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Net Transport (also called NetTransport or NetXfer) is a faster, exciting and the most powerful downloading manager that you ever saw, now supports the most pop Internet protocols, including: HTTP / HTTPS, FTP / over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) / over SSH (Secure Shell), MMS (Microsoft Media Services), RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol), BitTorrent, eMule, RTMP, RTMPE, RTMPT (Real Time Messaging Protocol).

Trialware ($25)
OS:Windows Mac
Released:Jul 21,2017
File size:5.7MB
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Latest version

2.96L (July 21, 2017)


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Download Net Transport 2.96L  [5.7MB]  [Win]

Download Net Transport 2.96L 64-bit  [9.4MB]  [Win64]

Download Mac and other versions

Download Net Transport 2.96L Mac  [12.7MB]  [Mac]

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Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS


Shareware ($25)

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Net Transport 2.96L (July 21, 2017)

Added code for BT task to recognize whether the torrent file content is UTF-8 encoded.
Modified to reduce the restrictions on FLV consolidation.
Fixed some login problems for SSH.

Net Transport 2.96k (March 1, 2015)

Fixed a bug for Mac version that when deleting the running tasks program would freeze.
Fixed a bug for Mac version that the scheduled tasks sometimes would not work.
Fixed a bug for Mac version that the duplicate URL checker would not work.
Added code to implement the progress bar in the System Taskbar for Windows 7 and above.
Added domain support for HTTPS.
Enhanced "URL-Sniffer" not to add the duplicate result.
Added an option for "URL-Sniffer" to download the result automatically.
Changed the default value of some options for "URL-Sniffer".
Changed the periodic record feature from minute to second.
Modified that program would ignore "trackinfo" when merging FLV.
Appended ".acc" extension name when finishing the "audio/aacp" type of tasks.
Added that BT tasks would not do with the incoming handshakes to degrade CPU usage after finishing.
Fixed that program would crash when accessing BT tracker via https.
Added an option "Connection will be closed after finishing its initial part".
Issued the plug-ins for Google Chrome 64-bit for Windows.

Net Transport 2.96j (Jan 14, 2014)

Added "Buffer" option for RTMP to control the recording performance.
Added code for RTMP to process Connection general-header field.
Modified to run Sniffer module as Administrator, so you could open the main program as normal user.
Added code to limit the number of result lines for Sniffer, the earliest entries would be overlaid.
Fixed file operation in UTF-8 encoding for SSH so that Desktop system could display correctly.
Added "Parse browser click" context menu item for the drop window.

Net Transport 2.96i (Nov 15, 2013)

Added support for Windows 8.1 and Enhanced Protected Mode for IE11.
Added a new feature that you can press CTRL+ALT to ignore the current click capture in IE.
Fixed a bug that FTPTransport displayed the incorrect length for the local files over 4GB.
Fixed a bug that a SSH connection shared between browse and download would crash the program.

Net Transport 2.96h (Oct 6, 2013)

Modified code not to send too many requests for one peer at the end of the BT task process.
Enhanced link click catcher for IE, enabling "Need to be parsed" option would check whether the clicking link is the downloadable resource or not, if yes program would take over it, otherwise let IE open.
Fixed a bug not to get the huge chunk-size transfer coding data via HTTP.

Net Transport 2.96g (July 8, 2013)

Fixed a bug that merging FLV would make program to crash probably due to out of memory.
Added a feature to obtain UTF-8 filename from "Content-Disposition" field.
Added a feature to obtain filename from "Content-Type" field.
Fixed a bug that "Monitor these types" was unavailable.
Rewrote Firefox/Chrome/Opera plug-in for cookie support.
Fixed some native languages.

Net Transport 2.96f (June 10, 2013)

Enhanced "URL-Sniffer" to parse HTTP link whose status code is 206.
Enhanced "URL-Sniffer" to pass extra information to download task after capturing RTMP link.
Added an option "Starting recording after NetStream.Play.Start notify". Don't use it unless you think it is necessary.
Enhanced FTP to support 4 digit year.
Fixed a bug for BT that adding lock mechanism when operating files to avoid occasional crash problem in the download process.
Fixed a bug that exiting main program would crash occasionally.

Net Transport 2.96e (April 6, 2013)

Added an option for "URL-Sniffer" to capture Content-Types for HTTP.
Enhanced to recognize Router devices.
Improved that program had no respond when many tasks were running.
Modified not to rename "Downloaded" subfolder when switching language.
Fixed a bug for BT that handling incorrect list properties would make program deadlock.
Added Cookie while catching links from browsers.
Fixed a crash on installation when Windows Firewall was disabled.

Net Transport 2.96d (Feb 9, 2013)

Enhanced "URL-Sniffer" not to process this type of IP packets without content to get more results.
Restored a feature that RTSP obtained links from SMIL script.
Added support for RTMP Encryption protocol type 9.
Fixed a bug that performance degraded when running P2P tasks.
Fixed a bug that the task database file of x64 program was not fully compatible with x86.
Fixed a crash about display.
Enhanced FTP over SSL handshake protocol.
Changed the default Folder names.
Enhanced "URL-Sniffer" to capture an extra field for RTMP.
Fixed a bug that running P2P tasks made program deadlock.
Reduced code for HTTP and FTP.
Fixed a bug that incorrect data type probably made x64 program to crash.

