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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for RipBot264

Added: Work Hours (automatic encoding within selected hours)
Added: Automatic track name extraction
Added: VP9 decoding
Changed: Script won't be re-analyzed if there was no change
Changed: Multiple jobs can be now removed at once
Fixed: Correct colorimetry for DVD sources (ntsc->smpte170m,pal->bt470bg)
Fixed: --ctu,--mrange,--min-keyint,--keyint switches won't be automatically inserted to command line if user specified own values for those options
Fixed: Output speed option not working correctly with FLAC files
Fixed: Typo in encoding command line if "Use Fast First Pass in 2-pass mode" was unchecked

Changed: Native BDSup2Sub is now used by RipBot264 for subtitle manipulation instead of JAVA version (Java environment is no longer required by RipBot264!)
Fixed: KNLMeansCL [Adaptive] not working with 10bit sources
Fixed: EnhanceFineDetails script not working with 10bit sources
Fixed: Bitrate/size not calculated correctly if user added custom audio profile in Audio.txt
Fixed: Preview not working due to misconfiguration of mpc player
Fixed: Missing multi-channel audio profiles in 3rd audio tab

Added: EncodingClient combines chunks with output file on fly as soon as they are encoded in correct order
Added: Option in EncodingClient to suspend jobless server
Added: Option in EncodingClient to shutdown server at IDLE state
Added: Audio profiles in ProfileAudio.txt
Added: Variable priority mode to EncodingServer.
In this mode EncodingClient will be automatically changing encoding priority in order to balance progress on multiple servers running on the same machine.
Added: EncodingClient now also shows encoding priority set on server side ,selected encoding numa node and communication delay.
Added: Support for GPU decoding via lsmash plugin
Added: HDR HLG support
Changed: DGHable tonemapper to BT2446. Furthermore BT2446 has been configured to emulate MadVR's tonemapping.
Changed: lsmash is now a default decoder for all formats.
Fixed: EncodingClient is now copying file to shared folder in buffered mode.
Windows disables buffered write if write buffer in application is higher than 16MiB.
Because of this write buffer has been reduced from 64MiB to 16MiB.
Buffered write significantly reduces copy time on machine with huge amount of RAM.
Fixed: Excessive flickering of encoding status in EncodingClient
Fixed: EncodingServer not starting on some Xeon machines with high number of threads.
Fixed: Few minor bugs found since last version.

Added: Two new options in RipBot264.ini (RunCommandSuccess,RunCommandError).
Example: RunCommandSuccess="C:Some FolderYourProgram.exe" /some_switches %JOB%
Runs specified command when a job is finished.
Added: CPU utilization graph in EncodingServer and in EncodingClient.
Added: KNLMeansCL [Adaptive] denoiser. (denoising strength is being reduced according to luminosity of the pixel)
Added: /server-name , /avisynth-prefetch-threads and /knlmeanscl-opencl-device-type to supported switches by EncodingServer.exe.
Added: /restart-if-no-progress switch also activates extra process (SuperviseProcess.exe) in order to detect any hangs directly in EncodingServer.exe.
(logs are stored in %TEMP%SuperviseProcessLog.txt and %TEMP%EncodingServerLog.txt)
Added: Auto reconnect option in EncodingClient.exe
Changed: /knlmeanscl-opencl-device to /knlmeanscl-opencl-device-id and /x264-opencl-device to /x264-opencl-device-id
Changed: EncodingClient no longer re-indexes video file.
Fixed: EncodingServer.exe not starting on machines with more than 32 logical processors.
Fixed: Instability in EncodingServer on some machines.

Added: Option to bind EncodingClient to specific IP
Added: Commandline switch to bind EncodingServer to specific IP (for example EncodingServer.exe /IP
Added: Commandline switch for EncodingServer /restart-if-no-progress (automatically restarts stalled encoding task)
Changed: Audio and Video streams are now indexed simultaneously.
Fixed: Various bugs reported since last major version

Added: Better queue management
Added: support for commandline switches in EncodingServer.exe
(/minimize , /port , /node , /affinity , /priority , /x264-opencl-device and /knlmeanscl-opencl-device)
Example: EncodingServer.exe /minimize /port 2000 /node 2 /affinity AAAA /priority low /x264-opencl-device 0 /knlmeanscl-opencl-device 1
EncodingServer will start in tray and start listening using port 2000.
Encoding task will be assigned to NUMA node 2 with affinity mask for CPU1,CPU3,CPU5,CPU7,CPU9,CPU11,CPU13,CPU15 in low priority.
Futhermore x264 opencl will be set for first device and KNLMeansCL filter for second device.
Added: Support fot 3rd audio stream
Added: Preffered audio language option
Added: HDR to SDR conversion directly in script (no bottleneck if used with prefetch)
Added: Automatic pre-indexing of all audio streams after demuxing
Added: support for PRORES as input format.
Changed: WatchFolder Mode now adds first unlocked file to queue instead of waiting for first detected file in folder to be unlocked
Fixed: Crashing in EncodingServer when other instance was being closed. EncodigServer also starts much faster than before.
Fixed: Various bugs reported since last major version

Added: Support for UHD Blurays
Added: Automatic HDR information retention while encoding to HEVC format
Added: Automatic HDR to SDR tonemaping during conversion to AVC format
Added: Option to limit MT usage to specific filters only
Added: Custom Script option
Fixed: Various fixes and improvements

Added: Support for AviSynth+ MT x64 (installer located in ToolsAviSynth folder)
Finally no need to automatically limit processing threads due to 32bit memory limitation.
Warning! Jobs created by older version won't work with this version! You must start with freshly created job!
Fixed: Various tweaks and changes under the hood.
Updated: MKVToolnix v15.0.0, EncodingServer v1.8.1

Added: Automated Batch Mode (aka watch folder mode). Shortcuts are supported as well.
Added: Option to start Ripbot264 minimized and with activated Automated Batch Mode
Added: Remux subtitle option in Batch Mode
Added: Ripbot264 automatically selects m2ts files belonging to main movie (blu-ray demuxing -> EDIT option)
Added: Log file "JobsRejected.txt" is created when file can't be decoded
Added: Digits on taskbar and tray icon showing number of selected jobs
Added: Ripbot264 now always minimizes to tray instead of taskbar
Added: Animated tray icons in EncodingClient and EncodingServer
Added: Option to demux DTS-HR (blu-ray demuxing)
Added: New encoding profile AVC-INTRA (fast intermediate format for editing)
Changed: Major code refactoring and some cosmetic changes in GUI
Updated: MediaInfo v0.7.97, MKVToolnix v13.0.0, x264 r2851, x264 v2.4.96

