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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for MPC Video Renderer

MPC Video Renderer v0.4.9.1460

Now DirectWrite is used instead of GDI+ to generate statistics font.
Optimized statistics drawing.
Fixed input stream frame rate calculation.
Reduced unnecessary initialization of DirectX objects.
Added the ability to increase statistics for a large window size.
Removed "Switch to exclusive mode after a short delay" setting.
Added support for exclusive full screen in DX11 mode.
Improved support for exclusive full screen in DX9 mode.
Compilation in Visual Studio 2017 now requires the Windows SDK 10.0.17763.0.
Added support for Swap effect "Discard" in an exclusive full screen for DX11 mode.
Removed green bars on the right and bottom when using the D3D11 decoder on AMD graphics cards.
Renamed "Chroma scaling" setting to "Chroma upsampling" and added "Nearest-neighbor" value.
Added information to on-screen statistics and to the "Information" window.
Recommended version of MPC-BE or later.

MPC Video Renderer v0.4.7.1356

Added Sync Offset graph in statistics.
Fixed getting the current image using IBasicVideo::GetCurrentImage.
Improved playback support for some protected DVD-Video.
Added Sync Offset graph.
Added support for mirroring ("flip").
Added ability to change Swap effect during playback.
Added support for exclusive full screen in DX9 mode.
Fixed subtitles flickering after rewind.
Recommended version of MPC-BE or later.

MPC Video Renderer v0.4.5.1242

Fixed problem with old frame output after play-stop-play.
Fixed the green line on the right side of the frame when using a DXVA2 or D3D11 video processor and a software decoder on AMD graphics cards.
Added support for IMFVideoMixerBitmap. Now some players can draw images over video (OSD).
Recommended version of MPC-BE v1.5.5.5183 or later.

MPC Video Renderer v0.4.3.1215

Fixed frame brightness for 10 bit video after D3D11 video processor.
Added dithering. It is used for final reduction of bit depth from 10/16 bits to 8 bits.
Fixed statistics when playing some devices.
Fixed frame skipping in some rare cases.
Improved display of subtitles.
Improved compatibility with some players.
Added the ability to get the displayed image.
Added the ability to switch the "Swap effect" setting during playback.
Fixed problems with rotation and zoom in some situations.
Added support for IVideoWindow::put_MessageDrain and IVideoWindow::get_MessageDrain calls.
Recommended version of MPC-BE v1.5.5.5125 or later.

MPC Video Renderer v0.4.1.1130

Fixed freezing during frequent timeline navigation.
Added support for "post scale" shaders.
Some changes in statistics.
Fixed some memory leaks.
Added support for D3D11 mode for Windows 7 SP1.
Added support for the ARGB64 format (BRA[64]).
Fixed playback of Y8 and Y800 formats with an odd width.
Recommended version of MPC-BE v1.5.5.5044 or later.

MPCVideoRenderer v0.3.8.1060

Improved compatibility with third-party players.
Fixed switching supported formats for DXVA2 and D3D11 video processors during playback.
Faster statistics rendering. A pre-prepared texture with symbols is used.

MPCVideoRenderer v0.3.6.970

Fixed subtitle output using XySubFilter in some situations.
Fixed crash when exiting the player or moving to the next file when using "Swap Effect Discard" in Windows 8/8.1.

MPCVideoRenderer v0.3.4.956

Used the surface of the DXVA2 decoder directly (without copying) if the DXVA2 video processor does not require additional frames.
"Double the frame rate when deinterlace" setting is now enabled by default.
Added the ability to get the filter version using the IExFilterConfig interface.
Fixed deinterlacing in DX11 mode. Used past frames. Fixed output when doubling frames.
Added information about the D3D11 video processor in the "Information" window.
Added support for frame rotation.
Optimized Discard swap effect in DX9 mode.
Improved compatibility with some players.
Fixed freezing when navigating the timeline in some situations.
Recommended version of MPC-BE v1.5.4.4876 or later.
Optimized some operations.
Added more debugging information.

MPCVideoRenderer v0.3.2.860

Fixed the debug version in DX11 mode on systems in which the D3D11*SDKLayers.dll files are missing.
Fixed HDR-SDR conversion in DX11 mode in some situations.
Fixed DX9 mode on AMD graphics cards.
Fixed freezes after frequent navigation on the timeline.
The DXVA2 video processor now uses only permitted output formats. This fixes problems with AMD graphics cards.
Allowed to use "16-bit Floating Point" textures for intermediate calculations in DX11 mode.
Fixed subtitle blinking on some video cards in DX11 mode.
Fixed Catmull-Rom shroma scaling when using decoder DXVA2 or D3D11.

MPCVideoRenderer v0.3.0.831

Improved subtitle support in DX11 mode. Fixed work with XySubFilter.
Type redefinition fixed for RGB24 and RGB48.
Added method "Bicubic sharp" to reduce the frame.
Fixed incompatibility with Microsoft DTV-DVD Decoder.
The "SurfaceFormat" setting has been renamed to "TextureFormat." The format of the values is changed, the value "Auto 8/10-bit Integer" is added.
Fixed color adjustment in DX11 mode.
Now the empty DXVA2_ExtendedFormat fields in the input format are set according to the specifications.
Added support for black and white video in DX11 mode.
Optimized copying to video memory in DX9 mode.
Added support for YV16, YV24, P210, P216, b48r, b64a formats.
Added interpolation method "Nearest-neighbor".
Fixed conversion of HDR to SDR for SMPTE ST 2084 in DX11 mode.
The runtime compilation of the color conversion shader is now used. For full support on Window 7, the D3dcompiler_47.dll library is now required, which can be installed using the KB4019990 update.
Added the ability to disable DXVA2 and D3D11 video processors for NV12, YUY2, P010/P016 and other formats.
Added support for chroma sample location for YUV 4: 2: 0 formats.
Added the standard "Quality" information panel.
Added chroma scaling setting. The Bilinear or Catmull-Rom method is available.
Added information in statistics.

MPCVideoRenderer v0.2.0.658

The first official release.

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