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Changes and bug fixes in Miro 6.0

New features
bz:17239 (all) Audio CD metadata fetching
Bug fixes
bz:11972 (Linux) flash doesn't work on linux
bz:14545 (all) Unittests should check logging output
bz:15153 (Linux) Miro Doesn't play newly added items if they don't match the search
bz:17009 (OS X) drop support for OSX on PPC
bz:17785 (all) audio skips when changing tab
bz:17880 (all) MP3 conversion quality is very low
bz:17925 (all) import_itunes_path should handle ValueError exception
bz:17946 (all) extracted thumbnails don't always show for podcast items
bz:18595 (all) Give the frontend its own database.
bz:18812 (all) Figure out device database upgrades for versions past 5.0
bz:18863 (all) don't pre-create displays during delayed display switching
bz:19039 (all) Add thread check in Widget.__init__
bz:19099 (all) Switch to Write-Ahead Log (WAL) mode for sqlite.
bz:19170 (all) remove Hybrid from the Preferences - Podcasts Default view setting.
bz:19176 (all) in update_status NameError: global name 'new_title' is not defined
bz:19177 (all) in _item_info_for AttributeError: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'get'
bz:19179 (all) in _actual_url_callback TypeError: _run_downloader() got an unexpected keyword argument 'contentType'
bz:19180 (all) in handle_temporary_error TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'NoneType' and 'int'
bz:19228 (all) Fix retry_time column handling
bz:19231 (all) info from entry_description not migrated from 4.0.6 to 5.0
bz:19244 (OS X) Miro is creates and opens unwanted files on external media
bz:19245 (all) title may not displayed when using download url
bz:19249 (OS X) Bad LC_CTYPE crashes Miro
bz:19270 (OS X) os x 6.0 nightly builds are 75 MB
bz:19272 (OS X) stuck with one item left - codegen.darwin / ffmpeg keep running
bz:19293 (all) AttributeError: 'ItemInfo' object has no attribute 'download_info'
bz:19299 (all) self.titlebar.update_resume_button(, AttributeError: 'ItemInfo' object has no attribute 'name'
bz:19304 (all) Database Upgrades can fail with WAL Mode
bz:19308 (all) AttributeError: 'GTKCustomCellRenderer' object has no attribute 'path'
bz:19309 (all) _make_base_query ValueError: Can't handle tab (u'others', u'others')
bz:19323 (all) ditch ffmpeg2theora for miro
bz:19356 (Windows) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_property'
bz:19369 (all) 'name': volume.get_drive().get_name(), AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_name'
bz:19370 (all) WindowsError: [Error 3] The system cannot find the path specified
bz:19372 (all) Handle errors in device sqlite databases
bz:19373 (all) always_show setting doesn't take effect
bz:19374 (all) Miro doesn't save device preferences when it's closed
bz:19379 (all) Device Database Bugs
bz:19380 (all) Can't eject device first time connected if device has media files with no id3 data
bz:19395 (OS X) Add build signing to the build scripts
bz:19401 (all) remove ffmpeg2theora from helperscripts
bz:19408 (Linux) Don't install enmfp-codegen binaries for other architectures
bz:19411 (all) ConnectionLimitError when changing tabs
bz:19412 (all) KeyError in ItemChanges
bz:19413 (all) MiroUnicodeError in check_b
bz:19414 (all) playlists completely empty
bz:19425 (all) AttributeError: 'ItemInfo' object has no attribute 'up_rate'
bz:19429 (OS X) playback fails for videos: AttributeError: 'ItemInfo' object has no attribute 'name'
bz:19434 (all) in copy_item_url AttributeError: 'ItemInfo' object has no attribute 'file_url'
bz:19436 (all) add to the default sources list
bz:19443 (all) paused downloads don't show as paused and total download speed wrong
bz:19464 (OS X) Fix 10.8 deprecation messages
bz:19478 (all) Add Podcast cause Miro to crash
bz:19484 (all) Crash playing while in small width mode
bz:19503 (all) Deleting a device item should delete screenshot files
bz:19506 (OS X) When connecting a device. ProgrammingError: You must not use 8-bit bytestrings
bz:19507 (OS X) crash updating device db
bz:19508 (OS X) Key error attaching device: in update_obj KeyError: 'Updating non-existent row (id: 409)'
bz:19509 (all) downloading item status display when connection lost
bz:19540 (all) Download does not start with arguments in file URL
bz:19671 (Linux) Miro 6.0-git (19d2dd7a) - Menu item "Check version"
bz:19673 (Linux) Miro 6.0-git (19d2dd7a) - Filter downloaded
bz:19690 (Linux) Handle SQLite database errors in the new data code.
bz:19695 (OS X) get this trying to share on osx -> osx
bz:19712 (OS X) Sharing: miro/data/connectionpool.pyo", line 100, in get_connection ConnectionLimitError
bz:19715 (Windows) Latest Miro build for windows does not work.
bz:19727 (all) AttributeError: 'ItemInfo' object has no attribute 'video_path'
bz:19730 (all) in add_download_info, in write UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'xf6' in position 24: ordinal not in range(128)
bz:19731 (all) miro fails to start git 851b8eb5
bz:19732 (all) error: _try_save_temp_to_disk failed
bz:19748 (all) Sharing Playlists section showing podcasts content
bz:19766 (all) Can't change cover art for items
bz:19768 (all) Finish new sort code
bz:19775 (OS X) clicking quit on db error dialog doesn't quit Miro
bz:19779 (Linux) searching in feeds or tabs shows no results
bz:19780 (OS X) in select_has_playables disk I/O error
bz:19797 (Linux) assertion `GTK_WIDGET_ANCHORED (socket)' failed gtk.main() Segmentation fault
bz:19805 (OS X) Broken thumbs for podcasts
bz:19812 (all) hybrid view album sort is grouping empty data together
bz:19813 (all) only delete option for watched folder items
bz:19815 (all) Error with unicode when connecting device
bz:19820 (all) first-time install startup error: 'module' object has no attribute 'icon_cache_updater'
bz:19821 (all) in handle_set_item_resume_time File "miro/itemsource.pyo", line 291, in get_handler AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'source_type'
bz:19822 (all) _item_from_podcast AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith'
bz:19823 (all) Key error: _calc_group_info File "miro/data/itemtrack.pyo", line 627, in get_row
bz:19826 (all) Failed external download are not remaining in the download tab with error displayed
bz:19827 (all) crash in _do_iteration()
bz:19828 (all) in item_continuous_playback_mode AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'remote'
bz:19831 (Linux) (Miro-git 386771e1) - menu item "edit item details"
bz:19833 (Linux) (Miro-git 386771e1) - context menu does not show "pause dl"
bz:19847 (all) setup_new add_file, item already added error.
bz:19848 (all) AttributeError: 'DeviceItemInfo' object has no attribute 'video_path'
bz:19849 (all) list view missing copy to miro button for devices
bz:19850 (all) crash on client when deleting items from share server
bz:19851 (all) podcast search not searching full description text
bz:19852 (Windows) Windows playback fails
bz:19854 (all) saved search podcasts do not search full description text
bz:19856 (all) clicking play button for item in the sidebar of the miro guide tab on_play_clicked AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'PlayMovie'
bz:19858 (all) errors trying to preform actions on device
bz:19859 (all) error starting playback.
bz:19864 (all) queued downloads are not showing as queued in the dl tab
bz:19873 (all) update libtorrent version to 0.16.8
bz:19878 (all) unittest failure: ERROR: test_error_fetching_list (miro.test.databaseerrortest.TestItemTrackErrors)
bz:19882 (all) stacktrace searching engines - too quickly.
bz:19883 (all) remove metavid from search engine list
bz:19887 (all) Individual downloads are not displayed in the Library.
bz:19896 (all) item.pyo", line 524, in expiration_date TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'datetime.datetime' and 'unicode'
bz:19897 (all) searching for hyphenated term
bz:19899 (all) core dump: miro_fixed_list_store_row_of_iter: assertion failed
bz:19900 (all) download display name doesn't update for magnet torrent downloads
bz:19904 (all) downloaded yt video title display doesn't reflect scraped title
bz:19905 (all) core dumps when I switch away from playing video in source
bz:19908 (all) ConnectionLimitError crashes.
bz:19911 (all) Change the data format of the feed.expireTime column.
bz:19913 (all) Another ItemTracker crash
bz:19915 (all) app.icon_cache_updater.shutdown() AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'icon_cache_updater'
bz:19918 (Linux) invalid literal for int() with base 10 when updating db
bz:19920 (OS X) sidebar didn't collapse when closing sections
bz:19924 (all) KeyError: <class 'miro.item.SharingItem'>
bz:19925 (Windows) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'bulk_add'
bz:19926 (Windows) File "mirodevices.pyc", line 1307, in __getitem__ KeyError: u'sync'
bz:19927 (Linux)", line 224, in filename_to_unicode return filename.decode(locale.getpreferredencoding()) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'decode'
bz:19928 (Windows) line 683, in on_item_changes RuntimeError: Set changed size during iteration
bz:19936 (Windows) in set_run_at_startup WindowsError: [Error 5] Access is denied
bz:19941 (Windows) Windows access error on shutdown, terminating subprocess
bz:19942 (Windows) watch history extension breaks playback
bz:19943 (all) watched folder video audio filters show no results
bz:19944 (all) podcast items don't adhere to 'show' setting
bz:19948 (Linux) GTK Timeout: in lookup_class raise KeyError(key)
bz:19953 (all) crash clicking on the download tab
bz:19955 (all) clicking on podcasts tab: NameError: global name 'api' is not defined
bz:19957 (all) in client_update_error_callback AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'is_closed'
bz:19963 (all) Crash when switching to a device tab that we can't eject
bz:19964 (all) Youtorrent site is unavailable - we should remove it
bz:19966 (all) Google searches are returning no results
bz:19969 (Linux)", line 187, in _volume_removed KeyError: '/dev/sr0'

