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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for PgcDemux

Changelog v (28-11-2005)
- BugFix: Demuxing by CellId in CLI mode does not always work

Changelog v (19-04-2005)
- BugFix: Demuxing audio was completely broken in (Sorry )
- Added: Confirmation dialog when quiting, except in the case of using Quit button

Changelog v (10-04-2005)
- BugFix: Demuxed audio now starts always in a frame header
- Added: Option to do not include last celltime
- Changed: Special VOB contents requested by Zeul. Only the first I frame per cell

Changelog v
- BugFix: Crash opening About dialog
- BugFix: Unreferenced material. Duration of unreferenced cells was not initialized. Currently computed as zero (not true, but because VOB is not opened in this moment there is no way to get this info).
- BugFix: It was allowed to check a/v delay in PGCs without cells
- BugFix: A/V delay failed if the first encoded frame is not temporal sequence number 0, that is when vobu_s_ptm is different from first video pts value. Thanks to mpucoder for the clarification.
- BugFix: Wrong audio index in logfile if mpeg audio.

Changelog v
- Added: Demuxing by VOBid and CellId
- Added: Button to check audio/video delay
- Added: Percentaje of completion in title bar
- Added: Change VOB File name between VOBids
- Added: Customizable VOB file contents
- Added: Special VOB contents requested by Zeul
- Added: Number of VIDs in Log
- Added: Warning if files already exist
- Change: Button label OK to Process
- Change: CLI syntax has been modified to support new demux modes
- BugFix: CLI was completely broken

Changelog v
- Added: Minimize box in title bar
- BugFix: PGC demuxing in menu domain failed if # language units > 1

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