Net Transport 2.96c (Aug 4, 2011)

Enhanced support for Win7/Win2008R2.
Modified to save streaming via RTMP as Flash Video file instead of MPEG4 file.
Fixed a bug that SSL probably made program to crash occasionally.
Improved [MS-RTSP] protocol according to Microsoft official specification.

Net Transport 2.96b (Feb 20, 2011)

1. Added support for Wowza Media Server.
2. Added support for Helix Mobile Server version 14.
3. Enhanced the combination of partial data files for MP4, which made it possible not to lose a large section of audio and video content.
4. Fixed a bug that audio and video of MP4 might be out of sync after downloading.
5. Fixed a bug that the downloaded MP4 file might have no sound.
6. Fixed a bug for RTMP that sending incorrect protocol control message led the task be in waiting state.
7. Modified that RTMP task would continue even if error happened.
8. Modified code to get more stream info from session description protocol to help the combination of partial data files for MP4.
9. Added an option "use getStreamLength function" to get the length of stream for RTMP.
10. Added an option to regard HTTP as LIVE show.
11. Added an option to generate new tasks automatically on parsing Playlist/Script file.
12. Restored the option "The number of max concurrent tasks".
13. Enhanced "URL-Sniffer" to capture more information about RTMP link to ensure the task can go on.
14. Enhanced "URL-Sniffer" to capture HTTP link with its Cookie.
15. Enhanced "URL-Sniffer" to capture RTSP link with its Cookie.
16. Modified to handle "Content-Disposition" field case insensitive.
17. Fixed that program could not backup task database file on Win7.
18. Fixed that in some cases program could not well download one by one FTP task.
19. Improved performance, you could not do anything if there were too many tasks in the "Queue" pane.

Net Transport 2.96 (Dec 17, 2010)

1. Added UPnP indicator in the status bar.
2. Added support for the regular RTMP URL.
3. Enhanced RTMP Encryption protocol.
4. Added code to paste URL from Clipboard when you click "Add batch downloads" dialog.
5. Enhanced "URL-Sniffer" to capture RTSP link with its Referer page.
6. Added an option "Retrieve the Cookie of the site before downloading via HTTP".
7. Modified that you could customize HTTP header fields.
8. Modified the default value of "Data buffer" to 512K.
9. Fixed a bug for RTSP that incorrectly processing ANNOUNCE method probably made the task download again automatically.
10. Enhanced "Content-Disposition" field.
11. Fixed a bug that program could not resume for RapidShare.
12. Added code to capture magnet URI.

Net Transport 2.95 (Aug 20, 2010)

1. Fixed a bug for RTMP that program could not record certain of LIVE sites.
2. Fixed that program would crash if "piece length" of a torrent file was not a multiple of 16K.
3. Fixed that program probably crashed if parsing DNS failed.
4. Fixed for new UI that the tool tip control of the Drop-Zone window didn't work if there were too many information to be updated.

Net Transport 2.94a (July 5, 2010)

1. Added "SWF verification" feature support for RTMP.
2. Fixed a bug for "Site-Explorer" to analyze UTF-8 encoding pages incorrectly.
3. Added code to try WMSP (Windows Media HTTP Streaming Protocol) if connecting to Microsoft Media Server timeouted.
4. Issued Windows x64 version.
5. Fixed a bug that the tool tip for toolbar could not be shown in native language.
6. Enhanced "URL-Sniffer" to capture accurate RTMP link.

Net Transport 2.93 (April 25, 2010)

1. Rewrote the inbuilt "URL-Sniffer" to detect SHOUTcast Radio Stations, YouTube video sharing website.
2. Added support for RTMP to this type of Flash whose video codec was H264 and audio codec was AAC.
3. Fixed a bug that RTMP sometimes never put the downloaded steams together into a full Flash file.
4. Improved support for RapidShare. You can download published URL along with your username and password directly without logging in firstly.
5. Removed this feature showing the number of files and total size of the selected tasks, which slowed down the main program very significantly.
6. Modified that unchecking "Always send URLs as UTF-8" would handle the destination filename and its path as ANSI.

Net Transport 2.92 (April 1, 2010)

1. Improved RTMP protocol according to Adobe official specification.
2. Fixed a bug that the downloaded MP4 file might have no sound.
3. Added magnet URI support for BT, a link on a web page only containing the info hash.

Net Transport 2.91a (March 7, 2010)

1. Fixed a bug that switching to Japanese environment would make program crash.
2. Fixed a bug that you could not restart streaming tasks again.
3. Fixed a bug for eMule that parsing ed2k link incorrectly would make program crash.
4. Added a handler for ed2k link.

Net Transport 2.91 (Feb 25, 2010)

1. New User Interface (except ANSI version).
2. Added an option to allow the generated subtask not to inherit the scheduling settings of its parent task.
3. Added to show recorded timestamp while downloading streaming protocols.
4. Modified that the files of the moved tasks would overwrite the existed ones.
5. Added to show the number of files and total size of the selected tasks.