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 6.0

Bug fixes - updates coming soon

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 5.0.4

Bug fixes
bz:19590 (all) Fix Youtube downloads
bz:19305 (all) Fix downloading "private" Vimeo videos

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 5.0.3

Bug fixes
bz:19415 (OS X) Issues downloading torrents (magnets) on mountain lion

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 5.0.2

Bug fixes
bz:19276 (all) link to 7digital in the preference area for the metadata cleanup
bz:19227 (all) file added to closed MetadataManager
bz:19273 (Windows) in set_text TypeError: Gtk.Label.set_text() argument 1 must be string
bz:19018 (Windows) Play Externally" Shows File in Windows Explorer
bz:19345 (Windows) KeyError: 3700 - when deleting multiple podcasts.
bz:19300 (OS X) sign the osx binaries

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 5.0.1 (pending)

Bug fixes
bz:17220 (all) crash on database upgrade: OperationalError: no such table: dtv_variables
bz:18453 (OS X) Vimeo "likes" are not downloaded
bz:19066 (all) Intermittent Vimeo download failure
bz:19075 (Windows) Monitor goes into power saving mode while playing back
bz:19076 (Windows) Mouse doesn't disappear in fullscreen playback mode on windows
bz:19079 (all) clicking yes to donate resets the counter to 100 but doesn't wait 6 months before displaying the ask again
bz:19109 (all) Re-fetch 7-digital data
bz:19136 (all) Crash in check_subprocess_hung
bz:19145 (all) n _scrape_vimeo_download_errback TypeError: sequence index must be integer, not 'str'
bz:19150 (all) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'group'

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 5.0

New features
bz:9226 (all) dual audio files
bz:11640 (all) Download Vimeo HD videos, if available
bz:17399 (all) Miro needs a "currently playing" shortcut
bz:17766 (all) device enhancements meta ticket
bz:17771 (all) don't convert videos when they don't need to be converted to work on the device
bz:17772 (all) device fill maximum level setting
bz:17773 (all) auto-sync setting
bz:17774 (all) fill remaining space
bz:17879 (all) when items expire out of Miro, expire them off synced devices
bz:18170 (all) Update the Global Preferences panel General tab
bz:18547 (all) Add a context menu to allow setting the Video Kind metadata field
bz:18694 (all) In-app donation requests
Bug fixes
bz:8103 (all) Can't change view in app while videos are migrating to new storage.
bz:17226 (all) Miro Says "Movies directory gone" no way to recover.
bz:17528 (all) preference panel tabs get translated at import
bz:17544 (all) better emusic support
bz:17552 (OS X) Update stuff in Miro binary kit
bz:17578 (Linux and Windows) expanding folder should not select folder
bz:17611 (Linux and Windows) (4.0.1 - 90022384) keep button during playback
bz:17620 (Linux) Unknown Extension options: 'runtime_dirs'
bz:17656 (all) show version and git sha in titlebar in dev mode
bz:17668 (Windows) No support for RTL and complex scripts in subtitles
bz:17749 (Windows) miro does not recognize changes in proxy configuration
bz:17764 (Linux) Debian bug report: Scary exception: ImportError: No module named xinerenderer
bz:17765 (all) highlight enter device area when dragging an item onto any part
bz:17770 (all) syncing progress bar fixes
bz:17793 (Windows) "erno 13, permission denied"
bz:17857 (all) Circle position slider does not allow precision skipping
bz:17878 (OS X) migration dialog gets half hidden on osx
bz:17884 (all) Various files are executable although they don't need to be
bz:17908 (all) play/pause/play sequence from item context menu restarts from beginning
bz:17912 (all) Mac binary kit installation install stuff into /Applications
bz:17945 (all) move infoupdater and friends from widgets to portable
bz:17959 (all) rhythmbox can't disconnect from miro share
bz:17973 (all) find_next_item IndexError: pop from empty list
bz:18122 (all) always round down instead of up for odd dimension handling
bz:18135 (all) Auto-download option selector works in wrong order
bz:18175 (all) device syncing: files with the same filename overwrite each other
bz:18191 (OS X) AttributeError: 'ContinuousDrawableButton' object has no attribute 'releaseInBounds'
bz:18239 (all) miro handles malformed HEAD request badly
bz:18269 (all) Skip connect error test when on a proxy
bz:18287 (all) Download from url queue gets deleted if Miro is closed.
bz:18375 (all) 4.0.3 Unknown Error at Startup
bz:18389 (all) DatabaseConstraintError: signal_change() called on non-existant object
bz:18390 (all) code cleanup: nuke
bz:18453 (all) Vimeo "likes" are not downloaded
bz:18487 (all) Crash: ObjectNotFoundError during watched folder updates
bz:18502 (all) TrackItems is slow on startup
bz:18513 (OS X) Crash in get_enabled_audio_track
bz:18518 (all) Customized user agent for miro guide in app store
bz:18524 (all) YouTube videos with only FLV resource fail to download
bz:18548 (all) crash: bad conversion from unicode to str
bz:18560 (Linux) Exception when calculating the result for the progress bar
bz:18592 (Linux) Ubuntu 11.10 conversion fail... -strict experimental switch in wrong place... easy fix?
bz:18691 (all) it is not possible to add any item to a Playlist.
bz:18730 (all) max connections setting seems broken
bz:18860 (all) Can't stream sharing items
bz:18881 (all) Exception when reordering playlists.
bz:18882 (all) failing unit tests
bz:18886 (all) Search thumbnails not invalidated properly when a new search is performed
bz:18891 (Linux) GTK segfault, possible refcount error
bz:18893 (all) in on_new_metadata KeyError: u'fake-volume-E'
bz:18894 (all) in add_video IndexError: list index out of range
bz:18914 (Windows) in get_variable OperationalError: database is locked
bz:18915 (Windows) in do_button_release_event AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'button'
bz:18918 (Windows) in copy_subtitle_file File "shutil.pyc", line 47, in copyfile
bz:18992 (OS X) edit file (video) no Ok buttom in some languages
bz:19020 (all) Preferences dialog: The "Close" button is in English for all languages in Miro 5.0-rc2 (de6acfba)
bz:19032 (all) IntegrityError: column path is not unique

Miro 5 Release Candidate builds are posted…

There are some awesome improvements in this release.

