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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for NextPVR Available (22nd October 2023)

Updated DeviceHostLinux arm64 build, which was out of date in the last release and didn't include most recent fixes.
Fixed issue with thumbnail generation that could lead to isComplete() error messages in logs
Fixed issue that could lead to gaps in DVB EPG
Fixed issue that could lead to some channels have zero listings with DVB EPG (SBS Australia)
Fixed issue with SAT>IP where it would not detect some devices (due to case of Location header)
Fixed issue with playback of in-progress recordings in nextpvr.exe/nlite.exe
Fixed issue with to address A/V sync going our of sync for some users
Added option in web app to control whether pending recordings are included in the 'all recordings' view
Fixed an issue with DVB Subtitles which could lead to subtitle being shown in the incorrect position
On manual recording popup in NextPVR (and other UI clients), with the channel name field selected, you can type a partial name and press enter
On manual recording popup in the web app, the channel dropdown now has a text box for filtering the channels based on the text you type
Fixed issue with enabling DVB Subtitles on NLite.exe
Fixed issue with NScriptHelper.exe not finding the config file correctly on Linux
The /service?method=channel.xmltv url now includes genre
The /service?method=channel.xmltv url now delivers up to 7 days of data
The /service?method=channel.m3u url now includes group information (for user's that have donated)
Web api for scheduling a recurring recording now able to specify the initial priority
Improved the way Schedules Direct lineups are shown when adding a lineup, so that the lineup code can be seen
Fixed issues with how the application behaves when Schedules Direct token becomes invalidated
Fixed an issue with IPTV streams that use a relative redirect
Fast Background Mode (FBM) is no longer the default for knewc clients.
Now reports if an IPTV recording unexpectedly ends early
Now supports m3u sources that use single quotes instead of double quotes
Now supports the adding an HDHomeRun, that cant be discovered by the normal methods, by using an OTHER_HDHOMERUN environment variable. Must be in the format of {ID}:{ADDRESS}:{TUNER-COUNT}. For example, 10A5C6CE:
No longer running any configured transcoding job if a PostProcessing.bat/.sh file exists. (ie, behaves more like the releases prior to 6.1.4) Available (25th June 2023)

Added thumbnails while seeking in recordings in the web app, nextpvr.exe and ui clients. The thumbnails can be seen in the web player when dragging the timeline. The thumbnails can be seen in nextpvr.exe and ui clients by pressing the left or right arrow keys during playback. This feature works by generating a new thumbnails file, which sits alongside the recording. By default the generation of this file happens while recording. You can optionally switch it to happen after recording, or disable it.
Improved skipping accuracy when playing recordings (with new .timing file, which is generated alongside the new .thumbnails file).
Slight tweaks to artwork API for kodi clients.
Fixed a bug that would stop it looking for Freesat EPG listings
Can now run multiple instances of the tray with "-multi" parameter. This can be useful when connecting to other servers ("-server: -multi"). Hovering the mouse over the icon will let you know what server that tray icon is for.
Can now set <BlockShutdownWhileRecording>false</BlockShutdownWhileRecording> in config.xml to stop the tray app from actively blocking shutdown on windows while recording.
Security improvement. After 10 failed brute force attempts to login using pin number the server will return a login failure for that client until the server is restarted.
Security improvement. Tightened security on a private api used by nextpvr.exe to talk to the recording service, so that it is only available on localhost.
Improvements to readability of now/next mini guide in ui clients
Timeout while accessing IPTV m3u8 streams now configurable in config.xml
Improvements to api to enable clients to control recording priority
Fixed a bug with Linux DVB/ATSC tuner availability after scanning
Fixed issue with character set of DVB EPG in some European countries
Fixed issue with playback of in-progress recordings with linux server.
Fixed issue with gaps in Freesat EPG
Fixed issue with folder.jpg taking precedence over file specific artwork in Videos screen.
Fixed resource leak issue with photo screen savers
Fixed bug with clean up of ui client sessions
Fixed a couple of bugs in uiclient.html (music playback etc) Available (21st May 2023)

Improvements to speed of UIClient (changes to image encoding compression etc)
Improvements to slide out animation, to give more consistent animations with alpha values ramping in a more even way
Improvements to keyboard handling of uiclient.html
Improvements to layout of OSD graphics for nextpvr.exe and ui clients
Added ability to change priority of recurring recordings in web app (using up/down buttons).
Changes to logging of power management
Fixed issue with closed captions in nextpvr.exe that could lead to either a short flash of black over video, or permanent black mask over view.
Fixed issue that could cause gaps in DVB EPG if crid contained unescaped xml character
Fixes to issues with method=channel.xmltv output
Fixed an issue where CPU usage would increase when nextpvr.exe was minimized
Fixed minor issues with recording popups in web app
Fixed a fade animation error with the search screen
Fixed issue where some lists would stop updating
Fixed an issue with seeking on iPhone/iPad client applications
Fixed an issue from last release where tray would stop the machine from going to sleep after a recording completed
Fixed an issue where it wasn't cleaning up a live tv session properly when a client unexpected disappeared (lease renewals stopped arriving)
Fixed issues stopping audio playlist from automatically moving to the next song on completion of current song.
Fixed issue where escape key would sometimes not work in Search screen
Fixed issue with UIClient Activity in last build
Fixed issue with search web page not updating after scheduling/cancelling a recording Available (2nd May 2023)

In web app, you can now press the Ctrl key and click any recording artwork to find a list of alternative artwork. Simply click an image to change.
Improvements around choice of artwork shown when browsing Videos in UI client
Improvements to service discovery api
Improvements to translation of web UI
Improvements to memory usage on the TV Guide screen of nextpvr.exe and uiclients.
Improvements to the size of artwork chosen by default
Better logging when nextpvr.exe crashes unexpectedly
Improved speed of UI client screen rendering
Updated skia and supporting libraries
Added a new 'sort by last watched' option in the What's New screen, for showing you a list of things that you've watched in the last 3 months. (this feature isn't available in the old 'classic' mode of the Recording screen)
Added the ability to press play key on a recording group, and have it start playback of the next unwatched show in season/episode order
Moved Unwatch/Watched/Archive into a new 'Manage' popup
Added ability to auto merge channels by name or number. (previously was name only)
Updated random photo screen saver to now use the SlideshowDelay setting for speed of photo change
Logic that copies HDHR Flex channels from an existing tuner to an empty tuner will take into account whether target tuner supports atsc3, only copying those channels that make sense
The method=channel.xmltv api is functional again for users that have donated to the project
The method=channel.m3u now include the channel number (and icon if available)
Fixed issues with IPTV with some providers
Fixed issues with Music screen around artwork and embedded tags
Fixed issue with aspect ratio of video when using web client on mac device
Fixed crash that could happen in Pictures screen.
Fixed issue with 'browser blocked playback' error not showing correctly on mac
Fixed issue with some fields on the Manual Recording popup not working from uiclients.
Fixed issue with some key presses in the search screen from uiclients
Fixed issue with TVMaze artwork
Fixed issue with DVB EPG not updating data when just the description had changed
Fixed issue with SATIP data not being cleaned up when a SATIP device was deleted
Fixed issue with selecting subtitle stream in nextpvr.exe
Fixed issue with uiclient reporting wrong cached duration during video playback
Fixed issue with the random photo screen saver
Fixed crash that could happen when starting playback from uiclient
Fixed connection of DVB-T device filters for a couple of devices that had badly behaved drivers
Fixed an issue where HDHR wouldn't switch another device when it was in use.
Fixed issue with using left arrow as backspace in Search and Manual Recording screens with uiclient
Fixed issue with some images showing rotated in Pictures and screen savers
Fixed issue with horizontal and vertical menu types on Linux Available (6th Nov 2022)

Fixed a crash that could occur on Linux/Docker when starting recordings or live tv
Fixed issue with ATSC scan on Linux where only the first channel was found on each frequency
Fixed issue with tuning to the correct channel on Linux when multiple channels with the same name are available.
Updated arm64 support (previously tuner components had become quite out of date on this platform)
Fixed issue with web translations on Settings page
Fixed cosmetic issue with Windows installer saying it was v5.
Fixed issue with the choice of channel name when importing from IPTV m3u
Fixed issue with SAT>IP tuner being stolen during a recording when multiple recordings were attempted
Added support for Linux devices with multiple frontends
Improved logging for some Schedules Direct errors Available (17th Oct 2022)

Fixed issue with ATSC scan on linux only picking up first virtual channel on each frequency
Fixed an issue with conf files when copying channels to a new device on linux
Fixed a crash that could happen on Linux with genre 0xFF.
Fixed an issue with invalid characters intermittently stopping EPG data from loading sometimes on linux.
QAM will now use VCT information if it was available in the frequency while scanning
Improved behaviour with Schedules Direct tokens when using multiple applications which access Schedules Direct account
Fixed error with Schedules Direct errors not being reported correctly when trying to add a lineup
Fixed issue with preferred language not working with playback in nextpvr.exe
Added a few extra scanning options on Windows (like ATSC Korea)
Reenabled as artwork source
Build for mac is now marked as portable, so that it can use Intel or M-series runtime.
Removed a couple of noisy log messages. Available (5th Sept 2022)

I've updated the NextPVR to the new NextPVR v6.0.0.220904 release.

This is the first version to be based on .NET 6, so I've decided to move the application version number to v6.x.x. Other than this updated .NET runtime version, this release is mainly focuses on bug fixes.

Moved to .NET 6.0, which is Microsoft's currently long term support runtime. It has improved compatibility with newer Linux distros, and with Apple M1 hardware.
Several improvements to IPTV support, around error recovery, error reporting, and support form IPTV providers doing weird stuff
DVB EPG can now dynamically switch to another available device, rather than just failing to update the EPG if a specific device wasn't available at EPG update time
Fixed several strings that were not translatable in nextpvr.exe
Added ability to translate web application
Fixed several issues around using devices after clicking the 'rescan for devices' button in the web app. Previously this would require a restart of the server.
Updated version of libdvbv5 used for PCIe/USB device support in Linux
Fixed a couple of issues in PCIe/USB tuner support on Linux that could lead to components crashing
Linux scan now filtering out QAM channels with no audio/video streams
Fixed issue with tuner not always being available after scanning on Linux
Defaulting EPG source to None for ATSC and QAM on Linux
Added web playback zoom mode for when watching 4:3 content.
Fixed issue with installer that would cause problems when installing on machines without European national character support
Fixed with high cpu usage updating OSD in nextpvr.exe
Improvements to automap feature with XMLTV files using multiple channels names per channel
Several small bug fixes to nextpvr.exe screen generation and control behaviour
Improvements to automap feature with Schedules Direct
Fixed a couple of typos in nextpvr.exe screens.
Fixed web app bug where device scan could appear to stay in progress after it completed
Fixed issue with reporting of some HDHR error codes
Fixed issue where used got 'undefined' when trying to add a Schedules Direct lineup. It'll now report any error messages returned from Schedules Direct
Fixed issue where channel icons were not load for some specific channel names
Updated bundled version of ffmpeg
Removed some spam from logs.
Improvements when streaming from HTTP sources (like HDHR) available (10th April 2022)

Fixed issue with loading tuning file on linux
Fixed issue with seeking in playback in over http stream (mainly affects nlite client)
Added a mouse button top-right in nextpvr.exe that could be used to exit fullscreen mode
Fixed issue with screensaver
Fixed issue with not getting OSD graphics when video was not detected correctly
Added ability to disable the miniguide with <MiniGuideEnabled> setting
Fixed a couple of music playback issues.
Now auto storing playback position regularly, in case of unexpected player crash and total loss of playback position. Can you disabled with <AutoStorePosition>false</AutoStorePosition> in config.xml
Fixed a couple strings that couldn't be translated with language.xml
Fixed a text rendering issue in UI Clients
Fixed issue with archive feature in UI Clients
Added ability to mark self as a having donated to the project, which can be required for full functionality in some 3rd party apps.
Fixed EPG parsing bug with some UK streams
Fixed issue in NPVRSetup.exe when user has a non writable c:temp directory.
Fixed issue with playback on clients that could use multiple threads to simultaneously be requesting m3u8
Fixed a bug where XC IPTV credentials could sometimes been seen in logs at scan time
Fixed a bug with transcode.txt log not having the correct path and filename on Linux
Added fallback logic to clean out old live tv files in case files get left behind.
Added logic to look for channel icons for recordings that were made against channels that no longer exist (user has deleted them etc)
Fixed issue on recordings screen where long titles could overlap other text at the bottom of the screen.
Foxed bug with 'filter' menu option in Recordings screen. available (6th Feb 2022)

Added a new mode for UI Clients to reduce the number of network calls required (faster for clients that support this mode)
Added new web UI Client at http://localhost:8866/uiclient.html. This is for laptop/desktop users (not mobile/tablet users). Server must be fast enough to transcode in real time for this feature.
Added support for VideoToolBox encoding on macOS
Added settings in config.xml to allow the recordings screen A-Z sort to ignore certain prefixes like "the".
Tweak image cache sizes to reduce maximum memory consumed by cache
Improvements to artwork retrieval from TheMovieDB and TZMaze
Minor tweaks to the recording screen skin
Added support for updated discovery logic, where clients can detect server version and priority
Error log messages now always for the logs to be flushed
Now caching VOD groups for quicker access to VOD page with lots of items.
Reverted change from last build related to size of the nextpvr.exe settings screen.
Fixed issue with getting some artwork from Schedules Direct
Fixed issue where OSD could display the wrong size after resizing the window
Fixed compatibility issue with IPTV streams that use hmac keys
Fixed issue where clock wouldn't update in nextpvr.exe without doing some other activity
Fixed a couple of message popups that could show rectangular invalid-char symbols
Fixed issue with the vertical/horizontal menus
Fixed issue with using other otf/ttf fonts in skin files
Fixed issue with seeking on HTTP playback available (11th Jan 2022)

Added ability to toggle view in the Recordings screen. (between artwork and list view)
Fixed issue with rendering multi-paragraph text in nextpvr.exe and ui clients on Linux.
Fixed cast/crew overflowing show details popup in nextpvr.exe and ui clients.
Fixed issues with newline characters in Linux that could cause boxes to show in text
Fixed issue where text in nextpvr.exe could appear blocky when started in fullscreen mode
Fixed typo in web app
Changed left/right key behaviour on screens showing poster artwork work, like the new recordings screen.
Added logic to work around size attribute not always being available with Schedules Direct artwork.
Improved construction of DVB-S/DVB-T BDA graph construction on windows. (may be quicker with some tuners)
Fixed issue where recording service could crash, or nextpvr.exe could crash when large number of recordings with artwork were present
Fixed issue when OSD TV Guide could be incorrect size after resizing nextpvr.exe window available (3rd Jan 2022)

- nextpvr.exe now dynamically adjust font rendering when the window is resized, for more readable text when running in a window.
- fixed issue with tuner behaviour on linux when using DVB/ATSC device with poor signal quality
- fixed issue with right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew
- main menu now defaults to breaking old Recordings screen into separate items for Whats New, Recordings and Scheduler. (can be reverted in config.xml for those that don't like them separate)
- fixed issue with horizontal menu
- Settings -> UI Resolution setting now honored, for those needing something other than 'auto'.
- restored support for the old v4 method of controlling NextPVR.exe using posted messages (which some people use with their remote control software)
- added "-ontop" command line parameter for nextpvr.exe
- improved behaviour when calculating duration/offset when playing in progress recordings
- fixed issue with teletext subtitles in last couple of releases
- fixed issue with missing channel icon when scheduling recording in UI client / nextpvr.exe
- added new UI client mode which allowed for better/quicker UI rendering on clients
- api now returning <year> for shows with 'Movie' genre (where day is 1/1)
- added api to help client with mapping remotes with unknown buttons
- fixed issue which could cause error when showing free disk space in web app
- fixed issue around copying channels to other tuners on Linux
- now identifying AC-4 audio streams. These streams will only be useable for clients that support this audio format.
- updated version of mediainfo, for better information on certain types of media files
- fixed issue with codec warning displayed with AAC-LC audio available (14th Nov)

More artwork fixes and improvements
More improvements to NLite (Windows version can be downloaded from
Added ability to disable manual recurring recordings in the web app
Added support for a couple more season/episode number formats in xmltv files.
Fixed issue where lease renewal failure on UI client wasn't letting the user know
Fixed issue that could cause recording to be deleted when watching in progress recording.
Fixed issue with default HDPVR bitrates being too low.
Fixed a couple of playback issues with http streams (this is mainly used for NLite)
Fixed issue with 'vertical' style main menu
Removed unused TV mode setting in NextPVR.exe
Fixed issue with archive feature on Linux
Fixed an issue with IPTV m3u8 support for a specific type of stream
Fixed bug with 'spread' recording on Linux available (17th Oct)

Improvements to text rendering and text clipping in nextpvr.exe and UI clients
Added logic to allow Schedules Direct users to have different art work for shows with the same name
Minor improvements to nextpvr / UI client skin
Improvements to Extras recorder to allow multi-rec + multi-instance
Now showing year (when known) next to movies in nextpvr.exe and the web app
Fixed issue with higher than expected GPU/CPU usage in nextpvr.exe
Fixed issue with popups sometimes not completely appearing in nextpvr.exe or UI clients, requiring a keypress to make them appear
Streaming APIs now provide more options for clients wanting to tweak the way streaming of in-progress recordings is done
Fixed issue that could cause stuttering / AV sync issues with playback in nextpvr.exe
Fixed issue not allowing paging through long show descriptions
Fixed an issue with skipping accuracy of skipping during playback of in-progress recordings
Fixed issue where invalid character in DVB prvoider name could cause channels to be missed during channel scan
Fixed issue that could cause artwork to missing for some shows. available (3rd Oct)

Fixed issue with ClosedCaptions not working in last build.
Fixed issue with resuming from UI client when a comskip file was present.
Improved error handling while starting DVB/ATSC streams on Linux when signal is missing/poor
Added "-nogl" parameter that could be used with nextpvr.exe to run without using opengl
Now dismisses mini guide if you click outside of the popup
Added ability to do multiple connections from an extra source
Better logging around SAT>IP discovery
Removed a couple of unnecessary log messages
Better logic for clientstore files with UI clients
Serveral small skin tweaks to fix layout issues
Added api to allow UI clients to retrieve clientstore settings
Added a menu for UI clients with minimal remotes, to able to choose between different audio and subtitle streams
Fixed issue where UI clients could end up with some oversized text if you were running multiple UI clients at different resolutions.
Fixed issue stopping the Search screen freetext from working correctly with UI clients
Fixed screen saver issues with UI clients
Fixed name of tuning file to resolve install issue a small number of users had encountered
Fixed a few issues with text clipping in UI renderer introduced in last build
Fixed a few places that square boxes would appear in the place of newline characters
Fixed issue with Hebrew and other unicode strings not displaying correctly
Fixed scanning issue with some IPTV sources, that would result in non-working channels
Fixed issue with installing to machine with user folder on drive other than the default C:
Fixed issue where SAT>IP servers specified on environment variable would not be discovered if there was an issue with the discovery port. available (12th September)

NextPVR UI image rendering has been updated from System.Drawing to Skia. This is the UI used by nextpvr.exe and remote UI clients (nlite etc). It should look largely the same to users, but be a bit quicker in places. This change was required since Microsoft will no longer support System.Drawing on future versions of .net, and we're intending to move NextPVR to .net 6.0 in the near future.
Direct3D and Direct2D no longer required or used by NextPVR.exe.
Minor skin improvements and tweaks
Minor improvements to how the background behaves when showing popups in nextpvr.exe
Added detailed stream information to player. In nextpvr.exe you can see it with ctrl-i key combo. In web app you can hit the 'i' in the UI.
Added token to Schedules Direct artwork requests. This will soon be required by SD.
Added ability to specify a preferred bitrate when importing an m3u, by adding "|preferred_bitrate=1000000" to the end of m3u url. This setting will only matter in situations where multiple bitrate versions of the stream were available.
Added ability to change audio stream in the web app
Added ability to force an m3u import to treat all streams as VOD (by adding "|forcevod" to the url)
Added ATSC SAT>IP support
Improved support for themoviedb and tvmaze for artwork.
Improved logic for selecting streams to use when m3u8 stream has separate audio/video streams.
Now storing recording size, so that kodi can display this information
Fixed issue with handling of Schedules Direct artwork.
Fixed issue stopping screensaver from functioing on remote UI clients.
Fixed issue with IPTV scanning sometimes not showing status updates
Fixed IPTV bugs with some m3u8 streams
Fixes and improvements to SAT>IP support
Fixed issue with linux DVB EPG update hanging
Fixed issue with fanart background in nextpvr.exe
Fixed issues with a couple of api calls
Fixed issue with DVB LCN parsing that could cause channels to not be picked up on a frequency
Fixed issue with icon missing from button on main menu on remote UI served by Linux backend.
Removed thetvdb artwork source available (2nd August)

Fixed issue with multi-record with SAT>IP tuners
Fixed issue with saving recordings in Kodi
Fixed issue with Last EPG Update time api
Improved logging of m3u8 stream handling
Fixed typo in installer
Fixed issue with importing side-by-side xml
Added support for ATSC SAT>IP tuners
Fixed issue with streaming requests with range header specified available (11th July)

Fixed issue where live tv was stopping for some users after 7 minutes (or 1/3 whatever they'd changed their live tv buffer to)
Fixed issue with last build stopping IPTV VOD urls from being imported from m3u source
Added VOD import from XC IPTV sources
Changes to the way nextpvr.exe deals with multiple audio streams in live tv.
Added the ability update XC channels
Minor improvements to the web UI player overlay
Web app now updating browser tab title to reflect what is being played
Fixed issue with web UI showing extra scrollbars on some settings->device pages, and sometimes a long update channel popup
Disabled the auto deletion of recurring recordings when deleting a channel
Now moving recordings over to new channel when merging channels
Changes to the way the application stores side-by-side xml metadata
Added confirmation message when deleting channel group
Fixed a couple of http headers used during streaming that the Android application did not like
Fixed issue with reported file length reported with http content range response headers
Fixed an api crash that could occur with recordings that had been deleted
Added option to automatically delete recurring recordings against channels that are deleted. Disabled by default.
Web app import recording feature will now accept side by side style xml files.
Fixed issue where recording list wasn't being reloaded correctly after an alternative recording time was scheduled
Added a 'none' logging level, so logging can be turned off entirely
Removed some noisey logging available (3rd June)

I've just posted the new NextPVR v5.1.2.210603 release. This is the same as the v5.1.2.210601 release from a couple of days ago, but fixes a bug causing live streams to be slow to start, and stop after a 7 minutes or so.

Changes in v5.1.2
Fixed issue which could cause live streams to be slow to start, and to stop after 7 minutes or so.
Added support for VOD for IPTV users. This is accessible via the new VOD menu option in the web app. On the VOD page you can either click an item to watch it, or click download and it'll download it as a recording.
Added support for VOD Extras, for extendable on-demand content from elsewhere
Minor skin improvement to make horizontal menu look better with Direct2D rendering.
Updated versions .net core and dependencies
Minor improvements to date display in search page
Minor improvements to the Settings->Channels page, and group management
Fixed issue with editing existing manual recording in web app
Fixed issue with 'resume' in web app opening a new browser window/tab
QAM channel scan now defaults epg source to 'none', and no longer prompts for EPG update when scanning QAM channels
Fixed bug with QAM channels creating a unique group for every channel
Improvements to CORS support in the web server
Fixed issue with NScriptHelper -rename
Added method=channel.xmltv api for getting listings from NextPVR
Added directoryID to recordings returned from API
Added support different DVB scan file directory on Linux using NEXTPVR_DVBDIR environment variable
Fixed issue with overriding User-Agent on IPTV services that use redirects
Added the ability to force treating a xmltv url as gzipped, by adding &contentType=application%2Fgzip to the url
Improved logging on digital tuners
Fixed a couple of bugs with SAT>IP support
Fixed issue with auto transcode feature
Fixed issue with web server stream seeking behavor
Added new config setting <ScheduleWakeups>, that can be set to 'false' to disable any OS wake up requests
Fixed issue with RollingFile logging, which could cause a scary error message in the log, even though nothing was wrong
Fixed issue with device priority
Fixed issue with channel names that had trailing spaces in channel metadata
Added verbose logging around looking for missing files, to help diagnose issues
Minor tweaks to tuning strings used for DVB-S2 with SAT>IP
Added system.remove.missing api, which can be used from NScriptHelper, to trigger the application to remove missing recordings from the database (when files no longer exist on disk)
Fixed issue with running NScriptHelper on some platforms
Added vod.delete and vod.update.extras api

NextPVR v5.1.2.210601 release.

Added support for VOD for IPTV users. This is accessible via the new VOD menu option in the web app. On the VOD page you can either click an item to watch it, or click download and it'll download it as a recording.
Added support for VOD Extras, for extendable on-demand content from elsewhere
Minor skin improvement to make horizontal menu look better with Direct2D rendering.
Updated versions .net core and dependencies
Minor improvements to date display in search page
Minor improvements to the Settings->Channels page, and group management
Fixed issue with editing existing manual recording in web app
Fixed issue with 'resume' in web app opening a new browser window/tab
QAM channel scan now defaults epg source to 'none', and no longer prompts for EPG update when scanning QAM channels
Fixed bug with QAM channels creating a unique group for every channel
Improvements to CORS support in the web server
Fixed issue with NScriptHelper -rename
Added method=channel.xmltv api for getting listings from NextPVR
Added directoryID to recordings returned from API
Added method=system.remove.missing api for removing missing recordings
Added support different DVB scan file directory on Linux using NEXTPVR_DVBDIR environment variable
Fixed issue with overriding User-Agent on IPTV services that use redirects
Added the ability to force treating a xmltv url as gzipped, by adding &contentType=application%2Fgzip to the url
Improved logging on digital tuners
Fixed a couple of bugs with SAT>IP support
Fixed issue with auto transcode feature
Fixed issue with web server stream seeking behavor
Added new config setting <ScheduleWakeups>, that can be set to 'false' to disable any OS wake up requests
Fixed issue with RollingFile logging, which could cause a scary error message in the log, even though nothing was wrong
Fixed issue with device priority
Fixed issue with channel names that had trailing spaces in channel metadata
Added verbose logging around looking for missing files, to help diagnose issues
Minor tweaks to tuning strings used for DVB-S2 with SAT>IP
Added system.remove.missing all, which can be used from NScriptHelper, to trigger the application to remove missing recordings from the database (when files no longer exist on disk)
Fixed issue with running NScriptHelper on some platforms

NextPVR v5 Public

Improved management of sessions, allowing them to survive restarts of the service
Improved support for downloading gzipped xmltv files during IPTV channel scan
Improved support for DVB EPG systems using Extended Event Descriptor
Improved resiliency for brief outages when streaming/recording from m3u8 streams
Now storing more information about recently deleted recordings (for better decision making in the future)
Updated version check APIs to use https
By default scanning is only available authenticated sessions (clients that have logged in), but there is a new check box on the Settings->Access screen to allow unauthenticated streaming (from VLC etc)
Improvements to UI Clients image compression.
Removed unnecessary logging
Added the ability to enable/disable a recurring recording in the web app.
Added a checkbox to control whether NextPVR will scan for new devices at startup.
Added support for SCTE stuffing tables, which was stopping playback of some channels working for a user
Added content-length and more accurate content-type reporting in stream HEAD request.
Added better logging for UI client
Added obfuscation on a couple of log messages that could leak IPTV credentials
Added the ability to disable DVB EPG collection from specific frequencies (for situations like you DVB network carries all the EPG on a single frequency), giving potentially faster EPG updates
Added the DigitalDevices CI checkbox for DVB-S device (previously was only showing up for DVB-T/DVB-C)
Added streaming support in api for playback of some media types not previously supported.
Added support for 'spread' mode across multiple directories on Linux/Mac
Added ability to run UI Clients at different resolutions.
Fixed issue with unexpected exceptions in event notification
Fixed issue with stutter on high bitrate ATSC channels in live TV in NextPVR.exe
Fixed issue with NScriptHelper.deps.json being missing
Fixed issue with mouse pointer going missing when viewing NextPVR.exe settings screen.
Fixed issue with some UI client events going to the wrong client (or all clients)
Fixed issue with Exit menu button with UI client
Fixed an issue with artwork clipping on Recordings page, for recordings that incorrect aspect ratio artwork
Fixed issue with CI checkbox not correctly loading it's state when the device popup was shown
Fixed issue with saving the EPG Scan Seconds in the DVB EPG settings
Fixed issue where year-based season numbers were not being treated as season numbers. (ie S2021E14)
Fixed a couple of minor api issues
Fixed issue with DVB/Teletext subtitles on linux.
Fixed tv guide title overlap with long show titles
Fixed issue with 'Exit' menu item sometimes not working from UI Clients
Fixed issue with web server sometimes failing to serve content because it was asking for read/write access to file, rather than just read only.
Fixed issue with backend api for showing device mappings in the web UI
Fixed issue with persisting session IDs
Fixed issue with a small number of UK TV listings splitting the description across title and description using '...' continuation characters

NextPVR v5 Public

The public builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to v5.1.0.201216

Increased a timeout used while importing IPTV channels from an m3u url.
Fixed a couple of places in the application where it wasn't correctly handling shows with episode/season numbers of more than 2 digits

NextPVR v5 Public

The public builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to v5.1.0.201214

Fixed issue with bad playback in nextpvr.exe with bursty stream sources, like m3u8 IPTV channels
Added the ability to add/remove extra recording directories in the web app (fairly basic UI at this stage, and will be improved further in later releases)
Added experimental support for Digital Devices CI on Windows.
Fixed issue with scheduling an advanced recording from the Search screen with genre as a filter.
Improvements to TVMaze artwork support
Added fallback to use xmltv artwork if artwork cannot be found online.
Fixed issue with editing advanced recurring recordings in the web app
Fixed a couple of security issues with remote access to NextPVR
Tightened default security in NextPVR
Improved logic around time outs reading from m3u8 streams, to minimize missing blocks from source stream
Fixed an issue with IPTV channels with no content-type header supplied
Fixed issue with UI client search screen on Linux
Fxied issue with some keystrokes not working on TV Guide over live tv in NextPVR.exe
Fixed issue with timeline in the web app on daylight savings transition days
Added channel name to the web player for live tv
Added ratings/star_ratings to info available to kodi
Fixed issue on linux that could cause channels to be missing in scan if they have the same channel number
Fixed issue with long show names leading to recordings with filenames too large for the filesystem
Fixed issue with http headers when streaming video over http

NextPVR v5 Public

The public builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to v5.0.9.201026

Fixed a linux DVB/ATSC scanning bug introduced in last weeks build
Fixed an object reference exception after viewing TV Guide in live tv, then exiting live tv.
Fixed an issue with player size when web browser was in fullscreen mode before hitting fullscreen on player
Fixed a bug where updates to padding were sometimes not recognized by the scheduler
Fixed issue with D3D11VA transcoder option not honoring requested resolution.
Fixed issue with editing scheduled recording name in a popup over live tv.
HDHR channel scan now correctly identifying HEVC channels
Removed a noisy stack trace from the logging

NextPVR v5 Public

The public builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to v5.0.9.201018

Added support for linux DVB tuners with multiple frontends
Added year to the information displayed when you click a show in the TV Guide.
Added api support for 'jellyfin' device type
IPTV m3u update now removes channels the IPTV source no longer provides
API now caches disk space, and has timeout for unavailable drives.
Added support for another style of gzipped xmltv content
Web app now much improved on mobile devices.
Reduced amount of noisy device logging on Linux.
Now supports additional season/episode number format in xmltv files
Added option in web app for confirmation on delete of recordings
Improvements to the way the web server streams certain types of content (mainly around icons and artwork)
Added support for
Can now enable/disable artwork sources in the web app.
Added option to receive cast/crew via the channel.listings api
Fixed issue with "-cert:xxxx" option for running NextPVR using https
Fixed issue where playback wouldn't always stop cleanly with nextpvr.exe
Fixed issue with editing EPG source for a channel, where the list options would reload multiple times (after the first channel)
Fixed issue with streams not always stopping cleanly in nextpvr.exe (or other UI clients)
Fixed issue with Australia not being listed as a Schedules Direct region.
Fixed the 'back' button in the web app with Safari browser
Fixed an issue with editing recurring recordings via the api
Fixed issue where some json values were not correctly escaped via the api
Fixed bug with show names containing multiple periods in row
Fixed issue with streaming channels with unicode characters in the name
Fixed an issue with web playback stopping with IPTV streams.
Fixed issue with xmltv file processing when empty nodes were present.
Fixed bug with resume position in api
Fixed issue with clicking a show in the web recordings page when in list mode.

