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Version (22 March 2007)

* Added an automatic updater. When a new version is available, RipIt4Me offers to download and install it for you. If you answer yes, the application closes, and the updater launches, fetches the app, puts it in the right place, and launches it again. If DVD Decrypter is currently ripping, the rip is aborted. If the VOBs are being cleaned, the cleanup is also aborted.
This of course, will only work the next time we have an update.
* Added code to detect whether the DVD appears to be protected. This is displayed in the main window during Step 1. If the DVD isn't protected, there's a new button in Step 1 to open the DVD with DVD Shrink directly.
* Added "Open .ini file" to the Main menu.
* Added handling of missing titles in video_ts.ifo as experienced in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Greece).
* RipIt4Me now terminates AnyDVD "the right way" (by sending a WM_CLOSE message to its main window in the tray, instead of killing the process).
* In any VTS that's excluded from the rip, the replacement IFO now only contains 1 title and 1 PGC.
* Attempted to fix the problem with DVD Decrypter running out of resources... Let us know if the new code helps!
* Attempted to fix a crash that could occur when a VTS had too many VOBUs. This was possibly responsible for the crash on "Vientos de Agua". Please, try and report? Thanks!
* Fixed a PUO problem in the analysis code that could cause some PGCs to not be cleaned appropriately.
* There was a serious problem in the analysis code related to Sprm[5] (TTN number). Now fixed.
* Attempted to fix the "Not a DVD" problem that some users have had in If that still does not work, post the debug log you get during Step1.
* In Movie-Only mode, a bug in Step1 could cause the IFOs to be copied in the last used target directory (instead of a temporary directory in %TEMP%).
* The psl import code now works when the path includes "(" or ")".
* The "Save logs" function now also copies the FinalIFO BUP files.
* The DVD Decrypter version was not being checked upon startup, no matter what your preferences were! Now fixed.

Version BETA (9 March, 2007)

* Added code to detect whether the DVD appears to be protected. This is displayed in the main window during Step 1.
* If the DVD isn't protected, there's a new button in Step 1 to open the DVD with DVD Shrink directly.
* Attempted to fix the "Not a DVD" problem that some users have had in If that still does not work, post the debug log you get during Step1.
* RipIt4Me now terminates AnyDVD "the right way" (by sending a WM_CLOSE message to its main window in the tray, instead of killing the process).
* Added "Open .ini file" to the Main menu. This required adding two strings to the language file.
* In Movie-Only mode, a bug in Step1 could cause the IFOs to be copied in the last used target directory (instead of a temporary directory in %TEMP%).
* The psl import code now works when the path includes "(" or ")".
* The "Save logs" function now also copies the FinalIFO BUP files.
* The DVD Decrypter version was not being checked upon startup, no matter what your preferences were! Now fixed.

Version (28 February 2007)

* First version that integrates our adaptation of FixVTS. There is no need to have FixVTS installed anymore. Several options concerning FixVTS have been renamed/removed, including the FixVTS log, which is now included (and much simplified) into the RipIt4Me log.
* When a cell is removed, the next cell's STC discontinuity flag is now set. This might help with playability problems with certain players when tiny cells are removed.
* In Step 1, if your preferences are not to empty the target directory at the start, you're no longer asked to confirm whether you want to delete all the files.
* If the DVD is episodic with episodes in different VTSs and the user selects "movie only" or "movie+menus", Step 1 offers to switch back to "Full DVD" when the user presses OK.
* Attempted to make the copying of the original IFOs faster. In case of failure, we re-try 10 times.
* Fixed a potential crash during the cell cleanup when the IFOs are a bit messed up (cell command declared, but non-existent).
* Fixed a small problem in the analysis code that could cause errors in the Stargate DVD.
* If for some reason the PSL file was not imported, the user is only notified if dummy sectors are found, since if none are found it really does not matter.
* The first time is run, the user is prompted to increase maxvobdur to 300 (if it is not already so). This is a one-time offer. Please accept it.
* The lock on the RipIt4Me.log and DebugLog.txt files are now released at the end of the Wizard and 1-click modes so you can open/move them if you wish.
* The part of the debug log that concerned Step1 (ripping the IFOs) was no longer present in the final debug log. This is now fixed.
* Fixed (once more) a problem with moving the original IFOs in linux.
* Other minor IO confirmation messages added.