Net Transport 2.90a (Jan 10, 2010)

1. Fixed a security issue that eMule login request handling probably made memory overflow. With a specially crafted request, a remote attacker can potentially cause arbitrary code execution.
2. Modified "Quick Connect" bar to hide password.
3. Added a feature for combining Flash or MP4 movies that you could add files by dropping.

Net Transport 2.90 (Jan 3, 2010)

1. Added a feature to combine a couple of Flash or MP4 movies into one file. At presently the supported Codecs for MP4 are H264, AAC.
2. Changed the passive listener from multiple threads to single thread for BT and eMule, which can not only spare the System Resources but also have no effect on transmission.
3. Fixed a bug for BT that program could not process a certain UTF-8 type of seed file.
4. Added an option to split songs by its title respectively for Shoutcast.
5. Modified code to reduce the memory usage significantly when loading eMule peer nodes.
6. Updated help manual.

Net Transport 2.89 (Nov 11, 2009)

1. Added French manual.
2. Added support for RTMP/RTMPT Encryption protocol.
3. Added support for RTMP/RTSP to get this type of MP4 files whose audio format is MPA(MP3).
4. Simplified the local destination filename for RTMP.
5. Modified "URL-Sniffer" to highlight the entries by color in the result list.
6. Modified "URL-Sniffer/Options" to offer more configurations.
7. Modified that "URL-Sniffer" would restart when you changed "Options".
8. Enhanced that "URL-Sniffer" would add "<break>" keyword between the application name and the file path while capturing RTMP resources.
9. Enhanced that "URL-Sniffer" would append Referer page while capturing HTTP resources.
10. Modified "URL-Sniffer" to simplify RTMP result resources.
11. Fixed a crash bug for eMule when you closed the program.

Net Transport 2.88 (Oct 6, 2009)

1. Smaller SSH code.
2. Added support to get LATM-based MPEG-4 Audio file via Darwin/QuickTime Streaming Server.
3. Modified CONNECT method to promote successful chance to record streaming via RTMP.
4. Fixed a crash bug while BT task was uploading.
5. Improved the upload transfer rate for BT.
6. Most socket connections were changed from non-blocking mode to blocking mode to improve transfer performance.

Net Transport 2.87 (Sep 23, 2009)

1. Improved NTLM authentication algorithm according to Microsoft official specification.
2. Improved "URL-Sniffer" to capture UTF-8 encoding URLs for RTMP.
3. Prolonged parsing time up to 30 seconds for a single TCP connection to get more resources.
4. Added a feature for scheduler to allow you to record streaming every desired minutes. For example, you can record 10 minutes every an hour from 8:00am to 6:00pm. This feature helps to reduce the amount of scheduled entries.
5. Fixed a bug that "Seed" and "Step" fields of "Scheduler" dialog could not be set higher than 100.
6. Smaller DHT code.
7. Modified that when you open BT task by menu "Open Directory", if the BT task downloads a directory, then this action will open that directory, otherwise select the downloaded file.
8. Fixed a bug that eMule processed packed packet incorrectly.
9. Modified that the torrent seed task downloaded via HTTP would be converted to BT task at once. When the BT task is deleted, the seed file will also be deleted.
10. Added an option to allow you to choice preferred cipher for SSH.
11. Added CAST-128, RC4 ciphers for SSH.
12. Added a feature that you can restart uncompleted tasks.

Net Transport 2.86 (Aug 16, 2009)

1. Improved the transmission performance for SFTP significantly.
2. Fixed a bug that program would clear task list. When loading task database file, program probably regarded MMS tasks as Real ones under certain condition.
3. Fixed a bug that DHT and KAD opened the same port.
4. Improved RTMP protocol according to Adobe official specification.
5. Fixed a bug that "URL-Sniffer" got incomplete URL when parsing RTMP protocol.
6. Fixed that program would not record MP4 from certain servers via RTMP.
7. Enhanced FTP to accept nonstandard reply code from certain servers.

Net Transport 2.85 (Jun 8, 2009)

1. Added DHT network support for BT.
2. Added options to enable/disable KAD and DHT networks respectively.

Net Transport 2.84a (May 18, 2009)

1. Fixed a bug that program could not parse RTSP protocol from some SMIL scripts.
2. Fixed a fatal bug that "Streaming" > "Locate" was not 24h format.
3. Fixed a bug for BT that some trackers perhaps crashed program.

Net Transport 2.84 (May 5, 2009)

1. Modified that "Decrease" menu of the task would remove the selected connection instead of the last one.
2. Added support for more Flash Media Servers.
3. Enhanced the combination of partial data files for MP4 to smooth video by comparing more content between two partial parts.
4. Modified content of some requests for RTMP protocol.

Net Transport 2.83 (Apr 15, 2009)

1. Enhanced the inbuilt "URL-Sniffer" to parse RTMP protocols. The task added by this feature can greatly promote successful chance to record streaming via RTMP.
2. Added code to limit the length of the local filename up to 250 bytes.
3. Enhanced [MS-RTSP] to recognize more Windows Media Services.
4. Fixed a fatal bug that program could not record LIVE streaming via RTMP from some sites.

