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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for PVAStrumento

Download PVAStrumento :
Release date: 2009-03-15
+ added support for audio stream selection (makePS with mpeg input)
+ little fixes (like you can start only the output if a audio stream is selected)
+ added support for audio stream selection (makePS with TS input)
+ added option "Enable Audio Stream Selection" in audio options
(the new feature is only activ if Audio Stream Selection = enable otherwise pvas puts all Audio Streams in output file)
+ fixes
+ added alert trace when pvas doesn't know the file type
+ fixed mistake in PVA output fcts
+ added pva jobfile creation via GUI
+ added makePVA support in jobfile (cPVAS and GUI)
+ first fix to find AC3 streams which aren't listed in PMT
(option "Relaxed TS Semantics on input" must be active (possibly a rework is necessary))
+ moved ini file from windows dir to program dir

Download PVAStrumento :
Release date: 2008-12-25
+ added *.tpX (X = integer) to support homecast streams (TS file type)
+ added *.dvr to support streams like COMAG SL-100 HD (SDTV only, TS file type)
+ fixed - TS streams (like HD-Sat-Receiver COMAG SL-100 HD) with much data garbage at the begin (>0xFFF0) can be converted
+ added options to open Mpeg2Schnitt or Cuttermaran after processing
+ added multiplexing from AC3 in mpg2
+ added option to dis/enable AC3 SubHeader writing (audio options, makeps only)
+ fixed bug in logging modul (cPVAS)
+ added printing of pids in ts streams
+ fixed mistake in "info mode"

Download PVAStrumento :
Release date: 2008-12-07
+ added option "patch AR in MPEG headern" possible are 4/3, 16/9 and widescreen (in expert option)
+ added option "TS is a TS192 Stream" to support TS192 streams (normale TS + 4 Byte TimeCode) (in expert option)
+ added option "extract video" and "extract Audio" in case of demux job
+ clearing the log window before starting a new job
+ added printing of needed job time in log window
+ added log file creation in CLI version (cPVAS.exe)
+ changed: open file dialog size is changeable
+ fixed buffer overflows in MPEG input part
+ added general option "Deleting input file after processing, if no error occurred
+ added info field which shows the PTS time (gui only)
+ bugfixes (removed deadlocks & bufferoverflow)

PVAStrumento :Release date: 2006-05-27

+ fixed problem with multi-language audio on "Premiere" channels
+ fixed wrong filename-extensions in batch-mode
+ optionally: start first part of splitted output with numbering "00", so that cuttermaran does not grab audio for different parts simultaneously. Default is "ON" ! Can be switched off in "Demux-Tab" or in "General"-Tab of defaults-setting.

PVAStrumento : Release date: 2006-05-20

+ fix on the AC3 synch
+ autofallback to "relaxed semantics" (i.e. "guess") on TS recordings where tables cannot be parsed (can be switched off in experts-dialog)
+ added error summary, giving times of error occurence in output files
+ added .avr and .mdd as Filetypes

PVAStrumento :Release date: 2005-06-14

+ another fix on the AC3 "asynch issue"
+ added an option in expert-dialog to ignore missing system header in MPEG2 PS

PVAStrumento : Release date: 2005-06-12

+ fixed another bug where a corrupt TS file could crash PVAS
+ fixed the AC3 "asynch bug" -- hopefully - Please test!
+ added an option in Demux-dialog to add DELAY to audio filename (for cuttermaran)

PVAStrumento is now ready for download.

A corrupt TS-paket could crash PVAS (adaption field)

Files without (video) sequence headers could crash PVAS, missing sequence headers could put PVAS in a dead loop at EOF.

NOTE: PVAS is still relying on a sufficient number of sequence headers in your recording !

A manually entered input file-name was not transferred to the option-dialog

Cuttermaran is only accepting indexfiles (.info) with a timestamp later than the corresponding video file. PVAS is now waiting about a second, before writing the last byte to the .info file.... that fixed it :-/

"pause" - button
To correctly process AC-3 data in vdr-recordings, PVAS may not look for "substream headers". This option can be changed in the audio-tab and is default ON, i.e. PVAS will not look for substream headers in vdr-recordings.