Version (8 February 2007)

# A quick bug fix for Win'98 people ("Not a DVD" problem again). Apologies.

Version (7 February 2007)

* Returned to a simpler way to check whether the disc is a DVD: look for the VIDEO_TS folder!
* Once more attempted to solve the VISTA PSL import problem. There is now a 1s delay to allow the open dialog to open.
* Fixed the problem that sometimes caused the label of the DVD to not be read and be reported as "NO_LABEL".
* In the Jump To Menu function, if the target menu was in the title domain, but not a title itself, things could go bad. This is now fixed.
* Fixed a problem that could allow the parsing to occur even though the disc wasn't ready!

Version (1 February 2007)

* Made an important change to the analysis code. It runs a bit slower, but we're hoping that it will do a better job with complicated DVDs. The analysis is more thorough and will in some instances (eg games) take a while longer, so for these DVDs, please be patient. There will be little impact for regular DVDs.
* Added code to check whether DVD Decrypter imported the PSL file or not. This occurs right after the key strokes are sent to import the PSL, at the start of the rip, then again at the end of the rip by inspecting the log. An error is issued if the log indicates that the PSL file was not imported. This has been a major source of bug reports in the past so we hope this will now be a thing of the past.
* Added debug info in Step 1 during the detection of the drive and identification of the disc. If your disc/drive isn't identified during Step 1, ***DON'T*** try to click Next, just Cancel. Find your debug log (in %APPDATA%/RipIt4Me) and post that on the forum! Thanks!
* Fixed a problem that could cause an infinite loop during the "Updating INFO" stage in Step 1.
* Fixed a small bug introduced with the improved scanning of BOVs. For bad DVDs such as Shottas, the app could crash because it relied on the bogus VTS_VOBU_ADMAP.
* Improved the PSL importing code to better behave under Windows VISTA. Because of the window animation under VISTA, windows and open dialogs open much slower than under XP. The new code waits for windows to be ready before sending keystrokes.
* The display is updated to show the IFOs being read during Step 1, which is useful when there's quite a bunch of them.
* The code now checks whether the disc is really a DVD. If not, "Disc Not DVD" is reported during Step 1. This is not implemented for ASPI (Win 9x/Me) yet.
* Fixed "Autralia" in the English strings.

Version (26 January 2007)

* Quick bug fix for the Win9x mess. Sorry about that. wasn't working under win 9x. It should work now.
* If there's not enough room in the target directory for the ripped files, the user can now decide to abort or continue;
* Added strings for update dialogs.

Version (25 January 2007)

* The UI now supports other languages in the form of language files (*.lang). The app ships with English strings, but you can add other languages by adding the corresponding .lang files in the AppData folder (where the ini file is stored).
To create new language files, simply copy the English one, change the language code (use the ISO ID), and change all the strings. Then save it as a .lang file (the name does not really matter, it's the language ID that does). Strings that are missing from the language file will default to their English version.
RipIt4Me reads the available language files when it starts, and you have a setting in the preferences for which language to use in the UI.
If you create a language file, post it on the forum, and it will be included in the installer after verification. Thanks! For further information see section 3.1.7 of the guide.
* Improved scanning for Buttons Over Video (BOVs). The first and last navpacks for every cell are always scanned. There is a new "Stride" setting which controls how many navpacks are skipped when scanning for BOVs. In other words, if Stride is 10, RipIt4Me inspects 1 navpack out of 10 for cells that are smaller than the limit you have selected. This makes the scan faster and allows scanning longer cells.
The stride parameter is in the preferences (default 30 VOBUs (navpacks)). A new default has been set for the maximum cell duration to allow a full scan (now 300s). For further information, see section 3.2.7 and 3.2.8 of the guide.
* Titlesets that are completely unreferenced are now completely excluded from the rip (even the IFO/BUP files). This will avoid Decrypter error messages such as "IFO/BUP Patching failed", make the rip faster and make the cleanup process much simpler.
* As well, if a Titleset is excluded from the rip, its individual files are no longer checked for validity since they're excluded anyway.
* The option to run the "Jump to menu" function in 1-click mode is now recorded in the INI file (no preference item, but it will remember your last setting).
* Sped up the start of the process by copying the already copied IFOs from the temporary directory into the target rip, rather than ripping them again from the disc. The IFOs are put into a temporary directory during Step 1. This makes things a lot faster when you have tons of VTS (e.g., Saw 3 or Flux DVDs).
* If you skip Step 3b, the DVD is no longer reloaded (and scanned for BOVs). It will be though, if you select "Jump to main menu" in the next step.
* Step 1 is now modal, and can be quickly closed using the ESCAPE key.
* The code has been improved to handle huge IFOs found in game DVDs.
* The UDF parsing code now makes sure that the number of VTS is less 100!
* For DVDs with very larger numbers of buttons, an error could happen that wasn't caught by the new error catching code, which caused an analysis error in Deal Or No Deal.
* Added small delay before sending the keystrokes for the PSL file path to accommodate Windows VISTA. Tests indicate that RipIt4Me now works well under VISTA.
* Fixed a problem in the analysis, which caused all the VTS to be removed in some DVDs!!!
* Removed some annoying messages (scanning for BOVs on titlesets that were not ripped) and added protection against crashes in cleanup phase.
* Added display of maximum duration for BOV scan and stride at the top of the log, so we can more easily check what's going on.
* Fixed a crash that was reported by several users, at the end of the cleanup phase. Thanks for posting the debug logs! That helped a lot.