NextPVR v5 Public

The public builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to v5.0.8.200823

Fixed a streaming issue with streams that have bursty data (IPTV etc), which could lead to brief periods of stream corruption in some player, or potentially interrupt playback in the web app.
Fixed issue that could cause LCN numbers to sometimes not be found on Windows when scanning for channels
Added LCN support for Linux
Updated tuning files for UK
Fixed issue with DVB Subtitle selection in nextpvr.exe
Fixed issue with bad colours used with some DVB Subtitles
Added web server response compression. This can help slightly for performance over wifi or the internet, particularly for verbose responses, like channel listings.
Fixed the name of the index.html page in the web app (was showing in browser as 'Channels')
Fixed issue with web player status message field
Space bar, or mouse click in web player can be used to toggle pause status
Added session.logout api call.
Fixed issue with saving new device information if the device had an apostrophe in it's name
Added a work around for devices that needed to be reset after standby
Removed logic that renamed ATSC channels to the Schedules Direct name after mapping. This logic is still in place for QAM and CableCard devices.
Now better differentiating logging of .bat/.sh script output
Better support for xmltv content from HDHomeRun devices

NextPVR v5 Public

The public builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to v5.0.7.200726.

Now remembering the channel group for the popup Channels window in NextPVR.exe
Added -removehistory to NScriptHelper
Added work around for IPTV providers incorrectly reporting the TS mime type as video/m2ts
Added a fix for IPTV provider incorrectly setting the mime type of gzipped xmltv listings
Added support for group="" attribute with extras channels
Added support for extras that return a url, rather than a stream via stdout
Added 'CC' button in the web app player, which can be used for viewing North American style closed captions. (DVB Subtitles support will be added later)
Added support for genre info with the DVB EPG on linux
Larger controls in web app player page.
Extras can now return a URL, and have NextPVR take care of the streaming
HTTP streams will no longer repeatedly try to connect if stream returns 401/403 error codes
HTTP stream connections will give up after 40 retries, instead of endlessly retrying
Slight changes to the recording/watched api for Kodi.
Improved support for scroll bars in TV Guide when using Safari browser
Improvements to the DVB drop time setting
Updated runtime included with Windows builds, to resolve Microsoft security issue related to xml parsing
Removed OnSleep/OnResume logic that was added a couple of releases ago. It has caused issues for too many people.
Fixed a power management issue with NextPVRTray.exe, where it wasn't stopping machines being manually put into standby while recording
Fixed issue blaster lock for HDPVR/Colossus style devices.
Fixed an exception that could happen in NextPVR.exe
Fixed a problem with NextPVRTray.exe not keeping a machine awake while recording, where user explicitly requested sleep
Fixed issue where NextPVR could try to connect to Schedules Direct after password had been blanked out.
Fixed issue with HDHomeRun DVB EPG
Fixed issue where North American style Closed Captions weren't working in NextPVR.exe
Fixed issue with application crashing if it encountered a corrupt client store file
Fixed issue with auto transcode

NextPVR v5 Public

The public builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to v5.0.6.200614.

Restored screen saver to nextpvr.exe
Added 'download' function in web app
Added a 'login failed' log message, which reports the address of the client that failed to login
Added merge/unmerge tools to Advanced Tools dropdown
Changed MCE remote mapping of 'info' button to stop an error messages
Improvements to scrolling tv guide page on iphone/ipad
Improvements to the speed the recordings page is loaded
Removed a dependency in the web app which was being downloaded from cloudflare
Search screen now makes it clear when no matches could be found
Minor tweaks to tray application (bug fixes, and the ability to point it at another server)
Fixed an issue SAT>IP DVB-C tuning
Fixed issue with scripthelper "-rename" function
Fixed issue with trying to clear out schedules direct username/password in web app
Fixed an issue with loading cached EPG info in recordings where formatting wasn't exactly as expected
Fixed a not-implemented exception in video playback in nextpvr.exe.
Fixed a crash that could occur when channel name could not be found
Fixed a situation where artwork was not being loaded
Fixed an issue that could result in a locked database, and errors with later operations that need the database, like recordings etc.
Fixed an issue with the Resume functionality
Fixed an issue with legacy HDHR scanning/tuning
Fixed issue with how NextPVR handles Schedules Direct artwork not being available.
Fixed an issue with playing in-progress recordings in nextpvr.exe
Fixed an issue where EPG update could kick off earlier than the configured time.
Fixed issue where channels with duplicate channel numbers wouldn't show listings on the Channels page of the web app
Further improvements to IPTV support
Fixed UK compatibility issue with DVB EPG with HDHR/SAT>IP devices
Removed some logging messages that contained credentials

NextPVR v5 Public

The public builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to v5.0.5.200518.

Added 'download channels icon' button, which can download icons from SD and XMLTV.
Preloading SD channel line ups at startup, for slight quicker access in Settings->Guide page.
Windows service now aware of suspend/wakeup power events.
Now restarting digital tuner on resume in Windows.
Faster loading time for recording list in web app
Increased the time digital device scans would wait for LCN data. Also honors drop time setting for those needing to wait even longer.
Added support for IPTV services requiring XC login to import channels
Improvements to security
DVB EPG will now give unique id to each part of multi-part season/episode numbers found
Fixed issue were scanning page would repeat the same request over and over if the backend was stopped
Fixed issue that could lead to gaps in the DVB EPG.
Fixed installer bug, which would lead to install getting stuck
Fixed a genre bug with Emby client
Fixed issue with locator service on Docker
Fixed issue with HDHR legacy scan
Fixed an issue with the auto conversion logic
Removed some unnecessary logging

NextPVR v5 Public

The public builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to

Added genre coloring in Channels page
Added ability to change inputs/blaster settings on existing HDPVR channels
Added AMD hardware encoder option
Added support for DVB EPG show titles that are split across name and description using "..."
Added support for 0x87 stream type E-AC3 audio stream in nextpvr.exe
Added missing Microsoft runtime to installer
Improved TV Guide page to ensure current show name is visible when first browsing to page (some shows may have started long ago, and previously name was off the page to the left)
Better error messages in the web app when Schedules Direct is offline
Improved HDHR + XMLTV channel import
Showing the user messages about missing audio/video decoders in nextpvr.exe
Extracting movie year from DVB show descriptions if possible
Improved artwork matching with thetvdb and themoviedb
Improved logic for downloading IPTV channel icons
Fixed issue with 301 redirects with TS IPTV channels
Fixed issue with mouse pointer disappearing over Channel popup in NextPVR.exe
Fixed issue were live tv would sometimes stop quickly after starting, if the channel had national characters in it's name
Fixed issue where IPTV m3u urls could sometimes be included in logs
Fixed issue with editing a one-off recording in the web app
Fixed issue where sometimes nextpvr.exe wouldn't go back to the menus at the end of playback
Fixed issue with scanning channels with ampersand or apostrophe in the name
Fixed issue with radio not giving any OSD in nextpvr.exe
Fixed issue with stale SD artwork urls

NextPVR v5 Public

The public builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to

Added more options in the search screen, including the ability to create a advanced recording from the search criteria
Updated formatting of DVB genre strings
Added genre coloring in TV guide.
Added support for extracting a couple more formats of season/episode number from show descriptions (for guides that don't explicitly supply season/episode separately)
Added support for multi-cast udp IPTV streams
Reduced the size of the mouse hotspot that would cause the channel selector to show in web app live tv. Now need to move the mouse to the top right, rather than just the right side.
Schedules Direct lineup list now includes the lineup readable-name.
Slight wording changes to some items in the web app to make usage clearer
Added messages to let user know when EPG has been emptied. (previously looked like nothing happened)
Removed a limitation on showing icons in Kodi if there was less than 700 hundred channels available (I still recommend you delete channels you wont be using, to give you the best performance)
Added Freesat EPG option
Advanced m3u8 streams with multiple separate audio/video streams that are intended to be mixed and matched to combine are now working. These streams are fairly rare, but now work.
Fixed issue where streaming to kodi would fail if the channel had an ampersand in its name.
Protected against an error that could occur in the Windows power management code.
Fixed issue with showing significance indicator ('prem', 'fin' etc) on scheduled shows in tv guide.
Now storing the last epg update time, to simplify things for kodi.
Changes to artwork API to help support kodi plugin
Improvements to auto login in the web app
Changed the cursor shown over a few elements in the web UI.
Changes to the way the Mac version was published, to avoid notarization requirements of Catalina. Now requires you to have installed the .NET Core runtime from
Fixed issue with NZ IPTV streams
Fixed issue where DVBC-only devices were not being detected on Linux.
Fixed missing runtime for SlimDX
Fixed issue with Windows installer pointing at the wrong uninstaller executable, so not uninstalling correctly
Fixed issues with Archive function
Fixed a couple of IPTV related issues
Fixed issue with year included in file name for recordings from Schedules Direct listings
Fixed issue where recordings started with Ctrl-K in live tv would end up with a subset of the metadata.
Fixed bug that would cause characters like ampersand and quote to be dropped from channel names when scanning dvb/atsc devices on windows.
Fixed a bug that could cause NextPVRServer to crash when stopping a device
Fixed bug where filename could end up with season/episode number twice
Fixed issue with transcoder bitrate changes sometimes not being written to the config file.
Fixed issue which was causing EXTRA devices to unnecessarily transcode in situations where it could have been avoided.

The public builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to This is the first non-beta build.

Added group filter when initially scanning for digital channels. This makes it easy to filter in/out radio, or certain providers channels etc.
Changes to password fields in Settings screen, to work around issues with Firefox storing incorrect password
Added support for DVB EPG with HDHomeRun devices. This option is only available if the user has the SiliconDust hdhomerun_config installed.
Added support for Huffman encoded strings in SAT>IP / HDHR with DVB EPG
Added better error reporting with HDHomeRun devices
Added ability to specify a genre on the search screen
Added ability to have 'recording series' default to only new episodes, by changing <DefaultRecurringToOnlyNew> config.xml setting
Improved SAT>IP scanning (to better cope with broadcasters using multi-part SDT tables)
Improved names of mapping options coming from North American XMLTV sources
Faster startup for audio-only streams
Added support for {channel_d1} {channel_d2} {channel_d3} {channel_d4} in Extras args
Improved SDT logging furing SAT>IP scans, to get better info in logs
The web app will now show a channel selector if you move the mouse to the right hand side of the player while watching live tv
Fixed issue with arm32 build, where files could be limited to 2GB.
Fixed issue where it wasn't obvious how to edit the time with manual recordings
Fixed a bug with transcoding in the last build.
Fixed a bug with legacy HDHR scanning in last build
Fixed issue with connecting first 4 tuners on some Digital Devices DVB tuners
Fixed issue with selection different audio track in nextpvr.exe
Fixed issue where out of date EPG entries could be import from old xmltv files.
Fixed issue with sample file supplied by user where was not handling the bad clock around a corrupt area of ts ifle, and would switch into a kind of fast forward mode, with out of sink or missing audio
Fixed issue that could result in '401 Unauthorized' type message with some IPTV streams
Fixed a bug with 'update m3u' not correctly updating changed urls of existing channels
Fixed issue with Thai characters in DVB EPG
Fixed issue where some streams where not being treated as live streams, even though they were. This was leading live streams stopping prematurely.
Fixed issue with .map files being left behind in some scenarios.
Remove a couple of web app resources that were being loaded from cdn. Now loading directly from web app.
Remove some unneeded logging

The public beta builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to

Added installer and uninstaller for Windows builds
Added support for HDHR style devices that are hosting lineup.xml on a non-standard port
Added a 'login and refresh epg sources' button when changing SD username/password
Added donate button in the web. A big 'thanks' in advance to all who decide to use it!
Added new Transcoder page in Settings screen.
Added support for hardware transcoding
Added support for m3u files that use radio="true" to specify radio IPTV channels
Added some extra logging around SAT>IP scanning, to give a clearer indication of why channels might be missing
Added a new 'auto transcode recordings' feature. When enabled it post-processes recordings to get them into a more streaming friendly format (H.264 + AAC). This provides improved playback in the web app (and soon in the iOS/Android apps).
Added logout function. This will also forget users that have ticked the 'remember me' at login time.
Added the ability to configure each of the streaming profiles.
Web app Search screen is now highlighting shows that are already scheduled to record.
Changes to the 'update m3u' function in IPTV device settings, to allow you to choose which groups to update.
Fixed issue where streams started with wouldn't always have unique names.
Fixed issue with http headers on some streams
Added placeholder labels for LNB settings
Fixed issue with 'listen' feature for radio in nextpvr.exe
Bumped maximum pre/post-padding up to 2 hours in web app when scheduling recording
Fixed an issue with updatingt recurring recording parameters in web app
Changes to streaming profiles. Now contains a wider variety of resolutions, and the ability edit the bitrate used for each.
Fixed issue with SAT>IP scanning
Fixed issue where xmtv files could stay locked after NextPVR read them
Improvements to IPTV using m3u8 sources, to better cope with the various types of redirect used by some providers.
Fixed issue that could cause device lease renewal issues with IPTV channels using m3u8 streams
Better reporting of errors during device discovery.
Removed the need for libgdiplus in channel.list api
Fixed issue with mouse pointer not auto hiding in nextpvr.exe
Removed a couple of unused settings in nextpvr.exe settings screen.
Fixed issues with editing exiting one-off/recurring recordings in web app
Fixed issue with recording.lastupdated when recording service was stopped.

The public beta builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to

Happy New Year!

Updated version of vue.js, and switched to the minified version for slightly faster web page load times.
Updated versions of SQLite and Drawing.Common.
Fixed issue with skipping to an offset earlier than the first slip file
Fixed issue with watching channels with unicode characters in their name
Fixed issue with HDPVR timeshift in nextpvr.exe
Now correctly remembering and restoring window size in nextpvr.exe
Fixed issue with popups not appearing over video plugins in nextpvr.exe
Fixed issue with resolution and codec info being missing from Ctrl-I screen in nextpvr.exe
Added support for an optional PreShutdown.bat/.sh script
Fixed a default page issue in the web app
Added support for IPTV #EXTVLCOPT headers in m3u file.

The public builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to

Merry Christmas all!

The web app login screen now has a 'remember me' check box, which will remove the need to login each time
Added 'new' indicator for scheduler and search screen
Web app now supports timeshift live tv, so you can skip back/forward etc.
Bug fixes and improvements to live tv in nextpvr.exe, including fixing a serious pixelation issue
Now using new 'NPVR TS Reader 5' in nextpvr.exe
Improved legacy HDHR/DCR device detection
Added placeholder artwork in web app
Updated version of hls.min.js used for web video playback
Fixed issue where NextPVR.exe not exiting with Alt-F4 key combo
Fixed issue with web app for setting DVB-S diseqc support for satellite 2
Fixed a bug where power management function was being called too regularly
Fixed an issue that was stopping xmltv url from loading from a specific IPTV provider
Fixed a bug with ATSC EPG parsing on Windows
Fixed issue with timeshift buffer from some device types when running from a service.
Fixed issue with exception when trying to use F7 to toggle aspect ratio in nextpvr.exe
Fixed issue with installservice.bat on some versions of Windows
Fixed issue with pressing delete key while editing channel name/number in web app.
Fixed issue with subsequent artwork requests being slow from shows that have already been determined to have no artwork available.

The public builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to

NextPVR is now using .NET Core 3.1 (was previously 2.2)
Improved IPTV channel import. Before saving your channels, there is a new drop down where you can easily select the channel groups you'd like to import.
Improvements and bug fixes in new timeshift functionality, for upcoming kodi and other clients.
Removed <LiveTimeshift> setting from setting.list api, to force Kodi to not use the old v4 style of timeshift
Fixed issue with /services?method=channels.m3u not working from other machines unless a host_callback parameter was explicitly supplied.
No longer adjusting the transcode priority on mac, since a user identified this as causing an issue for them
Fixed a bug with streaming where power management calls to keep machine awake were being called too frequently.
Fixed issue that was stopping IPTV from working with xteve
Fixed issue where IPTV channel numbers would start an 1, instead of the next available number (which would lead to overlapping channel numbers)
Fixed bug in tray app
Fixed bug with status reporting from digital tuners.

The public beta builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to

NextPVR.exe is now DPI aware, getting rid of the blurry look on high DPI monitors.
Improved UI Client around mouse control
UI Client now remembering last recording list, and returning to it on next session
Fixed a UI Client exception that could happen when stopping playback
Fixed a UI Client skin path problem on Linux
Fixed an issue with UI Client ignoring quality=high requests
Fixed an issue with ATSC EPG (as seen in sample files supplied).
Now able to enable/disable devices on Settings->Devices page. (option only appears in advanced mode - ie, when Ctrl key is held)
Fixed issue with manual recurring recordings
Fixed issue on web player when streams failed.
Device Status now using common device names
Added additional security around streaming remotely
Fixed issue with editing recurring recordings in web app
Improvements to advanced and keyword recordings
Fixed issue with channel groups with some IPTV providers
Improvements to the process of deleting channels, to minimize the risk of deleting all channels. Also simplified deleting groups of channels.
Improvements to automap with IPTV + XMLTV
Further updates to UK DVB-T tuning files.

The public beta builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to

Added specific Win32 build.
Added Advanced recording to web app
Added Keyword recordings to web app
Added new 'Live' indicator in TV Guide for shows that are airing live (sports etc). This depends on EPG that supports this feature (Schedules Direct)
Improvements to security. Logging in remotely, to either web app, or other type of client requires you to tick the remote access checkbox. It will not let you connect remotely using the default username+password or default pin.
Updated UK DVB-T tuning files.
Fixed issue with Remote UI clients and nextpvr.exe not remembering last group selection
Updated jquery to version 3.4.1
Added system.epg.summary api for querying last EPG update time etc.
Fixed issue with runtime missing from Linux install
Fixed a issue we've seen with m3u files recently, that could cause embedded quotes in channel names (and EPG mappings wouldn't load correctly because of this)
Improvement/fixes to system.status api.
Added support for using xmltv channel id as channel number (if numeric)
Fixed issue with DVB/ATSC EPG on Windows
Added the resume functionality to the web app.
Fixed an issue with seeking during playback in the web app.
Returning LiveTimeshift=false to kodi, so it doesn't try to use that v4 style of timeshift.
Fixed an issue with device status reporting
Added -updaterecurring to NScriptHelper

The public beta builds have been updated (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker) to

Web app video player will now let user know if their browser is blocking video playback.
If a the software fails to start a recording, it'll look for an alternative airing and schedule it to record
Fixed issue where status wasn't being reported correctly with ATSC/DVB tuners on Linux
Fixed issue with rerunning installservice.bat
Added padding option of '0 minutes' in web app.
Added buttons for 'cancel episode' and 'cancel series' in web app guide page.
Fixed an issue with listings not being removed when a channel was deleted.
Fixed issue where show could still look like it would recording in Guide page after cancelling a recording.
Fixed issue where cancelling a scan on a Linux, where it wouldn't actually cancel, and would continue to use the device until the scan completed.
Fixed an issue with cancelling a scan on Linux would overwrite the channel config file anyway
Fixed an issue with IPTV providers that were redirecting from https->http
Fixed issue where manually initiated artwork download was going to the wrong data directory
Fixed issue with multi-record on Extras devices
Added support for SATIP_RTSP_PORT environment variable to force docker to use a different rtsp port SAT>IP.
Fixed issue with http ts streams not auto reconnecting after disconnection.
Fixed issue with deletion of slip files on api call.
Fixed issue with PostProcessing/ with show names with embedded single quotes
Xmltv epg source now automatically handling mappings where the case is incorrect
Small change to SAT>IP to be compatible with SATPI server

Over the last 6 months or so I've been busy working on the next generation of NextPVR software. The primary goal of v5 was to making the it possible to run NextPVR on other platforms. We've made good progress with that, and now have an application we'd like to get more people testing it. Today I've posted public beta information, for those that are interested in giving it a go.

Is NextPVR v5 ready for everyone to install? No. For the average user, wanting a stable release, we'd recommend sticking with NextPVR v4.2.4. The new v5 application is coming along nicely, but there is definitely more work to be done. The new public beta is to get the application into the hands of more users, so we can get more feedback, so we can gauge areas that users want to see more focus in.

Is it exactly the same as v4? No. Unlike previous versions, the setup and configuration is done using a web application. Where possible I've reused stuff, so there is a lot of familiar aspects to NextPVR v5, but there is also a lot of new stuff and things that needed to be done different there is definitely some learning curve for getting started with the new application.

Does it work with other clients, like Kodi, or the iOS/Android apps? Yes. In general it works the same with Kodi, the iOS apps, Apple TV app, and Android app. Emby will need an updated plugin, which will be provided shortly.

Installing on Windows
On Windows NextPVR supports IPTV, HDHomeRun, digital tuners (DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S, ATSC and QAM), SAT>IP tuner (DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T) and HDPVR style devices (HDPVR, HDPVR2, Colossus, Colossus2, Rocket)

If you're going install on a Windows machine with NextPVR already installed, unzip it into a different directory, and you'll need to set the <Port> setting in config.xml, to something other than 8866 (like maybe 8867), since this port will already be in use.

The latest files can be downloaded from:
Windows files at:

To install and run on Windows
copy binaries to directory like C:Program FilesNPVR
run NextPVRServer.exe

Windows Client
The windows client, nextpvr.exe, is included in the 'client' subdirectory. At this stage it can only connect to NextPVR running on the same Windows machine.

A tray app is also available, which can give you a visual indication of when the application is recording or idle. This can run using NPVRTray.exe.

4.2.4 available (7th March)

This is a fairly minor release, rolling the patches posted for 4.2.3 into the main release, plus a couple of other minor fixes and improvements.

- fixed an issue with editing the channel mapping on channels using XMLTV over http
- improved resilience to handling garbage in the stream. Previously would crash for some reception gitches.
- added workaround for recent issues with one of the IPTV provider
- fixed a security issue on the Search screen
- updated kodi API to include previous playback info for in-progress recordings
- improvements for detecting season/episode numbers in the description of DVB EPG listings.
- fixed an issue where UK freeview/freesat could generate an invalid listing, which could later cause issues when viewing a recording made from that show
- fixed issue with right clicking during playback on a client PC
- fixed issue where sometimes viewing the details of a channels wouldn't select the existing schedules direct EPG mapping.
- fixed issue with artwork language preference not being saved
- fixed an issue with artwork when year was present in show titles (from DVB EPG etc).
- fixed a couple issues to do with EPG-Based slipping over HTTP
- fixed issue that could sometimes lead to live tv slip files being left behind after streaming to Kodi.

4.2.3 available (11th November)

This is a fairly minor release, rolling the patches posted for 4.2.2 into the main release. See next post for some comments on the future versions of NextPVR.

- much faster Search screen when using a client install
- fixed problem where sometimes the app would claim no audio decoder was available when switching to channel on different source.
- fixed issue with entering manual recording start/end times on the popup window
- fixed issue with typing channel number on manual recording popup
- fixed issue with streaming recordings with name that ended in "..." (to web/android/ios)
- fixed issue with click controls in video playback with VMR9 renderer
- fixed issue with 'epg mode' timeshifting with non-digital devices
- fixed a bug where some SAT>IP devices would fail to tune
- fixed issue where channel groups could be left behind after deleting a device
- OnDemand will now cope with .mp4/.mkv urls that don't have channel group information
- fixed issue with manual recordings set to start on a future date
- fixed issue with recurring recordings with the same show name starting at the same time on different channels
- fixed an issue with importing channels from a specific IPTV provider
- only showing 'Play' button in recordings screen when file is present on disk
- fixed issue with HDPVR/Analog live tv streaming continuing to receive data after a recording starts on a different channel
- fixed issue with API that reports slip status to client applications

4.2.2 available (23rd June)

This is a small release, rolling up the patches posted for 4.2.1. The HDHR bug fix was important to get out there to alleviate issues HDHR Prime users we're encountering.

- reverted HDHR device to UDP. Several users were having issues with new HTTP implementation.
- fixed issue where deleting channels from one device could cause channels to be removed from group even though the channel was still available on other devices
- fixed issue where channel icons wouldn't appear for channels with spaces at the end of the channel name

4.2.1 available (3rd June)

- now bunding VS2017 runtime with installer
- added an 'Advanced DVB/ATSC EPG Settings' button to allow more control over the broadcast EPG is received
- HDHR device type now using http instead of udp
- HDHR device type now available for HDHomeRun device. Previously it was only shown for HDHR Prime devices. For other device types, you can continue to use the existing BDA drivers, or the 'HDHR' device type.
- Added support for CordCutter TV network tuners
- Added support for ATSC SAT>IP network tuners
- fixed issue where Channels Details screen could sometimes show wrong channel mapping with XMLTV
- added new 'Name - Icon' mode for guide channel names
- more IPTV improvements (stability, support for more IPTV providers)
- fixed issue where sometimes channel logos weren't being downloaded from IPTV service
- fixed issue where IPTV recordings could continue to say they were recording, after they had really finished.
- improved automatic IPTV xmltv channel mapping for providers not using the 'tvg-id' tag
- added support for IPTV m3u tvg-chno tag (for channel numbers)
- fixed issue with digital signal lock/quality/strength info shown with Ctrl-I.
- added ability to specify prefer DVB EIT language, for countries that are transmitting EIT in multiple languages
- fixed issue where sometimes when skipping back during playback, it could start fast forwarding very quickly to the end of the file
- fixed a bug that could cause an invalid characters in <UniqueID> during an export.
- fixed issue where could crash when playing back files with reception issues.
- fixed bug where 'watched' indicator was not showing up on a client PC.
- fixed issue with EPG-Based timeshifting with Analog and HDPVR style devices.
- added option to sort both directories and files in alphabetical order in the library screen (previously, and still the default, is to shows directories first, followed by files)
- fixed issue where installer could try to start the recording service twice, resulting in an error message, even though the recording service was successfully started

4.1.1 available (10th April)

This is a fairly minor release. It is largely just a roll up of patches already posted.

- further IPTV improvements
- performance improvements to the Settings->Channels, and Channel Groups screens when dealing with huge lists of channels.
- fixed issue where channel icons weren't showing in Kodi
- fixed issue that could cause an exception when changing between channels on different sources
- fixed issue where Android app could incorrectly report that it failed to connect to NextPVR when the users pin code was different than the default 0000
- fixed issue with using "-direct" command line while specifying a Default Startup activity other than 'Main Menu'.
- fixed obfuscated logging for one type of IPTV provider, that was logging plain text urls
- now flag Kodi to reload the recordings when a playback position has changed for a recording (so that you could resume on another kodi client etc)
- on the 'show details' popup, shows with long descriptions are now split into multiple parts, and you can press left/right to move between them. (previously it was just clipped at whatever would fit in the available space)
- fixed issue where artwork from Schedules Direct would sometimes not be used.

4.1.0 available (4th March)

A key thing to not with this release is that it is no longer compatible with XP. The application is now using .NET 4.6. It should prompt to download and install this if you do not have it.

- No longer compatible with XP. Now using VS2017 and .NET 4.6.
- fixed issue where playback would freeze if you tried to resume after being paused and you'd paused longer than the buffer.
- fixed an issue where OSD graphics wouldn't update with EVR video renderer while video is paused.
- fixed issue with recording shows that started with a complete windows reserved like "con".
- fixed issue with Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder with AAC which could cause crash.
- fixed a bug with downloading m3u8 keys from relative web paths
- added support for handling .ts files that lose 188 byte alignment mid file.
- fixed minor grid align issue in modern web app tv guide.
- improved the speed when deleting large number of channels
- improved the speed when saving large number of channels
- added a tickbox to control whether IPTV VOD channels and groups are sent to Kodi. (on Settings->Misc2 screen)
- fixed bug where re-imported recordings could have wrong date/time
- fixed an issue with playing back ts files that include a clock wrap-around
- now using in new reader if file is available
- improved detection of .ts file playback duration (when not available)
- fixed issue where HDHR Prime could generate broken recording with incorrect PAT at beginning of file.
- fixed an issue where LAV video decoder could show partial MPEG2 frames when playback starts before it gets an I-Frame
- fixed issue where 'unmute' in context menu was not working.
- increased timeout when downloading xmltv guide over http, since some IPTV providers are pretty slow at providing this
- fixed a bug that could cause NRecord.exe to crash if NDigitalHost.exe had crashed.
- fixed minor memory leak with IPTV or CableCard devices.
- fixed issue where sometimes OnDemand playback would report duration of zero, and user wouldn't be able to skip
- added an option to display just the channel name in the left column of the TV guide (see Settings->Misc2), since many IPTV users have long channel names, and no interest in the channel numbers. The original guide style would often show the name truncated to something unidentiable from the other channels around it.
- added ProcAmp support for analog devices, for those that need to tweak contrast/brightness etc.
- now remembers and auto selects the last caption/subtitle option, for those users that prefer to leave captions enabled all the time
- now possible to change font used for teletext by editing <TeletextFontName> in config.xml
- added a new <If> directive for skins, to accommodate more complex requests I was getting from users
- added a couple more guide channel header styles, and now dynamically sizing the main guide to accommodate header styles that use less space
- added a setting to remember the TV Guide last channel selection
- further improvements for compatibility with quirks of some IPTV providers

4.0.5 available (8th Dec)

This is a fairly small incremental release over 4.0.4, but there is a few changes I'd like to get out there soon rather than later.

- add support for .ts playback with cinema style resolutions such 1.85:1 and 2.39:1
- fixed issue where there could be a disruption or repeating of content where overlapping recordings were happening on a tuner.
- IPTV ondemand streams now shown in a new OnDemand screen, rather than in the TV Guide 'All Channels' list.
- fixed issue where NextPVR could freeze during playback and crash
- fixed issue that could cause nrecord.exe to crash while stopping a recording.
- fixed issue where bottom of H.264 video frames couple be corrupt
- fixed issue where video could suddenly start playing back in fastforward style
- fixed issue with client/server mode that could cause corruption during playback of recordings.
- added support for importing IPTV channels from providers that use a .gz file for their xmltv url
- added support for chunked encoding, used for http tranfers by some IPTV providers
- fixed issue where ampersand character in provider name would cause digital channels to not show during scan of that frequency
- fixed issue that could cause some channels to have no icon in web and kodi
- fixed issue where radio wouldn't play from web app or iOS app.

