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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for MPlayer

[20191015] MPlayer r38152+gcc50d113c8 - FFmpeg N-95377-gcc50d113c8

Switched from gnutls to mbedtls
Updated zimg (git)
Updated x265 (hg)
Updated libvpx (git)
Updated libass (git)
Updated kvazaar (git)
Updated openh264 (git)
Updated libdvdcss (git)
Updated libmodplug (git)
Updated libcdio/paranoia (git)
Updated fdk-aac (git), download updated dll
Updated frei0r (git), download updated plugins
Updated twolame to 0.4.0
Updated expat to 2.2.9
Updated bzip2 to 1.0.8
Updated flac to 1.3.3
Updated freetype to 2.10.1
Updated fribidi to 1.0.7
Updated giflib to 5.2.1
Updated libiconv to 1.16
Updated libjpeg-turbo to 2.0.3
Updated libogg to 1.3.4
Updated libopenmpt to 0.4.9
Updated libwebp to 1.0.3
Updated mpg123 to 1.25.12

(08-28-2019) - r38151:

Updated MPlayer to svn r38151
Updated FFmpeg to git N-94664-g0821bc4eee

(11-17-2018) - r38117:

Updated MPlayer to svn r38117
Updated FFmpeg to git N-92461-gd3621b2321

External libraries:

Updated fontconfig to 2.13.1
Updated fribidi to 1.0.5
Updated libdca to 0.0.6
Updated libexpat to 2.2.6
Updated libopus to 1.3.0
Updated libpng to 1.6.35
Updated mpg123 to 1.25.10
Updated opencore-amr to 0.1.5

Git repositories:

Updated libbluray to 2d18c7099fe
Updated libvpx to fa1e85b095d
Updated x264 to 545de2ffec6

(09-05-2018) - r38116:

Updated MPlayer to svn r38116
Updated FFmpeg to git N-91792-g17c635e605

Git repositories:
Updated libvpx to ba1c053df90
Updated x264 to 303c484ec82

(06-10-2018) - r38109:

Updated MPlayer to svn r38109
Updated FFmpeg to git N-91255-g7b80df677a

External libraries:

Updated FreeType2 to 2.9.1
Updated fribidi to 1.0.4
Updated GnuTLS to 3.5.18
Updated libnettle to 3.4
Updated libxml2 to 2.9.8
Updated xvidcore to 1.3.5

(04-10-2018) - r38055:

Updated MPlayer to svn r38055
Updated FFmpeg to git N-90642-gd64183ea5d

External libraries:

Updated FreeType2 to 2.9.0
Updated fribidi to 1.0.2
Updated fontconfig to 2.13.0
Updated libvorbis to 1.3.6
Updated lzo to 2.10

Git repositories:

Updated libass to 98727c3b78f
Updated libdvdcss to 7b7c1857045
Updated libdvdread to 95fdbe8337d
Updated libvpx to 7255ff9b85d
Updated x264 to 7d0ff22e8c9

(03-29-2018) - r38022:
Updated MPlayer to svn r38022
Updated FFmpeg to git N-90489-g759381d96b

(02-03-2018) - r38017:
Updated MPlayer to svn r38017
Updated FFmpeg to git N-89950-g8e50bd61e4

(12-05-2017) - r38008:
Updated MPlayer to svn r38008
Updated FFmpeg to git N-89392-g312b00de8
External libraries:
Updated libexpat to 2.2.5
Updated libogg to 1.3.3
Updated libpng to 1.6.34
Updated libxml2 to 2.9.7
Git repositories:
Updated libass to 73284b676b1
Updated libbluray to c02d5a63764
Updated libvpx to 90ce21e5195

(10-24-2017) - r37998:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37998
Updated FFmpeg to git N-88042-g72c3d9ae45
External libraries:
Updated FreeType2 to 2.8.1
Updated fontconfig to 2.12.6
Updated GnuTLS to 3.3.28
Updated libexpat to 2.2.4
Updated libpng to 1.6.32
Updated libopus to 1.2.1
Git repositories:
Updated libass to 9b874841274
Updated libbluray to b5216adb9af
Updated libvpx to a9248457b16

(09-09-2017) - r37955:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37955
Fixes crash when seeking audio files (r37953 regression).

(08-31-2017) - r37953:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37953
Updated FFmpeg to git N-87137-g6ccd32c367

(08-11-2017) - r37946-6:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-86974-g7735ed2974

(07-23-2017) - r37946-5:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-86838-gdd4b7badb4
Other changes:
Re-enabled libdvdnav.

(07-14-2017) - r37946-4:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-86761-g80b9e40b6f

(07-11-2017) - r37946-3:
Reduced size of libaacs/libbdplus binaries.

(07-10-2017) - r37946-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-86746-g2f84f40d45
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to 34cecf10063
Other changes:
MPlayer binaries are compiled without disabling MEncoder (this was to reduce the size of mplayer.exe, now this increases the binary size of mplayer.exe slightly).
Added experimental support for encrypted blu-ray discs via br://. Some setup and a keydb (not included) is required, it is recommended to use "-demuxer lavf -noslices -cache 10240 -lavdopts threads=#" for smooth playback.

(07-04-2017) - r37946:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37946
Updated FFmpeg to git N-86697-gaad79e4323

(07-01-2017) - r37945:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37945
Updated FFmpeg to git N-86687-gfb7b477a91
External libraries:
Updated fontconfig to 2.12.3
Updated FreeType2 to 2.8
Updated libexpat to 2.2.1
Updated libpng to 1.6.30
Git repositories:
Updated libass to 9fb384014e6
Updated libbluray to 7155b3cd4d9
Updated libvpx to 27e37e1a8ac
Updated x264 to ba24899b0bf
Other changes:
Dropped XP support. Compile MPlayer/MEncoder from source and disable libbluray to create a XP compatible binary.
Disabled DVD menu support.

(05-29-2017) - r37940:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37940
Updated FFmpeg to git N-86304-gf6ba58d193

(04-27-2017) - r37934:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37934
Updated FFmpeg to git N-85702-gf7542d7e35

(04-12-2017) - r37931:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37931
Updated FFmpeg to git N-85469-gf1d80bc
External libraries:
Updated libpng to 1.6.29
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to 6dffb7e606b
Updated libvpx to ff1fef96073

(03-18-2017) - r37927:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37927
Updated FFmpeg to git N-84044-g2c400ba
(03-11-2017) - r37926-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-83797-g6e913f2
External libraries:
Updated GnuTLS to 3.3.27
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to 4594f1050cb
Updated libvpx to 0af189c00d4
Other changes:
Enabled IPv6

(03-11-2017) - r37926-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-83797-g6e913f2
External libraries:
Updated GnuTLS to 3.3.27
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to 4594f1050cb
Updated libvpx to 0af189c00d4
Other changes:
Enabled IPv6

(02-27-2017) - r37926:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37926
Updated FFmpeg to git N-83668-g80b644c

(02-18-2017) - r37925:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37925
Updated FFmpeg to git N-83548-g5680321
External libraries:
Updated libopus to 1.1.4
Git repositories:
Updated libass to aa7aa03

(02-05-2017) - r37920:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37920
Updated FFmpeg to git N-83424-g326b1ed
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to cb985b5
Updated libbluray to 60e3d26
Updated libvpx to dbc5090
Updated x264 to 90a61ec

(01-14-2017) - r37916:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37916
Updated FFmpeg to git N-83119-g0ba0187
External libraries:
Updated GnuTLS to 3.3.26
Updated libgmp to 6.1.2

01-08-2017) - r37910:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37910
Updated FFmpeg to git N-83027-g0ddc24d
External libraries:
Updated FreeType2 to 2.7.1
Updated libpng to 1.6.28
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 3b08a1d
Updated libvpx to git c7e2bd6

(12-25-2016) - r37905-3:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-82932-g6e26b6e

(12-11-2016) - r37905-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-82833-gedb4f5d
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 05c9fde
Updated libvpx to git 282f3b3
Updated x264 to git b97ae06
Compiler changes: Updated GCC to 6.2.0

(11-27-2016) - r37905:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37905
Updated FFmpeg to git N-82664-g801b5c1
External libraries:
Updated GnuTLS to 3.3.25
Updated libnettle to 3.3.0
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 143f0bc
Updated libvpx to git 120234f

(11-06-2016) - r37904:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37904
Updated FFmpeg to git N-82262-g88db6c2

(10-29-2016) - r37903:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37903
Updated FFmpeg to git N-82151-g1e660fe
External libraries:
Updated libpng to 1.6.26
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 35dc4dd (0.13.4)
Updated libvpx to git ae20692

(10-06-2016) - r37901:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37901
Updated FFmpeg to git N-81894-g54220ce

(10-04-2016) - r37900:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37900
Updated FFmpeg to git N-81872-gbe1d324
External libraries:
Updated mpg123 to 1.23.8
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 16d8d58
Updated libvpx to git 577221b
Updated x264 to git 72d53ab

(09-10-2016) - r37899:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37899
Updated FFmpeg to git N-81627-gb257266
External libraries:
Updated FreeType2 to 2.7
Updated libpng to 1.6.25
Git repositories:
Updated libvpx to git 421f376

(08-28-2016) - r37893:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37893
Updated FFmpeg to git N-81475-gdc7e5ad
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git efcde25
Updated libvpx to git 3a98508

(08-13-2016) - r37884:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37884
Updated FFmpeg to git N-81338-g6612d04
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 8be8b04
Updated libvpx to git fafec95

(08-06-2016) - r37881:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37881
Updated FFmpeg to git N-81285-gc1bfeda
External libraries:
Updated fontconfig to 2.12.1
Updated GnuTLS to 3.3.24
Updated libgmp to 6.1.1
Updated libpng to 1.6.24
Git repositories:
Updated libdvdcss to git 5bec036
Updated libvpx to git 2d1e63d

(07-24-2016) - r37880:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37880
Updated FFmpeg to git N-81109-g308f9b1
External libraries:
Updated FreeType2 to 2.6.5
Updated libopus to 1.1.3
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 8465a0c
Updated libbluray to git 08b7f69
Updated libvpx to git 54b2071

(07-03-2016) - r37875:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37875
Updated FFmpeg to git N-80909-g1ad4471
External libraries:
Updated libexpat to 2.2.0
Updated libmpg123 to 1.23.6
Updated libxml2 to 2.9.4
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 9e3c9e5
Updated libbluray to git a8ea948
Updated libudfread to git 64ac239
Updated libvpx to git 5afa3b9

(06-17-2016) - r37872:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37872
Updated FFmpeg to git N-80353-g8b069b1
External libraries:
Updated fontconfig to 2.12.0
Updated libpng to 1.6.23
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git c93cb3d
Updated libvpx to git ee30cf1
Updated x264 to git 3f5ed56

(06-04-2016) - r37871-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-80185-gbb3388f
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 2675927
Updated libvpx to git e34e684

(05-28-2016) - r37871:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37871
Updated FFmpeg to git N-80111-gd1520a6
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git ecebb3f
Updated libbluray to git 4b57789
Updated libvpx to git f80d801

(05-21-2016) - r37870:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37870
Updated FFmpeg to git N-80062-gdefb960
External libraries:
Updated GnuTLS to 3.3.23
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 6b844ef
Updated libvpx to git 6f397b8

(05-14-2016) - r37869:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37869
Updated FFmpeg to git N-79990-g365b0c1
External libraries:
Updated libmpg123 to 1.23.4
Downgraded GnuTLS to 3.3.22
Removed Live555
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 4724f8b
Updated libvpx to git 98726d5

(05-07-2016) - r37862:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37862
Updated FFmpeg to git N-79795-ge601e07

(05-05-2016) - r37861-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-79784-gabb69a2
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git fd0bd51
Updated libvpx to git 3d7e267

(05-03-2016) - r37861:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37861
Updated FFmpeg to git N-79723-gdc34fa6
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 6a61a7a
Updated libbluray to git 82c69be
Updated libvpx to git 5d27ee1

(04-20-2016) - r37856:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37856
Updated FFmpeg to git N-79561-g9f36ea5
External libraries:
Updated GnuTLS to 3.4.11
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 4091613
Updated libvpx to git 8a90603
Updated x264 to git 3b70645

(04-10-2016) - r37853:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37853
Updated FFmpeg to git N-79277-g0c90b2e
External libraries:
Updated libexpat to 2.1.1
Updated libfontconfig to 2.11.95
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git dffe9dd
Updated libvpx to git 4317ba5

(04-03-2016) - r37852:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37852
Updated FFmpeg to git N-79239-g5256250
External libraries:
Updated giflib to 5.1.4
Updated libmpg123 to 1.23.3
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 06d5dae
Updated libbluray to git 8a4d1b4
Updated libvpx to git 89b1c9d

(03-23-2016) - r37847:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37847
Updated FFmpeg to git N-79121-gfe3de6b
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 43bc397
Updated libbluray to git 4781200
Updated libdvdcss to git 5fd2b38
Updated libvpx to git 813221a

