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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for AnyStream 2022-09-22
- Fix: support some unencrypted Paramount content
- Fix: Amazon: certain live content replays would not work properly
- Fix: occasional crash when searching with low remaining internet bandwidth
- Fix: HBO crash when keys cannot be retrieved
- some minor fixes 2022-09-13
- Fix: Paramount: some "series" wouldn't show (specifically season-less series, like CBS news)
- Improved: auto-preset languages sometimes not consistent, due to non-standard language codes
- updated languages 2022-08-25
- Fix: (regression) detection of descriptive languages since playlist redesign
- Fix: Netflix: unavailable resolutions would show for some titles
- some minor fixes
- updated languages 2022-08-18
- Fix: crash, when a network error causes failure to retrieve a license
- Fix: HBO session timeout would fail downloads
- Fix: crash when rapidly changing search terms
- Improved: detect HBO franchise titles
- Workaround: renu 2022-07-22
- Hotfix: adapted to changes in the HBOmax-API 2022-07-20
- Hotfix: adapted to slight changes in the Paramount+-API 2022-07-13
- Improved: language code detection for some providers with non-standard behavior
- Fix: (regression in previous betas): queue entries were not automatically removed
- Fix: Prime series with many episodes - sometimes an episode was missing
- Fix: endless page reload loop with Prime series having many episodes
- Change: search button enabled for search terms shorter than 3 characters
- Change: scroll arrows only show/are active when the application has the window focus
- Fix: Prime series with many episodes caused AnyStream to seemingly "log out" the user by requesting unsecure (non-SSL) pages
- Improved: request less and larger fragments while downloading, might speed up the downloads in some cases
- Fix: Netflix attempt to select the same audio bitrate when downloading multiple episodes of a season via template
- Improved: Netflix: some very old titles weren't downloaded in HD, even though they could
- Improved: memory management
- Fix: Prime downloads in previous beta, a certain type of download would possibly result in oversize and consume memory
- Fix: some subtitles on Netflix were identified but not downloaded
- Change: Amazon Prime now using new Playlist implementation.
- several improvements 2022-07-01
- Fix: Disney: proper labeling of forced subtitles
- Fix: Rakuten: some srt subtitles couldn't be parsed
- Fix: occasional crash when thumbnails are delivered after a title is no longer on display (usually search results)
- Fix: some titles on Netflix with very small fragments stalled on startup
- Fix: srt files no longer export webvtt content (an option for exporting webvtt content may
be added at a later time)
- Paramount, HBO and Hulu now using a new unified playlist core
- Fix: HBO 32bit overflow when downloading movies > 2GB
- Fix/Workaround: Hulu, rare incident: can't acquire series information
- Improved: HBO playlists
- Fix: some titles on Netflix failed
- Improved: playlist handling for all providers
- Improved: display more downloadable content on Prime Video (some content was not available)
- many minor fixes
- updated languages 2022-06-17
- Fix: Rakuten, support "free to watch with Ads" Series
- Fix: Netflix, certain video's caused failures
- some minor fixes 2022-06-14
- Fix: block closing provider tabs which have pending downloads
- Improved: DRM
- Fix: Paramount search results, sometimes seasons were not found
- Fix: HBO occasional Recaptcha failure during login possibly less likely
- Fix: application crash when doing multiple searches
- updated languages
- some minor fixes 2022-05-22
- New: full Paramount+ support
- Fix: UI oversized spacing, rows vertically stretched when loading portrait thumbnails
- updated languages
- some minor fixes 2022-05-22
Fix: Paramount+ now supported for non-US accounts
some minor fixes and changes 2022-05-20
Note: Paramount+ still fails for non-US subscribers, we are working on it.
New: Paramount+ subtitle support added
Fix: Paramount+ cut off audio should no longer happen.
