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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Open Video Downloader


Use yt-dlp instead of youtube-dl
Sponsorblock support
No longer ship with binaries, download them on first launch

Ignore youtube-dl config file
Only set the default format if there are any (fix videos disappearing after adding them)
Fix chmod command on linux systems


Add ffmpeg check, when the executable can't be found, extract if from the package again. (#153)

Disable log viewer button for unified playlist downloads.
Fix the audio codec selector showing while codec selection is disabled.
Fix variable always being null in openVideo function. (#155)
Fix files not being copied over correctly on first start. (#153)
Fix sentry not being able to initialize on linux builds.
Use the old filename extractor when the new one fails. (#160, #163, #166)
Fix linux version of youtube-dl being downloaded on a windows portable build. (#156)
Change the product name in fix-appimage.js to open-video-downloader.
Fix playlist metadata being accidentally cleared, resulting in playlist related output formats not working. (#148)

v2.3.0 - Open Video Downloader
Breaking changes

Change visible names to Open Video Downloader (#130)

Add auto option to preferred audio qualities. (#137)
Add rate limit option to rate limit the network speed per video. (#140)
Add specific qualities to the global quality selector. (#52)
Add bitrates to audio only quality selection. (#142)
Add the option to select video/audio codecs to download. (#47)
Add setting to always download a video or playlist. (#88)
Add setting to disable global shortcuts. (#144)
Save the global download type selection. (#141)
Add log viewer (#132)
Make cards draggable so they can be re-ordered. (#115)

Fix error handler triggering on warnings. (#125)
Improve stability of the Open file button. (#126)
Store user data in folder next to portable executable. (#136)


Shortcuts can now be used to add and download videos from the clipboard. Add: CTRL+SHIFT+V. Download: CTRL+SHIFT+D. (#101)
The download path will now save between sessions. (#109, #119)
All playlist related placeholders can now be used. Example: %(playlist_index) (#97, #98)
Specify an audio format in the settings for audio only downloads. (#107)
More error definitions with friendly errors.
Bug fixes:

The task list saves playlist URL's instead of the individual video URL's.
Remove the global shortcut to open dev-tools. (#106)
Include the AtomicParsley binary to fix some rare issues.
Show an error if there is no video metadata, upon opening the info modal.
Don't check for updates when the portable app is used. (this previously threw an error)


Copied URL's now automatically show up in the URL box. (#94)
Fixed 2 vulnerabilities in dependencies.
Added Sentry error reporting for better troubleshooting of unhandled errors.


Add proxy setting to download using a proxy (#83)
Add retry option when a download has failed/completed (#66)
Add friendly error message when youtube-dl gets blocked by firewall (#84)
Add language selector for subtitles and overhaul the general subtitle system (#77)
Add when done actions, like shutting down or locking your pc when downloading finishes (#75)
Add setting saving and youtube-dl version persistence to the portable version (#71)
Bug fixes:

Fix download bar not showing indefinite state while loading metadata
Fix the video delete prompt showing up on the wrong video card states (#80)
Fix youtube-dl binaries not being redownloaded when it doesn't exist or is corrupted (#55)
Implement additional possible fixes to counter errors with launching youtube-dl (#55)


Micropatch, change the data that is reported on reporting. To allow better debugging of #55.


Fix signature decryption failing for random mobile user agent strings, possible cause of #55
Fix subtitles not working for unified playlists. (#65)


Fix bug where no audio would get downloaded when the user downloads a playlists while being authenticated with cookies (#64)
Fix 'youtube-dl returned an empty object' error reporting. (#55)


Save and restore the task list when the app gets restarted (closes #46)
Add an option to download video only (closes #43)
Prompt the user before deleting a downloading video (closes #54)
Select or create a custom filename format to output your downloads in (closes #48)
Add a setting to download auto-generated subtitles (closes #53)

A complete rewrite of this app with a ton of new features and an all-new design.


Switch license GPL 3.0 -> AGPL 3.0
UI redesign (closes #28)
New logo ❤️ @MaximumFX
Show the ETA and download speed when downloading a video.
Calculate the download size accurately, no longer guess.
Completely rewritten back-end
Support for other video streaming sites such as reddit, vimeo and many more. (closes #27)
Ability to add multiple comma separated video links.
Download multiple videos at once by adding them to the queue. (closes #23)
View info about a video and download the thumbnail.
Save info about a video as JSON.
Save metadata into downloaded video files.
Fixed and improved auto-updating the ytdl binary (broken in 1.8.7 after switched to a valid https certificate #35)
Redesigned the app update process and give the user more control.
Added a lot more error handling and the possibility to report an error.
Changed up the analytics backend.
Add many settings to control how and what gets downloaded (see the settings wiki page for more info)
Spoof the user-agent value to slow down rate limiting.
Add unit-tests to the back-end, more tests will be coming.
Add Github actions CI to the repo.
Build the application on mulitple platforms automatically on release. (Github actions)