(03-12-2016) - r37843:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37843
Updated FFmpeg to git N-79015-g4aea2c7
External libraries:
Added libxml2 2.9.3
Git repositories:
Updated fontconfig to git d05d083
Updated libass to git 28274d6
Updated libbluray to git 51b1c06
Updated libdvdcss to git 100ac1a
Updated libvpx to git e86d886

(03-05-2016) - r37831:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37831
Updated FFmpeg to git N-78921-ga3659ca
External libraries:
Updated GnuTLS to 3.4.10
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git cf90e6d
Updated libvpx to git 9aa083d

(02-28-2016) - r37817:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37817
Updated FFmpeg to git N-78802-g993d622
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 253db27
Updated libvpx to git 51beb29

(02-26-2016) - r37802:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37802
Updated FFmpeg to git N-78735-g0eb0f29
External libraries:
Updated libmpg123 to 1.23.2
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 1e6fc78
Updated libdvdcss to git b0385d9
Updated libdvdread to git 5ec4095
Updated libdvdnav to git 0e0ed2a
Updated libvpx to git 1ff2935

(02-23-2016) - r37794:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37794
Updated FFmpeg to git N-78637-g7586b3a
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 7c30fea
Updated libbluray to git f607993
Updated libvpx to git 034031d

(02-14-2016) - r37734:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37734
Updated FFmpeg to git N-78467-g295de3e
External libraries:
Updated libmpg123 to 1.23.1

(02-13-2016) - r37717:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37717
Updated FFmpeg to git N-78418-g4c920ce
External libraries:
Updated FreeType2 to 2.6.3
Updated GnuTLS to 3.4.9
Updated libnettle to 3.2.0
Updated libmpg123 to 1.23.0
Git repositories:
Updated ENCA to git 6d129f2
Updated fontconfig to git d570a84
Updated libass to git 9c7f83b
Updated libbluray to git a004863
Updated libvpx to git 425b156

(01-28-2016) - r37610:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37610
Updated FFmpeg to git N-78151-ge0b187e
External libraries:
Updated giflib to 5.1.2
Updated libjpeg to 9b
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 8f8c4ba
Updated libvpx to git cdb141d
Updated x264 to git a01e339

(01-18-2016) - r37598:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37598
Updated FFmpeg to git N-77914-g03d83ba
External libraries:
Updated GnuTLS to 3.4.8
Updated libopus to 1.1.2
Updated libpng to 1.6.21
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 99fcf36
Updated libbluray to git 1c2e899
Updated libudfread to git 50d41b1
Updated libvpx to git c0307e6

(01-09-2016) - r37594:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37594
Updated FFmpeg to git N-77758-g6e24946
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 66cbb03
Updated libass to git 11f1218
Updated libvpx to git a0900fd
Includes a workaround for annoying fontconfig font caching in Vista and later. XP users may have to uncomment <dir>WINDOWSFONTDIR</dir> in 'fontsfonts.conf' to enable system fonts or if a regression occurs in Vista and later with using system fonts & libass.

(12-23-2015) - r37569:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37569
Updated FFmpeg to git N-77455-g4707497
External libraries:
Updated libpng to 1.6.20
Updated libopus to 1.1.1
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git cfa1a61
Updated libvpx to git c84d3ab

(12-20-2015) - r37565:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37565
Updated FFmpeg to git N-77403-g70f13ab
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libdvdcss to git a34ebf6
Updated libvpx to git b597e3e

(12-13-2015) - r37563:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37563
Updated FFmpeg to git N-77232-gac25d1d
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git bd67132
Updated libvpx to git e19b7df

(12-06-2015) - r37561-4:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-77069-gfcd9c63

(12-03-2015) - r37561-3:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-76995-g9ac5bea
External libraries:
Updated FreeType2 to 2.6.2
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 0de70b3 (0.13.1)
Updated libbluray to git ebde4c9 (0.9.2)
Updated libvpx to git 623e988

(11-29-2015) - r37561-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-76946-g337b6d3

(11-26-2015) - r37561:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37561
Updated FFmpeg to git N-76860-g72eaf72
External libraries:
Updated libgmp to 6.1.0

(11-25-2015) - r37559:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37559
Updated FFmpeg to git N-76838-g29af74e
External libraries:
Updated GnuTLS to 3.4.7
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git ce39231
Updated libvpx to git 610b413

(11-24-2015) - r37558:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37558
Updated FFmpeg to git N-76822-g12a419d
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 9ddfb10
Updated libvpx to git 16eba81

(11-19-2015) - r37557:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37557
Updated FFmpeg to git N-76718-g50ce510
External libraries:
Updated libpng to 1.6.19
Git repositories:
Updated fontconfig to git 1d87fab
Updated libbluray to git 1d36ee3
Updated libvpx to git 8a782c7

(11-16-2015) - r37553:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37553
Updated FFmpeg to git N-76684-g1fe82ab
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git a788a42
Updated libvpx to git 204cde5

(11-08-2015) - r37552:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37552
Updated FFmpeg to git N-76524-g9ac61e7
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 99fd1f3
Updated libbluray to git dcfd51e
Updated libvpx to git 420e8d6

(10-28-2015) - r37551-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-76333-ga0e390e
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated fontconfig to git d162a4a
Updated libbluray to git ea300d2
Updated libdvdcss to git 50a9209
Updated libvpx to git dc9d36c
Disabled libudfread (in libbluray) in 32-bit builds to restore XP (32-bit) compatibility (strtok_s/msvcrt.dll error). _mktemp_s in fontconfig will also be re-enabled for 64-bit builds. For 64-bit builds this brings the minimum OS to Vista 64-bit.

(10-25-2015) - r37551:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37551
Updated FFmpeg to git N-76261-g6b5412c
External libraries:
Updated GnuTLS to 3.4.6
Git repositories:
Updated libilbc to git e762d0e
Updated libvpx to git d162934

(10-18-2015) - r37548:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37548
Updated FFmpeg to git N-76134-g32403d1
External libraries:
Updated FreeType2 to 2.6.1
Git repositories:
Updated fontconfig to git 6d6ce02
Updated libass to git 43b1520
Updated libdvdread to git 494311d
Updated libvpx to git 7dd7a7d
Updated x264 to git 7599210

(10-10-2015) - r37543:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37543
Updated FFmpeg to git N-75899-gf3fc103
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 4778001
Updated libbluray to git df059a9
Updated libvpx to git 0c00af1

(09-29-2015) - r37527:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37527
Updated FFmpeg to git N-75575-gb3066be
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 15380c9
Updated libdvdread to git 54c4660
Updated libvpx to git db2056f

(09-23-2015) - r37526:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37526
Updated FFmpeg to git N-75487-g91b668a
External libraries:
Updated GnuTLS to 3.4.5
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 32b2424
Updated libbluray to git 8435163
Updated libdvdread to git 5e2ffa4
Updated libvpx to git 90a109f
Fixes black screenshot & MPEG/DVD screenshot crash since r37451; disables FFmpeg's new swscale filter.

(09-10-2015) - r37520:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37520
Updated FFmpeg to git N-75149-gbbc8fca (2.8.git)
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 448bc77

(09-07-2015) - r37493:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37493
Updated FFmpeg to git N-75035-gb45ff13
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libdvdread to git 7247a19
Updated libdvdnav to git 8a270d6
Updated libvpx to git 536a909

(09-01-2015) - r37471:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37471
Updated FFmpeg to git N-74752-g63fb5a6

(08-31-2015) - r37467:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37467
Updated FFmpeg to git N-74737-g1acd631
External libraries:
Updated libcdio to 0.93
Updated libcdio-paranoia to 10.2+0.93
Updated xvid to 1.3.4
Git repositories:
Updated libvpx to git d565790

(08-23-2015) - r37451:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37451
Updated FFmpeg to git N-74594-gb4d68e7
External libraries:
Updated fribidi to 0.19.7
Updated GnuTLS to
Git repositories:
Updated ENCA to git 9728856
Updated libvpx to git 41be09a
Updated x264 to git e86f3a1

(08-16-2015) - r37448:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37448
Updated FFmpeg to git N-74447-g767d780
External libraries:
Updated mpg123 to 1.22.4
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 23de999
Updated libbluray to git 75f2ac7
Updated libvpx to git bbb9ca4
Compiler changes: Updated GCC to 4.9.3

(08-04-2015) - r37444:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37444
Updated FFmpeg to git N-74266-ge322b70

(08-01-2015) - r37440:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37440
Updated FFmpeg to git N-74199-gb27d4fd
External libraries:
Updated libpng to 1.6.18
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git dc78d6a
Updated libvpx to git c1b233d
Updated x264 to git 73ae2d1

(07-14-2015) - r37426-2:
Fix MP4 crash. Reverts FFmpeg commit b5136612510052a7acacd560b9b5edad69402519 (avformat/utils: Skip ff_configure_buffers_for_index() for local files) (Mon, 13 Jul 2015 08:27:02 -0400).

(07-13-2015) - r37426:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37426
Updated FFmpeg to git N-73632-g39a04eb
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git d787615
Updated libvpx to git db50037

(06-28-2015) - r37423:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37423
Updated FFmpeg to git N-73243-gc78b82f
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated fontconfig to git 46ec6a5
Updated libass to git 38a175c
Updated libbluray to git 84365f7
Updated libvpx to git f3a1295

(06-14-2015) - r37420:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37420
Updated FFmpeg to git N-72918-g4a3bc0d
External libraries:
Updated ENCA to 1.17-dev (9728856)
Updated FreeType2 to 2.6.0
Updated fontconfig to 2.11.94
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 547850d
Updated libvpx to git a4bb5f2

(06-07-2015) - r37414:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37414
Updated FFmpeg to git N-72709-g42db4aa
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 3c43b55
Updated libvpx to git a393826

(05-26-2015) - r37401:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37401
Updated FFmpeg to git N-72351-g1b23654
External libraries:
Updated libmpg123 to 1.22.2
Updated GnuTLS to 3.3.15
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git da32da6
Updated libdvdread to git 46ef934
Updated libbluray to git ec69764
Updated libvpx to git 02fda65

(05-05-2015) - r37391:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37391
Updated FFmpeg to git N-71900-g7f45f7f
External libraries:
Updated libmpg123 to 1.22.1
Git repositories:
Updated fontconfig to git 4a6f5ef
Updated libdvdcss to git 41905a9
Updated libdvdread to git 4e269e5
Updated libbluray to git 7b9e926
Updated libvpx to git b9a72d3

(04-12-2015) - r37386:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37386
Updated FFmpeg to git N-71418-g818e889
External libraries:
Updated libpng to 1.6.17
Git repositories:
Updated fontconfig to git f6e6a8a
Updated libbluray to git 37f9b71
Updated libvpx to git 2f693be

(03-22-2015) - r37380:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37380
Updated FFmpeg to git N-71042-g83020f8
External libraries:
Updated fontconfig to 2.11.93
Updated libvorbis to 1.3.5
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git e020042
Updated libbluray to git e014d45
Updated libdvdread to git a76a31f
Updated libvpx to git fef91c9
Updated x264 to git 121396c

(03-01-2015) - r37378:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37378
Updated FFmpeg to git N-70351-g2b40416
External libraries:
Updated GnuTLS to 3.3.12
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 51a93b5
Updated libbluray to git 3e770a7
Updated libdvdcss to git bf669a8
Updated libvpx to git f4e0eb1

(02-08-2015) - r37370:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37370
Updated FFmpeg to git N-69658-g03cecf4
External libraries:
Updated giflib to 5.1.1
Updated lzo to 2.09
Updated speex to 1.2rc2
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 82a5bb2
Updated libdvdcss to git ec7c3a5
Updated libdvdread to git af446d4
Updated libdvdnav to git 5fb9197
Updated libvpx to git 67b61c7

(01-25-2015) - r37363:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37363
Updated FFmpeg to git N-69258-gf994000
External libraries:
Updated fontconfig to 2.11.92
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 1c4459b
Updated libdvdread to git f5ea914
Updated libdvdnav to git 1cdbd69
Updated libvpx to git 643c75d

(01-11-2015) - r37353:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37353
Updated FFmpeg to git N-69011-g6abf00d
External libraries:
Updated FreeType2 to 2.5.5
Updated libpng to 1.6.16
Git repositories:
Updated fontconfig to git 4c60fabf6617a8954e46bdaeccc95667375fa159
Updated libass to git ad0505d
Updated libbluray to git 203bdaa
Updated libvpx to git ccffe31

(12-25-2014) - r37343:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37343
Updated FFmpeg to git N-68680-g0c0168a
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Reverted libdvdcss to git 275fdb5
Identified an issue playing DVDs directly from disk since r37324-2,
reverted libdvdcss to last known good version (git 275fdb5bb53c5aad402036ffa9744ad6bca9f13f).

(12-23-2014) - r37342:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37342
Updated FFmpeg to git N-68653-g32c836c
External libraries:
Updated GnuTLS to 3.3.11
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 8824319
Updated libvpx to git 3d94b9b
Updated x264 to git 40bb568

(12-06-2014) - r37337:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37337
Updated FFmpeg to git N-68271-geb74839
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 507ae26
Updated libbluray to git 6328d62
Updated libdvdcss to git d1f3068
Updated libdvdread to git 72f8786
Updated libdvdnav to git feb09c3
Updated libvpx to git da464c4
Undo revert of r37309. Bug is fixed upstream.

