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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Media Player .NET

MPDN - Media Player .NET:

v2.49.0 Changelog:
Show more informative error messages
Fix: Some usage paths may lead to old ditherers being used instead of the new ones

v2.48.0 Changelog:
Improved fluid motion by timing frames more accurately
Improved dithering methods (especially ordered dithering)
Fixed: Pixels were misaligned when there was an unequal number of blank lines on either side of the image.

v2.47.0 Changelog:
MPDN is now signed with a commercial code-signing certificate

v2.46.1 Changelog:
Fixed: Bad encodes with repeating timestamps play at reduced framerates

v2.46.0 Changelog:
MPDN Extensions API Level 9
Improved fluid motion quality by reducing flickering
Audio Script changes now take effect without the need to reopen media

v2.45.5 Changelog:
Fixed: Frames can erroneously get dropped following a seek on media files with frame rate similar to the display refresh rate
Fixed: Selecting "No Subtitles" can cause the player to select the second external subtitle file instead
Updated LAV-Filters to v0.67

v2.45.4 Changelog:
Fixed: Audio can sometimes go out of sync with video when paused/played in quick succession (or when decoder has temporarily stalled)

v2.45.3 Changelog:
Fixed: Player can potentially lock up when seeks occur rapidly

v2.45.2 Changelog:
Fixed: Audio continues to play when video has stalled

v2.45.1 Changelog:
Fixed: Player crashes when changing media file if reset window on media close/open is enabled
Fixed: Player may crash when preloaded media file is closed before it was opened

v2.45.0 Changelog:
MPDN Extensions API Level 8
Added PlayerControl.LoadMedia() to allow DirectShow graph to be constructed in the background
Added ability to supply MPDN with the preloaded DirectShow graph when user opens a file
Player Stats now report desktop composition and Windows reported refresh rates separately
FluidMotion improvements (completely judder free now)
Reduce excessive CPU usage bug introduced in 2.44.1
Fixed stats OSD drawing causing stuter in D3D10/11 on some GPUs
Fixed multiline vertical spacing disparity of OSD fonts between D3D10/11 and D3D9

v2.44.3 Changelog:
More FluidMotion fixes
Workaround access violation error in Direct3D9 font initialisation at player startup
Failure to present over 2 Vsyncs is now classified as a D3D presentation error (driver error)
Fixed repeated frame stats not incorrectly calculated
Fixed: Exception when opening audio only files
Fixed: Opening PNG file causes player to always show the same image even after another file has been loaded
Fixed: The first frame following a seek does not always get displayed
Fixed: The first frame from stdin (pipe) does not get displayed
Various other cosmetic fixes

v2.44.2 Changelog:
Fixed FluidMotion bug exposed by a bug fix implemented in 2.44.1
Fixed screen not repainted going in and out of FSE mode

v2.44.1 Changelog:
Fixed XySubFilter not loaded when source file has no embedded subtitles
Fixed rate tuner API broken in 2.44.0
Fixed seekbar non-responsive when seeking in FSE mode before first frame arrives
Fixed player halts playback in some situations requiring pause/play to resume
Fixed a bug that causes a bunch frames to be dropped unnecessarily when display and video rates are near identical
Fixed a separate bug that could affect fluidity of frame delivery

v2.44.0 Changelog:
MPDN Extensions API Level 7
Single DirectShow graph
Reverted to LAV Splitter Source
Added support for streaming from stdin (pipe)
Added PlayerControl.VideoTargetRectangle and PlayerControl.PlayerSettings.VideoRendererSettings.CustomFillRectangle
Fixed --configfolder command line option not working on some machines

v2.43.1 Changelog:
Fixed "This runtime is not initialized and contains no data" error
Fixed URL drag-drop not working

v2.43.0 Changelog:
MPDN Extensions API Level 6
Player Extensions can now provide MPDN with custom DirectShow source filters
Stall player when decoder fails to keep up (this allows slow decoders a chance to recover)
Fixed player crash ( with some sources

v2.42.4 Changelog:
Fixed render target format fallback detection

v2.42.3 Changelog:
Downscaler optimizations
Fixed excessive GPU usage with high resolution video sources
Use Rec2020 only when UHD contents have 10 bits or more per sample
Optimisation: intermediate render script render target is now only used when necessary

v2.42.2 Changelog:
Fixed null reference exception on media close on some systems
Fixed Unrecognized option: '/highentropyva' error on some systems
Fixed errors prevent RGB sources from rendering
Slight performance improvement for downscalers

v2.42.1 Changelog:
Fixed failure to use 1-/2-channel textures as render targets on old GPUs
Fixed source code version of MPDN Extensions fail to load
Further startup time improvements

v2.42.0 Changelog:
MPDN Extensions API Level 5
1- and 2-channel texture support in RenderScript
Renderer.Scale() / ConvertToRgb() / ConvertToYuv() updated to support 1-/2-channel textures
Added Renderer.Merge() to merge 1-/2-channel textures into 2-/4-channel textures
Added PlayerControl.OnSettingsCommitting() and OnSettingsCommitted()
Fixed PlayerStateChanged not called when media is closed due to MPDN exiting
Fixed MPDN not loading extensions in some situations
Fixed MPDN window shrinking vertically each time it is reopened when status bar is hidden
Fixed MPDN unable to load media file if it has subtitles and XySubFilter is set to "do not load" subtitles

