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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Quick AVI Creator

Quick AVI Creator version (May 16, 2010)
- Added new feature: Support for FLV input source. QAC is now able, to transcode FLV sources (flv and f4v extensions) to AVI/MKV/MP4 containers.
- Added new feature: Support for Windows Media input source. QAC is now able, to transcode Windows Media sources (wmv and asf extensions) to AVI/MKV/MP4 containers.
- Added: FLVExtract CL v. (GNU-GPL).
- Updated: Mediainfo to version 0.7.26.
- Reverted: Valdec from version 0.31b to version 0.2a due to compatibility issues with faac.

Quick AVI Creator version (November 04, 2009)
- Added new feature: Support for MP4 input source. QAC is now able, to transode MP4 sources to AVI/MKV/MP4.
- Bug fixed: Incorrect detection of low bitrate mono MP3 sound trackcaused the event "invalid input file".
- Bug fixed: Incorrect extraction of selected internal subtitles trackwhen the input source (MKV/MP4) contains multiple tracks.
- Improved the Unicode conversion (UTF-8), regarding on externaland internal text subtitles.
- Improved the detection of external subtitles applying on all containers.
- Updated: MKVmerge to v2.9.8.0
- Updated: MKVextract to v2.9.8.0
- Updated: x264 to version r1163.
- Updated: Mediainfo to version 0.7.24.
- Updaded: XviD core to version 1.2.2
- Updated: Valdec to version 0.31b
- As usual performed a lot of improvements regarding on user interaction.
- Regarding on the chosen input and output, applied the optimal related options.However most of the applied options are able to change by the user while few others are mandatory.

Quick AVI Creator version (April 12, 2009)
- Finally QAC became a genuine Unicode application.
In order to accomplish this transformation, the
application rewritten almost from scratch.
Please do not try to install QAC on any computer
which running any version below Windows 2000.
- Added several machine translations, (hopefully right).
Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Romanian,
Russian, Polish, along with the already merged
English, Italian, Czech and Greek.
The language which is selected during the installation
is the selected language for the QAC as well.
- A Lot of user interaction improvements performed.
- Bug fixed: Incorrect audio extraction from DVD source
when selected 2 tracks with different format (eg AC3&DTS).
- Bug fixed: Finally managed and eliminated the annoying
popup console window which also caused occasionally the
video encoder to be launched in a separate console window.
- Bug fixed: Invalid input file occured when the MKV source
contains multiple video streams. Now the first detected
video stream is selected by default.
- Bug fixed: Incorrect mp3 sound extraction from MKV input
caused an unexpected error.
- Bug fixed: Invalid input file occured when attempting to
load an input source from an UNC path.
- Added: Support for Vorbis audio extraction from MKV source
either for transcoding or direct copying depending on the
desired output container.
- Added: OggDec v1.9.6 (GNU-GPL).
- Updated: x264 to version r1139.
- Updated: Valdec to version 0.2a.
- Updated: Mp4Box to version
- Updated: Faac to version
- Updated: Faad to version
- Updated: Lame to current version 3.98.2 instead of 3.98b.

- Installer: New interface with language selection dialog.

Quick AVI Creator version (March 25, 2009)
- Bug fixed: Occasionally the video encoder has been launchedin a separate console window resulting in corrupted encoding.
- Improvement for MKV Input Container (MKV source file):
Along with the already involved detection/support for the AVC codec, involved moreover detection/support for several other codecs. Actually every video format that is supported by the ffdshow directshow filter supported also by the QAC, provided that the ffdshow is installed and configured correctly.
- Managed some stability issues.
- Installer: Fixed bug which caused the installer to freeze while was attempting to install translation files for the AvsP.

Quick AVI Creator version (March 18th, 2009)
- Bug fixed: incorrect parsing of MKV included subtitles affecting MP4 and MKV output.
- Bug fixed: inaccurate parsing of external subtitles related to MKV input.
- Updated DGAvcDec to v1.0.9.0 (likely faster indexing).
- Updated Lame to v3.8b (likely faster processing).
- Updated x264 to r951 (extra fast with modern multi-core processors).
- Updated MKVmerge to v2.5.3.
- Updated MKVextract to v2.5.3.
- Installer: Improved functionality and integrated Italian language.
- Several minor corrections/improvements performed.

Quick AVI Creator version (March 6th, 2009)
- Added Italian translation by Enzo (
- Added support for MKV input container.
- Added support for AAC audio decoding.
- Added support for WMA audio decoding.
- Added DgAvc v1.0.8.0 (GNU-GPL).
- Added mkvextract part of MKVToolnix v2.4.1 (GNU-GPL).
- Added Faad v2.6.1 (GNU-GPL).
- Updated mkvmerge to v2.4.1.
- Updated Mediainfo to v0.7.8.0.
- Several minor corrections/improvements performed.

Quick AVI Creator version (June 17th, 2008)
- Added support for 2 more output container modes:
- MKV container performed by XviD encoder.
- MKV container performed by x264 encoder.
- Added mkvmerge part of MKVToolnix v2.2.0 (GNU-GPL).
- Added option for AAC audio when container is mp4 or mkv.
- Added Faac v1.25.0 (GNU-GPL).
- Bug fixed: Incorrect parsing of DVD audio delay if any.
- Bug fixed: Incorrect parsing of 3:2 pull down film. (DGIndex force film option)
- Bug fixed: Process priority is now set to idle while running in backround waiting for AvsP.
- VSFilter revert to version 1.0.14 18/9/2007.
- DGIndex/DGDecode changed to v1.49 build independent from msvc*80 libraries.
- Installer: Added function to install msvc*80 libraries if needed.
- Several minor corrections/improvements performed.

Quick AVI Creator version (June 3rd, 2008)
- GUI updated. Now supports 3 output container modes:
- Avi container performed by XviD encoder.
- Avi container performed by x264 encoder.
- Mp4 container performed by x264 encoder.
- Added option to include subtitles within mp4 container
instead of burn-in subtitles.
- Added Czech translation by pospec (
- Added MP4Box version 0.4.4 (GNU-GPL).
- Added Avc2avi mod build 2006-11-12 by DVBPortal (GNU-GPL).
- Updated x264 encoder to version r859.
- Bug fixed: Incorrect parsing of dts audio.
- Minor modifications in AvsP in order to improve integration.
- Several minor corrections/improvements performed.
- Installer: Improved compatibility with Vista-UAC.
- Installer bugs fixed:
- Incorrect extraction of vsfilter.dll in win 9x/Me systems.
- Incorrect extraction of unicows.dll in win 9x/Me systems.

- Implement mkv output container.
- Implement aac audio choice for mp4 and mkv output containers.
- Work further with AvsP's (python) sources, in order to improve
integration furthermore.

Quick AVI Creator version (May 17th, 2008)
- Initial public release
- AvsP version
- DGIndex version
- DGDecode version
- VirtualDubMod version
- XviD version 1.2.127
- x264 version r839
- Vstrip version 0.8f_css
- MediaInfo version
- Lame version 3.97
- Valdec version 0.1.a
- Normalize version 0.253
- VSFilter version

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