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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for LosslessCut


📁 Allow auto close file on export (and optionally delete files) #1425
📏 Implement align segments to keyframes #1356
0️⃣ Zero pad SEG_NUM #1446
1️⃣ Display track numbers as index + 1
✅ Sanity check file sizes after merge files #1453
📽️ Improved DV support #1450
💄 Export/merge complete and error UI improvements
🐛 Many improvements and fixes


🤫 Implement detect silence #1334
⚫️ Allow changing parameters of black detect #623
🔑 Create segments from scene changes or keyframes #1398
🔎 Make timeline zoom exponential
👬 Allow combining overlapping segments #1334
✅ Improve "cut finished"-dialog
📸 Improve snapshot capture
❓ Allow setting capture frame method #88
✨ Allow changing quality #1141 #371
🎛️ Reorganize settings page
🎛️ Add setting to disable hevc #88
🎛️ Add setting to disable auto updates #1386 #1418
🎛️ Always use timecode format setting - also when exporting files
🖼️ Extract frames as images, new features:
Capture the best image every nth second
Capture exactly one image every nth second #1139
Capture exactly one image every nth frame #1139
Capture frames that differ the most from the previous frame
🖼️ Allow extract frames with timestamp files names or file numbers #1139
✂️ Make segments copyable #719
fallback sanitize properly (force filenamify)
show warning when ffmpeg vtag issue #1406 #280
better respect "hide all notifications"
improve export failed feedback #1409
add more invalid chars to filename check
always show segment name error in export page
improve detection of mp4/mov #1353
use adts for aac (ipod was incorrect)
set default export save dialog path #1393
allow aborting any operation #524
make extract all streams only extract enabled streams #1335
show progress in app title bar #1417
upgrade electron to 22 (hevc suppport no longer experimental)
add some hevc support checking #88 #1375 #1407
fix broken progress (duration)
fix bug with waveform #1416
sync i18n
workaround trashItem issue #1381
preserve streams when fixing duration #1415
fix broken second instance cli args #1387
fix bool cli arg #1387
No med spynorsk mordliste 🇳🇴

3.48.2 (beta!)

🍎 LosslessCut now supports Apple Silicon (ffmpeg too)
⚡️ Electron v8 -> v21! (hence the "Beta")
📽️ H265 support
👀 Improve "Reveal in Finder" and "move to trash"
🐞 bugfixes and improvements


fix smartcut with segment between keyframes #126
Only allow a single running instance - Can be overridden by --allow-multiple-instances CLI argument #1265 #527
improve concat UI #1327
allow black detect to work on start/end times of selected segment #1226
improve merge menu: show the Open files-dialog if the Merge menu item is clicked without any files already open #1316
make it more clear when export confirm is disabled
implement choose cover art frame from timeline #1100
concat improvements
fix macos "open with" bug
implement logging to file
fix waveform logic #1269
show all problems in a dialog when there's a concat mismatch #455
improve duplicate template file name error #1138
add a setting for overwriting output file #916
add warning if missing output extension #1083
upgrade file-type and speedup file detection


Mac App Store 1.7 only release (had to remove Exit button from menu due to Apple guidelines 🥴)


fix performance regression 🏎💨 #1097
upgrade ffmpeg to v5.0.1 🔥
🐧 add linux build for armv7l (Raspberrry Pi 🥧) #1231
check file compatibility in concat dialog and show warning if any mismatches 🛡 #1146 #455 #1203 #547
implement simple support for Final Cut Pro FCPXML
xmeml: support multiple #1195
distribute only 7zip for windows (zip was large and self-extracting exe was slow to startup + other issues)
add keyboard shortcut for create random segments
set default path for open dialog
revert broken undo behavior
make segment list header fixed #1220


change export mode button into a select
allow frame seek with audio files too
improve invert cut segments
implement black scene detection
implement option to shift segments start/end/both
add warning message when trying to use undo menu #610
show stream disposition in table #1152
implement random segments closes #1153
improve smart cut speed #126


🎉 Most requested feature: 🎊

Implement smart cut (experimental) 🔥 #126 aka. accurate cuts.