1. Song information and Album art lookup

Clean up your music collection by automatically looking up
the Artist, correct title, and album name and artwork among other thing.

2. Album View

A clean view to group together all your songs by Album and Artist. Also a simplified way to view video items by kind (Movies, Clips, Podcasts…)

3. Faster Device Syncing and Conversions

We’ve added a Quick fill option to get your music onto your device fast! Automatic syncing, options to convert only when necessary, and updates to the ffmpeg binaries.

4. eMusic in the Stores section

Purchase music from eMusic and add it straight to your library.

5. Download HD videos from Vimeo feeds

When available, you can now download HD quality videos from Vimeo podcasts.

6. Massive updates to the Windows backend

From playback to gui display to libtorrent, everything is updated and upgraded.

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 4.0.6 (January 31, 2012)

New features
Bug fixes
bz:17804 (windows) Feeds stopped updating
bz:18656 (all) non-torrent downloads (feeds or individual) update on download and use filename instead of original item name.
bz:18681 (all) TypeError: can only concatenate list (not "set") to list

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 4.0.5 (January 19, 2012)

New features
Bug fixes
bz:18625 (Windows) Some magnet downloads are not properly moved from Incomplete Downloads

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 4.0.4 (December 24, 2011)

New features
bz:10289 (Windows) Easy Install on windows should detect location of previous install
Bug fixes
bz:17792 (all) KeyError during item delete
bz:17913 (Linux) Miro fails to start with libavformat 0.8.0 due to compiler errors
bz:17952 (all) Better detect whether an item is podcast or not and populate the field (affects Miro Mobile)
bz:17965 (all) Drag and drop can reorder items
bz:18002 (all) Implement podcast view for shares
bz:18008 (all) Scroll position can reset
bz:18021 (all) UnicodeDecodeError when trying to plug in external disk
bz:18087 (all) client side data not always updated when items edited on server
bz:18102 (all) straighten out podcast sharing behavior
bz:18114 (all) tighten up error handling when remote share gets yanked
bz:18116 (all) CantPlayWidget should not show reveal file or open externally for remote (shared) items
bz:18125 (all) While handling idle (result callback (Sharing Client ubuntu @ (jed.local., 3689)))
bz:18130 (all) cheap sharing performance upgrades that we should do
bz:18148 (all) UnicodeDecodeError while plugging in iPod
bz:18181 (OS X) upgrade to perian 1.2.3
bz:18384 (all) transcode sink should not bail out prematurely
bz:18385 (all) transcode cleanup handler not always invoked

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 4.0.3 (August 11th, 2011)

Bug fixes
bz:17994 (all) Implement item push notifications in response to item changes
bz:18001 (all) some videos can not be played in Miro Mobile
bz:18013 (all) Accept-encoding: gzip for pydaap
bz:18030 (all) Youtube feed downloads not working - Unable to scrape YouTube URL
bz:18035 (all) Don't send /logout for daap connection to server when we are done

Changes and bug fixes in Miro (pending)

Bug fixes
bz:17566 (OS X) Miro on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
bz:17956 (all) playlist doesn't show items
bz:17887 (all) french locale is replaced with galician

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 4.0.2 (June 29, 2011)

bz:17570 all Width of sidebar not saved between restarts
bz:17569 all New feeds should have an option to default to list view

Bug fixes
bz:17729 all Handle database errors when loading item info cache
bz:17605 all ngrams takes too much memory
bz:17693 all Miro only updates feeds once, at startup
bz:17687 all Error when switching from a unloaded browser tab
bz:17556 all error on upgrade124
bz:17328 all audio skipping
bz:17586 all set_text TypeError: Gtk.Label.set_text() argument 1 must ...
bz:17818 all", line 197, in set_initial_source wi...
bz:17791 all ValueError on quit, subprocess related
bz:17786 all can't daap share items downloaded via torrent
bz:17722 all use after free in fasttypes.c
bz:17700 all crash when fast resume can't be saved
bz:17699 all _get_display_states AttributeError: 'ChannelGuide' object...
bz:17696 all Disable unselecting all listview headers
bz:17649 all crash in vlc.pyc when toggling pause - VLCError: 0 'Input...
bz:17600 all Gzip encoded feeds do not work
bz:17581 all Missing NULL check in daap_timeout_callback()
bz:17575 all Change to sidebar item heights (UI)
bz:17574 all don't scrape numbers out of item titles
bz:17559 all AttributeError: 'WatchedFolderTitlebar' object has no att...
bz:17555 all Delete button in video popout does not stop playback
bz:17554 all TypeError: list indices must be integers, not unicode
bz:17543 all error when a file moves outside of miro
bz:17540 all fix issues with strings
bz:17537 all Convert things of str type to Python strings before tryin...
bz:17508 all Video filters can mess with shuffle logic
bz:17491 all duplicates in podcast/playlist delete confirmation
bz:17756 all miro Some files should not be executable in the ...
bz:17775 Linu Miro won't download new files !
bz:17758 Linu miro hangs upon startup due to ipv6 issues
bz:17724 Linu error: unpack requires a string argument of length 8
bz:17209 Linu Rendering error in in KDE 4.6 based distros
bz:17628 Linu miro wrapper not working for debugging
bz:17604 Linu Both the command line options "--frontend cli" and "--fro...
bz:17594 Linu miro-segmenter gets put in the wrong place
bz:17506 Linu ejecting a CD that was present when Miro started causes c...
bz:17744 OS X Lost Meta Data After Reconnecting to Disconnected Externa...
bz:17725 OS X Feeds fail to update with subprocess
bz:17653 OS X Deleting a feed may result in empty display
bz:17216 OS X feedparser can freeze UI
bz:17714 OS X Crash: NotImplementedError in pref window when PATH does ...
bz:17713 OS X Crash: at startup using custom defined language and Miro ...
bz:17712 OS X Crash when not using full path to spawn diskutil
bz:17659 OS X Crash: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute...
bz:17587 OS X overlay.pyo", line 388, in update_ ZeroDivisionError: flo...
bz:17731 Wind Unusably laggy with a lot of watched folders/media
bz:17664 Wind Miro hangs after upgrading database to 4.0
bz:17698 Wind crash in guidecontroller.pyc/249/KeyError
bz:17599 Wind An unknown error prevented Miro from startup.
bz:17518 Wind .miro directories appearing on all hard drives besides C:
bz:17218 Wind WindowsError in usbutils.pyc line 209

Changes and bug fixes in Miro (June 2, 2011 - Windows only)

Bug fixes
bz:17593 (Windows) Miro hangs while saying 'preparing items'

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 4.0.1 (May 24th, 2011)

Bug fixes
bz:17270 (all) can't get rid of horizontal scroll bar
bz:17326 (all) Podcast metadata not available on Miro Mobile / daap
bz:17329 (Linux) StandardView titles containing unusually tall characters don't display on Natty
bz:17440 (all) shouldn't restore columns in displays where they have become unavailable
bz:17441 (all) miro becomes unresponsive when batch marking items as played
bz:17492 (all) find_next_item crash in empty list
bz:17494 (all) "Remove Podcast" button does nothing in watched folder
bz:17513 (all) crash clicking Connect during startup
bz:17538 (Windows) Windows No Disk
bz:17542 (OS X) sort arrow glitch in list view for state column
bz:17547 (all) Crash when entering invalid value for season number in Item Edit
bz:17548 (all) Warn on sharing quit confirmation checkbox reads the wrong preference
bz:17557 (all) unicode error related to coverart.