(11-23-2014) - r37328:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-67926-g4e9745f
External libraries:
Updated libpng to 1.6.15
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 8d70dbe
Updated libbluray to git cc456e4
Updated libdvdcss to git 1c2da8e
Updated libvpx to git dfdfb2d
This reverts upstream commit r37309 due to subtitle loading
bug when '-subcp enca' is used.

(11-16-2014) - r37325:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-67742-g3f07dd6
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 65207f1
Updated libdvdcss to git 1b4e3f9

(11-12-2014) - r37324-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-67574-g9d6ad68
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libdvdcss to git 275fdb5
Updated libbluray to git 97bb529
Updated libvpx to git c7a905c
Compiler changes: Updated GCC to 4.9.2
Other changes: libdvdcss key caching is disabled in this build.

(11-09-2014) - r37324:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37324
Updated FFmpeg to git N-67479-gf9fa560
External libraries:
Update ENCA to 1.16
Update libpng to 1.6.14
Removed libmng
Git repositories:
Updated fontconfig to git b732bf057f4b3ec3bac539803005e9c42d056b2a
Updated libass to git a31ea56
Updated libdvdcss to git 4fb069e
Updated libdvdread to git 3dbbdfb
Updated libdvdnav to git feb09c3
Updated libbluray to git 094eb2f
Updated libvpx to git d8362a3

(10-26-2014) - r37313:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37313
Updated FFmpeg to git N-67197-gabaa41b
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libdvdcss to git 586bb80
Updated libdvdread to git 4d5cb54
Updated libbluray to git 0ab06e5
Updated libvpx to git ac53c41

(10-18-2014) - r37294:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37294
Updated FFmpeg to git N-66972-g7891b4f
External libraries:
Added GnuTLS 3.3.9 (libnettle 2.7.1, libgmp 6.0.0)
Updated libmpg123 to 1.21.0
Removed liba52
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 210d3ea
Updated libvpx to git 6f77bff

(10-12-2014) - r37293:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37293
Updated FFmpeg to git N-66809-g20df026
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated fontconfig to git e7121de237a1873c3241a5b8451e7d00a3d41524
Updated libvpx to git a90255c

(10-04-2014) - r37292:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37292
Updated FFmpeg to git N-66604-gdf8394c
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libdvdread to git 7118002
Updated libvpx to git c9561d5

(09-29-2014) - r37291:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37291
Updated FFmpeg to git N-66532-g3f5095f

(09-28-2014) - r37289:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37289
Updated FFmpeg to git N-66523-g3956b12
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 3534005
Updated libvpx to git d4713f1

(09-14-2014) - r37278:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37278
Updated FFmpeg to git N-66276-g04b0dda
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git cad1cae
Updated libvpx to git 95f67f0

(09-07-2014) - r37268:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37268
Updated FFmpeg to git N-66170-gab84eff

(09-06-2014) - r37266:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37266
Updated FFmpeg to git N-66154-g1654ca7
External libraries:
Updated libbluray to 0.6.2
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git ca24d7a
Updated libdvdread to git cb1ae87
Updated libdvdnav to git f90fa9e
Updated libvpx to git 89963bf

(08-31-2014) - r37260:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37260
Updated FFmpeg to git N-65992-ge023720
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libdvdread to git 70d25de
Updated libdvdnav to git 2d73a2b
Updated libvpx to git 4ab2241

(08-29-2014) - r37259:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37259
Updated FFmpeg to git N-65971-g4c92047
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 8a5830a
Updated libdvdread to git aa3659d
Updated libdvdnav to git 874873d
Updated libvpx to git c29cc89
Updated x264 to git dd79a61

(08-24-2014) - r37257:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37257
Updated FFmpeg to git N-65860-g1aa153d
External libraries:
Updated libpng to 1.6.13
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 099f7fd
Updated libbluray to git 3ef62e0
Updated libdvdnav to git 79354a0
Updated libvpx to git 79bb2cd

(08-15-2014) - r37251:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37251
Updated FFmpeg to git N-65651-gd3a2249
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libdvdnav to git 7c10f22
Updated libvpx to git 2bfbe9a

(08-10-2014) - r37250:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37250
Updated FFmpeg to git N-65504-g3539d6c
External libraries:
Updated libbluray to 0.6.1
Git repositories:
Updated libdvdcss to git b7967b9
Updated libdvdread to git 620e546
Updated libdvdnav to git 866b12e
Updated libvpx to git 93ef0e0

(07-27-2014) - r37242:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37242
Updated FFmpeg to git N-65026-g36284ae
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 7a28187
Updated libvpx to git ac1f061

(07-15-2014) - r37239:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37239
Updated FFmpeg to git N-64667-gd595361
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libvpx to git f349b07

(07-05-2014) - r37232:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37232
Updated FFmpeg to git N-64439-gbaef3ba
External libraries:
Updated liblzo2 to 2.08
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git 63d66e8
Updated libvpx to git 3643544

(06-28-2014) - r37229:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37229
Updated FFmpeg to git N-64279-g5bca5f8
External libraries:
Updated libmpg123 to 1.20.1
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git f975d5e
Updated libvpx to git 715b8d3

(06-14-2014) - r37225:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37225
Updated FFmpeg to git N-63948-g6b9685d
External libraries:
Updated libmpg123 to 1.20.0
Updated libpng to 1.6.12
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git acf32f4
Updated libdvdcss to git e6b4e1a
Updated libdvdread to git 59332a2
Updated libdvdnav to git bf53a44
Updated libvpx to git 95fb900
Updated x264 to git a5831aa

(06-01-2014) - r37216:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37216
Updated FFmpeg to git N-63644-ge1bd40f
External libraries:
Updated libbluray to 0.6.0
Updated libogg to 1.3.2
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 18f02cb
Updated libvpx to git 5132e6d

(05-19-2014) - r37205:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37205
Updated FFmpeg to git N-63282-g4a30f08
External libraries:
Updated giflib to 5.1.0
Updated libcaca to 0.99beta19
Git repositories:
Updated libdvdread to git 6733be2
Updated libvpx to git b043c3e

(05-17-2014) - r37203:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37203
Updated FFmpeg to git N-63204-gaedc1c2
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 2c7fc01
Updated libdvdread to git 15a8100
Updated libbluray to git 237dd22
Updated libvpx to git ed83c2a

(05-04-2014) - r37183:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37183
Updated FFmpeg to git N-62950-gc25b0b7
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libbluray to git d50f78b
Updated libdvdread to git 0cd997a
Updated libdvdnav to git f5f8701
Updated libass to git 35d06db
Updated libvpx to git 140262d
Updated x264 to git ac76440

(04-19-2014) - r37153:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37153
Updated FFmpeg to git N-62542-gf45a840
External libraries:
Updated giflib to 5.0.6
Updated xvid to 1.3.3
Git repositories:
Updated libdvdcss to git fbef64e
Updated libdvdread to git 0538a5d

Updated libdvdnav to git d58950e
Updated libass to git 23b30fd
Updated libvpx to git 6962ea6

(04-08-2014) - r37144:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37144
Updated FFmpeg to git N-62259-gb176320
External libraries:
Updated fontconfig to 2.11.1
Updated libmpg123 to 1.19.0
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git d8fc873
Updated libvpx to git b03e775
Updated x264 to git d6b4e63

(03-24-2014) - r37051:
Updated MPlayer to svn r37051
Updated FFmpeg to git N-61755-gc9c0451
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 29cd736
Updated libvpx to git 9895c9d

(03-09-2014) - r36986:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36986
Updated FFmpeg to git N-61191-gea9399f
External libraries:
Git repositories:
Updated libvpx to git 3facd6c

(03-07-2014) - r36981:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36981
Updated FFmpeg to git N-61155-g61ff043
External libraries:
Updated FreeType2 to 2.5.3
Updated libpng to 1.6.10
Updated winpthreads

Git repositories:
Updated libass to git 9870769
Updated libvpx to git ee77a1a
Updated internal libdvdread to VideoLAN libdvdread git 7c743650d0

(02-28-2014) - r36952:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36952
Updated FFmpeg to git N-60959-g669043d
External libraries:
Updated libass to git 363cd08
Updated libvpx to git df008f6
Updated internal libdvdread to VideoLAN libdvdread git 2a5060b

(02-26-2014) - r36945:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36945
Updated FFmpeg to git N-60912-g96fc290
External libraries:
Updated libvpx to git 0eca2cd

(02-23-2014) - r36900:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36900
Updated FFmpeg to git N-60837-g02b6324
External libraries:
Updated libvpx to git 4b3e44f

(02-20-2014) - r36896:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36896
Updated FFmpeg to git N-60762-g3edc3b1
External libraries:
Updated libmpg123 to 1.18.1
Updated libvpx to git fdb2337

(02-09-2014) - r36816:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36816
Updated FFmpeg to git N-60456-g4040b56
External libraries:
Updated libvpx to git 7c8a666

(02-08-2014) - r36810:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36810
Updated FFmpeg to git N-60422-g958d98c
External libraries:
Updated libpng to 1.6.9
Updated libvpx to git e876cf3

(02-01-2014) - r36772:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36772
Updated FFmpeg to git N-60274-gdce9321
External libraries:
Updated libass to git 5566069
Updated libmpg123 to 1.18
Updated libvpx to git 37e5325
Updated libvorbis to 1.3.4

(01-25-2014) - r36739:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36739
Updated FFmpeg to git N-60186-gc46faac
External libraries:
Updated libass to git d87fd62
Updated libvpx to git cacea00
Updated x264 to git 956c8d8

(01-20-2014) - r36656:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36656
Updated FFmpeg to git N-59995-g4014b40
External libraries:
Updated libjpeg to 9a

(01-19-2014) - r36621:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36621
Updated FFmpeg to git N-59967-g676a395
External libraries:
Updated libass to git b08d329
Updated libvpx to git 9c8b74f

(01-11-2014) - r36573:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36573
Updated FFmpeg to git N-59779-gb00a8b4
External libraries:
Updated libtheora to 1.2.0alpha1
Updated libvpx to git f83c12b
Updated internal libdvdread to VideoLAN libdvdread git a2f211a


(01-07-2014) - r36572:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36572
Updated FFmpeg to git N-59660-g8aead3f

(01-04-2014) - r36568:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36568
Updated FFmpeg to git N-59565-g70937d9
External libraries:
Added twolame 0.3.13
Updated libvpx to git 2344e3a
Other changes:
Updated build environment to GCC 4.8.2 and MinGW-w64 v3.

(01-01-2014) - r36563:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36563
Updated FFmpeg to git N-59466-g07728a1
External libraries:
Updated libmpg123 to 1.17
Updated libvpx to git cdc933c

(12-25-2013) - r36558-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-59369-g165f96c

(12-23-2013) - r36558:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36558
Updated FFmpeg to git N-59311-g95953c1
External libraries:
Updated libbluray to 0.5.0
Updated libvpx to git 87440ae

(12-20-2013) - r36557-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-59262-g70d6ce7
External libraries:
Updated libpng to 1.6.8
Updated libbluray to git 42aa923
Updated libvpx to git f69b560

(12-19-2013) - r36557:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36557
Updated FFmpeg to git N-59209-gf5d0398
External libraries:
Updated libass to git de3f0e7
Updated libbluray to git adc544a
Updated libvpx to git 949194d

(12-15-2013) - r36545:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36545
Updated FFmpeg to git N-59114-gcc0e2ba
External libraries:
Updated libbluray to git fc45ef6
Updated libvpx to git c5aaf92

(12-13-2013) - r36544:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36544
Updated FFmpeg to git N-59047-g0f02ea0
External libraries:
Updated libbluray to git fde1f88
Updated libvpx to git c263418

(12-12-2013) - r36543:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36543
Updated FFmpeg to git N-59017-g551a679
External libraries:
Updated FreeType2 to 2.5.2
Updated libbluray to git 792bc0b
Updated libvpx to git 2a6c7a1

(12-10-2013) - r36541:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36541
Updated FFmpeg to git N-58950-g8e5a298
External libraries:
Updated FriBiDi to 0.19.6
Updated libbluray to git ea08af6
Updated libvpx to git d2dad31

(12-08-2013) - r36536:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36536
Updated FFmpeg to git N-58869-gae33007
External libraries:
Updated libopus to 1.1
Updated libvpx to git a19d694

(12-05-2013) - r36533-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-58748-gbe99054
External libraries:
Updated libvpx to git a112353
Reverted FreeType2 to
Fixed font scanning crash.

