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New Features of PICVideo M-JPEG Codec v3

Pegasus Imaging proudly announces PICVideo M-JPEG Codec v3 to our hundreds of thousands of users! PICVideo continues to offer the fastest M-JPEG video compression and decompression in the world. Version 3 adds new features and improves the quality of M-JPEG video.

Features Include:

Adjust Brightness & Contrast During Playback
Version 3 offers the ability to adjust the contrast and brightness of video streams during playback. If a video is too dark or doesnít have enough contrast, it can be adjusted on-the-fly, similar to the way itís adjusted on a television.

Patent-Pending, Advanced Deblocking of Highly Compressed Video
Pegasus Imagingís patent-pending deblocking technology removes JPEG compression blocks on highly compressed video. PICVideo v3 users can enable JPEG deblocking on playback to improve quality. PICVideo is the only video codec that provides smoothing of highly compressed M-JPEG videos. This unique feature offers higher compression with less image distortion.

Correct YUV Encoding
PICVideo v3 corrects widespread misuse of the YUV video colorspace by correcting the chroma and luma ranges. Many codecs have been encoding YUV videos incorrectly. PICVideo v3 encodes these videos correctly, resulting in sharper, crisper colors.

Restores Improperly Encoded YUV Videos During Playback
PICVideo v3 will restore improperly encoded YUV videos and normalize improperly encoded UYVY to the correct range. Videos that currently appear washed out with less contrast will have their colors correctly restored.

New YV12 and IYUV/I420 Support
PICVideo v3 now encodes and decodes YV12 and IYUV/I420 colorspaces. The codec will report at runtime in Video for Windows and DirectShow that YV12 and IYUV/I420 are supported formats for both compression and playback.

Choose Interleave Field Order
PICVideo v3 now offers the option to set the field order of interleaved frames. The odd or even field can start first.

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