v2.41.2 Changelog:
Fixed FSE mode exiting immediately if Always On Top is set to "When Playing Only"
Fixed player window not resizing correctly after hiding status bar
Updated MediaInfo DLLs to 0.7.76

v2.41.1 Changelog:
Improved startup time

v2.41.0 Changelog:
MPDN Extensions API Level 4
Fixed OpenCL compatibility issue with newer Nvidia drivers
Added option to force the use of the new OpenCL interop API

v2.40.0 Changelog:
MPDN Extensions API Level 3
Added Audio Script API - similar to Render Script API but for audio
Prevented PlayerControl.OpenMedia()/CloseMedia() from clearing screen
Added PlayerControl.ClearScreen()
Fixed error (media opened but can't be played) when using ffdshow raw video filter with AviSynth

v2.39.3 Changelog:
Fixed RGB sources always get converted to YUV and back even when it's not necessary (unless render script requests for it)
Fixed command line parameter with slashes causing cryptic URI error (now shows invalid file name instead)
Fixed custom scaler selection not staying the one user selected

v2.39.2 Changelog:
Added an info screen prompting user to get MPDN extensions if they are not installed
Fixed a problem introduced in 2.39.1 where all filter property pages now show an erroneous message
Fixed 8-bit PNG files can't be opened
Fixed player hang when file can be opened but cannot be played due to splitter source problem
Fixed player caption bar is no longer visible after restoring back to maximized state from fullscreen mode

v2.39.1 Changelog:
Made filters that return E_FAIL when asked to display property pages display a friendlier message instead

v2.39.0 Changelog:
Removed hardware scalers which do not work correctly when downscaling
Implemented proper nearest neighbour (box filter) and bilinear (triangular filter) downscalers
Added support for ScalerTaps.Two
Massive speed up in startup time for installed versions
Improved player extensions load time
Fixed OSD showing in incorrect size temporarily when player starts with command line parameter (or via media file association)
Fixed PlayerMenuItemType.Radio gets ignored in verbs
Fixed duration and fps in status bar not cleared when media is closed
Fixed installer not performing clean install when asked

v2.38.3 Changelog:
Correct very slight image difference in DX11 presentation mode

v2.38.2 Changelog:
Workaround XySubFilter deadlock bug
Fixed Renderer.Scale using incorrect weight cache in some situations

v2.38.1 Changelog:
Fixed crash when user selects tracks via XySubFilter systray icon
Selecting subtitle and video tracks via XySubFilter systray icon now works properly
Fixed critical error when presenting API is DX10/11 and quality-performance trade-off is set to "Render Performance"

v2.38.0 Changelog:
Added IExtensionUi.Version which is checked against the expected version when MPDN loads extensions
Added current chapter indicator in drop down menus
Fixed improved chroma reconstruction causing flares in colours
Improved chroma reconstruction option is now enabled by default for clean installs

v2.37.0 Changelog:
Scaling with separate scalers via Renderer.Scale now allows nearest neighbour / bilinear
Custom aspect ratio and streams that changes aspect ratio now also get scaled correctly (both up and downscalers can now be used together)

v2.36.0 Changelog:
Added TextureFormat.Unorm10
Reduced GPU load for trade-off for Performance mode (now uses Unorm10 format instead of Float16)
Fixed problem with Renderer.Scale using incorrect weights in some cases (affected NNEDI3/OclNNEDI3)
Fixed Renderer.Scale incorrectly darkening image in some cases

v2.35.0 Changelog:
Added the ability for scaling with separate scalers in X and Y directions via Renderer.Scale that accepts downscalers
Speed optimizations for downscalers
Fixed Renderer.Scale causing weights to be recalculated each time it is called in some usage patterns
Fixed "Quick Open" file fails with freshly installed MPDN
Fixed volume button stealing spacebar keystroke even after the volume window has been dismissed
Fixed audio continuing to play when playback has been paused when play and pause events happen in quick succession
Fixed several bugs that affected the quality of downscalers
Fixed MPDN can't be closed if player extension's FormClosed event causes an exception

v2.34.0 Changelog:
Added streaming support for LAV supported URIs
Added VideoFilters and AudioFilters properties to PlayerControl
Added PlayerControl.ComInvoke() and ComInvokeAsync() methods
Improved Step and Pause: They no longer cause render queue to be flushed

v2.33.0 Changelog:
Added missing video track members in PlayerControl class

v2.32.1 Changelog:
Further chroma reconstruction improvements
Include OpenCL.dll v1.2 in distribution to allow systems without the correct version of ICD installed to use OpenCL
Fixed: Installer now removes Windows uninstall program entry for previous version when upgrading
Fixed: MPDN (64-bit edition) can lockup on some short media files if user seeks to just before the end in some situations