Net Transport 2.82 (Mar 30, 2009)

1. Enhanced the inbuilt "URL-Sniffer" to parse MS-MMSP, RTMP protocols.
2. Fixed a bug that [MS-RTSP] could not handle this type of ASF header with padding data.

Net Transport 2.81 (Mar 15, 2009)

1. Added code to implement that if you use NetTransport first time, respective two toolbars would be put side by side in the "Download" and "Site-Explorer" tabs.
2. Enhanced [MS-RTSP] that if the remote server refuses "OPTIONS" method, program would continue to send "DESCRIBE" method.
3. Enhanced [MS-MMSP] to record this type of streaming that only older Windows Media Player (WMP6.4) can play. Please choose "NSPlayer/" entry from "Task Properties" -> "Other Settings" -> "Streaming" -> "User-Agent".
4. Enhanced [MS-WMSP] to decode the "chunked" transfer-coding.
5. Fixed a bug that other connections except the first connection could not use the dynamic URL that generated by the task.
6. Added code to recognize these type of URLs including only "new line" without "carriage return".

Net Transport 2.80 (Jan 12, 2009)

1. Added Kademlia network support for eMule.
2. Fixed a bug that program could not recognize only one dial-up entry under Vista.

Net Transport 2.72a (Nov 25, 2008)

1. Fixed a bug that the default process of "Customize filename" did rename the destination file incorrectly.
2. Fixed a bug that WMSP could not process the "close" connection option.

Net Transport 2.72 (Nov 20, 2008)

1. Enhanced MMS to start multiple connections after skipping advertisements.
2. Added support for WMSP (Windows Media HTTP Streaming Protocol), which was called HTTP method via MMS by us.
3. Fixed BASIC authentication not to loop unlimited times when authentication requests fail.
4. Fixed NTLM authentication to ensure thread-safe.
5. Enhanced the inbuilt "URL-Sniffer" to parse HTTP requests.

Net Transport 2.71 (Oct 29, 2008)

1. Enhanced MMS to get clip after filtering advertisements.
2. Enhanced the combination of partial data files for MMS tasks to smooth video by recording more content before and after every partial download.
3. Added support to get MP4 file via Helix Server. Now program supports only H.264, MP4V video compression and AAC, AMR audio.

Net Transport 2.70 (Oct 18, 2008)

1. Enhanced "Site-Explorer" to browse HTTP server being accessed by username and password pairs.
2. Enhanced Digest access authentication for HTTP.
3. Added support to get MP4 file via Darwin/QuickTime Streaming Server. Now program supports only H.264, MP4V video compression and AAC, AMR audio.
4. Fixed that program could not end streaming when recording via Helix Server v12.

Net Transport 2.64a (Sep 29, 2008)

1. Fixed "esdsbox" format in MP4 file.

Net Transport 2.64 (Aug 16, 2008)

1. Used Assembly source code to recompile MD5, SH1, etc algorithms to reduce CPU usage and promote performance for P2P tasks.
2. Added a feature that program would append file extension automatically based on streaming protocol after the task finished.
3. Added "Monitor Clipboard" item in the context menu of "Drop Zone" floating window.
4. Added option "Reserve space on disk for entire file" to allocate the full space when initiating download to limit fragmentation.
5. Added support for MP4 file format via RTMP. Now program supports only H.264 (Advanced Video Coding) video compression and AAC audio (MP4A).
6. Added support for real-time transport protocol (RTP) via RTSP.

Net Transport 2.63 (July 26, 2008)

1. Added code to import eMule server list file (server.met).
2. Dramatically promoted SSH upload speed.
3. Fixed a bug that recording FLV via RTMP would time out at the very beginning.
4. Added code to avoid regarding the prerecorded FLASH as the LIVE streaming.
5. Enhanced the combination of partial data files for RTMP tasks to smooth video by recording more content before and after every partial download.
6. Fixed a bug that the download progress of non-LIVE scheduled task would probably exceed 100%.

Net Transport 2.62 (July 14, 2008)

1. Added support for Flash Media Server 3 (FMS3).
2. Rewrote the combination of partial data files for RTMP tasks to achieve perfect video quality.
3. Added code for "Site-Explorer" to browse HTTP sites using zip compression mode.

Net Transport 2.60 (June 24, 2008)

1. Added support for RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) to get FLV file, supported download pause and resume, supported multiple connections download.
2. Fixed a bug in RTSP that after being interrupted before the received data was flushed, the task would not be started again.
3. Modified that task would continue even if Dial-Up Networking occurs error.

Net Transport 2.57 (May 10, 2008)

1. Enhanced "URL Sniffer", more less unnecessary URLs.
2. Enhanced ASX and SMIL scripts to parse title, start & end time.
3. Added code for BT seed file to handle field "encoding".
4. Added code for Clipboard to monitor file extensions.
5. Fixed a bug that the task with scheduled entries would still run even if it was not started by schedule option.
6. Added option to allow the scheduled task to run once in a period of scheduled time.
7. Fixed a bug in FTP that program discontinued after LIST command had met error 501.