PVAStrumento is now ready for download.

The "clear CDF" introduced a bug that would corrupt the first GOP (of a stream or after a cut). This would lead to block-artefacts plus could cause other problems. This is now fixed.

PVAS now no longer writes to non-existing or write-protected drives (stooopid error)


The "beep" at the end of processing can now be turned of (in "default"->"general").

PVAStrumento can now generate an .info file for Cuttermaran, making Cuttermaran's startup much faster (option in "demux" tab)

RME4: PVAS can now remove spurios "000001E4" packets, sometimes generated by ProgDVB, on the fly. You find the option in the "video" tab.

PVAS now uses an .INI file to store defaults instead of the registry. Many people asked for this.... IMPORTANT NOTE: The new version does not transfer the defaults from the registry to the .INI. If you have changed the default parameters, you will have to enter them again in PVAS (Sorry about that). The .INI is stored in the Windows-directory.

Features added:
when clearing "composite display flag" the associated parms are now also cleared - Please test !

Bugs fixed:
fixed loss of AC3 packets at end
fixed "Make PS" bug introduced in

Features added:
option to clear "composite display flag" - Please test !
handling of Terratec DVB-T files

Bugs fixed:
fixed possible dead-loop on corrupt TS
fixed bugs in batch processing
modified extraction of audio-only files

Features added:
ALERT messages at end of input files: messages changed
processing summary: display "real" video bitrate
added an "estimated time" display
added option to drop TS packets marked as "scrambled"
changed TS packet-border check
faster pattern matching when matching video frame-borders
Bugs fixed:
"info" button crashed PVAStrumento
at EOF audio was written past the end of video input
resolved for MPEG audio, and _probably_ for AC3 audio (no test cases here)
better guard against scrambled (conditional access) stream data
check "cancel" button while TS parsing

respond to cancel button while syncing is in progress
added option to switch off splitting on video format change
added AC-3 substream header detection. VOBs work now (as well as hopefully DVBViewer files)
fixed bug when two (or more) MPEG PS are multi-read as single file
modified audio frame detection in stringent case: re-scanning buffer !
corrected AC-3 substream detection in TS
Select only single programme in case of multi-programme (multi-SID) TS
"Walk up" in tree, when directory is missing
Added scrambling WARNING
Compiler Bug ? could lead to false "PTS jump in video"
ADDED when saved inputdir is nonexistent, "walk up the path"
FIXED hang on PTS wraparound

v2.1 RC7
Fixed a few things, although there are still open ends :-(
Fixed: MPEG output playable with MicroSoft MediaPlayer, fixed the slowing down/memory gobbling problem, fixed a problem with UK DVB-T streams, fixed setting the "closed GOP" flag in first GOP.
Changed: The TS-parsing has been improved, the pre-scanning has been changed.

v2.1 RC6
There have been a few bugfixed regarding TS parsing and I reconsidered video PTS parsing. The mods for DVB-T (Fin and UK) introduced a dead loop in certain circumstances. This has been fixed. DVB-T users in Finland and the UK should now switch on "relaxed Video PTS checking" in the "experts"-tab.

v2.1 RC5
audio: changed the way missing frames are detected and modified the audio offset tracking. While this should help our Finish users a lot, extensive tests should be done !
back to auto-detection of AC3 in MPEG2 program streams
Fixed a problem with BBC Prime transport stream recordings.
fixed detection of AC3 in relaxed TS semantics checking

v2.1 RC4
option: Strict checking of audio frame legths (in "Experts"-Tab, Default:ON)
option: relaxed checking of TS semantics (in "Experts-Tab", default ON)
option: restrict the maximum size (in kB) a GOP can have (in "Experts-Tab", default: 980 kB)
recognized file-extensions: *.rec is now recognized as a TS recording.
When geration of .idd files was on, "Scanning" a file would cause a program crash.
sometimes, when audio format changes in a file, a "change back" to the original format was not recognized