Important NOTE: For those of you who are still having problems where the drive or the DVD isn't detected, please run the LBAExtract app that's on the RipIt4Me home page ( and post your results. We need to get to the bottom of these problems, and we need your help for this! Thanks in advance!

Finally: RipIt4Me was able to rip Saw III without any change to the code (although will do it a bit nicer, avoiding the DVD Decrypter messages)!
That was a significant achievement! We thank all the beta testers and the users who've helped bring this app where it is. The only reward we want is your satisfaction with the program.

Version (10 January 2007)

* Happy new year to all!
* Improved the analysis. Results should be identical, but the analysis should be faster now.
* If a VTS is completely unreferenced, the cleanup of its cells is now skipped (since it will be replaced anyway).
* Pressing F1 now opens "RipIt4Me Help.chm" if this file is located in the same directory as RipIt4Me, otherwise it opens the web version. The help file is included in the installer.
* Incorporated the on-the-fly patching code to make DVD Decrypter more robust to badly messed IFOs. Thanks to the anonymous developer who provided that code, without this, RipIt4Me would *not* be able to handle some of the latest DVDs. There is a new key in the ini file to control this. DecrypterParsingMode=1 is the default, which enables the patching. Set it to 0 for the normal DVD Decrypter behavior.
* If there were no BOVs in the DVD when it was first scanned, it will not be rescanned in subsequent loading operations while in wizard or 1-click mode.
* Added some broad error catching code to avoid crashes during the loading of titlesets and the analysis. If a fatal error occurs during the loading of a titleset (one that would normally crash the app) the code recovers and simply removes the titleset from the rip. If such an error occurs during the analysis, the app also recovers and tries to do the best it can to keep on going normally. A warning is issued, however.
* Removed the error messages for bogus numbers of PGCs and skipping the rest of the VTS...
* If for some reason the code to detect the state of the drive does not work, RipIt4Me will try to use the "old" code. This means you won't need to have UseOldCheckCode set to 1 in the .ini file. Again, this is a temporary fix until we determine what it is exactly that makes the new code fail.
* Fixed the bug that caused SPTI to be detected as unavailable if the first drive was locked.
* When blanking titlesets, the TMAP table was not fully removed, this is now fixed.
* Fixed a bug that could cause the "Jump to menu" function to not work right *in wizard mode* (1-click was OK).
* When blanking a VTS, or replacing it with a generic one, the correct video format is now used (NTSC if the DVD is NTSC, PAL if it is PAL). This, hopefully, will fix some playability problems seen on some players.
* In some rare cases, the jump to menu function was missing the menu (when the highlights were transparent when active). This has been fixed.
* Fixed a potential small bug in Step 1 which could cause a crash when canceling.
* Fixed a problem that occurred when an exit command was encountered during the analysis.

Version (11 December 2006)

* Fixed a problem introduced in which could cause a bad structure on some DVDs (such as Cars).
* Added UseOldCheckCode option in .ini file: if RipIt4Me can't detect the DVD or the Drive, you can set this option to 1 to use the "old" code, until we pinpoint and fix the problem.

