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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Mpeg2Schnitt

The current version is 0.9: (26.12.07)

There is a new window "film overview" (opinion --> film overview) with film/advertisement search support (binary search).
On cut average pictures of the in and Outschnittes can be indicated (options --> cut list).
Framegenauer cut and video effects are possible. Furthermore long Gops can again be computed to. In addition a Encoderscript is necessary (options --> external programs).
The actual cut now always takes place with the SchnittTool. One presses a temporary project on the CUT key in the temp listing (options --> listings) is stored and the SchnittTool with this project in the "a project mode" started. The program Mpeg2Schnitt is not opened during the SchnittTool is to be served. In the SchnittTool still changes can be made now. OK ONE starts the schnittvorgang and a breaking off brings us back to M2S. After the cut the SchnittTool is closed and activated M2S. The SchnittTool can being naturally also used like used.
The attitudes for video and audio effects, Encoden(framegenauer cut) and Nachbearbeitung(z.B. Muxen) are made now in Scripten. This Scripte must be produced and worked on provisionally with a normal editor. In the listing audio effect is to be found the Script with the same function as in the old version (to 0.8.7). In the listing video effect is the appropriate Script for video effects. AVISynth must be insalliert. In the listing Encoder are contained of Scripte to framegenauen cuts.
Which values for the bit rate and the Aspectratio can be adjusted into the first sequence header of the new video file will in-GET-MOVE.

Version 0.87
The language files ( are updated. (English, Italiano, Espa�l, Greek)
The French translation is already very old. Here I look for still another translator.

Version 0.8: (16.02.06) Archives "" contain all for the program of needed files. In addition a listing tree produced on also the provided attitudes to be based. In the individual listings "Liesmich.txt" files with data are to the necessary programs (Muxen, effects). In archives "" are contained only the changed files in relation to the version 0.7.1.
* changed surface
* Error eliminates
* smaller improvements

Version 0.7.1: (19.06.05)

* smaller changes in the main program
* English language file
* changed German language file
* changed Scriptdatei "Scriptvorlage_ganzer_Film.txt" (DVDAuthor)

Version 0.7: (12.06.05)

* The in OUT keys is red dyed no longer expenditure-had a horror to separate. It is to be set now possible a "bad" cut. The sense will in the assistance file "as make I which/disalignment between video and audio to eliminate and/or correct" clearly.
* There is a new chapter list.
* The old chapter list became the mark list. With the key "mark" can be inserted a mark into the list. The option "option window/mark list/other/inserting" steers where the new mark is inserted.
* The key "- - >|"and the key" plays 2 seconds before the current position|>"2 seconds starting from the current position. The playing time is adjustable in "option window/navigation/playing time".
* The menu option "Optionen/xxx" opens the option window with the appropriate record sheet.
* The menu option "auxiliary functions" accommodates the functions cut search, current picture stores, current picture copies and current Audioframe stores.
* All attitudes of the program can be settled now in the option window.
* The clay/tone can be in and faded out at the intersections. With AC3 audio functions it only conditionally.
* There is not a HTML assistance those yet everything takes off to be however constantly extended is (must be specially gentleman-under-loaded) * the translation files of the program (* spr) to have to be still adapted.
* The Projekttool does not process audio in and fading out.
* The cut search was continued to improve. Also the video is scanned. (Logo, type character box...)
* The option "only i-Frames play" in the context menu of the window makes possible a playing of HDTV files.
* The file window height and the list window width can be adapted.
* The translation files of the program (* spr) must be still adapted.
* Italian and French translations were added.

Version 0.6l: (22.01.05)

* Greek translation added.

Version 0.6l: (27.06.04)

* Errors with the video cut repaired (files with only one sequence header at the beginning)
* File dialogues fall back with a missing listing to the next higher listing
* The parameter "standard ending using" will be set in the working environment to 1 in the memory dialogue not the endings of the source files to separate the values of the parameters "video standard endings, MPEG standard endings, AC3Standardendungen" used. A video file name with ending, registered in the memory dialogue, is used with priority (the parameter "audio standard endings" intends the audio file for playing is opened)
* "only audio cut" is possible
* in the chapter list the formats can be indicated to 3 at the same time the variable "Kapitel_TrennZeichen" in the working environment file contain the separators between the chapter marks (~ blank means)
* on cut average a format selection is possible (similarly chapter list) the variable "Schnittpunkt_Trennzeichen" in the working environment file contains the separators between the in and Outschnittpunkten (~ blank means)
* new file counting format with that the functions of "intersections individually store" and "file store + 1" to be affected (see Hinweise.txt)