4.0.4 170731

- improved support for multi-program transport streams in the new reader
- added support for non 188-byte aligned transport streams
- misc reader/demux improvements
- fixed issue with aspect ratio not auto adjusting to match changes in the source content
- fixed issue where HE-AAC audio could get a popup telling them to select an AAC decoder, even though they already had

4.0.4 available (23rd July)

One of the bigger changes in this release is the introduction of a new NextPVR Reader/Demux component, rather than relying on the Microsoft Demux. This is a fairly substantial change. If you have problems with playback in the new release, you can tick the 'use legacy TS reader and Microsoft demux' checkbox to get back to the old components. I'd appreciate users posting feedback on issues with the new reader though, including logs, so I have a chance to look into these issues. When reporting these issues, it'd be useful to know if it effects live tv or recording playback, or both, and what decoders you're using.

As always, a big 'thank you' to those guys that have helped out with the testing and with the development of the web app!

- new NextPVR demux, for better control of audio/video playback, and improved support for LAV Video Decoder etc. This also improves performances how quickly video/audio appear when changing channels, or skipping during playback.
- added support for North American style closed captions with H.264 channels and recordings.
- much improved IPTV support, particularly with .m3u8 streams. For testers, if you're a NZ user, try importing '' - sorry, these are mostly geo-locked, so wont work for other areas.
- failed IPTV recordings will now include a decent failure reason (to make it clear to user if stream was unavailable from their specified URL)
- when importing IPTV channels from an .m3u playlist, you now have the opportunity to specify a xmltv guide URL. It'll do the mappings for any channels where the m3u 'tvg-id' matches the xmltv channel id.
- improved web player, so that seeking etc is possible. (still pretty basic, but better than it was)
- added support for creating season directories while recording, so you get filenames paths like "C:RecordingsCSISeason 1CSI.S01E01.Best Of Times.ts". This feature can be enabled on the Settings->Recordings screen.
- recording service wll now attempt to schedule an alternative recording of the same episode of any failed recordings, in scenarios like "recording service not running", "device failed to start", "zero bytes received from device". It'll prefer to use the same channel, but will fallback to others channel if the episode cant be found.
- if you add channels to a device, it'll now ask if you want to kick off an EPG Update
- added support for show artwork in xmltv
- added support for calling a PostLoadEPG.bat, just prior to scheduling the recurring recordings, allowing users to hook in EPG data manipulation prior to scheduling etc.
- now using DVB CRID for populating unique ID, to help reduce duplicate recordings for those using the DVB EPG
- removed 'update DVB EPG during live tv' setting
- using new TheTVDB API, so that artwork keeps working after the old API is turned off later this year
- updated version of
- improvements to teletext and dvb subtitles.
- changes to playback graphs to use a single audio decoder and audio renderer, to avoid long standing issue where some users would get stuttering in live tv.
- now able to double click a DRI channel to change its type between MPEG2/H.264.
- QAM / DRI / HDHR screens now more clearly identifying which channels are MPEG2 vs H.264
- Picture Library now supports images that have been rotated 180 degrees (upside down). You may need to empty C:UsersPublicNPVRThumbs to refresh already cached thumbnails.
- added support for mouse wheel tilt for moving left/right
- colored alt keys no longer generate default system beep when pressed
- now using friendly dates like 'yesterday' / 'today' / 'tomorrow' in most screens where dates need to be shown.
- new and improved SAT>IP device detection
- added Mute/UnMute context menu options.
- added ability to archive group of ready recordings, using new 'Archive' item in top menu
- added archive top level button in metadata screens (for use with Recordings screen)
- double clicking video during live tv or video playback will toggle fullscreen mode
- Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder now useable for HE-AAC and AAC.
- logging HDHR driver settings, to help identify selected 'Application' etc, since these are commonly asked support questions.
- updated NEWA - thanks UJB!
- fixed scenario where Micrsoft DTV-DVD video decoder would sometimes not hook up correctly for MPEG2.
- fixed issue that could cause the wrong aspect ratio for 4:3 channels in web and iOS applications.
- fixed issue that would cause plugins to not be loaded when using the 'Settings' shortcut from the tray app
- fixed issue where some analog tuners wouldn't start on the correct composite/svideo input until changing to another input and back
- fixed crash that could happen in 'bulk map' screen.
- fixed issue where channel could end up with no DVB EPG listings when multiple duplicate channels are transmitted on differ frequencies
- fixed issue where "Conflict Alternative Airing" recordings would ignore specified directory
- fixed issue that could occur at times with default show selection in TV Guide.
- fixed issue with movie rating info not being loaded correctly from Schedules Direct.
- fixed issue where back-to-back recordings would sometimes reflect the post-padding time as the end-time for the recording, even though it stopped writing to the file at the end of the show, and switched to another frequency (no padding)
- fixed issue that was stopping video playback in Edge browser.
- fixed issue with live tv timeline graphic beyond 30 minutes mark
- fixed issue with using AverMedia C985 HDMI capture devices.
- fixed a bug with pid mapping that could cause recordings to stop growing after second PMT update. (effecting HDHomeRUN via BDA, and SAT>IP devices). This may also fix the reason the HDHomeRun driver application needed to set to a profil other than 'NextPVR'.

3.9.2 available (19th Nov)

From the change log:
- several improvements to the webclient support
- added support for Direct2D renderer if Direct3D not available. This should hopefully work out of the box on newer Windows installs, without requiring user to install old DirectX 9 runtime, like they had to in the past.
- added support for IPv6 in the webserver
- improvments to security features in web server
- showing available disk space in web app
- fixed a crash that could occur for HDHomeRun Prime or Ceton users (where broadcaster was using a large PMT)
- fixed a crash in NextPVR.exe that could happen when editing a recording created via Kodi with more than 90 minutes
- fixed a crash that could a occur with the metadata screens enabled in Recordings, after selecting 'back' when deleting a recording from the multi-metadata screen.
- added basic drag/drop support for dropping video files on running instance of NextPVR.exe
- fixed a bug that could occur with shows that have a name ending with a period character, like Chicago P.D.
- fixed a bug that could cause listings to fail to load if certain data was null in the database
- fixed a problem with grouping failed recordings on the web app API
- added ability to set channel type on Ceton devices, to cope with H.264 channels
- fixed issue that would cause manual recurring recordings to schedule for the wrong time after daylight savings changes
- can be called to get an m3u playlist of available channel urls
- can be called to get an m3u playlist of available recording urls
- list view in music is now showing the selected filename on the right of screen, which helps with longer filenames
- now possible to configure whether the left/right arrow keys in video playback do a long or short skip.
- further updates to web app (IPv6 support, increased security, removed need for PIN for remote access in modern app)

3.8.3 Available (29th Sept)

from build 160929:
- TV Guide refreshes the pending recording list more frequently, to avoid issues where shows were scheduled to record, but not marked red.
- fixed a bug that could cause a frozen black frame, and 'not responding' UI when stopping playback
- a couple of the NextPVR.exe command line options will now show a message on the screen so you know something happened
- fix to logic which downloads new releases
- changes to settings for tweaking the transcoder arguments
- fixed an issue that could cause the 'watched' indicator to not reflect the correct value
- further updates to web UI

From the change log:
- improved logic when moving up/down in TV guide, so that the show selection is not prone to moving towards the left of the screen
- added support for showing Schedules Direct 'isPremiereOrFinale' information
- when season/episode info is known, this is now listed in the Search screen show times
- now able to see cast/crew info on the show details popup by pressing the left/right key
- fixed issue IPTV streams not stopping cleanly.
- the red/green/blue/yellow colored indicators are now summarized in the Ready Recordings list, showing either all contained recordings have that indicator set, or a partial if only some have it set
- 'find all' on a advanced recurring recording will now shows results that matched the criteria
- added support for DVD style closed captions which can sometimes used in North America recordings or live tv.
- added support for out-of-process analog
- fixed a bug that could sometimes cause ndigitalhost.exe to die, prematurely ending the recording
- fixed an html issue that cause problems viewing the guide for some users
- fixed bug with logging that could recording service to crash.
- fixed a bug with with the EPG data supply for external clients, when user had manual recordings
- fixed minor issue on settings web page.
- added support for "Big5" traditional chinese character set in scan results
- added support for HDHR Primes lineup.xml file's H.264 channel indicator.
- fixed a QAM scanning issue.
- added a setting disable mouse controls that are shown during live tv or recording playback
- added logic to for notifying user when installer had been updated to include new patches etc.
- fixed a bug with 'spread' mode recording on UNC drives
- fixed issue where 'channels' popup could stay open if you try selecting the same channel
- slightly nicer digital scanning startup, to remove the 'not responding' window status that the user would often experience for a few seconds.
- fixed scanning issue for H.264 channels reporting themselves as service type 0x11 (used for MPEG2 HD in North America)
- fixed issue with closed caption support in 3.7.7
- fixed an issue with transcoded streams on 32 bit versions of Windows (for web stream and for iOS app).
- improved logic for ensuring live tv buffer directory exists for new users
- fixed issue that could affect some systems with mulitple HDPVR/HDPVR2 style devices.
- video/music/picture library has improved support for shortcuts (.lnk files)
- web UI now shows 'new' indicator
- web UI is now able to 'delete' recordings
- web UI now has 'download' and 'delete' buttons in recording details.

3.7.7 available (27th Jun)

From the change log:
- new more modern looking web interface. Still needs more work in areas, but very usable. The old web UI is still available for those that prefer it. This was a joint effort between UJB and myself.
- added ability to disble recurring recordings
- changes to the way listings are saved, to speed up this step of the EPG update
- database vacuum now done automatically each time the recording service is started
- channel groups screen is now major.minor channel number friendly.
- fixed an exception that could occur when FanArt.TV was disabled.
- fixes to the 'A-Z' and 'Z-A' sort order in the recordings screen
- fixed a DVB-S2 tuning issue on some SAT>IP devices
- fixed a crash that could occur with Schedules Direct mappings
- looks for and populates season/episode numbers from DVB/XMLTV show descriptions
- prompt for resume now works on in-progress recordings you've watched to the end
- fixed issue which could cause the Recordings screen to report the incorrect number of recordings in each group
- channel scanning now supports unicode, to allow for Russian/Chinese/etc characters in channel names.
- improved logic when finding large fanart images to get best aspect ratio
- fixed an exception that could occur when selecting 'Find All' on a recurring recording
- multi item metadata screen will now show colored dots on items, like the Recordings screen.
- keyword recording now searching title/subtitle/description
- fixed an issue where recording service could crash if a tuner was not connected when a recording was due to start.
- fixed issue with exporting/importing ATSC channels, causing channel numbers to be incorrect, loosing the original major.minor numbers.
- fixed issue with typing into 'Find Channels' popup.
- fixed an issue with 'find all' on a keyword recurring recording.
- removed some overly verbose logging
- added 'Show Settings' to tray app context menu
- fixed an exception that could happen when clicking in white space on the 'Find Channels' popup screen.
- fixed issue where using the up/down buttons on the Settings->Channels screen wouldn't work as expected, and changes were often not saved.
- added support for AVerMedia HD capture devices
- fixed download link for DirectX 9.0C
- clicking poster artwork will do an artwork search, giving you the option to choose another match. This should help when the auto artwork got the wrong images.
- added logic to start ntray.exe from the installer, and to double check the service has started
- fixed a bug with updated recurring recordings in Kodi
- the 'spread' recording directory selection now supports UNC paths.
- fixed issue with deleting recording from metadata screens on client machines
- fixed bug in video library where fanart image from previously selected folder could continue to show when a new folder with no fanart was selected
- added http interface for controlling main NextPVR running on the server, for possible remote control apps people might create in the future. For example,, where key is the keycode, and "RemoteControl" is the client identifier to tell it to act as a remote control for the main session.
- fixed issue with resume position not always being presented after previously watching an in-progress recording.
- added playback keyboard controls that don't require Ctrl key for common activities. ie, spacebar to toggle pause, F to fastforward, R to rewind, right-arrow to skip forward, left-arrow to skip back. Will look to extend this to other keys if users recommend further actions they'd like to access with single key.
- changes to the way closed caption data is processed in the background, to remove the risk of crashes in the Microsoft Line 21 decoders (even for users that weren't viewing Closed Captions).
- fixed bug which would cause existing clients to added to the list on Settings->Client screen
- fixed a bug with client/server mode, when time-shift configured for 'time-based', and the show name has a '&' or other special xml characters.
- mouse controls and pointer will no longer auto hide while pointer is over mouse controls
- returning to Recordings from metadata screens restores previous position in list etc
- fixed issue where deleting a channel would leave any listings in the database associated with that channel.
- fixed recording filename problem with show names that end with a period character
- auto creating 'Temporary ASP.NET Files' directory if it's missing on the system.
- now warning user if they try to configure a recording directory on a mapped network drive.
- fixed issue that could sometimes cause the wrong audio stream to be selected when the user has specified a preferred language
- old recording conflicts will be automatically deleted a day after they were due to occur.
- added a red note to the DVB-T scan settings, telling the user "If a scan doesn't find all the channels you expect, try 'All Regions' instead", if they'd chosen a area specific frequency list
- added a maximum tuning timeout for the HDHR, after seeing a users log where executing lock command did not return
- cleaned up names shown for Schedules Direct lineups
- increased the maximum number you can enter for 'whats new days'
- fixed issues with multi-tuner SAT>IP devices
- fixed a scenario with HDHR Prime and Hauppauge DCR devices that could lead to a recording that plays in NextPVR but not in external players.
- added ability to force the rewriting of PMT table in transport streams, to deal with a bug in Kodi's live tv playback engine.
- added context menu options for switching between window and fullscreen mode.
- added new Schedules Direct for looking up other language artwork. (like if you wanted to switch from localized Finnish artwork to using the original American artwork)
- fixed issue where "-thumb.jpg" file could be left behind when deleting recording
- fixed a bug where recording service would sometimes not see newly setup device until after the recording service was restarted
- fixed a scenario where analog devices wouldn't run a blaster executable
- fixed very large log messages that could come from Schedules Direct with errors.
- added logic to improve 'new show' indicator with xmltv listings sourced from Schedules Direct and zap2xml.
- added a setting to 'Use Lighter Font', which gives the same fonts that NextPVR defaulted to in Win7
- fixed a date formating issue with Schedules Direct expiry date in some locales

3.6.6 patched (13th Dec)

- fixed an issue where recording service could crash if a tuner was not connected when a recording was due to start.

3.6.6 available (5th Dec)

From the change log:
- improved Ceton scanning and tuning
- closed captions now supported with all MPEG2 decoders. Previously it'd only work with select decoders like the Mainconcept one.
- added a message on the screen when in TV Viewer mode, so we don't get users saying "I only get a black screen, and no menus".
- now giving better user notifications of Schedules Direct account status, like expiry date, and status messages when the system is offline.
- added ability to do a free text search in the Search screen.
- added ability to schedule keyword recording (without having to manually type Advanced Rules). See top bar in TV Guide or Recordings
- fixed an issue with paths with spaces when using /transcode url
- fixed issue with FM radio
- fixed an issue with generic diseqc support
- fixed an issue with large DVB-S xml service descriptions that could lead to a crash while scanning
- added manual scan for DVB-T/DVB-C, allow you to specify tuning paramaters like frequency etc.
- added support for manually specifying Ceton QAM channels
- installer now signed
- installer will try to stop the software automatically in the case of an upgrade
- minor improvements to the Schedules Direct channel setup controls
- added support for 'ms_progid' unique id in xmltv files
- updates to network API, to enable new features required in the latest Kodi builds
- added support for running PostStartup.bat
- fixed a bug where recording service could crash after deleting a capture source (if you had a recording set of a capture source that no longer exists)
- now lets user know if they're in a channel group with no channels (and will auto switch back to 'All Channels').
- 'F9' shortcut key to main menu now also works in live tv and video playback
- added mouse controls during live tv / video playback. These only show if you move the mouse.
- minor tweaks to keyword recording, to allow users to specify percent characters in the keyword, giving them more control over how the match is done (SQL "like" clause)
- uninstalling now correctly removing NPVR Recording Service
- changes to natively support DVB-T EPG in New Zealand.
- fixed a crash that could happen with non-standard language audio descriptor (seen on a Swiss channel)
- no longer marking Schedules Direct SH* shows as 'new'
- added a button on the first settings page to zip the log files. After this it copies the zip file location to the clipboard, and options Windows Explorer with the file selected
- fixed bug where auto reloading comskip edl file was not working
- fixed bug where live tv directory could be deleted
- minor improvements to bulkmap automapping with xmltv
- recordings screen now showing failure message on pending recordings too, since it can sometimes contain useful information (like rescheduled due to conflict)
- resolved an issue with DVB EPG where overnight EPG updates could lead to mostly empty EPG when using 'out of process' host, but manual EPG update would work fine
- slight changes to when the digital signal strength is reported, to hopefully give better signal information in the logs
- fixed issue that could lead to duplicate recordings
- fixed channel 'unmerge'
- added support for Hauppauge HDPVR60
- fixed issue where a couple of italian users had ended up with a recording service that wouldn't start due to regional date format.
- added support for ATSC HEVC channels, like those currently being trialled in Korea.
- added support for negative padding, up to 5 minutes, to help with conflicts where show schedules have slight overlaps
- added support for EPG-Based timeshifting via the "/live?channel=" streaming method, as used by the kodi addon etc.
- added better a reporting of a couple of Schedules Direct messages that can be returned in certain circumstances
- added logic to remember the recurring recording that was associated with a deleted pending recording. When you delete a recurring recording, it'll delete the history of those deleted pending recordings.
- added support ATSC style ETT show descriptions
- 'delete' key can now be used in recordings to delete
- fixed issue where RecurrenceOID wasn't being set on the ScheduledRecording object returned when scheduling a recurring recording
- significant changes to the metadata works, and new a API that can now be used by NEWA etc for finding artwork (and demand loading etc), caching etc.
- now downloading a few additional artwork items, including landscape and logo. These aren't directly used in NextPVR at this stage, but will be used by clients like Emby.
- new Artwork settings screen.
- added support for artwork
- metadata screens are off by default in Recordings, but can be enabled.
- now using built in Windows API for mounting .iso files on Win8 and above
- fixed issue where directory wouldn't be deleted after deleting last recording
- improvements for European styles of artwork through Schedules Direct
- 'Find All' on recurring keyword recordings will now list all matches
- adds support for new Schedules Direct service, which will auto extend sports recordings if the event is not yet finish. This is off by default, but can be enable din the Settings->Recording screen. It'll probably be enabled by default in future releases.
- updated NEWA

3.5.7 available (30th August)

If you're upgrading from a previous release, remember to make sure you stop NextPVR before running the upgrade.

- added Ceton tuner support
- changes to the default menu and animations.
- app now tells user if they're missing decoders they require
- added better handling of initial default recording directory for new installs
- added a 'new' indicator in TV Guide grid. Its off by default, because it gets a bit annoying in countries where this info isn't known and everything is treated as 'new'. Enable on the Settings->Misc2 screen.
- updated SRT subtitle renderer to support subtitles that specify a font color
- fixed issue some users where having with multi-record on HDHR Prime devices.
- improved support for HEVC/H.265 channels
- incomplete meta screens removed from Recordings. There didn't seem to much interest in this feature.
- fixed problem Schedules Direct lineup dropdown would have problems with aero disabled
- fixed issue with multi-HDPVR, which was introduced in 3.4.8
- fixed a couple of Bulk Map issues
- fixed an analog tuner identificantion problem that could occur in setups with mixed combinations of supported analog tuners
- now using UTC for recording list LastUpdated, which fixes a bug with Kodi not reloading the recording list
- fixed bug where skipping in live tv would sometimes be ignored when using client PC.
- minor improvements to client behaviour when server not present. There is no way for it to always gracefully handle all situations without a major rewrite, but these changes will help some scenarios.
- fixed issue with IPTV channels not running specified executable
- reduce the amount of logging in nrecord.log related to client/server streaming
- 'use S01E01 file naming if possible' will now perform some additional checks to stop it using obviously incorrect season/episode numbers
- can now do season/episode file naming with an season of 0, as this is sometimes used by multi part shows.
- added a link on the Settings->Decoders screen, to take you to an informational page on the NextPVR website (page still a work-in-progress).
- now possible to configure tuning parameters of Freesat EPG transponder using <FreesatEPGTuning> in config.xml
- added a new '-now' option to NScriptHelper, to list what active devices are doing right now.
- scheduler will now prefer an exact start time for a scheduling a timeslot recording. If no exact match can be found, then it falls back to looking for other start times in the timeslot.
- added new 'Look for alternate airings on unresolved conflict' on Settings->Recordings. Enabled by default.
- fixed issue where artwork from thetvdb was not found if title was in non-english language
- fixed a problem where not all artwork sources where being checked in the TV Guide for NMT/MVP
- 'Find All' on a conflict (which has unique id), will now filter the list of airings to only those matching the unique id (ie, showing other airings of that exact show).
- fixed issue where deleting a recurring recording could result in a database error in the logs, and recording left behind.
- fixed issue with artwork from themoviedb relating to foreign language titles
- fixed an issue where digital recorder could have a few broken PAT entries at the beginning of a recording
- updated all DVB-S tuning files
- updated NEWA

3.4.8 available (25th April)

If you're upgrading from a previous release, remember to make sure you stop NextPVR before running the upgrade.

- added support for multi-record on HDHR devices
- added HDHomeRun tuner locking, to stop other applications from being able to steal tuners
- speed up stopping of HDHR graphs
- added diseqc support for a wider range of devices, including Digital Devices, Pinnacle, AnySee and a couple of others
- added support for SAT>IP devices
- digital scanning now shows provider information if known
- added ability to sort scan results by clicking any of the columns, for making it easier to find specific channles in a long list of results.
- added ability for channel groups to have a different sort order than the channel numbers. This effects the order channels are shown in the TV Guide etc.
- added support for listing/switching audio tracks, and subtitle tracks, on a wider range of video files like mkv files etc (if source filter support standard IAMStreamSelect interface).
- added ability to edit digital channel tuning properties on the Setting->Channel screen, in channel settings. (previously you could do this, but have to get into the channel via the Settings->Devices screen, and had to do it separate for each tuner mapped to the channel)
- 'groups' screen now shows more information about the channels, and allows you to drag and drop to adjust the order within a channel group.
- improved error reporting in the case of a HDHomeRun Prime recording failing to start
- HDHR-TC now only lists QAM/ATSC (not HDHR) options in Settings->Devices screen, to minimize confusion.
- changed titlebar from 'nPVR' to 'NextPVR'. Sorry if this causes any issues with remote control apps. I'd been reluctant to do it in the past for this reason, but I got sick of looking at it and wanted it changed.
- if you tries to play a non-.ts file in client mode, it now gives them a message to tell them "this file type is not compatible with client mode"
- added "-first" and "-second" commandline parameters which can be used to override the "start on second monitor" setting
- fixed a problem where webclient could restart with lower resolution UI
- added a "method=system.log&type=error&msge=asdasdasdasdasd " api that web client can use for logging in web.log. Default type if not specified is 'debug'. Also supports 'info', 'error', 'warn'.
- added a "method=recording.lastupdated" api to get the time of last change to the recording list
- fixed a 'divide by zero' crash that could occur in with files with broken timeline.
- added a 'forget' menu item in the Recordings screen, so you can forget a recording, allowing it to be recorded again.
- added ability to strip prefixes from show EPG titles when the EPG is imported, and have default it to include a few common nuisance that some broadcasters use (like "All New ...");
- changes to the metadata screens to make them more usable from the Recording screen. ie, now shows recording date, subtitle, changes to the multi-file screen layout to have buttons for resume etc, supporting the user-defined red/green/yellow/blue color tags.
- added a info screen when playing videos, accessed via Ctrl-I, which shows information about video or live stream being watched (codec, resolution, signal strength etc). I'll probably add further info to this during the pre-release cycles.
- added support for MCE remote zoom/aspect button to toggle aspect ratio
- fixed issue webserver not parsing requests correctly
- 'Import Recording' feature can now import an individual .ts file by pointing at external xml file produced when using <StoreSeparateMetadataXml>.
- wider popups for selecting subtitle/audio streams, to accommodate longer descriptions
- fixed issue with description of MKV subtitles.
- fixed a long standing bug where attempts to overwrite a recording with a recording of the same name could cause a broken recording with only small samples every 10 seconds or so
- fixed an HDPVR xml error that could occur with some blaster executables or args.
- more graceful exit from live tv if you kill recording service while watching tv. Previously you'd get a persistent message box that was difficult to get rid of.
- remove spammy "GetDuration returning ...." log message
- fixed error where video library list position could get messed up, making it difficult to get to some items.
- updated Schedules Direct support to include a wide set of countries, include some European countries (including automapping where possible).
- added titles to audio/subtitle selection popups (thanks for the taking the work out of it for me Whurlston!)
- fixed issue with conflict recordings being include as upcoming recordings in the "method=recording.list"
- settings screen is now larger. Some screens were very cramped, and it was hard to find space for some new settings I wanted.
- added a 'use S01E01 style file naming if possible' setting.
- added a 'Use Movie.Name.(YEAR) format for movies if possible' setting.
- running "-emptydb" will also cause the Setting screen to show, like a fresh install
- fixed a bug where mouse could hide while Settings screen is visible, making it hard to do anything
- moved to most recent Schedules Direct API
- more accurately reporting Hauppauge HDPVR2 and Colossus2 model names
- improvements to teletext subtitle rendering
- now possible to control teletext subtitle delay. Previously you could only control the delay on DVB Subtitles.
- now showing " (SxxExx)" in Recordings screen if this info is known.
- improvements to recording export to ensure all show details are exported (star-rating, genre etc, which were previously missing) and to fix the start/end times.
- fixed problem where mouse could auto hide while settings screen is visible
- fixed problem that cause only a single color flag to be exported with recordings
- fixed problem with season/episode info on the new Schedules Direct API
- increase maximum subtitle delay
- handling age info like "(13)" from the end of name when looking for metadata
- handling (T), (S), (R) when looking for metadata
- added support for retrieving artwork from Schedules Direct for those people using this EPG service.
- fixed issue with range header when streaming via HTTP
- updated NEWA

3.3.8 available

If you're upgrading from a previous release, remember to make sure you stop NextPVR before running the upgrade.

- fixed problem with new multi file screen in Recordings screen when a failed recording was present
- major changes to schedules direct support. Schedules Direct have moved to a new API. To support this, there is new screens in NextPVR for managing lineups, entering zip codes etc.
- added support for ATSC major.minor numbers. You can now have channel numbers like "12.2".
- fixed a problem with sort order of new multi file screen in Recordings
- fixed a couple of bugs with the new Freesat EPG option introduced in the last release.
- fixed an unhandled exception that could happen on the Recordings screen
- the multi-record feature is now possible on analog/HDPVR/HDPVR2/Colossus/IPTV/Prime devices. For these types of devices it's not as useful as digital tuners, but still gives some advantages like the ability to get overlapping recordings on back-to-back recordings on the same channel (with padding in both).
- changed app to make it compatible with Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder for AAC audio.
- colored red/yellow/green/blue flags now included in export/import of recordings
- fixed a problem where re-entering a directory in icon mode could cause the start of the list to become offset, appearing like one or more blank spaces at the start of the list.
- fixed bug with webclient that cause server to try running a music file locally aswell as client.
- adds support for detecting changes to the desktop resolution when running in fullscreen mode (to avoid problem where user was ending up with a fullscreen app not filling the screen after machine had been asleep)
- fixed a problem where trailing slash was not added to new media directories added until the user revisited the settings screen for a second time.
- added support Hauppauge Colossus2.
- slight change to the way the devices tab loads, so that the entire screen is drawn before it goes off looking for devices.
- changed "don't record duplicates" logic to fix a scenario that could occur with multiple recurring recordings picking the same future episodes to record.
- fixed a scenario that could cause Recurring not to be created in the case of a conflict.
- fixed a problem where EPGEvent's would lose all but first genre/cast/crew when stored as cached copy in recording
- install process attempts to create firewall exceptions for NextPVR.exe, NRecord.exe and NDigitalHost.exe. Hopefully this will get rid of some of the HDHR new user problems.
- improvements to duplicate detection logic to better cater for users that switch from mc2xml to schedules direct.
- now forcing a reload of the channel list when a device is deleted, so that the Settings->Channels tab always reflects the correct list of channels
- RECENTLY_DELETED entries now use the current time, rather than the original recording time.
- improved duplicate detection logic to better handle movies.
- fixed a problem where escape key wouldn't back out of select audio/subtitle popup
- fixed a problem with API for updating recurring recording advanced rules.
- PromptForDeleteAfterPlayback no longer prompts for delete if you were watching an in-progress recording
- added a popup to control the DVB Subtitle delay. This popup is accessed via Ctrl-D
- added a work around for channel ids changing in mc2xml generated xmltv files
- added cast/crew support for xmltv
- fixed a crash with DVB scanning on transponder with huge number of channels
- added support for LCN v2 channel numbers, which are starting to be used in some DVB countries (like Singapore etc).
- changes to metadata API to better support multiple metadata plugins.
- added metadata plugin for TheMovieDB
- fixed problem where it would go to the new details screens even when the show didnt have any description, leaving you a very blank screen.
- recurring recordings no longer limit potential recordings to those after the start date of the original show used to create the recording.
- slight change to the way config.xml is saved to resolve issue where user could end up with a corrupt config.xml when their disk was full and it attempted to save the config
- updated NEWA

3.2.9 available (March 29th)

- improvements to the layout and look of icon mode in library screens. Icon lists now scroll vertically instead of horizontally.
- leaf nodes in video library now shows a details screen if metadata exists. May add option to also show this screen in the Recordings screen.
- added new IMetadataPlugin interface, for new class of plugins, called at recording completion, to allow for improved file naming, and auto downloading of additional metadata and artwork. I may need to change this interface, so plugin can UI way for user to select other artwork/metadata if it gets it wrong.
- added new "Filter" menu option in the Recordings screen for users that have more than one recording directory, allow you to show just the "KIDS" recordings etc
- video/music/picture library now gives useful error if the user tries to delete a file but it cant (like readonly or access denied etc).
- fixed bug where PLAYBACK_POSITION history wouldn't be deleted for recordings auto deleted due to 'keep x recordings' when scheduling recurring recording.
- fixed bug that could lead to duplicate DVB EPG entries
- fixed a problem that could lead to DVB EPG entries being in the wrong timezone
- changes to web api:
added method=recording.color.toggle&recording_id=123&col or=blue
method=recording.list will now also detail red/green/yellow/blue flags
- updated NEWA (thanks UJB!)
- improvement to the speed of video library loading of artwork and metadata (mainly via improvements to the caching scheme). It'll probably only be noticeable on network video directories though. I notice a big improvement for my Video Library, in my-now-preferred icon mode, using a NAS full of movies.
- fanart backgrounds are now loaded asynchronously, and only when the user stops moving around, to improve responsiveness.
- fanart now also carries through to the new Video details screens
- fixed old bug in Covers view in Video screen, where '..' folder could be shown behind artwork, and showing through if artwork was not big enough
- fixed bug where webclient menu screen would stop responding
- IPTV device makes a return. This time it's a little more flexible, now handling http/udp/rtp transport streams
- fixed a problem with iso playback via webclient.
- fixed problem with changing channel groups in the now/next popup in live tv.
- fixed EPG mapping display problem when viewing channel settings in multi-lineup Schedules Direct setups.
- now has option to give a popup if you reach the end of recording playback prompting for deletion. ("This recording was watched to completion. Would you like to delete this recording?")
- added support for high-definition DVB Subtitles
- fixed a problem that could cause NextPVR in window mode to start out with the wrong shape window, which would jump to the correct shape when you tried resizing it.
- fixed a problem where recordings could be moved to a disabled tuner
- added support for Media Companion style metadata in video library (ie, just minor tweaks to the filenames etc).
- if you have movies in individual directories, you can also have an extra "-trailer" video file in the directory (as created by Media Companion), and the video library will show "Trailer" button for watching it.
- recordings with show titles that only vary by upper/lower case are now grouped together in the Recordings screen.
- added 'exit' action for web clients
- fixed a minor skin issue where text would occassionally get slightly wider when quite a few items were in the list and you'd scroll down and back up the list.
- recording list is exported slightly earlier in the EPG update process, so that it's been done before PostUpdateEPG.bat is executed.
- fixed a crash that would occur if you tried to change an ATSC/QAM channel to H.264. While not common, we have started to encounter some channels that require it.
- fixed a problem with analog recordings.
- fixed an incorrect message shown when attempting to delete a recording using NScriptHelper.exe
- added support for XMLTV shows with "(R)" in the title to indicate a rerun.
- fixed bugs with HDHR plugin when multiple network adapters were present, and HDHR devices were not on default NIC.
- added an extra EPG loading API to speed things up for NEWA json API
- now able to control recording priority in Recordings screen Recurring list. Pretty much the same as GBPVR, use the skip forward/back to change priority. It'll only let you do this when the sort order is 'Priority' or 'Priority Descending'. If you try it on 'A-Z' or 'Z-A', it'll give you a message to tell you why it cant do it.
- added "-genre" command to NScriptHelper.exe, to get the primary genre of a recording
- added a new 'Freesat (UK)' EPG option, which tells that app to use the existing DVB EPG functionality, but only from the Freesat EPG transponder (cutting down the time to fetch the EPG)
- improved handling of partial or broken responses from Schedules Direct.
- reduced memory requirements for processing of live stream for analog/hdpvr/hdhr-prime devices, which could previously lead to errors/crashes on machines with limited memory
- implemented a basic default metadata plugin which will look up metadata and show artwork from TheTVDB. Metadata plugins are called soon after a recording is started. Can be disabled in the setting screen.
- added 'Metadata' button in the Video Library, which can be used to download metadata/artwork for the selected folder.
- if metadata/artwork downloading is enabled, it'll now auto download shows without artwork in the TV Guide when you view a show's details.
- added option to use new single/multi file screens in the Recording Ready list when you click on a group. This will be off by default, but may evolve in that direction in the 3.3 if users seem interested.
- added a few more skinning options in new single/multi screens. @genre, @duration, @subtitle, @subtitleOrAirDate
- slight behavior change of recording failures in pre-padding. Instead of immediately marking the recording as failed, it'll try again after the pre-padding period.
- 'blue' key now toggles view in the Library screens.
- watched indicator now also show in video library.
- fixed issue with resume in new screens.