v2.1 RC3
ADDED .idd file creation during demux for use with MPEG2Schnitt V0.6f
BUGFIX: Reset the GOP timecodes to zero at start of a new job
CHANGED: working with a single file out of a DreamBox fileset is now possible

v2.1 RC2
fixed another bug in the video header re-writing
now keeping track of accumulation of audio offsets across files and cuts (-> my be switched off in the experts-tab); this should improve processing of input files that have multiple cuts
added option to disable interpretation of MPEG2 private stream1 as AC-3 packets. That should help finnish users.

v2.1 RC
PVAStrumento now behaves better on files that have been cut. A new option for following the accumulation of audio offsets throught cuts has been added (default is ON).

v2.1 pre11
make PS" now works, will create MPEG program streams. No AC-3 output in Make PS yet !
bug that was introduced with setting of GOP timecodes fixed
file splitting again possible (no overlapping of output !)
fixed handling of audio-only DreamBox recordings ("radio")
fixed the drop of the last GOP in DEMUX
bug fixed: reset multi-file list in multi-job batchfiles

v2.1 pre9
Fixes problems with SVCD-input
Fixes (some) problems with corrupt transport stream recordings
Adds support for Humax PVR8000
Cosmetic changes in "open-file"-box

v2.1 pre8
Small but important changes, effecting the processing of files containing cuts.

v2.1 pre7
Hopefully fixes problems problems with some recordings from the Hauppauge DEC (2000/3000)-Series. Also sync may improve on other corrupt files.

v2.1 pre6
bugfix for TS-recordings of PRO7 (Ger)
auto-split on audio format change can now be disabled

v2.1 pre5
now working with PRO7 (Ger) and ITV (UK) recordings [changed PTS parsing]
bugfix in handling of 44.1 kHz audio
changed TS parsing because of problems with BBC Prime - which makes TS handling a bit slower

v2.1 pre4
This is the first pre-release to contain AC3 processing.

v2.1 pre3
PVA-Output has been added. Tested with a number of DreamBox TS files. Processing has been sped up.

v2.1 pre2
better sync
tested and running with BBC-recordings
tested and running with DreamBox TS

v2.1 pre1
this is the first version with the new "engine"
it can handle multiple MPEG-audio
it can only demux
it will split the output on audio or video format change inside the stream
no file splitting by size supported
only MPEG2 input (PS or VDR) and PVA input has been tested
please test it with TS from DreamBox !

V 2.0.30, May 5 , 2003
back to old video data handling, to fix endless "Cutting video"-Bug on certain stations

V 2.0.28, April 20 , 2003
modified video data handling
BUG fixed concerning autocut with marks.vdr and multi-file input

V 2.0.27, April 14 , 2003
added "autocut" of vdr-recordings (using the cuelist from marks.vdr)
fixed problem with dreambox recordings from "new" Premiere Direkt channels

V 2.0.26, February 3 , 2003
Win2K-problem ("unable to open audio file") fixed
fixed problem with certain dreambox recordings

V 2.0.25, December 28 , 2002
BUGFIX : fixed a bug in video buffer handling, which could cause PVAStrumento to crash (thanks to Linda for pointig this out)
IMPROVEMENT in audio handling: in certain combinations of video and audio format, audio frames could be "lost" (_periodic_ "missing audio frames").

V, December 23 , 2002
really only minor tweaking in TS-handling:
with this sub-version PVAStrumento handles DreamBox TS files from Premiere Direkt recordings, as well as transport streams recorded with the "Topfield" recorder (tested with one recording which was kindly given to me)