Added: EAC3, DTS-MA and TRUE-HD are no longer automatically converted to flac
Added: Faster (up to 1.5x on Ryzen 7) and more accurate auto-crop algorithm
Added: Faster frame extraction
Added: Improved BDO algorithm in EncodingClient.
First change is range. It now accepts only values between 0 and 1. (if value is larger then 1 is used)
There is also a new safety limit how much bitrate can be reduced for low complexity chunks (credits and so on).
In old version it was 100kbps. Now the limit is 25% of nominal bitrate.
Updated: ffmpeg 2017.04.04, ffms2 v2.23.1, MediaInfo v0.7.94, MKVToolnix v10.0.0, NicAudio v2.0.6

Added: Custom script in batch mode
Added: QTMC deinterlacer
Added: MDegrain denoiser
Fixed: Incorrect IP detection in EncodingServer
Fixed: Locked UI elements in EncodingClient after loss of focus
Updated: KNLMeansCL v1.0.0 , MKVToolnix v9.8.0 , x264 r2762 , x265 2.2.30

Added: Option to move video file to shared folder. (See EncodingClient.ini)

[hidden settings]

Added: Updater automatically fixes corrupted updater.ini file
Fixed: Downmix 4.0 to 2.0 didn't work
Changed: In order to avoid language issues Encoding Client will share ripbot264temp folder using following command lines

net share RipBot264temp=x:TempRipBot264temp /GRANT:[correct 'everyone' word for your language],FULL
icacls "...RipBot264temp" /T /C /Q /Grant:R *S-1-1-0:(OI)(CI)F

Added: Option to run mutiple EncodingServers at RipBot264 launch. (See RipBot264.ini)
where x is number between 1 and 10
The same effect can be achieved by running EncodingServer.exe with /instances x switch.
For example: EncodingServer.exe /show /instances 2

Fixed: DownloadPoster has been adapted to changes introduced on TMDB website
Fixed: Various bugs in ModifyChapter tool

Added: New OpenCL tab in settings with basic information about detected OpenCL platforms and GPU Devices. User can also select what OpenCL GPU Device should be used for x264 encoder and KNLMeansCL plugin. For example: Integrated GPU (APU) for x264 and dedicated GPU for KNLMeansCL.
Added: Audio Amplification option
Added: Play sound when job is done
Added: GPU denoiser KNLMeansCL
Changed: Levels and Colors are now in separate ComboBoxes

Added: Auto-update option.
Added: Denoise option in Batch mode.
Fixed: DownloadPoster app is now working again.
Fixed: Various bugs introduced in previous version.

Added: Poster/Cover can be downloaded directly from GUI
Added: Option to increase (double) volume in center channel during downmixing to stereo
Added: Option to flag subtitle as Default
Added: Mouse click on codec icon opens mediainfo
Updated: MKVToolnix v8.7.0, MediaInfo 0.7.77, x264 r2597, x265 1.7.478

Added: GUI for settings
Added: Distributed encoding can be activate/deactivated directly in GUI
Added: Shortcut for logs in GUI (Right Click on selected job)
Fixed: Bitrate Distribution Optimization in DE MODE
Fixed: Audio encoding on some machines (did not work due to wrong decimal symbol used in BlankClip() function)
Fixed: HEVC files didn't work in DE MODE (local path was not changed to network path)
Updated: MKVToolnix v8.2.0, x264 r2579, x265 1.7.382

Added: Bitrate Distribution Optimization for 2-pass mode in Distributed Encoding Mode (chunks with smaller complexity get less bitrate and vice versa)
Added: EncodingClient can shutdown servers when all jobs are finished (See EncodingClient.ini for more details)
Added: Shut down method has been also added for main executable (See entry ShutDownMethod=shutdown in RipBot264.ini)
Added: Autocrop in Batch mode
Added: Chunk Size for 2-pass mode is now adjustable.
Added: EncodingClient can alternatively create one chunk per node with equal number of frames to process (2-pass mode only)
Changed: Thanks to new BDO default chunk size for 2-pass mode could be reduced to 60s. (smaller chunk size = better work distribution)
Fixed: Crash in EncodingClient.exe
Fixed: DirectShowSource timeout error on some machines during encoding audio phase
Fixed: "NO AUDIO" option was missing if user selected .avs as video file
Updated: EncodingClient v1.6.0, EncodinServer v1.5.1, MKVToolnix v8.0.0, x265 1.7.243

Added: support for extra audio stream
Added: support for 2 extra servers in encoding client (10 in total)
Added: EncodingClient now saves encoding summary in ChunksDE_Log_passX.txt file
Added: support for HEVC main 10 (x265 16bit)
Added: 4K-UHD resize profile
Fixed: "RichEdit line insertion error" (hopefully;)
Updated: eac3to 3.29, FFmpeg 2015-06-02, MediaInfo 0.7.74, MKVToolnix 7.9.0, x264 r2538, x265 1.7.95

Added: Support for HEVC as input format (mkv and mp4 containers only)
Changed: GUI will terminate processes via PID instead of file names
Fixed: Opus and Vorbis audio as well as subtitles were not demuxed from mkv container
Fixed: "Frozen frames" in DE mode with open-gop h.264
Fixed: wrong version of x265_x86.exe was inlcuded (was 64 bit but should be 32 bit)
Updated: FFMS 2.20 , mediainfo 0.7.70 , MKVToolnix 7.2.0 , x265 1.3.206

Added: Support for x265 (DE mode works as well)
Added: Permanent Subtitles option in Batch Mode (automatically renders subtitles on frame if subtitles have the same name as video file)
Added: AVS meter (You can now easily check processing speed of your script)
Added: workaround for crashing encoding client at the very end (while closing form)
Changed: encoded audio is now stored in Jobx folder
Updated: ffmpeg 2014-08-27, mediainfo 0.7.69 , MKVToolnix 7.1.0 , OPUS Tools 0.1.9 , x264 r2479 , x265 1.3.35

