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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for NotEnoughAV1Encodes

Release v2.0.4

Fixed Changing Reencode Method has no effect (524fb6e)
Fixed Preset Custom Advanced Commands being overwritten (1e816ca)
Fixed Crash when clicking cancel more than once (39d2bec)
GUI: Save and Load State of Splitting Settings (5d6608f)
GUI: Set Minimum Window Size (1fdddc7)

Release v2.0.3

Fixed MP4 Muxing Wrong Container (ebf0d9f)
Fixed Audio Track Language Set Incorrectly (d383906)
GUI: Prevent Subtitles if Output Container is MP4 (4a409a0)
GUI: Prevent cpu-used 9 for libaom-av1 (434f48d)

Release v2.0.2

Note: The v2.0.0 Release had Logging and Temp File deletion disabled by default. Users may want to manually change it in the program settings.

Added Preset Option for Audio Codec and Bitrate depending on Channels (d6bc9ed)
Added Option to set default Preset (1332c93)
Added Drag & Drop Video File (4d2b6b5)
Added Very Basic x265 and x264 Encoding Support (2802424)
Added Chinese GUI Translation (3a5b00b) Thanks to @wcxu21
Added Russian GUI Translation (4f86cb9) Thanks to "Nonami"
Fixed Batch Folder Browser Dialog not detecting if user didn't select folder (9fe52a1)
Automatically set keyframe interval when not in advanced mode (01fbe9a)
Backend: Don't create a second Progress Element for 2 Pass encoding (c104af1)

Release v2.0.1

Note: The v2.0.0 Release had Logging and Temp File deletion disabled by default. These are enabled now when installing for the first time. Other users may want to manually change it in the program settings.

Added Localization - GUI Multi language - English & German (711d8df - If you want to add your own language, see #73 (comment))
Added Custom Output Name Batch Mode - Can be set inside add preset (28029c9)
Added ETA and FPS calculation (7c43db1)
Fixed UI Freezing when having multiple Items in Queue (78042e2)
Fixed Batch Mode adding Files even if no output is selected (f23df42)
Prevent User from Editing Queue Items when Encode is Running (acbd5ac)

Release v2.0.0

NEAV1E has been completely rewritten in .NET Core.
This means, that it's no longer compatible with any previous Presets and Job Files.
Of course Bugs will happen and some Features are missing - this has been in re-making of several months - so please report it on Github or Discord

Added Queue System
Added Option To Edit Queue Element
Added Encode Multiple Files Simultaneously
Added Changeable Video Framerate
Added More Deinterlace Filters
Added Two Progressbars For 2-Pass Encoding
Added Option To Use Video Bitdepth Instead of Preset Bitdepth in Batch Mode
Improved Audio Tab - No Hardcoded Limited Amounts Of Tracks (Now Uses A List)
Improved Subtitle Tab - No Hardcoded Limited Amounts Of Tracks (Now Uses A List)
Improved Video Muxing by drastically reducing code and using MKVMerge
Improved Subtitle Support - it now no longer extracts all subtitles when opening a video
Improved Batch Mode - the mode now only adds all files to the Queue with a custom Preset
Improved Process Cancellation which now also gracefully terminates the encoders
Improved Progress Reading by using STDERR instead of writing to log file (reduces random IO)
Improved Logging
Fixed Audio and Subtitle Mapper Not Respecting The Index Of Deactivated Tracks
Fixed Conflicting Temp Directories By Switching To A Unique Identifier
Switched from .NET Framework to .NET Core
Entirely Rewritten "Object Oriented" Code
Switched From XML to JSON
Removed FFmpeg Scene Based Splitting: Reason is that it's algorithm is inferior to PySceneDetect. Additionally it somehow broke entirely, which wasted 4h of trying to get it running.