Version (9 December 2006)

* didn't work right for Attack Force in full mode. This should fix it. Sorry about that...

Version (9 December 2006)

* Added a more thorough removal for useless titlesets that are not the last ones. This should fix the problem with Attack Force. NOTE: for that DVD, to avoid crashing DVD Decrypter, it is important to uncheck the "Check for structure protection" option in DVD Decrypter (see below).
* Removed override of "check for structure protection" in DVD Decrypter. If you get EAccessViolation errors when DVD Decrypter checks for structure protection, disable the "Check for structure protection" in Decrypter's settings.
* Added up/down/left/right, and forced action flag to button info. This will make debugging easier.
* Attempted to solve the "No drive" problem that some people are encountering. If this

Version (2 December 2006)

* This is the first version of RipIt4Me that works under Linux/Wine. Thanks to all the testers!
* Made RipIt4Me better handle multiple sets of buttons in a menu. This solves the Easter Egg problem in Cars.
* Fixed a problem with DVDs that have a very large number of buttons. The cleanup no longer fails, but might take a bit longer.
* Improved the analysis to handle DVDs that have large numbers of menus (Ice Age 2 for example).
* The "Next" button in Step 1 no longer can be pressed if a valid DVD isn't present in the selected drive.

Version (18 November 2006)

* Fixed the problem with discs not being recognized in recent versions. Sorry about that folks!

Version (16 November 2006)

* Fixed a serious bug that could cause crashes during the analysis if a cell was assigned a command that did not exist. This was the case for "Thirteen Ghosts", thanks for the bug report! Keep them coming!
* Fixed the problem that some users were having with ("Cannot read sector 16"). The problem should no longer occur, but just in case...
* If you get "Cannot read sector 16 errors", selecting "Microsoft API" in the preferences will revert to the "old" way of accessing the DVD ( This is temporary, until we can confirm that the read error has been eradicated!
* The audio and subpic attributes were not always modified in video_ts.ifo. This is now fixed.

Version (10 November 2006)

* This is the first version that works under Win 95, Win 98, and Win ME. It is still a beta version (not so easy to find testers with such systems! :))
* The code now uses SPTI (or ASPI on Win9x and WinME) to copy the original IFOs. This should help a lot to eliminate problems related to "not able to copy all IFOs" (these problems are rare, but seem to occur on some systems). There's still a selector in the preferences to chose which code to use to copy the IFOs, but it is reset to SPTI when you update.

Version (7 November 2006)

* This version uses a new algorithm for creating the PSL. This should make it more robust to completely screwed up DVDs.
* Fixed a bug that could cause crashes during the blanking. This was responsible for some of the reported crashes.
* Added debug log to saved logs. This will help us a lot. Just zip up your saved log folder and post that if you have a problem (see FAQ 8).
* In ISO mode, the logs are now saved to a folder based on the name of the target rip folder (as in all other modes).
* When RipIt4Me can't copy all the IFOs, the user now has the option to see FAQ 21.
* Fixed a bug that could cause problems during the copying of the IFOs in ISO mode.

Version (25 October 2006)

* Fixed a bug that could cause the navigation to get messed up when removing useless menu cells if some of the other cells had LinkCN or LinkPG commands in them.
* Added a check for unreferenced titlesets (titlesets that are not referenced by any command in the DVD). If the new option ExcludeUnreferencedTitlesets = 1 in the .ini, these unreferenced titlesets are excluded from the rip.
If needed, video_ts.vob is pre-ripped to double check that the titlesets are indeed unreferenced. This will make ripping faster for protected DVDs that include fully unreferenced titlesets. The option is 1 by default but only available in Full mode and in Movie+Menus mode.

Version (17 October 2006)

* Added option to start DVD Shrink's deep analysis automatically. Set RunDVDShrinkDeepAnalysis = 1 in the .ini file for that to happen.
* Added a temporary dropdown in the preferences to select how the original IFOs are copied from the disc.
Normally, you should keep it set to "normal mode". But if RipIt4Me gives you error messages such as "video_ts.ifo declares 6 VTS, and I'm finding only 2 on the disc", you can try using the Microsoft API, or DVD Decrypter. You might still get the error message in Step 1 (when selecting the target directory etc), but hopefully not when creating the PSL.
We will fix these rare problems in a future release.