v2.32.0 Changelog:
Added Renderer.CreateDxvaHd() method
Chroma reconstruction improvements for darker colours

v2.31.2 Changelog:
Fixed FPS decimation not working correctly in some situations when the rate tuner is activated

v2.31.1 Changelog:
PlayerControl.PlaybackCompleted event no longer triggers when user aborts playback (i.e. via stop button)

v2.31.0 Changelog:
Added PlayerControl.PlaybackBaseRate property
Added PlayerControl.MediaLoaded event
Added PlayerControl.CommitSettings method to flush settings to disk
MPDN now saves settings to disk immediately when user hits Apply/OK in the options dialog
Improved error reporting when file open fails
Fixed: Opening media file via command line or file association will cause MPDN to show cryptic error message if LAV filters were not installed
Various fixes and enhancements to MPDN Installer

v2.30.0 Changelog:
Added DisplayRefreshRateUsec property to PlayerControl.PlayerStats
Added PlayerControl.ResetWindowSize method
MPDN can now continue to run when extensions have failed to load
Fixed: Frame 'skipping forward' the first time user changes an option and hits Apply/OK following an FSE mode switch
Fixed: Opening media file via command line or file association may not work when muliple editions of MPDN are running
Further improvements to startup time

v2.29.2 Changelog:
Improved MPDN startup time

v2.29.1 Changelog:
Fixed an error with previous release that would cause MPDN crash on start up

v2.29.0 Changelog:
Added the ablility to adjust playback rate
Added the corresponding PlayerControl.SetPlaybackRate() method and PlayerControl.PlaybackRate property
Added PlayerControl.SettingsChanged event
Mouse wheel up/down now only changes volume when no other modifier keys are pressed
Ctrl + mouse wheel up/down changes playback rate
Player extensions can now dynamically add menu items to MPDN
Player extensions can now add radio group menu items
Verbs added via player extensions can now be provided a menu item object that can be changed dynamically
Mpdn.Definitions.dll has been renamed to Mpdn.Core.dll
Fixed YUV matrix / level changes not working when there's no render script selected

v2.28.0 Changelog:
Added RGB48 input format support
Fixed player stats OSD showing irrelevant info for RGB input formats

v2.27.1 Changelog:
Added General - Debugging screen in config
App hang detection no longer force close MPDN unless it's explicitly told via config
Fixed app hang detection using way too much CPU
Fixed automatic colorimetric detection inaccurate in some 720p clips that do not have a height of 720 pixels
Fixed Optimus system hangs immediately after entering FSE mode

v2.27.0 Changelog:
"Improve chroma reconstruction" now handles edge cases better
Fixed app hang detection not working in production version
Fixed YAXLib initializes non-public properties to their default values on load
MPDN now only runs in single instance mode
Opening file from command line / file association now opens it in the existing instance

v2.26.4 Changelog:
Fixed black screen problem introduced in previous release

v2.26.3 Changelog:
Fixed playback occassionally won't resume when using double-click to go in/out of FSE mode

v2.26.2 Changelog:
Fixed exit crash bug introduced in previous release

v2.26.1 Changelog:
Fixed a bug that causes the LAV filters not installed error to be shown as generic fail to render file error
Added app hang detection and stack dump facility

v2.26.0 Changelog:
Added the ability to select from multiple video tracks
Added improve chroma reconstruction option
Changed config dialog layout and added a new 'Queues' page
RenderScript API wholesale changes - old scripts are not forward compatible

v2.25.17 Changelog:
Reduce present delays on some systems

v2.25.16 Changelog:
Fixed a problem where output image could be blank when multiple OpenCL scripts are chained

v2.25.15 Changelog:
Fixed a problem that could cause MPDN to crash on some systems

v2.25.14 Changelog:
Added macro definitions argument to Renderer.CompileShader(11)
Added PlayerControl.PlayerLoaded event

v2.25.13 Changelog:
Renderer.ChromaOffset420 and ChromaOffset422 are now Renderer.ChromaOffset
ChromaOffset is now read from stream if avaiable (defaults are used from MPDN config otherwise)

v2.25.12 Changelog:
MPDN now remembers previously selected scaler settings when options dialog is reopened
Fixed YAXLib serializing fields with no setters

v2.25.11 Changelog:
Improved Renderer.Scale image quality for UNORM intermediates

v2.25.10 Changelog:
Fixed Renderer.Scale() not taking offset argument into account when applying anti-ringing filter
Fixed MPDN internal scaler quality problem when intermediate results are being stored in UNORM textures

v2.25.9 Changelog:
Fixed MPDN window showing wait cursor when MediaLoading event is triggered

v2.25.8 Changelog:
Fixed another possible race condition that causes blank screen when switching render scripts on some machines
Fixed media control bar not auto hiding after seeking

v2.25.7 Changelog:
Added an option to allow DWM to handle V-Sync in windowed mode
Graphics Adapter drop down list now auto expands to accommodate long descriptions
Fixed race condition that causes blank screen when switching render scripts on some machines

v2.25.6 Changelog:
Added PlayerControl.MediaLoading event
Fixed performance regression again