Release v1.9

Added Support for libaom-av1, librav1e and libsvtav1
Added FFmpeg Builds for librav1e support
Added Button to test if custom encoding settings work
Added MediaInfo.dll which speeds up getting Source Information
Removed Trim option - this solves some deep lying logic issues
Updated MKVToolNix from v52.0.0 to v58.0.0
Updated FFmpeg Build to 2021.06.30 (Build Date)
Updated Aomenc Build to 2021.06.29 (Build Date)
Updated Rav1e Build to 2021.06.23 (Build Date)
Updated SVT-AV1 Build to 2021.06.23 (Build Date)
Trying to get framecount from MediaInfo, which skips the slow framecount detection through decoding with ffmpeg
Freeing CPU Cycles by switching to System.Timer for Progressbar
Properly track launched ffmpeg instances
Properly pause / resume / terminate ffmpeg instances
Improve pcm_bluray compatibility
Improve Batch Mode with Presets
Use Filters in equal chunking mode to accelerate splitting when downscaling
Fix Crash when cancelling
Fix Audio not encoding the correct track if only one is activated
Fix Audio encoding related logic issues
Fix Batch Mode not encoding a second time in the same instance
Fix VP9 2-Pass encoding
Fix Not Saving Splitting Settings in Preset
Fix aomenc encodes being shorter
Fix Not encoding if source subtitle has no language
Fix Not encoding if source audio has no language
Fix Hardsub not working with equal chunking
Fix Overlapping UI elements
Default to chunked splitting
Logging now uses Video Output Path
New Icon

Release v1.8

Added Pause/Resume Encoding Process (c586635)
Added Custom Track Name for Audio Tracks #41 (8889289)
Added Encode File with different Presets in Batch Mode #34 (50100ba)
Added Select Output Container in Batch Mode (under Preferences) (bc14e6d)
Added More Audio Languages (f0dc760)
Added More Subtitle Languages (422c2f2)
Fixed Installer not Purging old Version #45 (only applies to v1.7<)
Fixed PySceneDetect Encoding the Entire Stream as one Chunk (cfe48f6)
Fixed VP9 Encodes being shorter (switched to libvpx-vp9) (fadec4b)
Fixed Minor Bug where Keyframes are not set during x264 reencoding (fadec4b)
Fixed HardSub and or Trimming not working with SVT-AV1 (28a1102)
Fixed Wrong Framecount being displayed if Trimming is enabled (66cf086)
Replaced Old Placeholder Image in Trimming Window (28a1102)

Release v1.7

Fix no muxing if single quotes are in the filename
Fix chunks being muxed in the wrong order for some users
Fix scene detection using splits from previous detections (Fixes #38)
Fix progressbar displaying wrong progress when deinterlace filter is set to 1
Prevent user using the Updater while encoding
General Cleanup (improved code quality & removed unnecessary code)

Release v1.6

Added Drag & Drop Video File
Added Optional Popup Window after encoding finished
Re-Added MP4 Container Support
Removed File Renaming in Chunking mode, thus reducing unnecessary IO
Fixed Wrong Frame Count
Fixed Crash when loading Project File
Fixed Resume Subtitle and Audio incorrectly set
Fixed not all Subtitle settings being saved & loaded
Fixed Audio Track Detection
Fixed Start Button Color not resetting
Fixed Preset Loading overwriting disabled audio encoding if source does not have audio (also fixes no video output)
Added safeguard to skip audio, if audio encoding failed

Release v1.5 Hotfix

Fix Not Video Muxing because of missing dependency
Fix Worker Count Reset (SVT-AV1)
Remove MP4 Video Output Support

Release v1.5

Re-Added VP9 Encoding
Automatically set Bit-Depth and Color Format
Add Aomenc Tune-Content Option
Better Resizing (Auto Scaling...)
Check for non unicode characters
Check if PySceneDetect is installed
Show Video Information on Main Tab
General Bug Fixes
Fix Not Saving Temp Path
Fix Shutdown if Custom Temp Folder is checked
Fix wrong XAML reference
Fix not detecting no video output
Fix 2-Pass Displaying wrong progress
Fix VP9 10bit & 12bit
Added Easter Egg... which will show once a year on Christmas

Release v1.4

Backend completly rewritten
UI Re-Design (Metro Theme)
Added Scene Based Splitting (FFmpeg and or PySceneDetect*)
Added VFR Support (MKV input/output only)
Better Progressbar reading encoded frame count from ffmpeg
Improved Dependency Updater
Now can resume unfinished encodes without extra settings
Window is now resizable
General Bug Fixes
Fixed incorrect Audio detection in rare specific cases
Fixed FFmpeg color_range piping (
*requires manual installation