Fix: Paramount+ logout implemented
Fix: Paramount+ proper display of number of channels for Dolby formats
Fix: Paramount+ searching sometimes failed
Fix: Paramount+ series with seasons not starting at #1 work now. 2022-05-19
New: Paramount+ supported (known limitations: profile switching not yet supported, subtitle support not yet implemented)
Fix: installer language Italian: cosmetic change
Improved: provider icons better resolution, especially with Hi-DPI monitors
updated languages
some minor fixes 2022-05-10
- Fix: adapt Netflix login procedure to site changes
- updated languages
- some minor fixes 2022-04-29
- Fix: HBOmax DRM update
- Fix: Hulu, adapted to some changes in API
- Fix: Netflix newer titles work again (though mostly SD only for now)
- Fix: Spanish language distinctions, should now work better
- updated languages
- some minor fixes 2022-04-07
- Fix: HBOmax Europe DRM specifics implemented, should work for new movies now.
- Fix: Amazon Prime, some specific videos wouldn't decrypt correctly
- Improved: Playlist processing time greatly reduced
- many minor fixes 2022-03-18
- Fix: Netflix HD
- many, many, many minor changes and fixes
- updated languages beta 2022-03-15
Fix: added series support for Rakuten TV
updated languages beta 2022-03-14
Fix: regression, occasional endless loops (application unresponsive) for some actions (search, logout, profiles)
Improved: Rakuten, added non-local audio languages
Improved: Search field now above the page tabs (Rakuten TV)
Fix: UI misbehavior (sometimes randomly sized tile rows) mostly under control
updated languages beta 2022-03-12
Fix: crash when searching beta 2022-03-11
Improved: DRM redesign
New: support for Rakuten TV Europe
many, many, many minor changes and fixes
updated languages

Note: known Issues with Rakuten TV:
currently only the user's preset audio language is available
you may notice some UI misbehavior (tile rows are over- or undersized) beta 2022-02-04
Fix: Hulu implementation miscategorized some movies as unavailable
Improved: Amazon Prime Playlist parsing performance improvement
Fix: still some Amazon Series, when queued, could crash the application (different cause)
Fix: "Navigation is disabled" message when Amazon JS code triggers navigation events
some minor changes and fixes 2022-02-03
- Fix: some Amazon Series, when queued, could crash the application 2022-02-02
- Fix: adapted to Hulu website changes
- Fix: Netflix audio tracks sometimes missing the (descriptive) flag
- Fix: occasional, unnecessary DRM failures on Prime
- many minor changes and fixes 2021-01-28
- Fix: a few stability fixes
- Improved: less network traffic on bulk downloads
- Improved: DRM implementation restructured for planned improvements
- many minor changes and fixes
- updated languages 2021-01-21
- fix: Amazon download list contained incorrect entries
- improved: Netflix now downloads 1080p again
- many minor changes and fixes 2021-01-17
- fix: workaround for Prime sometimes not getting notified when a page had loaded
- fix: Prime goes into an endless loop when configuring certain titles
- improvement: this version brings back a lot of 1080p content for Netflix and Amazon,
but most new titles remain SD. We are still working on bringing HD back entirely
- many behind-the-scenes changes and fixes
- updated languages 2021-01-07
- workaround: Netflix limited to SD, sorry for the inconvenience, we're
working on getting HD back
- fix: Amazon functional, but presently also limited to SD, full HD is also work in progress
- fix: crash when HBO downloaded segmented subtitles time out
- many minor changes and fixes
- updated languages 2021-12-23
- fix: DRM updates
- fix: Netflix manifest retrieval
- many minor changes and fixes
- updated languages
- note: all streaming services should work now, only some Amazon titles still have DRM issues 2021-12-09
- fix: DRM updates
- fix: occasional crashes when logging in to some providers.
- many minor changes and fixes
- updated languages 2021-11-28
fix: Missing 5.1 audio in download configuration. (Amazon)
improved: Added "Home" button to Amazon/Primevideo browser.
fix: "Download" and "Watchparty" buttons are now removed from the page (Amazon).
a few minor changes and fixes 2021-11-26
- Fix: Failure to retrieve additional episodes' info (Amazon over 25 episodes)
- Fix: workaround to correctly display languages with three-letter codes, like cmn
- Fix: workaround to detect CC flag by scanning language representation, when no "assistive" flag is provided (Disney+)
- Fix: Playback resource retrieval issues (Amazon / could cause application to crash)
- a few minor changes and fixes
- updated languages
AnyStream Plus only:
- Fix: race condition could lead to two queue entries competing for a single quota-token 2021-11-25
- Changed: Netflix implementation entirely new. Addresses, among other thing, occasional crashes
- Fix: crash, when thumbnail images shown in the download dialog arrive extremely late after
the dialog has been closed
- Fix: new Browser introduced in v1.2.2.4 now supports IME input (Japanese/Chinese compositing keyboards)
- Fix: some display issues with right-to-left languages
- Change: subtitles will be saved in the original format without pre-processing, if the format matches
- Change: automatically selected forced subtitles for matching audio on successive episode downloads, if the first episode has no forced subs.
