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Project X 0.91.0 2011/03/31 basic release:

Project X 0.91.0 collects all patches from 0.90.4 series b01 ... b32 since 2006/03/30 (5 years) (for the list of changes see the Notes in the .zip file) hint: H.264 (in SD & HD) processing is still missing

Project X 30.03.2006

- better preview of bad I-Frames, and some rare resolutions
- exception at older JRE when saving preview frame with DAR option
- wrong assoziation at ac3 header look-up
- exceptions when decoding RDS-data from mpeg frames
- ttx-pagematrix info erased at process completion
- dvb subicture, page id 0 wasn't accepted
- ...

- omits padding packets in TS private streams
- mpv ES demux, omits data from seq.end to seq.start
- more error and processing logs
- re-scan when changing stream type assignment
- ac3.bin incl. 192kbs 2/0 frame
- ...

- subpicture, 2nd export format accessible
- dvb subpicture, new entry for mtv adria
- export RDS-data stream 0xDA (e.g. video EPG)
- optional pre-read buffer (1MB, for special access acceleration), thx to Artemis1121
- optional creation of cuttermaran project file (info-xml >=1.61), thx to Arnaud
- italian language file, thx to mfsav
- modif. idct sources for OS2, thx to Ronald
- pes demux, check for errors in pes_extension (probs with some vdr-plugins)
- ttx, enhanced parity check (drop lines with more than x parity errors); iniKey only, std: SubtitlePanel.maxParityErrors=2 (0..40)
- mpa decoding, wav/aif export with optional fade-in/out; iniKey only, std: AudioPanel.fadeInOutMillis=2000 (1..5000)
- ...

Project X 31.12.2005

- the archive contains all necessary files

- exception handling if a file was removed in background (after it has been added)
- wrong pts check at changes of vob-id/cell-id (multiple vob segments)
- wrong subpicture demux at some packets
- wrong vbi detection
- wrong id assignment at 'to pva'
- exception at pva overlap check
- ...

- ac3 crc check optimized (less processor consumption, faster)
- internal separation of parser classes
- some gui + cli adaptions
- ...

- option to deactivate preview (decoding)
- option to choose a special ttx page termination (some dvb-t fi ttx) (test ATM)
- autoload window for file selection: optional subfolder expansion
- simple http WebInterface to control pjx main processing from remote access, manualy or autostart (via cli: [-webif]), free port and keyword (required)
- ...

Project X 05.11.2005

- the archive contains all necessary files

- loading cutpoint file via CLI didn't work
- wrong samplerate value in the .wav/.aif header when decode mpa and active (but disabled) resample mode
- LPCM demux: output in wrong byte-order
- PES parsing: unwanted continued messages
- ...

- little GUI re-arrangements, window problems
- decode and normalize mpa: now restarts after a completed search for peaks, not on every peak change
- demux: max. bitrate value entry (dvd) changed to 9Mbps (from 9.8)
- pidfilter: simple cut feature added, means a partial 1:1 copy of (also filtered) stream data (pva,ts)
- some settings changed to be standard now
- ...

- loading chapterpoint list file via CLI [-chp <file>], format depends on cut mode
- simple relook's orig. fileformat splitter into .vpes/.apes (very few tests only) via context menu (blocks while processing), only meant for pre-processing
- ...

commandline problem:
if you can't start the non-gui version without a X server, try to call pjx with the 'headless' option
java -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar ProjectX.jar [options] <file>

Project X 30.09.2005

collects all patches from 0.82.1 and solved problems from 0.90 pre-release

now it is possible to compile and run it without the gui (javax.swing.) (means all source files in /gui/..).
so there is no requirement of running a X server or similars anymore, calling it from the commandline.

the source/key/settings handling has been changed completely, that means i.e. CL + ini parameters.
old one's aren't compatible and won't work anymore.
tell us, whether or not more CLI switches are wished. (with examples)

the gui and its placement of options has been changed again, don't cry..

there are so many changes inside, that we would be happy when it works as before at this point.

this is the 1st step of refactoring, what we will continue in following releases.
don't expect better error handling. that will come sometime later.. we still have to make a lot of changes.