(12-03-2013) - r36533:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36533
Updated FFmpeg to git N-58723-g0cc5011
External libraries:
Updated libbluray to git 0c83ca6

(11-30-2013) - r36526:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36526
Updated FFmpeg to git N-58656-gbd9de4f
External libraries:
Updated libbluray to git 3a13579
Updated libvpx to git e924057

(11-27-2013) - r36521-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-58485-ga12b4bd
External libraries:
Updated FreeType2 to 2.5.1
Updated libass to git 1373b67
Updated libbluray to git 4edc4dd
Updated libvpx to git b60293e

(11-24-2013) - r36521:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36521
Updated FFmpeg to git N-58429-gccdfa3e

(11-23-2013) - r36520:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36520
Updated FFmpeg to git N-58401-gffe31c6
External libraries:
Updated libvpx to git 520aa70

(11-17-2013) - r36516:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36516
Updated FFmpeg to git N-58239-ga8dec36
External libraries:
Updated libvpx to git 5ae4ba5

(11-16-2013) - r36508:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36508
Updated FFmpeg to git N-58119-gd04b7de
External libraries:
Updated libpng to 1.6.7
Updated libvpx to git 7fb5e73

(11-10-2013) - r36505:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36505
Updated FFmpeg to git N-57999-g3853fcd
External libraries:
Updated libvpx to git af2559c

(11-02-2013) - r36500:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36500
Updated FFmpeg to git N-57784-g647adc4
External libraries:
Updated libvpx to git 333345c
Updated x264 to git 1ca7bb9

(10-28-2013) - r36496:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36496
Updated FFmpeg to git N-57505-g0fef19b
External libraries:
Updated libvpx to git b133cbf

(10-26-2013) - r36487:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36487
Updated FFmpeg to git N-57430-g7e19c54
External libraries:
Updated libass to git 516f0ea
Updated libvpx to git 39b6ab6

(10-19-2013) - r36479:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36479
Updated FFmpeg to git N-57248-g12e66f2

(10-18-2013) - r36475:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36475
Updated FFmpeg to git N-57235-g0bf8580
External libraries:
Updated libass to git dacfe5e
Updated libvpx to git dd54f0b

(10-12-2013) - r36463:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36463
Updated FFmpeg to git N-57060-ge4d4567
External libraries:
Updated ENCA to 1.15
Updated fontconfig to 2.11.0
Updated libass to git 71ab600
Updated libmpg123 to 1.16
Updated libvpx to git 1ea04d9
rtmpdump/librtmp is dropped from this release.
Standalone builds can be found at:

(10-05-2013) - r36461:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36461
Updated FFmpeg to git N-56896-ga927276
External libraries:
Updated libvpx to git b03d3da

(09-27-2013) - r36459:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36459
Updated FFmpeg to git N-56704-g3e0c78b
External libraries:
Updated libass to git bc0cfcc

(09-22-2013) - r36458:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36458
Updated FFmpeg to git N-56569-g283fb76

(09-22-2013) - r36455:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36455
Updated FFmpeg to git N-56554-ge07ac72
External libraries:
Updated libbluray to 0.4.0
Updated libpng to 1.6.6

(09-14-2013) - r36444:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36444
Updated FFmpeg to git N-56276-gf2afe96

(09-07-2013) - r36442:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36442
Updated FFmpeg to git N-56087-g64c54f8
External libraries:
Updated fontconfig to 2.10.95
Updated giflib to 5.0.5
Updated polarssl to 1.2.8
Updated rtmpdump to git 5ba573a

(09-01-2013) - r36437:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36437
Updated FFmpeg to git N-55960-gb339dcc

(08-29-2013) - r36433:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36433
Updated FFmpeg to git N-55837-gf3ace37
External libraries:
Updated x264 to git 9e941d1

(08-23-2013) - r36428:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36428
Updated FFmpeg to git N-55724-g16a0d75

(08-17-2013) - r36426:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36426
Updated FFmpeg to git N-55607-g2c1a215

(08-14-2013) - r36422:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36422
Updated FFmpeg to git N-55517-g640a36a

(08-11-2013) - r36418:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36418
Updated FFmpeg to git N-55474-ga5ef796
External libraries:
Added libbs2b 3.1.0

(08-10-2013) - r36413:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36413

(08-06-2013) - r36406:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36406

(08-05-2013) - r36401:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36401
Updated FFmpeg to git N-55226-gc4f9a4c
External libraries:
Syncd internal libdvdread to VideoLAN libdvdread git 6005034

(08-03-2013) - r36396:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36396
Updated FFmpeg to git N-55218-g61af627

(07-31-2013) - r36380:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36380
Updated FFmpeg to git N-55113-g38536e5

(07-29-2013) - r36370:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36370
Updated FFmpeg to git N-55025-g19da86f
External libraries:
Replaced libregif 4.1.7 with giflib 5.0.4

(07-27-2013) - r36366:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36366
Updated FFmpeg to git N-54962-g8720d3a
External libraries:
Updated libass to git a1e725d

(07-18-2013) - r36364:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36364
Updated FFmpeg to git N-54790-g1816f55
External libraries:
Updated libopus to 1.0.3

(07-11-2013) - r36356:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36356
Updated FFmpeg to git N-54660-g38ce775
External libraries:
Updated libass to git 38fb0b8

(07-06-2013) - r36353:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36353
Updated FFmpeg to git N-54492-g68b7b53
External libraries:
Updated x264 to git f0c1c53

(07-04-2013) - r36350-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git N-54439-g565140d
External Libraries:
Updated freetype2 to
Initial 64-bit release.

(06-24-2013) - r36350:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36350
Updated FFmpeg to git N-54152-g730e07f
External Libraries:
Updated libass to git 05cd0bc

(06-18-2013) - r36349:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36349
Updated FFmpeg to git N-54097-g9626d0e
Adds a patch by sherpya to load subtitles with unicode filenames.

(06-16-2013) - r36348:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36348
Updated FFmpeg to git N-54082-g96b33dd

(06-14-2013) - r36345:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36345
Updated FFmpeg to git N-54023-g6fe419b

(06-07-2013) - r36305:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36305
Updated FFmpeg to git N-53904-g56abad0

(06-03-2013) - r36298:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36298
Updated FFmpeg to git N-53818-gfca435f

(05-31-2013) - r36293:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36293
Updated FFmpeg to git N-53724-g716dbc7
External libraries:
Updated libogg to 1.3.1

(05-25-2013) - r36281:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36281
Updated FFmpeg to git N-53430-g2c2e69b
External libraries:
Updated libmpg123 to 1.15.4
Updated x264 to git a3ac64b

(05-20-2013) - r36279:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36279
Updated FFmpeg to git N-53284-gd0a34ae

(05-17-2013) - r36275:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36275
Updated FFmpeg to git N-53170-g17989dc
External libraries:
Updated libass to git b634305

(05-11-2013) - r36265:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36265
Updated FFmpeg to git N-52985-gcbcc5cb
External libraries:
Updated freetype2 to 2.4.12

(05-09-2013) - r36251:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36251
Updated FFmpeg to git N-52919-ge4723a8
External libraries:
Updated zlib to 1.2.8

(05-06-2013) - r36243:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36243
Updated FFmpeg to git N-52798-gf5846dc

(05-05-2013) - r36237:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36237
Updated FFmpeg to git N-52748-g1ef82cc

(05-04-2013) - r36214:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36214
Updated FFmpeg to git N-52727-gf18d2df

(05-02-2013) - r36207:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36207
Updated FFmpeg to git N-52649-g6021615
External libraries:
Updated libbluray to 0.3.0
Updated libpng to 1.6.2

(05-01-2013) - r36197:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36197
Updated FFmpeg to git 14f45bc

External libraries:
Updated x264 to git 76a5c3a
Updated live555 to 2013.04.30

(04-26-2013) - r36175:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36175
Updated FFmpeg to git 785eb5f


(04-26-2013) - r36172-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git 05f4c05

External libraries:
Updated x264 to git 3b1f1f7
Updated live555 to 2013.04.23

(04-19-2013) - r36172:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36172
Updated FFmpeg to git b63f7b3

External libraries:
Updated libass to git ed55e32
Updated fontconfig to 2.10.92
Updated live555 to 2013.04.16

(04-11-2013) - r36170:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36170
Updated FFmpeg to git 9ab7961


(04-05-2013) - r36169:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36169
Updated FFmpeg to git 37f080f

External libraries:
Updated libass to git 68c3268
Updated libmpg123 to 1.15.3
Updated libpng to 1.6.1
Updated live555 to 2013.04.05

(03-30-2013) - r36106:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36106
Updated FFmpeg to git 8cd7aab

External libraries:
Updated libass to git d29915d

(03-29-2013) - r36089:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36089
Updated FFmpeg to git 551f683

External libraries:
Updated libass to git 085666a
Updated live555 to 2013.03.23

(03-24-2013) - r36050:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36050
Updated FFmpeg to git 01a334e


(03-19-2013) - r36021:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36021
Updated FFmpeg to git db8403d


(03-17-2013) - r36005:
Updated MPlayer to svn r36005
Updated FFmpeg to git 76d1c07


(03-17-2013) - r35966:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35966
Updated FFmpeg to git 8a523cf


(03-16-2013) - r35968:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35968
Updated FFmpeg to git 7d15cd4


(03-12-2013) - r35952:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35952
Updated FFmpeg to git b5e5ed8

External libraries:
Added libmad 0.15.1b
Updated polarssl to 1.2.6
Updated rtmpdump to git df6c518

(03-09-2013) - r35935:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35935
Updated FFmpeg to git 98c4268

External libraries:
Reverted libdvdcss to internal mplayer svn
Updated live555 to 2013.03.07

(03-05-2013) - r35932:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35932
Updated FFmpeg to git 715c230

External libraries:
Updated libass to git fc3b05f
Updated live555 to 2013.02.27
Updated x264 to git c832fe9

(03-01-2013) - r35927:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35927
Updated FFmpeg to git e20f2dc


(02-28-2013) - r35925:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35925
Updated FFmpeg to git e54a1bd

External libraries:
Updated x264 to git b3065e6
Fixed a crash when using '-vo sdl'.

(02-25-2013) - r35923-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git 394130e

External libraries:
Added live555 2013.02.11

(02-23-2013) - r35923:
Updated MPlayer to r35923
Updated FFmpeg to git 066739f

External libraries:
Added libgif 4.1.7
Reverted fontconfig to 2.10.91

(02-20-2013) - r35922:
Updated MPlayer to r35922
Updated FFmpeg to git 2ccaab9

External libraries:
Updated fontconfig to git 2c69625
Fixed XP incompatibility.

(02-20-2013) - r35921:
Updated MPlayer to r35921
Updated FFmpeg to git 8d1dd5b

External libraries:
Added libilbc

(02-18-2013) - r35917:
Updated MPlayer to r35917
Updated FFmpeg to git c63f9fb


(02-15-2013) - r35915:
Updated MPlayer to r35915
Updated FFmpeg to git 4a6fa79

Updated internal libdvdcss to git 45999b7

(02-13-2013) - r35910-3:
Updated FFmpeg to git 5dd78ef

Added color console, which can be enabled via 'msgcolor=yes' in mplayerconfig

(patch originally by Sherpya)

(02-11-2013) - r35910-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git fd6a021


(02-08-2013) - r35910:
Updated MPlayer to r35910
Updated FFmpeg to git 0d194ee

Updated internal libdvdread to git 121edec
Updated internal libdvdnav to git 9487d1b
libmad has been dropped from this release. There should be sufficient MPEG audio decoding capabilities already present in FFmpeg and libmpg123.

(02-03-2013) - r35908:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35908
Updated FFmpeg to git d106679

This build fixes 'get_buffer

() failed

(stride changed)' error in some H264 files.

(01-31-2013) - r35906:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35906
Updated FFmpeg to git 086566a


(01-28-2013) - r35905:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35905
Updated FFmpeg to git 4484c72
External libraries:
Updated libpng to 1.5.14
Added libbz2 1.0.6

(01-26-2013) - r35901:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35901
Updated FFmpeg to git 5de286e

(01-21-2013) - r35802:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35802
Updated FFmpeg to git c74d465
External libraries:
Updated libjpeg to 9
Minor enhancement: Adds an informational line above "Build date" to more easily identify the FFmpeg revision used.

(01-18-2013) - r35786:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35786
Updated FFmpeg to git 040c461

(01-12-2013) - r35738:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35738
Updated FFmpeg to git 2ea3f37
External libraries:
Updated libass to git 340ff8f
Updated fontconfig to 2.10.91
Updated x264 to git bc13772
Updated rtmpdump to git 3a1e20c

(01-06-2013) - r35715:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35715
Updated FFmpeg to git 79013a5

External libraries:
Added libgsm 1.0.13
This build may fix some cases of the "No Disk" error.

(01-01-2013) - r35712-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git 1e28fa2
Added icon/version info for MEncoder
External libraries:
Updated libvpx to 1.2.0
Removed Live555.
rtsp:// urls, previously handled by Live555, are now handled by ffmpeg by prefixing it with ffmpeg://

(ex: ffmpeg://rtsp:// Pthreads

(pthreadGC2.dll) has also been made static, no longer requiring the pthread dll to run.
This build fixes "Unsupported PixelFormat" spamming that occurred with some H.264 videos.

(12-31-2012) - r35712:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35712
Updated FFmpeg to git 9a74282
This build fixes ASS/SSA subtitle corruption.