- many minor changes and fixes
- updated languages 2021-11-19
- Changed: redesigned episode selection dialog for better overwiew
- Improved: selection dialog remembers size
- Change: Disney Japan is now merged with the international Disney+ implementation
- Improved: identify invalid proxy settings
AnyStream Plus:
- Fix: Amazon Prime batchdownloads not starting
- Change: remove provider queues, when removing the respective provider from the active list
- New: allow selection of individual episodes for batch download
- Improved: persistent queue dimensions
- Improved: download queue finished dialog now allows to open the explorer
- many minor changes and fixes
- updated languages 2021-11-16
Fix: Hulu duration retrieval sometimes failed and caused incorrect header space estimations
Change: provider entries in download queue are now permanently shown (allows to pause a queue before adding titles)
New: reorder queue entries using the mouse
New: add button to show/hide the queue
Change: provider queues are now processed round-robin, if constraints limit the number of concurrent downloads
Fix: queues waiting for available quota will now automatically resume, when tokens become available
Fix: better autoselection of audio streams in successive season downloads
Fix: (attempt to fix, remains to be solidified through testing) Hulu incorrect decryption of some batch downloads
Fix: over-long titles resulted in too long file names
Fix: show names in the queue for Amazon (season name was erroneously being used).
Fix: Missing audio description tracks (Amazon)
many minor changes and fixes
updated languages 2021-11-12
Fix: correctly determine write failures (disk full condition and similar)
Fix: Season batch downloads missing subtitles in subsequent episodes
Fix: occasional crashes when downloading from Amazon
a few minor changes and fixes
updated languages 2021-11-11
New: AnyStream Plus now has batch download
Fix: Amazon browser text-selection with mouse wasn't working
Improved: video now don't require finalizing anymore
many minor and medium changes and fixes
updated languages 2021-11-01
- Hotfix: Netflix login sometimes still didn't work reliably
- updated languages 2021-10-30
- Fix: Browser hangs on unavailable episode (Amazon), which lead to a crash when closing AnyStream.
- Fix: possible netflix login failure
- Change: moved Amazon progress bar, so that the browser doesn't constantly resize beta 2021-10-28
- New: HBOMax implementation displays removal dates
- Fix: HBOMax season ordering when seasons are intermittently missing
- Fix: Added the previously missing support for hi-Latn.
- Fix: Audio tracks without linguistic content are now properly identified.
- Change: Amazon browser now properly disables during downloads and loading pages (uses off-screen rendering)
- Improved: remove/disable more "play" buttons in Amazon browser to prevent accidental clicking
- Fix: Implemented additional on-page data processing (Amazon). Episodes that were previously missed (sports show) are now listed properly.
- some minor and medium changes and fixes
- updated languages 2021-10-26
- Fix: could not save to the root directory of a drive
- Change: AnyStream 64bit should now work on Windows 7 64-bit (32bit requirement dropped)
- Improved: extended check for available space befor downloading
- Fix: application could sometimes crash, if profiles were switched while the page was still being loaded
- New: Add My list and continue watching categories to HBOMax view
- Fix: Re-enabled user login state detector. A notification is displayed if a user is not logged in to Amazon/Prime
- Improved: Improved logging.
- Fix: Re-enabled display of full list of episodes when there are more than 25 episodes in a season (Amazon)
- Improved: Improved detection of the free space available on the target storage media.
- Fix (regression): Amazon navigation is no longer possible during Amazon downloads.
Currently as a workaround, displaying a message when navigation is attempted (new browser can
not yet be disabled properly).