- append extension to PES didn't work
- GUI hasn't started, forced by the CLI switch

- allow gaps in audio didn't work on pre-scan
- CRC validation didn't work on 44.1khz AC3 data
- FTP: problems with some national characters in filenames
- 'add sequenceheader' didn't work properly
- 'yield()' removed, solves some process probs on linux.
- some file access probs with local filesystem
- ...

- 'audio pitch' option removed from gui
- 'd2v parameters' options removed from gui
- allows writing of normal and big log at a time
- enhanced VPS,WSS and RDS decoding
- loading a file immediately performs a pre-scan of it, a wrong detection can be overidden by manually assignment
- file info is shown in the OSD, and can be copied to the clipboard
- direct conversion of mpa48 'single to dual' removed
- all primary parser modified, less errors
- pes-prebuffer removed, allocates it automatically
- file naming rules of multiple streams
- dragndrop mod, when using MacOsTiger
- changed CLI switch names
- ...

- teletext: optional text export in Unicode
- pre-processing of wrong ac3 PES files, written by the Hp SW
- pre-processing to strip raw audio data from DD and DTS-Wave files (possibly doesn't work with some formats, don't use it with unknown files)
- create a DD/DTS-Wave from Ac3/DTS streams (only meant for the use with Audio-CD-R's, possibly doesn't work with some formats)
- direct conversion of mpa48 'single to 3D stereo' (adds a delay to ch B)
- PMT-autofilter, makes a preselection of linked TS-PIDs in PMT (spares the Pidlist)
- 'sPES->MPG' option, handles PES files as mpg2ps data
- set chapters in preview (bytepos. cut), will be written into celltimes.txt on demux
- FTP: option to specify server 'resume' property, jumps now to the 1st cut startpos.
- FTP: allows elementary streams as input
- TF header: 3rd option (new TF5x00)
- option to update the timestamp of a (wrong) file (outside of our calendar)
- ...

Project X (patch) 07.05.2005

fix - CLI: switch [-n <new Outputname>] / GUI: "output as.." :
demux: multiple audio tracks were overwritten everytime by the last one
change - build.bat is modified, maybe helps when compiling
change - subtitle export: creating .sup from teletext (sup_value_field)
* outline pixel number (3=std) of characters can be set (10th value)
* font style can be set to 'plain'(0) or 'bold'(1=std) (11th value)
test - demux: logging of 'radiotext' from an Mpa,Layer2 frame (i.e. on the new radio-Tpx from ARD), if <out -> generic_vbi> is selected

Project X (patch) 18.04.2005

fix - Conversion toM2P: Nullpointerexception
fix - Audio demux: mpa-CRC validation fails on some layer2 frames
fix - Video demux: wrong modification of an existing SDE value (if enabled)
change - PES demux: subID determination of ac3
change - LPCM demux: output as .wav is now 5 times faster

Project X 0.82.1 31.03.2005

collects all patches from 0.82.0
fix - GUI: renaming a local file from Pj.X's file menu hasn't updated the file object in the collection (no access to that file on further processing)
fix - FTP: single input URL with authorization information (from CLI or GUI) wasn't recognized properly on JRE's > 1.2.2 (was connected as 'anonymous' instead, if possible)
change - demux: global PTS shift didn't apply to TS input data
change - teletext demux: automatic termination of a page, if it wasn't terminated in time (sync issue)

Project X (patch) 19.03.2005

change - rawread: filelimit of 101 files, removed
fix - rawread: file access collision (tftool)
fix - teletext: wrong detection of some streams (with missing alignment and stuffing)
fix - CLI: no files were recognized from rawinterface (from
fix - demux: some short Gops were dropped (from
fix - CLI: start error (from
fix - demux: nullpointerexception demuxing de-selected stream types
fix - all: some ac3 streams were not identified (the '=>sPES' switch is still important)
fix - CLI: switch [-g] hasn't started the GUI
fix - demux: arrayexception detecting wrong video headers
change - drops a Gop what exceeds a maximum size for SD resol.
change - updated language files
change - updated commons-net lib (to version 1.3.0), fixes some ftp issues
change - when dropping 'c.d.f', it also clears user_data in video
change - when dropping Mpa-CRC, it also clears private_bit in audio
add - collection context menu option to define a new output base filename (like the CLI switch [-o])
add - detects + decodes VBI-data streams (VPS + WSS labels) for info only (used by ORF[Austria])