Added: UT Video is now accepted in DE mode
Added: workaround for grey frames in DE mode
Fixed: combining large number of chunks in DE mode
Fixed: hanging with hardcoded .ass subtitles
Changed: On windows 8 libavcodec is now set as default VC-1 decoder in FFDshow
Updated: FFmpegSource 2.19, Fraunhofer AAC Encoder v3.02.16 , FFmpeg 2013-12-07, MediaInfo 0.7.65, MKVToolnix 6.6.0, x264 r2345

Added: Demuxing DTS-MA and TrueHD (for those who really need them in mkv container for some reason)
Added: Audio is now encoded simultaneously with video (More efficient cpu usage)
Added: FRAPS recordings are now allowed in Distributed Encoding mode
Added: .FLV is allowed in Distributed Encoding Mode
Added: Opus audio as supported input format
Added: Automatic Upmix Mono to Stereo (reason: FhG AAC does not support mono)
Added: EncodingClient will now automatically share Ripbot264temp folder
Added: Prgress indicator while combining chunks
Added: AC3 192kbps,224kbps,256kbps profiles to mkv container
Added: Option in RipBot264.ini to tweak sharpening after resizing
Fixed: Hanging on some AAC files during 'Gathering information' stage
Fixed: Incorrect fps added to TextSub() function with enabled Inverse Telecine + Decimate
Changed: Vorbis codec removed (Reason: New better OPUS codec will be added later)
Changed: Bepipe.exe replaced by avs2pipemod.exe (Reason: Later does not require .net 2.0 to be installed)
Updated: BassAudio 2.4, eac3to 3.27, FFmpeg 2013-01-19, MediaInfo 0.7.61, MKVToolnix 6.0.0, x264 r2245

Added: WakeOnLan support in Encoding Client (valid MAC ADDRESSES must be specified in EncodingClient.ini)
Added: DE mode will now also work correctly on mixed 32bit/64bit systems (for example Client on x64 , Server on x86)
Added: Support for password protected sharing (valid username and password must be specified in EncodingClient.ini)
Added: Multiple Encoding Servers can be activated on single PC (Maybe usefull if for some reason CPU usage is not at 100%)
Changed: renamed Poster label to Cover and poster.jpg to cover.jpg in job folder (reason: Icaros 2.1 only extracts cover.jpg from .mkv!)
Updated: FhG AAC 2012-06-24, FFmpeg 2012-07-30, FFmpegSource r700, MKVToolnix 5.7.0, VSFilter 2.41.5626, x264 r2008

Added: Encoding Client now supports 8 servers
Added: Encoding Progress in DE mode is saved immediately when number of encoded chunks increases
Added: Progress indicator during 'combining vob' stage (thanks to Trayman for his tiny vjoin app)
Added: Progress indicator during 'Copying file to shared folder' stage in Encoding Client
Fixed: stability issues in Encoding Client and Encoding Server
Fixed: Encoding Server not visible while using remote desktop
Fixed: Problems with illegal decimal symbol
Fixed: chapters were incorrectly modified with inverse telecine function
Fixed: not detected languages in mkv container with mkvtoolnix 5.3.0+
Fixed: missing chapters for AVCHD after speed conversion
Fixed: error message while demuxing DVD subtitles with more than 16 languages
Fixed: Ripbot264 was showing Demuxing error instead of Decoding error
Updated: EncodingClient 1.2, EncodingServer 1.2, FFmpeg 2012-06-08, MediaInfo 0.7.58, MKVToolnix 5.6.0, VSFilter 2.40.5096, x264 r2200

Added: support for 10 bit encoding ( ).
Added: AVI, MP4 and MKV can also be used in Distributed Encoding Mode.
Added: Resuming in Distributed Encoding mode
Added: 5.0 to 5.1 audio upmix (Adds silent LFE channel)
Added: AVCHD format to batch mode
Added: Convert fps and Deinterlace options to batch mode
Added: DVD subtitles demuxing
Added: Automatic subtitle conversion Sub -> Sup for AVCHD format
Added: Prevent windows from entering sleep-mode/power-off while ripbot is working
Added: Command to start encoding from command line ( RipBot264.exe /start )
Added: Chapters are now automatically adjusted if output speed changes ( for example 25 fps -> 23.976 conversion )
Changed: 1 min chunks for CQ mode instead of 10 min
Changed: FFT3DGPU denoiser replaced by HQDN3D. GradFun2db replaced by flash3kyuu_deband.
Fixed: not working 'Shutdown when Finished'
Fixed: error message in batch mode. Broken video file will be automatically discarded
Fixed: EncodingClient was using Domain-Name instead of Computer-Name
Fixed: Incorrect number of frames between passes in Distributed Encoding. Now number of frames in last chunk will be limited according to stat file
Fixed: corruption at the begining of the chunk after encoding in Distributed Encoding mode
Fixed: EncodingClient will now try to restart chunks which did not start for some reason
Updated: EncodingClient 1.1, EncodingServer 1.1, FFmpeg 2012-04-26, MediaInfo 0.7.56, MKVToolnix 5.5.0, VSFilter 2.40.4496, x264 r2197

Added: Distributed Encoding for DVD/HD-DVD/BD sources (see RipBot264 Distributed Encoding Tutorial)
Added: COPY STREAM for video (HD-DVD/Blu-Ray ONLY)
Added: Blu-Ray playlist is now editable
Added: DVD will be first pre-processed by PGCdemux in order to avoid A/V sync issues
Added: VSfilter in Haali Media Spliter is now automatically disabled (no more accidental hardcoded subs)
Added: Force subtitles for MKV and AVCHD
Changed: CT-AAC encoder to FhG AAC (Reason:
Updated: avs2yuv 0.24 BM mod 2, FFMPEG 2011-12-26, MediaInfo 0.7.52, MKVToolnix 5.2.0, remuxtool 1.2.5, VSFilter 2.40.3904, x264 r2120

Added: HD-Full and HD-Ready resize profile for 1,33:1 (4:3) aspect ratio
Added: ConvertSUPtoSUB=1/0 option to RipBot264.ini. More info in .ini file
Added: TrueHD is now automatically converted to FLAC after demuxing from .mkv container
Added: New profile HD . Interlaced
Changed: Default HD profile has been renamed to HD . Progressive
Updated: MediaInfo 0.7.43, MKVToolnix 4.6.0, MP4Box 0.4.6 rev2735, x264 r1924

