editable in regular notepad :)
* Presets now autodownloaded if missing (even if mistakenly deleted)
* Settings now loaded with Expat, threw PugXML out the windows,
I should really release a new version officially soon ;)
* CString is no longer being used *phew*, using my own class EString
* Unfortunately I'm no longer linking MFC7.1 statically so there might be
compability problems on older systems (nothing a DLL-install won't fix
+ Added the Help menu to the systray menu, hehe
* Reworked thread handling, little immediate difference though
* FINALLY got rid of CMarkupLite as well, Expat now rules supreme!
+ Added warning when trying to record something that cannot be recorded

-- Version 0.3 beta 3

* Rewrote a couple of hundred lines of code.. again!
* Fixed a small memory leak that would leak a couple of kb of memory
* Window will now be centered on the first startup
* Optimized some window updating and startup code
+ Support for ClearType text
* "No stream source" would be saved to the config file, no more
* Some under the hood changes in the config dialog
+ Extended the tray menu with the File menu
+ Added an Open URL dialog in the File menu
+ Implemented a log window
+ Implemented easy move on the main window and the log window
* Added and changed some values in screamer.xml
* Screamer now dynamically loads the dlls which means you can remove
basswma.dll if you don't want WMA support
* Corrected a grammatical error in the changelog, thanks arneduck! ;)
* The clickable part of URLs are no longer wider than necessary
* The volume slider could be wrong on startup
* Made the left part of the statusbar slightly wider
* My UNICODE stuff broke the playlist downloading sometimes, now fixed

-- Version 0.3 beta 2

* Upgraded BASS to
+ Added clickable URLs, thanks to catch22 (
+ Added an about box
* Modified the Peakmeter configuration dialog
+ Added drag and drop support for text (like URLs from a browser)
* Fixed tab order in the dialogs
* Changed the file menu
+ Added a small threshold in the compressor so it won't lower the volume
because of a single byte or two
+ Added support for playlists in UNICODE format
* Sorta fixed the bug that made it impossible to stop while buffering
(but sometimes it outright crashes instead! I have no idea why!)
* Fixed a positioning bug when exiting while minimized
* Falsely displayed N/A in the streamtype info if bitrate was unavailable
* Rewrote state machine code.. SHOULD me more stable now
* Failed to close sockets properly when downloading playlists
* Changing soundcard settings no longer requires a restart of Screamer,
just a restart of playback
* Fixed timers not being reset properly sometimes when minimizing
* Cleaned up some code here and there
* Queuing up several radio stations while connecting would crash

-- Version 0.3 beta 1

+ First public release
Hide changelog

All features

At a glance
Listen to thousands of radio stations from many countries
Quick search by name or part of URL
Navigate by tags
Star your favorite radio stations
Connect to any radio station you want as long as you have a URL
Sleep timer
Automatic stop after playback has been muted for 10 minutes
Automatic stop when desktop workspace is locked
Supported streaming formats
Shoutcast and Icecast MP3
Icecast OGG Vorbis
AAC and AAC+

Automatic stop
This feature will help you avoid wasting bandwidth by stopping playback when you leave your computer or if you mute Screamer Radio and forget about it.

Sleep timer
Will stop playback after a countdown of 20, 40 or 60 minutes.

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I LOVE this program. Been using it for years now. Does exactly what it says on the tin. The only other program which is used more on my PC is Windows Explorer!

Review by ChrissyBoy on Nov 22, 2010 Version: 0.4.4 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

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