V 2.0.24, December 20 , 2002
added DVB-MPEG2-Transportstream (TS) to the input Formats. Tested with transport streams from the "DreamBox", there is a good chance that it will work with other TS also - please inform me about success (or failure)
found the problem with certain Linux-VDR recorded streams, that led PVAStrumento to believe that it had an "illegal stream"
changed the handling of an audio format change (stereo to mono and vice versa, as can be observerd on the channels): A GOP in which the audio change occurs is now completely thrown away. This should solve the problem with mono-recordings having the stereo packets in the beginning (led to "mickey mouse" sound with certain programs).
NOTE : PVAStrumento still extracts only the major audio from a recording. Though VDR and certain hard-disk-receiver/recorders are able to record multiple audio, this feature is not yet supported by PVAStrumento (working on it).
NOTE to DreamBox users : There have been reports that PVAStrumento 2.0.24 will not work with recordings from Premiere Direkt channels. As I do not have a DreamBox myself, it might take a few days to confirm the reports and have the problem fixed.
NOTE : There have been reports that PVAStrumento has problems writing output on Win2K operating systems.

V 2.0.23a, October 13 , 2002
BUGFIX : cPVAS crashes on WinXP fixed ; crash with certain input files on WinXP fixed
NOTE : PVAStrumento not yet tested on WinXP SP1.

V 2.0.23, September 27 , 2002
NOTE : Dynamically linked versions of PVAStrumento are no longer distributed, only statically linked binaries (including all library routines) are available, because older C-runtime libraries on some systems led to unexpected behaviour of PVAStrumento.
audio input handling has been modified ; audio misalignements will no longer be reported in the logfile
PVACut had a problem with PVAStrumento generated PVA files > 2 GB (seems like some kind of buffer problem in PVACut) ; PVAStrumento output has been modified, so that PVACut will now accepts generated PVA > 2GB
file I/O has been changed from raw I/O to windows functions
individual info messages for GOPs that are not DVD-compliant are suppressed, instead a summary is given at the end
when <demux>ing the logfile directory defaulted to the input directory - which could lead to problems when the input directory was read-only; this has been changed to the output directory, as was already the case with <make ps> and <make pva>
NOTE: since there is no output directory when <scan>ning, PVAStrumento will try to write the logfile in the input directory
NOTE: checked compatibility with DVD2SVCD ver. 1.0.9 build 2 and DVX 2.29b conversion GUIs ; both work with PVAStrumento 2.0.23
BUGFIX: Some self-generated PVA-files were not accepted by PVAStrumento
Still no solution to the "RTL-Problem", see V 2.0.21; Anyone having the same "effect" with other recordings ?
Still no overlapping output on multi-file input.

V 2.0.22, September 9 , 2002
BUGFIX: Thanks to an alert user the input-overwriting bug was dicovered fast (see BUG, SERIOUS in Version 2.0.21). This bug has been fixed. You may again savely use jobfiles.
added a safeguard against inadvertently overwriting the input, in case a user enters the same name for the output as for the input by mistake.
tested PVAStrumento V 2.0.22 to run with DVD2SVCD. No need to use older versions with DVD2SVCD anymore
added an info message when PVAStrumento detects a GOP where the GOP size does not conform to DVD specs (i.e. more than 15 pictures per GOP). To see this message you have to turn logging level at least down to info.

V 2.0.21, September 6 , 2002
Multi-file input: Multiple input files handled as one input - comes handy when recordings have been autosplit
Extracting audio from audio-only recordings through "demux": auto-detecting of radio recordings
The first GOP at file start as well as GOPs dropped after a missing video frame, are now "closed" by removing the B-frames referring to the previos GOP. Therefore DVD2AVI will now report (correctly !) 0ms audio delay and the cuts on dropped frames are now "clean" (i.e. no more pixelization)
The job-file syntax has been extended to cover multi-file input and the documentation has been brought up-to-date
The default for sequence scanning is now "short scan", there should be no use for long scan anymore in normal conditions.
BUGS, KNOWN, SERIOUS !: When generating a jobfile for conversion to MPEG2 PS this version generates a job that overwrites the input ! Do not use jobfiles generated by this version !
BUGS, KNOWN: RTL-Problem: Process recordings from RTL to generate a (supposedly fixed) .pva or .mpg output. Process this output a second time and although this output should be fixed, PVAStrumento report missing frames. Strangely this seems to happen only with recordings from the RTL group ?? To be investigated.
BUGS, UNKNOWN: Probably a lot.