Added: support for .wtv (WindowsTV)
Added: demuxing Blu-ray subtitles from .mkv container
Added: demuxing TrueHD from .mkv container (demuxed .thd MUST be manually selected after demuxing!!!)
Added: core option for TrueHD and DTS-MA/Hi-res in demuxing window
Fixed: audio/subtitle opendialog was not set to current job folder after selecting audio/subtitle from previous task
Fixed: DelayAudio() was not added to script after selecting audio file
Updated: ffmpeg r26397, MKVToolnix 4.4.0, MediaInfo v0.7.39, MP4Box 2010-12-14, x264 r1867

Added: support for .rmvb
Added: new jobs can be added while encoding
Added: new profile [Base 1.3] Simple Mobile Device
Fixed: SRT subtitles weren't ignored in Stream window
Changed: 6.1 DTS-MA/Hi-Res can be now correctly decoded to .w64
Updated: eac3to 3.24, MKVToolnix 4.3.0, x264 r1732

Added: Ripbot264 will force Haali Media Spliter as default splitter for all supported extensions
Added: Ripbot264 will force correct fps in DirectShowSource() if source contains doubled frames (common in AVCHDLite cameras)
Added: Ripbot264 will automatically remux .mov to .avi if video codec is MJPEG (Haali Media Splitter does not recognize MJPEG in .MOV)
Fixed: oversize in 2-pass
Fixed: under Permanent Subtitles open dialog was sometimes not reset to jobx folder
Changed: HD Audio is now decompressed directly to .w64 instead of intermediate .wav (eac3to 3.21 fixed bug in .w64 header)
Updated: eac3to 3.22, MediaInfo 0.7.34, MKVToolnix 4.1.1, x264 r1683

Added: support for .webm
Fixed: hanging during muxing to AVCHD
Updated: mkvtoolnix 4.0.0, x264 r1643

Added: DivxPlus format (restrictions can be found here
Added: Progress bar on TaskBar - Windows 7 only! (Thanks to Lord_Mulder for his implementation)
Added: option to add poster to .mp4 and .mkv (ask Divx guys if you want image extraction from mkv in Windows7)
Added: support for raw YUV4MPEG (*.y4m)
Added: Force ffdshow as default mjpeg decoder in Windows 7
Added: iPAD profile has been combined with PSP profile
Fixed: 'Waiting for graph...' error introduced in 1.15.1 on some machines
Fixed: missing audio downmix for 4ch audio
Fixed: missing DVD subtitles in HD-DVD sources
Fixed: average bitrate for AAC 192kbps and 256kbps was slightly inaccurate (~196kbps and ~260kbps)
Fixed: missing '--aac-is-sbr 0/1' in mkvmerge commandline with COPY STREAM option selected
Fixed: After automatic shutdown Low Priority checkbox was sometimes being unchecked
Fixed: bitrate in CRF field
Fixed: Decimal symbol was not converted to '.' (dot) for TimeStretch function
Fixed: Audio demuxing/conversion from wmv container
Changed: 'Add' link will automatically open file selection
Changed: GUI will be reset to CQ mode instead of 2-pass
Changed: AppleTV profile (more ref frames and higher buffer and max bitrate)
Changed: mp3 audio is now decoded by NicAudio instead of BassAudio (reason: BassAudio tends to hang during 'Gathering info..' stage)
Updated: ffmpeg r21231, mediainfo 0.7.33, mkvtoolnix 3.4.0, mp4box 2010-04-10, x264 r1612

Added: Ripbot will automatically repeat demuxing if ArcSoft DTS Decoder fails (dts core will be extracted instead)
Added: multiple subtitles can be added at once.
Fixed: corrupted picture caused by incorrect resolution used in avs2yuv (now avs2yuv will use yuv4mpeg format instead of raw. No need to calculate resolution by GUI)
Fixed: Ripbot will now check if width is mod 4 after croping (YV12 requirement)
Fixed: Demuxed FLAC from mkv container did not have extension
Fixed: No Audio in mkv on german Windows (locale folder removed from mkvtoolnix)
Fixed: Audio Sync problems in demuxed audio from .avi (older ffmpeg restored)
Fixed: added '--aac-is-sbr 0/1' for AAC-LC/HE in mkvmerge command line
Changed: 6.1 DTS-MA/Hi-res is not supported by ArcSoft DTS Decoder therefore dts core will be extracted instead
Changed: Flac audio has it's own icon instead of PCM
Changed: 'all subtitles' are now selected by default in Stream demuxing window
Updated: DGIndex 1.5.8, eac3to 3.18, MediaInfo 0.7.29, MKVToolnix 3.2.0, x264 r1471

Added: 5.1 downmix checkbox for 6.1 and 7.1 sources
Added: Subtitles and audio language will be automatically detected if possible
Added: VobSub subtitles are now recognized and automatically demuxed from MKV
Added: Custom resolution with locked aspect ratio is now remembered
Added: Demuxed bluray subtitles will now have added resolution to file name. Subs won't be resized if video has the same size
Added: AviSynth error is now displayed in gui instead of Media Player
Changed: ConvertToRGB has been removed from preview script. (Decoding via HelixYV12 is ~1.7x faster)
Changed: Increased step from 2 to 16 pixels in Custom resolution with locked aspect ratio.
Changed: Tray icon. (Previous icon will be used in new project)
Fixed: AAC audio was not recognized in .TS files
Fixed: Weight p-prediction was sometimes checked even if commandline had this option disabled
Fixed: mpg files are again decoded by DGindex. Hanging was solved by using NicAudio as mp2 decoder instead of BassAudio
Fixed: Apple TV and ipod profile (weight-p is disabled)
Updated: Aften 2009-12-26, BDSup2Sub 4.0.0, CT AAC encoder 1.3 (WinAmp 5.57), FFmpeg r20472, MediaInfo 0.7.26, MKVToolnix 3.0.0, x264 r1376, VSFilter 2.39

Added: forced subtitles will be automatically demuxed
Added: priority can be changed during conversion
Changed: mpg files will be decoded by DirectShowSource instead of DGIndex. (RipBot should not hang on some mpg)
Changed: Ripbot264 will use new unix cli syntax for DGIndex (DGindex should not hang on weird file/folder names for example ../[DVD]/..)
Fixed: RipBot264 will correctly unlock DirectShow filters on non english Windows 7. (Ripbot should not hang on VC-1 sources)
Fixed: missing downmix for 7 channels
Fixed: missing audio in mpg/m2t
Removed: b-pyramid (Reason: Not compatible with more usefull MB-tree!)
Updated: BDsup2Sub 3.9.9, DGindex 1.5.7,MediaInfo 0.7.25, MKVToolnix 2.9.9, Yadif 1.7, x264 r1352M

