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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for MusicBee

Version 3.5.8698

Update that includes numerous bug fixes.

Version 3.5.8447

Version 3.4.8033
Released on January 3, 2022


MusicBee 3.4.7764
Released on April 6, 2021

- New Jukebox view - see:
- Lock Playlist command disables changing the content of the playlist and also deleting or renaming the playlist
- Cut and Paste supported for moving tracks in playlists
- For playlists that are configured not to refresh, right click/ List/ Refresh Now refreshes the playlist
- When shuffling tracks loved tracks are treated as maximum rated
- M3U(#EXT) now supported for MTP devices
- In the Music Explorer Albums are now split into a separate "Appears On" section where the criteria is the album artist differs from the current active artist selected in the Music Explorer
- Undo file move command
- The Send To/Add to Playlist command now shows the most recently used playlist for quick access
- "Love" rating is saved as a tag
- Larger album artwork size supported in the Album Covers view
- Download manager now supports Stop All downloads
- Pitch and Sample Rate can now be controlled from the Tempo DSP plugin
- Playback speed can now be controlled using right click on the Player controls panel
- Mouse wheel speed can be slowed down as set in the General Preferences panel
- Podcast mark as listened now supports streamed episodes (previously only downloaded episodes were supported)
- Podcasts panel can now set and filter loved subscriptions
- Particular podcast subscriptions can be set so episode updates are checked manually
- For standard skins the icon can be hidden in the player controls panel using right click/ Panel Layout/ Show Scrobble Button
- Auto-DJ custom filter presets can be saved and loaded
- You can now specify different artwork for an album (that is displayed in the main panel Album Covers view) to the primary picture for each track in the album that is displayed in the playing Track Information panel. Its set in the Preferences/ Tags(1)/ artwork/ set which pictures are displayed/ Edit List dialog
- Chapter tags now supported for mp3 and ogg/opus/flac files (already supported for m4a files)
- Album Auto-tagger now updates cuesheets
- Virtual tag text Markup ({color},{font},{contrast}) now supported in the expanded panel for the Album Covers view
- Free DB is no longer supported eg. when ripping CDs, MusicBrainz is used
- $RxMatch(<field>,regex-pattern) function that returns the text portion that matches a regex pattern
- Column Browser now supports up to 8 fields
- Improved handling for windows shutdown while musicbee is running

Version 3.3.7491
Released on July 7, 2020

Fixes a number of bugs found. I will post a link on the downloads page and update the store version over the next couple of weeks.
FreeDb CD tags and Icecast radio are no longer supported.
This should be last in the v3.3 series and I will make v3.4 beta available soon.

MusicBee 3.3.7367
Released on March 11, 2020

Fixes a number of bugs found and now works again with google artist picture searches. I will post a link on the downloads page and update the store version over the next week.

Version 3.3.7310
Released on January 9, 2020

Fixes a number of bugs found.

Version 3.3.7252
Released on November 14, 2019

Updating the official release with a number of bug fixes

Version 3.3.7165
Released on August 15, 2019

various fixes

Version 3.3.7115
Released on June 26, 2019

Podcast Enhancements
- now supports grouping subscriptions by folder
- the folders panel can be displayed by clicking the Podcast header, and tick/untick "Show Folders Panel"
- when the folders panel is displayed, you can drag/drop subscriptions to a folder to easily re-organise your subscriptions
- new % Played field displayable in the main panel thats shows for episodes that have been started, and not completed, the % of the episode played
- visual indicator that indicates podcast subscriptions that have failed to update (check the error log for details of the error)
- option to only show downloaded subscriptions (click the Podcast header, and tick "Show Downloaded Episodes Only")
- when viewing the episodes of indiviual subscriptions there is a button to toggle displaying Unplayed episodes only or all episodes
- hotkeys to speed or slow the Tempo in 10% steps, and a hotkey to reset the Tempo:
Player: Tempo Decrease (-10%)
Player: Tempo Increase (+10%)
Player: Tempo Reset
- see:

Radio Enhancements
- now supports grouping stations by folder
- you can drag/drop stations to a folder to easily re-organise your stations
- the folders panel can be hidden if you dont want to use it
- radio stations can be manually sorted (click the Radio header, and tick "Manual Station Sorting")
- see:

Display Enhancements
- new default skin
- support for windows 10 style icons and better icons for high-dpi screens - its up to the skin authors whether they can to make use of these
- various skinning enhancements that will be used by some skins
- see:
- and:

Device Synchronisation
- option to replace the genre in synchronised files with the "Genre Category". Also this option ensures only one genre is present in the file

Player Enhancements
- option to display the playing track text on multiple lines. Right click on the player panel/ Panel Layout/ and tick "Show Track Details on Multiple Lines". This option is not available for all skins
- option to hide the progress bar. You might use this option when displaying a wavebar in the main panel. Right click on the player panel/ Panel Layout/ and tick "Do Not Display"
- wavebar can now be configured to show 2 wavebars - one for each channel
- hotkey for "Playback: Play Displayed Files Shuffled"

- when pasting album artwork, you can now "Paste Add" to add a new picture
- when pasting artwork, you can now specify a custom location when saving the pasted picture
- sorting tracks in the main panel is now approx 50% faster, although you probably wont notice unless you have a large collection
- updated to .NET 4.6.1
- various bug fixes

all changes

MusicBee 3.2 Update 3
Version 3.2.6902
Released on November 26, 2018

Fix to iTunes store functionality in the Music Explorer and various bug fixes

MusicBee 3.2 Update 2
Version 3.2.6827
Released on September 12, 2018

Mini player now supports a large abum artwork layout
A stop button can now be displayed for all types of progress bars (regular skins only)
Minor layout tweaks for the "Now Playing" panel
For the "Album Color Mix" view in the "Now Playing" panel, you can set it to display the artist biography and artist picture
The Music Explorer panel now allows sorting tracks by title and also shows the album name for duplicate titles
Playlist header now also shows the album count in the playlist
When dragging files, the left sidebar no longer automatically pops up (you can hover on the left panel edge and it will pop up)
You can now instruct MusicBee to use the legacy DirectSound API from the Player preferences
Various bug fixes

MusicBee 3.2 Update 1
Version 3.2.6760
Released on July 6, 2018

Fix to address changes made by MusicBrainz that stopped the Auto-Tag and also artwork retreival from
see for the full list of changes made for v3.2

Version 3.2

- New grid like layout (similar to iTunes) that can be configured in the Album and Tracks view
- Enhanced DSD support for ASIO devices that support raw DSD data or DOP (DSD over PCM)
- New vertical tag editor. This can be configured to display in any side panel and allows you to configure the fields that are editable
- Various new layout options in the Layout(1) preferences
- Row spacing is now expanded a few pixels but can be configured more or less compressed
- Custom background image that spans the entire application eg. use on the default MusicBee skin to see an example
- disable resizing on panels
- You can now save/ load custom layout settings separately for each tab. Right click on a tab header
- You can now save/ load a snapshot of all your settings. See Edit/ Saved Settings/ ...
- You can now save/ import your panel arrangement - the exported settings are suitable to send to friends. See View/ Import/Export/ ...
- Virtual tags now support markup (colour, font, contrast) so you can mix the colour used in a single displayed field
- Artwork view now supports grouping by Date Added
- Artwork view now supports sub-grouping using various fields
- Expanded panel in the Artwork view can now be forced to display as a single column
- Relative paths are now supported for artwork retrieval. Set in Layout(1)/ artwork retreival/ Edit List
- Playlists now display a header bar. This can be disabled
- The popup for the playing track now has the option to also popup at the end of a track (so you can rate it)
- You can force the Locked Down mode (in the View menu) to persist on restart
- Compact Player can now be run full screen (set from the menu button on the left of the caption bar)
- You can now directly edit an artist biography in the Artist Bio panel
- When synching lyrics, you can force them to be embedded or synched as a separate .lrc file
- Cut/ Copy/ Paste is now supported for folders in the Computer node of the left navigator
- Custom Tags can now be configured to be enumerated data types. When editing the tag, a drop-down list is displayed with checkboxes making editing easier
- new hotkeys:
Tools: Auto-Tag by Track - Update Missing Lyrics
Send To: Active Playlist (now playing)
Send To: Active Playlist (selected files)
View: Toggle Show Vertical Tag Editor

translator file - updated new.txt file (this file is only used by translators and not required for the MusicBee application update):
LAST EDIT: APRIL 29, 2018, 07:11:36 PM BY STEVEN