Other improvements and fixes:

build for linux arm64 (without ffmpeg) #1056
improve format detection in concat/merge dialog and allow selecting any output format #1032
auto-convert any subtitle to mov_text when output is mp4 #418
auto convert subtitle mov_text to srt when trying to put it in matroska (and webm to webvtt)
default to mov when pcm audio - fixes #947 #163 #367 #948
losslessly convert pcm_bluray to pcm_s24le for non-mpegts output formats - fixes #476, #895
increase size of concat dialog
re-introduce merge menu item
for mp4/mov, use vtag hvc1 instead of the default unsupported hev1 #1032
copy disposition when concat (ffmpeg doesnt automatically)
fix color bug
remove menu from batch list (less clicks)
improve batch list selection
move sorting from merge dialog to batch files list #1043
make sure to select previous item when deleting from batch list #89 (comment)
improve canvas player to hopefully workaround losslesscut keeping file handles #272
improve concat ffmpeg command logging #954
add key binding for fix invalid duration #254
allow using external ffmpeg executable #400
fix play button #1048
implement increase/descrease volume hotkeys #254
try to fix issue where file does not open on macos (Open With LosslessCut)
implement function to shift all segments times
allow configuring where to store project file #1004
chapters improvments #993 (with chapters only export, add gap chapters between segments)
segment list allow selecting multiple
implement "select segments by label" #993
implement function to fill gaps between segments #993
implement function to remove multiple segments
Implement Extract all frames as images #1033
implement label selected segments #993
move merge options into separate dialog and add option to clear batch
fix missing keyframe seek shortcuts #1038


🎉 Most requested feature: 🎊

🎹 Customisable keyboard shortcuts 🔥
Current assignable actions:

Show/hide help screen
Play/pause (no reset speed)
Play (no toggle)
Pause (no toggle)
Speed up playback
Slow down playback
Speed up playback more
Slow down playback more
Step backward 1 frame
Step forward 1 frame
Seek backward 1 sec
Seek forward 1 sec
Seek backward 1% of timeline at current zoom
Seek forward 1% of timeline at current zoom
Jump to cut start
Jump to cut end
Jump to start of video
Jump to end of video
Seek to timecode
Add cut segment
Remove current segment
Mark in / cut start point for current segment
Mark out / cut end point for current segment
Label current segment
Split segment at cursor
Select previous segment
Select next segment
Reorder segments by start time
Invert all segments on timeline
Create fixed duration segments
Create num segments
Shuffle segments order
Clear all segments
Show sidebar
Edit tracks / metadata tags
Extract all tracks
Zoom in timeline
Zoom out timeline
Toggle zoom between 1x and a calculated comfortable zoom level
Export segment(s)
Capture snapshot
Delete source file
Convert current file to supported format
Batch convert files to supported format
Previous file
Next file
Close batch
Merge/concatenate files
Cut mode
Capture frame format
Keep or discard audio tracks
Change rotation
Set custom start offset/timecode
Close current screen
Toggle keyboard shortcut dialog
Disable/enable segments
If there are any other actions you'd like to see hotkey'ed, please leave a thumbs up or submit suggestions in #254

Other new features and improvements
🔥 New segments to chapters mode: Allows you to export segments instead as chapters in MP4/MKV etc #993
🔥 Allow overriding any stored setting from the command line #371
❗️ Move merge / batch functionality from top menu into a menu on the batch file list
this means now you first open files in a batch, then either merge or batch convert them
make batch list resizable #89
don't auto-open first file of batch, to make it faster to load batches
Chapters viewing
Template editor improvements:
prevent hiding if click again #873
also allow click to add variable
show error also if resulting duplicates #894
remove frame rounding when seeking
show video fps
improve split segment
implement shuffle segments order
improve cut/merge/chapters ui logic
implement import csv with frame numbers #1024
when importing EDL file, don't remove existing segments: allows for combining EDL from multiple sources #993
fix pbf parsing on import #993
Merge files: implement natural langauge sort #210
make sure disposition is not forced to default for mkv #972
improve error message when loading file #937
improve segment colors and ui
UI improvements (enlarge buttons) #1016
Hopefully not too many bugs added 😇
Until next time 😘