v2.25.5 Changelog:
Fixed 2.25.4 build released with outdated files causing random crashes
Fixed performance regression

v2.25.4 Changelog:
Added the ability to shift image by an offset while scaling (via Renderer.Scale()) in render script
Made chroma offset accessible via MPDN config file, player extensions and render script
Changed default chroma offset to values recommended by Microsoft
Fixed media control bar auto hiding when user is still dragging the seek bar
Fixed playback delay when decoder queue is set to a high value after seek
Reduced priority class from real time to high to hopefully prevent audio discontinuities

v2.25.3 Changelog:
Fixed OpenCL error on Nvidia/AMD cards (incorrectly reporting invalid surface)
Fixed a problem preventing YSourceFilter to be used with ResizeFilter

v2.25.2 Changelog:
Fixed a bug in OpenCL RenderScript API where MPDN attempted to acquire DX surface more than once

v2.25.1 Changelog:
OpenCL RenderScript optimizations
Added optional 'localWorkSizes' parameter for Renderer.RunClKernel() method
Fixed video track bar being shown with black background in full screen mode even when dark theme is disabled

v2.25.0 Changelog:
Added OpenCL support via RenderScript
RenderScripts now have the ability to get GPU info via Dx9GpuInfo, DxgiGpuInfo and OpenClGpuInfo
RenderScripts can now access MPDN's render queue items via Renderer.RenderQueue
RenderScripts can now ask MPDN not to present a frame
MPDN now gracefully handles render script errors and informs user via debug OSD and detailed error messages in DebugView
Fixed MPDN locking up when display settings changed in full screen mode
Fixed MPDN not showing correct monitor name attached to the adapter in Video Renderer - Presentation screen

v2.24.1 Changelog:
Graphics adapter ID now shows the name of the adapter and its attached monitor

v2.24.0 Changelog:
Introduced image quality / performance trade-off option in place of Maximum Quality option
RenderScript API changes (incompatible with v2.23 scripts)
Added "Use dark themed control bar option"
Fixed screen not cleared when media has been closed

v2.23.4 Changelog:
Fixed MPDN video playback locks up after some time, causing out of memory error
Fixed Alt+CursorKeys causing main menu bar to appear but cannot be dismissed via escape key

v2.23.3 Changelog:
Fixed black frame displayed briefly at times when seeking quickly
MPDN now repositions itself within screen bounds if previously saved position is no longer valid (e.g. monitor removed)

v2.23.2 Changelog:
Fixed a race condition that may have caused device removed errors on Dx10/Dx11

v2.23.1 Changelog:
Implemented the use of Multimedia Class Scheduler Service to improve playback fluidity

v2.23.0 Changelog:
Added RenderScript Float32 and Unorm16 texture types support
Added Render in Maximum Quality option
Added Renderer.MaxQuality property
Improved image quality for most of MPDN's internal scalers
Implemented workaround for Nvidia Optimus driver bug (refresh rate detection fails)

v2.22.7 Changelog:
FluidMotion fix (proper) - it was inadvertently left out of .4 release
Prevent player from exiting FSE mode unless user chooses to "Close Media"
Added "Launch media in full screen mode" option

v2.22.6 Changelog:
Fixed a problem where player will not go into FSE mode (only full screen windowed mode) when double-clicked

v2.22.5 Changelog:
Fixed colour bias for MPDN's internal chroma scalers besides bilinear / hardware scalers

v2.22.4 Changelog:
Fixed colour bias for 10/16-bit YUV <--> RGB conversion matrix
Fixed a bug that causes FluidMotion to not activate even when forced if FPS of source material is greater than half of display rate
Fixed a bug that requires user to hit Play button twice following Stop to actually start video playback
Fixed a bug where the option dialog was losing focus every time user presses the Apply button
Fixed a bug where stay on top option does not take effect until app restart if player is in full screen mode

v2.22.3 Changelog:
Fixed colour bias caused by incorrect midpoint used for YUV <--> RGB conversion matrix
Fixed a bug where caption bar will disappear if MPDN is minimized from its maximized state and then restored

v2.22.2 Changelog:
Fixed unable to open shader include file when MPDN is located in Program Files folder

v2.22.1 Changelog:
Added #include support for pixel shader files

v2.22.0 Changelog:
Renamed PlayerControl.ConfigRootPath to ConfigFilePath to allow devs to retrieve MPDN's app config file path
Added PlayerControl.PlayerSettings which allows devs to access all of MPDN's config
Added --configfolder command line option to allow user to use an alternate config folder

v2.21.5 Changelog:
Fixed stopping media causes a few more frames to be displayed before actually stopping
Fixed YUV to RGB colorimetric conversion inaccuracies in limited range output mode
Fixed black frame displayed when player gets resized or settings is changed in Dx10 presentation mode
Changed maximum decoder queue to 256 from 60

v2.21.4 Changelog:
Fixed another race condition that could cause back buffer not created error when MPDN window gets resized.