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 4.0 (May 23rd, 2011)

New features
bz:3059 (all) history page ... what did I just play?
bz:6985 (all) Offer to add iTunes music library as a watched folder
bz:8696 (all) extension system
bz:9285 (all) Add a menu item to 'Import Media'
bz:9440 (all) add shuffle/repeat playback options
bz:9487 (all) Add autodownload configuration in options
bz:9779 (all) Impossible to delete a video without mouse during playback
bz:9999 (all) copy video url should always be active
bz:10381 (all) Add support for magnet links
bz:10989 (all) move download stats to bottom of view
bz:11412 (all) Video controls look disabled
bz:11594 (all) extend context menu for items for copying url
bz:11695 (all) select urls from feed settings dialog
bz:11937 (all) Add option to detect audio files in first time startup
bz:12029 (all) add a watched / unwatched filter option to feeds
bz:12748 (all) no way to clear last search result
bz:12861 (all) Remember Last Tab/Sort Order/Scroll Position in Media List/Sidebar
bz:12950 (Linux) app indicator support
bz:14558 (all) Support Amazon Download Store
bz:14712 (all) IPv6 capability
bz:14775 (OS X) new volume slider
bz:14818 (all) no matches in a view should show "no matches"
bz:15025 (all) remove -git checking; add app.debugmode
bz:15194 (all) build regression test system for feedparser
bz:15203 (all) Make transfering to portable music player easier
bz:15526 (all) Implement top-level Podcasts tab
bz:15532 (all) Create widget for 'rating' metadata
bz:15541 (all) add dev menu
bz:15548 (all) edit item properties in bulk
bz:15646 (all) arrows for song skipping, spacebar for play / pause
bz:15793 (all) new 'Stores' sidebar section
bz:15841 (all) Miro Connect screen design
bz:15972 (all) New Item details Pane
bz:16012 (all) save crash reports to a file on disk near the log files
bz:16120 (all) global preferences for showing / hiding podcast content in library tabs
bz:16165 (all) add Android Market as a default Store in sidebar
bz:16169 (all) add "see crash report" button to crash reporter dialog
bz:16332 (Linux) Make download/cancel feel faster
bz:16335 (all) Improve sort performance
bz:16346 (all) Add DHT support to Miro
bz:16371 (Linux) no conversion - copies should have their own queue
bz:16615 (all) make optional miro guide open on default
bz:16654 (all) implement Import Media
bz:16786 (all) default stores, source, podcasts

Bug fixes
bz:847 (all) Security Audit of Launching external player
bz:4821 (all) relative links fails to resolve.
bz:7789 (OS X) complete *.divx file support
bz:7993 (all) thumbnail generations retries to generate thumbnails on items where it previously failed.
bz:8457 (OS X) Dragging metal area does nothing
bz:9046 (OS X) Miro treats *.iMovieProject files as folders
bz:9232 (OS X) Get Error Changing Movies Directory. You don't have permission to write to the directory you selected.
bz:9266 (Linux) Miro causes a lot wake-ups while idle
bz:9357 (Windows) On windows vista, runs first time setup screen everytime it is launch. (doesn't retain settings)
bz:9360 (OS X) Miro dock icon counts, but Miro does nothing else
bz:9541 (Windows) Main window stops responding
bz:9869 (all) Expandable/Collapsable Sidebar Sections
bz:9928 (Windows) Miro prevents Windows shut down
bz:10113 (all) implement navigate with arrows
bz:10142 (OS X) Paused Videos prevent the system from starting the screensaver
bz:10156 (all) There's no copy and paste. Makes it hard to add a channel from something you find within Miro
bz:10321 (Linux) Video playback is squished after disabling dual screen
bz:10560 (Linux) setting HOME environment for running in test sandbox variable causes problems
bz:11111 (all) add items to playlists dynamically
bz:11134 (Linux) (r8952) resizing of options dialog
bz:11276 (all) Differentiate between feeds and watchfolders
bz:11306 (OS X) Can't terminate Miro upon crash through trick dialog
bz:11319 (Windows) Crash when replaying a video repeatedly, each time resuming where left off
bz:11409 (Windows) Installed 2.0 over 1.2 - videos in folder being watched all appear twice
bz:11469 (Linux) Accessibility: font size too small on 2.0.1 (r9185)
bz:11807 (Linux) ABC World News videos are always dowloaded twice
bz:11890 (all) remove single_feed code from codebase
bz:12203 (all) crash when Miro can't write to movies directory
bz:12638 (OS X) No Growl Notifications
bz:13264 (Windows) Miro freezes when we use Playback > Stop menu item, when playing .wmv video files
bz:13370 (OS X) Crash when guide has bad unicode characters.
bz:13462 (Linux) Miro Crashes Immediately When Playing Video
bz:13696 (OS X) Can't play Ogg Theora videos
bz:13854 (OS X) miro hangs when switching subtitle track on mkv file
bz:14332 (all) "Contents appear in the library" duplicated when feed description edited.
bz:14444 (Windows) SSL certificate problem
bz:14779 (OS X) redundantly run?
bz:14805 (OS X) memory leaks on OS X
bz:15026 (all) fold ADOPTERS into CREDITS
bz:15128 (all) Get rid of psyco on Mac
bz:15164 (all) Large watchfolders may introduce unnecessary stall/delay
bz:15181 (Linux) resume not working under certain circumstances
bz:15205 (all) newly downloaded database view is broken, breaks Mac OS X unwatched count in dock
bz:15332 (all) give indication of time remaining for sync to complete
bz:15344 (all) Don't upsize conversions
bz:15442 (all) Miro stops and reports error when incomplete frame encountered on conversion - should ignore it.
bz:15452 (Windows) crash after trying to play locked .m4v files from itunes store
bz:15471 (all) remove adopt-a-line bits
bz:15481 (OS X) Race with QuickTime implementation
bz:15561 (all) write unittests for ffmpeg/ffmpeg2theora output processing
bz:15667 (OS X) NSMallocException allocating 32 bytes for CFString
bz:15702 (all) bulk sql manager errors due to incorrect exception handling
bz:15720 (all) Infinite recursion in
bz:15732 (all) implement test skipping
bz:15753 (all) upgrade to libtorrent 0.15
bz:15840 (all) httpauthtools crashes on invalid input provided by server
bz:15895 (all) context menu reorganization
bz:15981 (all) prefpanel textbox entries behave poorly
bz:16018 (all) sidebar overhaul
bz:16077 (all) When to resume
bz:16114 (all) add "Add a Watched Folder" menu item to Sidebar menu
bz:16116 (all) fix fastresume data saving
bz:16276 (all) crash opening preferences, can't determine number of cpus
bz:16288 (all) --failfast support for unit tests
bz:16378 (all) feedparser dies if entry has thumbnail, but no enclosures
bz:16421 (all) fingerprint has been MR 1.1 for years
bz:16436 (all) Support all OGG related mime types and file extensions
bz:16456 (all) Miro should treat HTTP and HTTPS YouTube URLs equally
bz:16578 (all) description should never say "Local Files:"
bz:16787 (OS X) line break in pasted text makes podcast subscription fail
bz:16821 (all) miro doesn't handle HTTP 100 Continue for posts
bz:16925 (all) 'Ok' not OK!
bz:16941 (Windows) Playing files without association externally gives exception
bz:17012 (all) Crash when feed points to a non-existing file on network share
bz:17019 (all) change default main window size
bz:17059 (all) MiroMovieData.exe crashes
bz:17170 (all) beta channel
bz:17295 (all) remove "podcast can't load" dialog
bz:17370 (all) Can't save mp3 after purchasing in amazon mp3 store
bz:17397 (Windows) Wont play 720p .MKV files
bz:17465 (all) first time startup dialog changes
bz:17509 (all) faux language