NOTE! Project file (.llc) is now always stored next to source file (regardless of working directory set)
J,K,L Change playback speed exponentially (#840)
allow drag-drop edl formats: csv, pbf, edl(mplayer), cue and xml (xmeml)
Upgrade ffmpeg to 4.4.1
remember window size
improve PBF parsing
Adjust handling of FCP/DaVinci Resolve timeline XML file content (#839)
allow showing timecode as frame counts #878
export frame numbers csv #878
attempt to fix portable app config loading #645
make it easier to understand if in simple mode #958
auto convert TREC format #975
Make hand icons point up towards timeline #625
make current time more visible #625
Go to timecode function (right click) #625
More stable segment colors #625
Remove item from batch list (right click) #89
add remux video and enc audio option for "convert to supported format"
improve convert to supported format dialog (smarter)
show percent when zoomed in #888
add setting for auto convert to supported format #414
improve waveform and keyframes: allow up to 1000 keyframes in buffer before recycling #563 & buffer the last 100 rendered waveform segments #260
run "power on self test" on startup
improve trash source file logic to detect if ffmpeg is nonfunctional early


Implement batch file list #89
implement subtitle viewing #250
Improve tracks screen #482: select/deselect all by type (audio/video/subtitle), deselect / select all tracks option
Support for exporting attachment tracks as files
Per-track disposition, allows for adding cover art to videos #673
Allow remember preview choice (convert to supported format) #829
improve merge/concat dialog, and don't auto sort by file name #832
allow colon in filename on linux #830, add "-" to allowed sanitized chars
UI improvements
preformance enhancement on loading files
minor improvements and fixes
language update


Merge dialog: sort by file name when drag-dropping multiple files
Add clear working dir button
Add a setting for allowing disabling output filename sanitizing to support special characters and longer segment labels
Add basic support for segment tagging
Change: Now storing main project file as .lcc (JSON5 format), for future flexibility. existing CSV will still be loaded and converted to .llc
Simplify file open logic, so drag-drop works exactly the same as file->open and cmd line args
Hide show capture screenshot notification when "Hide informational notifications"
reduce default notification durations
Fix crash when adding metadata with no existing tags
support Mplay EDL types 1,2,3 also
allow controlling audio playback volume
Feature: new menu function to flip/invert all current segments on timeline
New preview/supported format conversion: Fastest: Low playback speed (audio remux)
Auto convert to supported format also on PIPELINE_ERROR_DECODE
default to mov when formatData.tags.major_brand === 'XAVC'
Add check for output file length on windows (260 chars)
Upgrade UI framework evergreen-ui
improve stream selector
Use x264 again for "slow" preview
Now changed license to GPL-2 (due to x264 restrictions)
Degrade to electron 8 due to persistent stutter issue on MacOS Big Sur signed issue on 9
Translate last menu items (role)


Open Settings with cmd-or-control + comma #727
Add timer and close button progressbar to toasts
updated translations
offset timestamp transfered from source file by the cut offset of each segment #468 #770
add languages:
Chinese Simplified / Traditional


Allow arbitrarily selecting which segments to export - fixes #682 #358
Add context menu to segments (right click) #392
Double click segment to jump to cut start #392
Implement drag drop sort #392
Scroll segment into view
Allow using any files as preview files (e.g LRV #680)
Improve trash dialog, remember last selected options & don't show again option
Allow locking output format #615
More translations
Fixes and upgrades


Notify user about rotation in MKV #661
EDL import. Only supports type=0 (cut)
improve tracks screen
export single track
Remove merge/separate from settings (it is now in the main UI) #480
enable Korean


Fix "Open with" crash from v3.32 on Mac
Implement local config path on windows (portable app) #645
Allow labelling segments with enter key #655
Translations update
Screenshot: Offset output file timestamp by player time relative to input video start time
Implement setting for preserve file timestamps #611
Bring back merge/split button in main UI #480 #663
Show "New folder" in mac dialog
Implement youtube export dialog #657


Improve error messages
Fix no sound on Ubuntu snap
Fix issue with relative paths and allow multiple files for merge on command line
Add merge+segments option #480
Disallow colon (:) in output template #631
Add default button to tuner
Make zoomed timeline more smooth


Improved trash dialog
"Out of space" error #328
make mouse wheel scroll work also when the cursor is over the video too
Custom file name templates #96
make undo/redo work for input elements #610 (but segment undo/redo now doesn't work from menu)
improvements and bugfixes
add keyboard seek acceleration #604
add keyboard seek speed tuner #553


Allow disabling merge metadata preservation
Include segment number in output file
Confirm extract all streams and hide streams selector when exporting
improve menus
allow create chapters when merge files too
improve initial screen
implement simple mode #546
Improve trash button #537
implement MOV FastStart option #347
enable version check for windows #290
add clear segments menu item #537 #546
implement TSV export #545
minor bugfixes and improvement