Hero Member
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REPLY #2 ON: APRIL 08, 2018, 03:06:00 PM
see the last post for the latest version

- The copy tags commands (2 hotkeys and from the main edit menu) now copy all metadata, including tags that MusicBee does not know about. The one exception is for MP3 files, where MusicBee will copy all TXXX tags but wont copy specific 4 character codes it has no handling for such as GEOB.
- new "Bit Depth" field which shows the bits per sample for lossless files. Note that for lossy files (.mp3, .m4a, etc) that its a common mis-understanding that these files have 16-bits per sample when infact its undefined. As such MusicBee shows a blank value for lossy files. You will need to rescan existing lossless files for the value to show (right click/ Send To/ Rescan Files). The value is automatically captured for new files
- when retrieving artwork now has support for Back.jpg files. You will need to enable Back.* in Tags(1)/ artwork storage/ Edit List
- the iTunes export function now exports the playlist folder hierarchy
- when editing multiple files, for "Mixed" fields, the tag editor now has an arrow that allows you to view/ select the tags that are excluded because they are not consistent across all files
- the Expanded Panel settings for the Artwork Layout now allow configuration of the Album header/ sub-header
- when creating new playlists, the name of the playlist is now set in the playlist configuration dialog
- there is now a second track information panel that can be included in the panel arrangement eg. you might dock it as a tab to show secondary track details
- numerous bug fixes

translator file - updated new.txt file (this file is only used by translators and not required for the MusicBee application update):

link updated to fix a couple of bugs
LAST EDIT: APRIL 29, 2018, 07:11:51 PM BY STEVEN

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REPLY #3 ON: APRIL 29, 2018, 07:08:30 PM

this is an incremental update and includes all changes since version 3.1 - unzip and then run MusicBee_Setup_3_2_6693.exe

- you can now instruct MusicBee to stop playback at a specific track in the Playing Tracks list. Right click/ Stop After Track
- various improvements to the Now Playing tab
- you can now have a wavebar displayed
- the Large Albums view now supports left and right panels for lyrics and artist bio (previously only the right panel could be used)
- various tweaks to the large album cover layout for different width/ height ratios
- there are now 32 virtual tags available
- editing video files now always saves to the MusicBee database (previously MusicBee would attempt to save tags to .mp4 files, but due to the complexity of some files, that functionality has been disabled)
- the play stop button can now be optionally displayed for standard (non-bitmap) skins - right click on the player panel/ Panel Layout/ Show Stop Button
- various skin element enhancements that will be used by future skins
- fix for playlist retrieval using the sub-sonic plugin
- various other bug fixes

translator file - updated new.txt file (this file is only used by translators and not required for the MusicBee application update):
LAST EDIT: MAY 27, 2018, 06:09:30 PM BY STEVEN

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REPLY #4 ON: MAY 27, 2018, 06:08:24 PM

this is an incremental update and includes all changes since version 3.1 - unzip and then run MusicBee_Setup_3_2_6721.exe