Net Transport 2.56a (Mar 22, 2008)

1. Fixed a crash bug about eMule task.
2. Modified to uncheck "monitor Clipboard" by default.

Net Transport 2.56 (2008.03.15)

Fixed that program would crash when recording opaque data via MMS.
Added option "Customize Cookie".
Added to show the progress when merging media partial files.
Added the feature to monitor Clipboard.
Enhanced to recognize ANSI characters from Clipboard.
Added upload/download bandwidth for "FTP Transport".
Fixed a fatal bug that "FTP Transport" show user's login information.
Added option "User-Agent" for MMS.
Fixed that "Net Transport" would still check the version upgrade even if you unchecked "Check for new version".

Net Transport 2.55 (Feb 9, 2008)

Enhanced thread mutex lock.
Fixed that eMule could not handle uncompleted data packet.
Updated user manual.

Net Transport 2.54 (Jan 12, 2008)

Added Metalink Specification (, supported verifying SHA-1, MD5, MD4 checksums. Please click URL right "..." button to choose ".metalink" extension to select metalink file in the task dialog; or download .metalink URL directly.
Fixed that the default "Customize filename" rule renamed the destination file to "index.htm".
Added option to go on downloading when HTTP server responds "Not Found".
Added feature for Sniffer to catch Flash URL under Mozilla serial browsers.

Net Transport 2.53 (Jan 2, 2008)

1. Fixed a bug issued by 2.52 that BT task could not finish downloading selected files.
2. Added the options for P2P disk cache buffer.
3. Added the options for the inbuilt "URL Sniffer".
4. Fixed that BT task could not run due to the seed task being moved.
5. Fixed that program incorrectly handled filename with the escape sequence characters.

Net Transport 2.52 (Dec 9, 2007)

Added disk cache buffer for P2P task, the default size is 20M per task.
Fixed that RealMedia file had occasional glitches, a second or two of silence.
Modified site matching handler, the task without username would do matching process.
Fixed that you could not click "Connect" button after all eMule servers were disconnected.
Fixed that NetTransport could not connect to any site under certain condition.

Net Transport 2.51a (Nov 25, 2007)

1. Fixed a bug that the scheduled task without end time would run at once despite of start time.

Net Transport 2.51 (Nov 11, 2007)

Added code to let Torrent close passive connections more quickly.
Restored disk cache buffer for non-P2P task. But this may increase the risk that downloaded file will be occupied when power is off accidentally.
Added a feature that task can use only its host to match site in the favorite. Normally Transport uses host plus username to match its suitable site.
Fixed that BT wouldn't start when seed file contained empty folder.
Added support for running schedule only once a week.
Added support for FTP to enable UTF8 encoding.

Net Transport 2.50 (Nov 5, 2007)

1. Added support for IPv6 except eMule, proxy and UPnP.
2. Restored a feature for HTTP to send default Referer request-header.
3. Modified HTTP procedure to respond with "Bad Request".
4. Fixed that BT incorrectly parsed tracker response.
5. Modified BT procedure to open files after connection was established.
6. Fixed that deleting BT task made program crashed.
7. Fixed the eMule version information.
8. Fixed a bug that FTP could not retrieve file size via BIND request.

Net Transport 2.49 (Oct 15, 2007)

1. Added code to support SOCKS5 type of proxy for UDP.
2. Added a feature for eMule that if connecting to current server was failed, NetTransport would try the next server in the list.
3. Added a feature for eMule requesting sources every 30 minutes.
4. Fixed a bug that enabling speed limit led P2P tasks to lose their connections.

Net Transport 2.48 (Sep 13, 2007)

1. Fixed some internationalization places.
2. Fixed a bug for SOCKS5 type of proxy that program in advance parsed destination domain before connecting to the proxy.
3. Fixed some display bugs under Vista.
4. Modified that the scheduled tasks, which is a script URL, would download all parsed URLs from the script instead of showing "Select URLs" dialog.
5. Modified that when you firstly install NetTransport under Vista, the default download folder was to be pointed to "My DocumentsNetXfer".
6. Fixed a bug for SSH to handle the current directory correctly.
7. Fixed the incorrect command sequence for BT.

Net Transport 2.47 (Aug 22, 2007)

1. Replaced the old help manual.
2. Fixed a bug in judging whether a URL is a Webpage or a file.
3. Added IP filter for BT and eMule. Please refer to the new help manual.
4. Fixed a bug that a task won't be scheduled when it plans to stop after midnight.
5. Added "Type" column in the dialog "Torrent files".

Net Transport 2.46 (Aug 10, 2007)

1. Fixed a bug that option "Monitor > Wildcard match" made program catch every URL with "?".
2. Added option "Automatically connect on startup" for eMule.

Net Transport 2.45 (Aug 4, 2007)

1. Fixed a bug for RTSP that when recording LIVE, the connection perhaps was lost.

Net Transport 2.44 (July 20, 2007)

1. Fixed a bug for RTSP about unrecognized redirection.
2. Moved the keys from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to HKEY_CURRENT_USER in order to support Vista. For Firefox/Opera user, please upgrade plug-in.
3. Show NetTransport IE toolbar on installation.
4. Fixed a bug that IE6 context menu transferred the incorrect URL encoding.
5. Added code to automatically connect eMule server on startup.
6. Modified that the eMule task can do upload service only when task is running. So you must click "Start" button to share your files when these files are done.