Version 0.6k: (02.06.04)

* Cut search for "digital silence" extends
* Working environment administration extended (see Hinweise.txt)

Version 0.6j: (27.05.04)

* Command line parameters are possible (Hinweise.txt)
* Menu option "project insert" inserts the project before the marking on cut average
* Project can be handed over as parameters
* Project can be loaded by Drag&Drop on the file and the cut window
* Working environment can be handed over as parameters
* beside the "Mpeg2Schnitt.ini" there are a "Standard.mau" and new options now for working environment administration
* new entry in the working environment (* mau)"target file name ="
The entry is not empty with to press on cuts for a file name is not asked.
* new option "program after cutting terminate"
* Option sequence end header ignore added
* Option firm bit rate in first headers added
* Chapter lists in 3 formats possible
* Language support extends
* Large lower case with file endings is ignored
* Change of the cut computation video (e.g. for i-Frame only files)
* D2V-Dateien can be put on for the finished cut file

Version 0.6i: (27.04.04)

* Language support
* no computation of the free storage location "over the network"
* Changes of the audio index production and audio cut computation (should have no effects)

Version 0.6h: (26.02.04)

* Errors during the audio computation (with audio offset) repaired
* existing index lists (active video and audio file) do not need again to be read in with the cut
* Preview for cuts added
* Chapter list added
* Errors of the video representation with covered video window repaired
* Only audio files store (option/cut option/with cutting only audio store) possible
* Expenditure (Muxen) after cutting (option/cut option/after cuts Ausgabe(Muxen)). Read please the file "Hinweise.txt" from archives
* The keys I and O function now also when clicking into the sliding control range and with the keys < > (z.B. I gedrückt halten und dann auf > to click or "to the right the key" press jumps to the next i-Frame)
* With one click on the sliding control jumps the slidegate valve for mouse position
* Function of "cuts look for" inserted (file window menu), which marked audio file then for "digital silence" scanned and from this provided a cut list
* New mpeg2lib.dll on the Downloadseite, which is error with the wrong announcement (a picture was always indicated too far) repaired

Version 0.6g: (21.12.03)

* Starting from this version a license agreement must be accepted (GNU GPL) around abuse to avoid
* Errors with the sequence header correct repaired
* Error with file names with points repaired (there is now a separator, sees description)
* Computation of the audio cut improves
* The indicator size can be set now to smooth values (25%, 50%...)
* The video can be indicated as frame
* Intersections (also only marked) can be stored into individual projects
* Intersections (also only marked) can be cut into individual files
* Index files can be produced now during the cut for the new files

Version 0.6f: (06.11.03)

* Errors with finding the first audio header repaired
* Errors when examining the index file repaired
* Asking rate in the first sequence header correct inserted (the first sequence header of the cut video file is overwritten with the bit rate of the first sequence header of the source file)

Version 0.6e: (26.10.03)

* Minutes function imported (not yet completely)
* better error check with file open
* more exact examination of the file headers
* Working environments imported
* Audio files with same ending are not no more overwritten when cutting

Version 0.6d: (08.10.03)

* Errors with the DirectShow expenditure for clay/tone repaired (position computation)

Version 0.6c: (07.10.03)

* Errors with compute the video size (not equal 25 picture/sec.) repaired
* DirectShow for audio rendition inserted (the audio rendition, particularly AC3, should improves)

Version 0.6b: (02.10.03)

* Errors picture back key repaired
* Errors (division by 0) in the audio size computation repaired
* Option no audio play inserted
* Menu options changes

Version 0.6a: (30.09.03)

* Errors with the audio cut repaired

Version 0.6: (28.09.03)

* several files at one time read in
* all audio files with the same name as the video file and an ending in the Ini file under audio file endings is specified are automatically loaded as well
* new menu option "option/video after that indicate" can indicating the file invited last and reading the Idd files in open prevent
* new menu option "file/index files provide" provided from all files in the file window the Idd file
* new menu option "option/time code correct" can the neuschreiben of the Timcodes with cut to prevent
* there is an extra program for produces the Idd files (IndexTool)
* Errors with the cut of 44100 cycles per second of audio files repaired
* Index files for audio changed
* AC3-Dateien can be now cut (untested) note: the ending * ac3 must be added in the Ini file under audio file endings
* Errors of the cut announcement of the sliding control with large files repaired

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