- right click/ Search/ Find More Artists allows you to search on any of the artists/ guest artists and performers you have associated with the track
- the main player controls panel can now be automatically coloured based on the current playing album cover. This function is only available for standard skins or custom bitmap skins where the author has added support. Right click on the player bar/ Panel Layout/ Auto-Pick Panel Colours
- the Compact Player also allows the player panel to be auto-coloured for all skins
- up to 14 external web-sites can be configured (up from 10)
- you can now right click/ Search/ Open in Web Browser/ ... to open the chosen website using the selected track details
- you can now set a custom background for the main panel only (Edit/ Preferences/ Layout(1)/ main panel/ tick use custom background
- when editing tags, MB will now check the file modification date/time and if its more recent than the value MusicBee has cached, MusicBee will display an alert prompting you to rescan the file
- when synching to devices, the resize artwork to XXX setting now treats the number as a maximum - if the source artwork px size is less than the value then it wont be resized up
- tweaks to improve the layout of the Large Album Covers view in the Playing Tracks panel and Compact Player
- various other bug fixes

Version 3.1.6590
Released on January 16, 2018

Fix bug introduced in the last release that incorrectly reports some files as corrupt

Version 3.1.6585
Released on January 12, 2018

replaced Groove Music with iTunes Store in the Music Explorer
some minor speed improvements
various bug fixes

Version 3.1.6512
Released on October 31, 2017

Various bug fixes and minor speed improvements

Version 3.1.6466
Released on September 16, 2017

-the following are no longer custom tags and now have dedicated tags: "Title Sort-Order", "Album Sort-Order", "Album Artist Sort-Order", "Artist Sort-Order", "Composer Sort-Order", "Language", "Original Artist", "Original Album", "Original Year", "Musician Credits List"
- The various Sort tags are now editable in a new "Sorting" tab in the tag editor
- Original Year, Title and Artist are now standard tags in the Tags(2) tag editor panel
- Musician credits are now editable in the Artist tag splitter (click the ... button by the Artist tag)
- the library database: musicbeelibrary.mbl is copied to musicbeelibrary.preupgrade in case you need to undo the upgrade and revert to an older MB version
- The behaviour of the various Sort tags (Sort-Artist, Sort-AlbumArtist, etc) has been changed so when sorting by Artist, MusicBee will now automatically use any Sort-Artist tag value for the sort operation. Note that if an album is not consistently tagged with the same Sort-AlbumArtist then it will be split
- Classical music tags: Work and Movement are now supported (click the arrow button on the title prompt)
- long filenames (>260 characters) is now supported
- Playlists panel enhanced to support multiple levels of folders and provide the full functionality equivalent of the left navigator playlists
- Playlists can now also be displayed in a standalone panel (set in the Panel Arrangement dialog)
- New Volume visualiser panel (Peak and VU)
- New Graphics visualiser panel (allows the Milkdrop visualiser to be displayed in a panel)
- Spectrum visualiser can now be displayed using a centered frequency range
- Inconsistent tags "Files to Edit" filter now includes the Album Gain tag
- New "Album Played" display tag
- Panel layout is enhanced so each panel header can optionally be hidden
- New Hotkeys for the following:
- Send files to the active device
- Send files to the active playlist
- Toggle playing tracks to show the upcoming tracks
- Drag/drop is enhanced so you get a visual representation of the number of files being dragged and a message showing what action would be taken if you dropped the files on a panel
- Artwork layout now allows the selected tracks to be displayed to the right of the main panel
- Nested filter rules in auto-playlists can now be set as an "And" or "Or" condition
- Auto-playlists can now be set to automatic or manual refresh of the matching tracks
- New Album Artwork Manager tool, enables you to view and correct a variety of inconsistent album artwork conditions
- You can now disable the display of the current playing track in the windows Taskbar popup (this addresses a windows display issue when alt-tabbing)
- New "Remove Cuesheet" right click menu item
- new naming template functions:
- $RxReplace(<field>,"reg-ex search pattern","regex-replacement pattern")
- $RxSplit(<field>,"reg-ex search pattern",index)
- the virtual tag/ file naming template field editor can now Preview the results of any template you define
- the Playing Tracks panel can now show Upcoming Tracks
- the Library Explorer can now display and navigate the folder structure of files in your library

and much more see

Version 3.0.6335
Released on May 6, 2017

when saving a single file, library auto-organise enabled, although the file was being auto-organised, if you try to edit the file straight away, the file in the main panel was still referencing the old file location
various bug fixes