3.1.1 available (October 12th)

This release of NextPVR uses .NET 4.0, unlike previous releases which used .NET 2.0. The installer will automatically install this if it's not detected on your machine.

If you're upgrading from a previous release, remember to make sure you stop NextPVR before running the upgrade.

Please post any support issues in the support forum.

Existing plugins you have installed may have issues with this update, and may need updating.

From the change log:
- NextPVR updated to use .NET 4. The installer will automatically install it if the user doesn't have it.
- fixed an issue that could cause streams from HDHR Prime and Hauppauge DCR devices to stop prematurely.
- new now/next screen shown when you use the up/down keys in live tv. It's along the lines of what reven has added in the samsung client, so we can keep it fairly consistent for users.
- fixed an issue where NextPVR would sometimes try to use a device for live tv that was already in-use (when analog and digital channels are setup for the same tuner resource, and one is already in use).
- fixed issue with double mouse clicks in Search screen.
- added a 'Default to recording location with the most space available' checkbox. (aka 'spread' mode)
- improved skipping logic when playing in-progress recordings.
- added support for Freesat (and Freeview HD) huffman EPG.
- fixed XBMC channel change bug with analog/colossus/hdpvr tuners.
- fixed bug with playing blu-ray movies from iso files. Previously it assuming the iso file contained a dvd.
- fixed a bug where pressing 'escape' from the DVD resume prompt would leave the DVD player in a state were you couldn't interact with it.
- fixed a bug where DVD playback could start with incorrect aspect ratio when set to 'auto'
- added diseqc support for a couple of additional TBS devices
- fixed issue where Blurays would not play when launched from an ISO.
- added logic to ignore any plugin called "system.dll" (since it's been renamed to meet .NET 4 requirements).
- added support for a PostCancel.bat, for users wanting to run custom processing on recordings that are cancelled while recording.
- changed the default 4:3 aspect ratio modes as per recommendations.
- fixed an incompatibility between HDHomeRun Prime / Hauppauge DCR2650 and the OpenVPN client being installed.
- changes to timeshift buffer. You can now choose if the rolling segments are based on time or the epg. If it's set to 'epg based', then pressing 'record' will keep the buffer and add it as a record. If you're set to 'time based', then it'll behave as per previous releases.
- to support the change above, recorder plugins can optionally implement a new 'roll to' method, otherwise it'll revert to the existing live tv scheme
- fixed a problem where screensaver could kick in while Pictures slide show was in progress.
- fixed exception that could happening when pressing 'play' to initiate slider show in Pictures while the ".." directory was selected.
- fixes a problem with initiating a recording from live tv, then stopping live tv, cancelling the recording, then restarting live tv, and trying to schedule another recording of that same show.
- fixed a problem with some local addresses being treated as remote addresses.
- added ability override mime type when streaming recordings/live tv using "/live" by specifying mime type as a parameter. For example
- added 'advanced settings' screen for the HDPVR2, where you can enable hardware scaling etc, and finer control over the H264 profile used.
- fixed issue with the cleanup when a digital device hangs when stopping.
- 'channel details' and 'bulk map' screens will now take ATSC OTA major.minor numbers into account when trying to find channel match when user switches epg source to Schedules Direct.
- 'HDHR' source now only added for HDHomeRun Prime and Hauppauge DCR devices. Previously it'd also appear for older HDHR3 etc, where it shouldn't have been.
- changes to the way the DVB EPG is collected when using out-of-process digital
- sort options now working for recurring recordings.
- slight changes to the way OSD graphics are rendered when plugins were visible over video to make it appear more responsive (rather than rendering half a second or so later)
- improved support for playing .ts files that are not correctly 188 byte aligned.
- added optional ability to hide [..] entries in the library screens. See the <HideDotDot> setting in config.xml
- added new "MovePIP" command in keymappings.xml, for use cycling through each PIP window position.
- added new "SizePIP" command in keymappings.xml, for use cycling through each PIP window sizes.
- fixed issue with aspect ratio when resizing window, or making changes to PIP window.
- fixed several touch related bugs, making the interface more reliable and stable.
- touch interface now able to run in background service
- touch interface now supports multiple instances. Clients can pass in a "client=....." parameter to address a specific session. If "client" is not supplied, then it's assumed to be "client=default". Any unique string can be used for a client identifier.
- added support for fred250/reven's suggestion of overriding a player's http seek request, using hint provided by client. Hopefully will lead to more accurate skipping for of the new clients being created.
- removed out-of-process-recording-service checkbox in Recording settings screen.
- added support for national characters to /stream
- if you do a 'Find All', then view the details of a show, then press escape, it'll go back to the 'Find All' screen.
- fixed bug where custom task executable and parameters were forgotten when disabling and reenabling a custom task.
- when FF/RW buttons are set to do 'Fast Play', the Right/Left buttons can be used to do the +/-10 second short skip.
- if the recording service is unable to delete a recording (when 'keep' number set of recurring recording, and recording past that number), then a message is set on that recording to let the user know it couldn't be deleted.
- various additions to the web api, to support reven's Samsung client, and future changes to XBMC support etc:
+ method=setting.list now returning more settings
+ method=setting.get&key=%2fSettings%2fVersion%2fCur rentVersion can be used for requesting specific setting in the config.xml, using key=xpath parameter.
+ method=channel.listings.current returns the currently airing shows. It defaults to all channels, but you can selectively request &channel_id=123 or multiple using &channel_id=123,124,125
+ method=system.status for a information about recordings and live tv sessions etc.
+ method=recording.list now includes some additional attributes in the output, including any failure reason, whether it's been played and previous playback position
+ now supports a format where only an event_id is passed. This will cause a one-off recording to be scheduled based on that EPG entry. If the request fails, it also returns a list of conflicts.
+ method=recording.watched.set&recording_id=123&posi tion=75 where position is playback time in seconds
+ method=recording.watched.clear&recording_id=123
+ method=recording.edl&recording_id=123 for getting comskip points. Also supports format=json, aswell as default xml.
+ method=recording.recurring.list gives the list of recurring recordings. Format may seem a little cryptic, but its the format used internally within the app.
+ method=recording.recurring.delete deletes a recurring recording
+ to create a recurring recording.
+ ... to update a recurring recording.
... You must specify either event_id or start_time/end_time (ie manual recurring recording). Optionally can specify:
... "day_mask=SAT|SUN|MON" etc or "day_mask=WEEKDAYS" or "day_mask=WEEKENDS"
... "timeslot=true" for a timeslot recording
... "only_new=true" to record only new episodes (where EPG info indicates it is new, or explicitly states it's not a repeat, or isn't new vs repeat isn't known).
... "start_time=1381424400&end_time=1381428000" for manual recording.
... "keep=3" maximum number of recordings to keep. 0 is keep all recordings.
... "pre_padding=1" minutes of pre-padding
... "post_padding=1" minutes of post-padding
... "directory_id=kids" other it'll record to the default directory.
- updated NEWA. Thanks UJB and fjbpchristiaens.

2.6.2 available (March 24th)

This release is a fairly small upgrade from the previous release. It's largely an updated installer including 2.5.9 plus R2 patches, plus a few small extra things. From the change log:
- fixed issue where TV Guide would sometimes not highlight shows as pending recordings after being left overnight
- fixed an audio issue on Colossus devices with HDMI/SPDIF
- fixed a bug that would stop XBMC addon from being able to delete recordings that were made from a recurring recording.
- fixed a bug with duplicate checking when scheduling recordings.
- fixed a bug that could cause NextPVR to release device if XBMC paused live tv for more than a few seconds.
- fixed a bug that could cause some missing ATSC/QAM channels.
- fixed a bug with 'all episodes, all channels' recordings which would the match to be 'beginning of string' even if user had configured it to use an exact match.
- fixed a couple of problems with scheduling manual recurring recordings problems (related to timezone).
- updated tuning files for New Zealand and UK.
- added channel import/export buttons on the Settings->Devices screen.
- fixed a bug with missing the first episode when scheduling a recurring recording when first episode airs within the next 10 minutes or so.
- folder.png/folder.jpg now only shown as preview image on folders in Picture Library, and not in list of items when you enter the folder. This new logic can be disabled if anyone needs to.
- fixed an issue with support for Hauppauge's diseqc control
- reduced amount of logging produced when streaming
- fixed a problem that would stop you from disabling SRT subtitles on file types other than .ts
- improved startup time for XBMC
- fixed an issue with audio stream selection during playback of digital recordings and live tv.
- PC client will now look for show art in the server's .mediashows directory, and channels in the .mediachannels directory.
- added additional status messages during manually initiated EPG updates.
- fixed a bug where XBMC deleting an in-progress recording could delete the recording rather than just cancelling it.
- fixed a bug with streaming transcoded versions of recordings.
- fixed a problem with the 'import recording' feature, when importing a single .ts file.
- fixed error that could sometimes occur when scanning satellite systems with large number of channels.
- fixed a problem with automapping xmltv channels when using the Bulk Map channel
- fixed an issue with logic that moved recordings between tuners, which could have caused a recording to terminate early.
- fixed client/server issue where NextPVR client could freeze during playback of livetv.
- reduced logging around EPG update
- minor changes to Schedules Direct API for plugin use.
- added scanning API
- changes to XBMC functionality to support features that'll be added to the XBMC addon (genre etc)
- added basic playback of video files from Picture library, for those wanting to play video files captured by your camera. Video files are skipped during slideshows.
- improvements to the speed of loading cover and fan art backgrounds. Also added support for backdrop.jpg which some artwork grabbers use instead of fanart.jpg
- added support for external metadata xml files when using 'Import Recordings' when selecting an individual ts file.
- fixed ip address detection bug that could effect some HDHR users
- moved from EPG update hour to an EPG update time, giving more fine control over when it happens
- fixed an issue with fan art loading which would often cause it to go back to the original background when it didnt need to.
- added support for SPDIF audio with new model of HDPVR2.
- Updated NEWA

- added support for xbmc clients, using either the official pvr.nextpvr addon with newer Frodo builds of xbmc, or mvallevand's X-NEWA addon.
- fixed an installer issue that could cause a series error messages related to the DataDirectory on first install on clean machine.
- fixed problem with bitrate control on Colossus and HDPVR2 devices.
- hiding "Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder" for audio formats we know are intentionally broken in the decoder
- improved logic for what happens when the recording service is restarted during a recording. Each resulting part will now be listed separately in the Recordings screen, with a message indicating the recording service was restarted during recording.
- fixed an archiving issue from client PCs.
- fixed timezone issue with manual recurring recordings
- added some simple validation checks of the server name when user tries to enable client mode.
- fixes an issue where duration information was sometimes not delivered to clients
- added a checkboxes on HDPVR setup screen to control whether the capture graph is stopped and restarted on channel change, and whether the NextPVR should ignore the inital data from the HDPVR when a recording starts (so it can avoid video of STB changing channels in STB setups)
- updated NEWA

- fixed a problem with pressing pause while fastforwarding/rewinding.
- digital channel scans now also shows existing channels. Previously it'd only show new channels, which would confuse a lot of users. Now it shows existing channels, but grayed out with no check box, to make it clear those channels cant be added.
- added Picture-In-Picture support on the PC. You can either use the context menu, or using the * and # keys on the MCE remote. You can press 123-* to open PIP on channel 123. You can press 124-* to change the PIP window to channel 124. You can press # to swap windows. You can press * by itself to close the PIP window. I've only tested this on an MCE remote. If you're using a Hauppauge retail remote you'll need to add a couple of lines to irremote.ini. '*' needs to generate SHIFT-8, '#' needs to generate SHIFT-3, like an MCE remote does.
- if live tv has to exit because the tuner you were using was required for a recording, the user will now be shown a popup tell them what happening, and letting them choose to either watch one of the in-progress recordings, or exit back to the menus.
- fixed a problem with startup aspect ratio on some non .ts files and DVDs
- Hauppauge DCR2650 and HDHomeRun Prime can now locate the supporting SiliconDust software even if installed in non-default directory.
- fixed a problem with playback of transport streams that have a multi-program PAT.
- improved performace of list view in the media libraries
- fixed crash that could occur in Recordings screen if you press 'play' key on screen with no items listed.
- now much more effecient working with xmltv files in the channel details screen (where you select EPG details). This greatly improves the memory useage and speed with large xmltv file.
- in the Recordings screen you can now press the red/green/yellow/blue keys to highlight a flag on each recording. This just a simple visual indicator. Some multi-user households might use it to flag a recording as having been watched by certain members of the family.
- fixed a situation where (depending on ordering of streams) could cause an H264 channel to give audio but no video
- fixed a problem that could cause the app to hang for some users when switching audio streams.
- added some additional information to the metadata.xml saved with each recording.
- fixed two issues with HDPVR reference counting, which could cause the HDPVR to be marked as unavailable.
- fixed an issue with analog reference counting, which could cause analog device to keep recording, resulting in a big file and possible failure of later digital recordings on same hardware.
- more gracefully handling the situation where the recording service has no permission to access the recording directory.
- added support for generating unique show ids from EPG Collector xmltv files.
- fixed a scenario where wakeup events could still happen even if a recordings were cancelled
- now possible to specify multiple recording directories, and specify at scheduling time where to record to.
- added 'Archive' feature. Only shows up if multiple recording directories are specified. Will move the recording, and any associated files. Also, PreArchiving.bat and PostArchiving.bat will be called around the archiving for users wanting to hook in their own custom logic.
- added ability to specify separate skin for each MVP/NMT device
- clients now show recording directories as configured on server
- now shows conflict popup at scheduling time, rather than 'no tuner available' message. There is still a couple of situations with recurring recordings where it doesn't appear (like GBPVR before it), but I'm seeing if I can improve on these.
- fixed a problem with analog tuners that would cause problems with live tv
- recurring recordings now have a 'find all' button.
- 'find all' popup now gives a visual indication of whether a show is already scheduled to record
- fixed a bug that was stopping streaming audio/video files to the NMT from working
- added a config.xml setting to allow streaming to a remote site.
- removed a couple of log messages that were generating too much noise in logs.
- web server /transcode url can now stream recordings using http://<server>:8866/transcode?recor...6&bitrate=900k format
- fixed an issue that would stop 'watched' indicator from appearing when movie was played until the end of file.
- ffmpeg command line used by web server /transcode url is now configurable.
- fixed a null pointer exception that could happen with some xmltv files
- added the ability to control the number of seconds that the system would wake before a recording happens. Previously was hard coded to 90 seconds. <WakeupPreRecordingSeconds> in config.xml.
- resume information is now based on a partial name.
- fixed a problem with the 'avoid duplicates' checkbox (setting missing in config.xml)
- added support for multiple PSIP packets packed into a single transport stream packet. This would stop the PMT from being found in some .ts files.
- fixed a problem with using the 'record key' shortcut to delete a recording while it was still recording. Previously it wasn't cancelling the recording.
- added support for Hauppauge's next generation HDPVR
- skinners can now display just the date or just the time using @date or @time instead of the @dateTime.
- fixed a problem that would cause nrecord.exe to update npvr.db3 every couple of seconds.
- improved logic which chooses which channel to play when playing a .ts file with multiple channels. Now taking into account channels that are encrypted.
- fixed a problem with SRT file parsing when there wasn't a blank line at the end of the file.
- slight changes to lazy list updating to improve the performance of list view lists, and to fix a bug that could cause the metadata of some lists to not update when switching between items (seen in the Search screen).
- will record a slightly different failure reason on a recording when the user has run out of disk space.
- the app will now default to showing an SRT subtitles if a file exists
- Ctrl-B will now show channel metadata for channels where no listings are known. Previously you'd only get the timeline for these channels.
- fixed problem stopping <DeletionHistoryDays> setting from working.
- changes to the 'Encrypted Content' message logic.
- 'import recording' button now also allows you to select a .ts file. If that .ts file has metadata available, then it'll import it as a recording.
- fixed a tuning issue that could occur when recordings are shuffled to a different tuner type on a merged channel.
- tray app now blocks shutdown while recording, giving a 'NextPVR is currently recording' message as the status on the Vista and higher 'force close' screen. This does not apply to standby/hibernate unfortunately, where Microsoft dont seem to allow apps to prevent manually-initiated standby/hibernate requests. This can be enabled/disabled in the Settings screen.
- added setting to allow nextpvr to be started with the green windows jewel button on the MCE remote. The user still needs to manually disable MCE from starting on this button. This will hopefully stop NextPVR users from needing to install other software just to get the ability to start NextPVR using this button.
- fixed an exception that could occur when a data error was present in
- video library will now play short cuts to video files. It looks for the metadata in the same location as the source file.
- when renaming recordings with NScriptHelper.exe, it will now also update the playback position history to reflect the new filename.
- fixed a bug with filename getting truncated when updating an in-progress recording
- updated NEWA

- improved skipping in .ts files, using new Main fixes were several users had long pauses after skipping, inaccurate skipping in live tv and playback on in-progress recordings, improved skipping from client PCs.
- fixed an issue with 'whats new' list position not selecting correct recording after playback if new recording had occurred.
- fixed an issue that could lead to high CPU usage on NMT after playing video.
- fixed a couple of bugs with the new channel groups functionality in the TV Guide.
- added ability to manually force the use certain teletext pages for subtitles. This was useful in a case where the broadcaster wasnt providing subtitle page numbers in the DVB teletext descriptor.
- comskip info now available on client PCs.
- fixed a bug with failed recordings that a re-attempted on another tuner, that could result in a long ever-running recording.
- fixed a problem with resuming playback on NMT
- updated version of NEWA.
- added a "nextpvr.exe -reload" command line parameter that can be used to tell the recording service to reload it's list from the database.
- removed a few log messages that were in some setups causing logs to fill up and roll over quickly.
- fixed a problem where video library wasn't accepting nextpvr's native xml metadata format when stored in a separate file rather the embedded ADS
- in libraries, pressing A-Z will now jump to first item that starts with that let. 0-9 continues to jump to a percentage in the list, the same as previous releases.
- added setting allow user to choose FF/RW key behaviour. You can use the previous skip skip, or new fast play function.
- fixed an minor issue with vertical main menu when several of the menu options had been disabled, leaving 'less than or equal' to the number of displayed menu items.
- fixed an error that could occur when running installer on client machine
- NDigitalHost.exe now also honoring the <UseHigherPriority> setting
- fixed a bug with where edits to a digital channel's settings were not saved when you hit ok.
- minor change to the loading order of cover art.
- fixed a problem that was causing buffer files to behind on disk after watching live tv
- updated version of tag-sharp
- a couple of minor skin fixes.

- in the device settings you can now double click a channel to edit it's tuning information. Frequency, SID, service type etc. Should be useful for advanced users wanting to make tweaks when broadcasters move stuff around.
- digital recording is now done 'out of process' to workaround an issue where digital devices could sometimes lockup when stopping recordings, requiring recording service to be restarted.
- fixed a problem with deleting recordings from a client PC
- fixed an issue that would stop the DirectX UI working on older graphics cards that dont support hardware vertex processing
- now able to configure the number seconds that must have been watched before a recording shows the 'watched' indicator. See <WatchedKickInSeconds> in config.xml. Previously it was hardcoded to 60 seconds.
- VMR9 Custom and VMR9 FSE video renderer options now also available for DVD playback.
- BUILDING_GRAPH event now fires for DVD playback.
- reduced the time a ShowMessage call displays info on the screen. Most people agreed it was too long.
- added a popup for selecting the audio stream. The Green key will bring it up.
- added a new "-updatedb" command line that can be used to ensure all the database changes have been applied.
- when displaying channel icons for existing recordings, if the stored channel oid doesnt match a channel in the database, it'll fallback to looking for the channel by name.
- imported show details now retain pretty xml formatting on nested EPGEvent details (ie, has newlines and indentation)
- added channel groups so that you can sort your channel into lists of favourite channels, or whatever groupings make sense to you.
- fixed a crash that could happen if you manually initiate an epg update while the recording service isnt running
- changed logic which copied artwork from [data]mediashows to folder.jpg while recording. Now just directly uses artwork from [data]mediashows.
- added some logic for accessing the NextPVR UI via html, using http://<server>:8866/touch/client.html. This is still quite rough at this stage, but hopefully will be usable example for people experimenting with rolling their own basic clients for smartphones or tablets or maybe Roku etc. You cant play music/video at this stage, but there is beginnings of support for it. If developers find this useful, then I'll take it further. Thanks Brian greatly improving the html/javascript.
- fixed a bug with deleting zero byute recordings that could leave the file on disk
- fixed a problem importing HDPVR channels which could cause duplicate channels to be listed.
- fixed an error that could stop multidec support from working
- fixed an issue with temp files not being deleted when using live tv from a client pc, or when streaming to VLC.
- fixed a problem with skipping while paused. Would previously take a long time to resume when you pressed play.
- fixed a problem that could cause a DCR-2650/Prime to indicate it was still in use even after it finishes with the tuner.
- NScriptHelper.exe now has a "-delete filename" command line parameter for deleting a recording file, it's associated files, and the recording from the database.
- fixed a bug where recording selection in Recordings screen could be wrong after playback if a new recording had occurred while playback was in progress at the time.
- fixed a problem with saving changes on the Bulk Map screen.
- fixed a problem with running "-updateepg" etc command lines with tuner plugins installed.
- added CaptureSource.OID as fourth parameter to ParallelProcessing.bat and PostProcessing.bat.
- fixed a problem with 'any channel' recordings.
- added 'recently deleted' history for users with unique identifiers in their EPG. This info is used to improve the 'avoid duplicates' logic.
- added support for playing ripped blu-ray disks in the video library
- added genre support
- client PCs now have access to files for recordings, to give more accurate duration and skipping
- fixed a problem with name resetting to 'default' when editing one-off manual recordings.
- fixed a bug that meant it was impossible to turn off the web server.
- improved accuracy of reported duration and skipping during live tv.
- fixed an issue with back-to-back analog recordings
- fixed a skipping issue that could cause playback of in-progress recordings to jump back to near the beginning of the file
- experimenting with the ability to directly stream transcoded channels using a format like http://<server>:8866/transcode?chann...6&bitrate=900k, where "channel=1" is the channel number. The resolution and bitrate parameters are optional, but the defaults are quite low so you'll probably want to explicitly specify them.
- added logic to allow the deletion of individual episdoes of recurring recordings without them being automatically rescheduled at next EPG update.
- added skin logic to allow more complicated visible attributes to be specified through the use of '+' to a specify a logical 'and'. ie, visible="@isFolder+@hasImage"
- smoother resume of previously played recordings
- now possible to specify preferred xmltv language for xmltv files which contain title, subtitle, or description in multiple languages. Language code is specified using <PreferredLangXMLTV>. There doesnt seem to be a standard around these, so not easy to add a dropdown setting.
- fixed a bug that could cause an exception if you attempt to play a video with no file extension (like http://... stream)
- updated version of NEWA. Thanks UJB!
- slightly improved .m3u support, and more logging around playback of these playlist files
- fixed a bug with visible attributes that start with '!'.
- applying a slight highlight to currently airing shows in the TV Guide.
- added NMT keyboard support
- fixed a problem with channel ordering when using live tv while a recording is occurring.
- now including more EPG data elements if they're available (first run, quality, audio type, aspect ratio, star-rating, original air date). These are all optional elements, but some EPG sources provide them. Available to skinners as @genre, @audio, @aspect, @quality, @rating, @starRating, @firstRun, @originalAirDate, and @descriptionWithGenre
- added a "Record Season (NEW episodes on this channel)" option when scheduling recurring recordings.
- added skin logic to allow more complicated visible attributes to be visible based on a comparison. For example, you might want to display a dobly digital icon in your xml with an attribute like: visible="@audio=dobly", or maybe an HD icon with: visible="@quality=HDTV"
- now showing new channel's OSD prior to channel change. Makes it feel more responsive, even if channel change is taking just as long.
- added closed caption support for a few more decoders
- added context menu to the Settings->Devices, with options to access device settings or to delete a device.
- added the ability to specify a different audio renderer for music playback
- added GetAudioRendererList() call to IPluginHelper for plugins that want it
- added IPTV support. This is compatible with ISP and cable companies using transport stream based multicast udp.
- fixed a problem with editing manual recordings that used start/end times that were not 10 minute aligned (was truncating to the nearest 10 minute)
- fixed a bug where subtitle selection popup wasnt working correctly with DVD playback
- fixed issue where bring up the tv guide in live tv wouldnt show the selected show details unless you were watching the first channel in the channel list.
- now possible to tweak the <OSDTransparency> setting programmatically without needing to restart video playback.
- slight tweaks to teletext subtitles
Big thanks again to those doing testing. The help is much appreciated!

2.2.6 available (28th August)
- added support for 'copy-freely' cablecard channels with Hauppauge DCR-2650 and HDHomeRun Prime.
- improved handling when switching to channels that were either encrypted or off-air.
- added a new method for external apps to easily watch live tv streams from NextPVR. For example, on a client machine with VLC, open a network connection to http://<server>:8866/live?channel=2 to watch channel 2.
- fixed a problem with multiple Colossus device in the one machine
- fixed an incorrect on screen message shown when auto commercial skipping is toggled off then back on.
- added ability for skins to draw lines using skin statements like <Line location1="0,0" location2="100,50" color="Blue" width="5"/>
- fixed a bug where recordings moved to another device at recording time could trying using the old device's tuning info (which can be wrong when devices have the same channel via different inputs, or different device types.
- fixed a bug where NScriptHelper.exe wasnt working on 64bit machines.
- fixed a crash that was happening for some users when watching live tv with a Colossus device
- fixed a scanning issue with some ATSC/QAM channels
- added a popup for selecting which subtitle stream to view
- added a class that plugins can use for looking up key mappings from a custom keymapping.xml
- fixed a problem that could cause digital data channels to appear as MPEG2 on QAM
- added support for madVR video renderer. This video render seems very flakey to me (for example, switching between window and fullscreen mode), but I've added support it for those that want to experiment with it.
- improved support for 3rd party IRecorder plugins.
- added GenericImportChannelsForm for IRecorder plugins that want to use it
- greatly improved the time required to save new channels when importing a large number of channels from xmltv or schedules direct.
- improved the auto-merge feature.
- added option to enable/disable the default handling for MCE remotes.
- added logging around recording importation to help diagnose problems.
- fixed problem that could cause high CPU usage when viewing the menu screens when configured to use TV Viewer mode, or when Direct3D was not available.
- watched indicator now only set if you've made it at least 60 seconds into the recording.
- added ability to delete recordings with the 'record' key (Ctrl-K) in Recordings screen.
- better support for H.264 aspect ratio detection
- added support for "CutAway" element in the horizontal main menu
- speed improvements to the time it required to save the channels when you click 'ok' in the 'import channels' screen for HDPVR/Colossus/Analog devices.
- when scrolling through now/next channel info with the up/down keys in live tv, you can press the blue key (Alt-B) to see show details.

- fixed a recording issue that could cause recordings that wouldnt stop (on multi-tuner, back-to-back recording).
- fixed issue with viewing Settings screen while 'stay on top' was ticked.
- fixed a memory leak with popups.
- fixed a language translation problem that occurred in a few places
- fixed a problem that could occur with auto skipping of commericals (using comskip files) on the NMT
- search screen now uses slightly different current make it clear which list is selected.
- fixed a problem with keying four digit channel numbers using the numeric keypad

- added analog channel scanning
- added blu-ray support to both 'video library' and 'DVD' in main menu. To play Blu-Ray you need AnyDVD-HD installed, aswell as the LAV Splitter. This will get you playback of the main movie, not menus.
- added support for more than one Hauppauge Colossus
- added Teletext support. Ctrl-T to start in live tv.
- added Teletext subtitle support.
- added support for 3rd party IRecorder plugins for those that want to implement their own recording plugins.
- added logic to enable playback of TS files that have PAT/PMT entries for channels that dont exist in the .TS file.
- added simple search screen, much like the old search screen in GBPVR. Users upgrading from earlier versions may need to go into Settings->Plugins to enable it. New install will already have it enabled.
- fixed an issue that was stopping an Australian channel from working in live tv. Other channels may have had the same issue.
- displaying channel names slightly wider in tv guide if channel icon doesnt exist.
- OSD timeouts now configurable in config.xml
- added a 'Use Reverse Priority For Live TV' for the tuner ordering, for those that prefer it to work like GBPVR with top-down priority for recording, and bottom-up priority for live tv
- fixed a crash that could occur with manual recurring recordings (where 'keep' was set to something other than 'all')
- fixed an issue with typing a channel number in the TV Guide and selected show details wouldnt update (aswell as selected show highlighting).
- fixed issue with 'Record All Episodes, All Channels' (relating to shows with single quotes in the title)
- fixed an issue that could cause an MVP server to not clean up correctly after disconnection
- fixed a DVB-S diseqc issue with low band channels.
- fixed an issue which could playback to hang on client if the recording was played right to the very end of the file.
- added support for folder.png. Previously it'd only look for folder.jpg.
- fixed issue that could cause previously loaded preview artwork (like folder.jpg) to sometimes disappear after viewing a couple of hundred other items with preview artwork
- fixed a problem where sometimes NPVR window would start too large (in previous windowed location, but with the size of the desktop resolution, and bottom right of window hanging off the screen)
- added support for .m3u playlist files in the Music Library
- added support for Windows directory shortcuts in Video/Music/Picture library
- fixed a problem with the recordings highlighted in the TV Guide timeline when skipping back/forward a day
- fixed a problem with recording shows that have names ending with dots "..." etc
- fixed a problem where app would sometimes start fullscreen sized, but in windows position, so window pushes past the bottom/right of the screen
- fixed a problem where it could take a while for the song name at the bottom of the screen to update after switching songs.
- made some additional settings (used by the the recording/web server) dynamic so that nrecord didnt need to be restarted
- fixed bug where hot keys wouldnt work when music playback was active.
- added support for Turbosight CI (TBS devices)
- pressing 'play' with a folder selected in the picture library will now do a slide show of files contained within that folder, including nested folders it contains.
- if a recording fails to start due to an error, the recording service will attempt to find a another available device that can do the recording
- improved tuner usage logic to make it more likely for recordings to include padding in multi-tuner setups
- tray icon now goes red when recording service is using a device
- fixed a problem with high CPU usage in the screen saver
- slightly changed the way cover art is loaded in the Video Library to give better performance and background loading of images.
- added API for plugins to block/unblock screen saver
- added API for plugins to check if music is playing
- updated the tuning files for DVB-S, and for a most UK DVB-T regions
- improved handling of errors when attempting to enter directories with no permission to do so in Video/Music/Picture library. It'll no show a 'directory unavailable' message.
- fixed DVB EPG issue with 'epg updates during live tv' that could duplicate entries in the TV Guide
- improvements for live tv skipping on NMT.
- fixed an issue that could cause customized library directory settings to be lost during upgrade.
- music playback now toggles pause status on multiple presses of the pause key
- added "-export" and "-import c:somepath.xml" command line options for importing/exporting recordings
- fixed a problem that could lead to duplicate channels on setups with more than one HDPVR
- in the bulk map screen I've added an 'auto-merge channels with the same name' button, which might be useful for users with channels on different types of device that would like channels with the same name to treated as the same channel.
- fixed an issue with HDMI audio on Colossus capture devices
- added ability resume DVDs
- added checkboxes for enabling/disabling resume prompting for DVDs or Video Library.

