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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for OGMDemuxer

Changes since v2.0b2
* removed the type extension (.avi for video, etc ...) in tags filenames
* added a --separate-chapters switch to output the chapters in a separate .chapters.txt file (besides the .tags.txt file)
* added a --legacy-avi switch in order not to create OpenDML files (unless size exceeds 2GB)
* added a --track-index switch to use the track index instead of the track serial in the filename of demuxed tracks

Changes since v2.0
* filenames with .tags.txt instead of .avi/... when only demuxing tags for all tracks
* correctly display the number of pages skipped (if any)
* free memory used to insert silence Vorbis samples
* show progress when only giving the file to demux as parameter
* fixed issue #51 (error while demuxing >2GB video streams)
* internal changes concerning endianness handling (no impact for user)

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