Fix keybinding issue
Implement simple file and track metadata editor #496
improvements to export confirm
add lang column to tracks #514
Improvements for files without a valid duration
Fix reorder segments logic #421
Load timecode offset from file #506
Allow disable deletion of merged segments #480
Add removable media snap permission (Linux) #410
Allow turn off export confirm dialog #512
Add pbf import #421
option to write segment labels as chapters #318
improve track screen
Upgrade ffmpeg/ffprobe to 4.3.1
Increase resolution of paused canvas image #421


Fix keybinding issue
Implement simple file and track metadata editor #496
improvements to export confirm
add lang column to tracks #514
Improvements for files without a valid duration
Fix reorder segments logic #421
Load timecode offset from file #506
Allow disable deletion of merged segments #480
Add removable media snap permission (Linux) #410
Allow turn off export confirm dialog #512
Add pbf import #421
option to write segment labels as chapters #318
improve track screen


Add option to hide certain notifications #467
Fix unsupported file for non existing file #451
Implement rotation hotkey #254
Add hotkey for jump cut start/end #377 #254
add order segment button #392
Implement export single #358
Show time when moving mouse over timeline #92
Fix merging code #96
Fix bug #515


Fix saving bug #510
Implement reorder cut segments by start time #460
Add Russian
Implement an Export summary/confirmation sheet when pressing export
Move output option buttons to export sheet
Add config option to disable use_metadata_tags (default to false) #463 #402 #99
Add config option for avoid_negative_ts #13
Escape key to close sheets


Improve duration logic #477
Add function to fix duration #477
Preserve timestamp also for merged export files #487


Add config option for asking about file open #467
Implement text/youtube segments import #458
Implement CUE sheet import #458
Implement XMEML import (Final Cut Pro / Davinci Resolve)
Allow import embedded chapters as segments #300
Add function to create number of segments #469
Implement split into fixed duration segments #469
Allow negative time offset
Implement split segment function #460
Minor improvements




Windows file associations
improve error report
improve help
Add experimental flag setting #336
language updates


enable Italian and French


Fix m4a issue


Merge progress
Add Chinese
text improvements
focus window on file drop
allow disabling rotation preview


Better playback of not natively supported formats #88
Disable thumbnail track by default to fix #308
Convert to supported format with audio #322
Show progress when converting to supported format
Improve loading
Improve track info
Make keyframes a bit transparent
Text improvements


Reset segments when last segment is deleted
Improve unsupported file detection
Don't show keyframes if too packed together #259
Fix trackpad direction and add a setting for inverting
improve check for thumbnail tracks #308
Improve merge (correctly set output format)
Improve error handling
Workaround for EPERM error on startup
Improve text


Improve trash source file logic
Fix trash on Mac OS MAS build
Improve error




Implement batch convert to friendly format


File associations on MacOS
Use rebuilt ffmpeg 4.2.2 to support MacOS >=10.10


Attempt to code sign windows builds


Support for grabbing a frame at 4k/hevc to jpg/png for not natively supported files


fix menus and version check #239 #274
fix Shortcut conflict #279
include attachments by default #275


Make K not reset playback speed


Internationalization support (no languages added yet)


allow configure wheel/scroll sensitivity
Fix error handling


ctrl/cmd+up/down hotkey to zoom
implement hotkey for comfort zoom
Pan timeline when cursor moves out of timeline window
normalize mouse wheel
New segment end position default to end of video


Reduce app size
Improve performance by using create-react-app
show notification when captured screenshot
This release needs some testing


fix zooming logic
improve thumbnails
Implement jump prev/next keyframe
improve help screen
improve menu


only ask confirm exitp if file opened
change seek button behavior
remove double extension on output file
Change wording from cut away to remove
separate settings from help
show popup when switching mode


Implement audio waveform
Implement thumbnails
Allow turning off keyframe display


more zoom
show keyframes on timeline
add help to help menu
improve buttons
round all seeking to frame time


Reorder segs function
Improve settings screen
Frame accurate seek
Make side panel for cut segments
Use up/down key to jump prev/next segment


-autosave/load project (cut segments)
-Implement import/export CSV of cut segments
-show up to date segment list under help
-allow labeling segments
-show ffmpeg latest commands (with copy to clipboard)
-implement undo/redo
-ui improvements and fixes