Known issues:
bz:15227 (Windows) Sometimes playback Font preferences doesn't list any fonts other than Default
bz:16709 (Linux and Windows) Drag icon occasionally flies across screen
bz:17209 (Linux) Rendering error in in KDE 4.6 based distros
bz:17215 (Linux) Miro has fuzzy icon in unity dock
bz:17216 (OS X) feedparser can freeze UI
bz:17243 (Linux) G_IS_OBJECT assertion warnings
bz:17329 (Linux) StandardView titles containing unusually tall characters don't display on Natty
bz:17433 (Linux) App indicator icons broken in Kubuntu
bz:17442 (all) can't play item in music tab (incorrectly identified as drm)
bz:17464 (all) duplicates when watching and finding files
bz:17506 (Linux) ejecting a CD that was present when Miro started causes crash
bz:17508 (all) Video filters can mess with shuffle logic
bz:17515 (all) changing languages in first time dialog screws up parts of the interface
bz:17518 (Windows) .miro directories appearing on all hard drives besides C:
bz:17522 (OS X) in start_tracking AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'VolumesFromDisks'

Miro 4 RC2 posted – testing needed!
May 20th, 2011 by admin

Miro 4 RC1 posted – testing needed!
May 14th, 2011 by admin

Help us in the home-stretch of Miro 4 testing by download our new Release Candidate.

Miro 4 beta available for testing
May 2nd, 2011 by admin

We’ve just released a Miro 4 beta, which means we are getting closer to a real Miro 4 release. This is our biggest update ever!

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 3.5.1

* New features
o bz:11491 (OS X) Play gvi Google Video format media

* Bug fixes
o (all) Updated translations
o bz:14804 (all) Some files downloaded from YouTube unplayable in Miro
o bz:15074 (all) Licensing issues with ffmpeg
o bz:15077 (all) Miro doesn't remember list view for library tabs
o bz:15079 (all) Miro 3.5 may not play some .mkv files
o bz:15144 (all) update all wiki urls
o bz:15198 (all) Downloader doesn't shutdown when main process hangs
o bz:15226 (all) Bad Spanish translation: "Error-Archivo no ecotrado"
o bz:14490 (Linux) Play button sometimes fails to do anything
o bz:14924 (Linux) Files in unsupported formats silently skipped
o bz:15119 (Linux) media keys handling is wrong
o bz:15137 (Linux) Video converter does not coerce child window dimensions to integer
o bz:15150 (Linux) Error when playing movies that haven't been checked
o bz:15151 (Linux) Error when deleting newly-downloaded video
o bz:15152 (Linux) Crashes in frontend thread not getting sent to the error dialog
o bz:15156 (Linux) Changing play in miro while playing causes error
o bz:11578 (OS X) miro crashes on launch on Mac OSX when user home dir contains non-ascii chars (ex: Björn)
o bz:12659 (OS X) can not install in a path with non-ascii charaters
o bz:14428 (OS X) matroska files fail conversion
o bz:14986 (OS X) Crash with unicode error when trying to play
o bz:15217 (OS X) Crash when quitting during playback error
o bz:12538 (Windows) Miro randomly crashes after finishing video playback
o bz:14973 (Windows) in ask_for_http_auth ValueError: Scheme not present in auth header: NEGOTIATE,NTLM,BASIC realm="stuproxy"
o bz:14994 (Windows) "application configuration incorrect" error preventing miro startup
o bz:15064 (Windows) Incorrect video remaining duration displayed
o bz:15168 (Windows) log windows version
o bz:15185 (Windows) Preferences dialog will not open if Windows font path is not C:WindowsFonts

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 3.5.1 (pending)

* New features
o bz:11491 (OS X) Play gvi Google Video format media

* Bug fixes
o (all) Updated translations
o bz:14804 (all) Some files downloaded from YouTube unplayable in Miro
o bz:15074 (all) Licensing issues with ffmpeg
o bz:15077 (all) Miro doesn't remember list view for library tabs
o bz:15079 (all) Miro 3.5 may not play some .mkv files
o bz:15144 (all) update all wiki urls
o bz:15198 (all) Downloader doesn't shutdown when main process hangs
o bz:15226 (all) Bad Spanish translation: "Error-Archivo no ecotrado"
o bz:14490 (Linux) Play button sometimes fails to do anything
o bz:14924 (Linux) Files in unsupported formats silently skipped
o bz:15119 (Linux) media keys handling is wrong
o bz:15137 (Linux) Video converter does not coerce child window dimensions to integer
o bz:15150 (Linux) Error when playing movies that haven't been checked
o bz:15151 (Linux) Error when deleting newly-downloaded video
o bz:15152 (Linux) Crashes in frontend thread not getting sent to the error dialog
o bz:15156 (Linux) Changing play in miro while playing causes error
o bz:11578 (OS X) miro crashes on launch on Mac OSX when user home dir contains non-ascii chars (ex: Björn)
o bz:12659 (OS X) can not install in a path with non-ascii charaters
o bz:14428 (OS X) matroska files fail conversion
o bz:14986 (OS X) Crash with unicode error when trying to play
o bz:15217 (OS X) Crash when quitting during playback error
o bz:12538 (Windows) Miro randomly crashes after finishing video playback
o bz:14973 (Windows) in ask_for_http_auth ValueError: Scheme not present in auth header: NEGOTIATE,NTLM,BASIC realm="stuproxy"
o bz:14994 (Windows) "application configuration incorrect" error preventing miro startup
o bz:15064 (Windows) Incorrect video remaining duration displayed
o bz:15168 (Windows) log windows version
o bz:15185 (Windows) Preferences dialog will not open if Windows font path is not C:WindowsFonts

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 3.5

* New features
o #9824 (all) when user clicks on videos, torrents, feeds in miro browser, intercept them
o #11998 (all) language preference
o #12481 (all) Remember selected view in "Library" > "Video"
o #12650 (all) ability to cancel queued autodownloads
o #13010 (all) switch from httpclient to libcurl
o #13061 (all) video search tab is unclear
o #13086 (all) item view should show resume point for playback
o #13087 (all) prev button should go to start of file before previous file
o #13252 (all) Add video conversions capabilities
o #13267 (all) add iPad to miro conversion list
o #9675 (Linux) use gtk volume slider
o #13312 (Linux) switch videos directory on linux to ~/Videos/Miro per freedesktop spec
o #13551 (Windows) upgrade windows build environment and dependencies