2.0.3 available (1st March)

With this new release I've now dropped the 'beta' tag from NextPVR, and bumped the number up to 2.0. It can be downloaded from

If you're new to NextPVR, see the list of pre-requisite software at: (directx runtime, visual c++ runtime etc). If you're upgrading from an earlier build of 1.5.x, you need to make sure you stop the NPVR software before installing.

The main changes since the last release are bug fixes, but it also contains a few new features:
- fixed an issue with VMR9/VMR7 aspect ratio
- fixed a couple of PC client issues (rough channel changes in live tv, sometimes hanging when stopping).
- fixed a bug that could cause high network utilisation when streaming to client PC.
- fixed issue with 'HDPVR IR Blaster' option.
- fixed a QAM scanning issue.
- added 'VMR9 Custom' renderer option.
- added ability to get DVB listing from another device. For example, you might get tv listing for an DVB-C or analog channel, from a DVB-S device in the same machine (even if the channel isnt listed on the DVB-S capture source)
- fixed a problem with manual recurring 'any channel' recordings.
- fixed a schedule direct problem when multiple lineups of the same name exist.
- fixed a problem with custom screen savers being forgotten
- fixed a database lock error that could occur when recordings are renamed from .ts to other extensions.
- added ability to press 'Play' key on recording and have it play without the popup.
- added an 'already watched' indicator on the Recordings screen, along with an 'unwatch' button for clearing it
- improved reporting of zero byte recordings.
- added workaround for incorrect service type marking on the BBCi channels
- added support for schedules direct unique identifier for avoiding duplicates
- added support for xmltv <episode-num> for avoiding duplicates
- fixed a problem with skipping past the end of listings in the tv guide, then skipping back
- showing a warning in the settings screen if DirectX runtime not found. Too many people are using software rendering, not realising.
- added ability to have channels associated with different inputs on the HDPVR
- added a "Record All Episodes, All Channels" option when scheduling recordings from the TV Guide.
- added ability to press 0-9 keys to jump through the recordings list (ie '8' will go 80% of the way through the list). The video/music/picture library already had this feature.
- fixed a problem with the droid font not being installed for default skin
- added logic to remember and restore the last aspect ratio mode.
- added ability to switch video into Inset window (on PC), while user continues to browse menus.
- fixed a bug that could cause one-off recordings to not be highlighted red in the TV Guide after updating the EPG.
- added support for having stored as a separate file, which will help users that are using FAT32 filesystems, or storing on a NAS.
- added ability to type 4 digit times into the manual recording start/end times. Unfortunately it doesnt give you any visual indication until you've typed the 4th digit. I'll try to correct this cosmetic in the future to make it more user friendly. It is usable as-is though.
- fixed a problem that could cause missing listings when one schedules direct channel's listings was mapped to multiple NPVR channels.
- added Hauppauge Colossus HDPVR support (the PCIe version of the HDPVR).
- added LC-AAC audio compatibility.
- fixed a problem where machine could go to slep while listening to music.
- added support for tv episode nfo files generated by Ember Media Manager
- added basic fanart support in Video Library
- added support ScreenSaverStart.bat/ScreenSaverStop.bat batch files
- added basic 'Find All' popup that can be used to find shows with the same name
- fixed problem which would cause app to switch into inset mode when resizing the window
- changed the behaviour when pressing Play on [..] in VideoLibrary. Now queues and plays all videos in the directory, in least recently watched order.
- fixed a bug in Recordings screen that could lead to PC staying awake.
- added the duration in minutes to the popup, and the period in the selected show metadata in the tv guide.
- added PlayVideoFile() method which takes metadata as a parameter
- fixed a problem where some recordings would continue to grow during the post-padding period, even though the tuner had switched to another frequency (which just happened to have a channel with same PIDs).
- added a setting (in Settings->Recording) to control whether recurring recordings do an exact title match, or match the start of title. There seems to be conflicting views on how it behaves, so added the setting to put an end to it.
- fixes to @hasImage/@isFolderWithNoPreviewImage skin settings in the Music Library
- fixed a problem where ACTIVATE_PLUGIN event could give slightly different parameters on MVP/NMT vs PC.
- now easier for users to select to use a vertical menu version of the default skin. Admittedly, the vertical menu is pretty plain looking.
- added a checkbox on the decoder screen to 'only include mapped audio decoders for .ts playback', which will help some people with stuttering audio caused by multiple audio decoders/renderers when playing recordings

1.5.36 beta
- new Default skin, from Hairy's great work on Slate.
- now able to click on time line to skip during playback
- added Schedules Direct support. Has nicer integration that GBPVR did, allowing you to select the lineup etc. (I'd only recommend it on clean setups at this stage though, rather than trying to move existing xmltv channels to schedules direct)
- now runs [DATA]scriptswakeup.bat when resuming from standby/hibernate, before performing any new recordings.
- added ability to disable DVB/ATSC EPG updates that happen when watching live tv.
- fixed a problem with the daemon tools browse button in the setting screen.
- fixed a problem with resuming playback of a recording, where playback position would report as 12:48.
- added support for -direct command line like GBPVR had.
- added QAM support or a couple more devices
- added ability to explicitly specify the DVD drive (or leave at AUTO).
- fixed a problem with manual recurring recordings.
- fixed a memory leak that could occur when using the EVR renderer
- fixed a problem with DVB EPG that could cause gaps
- reloading recordings screen if left in-active, so that potenially stale results are not left on the screen. (updated further since patch that provided this)
- added logic to remember top level selection in media libraries if multiple directories are defined.
- added ability to use AC3Filter as an MPEG1 Layer II audio decoder.
- Overlay video renderer option now working (previously it always fell back to using EVR)
- added translation support
- fixed bug that causing only audio when playing .avi/.mkv files etc on MVP
- removed resume prompt on MVP in Video Library when playing file types that will require trancoding (since resume wont work in that scenario anyway)
- added logic to make sure machine doesnt go to sleep when using external IR software like IR Server Suite.
- now not waking machine if EPG update time is set to 'none'
- changed recurring recording scheduling to include partial name matches by default.
- added schedule recording OID as third parameter to ParallelProcessing.bat and PostProcessing.bat
- added ability to bring up OSD TV Guide during playback of video files. Previously it was only available during live tv.
- when you use the bulk-map screen to map a first channel to xmltv, it'll prompt to ask if you want it to have a go a guessing the mappings for the other channels (based on the name).
- added logic for plugin api to play some types of HTTP video streams.
- improved video quality for analog soft encoder devices
- fixed a couple of bugs in the bulk map screen
- now possible to change a channel using another EPG source back to 'DVB/ATSC EPG'.
- fixed a problem where analog channel numbers would be wrong when imported from xmltv
- added config.xml option to use older 'MPEG-2 Splitter' filter instead of 'MPEG-2 Demultiplexer' for playback of .mpg files.
- slight changes to HE-AAC decoding to better support the ArcSoft audio decoders.
- added setting to specify the default startup activity on the PC (Main Menu, Live TV, TV Guide etc...)
- fixed a problem that caused the <dongle> setting to be ignored. Previously it'd always use dongle.bin.
- fixed a problem with live TV stopping on channel change on the MVP with Martin's mvpmc.
- hiding OSD when @title/@description not known (http streams)
- fixed a problem with skipping in large TS files.
- window's screensaver can no longer kick in during picture slideshow.
- fixed issue with sorting ready recordings by date.
- slight change to TS reader filter to copy with adaptation header in PAT, and improved AAC decoder compatibility.
- added subtitle into recording list
- fixed an issue with changing channels on MVP/NMT
- added API for plugins to set metadata (IPluginHelper.SetPlayerMetaData()).
- fixed an issue with skipping in in-progress recording on NMT
- fixed a problem where live tv temp files could be left behind when using NMT
- manual epg updates will also cause the recording list to be exported
- updated NEWA.

1.5.33 beta available (15th October)

If you're upgrading from an earlier build of 1.5.x, you need to make sure you stop the NPVR software before installing. In future releases I'll make this automatic, but thats not the case yet.

Mostly just small changes and bug fixes in this release. Quite a few of these had previously been posted as patches.

- fixed a issue with streaming live tv to client PCs.
- fixed a problem with tuner usage on HDHR
- fixed a problem with rewind key on MVP/PCH
- fixed a problem with weekly recordings.
- a couple of small MCE remote changes
- fixed an issue with screensaver on MVP/PCH
- added rolling file support to MVP server, allowing mvpmc to do live tv.
- fixed a bug with dynamic adjustment of number of MVP/PCH servers.
- fixed a problem DVB-S2 support
- added a few more notification events for plugin developers
- fixed a couple of problems with the 'manual recording' functionality added in the last release.
- fixed an issue with stopping the recording service when MVP servers are enabled.
- fixed a bug where machine could go into standby when listening to music on NMT.
- fixed issue with using the 'all channels' option on the manual recording popup.
- fixed a problem where a bad DLL could stop the rest of the plugins from loading.
- fixed a issue where recordings scheduled from tv guide might not update there state to show 'play' etc when recording starts. (ie, schedule a recording in tv guide, wait until recording has started, double click on show and 'play' option isnt listed)
- added ability to queue tracks in the music library, rather than just replacing the tracks that are currently playing.
- slight changes to switching in/out of fullscreen mode with the maximize button, or titlebar double click.
- fixed issue with web server which could lead to the recording service hanging when you attempted to stop the service.
- fixed an issue with MVP servers after resuming from standby
- fixed an issue with loading default art work in the recordings screen
- added the ability to delete folders in the Video library.
- fixed a problem with playing .m2ts files on NMT devices
- added ISO6937 text support for EPG (mainly eastern european countries)
- fixed an issue with navigation in the icon view in Video/Music/Picture library
- added support for Daemon Tools for playing .ISO DVDs.
- added support for jumping directly to a dvd chapter during playback by typing the chapter number then pressing enter
- added support for custom tasks
- added highlighting in TV Guide timeline for periods that have recordings
- added key (ctrl-w) for going back to the previous channel in live tv.
- reloads recording list each time you enter the Recordings screen so that the list doesnt become stale
- fixed problem with What's New list always showing 7 days, regardless of what number was configured
- fixed a problem weekly manual recordings.
- fixed a problem with live tv on the PCH
- fixed an issue that could cause stuttery audio
- now doing an asynchronous device stop, to hopefully work around an issue some users encountered when stopping devices.

1.5.31 beta available (6th September)

If you're upgrading from an earlier build of 1.5.x, you need to make sure you stop the NPVR software before installing. In future releases I'll make this automatic, but thats not the case yet.

Mostly just small changes and bug fixes in this release:
- slight improvements and bug fixes on the new .ts skipping (extending it to NMT playback etc).
- several related changes to support mvpmcx2 skipping
- reduced activation area around button strip
- fixed a problem where closed captions could appear when playing DVDs in north america
- added <ForceMpgGraph> setting for those that prefer to disable the default 'true' and allow directshow to decide on the graph.
- added work around for ffdshow decoder problem with DVD playback
- added SRT subtitle support
- slightly improved text rendering
- fixed a bug with initial video aspect ratio
- added ability to view tv guide over live tv.
- fixed an aspect ratio problem that could occur in certain circumstances
- fixed a problem with the selected audio renderer sometimes not being used
- added logic to send .ts files to MVP if <TranscodeTsForMVP> is set to false.
- added manual recording popup. This provides more functionality than GBPVR's equivalent, with an 'advanced rules' field that can be used to define some fairly complicated conditional rules. Eventually I may create a popup to create the rules for people, but for now they can either leave the advanced field alone, or write a sql clause. For example, to record all shows with the 'news' in the title on a particular channel, you can define a daily recording and set the advanced rules to: title like '%news%'
- fixed an issue with wake before recording being requested relative to the start time, rather than the beginning of the prepadding.
- added a setting to force digital graphs to stay constructed, giving slightly quicker live tv / recording startup times, and to hopefully work around a problem with HDHR device.
- fixed a problem with additional files (edl, txt etc) not being deleted when old recording are auto deleted to satisfy the 'keep' count, or when deleted from the Video Library.
- fixed a couple of bugs with the playlist popup in the music library.
- fixed an issue that could cause temporary files to be left behind after watching live tv.
- fixed an audio renderer problem.
- fixed an issue that could cause live tv files to be left behind
- fixed a schedule issue that was causing problems with recordings scheduled from NEWA
- when live guide is started from live tv, it starts on current channel

1.5.28 beta available (7th Aug)

I normally post new releases at the end of the weekend, but I thought I'd post an early one to keep you on your toes...

I've updated to v 1.5.28

Lots of changes, mostly bug fixes and small things.
- added basic FM radio support. You can manual add FM stations in the analog capture source settings. I may add an FM scan feature in a later release. The FM radio stations appear as channels, just like DVB/ATSC radio do, and from the TV Guide you either get the option to 'watch' or 'listen' (which leaves you in menus rather than switching to tv mode). This gives the advantage of being able record radio shows, pause live radio etc.
- added initial Client/Server support.
- added a workaround to give more accurate skipping when playing .ts recordings (for comskip users etc). New recordings on NTFS drives are those that will benefit from these improvements.
- fixed a problem with the @hasMetadata/@hasImage in library screens
- fixed an issue with video library not always showing preview image when metadata
- added support for mediashows*.xml
- added support for directory based 'movie.nfo' file
- sorting file names in Library screens to handle files being returned in a random order by some network filesystems.
- added QAM support for 'ATI 650 Theater' devices that werent correctly reporting QAM support in the drivers.
- added logic to move a scheduled recording to another tuner if a free one is available when recording is due to start and live tv is being used on the originally scheduled tuner.
- added a 'Delete' button in the video library
- on MCE remote CH+/- now does page up/down
- fixed a bug where tv listings could be left in database after removing a channel
- ScheduleRecording.xml skin can now use @channelIcon aswell.
- fixed a problem that could cause machine not to wake for epg update
- default pre/post padding settings now configurable in settings screen.
- added optional clearBeforeRender="true" attribute that be specified on skin Elements.
- 'home' key is showing top menu
- increase web server timeout when reading chunks from still growing files
- updated NEWA
- more audio renderer options to help those with multiple soundcards
- fixed a problem with DVB/ATSC epg not removing old listings
- now correctly renaming old log files when each time the app is restarted.
- UiList control now honoring the Visible attribute
- now looking for plugin's dependent DLLs in plugin directory, and in pluginscommon. The scheme is more intelligent than GBPVR's, and tries to work out the currently executing plugin by walking the executing stack trace. (GBPVR was only able to resolve missing assemblies in the plugin directory for the last plugin loaded, or any time from the 'common' directory)
- video library now supports '.mediashows'. It assumes the last part of the directory name in the path being browsed is the show name.
- OSD now also uses '.mediashows' for cover art
- added a "_common" skin directory. Doesnt contain much yet, just a "back.jpg" shown on the [..] folder in the libraries
- fixed a problem with default skin not setting fixed aspect ratio for images in Music library screen's Covers mode.
- improved the way the TV Guide displays for people that have a small number of channels.
- fixed a problem with the UiList control that could cause a crash in the Recordings screen.
- fixed a problem with the capitalisation of plugin names
- added support for xmltv files that only specify programme start times (end time derived from start time of next show)
- added support for analog tuning spaces matching country code, which some users might use for frequency overrides.
- added a new "-ontop" parameter that can be used to start NPVR with 'Stay On Top' active.
- fixed a problem that could cause existing DVB/ATSC radio channels to become marked as video channels after later scans.
- now possible for skins to move button strip to global.xml and still have mouse clicks work
- added slideshow support to picture library. Press play on a picture to start slideshow/
- fixed a problem with analog support on certains of cards (like HVR-4400/3300 etc, and some other families).
- small change to the old style plugin rendering to support some of Jaggy's skinning.
- added a third view in the library screens. This is a horizontal version of icon view.
- added a popup base class to take a bit of work out of creating plugin popups
- added a MessageBox popup that plugins can use. Can either have no buttons, one button, or two buttons. Can be configured to auto disappear after x milliseconds.
- fixed a problem with narrative audio stream sometimes being selected by default
- had another go at fixing issue that could cause recordings to be marked as 'Recording service not running at recording time'.
- fixed a problem with some of the DVB-S tuning files being distributed

1.5.24 beta available (7th July)

I've updated the installer at

If you're upgrading from an earlier build of 1.5.x, you need to make sure you stop the NPVR software before installing. In future releases I'll make this automatic, but thats not the case yet. I'm also am aware of one issue with upgrading that can cause the media directories to be reset to the default. I wasnt going to have time over the next couple of days to fix this, so decided to get the release out anyway.

- fixed an issue with setting "What's New" as the default Recordings view.
- fixed a problem with starting in fullscreen mode that could cause the app to appear without a window frame, but not filling the screen
- now creates metadata.xml ADS stream like GBPVR
- added ability to move capture source up/down on the Devices screen to adjust the device priority. Top down priority.
- a minor tweak in to the text shown in Analog capture source to make things less confusing
- fixed a problem with playing H.264 recordings with the Microsoft H.264 decoder.
- fixed a problem with remembered sort orders in Recordings screen
- fixed a crash that could occur when scheduling recordings
- channel changing by number key no longer requires 'enter' key (though enter key can still be used to speed up the process)
- libraries no longer show hidden/system directories.
- fixed a problem that was causing AAC decoder selection to be forgotten
- added setting to run recording service at higher priority
- fixed a problem with remembered window that could occur when killing application when it was minimised
- now/next popup now shows channel icons if they're available
- fixed a crash that could occur in the music/video/picture library
- added support for control via PostMessage id=0x8007, wparam set to the keycode you want to send.
- fixed a live tv problem that could happen if the HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareNPVR registry key wasnt found
- now able to config MVP control and media ports using <StartPortControl> and <StartPortMedia> config.xml settings
- fixed a problem where screen could be black after stopping playback on the PCH
- now shows the settings screen automatically
- added config.xml upgrade procedure
- fixed a problem with clicking the window Maximize button to switch to fullscreen
- added setting to hide ATSC/DVB Radio stations in TV Guide.
- fixed a problem that could cause xmltv channels to become empty after the second automated EPG update
- removed old-sytle recordings screen.
- if the app is left on the TV Guide screen then after a few minutes of inactivity it'll begin to auto select the currently airing show on the selected channel and will continue to update as time moves on.
- fixed a problem that stopped the top-right clock from working on the PCH/MVP
- fixed a problem that could cause the screensaver to activate as soon as PCH/MVP connects
- hopefully fixed a problem that could cause recordings to be marked as failed with 'Recording service not running at recording time'
- '@channelIcon' can be used in the recordings2.xml or EventDetails.xml to display a channel icon
- '@previewImage' can be used in recordings2.xml to show
- can now define common colors in the Global.xml:
<Color name="Test" color="Yellow"/>
<Color name="Test2" color="Forward:Black-Green"/>

1.5.21 beta available (24th June)

I've updated the installer at

If you're upgrading from 1.5.19, you need to make sure you stop the NRecord.exe/NTray.exe/NextPVR.exe processes prior to running the installer. In future releases I'll make this automatic, but thats not the case yet.

- now defaulting to 9750/11700/10600 LNB settings outside of NZ.
- .mpg playback is now honoring the decoder selections. Previously only .ts files would, and decoders used during .mpg playback would be chosen by Windows.
- some minor visual changes to the Recording screen to make it clearer that left/right will switch between the various recording lists.
- fixed several PCH issues (some screen rendering problems, playback position, skipping, problem with switch back/forth between cover/list views)
- added tray icon support for starting N-PVR.
- added basic support for EVR aspect ratios with negative values. Its not perfect, but does work. Due to an EVR limitation, the OSD graphics are displayed in a slightly incorrect position on the screen (too narrow).
- fixed analog support for a couple of device
- added support for '999' disabling of auto comskip skipping (like GB-PVR used). Also fixes a bug in this functionality previously made available in a patch.
- added ability to press 'play' to manually skip inside a comskip block
- fixed a problem with parameters past to the PostProcessing.bat/ParallelProcessing.bat batch files
- fixed a problem with recording service sometimes not automatically noticing setting changes (like number of MVP servers, recording directory etc).
- fixed a problem where MVP server windows were visible
- window size and position now remembered between runs of the application.
- added a setting screen for selecting which plugins are visible in the main menu. (I expect to do more work in the future to allow reordering etc, but this is at least a start)
- added mechanism for plugins to provide a configuration form. The plugin needs to implement the NUtility.IPluginConfiguration interface, then the framework will call the GetSettingsPage() interface to get an instance of the form it can use. The form returned should be a form with no frame, derived from NUtility.SettingsPage. This base class has a SaveSettings() method which can be overriden by the plugin to save the configuration.
- added setting to specify the initial view first time you view the Recordings screen. (ie, start with Ready or Whats New etc)
- fixed a bug with certain pre-recorded transport streams not giving audio/video during playback.
- now looks for batch files (ParallelProcessing.bat, PostProcessing.bat, UpdateEPG.bat) in [DATA]Scripts (ie, on Vista/Win7 it'd be C:UsersPublicNPVRScripts)
- fixed problem with service being uninstalled during a reinstall.
- added shortcut for stop/starting NPVR

1.5.19 available (beta)

Its difficult to give a change list, but some things I noted during development:
Better compatibility with Vista/Win7, with program files stored in "C:Program FilesNPVR" and data files stored in "C:UsersPublicNPVR".
More hybrid style application to better support both 10ft and 2ft user interface usage. PVR mode can be disabled for those who just want to watch tv and dont want all the menus etc. Still lots more to be done on this side of things, but the start of this is in place.
Devices are automatically detected and capture sources created.
Scanning is different. Channels are created by default with no EPG, so that the app is ready to be used even by those new users who havnt invested the time to find an EPG source.
Better handling of digital channels, and multiple audio streams, multiple subtitle streams etc.
Usable over Remote Desktop
Native multidec support, including multirecord-multidec;. No more need for You do still need ffdecsa.dll for the decryption algorithm though. Place your plugins in "C:UsersPublicNPVRMDPluginsTrident DTV Tuner #1-1" (for example).
Configuration for new capture sources can be copied from another capture source.
No more Config app. The Settings screen is now access
More animations, and the ability to easily turn off animations.
Time-shared channels like cbeebies in UK will now be picked up regardless of what time of day you scan for channels.
Media libraries auto refresh file lists if changes are made to the currently directory (files added/delete etc).
Tray app which shows more status information, including what devices are doing, and any pending scheduled rcording
Ability to run without recording service for those that just want to watch tv, and dont want extra stuff running in the background.
If recordings or live tv dont work, there is now nice friendly error messages to tell you why. A few more messages still to be added though.
The app is permanently in timeshift mode. No more live preview. Channel changes are much quicker than the old timeshift mode though, and no pauses between shows.
Analog and Digital tv is now "all .ts, all the time". Sorry fans of third party mux filters.
Multi-record is always used, for both recordings and live tv.
EPG is based on UTC for dates/times, so no more issues around daylight savings time
Metadata and artwork are shown when playing files from Recordings or Video Library.
Can import ready recordings from GB-PVR's recording-dump.xml file.
Support for ATSC broadcast EPG
Updated built in web app (NEWA). Thanks UJB.
Supports analog tv via soft encoder devices.
Basic support for North American Close Captions on digital TV.
Plugins can now act as the main menu menu
Plugins now have lots more information about things happening in the system
Plugins can now control playback (pause, play, skip)
Plugins can now show themselves above video
Plugins can now get monitor for keypresses while video is playing (for example, to launch themselves over the video on a certain key combination)

v1.4.7 available
- added CI support for watching DVB pay TV channels outside of north america. Devices supported include Hauppauge WinTV-CI, and CI capable devices from Twinhan, FireDTV and TechnoTrend. You can enable CI support on a per capture source basis, using the new 'common interface' checkbox in the digital capture source settings.
- improved compatibility with Windows 7
- added logic to auto correct the tuning request of any already mapped channels at the end of each scan. Basically if your broadcaster had changed any audio/video pids, you can go into the config app and hit the 'rescan' button, then any channel mappings that match the same frequency and program number will be automatically updated to have the correct PIDs/PMT/PCR etc.
- DVB Subtitles now working again for live preview tv. When you're using the TS Mux it'll also work for timeshift mode tv, and for playback of recordings.
- streaming client mode is now compatible with 'TS Mux'
- updated channel digital channel scanning screen. Showing details about the selected channel.
- now keeps a few more backups of recording-dump.xml
- added support for DolbyDigital+ audio (also known as E-AC3). This audio format is starting to be used with channels in a few countries (France, Israel etc).
- QAM users can now choose to use HRC cable frequencies if they needed.
- at the end of a QAM scan it will ask the user for permission to query the Internet for additional channel information (ie channel names). This query uses the SiliconDust web API. Thank you SiliconDust (the HDHomeRun manufacturer) for offering the use of this service.
- fixed a bug where stopping DVD back would cause it to drop back to the main menu instead of staying in the plugin previously visible (for example, Video Library)
- fixed a problem where DVD playback could automatically restart on the next keystroke after previously stopping DVD playback when screen saver timeout period had expired.
- added ability to schedule to watch a future show. In TV Guide, press play on a show in the future and it'll highlight blue. App will start live tv and switch to that channel at the specified time. Pretty basic, no popup reminders on the screen.
- decoders listed in the config app are now dynamically detected, rather that from the list in config.xml
- fixed a problem with selecting the daemon tools executable in the config app.
- improved .ts playback
- new capture sources now default to the digital capture plugin instead of analog.
- added "-fullscreen" and "-window" command line parameters which can be used to override the default settings specified in the config app
- many PCH improvements to support changes Martin has been making to mvpmcx2. (already made available via patches)
- updated mux checker to show TS Mux and DVR-MS mux.
- added support ffdshow as H.264 decoder. This decoder doesnt seem to work that well for live H.264 tv though, and often display garbage on the screen when you channel change.
- added support for the Microsoft H.264 decoder (as used by Windows 7 Media Center)
- added option to treat the 'Play' key as a 'Play/Pause' key.
- radio stations now included in the digital scan results
- DVB-S2 now available on Hauppauge devices
- fixed a bug where focus would not move to the list control if you clicked on it with a mouse
- improved logic for scanning digital streams for channels
- fixed a problem with using the ArcSoft Video Decoder (and some other video decoders) with transport stream recording playback.
- fixed a crash that could occur changing skins from the settings menu.
- added genre to the ADS metadata stored with recordings
- updated mdapi support to also work for encrypted H.264 channels. Also fixed a related but that was stopping mdapi support on some channels with AC3 audio.
- 'search guide' and 'find all' search results now also include shows currently airing
- fixed a bug that could cause the automatic 'empty epg' step to be skipped during the during the epg update process if the user had any capture sources with the Epg Source set to 'none'.
- added ability for skin files to specify a .ttf filename in <TextStyle> so that fonts can be loaded from a file rather than an installed font. The .ttf file must be in the root directory of the skin that uses that font. For example, <TextStyle name="DefaultTextStyle" typeFace="aeon_font.ttf" size="12" style="bold"/>
- setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwaredevnzTSMuxBlockEncryp ted=1 (DWORD) will cause the TS Mux to discard encrypted packets rather than writing them to the file being recorded.

v1.3.11 available
- fixed a couple of problem with multi-record (recordings that could continue recording after they were supposed to stop, and recordings that could try to record on the wrong frequency when there was a back-to-back recording with only a padding overlap)
- fixed a problem with .ts playback on files over 4GB
- fixed a problem that could cause slow half speed audio
- added logic to only try multi-record when no encrypted channels were being recorded with the device
- fixed a problem with metadata or cover art not updating in some situations
- fixed a bug where multiple video/music library directories are defined, and folder.jpg wouldnt be shown in icon view for the top level
- MENU_EJECT_CD key working again
- added popup to warn if no dvd was in the drive
- updated EWA build. Thanks UJB. (see
- added new events to let plugins know when startup is complete, and when the app is about to shutdown. This is useful for plugins that own external limited resourses, like LCD displays etc
- fixed problem where .ts file duration reported during playback would vary widely until a good average bitrate could be determined (timeline OSD jumping all over the place until a good way into the file)
- improved .ts playback compatibility with certain audio decoder (MPA, ffdshow etc).
- updated the 'check for renamed recordings' to handle .ts files
- failed recordings are now listed in the 'whats new' section of the Recordings screen. Previously they were only listed in the 'ready' section.
- fixed a PsiParser bug that could cause occasional crashes
- fixed a bug with DVB EPG parsing which could access violation crashes.
- extended the current selection remembering to work with the top level selection when multiple video/music/photo directories have been specified.
- no longer showing the tray icon options to restart the recording service on Vista machines, since permissions wouldnt allow it anyway
- tray icon tuner status popup now compatible with Windows desktops using large fonts
- should no longer need the various "BDASubmitTuningRequestTwicexxxx" config.xml settings set to true. Live preview channel changes are slightly quicker with the
- if you delete the last recording in a group in the recording ready screen, it now returns to the group list, with previous item selected (instead of returning to top of list)
- fixed a problem that could cause some channels to not be found during a channel scan
- fixed a jitter problem that could occur in the last build on the MVP and PCH.
- added a few minor tweaks to slick skin to avoid some text clipping, and to make text more readable

v1.3.7 available
- this release includes a few more tweakable skin settings. The blue skin is mostly unchanged, but to show a few changes I included an experimental skin called slick, which is loosely modelled on xmbc 'Aeon' skin (showing different main menu style, different layout in Music/Video/Picture library screens).
- added ability to record multiple channels from the same multiplex with same digital card. This is only possible when you're using the 'TS Mux' option.
- encrypted dvb transport stream recordings now contain enough information for offline decrypting to be possible (with tools like TSoffDec, OfflineCSA etc).
- picture library caching of thumbnails to disk is now enabled by defualt for quicker access
- changed netradio screen to get it working again after recent changes to the shoutcast website.
- minor change to the way web radio streams are played, to work around problems that occur when people use plugins that use functions provided by WMP (for example, conflict between WebRadio and CDRipper plugins).
- added ability to play ITV HD recordings
- updated internal TS reader to cope with H.264+AC3 streams generated by the new HD-PVR firmware
- improved logic that help app know that analog and digital sides of some devices couldnt be used at the same time (HVR2200/2250 etc)
- made a change to the way .MP3 playback works to allow it to play a wider set of files, including those embedded cover art which previously were unplayable.
- added small tweak to get audio side of HVR-2200 working.
- made a slight improvement to the way the file list scrolls of the bottom of the screen on the PCH/NMT clients
- added experimental support for Hauppauge software encoder analog devices, like analog side of HVR3000 etc. You need to have the Hauppauge SoftMCE software installed for this to work.
- added a minor improvement to auto aspect ratio control during DVD playback
- fixed a problem where some conflict recordings couldnt be deleted
- fixed a bug where turning down the volume could result in it going to 100% volume after getting to 0%.
- added the ability to click the video window in the 'map digital channels to epg channels' window to give a large view. Clicking again will toggle back to a small window.
- improved digital tv scanning to make the config window remain responsive during the scan.
- fixed a problem with the capture source order not being set correctly in the database on some new capture sources
- added option to pass FLAC/OGG to mvpmc without transcoding.
- added ability to pass config to mvpmc so that configuration via share is not required
- added logic to cope with bad xmltv files that have end-time prior to start-time.
- added direct support for gzipped URLs for xmltv file names. This means that, for example, NZ users when setting up their capture sources can set their xmltv file to point "" or "" and the app will automatically download/decompress/read the listings.
- added a mechanism for more scanning only certain DVB-S frequencies DVB EPG listings. Should help Dish/BEV users.
- added a context menu in for the capture source channel list with options for 'disable all' and 'enable all' which can save a lot of clicking of the enabled check box for some setups.
- you can now select multiple channels and hit the 'remove' button when viewing the capture source channel list instead of having to remove channels one at a time.
- added skinning support for specifying the number of buttons to show, and offset between them, and background mask, in the horizontal menu.
- improved OSD quality with EVR renderer
- config app mapping screen is now more responsive during scan
- implemented support for automatic offset scanning for DVB-T
- added daemon tools support for .img files
- added logic to retain file list position when deleting a file from the video library
- added PID filtering for the HDHomeRun to improve network efficiency
- and lots of other small bits I forget...