Ffmpeg command log
Persist settings
Export unknown streams as files


New major release with track editing, improved UI, inverted cut mode, zooming +


New UI and stream selection


rewrite - may have bugs (therefore pre-release)

add menu item to html5ify (fastest)
Detect existing html5ified
auto remove dummy vid
extract also raw data streams
show segment time
include all streams also in merge
improvements and bugfixes


-add windows zip archive


Sign OSX build and switch to GitHub Actions


add snap and appimage


allow drag drop multiple files to merge
upgrade file-type to hopefully improve mp4/mov detection
fix broken open dialog (file->open and merge dialog)


Fix Auto merge segments orders


add low FPS support for HEVC/H265 and PRORES using ffmpeg per-frame rendering
rotation previews
change to electron-builder
upgrade electron to 7
use ffmpeg-static


Allow user to select output format to workaround certain issues like #173
Show troubleshooting workarounds when cut fails
Upgrade ffmpeg to 2.2
Fix vulnerabilities


upgrade file-type to fix mp4/mov detection #144
Fix for TS with unknown streams #170


Auto delete (trash) segments when auto merge
Bump ffmpeg version
Remove linux 32 bit build because static builds are no longer provided
Security fixes for npm packages
Allow custom output dir for merge and extract also
Attempt to fix extract streams (ignore unknown streams)


Add auto merge


Implement multiple cutpoints
Implement function for extracting all streams from a file
Implement crude merge funtcion for files of the same codec
Allow setting a time offset (video timecode)
Keyframe cut mode is now default
Default include all streams
Improve cut rendering graphics to make it easier to see what is cut start/end
GUI improvments


Add delete source button

[1.13.0] - 2018-09-09

Add exit menu item
Remember certain settings across file loads
Some UI tweaks
Transfer timestamps when convering to friendly format
Allow for testing keyframe cut (see discussion in
Update ffmpeg
Fix a rare bug with duration

v1.12.0 - 2018-06-05

Button to include all streams
Button to delete audio
Improve loading icon on white background


Allow pre-formatting or pre-encoding the video for more format support
Implement manual input field for cutting range
Improve keyboard shortcut triggering


Version check
Offset captured photo modified date to respect the frame offset, for better sorting
Copy subtitles too
Implement lossless rotation of videos (changing EXIF)
Don't cut end if endpoint is the end of the video
Remove extraneous dot in output file extension


Change icons a bit
Don't cut at start if start time is 0 (remove -ss 0)
Show input dir in out path when file is loaded
Show file title in window title


Preserve input file modification time when cutting/screenshotting
Make ffmpeg map metadata using -map_metadata 0


Progress when cutting (percent done)
Ability to change frame capture image format (JPEG/PNG)
Don't allow cutting without a valid start/end
Don't try to seek when no duration
Also capture frame to custom output dir
Fix running LosslessCut from strange directories


Be a bit smarter about aac/m4a files #28
Make end time the end of video by default
Prevent buttons from stealing focus


Add missing win32 metadata
Fix capture frame output format to intended JPEG

@mifi mifi released this Jan 28, 2017

Show help sheet by pressing H
Support # in file path

@mifi mifi released this Dec 3, 2016

Fix issue with some mkv files #14
Custom output directory button
Allow pass filename to open on cmd line
Improve error logging
Remove extraneous dot (.) from output file

Bugfix release
@mifi mifi released this Nov 8, 2016

Fix broken Ctrl+0
Add more intelligent format passthrough
Better error handling

@mifi mifi released this Nov 5, 2016 2 commits to master since this release

New features/fixes:

Bundle ffmpeg
Implement partial speed control - J, K, L, however backward playing is not supported by chromium.
Add support for more formats by detecting format and using same form as for input file (don't always use mp4). for instace WEBM now works.
Improve ffmpeg error handling
Improve react rendering a bit
Fix menus on windows

@mifi mifi released this Oct 31, 2016

Add more hotkeys
More buttons
Show in/out point timestamps and click to jump to these
Show error for unsupported files


First version


LosslessCut is a cross platform GUI tool for lossless trimming / cutting of videos using ffmpeg and electron. Great for rough processing of large video files taken from a video camera, drone, etc. Lets you quickly get rid of the useless parts. It doesn't do any decoding / encoding and is therefore very fast and has no quality loss. Also allows for taking JPEG snapshots of the video at the selected time.


more hotkeys
ffprobe show keyframes?
ffprobe format
About menu
improve ffmpeg error handling
timeline scrub support

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