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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for OpenFX

02.04.2017 Updated build and inclusion of website for book. -- posted by Webmaster.
An updated build and the inclusion of the website for the book "Practical Algorithms for 3D Computer Graphics.

07.03.2015 Minor revisions. -- posted by Webmaster.
OA new build is available - with some fixes for the general object file importer and improved STL export (binary) that uses OpenFX's coordinate units. This will enable the Design module to build objects that can be instantiated on a 3D printer without re-scaling.

01.02.2015 Minor revisions. -- posted by Webmaster.
A few minor changes to inmprove the efficiency of the ray-tracing renderer and vertex selection in the Designer.

31.01.2014 Update to release version 2.4 -- posted by Webmaster.
This new version includes some bug fixes - to the postprocessor (flames and atmosphere), and the HTML help files. An updated Non-Windows renderer is included with much better operation. No documentation is ready yet for this.

16.12.2013 Update to release version 2.4 -- posted by Webmaster.
This new version includes a bug fix in the animator to the Robot Editor windows that caused a crash if the tool was started twice by an accelerator key. The robot OpenGL window has also been augmented to draw all the object vertices in addition to the bone's bounding boxes (see new icon on the toolbar for this option.) Two new menu commands have been adde to assist in character animation. Time shift the keyframes of the selected actor and displace all the movement keyframes for the selected actor. The shift values are specified in terms of the current coordinates.

24.10.2013 New release version 2.4 -- posted by Stuart.
This new version includes some updates to the code and its documentation. The main change is the ability to render stereoscopic images and movies. The Renderere control dialog contains a new tick box to render stereo ouptut to either JPS or Left over Right AVI files. The Camera settings in the Animator specifies the eye separation and the parallax depth.

18.10.2012 OpenFX 2.3 released -- posted by Stuart.
OpenFX is back! We are currently updating the website. In the mean time refer to the Queen's University web site at OpenFX

04.06.2012 version 2.2. released -- posted by Stuart.
An updated version of OpenFX (2.2) is available. This includes some new items and improved features.e.g. More efficient ray-tracing, A new Bones and Weights systems for character animation and an improved mapping coordinate painting system. There are also additional imaging effects.

04.10.2010 Version 2.1 released -- posted by Stuart.
An updated version of OpenFX (2.1) will be available soon. This includes several new feature in the designer module and a revised ray-tracer module that is more efficent.

04.6.2009 Version 2.1 released -- posted by Stuart.
20th November 2010: An updated version of OpenFX (2.04) has been posted on the web site. The designer stores the selection state of each vertex in the .MFX file. This enables you to retain the hidden state of parts of a model during editing sessions. It does not affect the visibility during rendering. Some other minor bug fixes have been implemented.

15.09.2007 OpenFX 2.0 released -- posted by Anil Madhavapeddy.
The final version of OpenFX 2.0 has been released and is available for download with the source code. An updated user manual and tutorial is also present on the resources page to get y ou started with this new release. Enjoy!

30.06.2007 OpenFX 2.0 beta3 bugfix and source release available -- posted by Anil Madhavapeddy.
The third beta of OpenFX 2.0 is available as a bugfix release for download, along with source code. As before, be careful not to permanently overwrite your old model files from OpenFX 1.x when experimenting with this beta release.

20.05.2007 OpenFX 2.0 beta2 available, with hardware GPU rendering -- posted by Anil Madhavapeddy.
The long-awaited update to OpenFX to include hardware rendering is now available for download, with the following changes:
Source built with Visual Studio Solution files.
Experimental hardware GPU rendering. Many (not all) programmable shaders are working. A few of these are nVidia hardware specific and ATI hardware is known to have issues with, for example, the blisters shader.
A particle actor is installed which only works with the GPU renderer. Effects include flames, clouds, sparks, inferno, moving fire and fluids flowing from a pipe.
OFX model formats changed to accommodate Maps and Materials.
In this new regime each polygon/face can have an image map and a material applied to it. The old OpenFX 1.x face descriptions can still be used for basic properties like colour and smoothing but all the texturing must now be done through the materials.
Image mapping has been significantly changed with some of the attributes that previously were attached to individual faces now applied to the image map itself (e.g tiling or shading).
All vertices now carry image map coordinates.
The new model files now embed the image maps directly, so there is no need to store them separately.
We strongly recommend that you do not erase or overwrite any of your older model or animation files from OpenFX 1.x and make new copies of them for use with the 2.x beta.

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