Added: RipBot264 will force XviD decoder for Divx files in ffdshow. (libavcodec sometimes causes audio sync problems)
Fixed: Demuxed FLAC from MKV had wrong format (OGG instead of RAW FLAC)
Fixed: PCM audio sometimes was not accepted by TSmuxer. (Added extra conversion wav->w64 before muxing)
Updated: BDSup2Sub 3.9.8 , eac3to 3.17 , MediaInfo 0.7.23 , MKVToolnix 2.9.8 , x264 r1292M

Added: RipBot264 will force ffdshow as prefferd Xvid and Divx 4/5 decoder in Windows 7
Changed: Avi files will be decoded via DirectShowSource instead of OpenDMLSource (Reason: OpenDMLSource does not work well with Windows 7 RTM)
Changed: Avs files wiil be imported via Import() instead of DirectShowSource
Changed: Lossless audio is automatically selected instead of first audio stream in Demuxing window
Changed: Bitmap based suptitles are also allowed for none-standard resolutions (MKV)
Fixed: Blu-ray subtitles were not resized if user changed resolution after adding subtitles
Fixed: FLAC will be decoded by madFLAC instead of BassAudio due to weird problems on Windows 7 RTM (Avs script hangs if bassaudio.dll is loaded)
Fixed: temporary files will not be automatically stored on non-NTFS drives (external usb drive for example)
Fixed: 24fps subtitles were automatically converted to 23.976fps due to missing /fps:keep option
Updated: x264 r1251M, NicAudio 2.0.4, MediaInfo 0.7.21, Yadif 1.6, BDSup2Sub 3.9.7

Added: Inverse Telecine function in Deinterlace section
Added: --min-keyint (fps) and --keyint (fps*10) and --fps (24000/1001 for example) to x264 commandline
Added: fraction will be used in script instead of rounded values (24/1.001 instead of 23.976 for example)
Added: --title switch for mkv container (based on output filename without extension)
Changed: x264 command line syntax according to changes introduced in r1177 (old profiles may not work!)
Fixed: Only Subtitles (PGS) will be shown in GUI. Reason: Subtitles (SRT) do not work.
Fixed: incorrect height in custom resize with locked aspect ratio (for example 1280x532 instead of ...x534)
Fixed: too big undersize for mkv
Update: BDSup2Sub 3.9.6 , DGIndex 1.5.5 , ffmpeg r19159 , MediaInfo 0.7.20 , MP4Box 0.4.6 , x264 r1195M

Added: DTS Master Audio and Hi-Res conversion to wave or FLAC (ArcSoft DTS Decoder required! More help in toolsaxArcSoft DTS DecoderReadme.txt)
Added: Blu-Ray subtitles (.Sup) are now supported in Properties -> Subtitles section (Hardcoded subtitles)
Added: Demuxing all subtitles at once
Fixed: DTS size calculation for AVCHD
Fixed: if order in job list was changed during conversion checkboxes were not assigned to current encoding job
Fixed: incorrect --sar values if source had aspect ratio higher than 1.33 and lower than 1.56 (for example 624x464)
Fixed: All empty temp folders will be removed
Fixed: .avs scripts did not work in RipBot264 with AviSynth 2.5.8
Fixed: AVCHD incompatible resolution error even if video has correct resolution
Update: DGindex 1.5.5, BDSup2Sub 3.9.3, MediaInfo 0.7.17, x264 r1169

Added: PCM, TrueHD and EAC3 can be optionally converted to FLAC
Added: muxing flac into .mkv
Fixed: Incorrect audio duration in uncompressed audio
Update: x264 r1162

Added: Job queue can be modified during conversion. It is also possible to skip current job.
Added: real-time preview during croping
Added: support for wave64
Added: muxing .wav/.w64 to AVCHD structure
Added: muxing DVD subtitles (idx/sub) to matroska
Added: Blu-Ray subtitles (.sup) will be automatically converted to VobSub (.sub) if mkv container was selected
Added: Blu-Ray subtitles will be automatically resized to proper resolution if AVCHD was selected (1080p->720p for example)
Added: srt to sup conversion for 576p/480p (Warning: 576p subtitles are not visible on PS3!)
Added: warning message if resolution is not compatible with AVCHD
Added: FFdshow will be automatically set as preffered directshow decoder for H.264/VC-1/MPEG-2 in Windows 7 (thanks clsid for help with SetACL)
Added: OSD and subtitles in FFDShow will be automatically disabled
Changed: PCM, TrueHD and EAC3 will be always converted to .w64
Changed: Status color to dark blue
Changed: x264.exe renamed to x264_x86.exe (GUI won't kill x264.exe)
Fixed: script error if video had wav audio
Fixed: correct sar values were not applied for 704x576 and 704x480
Update: DGAVCDec 1.0.9, BDSup2Sub 3.8.2 eac3to 3.16, MediaInfo 0.7.16, MKVToolnix 2.9.0, Oggenc 2.85 aoTuVb5.7, TSMuxer 1.10.6, x264 r1158M

Fixed: Not working FF/RWD/Chapters on some Blu-Ray players due to missing --aud --nal-hrd in command line
Updated: eac3to v3.12, TSMuxer v1.8.18

Added: Support for 3 channel audio
Fixed: Not working chapters on some Blu-Ray players due to missing --fps value in command line (win64)
Fixed: too big undersize for Blu-Ray structure with added subtitles
Fixed: Audio profile , normalize value and ipod was not remembered
Fixed: Tempo values in script were not restored when user changed from NO AUDIO to audio file
Fixed: Incorrect muxing command in jobx_MuxFiles.cmd if 'NO AUDIO' was selected
Updated: x264 r1114, eac3to v3.11, DGIndex v1.5.4, MediaInfo v0.7.11, MKVToolnix v2.4.2, ssatosrt r2