Project X (patch) 29.01.2005

change - parsing: better handling of non-conform PVA audio streams from progdvb
change - cuts: suggest base filename for cutpointlist save dialogue (was lost)
change - now throws an exception on startup, if the commons-net library is missing (and psb. causing malfunctions)
change - updated language file 'dk'

Project X (patch) 21.01.2005

fix - idd & d2v export: wrong frame index positioning
new - <extern> FTP: drop client w/o logout; never use (except if a server won't close a connection / blocks a command reply, because data transfer wasn't completed)

Project X (patch) 18.01.2005

fix - GUI: startup exception, if agreement button was pressed to early.
change - FTP: send 'abort' command before closing a connection and a transfer wasn't completed

Project X (patch) included 16.01.2005

fix - GUI, file selection by doubleclickin': illegalargumentexception, java returns a wrong class type of file object

Project X 0.82.0 15.01.2005

fix - GUI: nullpointerexception: {patch video basics} w/o a selected file
fix - all: nullpointerexception: stream processing w/o or disabled content
fix - demux: video gop-summary: always shown 'interlaced & progressive pictures', independent of content
fix - demux: mp2 conversions: now better handling of exceptions and type mismatchs
fix - demux: split output: didn't work for ES-video; to prevent lost of sync, it always start analysis from pos.0
fix - demux: stream pts offsets didn't affect new stream content (IDs) found after a change of this offset
fix - demux: dvb subpictures: decoding errors on some streams

change - preview cutpoints: additional mark by magenta lines on the 'timeline'
change - scan fileinfo: adaption for MPG=>sPES special stream types content
change - concatenate diff. files: pts offset value changed
change - processing: check, whether write access is possible to specified output directory, stops processing if that check fails
change - post commands: now back to V0.81.8 handling, Java's own parsing of commandline sometimes failed; now set "?x" in quotes to quote all arguments, too
change - a lot internals

new - <messages>: option to append the current process time index to any log info
new - <messages>: option to disable the 'PES header in ES'-message(demux only)
new - <options>: option to close program after the job has been finished
new - <video>: option to insert an additional sequenzendcode if a change in video format occurs (demux only)
new - <video>: option to add/patch the sequence.display.extension/SDE, an emtpy field repeats the encoded size (recommended), otherwise key in any other value (e.g. '720*576') (demux only)
new - <special>: option to catch a little backward glitch in video pts (demux only)
new - <special>: option to handle different cell_times in VOBs (pts's in cells are not continuous) (demux only)
new - <subtitle>: teletext: option to draw outlined text char's (if less than 4 colors/pic in source) instead of a complete half transparent background for the whole subtitle picture
new - <GUI menu>: online connection to verify the latest version info and availability (may not work with a proxy)
new - <CLI>: accepts a batch (txt-)file/URL as input, with the extensions 'bfl' or 'tpl' (then this must include one file segment per line as input). ATM, this batch file doesn't support full unicode for FTP input URLs, so keep them simple.
new - TS export: additional PMT entry to fit AC3 to some players
new - scan fileinfo: TS: shows VPS(VBI)-PIDs and PIDs stream identifier of this service, and with better sorting of multiple media PIDs
new - TS: VPS(VBI)-PIDs will now be ignored (less misinterpretation with other private data streams)
new - preview: some code outsourced for faster decoding; usage is optional/system dependent (copy the Win32's '.dll' in the "/lib" folder to the .jar's working or system directory)
new - <coll spec.>: preview: option to udpate picture while scrolling
new - <options>: preview: buffersize is user defined, lower values read/store less data to find next I-Frame