Net Transport 2.43 (July 6, 2007)

1. Added support for eMule protocol obfuscation.
2. Added global settings tabs for BitTorrent and eMule.
3. Changed that BitTorrent tried encryption streaming firstly for active connections.

Net Transport 2.42 (Jun 20, 2007)

1. Added BitTorrent Message Stream Encryption protocol for passive connections.
2. Fixed a bug that RTSP did the wrong process for ANNOUNCE command.

Net Transport 2.41 (Jun 13, 2007)

1. Fixed a bug in SSH that CHMOD command was used incorrectly.
2. Fixed a serious bug that "port mapping" could not support both Torrent and eMule at the same time.
3. Added button "More" for eMule.

Net Transport 2.40 (Jun 6, 2007)

1. Added eMule protocol.
2. Fixed a bug that Torrent tasks could not be saved as HTML file.
3. Fixed a bug on "Task" dialog that too many threads led program crashed.
4. Added code to let Torrent close passive threads more quickly.
5. Fixed high CPU usage for Torrent

Net Transport 2.30 (Mar 6, 2007)

1. Enhanced to process ASF files with huge header.
2. Added "Keyboard Interactive" authentication for SSH.
3. Added option "Connection/Stop seeding when done" for BT.
4. Added option "Event/Autorun".
5. Added option "Event/Run Virus scanner".
6. Fixed filename with illegal characters.
7. Fixed the wrong BASIC authentication steps for some type of proxy servers.
8. Added a new protocol, RTSP cloaked through HTTP. Please check "Task Properties/Other Settings/Streaming/HTTP Streaming".

Net Transport 2.28 (Jan 30, 2007)

1. Added support for IE7 on "Site Explorer".
2. Added "Sound" event.
3. Added option "Clear History".

Net Transport 2.27b (Jan 5, 2007)

1. Added: supports Windows Vista.

Net Transport 2.27a (Jan 2, 2007)

1. Fixed: [RTSP] another improperly processes bandwidth.
2. Added: [MMS/RTSP] limit the max number of streams for a particular site.

Net Transport 2.27 (Dec 29, 2006)

1. Added: [BT] option "Pickup Random Port".
2. Added: option "Backup Task Database".
3. Fixed: [RTSP] improperly processes bandwidth.
4. Added: [URL Sniffer] can get Flash URLs.
5. Enhanced: parse ASX script.
6. Improved: [HTTP] does with keyword "Content-Range".
7. Added: [BT] automatically closes the connection without any transmission data.
8. Added: [MMS] supports ASF over 4GB.
9. Fixed: [HTTP] no response data will delete downloaded file.

Net Transport 2.26 (Dec 3, 2006)

1. Added the Farsi manual.
2. Rewrote: [UPnP] can run under all Windows.

Net Transport 2.25 (Oct 29, 2006)

1. Fixed: [FTP] regards zip file as a folder under Windows XP.
2. Added: [Torrent] can download certain files within torrent.
3. Added: Options/Monitor/Associates with ".torrent" files.
4. Fixed: [Torrent] reduces CPU usage.

Net Transport 2.24 (Oct 20, 2006)

1. Improved: [Torrent].

Net Transport 2.23 (Oct 3, 2006)

1. Modified: policy of authentication info of batch tasks.
2. Added: [Schedule] new keyword "/DD-n/" and "/D-n/". They only can be used by "Customize URL". "/DD" indicates long day format, "/D" is short day format; positive "n" specifies previous days, negative "n" specifies next days. They must be enclosed by "[]", which means the keywords in "[]" will be calculated.
3. Added: [Torrent] associates with ".torrent" extension.
4. Added: [Torrent] command line "NetTransport.exe <torrent file>" to start Torrent service. See: adjust parameter.
5. Added: [Torrent] "Make New Torrent" feature.
6. Added: [Torrent] "Torrent upload bandwidth" feature, "0" indicates no limit.
7. Fixed: [Torrent] Net Transport can't accept the connections from BitTorrent mainline version 4.6.
8. Added: [Torrent] starts Torrent service automatically after downloading torrent seed file via other protocols.
9. Added: a COM extension method to allow you to import your desired tasks.
10. Added: [MMS] stream selection feature. Please uncheck task "Properties/Other Settings/Streaming/Optimal Image Quality" firstly, then choose your desired "Bandwidth".
11. Added: "Dial-Up Networking" feature.
12. Added: "Keep downloading if the site does NOT support resume", , uncheck to stop the tasks when this case occurs.
13. Added: "matching filename rule" feature, you can choose either "Rename", "Skip" or "Overwrite".
14. Added: menu "Fix IE context menus for NetXfer".
15. Fixed: schedule task is always running until time out.

Net Transport 2.22 (Aug 27, 2006)

1. Added: [MMS(HTTP)] supports chunked transfer-encoding.
2. Fixed: [MMS(HTTP)] does process "Not Enough Bandwidth" correctly.
3. Improved: [Torrent] was rewritten thoroughly. See: adjust parameter.
4. Added: [Real RTSP] Starts and ends the clip at the specified point in its timeline.
5. Added: catches the exception of "The disk is full".
6. Fixed: [Torrent] sends the correct "announce URL".