- Fixed HBO duration detection
- Improved: A user is presented with error message when a page fails to load (Amazon, sometimes resulted in
just a white screen)
- many minor and medium changes and fixes
- updated languages 2021-09-21
- Fix: Amazon large number of episodes could cause application exception
- Fix: selecting subtitles could cause an application exception under some circumstances
- some minor changes and fixes
- updated languages beta 2021-09-20
non-public beta 2021-09-15
- Fix: subtitles on Amazon could sometimes fail silently (by chance)
- many minor changes and fixes
- updated languages beta 2021-09-15
Improved: HBOMax now detects closed captions vs. subtitles.
Fix (regression): Amazon subtitles did not retain their language codes when written to HDD
Fix: overzealous Amazon HTML-encoded string sanitizer caused some downloads to fail 2021-09-14
Fix: downloading the same video twice could cause a broken MP4 file
Change: added literal "(Japan)" to the japanese Disney+ provider, as some confused it with the US/EU version
New: added support for segmented subtitles (HBO)
Fix: HTML-encoded strings are now resolved properly.
some major changes to subtitle handling
updated languages 2021-09-09
- Fix: support some more subtitle formats on HBO (segmented subtitles not yet supported)
- updated languages beta 2021-09-08
- Fix: missing language label on Netflix audio
- Fix: downloaded hulu filenames could have incorrect season numbering
- New: allow selection of video codecs, if more than one are available
- some minor changes and fixes
- updated languages beta 2021-09-06
- New: provider Disney+ Japan added
- Fix: possible crash when receiving corrupt thumbnail data
- some minor changes and fixes
- updated languages beta 2021-09-02
- Fix: Hulu could get stuck on login screen
- Fix: PNG subtitles with identical timestamps (multiple subs at once) broke subtitle display
- New: allow for username and password in proxy settings
- improved: Improved handling of MPD manifests (in accordance to the specifications)
- Improved: the algorithm for fragment size calculation
- some minor changes and fixes
- updated languages 2021-08-21
- Fix: crash when changing the settings with a basic license 2021-08-20
- Fix: disable drag & scroll when browser is disabled
- Fix: HBO search re-enabled
- Fix: HBO series with unusual season numbering (6A/6B) supported
- Fix: ordering issue with some series (Seasons not labeled correctly)
- many minor changes and fixes
- updated languages 2021-06-05
- improved: Improved the CDN rotation algorithm.
- fix: reverted to previous Qt framework version due to regression in the Chromium browser
- fix: OpenSSL update update to address occasional SSL handshake errors (need testing and confirmation)
- fix: modification to browser access for Amazon Prime - sometimes failing (need testing and confirmation)
- fix: updated framework to address occasional SSL handshake errors
- many minor changes and fixes
- updated languages 2021-05-31
- improved: Added retry mechanism for the download channel setup process.
- improved: Corrected the naming of subtitle files (when saved separately).
- fix: Subtitles for languages with many dialects.
- fix: Error messages contained in the title manifest (Netflix) are conveyed to the user.
- updated languages 2021-05-12
- fix: Missing audio languages on Amazon/Prime. 2021-05-12
- Fix: Discovery+ episode save path.
- Improved: Audio track language representation and missing audio tracks (Amazon).
- Improved: Basic CDN server switching is now enabled (Amazon & Netflix)
- Fix: Amazon DRM license errors (Prime reducing video quality to SD).
- minor fixes and improvements
- updated languages 2021-04-21
- Fix: Netflix: adapt to slight protocol changes
- Improved: handling of Discovery+ via Primevideo.
- Fix: Crash on DRM error (Amazon)
- Fix: swap series title and episode title in MP4 meta data
- Fix: sporadic crashes on abort()
- minor fixes and improvements
- updated languages 2021-04-14
- improved: audio/video alignment in output
- fix: video cutoff at the end of some downloads
- fix: subtitles processing problems
- minor fixes and improvements
- updated languages 2021-04-05
- fix: Audio/Video track inconsistencies.
- fix: Netflix incorrect video bitrate autoselection.