v2.21.3 Changelog:
Changed volume to match MPC-HC's loudness at similar volume percentages

v2.21.2 Changelog:
Fixed an issue introduced in v2.21.1 that could cause MPDN to freeze

v2.21.1 Changelog:
Improved playback fluidity
Added IBaseTexture.IsRenderTarget to RenderScript API and sanity checks for ITexture arguments in Renderer methods
Fixed chapter markers not displayed clearly under 16-bit output mode
Fixed resource not released on resize (minor)
Fixed stutter (one frame is skipped) following a pause/resume playback action

v2.21.0 Changelog:
RenderScript API changes - added support for 3D textures

v2.20.0-10 Changelog:
Proper fix for fluid motion judder
Improved smoothness for playback with fluid motion disabled
Fixed filter property dialog freezing video playback
Fixed incorrect reporting of dropped / repeated frames when clip matches display rate following a pause+play
Fixed fluid motion judder when render scripts that cause high GPU load are used
General playback smoothness improvements
Fixed race condition that caused back buffer not created error when going in/out of FSE mode
Removed option to change GPU priority (render to queue now uses the lowest priority to allow smooth present)
Removed previously introduced delayed frame detector in Present calls - this adversely affects smoothness of some systems
Fixed a bug that caused frames to be unnecessarily dropped
Added algorithm that more accurately detects delayed frames in Present calls
Fixed a bug where delayed frames in Fluid Motion interpolated frames were not picked up by the stats screen
Improved Dx11 stability
Implemented PlayerControl.StepMedia
Sort ascending for CustomLinearScalers, RenderScripts and PlayerExtensions display
Fixed flickering issues for DirectCompute render scripts on slower GPUs
Fixed SM5.0 and DirectCompute render scripts causing output to flicker intermittently
Fixed a bug that caused cbuffers contents to be overriden when two or more cbuffers are declared and used
Fixed always on top option ignored when "Only when playing" option is enabled
Fixed chapter markers were not cleared when media file has been closed
Added support for .resx / .resource files in Extensions
Added Renderer.Scale() that scales with a separate kernel for X and Y directions (for upscaling / convolution only)
Added 'convolver' argument to Renderer.Scale()
Merged all scripts into Extensions
IPlayerExtension and IRenderScript API changes
Minor tweak to how subtitle track selection is repositioned when paused

v2.19.0-5 Changelog:
Fixed FSE mode exiting when paused / seek
Fixed subtitle track change when paused skipping 1 frame ahead
Improved compatibility with some third party DirectShow filters
Added Always on Top option to stay on top only when media is playing
Improved seamless subtitle track switching
Fixed "Sequence contains no elements" error when PlayerControl.GetActiveAudio/SubtitleTrack is called when there's no subtitle / audio track
Further fixes for some audio renderers not showing friendly name
Fixed FSE mode re-enter delay not working
Added PlayerControl.SubtitleTrackChanged and PlayerControl.AudioTrackChanged events
Added necessary changes for PlayerExtensions to work with RenderScripts
Added RenderScripts and PlayerExtensions get properties to IPlayerControl
IPlayerControl can now be accessed via global PlayControl static class
Added ability to change FSE mode re-enter delay
Optimized XySubFilter frame delivery to renderer
Implemented XySubFilter multi-subpic support

v2.18.0-9 Changelog:
Added: When DirectShow graph building failed - show more useful error messages
Added: VolumeChanged event
Fixed: Arrow keys not getting processed in fullscreen mode
Fixed: RGB to YUV conversion not respecting limited range output settings
Fixed: Audio only - crash going to fullscreen
Fixed: Swap PlayerControl initialization back to original
Fixed: Critical exceptions such as DeviceRemoved (driver crash) errors now force user to terminate app
Fixed: When XySubFilter is used where both external srt + embedded are available,
external srt is always enabled and overrides selection of embedded subs
Fixed: When using ffdshow raw filter, output is incorrect
Fixed: Should be the final fix for shortcut keys being processed twice
Fixed: Changing subtitle tracks will skip one frame when the crossover happens even when decoder queue hasn't been exhausted
Fixed: Lock up would occur if subtitle changes occur too fast
Fixed: Keys.Space (play/pause hotkey) does not register occassionally
Added RenderScript support methods to IPlayerControl
Implemented seamless subtitle track changes (when the decoder queue is long enough to cover for the delay)
Fixed: Some shortcut keys are *still* processed twice (e.g. F11)
Fixed: Selected subtitle track on the menu not showing the active subtitle when two or more tracks have the same description
RenderScript API breaking changes - existing scripts not forward compatible!
Changed snap to screen edges to snap without having to release mouse button
Fixed playing 1920x1088 video causing MPDN to crash
Fixed Dx11Font causing render state to change and draws incorrect colour
Fixed full screen exclusive mode freezing when switching between windowed/exclusive mode without form being resized
Fixed PlayerControl.StopMedia followed by PlayMedia freezing
PlayerControl methods OnFrameDecoded, OnFrameRendered, OnFramePresented with frame timestamp
Exclusive mode seek bar now paints chapter markers too
Changed open options menu shortcut from Alt+O to O
Fixed: Some shortcut keys are processed twice
Fixed: Filter list shows clsid instead of friendly name for some audio renderers
Fixed: Some audio renderers are not showing in renderer menu
Fixed: Closing media does not get out of FSE mode
Added MediaInfo support for PlayerExtension and RenderScript
Added IText.Show(...) overload that allows background size adjustment
Changed "Enlarge full screen seek bar" option to slider that allows selection of 5 different sizes
Added option to select large / small seek bar in full screen mode
Added new features to PlayerExtension API
Moved current media time code from MPDN to FullScreenTextPainter Player Extension
Various OSD enhancements
Fixed: Pressing Alt immediately selects menu strip thus preventing Alt+Enter from working.
Fixed: On the Play menu, there are 2 consecutive dividers after 'Play'.
Added markers on seek bar to show chapter locations
Added chapter support