(12-30-2012) - r35710-2:
Updated FFmpeg to git b367453
External libraries:
Updated internal libass to git 7e45532
Updated FreeType2 to 2.4.11

(12-24-2012) - r35710:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35710
Updated FFmpeg to git ec40d15
External libraries:
Updated Live555 to 12.24.2012
Added libmng 1.0.10
This release fixes a "Ran out of numbered images" crash when seeking in H.264 files.

(12-20-2012) - r35701:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35701
Updated FFmpeg to git 6375318
A patch in libdvdnav

(r1245) was reversed, which caused inability to play any DVDs using dvdnav://.

(12-17-2012) - r35691:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35691
Updated FFmpeg to git 2e59142

(12-14-2012) - r35679:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35679
Updated FFmpeg to git 616e6ff
External libraries:
Updated libx264 to git 1cffe9f
Updated libvpx to git 7a09f6b
Updated libopus to 1.0.2

(12-10-2012) - r35660:
Updated MPlayer to svn r35660
Updated FFmpeg to git fd3cdca
Reverted a change in FFmpeg

(git 419ade4) that broke screenshot functionality
MEncoder is now included in this package.

(12-09-2012) - r35625:
Updated MPlayer to r35625
Updated FFmpeg to 4c554c9
Initial release

2013-05-05, Sunday :: MPlayer 1.1.1 update
posted by the release team

For those of you sticking to the release version, we recommend to update to 1.1.1 to avoid security issues. The tar file in the download section also contains the latest version of the FFmpeg 0.11 release with many fixes of its own.

2012-06-10, Sunday :: MPlayer 1.1 released
posted by the release team

We gave up on 1.0

After a long pause, we decided that it might be a good idea to make a new release. While we had our fun with the naming scheme with lots of "pre" and "rc" it seemed time to move on and with everyone incrementing major versions between weekly and monthly we hope to be forgiven for jumping ahead to 1.1.

This release is intended to be compatible with the recent FFmpeg 0.11 release. We hope it will be useful to distros and other users relying on FFmpeg 0.11. Everyone else is encouraged to follow Subversion HEAD to always get the latest features and bug fixes. You might still want to read the release announcement to get a short summary of any bigger changes and improvements.

Among the bigger news is that we found a maintainer for the X11 gmplayer GUI, so those holding out on it against our earlier recommendations will get a lot of bug fixes.

There is also support for more subtitle types (Bluray, DVB, DVB closed-caption for example), many improvements to -vo gl including output of 10 bit video, very basic but usable OpenGL ES support and much better SDL support which makes it a usable choice on OSX (particularly on older PowerPC variants much faster than corevideo or quartz). MPlayer will now also try much harder to handle intermittent network failures, for example trying to reconnect.

As part of the code cleanup efforts, the internal libfaad2 copy has been removed since the FFmpeg decoder is working well. Also the internal mp3lib copy is no longer used by default since the many alternatives (FFmpeg, libmpg123, libmad) avoid its recurring issues like incorrect decoding with newer compilers. However it can still be forced at runtime for easier tracking of regressions. Please do not rely on this since it will be removed in the future. If you do not actually need it consider disabling it at compile time with --disable-mp3lib.

As a first for this release, the tarballs are available in two variants: compressed with xz and compressed with gzip. Please get the xz variant if you can to save bandwidth, the gzip version is for everyone that cannot use it. Should you never have encountered xz compressed files, newer versions of tar can uncompress it via "tar xJf MPlayer-1.1.tar.xz".

2011-01-30, Sunday :: MPlayer 1.0rc4 released
posted by the release team

Yes, we can!

MPlayer 1.0rc4 continues the tradition of long overdue, but better late than never releases. It has been tested thoroughly to work with the FFmpeg 0.6 branch. It will be useful to distros and other users relying on FFmpeg 0.6. To get the latest and greatest in features and bug fixes, Subversion HEAD should be a better fit.

1.0rc4 once again adds a slew of new binary codecs and leverages all the stuff added to FFmpeg. Notable additions are VP8 decoding, H.264 bug fixes and speedups, unencrypted Blu-ray support. Network streams can now be played through FFmpeg, there has been quite a bit of subtitle work and Ogg and Matroska demuxer defaults were switched to libavformat. The window position is now decided by the window manager.

Our constant efforts to clean up the codebase continue as usual. A ton of compiler warnings disappeared and there have been refactorings all around. External library copies have been synchronized with upstream. The internal liba52 copy is gone and it is now possible to build against external libmpeg2 and libmpg123.

MPlayer 1.0rc4 can be downloaded by HTTP or FTP.

MD5SUM: f3abf9b59d0ac4fb2b63bc6bc33b8d02
SHA1SUM: 9f904ac332c93dadb061fe183c975b6518fbbc88
MPlayer 1.0rc4: "Yes we can"
GUI: Changes towards removing the GUI

* The GUI will no longer display any error or warning messages.
* Special GUI slave commands (gui_*) were removed, along with the related key bindings.


* YUY2 Lossless Codec (YLC0) via binary DLL
* Truemotion RT codec (TR20) via binary DLL
* Nogantech Codec (NTN1 and NTN2) via binary DLL
* add new FourCCs (m1v1, yuvs, VYUY, Y42B, V422, YUNV, UYNV, UYNY, uyv1, 2Vu1, P422, HDYC, IJLV, MVJP) TwoCCs (0xA106, 0x6c75, 0xAAC0, 0x55005354) to existing decoders
* AMR now handled via OpenCORE decoder
* updated Windows Media Screen Codec (MSS1, MSS2) via binary DLL
* CoreAVC H.264 decoder via binary DLL (Windows only)
* Kega Game video codec (KGV1) via binary DLL
* SoftLab-NSK Forward MPEG-2 I-frames (SLIF) via binary DLL
* JPEG 2000 support via OpenJPEG
* internal liba52 copy removed
* CineForm HD (CFHD) via binary DLL
* VP8 en-/decoding through libvpx wrapper and native decoder in FFmpeg
* support for external libmpeg2 added
* hardware MPEG decoder priority lowered
* external libmpg123 support


* Mostly fixed timing issues with some H.264 (PAFF) samples
* Matroska and Ogg demuxers switched to use libavformat by default. Report issues and use -demuxer ogg and -demuxer mkv to work around them.
* support for TrueHD in Blu-ray streams in libmpdemux
* more Blu-ray codec support with lavf
* fix length in ASF/WMV files
* support ISDB-Tb DVB streams


* remove vf_yuy2, functionality is replaced by -vf format=yuv2
* remove vf_rgb2bgr, functionality is replaced by sws and vf_format


* Support for unencrypted Blu-ray playback through libbluray. Use it through: mplayer br:////path/to/disc


* -vo yuv4mpeg:interlaced no longer does its own interlaced RGB->YUV conversion. Use -vf scale=::1 to keep the same behavior and report if there are any issues with that.
* X11: Window manager chooses Window position by default. Add geometry=50%:50% to your configuration to get the old behavior.
* -vo md5sum md5 calculation changed so output matches FFmpeg's -f framemd5
* Support for more formats in OpenGL video output drivers (different YUV subsampling, 16 bit per component)
* Selectable YUV to RGB conversion standard for -vo gl (-vo gl:colorspace=...:levelconv=...)
* -vo gl now tries to use yuv=2 by default if possible
* -vo gl:stereo=... for experimental stereo (3D) support
* -vo matrixview finally added
* add OS/2 KAI audio driver (-ao kai)


* -nosub option for disabling auto-selected subtitles
* support for displaying subs in the terminal (FIXME)
* support for subtitles with audio-only files
* support for right-to-left languages with embedded subtitles
* support for UTF-16 encoded external subtitles
* support for 8 channel audio
* sync dvd:// and dvdnav:// features
* support for MPEG-4 ASP in VDPAU video output (non-B-frame only)
* support for live and non-live DVB teletext with demuxer lavf
* -name, -title and -use-filename-title options for MPlayer
* support for stream handling via FFmpeg, in particular RTMP and RTSP (use e.g. ffmpeg://
* experimental support for external libass, pass '-disable-ass-internal' to configure
* better support for 16-bit-per-component formats and formats with alpha channel
* better out-of-the-box support for compiling for ARM, IA64, MinGW32 and MinGW-w64, MinGW has ASLR enabled with recent enough binutils
* libdvdcss synced with upstream Subversion snapshot


* add -tsprog for demuxer lavf

2007-10-07, Sunday :: MPlayer 1.0rc2 released
posted by the release team

It's been a while, but we are still around and have decided that it's time to funnel our steady stream of daily changes into a release again.

One main source of improvements has, as always, been FFmpeg, which added support for several new video and audio codecs along with speedups and massive code cleanups.

MPlayer now supports Real RTSP authentication and the libnemesi streaming library as an alternative to live555. Also, many QuickTime over RTSP streams can now be played. There have been various improvements to TV streaming, Intel Mac support should be complete.

Support for VC-1 in MPEG-TS and MPEG-PS will make many HDTV streams work. Blu-ray or HD-DVD playback is not possible yet, but MPlayer can play the EVO files after they have been decrypted.

MPlayer now assumes square pixels as found on LCD panels. If the video on your monitor appears squished or stretched please use '-monitoraspect 4:3' to get back the previous behavior.

It is no longer necessary to patch the sources to get AMR audio support. Instead, download AMR libraries for Linux and install them as described on that page.

Note that this release will not compile on current (as of this writing) Cygwin versions due to a missing llrint implementation in Cygwin. You will have to wait for the next gcc upgrade in Cygwin or patch either Cygwin or MPlayer locally.

There is no need to download binary codec packages if you already have an older version.
MPlayer 1.0rc2: "AreWeThereYet?"

* console messages and XML documentation converted to UTF-8
* Russian documentation translation finished
* Russian man page translation finished
* Chinese man page translation finished
* Chinese documentation translation started
* Documented get/set/step properties in DOCS/tech/slave.txt


* Intel Music Coder audio decoding via lavc
* Monkey Audio audio decoding via lavc
* Fraps v2/v4 video decoding via lavc
* Video game codecs: 4XM audio, Electronic Arts ADPCM audio, Delphine CIN audio and video, Interplay DPCM audio, Sierra VMD video, Tiertex SEQ video, Westwood IMA ADPCM audio, XAN wc3 video, Id CIN video, Interplay video, XAN ADPCM audio, Westwood SND1 audio, Feeble Files DXA video, THP audio and video, Renderware TeXture Dictionary video, Bethesda Software VID video via lavc
* video game codecs: XAN wc4 video via binary DLL
* libmpeg2 updated to 0.4.1
* fixed resolution switching with libmpeg2
* handle resolution switching for Real codecs
* FFmpeg video decoder can now handle aspect ratio changes
* AMR now handled via libamr wrapper (
* SIMD optimizations for mp3lib under AMD64


* Implemented switch_video and switch_program consistently with switch_audio (default keys are "_" and TAB, respectively). For the time being program switching is only available in TS streams handled by demux_ts.c (not libavformat), while video switching is also handled by demux_lavf.c and demux_avi.c.
* audio and video switching for the AVI demuxer (video switching untested)
* GIF demuxer improvements, should work with all GIFs now
* support for VC-1 in MPEG-TS and MPEG-PS files (BD,HD)-DVD
* support for EVO demuxing
* support -noidx with libavformat demuxer
* support for channel navigation with PVR input
* text subtitles should now work with libavformat demuxer
* cleaned up TiVo demuxer


* authentication for Real RTSP streams
* near-precise seeking in dvd:// and dvdnav:// (dvdnav:// requires libdvdnav from mphq)
* speed selection when playing dvd:// streams, to make drive quieter
* support SVQ3 and H.264 in X-QT over RTSP, now RTSP Apple keynotes work (live555)
* SMIL playlist over Real RTSP
* support H.263-2000 over RTSP (live555)
* fix AAC-LATM over RTSP (live555)
* support AMR over RTSP (live555)
* support H.264 over RTSP (live555)
* "device" and "adevice" suboptions now work for the *BSD BT848 TV driver
* dvdnav:// now depends on MPlayer's fork of libdvdnav
* teletext support for tv:// (v4l and v4l2 only)
* radio support for *BSD BT848
* channel scanner for tv://
* fine tuning for tv://
* driver autodetection for tv://
* libnemesi RTSP/RTP support
* EOF detection for RTSP (live555)


* Intel Music coder audio decoder
* Fraps v2/v4 video decoder
* H.264 decoding speedup
* Slice-based parallel H.264 decoding (-lavdopts fast:threads=N)
* native NUT demuxer updated to spec
* native NUT muxer
* NUT muxing and demuxing support via libnut
* WMA encoder
* fix MJPEG-B on big-endian systems
* lowres support for some H.264 files
* DTS/DCA audio decoder
* Atrac 3 audio decoder
* MPEG-1/2 speedups
* RoQ muxer, video and audio encoder
* QTRLE encoder
* AC-3 decoder
* Matroska muxer
* Monkey's Audio demuxer and decoder
* Flac encoder and decoder speedups
* AMV demuxer and audio/video decoder