Version (11 October 2006)

* Added code to exclude from rip any file whose starting sector is beyond what's legit for a double-layer DVD.
* Added code to M+M mode: When a menu in the title domain is found to be missing (this is quite rare), RI4M re-rips VTSs smaller than 500MB to find the missing menu, then blanks anything else that's not needed.
* When launching tools, the path is now enclosed between quotes so paths with spaces now work OK.
* RipIt4Me now asks for FixVTS 1.6
* The button info file now includes human-readable translations of commands.
* In the Jump to menu function, for the rare cases where the target menu is in the manager and if a title is visited before the main menu, the SetSTN command is inserted in the title's precommand instead of in the manager (where it's illegal).

Version (6 October 2006)

* Added display of space saved during removal of bogus VTS(s) and blanking of useless VTS(s).
* Improved code that detects the movie type, by allowing a mismatch of 1 cell in

Version (28 September 2006)

* Fixed (or tried to fix) a problem that occurs when copying the original IFOs from the disc (some failed to be copied). In any case, if this happens, RipIt4Me no longer crashes. We found this problem using the debug logs, so keep them coming!
* Improved the robustness of the code to seriously malformed IFOs.
* Added IFO/BUP patching: Bad IFO files are replaced with the corresponding BUPs.
* Useless menu cells that have commands are now also blanked (they were not in previous versions) if you have that option enabled. This yields a cleaner backup.

Version (23 September 2006)

* Added a function in Step 4 (FixVTS and Shrink) to jump straight to the first menu. A few notes on that:
o A backup of the IFOs is created in a PreSkipToMenuBackup folder before they're modified so you can undo by simply copying them back into the rip folder.
o The function jumps to the first menu with valid buttons. If it's not the main menu (for example a language selection menu), then so be it. In this case, you can kill playback of the unwanted menu with your favourite editing tools.
o If your original DVD goes to the movie first, the navigation will jump to the first menu encountered after the movie. This is usually the main menu or a special features menu.

Version (31 August 2006)

* Fixed a bug introduced in that could cause video_ts.ifo to grow to a huge size, make RipIt4Me issue the message "Cannot write video_ts.ifo" and possibly crash.
* Fixed a UI problem in the selection of the movie/audio/subpicture streams in movie-only and movie+menus modes.

Version (30 August 2006)

* Added the full language name in the subpicture selection for movie-only (in addition to the two letter code).
* Added "Cancel Rip" button to audio/subpicture stream selection dialog.
* There is a new preference check box to run FixVTS only on those titlesets that need it. If "Always run FixVTS on full DVD" is checked, or if the DVD appears to be protected, the entire DVD is run through FixVTS. Otherwise, FixVTS is run only on:
o the menus
o the titlesets that have been modified (cells removed etc)
o the titlesets that show unreferenced material
This can help save a bit of time for those who are in a hurry. Otherwise, keep the option to process the full DVD checked.
* The original IFO files are no longer read-only.
* Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented specifying the target directory in ISO mode.
* Fixed a bug in the function that create PSL. This could cause RipIt4Me to crash.
* Added a check to verify that the FixVTS path indeed points to FixVTS.exe
* Fixed a problem in the way the VMG_VTS_ATRT table was adjusted when VTSs were removed. This could cause problems when opening in IFOEdit.
* Fixed the bug that caused the wrong DVD drive to be open in case of scratches or at the end of the rip (if the option is selected).

Version (23 August 2006)

* The IFOs are now copied straight from the disc right after step 1, into "OriginalIFOs". This should make no difference to the process, except:
o Saving the logs will be faster.
o There is a good chance that this will eliminate crashes that occured when loading the IFOs straight off the disc.
o Some of the operations will be faster (computing the CRC32 for example).
When the logs are saved, the original IFOs are moved and the directory is removed from the target rip directory.
* Added a drop down list to select the default audio and subpicture streams in movie-only mode. The drop-down includes "No Defaults" if you don't want the audio or subpictures to be set. There's a checkbox in Step 1 (movie-only mode) to

Version (16 August 2006)

* Fixed stupid mistake introduced in previous release. ARGH. Sorry folks.