new - new input interface:
- implements a FTP-Client (ATM read access only), provided by Apache's Jakarta Project libraries 'commons-net' and 'oro'
(both are required! take care that the compiled versions are suited to your JRE, there's no backward compatibility!)
* supports any ports, remote rename and resume(aka. 'REST', ftp-server should provide it for preview/cut and hexviewer)
* supports user specific FTP commands (executed before processing) (<extern> panel, multiple commands delimited by '|')
* simple FTP access is possible by adding a known URL in the file context menus or as a CLI argument
* enhanced FTP access with directory listings is possible through the 'autoload panel', by choosing and testing a connection
(ftp settings will be saved, but chosen directory listings not, because an offline server to connect on startup blocks)
* dependent on the ftp-server, some features are not available or do not work as designed
(we encounter problems with 'spaces in directory names', 'inaccessible big files', 'no support of resume', 'slow response time')
- File- (also as file:URL) and Topfield-HD access should work as before
- now, slow data input shouldn't result in data-lost (wrong file pointers) anymore

Project X 0.81.9 29.10.2004

modified sources: all ;)

- change: source handling + GUI options modified, some standard settings are changedNote: some ini parameters have been replaced and may not work with old settings anymore!
- change: resource data handling modifiedNote: optional/required files (e.g. language file, ac3.bin) can be placed into the .jar or (outside) in the working directory
- new: language menu is now available, starting with the system standard languageATM, there is an english language file (required) and, optional, one for german and danish (spanish planned), support for languages is welcome
- new: creation of a chapter file (txt) incl. all mode changes of audio + video (timecode + comment, esp. for M2S)
- new: option to save the output of a collection to a new folder called "date-time-name" based of the first sourcefile
- fix: PTS continue problem combining file segments > 2GB
- fix: failed renaming of right soundtrack file when split 2channel to 2 singel channel
- fix: exception on enabled d2v option, but missing video export
- fix: ES demux: prevention of buffer overflow on too much loaded GOP sizes (> 6MB not allowed as in PES)
- change: DVB subpicture streams now also accepted in VDR/PES format
- change: adaption (new option) for parsing of special Humax file format, incl. preview
- change: "out of sequence" msg. carries the latest video timecode
- change: pre-scan of mpg/pes etc. now shows also multiple audio + video streams + subtitle streams
- change: pre-scan, 2nd try on unknown file types, filepointer will be positioned at ~10% of file size
- change: post commands are now called as commandline, not arguments (what's actually the same)
- change: reading cutpoint files allows comments following any timeindex/number, at least one whitespace char must separate them
- change: cutpoints now also apply to stream2stream conversions. depending on the source packetization, the cuts are 'clean' (no pixel garbage)Note: even if cuts are possible now, there is no error/timecode correction as before
- change: 59Hz framerate calculation (only simple adaption)
- change: last selected folder in the systems file dialogue will be saved
- change: multiple file selection in the file dialogue box (not supported by some JREs)
- change: TS parse: better PID content detection (less mis-detection)
- change: now, the sourcecode adaptions for Topfield HD access are included. if you wonna try the AddOn from chrisg, just load and install the required .dll's only

Project X 04.09.2004
- fix: since V 081.7int06, some TS file segments of dreambox were not combined properly (wrong packet sequence error), even if that option was enabled