Release v1.3

Added Same as Source Framerate
Add Option to skip splitting (testing phase)
SVT-AV1 v0.8.5 Support
Parse Audio Language from Video Input
Improved Subtitles Tab
Automatically enable audio encoding in Batch mode
Now uses mkvmerge
Delete subtitle folder if no subtitles are extracted
Hotfix: Deleting source file when splitting disabled
Fix SVT-AV1 2-Pass encoding when splitting deactivated
Fix reencoding message when opening a different video
Fix thumbnail extracting when opening a different video
Fix No Audio Copy (testing phase)
Fix Audio failing to encode
Fix frame count 0 in batch encode mode
Fix Crash when Audio Language is NULL
Fix "Same Source Framerate" being double instead of fraction
Fix Updater Web Client SSL TLS Issue on Windows 7 #15
Fix Updater SVT-AV1 Repo Change from OpenVisualCloud to AOMediaCodec

Release v1.2

Added Check Frame Count of Chunks #13
Added 120fps
Added ffv1 reencoding
Added Check for enough drive space
Added Speed Setting 9 for aomenc - Set default speed to 4
Added Real Time Mode aomenc/libaom
Added Tile Columns/Rows (2x1) as default for aomenc/libaom
Renamed "aomenc (ffmpeg)" to "libaom"
Improved Updater directly parsing from Github
Removed Updater ffmpeg Source Zeranoe (as the website will close)
Prevent user from executing the same active encode
Switch from utvideo to x264 as default (for reencoding)
Changed Keyframe Filtering option, to adopt to recent encoder changes.
Fix Updater Parsing wrong DateTime from
Fix Subtitle Encoding freeze if already exists
Fix Audio Language selection not saving
Fix Opus Multi-Channel with Multiple Audio Tracks (needs testing)
Fix UI not changing to libvpx-vp9 settings
Fix not displaying commands for libaom
Fix Temp Folder not opening if not exists
Fix Custom Temp Path not saving
Fix Don't save trim Parameters in Profile
Fix Stream Copy HDMV-PGS Subtitles
Fix Batch Encoding crash with non video files.
Fix Batch Encoding not stopping when Cancelling
Fix Subtitle Muxing Path Issues
Fix Program Crash if the user tries to batch encode a 2nd time in the same instance
Fix asking for reencoding in Batch Mode
Fix Queue Mode Issues
Fix Audio not reactivating
Fix Updater not extracting with Spaces in Path
Fix HDR Label not adopting to Darkmode
Fix UI Crash when updating ffmpeg.
General Code Cleaning

Release v1.1

Added Audio Language Meta-Data
Added Option to write video settings in comment header of the output video
Improved Trimming
Improved Cropping
Improved Dependency Installer (will ask & download 7zip)
Renamed vp9 to libvpx-vp9
Accounting for exceptional people like dmagic1 on videohelp
Fixed/Improved Resume Mode, involves issue #6
Fix UI not unlocking more than 3 Audio Tracks
Fix Bluray_PCM Stream Copy
Fix not encoding in 8bit, if 10bit was encoded before in same instance
Fix Enabling auto alt reference frames by default, because disabled lead to cursed video stream
Fix Trimming Preview not working if space in Path. Trimming is now more accurate.

Release v1.0

Added Logging
Added Subtitles
Added Subtitles Hardcoding (srt/substation alpha)
Added Queue Mode
Added Crop Filter
Added VP9 Encoder
Added Deinterlacing
Added Video Trimming
Added Scaling Algorithms
Added Check for PATH Environment
Added Dependency Updater/Installer
Added Check for Free Space on Harddrive
Added Auto Detect Color Format and Bit-Depth
Added more Advanced Settings for libaom (ffmpeg)
Added Dynamically Delete Temp Files when Worker Finished
Added/Fix Framerate can now be changed
Change Temp Folder to Windows Temp Folder
Improve Program Settings Saving
Fix DarkMode Issues
Fix rav1e custom command line
Fix Program Crash when Resuming
Fix potentials issues (Path related)
Fix Muxing Bug with Subtitles and Audio
Fix SVT-AV1 Color Space wrong Arguments
Fix Segmenting with x264 not being accurate
Fix Piping Issues with different Color Format
Fix Wrong FPS and ETA Calculation when Trimming