2008-05-26 v1.2.13
- picture library now auto rotates pictures based on EXIF if it is available in the picture.
- much improved support for H.264/HE-AAC channels as used by New Zealands Freeview|HD.
- timeshift mode is now compatible with the "TS Mux" mux option.
- several improvements to the way transport stream files are recorded. Also added a 'full TS' mux option, which will be used full dumps of the transport stream when I need sample files to debug problems.
- more changes to better support the Hauppauge HD-PVR support. (updated to reflect recently renamed Hauppauge drivers, separate bitrates can be set for each resolution)
- fixed a memory leak that occurred when using the EVR or Overlay video renderers.
- added options in the config app for selecting the AAC and HE-AAC decoders.
- fixed an error that could occur if you clicked the screen in video playback before the OSD had been shown.
- fixed a problem with playback of multiple audio files when the overlay renderer was selected.
- added support for a couple more H.264/HE-AAC decoders.
- fixed the Ctrl-O info shown with Live TV on analog tuner
- fixed a problem that could occur when scanning satellites with DVB-S2 transponders
- added code to stop screen saver kicking in during photo slideshow
- fixed a couple of problems teletext subtitles
- lots more minor Popcorn Hour enhancements, most of which have already been supplied as patches. (highdef UI, fast incremental screen updates, dvd playback, audio playlist support, fixes for AVI/MKV/MOV streaming etc...)
- fixed a problem that could cause a recording service crash
- fixed audio selection on Composite2/Svideo2 input
- fixed a problem with current song name not updating in the music library and net radio.
- fixed a problem with the logic for displaying show icons in the recordings screen
- fixed a problem where the user could get stuck in the screen saver
- added 16x10 as a TV Shape option.
- fixed broken DVD navigation with Overlay and EVR renderers.
- added a new "-import:filename" command line option for specifying the xml filename
- removed CT TV Listings epg source option
- added a "-flushpos" command line parameter that will delete the playback position history.
- added a new event so plugins can tell which screen is active
- fixed a bug with MVP on Search Guide screen.
- added a 'watched' indicator in the recordings screen
- updated version of EWA included
- old GBPVR.exe UI no longer included with the release. Rest in peace old friend.

2008-03-09 v1.2.9
- added improvements to H.264 support
- added Overlay renderer support to PVRX2
- disabled video inset when using EVR or Overlay video renderer.
- updated the included EWA to build 74.
- added support for DVB channels using AAC or AAC LATM audio like those in NZ, Norway, and a few more European destinations in the near future etc. You need a compatible AAC LATM audio decoder installed, like the free Monograph AAC decoder. Google for it.
- added option to do BDA recordings "out of process", which works around the multidec limitation of one instance per process, allowing for multiple multidec recordings to occur at the same time.
- added support for Hauppauge HD-PVR.
- improved transport stream support, including ability to play in-progress recordings.
- currently playing song now shown in top right of Music Library
- fixed long standing bug where you'd get a SQLite error if you exited the app before the listings had finished loading in the background
- fixed a bug where current audio playlist could be wiped
- fixed a problem with recording pre-padding kicking in on the second of back to back recordings on the same tuner
- fixed a problem with DVD playback when using the EVR renderer
- fixed a problem with the music library "Play All" menu option.
- added a work around for a situation where the system would claim no VMR9 support after resuming from hibernation.
- fixed a problem with double clicking on menu items.
- fixed a problem where temporary files might be left behind after the DVB-EPG update if using the dvr-ms mux.
- fixed a bug where starting in fullscreen mode then switching to window mode could cause the app to resize to a very small window.
- <DVDAllowVideoInset> setting now obeyed in PVRX2
- In Music Library you can now press play with a directory selected and it'll auto queue and shuffle all the music files contained in that directory, or any nested directories it contains.
- fixed a bug with the selection index being reset while viewing the Recordings screen pending list while a recordings is recording padding.
- fixed a situation where comskip would not run at the end of recordings
- added current song name to the screen saver
- added 'dvr-ms to mpg' coversion option to video library transcode function
- mvp will now allow on the fly transcoding of mkv and mov files
- fixed a problem with initiating a recording from live tv
- pressing the 'Play' key with a recording highlighted in the Recordings screen will now start playback, without the need to view the details of the recording.
- added support for displaying panels on the main menu. This isnt backwards compatible with legacy plugin that provided old GBPVR.exe style panels implementing IPanel. New plugin wanting to add panels need to implment IUiPanel.
- currently playing song now shown in top right of Net Library and Music Library
- if <EnableRecordingsQuickDelete> is set to true in config.xml, then pressing the Record key with a recording highlighted in the Recordings screen will cancel/delete that recording. It will obey the <ConfirmDeleteInRecordings> setting though, so can give you a warning popup if set to true.
- music/video/picture library now list and follow directory shortcuts
- added logic to make sure the machine doesnt go to sleep when navigating the menus with a remote
- added DVB-S2 support for FireDTV and Hauppauge DVB-S2 devices. Unable to test, but should work.
- added ability to press Play on a recording in the Recordings screen and have it play without seeing the details.
- if multiple Music/Video/Picture Library directories are defined, then they are now shown in the order shown in the config app
- can now press 'record' button on remote in Search Guide to schedule a quick record without viewing the show details.
- added the ability to update a pending or in-progress recording from the TV Guide in the same way that is available from the recording, pending menu.
- fixed a bug that could cause an unexpected crash. Usually occurred in the config app, but could also happen in other places.
- added setting that can be used to force the app to do it's internal rendering at a resolution other than the current desktop resolution (useful for video card without enough video memory)
- added some logic to automatically detect BDA filter pin names rather than relying on definitions in bda.ini.
- fixed a bug that could cause channels with a dash in their name to have problems pulling in listings from DVB EPG source.
- fixed a bug that had stopped one particular user from being able to use two Nova-S Plus devices in the one machine. Its an uncommon problem, but may also affect others.
- in the same way '999' can be used to toggle comskip during file playback, '998' can now be used to delete the comskip file for the currently playing video. This is useful if comskip got it wrong and you dont want to use the comskip info for future attempts to play this file.
- added support for switching audio streams on AVI files with multiple audio streams (Ctrl-G or Green key on remotes with colour keys). You need to have the Morgan Stream Switcher filter installed for this to work.
- added support for switching audio streams on MKV files with multiple audio streams (Ctrl-G or Green key on remotes with colour keys).
- added ability to press Ctrl-O to see information about the current video stream (encoding, resolution etc).
- added a simple command line scheduler (Schedule.exe). Run it with no command line arguments to see some sample command lines.

2007-11-11 v1.1.5
- net radio feature available again
- Search Guide now accessible from main menu
- added separate video renderer setting in config app for PVRX2
- added support for the new EVR renderer (DXVA 2.0 support etc).
- full TV Guide now accessible inside playback OSD, like it was in GB-PVR.
- Custom tasks now working
- fixed problem where message boxes that were meant to have one button could show no buttons
- fixed a bug where the 'no signal' OSD could appear immediately after starting live tv even though the video is playing correctly in the background
- fixed minor skin bug with Search Guide text wrapping
- fixed a problem with waking the PC to perform recordings or epg update
- an error will now always result in the log being flushed, even if log flushing is disabled.
- fixed a bug where plugin could be activated twice.
- fixed a bug that could result in a crash during the collection of the DVB EPG
- added <VMR9LockBackBuffer> setting in config.xml. It is 'false' by default. When set to 'true' it may help some users that get video tearing issues. It will most likely result in higher CPU usage also.
- BDA mux setting in config app now only shows muxes that are installed on the machine.
- added support for CT TV Listings for USA users
- fixed a couple of bugs with the live record popup that shows when you press Ctrl-K when watching live tv
- a running instance of the application will now know if the EPG has been updated outside of the process and will reload the EPG as required
- multidec filter no longer used when recording an unencrypted channel. This will help some situations where the user has a mixture of encrypted and unencrypted channels.
- fixed a bug that could cause video playback to drop out immediately or freeze when 'prompt for resume' is enabled.
- fixed a bug with the <TryToHonourPaddingIfPossible> = 'true' logic.
- fixed a problem where a recording could appear incorrectly as a 'manual recording', or linked to some other unexpected show.
- fixed a problem with the tv guide not defaulting back to the current time on 2nd and subsequent accesses.
- added logic to look in plugin subdirectory for resolving DLL dependencies before looking in the "common" directory
- Search Guide letter list now uses language.xml, so shouldnt need any customisation to support non-english languages.
- fixed a bug that would have stopped the HVR1800 from doing QAM tuning

2007-08-14 v1.0.16
- 'import recordings' and 'export recordings' will now include recurring recordings (season and manual).
- added a workaround to ensure the PVRX2 would gracefully handle hibernate/standby when in FSE mode (Fullscreen Exclusive)
- added logic to remove zap2it epg source option after 1 September.
- command line parameters now working on PVRX2, including -direct, -directonly, -export, -import, -removehistory, -emptyepg, -emptyepgonly, -updateepg, -updateepgonly, -removeallgenre, -removehistory and -deletependingrecurring
- recording service now looking for plugins in subdirectories like the rest of app
- slight change to the way thumbnails are captured during playback to speed the process up.
- video inset makes a return. You can press 'home/menu' key to view video in a window. (PC only, not on MVP at this stage)
- fixed a problem where recordings initiated while watching tv could show up as a six hour long recording on the Recordings screen
- logging level now also applies to the *-native.log files. Any writing to disk can cause slight stuttering or poor reduce the quality of animations in Direct3D, so I wanted the user to be able to effectively disable logging by setting it to 'Info'.
- fixed a problem that could cause the window size to not be remembered when resizing and later switching to/from fullscreen.
- fixed a problem where comskip file times could be wrong during playback
- fixed a bug where a crash could occur if the app was configured to start on the second monitor, but no second monitor was present
- fixed a slight alignment problem in the TV Guide
- overscan settings from config.xml are now working in PVRX2
- mvp now correctly channel channels when typing the channel number without having to press ok.
- much improved ATSC compatibility with the MPEG producing muxes (Cyberlink, ATI etc).
- delete and associated confirmation popups now working in Recordings/Video Library
- 'start on second monitor' setting makes a return. Whether this results in a smooth UI and smooth video playback will depend on whether you videocard and drivers support acceleration on the second display. Most modern cards support it.
- screensaver now implemented in PVRX2
- teletext now implemented in PVRX2
- fixed a bug that could cause high CPU usage or stuttering in live tv if no listings were available for that channel at that time (and OSD was trying to show current programme details)
- fixed a bug where the current time could disappear from the main menu
- fixed a bug where keying the channel number in live tv could result in the channel changing several times in quick succession. This could make it look like a slow channel change, or stuttering during the channel change, and could could cause the 'switch to previous channel' key to stop working.
- changed the way HVR1600 QAM tuning is done to make it work for more users
- fixed a bug where Windows screen saver could kick in while watching photo slideshow
- added a few performance enhancements for users with lots of recordings.
- tray icon can now be used to start PVRX2.exe instead of GBPVR.exe
- fixed a problem that could result in comskip adverts not being shown on first file playback on the MVP
- added a few improvements to the skin fallback mechanism
- partially implemented new horizontal scrolling menu type
- 'exit' button on main menu now not shown on new PVRX2 MVP server
- added Avermedia M780 QAM support (thanks sslusser)
- <MvpHighPriority> setting now obeyed with new MVP server.
- the 'force-foreground' system context menu item has made a return
- added SchedulesDirect EPG source option. This is almost identical to zap2it, but using a pay-for-listings model. US/Canada users wanting to use this option will need to create an account at
- mvp skin can now be different from the main skin
- fixed a bug where the recording service could continue recordings if the user shut down the MVP while watching live tv
- fixed a slight alignment problem in the TV Guide
- now correctly able to change filename on manual recording popup.
- added logic to resolve common plugin dependencies by looking for assemblies in the new plugincommon subdirectory
- added <FindAllCloseOnRecord> setting in config.xml that specifies behaviour in TV Guide 'Find All' screen when the 'quick record' option is chosen. It controls whether the 'find all' popup is closed or not.
- fixed a bug where file duration wouldnt update when playing an in-progress recording
- fixed a bug where pressing 'escape' in Video/Music/Picture Library wouldnt make it back to the top level directory if more than one media directory was specified.
- TV Guide in PVRX2 now shows recording color status in the timeline, and current time displayed in top right
- fixed a error that could occur when attempting to delete a directory in the video library.
- fixed a few minor skinning issues with the default blue skin
- current time is now displayed in the OSD while play videos or watching tv
- DVB EPG will now harvest listings for channels on other muxes if <DvbEpgHarvestOtherServices> is set to 'true' in config.xml
- added a checkbox in the config app to control whether logs are flushed or not. In the past the flushing was always enabled unless the user edited config.xml. Flushing to disk ensures all log messages will be present if there is a crash, so useful when posting logs for me to look at, but can have adverse effects on performance.
- fixed a bug where manually recording details were not shown in the conflict popup

1.0.8 available

Todays release includes a huge amount of change. GB-PVR's user interface was its weakest attribute, and the thing usually the thing identfied out by users and reviewers as 'lacking', often pushing users to seek out alternative applications. This version includes an entirely rewritten user interface, though based on most of the ideas of previous releases, so it still feels like the same app. This new interface will give the app a lot of room to grow in the future.

This new user interface comes as a new executable (PVRX2.exe), which should be treated as a public 'beta' of sorts. It's in pretty good shape, but there is bound to be bugs. The new user interface also doesnt contain all the features of the old application yet (missing fm radio, net radio, youtube and couple of other more minor things). I'll leave up to you guys to read the feedback and decide if you want to install this release.

Other than the new PVRX2.exe executable, the rest of the release is solid and is pretty much v0.99.12 plus a few minor bug fixes. For now, the release also includes the old GBPVR.exe user interface for those that need it (ie slow machines, stability problems, WAF, fear of the unknown etc), but this executable will no longer be maintained or actively supported in future.

The new user interface is Direct3D based, with much improved text rendering, a few simple animations etc. Unfortunately this comes at some cost... So, appologies to those with slow machines or using the PVR350 tv out - this is may be the end of the road for GB-PVR for you.

MVP users dont need to worry. The MVP is still supported, and the release also includes an entirely new MVP server.

2007-02-27 v0.99.12
- reinstated favourite channel behaviour. When watching live tv, CH UP and CH DOWN will cycle through the favourites. You can still change to non favourites by typing the channel number or selecting from the tv guide or mini guide.
- updated all DVB-S satellite lists with those kindly provided by joshyfun
- added fullscreen exclusive mode option, which should help with video tearing experienced by some users. May also provide smoother video for some. Its still a bit "experimental", and I dont recommend using a mouse to control it.
- fixed a bug with VMR9 Custom renderer that could cause a black flash immediately after changing channels, or a black screen when pausing.
- fixed a bug that would cause the subtitle type message to not show when DVB subtitles were enabled by Teletext was not
- improved support for diseqc switches with hauppauge/twinhan/firedtv devices
- fixed a bug with OnAir GT QAM digital cable channel tuning
- fixed a bug where that could cause the temporary Net Radio recording files to continue growing even after the user clicks 'stop'. This would only affect users that have <UseWindowsMediaPlayerForNetRadio>false</UseWindowsMediaPlayerForNetRadio> in their config.xml
- fixed a problem that could sometimes occur with zap2it EPG updates
- added ability to show some object in the 'next recording' panel when a recording is currently occurring. (via visible="@IsRecording" composite image element)
- fixed a bug with the auto aspect ratio with Overlay video renderer.
- changes to the way RGB -> YUV colour space conversion works on the MVP. Should improve colour rendition, and fix a problem reported by one user on an LCD screen.
- fixed a couple of problems that could occur when playing music with Windows Media Player visualisation. Both related to WMP directly handling keystrokes it shouldnt have.
- fixed a bug that would cause an 'object reference' error when initiating recording from live tv by selecting the 'record until I exit' option.
- improvements to DVB-S channel scanning.
- .avs files played on the MVP now use ffmpeg
- fixed a display problem with 'recording details' popup when showing manual recordings.
- now quicker to release memory after playing music files with visualisation.
- config app automatically fixing a couple of common configuration errors that users make.
- added an 'advanced BDA settings' button in the BDA capture source configuration that has a few settings that may be required by a small number of users.
- added initial support for controlling the priority of reoccuring recordings. The priority is dictated by the order shown in the 'reoccurring' list in the Recordings screen. The top of the list is the highest priority. You can move a recording up or down the list by selecting it and pressing the FF or RW buttons. Changes to the priority will only affect future recordings, not conflicts that may already exist.
- added the ability to change the order of the capture sources in the config app
- fixed a bug that could cause a corrupt c:zap2it.xml to be created when <SaveZap2itXML>true</SaveZap2itXML> in config.xml
- made the list of extra files deleted configurable in config.xml via <DeleteAdditionalExtensions> setting.
- added a menu item called 'Easy View'. My kids are getting big enough to control the remote themselves, so I wanted to give them an easy to use screen that they could control. It lists their recordings, DVDs and favourite TV channels as one list, with pictures next to each to make it simple, no menus etc (only requires up/down/enter keys).
- added a few minor youtube enhancements. Keeps a cache of last ten (configureable) videos played. Added a favourites view. Added 'no matches found' search message.
- a few improvements to the 'dont record duplicates' functionality for zap2it users.
- slight change to improve channel scanning on HDHomeRun
- no longer showing hidden directories in Music/Video/Picture Libraru, like recycler etc.
- added some simplistic video queuing functionality to the Video Library. When you're watching a video, you can press home to switch to video inset mode, go to the video library and press the yellow key on one or more file files to queue them for playback after the current file. This key can be configured in the keymappings file if you need or prefer a different key.
- and a few other things I forget (or choose to forget)...
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2006-12-22 v0.99.5
- Improvements to scheduling logic for multi-tuner setups
- Improved aspect ratio control with Overlay renderer
- Added support for MultiDec plugins. If enabled in config app, then it'll load MultiDec plugins from MDPlugins directory.
- Improvements to the start up time for timeshift mode, and the time to change channels. (PC improvements, not relevent to MVP) To take full advantage of this, you'll probably want to set you 'LiveTV Pre-play delay' to '0'.
- Added support for Vista, though I'd recommend doing a clean install if you decide to upgrade a machine to vista that was previous running an earlier version of windows with GB-PVR.
- Logs have now moved to a specific 'logs' directory (as part of the steps required for Vista compatibility)
- Added ability to delete directories from the Video Library
- Fixed a bug that could occur with badly behaved BDA devices that continue send a small amount of data from frequencies they were previously tuned to (for example, Compro devices).
- Fixed a couple of bugs with the DVB EPG (now supports PSI pointer_field used in some countries to squeeze more data in)
- Fixed a bug with ATSC QAM scanning
- Improvements to H.264 support (BBC HDTV trial etc). You'll need to have an H.264 decoder installed. For playback of recordings, you'll also need HDTV Pump installed:
- Fixed a minor bug in the Recordings screen with blue skin.
- Fixed a bug that could result in a database lock error while watching a video, and strange behaviour that follows.
- Added a 'TS Mux' option to the BDA Multiplexer list, which might be useful for ATSC users that have mux problems. For playback of recordings, you'll also need HDTV Pump installed:
- Minor skin change to the Recording screen to show the title/subtitle for each item rather than just the title.
- Fixed a bug with the skin fallback mechanism
- Added a very basic YouTube plugin. To ensure compatibility with the MVP, it downloads the entire video before it starts playback (sorry, you'll need to be patient). If its popular then there will be enhancements in coming releases (otherwise I might drop it, not sure yet).
- Fixed a bug where the splash screen and screen saver settings were swapped when they were loaded by the config app.
- Fixed a bug that would cause it to continue to render the menus in the background even though video was fullscreen.

- Fixed a timeshift problem when using DVR-MS mux option.
- Now possible to configure which transcoder executable is used for on the fly MVP transcodes.
- Added support for MP3 tags back into the Music Library. Exact format can be tweaked using the <MusicLibraryMP3TagFormat> setting config.xml
- Now remembers the DVD playback positions and prompts to resume subsequent playback. Convenient if you dont want to watch those FBI warnings each time...
- Fixed a bug with automatic file conversion that would cause a database lock error with SQLite database.
- Improvements to DVB Subtitles
- Fixed a bug that would cause the reported duration of a recording to keep getting longer when watching from a client PC.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the Hauppauge PVR USB2 to not show up when detecting devices installed in the machine.
- Now possible to update end time or post padding on recordings that have already started.
- Added some minor performance enhancements for zap2it epg
- Fixed a bug that would cause the Windows Media Player to pause instead of stopping in some circumstances.
- Added some code to make sure the machine wouldnt auto hibernate/standby while listing to music.
- Added ability to press record key on listing in search screen to do a quick record, rather than pressing enter to bring up full recording screen.
- Comskip support for EDL files, which will be useful for playback of ATSC recordings where frame rate has changed during the recording, or when the frame rate cant be deteremined.
- ...and several other small things I forget.

2006-9-20 v0.98.13
- Much improved ATSC HDTV support, including new channel scanning functionality.
- Added ATSC QAM support (digital cable) for the OnAir USB HDTV GT device.
- Added support for ViXS based capture cards.
- Added support for new Hauppauge HVR3000/HVR4000 devices including DVB-T, DVB-S and software encoding analog. These devices have one tuner for DVB-S, and another for DVB-T/analog, so these two can be done at the same time. HVR1100/900 could also work in theory with this software encoding, but will require updates to direct.ini. To support the analog side of these devices, GB-PVR reuses several SoftPVR components, so this Hauppauge supplied software must have been installed.
- Fixed a bug that could cause an error stopping live tv with analog devices
- Fixed a bug that could cause a "System.ArgumentException: Rectangle '{X=120,Y=160,Width=0,Height=40}' cannot have a width or height equal to 0." type of error in the TV Guide.
- Minor improvement to DVB-T scanning
- Fixed a bug where the left arrow key was not successfully deleting a character when typing a freetext search in the search guide screen. Made things difficult on the MVP.
- Fixed a bug with video inset in sub menus.
- Added option to use splash screen
- Fixed a bug with gradient colours used with the round rect style of listings in the tv guide.
- Improvements to the DVB EPG option.
- Fixed a bug that could cause an error when exiting GB-PVR before the EPG had finished loading in the background
- Fixed an incompatibility with IE7
- Fixed a bug that could cause the video inset window to continue showing even when it wasnt supposed to (ie, over photos in Photo Library etc).
- Fixed a couple of PC client bugs (deleting recordings was not removing files, comskip now works in stream mode)
- WMV playback on the MVP now uses ffmpeg for transcoding instead of the old trans2mvp method
- Fixed a bug with the upgrade procedure that would break the database connection strings if the user had skipped v0.97 jumping straight to v0.98.8
- Fixed a bug that could cause an error when stopping net radio playback when using 'VMR9 Custom' video renderer
- MuxChecker will now list ATI Mux if it is found on the machine.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a permanent database lock with SQLite database during auto file conversion
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when using the 'play' button on the left of the video library
- Integrated functionality for system sounds, much like that available previously in the BleepBloop plugin. Can be enabled/disabled in the Settings screen. Works with all remote types (MCE, Hauppauge, Direct Access etc). Not available on MVP.
- Added ability to configure the slide show delay
- 'Play all' on video files will not show the resume prompt
- Fixed a bug Video/Music/Photo Library when navigating directories that contained ".." somewhere in the name
- Fixed a bug with the built-in MCE2005 IR Blaster support
- Added some logic to stop it returning to the menu when exiting an item on a sub menu
- Fixed a bug on the Search Guide screen that was not correctly highlighting a scheduled recording in some specific circumstances.
- If a recording is transcoded externally from GB-PVR, it'll now detect the new file name and update the recording even if <AutoRemoveMissingRecordings> is set to false (previously didnt do it unless set to true)
- Fixed a problem with learning the ASPECT key when using an USB-UIRT remote control.
- Fixed a bug with the signal quality/strength being reversed in the live tv signal popup.
- Fixed a bug with the way plugins were loaded in v0.98.8 that could stop plugins receiving events.
- Added some log messages to help track down the cause of a SQLite database locking error that occurs for some users
- Improved volume control, including OSD graphics. (not for MVP - I have very little control over the volume on the MVP, and no way to determine what the volume is)
- Fixed a bug that could cause live tv to not exit cleanly on an MVP when the tuner needs to be used for a recording.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the right hand side of subtitles to become skewed. It only happened with some broadcasters due to differences in the way they encode the images. It had been noticed with Scandanavian broadcasts.
- You can now toggle the auto comskip jump during playback by pressing 999. Useful if you find comskip has really stuffed up the commerical detection on a show you're watching.
- Fixed a bug that would cause it to often say 'subtitles enabled' on the OSD when in live tv.
- Fixed a view bugs with the DVD player, and improved compatibility with DVD nagivators from Cyberlink, Intervideo etc.
- Fixed a skinning problem in the Video Library that could cause the background to get darker and darker when the 'delete file' popup was on the screen

2006-8-8 v0.98.8
- Added PC client support. To install a client, do a normal install, then on the capture source page of the config app, tick the 'act as client' tick box and key in the server name. You can select to use either streaming or file sharing for playback. The file sharing option is required if you're using DVR-MS files. I highly recommend the use of the SQLite database on the server if you want to run a client/server setup, it performs much better.
- Added initial DVB Subtitle support. Its only available for live preview mode, and video playback at this stage (not timeshift mode). Still a bit experimental, but let me know how you get on. Some additional information is required that was not previously collected - so you'll need to rescan for channels to get this working. Make sure you hit 'ok' to save after rescanning.
- Fixed a bug with the new Video Library screen where the transcoding status window would not automatically update, and close once complete (ready for subsequent transcodings). This also corrected a problem with trying to convert DVR-MS files to other types.
- Fixed a bug with ATSC DVR-MS recordings.
- Fixed a bug that could result in a small amount file not being played on the MVP at the end of an audio/video file, and could also lead to server disconnections.
- Several changes on the MVP front to accomodate changes to both MVP hardware and Hauppauge dongle.bin software. GBMVP.BIN dongle is no longer included with the release, and will most likely not be returning in the future. Video in a window is now possible using the standard Hauppauge dongle.bin which is included with the release. These major changes mean old dongle.bin files may not work with GB-PVR (not tested though).
- Fixed a bug that could cause 'record until I exit live tv' function to drop the user back to the menu screen, particularly for DVB and ATSC capture devices.
- Fixed a bug with .m3u files in the recent music library rewrite.
- Fixed incorrect bda.ini entry for Freecom DVB-T stick.
- Fixed a bug where a plugin's IMenuTask.deactivate() was not being called when user used shortcut keys to jump directly to other plugins like TV Guide.
- Fixed sort order for non-NTFS filesystems with Video/Music/Photo library
- Fixed a bug that could cause the Hauppauge MediaMVP screen saver to appear.
- Added a few small improvement to the look and behaviour of the tv guide, including SpecialElement tags to specify whether colors or icons are used to high scheduled recordings, and by how much currently playing shows should be brightened. Fixed bug with using linear colour gradients in listings, which were broken in some situations previously. Also improved selection of show when using the up/down keys to switch between channels.
- Improved behaviour when having to load several photos file to show thumbnails. Loading 9/12/16 large photos to produce thumbnails previously made for a bad experience. Now it only does a few photos at a time, which makes things appear more responsive. Will also use thumbs.db for fast access if it exists.
- Slightly improved DVB tuning logic. May help with a couple of problems I've seen mentioned.
- Built-in TFTP server will now be more reliable on networks that lose a lot of UDP packets.
- Dropped support of gbmvp.bin dongle, due to incompatibilities with new Hx model MVP hardware. Its extra features, like video in a window, have now been incorporated in to the Hauppauge dongle.
- A few small enhancements to the SkinHelper, including support for the <DrawCompositeImage> tag, and named colors being able to reference other named colour. I've also moved a few more items into the BaseSkin.xml in the default blue skin (screen name, a few standard colours etc).
- Improved scanning for DVB-T. Should now automatically detect channels with 166KHz offset on those devices that previously had problem with this.
- When .srt files are recorded, now the filename has same case as the video file. Some players were previously confused by the lower case name.
- Fixed a bug with using MCE or USB-UIRT remotes when also using MVP servers
- Search Guide screen is now more skinnable. It also shows which episodes of show that are already scheduled or recorded.
- Changed the way non .MP3 audio files are transcoded for playback on the MVP. Much more robust than old mechanism.
- Changed the way IR200L IR blasting is done, to avoid a rare problem where the thirdparty IR200L code could cause the GB-PVR Recording Service to hang the main thread, stopping any future recordings.
- Minor changes to how 'pending' and 'ready' manual recordings are shown in the Recordings screen. Long filenams could previously could messy wrap around of text.
- fixed a couple of teletext bugs (high CPU usage in subtitle mode, background colours in subtitle mode, loss of teletext and subtitles during channel change)
- Fixed a bug that would cause each screen to be drawn twice for every keypress when using the Horizontal menu. This would slow things down, particularly when using higher resolution skins. Skins like Sassari should be much faster now.
- Fixed a bug that cause the second net radio station to stop prematurely when you try to listen to it.
- Added 'settings' screen in System menu. Its still a bit rough and only has a few settings as an initial cut. More to be added in coming releases.
- Fixed a bug that could cause AVI files to have their frame rate detected incorrectly. This would interfere with the use of comskip on AVI files.
- Fixed support for the <HorizontalZoom> and <VerticalZoom> settings in config.xml when using the VMR9 Custom renderer
- Fixed a bug that could cause messages like 'switching to timeshift mode' to be shown over the menus rather than a black background
- Number pad can now be used for text entry on the search guide screen when using an MVP, or if you have the option enabled on misc tab of the config app
- You can now optionally specify the executable name used to perform transcoding in the <CustomFFmpegConversions> setting in config.xml. The default is ffmpeg.exe.
- Transcode menu option in the video library now gives you the option to convert DVR-MS to MPEG2. This particular conversion now also works correctly with AC3 audio.
- Recordings screen will now auto refresh
- Fixed a bug with 'record until' popup when used from timeshift mode.
- Fixed a long standing bug where watching live tv on a capture source that was associated with a capture device that had an additional capture source that was about to start a recording could cause the recording to fail.