07.04.2004 int18
- simple adaption of .idd export (exclude psb. wrong IDs)
- preview infos of prog/interl. re-arranged
- support of 'Subpicture demux' added (from VOB/MPG-PS/ES) with check, preview and resync (cut). uses preview window of teletext. if it's visible, demux process is slower caused by decoding of the picture. the colors in preview does NOT represent the colors defined in the belonging .ifo file! take care of it by re-authoring the new .sup files..
- if creating/rewriting 'SUP' format, preview background color depends on the last active/found source video_resolution, subpicture must not exceed the 'good gray' display area into the 'bad red' area..! it has then to be re-adjusted..
- teletext decoding (chars of LATIN 1 codepage) and syncing revised and optimized
- support of LPCM (48+96kHz/up to 8-ch) demux added (from VOB/MPG-PS) by creating a .wav file (intel byte order) it's still under development; check and synchronize isn't yet optimized, but may produce usable results
- fix: array exception
- shows the first frame of a subpicture ES
- parsing of TS-PMT displays now languages and other stuff of V/A/T
- fix?: conversions toXYZ with split does not continue with the next free 'mapping ID', if a new PES-ID of the same type has been arrived after a previous split part.
- {global PTS shift} value now editable as a double (maybe better definitions than hours only)
- GOP/frame graphic now displays an interlaced sequence with a 'tiled yellow symbol'
- fix: issue 'pts mismatch', if cut of ES Video with ES Audio with 'later' cutpoints
- fix: preview: autosearch video pid of ts
- fix: demux
- array exception on too short payload sizes
- cutpoint files now include the cut_mode depending on the GUI setting (allowed in any line). if exists, loading such a cutpoint file the cut_mode will be changed
- PES header in an ES (what's not allowed) will be messaged an replaced by zero bytes
- pidlist is now uppercase
- some other fixes..
- beginning GUI (and also internal) revision, starts with a new MenuBar and moves lots of options..
- 'toTS': generated PMT of incl. teletext services contains static links to often used subtitle pages (deu150, ger777, eng888)
- <extern> {autosave each 1st I-Frame of GOP as bmp} export to the given base output directory (if subdirectory export is chosen). using GUI, saving the 1st pic requires a confirmation or changing of the out directory using CLI, 'last chance to change the directory before overwriting' is not implemented.
- lic. agreement moved to startup-'wait'-time until GUI is completely loaded it will disappear only if the user has confirmed the terms of use once.
- new 'Help' option opens a html frame to surf in lokal files, starting at "htmls/index.html" anyone can add own pages/links for it

20.02.2004 int17
- little startup window for future use
- some Log messages extended
- some fixes
- gopcheck: fix? sometimes wrong delivery of a PTS in 1st gop
- <extern> {create index.vdr when making VDR} , if enabled, the written files are also renamed to the usual .vdr segment names indexed by the index.vdr
- <extern> {autosave PTS values of cutpoints} , if enabled, any cutpoint will be exported as its belongin' GOP# PTS start value to <"file".Xpl> (does not apply to additional set export limits!)
- <coll. specials> {use PTS for cuts} is intended to use these PTS cut lists (preview is not available in this mode), load an existing cutpoint file via drag'ndrop onto {load cutpoints..} or the points 'key-in' field.

13.02.2004 int16
- some Log messages extended
- decode to PCM: .aif (Apple) format for output added
- preview: shows field_encoding_type of I-picture (F-rame,T-op,B-ottom) in addition to top_field_first flag (non-frame encoded pictures are not handled correctly when demux by Pj.X, ATM)
- preview: <coll. specials> {fast/worse decoding} uses only the 1st pixel of each block in a macroblock.

07.02.2004 int15
- MPEG1-PS: split on simple conversion 'to VDR/M2P/PVA/TS' has stopped after 1st part
- fix1: 'action: to..' options: enabled split wrote the last PES packet of a split part into the next part, too. (even when overlap disabled)
- multiple input files: consecutive PTSs of file segments less than 10sec. assume one recording. (fmly. 2sec.), otherwise next files must contain a sequenceheader. if not, demux will not export further video data (because of unknown 'real' picture resol. of next parts)
- change MPEG-ES: sequence_end_code does not stop the demux process anymore.
- shows coded framerate in preview

05.02.2004 int14
- MPEG1-PS: simple conversion 'to VDR/M2P/PVA/TS' added
- some messages changed
- fix1: arrayexception on PES sources
- fix2: arrayexception on ES sources

31.01.2004 int13
- teletext: adaption for 'non-System B' DVB-ttx stuffing lines (2* 46bytes length), prevents lots of 'missing..' messages and resulting errors (seen on Pro7.ger)
- preparing file support of ES-Subpicture (.sup) as input