Net Transport 2.20 (Jun 11, 2006)

1. Added: [FTP] PORT transfer mode can traverse SOCKS proxy protocol.
2. Added BitTorrent protocol, supporting HTTP/HTTPS/UDP tracker. You can use proxy to download, use UPnP to upload. After getting torrent file, please click the "..." button right to "URL" in the "Job" dialog to load it. See: adjust parameter.
3. Fixed: [MMS/RTSP] multithreading probably makes the destination file occupied.
4. Fixed: list control probably doesn't clear background, especially under Windows XP/2003.
5. Fixed: "Column" dialog saves the wrong layout.
6. Fixed: [URL Sniffer] probably handles with incomplete web page to get partial URL.

Net Transport 2.11 (Mar 31, 2006)

1. Added the Russian manual.
2. Fixed a bug in FTP about LIST command.
3. Fixed that NetXfer can not download this type of non-native language URL via MMS.
4. Added a feature "Load Queue from Text", at the same time modified the "Save Queue as Text", let them be a pair.
5. Fixed a bug that you can not get the links from a webpage which includes the relative paths.
6. Fixed a bug in SFTP on renaming.

Net Transport 2.10 (Feb 15, 2006)

1. Added the Romanian manual.
2. Added code for SSH to set file size after upload is done.
3. Enhanced to parse HTML script.
4. Fixed a fatal bug in the "schedule" that modifying the running job would make program crashed.
5. Fixed that the "/file" and "/ext" keywords made the wrong result filename.
6. Added a feature for the "schedule" to allow user not to start job in set period.
7. Added "/seq" keywords, which represent sequence number, and its current value will increase by the "step" field.
8. Added code to sort the "scheme".
9. Restored a feature that HTTP uses BASIC authentication firstly.
10. Added a feature for FTP to allow you to use absolute pathname. If you find NetXfer cannot explore certain pathname, please check this feature.
11. Added code for export database not to export the labels, you can use this feature to only export URL list.
12. Added sniffer. When starting, if necessary, please select a network card to be monitored. Sniffer does NOT use the 3rd driver, also NOT parse your private information.
13. Fixed that NetXfer can't get the files on the FreeBSD system via FTP.
14. Fixed that NetXfer had not handled certain SMIL script.
15. Fixed that NetXfer had stopped the job via RTSP when meeting with "Invalid handle".

Net Transport 2.02 (Jan 6, 2006)

1. Restored a feature that "Catcher (drop zone)" pane displays the traffic histogram.
2. Enhanced to parse ASX script.
3. Restored "Quick Connect" pane in the "Site Explorer" work space. Also added this feature for FtpXfer.
4. Restored a feature that you can save jobs as the text file.
5. Added the global schedule feature: The global schedule is unavailable to these jobs having its schedule items; If you choose "On Schedule" to start a job which has no any schedule item, it will obey the global schedule.
6. Fixed a bug that some SMIL scripts can not be parsed.
7. Fixed a fatal bug that if you download parent directory after getting subdirectories, program would be in the deadlock state.
8. Added code to remove the illegal characters before creating the local files.

Net Transport 2.01 (Dec 1, 2005)

1. Fixed that NetXfer had not handled certain SMIL script.
2. Fixed that NetXfer could not get the huge chunk data via HTTP.
3. Restored a feature that you can invert the selected items of the "Select URLs" dialog.
4. Added code to save the start state for the job.
5. Fixed "Tools/When done" features.
6. Improved the very first frame for ASF.
7. Fixed a bug that changing temporary folder led you not to quit.
8. Added code to import/export the selected items in the "queue" pane, import/export the folder in the "folder" pane.
9. Fixed a fatal bug that NetXfer would be in deadlock loop when jointing ASF partial blocks.
10. Restored a feature that you can minimize main window by clicking "Close" button in the system menu.
11. Removed the "Path" field in the "Options/Download", it is enough to just change the "Directory" of root node "Job" in the "folder" pane.
12. Promoted the upload performance for FtpXfer.
13. Added "copy/paste" for scheduler.
14. Added "/file" and "/ext" keywords, which represent filename and extension.
15. Added the Slovak manual.
16. Fixed a bug that uninstalling would remove other IE toolbars of third party.
17. Issued the migration tool from version 1 to version 2.

Net Transport 2.00 (Oct 29, 2005)

1. New release has ANSI (95/98/ME) and UNICODE (NT/2000/XP/2003) versions, UNICODE can resolve all the problem about the international character set. Please use the UNICODE firstly.
2. Added IE toolbar band called "NetXfer".
3. Enhanced Opera plug-in to avoid downloading twice.
4. Net Transport can check its own upgrade now.
5. Added support to download the file whose size is greater than 4G. But your must partition your hard disk by NTFS.
6. Removed the progress pane, added instant speed column in the thread list pane.
7. Enhanced IE proxy, if the protocol is "https", NetXfer will use CONNECT method instead of GET.
8. You can use several different URLs to download one file. (Single Destination Several Point)
9. Added support to record every clip for MMS, filter all short movies.
10. Uniformed the internal saving data for MMS, so you can switch protocol between MMS, MMS(HTTP) and Microsoft RTSP anytime.
11. Added support to record partial clip.
12. Enhanced scheduler, you can record the dynamic URL according to time.
13. Added support to import/export the internal data to backup/restore.
14. More strongly stability, better performance.
15. But the bad thing is that the internal data is NOT compatible with 1.xx due to several new features. You must rebuild all the job items. Sorry.

