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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for NotEnoughAV1Encodes

Pre-Release v0.8-beta

Added Logging
Added Select Reencode Codec
Added Reencode before Splitting option
Added frame-boost CheckBox for aomenc
Fixed Subtitles - Was partially disabled
Fixed Queue Mode
Fixed Batch Encoding
Fixed Codec Combobox being changed by Colorsettings
Code Improvement

Pre-Release v0.7-beta

UI Changes
Rework / Fixing Audio Encoding (Entire Code rewritten. Should work better now.)
Added Independent Audio Track Settings (each Track can be modified)
Added Independet Audio Channel Settings (Mono, Stereo, 5.1, 7.1)
Added KeyframeFiltering Checkbox for aomenc
Added auto-alt-ref for aomenc
Added Show FPS in Progressbar when encoding is completed
Added Check if user selected Audio Track
Added Change Worker Priority (Normal/Below Normal)
Hide Audio Tab if Video has no Audio
Bug fix: program will stuck if temporary audio file exist

Pre-Release v0.6-beta

Fix Audio Mapping Issue
Fix rav1e crashing in advanced settings because of typo
Fix ffmpeg not finishing muxing introduced by last code cleanup
Fixed potential Resume Bug with Subtitles
Fixed Program was asking for IO in Resume Mode
Added HDR (Advanced Color options) for aomenc, rav1e & libaom
Added Check if Subtitle exists when opening a file
Added basic ffmpeg libaom support
Added Audio Copy
Added Automatic re adjust Chunk Length if number of Workers changed
Quality of Life improvement
Code Cleanup

Pre-Release v0.5-beta

Added Queue Feature
Added Some Tips when hovering on some Settings
Added Check if Input/Output is set
Added Check if Audio Encoding & Subtitle was successful
Added Check Audio Tracks and Mapping from Input Videofile
UI Settings Window Cleanup
Fixed Minor Bugs

Pre-Release v0.4-beta

Added Batch Encoding
Added Play Sound after Encode
Added Calculate Chunk Length based on amount of Workers
Added webm & MP4 output container
Added Check for Dependencies before Encode
Hotfix: Quality not set in aomenc/rav1e if in Advanced Settings Mode

Pre-Release v0.3-beta

Added Subtitle Support
Added Videoscaling Support
Fixed #1
Fixed Bug, where Program froze, when Subtitle activated in Resume Mode
Fixed UI Feeze during Audio Encoding / Subtitle "Encoding"
Fixed Bug, where the Jobfile is loaded before the Profilefile
Fixed ffprobe crashing the entire program, when a custom Path is specified

Pre-Release v0.2-beta

Added SVT-AV1 Encoding Support
Added Audio Encoding (Opus, Opus Downmix, Opus 5.1, AC3, AAC, MP3)
Added Custom Background (Background Image can be selected under "Profiles")
Added Icon
Added Load Custom Setting by Default
Improved Saving of Settings in XML File
Bug Fixes

Batch Encoding
Subtitle Support


Added Support for aomenc & rav1e
Added Resume Mode
Added 10/12-Bit encoding for rav1e
Added Support for up to 999.999 Chunks
Switched to XML for Settings/Jobs
Code Cleanup

Batch Encoding
Audio Encoding Support
Subtitle Support

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