V 2.0.20, July 17, 2002
BUGFIX: cPVAS would crash on WinXP. Fixed.
Added a "scan" command in the GUI version: Scans a file and reports errors, does not produce output.
Added a "run batch" command to GUI version, so GUI can now run pre-created batches
Additional JOBs can now appended to a batch file, essentially storing multiple-conversions in one jobfile.
Output working directory is now remembered between sessions
BUGS, KNOWN: Helpfile needs updating, SCR calculation needs to be re-done to be able to directly write an SVCD !
BUGS, UNKNOWN: Probably a lot.

V 2.0.19, April 19, 2002
BUGFIX: In PVA generation, file splitting would not work. Fixed.
BUGFIX: The change in SCR calculation would cause "stuttering" on Software DVD-Players. SCRs are now contantly set to Zero, which is wrong and probably causes stand-alone DVD-Players to choke. But at least MPEG2 PSes run smoothly with Software DVD-Players again. The SCR calculation funnily enough seems to be a problem- againl: do not expect PVAStrumento generated MPEG2 PS to run directly on your DVD-Player !
BUGFIX: Fixed a bug whereby an EOF found during a long sequence scan could cause PVAStrumento to terminate the file early.

V 2.0.18, April 15, 2002
URGENT BUGFIX Release: there was an ugly bug in PVA-generation, which had to be fixed quickly !
Changed the SCR calculation in MPEG2 PS generation. But it is still not quite right, so still: do not expect PVAStrumento generated MPEG2 PS to run directly on your DVD-Player !

V 2.0.17, April 14, 2002
PVAStrumento can now generate PVA files as output (from either MPEG or PVA input). So you can use the great PVACut program even if your original file was an MPEG2 PS. Just run it once through PVAStrumento, generate a PVA, cut this with PVACut and let the generated PVA run through PVAStrumento again for demuxing or generating a sync MPEG2 PS.
There is no option to set the GOP PTS anymore. DVD2AVI will again announce a (negative) audio delay. When muxing the original audio and video that has been processed through DVD2AVI you have to honour that audio delay (due to the way DVD2AVI handels un-closed GOPs).
Again tried to enhance 44.1 kHz audio handling
NOT FIXED: Still haven't found the reason why the command shell version will crash on certain installations
POSSIBLY NOT FIXED: Handling of MD8.1b recordings, tried a different approach on analysing the stream data, but not sure, if it works, because I have no test file available.
NOT FIXED: The documentation generally still reflects version 2.0.16 !

V 2.0.16, Feb 24, 2002
changed syncing behaviour in case a GOP would not cover an integer number of audio frames, "long scan" option not "really" nedded anymore. This results in a much better behaviour with 44.1 kHz audio.
found and fixed a bug when the first byte of an audio header would be the last byte of a packet, leading to a better behaviour with streams (MPEG2 PS) captured with Hauppauge PVR PCI and PVR PCI II boards.
fixed a bug in the "split on audio format change" handling
added an option to set the GOP PTS to either the first I-Frame (will give an DVD2AVI audio delay) or to the first frame in time (DVD2AVI will not report an audio delay). This option does not change the picture PTSes and will have no effect on demuxing and on the data contents of the stream. It just has an effect on what DVD2AVI will believe the audio offset is.
updated the documentation to reflect the current version of the program

V 2.0.15, Feb 5, 2002
internal use only, not published

V 2.0.14, January 31, 2002
added an option to split the output when a change in audio format occurs ("Audio tab" - not yet documented)
corrected the handling of NTSC-recordings (framerate 29.97 fps) and improved handling of unusual GOPs ("No integer A/V frame match" situation).
checked PVAStrumento usage for Hauppauge's WinTV PVR recordings - which have the usual problems keeping synch. PVAStrumento does its duty here as well.