Changed: 'NO AUDIO' option moved to audio combobox
Fixed: Bitrate and size wasn't calculated according to changes made in avs script (for example added trim function or AssumeFps)
Fixed: Haali Media Splitter wasn't detected if OS was set for negative timezone (for example : USA , Canada and so on)
Fixed: Language combobox wasn't enabled when user selected video and audio separatedly
Fixed: Copy Stream wasn't available if audio extension contained capital letters (.AC3 instead of .ac3 for example)
Updated: x264 r1109M , eac3to v3.07

Added: support for x264 64bit (up to 10% faster encoding)
Added: if COPY STREAM is not selected assumeFPS will also adjust audio speed (easy 25 -> 23.976 conversion)
Added: custom resize profile with locked aspect ratio
Added: always first VST_01_x.vob will be indexed instead of VIDEO_TS.VOB
Added: language combobox for audio stream
Added: support for .sup subtitles (Warning!!! Original 1080p .sup WILL NOT be visible in 720p!!!)
Added: support for .ass .ssa subtitles in mkv container
Added: chapter extraction from .mp4
Added: UAC manifest (from now on you don't have to disable UAC)
Added: FFDshow DV decoder will be automatically enabled if necessary
Added: BD-25 size
Changed: Audio delay for convenient moved to Properties
Changed: .ts and .m2t files will be decoded via DirectShowSource instead of DGIndex or DGAVCdec (Reason: Faster decoding with FFDshow MT)
Changed: Audio from .ts and .m2t files will be demuxed in one pass
Changed: A/V same length combobox removed. CUT function is now always on (Audio and Video will always have the same lenght)
Changed: 'Tahoma' font to 'Consolas' (Installed by default in Windows Vista and 7)
Fixed: Bug which always resets VC-1 decoder to libavcodec. Default decoder is now wmv9 (Reason: Supports interlaced material)
Fixed: error 'Couldn't import DownMix2Stereo.avs'
Fixed: jobs.ini will be created immediately after creating new job
Update: x264 r1092M , eac3to v3.06 , Oggenc 2.85 aoTuVb5.61 , MediaInfo v0.7.10

Added: tesa motion algorithm (Veeeeeerrryyy Sloooooowwww)
Added: -seektoiframes to eac3to command line (better compatibility)
Added: correct sar values if source resolution is 1440x1080 or 1280x1080
Added: support for .mov (it will not work with installed QUICKTIME!)
Added: support for weird 5 channel audio (always downmixed to stereo)
Fixed: If 'Keep Jobs queue' was checked along with 'shutdown when finished' jobs were deleted after conversion
Fixed: Files were not muxed into mkv container if subtitles didn't have specified language
Fixed: If source had 720x576 or 720x480 resolution and 'Do not resize' was selected sar was always 1:1
Fixed: SD-PAL 2.35 and 2.40 resize profiles had wrong addborders values (2.35 should have 70 (not 75) and 2.40 should have 75 (not 70))
Fixed: Registry error if value didn't exist
Fixed: AnyDVD won't be closed automatically by RipBot264
Updated: DGAVCDec 1.0.7 , eac3to v2.87 , MediaInfo 0.7.8 , MP4BOX 0.4.5 , x264 r1066M,

Added: chapters extraction from DVD
Fixed: Registry error
Fixed: 'invalid integer value' error if R-frames and B-frames were higher than 9
Fixed: calculation formula for Blu-Ray structure with subtitles
Changed: maxbitrate and buffer size increased to 25000 (HIGH PROFILE 4.0)
Update: Aften r832 , eac3to v2.78 , MediaInfo v0.7.7.8 , x264 r1029

Added: RipBot264 will automatically enable decoding for MPEG-1/2 and M-JPEG in FFDShow if necessary
Fixed: Weird stuttering (it was caused by convertfps=true)

Fixed: Wrong ffdshow registry path for 64-bit OS
Fixed: AVCHD compatibility is back (--aud --nal-hrd)
Updated: eac3to v2.77,x264 r1028 with HRD patch

Added: RipBot264 will automatically enable decoding for WMV1/2/3 and VC-1 in FFDShow if necessary
Added: .m2ts outside blu-ray structure will also allow to select streams
Fixed: (E)AC3 EX , Surround , Headphone streams detection
Fixed: 'invalid integer value' if Deblocking sensitivity was lower than 0
Fixed: Abort button didn't kill correctly all running threads (old bug since v1.10.2)
Updated: x264 r1028

Fixed: (E)AC3 EX , Surround , Headphone streams are now detected
Updated: x264 r1026

Added: Support for raw h.264/MPEG-2 streams (.264 and .m2v)
Added: Confirmation dialog after hitting Abort button
Added: Elapsed time in log
Added: convertfps=true in DirectShowSource()
Added: editable command line in codec settings
Added: warning message if user uses limited account (can be disabled with CheckRequiredSoftware=0)
Changed: profile format (just single line:)
Changed: default output path to c:temp (UAC does not allow to write in C:)
Changed: 'Delete temp files' has been renamed to 'Keep Jobs Queue'
Changed: BufferSize and MaxBitrate to 20000 (Lv4.0 limit, better compatibility with AVCHD) and B-Pyramid removed
Updated: DGIndex 1.5.3,DGAVCDec 1.0.6,eac3to 2.75,ffmpeg r15666,mediainfo,MKVToolnix 2.4.0,x264 r1016

Added: Codec changes for latest x264 (do not use older profiles)
Fixed: MaxBitrate and BufferSize have been restored to 30000 (reason: tvix does not like higher values)
Fixed: removed progress in log during muxing to blu-ray structure
Updated: x264 r999 , eac3to v2.66

Added: 720x576 profile in size section
Added: 'Delete temp file' checkbox
Added: 'ExecuteAnyDVD' option in .ini
Added: Demuxing process will be automatically repeated if eac3to generates .gaps files.
Changed: If source is .evo or m2ts belongs to bluray structure selected streams will be demuxed in one pass
Changed: MKV na MP4 are now decoded via DirectShowSource()
Fixed: FFDshow is now correctly detected under x64 OS
Fixed: Shorten log files (Progress will not be written into log files)
Updated: DGAVCDec v1.0.2 , eac3to v2.65 , MediaInfo v. , MKVToolnix v2.3.0 , TSMuxer v1.8.8 , x264 r994 , NicAudio v2.0.2