v2.17.0-4 Changelog:
Fixed render queue not filled up when player switches between full-screen windowed / exclusive modes (Reported by ryrynz, thanks!)
Added current / other display to indicate if player is on the display set as adapter ID in options menu
Fixed: Double-clicking on a PlayerExtension calls ShowConfigDialog even when HasConfigDialog is set to false
Added option to change render queue size
Implemented fallback for LAV Audio Decoder (uses DirectShow intelligent connect on fallback)
Added option to change back buffer sizes for both windowed and exclusive modes
PlayerExtension now supports config dialog and settings (incompatible with old PlayerExtensions)

v2.16.0-9 Changelog:
Fixed problem with precompiled scripts not loading properly when there's no cs files in the folder
Tweaked settings of all 3 presentation APIs (this will hopefully improve compatibility with Optimus)
Fixed DirectShow reference not released properly after filter property page has been shown
AnyCPU now has its own set of config files
Player extension's verb texts no longer gets their first letter uppercased automatically
Removed known incompatible DirectShow filters from filter selection list on audio/video post processor screen
Fixed bug introduced in v2.16.4 where script cache path is not created when not found
Fixed a bug in video frame rate decimation which was causing excessive frame drops (Reported by Blackfyre, thanks!)
Implemented script caching to reduce start up time
Fixed bug where changes to render script settings do not take effect unless user selects another script
Added DWM presentation glitches to Ctrl+J player stats screen (MPDN now shows desktop window manager glitches too)
Restructured player stats screen
Fixed dialogs hiding behind main form in full screen mode
Added Direct3D 11 Presentation API (requested by Blackfyre)
Added FSE mode media duration text (requested by ryrynz)
Added the ability to change decoder queue size
Added TV range output support for TVs that do not support full range input (requested by ryrynz)
Increased render queue size to 12
Removed JPEG YUV conversion matrix (shouldn't be used)
Changes to RenderScript API
Includes custom YAXlib build with bug fixes

v2.15.0-3 Changelog:
Fixed player not showing hour glass cursor
PlayerExtension API changes
Minor GUI fixes
Error dialogs shows simple error message by default
Added debug dialog option to revert to old error dialog style
Changed options form layout
Added PlayerExtension feature
Added options to fit to 50%, 100%, 150%, 200% video
Added option to lock window size
Added option to save window size / position / state
Added option to disable window resize on open / close media
Modified stats presentation layout

v2.14.0-1 Changelog:
Added Fluid Motion feature
Added Ctrl-R shortcut to reset player stats

v2.13.0 Changelog:
Added PC/TV range YUV matrices
Added BT.2020
Added YUV 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 pixel formats
Added RGB24/32
Optimizations to reduce CPU usage

v2.12.0-5 Changelog:
Fixed crash on non SSE4.1 CPUs (Reported by romulous, thanks!)
Fixed dithering at pure black colour (Reported by cyberbeing, thanks!)
More XySubFilter subtitles fixes (overflow with D3D10, shaking, pixel shift -1,-1). (Reported by cyberbeing, thanks!)
Fixed blurriness of XySubFilter subtitles
New: Direct3D 11 Shader Model 5.0 and DirectCompute rendering via RenderScript API
New: Custom Linear Scaler feature which allows you to add/define your own linear scalers
Fixed load error for Framework.dll downloaded from GitHub

v2.11.0-1 Changelog:
Added a variety of letter boxing options: Full, 75%, 50%, 25%, no letter boxing, and Fill (stretch to fit)
Bug fixes for XySubFilter
Fixed BT.709 colour skew (reported by Cyberbeing - Thanks!)
RenderScript API wholesale changes - old scripts are not forward compatible
Added volume control

v2.10.0 Changelog:
Added experimental XySubFilter support
Fixed a bug where Options form would not open if a filter in the registry has a malformed CLSID entry