* iWMMXt-accelerated DCT and motion compensation for ARM processors


* obsolete fame filter removed
* vf_geq speed-ups
* vf_yadif green frame fixed
* fix af_pan when switching audio streams
* add audio left/right balance feature to af_pan


* write to output streams (currently only file:// and smb://)
* support -ffourcc with -of lavf
* removed B-frame warning message
* fixed bugs that would corrupt headers in the video stream when using telecining and not patch the TFF flag correctly


* Complete Intel Mac support
* Hitachi SuperH (SH3) support
* Blackfin optimizations


* ALSA audio output now sets the non-audio bit for AC3 passthrough even if the user-specified default device name tries to clear it
* fixed internal VIDIX in Solaris/x86, also auto-enabled
* rework of internal VIDIX, now a fully static library with builtin drivers
* updated VIDIX ATI drivers
* Sun XVR-100 video output driver


* monitorpixelaspect=1 is now default. Set monitoraspect=4/3 to get the old behavior (if you have non-square pixels).
* libdvdcss updated to Subversion HEAD, now same as upstream version
* libmpdvdkit split into libdvdread and libdvdcss
* obsolete Xvid 3 support removed
* long-deprecated -vop option removed
* video stream switching
* dvdnav:// honor -alang and -slang
* support for doubleclick as input event
* -really-quiet works as expected now
* select libavformat demuxer (-lavfdopts format=)
* internal minilzo removed in favor of FFmpeg implementation, use liblzo2 for encoding
* change GUI dependency from libpng to libavcodec
* ability to change subtitle size during playback
* ability to turn loop on/off during playback
* Apple Remote support
* libdvdread updated to 0.9.7
* many compiler warning fixes

MPlayer 1.0rc1: "Codename intentionally left blank"

* German documentation translation finished
* Russian documentation translation synced and almost finished


* IVTV hardware MPEG audio/video decoder output
* ALSA audio output: AC3 passthrough now works even when the device name of the digital output port has been set by the user
* bicubic OpenGL scaling works with ATI cards
* md5sum switched to the libavutil MD5 implementation
* support for libcaca 1.0 via compatibility layer


* liba52 updated to 0.7.4 (slightly faster)
* SSE optimizations for mp3lib
* removed support for obsolete and non-free divx4 libraries


* audio stream switching in MPEG-TS/PS, Matroska and streams supported by libavformat
* audio stream switching between streams with different codecs
* libavformat demuxer now honors -alang
* chapter seeking in Matroska files
* fixed seeking to absolute and percent position for libavformat demuxer
* NUT demuxer using libnut
* Matroska SimpleBlock support


* split of stream layer from libmpdemux to new stream library
* PVR input for hardware MPEG encoder based cards, such as Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150/250/350/500 AKA IVTV but also pvrusb2 and cx88 (requires Linux >= 2.6.18 kernel, featuring native V4L2 MPEG API)
* native RTSP input (handles MPEG-TS over RTP) for generic RTSP servers
* support for seeking to chapters in dvd:// and dvdnav:// streams
* radio support (radio://)


* VC-1/WMV3/WMV9 video decoder
* Vorbis decoding speedup, now default Vorbis decoder
* VMware Video decoder
* On2 VP50 and VP62 decoder
* lossless audio decoders: WavPack, TTA, Shorten
* CAVS decoder
* GXF muxer/demuxer
* MXF demuxer
* much improved FLAC encoder
* more H.264 decoding speed improvements, plus support for -lavdopts fast
* Theora decoder fixes
* preliminary Vorbis encoder
* MTV demuxer


* Windows version added
* drag-and-drop ignored last file
* save and load cache setting correctly
* working audio stream selection for Ogg and Matroska files
* executable names like gmplayer_old etc. will now start GUI as well
* -gui/-nogui options
* xinerama fixes, now behaves similar to MPlayer without GUI


* MMX-optimizations for -vf yadif
* MMX-optimizations for -vf zrmjpeg


* support of x264 encoding via libavcodec
* rewrite -x264encopts option parser to use the 264 option parser; likely breaks 3rd party tools as the syntax of some options has changed
* removed support for obsolete and non-free divx4 libraries


* partial Intel Mac support, --disable-loader --disable-mp3lib is needed
* OpenGL can now create windows > screen size under Windows
* allow filenames starting withfor remote paths on Windows


* SSA/ASS subtitle renderer
* -endpos option for MPlayer
* -correct-pts option
* UTF-8 used for OSD and subtitles, some bitmap fonts will no longer work correctly and -subcp must be set for all non-UTF-8 subtitles
* more audio-truncation fixes
* libavutil mandatory for MPlayer compilation
* more intuitive -edlout behaviour
* -nortc is now default since -rtc has disadvantages with recent kernels

2006.06.11, Sunday :: MPlayer 1.0pre8 released
posted by the release team

It's been more than one year since our last release and yes, we are still alive! Like always, the length of the ChangeLog clearly shows we have been lazy to release but not lazy to code.

First off, we have uncovered some new security bugs in the AVI, Real and MOV code so we urge you to upgrade in any case.

Given how old pre7 is by now, it's strongly recommended to upgrade. We also recommend users to test and use the Subversion version when possible in order to both benefit from latest development, and report/fix bugs. Contrary to running a development kernel, it won't eat your data or make your cat pregnant, but it will help us improve the overall quality of MPlayer.

Among the many features that have been added, it should be noted that libavformat now supports a greater variety of files. If you have a hard time playing some files, please try demuxing with libavformat (-demuxer lavf). MEncoder can also take advantage of libavformat, in order to, for example, create Flash videos.

There have also been many enhancements to the H.264 decoder to make it a lot faster and more error-resilient. More audio and video codecs are supported. Audio/Video synchronisation has been further improved, especially on Real streams and Vorbis.

And that's not it yet! We have some more tricks for you up our sleeves for upcoming versions of MPlayer: experimental DVDnav (DVD menus) support and an experimental graphical user interface for our Windows port. Please join in the testing effort so that these features don't remain experimental ;-).
MPlayer 1.0pre8: "NeuTeam strikes back"
* support for compilation with non-executable stack * fix the major issues caught by Coverity's static analysis runs

* environment variables documentation started * interactive control fully documented * improved encoding guide * new technical encoding guide in DOCS/tech/encoding-guide.txt which is to be merged into the existing guide * encoding tips for x264 and XviD * how to set up MEncoder for x264 support * new advanced audio usage guide with surround sound instructions * Hungarian XML documentation translation finished * Czech documentation translation finished * French MPlayer documentation synced * German man page synced * Hungarian man page synced * Italian man page synced * Chinese console messages synced * misc improvements all over the place * AIX port documentation added * all XviD options documented * CONFIGURATION FILES section added to the man page * Doxygen comments added to configuration parser and OpenGL video out driver

* JACK audio output rewritten without bio2jack * OpenAL audio output - unfinished, can only do mono output * OpenGL video output modules support -geometry and -wid options * for -vo gl manyfmts is now default (since it is a lot faster), use -vo gl:nomanyfmts if it does not work for you * streaming textures for -vo gl, much faster if supported (use -dr) * hardware YUV to RGB conversion for -vo gl and -vo gl2, see yuv suboption * support for custom fragment programs for -vo gl (see TOOLS/*.fp) * support for bicubic hardware scaling in -vo gl, see lscale suboption * use libvbe from vesautils as VESA video driver * several fixes for the GGI video output driver * fall back on next video output driver if vo_3dfx failed to initialize * improved XvMC library detection (disabled by default) * DPI (Print-Resolution) and Pixel-Aspect support in vo_jpeg * ALSA audio output: several small fixes and improvements * removed experimental mmap suboption from the ALSA driver * YUY2 and back end scaling for S3 Virge chips on fbdev (-vo s3fb)

* Indeo2 (RT21) support via lavc * Fraps video decoder via binary DLL * support for 8-bit PNGs with palette * support for dmb1 MJPEG files with ffmjpeg * support for musepack audio (WARNING: when seeking you might get ear- and speaker-breaking noises). If you hear clipping, use -af volume. * experimental speex support via libspeex * On2 VP7 video decoder via binary DLL * Duck/On2 TrueMotion2 (TM20) support via lavc * support FLX and DTA extensions for flic files * QDM2 audio decoding via lavc * cook audio decoding via lavc * TrueSpeech audio decoding via lavc * CamStudio video decoder via lavc * hwmpa pass-through MPEG audio codec * tremor updated to libogg 1.1.2 * PNG decoding via libavcodec * removed native RealAudio codecs (ported to lavc) * Zip Motion-Block Video (ZMBV) decoder via lavc and binary DLL * support for QuickTime in24/in32/fl32 PCM audio * internal libfaad updated to CVS 20040915+MPlayer patches * RTJpeg decoder from lavc is preferred * bug fix for lavc WMA v2 decoder, now all files should be playable * -vc mpeg12 resizes the window when aspect ratio changes * Smacker audio and video decoding via lavc * Windows Media VC1 video decoder via binary DLL * Flash Screen video decoder via lavc

* simultaneous audio capture/playback (-tv immediatemode=0) fixed in v4l2 * PVR support * AAC ADTS demuxer * libdvdread updated to v0.9.4 * support for some more MythTV NUV files * modularization of demuxer code * MPEG in GXF container support with extension-based detection * faster MPEG and much faster GXF demuxing * more user-friendly demuxer forcing * MPEG Layer 1 and 2 demuxing fixed * properly pass Vorbis extradata from Matroska container * DVR format support * H.264 ES high profile support * TV channel cycling * DVD subtitle and audio stream mappings fixed * fixed RealAudio demuxing, now all files should have correct A/V sync * partial support for QuickTime sound atom version 2 * improved handling of text subs in Matroska files * DVD subtitles disabled by default * support sipr codec in old RealAudio files * fixed framerate detection of interlaced H.264 in raw/PS/TS streams * support for variable framerate Ogg/OGM files * made demux_ogg.c work with ffvorbis decoder * fixed playback of RealVideo in Matroska files on PPC * added support for Vorbis in MOV/MP4

* fix streaming of RealAudio files over HTTP * show SHOUT/Icecast metadata while playing * ultravox (unsv://) streaming support * stream code ported to new modular API, massive code cleanup * bandwidth selection for Real RTSP streams (for faster stream dumps)

* Snow bug fixes and speedup on x86, x86-64 and AltiVec * MPEG-1/2/4 and H.264 decoder speedup * Indeo2 (RT21) video decoder * Fraps video decoder (v0 & v1, v2 not yet supported) * Vorbis audio decoder * RV20 fixes * VP3 decoder fixes and speedup * countless bug fixes all over the place * vstrict=-1 is default, Snow, ffv1 etc. need vstrict=-2 * skiploopfilter/skipidct/skipframe decoder options for very fast H.264 decoding * D-Cinema audio demuxer and decoder support * Duck/On2 TrueMotion2 (TM20) decoder * FLX and DTA extensions for flic * QDM2 audio decoder * cook audio decoder * TrueSpeech audio decoder * WMA2 audio decoder fixed, now all files should play correctly * JPEG-LS decoder (unfinished) * CamStudio video decoder * Theora decoder * improved MOV and QuickTime demuxer * improved AVI muxer * multithreaded decoding * bitexact decoding * DV50 encoder, decoder, muxer and demuxer * true audio (TTA) decoder * AIFF/AIFF-C audio format, encoding and decoding * Creative VOC demuxing * Zip Motion-Block Video (ZMBV) decoder * KMVC decoder * NuppelVideo/MythTV demuxer and RTJpeg decoder * MP4 and MOV demuxer greatly improved to support all varieties of currently available files * AVS demuxer and video decoder * American Laser Games multimedia (*.mm) playback system * Smacker demuxer and decoder * Flash screen Video decoder * Trellis-optimized ADPCM audio encoder * Major improvements to Snow quality and encoding

* skins now reside in a directory named 'skins', not 'Skin' * ported to GTK2 * long standing upside down vpotmeter bug fixed * don't hang on unreadable skin files * random fixes and improvements

* much faster version of spp filter (-vf fspp), and pp7 ("fast spp=6") * remove_logo filter * lavcresample now used by default (-af-adv force=0 gives old behavior) * vf_expand and vf_dsize now support aspect and round parameters * screenshot filter * -af pan command line fix, now outputs the right number of channels and accepts values < 0 or > 1. Channel order had to be changed. * -af sinesuppress to remove a sine at a certain frequency * negative stride support in swscale * big-endian and AltiVec fixes and performance improvements for swscaler, color conversions and post-processing * -srate fixed * hqdn3d: 2.5x faster temporal-only, 1.6x faster spatial-only * new proof-of-concept karaoke (voice removal) filter * motion compensating deinterlacer (-vf mcdeint) * Yet Another DeInterlacing Filter (-vf yadif)