2006-7-5 v0.97.13
- Fixed a bug that could lead to failed recordings if live tv was left running.
- Fixed a bug that could cause an error bringing up the tv guide while watching live tv
- Fixed a couple of minor teletext subtitle bugs
- Added logic to live preview mode tv initiate a channel change as soon as the user has typed the correct number of digits on the remote, rather than waiting a short period of time. Makes channel changing seem that little bit quicker. Cant do the same for timeshift mode since numbers also prefix other actions such as 'skip'.
- Fixed a bug with the Record Until popup shown if you hit "record" while watching tv.
- Fixed a bug with the overscan settings that could cause corruption around the edges of the screen in fullscreen mode
- Fixed a couple of bugs in the PsiParser that could cause crashes during live tv or recordings
- Fixed a bug that could result in blank lines in SRT subtitle files recorded by GB-PVR. The blank lines would ultimately cause problems with subtitles when they were later played back.
- Fixed a bug with skipping on the MVP during playback of an in-progress recording
- Fixed a screen flicker that would occur each time you press a key when using the VMR9 Custom renderer and showing video in a window.
- Changed the way the VMR9 Custom renderer composites elements on the screen. This change was made as a work around for nvidia owners that used to get screen corruption when using hardware accelleration with most aspect ratios. Be sure to select the 'VMR9 Custom' renderer option if you need to use this. VRM7 and VMR9 renderers still have this problem and will require nvidia to fix.
- Fixed a bug that could stop the user from being able to edit the 'live tv' quality profile in the config app.
- Fixed a bug with the <SubtitleDelay> and <SubtitleDelayMVP> settings being ignored when playing back recordings.
- Fixed a bug that could lead to duplicate channels being created when you were using MS Access database.
- Slight change to scheduling logic to reduce the chances of getting conflicts on two-tuner systems when the system schedules season recordings.
- Fixed a bug with DVB channel scanning when using the DVR-MS mux
- Music Library and Video Library have been re-written. Functionality and appearance is pretty much the same as before, but the new screens are much more skinnable.
- Added page up/down to new Photo/Music/Video library screens.
- Added logic to cope with recent ATI 550 driver changes.
- Fixed a bug that could cause old show listings not to be removed from the database when 'complete EPG reload' is configured (and user has a capture source with 'no EPG').
- When audio is being played back, and you pause the music, you can now press the pause key again to resume playback (or 'play' key, as it has been up until now).
- When the user attempts to delete a recording from the Recordings screen, it'll only proceed if the system can succesfully delete the video file. This is to stop recordings being left on the file system, but not listed in GB-PVR. This could occur when the video is being processed with comskip or other utilities at the time the delete was attempted.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the 'constant channel number' to be sent through the IR Blaster for each channel change after the initial startup of live tv.

2006-6-2 v0.97.9
- Fixed a bug that could cause comskip files to be ignored while playing videos
- Fixed a bug with zap2it duplicate detection on shows with identifiers ending in 0000 (ie, no episode info available)
- Photo Library now remembers last view mode
- Fixed a bug with Photo Library list mode which wouldnt allow you to press left key to get back to playback controls.
- Fixed an issue with DVD playback that could cause it to lock up and consume 100% of the CPU
- Fixed a bug that could MVP playback to fail from UNC paths
- Fixed a bug where a bad PostProcessing.bat/ParallelProcessing.bat/UpdateEpg.bat/PostUpdateEpg.bat could kill the recording service.
- Fixed a bug where a bad photo could cause an OutOfMemeory exception in the Photo Library
- Changed the metadata functionality to handle non-ANSI charactersets correctly.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the Actisys IR200L blaster to fail when trying to emit IR signals.
- Fixed a bug with USB-UIRT which would cause intercode delay and repeat code to only be honoured during first channel change.
- Fixed a bug that was stopping the PVR350 tv out from working.
- Fixed a bug that was interfering with the .DVR-MS -> .MPG file conversions
- Fixed a bug with the logic that switches focus back to the original instance of GB-PVR if a second instance was started when GB-PVR is running fullscreen. This bug could cause the GB-PVR screen to move down and to the right by a few inches.
- Fixed a bug with the ChangeDatabase utility to could cause an error message during data conversion, and possible failed recordings.
- Improved handling of situation where user has configured app to use USB-UIRT, but this device is not present
- Improved handling of situation where user has configured app to use 'direct access to Hauppauge remote', but does not have the Hauppauge IR DLLs installed, or doesnt have a device compatible with this feature (for PVR250/350's only).
- Fixed a bug with manually adding channels when using SQLite database
- Fixed a bug that could cause problems booting MVPs.
- Fixed a bug that could cause problems initating video playback on an MVP.
- Fixed a bug with DVB auto PID mapping
- Updated version of Web Admin
- Fixed a bug that would cause the VMR9 renderer to not restore back to the last known aspect ratio when playing video/live tv.
- This build should again work on 64 bit editions of Windows XP (x64).

2006-5-13 v0.97.7
- Moved application to .Net 2.0
- Added option to use SQLite database instead of MS Access. Optional in this release. Mandatory in the next release. I've included a utility which can be used to switch databases, and to migrate your existing data. It should also be possible to use other databases like MSDE and SQL Server with minimal work and a few changes to the config.xml
- Added DiSEqC support for Hauppauge Nova-S-Plus/SE2
- Added 'Photo Library'.
- Added logic to stop machine going to sleep while UpdateEPG.bat executes.
- Added support for booting the newer "H" models of Hauppauge MVP. Dont use these new models with gbmvp.bin though - use dongle.bin (there has been some changes to the hardware it doesnt cope with yet).
- Added channel scanning for ATSC
- Added ability to Update EPG from the System menu
- Improved teletext to include direct selection of subpages. When viewing teletext up/down changes pages, left/right changes between subpages.
- changes to how aspect ratio control work, including automatic aspect ratio (where possible), and dynamic detection of aspect ratio changes in DVB streams. For this to work correctly with MPEG2 files, you need to have explicitly specified the MPEG2 decoder rather than relying on the 'System Default' setting.
- Improved handling of non-english characters with DVB EPG.
- Updated MVP's transcoding feature so that it will now also handle .MP4 files.
- Implemented partial support for DVB channels using H264 video streams (MPEG-4). This only provides partial support - it'll give you correct identification of these channels when scanning, and if you're lucky, live preview mode live tv. Very experimental...If you've got the correct combination of directshow filters, and the wind is blowing in the right direction, then it might work. Recording will be implemented in a future release.
- Case will be ignored when showing the group names in the Recordings screen.
- Changed the way GB-PVR determines the machines IP address, which may be more friendly to wireless setups.
- Improved handling for switching between different types of audio/video used on different DVB channels
- XMLTV EPG plugin will now accept the non-standard zap2it <episode-num> element for supplying the unique show id.
- Fixed a bug with MCE2005 IR Blaster support
- Fixed a bug with direct recording plugin's "external tuner, constant channel" option.
- Fixed a bug with the MVP which could result in disconnects
- Fixed a bug with changing channels with DVB-C
- Fixed a bug that could cause the screen saver to stay active, after having been active for a long time.
- Fixed a bug with video playback on the MVP when the file timestamps did not start from zero (like those captured by the Maui devices). File duration could be reported as much longer than they really were, resulting in problems with skipping and determining the current position.
- Fixed a bug that could result in the user being kicked out of live tv after 30 seconds.
- Fixed a bug with the MVP interrupting WMA playback to play another WMA file.
- Fixed a bug that could result in missing lines of Teletext data or missing teletext subtitles.
- Fixed a bug with duplicate recordings.
- Fixed a bug that would cause strange behaviour in the FM Radio screen if you'd entered two radio stations with the same name (unable to add new stations, edit station names etc).
- Fixed a bug with using the DVR-MS mux with timeshift mode tv.

2006-2-4 v0.96.12
- Fixed a bug with remembering the aspect ratio with VMR7
- Fixed a bug with pressing the left arrow twice on the quality setting of the schedule recording screen.
- Fixed a bug with channels with AC3 audio.
- Fixed position of video inset window for VMR7.
- Fixed a bug that could result in two video files (or dvds) playing at the same time.
- Fixed a bug that could cause reoccurring manual recordings to be deleted during the EPG update.
- Added option to config.xml to have video also obey the overscan settings. Previously this only applied to the menus etc.
- Fixed a bug which could cause the mouse clicks to not register on OSD buttons.
- Fixed a bug with identifying mouse click locations when in fullscreen mode and overscan values are non zero.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused small square boxes to appear of the left of the teletext screen
- Fixed a bug that could cause the MVP to keep streaming net radio stations after the MVP was put into standby
- Fixed a couple of bugs related to using the FM radio plugin on a sub menu.
- Added a couple of API changes required for the web admin
- A few speed and stability improvemnts for digital cards in live preview mode. These only apply when you are still using the default <BDAQuickPidSwitch>true</BDAQuickPidSwitch> setting.
- The needsRendering() method is no longer called when the music visualizations are fullscreen
- More improvements to the MVP client (pressing Skip multiple times in quick succession, initializing video output correctly after MVP has been in standby... etc)
- DVxplorer based cards like the Emuzed Maui cards should now work. If you're in a PAL country though, you'll probably need to set the ForceStandard setting in direct.ini to force the card into PAL mode. It seems to always default to NTSC.

2006-2-21 v0.96.8
- Added a checkbox to disable plugins. This can be useful for tracing the source of faults.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the task description to not show when using a horizontal menu skin.
- Now supports video in a window (not for XCard/PVR350).
- Added option to use alternative MVP dongle. This is still very new, and a bit buggy. It does allow the video inset window which was not possible with the original Hauppauge dongle. Its not until you try to write these things yourself that you realise how well someone else has done...
- Added a setting in config.xml to set the processor affinity (ForceSingleProcessorAffinity), which can be invaluable for users with multiple CPUs or multi-core CPUs. With out this, directshow can stutter on many setups.
- Auto PID tracking for BDA users.
- Fixed a bug that would cause an error playing music with visualisations for user with USB-UIRT as an input device.
- VMR7 now also remembering the 'last aspect ratio'.
- Added menu options to the system tray to start GB-PVR or Config. Also added about box showing the version number.
- Added a couple of extra database indexes that should speed up a few activies for people with huge numbers of show listings
- Fixed a bug that could cause manual reoccurring to not automatic schedule new recordings under a specific set of circumstances.
- Fixed a bug with season recording duplicate detection.
- Playing DVR-MS files will now use the video decoder you have selected in the config app, rather than the system default.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the music visualisations to not kick in with the screensaver
- Added option to use new VMR9 Custom Renderer. This allows the OSD to be updated when video is not being played, which is essential for displaying some status messages about the DVB signal. Also means you can skip while the video is paused.
- Fixed a bug that could cause an error message when deleting a file from the video library
- Fixed a bug that could cause playback to stop when switching net radio stations
- Some speed improvements in the recordings screen.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a 30 second stutter in timeshift mode.
- Added some logic to give recordings a second chance. 30 seconds after the recording was started, the file size is checked. If it is not growing normally, then the recording is stopped and restarted.
- Added some logic to cope with US broadcasts networks that create one or two minute show overlaps to confuse PVRs. It'll default to allowing up to a three minute overlap, but this can be changed using the <AllowedBeginningOverlap> setting in config.xml. The overlap period will be missing from the beginning of the second show. This logic is only applied if no other tuner is available at the time.
- A couple buttons that previously didnt work on the MCE remotes now work.
- Several improvements to the usage of zap2it data...multiple capture source share the single EPG request if possible, incremental updates to cover gap betwen current guide data and requested days plus today and tomorrow.
- FM Radio screen is now uses composite images for the station list so that it is more skinable than previous releases.
- Partial aspect ratio control (F7) support for Overlay renderer. Those aspect ratios that specify a number outside of the range 0...1 (ie, off the side of the screen) will not work.
- Added a new 'System' screen which allows you to shutdown/hibernate/restart etc. It also shows a bit of summary system information. I also intended to have a 'settings' button in here to change plugin settings etc, but I ran out of time so this feature is hidden for now. It'll make an appearance in the next release.
- Added checkbox and logic to the device configuration pages to 'only show detected devices'. This should help with initial card setup difficulties that some users have.
- Added some logic to try to automatically compact the database after the EPG update. It can only do this if no other process is trying to actively use the database at the time.
- Fixed a couple of timeshift related bugs
- Fixed some other bugs which I forget.
- Added several languages to the default install, and the ability to switch between them in the config app.
- A right mouse button click now defaults to the same behaviour as pressing the 'escape' key.

2005-12-8 v0.95.16
- Removed feature that deletes files via the recycle bin. It seems to cause a problem for some users, and I cant be bothered looking into it.
- Fixed a bug that could cause guide recordings to be saved in the 'manual recordings' folder.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the next song in playlist to not automatically start playing with UseWindowsMediaPlayerForAudio set to true.
- Fixed a bug with screen saver on MVP.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the MVP to disconnect under certain circumstance relating to drawing the screen.
- Changed version of ffmpeg to try an find a version which works well for both MVP 'on the fly' MPEG transcoding, and PSP file conversion.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the config app to not start

2005-12-3 v0.95.14
- Fixed a bug where the task image animation could cause an 'resource already in use' on MVP/PVR350
- Animation now need to be explicitly enabled for each skin in the "main menuskin.xml"
- Made a change so that you can have a mixture of Twinhan DVB-C/S/T cards in the one machine.
- Fixed a bug with netradio in the last release.
- Now coping with incredibly long parental rating codes that are found in some XMLTV files (eg 'drugs-enofalcoholmisbruik'). I didnt anticipate parental ratings would ever be this long (a 'no one will ever need more than 640K' moment). Every other one I'd see was like 'M' or 'PG13' or "R18' or other short values.
- Fixed a bug where GB-PVR would lose focus when transcode starts for playing an AVI file on the PVR350.
- Fixed a bug with the 'volume up' key.
- Fixed the default Sony PSP conversion command line so that videos are fully compliant.
- @taskImage can now be used in the composite image definitions for buttons on the main menu for the normal vertical menus.
- Fixed a bug with guide colouring only working on first genre of multiple genre shows.
- Added API for other plugins wanting to show small music visualizations window.
- Fixed some flawed logic in the EPG Updater to ensure the TV Guide is not emptied unless the show information has been successfully received from the configured EPG Source. This was causing some headaches for zap2it users where connectivity issues are common.
- Fixed a bug with DVB EPG which cause a stack overflow.
- Much improved performance for zap2it EPG processing.
- Fixed a bug with teletext not working for DVB
- Fixed a bug with the 'delete confirmation' popup in the recordings screen

2005-11-28 v0.95.11
- Fixed a bug where 'prompt for resume' would not work with 'minimal OSD' enabled.
- Fixed a bug with manual recordings not always having zero'd seconds. This could cause conflicts on back to back recordings.
- Fixed a bug with cancelling recordings when they were in the post-padding stage of the recording.
- Fixed a bug with using the USB-UIRT as an input device
- Fixed FM Radio on Hauppauge PVR USB2.
- Fixed a bug with back to back recordings where the recordings where on two different capture source on the same physical device (ie svideo and tuner on the same card).
- Fixed a bug with the frequencies shown in the Tuning Assistant.
- Now remembers the last aspect ratio, and will automatically return to that aspect ratio.
- Now using asynchronous handling of MVP key presses. This should help users that were getting disconnects on operations taking more than about 8 seconds.
- Added an option to start GB-PVR fullscreen on the second monitor.
- Added an option to perform a complete EPG refreshes. Behind the scenes this simply removes all the existing show listings from the database prior to performing the EPG update. Shows linked to recordings are left in place. This setting only applies to the automated EPG update, not manually initiated updates.
- Alt-Enter to toggle between window mode and fullscreen now also works when watching video.
- Added a 'delete' button to the video library, with an associated delete confirmation.
- Added Windows Media Player visualizations during music playback. This is only available for people viewing on their monitor, not MVP/XCard/PVR350. You can see the visualization as soon as the music starts playing in the 'music library' plugin, or when the default screen saver kicks in if music is playing.
- Improved support for diseqc switch on FireDTV DVB-S device.
- VMR users can now use an onscreen popup window to adjust the brightness/contrast/hue/saturation of the picture.
- Improvements to the DVB scanning and DVB EPG functionality.
- Added -export and -import command line parameters to gbpvr.exe. These perform the same task as the export/import buttons in the config app.
- Exiting screen saver now returns to the screen you were on rather than the main menu.
- Added support for MCE2005 IR Blaster. This was based on the excellent work by Bruno Fleurette at ge=1
- Changed XMLTV reader to cope with XMLTV files which dont contain the channel nodes.
- A few enhancements to the skinning engine, including the ability to have a horizontal menu
- Added a simple fade in/out animation for task images on the main menu screen. You can turn this off using the <AnimateTaskTransitions> setting in config.xml. You can also adjust how fast the transition occurs using the <AnimationStepCount> setting.
- Genre and rating information is now imported for zap2it/xmltv/dvb EPG source options if available. Those upgrading from previous version will need to do an 'empty epg' first to force the EPG information to be loaded'.
- A few minor changes to the TV Guide screen, using some of the ideas I liked from XGuide:
--- you can now choose custom colours to be shown for a genre in the TV Guide. Do this by clicking on 'TV Guide' in the plugin list, then click settings.
--- 'Find more' button to switch to the search screen and show the times for other shows with the same title.
--- The timeline at the top will now also show colour in the background to indicate if a there is a conflict or recording scheduled in that timeslot.
- A few more changes to the transcoding functionality. This is now based on FFmpeg, which should prove more reliable and flexible.
- Added a button in the config app for accessing the selected video decoder's settings dialog. There isnt really any exciting settings in the Intervideo decoder, but there others are reasonably useful.
- Deleted recordings are now sent to the recycle bin so that you at least have a chance of recovering the file if you accidentally deleted it.]
- Added logic to automatically update database if it files a show.mpg file has been converted to a show.avi by some external process.
- Video/Music library entries are now listed in the order they are shown in the config app.
- Added a setting to config.xml to allow you to force the MVP processes to be high priority.
- Added a setting to use FFmpeg for transcoding AVI files for playback on the MVP. This is installed with the GB-PVR installation.
- PVR350 owners should now be able to play AVI (divx/xvid) files. This is done using on the fly transcoding to MPEG2, so you need a fair bit of CPU grunt for this to work smoothly.
- Most people were unaware of the hidded free text search option in previous versions, so I've added a free text search box to the main search screen.
- Possibly now supports DVB-C. Not tested.
- Will auto detect changes to background.jpg and reload it for main menu.

2005-09-24 v0.94.13
- I made a mistake with the GB-PVR 94.12 release I put out about a week ago. I left one of my records in the TRANSCODE_QUEUE table of the database, and this seems to be resulting in a problems for some users. Sorry guys.
- A few minor changes to support the Cyberlink remote. Most buttons will now function when you set GB-PVR to use the 'MCE Remote' option.
- Fixed the "update manual recording" popup that had no mouse control
- Now auto detecting the WST codec filter regardless of name. This should resolve the problem pointed out by German teletext users recently.
- Teletext subtitles can now be used in timeshift mode.
- When specifying maximum number of recordings, you can specify to keep up to 50 recordings. Previously you could specify "all,1,2,3,4,5". This will be useful for those with young kids who need at least 40 episodes of Barney to retain a slight semblance of variety in their household tv viewing. Those with young children will know what I mean...
- Added a Shuffle button to the video library.
- Added a little better error handling and reporting for the USB-UIRT.
- Fixed a problem with quality setting not being retained on reoccurring manual recordings.
- Stopped a popup box that could occur with XMLTV EPG source and invalid XML file

2005-09-17 v0.94.12
- Fixed up bug that could cause problems when updating the channel list in the config app. This was pretty serious, and prompted this specific release.
- Fixed a minor bug with jumping directly to the next channel off the the bottom of the TV Guide.
- Fixed a bug where file duration was not updated when playing back in-progress recordings on the MVP.
- Fixed a bug with playback of MPEG-1 files.
- Live preview mode should now work on the Hauppauge clone cards based on the Conexant reference designs. for example AverMedia M150 etc
- Fixed a bug that was causing the InterVideo Audio decoder to not be used.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if teletext was enabled on a machine without the Microsoft WST codec installed.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the first recording of a season recording to be skipped for zap2it users with 'no duplicates' enabled.
- Fixed a bug that could cause zap2it to return their default 4 days of data because they couldnt understand the date range parameters passed by GB-PVR.
- GBConvert.exe now ensures the machine will not hibernate during file transcoding.
- Fixed a couple of transcoding bugs

2005-09-13 v0.94.8
- Added support for using the EPG that is broadcast with DVB transmissions. Please note, you have to be using the default <BDAScanType>2</BDAScanType> for this to work. Those that changed to <BDAScanType>1</BDAScanType> will not be able to use this feature.
- Fixed a bug with auto detecting the the encoder/mux filter on the ATI 550 Pro
- Added a slight delay into the FM Radio scan function, as some users werent able lock on to radio stations correctly - this may help.
- Added ability to alter the keys used on a per screen basis. See the KeyMappings directory for XML files that define this. I've implemented support for this for all the internal screens. If plugin developers also want to support this, they should use the new KeyCommandHelper class. I'm happy to provide more details about this if anyone wants to know more.
- Fixed a bug with the new logic to retain recording information when the linked capture source was deleted.
- When you're in the search screen you can press the blue key to bring up a free text title search. It's a bit of hack, and pretty primitive, but it gives you some more options if you need them.
- Fixed a bug with ratDVD playback
- Fixed an bug with cancelling recordings from the TV Guide.
- Minor changes to MVP DVR-MS support.
- Added .avs file extension to the list of files that can be played by GB-PVR.
- You can now plugin a different MVP transcoder by creating a Trans2MVP.bat file. First argument is the name of the file to be played. The second argument is the name of the temporary MPEG file.
- Added a 'remove channel' button in the capture source settings.
- Net radio song changes are now sent as notification events.
- Added functionality to call ParallelProcessing.bat when a recording starts if the file exists.
- Added <ForceFMBufferingMode> setting to config.xml to force GB-PVR to buffer FM radio (as was done in releases prior to v0.93).
- Added API for plugin developers to be able to start live TV.
- New 'processing' tab in config app, with several features...
+ Ability to configure system to use either Comskip or ShowAnalyzer
+ Ability to configure Comskip/SA during the recording
+ Ability to configure automated conversion of MPEG2 to WMV/XviD/DivX. WMV seems to the most reliable transcoding. xvid/divx can be quirky depending on versions of filters installed etc.
+ Ability to configure automated conversion of DVR-MS recordings to standard MPEG2, or WMV/XviD/DivX. See comments above regard WMV vs XviD/DivX.
...If you're an MVP user, I recommend you stick with standard MPEG2 files since this is the only native file type the MVP can play. Anything else would require on the fly transcoding back to MPG format, which is less than desirable.
- Added logic to run ParallelProcessing.bat when recording starts, if the file exists.
- Added logic to dynamically reload the comskip file when it is updated, which is usefull when you're running Comskip/SA during the recording
- Fixed a bug where the screen saver picture wouldnt move on the MVP
- Added an auto fine-tuning for Hauppauge PVR cards to work around missing audio reported by some PVR150 owners
- Fixed a bug that could result in gbpvr.mdb being renamed old.mdb
- Applied latest Web Admin changes
- Channel number now passed as second parameter to PostProcessing.bat.
- Fixed a bug that could lead to an Object reference not set error when using live tv with encoder pass-through.
- A few changes to the filter logic used in GO7007SB device support

2005-08-12 v0.93.10
- Fixed a bug with the audio bitrate for Hauppauge cards.
- Fixed a memory leak on the main menu screen.
- Fixed a bug with manual reoccuring recordings.
- Fixed some bugs with conflict resolution
- Fixed a bug that would result in zero byte recording for a small percentage of multi-PVR150/PVR500 setups.
- Added DiSEqC 1.0/1.1 support for DVB-S, for those with multiple-LNB/satellite setups. DiSEqC is not convered by the BDA standards, so tends to be implemented in different ways on different devices, but I've added specific support for the TwinHan and Fire-DTV. Other DVB-S devices may also work if they use the IDVBSTuningSpace->put_InputRange() method for DiSEqC control.
- Added logic to stop the machine from hibernating if a recording is due to start in the next five minutes.
- When scheduling a timeslot season recording, you can specify either a daily or weekly timeslot
- Fixed a bug that cause a new timeshift file to be created each minute in the case that GB-PVR had no EPG listings.
- Improved the time taken to switch files at the end of each show in timeshift mode.
- New and improved FM Radio screen including scanning.
- FM radio is now able to work with the new LAME encoder filter from
- Added 'Microsoft DVR-MS' to the list of mux filters. Please note, this mux option is not compatible with timeshift mode for viewing TV, so it selected should only be used for recording or live preview mode. Also be aware that this mux filter produces .dvr-ms files instead of .mpg files.
- Some stability improvements to the playback of AVI/WMV files via the MVP. To play these file types, you must have the latest Hauppauge MVP software installed on your PC.
- Added playback of DVR-MS files on MVP. For now you need to have the Cyberlink mux installed on your machine for this to work. This requirement will go away very soon - just waiting for Hauppauge to fix a confirmed bug in the next release of the MVP software.
- Added a 'Transport Stream' mux option, but this is more for my testing, so I dont recommend anyone uses it.
- If you're using the NTFS filesystem, metadata about the recording is now saved into the recording as an 'Alternate Data Stream'. To view the metadata, you can type "notepad c:pathrecording.mpg:metadata.xml".
- Added support for ratDVD when using VMR7/VMR9/Overlay. You use this you need to download ratDVD from Older versions of ratDVD didnt support VMR, so make sure your running a very recent one.
- Removing a capture source will no longer remove completed recordings from the database. Pending recordings that are associated with the capture source will still be removed.
- Fixed a bug with pressing skip on the last track of an audio play list. It would restart the last song, instead of stopping playback
- Added initial support for HDTV (ATSC). Its pretty manual, with no channel scanning facilities, but if you know the physical/major/minor number for each of your channels then you can manually configure them. This has only been lightly tested against a FusionHDTV Gold-T, but should also work with other cards if they have BDA compliant drivers. To record you need to have an MPEG2 multiplexer filter. GB-PVR supports the Cyberlink, ShowShifter, Intervideo and Microsoft DVR-MS multiplexer filters.
- Now able to cope with non-numeric channel numbers from zap2it, like those used for some satellite lineups.
- You can now configure the number of days of zap2it EPG information the app will try to retain.
- Updated the Hauppauge 45 button remote settings in irremote.ini so that the TV button no longer starts WinTV2000.
- Improved net radio. Now browses PLS files from shoutcast website. While a station is highlighted, you can press Record (ctrl-k) to add the station to your favourites.
- You can now specify the MVP skin separately from the PC skin.
- You can now click on the left/right arrows with a mouse in the recording popups.
- A few changes to the DVD keys. Home/Menu now takes you to the DVD menu. 'Stop' during DVD playback will return to GB-PVR. 'Escape' during DVD playback will return to the DVD Menu. 'Escape' from the DVD menu will return to GB-PVR. Blue/Ctrl-B will now show the OSD.
- Improvements to teletext. In addition to analog tv, it also now works with DVB. Teletext is now accessed using the red key (Ctrl-R).
- You can now configure plugins to be used over video. This uses the <VideoPlugin0> thru <VideoPlugin9> settings in the config.xml. To show 'video plugin 6', type '6' then press the GO key (F11). Trying to play music or video from one of these video plugins may give unpredicatble results (so dont try it). Developers can also optionally implement the IVideoPlugin interface to provide additional features.
- Added option to automatically skip commercials during playback. Needs comskip to be setup and working.
- Updated version of web admin. Thanks again to normanr and UncleJohnsBand for contributing these updates.
- The config app now warns if a recording is in progress before restarting the recording service.
- Added mechanism for plugins to force the recording service to reload its schedule from the database
- Added a couple of buttons in the config app to 'export recordings' and 'import recordings'. Export generates an xml file with the filenames, show title, show description etc, which can be later reimported using the 'import recordings' button. These functions back up metadata for successfully completed recordings (not pending etc).
- If you attempt to start a second instance of GB-PVR, it'll now default to showing the instance which is already running.
- Changed the rewind keyboard shortcut to from Ctrl-R to Ctrl-D, to resolve the conflict with the Ctrl-R keystroke that many of the plugin developers had started using for the Red button.
- In the recordings screen, the red key (Ctrl-R) reverses the ordering of the items (not folders).
- Added a "Dont record duplicates (zap2it)" setting on the misc tab of the config app. This will use the unique show number supplied by zap2it to try to ensure the exact same show isnt recorded several times.
- Added a screen saver a framework so that developers can add their own screen savers. I've also implemented a default simple screen saver.
- Added internal SRT viewer.
- The keyboard number pad can now also be used for entering numbers.
- Fixed numerous other small bugs which I cant remember....
** dont use the 'Hauppauge WinTV Muxer' mux option until you get the OK from me. Hauppauge need to make a change to their software, and have said they will, so it'll only be able work when some future Hauppauge software is installed.

2005-06-06 v0.92.11
- Fixed a bug with music play lists
- Fixed a bug with season recordings with 'keep all recordings'.
- Fixed Mini-Guide
- Fixed a few minor skin issues in the Blue skin
- Now better able to cope with BDA driver manufacturers changing pin names.
- 'Switch to in-progress recording' now works correctly with timeshift mode.
- Fixed a bug that could cause PAL video to display as 720x480 in some situations
- Fixed a bug that could cause Live TV mouse clicks to be ignored in some situations.
- If a batch file called RecordingStatus.bat exists, this is called by the GB-PVR tray app each time the recording status changes.
- Added <ForceHighPriorityRecordingService> setting to config.xml
- Added FireDTV DVB-S and DVB-T devices to the BDA device support. Thanks for supplying this very nice device.