V 2.0.13, January 25, 2002
checked handling of MPEG2 PS generated with Hauppauge WinTV PVR - tweaked MPEG2 multiplexing ("make ps") a bit to better handle these MPEG2 PS. Checked that PVAStrumento works as synchronising tool in the toolchain WinTV PVR -> PVAStrumento -> Ulead DVD factory

V 2.0.12, January 20, 2002
bugfix in audio handling, affecting some of ARD channels, where PVAStrumento would incorrectly detect "short audio frames"

V 2.0.11, November 20, 2001
fixed problem, when satellite stations would change audio format during transmission (aka "ZDF-Problem")

V 2.0.10, date September 14, 2001
fixed an audio bug that was triggered by a change of streaming in the ARD channels - this bug was introduced in Version 2.0.5. PVAStrumento should now also better handle certain MPEG PS files.
added an option in the "experts" tab and a command to cPVAS jobfiles to drop GOPs with a wrong timestructure or to keep them. The dropping of GOPs with a corrupted time structure had been introduced "silently" in version 2.0.9 in order to make streams compliant with certain DVD authoring software.
added an option to the "video" tab a command to cPVAS jobfiles to adjust the GOP timecodes to correspond to the PTS times, this had been a feature of the 1.x-Versions of PVAStrumento and was thought to be not needed. But experience tells otherwise.
checked execution of PVAStrumento 2.0.10 on Windows XP, RC1

V 2.0.9, date August 14, 2001
changes in MPEG2 PS input handling so that PVAStrumento now can not only digest, correct, and demux DVB-S files but also used to transform MPEG2 recordings with DAZZLE DVCII (also known as FAST DVD.master) to something useful
minor bugfixes:
changed the initial setting (on first start of PVAStrumento) of "PTS jitter" to 1000 microseconds, to conform to "Set Defaults"
fixed the background bitmap which somehow got junked in Version 2.0.8
loglevel Parameter was ignored in cPVAS (commandshell version) - this is now fixed
I checked that output from PVAStrumento 2.0.8 and 2.0.9 can be loaded into TMPGENC Beta12i

V 2.0.8, date August 10, 2001
Version 2.0.7 had an error which caused it to crash with certain streams
at least one TV station (SAT.1) now transmits audio sequences where the presentation time for audio frames varies non-linear with the number of frames. For these streams V 2.0.7 introduced an echo effect in the output. This has been fixed in Version 2.0.8

V 2.0.7, date August 9, 2001
more finetuning of audio frame detection/correction: fixing a problem with new Technotrend Software (2.06) that caused spurios "audio misalignment" errors
added an option (in "expert" tab) to do a less stringent audio PTS checking. This is necessary for DVD.master generated files and also for some DVB files. Due to "unorthodox" timestamps in audio, you would encounter "missing audio frames" error, where there actually were no audio frames missing.

V 2.0.6, date August 1, 2001
fixed the bug when playing generated MPEG PS through DirectShow (MediaPlayer etc. would only play audio)
when file splitting, you can now specify to split (almost) evenly

V 2.0.5, date July 5, 2001
in 2.03, 2.04 and -finally- 2.05 the adio frame detection has been improved
when file splitting, you can now have an optional overlap (also in the jobfile, see jobfile syntax)
added MPEG PS input (in addition to .PVA input)
numerous bugfixes

V 2.0.2, date Mar. 22, 2001
found another buffer-overflow that would crash the program on Win2K
added an option to write packets of unconstrained size in MPEG PS. That way, if you only use the PS on the computer, you gain about 10% in file size (due to the missing padding stream)
added an option to set the size of a long video scan
the thread priority can be changed
input- and output-buffer sizes can be changed through the registry

V 2.0.1, date Mar. 20, 2001
fixed a bug that caused PVAStrumento to crash with certain streams on Win2K
changed the audio frame handling a bit, should result in less "misligned audio" alerts
changed file-I/O to raw read/write. This slows down the program (by about 5%, measured with my setup), but should allow for files > 4GB on Win2K now.

V 2.0.0
initial release

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