Version 3.0.6276
Released on March 10, 2017

upgrade the xbox music plugin to use the new groove api (note the old xbox plugin api will cease working after March 2017)
fix wavebar seek when outputting to a UPNP device
add back in support for localised artist biographies
fix rename a podcast episode when renamed from the tag editor
fix autosweep not applying the autosweep naming template if the library is auto-organised with no naming rule for the target drive
fix music explorer not retrieving all matching files when filtering by Genre
fix synching virtual files (single file split by cuesheet) when no format conversion is done
when locking with full screen enabled/ unlocking MusicBee (from the view menu), the window should now size correctly on win10
fix tag changes not being saved to file when you edit the tags of a playing track and then you rate the track while still playing
when moving files to a new folder, the file permissions are now inherited from new parent folder
fix high dpi scaling for the custom tags dialog
include "always on top" option in the compact player header menu
fix group by bug when the artwork panel is configured to show the selected tracks on the bottom of the main panel
tweaked caching of artwork for the Album and Tracks view
improved handling for multi-line podcast episode descriptions

Version 3.0.6132
fix for artist biographies
fix artist picture in the Now Playing panel and the Compact Player which can stay switched to a blurred album cover
fix MB freezing in certain circumstances when moving files to an organised folder
enable sorting on the soundcloud search panel and fix the "likes" count column
fix the device synchronisation to respect the file converter encoder thread count and priority settings (was effectively always using 2 threads)
add support for mod files (mo3/it/ xm/s3m/ mtm/ mod/ umx)
add support for chiptunes files - you will also need the basszxtune.dll plugin: see
change the Music Explorer panel to show album year instead of album artist
fix CD ripper not saving artwork where the artwork is not embeded
drag/ drop files from windows explorer into the now playing list doesnt also import linked file artwork
fix music explorer filter panel handling for files with multiple values in a tag
fix file rescan aborting when encountering a long filename (>260 chars)
support for dockable plugin panels
change to the way Locate in Windows Explorer is implemented
fix breaking change for the soundcloud search results
change the behavior of the Panel Layout button. It now shows a menu for quick layout changes, including the Hide Panel Header function and Arrange Panels dialog
thumbnail browser can now be configured to show text only with no thumbnails
Music Explorer filter panel can now be configured to show pictures (like the thumbnail browser)
various bug fixes

- various bug fixes and some UI improvements

- google album artwork search updated to handle changes made by google
- fixes a bug with MTP device synchronisation for the "playlists with own folder" setting
- fix for importing podcasts that cant be matched to an existing subscription
- tag editor panel stays locked when saving using the "Edit: Save" hotkey
- snap feature for windows 10 was leaving a 7px gap with the edge of the screen
- podcast naming template for device synchronisation now supported
- exit from MusicBee was triggering dsp_iZOzoneFree to crash
- auto-dj error message when de-selecting a library source
- when the artwork storage preference is set to a file naming template, a number of auto-tag functions that download artwork were not setting the picture filename
- invalid filename char mapping now supports null replacement (as opposed to replacing with a space)
- when the left sidebar is configured to auto-hide, the popup panel now includes a pin icon so it can be permanently displayed.
- changing fields/ order or sorting in the Tools/ Tagging "other files to edit..." panel was also changing the fields in the Track Details view for the main panel
- configurations for each of the filters in the Tools/ Tagging "other files to edit..." panel is now preserved on restart
- album covers panel with tracks displayed at the bottom of the panel: incorrect prompt when deleting files from a playlist and not maintaining the panel state when refreshed
- artwork not always refreshed in the Album Covers & Album and Tracks view when updated externally to MB and rescanned in MB
- improved "Album Color Mix" view for the Now Playing panel
- Album Picture Only view in the compact player has been improved when displayed in a wide layout, plus a couple of layout bugs fixed
- Album Covers expanded panel now sorts tracks by title if no disc/track number is tagged
- force restart with certain menu/ tab configuration setting combinations with unskinned window borders
- enhanced Music Explorer so you can now browse and filter by artist/ genre/ year etc, and enhance text search within the new panel
- "resume playback" setting in the Player preferences now restarts a radio stream
- tweaks to the transparency of the right sidebar when overlayed on the feature picture in the Now Playing panel
- double click to start playback from windows explorer not always working when "resume position" is enabled
- auto-shutdown at the end of the track fixed
- playlist manager - now supports all the right click commands that were missing eg. play now, send to, etc
- double click on the playing track text for the main player and sidebar player should now work correctly
- fix window resizing issue for windows 10 and auto-hidden task bar
- fix layout bug for the main player panel with certain skin and font size combinations
- and various other minor bugs