* Bug fixes
o #11562 (all) volume slider requires a click after changing with scroll wheel
o #11955 (all) Playback should play new videos
o #12003 (all) downloads tab unsorts itself over time
o #12200 (all) databases should be platform-specific
o #12606 (all) Progress Bar for Slow Operations
o #12820 (all) feed mangling with non-ascii search within saved search feed.
o #12860 (all) Better Torrent Naming
o #12883 (all) Better Handling of OperationalErrors during Database Upgrades
o #12891 (all) upgrade to libtorrent 0.14.10
o #12949 (all) clean up source tree
o #13052 (all) Save Fast Resume Data periodically
o #13109 (all) [patch] Sort playlists by name in the "Add to playlist" dialog
o #13146 (all) From field not updated for searches
o #13181 (all) files don't delete
o #13184 (all) handle subtitle files that are encoded in non-utf-8 encodings
o #13188 (all) start downloader unicode errors
o #13189 (all) Search All - saved search icon incorrectly displayed
o #13199 (all) error with duplicate torrent download
o #13206 (all) handle current or duration as None
o #13229 (all) add youtorrent to sidebar
o #13232 (all) Update LegalTorrents default site to reflect new name: ClearBits
o #13233 (all) direct youtorrent download, doesn't initiate .torrent download
o #13248 (all) update audio bitrate for all device conversions
o #13249 (all) Conversions cancelled message on shutdown
o #13250 (all) Add extension to output filename to prevent same file name for conversions
o #13256 (all) Delete tempfiles from unittests
o #13266 (all) download tab disappears when items are seeding or paused
o #13271 (all) new video counter for folders not updated on feeds update
o #13299 (all) display nothing instead of 'none' when no description available
o #13300 (all) Download tab disappears when external download fails
o #13306 (all) crash when download finishes during playback
o #13348 (all) youtube video scraping fails
o #13353 (all) file not found error for video with spaces in the title.
o #13548 (all) Seeking during pause will implicitly issue playback
o #13579 (all) truncate_old_items AttributeError: 'RSSFeedImpl' object has no attribute 'old_items'
o #13613 (all) played item doesn't restart at displayed resume time if 10 secs or less
o #13765 (all) wrap text on no-results page
o #13770 (all) downloading a democracy now torrent causes the item name to change
o #13785 (all) miro should respect 503 http error and Retry-After header.
o #13802 (all) Color coding state in playlist listview is confusing
o #13819 (all) Color coded circle icons can get out of sync with status column
o #13821 (all) some converted files are not moved from tmp dir to Converted dir
o #13827 (all) external download error dialog needs work
o #13841 (all) Crash when adding torrent feeds
o #13844 (all) opml import ignore autodownload setting in opml file
o #13845 (all) "miro/dl_daemon/download.pyo", line 514, in retry_download AttributeError: 'BTDownloader' object has no attribute 'start_new_download'
o #13846 (all) download error handling is different
o #13855 (all) double subtitle tracks and display
o #13861 (all) Download tab remains when download in retry mode cancelled.
o #13863 (all) os x log doesn't display libtorrent version correctly
o #13864 (all) Download tab doesn't appear / disappear based on seeding item
o #13873 (all) crash report with db are not submitted.
o #14131 (all) handle case where media download has 0 bytes
o #14204 (all) retry mode jumps to 24 hours
o #14205 (all) paused downloads startover on resume
o #14232 (all) Previously failed URLs do not use a working URL if they've been fixed/updated
o #14261 (all) don't show 'From Local Files'
o #14263 (all) converted items disappear and are hard to find
o #14264 (all) keep finished conversions in the conversion tab until user 'clears' them
o #14328 (all) Save Backup of databases when upgrades fail
o #14331 (all) calc_retry_time TypeError: can't compare datetime.datetime to int
o #14353 (all) crash reporting doesn't work
o #14413 (all) label conversion targets as audio or video
o #14420 (all) miro doesn't see descriptions in some feeds
o #14427 (all) AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'NOPROXY'
o #14430 (all) in handle_network_error AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'ProxyAuthenticationError'
o #14447 (all) error deleting feed with invalid url
o #14448 (all) password protected feeds prompt with each update
o #14449 (all) convert flv file to mp3 format results in unplayable file
o #14506 (all) failed tests: set_filename calls getmtime which errors out
o #14517 (all) converted filenames should be based on item titles
o #14536 (all) http downloads stay stuck in starting up
o #14547 (all) version number not displayed for windows installs
o #14549 (all) YouTube videos with diacritics in title will not download
o #14554 (all) remove downloading debug line from log files
o #14565 (all) save a backup of original database after successful upgrade
o #14568 (all) in _setup_proxy TypeError: strings are not supported for this option
o #14611 (all) Not able to remove feed after dragging to another section
o #14616 (all) Cancel on http auth dialog should cancel download attempt
o #14627 (all) immediate sort, seems like item disappears
o #14634 (all) _ask_for_http_auth_callback AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'set'
o #14641 (all) in _setup_proxy_auth TypeError: invalid arguments to setopt
o #12847 (Linux) upnp ports opened on the router are not closed when miro is closed
o #13118 (Linux) unit test failures starting w/ 2010-03-27-nightly
o #13141 (Linux) crash when deleting an item
o #13190 (Linux) Mouse pointer is of type "hand" in main window when pop-out player is active
o #13236 (Linux) Bulk Conversions on ubuntu karmic hang
o #13237 (Linux) Conversion waits for answer if output already exists
o #13238 (Linux) linux doesn't recognize acodec aac, needs libfaac
o #13246 (Linux) converting to theora on karmic, appears to hang
o #13247 (Linux) ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list
o #13310 (Linux) Crash when clicking on description link
o #13349 (Linux) linux unittest failure
o #13356 (Linux) persist .miro/Movies to gconf
o #13359 (Linux) Crash: ValidationError when Connection time-out
o #13372 (Linux) Edits to description for feed items aren't saved when feed updates.
o #13564 (Linux) print libtorrent version to the log
o #13604 (Linux) httpauth-fix related test failures
o #13701 (Linux) pycurl is requisite
o #14003 (Linux) Database upgrade to version 116 fails with UnicodeDecodeError
o #14154 (Linux) pywebkitgtk can not store cookies
o #14399 (Linux) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_total_playback_time'
o #14406 (Linux) NameError: global name 'curl_manager' is not defined
o #14540 (Linux) choose 1 consistent way to spell auto download, Autodownload, Auto-Download.
o #14542 (Linux) In progress conversion doesn't display: object has no attribute 'get_eta'
o #14544 (Linux) pause/go while downloading kicks up AttributeError: 'TransferStats' object has no attribute 'status_code'
o #14610 (Linux) Miro should fail gracefully if it's accidentally run on a system without a working display
o #14613 (Linux) password protected feeds prompt for each download
o #14614 (Linux) same item title overwrites previous conversion
o #14638 (Linux) fail gracefully with glib.GError
o #12956 (Linux and Windows) Put fullscreen button next to pop-out for windows hover controls
o #13308 (Linux and Windows) Handle moving position slider when get_total_playback_time() returns None
o #13352 (Linux and Windows) no prompt for password protected feeds or items
o #1791 (OS X) Update OS X test setup code
o #11598 (OS X) miro crashes on launch on MacOSX10.4.11(japanese) ,An unexpected error has occurred during execution of the main script
o #12810 (OS X) New Search feed selecting wrong feed for search creation
o #13219 (OS X) os x nightly 2010-16-04 fails to launch
o #13377 (OS X) Miro hang while downloading
o #13449 (OS X) valueError: not allowed to raise the maximum limit
o #13471 (OS X) os x nightly build: ImportError: No module named os
o #13523 (OS X) in-progress conversion files displayed in the Library
o #13524 (OS X) conversion duplicated in Conversion tab when changed state from pending
o #13536 (OS X) os x nightly revision unknown
o #13545 (OS X) Miro becomes wedged when invoking Present video 1/2 size/full size/2x size via shortcut while main window minimized
o #13546 (OS X) In popout mode, resizing doesn't focus playback window
o #13573 (OS X) Clicking Subtitle button on playing MKV file: TypeError: argument of type 'int' is not iterable
o #13612 (OS X) error when deleting feed.
o #13726 (OS X) crash on start_downloader_daemon: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'f' referenced before assignment
o #13778 (OS X) Miro continuous playback doesn't obey minimize/hide
o #13783 (OS X) Clicking on icon when all windows closed does not re-open window
o #13784 (OS X) Changing the volume from the OS X overlay palette does not save its value.
o #13932 (OS X) Miro hid ALL of the Library tabs
o #14083 (OS X) Unhandled exception with SUNoFeedURL
o #14214 (OS X) dtv-downloader-log file is missing on os x.
o #14289 (OS X) problem downloading files with å,ö,å (or other exotic characters)
o #14324 (OS X) os x playback broken
o #9957 (Windows) Proxy authentification does not work,
o #10999 (Windows) System tray right-click menu not displaying correctly (Vista x64)
o #11350 (Windows) Partially Off Screen, Can't be Moved, On Wrong Screen
o #12323 (Windows) Handle errors when reading from the database
o #12818 (Windows) Sorting by Name or by Feed in playlists is case-sensitive
o #12995 (Windows) fix appcast to use "windows" as well as "windows-xul"
o #13235 (Windows) miro 3.0.1 installer says miro 3.0
o #13268 (Windows) hook up conversions for windows
o #13347 (Windows) Error Starting Downloads
o #13424 (Windows) windows doesn't start: gtk.volumebutton has no get_popup
o #13528 (Windows) Windows: converting video, TypeError: an integer is required
o #13578 (Windows) WindowsError: [Error 13] Crash when performing bulk conversions
o #13603 (Windows) TypeError: find_http_auth() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)
o #13870 (Windows) System tray menu doesn't close if you right-click once but then just click the desktop.
o #14101 (Windows) Download Rate mislabelled. KBps shown as kbps
o #14104 (Windows) libtorrent module couldn't be found
o #14174 (Windows) report database-related issues on startup better with useful options
o #14203 (Windows) srt files in BIG5 don't work on Windows
o #14310 (Windows) 2010-08-23-nightly build won't launch
o #14352 (Windows) Change bogondeflector location
o #14356 (Windows) http item auth goes into weird inprogress download when incorrect pw provided.
o #14375 (Windows) libtorrent binary on windows is compiled with wrong version of VC++
o #14414 (Windows) WindowsError: [Error 32] - performing bulk conversions
o #14546 (Windows) conversion description text gives from filename
o #14619 (Windows) Crash performing bulk conversions: mirovideoconversion.pyc", line 427, in _remove_file NameError: global name 'self' is not defined
o #14624 (Windows) conversion copyfile fails when item title has japanese characters
o #14631 (Windows) miro crashes when submitting crash report with db