Added: progress during demuxing audio (except avi,flv and vob)
Added: FastFirstPassin2passMode in .ini (1=fast first pass , 0=full slow first pass)
Changed: resize profiles have been renamed
Changed: Level 4.1 has been changed to Level 4.0 (Reason: some devices do not accept anything above Lv4.0. For example Tvix. Quality settings has not been changed! It's just cosmetic change)
Fixed: if eac3to reported DTS-Audio as 'DTS' audio stream was omitted (only in blu-ray structure)
Updated: DGAVCDec a35,eac3to 2.59,FFmpeg r14675, FFmpegSource 1.21,x264 r956

Added: Demuxing process can be now aborted
Added: Demuxing subtiles from .evo (HD-DVD) and .m2ts (Blu-Ray)
Added: new tray icon
Fixed: if eac3to reported DTS-Audio as 'DTS' audio stream was omitted
Fixed: ssa/ass will be converted to srt format without markers
Changed: b-pyramid and p4x4 has been added to LV4.1 profile. ipod profile has 1ref instead of 3.
trellis has been swithed off (trellis 1 is not compatible with Psy-RD). Trellis checked = trellis 2
Updated: DGAVCDec alpha 33, DGIndex 1.5.2, eac3to 2.56, FFMPEG r14623, MediaInfo, ssa2srt r1, x264 r928, FFmpegSource 1.20

Fixed: 5.1 Audio profile was missing if audio had 8 channels
Fixed: Missing wav.bmp file
Fixed: Sometimes .evos files were not combined
Fixed: 'No compatible ACM codec to decode 0x0055 audio strem to PCM' error
Updated: x264 r912 , eac3to v2.52

Fixed: mp4s encoded for iPOD were not compatible with iTunes after 1.9.10
Fixed: DTS Hi-res detection (not Hi-Res DTS -> silly error :)
Fixed: Calculation formula for DTS 1536kbps should not give oversized file in Blu-Ray structure
Updated: x264 r892 , DGAVCDec a26 , eac3to 2.51

Added: From now on user can specify which Audio,video stream wants to demux from Blu-Ray and HD-DVD structure
Fixed: Hi-Res DTS audio will be detected and converted to core DTS
Updated: x264 r891 , eac3to v2.49 , DGAVCDec a25

Fixed: Decimal error

Added: Blu-Ray/HD-DVD structure detection
Added: SD-NTSC 720x480 profile under size options (proper sar x:y values are added automatically)
Added: E-AC3 and TrueHD are automatically converted to FLAC
Added: Chapters are also used in MKV and MP4
Added: Audio in TS (h264) will be demuxed by eac3to instead of DGAVCDec (Reason: eac3to corrects audio delay)
Added: 'CheckRequiredSoftware' in .ini
Fixed: 'ugin(' error
Replaced: MSU Denoiser with FFT3DGPU (Reason: Faster)
Updated x264 r889 , DGAVCDec a24 , eac3to2.48

Added: mkv,mp4 decoding via FFmpegSource (except mkv with VC1) - I was able to go over problem with incorrectly reported frame rate
Updated: x264 r880

Changed: mkv and mp4 are decoded again via DirectShowSource due to bug in FFmpegSource. Framerate was sometimes incorrectly detected (24.07 or 23.96 instead of 23.976 and so on)

Added: avi,divx,mkv,mp4 decoded via FFmpegSource (except mkv with VC1)
Added: Pulldown flags detection in VOB (if detected VOB will be treated as Film)
Added: Joining splitted evos
Added: Possibility to disable m2ts splitting via .ini
Fixed: evo video remuxing
Fixed: pcm audio after demuxing from m2ts was not converted to flac
Fixed: DTS size calculation (BETA2)
Updated: x264 r877

Added: support for HD-DVD (*.evo)
Added: 4GB splitting for Blu-Ray (Reason: FAT32 on flashdrives)
Replaced: FGO with Psy RDO (Always enabled)
Updated: x264 r869 , MediaInfo v0.7.7.1

Added: .flv (flash video) support
Added: Chapters are now demuxed from .mkv and automatically used in Blu-Ray structure
Fixed: Jobs in some cases could have the same number.
Fixed: DTS calculation for Blu-ray (Still in Beta however)
Updated: x264 r859 , DGIndex 1.5.0 Final

Added: Film Grain Optymalization (--fgo 10 medium safe strength)
Added: .ass subtitles are also extracted from mkv
Fixed: Mpeg2 AAC audio instead of Mpeg4 AAC (It was a bug in old mp4box)
Fixed: logging to file (Logs wasn't created correctly)
Fixed: audio extraction from AVI (PCM audio was extracted with .pcm extension instead of .wav)
Updated: eac3to v2.46 , MediaInfo v0.7.7.0 , MSU Denoiser 2.5 , ssatostr

Fixed: audio extraction from avi
Fixed: #Delay audio section in script is now above #Tempo

Added: GPU Denoiser with two profiles (old movie and old anime)
Added: All subtitles are automatically demuxed from mp4 and mkv
Added: SRT support for Blu-Ray
Added: Possibility to mux many subtitles
Added: Automatic DTS-core extraction
Added: Decimate 119.88 -> 23.976
Added: Option in .ini responsible for how DGIndex treats NTSC source (Default settings will ignore all flags so if your source is FILM 23.976 then use AssumeFPS 23.976)
Fixed: Aften AC3 encoder didn't encode whole file in some cases
Updated: x264 , TsMuxer and so on

Fixed: MP3 decoded by BassAudioSource instead of broken NicMPA123Source

Added: FLAC and LPCM support (LPCM is automatically converted to FLAC)
Fixed: High cpu utilization during audio conversion

