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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for SageTV

Version 9.2.1 (2019-03-23)
64-bit AVI playback and music fixes (Windows)
Change: Whitelist LAV Audio and Video Decoders (Windows)
Change: SageTV7 STV system information will indicate 32/64 bit
Fix: Include Win10 in 'VISTA_OS' detection (Windows)
Change: New installation properties default video/dvd_video renderer is 'EVR'
Change: New installation properties default video/audio decoder are auto-detected
New: Add EXEMultiTunerPlugin, HCWIRBlaster & USB-UUIRT VS projects (Windows)
64-bit code and VS project updates (Windows)
Enabled MSYS2/MinGW compile for FFMPEG-based projects (Windows)
Fix: IR interface hangs trying to send non-numeric (eg: 42-1-1) command.
Removed dependency on SDK6.1 (Windows)
Fix: Sage-x64 hang due to CableCARD tuners (Windows)
Fix: Add support for HVR-4400 and other 885 variants (Windows)

Version 9.1.10 (2018-10-13)
removed old bytes properties for episodeName and desc to resolve potential crashes

Version 9.1.8 (2017-11-13) - windows only
HD-PVR2 video capture device: add ability to select multiple audio inputs (Windows)
HD PVR 60 video capture device: new device support (Windows)

Version 9.1.7 (2017-09-24)
Fix: add support for 2nd tuner of Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD usb tuner stick (Windows).
Changes in the STV set 2017081201 for the next SageTV release v9.1.7.0:
malore menus: Removed random misc adjectives after show titles; only display misc textafter the title if it is a star rating.
Removed Zap2it logo from System Information.
EPG Lineup configuration: Changed help text above option buttons, put Schedules Direct option at top of list, old built-in EPG option renamed as plugin option and moved down.
Fixed Music by Artist filtering issue resulting in 0 songs per artist after entering 2nd and subsequent chars.
Disabled access to YouTube, Google videos, and
Detailed Setup -> General: reworded the Sync System Clock option.
Detailed Setup -> Advanced: removed Debug Logging enable/disable option because it is always enabled now.
Configuration Wizard playback testing/configuration menu uses the "Default" decoder settings instead of SageTV MPEG decoders.
Detailed Setup -> Customize: renamed extra option to mark channels in guide with non-Zap2it channel IDs to refer to non-Tribune IDs.
Changed Zap2it text to Tribune elsewhere in the STV, since the EPG data fo the old built-in and new SD EPG data both ultimately come from Tribune.
Fix: resolved 'Grey-scale channel logos are green and half-width' for Windows releases (was fixed for linux in and newer)

Version 9.1.6 (2017-08-10)
Fix: Various fixes and cleanup on Linux Firewire and DVB.
Fix: Added support for all 4 tuners on the Hauppauge WinTV-quadHD tuner in Windows.
New: Add Schedules Direct lineup by ID.
Change: Removed ZZZ from Schedules Direct Regions because it doesn't do anything.
Fix: VOB and MP4 subtitles locking methods were not being called.
Fix: Fixes to HDHomeRun (and probably others) ATSC Scanning returning blank and garbled channels.
Fix: Reduced Schedules Direct person image import threads to 4 (including the execution thread) and added logging for when new threads are created for during the process.
Change: Removed unhelpful alias to original person log entries.
Fix: Fixed issue with Schedules Direct forcing a full airing re-import on stations that do not have a No Data airing.
Change: Lowered the priority of the Schedules Direct person image import threads.
Fix: Removed use of G1GC in Windows due to possible memory leak issues.

Version 9.1.5 (2017-06-19)
Fix: Carny throws a null pointer exception if a show has a null title.

Version 9.1.4 (2017-06-11)
Fix: Schedules Direct deleted lineups were not removed from accounts correctly.
Fix: When checking for existing lineups and a deleted lineup exists, a null pointer exception was thrown.
Change: The SRT subtitle monitoring thread now uses Pooler.
Fix: Index out of bounds exception while getting recommendations from Schedules Direct.

Version 9.1.3 (2017-05-30)
Fix: A missing space in an if test causes the Linux start script to fail.

Version 9.1.2 (2017-05-30)
Fix: Changed awk parsing to use sed to clean up the Java version check.
Fix: API methods GetFavoriteAirings() and GetPotentialFavoriteAirings() were returning all airings for keyword favorites.
New: Increased possible range for scheduling lookahead to 21 days. The default is still 14 days.
Fix: Removed check in Scheduler that was preventing a future airing beyond lookahead from being considered to resolve a conflict.
Fix: Fixed Carny not being marked prepped on startup when no agents exist.