Net Transport 1.94d (Jul 8, 2005)

* Now RTSP can get the correct quality by the bandwidth.
* Fixed the crash problem while parsing certain script.
* Fixed not to start program by IE extend menu.

Net Transport 1.94c (Jul 5, 2005)

* Fixed not to start schedule.

Net Transport 1.94b (Jun 27, 2005)

* Added "register" dialog.
* Added support for some kind of DNA Server.

Net Transport 1.94 (Jan 28, 2005)

* Added support for Microsoft Media Service to skip advertisement.
* Fixed some small bugs.

Net Transport 1.93 (Oct 22, 2004)

* Fixed some small bugs.
* Added option "Send RealPlayer GUID to RealServers".
* Fixed a bug regarding normal HTTP as LIVE in certain cases.

Net Transport 1.92 (Aug 15, 2004)

* Fixed a bug that program could not shut down when everything was done.
* Modified (Restored) code not to remember the last folder.
* Fixed a bug that enabling SSL under Windows 95/98 would crash program. Recommend install Internet Explorer 5.01 or later and the Directory Service Client (Dsclient.exe), and use Regedit.exe to Locate the following key in the registry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSecurityProviders", then modify the following registry value "SecurityProviders", append ",schannel.dll" (with comma, no quotes) to previous string.
* Added support for some kind of Shoutcast version. You'd better choose "WinampMPEG/5.0" in the field "User-Agent" to get satisfied result.

Net Transport 1.91 (July 18, 2004)

* Modified code that "Start/Pause All" can start/pause the scheduled items under the subcategories.
* Fixed a bug switching language caused program crashed.
* Fixed a bug in FTP that program could not download files in the subdirectory under MODE Z.
* Fixed some edit list controls could not scroll horizontally.
* Reduced memory usage to at least half extent of previous versions.

Net Transport 1.90 (Jun 22, 2004)

* Replaced edit with list for "Job/Directory".
* Modified code about saving job database.
* Added support for ZLIB for FTP (MODE Z).
* Fixed a bug that when you were adjusting the column width of window "job", black vertical line would appear.
* Added support for Helix Server 9.03.
* Added support for NAT/ICS/ICF. Note: NAT (port mapping using UPnP) is available in XP.
* Fixed a fatal bug in FTP that LISTing a large folder would cause program crashed.
* Added support for redirection for MMS.
* Fixed a bug in "job scheme".
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9 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

I've been following this program since 2.95. In that time (and like Internet Download Manager), several key features have been missing, and as of 2.96j are still missing. This is not the fastest download manager out there, and it's definitely not "feature rich". Programs such as Free Download Manager (which may well be a dead product), far surpasses this program. For a pay to use program I'd expect more.

Jan 16, 2014 Version: 2.96J OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 2/10 Overall: 3/10

You can see by my ratings that I am a big fan of this program. The Drop Zone alone is worth the price of admission. The author has been very responsive to requests for help, too. Highly recommended. While I don't use a lot of the functions (eMule), they obviously don't hurt anything being there.

Feb 16, 2008 Version: 2.53 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

i used netTrasport to record .asf video stream and the file has not extention. what extention should i give the file so i be able to split it. Furthermore , what splitting program i need to use so i can split the file easily?I be happy if an expert show me how to name and split the recorded file?

Dec 18, 2006 Version: 2.02.307 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 3/10 Overall: 8/10

Sin duda este un programa que todos debemos tener en la PC (must have), olvídense de los programas pesados administradores de descarga. Net Transport aprovecha al máximo el ancho de la conexión para descargas mucho mas rápidas. Con una conexión de 64kbps puedes bajar archivos a 13-14 KB. He probado muchos adminstradores de descarga pero este sin duda es el mejor y el mas pequeño en tamaño. Puedes discriminar las descargas para que sean grabadas automaticamente en el directorio que quieras además soporta la mayoría de protocolos de internet.

Net Transport permite la descarga de Streaming media de manera rápida, exploración de páginas web y muchas funciones mas.

Apr 7, 2006 Version: 2.10.307 OS: Win98 Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 8/10 Overall: 10/10

This is one of the most valuable utilities I have on my desktop, not only as a stream-capture utility but also as a download manager that can accept multiple tracks to download a file as well as allowing for resuming incomplete files (if the host server supports it). However, while I rate it 10 all the way across, I have to make one comment.

I've used all the new versions up to the current one. But in every case, I've uninstalled it and gone back to version 1.87. The reason? Version 1.87 was the last freeware version and, unless I've missed something, newer versions have no added advantage I can see over the freeware version. The only change I notice between 1.87 and later versions is the increasing presence (and tenacity) of "nag screens."

I am not suggesting anyone not support the trialware author. But, unless I can find an added advantage to the trialware version that isn't available in the freeware version, I don't see much point in upgrading (or paying).

Jul 6, 2005 Version: 1.87 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

9 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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