Miro 3.5 RC1 builds are available
September 28th, 2010 by janet

What’s New

* Conversions: Miro allows you to easily convert media to other video/audio formats for your media devices. (Includes batch processing!)
* Better HTTP downloading performance: We switched to using libcurl for HTTP downloading which is less CPU-intensive and works faster.
* Improved Library Management: Improvements in tab display, sorting, item views and queued download handling.
* Subtitle Preferences: Specify the font style and encoding to improve the display of subtitles.
* Bugs Fixes Galore: Faster torrent restarting, proxy/http authentication, database handling and much more.

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 3.0.3 (July 26th, 2010)

* Bug fixes
o #13987 (all) File not Found errors on youtube downloads

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 3.0.2 (May 23rd, 2010)¶

* Bug fixes
o #13390 (all) in get_subscriptions_from_query UnicodeDecodeError?: 'utf8'
o #13114 (Linux) thumbnails are generated from first frame
o #13169 (Linux) miro browser doesn't work with xulrunner 1.9.2
o #13227 (Linux) switch from gtkmozembed to webkit
o #13296 (Linux) Can not click on or enter text into text fields on Miro guide
o #13327 (Linux) Playback does not continue with next track
o #13338 (Linux) IOError: [Errno 5] Input/output error: '~/.miro/miro-log'
o #13340 (Linux) browser doesn't scroll to top on page loads
o #13383 (Linux) reduce max volume to 1.0
o #13379 (OS X) OS X auto update code must support the minimumSystemVersion tag.
o #13210 (Windows) ValidationError?: 'watch' (type: <type 'str'>) is not a <type 'unicode'>

* (Linux) This release fixes problems with Miro and XULRunner 1.9.2 by ditching XULRunner for webkit.
o Requires python-webkit and libwebkit.
o No longer requires gtk-mozembed and xulrunner dependencies.
* (Linux) Volume range went from 0.0 to 1.0 prior to Miro 3.0. With Miro 3.0 we changed it to 0.0 to 3.0. Miro 3.0.2 changes this back to 0.0 to 1.0 for Linux.
* (OSX) Note: This is the last version of Miro that will run on and be supported on OSX 10.4.

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 3.0.1 (April 13th, 2010) ¶

* Bug fixes
o #13164 (all) errant empty feed
o #13173 (Linux) playbin2 with no text-sink kicks up errors on playback
o #13105 (Linux and Windows) No menu bar in main window when pop-out player is in fullscreen
o #12876 (OS X) in _updateErrback UnicodeEncodeError?: 'ascii' codec can't encode character
o #13120 (OS X) embedded python executable is launched with a -p argument which it does not understand, so it complains and dies.
o #12906 (Windows) parent_id points to item where isContainerItem is false
* Updated translations

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 3.0 (March 23th, 2010) ¶

* New features
o Added support for subtitles (all)
+ #12319 (all) Subtitle Picker in Menu
+ #12350 (all) Choose file for subtitles
+ #11495 (all) menu item for subtitle track
+ #12711 (all) Add a way to select an arbitrary subtitle file for a playing movie.
+ #12781 (all) Remember the selected subtitle file
o #3630 (all) 'play externally' right-click menu (Thank you Jason Woofenden!)
o #9350 (all) [patch-included] Option to launch media content into external player... (Thank you Jason Woofenden!)
o #11954 (all) make max volume 2x/3x
o #11975 (all) item play button should be play/pause button
o #12145 (all) Pause hotkey missing during audio playback
o #12672 (all) edit item dialog
o #12675 (all) allow for dragging/dropping items to video/audio/other tabs
o #12171 (GTK) Add media controls to trayicon right-click menu
o #12025 (GTK/X11) support media keys

* Performance improvements
o #11100 (all) first time startup experience
o #12178 (all) deleting folder of feeds is slow
o #12380 (all) creating and updating large feeds is too slow
o #12608 (all) Improve performance for adding items to a watched folder
o #12107 (all) remove feedparser_output column

* Small features and polish
o #11938 (all) Add to playlist UI improvements
o #11960 (all) rename sidebar sections
o #12199 (all) update libtorrent to 0.14.6
o #12319 (all) Subtitle Picker in Menu
o #12429 (all) Windows Subtitle Selection UI
o #12469 (all) upgrade to libtorrent 0.14.7
o #12419 (all) maintain database history
o #12798 (all) Enable Sidebar Rename and Remove for Sites
o #11495 (OS X) menu item for subtitle track