all changes since v3.0 Update 1:
- main panel now keeps focus when closing the tag editor (docked in the main panel) and clicking the save button
- fix freeze on startup with a specific combination of artwork panel set to "Selected Tracks" and the artwork storage type
- some visual improvements for drag/drop operations eg. scroll bar shouldnt flicker when dropping a file and artwork repaint should flicker less
- manual file scanner was failing with certain directory structures
- auto-playlists now refresh when editing tag values that affect the auto-playlist
- double click on the thumb browser when artists displayed in the main panel was not working
- windows screen border snap was not aligning correctly for the mini-player on windows 10
- the computer node in the left navigator was locking on start up with certain settings
- the Now Playing Bar has been updated to be more similar to v2.5 and also the missing right click context menu for the album cover is implemented
- for the Album Covers layout, the expanded panel now uses blended colours from the album cover
- global search should now perform faster in many cases
- mouse wheel anywhere on the player controls panel now adjusts the volume (as was the case with v2.5)
- create a new playlist now resorts the playlists in the navigator panel
- cd ripper: improved "encode selected" and volume analysis handling for failed or rips with errors
- expanded panel layout handling for multi-disc or sub-header grouping is improved so each disc/group starts on a new line
- playlist file linkages displayed in the "Playlists" field in the main panel now load in the background so not locking the GUI for large playlists
- right click/ Search/ Locate in Playlist now loads in the background so not locking the GUI for large playlists
- gradient blending for the expanded panel has been tweaked and improved to reduce banding effect for some album covers
- the selected tracks in the "Files to Edit" filter panel were not always used for various menu commands and a "No selected tracks" message was displayed
- the 'Track difference more than 10 seconds' option was missing from the Duplicates Manager
- further tweaks to the Now Playing Bar - now the panel is filled with a blend from the album cover
- added support for showing a small album cover in the main player controls panel. Right click/ Panel Layout/ Show Album Cover
- when the Playing Tracks panel has focus, MB no longer forces the panel to scroll the current track to the top
- text search for individual tracks when using the Album Covers or Artists view is now supported and enabled from the search menu dropdown
- Collapsed Albums grouping now shows duration and size of the album when an album is collapsed
- addressed temporary freezes when selecting items in a filter panel (thumb browser, column browser, library explorer) and the main panel is showing artists that require an image to be downloaded
- the filter panel in the "Music Explorer" panel now only shows values from files in your library and also respects any library filter active in the tab
- faster loading of file/ playlist linkages eg. when you show the "Playlist" field in the main panel, use Search/ Locate in Playlist etc

- various bug fixes and some UI improvements

- for details see:

- reverted the wavpack.exe version to the older version

- google artwork retrieval

- playlist synchronisation for MTP devices

- various minor bug fixes

Revamped user interface with more customisation and layout flexibility

Many users should see substantial performance improvements, especially for large libraries

Details in

NOTES for users upgrading from v2.x:

Most settings will be upgraded but the panel arrange settings wont. The panel layout can be configured by clicking the Panel Arrangement button to the left of the search box. Also see:

Although your existing skin should work with version 3, some skins won't look great with the new GUI design. Check the Skins board for updates that are not included in the release package:

Most plugins should work without modification when using version 3. Two exceptions are: Statistics: Similar Artists:

An embeded Web Browser is no longer included in the MusicBee application itself. Web links will now open in your default browser. However, you can still view web pages within MusicBee using an updated version of the Web Browser plugin.