Change build process for linux distributables so they work on paranoid linux distro's (Debian, Arch). (#26)

Add support for downloading all uploads from a channel (closes #22)
Fix auto-update not working on linux platforms (fixes #24)
Started rewrite of format system

Add audio quality setting to video + audio downloads (closes #18)
Add a version number to the settings menu
Fix bug with format_id selection when downloading playlists
Fix bug where changing from a playlist to a video url would not remove the playlist settings
Fix 'open playlist' button not working
Updated shipped binaries (ffmpeg, youtube-dl)

Add 2 more styles/color themes for the app (Navy dark & Light blue)
Fix auto-update not working in versions 1.8.0 and 1.8.1
Add portable version of the app (the portable version does not have auto-update)

If you are using this version please update to version 1.8.4 or higher due to broken auto-updating
Fix: No longer send possible sensitive metrics data, now only a random UUID and the version that was downloaded gets logged.
What data did youtube-dl-gui collect before?
Before this update, your cpu model, amount of system memory, platform, language and version got logged.
After a fork from @Gambloide I realised that this is a bad thing to do.
That's why I have limited the data to a version number and a random UUID. All previously recorded data has been destroyed.
I have chosen to still log the above mentioned data, because these numbers really motivate me to work on this project.

If you are using this version please update to version 1.8.4 or higher due to broken auto-updating
Added a new settings menu
Added a setting to disable the app itself being auto-updated.
Added a setting to disable the youtube-dl binary being auto-updated.
Fix progress bar being empty while the text states "video downloaded", when the video was already present in the folder.
Fix "open file" button not working
Fixed a typo

Disabled spell checker on URLS
Enabled automatic thumbnail embedding, as this appears to be working again.
Set last modified date of downloaded videos to the download date, not the upload date.
Disable interaction with the stepper (hover, click)
Add the ability to flush the playlist metadata cache
Add shortcuts for developer tools and cache flushing
Replaced the placeholder thumbnail with a simpler looking one

Fixed an instance where metrics.js would send empty strings

Patched multiple security flaws
Disabled the remote module
Removed externally loaded scripts
Fixed some bugs in private video downloading
Automatically attempt to repair corrupted binaries
Show update dialogs on macOS, since macOS does not auto-update.
Change titlebar library and design

Add support to download private videos.
Add support to authenticate using cookies (more info in the Wiki).

Added progress bar to see the progress when downloading a single video
Improved the 'open-file' button
Temporarily disable the app when the binaries are being updated, preventing weird errors

Added support for linux (AppImage)
Added open file button after download
Fixed binary auto-update
Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities
Fixed multiple small bugs
Streamlined and cleaned up code

Add metadata cache, this allows for even faster playlist downloading.
Streamlined the logic/timing behind playlist downloading.
Fix: Left side of the 'download another video' button unclickable.
If you already have version 1.4.5 or higher installed and you are running windows there is no need to download the update from here, your app wil automatically update!

This build is heavily deprecated and will not work properly
Add support for playlist and bulk downloading
Add auto-updating
Add progress bars for playlists
Add overlay icons and progress bar in the taskbar
Add cross to clear the link bar
Removed youtube-dl-node
Switch windows from portable to installer
Fix DASH video downloads

This build is heavily deprecated and will not work properly
Add custom download location support
Add automatically calculated download sizes
Add internet connection auto detect (locks app when disconnected)
Add auto updater for the binaries
Add metrics
Fix wrong video format being downloaded
Fix binaries not working properly on Darwin
Change titlebar color on Darwin

This build is heavily deprecated and will not work properly
Add support for Darwin/MacOSX
Fix custom title bar on Darwin
Fix faulty binary paths on Darwin
Fix faulty window configuration on Darwin

This build is heavily deprecated and will not work properly
Disable asar smartUnpack so youtube-dl doesn't get unpacked twice, and to decrease the file size of the final executable.

This build is heavily deprecated and will not work properly
Fix binary locations in packaged exe
Fix buttons and inputs not being reset/disabled
Add error toasts
Add fps selection
Add support for downloading videos with subtitles

Alpha 1.0.0
This build is heavily deprecated and will not work properly
The first production ready release of youtube-dl-gui. At this point only single videos can be downloaded as .mp4 or .mp3 files. More functionality will follow soon!

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