2005-05-24 v0.92.08
- After 18 months, I'm now sick of looking at the blue skin background, so I've created a new one. I've also changed the layout of the menu for the blue screen. They're not a great match, but I've left the buttons the same colour and shape as before so that this default skin should still work with all plugins.
- Added initial support for audio file types other than MP3 on the MVP. I've tested mainly against WMA, but other should work as well (I have tried .m4a and a couple of others). This will transcode on the fly to MP3.
- OSD is now skinnable. The default OSD looks pretty much the same as before (other than a the mouse buttons), but this was big time consuming job. Hopefully we'll see some skins making use of this feature soon.
- Next recording panel is now displayed on the main menu of the blue skin, and because of this been optomized to perform better.
- Changes to the behaviour of when you try to view live tv and no tuner is available. You can now choose to view one of the in progress recordings.
- Added new, much improved, DVD player. You can specify which DVD Navigator to use, but I recommend sticking with the default Microsoft one 'DVD Navigator'. Every one I've tried seems to behave slightly differently, so some things dont work well with Cyberlink/InterVideo Navigators (problems with subtitles, mouse highlighting). I dont wont to have to code around the specific quirks of each of these.
- Added the ability to specify the maximum number of recordings to retain when performing a reoccuring recording.
- Rewrote "recordings" screen. Still fairly similar to the original one, but much more flexible skinning. Also added a 'whats new' button for showing recording from the last week.
- More changes to the DVB scan progress. .
- Added a Play All option to the video library and API for plugin developer to use video playlist. Fairly simple support, once it gets to the end the current file, it'll move to the next one in the list, and so on until the end of the queue is reached. Before you ask, there is no mechanism to jump back to the previous file, once a file has been played it is removed from the video play queue.
- Fixed a bug that could cause live preview mode on the Hauppauge PVR USB2 to have no audio.
- Fixed a bug that cause an 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error with Live Preview mode when using the Intervideo NonCSS MPEG decoder.
- Added a 'None' EPG plugin option for when you dont intend to use an EPG.
- Fixed a caching bug with the built-in web server.
- Fixed a memory usage bug in GBPVRTray.exe.
- Fixed a bug with MPEG2 recording on the LifeView TV Walker.
- Fixed a bug where FF/RW on the MVP when would jump to the start of the video when used past the 4GB mark in the file.
- Fixed a bug the could caused playback of in-progress recordings to fail where non-english characters were used in the filename.
- When you cancel a single episode of a season recording, it now wont try to schedule that recording the next day.
- GB-PVR Tray application now shows capture source name.
- Bitrate control now working on the ATI 550 Pro devices.
- Now if press the 'record' buttton in live preview mode, it'll switch to timeshift mode and start recording.
- Fixed a bug with BDA support when using multiple DVB cards of the same type. This is known to have caused problems with Hauppauge Nova-T, but may also have affected other types of device aswell.
- FM Radio now works on the ATI 550 Pro. The LAME MP3 encoder filter to be installed for this to work. You can get this free from
- Fixed a few problems with timeshift mode live tv. These problems were mainly affecting BDA users.
- Added a few speed optimizations for those with large lists of recordings.
- Live Preview mode now works on the XCard, but you must have the deinterlace setting set to 'encoder pass-through'.
- Added new HaupBlast.exe, which can be used to control the Hauppauge PVR150 IRBlaster via the ".exe channel changer". If you're using Live Preview mode, you should use this method instead of the built-in "Hauppauge IR Blaster" plugin, which has issues with being shared by both the client and recording service.

2005-04-13 v0.91.12
- ATI Theater 550 Pro now works, including sound. ATI have kindly provided updated work drivers which work in my part of world, allowing me to finally track down this problem. There still seems to be some minor audio/video sync issues (at least for me PAL country), but this is not caused by GB-PVR and I'm hopeful ATI will nail this sometime soon with updated drivers.
- Fixed a bug in the audio routing, which was identified as part of the 550 Pro fix above, but would definitly affect other devices too. Hopefully this explains some of the occurance of missing audio for users.
- Fixed a bug that could cause an in-progress recording to stop when GB-PVR was closed (if the same tuner was used earlier for live tv).
- Removed comics plugin which no longer functions due to changes on the comics source website.

2005-04-02 v0.91.11
- Fixed a bug with the MVP when using a skin which includes a panel (like Next Recording, Clock etc).
- Updated web admin with normanr's latest enhancements.

2005-04-02 v0.91.9
- Fixed a bug that could cause GB-PVR to lock up when exiting playback of timeshift files or recordings that were still in progress.
- Fixed a couple of USB-UIRT bug (remote learning form, and InterCodeDelay)
- Fixed a music playlist bug that could stop playback at the end of the first song on the MVP after returning to the main menu.
- The GO7007SB devices now default to recording MP3 audio for AVI recordings, but you can disable this by editing the <GO7007SBPreferMP3Audio> setting in config.xml
- Attempted to to fix an audio problem some users were reporting, with audio missing until the channel was changed in live preview mode. I've been unable to reproduce the problem myself, but I have made a small change which may resolve the issue.
- Fixed a couple of other minor bugs (a logging message, way audio file was closed on MVP, error that could stop capture source being deleted).

2005-03-25 v0.91.8
- Same release as last time but fixed one bug with BDA channel scanning.

2005-03-22 v0.91.7
- Fixed a bug that stopped the user being able to learn a remote with the USB-UIRT.
- Had another go at fixing the bug with pre/post padding. Hopefully this time...
- Added some improvements to how shows are allocated to capture sources so that we'll get better usage of tuners in multi capture-source setups.
- Added 'MVP Transcode pre-play delay' option. Slower machines may need to increase this value to play AVI files on their MVP.
- Added a setting for trying to force the use of ffdshow (if installed) for MVP AVI transcoding. This can be usefull if you have a lot of non-fullscreen AVIs that you want to view on your MVP, or if your want to tweak the image size/color/shape/etc.
- Fixed a bug that could stop web components from being updated during an upgrade from a previous version.
- Fixed a bug where the 'force minimal OSD on MVP' was also being used on the PC monitor in Live Preview mode TV.
- Fixed a problem with the alpha channel when using the VMR7 renderer. It could previously cause a very dark (almost opaque) screen when the OSD was visible.
- Fixed a bug with the tray icon's UpdateEPG menu option.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a 'object reference not set' error if you entered the TV Guide before it have finished its background initialization.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a black screen directly accessing a plugin using the -direct command line parameter
- Added support for BDA devices that user combined tuner/capture filter. This should now enable GB-PVR to work with the Nova-T USB2.

2005-03-15 v0.91
- Added basic avi/divx/xvid/wmv support for the MediaMVP.
- Added aspect ratio control for VMR7/VMR9. Press the F7 key to toggle between aspect ratios. Additional custom ratios can be added to config.xml if required.
- Now correctly identifying conflicts with multiple capture sources on the one device.
- Added changes that should help users with stutter in timeshift mode.
- The -noframe command line now truely gives no window frame.
- Fixed a bug where video was sometimes not correctly stretching to fullscreen when Teletext was enabled
- The over-video TV Guide button (or F1/F11 on the keyboard) will now toggle guide visibility.
- Now remembers and restores the window size and position when GBPVR.exe is started
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when resizing the GB-PVR window when video was playing.
- Fixed a bug that could stop capture sources from being deleted (if you original saved with XMLTV, then changed to zap2it).
- Much improved scanning for BDA devices. It now finds channels names for most channels, and also identifies channels with AC3 audio.
- Added a setting to auto return to live preview mode (from timeshift mode) when you change channels.
- Fixed a bug that could stop the EPG from automatically updating if the time was entered manually.
- Fixed a bug that could cause conflicting season recordings not to show in the conflict list if the EPG was automatically updated by the recording service.
- Fixed a bug with manual reoccurring recordings which could lead to duplicate conflict recordings being scheduled.
- BDA users can now select which multiplexer filter to use. In addition to Cyberlink and InterVideo, I've also added the ShowShifter mux to those that can be used.
- Added mini-guide to live preview mode
- Added support for MyBlaster IR Blaster. Very first channel change can take a few seconds extra to detect which com port the MyBlaster is attached to. This also applies to USB version, which acts as a com port.
- Now only adding teletext filters to graph when teletext is visible. Previously the teletext components were always in the graph (when enabled), which could sometimes lead to instability for some users.
- Added page up/down for Recordings screen. I was working on a entirely new Recordings screen, but wasnt finding the time I needed to finish it, so have held this back for a later release.
- Fixed a bug which could cause loss of audio when you use FF. Also added multi-speed FF for VMR7/VMR9/Overlay (press multiple times for x2, x4, x6).
- When scanning for DVB channels, GB-PVR will try to guess at a channel mapping for you based on channel names. This may save some time for people with lots of channels.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the wrong DVD to play if you have multiple DVD drives (including virtual ones with Daemon tools).
- Added a setting <RecycleUSBUIRT> which may help users that have problems with the USB-UIRT stopping work after a period of time.
- Fixed a bug with RepeatCount and InterCode delay for USB-UIRT
- Changed UK DVB-T frequency offsets from 167KHz to 166KHz.
- Fixed a divide by zero error if you try to access the tv guide when no channels are setup.
- Fixed a bug that could cause live TV files to be left behind until GBPVR.exe was closed.

2005-02-10 v0.90.10
- Fixed a bug that would stop the live preview mode from working with the Overlay renderer.
- Fixed a bug that could cause shows to be broken in 20MB chunks on the second and subsequent channel in timeshift TV mode
- Fixed a skin bug that could make you think some of you recordings are missing. An incorrect number of recordings were being shown, which made the list look only half full
- Fixed a bug that could cause cancelled recordings (within about 20 minutes of record time) to record anyway.
- Fixed a bug where if you closed GB-PVR when viewing live preview mode tv, the recording service would think the capture device was still in use for a while.
- Fixed a bug that for people with Hauppauge cards using fixed-channel tuner option in timeshift mode.
- Removed some extra debug messages that were left in and resulting in large log files.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a new connection to be used for each recording loaded. This should also help load times in the recording screen and tv guide if you've got a lot of recordings.
- Added support for separate volume and channel buttons on the new 45 button Hauppauge remote, and on the MCE remote.
- The config app will now compact the gbpvr.mdb database on closing.
- Changed the way rendering is performed. This will provide a reasonable improvement to menu and plugin screen performance, and should be quite noticeable on slow machines.
- Changed the frequncies in all DVB-T transponder definition files to include offsets in the frequency.
- The TV Guide now wraps around. You can also now press FF/RW to jump forward or back page (2 hours) in the tv guide. On the 45 button Hauppauge remote or MCE remote, the channel up/down buttons will perform page up/down. For those that dont remember, you can also type channel number and press enter to jump to that channel. SkipFoward/SkipBack jumps forward/back a day.
- Some changes to the version upgrade procedure.

2005-02-01 v0.90
- Changed version number to reflect the progress that has been made since project started
- Corrected some issues that could cause freezing during channel changes.
- Some speed improvements when changing channels.
- Some speed improvements when loading the recordings screen and the tv guide.
- Implemented initial DVB support for devices with BDA drivers. Both DVB-S and DVB-T should work. FTA transmission only at this stage. Most of my testing has been done on a Hauppauge Nova-S running the TechnoTrend BDA drivers, but TwinHan DVB-T and the Nova-T (newer 90002 model) are known to work. DVB_T has been tested in Sweden, the UK and Australia. Other card types should work and can be added easily to the bda.ini file. A wider list of cards will be added as I perform more testing. You need to have either the Cyberlink or InterVideo Multiplexer filter installed on your machine for this to work.
- Fixed a bug where GO7007SB devices were ignoring bitrates. This was resulting in large video files. Its now producing nice small divx files for these devices.
- Fixed a bug with manual reoccurring recordings causing conflicts.
- Added Live Preview mode for those using software rendering (VMR7/VMR9/Overlay). This means no recording MPEG files to disk, and much faster channel changes - typically less than a second. I'm sure this will be popular for those that like to "channel surf".
- Added support for Teletext when in Live Preview mode with VMR. Enable in config app, then when viewing live tv, press the FUNC button (Ctrl-O) to start.
- Added support for Hauppauge PVR150 IR Blaster. When selected, this will use the IR profile selected in the Hauppauge BlastCfg program.
- Added a button to correct the Hauppauge remote settings contained in irremote.ini. This is useful if upi have to reinstall any Hauppauge software, which overwrites the GB-PVR settings.
- Fixed a few bugs in software renderers (VMR7/VMR9/Overlay).This also fixed a bug that could cause lockups when using FFDShow.
- Added support for widescreen or high resolution skins.
- Now remembers last channel viewed, and will use it next time you start GB-PVR.
- Now remembers last volume level, and will use it next time you start GB-PVR.
- Added tv guide that can be viewed over live tv. You can access it by pressing either the 'guide' button on the new 45 button Hauppauge remote, or the 'Go' button on the older remote. Developers can replace this if they want, using the VideoPopupTask setting in the config.xml file.
- Updated web interface. Now includes search features (thanks KingArgyle!).
- Added a 'Best Colours' option to the XCard settings. This will perform a very accurate conversion to 256 colors for the XCard, with optomized palette for each screen. This work very well, but is quite a bit slower so you'll only want to use it if you have a fast PC.
- Added a 'fully transparent OSD' option for the MVP which stop the screen from dimming when the OSD is visible. Its a little bit slower when enabled, so I'll leave it as option whether you use it or not. This also relies on the newer version of dongle.bin which is now included with GB-PVR.
- TV/Video/Music/Pictures/Guide/Radio buttons now functional on new 45 key Hauppauge remote.
- FM Radio now works correctly for the PVR150MCE and PVR500MCE.
- USB-UIRT remote control support added.

2004-12-10 v0.23.13 (maintenance release)
- Changed Zap2it EPG plugin to work with recent changes to the zap2it data
- Fixed a bug with "weekly" manual reoccuring recordings
- Fixed a bug that would stop comskip files being used on the PVR350.

2004-12-05 v0.23.11 (maintenance release)
- Added RECORD button support for the MCE remote, and for Hauppauge Direct IR Access.
- Fixed a bug with the installation scripts that would give an error when registering msado15.dll
- Fixed a bug where the remote web scheduling would not work until a couple interop files were moved into the .webbin directory
- Fixed a bug that could cause 100% CPU usage when using the PVR350 tv out.
- Fixed a bug that would stop the DVD button from appearing in the menu
- Added a new "LiveTV Pre-Play" delay setting on the Playback tab which *may* help those having problems with the file switch during livetv.
- Fixed a bug on the recordings screen. If you had multiple groups of recordings available and play a recording, it always seem to jump back to the first group when playback is complete.
- Fixed a bug where the first live tv channel changes was always relative to your first channel, even if you started on a different channel from the tv guide.
- Fixed a bug that was stopping custom tasks from working.
- Added the ability to specify independant forward and back skip durations.
- Added a minimal OSD option, to makes the MVP more responsive. When this is enabled, the OSD wont be automatically displayed when a file playback starts, during channel changes, or when you skip to another location. You can still see the OSD by pressing the blue button, or by pausing.
- Added settings in direct.ini and go.ini to change the brightness/contrast/hue/saturation etc, for those that aren't happy with the driver defaults.
- Fixed a bug that could result in a live tv recording file being overwritten
- Fixed a bug with season recordings which could skip certain shows for zap2it users
- Fixed a bug with selecting "ready" recordings when the new grouping feature was disabled.
- Fixed a bug with rewinding past the start of the video on the MVP.
- The blank key on the Hauppauge remote (or ctrl-O on the keyboard) will catch up to "near" live tv.
- Removed requirement for ADO. Too difficult to deploy.
- Added code to ignore very small random mouse movements. For some people these were causing the OSD appear often.
- Fixed a bug that would stop .avi playing correctly.
- Added initial support for PVR150 remote.

2004-11-28 v0.23
- Added support for the new Hauppauge cards, specifically the PVR150 and PVR500 (dual tuner).
- LiveTV support has been entirely redeveloped. You can now FF/Skip during LiveTV for PC/XCard/PVR350/MVP. In theory your can also RW, but this seems to only works sometimes - work in progress and all that...
- You can now press the "record" button on your remote whilst watching a program to record it. This records everything that GB-PVR has on the program, including the bits you've already watched. Please note, when you start a recording this way, it'll also stop when you leave live tv.
- You can now play a recording that is already in progress with out being kicked back to the menu half way through.
- Added SECAM support for GO7007SB based capture devices.
- Initial support for the LifeView TV Walker mini. This no longer required WinDVD Creator to be installed. One of the steps (IAMCrossbar->Route()) when starting live tv is very slow on this device, which makes it very slow to start livetv for the first time.
- Now includes support for MPEG2 variable bit rate (VBR) recordings.
- Now able to use the Globespan registry settings for recording volume etc.
- Manual recording has been totally redeveloped. You should recreate any manual recording you have previously set up.
- The "Play" key can now be used to skip to the next commercial skip point if video is already playing, and comskip file is available. You can still also use the "0" skip-forward/skip-back key combination from the last release.
- There is now an option to group "available" recordings.
- Conflict management screen now available (off Recordings screen) for managing conflicts between reoccuring recordings
- Made a few more skin features configurable. If you maintain a skin, see the separate post that lists the changes.
- You can now specify submenus to allow you to group functionality, instead of just one big list of buttons.
- You can now update existing pending recordings (padding, quality etc).
- Numerous other small tweaks and bug fixes.
- Now executing PostUpdateEPG.bat if it exists, after updating the EPG.
- Green can be used for page up in the tv guide. Blue for page down.
- Pressing Play in the tv guide on a show that is currently playing will start live tv.
- Added a couple of panels to the menu showing information (clock and pending recordings). They're disabled by default, but can be enabled easily in the "skinbluemainmenuskin.xml" file.
- You can now launch any of the menu items directly from the command line using the "-direct" parameters. This replaces the old hard coded parameters (-livetv etc). As an example, GBPVR.EXE -direct "live tv".
- Added native support for the RedRat3. For IRDA support, you'll need to continue to use the .exe channel changer for now.
- Added option to config.xml to disable the OSD during video playback. This makes the MVP much much more responsive.

2004-10-16 v0.22
- Custom tasks now return the window to the correct state.
- Directly launching with -livetv parameter no longer results in ActiveMovie window when in fullscreen mode.
- Horizontal/Vertical zoom and offset settings in config.xml now work when playing video with VMR7/VMR9/Overlay.
- Now has option to wake machine to perfrom EPG update.
- Fixed a bug that would sometimes stop you from deleting a capture source.
- You can now change the duration in seconds of skip button. The default is currently 60 seconds.
- You can now configure GB-PVR to perform manual skips in seconds or minutes depending on your preference.
- Now showing current time in TV Guide. This is configurable in the skin files. See blue skin for example of how to turn it on.
- Added "stop" button to net radio screen.
- More button lists now wrap around making for easier/quicker navigation.
- Improvements to multi-tuner conflicts. This also includes better tuner conflict management with live tv tuner usage, and changing allocated tuners if necessary. This also resolves an issue that could lead to recordings not taking place.
- When watching live tv, you can now push the yellow button to return to the previous channel you were viewing.
- Now able to use comskip for automatic detection of commercials. If comskip is found in the gbpvr directory, it is automatically run at the end of each recording to detect commercials (at low priority). Comskip is separate third party application available for free download from During playback you can press "0" followed by the skip forward or back keys to move between the detected commercial break points. After downloading comskip and placing it in your gbpvr directory, you'll need to edit the comskip.ini and enter the correct 'frames per seconds' etc depending on your location in the world.
- Plugin developers can now use the PluginHelper.ShowMessage() method to display on-screen messages. Plugins could be developed for CallerID etc. Its a little ugly looking on the screen at the moment, but it works.
- The Recording Service has been altered to be able to record files shows with multi-byte character sets (tested on hebrew). Previously it would create the directory, but fail to create the video file.
- Minor changes to Direct Recording Source / GO7007SB / Tuning Assistant to correctly cope with localized naming conventions used in some parts of the world.
- Added a couple of tweaks to the MVP FF/RW functionality. This should resolve an issue that would cause GBV-PVR to return to the main menu during fast-forwarding on the MVP.
- Now automatically handling daylight savings for zap2it users. I've removed the timezone setting in the config app. GB-PVR is now using the windows timezone settings.
- Added a Scart RGB option to the XCard settings.
- Fixed a really annoying bug that would sometimes cause scheduled recordings not to record after viewing live tv.
- Its now also possible showing Close Caption information for the regular Intervideo mpeg decoder. Previously this only worked for the NonCSS version.
- Improved tab order in config app.
- New GBPVRTray.exe which can be used to give you visibility of what your capture devices are doing. This replaces the tray icon that was part of the recording service in the last release. Also enables you to easily restart the recording service.

2004-9-12 v0.21.4
- Fixed a couple of navigation errors in the new web site
- Fixed a bug that would cause GB-PVR to show the message "initializing channel" when you try to stop live TV using escape key.
- Fixed a bug with playing DVD ISO files. Some machines required a longer delay between mounting an ISO and trying to play it. This is now configurable.
- Fixed a PVR350 lockup after returning to the main menu.

2004-9-7 v0.21
- You can now configure GB-PVR to run MVP servers as part of the background service. In short, you no longer need to logged in, or manually start the GBPVR MVP Servers to use the MVP. Network shares wont be accessible when running this way.
- Flashy new website for remote web scheduling of recording. A big thanks to ricecrazy for all the hard work he put in designing this.
- Added a new Tuning Assistant app for those with problems determining the channel numbers used by your broadcaster. This will be more closely integrated in the next release.
- Added Atlantic Daylight/Standard time as an option for the zap2it timezones.
- Added <OSDTransparency> setting to config.xml to allow use to change the transparency level of the OSD on video. Values 0 through 255 are acceptable.
- Can now play DVDs from .ISO files. To use this functionality you need to install Daemon tools installed. You can download this for free from
- Now able to specify a specific directory for livetv buffer files.
- Preloading tv listings in background when GB-PVR first starts. This can be much quicker when you first access the TV Guide.
- Added PluginHelper APIs to enable plugin developers to play DVDs.
- Added a couple of new command line options. -topmost to keep GB-PVR in the foreground even when it is not the active application, and -noframe to start GB-PVR with out a titlebar.
- Fixed a bug with PVR350 LiveTV that would cause a soft lockup after about an hour.
- Fixed a couple of bits of display text that wasn't using the language.xml file for translations.
- Volume controls now works when playing DVDs.
- Keys 0 thru 9 can now be used on main menu to take you instantly to any of the first 10 buttons.
- Fixed a reoccuring manual recordings bug, and also changed how they are listed in the recordings screen.
- Pushing unsolicited screen updates out to the MVP are now working correctly (previously you had to press a key). This improves lots of small things in the application on the MVP. Things like netradio song name now automatically refresh when the song changes etc.
- Created GBPVRWake for restarting PVR350 driver after system wakes from hibernation.
- Added .rm (RealMedia) to the list of video filename extensions. To use it still requires a compatible directshow codec to be installed.

2004-8-20 v0.20
- Added the ability to change the number of rows shown in the TV Guide. The can be used to make it more readible for those that need it.
- Added command line option to force window to appear at specific location using -pos:x,y,width,height
- Added command line option to start DVD playback -dvd. You can also start a DVD from the hard drive (by pointing at directory containing ripped DVD) using -dvd:c:dvdsAceVentura
- Added option to set the time the EPG is updated. The used to default to 3:00AM.
- More MVP stability improvements, and also changed a few MVP command orderings which makes it appear more responsive.
- Fixed a bug with Timeslot Season recordings between 10:00PM and 2:00AM.
- Added support for changing the language of the interface using the language.xml file. The search skin.xml also allows you to specify the search start chars for those not using the english 26 letter alphabet. Let me know if you spot other areas of the application requiring changes to support multi-language skins.
- During video playback, the blue key (or ctrl-b) shows the OSD for a few seconds.
- Now ensuring .exe channel changer starts in hidden window.
- Added support for GO7007SB devices with tuners.
- You can now install over the top of previous versions and retain settings between releases.
- Now showing channel numbers overlaid on video as you press number keys.
- Now also deleting empty directories when deleting recordings (if 'auto create folders' was turned on).
- Added <UsePVR350OSD> option to config.xml, which can be used to disable the the PVR350 OSD.
- Corrected a problem on PVR350 which would cause the menu and OSD to blink after showing first video.
- Now auto-hiding mouse after 5 seconds of no mouse movement.
- Pressing the green key (Ctrl-G) in the music and video libraries will toggle between 'sort by file name' and 'sort by date'
- No longer requiring .m3u files to start with #EXTM3U
- You can now PageUp/Down through matches on the 'search guide' screen using the skip foward/back buttons (or Page Up/Down keys). Now also sorting the listings returned.

2004-7-26 v0.19
- Corrected a problem with the MVP when two or more NICs are installed in the server
- Now able to directly boot MVP without using Hauppauge software. This still requires a DHCP server to be available for the MVP to get an IP address on you network. Home networking routers often contain DHCP servers. Also, if you have Windows ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) enabled, this acts as a DHCP server.
- Improved FF/RW on MVP. Previously it behaved very badly on many MPEG2/MPEG1 files.
- More reliably handling MVP power cyle and standby cycle.
- MVP updating the current play position more often. Previously it could be out of date for a second or so after skipping or durring FF/RW.
- Fixed a couple of problems with GO7007SB recordings for NTSC users.
- Implemented event notification plugin mechanism to allow developer to write support for LCD support etc. These plugins need to implement IEventNotification - see the developer forum for more detail.
- Added EPG plugin for UK users. Much easier to set up and use than XMLTV, but doesn't have quite as many channels available. Give it a go.
- Changes to the skin files. If you'd like to change the background image, this is now much easier. Simply save the image as background.jpg in c:program filesdevnzgbpvrskin<Current Skin>.
- Main menu now wraps around. Also scrolls if too many items are on the front menu. Flat Blue skin is now using a new approach to main menu buttons, which keeps the active selection centered. These styles are configurable in the skin files.
- Fixed a problem with deleting failed season recordings.
- A few changes to the recordings screen to separate out ready/pending/reoccurring recordings. Hopefully people find this easier to read.
- New setup program. Installshield which I previously used, was driving me nuts. This has also required a slight change to the version numbering scheme. Minor version numbers will now use numbers not letters.
- Channels now wrap around in live tv when using the up and down buttons. Same thing applies to mini guide.
- Added system menu option to get window to stay in the foreground. Right click on the GB-PVR task in taskbar to see its system menu.
- Added an option to allow you to use a short skip instead of FF/RW. It defaults to 10 seconds but can be changed in config.xml if required.
- Several small improvements for net radio. Also, fixed a bug that would cause Net Radio to be very slow starting.
- Added option with USB-UIRT and IR200L IR blasters to send "Enter" key after channel digits.
- Added a "search guide" screen. I may add more search options in future, but at least it is a start.
- Added FM Radio support - requires capture card that supports it (such PVR350/PVR USB2/PV258TF) and LAME MP3 encoder filter to be installed. You can get this free from [URL=][/URL]
- Added option in direct.ini to force mono and also to change the language channel used for recordings.
- Added daily comic plugin. I've made the comics as big as I can on the screen. Most are readible, but the occasional one has text that is a bit too small.
- Added an option to season record within a given timeslot.
- Showing sub-title in a few more places if it is available.

2004-6-19 v0.18l (maintenance release)
- Fixed an unhandled exception when setting up a capture source. This occurred when trying to auto detect if the system had a GO7007SB device attached, and was stop many users from being able to set up Zap2it etc.
- You can now specify the audio decoder and audio renderer to use for video and DVD playback.
- Fixed a bug that would sometimes stop you from returning to nornmal play speed after FF/RW in a DVD
- Fixed an error with video playback after initially using net radio. Overlay and XCard both had this problem, and have been fixed.
- Fixed a bug with the Live TV ring buffer on the PVR350.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the pre/post padding not to be applied to recording times.
- The CH+/- on an MCE remote now does page up/page down.
- Fixed error parsing song name from Shoutcast if it contained an apostrophe.
- Cleaned up painting on PC monitor whilst video is playing on the XCard.
- Now gracefully handling requests from the MVP for video data after the LiveTV stream had stopped recording. Sometimes this was causing the MVP to crash when changing channels.
- Zap2it sign up code is now shown in a textbox so you can cut and paste

2004-6-15 v0.18
- Added a new major recorder plugin type. GO7007SB Recording Plugin can be used with with devices based on this WIS chipset to record directly to MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4/DivX. This plugin currently supports the Plextor PX-M402U and the generic WIS GO7007SB. Several new devices based on this chipset family will be release soon, and GB-PVR will add support for them as they are released.
- Added DVD playback for software playback (VMR/Overlay). Requires DVD player software (WinDVD, PowerDVD etc) to be installed. Like the XCard dvd player, during DVD playback "Blue/Ctrl-B" key will return to the DVD's main menu. "Home/Menu/Stop" key will stop DVD playback and return to the main GB-PVR menu. During DVD playback "Green/Ctrl-G" key toggles closed caption information. Pause/Play/Skip/FF/RW are as you'd expect. DVDs can be played from the DVD menu button on the front screen, which plays the movie in your configured DVD drive, or from the video library if the DVD is on the hard drive. For movies ripped to the hard drive, make sure you retain the VIDEO_TS folder in the dirctory of the movie (or the cant be played).
- You can now specify the recording quality, and any required pre/post padding directly when scheduling a recording.
- Implemented ring buffer to cap diskspace usage when watching livetv.
- added ShowChannelIcons setting in config.xml for those that dont like channel icons in the tv guide screen.
- Fixed several small bugs - double skip with MCE remote, DivX (DX50) playback on the XCard, occasional recording service startup problem, tuner selection for multi-tuner systems.
- Attempted work around for those wih PVR350's and certain chipset motherboards that experience hard lockups. Let me know how you get on.
- Added option in config.xml to disable channel icons in TV Guide.
- Improved color rendition on the MVP. Photos now look much better with the pictures plugin.
- Added support for favourite channels. When watching live tv, CH UP and CH DOWN will cycle through the favorites. Mini guide (Ctrl-G or GREEN button) still lets you easily get to the rest of the channels if you need to.
- Added support for multiple music and video directories for those with media files spread across multiple drives and directories.
- PVR USB2 now working correctly.
- Corrected MPEG1/2 video length determination on the Media MVP

2004-5-9 v0.17
- Added Zap2it data direct EPG source for USA/Canada users. No XMLTV required. This should be easier to setup for new users. It will attempt to retain 10 days of listings. The initial load can take long time depending on the number channels. Subsequent loads are quicker, as it'll only need the last day.
- Rearranged config app layout to squeeze in a few more settings.
- Now correctly handling with newline character at the end of program names in swedish XMLTV listings
- Now supporting extended characters in filenames when playing back via the MVP
- NetRadio and MP3s now also working with XCard. NetRadio can be slow to start, I'm not sure why yet - still investigating.
- Now allowing horizontal resizing of the OSD on the XCard. The is done in software, so only resize horizontally if you have to because it make the xcard GUI a little slower (you probably wouldn't notice).
- Added tray icon to let you know what the recording service is up to (in 64 characters or less).
- Added support for MCE remote control. This is enabled in the config app.
- First cut at web scheduling is included. If the web server is enabled, you can get to it by accessing http://localhost:7647/gbpvr/index.aspx . Big thumbs up to LivesNbox for the great job be did on this.
- Now informing you of conflicts when you schedule a recording, and allowing to resolve the conflict with a list of options.
- You can now select channel number using number keys when entering a manual recording.
- Logging filenames changed so that history of last three runs is kept.
- Change to the skin xml files. Added SkinHelper class as first steps of producing more uniform/consistent skin.xml settings. Also added the ability to use colour gradients in many parts of the skins. Colors can be by name (Green/Black/etc) or by #RRGGBB constant. Lots more options now available for new skins.
- Added XCard DVD player. During DVD playback "Blue/Ctrl-B" key will return to the DVD's main menu. "Home/Menu/Stop" key will stop DVD playback and return to the main GB-PVR menu. During DVD playback "Green/Ctrl-G" key toggles closed caption information. Pause/Play/Skip/FF/RW are as you'd expect.
- Several other small fixes

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