Update to reduce bandwidth used for downloading artist pictures.

Various bug fixes.

Device synchronisation - speed improvements, enhanced UI, and more flexibility with files and playlists to be synched

Improved support for creating Virtual Devices

New "Recently Added" node in the podcasts panel

Various speed improvements when loading panels

Improved continous folder monitoring - now detects updates and deletions

Various UI enhancements for setting fields and editing the formula for virtual tags

Integrated Shoutcast radio station directory support

Player support for DSD files (but no tagging support)

Plugin support for UPNP devices

Plugin support for XBox music subscriptions and custom radio stations

Update to remove SSL3 protocol for https connections due to the "Poodle" vulnerability. This update is required for logons to work.

Also addresses an issue with locked MTP devices causing MusicBee to run at very high CPU and memory usage.

New "expanded view" for the artwork layout, where tracks are displayed in-place in the panel

Expanded view includes support for when the artwork layout is grouped by artist

Enhanced file organiser: you can define rules in the auto-organiser for each drive, and to move files across drives

The volume analysis tool has been enhanced to give better feedback and control when peaks would be clipped

Support for searching and playing internet tracks via Soundcloud

The progress of long running operations now shows in the windows taskbar (win7+)

Various layout enhancements for the Tabs Bar

Enhancements to the "Now Playing Assistant"

Enhancements to "Mixer" playlist criteria and shuffling

The library explorer can now be set to not filter tracks in the main panel when viewing Inbox and playlist nodes ie. allows dragging files from the library explorer into the main panel

Library filters can be directly edited using the right click button on a library filter node

Improved handling for winamp visualisers and support for "desktop mode" with other visualisers

Support for premium podcast subscriptions

Media keys should now work without the need for the "media keys" plugin

Various new plugins, such as VST sound effects, Discogs Tagger, Track Previewer, Skip Silence, MP3 Blog/ Web File Analyser

various bug fixes

thumbnail browser that shows artists, albums and genres with thumbnail pictures

"Track with Thumbnail" layout for the Now Playing list

improved layout and navigation for podcasts

improved podcast directory

new mini-player layout with artwork and spectrum visualiser

improved layout and additional configuration options for the Compact Player

improved search functionality in the Compact Player and Now Playing Assistant

volume analysis now uses the EBU R128 algorithm

OPUS is now supported for encoding

improved scrobble handling when the connection drops

various other changes - see forum 2.3 release log

search entire library feature

tag undo function

new and enhanced layout settings

various performance improvements

now shows high quality artist pictures

artwork download tool

theater mode and compact player now show movie backdrops for soundtracks

full synch backup function

various other changes - see forum 2.2 release log

new modern Compact Player mode which is focused on artist and album artwork

improved playback buffering and gapless playback for all output modes

various new layout options, improved usabilty and navigation improvements

wave bar and large spectrum visualiser that can be displayed in various configurations

tracks in your library can be colour highlighted according to custom rules you define added as an online music source for the auto-dj and as a genre based radio source and added to the radio station directory

enhanced playlist and artwork format support for MTP device synchronisation

numerous other changes - see forum 2.1 release log

2.0.4663 updated
XulRunner (for the internal web-browser) updated to the equivalent of Firefox 16.1 to address a Firefox security issue

no changes to MusicBee itself

TheaterMode plugin that has a visually oriented and minimalistic layout

player enhancements

improved buffering for music playback
15-band equaliser
playback of cuesheet files is now continous
OPUS file support
HDCD decoder plugin
support for Winamp output plugins
interface enhancements

windows 7 AeroSnap is now supported for skinned window borders
the main menu can now display as a button in the windows caption bar
tabs can now be docked in the windows caption bar
new "flat layout" for the player controls panel that has a more modern look
save and load custom views
various layout settings and enhancements
auto-open the left navigator panel when it is collapsed
various new hotkey functions
select or skip playback of files using a tickbox
auto-playlists enhancements