- fix: SDH (aka CC) Subtitles were not saved. 2021-04-04
- fix: crash in 32-bit build when starting Amazon download
- fix: audio/video track cutoffs should be fixed now
- minor fixes and improvements
- updated languages 2021-04-01
- New: Disney+: allow pin entry for pin protected profiles
- fix: New lines in subtitles.
- fix: Forced subtitles being overwritten.
- fix: download best Disney+ bitrate profile
- download engine and muxer redesigned
- many minor fixes and improvements
- updated and added several languages 2021-01-19
- fix: additional fix for Amazon/Prime properties retrieval. 2021-01-19
- fix: incorrect pre-download calculation of available space.
- fix: localization issues.
- fix: Amazon/Prime properties retrieval.
- fix: Hanging on insufficient disk space.
- improved: Proper reporting of unavailable "downloadables".
- improved: A few tiny logging improvements.
- improved: overall interaction with the content of Amazon/Prime page.
- improved: logging.
Missing Qt5Xml.dll - fixed. Please re-download 2021-01-18
- improved: Playlist processing has been completely reworked (Amazon/Prime)
- fix: "Back"/"Forward" buttons (Amazon). Now the buttons are enabled/disabled appropriately.
- Some minor fixes
- Updated and added languages 2020-12-30
- Fix: Missing audio tracks for titles where only one audio language is available.
- Fix: Fixed missing audio tracks problem (Netflix), which used to result in AnyStream crashing.
- Some minor fixes
- Updated languages 2020-11-04
- Fix: Amazon "PBR retrieval failed" error.
- Improved: added logging
- Some minor fixes
- Updated languages 2020-10-28
- Improved: Netflix supports DD+ and higher bitrates.
- Improved: Added option to select the quality of the audio stream.
- Improved: Added automatic retry delays (activated in case of a network error during the download process).
- Improved: Added check for sufficient free space on disk.
- Improved: Added logging to certain Amazon procedures.
- many minor fixes
- Updated languages 2020-10-11
- Fix: Netflix login issue
- Fix: Netflix gateway timeout problem
- Some minor fixes
- Added and updated languages 2020-10-11
Fix: Netflix login issue
Fix: Netflix gateway timeout problem
Some minor fixes
Added and updated languages 2020-10-02
Fix: a broken frame early (around 10-30s) in most downloaded videos 2020-10-02
- Fix: crash when finalizing Amazon downloads with HEVC codec
- Change: temporarily removed HEVC due to quality being worse than AVC will be reintroduced as selectable choice updated languages 2020-10-01
- Improved: Changed video codec override from H264 to H265 (allows HEVC video).
- Fix: Added default user agent string to Netflix initialization.
- Fix: display of server-generated messagebox
- New: check for new versions
- Many minor fixes
- Added languages
- known problems (will likely be fixed in upcoming beta, available at
- Netflix login can fail
- Amazon browser crashes when running in a VM or over remote desktop service (opengl-problem) beta 2020-09-29
- fix: registered licenses will allow AnyStream to run in virtual machines
- improved: Added logout option for Netflix.
- improved: Alert is shown when attempting to download titles that are not yet
available on Netflix.
- improved: Added "Show password" checkbox on Netflix login panel.
- fix: Output file name creation mechanism supports Tab (Netflix uses Tabs from time to time).
- fix: Corrected audio track autoselection for Netflix.
- improved: added logging.
- Some minor fixes
- Added languages release candidate 2020-09-18
- Fix: possible crash when mouse cursor leaves netflix item, while data for tooltip is being retrieved.
- Fix: The last subtitle display time was not limited.
- Fix: Netflix UI remains disabled after license related errors.
- Fix: Proper file naming for forced subtitles (SRT/TTML).
- Improved: Episode number alongside the episode name in the downloadables list.
- Improved: "Postprocessing" message should be tied to the main window.
- Improved: Now hiding the "play" buttons on Primevideo to avoid unintentional clicking
- Changed: Prime browser now turns gray when disabled
- Fix: TVShow season is now shown when download configuration dialog is closed.
- Fix: changed language code for Norway from "no" to proper "nb"
- Fix: Empty message on download cancellation.