29.01.2004 int12
- preview area extended (prevent exceptions on big char sizes and/or 2nd Y-Offsets)
- search for TS-syncbytes extended (at least 1MB, refers to scan_buffer_size) (better detection of clear PVR files from emTech320)
- add: {use Timecode for cuts}, timecode must be formatted like "hour.min.sec.frame" (allowed separators: "." or ":"), starting at "0" (missing values are set to 0) ATM, a cutpoint refers to the start-timecode (recalculated to first PTS occurance) of a GOP.
- changes for message: "missing startcode.."
- change when concatenate different files (PTS gap extended from min. 5sec to 20sec between foreign files), sometimes 5sec didn't reach.
- change for audio_insertion_message (sometimes wrong calculation of inserted time_length for log_display only, not insertion itself)
- RIFF/X-PCM (step 2, ATM not LPCM) incl. multichannel support added (to enable cut with video), ATM no insertion/add message, if so.
- {specials1} -> {join file segments} , attempt to join splitted TS packets on boundaries of file segments (dreambox) (thx2Ghost for the implementation)
- fix: exception on multichannel TS data (with an empty PIDlist and more than one video PID data), wrong delivery of 2nd video PID data

30.12.2003 int10
- GUI re-arranged (video,options,extern)
- {extern} execution procedure of post commands incl. arguments changed (and: packing the main application line into " chars, it's used also for the arguments)
- mods to allow multiple (independent) teletext sub-ids/-streams in one stream (0x10..1F)
- fix: Exception, if GOP/Sequ. did not contain any frame
- {options} -> {append new file extensions (PES)} : for secondary PES streams like multiple audio/Ttx, it only appends the new extension instead of replace the existing for the new file.
- {hexviewer} info line while saving binary part of file
- {decode to PCM} a not yet decodable frame (with MPAD), but of known format (as mp3) in the stream, will be replaced with the corresponding number of silent samples (resampled if necessary), to fit the given time_length to keep PCM audio in sync.
- {scan} pmt-info: PMTcheck fixed
- {audio} -> {allow spaces between frames} (handle with care! and only with _good_ data) (it does not verify the frame length of given valid frame header data, so the results are undefined and maybe corrupted frames.. )
- {files} file-info: detect & display RIFF WAVE data (Audio ES) , for planned (L)PCM support
- {teletext} SUP-format only: ascii chars with non-black background are now written in italic_style (e.g. commentarys) (note: many fonts seem not to support an optional italic_style in the same font name.., sans serif does, comic sans not)

22.12.2003 int08/int09
- fix: {parse MPG as VDR} -> MPG_startcodes_check was disabled when activated.
workaround for memory overload when reloading TTX PTS data (what can exceed the max. memory, caused by using PTS data (same value) for _every_ small TTX packet)

20.12.2003 int07
- nextfile PTS check_buffer now depends on {pre-Scan buffersize} (options)
- now support of DTS Audio (thx to R_One for the first implementation) should work for all input formats.. only limited tests are done ATM, may not work in some circumstances.. notes: * RiffHeader option as for AC3 does not work ATM, so don't activate.. * don't confuse DTS-wav with 'pure' DTS data (what X 'hopefully understands') * DTS-wav is what you burn as 'faked' PCM data tracks to Audio-only CD-R/DVD-Rs. * usually it has to be converted externally (see -> for tools)

14.12.2003 int06,
- better handling of low bitrate video data (as in MPEG1)

12.12.2003 int05
- change in time formatting of .ssa subtitles (caused by several JREs)
- {options} -> {start path for file selection} in a filechooser # empty = std = user.home # <path> = start here at 1st call of chooser in a session # ?<path> = start here at every call of chooser in a session

06/10.12.2003 int03/04
- fix for "added pre-Scan buffer field for user choice " (exception while detection of ES)

04.12.2003 int02
- changed handling of filetype 'vdr packsize0' due to a cutpoint mismatch increase the I-buffer size if necessary, so that you don't get 'missing next startcode (packsize=0)' , but lower values accelerate the process at least twice than before..
- added pre-Scan buffer field for user choice (increase for better detection of filetype mentioned as above.)

01.12.2003 int01 preview -change issue 'cannot find sequenceheader' -> temporary removed

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