filter on similar artists and on similar tracks to the current playing track
various shuffling types to change the distribution of the matching tracks: Random; Higher Rating Preferred; Same/Different Artist
filter out duplicate tracks with the same artist and title on multiple albums
manually add extra files by drag/dropping files into the auto-playlist
filter based on information for the current playing track
the auto-DJ can now select similar tracks to the current playing track
plugin to generate playlists based on data from

support for windows 8
upgrade to .NET4
upgrade the internal web-browser to the equivalent of Firefox 16
video support (playback via a plugin and video file organisation)

new Swedish translation and updated translations for: Dutch, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese

numerous other changes as documented in the MusicBee forum

final release for version 1.4

CD/DVD burning for win7 and vista

artist photo slideshow and new "playing track" tab

new layout customisation settings

library explorer now has tabs to jump between different filters

play queue manager and auto-pruning for the now playing list

now playing list can now be displayed with album artwork

static playlists can now be set with specific views and fields

advanced naming functions for organising files

auto-calculated album ratings

volume analysis now allows adjusting the calculated replaygain values with clipping detection

option to automatically detect duplicates when importing files

new skins

completed Polish translation

various bug fixes

new layout options including docking the player to the top pane

play .m4a files using windows 7 AAC decoder

play or filter similar artists

support for Winamp Input plugins

Album & Tracks layout now has an option to show a preview of album tracks

faster display in Album & Tracks and artwork layout

larger pictures in the artwork view

Auto-Playlists can now group by results by whole albums

support for bookmarking tracks

functions supported in file naming templates (eg. If, IsNull, Left etc)

Dutch, Japanese, Polish and Spanish translations

final release for version 1.2

upgraded MusicBrainz API to address changes causing the CD Ripper and Auto-Tagger to return incorrect results in some cases

added French localisation

added plugin support for retrieving and playing tracks from Media Servers (a Subsonic server plugin has been created)

various bug fixes

localisation support

various improvements to the Artwork panel layout

new support for album-autotagging

various bug fixes

new player layout mode (compact player) and additional customisation for track information

new songkick concert functionality

new radio station type using tracks from Jamendo and ability to include Jamendo tracks in the auto-dj mix

new radio station directory support including: Icecast, Shoutcast, Soma Fm,, Jamendo and a presets file

new customisation settings for the now playing popup notification

improved library explorer functionality

improved tabs functionality including drag/drop support

improved layout customisation for the Album and Tracks view

improved album and track auto-taggers

many GUI improvements

fixed WASAPI output distortion on some computers

see for details

new Duplicates Manager

new Artist Visualiser that uses Home Theatre Backdrops ( and to display large pictures of the playing artist

new radio playlist

new autosweep on monitored folders

new support for multi-cpu encoding when synching to a device

new layout preference to dock the playlist from the now playing list panel into a tabbed panel at the bottom of the main panel.

new setting for device synchronisation to exclude low bitrate files from being converted in the 'convert all files' setting

new auto-synch love rating and playcount which can be enabled in Preferences/ Plugins/

new artist track count field

new right click/ Locate Artist available in the Now Playing list

new unlove a track

new 'Find More 'xxxx' in Library' right click context menu item, where 'xxxx' is the current clicked field

new Group By setting in the Artwork view (Album, Artist or Composer)

new nesting on auto-playlist query conditions

new remove tags function

new export subscriptions as OPML file

new LyricsDB added as a lyrics provider

fix mp3 file tags not being saved in some cases (usually when embedding new artwork or lyrics)

fix WASAPI output not working on some soundcards

new WASAPI (exclusive mode) support for Vista, Win7

new gapless playback for DirectSound and WASAPI output for most formats

new support for ChartLyrics as a lyrics provider

new right click/ correct lyrics on source website

new caching for web lyrics

change folder filtering so windows7 libraries cannot be selected

fix folder re-organisation not releasing memory

remove lyricsPlugin and viewLyrics as lyric providers

fix folder monitor so cut/pasted folders are now detected in continuous mode

fix create library when invoked using the SHIFT key being pressed on startup

fix Ctrl-A now selects all tracks in the Now Playing list displayed in the mini-player

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