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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for QuEnc

QuEnc 0.72
.fixed separate not working with -close
.changed will not encode pulldown when interlaced disabled but pulldown enabled
.small tweak to 2 pass ratecontrol

changes from 0.70 to 0.71
- added 448kbps for audio encoding
- changed CLI parameter error message to timed(4 seconds), compatability with older programs
- added settings, changlog and PSP-IPod texts
- restricted MP2 and MP3 to encode to a maximum of 256kbps even if set higher
- small 2 pass ratecontrol tweaks

changes from 0.61 to 0.70
.improved 1 pass ratecontrol
.improved 2 pass ratecontrol
.improved ac3 encoding low volume problem
.fixed last frames at constant quant
.fixed if max bitrate higher than target bitrate
.fixed 24fps video encoding
.changed ac3 downmix levels to -3dB and dialnorm to -27dB (Dolbys reccomended settings)
.changed mpeg2mux(cli option) to automatically sets QuEnc to mpeg2 mode
.changed extreme setting to not use trellis, tick manually if you want that aswell
.changed other extreme settings
.changed auto max bitrate to x2 if over 3000kbps
.added mpeg1mux cli option ,automatically sets QuEnc to mpeg1 mode
.added mpeg4mux cli option ,automatically sets QuEnc to mpeg4 mode
.added pulldown option(must use interlaced encoding)
.added mpeg4 video mode(specifically PSP profile compatible)
.added aac audio encoding with mpeg4 mode
.added mp3 audio encoding with mpeg4 and snow modes
.added audiocodec cli options aac and mp3 for mpeg4 mode
.added separate mux option to mpeg2 encoding and mpeg2mux(cli)
.added source properties detection to some better display options
.removed -mpeg1 and -mpeg2 cli options, use their mux options instead
.increase mpeg1 buffer size to 224 if max bitrate over 1800kbps or constant quant
.increased buffer size to 392 if max bitrate over 9800kbps(DVD max)
.exposed snow mode (not reccomended for anything but experimentation)

22.05.05 Just released 0.61!
Has a bug fix for the MPEG-1 System Mux
22.05.05 QuEnc 0.60 Released!
New XviD Ratecontrol in 2 Pass mode!
Added a MPEG-1 System mux mode
Can apply pulldown to the encode
Bug fixing...More stable (for use in more than one instance of QuEnc, etc)
A bunch of other stuff I'm too ill to remember ;)

13.04.05 QuEnc 0.59 BETA 4 Update
* Tweaked Rate Control
* Fix for bad MPEG-1 files ending up with no Aspect Ratio

07.04.05 QuEnc 0.59 BETA 3 Update
* Better stability (In theory)
* Always encodes the selected AR for MPEG-2
* Can now automatically do two passes to create both a separate audio and video file
* Now creates Muxed MPEG files with compliant PTS/DTS/SCR Values
* Has updated DragonGodz QLB 1.2 Matrix
* Has new mini DVD Authoring Mode
* Fixed irritating bug when doing a 2pass low frame count and low bitrate encode (again!)
* General fixes for things like audio encoding, etc

18.01.05 QuEnc 0.59 Beta 2 Update
Minor update with B-Frame Encoding

17.01.05 QuEnc 0.59 Beta Update
Basis of a release candidate for QuEnc 0.6 Stable
B-Frame strategy should always produce uniform B-Frame placement
Fixed mono audio encoding
When GOP=0 means GOP size will be infinitely large
Now has encode only audio or video options
Fixed last frame not encoding when using B-Frames
Added -silent option (loads QuEnc minimized)
"Extreme" Settings don't automatically turn on Trellis

QuEnc 0.59 Alpha
*(Added a "I" Information button so you can get info on the input file)
*(TFF Bug Fix, Only Accepts YV12 Colorspace as Input Fix)

QuEnc 0.57 Alpha
* Has the latest CVS (should be improved DVD/SVCD/VCD Muxing)
* Added a No Mux feature for people that just want to encode the video from an AVI.
* Hidden SNOW Codec Mode

QuEnc 0.56 [Alpha]
* Now has Audio Encoding support! It can encode to raw mp2/ac3
* Can mux and encode at the same time! Can now encode video and audio from an AVS into a SVCD or DVD compatible MPG file, or into a VCD compatible MPEG-1 System file.
* Can automatically create an AVS for AVI or WAV files, so it can load them directly, "as is" for encoding.
* Uses Quant 2 for 1st pass encoding, for a mild boost to 2 pass encoding quality
* Can now do Constant Quantizer encoding, just use a bitrate of 31 or less and it will encode using that quantizer.
* Bugfixes

.aspect ratio should be working properly now
.bad parameter window tells you what the bad one was now
.version of exe changed to 0,0,5,4 so jdobbs can pick it in DVD-RB
.dll version is cvs 12th july as reccomended over 0.49pre1, found on ffmpeg homepage

.properly replace notch matrix.
.minor tweaks.

.some more tweaking to settings.
.added pass text on main window.
.notch matrix completely replaced by QLB(Quenc Lower Bitrate) matrix.
.the kvcd cli commands replaced with QLB ones.

dc option now works correctly (doh! 1000l at Micheal would say)
Added missing commandline options (maxbitrate priority)
Turning off Scene Detection also now enforces strict GOP structure (to help with ABond's problem )
Also raised threshold hack to remove Could Not Open Video Codec error.

QuEnc 0.50
Now can be paused by pressing the pause key on the keyboard
60000/1001 is now supported as a fps
Now strictly complys to the LGPL

QuEnc 0.49
Hack to stop the "Could not open Video Codec". It now doesn't allow MPEG-2 video to be done with a two pass, when the bitrate is under 200 kbps. Instead it does a one pass. This hack will suffice until a better fix can be made.
Now can set vbr and hq from the commandline options (use QuEnc /? ) for help
Now has process priority

QuEnc 0.47
Fixed: Not encoding the correct number of frames when using B-Frames.

QuEnc 0.46
Now has "extreme" options, mainly for my own testing, but should provide quality over speed
New Command line options for turning options off as well as on ( view with QuEnc /? )
Now "should" have interlaced encoding for encoding interlaced material.
Now "should" have better bitrate control...hopefully it won't have huge undersize/oversize problems.

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