Version (16 August 2006)

* IF YOU HAVE A CRASH: Make sure you post the DebugLog.txt file (re-run RipIt4Me and it will located it for you). If your crash happens at step 2 (create PSL), then post the original IFO files copied straight from the DVD. If the crash happens during the cleanup phase, then post the ripped IFO files (in the target rip directory) and the buttoninfo.txt file. THANKS!
* Fixed a title mapping bug. A JumpTT that point to a non-existent title, or to a title that was removed is now changed to a NOP.
* RI4M shouldn't complain about DVD Shrink still running if you started it but then closed it.

Version (15 August 2006)

* Fixed the preferences's "Default" button crash. (sorry about that folks!).
* Added more debug code for some of the problems posted on the forum (keep the debug logs coming in case of a crash please!).

Version (11 August 2006)

* There is a new Tools menu that allows you to launch your favorite software after the rip (provided the application can open a DVD passed as an argument in its command line). The Tools menu includes an option to open the last target rip folder used.
* There is now a preference drop-down selector to pick the default rip mode (Full DVD, Movie+Menus, etc). This can be changed on a rip-by-rip basis in Step 1.
* Added more debug info and more checks to avoid crashes (thanks to everyone who posted their debug logs, it's VERY useful! Keep them coming!)
* The crash debug message no longer pops up if you have 2 instances of RipIt4Me opened at the same time.
* Added check for DVD Region Free at startup as it can create a conflict.

Version (9 August 2006)

* The movie-only mode now produces a fully compliant DVD with a very simple structure. This allows opening the output in DVD Shrink (full-backup or reauthor modes) as well as other backup programs (Nero Recode or DVD Rebuilder for example).
* There is a new movie+menus mode which rips the movie titleset and keeps functional menus, but blanks and bypasses all non-movie titlesets. This will be useful for people who like menus for accessing chapters but don't want to keep extras/previews etc.
* In both of the above modes, if your DVD contains a wide-screen and a full-screen version of the same movie, RipIt4Me asks you to pick which one to rip.
* Added debug code to help fix crashes: If RipIt4Me crashes, the next time you start it, it will ask you to post a special debug log to the forum. Please do it, as this is the only way the bug will be fixed.
* Added abort button to quickly quit DVD Decrypter.
* Fixed the bug that prevented a Z: drive from being detected.
* The logs are now (optionally) saved before the DVD tray is (optionally) opened.
* Removed the message "Couldn't find absolute start sector for VTS ... " as it seems to confuse people and is usually nothing to worry about.

Version (31 July 2006)

* When a DVD is detected as scratched, RI4M will offer to re-rip as many times as the user wishes if read errors are still found. In this case, the number of read retries is adjusted to 20.
* Fixed a problem that could occur if a DVD title declared a bogus number of chapters. This will make RipIt4Me more robust to intentional authoring errors.
* The log has been cleaned up.

Version (28 July 2006)

* Improvements: Added ISO mode: Ripping in ISO mode allows you to do a 1-for-1 copy of your DVD. The ISO isn't "cleaned up" so it is likely that tools that can open ISOs for editing (such as DVD Shrink) will still have problems with it. However, it should be possible to burn the ISO using ImgBurn and because the DVD isn't modified, the layer break will be right (for Double-Layer ISOs).
* Added preference to remove unplayed cells in menus (provided they have no buttons and no commands). This can be useful to remove the long black video sometimes found in VIDEO_TS.VOB and other menu vobs. Enable it in the preferences as the default is off.
* Added a warning in the log if an autorun.inf file is found at the root of the DVD.

Version (20 July 2006)

* Added code to prevent autorun.inf from running when you insert your DVD if RipIt4Me is the foreground window. This should help with issues with DVDs that have an autorun.inf file (such as Basic Instinct 2). Make sure you start RipIt4Me before you insert the DVD.
* If your DVD Decrypter settings instruct it to open the tray after a read, RipIt4Me will do that at the end of a successful 1-click run.
* Fixed a BOV scanning bug that could cause RI4M to detect many more buttons than really present (X-men 2 for example).
* Fixed a bug that could cause RI4M to crash when dealing with certain authoring errors.
* Fixed a PSL creation bug that could potentially be serious, but only manifested itself if the menu domain was larger than the title domain.
* Fixed the problem that caused the next "Step" window to never appear when the main window was minimized.