Version 9.1.1 (2017-05-22)
Fix: Fixed a problem with awk parsing in Ubuntu

Version 9.1.0 (2017-05-22)
Fix: Transcoder crashing on Linux with signal 11.
New: Added new API method to get enabled and disabled favorites.
public Airing[] GetPotentialFavoriteAirings(Favorite Favorite);
Fix: Aliases without a non-alias would cause an NPE when searching.
Fix: Schedules Direct aliasing logic was applied backwards.
New: Carny is now multi-threaded and highly optimized.
New: Schedules Direct movie length is now imported.
New: Schedules Direct alternative channel logos can now be used by changing the property sdepg_core/use_alternate_logos=false to true.
This can also be changed in the UI via Setup > Detailed Setup > Customize > Use Alternative Schedules Direct Channel Logos.
New: Enabled G1GC String deduplication for Java versions 8 and 9.

Version 9.0.14 (2017-03-18)
New: Added new API methods for in progress sports tracking using Schedules Direct.
public boolean IsSDEPGServiceAvailable();
public boolean[] IsSDEPGInProgressSport(String[] ExternalIDs);
public int[] GetSDEPGInProgressSportStatus(String[] ExternalIDs);
New: Added editorials based on recommendations from Schedules Direct.
Fix: Radio stations in Schedules Direct guide data now retain their prepended zeros in the guide data.
Fix: Teams from Schedules Direct were being skipped because they do not have a person ID.

Version 9.0.13 (2017-01-19)
Fix: Schedules Direct was unable to distinguish between two lineups with the exact same name.
Fix: Added handling for an unknown regular expression Schedules Direct was providing for the postal code for a few countries. The code also now skips the check if it does not recognize the regex formatting.
Fix: Added better handling to Seeker when starting a recording and no directories are selectable for the desired encoder.
Force debug logging to always be on.
Fix: Watched calculation for movies with commercials is improved
Fix: Prevent freezing between programs when playing back on Windows (matches V7 behavior, although not ideal, avoids freezing)
New: Added more roles for Person objects.
New: Schedules Direct Person images are now imported.
New: Schedules Direct movie quality ratings are now a part of the bonus data.
Fix: Schedules Direct movie images are now prioritized to use box art first.
Fix: Schedules Direct now updates channels with No Data with previously saved hashes that happen to still be valid.
Fix: Startup now explicitly adds lucene-core-3.6.0.jar before loading the JARs folder to address a common upgrade issue.

Version 9.0.12 (2016-12-22)
New: Schedules Direct now includes teams as people for favorite scheduling.
New: SageTV server will no longer allow the server to go to sleep until video conversions are complete.
New: Updated DVB-S & DVB-T frequencies for New Zealand
New: Add STV support for enabling and disabling favorites
Fix: Schedules Direct was not returning the saved country in some cases.
Fix: Removed asterisks from password field when entering the password for Schedules Direct.
Fix: Fixed so that Ministry will not allow sleep while converting.
Fix: Allow mounting DVD iso images as non-root
Linux Placeshifter: Added AC3 support

Version 9.0.11 (2016-11-20)
Fix: Enable streams with valid PAT packets and invalid PMT packets to be able to be detected by the built in remuxer.
Fix: Linux tries a few more adapters when trying to get the primary server IP address.

Version 9.0.9 (2016-10-10)
Fix: GetSeriesID wasn't always returning a valid series ID
New: Added logic to Schedules Direct program categories to ensure Movie is the first category for programs that start with MV
Fix: Cleaned up the logic for determining when images from Schedules Direct should be in a Show or SeriesInfo object
Fix: Clarified in logging when we can't process anything currently because Schedules Direct is offline
Fix: Added random timeout when Schedules Direct token expires before getting a new token in case there are multiple SageTV servers using the same account

Version (2016-09-27)
Fix: Fixed plugin bug that caused some upgraded plugins to be in a corrupted state
Fix: Fixed bug in the EPG license detection logic

Version 9.0.8 (2016-09-22)
New: Added Schedules Direct EPG support as a core BETA feature

Version 9.0.7 (2016-08-10)
New: Added SageTVPluginsDev.d directory support (See SageTVPluginsDev README)
New: Added direct JAR linking in SageTV Plugin Manifest (ie, no need to repackage library plugins as .zip files)
Notes about incrementing versions for developers:
If you are the first to commit changes after a release, ensure that the following have been incremented beyond the last release:
If you make any changes to stvs/SageTV7/SageTV7.xml, ensure that the following are updated in the STV:
AddGlobalContext( "STVversionText", "August 12, 2017" )
This should match the date of the commit.
AddGlobalContext( "ThisSTVSetVersionNum", "2017081201" )
This should match the date of the commit and if there was more than one commit the same day, the last two digits should be incremented.
The format is YYYYMMDDVV.
YYYY is the year.
MM if the month number.
DD is the day of the month.
VV is the commit version for this date. This resets to 01 if the date changes.
STVVersion [=""]
The last number should be incremented for each update of the STV for the MAJOR_VERSION.MINOR_VERSION.MICRO_VERSION SageTV release, starting with 0 for the first STV version of a new release.

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