Added: Muxing directly into Blu-Ray Structure with subtitles (Big Thanks to Roman Vasilenko)
Added: Two new aspect ratios in Size Field (1,85:1 and 2,40:1)
Added: Subtitles properties (build in only) can be modified (Edit in notepad
Added: NTSC VOBs will be always treated by DGIndex as FILM
Added: logs in /Logs directory
Added: .stats file in jobs folder
Fixed: Audio wasn't demuxed from *.m2ts if video stream was VC-1
Fixed: Occasional AVS2Avi crashing with subtitles (VSFilter) enabled during gathering informations
updated: MediaInfo , DGIndex 1.5.0 RC3 , x264 r748

added: TS and M2ts with AVC stream decoded via DGAVCDec instead of DirectShowSource()
added: Buffer Size and Max Bitrate in codec settings
added: Borders for 1920x816 (1080) and 1280x544 (720) (Reason: BluRay compatibility)
fixed: double // in output path (eg. C://)
fixed: bug in audio delay reported by survivant001
fixed: m2ts size calculation
updated: TSMuxer 1.3.6 , DGAVCDec a18

fixed: Audio wasn't demuxed from mkv container if filename was longer than 30 characters
fixed: added --keyint in BluRay profile for maximum compatibility
fixed: Partition used for temp files now can be changed by editing *.ini file
updated: MediaInfo

fixed: Error message at startup on some computers ("No Disk...")
fixed: Audio streams (2nd , 3rd and so on) demuxed from mkv container had wrong extensions

fixed: All audio streams are demuxed from mkv container instead of Track number 2
fixed: Temporary files will be stored on partition with the highest amount of free space (x:tempRipBot264temp) instead of C:<UserTemp>
fixed: File Size wasn't calculated according to CUT function
fixed: Audio encoding progress wasn't visible if user used , as decimal separator
fixed: M2TS file size calculation (Yes... Again
fixed: Audio with .mpa extension decoded by NiCMPASource() instead of DirectShowSource()
updated: TSMuxer v1.2.9

fixed: AAC audio is now demuxed to container (M4A) instead of RAW (Reason: DirectShow cannot decode raw AAC streams)
fixed: sometimes audio wasn't detected after demuxing from MKV

fixed: M2TS seeking on PS3 (added --aud switch in encoder command line)
fixed: size calculation for M2TS
removed: Blueray structure (Reason: Structure cannot be static)
update: x264 r736 (Dark Shikari's build with new AQ algorithm 0.48) , TSmuxer 1.2.6

added: M2TS muxing directly into Blu-ray structure
fixed: missing '/' symbol in output path
update: x264 r735 (Dark Shikari's build with new AQ algorithm 0.47)

added: muxing to M2TS (AVCHD)

added: AC3 audio automatically demuxed from AVI
changed: CUT function is set for default (if available)
update: x264 r721 (Dark Shikari's build with new AQ algorithm 0.44) , TIVTC 1.0.5

fixed: CUT function didn't work if audio delay was different than 0
update: x264 r720 (Dark Shikari's build with new AQ algorithm 0.42)

update: x264 r720 (Dark Shikari's build with new AQ algorithm)

added: Audio automatically demuxed from TS,MKV,MP4
added: Posibility to automatically adjust A/V lenght (A/V cut , A stretch)
added: Simple information about video and audio codecs
changed: if TS and M2TS contain mpeg2 video stream DGindex is used otherwise DirectShowSource will be used
changed: Priority changed to low
changed: ipod profile merged with iphone for better quality
changed: removed b-pyramid in PC/PS3/XBOX360 profile (1080p didn't work with b-pyramid)
fixed: x264 switches didn't update in one case
fixed: temp audio with correct extension
removed: 5.1 profile due to incopatibility with DXVA
updated: DGIndex 1.5.0 RC2 , x264 709

Fixed: Forced MPEG4 AAC in MP4Box (Reason: MPEG2 AAC is not compatible with iPOD)
Fixed: added -ipod switch in MP4Box if iPOD profile is used
Updated: enc_aacPlus v1.27

Added: Support for avs files
Added: Support for clips without audio
Fixed: Subtitles with .sub extension are opened via VobSub instead of TextSub
Updated: MP4Box 0.4.5-DEV , TIVTC 1.0.4

Fixed: Normalization value is know remembered as well as Resize Profile
Fixed: MP4 container set for default instead of MKV
Fixed: Normalization value won't switch automatically to 100% when new Audio Profile is selected
Fixed: Previous Subtitles and Mixer settings in FFDShow weren't restored in some cases (Hide to tray -> Show)
Updated: DGIndex 1.5.0 BETA 13 , x264 r699

Added: Audio normalization at 200% (PSP users should be happy now
Fixed: Subtitles are temporary disabled in FFDShow
Updated: DGIndex 1.5.0 BETA 10

Fixed: all 1080 streams will be always detected as 16:9 (Reason: Some TV stations do not use square pixels e.g. BBC 1440x1080 , LuxeTV 1280x1080)
Added: Proper decimate formula for 59.94 streams
Added: TV -> PC color conversion
Added: IPOD Touch & IPhone profile
Fixed: Deinterlace section will be enabled only if source has 25 or 29.97 fps
Fixed: Decimate section will be enabled only if source has 29.97 or 59.94 fps
Fixed: disappearing deinterlace values during editing
Updated: DGindex 1.5.0 BETA 7 and TIVTC 1.0.3

Updated: DGindex 1.5.0 BETA 4 (fixes problems with some M2TS files)
Fixed: All dots in output file name will be converted to spaces (Reason: MP4Box does not work well with multiple dots in file name)

Fixed: NicAudio in getinfo.avs instead of DirectShowSource

Added: ConvertAudioTo16bit in audio script
Fixed: RipBot264 won't be closing cmd.exe

Added:-tmp switch in MP4Box command line so muxing on limited account is now working under Vista

Fixed: In second and following jobs x264 switches didn't change according to previously selected profile! Instead HQ - Default switches were used.
Fixed: RDO for B-Frames enabled in IPOD profile

Added: ESA motion search algorithm (Slooow)
Added: Adaptive audio and resize profiles
Added: AutoCrop values in GUI
Added: Last used settings are remembered (exept AviSynth script settings)
Added: AppleTV profile
Fixed: Problem with drive letter when OS was installed on other than C:
Fixed: Fps values in Deinterlace section didn't change during edition
Fixed: Output file name won't be croped to first detected dot (eg. C:My.Movie.mp4 instead of C:My.mp4)
Removed: .NET checking (Didn't work on limited account)
Removed: Pop-Up window during demuxing
Updated: Aften 0.0.8, MKVToolnix 2.1.0, x264 r680

-fixed crashing at startup on some machines
-fixed problem with decimal symbol
-added Decoding error window if audio properties wasn't detected

-added basic information about audio (Frequency,Channels,Duration)
-updated DGIndex to 1.5.0 Beta 2
-TS files are now decoded via DirectShowSource instead od DGIndex. (Reason: DGindex does not support AVC streams)
-If OpenDMLSource cannot open AVI , DirectShowSource will be used instead
-Temp directory changed to system temp directory (Reason: Windows sometimes was blocking writing info.txt file)
-few small bugs have been fixed

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