* audio encoding modularized * AAC (FAAC) audio encoding * border processing adaptive quantization in libavcodec * encoding zones, DivX profiles support, luminance masking, multi-threaded encoding for XviD * raw audio muxer * fixed various bugs in the EDL code * x264 "turbo mode" to speed up first pass of multi-pass encoding * x264 custom quantization matrices * -delay allows real audio delay instead of just a delay in the header * search for (deprecated!) frameno.avi is now disabled by default (use -frameno-file frameno.avi to enable) * -o is now mandatory. You can add 'o=test.avi' in ~/.mplayer/mencoder to get the old behavior back. * In multiple file encoding, either all or no files must have audio. Use -nosound to force. * support for VBR MP2 encoding in toolame * twolame support * libavformat muxers support * VBR audio in MPEG support * muxer_mpeg: added an experimental film2pal teleciner and fixed previous bugs that could lead to desync and to wrong TFF/RFF flags being set * rewritten muxer_mpeg.c: buffering and timing constraints will always be respected, provided that the muxrate is big enough

* improved timer function on Mac OS X * New Mac OS X "macosx" video output driver. Supported on OS X 10.4 and 10.3 with QuickTime 7 (requires QuickTime 7 SDK to build on 10.3) * Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) fixes * macosx audio output driver fixes * preliminary support for Intel Macs * support for playing DVDs copied to harddisk on Cygwin * DragonFly BSD support * liba52 ASM optimizations ported to AMD64 * configure check and compiler optimizations for VIA C3, C3-2 and Pentium-M * configure check and compiler optimizations for AMD-64 extended * configure can now run with cross compiling, new configure option --enable-cross-compile * -(no)border option to get a bordered/borderless window on Windows * Experimental AIX support * AltiVec support fixes * POWER5 support * OpenGL output ported to Windows * FreeBSD default DVD device added * MIPS64 support * Darwin portability fixes * improved Debian packaging * improved Win32 multi-monitor support * Sun's mediaLib disabled by default on Solaris (broken and non-optimal) * VP6 and WMVA binary codecs should now work also under FreeBSD 6

* Audio/Video synchronisation fixes * enabled hinting for TrueType fonts * support for file:// syntax * -fb option removed, use the device suboption of -vo fbdev/fbdev2 instead * full gcc 4 support * TOOLS/ vobsub time-adjust tool * TOOLS/ computes PSNR between two existing video files * fixed auto-insertion of lavc encoder (for DXR2/3 and DVB) * new option: -idle, to make MPlayer wait for input commands when done playing all files * lots of new slave commands (check DOCS/tech/slave.txt) * lots of new information provided by the -identify option * fixed ugly looking OSD with -vo gl2 and MMX * support for OSD localization * -rawaudio/-rawvideo requires -demuxer rawaudio/-demuxer rawvideo * libdvdcss updated to 1.2.9 * ~/.dvdcss is used instead of ~/.mplayer/DVDKeys for cached CSS keys * libcdio support for CD playback * new option -msglevel to directly control the verbosity of MPlayer modules * -verbose option removed, use -v or "-msglevel all" instead * -edl is now per-file in MPlayer * new input command prefixes, "pausing_keep" and "pausing_toggle" which alter pausing state immediately after command * environment variable MPLAYER_VERBOSE controls verbosity before the command line is parsed * environment variable MPLAYER_HOME controls location where configuration files are searched for * memleak fixes all over the code * TOOLS/aconvert: allows MEncoder to encode from an audio-only file * TOOLS/3*m_convert: D-Cinema audio and video conversion program * TOOLS/ anything supported to VCD/SVCD PAL/NTSC * TOOLS/encode2mpeglight: MPEG format encoding tool using only MEncoder * allow multiple -help clauses on the command line * console "OSD" for audio-only files * show total time when playing audio-only files * support for .wpl playlists * support for ncurses as termcap library provider * parallel make fixed * (improved) support for shared libav* libraries * playback/encoding profiles support * new property API * new -monitorpixelaspect option to determine monitor aspect from screen resolution

MPlayer 1.0pre7: "PatentCounter"

* heap overflow in Real RTSP streaming code fixed
* buffer overflow in MMST streaming code fixed


* Czech documentation translation in progress
* German man page almost synced
* slave mode command documentation finished
* TOOLS documented in TOOLS/README
* audio filter documentation moved to the man page and updated
* all audio filters documented
* improved encoding guide
* preliminary documentation for snow codec in DOCS/tech/snow.txt
* misc updates and fixes all over the place


* DirectX video output fixed on Windows95
* DirectX video output now supports 256 color mode
* audio device selection support for dsound audio output driver
* --enable-macosx-bundle, use config directory in the appwrapper on OS X
* Sun audio output cleanup
* x86_64 support fixes
* OpenBSD support in libdha
* VIDIX support for more Radeon 9200 models


* fixed ontop event for some window managers
* audio output layer cleanup
* unified colorkey handling code
* vo_xvmc panscan fix
* fixed some X11 crashes
* OSD fixes in various video output drivers


* TWinVQ decoder via binary DLL
* integrated Tremor decoder for Ogg/Vorbis
* fixed decoding of stereo alaw files
* preload QT DLLs to work around problems with their hardcoded paths
* support for Real 10 RV30/40 Linux binary codec (fixes some RV40 files)
* expose support for 422P and 444P raw formats
* 32 bit RGB support in binary TSCC decoder
* dropped support of old FAAD2 versions (<= 1.1)
* support for Real 10 cook Linux binary codec (decodes cook5.1)
* improved NV12/NV21 support
* support for 32 bit float and extended WAV files
* prefer native RealAudio 1.0 / 2.0 decoder over binary decoders
* support for multichannel WAV files
* ALAC (QuickTime lossless audio) support via lavc
* WNV1 support via lavc
* AASC (Autoderk RLE video) support via lavc
* LOCO video support via lavc
* fixed Layer 1 stereo playback via mp3lib
* VMnc (VMware video) decoder via binary DLL
* AMR NB/WB support via libavcodec and external reference decoders
* ADTS AAC support


* vqf demuxer
* seeking in MPEG-ES fixed
* support for Real multirate files
* framerate autodetection for MPEG-4 and H.264 video in ES and TS streams
* MP3 in Real files
* more user-friendly info about audio and subtitle tracks in Ogg files
* avisynth demuxer
* Multichannel MP3 in MP4 files support (MP3on4)
* some classes of nonworking 14.4/28.8 RealAudio files fixed
* added code to autodetect and demux MPEG audio layers 1 and 2
* demux AC3 audio files using libavformat by default
* online audio stream switching in the MPEG and Matroska demuxers
* 3GP demuxing support
* DVB updates and ATSC tuner support
* AVC in Matroska support
* SWF and FLV support via libavformat
* use proper Vorbis fourcc


* stream selection and bandwidth support for MMS over HTTP
* fallback to HTTP if connection refused on pnm://
* support for UDP streaming (udp://)
* support for vstream TiVo streams (tivo://)
* EOF detect and bugfixes in pnm:// streams


* RV20 fixes
* many H.264 fixes
* B-frames in H.264, H.264 weighted prediction support
* a lot of integer overflow and pointer fixes
* 32 bit RGB support in TSCC
* multichannel MP3 decoder (MP3on4)
* 3g2 support
* ALAC audio decoder
* LOCO video decoder
* WNV1 video decoder
* shorten audio decoder and demuxer
* AASC video decoder
* AMR NB/WB support via external reference decoders
* significantly faster snow decoding
* experimental ratecontrol for snow
* countless bug fixes all over the place


* half size event implemented and added to the menu
* ESD configuration dialog and software volume control option
* memleaks fixed


* big cleanup of audio filter layer
* faster af_format for most common cases
* float handling in the audio filter layer finally fixed
* obsolete audio plugins finally removed
* updated HRTF filter
* center channel adding filter
* soft-telecined input support in pullup improved


* new experimental MPEG muxer, compatible with DVD and (S)VCD
* multiple file support
* -speed support (framerate conversion with speedup/slowdown)
* EDL support
* low bitrate mp3lame encoding fix
* MJPEG encoding fix
* NUV endianness fix (makes old NUV files unplayable)
* experimental libavformat muxer
* mp3lame CBR encoding fix
* 35% faster turbo mode for 1st pass


* -z option replaced by -vo png suboption
* icc fix in the Win32 loader
* crash with Turkish locale fixed
* several memleak fixes
* -aa* options are replaced by -vo aa suboptions
* excessive verbosity reduced
* RTC support for *BSD
* non-UTF-8 external subtitles with Matroska fixed
* gcc 4 fixes
* partial NX (noexec bit) support
* support libsmbclient with SSL
* put changed notices into all imported files for GPL 2a compliance

MPlayer 1.0pre6: "X-mas present"

* finally all options are documented
* man page completely reviewed for spelling, wording and clarity
* all audio output driver suboptions documented
* all video output driver suboptions documented
* audio filters section added to the man page
* XviD documentation completed
* French man page in sync again
* German man page updated
* new Czech (complete) and Swedish man page translations
* fixes and updates in various places


* full x86_64 support
* -rootwin, -panscan support in the quartz video output driver
* key repetition and aspect fixed in the quartz video output driver
* "Movie" menu for quartz video output driver with zoom options & preset
* fs_res quartz video output driver suboption chooses fullscreen resolution
* VCD support for Darwin (Mac OS X)
* Mac OS X Finder startup argument support
* fix for stdin input and slave mode on MinGW
* support for -rootwin, -colorkey, -wid in the DirectX video output driver
* improved monitor selection in the DirectX video output driver
* new DirectSound audio output driver
* mouse support in Windows
* support for ZetaOS (mostly working)


* fixes in the VESA and GGI video output drivers
* -jpeg removed in favor of -vo jpeg suboptions
* jpeg video output driver now supports output to multiple directories
* improvements for the Blinkenlights video output driver ;-)
* OpenGL video output driver colorformat fixes (with manyfmts suboption)
* aspect, panscan, hardware OSD support in the OpenGL video output driver
* new pnm and md5sum video output drivers, replacing pgm and md5
* yuv4mpeg video output now has a file= suboption, can be used with -fixed-vo to concatenate files having same width, height and fps
* JACK audio output driver updated to bio2jack API changes
* alsa9 and alsa1x replaced by alsa audio output driver
* ALSA audio output driver always uses specified device, even for hwac3
* support for mixer channel selection in the ALSA audio output driver
* audio output driver for the polypaudio sound server
* VIDIX Cyberblade TV-out fixed
* VIDIX I420 support for Cyberblade and mga
* VIDIX Radeon support on big-endian systems, other Radeon fixes
* VIDIX Radeon R200 QM (Radeon 9100) support
* CLE266 VIDIX driver
* experimental SAVAGE VIDIX driver


* "experimental" support for 20 and 24 bit LPCM (DVD-Audio)
* libmpeg2 updated to 0.4.0b
* libfaad2 updated to 2.1beta CVS snapshot
* DTS decoding via libavcodec
* Windows Media Audio 9 Voice support via binary DLL
* Windows Media Video 9 Advanced support via binary DLL
* Windows Media Screen Codec 2 support via binary DLL
* Windows Media Image Codec support via binary DLL
* Windows Media Image 2 Codec support via binary DLL
* VDOWave video support via binary DLL
* Miro VideoXL video support via libavcodec
* Creative ADPCM audio support via libavcodec or binary DLL
* IBM Ultimotion video support via libavcodec
* Micronas Speech codec support via binary DLL
* H.261 video codec support via libavcodec
* TechSmith Camtasia video codec support via libavcodec
* sonic audio codec support via libavcodec
* snow video codec support via libavcodec
* QuickDraw video support via libavcodec
* Cinepak, CYUV and RoQ audio/video moved to FFmpeg
* Vianet Lsvx video support via binary DLL


* fix -nosound and -novideo for NSV
* subtitle switching and language code displaying for Matroska
* support for the .vp5 file format (AVI variant)
* seeking in audio-only ASF files fixed
* improved MP3 detection
* support for AVC in .mp4 files
* support for raw H.261 files via libavformat
* improved seeking precision in MPEG files
* better subtitle language code handling for MKV files
* support DVHS files and H.264 over MPEG-TS
* display length and position (in the seekbar) for MOV files
* raw video in MOV files playback improved


* -cache-min and -cache-prefill options added
* compilation fix for newer LIVE.COM versions
* make ASF without ECC work
* support for MMS on non-standard port
* EOF detected in Real RTSP streams


* reduced resolution decoding with the lowres option
* new experimental wavelet-based snow video codec
* new sonic audio codec
* TechSmith Camtasia video decoder
* IBM Ultimotion video decoder
* QuickDraw video decoder
* Creative ADPCM decoder
* Miro VideoXL decoder
* Sierra online audio files demuxer and decoder
* QPEG video decoder
* Electronic Arts Game Multimedia format demuxer
* H.261 fixes, H.261 encoder
* fix VIS accelerated code
* DTS support via libdts
* many DV fixes, seek in raw DV files
* support AAC in MOV files
* RV10, RV20 fixes
* RV20 encoding
* AVI demuxer cleanup, palette change support
* iTunes metadata support
* HuffYUV fixes (endianness, RGB32 predictor, median encoding, interlacing)
* ffvhuff (enhanced HuffYUV codec)
* SSE optimizations for 4x4 compare function
* epzs motion search enhancements
* quad tree based motion compensation
* MPEG-4 qpel MMX2/3DNow! optimizations
* H.264: lot of fixes and MMX2/3DNow! optimizations
* AVC1 (H.264 without sync word in .mp4 files) support
* H.264 qpel motion compensation
* Indeo3 grayscale decoding