* Bug fixes and backend improvements
o #11505 (all) intelligent sort order in media library for two digit numbers
o #12980 (all) Sort by Status in list view should sub-sort by expiry date
o #11077 (all) sort order for "name" should default to ascending
o #12987 (all) error when upgrading database: no such column: id
o #10794 (all) missing downloading retry information
o #11041 (all) Sidebar Spinner doesn't actually spin
o #11923 (all) playback bar doesn't work with non-96 dpi
o #11956 (all) Don't store resume time if the video is 95% of the way done.
o #11991 (all) crash notification when database full
o #12073 (all) external container torrents displayed twice when in watched folder
o #12149 (all) Sidebar and Playlist menu items are disabled during audio playback
o #12167 (all) Video tab view doesn't update after last unwatched item is played
o #12196 (all) remove fasttypes?
o #12198 (all) move libtorrent out of portable
o #12329 (all) File "mirohttpclient.pyc", line 1866, in grabURL AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'startswith'
o #12362 (all) Infinite loop when external option selected and miro the default player for a media type
o #12379 (all) AttributeError?: 'ChannelFolder?' object has no attribute 'setup_common'
o #12533 (all) rework subtitle menu changing code
o #12553 (all) deselect Play Media in Miro does not disable subtitle option
o #12590 (all) Add Vodo as default feed
o #12601 (all) partial results when updating saved Search All feeds
o #12602 (all) parse_command_line_args TypeError?: startswith() takes at most 3 arguments (4 given)
o #12634 (all) in set_max_new AttributeError?: 'module' object has no attribute 'auto_downloader'
o #12635 (all) Within channel search matches all
o #12645 (all) licence button and context men not inactive when no license info
o #12646 (all) No username / password prompt for pw protected feed
o #12655 (all) upgrade binary kits to libtorrent 0.14.8
o #12680 (all) "miro/storedatabase.pyo", line 372, in update_obj AssertionError?: update_obj changed 0 rows
o #12690 (all) "mirocommandline.pyc", line 81, in add_video NameError?: global name 'i' is not defined
o #12691 (all) Miro doesn't recognize that it can play some downloaded videos.
o #12697 (all) File "mirodatabase.pyc", line 128, in get_singleton ObjectNotFoundError?: Can't find singleton
o #12700 (all) Download search item, not properly recognized and cataloged.
o #12716 (all) socket.ssl() deprecated in Python 2.6
o #12732 (all) Changing Movies Directory doesn't update chicklets
o #12733 (all) fix audio playback shortcuts
o #12751 (all) olddatabaseupgrade refers to storedatabase.saveObjectList
o #12752 (all) E1101:2453:ManualFeedImpl.setup_common: Class 'FeedImpl?' has no 'setup_common' member
o #12775 (all) playlisttest.Upgrade88TestCase fails occasionally
o #12793 (all) Cyrillic characters in Revver search feed - irrelevant search results, mangled output
o #12806 (all) Save Search command within a feed causes mangling and occasional crashes with non-ascii characters
o #12815 (all) delete subtitle files related to an item
o #12822 (all) crash when cancelling download
o #12852 (all) Only enable Playback -> Subtitle menu during video playback
o #12853 (all) Display subtitle when browsed to during video playback.
o #12859 (all) AttributeError?: OSXApplication instance has no attribute 'rename_item'
o #12885 (all) OperationalError?: cannot start a transaction within a transaction
o #12889 (all) AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'decode'
o #12932 (all) README contains broken link to
o #13000 (all) Missing _(...) in some strings
o #12339 (GTK) Pop-out playback window has no title or video name
o #12551 (GTK) toggling detached playback disables subtitles
o #12778 (GTK) When user clicks on File > Options menu item, user sees Preferences window
o #4613 (GTK/X11) [patch] remove dependancy on pkg-config --list-all
o #11977 (GTK/X11) (r9845) mouse cursor on icon "pop-out/in"
o #12587 (GTK/X11) AttributeError?: object has no attribute 'update_item'
o #12779 (GTK/X11) ubuntu - subtitles in sidecar not detected
o #12780 (GTK/X11) ubuntu - playback restarts when subtitle file added
o #12825 (GTK/X11) gstreamer - error selecting subtitle file, takes exactly 4 arguments (3 given)
o #11370 (OS X) Reposition details on the right hand of thumbnail view
o #11620 (OS X) Play menu item doesn't toggle to paused on playback
o #11857 (OS X) Thumbnail extraction for .mkv files fails
o #11858 (OS X) Sidebar scrollbar covers chicklets on startup
o #12041 (OS X) File "miro/database.pyo", line 373, in signal_change DatabaseConstraintError?: signal_change() called on non-existant object (id is 1093)
o #12056 (OS X) Embedded Perian is 1.1.3 and should be upgraded to 1.1.4
o #12266 (OS X) migratiing to non-ascii char named dir causes file duplication
o #12351 (OS X) AttributeError?: 'NSMenu' object has no attribute 'removeAllItems'
o #12352 (OS X) embedded subtitles not displayed.
o #12378 (OS X) /widgets/tablemodel.pyo", line 37, in ? ImportError?: cannot import name fasttypes
o #12453 (OS X) view does not reset when you click the 'x' to clear a search
o #12497 (OS X) delete then click on and off feed before it is removed from the view
o #12510 (OS X) AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'duration'
o #12529 (OS X) os x cmd key not displayed properly for shortcuts
o #12554 (OS X) errors skipping quickly through audio files
o #12555 (OS X) currently playing badge not updating correctly
o #12580 (OS X) AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'request_update'
o #12656 (OS X) Exception when dragging items to the playlist section
o #12724 (OS X) get_elapsed_playback_time AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'currentTime'
o #12819 (OS X) error when too slow to select subtitle file
o #12829 (OS X) tableView_writeRowIndexes_toPasteboard has errors
o #12876 (OS X) in _updateErrback UnicodeEncodeError?: 'ascii' codec can't encode character
o #12877 (OS X) os x shortcut for audio pause
o #12878 (OS X) thumb generation not working
o #12882 (OS X) browse to existing sub file cause error
o #12887 (OS X) crah on startup, mac osx 10.5.8 Miro 3.0 RC2 "Quicktime could not be found"
o #1792 (Windows) unit tests on windows
o #11963 (Windows) Video file with .ogg extension displayed in the Audio tab.
o #11982 (Windows) Miro_Downloader.exe has stopped working (crashes instantly on startup)
o #11984 (Windows) upgrade Windows dependencies
o #12043 (Windows) Miro crashes on shutdown on Windows (all)
o #12327 (Windows) AttributeError?: type object 'RemoteDownloader?' has no attribute 'dldaemon'
o #12328 (Windows) ValueError?: Procedure probably called with too many arguments (8 bytes in excess)
o #12643 (Windows) app hangs, sometimes, when adding then deleting a slow site
o #12652 (Windows) old podcasts downloading again
o #12661 (Windows) Subtitles files are neither detected nor displayed
o #12686 (Windows) Playlist drop target is small
o #12692 (Windows) miro hang if video played then set to audio and played
o #12693 (Windows) miro hangs when selecting subtitle track
o #12698 (Windows) External audio files not added to the library
o #12699 (Windows) Video downloaded externally and used to launch miro not added to the Library.
o #12720 (Windows) subtitles menu doesn't open
o #12755 (Windows) File "miroplaylist.pyc", line 47, in setup_new TypeError?: 'generator' object is unsubscriptable
o #12757 (Windows) "miromessagehandler.pyc", line 113, in _make_added_list TypeError?: 'NoneType?' object is not iterable
o #12792 (Windows) Playback of Unwatched videos is not displayed correctly
o #12812 (Windows) Update to vlc 1.0.5
o #12823 (Windows) crash when selecting some feeds,
o #12854 (Windows) black playback screen during second playback
o #12855 (Windows) Audio playback broken
o #12858 (Windows) exception when setting subtitle track
o #12862 (Windows) subtitle track and disable options not immediately available
o #12863 (Windows) Playback hang when subtitle file in non-ascii char directory.

* Additional notes:
o (GTKX11) Dropped support for xine renderer.
o (GTKX11) Requires gstreamer 0.10.22 or later (needs playbin2 with text-sink) for subtitle support.

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