Pre-Release v0.9-beta

UI Re-Design
Backend rewritten
Temp Folder now takes Filename into Account (Fixes #6 )
All dependencies are inside "Apps" Folder
Added Day/Darkmode
Added Taskbar Progressbar
Added More Advanced Settings
Added Show Settings
Fixed Audio Channel Opus Bug
Fixed SVT-AV1 recent Command Change
Removed Queue Mode, may re-add it in the future
Removed Subtitles, will re-add it for Release 1.0

Pre-Release v0.8-beta

Added Logging
Added Select Reencode Codec
Added Reencode before Splitting option
Added frame-boost CheckBox for aomenc
Fixed Subtitles - Was partially disabled
Fixed Queue Mode
Fixed Batch Encoding
Fixed Codec Combobox being changed by Colorsettings
Code Improvement

Pre-Release v0.7-beta

UI Changes
Rework / Fixing Audio Encoding (Entire Code rewritten. Should work better now.)
Added Independent Audio Track Settings (each Track can be modified)
Added Independet Audio Channel Settings (Mono, Stereo, 5.1, 7.1)
Added KeyframeFiltering Checkbox for aomenc
Added auto-alt-ref for aomenc
Added Show FPS in Progressbar when encoding is completed
Added Check if user selected Audio Track
Added Change Worker Priority (Normal/Below Normal)
Hide Audio Tab if Video has no Audio
Bug fix: program will stuck if temporary audio file exist

Pre-Release v0.6-beta

Fix Audio Mapping Issue
Fix rav1e crashing in advanced settings because of typo
Fix ffmpeg not finishing muxing introduced by last code cleanup
Fixed potential Resume Bug with Subtitles
Fixed Program was asking for IO in Resume Mode
Added HDR (Advanced Color options) for aomenc, rav1e & libaom
Added Check if Subtitle exists when opening a file
Added basic ffmpeg libaom support
Added Audio Copy
Added Automatic re adjust Chunk Length if number of Workers changed
Quality of Life improvement
Code Cleanup

Pre-Release v0.5-beta

Added Queue Feature
Added Some Tips when hovering on some Settings
Added Check if Input/Output is set
Added Check if Audio Encoding & Subtitle was successful
Added Check Audio Tracks and Mapping from Input Videofile
UI Settings Window Cleanup
Fixed Minor Bugs

Pre-Release v0.4-beta

Added Batch Encoding
Added Play Sound after Encode
Added Calculate Chunk Length based on amount of Workers
Added webm & MP4 output container
Added Check for Dependencies before Encode
Hotfix: Quality not set in aomenc/rav1e if in Advanced Settings Mode

Pre-Release v0.3-beta

Added Subtitle Support
Added Videoscaling Support
Fixed #1
Fixed Bug, where Program froze, when Subtitle activated in Resume Mode
Fixed UI Feeze during Audio Encoding / Subtitle "Encoding"
Fixed Bug, where the Jobfile is loaded before the Profilefile
Fixed ffprobe crashing the entire program, when a custom Path is specified

Pre-Release v0.2-beta

Added SVT-AV1 Encoding Support
Added Audio Encoding (Opus, Opus Downmix, Opus 5.1, AC3, AAC, MP3)
Added Custom Background (Background Image can be selected under "Profiles")
Added Icon
Added Load Custom Setting by Default
Improved Saving of Settings in XML File
Bug Fixes

Batch Encoding
Subtitle Support


Added Support for aomenc & rav1e
Added Resume Mode
Added 10/12-Bit encoding for rav1e
Added Support for up to 999.999 Chunks
Switched to XML for Settings/Jobs
Code Cleanup

Batch Encoding
Audio Encoding Support
Subtitle Support

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