* preliminary Truemotion 24 bit decoder
* avizlib encoder fixed
* trellis quantization support in H.263
* DCT optimizations
* AltiVec support on AmigaOS4
* adapt MMX/MMX2/SSE/3DNow! optimizations to work on x86_64
* seeking fixes
* better and faster audio resampler
* New dc1394 grabbing interface
* preliminary decoding support for H.264 with CABAC and B-frames
* dvr-ms support in ASF demuxer
* NSV demuxer
* DVD compatible MPEG muxer
* MJPEG-B fixes
* range coder (arithmetic entropy coder) used by snow and ffv1
* ffv1 enhancements: signed golomb, range codes
* multi slice support for main profile H.264 streams
* as usual, lots of bug fixes and optimizations


* software volume control when no hardware support available, can be controlled with the -softvol and -softvol-max parameters
* high-quality audio resampling with -af lavcresample
* cropdetect rounding parameter
* MPlayer -af help
* missing audio plugins (extrastereo, volnorm) converted to audio filters
* sine sweep generator audio filter
* hrtf audio filter to convert multichannel audio to 2 channel output for headphones, preserving the spatiality of the sound
* big-endian fixes in rgb2rgb converter
* yuv2rgb Altivec optimization fixes
* support for LADSPA plugins


* unified audio options dialog, also for ALSA
* redrawing limited, decreases CPU usage in audio-only case
* icons for the context menu
* doublesize bug fixed
* slowdown after opening the preferences panel bug fixed
* remaining messages moved to help file for translation
* slowdown after using the preferences panel fixed


* x264 encoder support
* support for MP2 encoding with libtoolame
* libavcodec "turbo mode" to speed up 2-pass encoding
* support for 3-pass encode for libavcodec and x264
* XviD encoder and decoder modules updated to API-4.1 (XviD-1.1.x)
* flush remaining frames at end of encoding process


* -loop and -shuffle now work together
* better EDL support
* some --disable configure options finally work (mp3lib, liba52, libmpeg2)
* framestepping
* change playback speed during playback
* some crashes with binary codecs fixed
* subtitle alignment support for SAMI files
* also support Windows path separator ''
* FriBiDi fixes for comma handling in Hebrew subtitles
* -crash-debug option to attach gdb automatically after crashes
* gcc 4 compilation fixes
* compilation fixes for many files in the TOOLS directory
* infamous "stuck mouse button" bug fixed, new -key-fifo-size option
* reduced verbosity of MPlayer's output somewhat
* -identify now prints some information about available languages
* double buffering (-double) is now default
* many memleaks fixed

MPlayer 1.0pre5: "LinuxTag release"
It's "MPlayer - The Movie Player" instead of "MPlayer - The Movie Player for Linux" now.
complete review of string operations, buffer overflows fixed
small additions, corrections, updates all over the place
audio output driver section added to the man page
several bug fixes and improvements in the MEncoder documentation
DVD ripping guide extended and improved
AUTHORS file massively extended
German man page partially updated
Hungarian XML documentation translation started
encrypted DVD playback on Windows fixed (again)
Cygwin and MinGW now accept the same -dvd-device syntax
LIVE.COM now works under MinGW
foundations for MinGW crosscompilation
disabled SSE on MinGW as it caused crashes
AC3 passthrough for ao_win32
improved vo_quartz (YUV, multiple screens support)
vo_quartz made default on Mac OS X
ao_macosx fixed and made default again on Mac OS X
RealVideo binary codecs support on Mac OS X (still buggy)
bigendian fixes in vf.c, vo_tga
OpenBSD portability fixes
OpenBSD/VAX support
AMD64 support
support for more Radeons (9800 XT among them) in VIDIX
Radeon related bug fixes in VIDIX
vo_gl2 now supports GUI, fix for flickering borders in fullscreen
support 24 and 32 bit PCM files, bigendian fixes
ao_sdl now converts unsupported formats instead of quitting
ENCA support
merged ao_alsa9 and ao_alsa1x drivers into ao_alsa
NeoMagic TV-out support through VESA
JACK audio output driver
vo_sdl fixes (wrong flags and screensaver disabling)
vo_directx fixes
MSZH/ZLIB, FLI, QTRLE, RoQ video and RoQ audio support moved to FFmpeg
FFmpeg Cinepak and CYUV decoders preferred
audio format 0xff support (is AAC)
"raw" audio in MOV supported
Indeo audio (iac25) support via binary codec
upgrade libfaad2 to the FAAD 2.0 release
MPEG2 chroma422/444 support
Winnov WINX and WNV1 support via binary codec
Ogg subtitle handling and other bug fixes
Matroska improvements
support seeking in Real files without -idx
support seeking in Real files without index with -forceidx
ASF, MMST streaming fixes
URL escaping fixed
NSA (Nullsoft audio) streaming support
embedded RAM playlist support
multibyte URL support
rtp:// now supported even with LIVE.COM compiled in
miscellaneous bug fixes
vf_softskip: frame skipping filter for MEncoder
vf_harddup: frame duplication filter for MEncoder
vf_pullup minor fixes and improvements
AltiVec-optimized YUV to RGB converter
vf_spp memory corruption fix on reallocation
MPEG2 encoding with 8, 9, 10, 11 bit intra DC precision
DC clipping fix, intra_dc_precision > 0 support
Cinepak fixes and palette support
support skipping of MB rows during decoding
Vorbis in NUT fixed
NUT updated to latest specification
segfault and artifact fixes in SVQ3 decoder
motion estimation code: overflow and chroma fixes
change qscale -> lambda for the motion estimation
noise preserving sum of squares comparison function in ME code
fixed memory overwrite in truemotion decoder
clip input motion vectors, better error tolerance on bad vectors
FLAC decoder cleanup (partial demuxer/decoder separation)
memalign hack for SSE/SSE2 on that alternative OS :)
lots of AltiVec optimizations
qscale + qprd fix
QTrle4 support
H.261 decoder
coefficient saturation fix in H.263
H.263 MCBPC fix
per line lowpass filter in MMX and faster C lowpass filter
SVQ1 encoder
as usual, lots of bug fixes and optimizations
fullscreen fixes for many window managers
fix crash on original Pentiums and older
dvd://start-end support
netstream (mpst://) support fixed
support comments in plaintext playlists
loader/ dependency removed
keepaspect option extended to all video output drivers
WMA to Ogg conversion and simple subtitle editing script added to TOOLS
support for more lame options
new set of GUI icons
memory conserving implementation of GUI potmeters
X11 code reindented
further gcc 3.4 support fixes
mixer API written for changing volume through libaf
-rtc-device option for specifying the RTC device
desktop/menu icon added
miscellaneous bug fixes and cleanups
multi-threaded encoding with lavc
fixed a bug with Real files introduced in pre4
-use-stdin renamed to -noconsolecontrols

MPlayer 1.0pre4: "YAML Counter"
HTTP parser remote heap overflow vulnerability fixed
Real RTSP remote buffer overflow vulnerability fixed
buffer overflow in the Matroska demuxer
potentially exploitable buffer overflow in CDDB TOC code
new Copyright file covers files from other projects and their licenses
new DOCS/tech/translations.txt explains how to properly translate MPlayer
new Japanese console message translation
Polish translation finished
Italian man page translation
DVD ripping guide
telecine/interlacing guide
video out driver section added to the man page
XML build system rewritten - now supports building individual languages
miscellaneous updates all over the place
better PA-RISC detection
support for VAX (tested on VAXstation 4000/VLC) -- really, believe me!
optimizing for specific MIPS CPUs under IRIX
AMD64 detection under BSDs
fbdev driver updated for Linux 2.6
support for ELF only OpenBSD
optimizing for PPC 970 (aka G5)
SDL support fixed on MinGW
VIDIX working under Windows XP/2000 (native dhahelper)
builds out of the box under GNU Hurd
SSE optimizations enabled under MinGW
SSE support under OpenBSD
AltiVec support under NetBSD
GCC 3.4 support (due to changed behaviour in ASM code snippets)
Matroska containing RealVideo works better
fixed random segfaults in VIVO
endianess fixes in CDDA
UYVY support in tvi/v4l2
tvi/bsdbt848 now working under FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT
tvi/bsdbt848 audio part working under NetBSD
LIVE.COM demuxer updated to conform with latest libraries
new, independent, C implementation of the Matroska demuxer
fix for rare Real files
more robust Real demuxer (can resync after errors)
support for AAC inside Real
MPEG Aspect code 4 fixed
support for selecting subtitle streams with -slang inside Ogg
wrapper demuxer for FFMpeg's libavformat (Nut is playable this way)
much improved seeking in Ogg
Nullsoft streaming video (NSV) demuxer
AVI OpenDML read and write support
SMIL playlist parser
support for URL redirection
support for seeking in HTTP streams
updated LIVE.COM streaming code
fallback to RTSP after Real RTSP
suggests -playlist if normal streaming fails
many improvements and bug fixes in the streaming code
compilation failure without zlib in vd/lcl fixed
removed obsoleted decoders (which were moved to libavcodec), affected: vd/8bps, vd/msrle, vd/msvideo1, vd/rpza, vd/smc
workaround for buggy codecs in ad/acm (support for Sharp G.726)
fixed chroma-swapping in Hauppauge Macroblock decoder
AltiVec optimized resampler in liba52
support for VP5 and VP6 DLL decoders
support for Alparysoft lossless video codec (through DLLs)
support for Lead MCMW wavelet video codec (through DLLs)
HE-AAC working through libfaad
removed libmpflac in favor of FFmpeg's FLAC implementation
liba52 dynamic range compression support
vf_bmovl bugfixes
vf_filmdint now handles 15fps NTSC input
huge updates and speedup on vf_pullup
big updates to vf_ilpack (proper interpolation and MMX optimizations)
vf_zrmjpeg: fast MJPEG encoder using libavcodec for Zoran
interlaced scaling support in vf_scale
vf_kerndeint: adaptive deinterlacer
vf_rgbtest: rgb test pattern generator for developers
vf_qp: qp change filter
vf_noformat: the same as vf_format but with reversed meaning
AltiVec optimized SWScaler
vf_phase: phase shift fields
vf_divtc: duplicate frame removal from deinterlaced telecined video
ao/esd behaves better over network now
support for Radeon 9200/9600/9600 Pro/9700 in VIDIX
-mixer support for alsa9
fixed OSS audio grabber module with hardware not supporting 44khz
native ALSA 1.x support (not through 0.9 emulation)
better multibuffer support in VIDIX nVidia driver
pan & scan support in VIDIX nVidia driver
support for more cards in VIDIX nVidia driver
vo_libcaca: color ASCII art output driver
vo_quartz: native MacOS X/Quartz video output
support for VIDIX when ATI FireGLX drivers are used
H.263 AIC and MQ encoding support
fixed low delay decoding
fixed H.263+ encoding without UMV
lots of CBR improvements
MB type and QP visualization
lots of code cleanup
intra & inter dequantization split -> speedup
fixed stereo IMA ADPCM encoding
VBV delay setting support (MPEG2 CBR)
improved RV20 decoder (most known errors eliminated)
interlaced DCT
interlaced motion estimation
interlaced MPEG2 encoding
4MV encoding fixes
initial interlaced MPEG4 encoding
improved visual quality in SVQ3 decoder
fixed never-before-tested embedded string decoder in SVQ1
optimized quantization (including the trellis way)
Sierra VMD video decoder
MMX and SSE2 optimized H263 denoiser
better SVCD compliance (encoder side)
MMX and MMX2 optimized interlaced DCT decision
various cleanup, memleak and segfault fixes
optimized (2x faster) the MPEG layer 3 decoder
grayscale coded MJPEG decoding support
avimszh and avizlib decoders
"packed" XviD decoding
fixed some bugs in RV20 B-frames decoding
closed GOP encoding
SSE2 optimized FDCT
support for quantizer noise shaping
QT RLE decoder
OBMC fixes
FLAC decoder
better support for DivX5
MMX and SSE2 optimized VP3/Theora decoding
support for Theora alpha3
many H.264 improvements
more robust MJPEG startcode search mechanism
better WMV8 decoding
native Sparc VIS optimizations
native G.726 codec
-codecs-file option for specifying alternative codecs.conf file
fixed some minor bugs in the GUI
prevent sig11 when $HOME is not set
fix some command line handling corruptions
Swedish and Polish yes/no options in config files
support binding F11 and F12 keys
TOOLS/divx2svcd updated
stricter thread code in Win32 loader (works under NetBSD)
PJS subtitle support (was: dunnowhat)
TOOLS/avifix: simple tool to fix chunk sizes in AVI files
proper extraheader handling when libavcodec is used in MEncoder
AVI OpenDML read and write support
AVI VPRP (video property) read and write support
fixed long standing lame quality option off-by-one bug in MEncoder
MPL2 subtitle support
less verbosity in Win32 loader and other places

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