Version (18 July 2006)

* Accented characters in the DVD label are now converted to "_".
* Added display of DVD Label in Step 1 (the DVD-ROM is monitored in case you open/close it).
* Fixed a problem with the DVD label code (if there was no DVD, or the label couldn't be found, the previous label was used).
* Fixed a bug in the UDF routine that caused some of the VOB files to not be found in X-men 2 for example.
* Fixed bug that caused older versions of FixVTS (e.g., Beta 1.24) to not be flagged as such.
* Fixed bug that prevented RipIt4Me.log from being removed if DVD Shrink was still running at the end of processing.

Version (15 July 2006)

* Added check for the right FixVTS version (currently 1.4)
* In wizard mode, added an alert if the user tries to run DVD Shrink without having processed with FixVTS when protected cells are present.
* Added preference to automatically save the logs after the wizard or 1-click procedure.
* Logs are now saved in subdirectories of RipIt4Me named after the target rip directory. The directories are numbered to avoid overwriting them.
* Added alert if there isn't enough space to rip the DVD in the target directory (not checked in Movie-Only mode).
* Fixed the UDF code to find file sectors. It now seems to be doing the right thing.
* Added 1: lines in first psl file to cover gaps in between files in the VIDEO_TS folder.
* Improved the code that finds bogus VTS.
* Modified the update code so firewalls can be setup to always let RipIt4Me access the internet.
* Fixed a little bug that caused a bogus 1: line to be inserted in the final psl file, for unprotected DVDs. (10 July 2006)

* Fixed two problems in the UDF code that could prevent the correct detection of VOB files on the disc. (9 July 2006)

* In movie-only mode, the cleanup phase now remove any cell that's shorter than 2s, but leaves the last one.
* In 1-click mode, RipIt4Me asks for the path to FixVTS if the user hasn't set it yet and is planning on running it.
* Added movie-only mode.
Adjust the preferences as follows:
- Adjust it in the preferences to set the default option (saved from run to run).
- Adjust it in wizard or 1-click mode for a temporary choice (not saved from run to run).
For example: If you do all your movies in movie-only mode, then set that in the preferences.
Otherwise, don't set it in the preferences and set it in the wizard/1-click for a 1-time shot.
* Added code to prevent running 2 instances of FixVTS or DVD Shrink simultaneously, or starting DVD Shrink while FixVTS is running.
* Added option to generate the target rip path automatically from the DVD label.
* If the DVD turns out to be scratched or dirty, the FinalPSLFile.psl psl file is modified to exclude cells that seem to include scratches. This allows you to re-rip the DVD in DVD Decrypter, making sure Decrypter will retry reading the scratched parts of the DVD as it does best.
* Added option to open the FAQ if the DVD appears to be scratched.
* Added code to check that DVD Decrypter isn't already running when RipIt4Me starts the rip.
* The wizard dialogs are now modeless, which allows you to go back to the main window and use the scrollers. One drawback is that tooltips don't work in modeless dialogs. Thank Bill for that.
* The log now scrolls to the bottom for new messages.
* Added option to play a sound at the end of the rip. There's no sound included with the app, so if you don't set one, it will try to use the DVD Decrypter success sound (note it will not play in wizard mode if you skip or abort the rip).
* Added check for AnyDVD and DVD43, with an option to (brutally) kill the process before running RipIt4Me.
* Changed DVD Decrypter option to hide Pack Header Not Found warnings. (3 July 2006)

* Fixed a nasty bug that caused ri4m to completely fail in some rare cases (Fun with Dick&Jane R2 for example).
* Changed guide link.
* Removed DVD Decrypter maximum speed setting. (not really necessary, might annoy some).
* Added version history to Help menu.
* Fixed bug in routine that detects protected cells. Also changed the way the original psl is created. The ranges no longer overlap.
* For scratched discs, added user option to continue with the cleanup or to abort. (30 June 2006)

* Added code that detects cells that have been erroneously removed. The code warns the user if there's a chance that the cell was removed because the DVD was scratched.
* Fixed a bug in the code that checks for Decrypter on startup. (28 June 2006)

* Initial public release

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