v2.9.0-6 Changelog:
Renderer now provides InterlaceFlags and VideoFileName properties to script
Includes missing D3DCompiler_43.dll in all builds
Added ability to call other render scripts from a render script - i.e. allows you to write your own chain script
Fixed OnOutputSizeChanged of last script not called when options dialog OK/Accept button is pressed
Additional functions introduced to render script API (compatible with existing scripts)
Fixed bug where alpha channel was corrupt when used by custom shaders to pass values from one shader to the next
Changes to render script API (v2.9.0 marks the API's first stable version)
Fixed bug where some render scripts were not activated in certain situations
Fixed bug where render script config dialog gets hidden behind MPDN's config dialog (reported by AnimeViewer - Thanks!)
Added Always On Top option
32-bit Edition is now LargeAddressAware (3GB)

v2.8.0-4 Changelog:
Changes to render script API
Fixed renderer bug where incorrect image was displayed in some situations
Added render script pack which contains pre-/post-processing capabilities
Added resume playback from last position
Changes to render script API
Added render script chaining / stacking capabilities
Fixed AMD GPUs incompatibility with render scripts
Minor changes to render script API
Fixed SVP causing subsequent file replay/reopen to throw an exception
Added new feature called "Render Script" (RS)
Fixed dithering was non-effective in windowed mode when deepcolor was enabled for FSE mode
Fixed input format mismatch
(e.g. ffdshow can change format from YV12 to NV12 from upstream)

v2.7.0-1 Changelog:
Softcubic and Bicubic optimizations for weak GPUs
Full renderer front-end rewrite to optimize scaler performance
Massive speed-ups for 6 taps and over scalers (both up and downscaling)
Improved downscaling image quality

v2.6.0-3 Changelog:
Improved picture quality for downscaling of 0.5 < x < 1.0
Fixed D3D10 FSE mode frame jumping back and forth in AMD cards
Added 'Quick Open File' menu
Improved Jinc 4 taps performance by 2.4x
Subtitles selection that caters for both embedded and external subs in one media file
LAV splitter's subtitle defaults are now respected by MPDN

v2.5.0-3 Changelog:
Added new windowed mode rendering paths
Slight speed up for random and ordered dithering as well as anti-ringing
Improved downscalers again
Increased strength of sharpness/softness in Bicubic/SoftCubic scalers
Fixed stuttering issue in Windowed mode for some GPUs / drivers
(reported by huhn - thanks!)
Fixed Lanczos and Jinc downscalers glitches in final image
(reported by huhn - thanks!)
Improved downscalers are now higher quality and faster at the same time
Downscaled image now has less aliasing regardless of scaler

v2.4.0-4 Changelog:
Fixed app hang on some systems when switching subtitle tracks
Minor UI fixes
Downscaler fixes yet again -- algo switched to nearest neighbor in videos with certain resolution
Minor UI fixes / enhancements
Target rectangle calculations can result in 1 pixel rounding error in some situations
(e.g. 1920x816 video shown on a 1920x1080 screen will end up 1920x815)
Minor UI fixes / enhancements
Fixed image vertical glitches in unscaled mode in some situations
Fixed constant resizing of player causes playback to play with uncapped speed
Fixed null reference exception when playback starts on some systems
Added UI enhancements:
Full and Minimalist mode and anything in between
Auto-hide floating player control bar
Lock to video aspect ratio when window is resized

v2.3.0 Changelog:
Fixed player not reporting correct YUV colorimetry from stream (hence it was always guessed by renderer)
Fixed moving extra filters up/down did not enable apply button
Added support for additional video post processing filters (should now be possible to use ffdshow/SVP)
32/64 bit edition now has their own application config file

v2.2.0 Changelog:
Added NV12 format support, 10- and 16-bit YUV formats support (P010 and P016)
AMD cards 16-bit output mode gamma driver bug workaround

v2.1.0-1 Changelog:
Fixed: Downscaling bug (pre-filter was inadvertently skipped)
Fixed: Switch to FSE mode fails in 10-bit mode
Option to select Direct3D 9Ex or Direct3D 10.1 renderer (some drivers work better with D3D9 while others D3D10)

v2.0.0-1 Changelog:
Fixed incorrect color output in 16-bit mode
8-bit output will always be used in Windowed mode (10 and 16-bit modes will only be activated in FSE mode)
Fixed black color underflow issue causing black to be incorrectly displayed
Removed Gamma Correction option
Fixed crash when MPDN is minimized
Fixed YUV to RGB Colorimetry selection changes not being applied
Moved to Direct3D 10 for proper 10-bit output support (DX9 cards no longer supported)
Added 16-bit output mode
Added Gamma Correction option