- Fix: vobsub generation bug (so far not observed)
- Some minor fixes
- Updated languages release candidate 2020-08-14
- New: allow downloading of forced subtitles
- New: support Full HD on Netflix
- New: show season title in downloadables dialog
- Fix: season ordering for names seasons ("The Sinner" was not ordered chronologically)
- Some minor fixes
- Updated languages beta 2020-08-04
- Change: font size for embedded text subtitles now calculated as video-height/30
- Fix: detect failure when creating the output file and abort
- Fix: detect more illegal characters in filenames and replace/remove them
(including TAB)
- Fix: incorrect calculation of filename suffix (subtitle filenames too short and
colliding with each other)
- Change: use "comment" field in subtitle handler to describe subtitle language
(older versions of PowerDVD use this field)
- some minor fixes
- Updated languages beta 2020-08-03
- Change: replacements for illegal file name characters changed, so that the
result better retains its semantics
- Fix: possible endless loop when processing a certain atom type
- Changed: path template editor added (allows deletion and modification)
- Fixed some style issues
- some minor fixes
- Updated languages beta 2020-08-02
- fix: episode/season numbers are now at least two digits.
- fix: season number was not read correctly for certain Amazon series,
which yielded creation of invalid path.
- updated languages beta 2020-07-31
- new: support 5.1 sound
- new: subtitles optionally stored as .srt, .ttml or embedded into the .mp4
- new: support for image subtitles (only Netflix for RTL languages, like arabic,
hebrew and also Chinese, Thai, ..., stored as embedded vobsub)
Note, that not all players support embedded vobsub
- Fix: support "short film" types
- Fix: verify on overwriting of existing files, whether they are locked
- New: define filename output templates - unfinished, but fully functional
- New: re-open season download box after download (configurable)
- Change: minor styling updates.
- Improved: reduced overall filesize through post-processing
- Fix: windows taskbar progress indicator is back (needed re-implementing for the
double-download feature)
- many minor fixes
- Updated languages beta 2020-06-08
- Fix: possible crash when saving settings after fresh install
- Possible fix: wait for webengine process to terminate before exiting
(this is just a weak guess on the cause of a few observed crashes
from the Amazon page)
- New: added small progressbar to indicate the load progress for Netflix
- New: added program logo to the pages
- Change: trials are no longer possible in virtual machines
- a few minor fixes
- Updated languages beta 2020-06-05
- Change: Tabbed view. Amazon and Netflix now run parallel in two tab windows
- Change: -> it is possible to download from Amazon and Netflix in parallel
- Change: AnyStream now starts up with the provider last used
- Change: providers can be deselected in settings
- Change: AnyStream now can only run in one single instance
- Change: Amazon back/forward buttons now enable/disable properly
- Change: several style changes
- Change: download speed control now is a dropdown box (previously: slider)
- Fix: installer wouldn't work in 32bit Windows
- Fix: 64bit version will require at least Windows 8 - malfunctions under Windows 7
- Change: make always saving a log file with every download optiona l (settings)
- New: possibility to create a log file at any time through the menu
- Fix: show Netflix seasons in correct order
- many minor fixes
- Updated languages beta 2020-05-29
- Fix installer: uninstall will from now on also remove the Amazon-Cookie cache
- New: added progress bar when loading Amazon pages
- Change: auto-close Abort-query if download finishes while still open
- Fix: download speed limiter is now correctly initialized to 1x after clean install
- Fix: added qt core translations for three orphaned languages (sv, ms, nl)
- Changed: application style greatly improved
- Improved: application appearance on High DPI monitors
- New: Amazon warning, if not logged in
- Change: Amazon "Downloadables" button makes more noise, is more visible
- Updated languages
- many minor fixes beta 2020-05-18
- Fix: The missing audio languages problem with Amazon is solved.
- Added: Throttle control. The user can select the speed of download.
- Fix: translation of crash dump message
- Fix: Amazon UI not re-enabled upon audio/video license retrieval error.
- Fix: Added audio stream language tag to audio streams downloaded from Netflix.
- Change: pre-select the most likely correct region on first startup
- Fix: Fixed several unicode issues
- Fix: Exiting application during download now asks for confirmation
- Fix: Fixed download abort "hanging".
- Fix: Amazon crash on Abort download.
