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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Scenegrabber.NET

Scenegrabber (released 2012-03-01)

New features:
- code changes for command line support

bug fixes:
- some .... ;)

Scenegrabber (released 2011-03-01)
New features:
- profile support
- capture engine mplayer

bug fixes:
- some .... ;)

Scenegrabber (released 2010-12-30)
New features:
- new naming feature
- audio control
- save all images
- edit sceneshot count for batch processing

bug fixes:
- increase mov and mp4 support
- some bugfixes for label editing
- and some minor more

Scenegrabber (released 2010-05-09)
New features:
- new add on api
- alternate capture engine FFmpeg
- sorting sceneshots by label, position

bug fixes:
- more sharper images
- handling h264 and more formats
- bugfixes on movieinfo dialog
- and some minor more

Scenegrabber (released 2010-02-06)
New features:
- new options gui
- new movieinfo dialog
- text and image watermarks
- more alignment features
- enable/disable autoplay
- more resizing options

bug fixes:
- sharper images
- empty properties in movieinfo crash SG.NET
- calculate wrong thumbnail count
- and some minor more

Scenegrabber (released 2009-12-21)
Some minor updates:
- solve the key not found error
- new defaults in details info text
- minor bugfixes and handling fixes

Scenegrabber (released 2009-12-06)
Some minor updates:
- more features in detail text
- save thumb image
- minor bugfixes and handling fixes

Scenegrabber 0.9.3 (released 2009-11-26)
One new feature and more plattform support:
- Batch Mode
- HD movie support
- Win7 support
- Support 64Bit plattforms
- minor bugfixes and handling fixes

Scenegrabber 0.9.2 (released 2009-08-15)
Minor Bugfixes and Improvments in handling included:
- Extend the Preview Dialog
- Drag and Drop Support in all Lists
- Some Bugfixes

Scenegrabber 0.9 (released 2009-07-28)
This is the initial release. The following features were included:
- Grab single or series of frames
- Detailed configuration dialog
- Preview dialog for grabbed image with realtime sync.

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