MPDN Extensions:

v1.31.0 Changelog:
Render Scripts
Revised tag system again
Deband experimental: Handle Luma and Chroma separately to improve quality
SSIMDownscaling: Improvements
Audio Scripts
[NEW] Crossfeed: Helps reduce listening fatigue caused by the unnatural stereo image provided by headphones
Player Extensions
[NEW] OnScreenDisplay
Speedup disposing tremendously (noticeable when changing scripts)

v1.30.0 Changelog:
Render Scripts
Revised tag system
ImageProcessor: Add option to do all processing in YUV
SSSR improvements
Fix Conditionals causing scripts to fail to load on some systems
Bilateral: Krig more fine tuning
Deband improvements
Player Scripts
TextPainter: Allow it to work in windowed mode

v1.30.0 Changelog:
Render Scripts
Revised tag system
ImageProcessor: Add option to do all processing in YUV
SSSR improvements
Fix Conditionals causing scripts to fail to load on some systems
Bilateral: Krig more fine tuning
Deband improvements
Player Scripts
TextPainter: Allow it to work in windowed mode

v1.29.0 Changelog:
Render Scripts
SSSR: Improved quality, New 'hyrbid' mode. Add linear light option.
Bilateral: Add new "Krig" mode.
Various bug fixes

v1.28.2 Changelog:
Render Scripts
Framework Bug Fix: Some scalers can cause player to hang

v1.28.1 Changelog:
Render Scripts
SSSR: Added options - Oversharpen, Locality and Mode
Framework Bug Fix: Some scalers can cause player to hang

v1.28.0 Changelog:
Render Scripts
[NEW] SSSR (Structural Similarity SSIM SuperRes): A new SuperRes based algorithm
SuperRes: Use SincJinc as default instead of Jinc
Bilateral: Soften image slightly to avoid some erratic behaviour

v1.27.2 Changelog:
Player Extensions
RemoteControl: Added support for proper playlist support (breaks compatibility with MPDN Remote Control for Windows)
Playlist: Fixed critical thread-safety issues that could cause player instabilities
Render Scripts
Fixed RGB sources not converted to YUV when asked to
SuperRes: Changed kernel to Hann Kernel
Audio Scripts
Fixed audio playing at a slower rate (slowing down video too) on some systems

v1.27.1 Changelog:
Player Extensions
RemoteControl: Critical bug fixes

1.27.0 Changelog:
Player Extensions
[New] Add ability to list server files and directories

v1.26.4 Changelog:
Player Extensions
RemoteControl: Critical bug fix - cross thread GUI update violation in "Allow Remote" prompt

v1.26.3 Changelog:
Render Script
Bilateral: Quality improvements
SuperRes: Quality improvements
Player Extensions
RemoteControl: Bug fixes

v1.26.2 Changelog:
Render Script
Bilateral: Quality improvements
Fixed: NNEDI + SSIM resulting in black screen
Fixed: Installer fails to download MPDN

v1.26.1 Changelog:
Fixed: Audio scripts not usable on some systems (Mpdn.Core is not found error)
Fixed: Audio script group fails to show config dialog due to incompatibility with saved settings (now clears old settings to allow user to reconfigure the script group)

v1.26.0 Changelog:
Render Scripts
Updated by Hilian with an improved anti-ringing algorithm and tweaked parameters
EWA Scaler
Fixed weights not refreshed in some situations
Image Processing Shaders
Fixed gamma/linear conversion naming misnomer (was wrong way around)
Added fast gamma/linear conversion (using approximation method) shaders
Added display gamma correction shader
No longer requires shaders to be in the 'ImageProcessingShaders' folder
Performance optimizations
Added strength option
Added config dialog
SuperRes / SuperChromaRes
Performance and picture quality improvements
Added fast preset for Super-XBR
New reconstructive method for retrieving chroma information from the luma
Audio Scripts
Framework rework to allow audio scripts to share the same core framework as render scripts
Player Extensions
YouTube Source
Added ability to auto detect supported sites
RAR File Source
".rar" files are now visible in the open file dialog

v1.25.0 Changelog:
Render Scripts
[NEW] SSIM Downscaler
Player Extensions
Update Checker
Change HTTP to HTTPS for the UpdateChecker MPDN repository
Bug Fix: WebClient does not support concurrent IO operations error

v1.24.2 Changelog:
Audio Scripts
Show warning if Audio Script fails to initialize when Intel/AMD OpenCL driver is not installed
Allow reclock to auto activate when deinterlaced video frame rate matches display refresh rate
Retains the current adjustment following a pause/play/seek instead of restarting calculation

v1.24.1 Changelog:
Player Extensions
[Remote] Prevent remote to receive multiple playlist changed events
Audio Scripts
[Script Group] Fixed hotkeys not working ocassionally

v1.24.0 Changelog:
Player Extensions
[Remote] Fixed remote requiring reconnect on first connect
[Playlist] Fixed error message being shown when "Play next in folder" is selected and the last item in playlist happens to be a URL
[RAR File Source] Added ability to play media files straight from RAR archives created with 'store' method
[DVD Source] Added ability to play VTS_xx_0.IFO files (which will play its corresponding VOB files) from a DVD VIDEO_TS folder

v1.23.2 Changelog:
Audio Scripts
Fixed an issue that causes heap corruption (hence crashing the player) when AudioScripts are in use

v1.23.1 Changelog:
Player Extensions
About MPDN Extensions incorrectly show version as

v1.23.0 Changelog:
Player Extensions
[New] Next media file is now preloaded in the background to reduce transition delay
Various bug fixes
Now supports playlists and video track selection
New resource management techniques to improve GPU resource utilization efficiency
Other various GUI bug fixes
[New] ScriptGroup
Similar to RenderScript's ScriptGroupd: Audio continues to play when video has stalled

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