- Updated languages
- many minor fixes beta 2020-05-13
- New: added Netflix search
- Fix: download causes application to crash, when no subtitles are available
- Fix: Netflix view is now disabled/enabled properly during download
and configuration thereof.
- Improved: Changed download completion messages. Now they are in accordance
with the download completion reason.
- Fix installer: Stop silently renaming all files in use and ask for reboot
- Fix: Netflix browser is re-enabled on license processing error.
- Fix: Netflix profile switching is disabled during content loading.
- Improved: Subtitles files are named after the title
(e.g. <title name language.ttml>
- Improved: Modified tooltip appearance (rich text)
- New: crash dump reporting added
- Fix: Netflix "Request too large" issue should be solved by segmented data
- Improved: Added intensive JS logging (keeping the private info out).
- Change: preferred resolutions are now identified by width instead of height (note:
application needs to re-learn)
- Fix: language names in audio/subtitle selection dialog now always forced to begin upper-case
- Improved: audio-language pre-selection now thoroughly honors country codes alongside language codes
- Change: added "don't show again" to completion message
- New: added option to re-enable suppressed messages in settings
- Improved: expired license message now shows license details
- Change: added "waitcursor" during Netflix load
- Change/Fix: Subtitle selection now disabled when no subtitles available (was previously
possible to "select" the "no subtitles" line)
- Change: stop icon animations when Netflix browser is disabled, e.g. during download.
- Updated languages
- many minor fixes beta 2020-05-04
- change: server protocol. Older versions will no longer work.
- fix: Missing audio languages in Amazon download configuration dialog.
- fix: License error handling corrected.
- improved: Added extensive logging to Netflix login procedure.
- improved: Added file overwrite confirmation dialog.
- improved: enhanced tooltips
- fix: "Concert/Performance" added to the list of supported media types.
- fix: "My List" no longer hangs (Amazon/Prime)
- change: Previous "Home" button renamed to "Close Amazon/Primevideo"
or "Close Netflix" for Amazon and Netflix respectively.
- fix: Netflix UI becomes disabled upon item click and is only enabled
when the download process is canceled or completed.
- improved: Implemented Netflix Content Delivery Network server
selection based on its rank.
- fix: Netflix audio track artifacts.
- fix: Amazon/Prime title information in the Downloadables dialog will show in the language
of Amazon/Prime's UI. This is not related to AnyStream's language settings.
- fix: Output path generation errors.
- improved: Netflix UI (additional scroll areas, tooltips)
- change: add "open folder" button on completion message
- fix: several minor fixes
- updated languages beta 2020-04-27
- change: translators, please be aware: language files renamed from "lang_*.ts" to "las_*.ts"
- change: QtWebEngineProcess placed into JOB object to ensure no orphaned processes
- fix: bug in language preselection.
- fix: localize Netflix configuration audio/subtitle languages strings
- new: Add task bar progress indicator
- improved: switching interface language updates all elements
- new: add search functionality for Netflix (only "on page" - searching on Netflix will be added soon)
- improved: Netflix UI refined
- fix: login request changed to allow special characters in content.
- changed: internal MP4 muxer completely rewritten.
- fix: Incomplete download (omission of last fragment)
- fix: Audio language code copied from source stream (if present)
- fix: A few minor fixes
- updated languages beta 2020-04-10
- fix: made a few strings translatable, that weren't
- improved: pre-selection of audio languages prefer main audio track over descriptive or other.
- changed: allow only to run one instance of AnyStream per Netflix/Amazon
- fix: orientation problem with MPC-HC
- fix: stuttering video with several players
- improved: Amazon download procedure to avoid scattered video/audio artifacts.
- updated languages
- Some minor improvements beta 2020-04-08
- fix: Netflix download hangs at 99%
- fix: made a few strings translatable, that weren't
- fix: resize issue, when changing to Netflix view and then back to Amazon/Netflix selection
- fix: Netflix login page - button sizes, error handling, usability issues
- fix: localization for internal literals applied
- changed: remove option to auto-preselect resolution and languages, configuration dialog
now always shows (with items preselected according to previous selections)
- updated languages beta 2020-04-06
initial beta release

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